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Designing Flexible Wireless LAN Solutions
Intel Designing information hunger
Killexams : Intel Designing information hunger - BingNews Search results Killexams : Intel Designing information hunger - BingNews Killexams : Intel: More Pain Ahead
Intel To Report Quarterly Earnings

Justin Sullivan

When an American icon company falls, the market is tempted to acquire the stock for an eventual turnaround. Investors have made this mistake on Intel (NASDAQ:INTC) going on a decade now. My investment thesis remains ultra Bearish on the chip giant as indications exist chip design issues are only mounting.

More Troubling Signs

While the market is focused on the CHIPS Act approval in the U.S. and signs Intel might get more government assistance in Europe, the market continues to miss the major problems facing the chip giant. In my opinion, the company has never lacked the capital needed to invest in modern manufacturing fabs, Intel has lacked the technology and design processes to develop and build modern chips on time and at scale.

The latest news has TSMC (TSM) slowing down capacity expansion due to further chip design troubles at Intel. According to TrendForce research, TSMC has slowed the production expansion for 3nm due to Intel delaying the once expected manufacture of the tGPU chipset in Meteor Lake from an initially planned 2H22 all the way until 2024. TSMC will reduce capex growth in 2023 due to this shift by Intel until a future period.

As usual, TSMC is highly reliant on a shift to 3nm for Apple (AAPL) to produce M series chips to replace Intel CPUs in Macs. While the chip giant falters over and over to produce chips, a company focused on making consumer gadgets continues to out design Intel over and over.

Interestingly, Intel denied the rumors from TrendForce, but investors are used to these rumors being true. As highlighted by The Verge, Meteor Lake is an important development of the chip giant being the first client processor on the new Intel 4 architecture and possibly using extreme ultraviolet lithography (EUV) manufacturing.

Intel's Client Processor roadmap

Source: Intel Investor Day 2022

After all, Intel just announced more execution issues with the Sapphire Rapids chip placing the company further behind AMD (AMD) in data center chips. Per CEO Pat Gelsinger on the Q2'22 earnings call:

...we had some of our own unique execution issues and we kept the quality bar high on Sapphire Rapids and thus we did another stepping, which was a forecast, which put some inventory and reserve issues in front of us as opposed to high ASP new product revenue.

As Tom's Hardware detailed, Sapphire Rapids has had a lengthy list of delays since original plans were to ship the server chip in 2021.


Source: Tom's Hardware

By now, investors should be used to delays in shipping new chips to customers.

Another Step Down

Intel dropped the Q2'22 earnings bomb on shareholders back on July 28. After a little over a week, investors can see how analyst expectations have shaken out in the ensuing period.

Analysts now forecast Intel earning $2.59 per share this year followed by another dip to $2.07 next year. While the numbers appear ok, analyst estimates continue to take major steps down on a regular basis as the company falters.

INTC Earnings revision page

Source: Seeking Alpha

At the start of 2021, analysts originally forecast Intel to earn nearly $5 per share in 2024. The average analyst estimate is now down over 50% to just $2.30.

The big question for investors now is whether these numbers can even be trusted. Another delay for Meteor Lake would surely crush these lowered EPS targets.

The reason the stock is likely to have more pain ahead is the stock already trades in the 15x to 17x range of forward earnings. Intel isn't technically cheap despite the stock falling down to multi-year lows at $35.

The company forecast being free cash flow negative bringing in a whole different risk to the business on any further chip delays. Intel can't afford to keep paying the large dividend on a scenario where cash flows don't rebound anytime soon.

The chip giant is now paying out $6 billion annually in dividends. The payouts are quickly becoming unsustainable and a dividend cut would surely cause another leg down for the stock.


The key investor takeaway is that Intel doesn't appear to have solved any of the chip design issues leading to the major problems of the last few years. The company no longer has any margin of safety to maintain the dividend while paying excessive amounts of capex to build new fabs, even with government assistance. Intel might appear cheap at multi-year lows, but the stock hasn't hit bottom yet.

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Killexams : New research finds hunger is associated with increased anger, irritability New research has discovered that feeling hungry really can make us 'hangry', with emotions such as anger and irritability strongly linked with hunger.

Hangry, a portmanteau of hungry and angry, is widely used in everyday language but the phenomenon has not been widely explored by science outside of laboratory environments.

The new study, led by academics from Anglia Ruskin University (ARU) in the UK and the Karl Landsteiner University of Health Sciences in Austria, found that hunger is associated with greater levels of anger and irritability, as well as lower levels of pleasure.

The researchers recruited 64 adult participants from central Europe, who recorded their levels of hunger and various measures of emotional wellbeing over a 21-day period.

Participants were prompted to report their feelings and their levels of hunger on a smartphone app five times a day, allowing data collection to take place in participants' everyday environments, such as their workplace and at home.

The results show that hunger is associated with stronger feelings of anger and irritability, as well as lower ratings of pleasure, and the effects were substantial, even after taking into account demographic factors such as age and sex, body mass index, dietary behaviour, and individual personality traits.

