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HPE6-A47 Designing Aruba Solutions

This course teaches you how to plan and design enterprise Aruba
campus wireless and wired networks. Hands-on labs give you
experience with network design from information gathering to planning
and high-level design including RF Planning, Redundant Campus
Architecture design, and Remote Access Branch office design. This
course teaches Aruba Mobility Network Design for Aruba Secure
wireless and wired network deployments using Aruba Best Practices
on how to plan and design enterprise campus networks including
designing for redundancy and high availability. This course is
approximately 40% lecture and 60% hands-on lab exercises.
This 5-day course will help students prepare for the Aruba Certified
Design Professional (ACDP) V1 exam.

Topics | Outline | Syllabus

- DetermineCustomerRequirements

- Determine key Stakeholders expectations and requirements

- Determine network usage and requirements

- Identify applications to determine throughput and bandwidth, technologies, and products

- Determine security requirements and Authentication and Compliance

- Determine redundancy requirements

- Determine roaming requirements

- RFPlanning

- RF fundamentals

- RF Planning and Site Survey

- Determine the environment type

- Document wireless RF coverage

- Plan AP physical location

- Selecting APs and antennas

- Channel planning and Airmatch

- ArubaCampusDesign

- Campus Topology

- Aruba Campus WLAN logical architecture

- Overview of Mobility Manager-based architecture

- Planning the deployment architecture

- Controller Scaling

- Planning and selecting licenses

- Using IRIS

- WiredNetworkDesign

- Selecting 2-tier or 3-tier architecture

- VSP and backplane stacking

- L2 vs. L3 design

- Planning the access layer

- Planning the aggregation/core layers


- Planning VLANs based on access control requirements

- Planning Wired VLAN in a Multiple VLAN design

- Planning for a wireless large flat VLAN design

- Redundancy

- Designing types of redundancy: Mobility Master redundancy, mobility controller redundancy, AP redundancy, switch redundancy, and linklevel redundancy

- Mobility Master redundancy

- Mobility Controller redundancy

- Wired Network Redundancy

- PlanningQuality of Service

- Determine what traffic needs to be prioritized - Overview of real-time applications such as voice and video

- Explain the features the Aruba solutions provide for prioritizing traffic

- Map traffic from wireless user device to AP, to controller, and then onto the wired network

- VeryHighDensity (VHD) Design

- VHD Wireless network design

- Planning VHD design for a Wired network

- Planning High Density RF Coverage

- Branch andSMBTopologies

- Designing Remote Access and Branch solutions

- Remote Access Points

- Activation using Aruba Activate

- Aruba Instant APs (IAPs)

- Wired solutions for the branch

Exam Objectives | exam Outline

- After you successfully complete this course, expect to be able to:

- Plan and design enterprise Aruba campus wireless and wired networks.

- Evaluate the requirements, and select the wired networking technologies for the design.

- Evaluate the requirements, and select the wireless networking technologies for the design.

- Plan and design an Aruba solution per the customer requirements.

- Produce a detailed design specification document.

- Recommend the solution to the customer.

Designing Aruba Solutions
HP Designing study
Killexams : HP Designing study - BingNews Search results Killexams : HP Designing study - BingNews Killexams : Acura’s Electric Vision Design Study Sure Looks Like a New NSX No result found, try new keyword!The Acura Electric Vision Design Study was created by the brand’s design studio in Los Angeles, and aims to evolve the current “Precision Crafted Performance” design languag ... Thu, 17 Aug 2023 14:30:00 -0500 en-us text/html Killexams : HP Labor Day sale 2023: Shop laptops, printers and more tech deals

We live in a world of ever-changing technology and any tech-savvy fans know new gadgets come out on a monthly (and sometimes weekly) basis.

You can never go wrong with upgrading your laptops, printers, and monitors to deliver fast results. But with new upgrades, comes spending money. So, let’s consider looking at deals without breaking the bank. Introducing: HP.

