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Blue Prism Associate Developer
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Question: 65
Examine the following Blue Prism Process diagram:
The initial values of the data items are displayed in the diagram above All 3 data items are configured as Number
The 'Perform Calculation' stage Properties window is displayed below:
When this diagram is run through the the End stage, what will the current value of the Z data item be?
A. -1
B. [X]*[Y]
C. An Internal Exception will be thrown as the Expression contains multiple blank spaces
D. 0
E. 12
Answer: E
The calculation stage will assign the value of [X][Y] to the Z data item, which is 34 = 12. The blank spaces in the
expression do not affect the calculation1.
Reference: 1
Question: 66
Which of the following items can be used in Blue Prism to transmit values between Process Pages? (Select all items
which apply)
A. Input Parameters
B. Lookup Stages
C. Output Parameters
D. Calculation Stages
E. Data Items
Answer: A,C,E
Input parameters, output parameters and data items can be used to transmit values between process pages by passing or
returning values from one page to another2. Lookup stages and calculation stages are not used for this purpose, as they
are used to retrieve values from collections or perform calculations on values3.
Question: 67
Examine the following Process flow:
The data item 'City V is configured as a Text data item and has an initial value of 'LiverpooI'.
The data item 'City 2' is configured as a Text data item and has an initial value of 'Manchester'.
The data item 'City 3* is configured as a Text data item and has an initial value of 'London'.
The data item 'List of Cities' is configured as a Text data item and has no initial value.
The 'Calc 1' stage is configured as follows:
What will the value of the list of Cities' data item be after the Process flow has run?
A. Manchester. London
B. An Exception will be thrown as a data item with a Text data type cannot store a list of text values
C. Liverpool Manchester.London
Answer: C
The calculation stage will append the values of City 1, City 2 and City 3 to the List of Cities data item, separated by
spaces. The text data type can store words or phrases as well as numerical identifiers, and it has no character limit if
the data is input by another method than manual1.
Reference: 1
Question: 68
What is a Blue Prism Expression?
A. The output from a Calculation stage
B. The output from a Decision stage
C. It is information provided in a Note stage
D. A formula used to a produce a value
Answer: D
A Blue Prism expression is a formula that can be entered into any stage to produce a value or perform an action. It can
use data items, operators, functions and constants to create complex expressions that can manipulate data or control the
flow of the process1.
Reference: 1
Question: 69
A Blue Prism Process reads data about a customer from an online form which includes their date of birth A Process
must determine if the customer is under the age of 18 before processing the customer request.
What type of Blue Prism stage would you use to test the customers age?
A. Calculation stage
B. Business Rule stage
C. Validation stage
D. Decision stage
Answer: D
A decision stage is used to evaluate process rules or logic and branch the process flow based on the outcome of the
evaluation. A decision stage can have multiple outcomes and can use expressions to compare values or check
conditions1. In this case, a decision stage can be used to compare the customerâs date of birth with the current date
and determine if they are under 18 or not.
Reference: 1
Question: 70
Examine the following diagram from a Blue Prism Process:
This is an example of a common looping diagram which you will see within Blue Prism Processes
What is the name given for this type of flow diagram?
A. Blue Prism Loop stage
B. Circular Path
C. Infinite Loop
D. Layers of Logic
Answer: B
A circular path is a type of flow diagram that uses links to create a loop in the process flow, which can be repeated
until a certain condition is met or an exception is thrown2. A circular path typically consists of a decision stage, a loop
end stage and a loop start stage3.
Question: 71
Which area of Blue Prism would you use to develop a Blue Prism Process?
A. Application Navigator
B. Process Studio
C. Application Modeller
D. Development Studio
E. Object Studio
Answer: B
Process Studio is the area of Blue Prism where processes are created and edited using stages and links to form
graphical representations of working computer programs that automate manual repetitive tasks. Process Studio
provides various tools and features to design, test and debug processes.
Question: 72
The password field in the Centrix Data Solutions business application can be spied successfully, however when using
the Highlight feature in Application Modeller the following behaviour is encountered
Which of the following Attributes would you use to help obtain a unique element match?
A. Child Count
B. Parent Class Name
C. Parent Ordinal
D. Ordinal
E. Class Name
Answer: C
The parent ordinal attribute is the index of the parent element among its siblings in the application hierarchy. It can be
used to help identify an element that has a dynamic or non-unique class name or ordinal by using its relative position
to its parent element1. In this case, the password field has a class name of âEditâ and an ordinal of 1, which are not
unique among other elements in the application. However, its parent element has a class name of âWindowâ and an
ordinal of 2, which can be used to distinguish it from other elements with the same class name and ordinal.
Reference: 1
Question: 73
Examine the following Business Object Action diagram:
The purpose of the Action is to process new orders through the order processing system. Order details of provided to
the Action by the Process and stored in the 'Order Data' Collection According to Blue Prism best practices, what is
wrong with this Action?
A. A Single Row Collection cannot receive data from a Process
B. A Wait stage is missing between the 'Click Submit' stage and the 'End' stage
C. A Wait stage is missing between the 'Start' stage and the 'Write Order Details' stage
D. An Action description has not been provided
E. A Wait stage is missing after the 'Write Order Details' stage
Answer: E
A Wait stage is needed after the âWrite Order Detailsâ stage to ensure that the application has time to process the order
details before clicking the Submit button. Without a Wait stage, the automation may fail due to timing issues.
%20Associate%20Developer%20-%20Certification%20Overview_0.pdf (page 11)
Question: 74
What is a Dynamic attribute match type in Blue Prism?
A. A Dynamic attribute match type automatically detects changes within the business application and adapts the match
criteria accordingly
B. Dynamic attribute match is not supported in Blue Prism
C. A Dynamic attribute match type allows the Developer to specify the match value of the attribute from the Business
Object flow diagram rather than use a value defined in Application Modeller
D. A Dynamic attribute match type accepts a Collection of multiple possible match values and checks each of the
values automatically
Answer: C
A Dynamic attribute match type enables the developer to use a data item or a calculation as the match value for an
attribute, instead of a fixed value defined in Application Modeller. This allows for more flexibility and adaptability
when automating applications that have dynamic elements.
%20Associate%20Developer%20-%20Certification%20Overview_0.pdf (page 12)