Hunger was associated with 37% of the variance in irritability, 34% of the variance in anger and 38% of the variance in pleasure recorded by the participants. The research also found that the negative emotions -- irritability, anger, and unpleasantness -- are caused by both day-to-day fluctuations in hunger, as well as residual levels of hunger measured by averages over the three-week period.

Lead author of the study Viren Swami, Professor of Social Psychology at Anglia Ruskin University (ARU), said: "Many of us are aware that being hungry can influence our emotions, but surprisingly little scientific research has focused on being 'hangry'.

"Ours is the first study to examine being 'hangry' outside of a lab. By following people in their day-to-day lives, we found that hunger was related to levels of anger, irritability, and pleasure.

"Although our study doesn't present ways to mitigate negative hunger-induced emotions, research suggests that being able to label an emotion can help people to regulate it, such as by recognising that we feel angry simply because we are hungry. Therefore, greater awareness of being 'hangry' could reduce the likelihood that hunger results in negative emotions and behaviours in individuals."

The field work was carried out by Stefan Stieger, Professor of Psychology at Karl Landsteiner University of Health Sciences. Professor Stieger said: "This 'hangry' effect hasn't been analysed in detail, so we chose a field-based approach where participants were invited to respond to prompts to complete brief surveys on an app. They were sent these prompts five times a day at semi-random occasions over a three-week period.

"This allowed us to generate intensive longitudinal data in a manner not possible with traditional laboratory-based research. Although this approach requires a great deal of effort -- not only for participants but also for researchers in designing such studies -- the results provide a high degree of generalisability compared to laboratory studies, giving us a much more complete picture of how people experience the emotional outcomes of hunger in their everyday lives." (ANI)

Thu, 07 Jul 2022 19:26:00 -0500 text/html
Killexams : Intel to produce Taiwanese company MediaTek's chips

U.S. chipmaker Intel Corp said on Monday it will produce chips for Taiwan’s MediaTek Inc, one of the world's largest chip design firms

U.S. chipmaker Intel Corp said on Monday it will produce chips for Taiwan’s MediaTek Inc, one of the world's largest chip design firms

The manufacturing arrangement is one of the most significant deals Intel has announced since it launched its so-called foundry business early last year.

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A foundry business builds chips that other companies design and Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co (TSMC) is the top player in that space. Intel has mainly built chips it designed itself.

“That's a pretty big deal for us to engage a customer from Taiwan and them betting on us to grow and try this. And so this is a major anchor customer win,” Randhir Thakur, president of Intel Foundry Services, told Reuters.

TechInsights’ chip economist Dan Hutcheson said there were doubts in the industry on whether Intel could pull off the foundry business, but the deal with MediaTek shows it’s on the right path and its investments, including in recruiting the right executives, are paying off.

“When you go into a foundry, you're putting at risk about two years of work,” said Hutcheson about the risk for chip design firms like MediaTek. “If something happens and the foundry can't pull it off, you've lost that design window in that market window.”

While Intel didn’t give any financial details of the deal or say how many chips it would be producing for MediaTek, it said the first products would be manufactured in the next 18- to 24- month period and will be in a more mature technology process called Intel 16, with the chips used for smart devices.

“MediaTek has always adopted a multi-sourcing strategy,” MediaTek said in a statement. “In addition to maintaining close partnership with TSMC in advanced process nodes, this collaboration will enhance MediaTek’s supply for mature process nodes.”

Intel previously announced that its foundry business has signed deals with Qualcomm Inc and

Mon, 25 Jul 2022 04:51:00 -0500 en text/html
Killexams : House Intel forwards Intelligence Authorization Act

This year’s policy bill for the intelligence community focuses heavily on Russia’s war in Ukraine, establishing a coordinator to track Russian war crimes and directing agencies to focus on Russian and Chinese efforts across the globe.

The House Intelligence Committee approved the bill, the Intelligence Authorization Act (IAA), by voice vote Wednesday morning, leaving it awaiting consideration by the full House.

“The war in Ukraine has demonstrated the immense contribution the Intelligence Community can make to our national security and to our allies, and this year’s IAA ensures we will be ready for the next crisis as well,” committee Chairman Adam Schiff (D-Calif.) said in a statement.

The bill establishes a “Russian atrocities coordinator” who will be tasked with identifying and disseminating intelligence about potential Russian war crimes. The direction comes as the International Criminal Court is eyeing bringing its first case against Russia as soon as this winter, according to reporting from Bloomberg on Wednesday.

The bill also calls for a review of the U.S. response to the war in Ukraine and continued monitoring of any Chinese support for Russian efforts there.

“This includes any steps taken by China to help Russia evade the full weight of global sanctions or to provide military assistance to Russia’s war,” the committee said in a press release.

The bill similarly directs monitoring of China’s and Russia’s attempts to gain influence in Latin America and the Caribbean and Iran’s use of unmanned aircraft systems.

