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Question: 99
Which one of the following is an AC Power Quality Anomaly?
A. Signal Distortion
B. Waveform Distortion
C. Backup Condition
D. Attenuation
Answer: B
Question: 100
Which one of the following is an example of Indirect Cost?
A. Legal fees
B. Damaged brand perception
C. System recovery
D. Cost revenues
Answer: B
Question: 101
Which one of the following is a factor that can affect Availability and Reliability?
A. Inadequate Cooling
B. Employee Salaries
C. Radio Active Waves
D. Attenuation
Answer: A
Question: 102
The termination of the ability of a product to perform its required function can be defined as.
A. Failure
B. Termination
C. Hindrance
D. Obstacle
Answer: A
Question: 103
Measuring "Business Values" begins first with.
A. Physical Infrastructure
B. Topology
C. Network
D. Budget
Answer: D
Question: 104
Which one of the following is an Audible Signaling and Notification Device?
A. Sirens
B. Strobes
C. Alarms
D. Clocks
Answer: C
Question: 105
True or False: Business Plans must be agile to deal with changes in market condition.
A. True
B. False
Answer: A
Question: 106
Which Class of Fire involves combustible metals or combustible metal alloys such as magnesium, sodium and
A. Class A
B. Class B
C. Class C
D. Class D
Answer: D
Question: 107
True or False: Fire Protection and safety is not a part of Physical Infrastructure.
A. True
B. False
Answer: B
Question: 108
True or False: Business Value for an organization in general terms is based on five core objectives.
A. True
B. False
Answer: B

GAQM Professional helper - BingNews Search results GAQM Professional helper - BingNews How a professional can help with job loss or breakup recovery

Job loss and breakups stand as formidable challenges, triggering an emotional maelstrom that disrupts the very fabric of our lives. The aftershocks reverberate across multiple dimensions, leaving mental health, self-assurance, and general wellness in disarray. Coping with the upheaval of these events can be an overwhelming task, often plunging individuals into uncharted emotional territory. Yet, within this chaos lies an anchor of hope: the profound impact of seeking professional help. In these tumultuous times, the invaluable support and guidance provided by trained professionals can serve as a beacon of resilience, guiding individuals through the labyrinth of emotions and uncertainties. Through tailored strategies and compassionate understanding, seeking professional assistance becomes not just a lifeline but a pathway to reclaiming stability, fostering healing, and ultimately, rediscovering a renewed sense of self.

At the onset of such a crisis, individuals often find themselves overwhelmed by a myriad of emotions. Whether it’s the sudden loss of a job or the dissolution of a relationship, the feelings of shock, sadness, anger, and anxiety can be all-consuming. This emotional rollercoaster can impede decision-making, cloud judgment, and hinder the ability to move forward. Seeking professional help at this stage provides a safe space to navigate these emotions, offering a compassionate ear and strategies to cope.

Therapists, counselors, and life coaches play pivotal roles in aiding recovery from job loss or breakup by offering tailored approaches to address specific challenges. For those experiencing job loss, career counselors assist in rediscovering professional strengths, exploring new opportunities, and devising effective job search strategies. Their expertise helps individuals reframe their perspectives, identifying possibilities where they might only see setbacks.

Similarly, in the realm of relationship breakups, therapists specializing in relationship counseling guide individuals through the grieving process, fostering self-reflection, and aiding in understanding the dynamics that led to the breakup. They equip individuals with tools to heal emotional wounds, rebuild self-worth, and navigate future relationships more consciously.

One of the most significant advantages of seeking professional help lies in the unbiased perspective it offers. Friends and family, while well-intentioned, may not always provide the neutral guidance needed during such sensitive times. Professionals, on the other hand, bring objectivity and expertise, offering insights and strategies that are tailored to individual needs.

Moreover, professional help doesn’t just revolve around emotional support. It extends to practical guidance as well. Financial advisors can assist those facing job loss in managing their finances during the transition period, providing a sense of stability amidst uncertainty. Legal advisors specializing in divorce or separation proceedings can offer crucial advice to individuals navigating the legal aspects of a breakup, ensuring a smoother process.