HP is known for having the best laptops, printers, and other devices on the market. Right now, you can score Labor Day discounts right on Amazon, Walmart, Target, and Best Buy. So, upgrade that old-fashioned laptop you’ve been using since high school with an HP.

Need a lightweight laptop when you go back to school? There’s an HP for anyone, from gamers to photographers to designers, this timeless brand has the best devices to get your work done.

To shop this article by category, simply click on each link provided below:

Amazon HP Labor Day Deals

1. HP 17.3″ HD Plus Laptop

A HP laptop showing it's desktop background.

You need a laptop with wider computer screen. This laptop is 17.3 inches long and has a impressive battery life that lasts up to 11.5 hours. Plus, you save $131!

2. HP 17.3″ HD Touchscreen Laptop

A touchscreen HP laptop

You’ll wow your coworkers with this touchscreen laptop. This laptop has an impressive HD camera that can show off every detail of your background during your meetings. Plus, it features a backlit keyboard, 16GB memory, and latest Windows 11.

3. HP Pavilion 21.5-Inch LED Monitor

A HP computer monitor showing a ocean background.

Hey business owners, it’s time to upgrade that computer monitor with this one right here. This 21.5 diagonal monitor gives you the best angles with its FHD resolution and have ports to plug in your devices to connect with no problem.

4. HP DeskJet 2755e Wireless Color Inkjet Printer

A HP printer printing a sheet that says "3 months free ink).

This printer has easy-to-use features that you can use all from the HP Smart App. If you’re out grabbing a cup of joe and need to print something out before a meeting, you can do it right from the app.

Walmart HP Labor Day Deals

1. HP Stream 14″ Laptop

A HP pink laptop.

Yep, you can grab your electronics at your favorite superstore and channel Barbie with this cute pink HP laptop. This laptop has a impressive 64GB memory that you can save all your music, photos, and many more.

2. HP OfficeJet 8015e All-in-One Printer

An HP printer printing out a flyer.

This may look like a regular two-sided printer, but it gets the job done fast. Your home office will love this printer thanks to its easy shortcuts and you get six months of free Instant Ink and an extended 2-year warranty.

3. HP 21.5″ Full HD Business Monitor

A computer monitor showing a background of architecture.

This computer monitor has a huge wide angle and sleek design to get most of your work done. Plus, you can stream and watch TV shows or movies, too.

4. HP 27″ M27fw FHD Monitor

A computer monitor showing a mountain background.

Let’s hope there’s no distraction when you’re completing a project or homework with this computer monitor. This monitor has a blue light mode that won’t hurt your eyes if you’re someone who stares at the computer monitor for numerous hours.

5. HP 230 Wireless Mouse and Keyboard Combo

A HP keyboard with a mouse.

If you prefer to have a keyboard and mouse in hand, take this combo set when you’re on-the-go. What’s cool about this set is their quiet features so you will not distract anyone when you’re typing away.

Target HP Labor Day Deals

1. HP 14″ Chromebook Laptop

An HP chromebook laptop showing it's colorful background.

From college students to stay-at-home moms, Target has the best deals on electronics. This Chromebook laptop is made to put in work, thanks to its 14-inch display, backlit keyboard, and 128 GB memory.

2. HP 17″ Essential Laptop

An HP laptop showing it's background.

You need a computer with a long-lasting battery life. This laptop has a battery life that last all day and help get you through many tasks while listening to music and streaming your favorite shows.

3. HP LaserJet Pro 4001dw Laser Printer

An HP black and white printer.

This printer packs a punch thanks to its high-speed features. You and your friends can print your essays and study guides right from your phone, thanks to the HP Smart App.

4. HP Sprocket Portable 2×3″ Instant Photo Printer

A HP photo printer printing out a family portrait.

Make memories and print out all your favorite pics with this portable photo printer. You can use your phone to add filters, stickers and many more all through the HP Sprocket App.

5. HP Inc. Pavilion Desktop

An HP gray-colored computer desktop.

If you swear by The Sims (yes, we’re talking about putting the CDs in the slot), then you need a desktop PC to play all of your favorite PC games. This Desktop PC gives you an impressive high performance thanks to its processor and Bluetooth technology.