The bill also requires review of broader issues, including establishing a Social Media Data and Threat Analysis Center that will coordinate with social media companies to monitor and assess foreign malign activities on the internet.

“The Center must determine which categories of social media data and metadata are valuable indicators of these foreign malign activities and, critically, how they can be shared in a manner that protects the privacy and civil liberties of all Americans,” the committee said in a press release.

A similar effort at the Department of Homeland Security — which would have established a board to review ongoing disinformation efforts to set civil liberties guardrails — was widely panned by Republicans earlier this year, pushing the agency to ultimately “pause” the board’s work.

The bill also directs a review of the last five years of counterterrorism strikes “on targets outside areas of active hostilities” following reports of numerous deaths of civilians during operations.

The legislation also directs the Government Accountability Office to study classified information about unidentified aerial phenomena “that may further the broader IC effort to understand and explain UAPs — including the implications they may have for our national security.”

For the latest news, weather, sports, and streaming video, head to The Hill.

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Killexams : Parley for the Oceans

Parley for the Oceans is tagged in 16 stories.

Fashion for Good, Partnership for Sustainable Textiles Take Shape with Museum, Roadmaps

3 years ago - 60 members of the Partnership for Sustainable Textiles have revealed concrete action plans to ensure humane working conditions, greater environmental protection and fair wages in their own companies and in their suppliers’ production facilities. The Partnership — a multi-stakeholder coalition made up of companies, associations, NGOs, trade unions, standards organisations and the Federal German Government, formed in 2014 with the aim of making improvements along the entire textile supply chain —considers this a major step forward, as it means that many members agree on revealing even sensible information for the first time.

Parley, Intel Harness the Power of AI to Protect the World's Oceans

5 years ago - Environmental NGO Parley for the Oceans is on a roll. Just weeks after announcing new partnerships with designer Stella McCartney and Corona, the organization has joined Intel and SnotBot on a mission to Alaska, where they will be using AI and drone technology to collect data from whales.

Trending: Stella McCartney, IKEA Find New Uses for Garbage, Plastic Bags

5 years ago - Brands continue to uncover new ways to transform waste into valuable materials, providing critical solutions for pressing problems such as ocean plastics. Stella McCartney is the latest label to team up with Parley for the Oceans in an effort to keep plastics out of the world’s oceans. The designer, who previously designed a sneaker for adidas in partnership with Parley, intends to use the nonprofit’s recycled plastic yarn in lieu of woven or recycled polyester in her line of shoes, accessories and outerwear.

Why a Circular Economy Is Key to Sustainable Development (and Why Business Must Lead the Way)

6 years ago - This post is part of a series produced by The Huffington Post, "What's Working: Sustainable Development Goals," in conjunction with the United Nations' Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). The proposed set of goals will be the subject of discussion at the UN General Assembly meeting on Sept. 25-27, 2015 in New York; they cover 17 key areas of development — including poverty, hunger, health, education, and gender equality, among many others.

adidas, Parley for the Oceans Unveil First Footwear Made from Upcycled Ocean Waste

7 years ago - This week at the United Nations headquarters, adidas celebrated its new partnership with Parley for the Oceans by showcasing the first innovative footwear concept born from the collaboration.Parley for the Oceans brings together creators, thinkers and leaders to raise awareness about the disastrous state of the oceans and to collaborate on promising projects that can protect and conserve them. As a founding member, adidas supports Parley for the Oceans in its education and communication efforts and its Ocean Plastic Program that aims to end the rampant plastic pollution of the oceans.

adidas Partners to Help End Ocean Destruction, Releases Sustainability Progress Report

7 years ago - Today, the adidas Group announced a partnership with Parley for the Oceans, an initiative dedicated to raising awareness about the beauty and fragility of the oceans and to collaborating on projects that can end their destruction. Together, the organizations will implement a long-term program that builds on three pillars: communication and education; research and innovation; and direct actions against ocean plastic pollution.

Pharrell Williams, G-Star Announce Denim Collection Made from Recycled Marine Plastic

8 years ago - Music producer and entrepreneur Pharrell Williams announced last weekend at New York Fashion Week a new partnership with denim label G-Star Raw to create a line of jeans made with plastic collected from the oceans. "The oceans need us now," Williams said as he announced the collaboration between G-Star and his textile company, Bionic Yarn, which Williams co-founded in 2010 to produce fabric from recycled plastic. The new collection, "Raw for the Oceans," which will be the first denim collection to incorporate marine plastic, will debut in stores and online on August 15.

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Killexams : New Media’s Swipe iX unveils design thinking division

Leading software development company Swipe iX has launched Swipe Synergy – a design thinking division that will create exciting new opportunities for Swipe clients.

Swipe iX forms part of leading content marketing agency New Media and uses technology to empower purpose-led organisations.

“Swipe is a solutions agency first,” said Swipe iX MD Leo Redelinghuys. “The launch of our design thinking division allows us to partner with our clients to unlock previously unimagined solutions, bringing new thinking, new insights and new solutions to current and future business challenges and opportunities.”