Blue-Prism Associate questions - BingNews Search results Blue-Prism Associate questions - BingNews Blue Prism

If companies could hand off their mundane administrative tasks to software robots, employees could focus on higher-level work. That’s Blue Prism’s pitch, and an increasing number of companies—in finance, health care, law, and other industries—are receptive. Blue Prism’s “Robotic Process Automation” software mimics the way humans complete rules-based tasks, such as manually entering data from a paper form into a database. The U.K.-based firm recently expanded its U.S. and Australian operations and signed partnerships with Accenture and IBM. It is currently worth about 500 million pounds, a tenfold increase in value since it went public in March 2016.

Wed, 10 Feb 2021 08:39:00 -0600 en text/html
Blue Prism Group PLC

Blue Prism invented the term Robotic Process Automation. Its software platform enables business operations to be agile and cost-effective through rapid automation of manual, rules-based, back-office administrative processes, reducing cost and improving accuracy by creating a “virtual workforce”.
The virtual workforce is built by the operational teams or accredited Blue Prism partners using the company's robotic process automation technology to rapidly build and deploy automation through leveraging the presentation layer of existing enterprise applications. The automation schemes are configured and managed within an IT governed framework and operating model that has been iteratively developed through numerous large scale and complex deployments.

Mon, 14 Mar 2022 11:59:00 -0500 en text/html
10 questions with … Blue Mua Laloifi

Blues star reveals her isolation hobbies, most-used phone app, pre-game playlist and more

What's your nickname?

I get 'Moo'. It's a go-to for most of the girls. I don't know why you couldn't just add the 'A' for 'Mua'. It's short as it is.

Whose number did you wear on your back as a kid?

I loved Michael Jordan and LeBron James, I'm a big basketball fan. We didn't know a lot of footy players, just because we're from New Zealand. I wear No.8 now because we had numbers that we could pick. Apparently, good numbers in the footy world are the single-digit numbers. So, No.8 was the only single-digit number there and I took it. But it's also Kobe Bryant's number as well and I'm a fan of his. 

What hobbies did you pick up during isolation/lockdown?

I started doing TikToks. I was terrible, but I did them. I wanted to start cooking, but the fire alarm would start going off, so I quickly turned away from that. But I did plenty of dancing and stuff like that.

What's your most-used phone app, excluding social media?

I would say Candy Crush. I think because I was bored throughout isolation, so that became a favourite app of mine to really get my mind off things for a couple of hours during the day. 

Which teammate would go far in MasterChef?

It might be Lucy McEvoy. I feel like she's a low-key good cook. She's from the country, so she's very hands-on with everything. I think she'd probably be a good cook.

Lucy McEvoy at Blues training. Picture: AFL Photos

If you could be any AFLW player for a day, who would you be and why?

I think Katie Loynes. She's always getting treatment. She's always on the massage table, she does less gym than everyone, she does less running, but then she still manages to smash it on game day. I would take that. You would get massages for as long as you want and do less work. 

Worst teammate on social media?

I wouldn't say she's the worst, but I think Kerryn Harrington. She doesn't post anything, really. But I feel like all of the girls produce some pretty quality content. The worst thing is they probably think it's me. I just post random stuff. 