Best Buy Labor Day Deals

1. HP 15.6″ AMD Ryzen 3 Laptop

A laptop showing Microsoft Office Suite.

You can power through the work or school day with this HP laptop. Write, design and edit your work with ease thanks to this laptop’s latest Windows 11 and long-lasting battery life.

2. HP 27″ Touch-Screen All-In-One Monitor

An white-colored HP computer monitor with keyboard and mouse.
Best Buy

To add a little interior design to your work desk, this HP monitor has a sleek design and gives you a unstoppable performance. Plus, it has the latest technology, AMD processor, and huge storage space.

3. HP OfficeJet Pro 8210 Wireless Inkjet Instant Ink Ready Printer

A HP printer printing out a paper.
Best Buy

This printer can make sure you can print anytime. Thanks to its wireless feature, this printer includes security features to keep all of your documents safe.

For more content, check out the New York Post Shopping section.

Mon, 21 Aug 2023 10:42:00 -0500 en-US text/html
Killexams : Every Major Laptop Brand Ranked Worst To Best No result found, try new keyword!There are an overwhelming number of options out there for laptops. To help you make an informed decision, we've ranked every laptop brand from best to worst. Mon, 21 Aug 2023 06:30:00 -0500 en-us text/html Killexams : Behind the Design of an Automated Artificial Urinary Sphincter Implant

A woman in France has become the first female to receive an automated artificial sphincter device for the treatment of stress urinary incontinence (SUI).

Grenoble, France-based UroMems developed the UroActive smart, automated artificial urinary sphincter as a long overdue solution for people suffering from SUI.

"It's magic," said the patient, whose name was not released. "I am so glad I can again do simple things in my daily life I was not able to do any more."

UroActive is powered by a MyoElectroMechanical System that is placed around the urethral duct and is adjustable based on the patient’s activity. It is based on a unique bionic platform using embedded smart, digital, and robotic systems which, based on data collected from a patient, create a treatment algorithm that is specific for each patient's needs.

SUI occurs when the pressure in the bladder exceeds that of the muscle (the sphincter) around the urethra, caused by activities involving high intra-abdominal pressure, like coughing, laughing, and exercising. SUI is more prevalent in women but can occur in men too.

The first-in-female robotic-assisted procedure to implant the device was completed at La Pitié-Salpêtrière University Hospital (AP-HP, Sorbonne University, Paris, France). The National Agency for the Safety of Medicines and Health Products (ANSM) approved the procedure. Results of this clinical study will contribute to the design and implementation of UroMems’ pivotal clinical trial in Europe and the U.S.

While this was the first-in-female UroActive implant, UroMems announced the first-in-human (male) UroActive implant last November.

Challenge accepted: The genesis for the UroActive automated artificial sphincter

The genesis for the UroActive artificial urinary sphincter came from a conversation between a biomedical engineer, Hamid Lamraoui, and Pierre Mozer, MD, a urologist, when they had the opportunity to meet about 15 years ago.

"He was saying, 'I can see my patients living a nightmare with this condition where they are suffering in silence'," Lamraoui told MD+DI.

Mozer went on to tell Lamraoui about the limitations of current treatment options for severe SUI. While mild SUI can be addressed with pelvic floor physical therapy and bulking agents, moderate and severe SUI historically have only had two options: mesh sling (which has been plagued by safety problems over the years) or a manually-operated artificial sphincter.

The latter option is an antiquated device designed in the 1970s and the last iteration of the manual artificial sphincter was about 40 years ago, Lamraoui said.

Together with Stéphane Lavallée, Mozer and Lamraoui founded UroMems in 2011 to take on the challenge of designing a new device that would overcome the limitations of current solutions by optimizing safety and performance, patient experience, and surgeon convenience. Mozer serves as the company's chief medical officer and Lamraoui is the CEO.

UroMems house rule: Constraints are for the engineers

To help inform the design of the device, the UroMems team studied the existing device, namely the mechanical artificial sphincter, to learn what surgeons and patients liked about the device and what they found lacking.