Redelinghuys added that Swipe Synergy will help Swipe iX to “uncover solutions that go beyond the immediate needs and empower our clients into the future.”

Strong leadership

Swipe Synergy will be led by experienced design thinking practitioner Robyn Moore, who holds an MBA from the University of Cape Town and specialised in design thinking through the ESADE business school in Barcelona.

Moore previously worked with PwC South Africa where she was a key driving force behind the establishment of its Experience Consulting service, and has since fine-tuned her design thinking skills and knowledge by founding and scaling multiple businesses.

Moore was also part of the team that won the G20 Global Business Challenge in 2015, where her team provided a solution to the goal of solving world hunger by 2030 that is still used to this day.

“Our design thinking secret sauce lies within our ability to effectively collaborate with a variety of people, uncover rich insights, and then use these to drive sustainable innovation,” said Moore.

“We create solutions that our clients and their customers love through a rewarding high-impact leadership experience that our clients never forget.”

Diverse offerings

Swipe Synergy will base its work on a six-phase approach that uses key psychology and behavioural economics principles to create human-centric experiences and solutions.

This includes a diverse suite of products – from a high-paced five-day leadership experience to a three-to-six-month journey that discovers new business opportunities and brings them to life.

These offerings are perfect for organisations with business challenges that want future-focused, human-centric, and impactful solutions.

Swipe Synergy’s products will greatly expand the capabilities of Swipe iX, which already works with some of the biggest African and global brands and has achieved major success across many fields – including financial services, telecommunications, media and retail.

Swipe iX’s clients include businesses of varying sizes, from technology startups to multinational corporations such as Hyprop, FNB, Mediclinic and Coca-Cola Beverages Africa.

“Purpose-led organisations with a holistic view of their employees, their customers and the planet are looking for new ways of achieving their goals,” concluded Redelinghuys.

“We don’t just build digital products and experiences; we build relationships and partner with businesses to help them reach their goals.”

Click here to find out more about Swipe Synergy

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Killexams : Tyson Foods Invests $1.5M To Support Hunger Relief In Local Communities

(MENAFN- GlobeNewsWire - Nasdaq)

SPRINGDALE, Ark., July 25, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Tyson Foods, Inc. (NYSE: TSN) awarded $1.5 million in grants to 63 non-profit organizations to support hunger relief and community assistance programs, the company announced today. These donations are part of a nationwide philanthropy program supported by Tyson Foods and include most Feeding America® member food banks.

The grants from Tyson Foods' Social Investment Committee will fund a variety of programs to address hunger relief through backpack programs, mobile food pantries and more.

“We're committed to relieving hunger and are honored to support organizations that work hard every day to help communities impacted by food insecurity,” said Tim Grailer, Sr. Director of Business Operations, Sustainability & Strategy, Tyson Foods.“These grants will support hunger relief agencies across the country increase their capacity and provide greater access to protein.”

These national grants were awarded in response to requests by food banks to support food assistance programs, as well as local first responders seeking to Strengthen the efficiency of their operations.

“More than 38 million people, including 12 million children, are food insecure in America,” said Lauren Biedron, vice president, corporate partnerships, Feeding America.“The Feeding America network of food banks is working hard to meet the needs of communities facing hunger across the country. We are grateful for Tyson's longstanding commitment to helping our neighbors who may not know where they will find their next meal.”

As reported in the exact 2021 Sustainability Report , the company donated more than 16 million pounds of protein, valued at $36 million and equivalent to 64 million meals, to support food banks, pantries, and hunger relief organizations.

Tyson Foods is committed to helping those in need and serving communities where its team members work, live and play. The company strives to be the most sought-after place to work and ensure team members have the tools and resources they need to be successful. As we look for new ways to offer support and care for our people, we've piloted subsidized and onsite childcare, seven near-site health centers, legal and citizenship support for immigrant team members and we recently announced free education assistance for all U.S. team members. We're also helping address the barriers of transportation through a growing ride-share program that provides a low-cost way to commute to work at Tyson. 

Organizations Tyson Foods supported with these grants include:

