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E20-526 XtremIO Solutions and Design Specialist exam for Technology Architects

Exam Title : Dell EMC Certified Specialist - Technology Architect - XtremIO Solutions
Exam ID : E20-526
Exam Duration : 90 mins
Questions in exam : 60
Passing Score : 63%
Official Training : XtremIO Infrastructure Solutions (MR-7TP-XIO2INFSOL)
XtremIO Solutions Design (MR-7TP-XIO2SD)
Exam Center : Pearson VUE
Real Questions : Dell EMC XtremIO Solutions and Design Specialist Real Questions
VCE practice test : Dell EMC E20-526 Certification VCE Practice Test

XtremIO and X2 Operations and Management 20%
- Identify and describe XtremIO X2 hardware and software components
- Describe architectural differences between XtremIO and X2
- Describe the XtremIO X2 Management Server
- Manage XtremIO X2 with the GUI and with the CLI
- Data in NVRAM - protection, operation
- Describe multi-cluster XtremIO X2 management

Host Configurations in XtremIO and X2 Environments 15%
- Describe common host configurations; such as HBAs, multipathing, etc.
- Describe the unique configuration associated with the ESXi operating system
- Describe other OS configurations such as Microsoft Windows, Linux, Sun Solaris, IBM AIX, and HP-UX

XtremIO X2 Data Replication 7%
- Describe the operation and management of XtremIO X2 snapshots
- Describe the operation and management of RecoverPoint for local and remote replication with XtremIO X2

XtremIO X2 Optimization and Performance Management 6%
- Performance overview, XtremIO X2 architecture, and describe the environmental/host tools as well as the available benchmarking tools
- List the components of Technical Support page, matrixes, documentation, E-Lab and other pieces of XtremIO Support structure
- Explain how an XtremIO X2 Proof of Concept (PoC) is managed

Positioning XtremIO and X2 12%
- Describe the benefits of All-Flash arrays and XtremIO
- Describe usage of XMS Simulator - what to demo, when to use it
- Explain the benefits of post-processing operations
- Demonstrate the value of XDP – performance
- Describe the XtremIO X2 features such as deduplication, compression, encryption, etc.

Data Gathering and Analysis 13%
- Identify and capture the customer requirements and document the environment
- Identify and describe the data gathering tools and practices
- Identify the data analysis tools and how they are used to analyze the data
- Position an XtremIO X2 solution to meet the customer's requirements

Designing an XtremIO X2 Solution 27%
- Performance Design Considerations
- Design an XtremIO X2 solution to include features such as deduplication, compression, encryption, etc.; including replication
- Design an XtremIO X2 solution for VDI environments
- Design an XtremIO X2 solution for database environments
- Design for scalability
- Describe the Cloud and Platform 3 (P3) design considerations in an XtremIO X2 solution

XtremIO Solutions and Design Specialist exam for Technology Architects
EMC Specialist student
Killexams : EMC Specialist student - BingNews https://killexams.com/pass4sure/exam-detail/E20-526 Search results Killexams : EMC Specialist student - BingNews https://killexams.com/pass4sure/exam-detail/E20-526 https://killexams.com/exam_list/EMC Killexams : Enrollment and Content Marketing Collective

The Enrollment and Content Marketing Collective serves as a vehicle for sharing information and resources among UTSA staff and faculty charged with various aspects of marketing the university to prospective students, current students, and other audiences, both external and internal. The Collective will act as a channel for bridging the university’s decentralized nature, with a specific focus on elevating brand consistency and ownership across the institution.

Quarterly meetings will offer the opportunity for the group to discuss branding, advertising, messaging, collateral development and digital assets among other topics. The efforts of the council will help Boost UTSA's market position and prominence, which in turn will help achieve the university's enrollment and retention goals.