The predicate device is a hydraulic device that consists of three parts: a cuff that wraps around the urethra to control the flow of urine; a balloon, which is placed under the abdominal muscles and holds the same fluid as the cuff (this is where the fluid is moved to when the cuff is open or deflated); and a pump, which relaxes the cuff by moving the fluid from the cuff to the balloon. The pump is placed in a man's scrotum or within the major labia in a woman. Artificial sphincter users must squeeze the pump through the skin to urinate.

Lamraoui said the company has a house rule that all the constraints are for the engineers – the device must be simple for the patients.

"It's a rule that we have in house, and we will never give up on this," he told MD+DI.

So, it didn't take the UroMems team long to determine that the new device should not require patients to manually open the cuff by squeezing the pump through the skin.

"The issue with the balloon is the fact that it does not always generate the adequate pressure," he said.

But the physician selects how much pressure the balloon will generate during the procedure, and Lamraoui said there's no real rationale behind how much pressure the physician selects. If the pressure is too low, the patients will still have leaks, he said. But if the pressure is too high, the patient will be happy at first, but after a few years they will develop atrophy because the pressure is too high.

"If he or she is lucky it could be the right pressure, but it's a [gamble] today," Lamraoui said.

So, in designing the new device, the UroMems team decided to remove both the pump and the balloon, but they kept the urethral cuff. Instead of a pump and balloon system, the company developed a pacemaker-like control unit to automate the artificial sphincter device, as shown in the illustration below.

The control unit contains a unique bionic platform using embedded smart, digital, and robotic systems which, based on data collected from a patient, creates a personalized treatment algorithm. The core technology is what UroMems calls a MyoElectroMechanical System.

Developing this system for the control unit was easier said than done, however, because it needed to be hermetically sealed, fully biocompatible, and more efficient compared to the predicate device.

“Our success was based mainly on patience," Lamraoui said. "We were really patient.”

Collaboration is key

When asked to share a big-picture lesson that could be applied to other complex medical device projects that peers may be working on, Lamraoui said physician-engineer collaboration is key.

“The success so far is based on the fact that we work every day with physicians,” he said. “We have weekly meetings with surgeons.”

These meetings include at least two surgeons, sometimes more, who ask questions of the engineers and help to define user requirements and offer feedback on the development.

Wed, 09 Aug 2023 08:16:00 -0500 en text/html
Killexams : Here’s How to Score a Refurbished HP ProDesk PC for Under $210 No result found, try new keyword!This refurbished HP ProDesk also comes with a 480GB SSD for storing essential documents for work, school, and your personal life. Its integrated graphics make graphic designing and streaming your ... Mon, 21 Aug 2023 02:05:00 -0500 en-US text/html Killexams : Acura Performance Electric Vision Concept Debuts, Teases Possible NSX EV No result found, try new keyword!Acura has plans to push its performance portfolio into the electric age beginning with the new ZDX Type S, which boasts 500 horsepower, and extending to future performance EVs down the line. Acura ... Thu, 17 Aug 2023 14:30:00 -0500 en-us text/html Killexams : Why RUF Continues To Be The Benchmark For Modified Porsches No result found, try new keyword!Multiple Porsche tuners such as Singer and Gunther Werks exist today, who specialize on the epic 911 sports car. Another of those is RUF, who have produced some spectacular creations over the years ... Tue, 22 Aug 2023 01:05:21 -0500 en-us text/html Killexams : Pininfarina hand-peels the roof clean off $4.7-mil B95 hyper-barchetta

After a quick detour into weird SUV design, Automobili Pininfarina is back, and in top form. Leaving those chunky utility curves behind like a ruffled, oversized suit on the changing room floor, the famed Italian brand has unveiled the all-new B95, a sleek, airy hypercar it calls the world's first pure-electric open-top hyper-barchetta. As the car vectors torque from its massive 1,877-hp electric drive toward a sub-2-second 0-60-mph (96.5-km/h) sprint, the two occupants can deflect the breeze with a world-first adjustable-windscreen system.