  • Alabama
    • Food Bank of North Alabama
  • Arkansas
    • Delta Regional Community Service Outreach Network
    • Samaritan House Community Center
    • River Valley Food Kids
    • Arkansas Food Bank
    • Northwest Arkansas Food Bank
    • Harvest Texarkana
    • Compassion Center of Northwest Arkansas Inc.
    • Crawford Sebastian Community Development Council Inc.
    • Rockin' Baker Academy
    • Apple Seeds Inc.
    • Northwest Arkansas Equality Inc.
    • Teen Action and Support Center
    • Central Arkansas Library System Foundation
    • Rogers Public Education Foundation Inc.
    • Linwood Moscow Volunteer Fire Department
    • The Transformation Project Incorporated
  • Florida
    • Regional Food Bank of Northeast Florida, Inc.
  • Georgia
    • Young Men's Christian Association (YMCA)
    • Georgia Mountain Food Bank, Inc.
  • Illinois
    • Northern Illinois Food Bank
    • People's Resource Center
  • Indiana
    • Second Harvest Food Bank East Central Indiana
    • Food Finders Food Bank
    • Harrison County Community Services, Inc.
  • Iowa
    • Food Bank of Iowa
    • Perry Community School District
    • Friends of the Perry Public Library (Pass Through Grant For Farmer Market)
    • Iowa Jag, Inc.
    • Siouxland Community Soup Kitchen, Inc.
    • Perry Area Emergency Food Council
    • Food Bank of Siouxland, Inc.
    • Lutheran Services in Iowa
  • Kansas
    • Kansas Food Bank Warehouse, Inc.
    • Catholic Charities of Southwest Kansas, Inc.
  • Kentucky
  • Mississippi
    • Mississippi Food Network
    • Union Fire Dept
  • Missouri
    • Second Harvest Community Food Bank
    • Food Bank for Central & Northeast Missouri
    • Southeast Missouri Food Bank
    • Open Door Service Center
    • Harvesters-The Community Food Network
    • Community Baptist Church
  • Nebraska
    • Foodbank for the Heartland
    • Siouxland Y
    • Islamic Center of Lexington, Inc.
    • Refugee Empowerment Center
    • Heart Ministry Center, Inc.
    • St. Vincent De Paul Simon House, Inc.
    • Northeast Nebraska Community Action Partnership, Inc.
    • Bright Horizons Resources for Survivors of Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault, Inc.
  • North Carolina
    • Second Harvest Food Bank Northwest North Carolina
    • Second Harvest Food Bank of Metrolina
    • Samaritan Kitchen of Wilkes, Inc.
    • Common Heart, Inc.
  • Ohio
    • Freestore-Foodbank, Inc.
    • Second Harvest Foodbank of North Central Ohio
  • Oklahoma
    • Retired Senior Volunteer Program of Enid & N. Central Oklahoma, Inc. (Feeding For Elderly)
  • Pennsylvania
    • Citizens Fire Co. No. 1 of Gordon, PA
  • Tennessee
    • Second Harvest Food Bank Middle Tennessee
    • Mid-South Food Bank
    • Nashville International Center for Empowerment
  • Texas
    • San Antonio Food Bank, Inc.
    • Grayson Grand Central Station
  • Virginia
    • Food Bank of Southeastern Virginia and the Eastern Shore
  • Washington
    • Blue Mountain Action Council

About Tyson Foods, Inc.
Tyson Foods, Inc. (NYSE: TSN) is one of the world's largest food companies and a recognized leader in protein. Founded in 1935 by John W. Tyson and grown under four generations of family leadership, the Company has a broad portfolio of products and brands like Tyson®, Jimmy Dean®, Hillshire Farm®, Ball Park®, Wright®, Aidells®, ibp® and State Fair®. Tyson Foods innovates continually to make protein more sustainable, tailor food for everywhere it's available and raise the world's expectations for how much good food can do. Headquartered in Springdale, Arkansas, the Company had approximately 137,000 team members on October 2, 2021. Through its Core Values, Tyson Foods strives to operate with integrity, create value for its shareholders, customers, communities and team members and serve as a steward of the animals, land and environment entrusted to it. Visit .


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Killexams : Mobiveil and Avery Design Systems Extend Partnership to Accelerate Design and Verification of NVMe 2.0-Enabled SSD Development

SANTA CLARA, Calif., Aug. 02, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Mobiveil, Inc. and Avery Design Systems today announced an expanded partnership to help customers accelerate NVMe-based SSD design and verification.

The complementary intellectual property/verification IP (IP/VIP) solution combines Mobiveil’s design IP for NVM Express, DDR4 and LDPC IP with Avery’s verification IP for NVMe, DDR4 and ONFI and NVMe virtual platform solutions. The two companies are also collaborating on SSD emulation platforms.

NVMe technology is the leading interface for SSDs with the potential for tremendous market growth worldwide. NVMe architecture is designed for future SSD development and form factors as the semiconductor industry enters a new era in hyperscale and enterprise computing that drives digital transformation.

“As the NVMe standard continues to evolve to meet new and changing requirements, it is important that product developers have access to design and verification solutions that allow them to take full advantage of the latest features and are complaint with the standard. Our NVMe VIP and virtual platform solutions provide pre-silicon SSD SoC hardware and system-level verification solutions for the latest NVMe 2.0 designs. Our partnership with Mobiveil means that together we can deliver best-in-class IP design and verification solutions to our customers including simulation, FPGA emulation, and virtual system platforms,” said Chris Browy, vice president of sales and marketing at Avery.

Mobiveil’s UNEX™ NVM Express Controller IP and Avery NVMe-Xactor supports the latest NVMe 2.0 specifications:

  • Namespace Types support
  • Simple copy command
  • Zoned Namespace command set
  • Key value (KV) command set
  • 32b/64b CRC based End to End protection
  • NVM Set and Endurance Group Management

In addition, Mobiveil’s ONFI/Toggle IP (EFC™) supports the latest ONFI 5.0 specifications. Both IP are fully Tested using Avery Design’s NVMe/PCIe and ONFI VIP solutions.