The stigma surrounding seeking professional help for emotional or psychological support is gradually diminishing as more people recognize its efficacy in aiding recovery. It’s essential to view seeking professional guidance during these challenging times as an act of self-care and strength rather than a sign of weakness.

In the labyrinth of recovering from job loss or a breakup, the path to healing is intricate and often strewn with emotional obstacles. However, amidst this complexity lies a guiding light: the invaluable assistance of professional support. Offering a tapestry of emotional solace, personalized guidance, and pragmatic strategies, seeking professional help becomes a linchpin in the journey toward restoration. It’s the beacon that illuminates the route through emotional tumult and the compass that navigates towards a redefined sense of purpose.

Crucially, embracing professional assistance is not a sign of weakness but a testament to resilience and self-care. It signifies a courageous step toward reclaiming stability and fostering growth during challenging times. Remember, in moments of upheaval, seeking professional help is not merely an option but a vital investment in one’s well-being. It’s an acknowledgment that healing and renewal can be catalyzed by expert guidance. So, as you navigate these turbulent waters, know that seeking professional help can be the cornerstone of crafting a more resilient, empowered, and hopeful future.

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3 Best test Help And Quiz Help Websites For Students No result found, try new keyword!Palestinian national poet Mahmoud Darwish’s works are seeped in the sights and sounds and sorrows of his beloved homeland. Author, scholar and thinker Hussein Barghouthi, diagnosed with lymphoma ... Sat, 01 Jul 2023 00:31:00 -0500 en-US text/html Seek professional help if resolving to quit smoking in 2024

One of the most common New Year’s resolutions is to quit smoking, and a survey finds 70-percent of Iowa smokers -want- to quit, while 50-percent will -try- to quit in 2024.

There are mixed messages circulating about how vaping might be able to help smokers to kick the habit, messages that are blatantly false, according to Erika Sward, spokeswoman for the American Lung Association in Iowa.

“We know that smokers are confused,” Sward says. “Smokers want to end their addiction and not be held hostage by nicotine and tobacco products.”

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration has not found any e-cigarettes to be safe and effective in helping smokers quit, she says, and the Lung Association is urging smokers to step away from all tobacco and nicotine products, and not switch to vaping.

“The Lung Association believes that every smoker can quit, and can quit for good,” Sward says. “We know that it’s hard, but if smokers want to talk to their doctors or call 800-LUNG USA or call 800-QUIT NOW, they can work with someone who is an expert at helping people end their addictions for good.”

State health officials say about 17-percent of Iowa adults smoke and 10-percent of high school students. Surveys also find about five-percent of Iowa adults use e-cigarettes, while up to 22-percent of Iowa 11th graders vape. Breaking the addiction can be very difficult and the advice of a professional may be key.

Sward says, “Every person takes a slightly different approach to how they can be most successful at quitting, and that’s why it’s important to work with someone with that experience, including the American Lung Association, to find the exact way they can be most successful in improving their health.”

Studies show the average smoker has to try seven times before they quit smoking for good.

Sun, 31 Dec 2023 10:00:00 -0600 Matt Kelley en-US text/html
10 Best Online Therapy Services: Reviewed In 2024

Mary Alvord, Ph.D., a psychologist in Maryland who teaches mental health professionals about telehealth, Jay Shore, Ph.D., a psychiatrist and director of telemedicine at the Helen and Arthur E. Johnson Depression Center at the University of Colorado Anschutz Medical Campus and Henderson offer these pros and cons for online therapy.


Circumvents mental health stigma. “For people whom stigma is a concern, especially if they live in a tight-knit community, parking their car outside a counseling center or therapy office can really violate their privacy,” says Henderson. “But online therapy is really discreet and can protect people’s privacy and confidentiality in ways that in-person [therapy] simply cannot.”

Convenience and safety. If you’re unable to travel safely during bad weather or can’t take time out of your workday to travel to and from a mental health professional’s office, a virtual visit can be a good substitute.