Pininfarina insists that the Pura Vision design study influenced the B95, but outside of the rounded nose and razor-thin headlamps, it feels like it shares far more DNA with the equally fast, flashy Battista. The latter definitely supplied the large hood recess that serves as the basis for what's arguably the barchetta's most visually arresting feature – the body-piercing grille slats rising from the hood to precisely direct airflow, a cue that looks more like something out of high-end computer or electronics air cooling design.

Those in-hood fins appear to direct air in specific channels around the cockpit

Automobili Pininfarina

The high-arching front fenders are connected to their muscular rear counterparts via straight, clean sides highlighted by a flat character line and fin-like carbon skirts. Bulging protective domes rise up behind the two seats, adding what little height the glasshouse-free speedster can muster.

While there's no roof or windshield, Pininfarina has incorporated what it calls the world's first pair of adjustable aero screens. Inspired by vintage fighter planes, the bubble-like clear polycarbonate screens can be individually adjusted to each occupant's liking, ensuring a bit of personalized comfort at speeds up to 186 mph (300 km/h).

The adjustable aero screens help redirect window for comfortable roof/windshield-free driving

Automobili Pininfarina

Below its glossy bright yellow and charcoal skin, the B95 borrows the Battista's all-electric powertrain, tuned specifically for the new host. The quartet of motors produces 1,877 hp (1,400 kW) and masses of torque distributed out through a vectoring system. Drivers can fine-tune the ride via five modes available on the turn-dial an arm's length away.

Pininfarina promises sub-2-second 0-60-mph acceleration in addition to the 186-mph top speed. The liquid-cooled lithium-ion battery takes as few as 25 minutes (at 270-kW charging rate) to leap between a 20 and 80% charge of its 120-kWh capacity.

Not just any interior would be befitting of a unique hand-built roadster like this one, and Pininfarina has given interior decor the proper weight. It starts with classic racer-inspired seats that cosset driver and passenger in soft, luxurious tan leather sewn together with contrast stitching. The seats are then topped with head and shoulder rests wrapped in a lively houndstooth-patterned textile.

The digitized cockpit wears a combination of tan leather, houndstooth fabric and carbon fiber

Automobili Pininfarina

Directly ahead of the two B95 occupants, the lower carbon dash is styled to look like an extension of the distinctive bodywork separated only by a slice of seat-matched leather. The angling of the three independent instrument screens prompts the driver to focus intently ahead, while the more subtle angling of the center console and controls delineates pilot from co-pilot.

As you likely already guessed, the "B" stands for Barchetta. The "95," meanwhile, identifies the 95th anniversary Pininfarina will be celebrating when the B95 goes into production in 2025. And that production will be limited to a mere 10 bespoke hand-crafted examples, each wearing a base price tag of €4.4 million (approx. US$4.7 million).

Pininfarina opens an era of all-electric hyper-barchettas

Automobili Pininfarina

Automobili Pininfarina will show the B95 to the car aficionado public at this weekend's Monterey Car Week gatherings, where it will also be showing the Pura Vision design study and the special-edition Battista Edizione Nino Farina GT.

Source: Automobilli Pininfarina

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Killexams : 5 best Chromebooks for students for back to school 2023, per experts No result found, try new keyword!Investing in the right laptop is essential, especially as a student. Thu, 10 Aug 2023 11:15:00 -0500 en-us text/html Killexams : Tablets: HP owners in the Netherlands

This report offers the reader a comprehensive overview of HP owners in the Netherlands: who they are; what they like; what they think; and how to reach them. It provides insights on their demographics, lifestyle, opinions, and marketing touchpoints.

Additionally, the report allows the reader to benchmark HP owners in the Netherlands (''brand users'') against Dutch tablet owners in general (''category users''), and the overall Dutch onliner, labelled as ''all respondents'' in the charts.

The report is updated quarterly and is based on data from the Statista Global Consumer Survey, an international survey that covers more than 11,500 brands across 56 countries.

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