Avery offers a complementary set of VIP for NVMe to ensure comprehensive verification and protocol and timing compliance. It includes a complete set of models, protocol checkers and compliance test suites in 100% native SystemVerilog and UVM. The support for virtual platform co-simulation enables full system-level verification including running UNH-IOL INTERACT™ and other Linux-based performance analysis applications on pre-silicon NVMe SoC designs.

“By providing pre-verified and interoperated SSD Design IP and Verification IP, both companies allow SoC design and verification teams to focus on their primary goal of full chip design and verification, thus significantly reducing their time to market,” said Ravi Thummarukudy, Mobiveil’s CEO. “By leveraging the intellectual property provided by these companies with specification-compliant solutions, designers can be assured of first-time success for their SoC designs.”

At Flash Memory Summit
Mobiveil and Avery will exhibit at the 2022 Flash Memory Summit (FMS) that starts today, August 2, at the Santa Clara Convention Center. Mobiveil, a gold sponsor, will be in Booth #839 highlighting its broad portfolio of SIP and platforms for SSD development. Avery can be found in Booth #749.

FMS registration is open. Contact Mobiveil at to arrange a meeting or demonstration.

About Mobiveil, Inc.
Mobiveil  is a fast‐growing technology company that specializes in the development of Silicon Intellectual Property (SIP), platforms and solutions for storage, IoT and communications applications. It leverages decades of experience in delivering high‐quality, production‐proven, high-speed serial interconnect SIP and custom and standard form factor hardware boards to leading semiconductor companies worldwide. For the SSD market, Mobiveil provides NVM Express Controller (UNEX™), Universal Memory Controller (UMMC™), ONFI/Toggle (EFC™) and LDPC IP blocks as well as a Xilinx- and Intel-based FPGA validation platforms. Mobiveil is headquartered in Milpitas, Calif., with engineering development centers located in Chennai, Bangalore and Hyderabad, India, and sales offices and representatives located in U.S., Europe, Israel, Japan, Taiwan and China.

Engage with Mobiveil at:
Twitter: @Mobiveil

About Avery Design Systems
Founded in 1999, Avery Design Systems, Inc. enables system and SOC design teams to achieve dramatic functional verification productivity improvements through the use of formal analysis applications for gate-level X-pessimism verification and real X root cause and sequential backtracing; and robust core-through-chip-level Verification IP for PCI Express, CXL, CCIX, Gen-Z, USB, AMBA, UFS, MIPI CSI/DSI, I3C, DDR/LPDDR, HBM, ONFI/Toggle/NOR, NVM Express, SATA, AHCI, SAS, eMMC, SD/SDIO, CAN FD, and FlexRay standards. The company has established numerous Avery Design VIP partner program affiliations with leading IP suppliers. More information about the company may be found at

For more information, contact:
Nanette Collins
Public Relations for Mobiveil
(617) 437-1822


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Killexams : Cargill Announces New $4.9 MM Donation To Feeding America® To Support Nationwide Hunger Relief And Access To More Protein'

(MENAFN- PR Newswire)

A portion of the commitment supports the North American Meat Institute (NAMI)'s Protein PACT for the People, Animals and Climate of Tomorrow (PACT) food security goal

MINNEAPOLIS, Aug. 1, 2022 /PRNewswire/ -- Cargill is continuing their legacy and commitment to fighting food insecurity through a new $4.9 million donation to the Feeding America ® network of member food banks. The company's donation comes at a moment when the need for food assistance remains high from continued pandemic and economic impacts.

A key component of Cargill's latest donation will include $1.9 million in support of increasing the supply of nutritious protein throughout the charitable food system. Protein, including chicken, beef, pork, and even some plant-based foods, are the most requested items for people facing hunger. Yet many local food banks lack proper infrastructure to refrigerate and repackage donated bulk proteins in a safe way, significantly reducing their ability to supply protein to the communities they serve. The result of this far-reaching demand paired with a lack of supply is a substantial gap in the amount of protein being distributed versus what is needed.

One way to help combat this 'protein gap' is through the creation and/or optimization of protein pack rooms that provide proper refrigeration and storage for proteins, in addition to equipment allowing food bank workers and volunteers to safely repackage bulk proteins into individual portions for recipients. A 30' x 40' pack room has the potential to prepare 300,000 pounds of bulk protein per year, which helps local food banks distribute additional protein to people facing hunger.1

'More than 38 million people in America face hunger. As food and transportation costs continue to rise across the country, protein remains a high-need food item and food banks are feeling that demand,' said Erika Thiem, Feeding America's Chief Supply Chain Officer. 'Feeding America is grateful for the generous contribution from Cargill and for NAMI's support through their Protein PACT as we strive to close the protein gap and provide neighbors with the nutrition needed to thrive now and into the future.'