Sense of intimacy. Dr. Shore says some patients may prefer their familiar at-home surroundings versus an “artificial clinic environment.” Henderson echoes these sentiments. “In some ways, video is more intimate than being in the same room because we’re in each other’s space,” she says. “You might be in my office, but it’s in my home, so it feels like you’re in my home just as I am in your home. That really bridges a gap, as opposed to being on my turf when you come into my office.”

Similar outcomes. In-person and video visits hold the potential to deliver similar results, according to Dr. Shore. Henderson agrees: “We see just as much, if not more, improvement in online therapy settings. Apples to apples, in-person therapy versus telehealth, there’s really no difference between which one is more effective.”

Easier access. For people who live far from the nearest therapist’s office or counseling center, online therapy can provide a readily available alternative.

Little to no wait time. A virtual appointment may be able to begin on time while an in-office appointment may be delayed by paperwork and other bureaucratic hurdles.


Nonverbal communication. A therapist may not pick up on a patient’s nonverbal cues during a virtual appointment. Dr. Alvord explains that much of our communication is nonverbal. However, Henderson points out that the proximity of the camera lens during video appointments can provide more visual communication through facial expressions than in an in-person appointment where a greater physical distance exists between the therapist and the client.

Limited effectiveness for some. Certain patients, such as some children or people with autism spectrum disorder, may not respond well to virtual therapy, Dr. Alvord notes. Individuals with dementia or other cognitive issues also may not do well in virtual sessions without modifications, such as a caregiver being with the patient, explains Dr. Shore.

Technology. Some people’s homes may not be equipped with high speed internet service, or the patient may not be comfortable with technology, making virtual therapy difficult or even impossible to carry out.

Insurance coverage. In some cases, your health insurance provider may cover an in-person therapy session but may not cover a virtual session. Such policies are constantly changing, though, especially in light of the COVID-19 pandemic. Speak to an agent at your insurance company to confirm what your coverage currently includes.

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Three Reasons To Seek A Tax Professional And How

Karla Dennis, EA, MST & CEO of The Award Winning Tax Accounting Firm, Karla Dennis and Associates Inc.—Specializing In Tax Planning

Have you ever thought that doing your own taxes will save you a little bit of money? I am about to let you know why you should seek professional help when it comes to your taxes, but first, I want to tell you about a client of mine named Lisa.

Lisa bought software that costs $59 per year that allowed her to do her taxes, and she was so proud of the fact that she was paying so little to get her taxes prepared. This is until the year came that she wanted to purchase a home, and she decided to seek professional help.

Part of the reason you want to hire a tax professional is that they look at your taxes from prior years. When I took a look at Lisa's records, I realized that I could have saved her $3,800.

Lisa said to me, "Wow, so when I thought I was saving money by only spending $59 on my taxes, I was really losing $3,800."

So is it true that you can save money by doing your own taxes? You can save a little bit on the genuine purchase of the software versus hiring a tax professional, but you may be losing a lot to tax burdens by not seeking out a professional. So today, I am going to share with you three reasons you should seek professional help when it comes to preparing your taxes.

Reason #1

The number one reason you want to hire a tax professional is that the tax professional comes with professional knowledge. They may be a licensed, certified public accountant (CPAs). This means they are licensed in their state, passed a rigorous test on accounting and had to pass an test where large portions are based on tax regulations.

These are licensed, regulated professionals.

The second person you can use is an enrolled agent (EA). These are the professionals who are licensed by the Federal Treasury Department and must pass a three-part Special Enrollment Examination based on the entire tax code. The great thing about these professionals is that they have had to demonstrate their knowledge in preparing taxes and are going to come with an abundance of experience.

This is why you may want to hire a tax professional, as they are going to know a lot about taxes, and they'll be more knowledgeable than over-the-counter software.

Reason #2

The second reason why you want to choose a tax professional is that a tax professional comes with hands-on experience. If they have been in the tax industry for a while, they have experienced a lot of different tax scenarios, and you won't be the first person they have come across that is buying a home, trying to flip property through an LLC, short selling a home or selling a home for a gain.