Which songs are on your pre-game playlist?

Have you heard 'Clown' by Emeli Sande? It's a really slow song. I like to listen to 'My Heart Will Go On' by Celine Dion as well. I just like to listen to slow jams. I'm not really someone that gets pumped up by hard techno stuff. 

Who is the coach's pet and why?

I would say Kerryn Harrington. She never gets in trouble for anything. I feel like if I were to do what she does, I'd be running laps. I love her to death, but she'd get away with anything. Another one that's a newcomer is Mimi Hill. She's come in and she always does what the coach says. 

What's one thing most people wouldn't know about you?

It's probably my love for plants. I don't know anything about them, but I love a good garden. If you've got a nice backyard, I'll always comment on it.

Tue, 08 Dec 2020 10:00:00 -0600 en text/html
What do blue whales eat?

A jar of krill specimens with visible eye spots. Blue whales eat huge volumes of these small crustaceans.

Blue whales eat krill - tiny, shrimp-like crustaceans that live throughout Earth's oceans. The huge whales can eat up to four tonnes of krill every day.

Blue whales lunge through large swarms of krill with their mouths open, taking in more food in one mouthful than any other animal on Earth. Krill make up the vast majority of a blue whale's diet.

The blue whale is a filter-feeder. Its throat has an expandable, pleated structure to engulf a volume of water and prey that is greater than the animal's own body weight. The water it takes in at the same time as its food is pushed out of the mouth by its enormous tongue, through strainer-like baleen plates which hang down from the upper jaw.

Watch how a blue whales lunges for its food.

Thu, 23 May 2019 18:45:00 -0500 en text/html
Blue Jackets considering associate coach for HC vacancy

After firing Brad Larsen as head coach last month, the Columbus Blue Jackets are searching for a new leader behind the bench. According to general manager Jarmo Kekalainen, associate coach Pascal Vincent is one internal candidate being considered for the position.

Kekalainen revealed this to the public during an interview with 97.1 The Fan’s Rothman & Ice show, stating that Vincent’s internal status would not hinder his chances in the search process. Kekalainen also acknowledged that Larsen, promoted from within the organization when they named him head coach in June 2021, did not work out as well as hoped but expressed confidence in Vincent’s potential.

Kekalainen also said his list of candidates for the coaching vacancy is short, but have yet to begin the interview process.

Vincent joined the Blue Jackets coaching staff in 2021 after serving as head coach of the AHL’s Manitoba Moose for five seasons. Before that, he spent five seasons as an assistant coach with the Winnipeg Jets, making it 10 straight seasons coaching in the Winnipeg organization. He also has extensive head coaching (and general managing) experience in the QMJHL, spending nine seasons with the Cape Breton Screaming Eagles and three more seasons with the now-relocated Montreal Juniors.

While he may not have head coaching experience in the NHL, Columbus would be hard-pressed to find a candidate with more general coaching experience than Vincent. He’s held a coaching position at various levels every season since the 1994-95 campaign, dating back to his days as an assistant in juniors. The 51-year-old has earned Coach of the Year honors in both the AHL and QMJHL levels, having success with young players. Given the state of Columbus’ rebuild and their on-ice success revolving around a wave of prospects, few would bat an eye at the hire given Vincent’s résumé.

Thu, 11 May 2023 12:01:00 -0500 en text/html
Blue Peter

Earn your Blue Peter badge and see where you can go for free. Get creative with cookery, arts and crafts, enter competitions, play free games, quizzes, and watch exclusive Joel, Abby and Henry the dog video clips. Blue Peter is live on Friday at 5:00pm on CBBC and BBC iPlayer, join in with the Blue Peter Fan Club live chat every Friday 5:00pm – 5:30pm.

  • 79283

Thu, 21 Oct 2021 04:56:00 -0500 en text/html
The Toronto Blue Jays Have Hired an Associate Manager No result found, try new keyword!After bowing out early in each of their last three playoff appearances, the Toronto Blue Jays have hired Demarlo Hale as their associate manager for the 2024 season. He will work under manager ... Mon, 13 Nov 2023 06:56:00 -0600 text/html REPORT: Guardians’ DeMarlo Hale Named Blue Jays Associate Manager No result found, try new keyword!In a corresponding announcement, the Toronto Blue Jays officially shared that Hale has been named their new Associate Manager. The 62-year-old had served as the Guardians’ bench coach for the ... Sun, 12 Nov 2023 09:59:00 -0600 en-us text/html Blue Prism Group PLC

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Blue Prism Group Plc (BPRMF) No result found, try new keyword!*Data is provided by Data reflects weightings calculated at the beginning of each month. Data is subject to change. **Green highlights the top performing ETF by % change in the past ... Sat, 26 Oct 2019 14:58:00 -0500

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