Cargill's allocated funding for protein access will be made in support of the North American Meat Institute (NAMI)'s Protein PACT for the People, Animals and Climate of Tomorrow (PACT), which encompasses NAMI's sustainability strategy and brings together a coalition of partners across animal agriculture committed to accelerating achievement of global development goals including ending hunger. The funding will be used to support the sustainment of protein pack rooms at local food banks and will also enable a set of innovative and complementary projects that aim to reduce the protein gap for vulnerable communities across the country.

'Filling the 'protein gap' and ensuring families in need have access to enough nutrient-dense meat is essential to ending hunger in the United States,' said Meat Institute president and CEO Julie Anna Potts. 'Food security is key to NAMI's Protein PACT vision for 2030, and Cargill's contribution demonstrates the considerable achievements underway.'

'Cargill has proudly supported Feeding America for more than three decades, and their efforts to combat hunger across our nation.' said Tom Windish, president of Cargill's beef and turkey business in North America. 'We're excited to work together with industry partners like NAMI to ensure that the Feeding America network of food banks have access to more protein, a critical source of nutrition for the nation's most food insecure.'

The remainder of Cargill's latest $4.9 million donation will go towards grants for food banks within Cargill markets, with a focus on rural communities and/or communities of color with high food insecurity rates. The donation will also support continued investment in Cargill's legacy food safety program and funding for disaster relief programs.

Over the past 35 years, Cargill has donated more than $28 million to Feeding America and over ten member food banks throughout the United States. Most recently, the company has donated $600,000 towards the Northwest Arkansas Food Bank's new facility, $275,000 in support of Harvesters – The Community Food Network, and $1,000,000 to the Second Harvest Heartland in Minnesota. The donation to Second Harvest Heartland will be directed towards childhood hunger initiatives and programs like the Minnesota Central Kitchen, a community meals program that provides nutritious, prepared meals to vulnerable populations.

In 2020 alone, Cargill contributed more than $30 million to reducing global hunger and improving nutrition through diverse partnerships such as CARE, Heifer International, the World Food Program USA, Save the Children and Feeding America.

In addition to its work with U.S. food banks, Cargill has also donated more than $500,000 to hunger relief organizations in Canada such as Food Banks Canada and Second Harvest Canada. The company is also an active supporter of Means Database, an online platform that connects supermarkets, restaurants and other stakeholders with excess food inventory to emergency food providers and those in need. 

About Cargill

Cargill's 155,000 employees across 70 countries work relentlessly to achieve our purpose of nourishing the world in a safe, responsible and sustainable way. Every day, we connect farmers with markets, customers with ingredients, and people and animals with the food they need to thrive. We combine 157 years of experience with new technologies and insights to serve as a trusted partner for food, agriculture, financial and industrial customers in more than 125 countries. Side-by-side, we are building a stronger, sustainable future for agriculture. For more information, visit and our News Center.

About Feeding America

Feeding America® is the largest hunger-relief organization in the United States. Through a network of more than 200 food banks, 21 statewide food bank associations, and over 60,000 partner agencies, food pantries and meal programs, we helped provide 6.6 billion meals to tens of millions of people in need last year. Feeding America also supports programs that prevent food waste and Strengthen food security among the people we serve; brings attention to the social and systemic barriers that contribute to food insecurity in our nation; and advocates for legislation that protects people from going hungry. Visit , find us on Facebook or follow us on Twitter .

About the Meat Institute

The North American Meat Institute is the leading voice for the meat and poultry industry. The Meat Institute's members process the vast majority of U.S. beef, pork, lamb, and poultry, as well as manufacture the equipment and ingredients needed to produce the safest and highest quality meat and poultry products. To learn more, visit

About the Protein PACT

The Protein PACT unites partners across animal protein in the first-ever joint effort to accelerate the entire animal protein sector's progress toward global sustainable development goals for healthy people, healthy animals, healthy communities, and a healthy environment. Protein PACT partners are establishing transparent baselines and benchmarks for our efforts, setting ambitious targets for continuous improvement, collecting data to verify and transparently report on progress, and launching comprehensive communications about animal protein's unique place in sustainable, healthy diets. To learn more, visit

1According to the USDA, 1.2 lbs. of food is equivalent to one meal

SOURCE Cargill, Inc.


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Killexams : Announcing Android Cloud Gaming & Media Processing & Delivery Solutions Based on the New Intel Data Center GPU Codenamed Arctic Sound-M

Supermicro to Expand its Total IT Solutions Using Intel Data Center GPU codenamed Arctic Sound-M (ATS-M), to Deliver Outstanding Performance for the Modern Enterprise -– Over 540 1080p @60Hz Transcoded Streams Per System*

SAN JOSE, Calif., July 28, 2022 /PRNewswire/ -- Super Micro Computer, Inc. (Nasdaq: SMCI), a global leader in enterprise computing, storage, networking, and green computing technology, is announcing future Total IT Solutions for availability with Android Cloud Gaming and Media Processing & Delivery. These new solutions will incorporate the Intel Data Center GPU, codenamed Arctic Sound-M, and will be supported on several Supermicro servers.