They will have years of experience as they have seen multiple people in your situation with different idiosyncrasies, and they can draw on that experience to help you. When you are using an experienced professional, it is like the difference between going to Walmart WMT and getting an emergency medical kit versus going to the emergency room when you are experiencing trauma. An experienced person is going to know what to do and is going to help you reduce your tax bill.

Reason #3

Reason number three of why you want to use an experienced tax professional is because a tax professional knows that looking at receipts only tells part of the picture. When I meet with clients, and I see their receipts, I know they went to have dinner at Ruth Chris, or maybe they went to buy equipment at Home Depot. However, when I am talking to a client in person, and I hear the pitch, tone and passion, I'm provided with insights into nuances that a tax program would not be able to work with.

When I am listening to them, I am able to ask them questions. The more questions I ask, the more information I am able to draw out of situations. I had a client come to me who was an investor. She had her roof leak and cave in. She had told me all about the repairs done to the roof; as she was telling me that, I was thinking about the casualty loss that she had and could write off.

She hadn't even thought about that. The cost of the roof when she purchased the property is also going to be a write-off for her.

So, when you are working with a tax professional that can ask you questions, you are going to get much bigger write-offs, and they are going to take you down roads that you never considered. This is not going to be their first rodeo.

One thing to consider when working with a tax professional is to look for one who can deliver either in your area or virtually. They should have a proven track record. Depending on your financial situation, don't be afraid to compare rates but just remember that you will always get what you pay for, and at the end of the day, you want to invest in a long-term relationship that doesn't cost you your peace of mind. If you are already working with a licensed professional, know that it is a long-term relationship, but if you are just getting started, it is a good idea to get their Preparer Tax Identification Number (PTIN PTIN ).

So yes, using an application for your taxes can save you a little money, but hiring a tax professional will save you even more in taxes because they are going to know what to do and how to get it done. You deserve the best when it comes to your tax situation. So make sure to ask your questions to your tax accountant and speak with a tax professional who can help you today.

The information provided here is not investment, tax or financial advice. You should consult with a licensed professional for advice concerning your specific situation.

Forbes Finance Council is an invitation-only organization for executives in successful accounting, financial planning and wealth management firms. Do I qualify?

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Professional vs. DIY Moving: Are Professional Movers Worth It? (2024)

When To Hire Professional Movers

The biggest drawback to hiring professional movers is the cost. However, several scenarios can make this expense worthwhile.

You’re Short on Time

DIY moves are cost-effective but time-consuming. If you are closing on a home or relocating for a new job, you may have a hard moving deadline. Hiring a full-service moving company is the most efficient option when you have less than a month to move. Professional movers can also alleviate some stress associated with a last-minute relocation.

You Have Hard-to-move Items

Moving bulky, heavy, fragile or high-value items on your own can be dangerous for you and your belongings. Professional movers have the equipment and training to move a wide range of objects, including home gym equipment and bulky furniture. Many companies offer crating services for fragile items and employ specially trained and certified movers for pianos and antiques.

Your Employer Offers Relocation Assistance

Some employers will help cover your moving expenses if you transfer to a different branch or relocate for a new position. A relocation stipend can also be a valuable incentive for new recruits. Find out if your employer offers this benefit, and, if it does, use it to cover the cost of hiring a professional moving company.

You Can’t Count on Family and Friends To Help

A DIY move will be labor-intensive; be honest about what you can handle and how much help you will have. The more people you recruit to help with packing and loading, the better. If you’re short on volunteers, hire professional movers to handle the heavy lifting. A full-service moving company can also help with packing and unpacking, cleaning, furniture assembly, appliance installation and other tasks.

You’re Planning a Long-Distance Move

Interstate moving companies handle more than just packing and loading. They also take care of the driving. Before forgoing professional help, consider the size and distance of your move. Are you comfortable driving a 26-foot truck on unfamiliar roads for hundreds of miles to your new apartment? If not, it may be time to ditch the DIY plans for your large long-distance move.

You Have Small Children and Pets

As stressful as moving is for adults, it’s even harder for pets and children. Even a relatively small or short-distance move to a new location can become nerve-racking when you add young children or anxious pets. Hiring professional movers frees you up to focus on keeping your family calm, safe and happy during the transition.

When To Move Yourself

If you find yourself in one of the following situations, DIY moving may be a better option.

You’re on a Tight Budget

Not all employers offer relocation assistance, and your move is likely to coincide with other large expenses. If your budget is already strained from closing costs, home repairs or a security deposit, a DIY move may be the best option. If you really want to hire movers, moving loans, credit cards and financing are a few options, but you should consider your ability to make payments before relying on them.

You Have Plenty of Time

In addition to packing and unpacking for a DIY move, you will be responsible for loading, unloading, cleaning, furniture assembly and other random tasks. If you aren’t moving on short notice and have time to spare, the extra work may be worth saving money on your move.

You Have a Volunteer Moving Crew

Sometimes, offering a free lunch is all it takes to round up a crew of family members and friends to help you move out of your home or apartment and into a new one. Depending on how much you’re moving, you might only need a few helpers. Moving this way can be a smart choice for budget-conscious people.

You Don’t Have Much To Move

The less stuff you have, the easier it will be to handle your own move. DIY moves are more feasible if you live in a dorm room, a one-bedroom apartment or a small house. You can even whittle down your belongings further by selling or donating things you no longer need.

You’re Moving Locally

Local moves are relatively easy to handle on your own. Whether you make one trip in a large truck or several trips in a smaller one, the process will be less demanding and risky than a cross-country DIY move.

Other Approaches to Moving

Packing and driving a U-Haul truck by yourself and hiring full-service movers to handle the entire process are not your only options. Here are a few other approaches to moving that find a happy balance:

Using Portable Storage Containers

Several companies rent portable storage containers that can be used for moving. Examples include PODS, 1-800-PACK-RAT and U-Pack. These self-service companies will bring an empty moving container or trailer to your current home. Once you are finished loading it, the company will pick up the container and deliver it to your new house.

Self-Packing With a Full-Service Mover

Although full-service moving companies can pack and unpack for you, this service comes at an additional charge. You can save a lot of money by packing your own things, especially if you can score free moving boxes from friends or local businesses. Alternatively, you may be able to buy the packing materials you need directly from the mover. Some moving companies also offer fragile-only or partial packing as a compromise between self-packing and full-packing services. 

Hiring Packing and Loading Assistance

Most companies that rent moving trucks and portable storage containers do not help with packing or loading. However, you can still hire professional help through a third-party company. You can even ask the truck rental company for recommendations. For example, PODS has a partnership with HireAHelper and can match you with packing and loading assistance.

Things To Consider When Moving

If you still aren’t sure which approach makes the most sense for your move, here are a few things to consider as you weigh your options:

Costs and Budget

Start by creating a moving budget. Estimate the costs of different options and determine how much you can afford to spend. For more precise figures, request custom quotes from a few long-distance moving companies. For DIY moves, be sure to factor in the cost of dollies, bubble wrap and other supplies.

Time Constraints

Identify the target date for your move and be realistic about how many hours you can devote to moving-related tasks. The less flexibility you have, the more likely you need a full-service mover.

Moving Inventory

Create a list of everything you need to move. Take special note of fragile or bulky items that might be difficult to move and anything of extraordinary value. Then decide whether you feel comfortable moving these items on your own.

Size and Distance

The type of move you are planning should factor into your decision. What movers charge and how much help you need will vary depending on the size and distance of your move.

Personal Capacity

Be honest with yourself about what you can physically handle. Consider your mental health, too. Moving can be a stressful experience, especially if you feel overwhelmed by a miles-long to-do list. Hiring professional movers can provide peace of mind amid the chaos.