Supermicro solutions that will contain the Intel Data Center GPUs codenamed Arctic Sound-M, include the 4U 10x GPU server for transcoding and media delivery, the Supermicro BigTwin® system with up to eight Intel Data Center GPUs, codenamed Arctic Sound-M in 2U for media processing applications, the Supermicro CloudDC server for edge AI inferencing, and the Supermicro 2U 2-Node server with three Intel Data Center GPUs, codenamed Arctic Sound-M per node, optimized for cloud gaming. Additional systems will be made available later this year.

"Supermicro will extend our media processing solutions by incorporating the Intel Data Center GPU," said Charles Liang, President, and CEO, Supermicro. "The new solutions will increase video stream rates and enable lower latency Android cloud gaming. As a result, Android cloud gaming performance and interactivity will increase dramatically with the Supermicro BigTwin systems, while media delivery and transcoding will show dramatic improvements with the new Intel Data Center GPUs. The solutions will expand our market-leading accelerated computing offerings, including everything from Media Processing & Delivery to Collaboration, and HPC."

Systems Tuned to Workloads

Transcoding is a critical technology for today's media-centric world. The Supermicro 4U 10x GPU server is ideal for various industries, where multiple formats must be delivered to a wide range of video devices.

Cloud-based gaming requires significant computing power and the ability to deliver interactive frame rates to gaming enthusiasts. With the Supermicro 2U 2-Node server featuring the Intel Data Center GPU, codenamed Arctic Sound-M, android cloud-based gaming takes on a new level of performance.

Media Processing for Content Delivery Networks (CDN) requires fast and efficient delivery of all media types. The Supermicro BigTwin system with the Intel Data Center GPU will deliver multiple video content streams to consumers.

"The Intel Data Center GPU is a highly-flexible solution to accelerate workloads that have become an integral part of daily life. The combination of advanced media capabilities, graphics rendering pipeline, and an open software stack deliver the high-density, low-latency, and exquisite visual quality required for next-generation video conferencing, media delivery, and cloud gaming deployments. Supermicro's new product offerings with the Intel Data Center GPU pave the way for rapid deployments in the market," said Jeff McVeigh, vice president and general manager of the Super Compute Group at Intel.

The Supermicro Building Block Solutions® approach allows Supermicro to bring a range of products to market faster so that new technologies can be quickly incorporated into its server lines. For example, Android Cloud gaming with the new Intel Data Center GPU codenamed Arctic Sound-M will support more interactive users than previously possible. The streaming performance will see a dramatic increase with the industry's first hardware AV1 encoder and open-source media software stack, compared with software-only video transcoding.

The Intel Data Center GPU codenamed Arctic Sound-M is designed to be an open, and flexible solution for cloud gaming and media processing & delivery. This GPU will be supported by a full solution stack offering developers an open-source software stack for streaming media and Android cloud gaming, with broad support for the latest codecs, graphics APIs, and frameworks. With Intel® oneAPI for unified programming across architectures, the Intel Data Center GPU codenamed Arctic Sound-M will provide an open alternative to proprietary language lock-in that will enable the full performance of the hardware with a complete, proven set of tools that complement existing languages and parallel models. This will allow developers the ability to design open, portable codes that will take maximum advantage of various combinations of CPUs and GPUs.

To learn more about these new solutions, please visit:

To learn more about Supermicro

About Supermicro

Supermicro (NASDAQ: SMCI) is a global leader in Application-Optimized Total IT Solutions. Founded and operating in San Jose, California, Supermicro is committed to delivering first-to-market innovation for Enterprise, Cloud, AI, and 5G Telco/Edge IT Infrastructure. We are transforming into a Total IT Solutions provider with server, AI, storage, IoT, and switch systems, software, and services while delivering advanced high-volume motherboard, power, and chassis products. The products are designed and manufactured in-house (in the US, Taiwan, and the Netherlands), leveraging global operations for scale and efficiency and optimized to Strengthen TCO and reduce environmental impact (Green Computing). The award-winning portfolio of Server Building Block Solutions® allows customers to optimize for their exact workload and application by selecting from a broad family of systems built from our flexible and reusable building blocks that support a comprehensive set of form factors, processors, memory, GPUs, storage, networking, power and cooling solutions (air-conditioned, free air cooling or liquid cooling).

Supermicro, Server Building Block Solutions, and We Keep IT Green are trademarks and/or registered trademarks of Super Micro Computer, Inc.

All other brands, names, and trademarks are the property of their respective owners.

* Results achieved with a Supermicro SYS-420GP-TNR server with 2x Intel Xeon Gold 6338 processors, 1TB of DRAM, Samsung PM863a 1.92TB drive, Ubuntu 20.04, AMC Firmware, 10x Intel Data Center GPU, codenamed Arctic Sound-M, 75W GPUs, IFWI Software Stack on card (ECC Memory Disabled version)

SOURCE Super Micro Computer, Inc.

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