Available Assistance

You will need help to move heavy boxes, sofas, bed frames, mattresses and other large items. Do you have friends or family willing to pitch in? If not, you may have no choice but to hire movers.

How To Hire Movers

If you hire professional movers, follow these steps to find the best price and avoid moving scams:

  1. Ask friends and family for recommendations.
  2. Check the Better Business Bureau, Trustpilot and other review sites.
  3. Verify licensed movers via the U.S. registered mover database.
  4. Request free moving quotes from at least three companies.
  5. Compare the rates, services and terms offered.
  6. Discuss any questions with a customer service representative.
  7. Sign a contract with your preferred mover.
  8. Pay a deposit to reserve your moving day, if necessary.

How To Perform a Home Inventory

Most moving companies cannot provide an accurate quote without a home inventory. However, the process and requirements will vary depending on the company.

Some companies require a virtual or in-home consultation. During this appointment, a representative will inspect your home and compile an inventory list. Alternatively, the company may schedule a phone interview during which a representative can ask questions and fill out an inventory. Other companies ask you to upload a video of your home or fill out a moving inventory yourself.

If you must fill out a moving inventory yourself, create a spreadsheet with every item you plan to move and its approximate size, weight and value. Many moving companies offer figures online for items such as couches to help.

Regardless of the method, be as thorough and transparent as possible to ensure your quote is accurate. Omissions or misrepresentations could cause problems later, including unexpected fees or a denied insurance claim.

Pros and Cons of Hiring Professional Movers

With all the convenience it offers, hiring professional movers has a few downsides, too. Here are some of the pros and cons of hiring movers.


  • Convenience
  • Expert advice and assistance
  • Lower risk of damage or injury
  • Wide range of optional services


  • Higher cost than DIY moving
  • Less control over the moving process
  • No control over your personal belongings
  • Risk of moving scams

The Bottom Line: Are Movers Worth It?

Hiring a full-service moving company can be expensive, but professional movers provide a valuable service that typically justifies the expense. Highly trained and well-equipped movers can provide a safer, more efficient moving experience that saves you time and hassle.

If you are more concerned about saving money than saving time, consider moving yourself instead. DIY options include renting a truck, trailer or portable storage container. Of course, you can also enlist the help of a friend with a pick-up truck.

Whether or not movers are worth it depends on your budget, time frame, moving size and distance, and other factors. Make a list of pros and cons and get a few quotes to help you decide whether movers are worth the expense.

Our team created a comprehensive moving company methodology based on industry standards and customer experience to rank moving companies. We called each moving company to speak with representatives, simulated the quote process online and over the phone as applicable, reviewed each company’s contents protection (insurance) plans, and examined customer reviews for each provider. Based on a 100-point scale, we gave each provider a score out of five stars. We used ten key factors to score providers including moving services, additional services, payment process, contents protection plans, scheduling process, trailer and container sizes, additional benefits, state availability, reputation and type of mover.

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Medical Detox

Not everyone with a substance use problem requires medical detox before entering a drug rehabilitation program, but those who have a physical dependency on a drug, or who would be risking their health to attempt to quit on their own, may benefit from beginning their addiction treatment with it.

While detoxification helps to eliminate the physical symptoms of addiction, most patients will need additional medical and psychological assistance. Quitting a substance doesn’t address the underlying causes of the initial addiction, which could be genetic, environmental, or behavioral. Also, there may be changes in brain chemistry as a result of long-term substance abuse that need to be addressed. Recovery usually involves treating the patient's mind as well as their body.

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Cuomo "needs professional help," accuser Brittany Commisso says Cuomo "needs professional help," accuser Brittany Commisso says - CBS News

Watch CBS News

New York state lawmakers will meet Monday to discuss their impeachment investigation of Governor Andrew Cuomo. Eleven women have accused Cuomo of sexual harassment. One of them, Brittany Commisso, told her story in an exclusive interview with "CBS This Morning" and the Times Union. Commisso said she thinks the governor needs to resign and "seek counseling." Cuomo denies all allegations of misconduct. Read more here.

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