Anne Peters
University Marketing
Associate Vice President for University Marketing & Special Projects
Kristina Garza
Enrollment Marketing
Associate Vice Provost for Enrollment Marketing, Communications & Systems
Rebecca Luther
Academic Strategic Communications
Director of Communications

Collective Members

University Marketing

Brett Calvert
Senior Executive Director, University Marketing
Shashi Pinheiro
Director, Web Services
Mitzi Shipley
Director, Creative Services
Kristin Law
Digital Asset Manager
Jeremiah Barber
Web Accessibility & SEO Coordinator
Drew Vincent
Senior Communication & Content Strategist
Brandon Fletcher
Multimedia Specialist III
Ximena Vila Ferral
Web Designer
Kimberly Maldonado
Project & Content Coordinator (President's Office)

Enrollment Marketing & Communications

Erin Moring
Associate Director, Enrollment Marketing & Communications
Doug Baker
Associate Director, CRM Systems
Sarah Harless
Assistant Director, Enrollment Marketing & Communications
Scott Glavac
Assistant Director, Enrollment Marketing & Communications
Sarah Webb
Communications Manager
Callie Simpson
Creative Services Manager
Lindsay O'Day
Marketing Manager
Emily Lerma
Marketing Coordiantor

Academic Strategic Communications

KC Gonzalez
Senior Associate Director, Academic Strategic Communications
John David Garza
Assistant Director, Academic Web Development
Debra Del Toro
Director of Strategic Messaging (Provost Office)

College/Academic Units

Wendy Frost
Alvarez College of Business
Director of Communications
Melissa Lackey
Alvarez College of Business
Director of Marketing
Elizabeth Castillo
College of Education and Human Development
Communications & Development Coordinator
Rory Dew
Klesse College of Engineering and Integrated Design
Director of Communications
Amanda Cody
College for Health, Community and Policy
Assistant Director of Marketing and Communications
Nick Ward
College of Liberal and Fine Arts
Associate Director of Communications
Ryan Schoensee
College of Sciences
Senior Communications Specialist
Rosalinda Montero
School of Data Science
Senior Communications Coordinator
Giselle Villalpando
The Graduate School
Communications Manager

Recruitment Units

Ana Rodriguez
Freshman and International Recruitment
Interim Senior Director for Undergraduate Recruitment
Belinda Harmon
Transfer Recruitment
Senior Director for Community Outreach & Transfer Programs
Jeff Ragsdale
Graduate Recruitment
Assistant Dean of Graduate Strategic Initiatives
Maria Medrano
Graduate Recruitment
Senior Graduate Recruiter
Suzana Diaz Rosencrans
Online Recruitment
Assistant Vice Provost for Online Programs
Auris Calvino
Online Recruitment
Assistant Director for Online Marketing
Jeff Berry
Continuing & Professional Education
Marketing Manager

Additional Units

Christi Fish
University Strategic Communications
Senior Executive Director of University Communications
Katia Diamante
University Strategic Communications
Social Media Specialist II
Jennilee Garza
Director of Development Communications
Veronica Dominguez
Alumni Relations
Associate Director of Alumni Engagement
Sarah Hada
Research & Knowledge Enterprise (REDKE)
Director of Communications
Kevin Wier
Institute for Economic Development (REDKE)
Director, Communications
Lauren Beaver
Business Affairs
Senior Director, Business Affairs Strategic Communications
Liz Rickstroh
Business Affairs
Director of Strategic Initiatives and Content Strategy
Jessica Abel
University Technology Solutions
Director of Digital Customer Experience
Jan McKinney
Student Affairs
Executive Director of Communications and Administration
Shruti Anand
Career Center
Marketing Coordinator
Betty Serna
Senior Associate Athletics Director

Associate Deans, Undergraduate and Graduate Studies

Mark Appleford
Undergraduate Studies
Associate Vice Provost for Undergraduate Studies
Jianwei Niu
University College
Associate Dean of University College
Lydia Bueno
Honors College
Assistant Dean of Enrollment Management & Student Life
Mark T. Leung
Alvarez College of Business
Interim Associate Dean of Undergraduate Studies
Rosa Garza-Girdy
Alvarez College of Business
Assistant Dean of Undergraduate Studies
Juan Manuel Sanchez
Alvarez College of Business
Associate Dean of Graduate Studies & Research
Francisco Marquez
Alvarez College of Business
Assistant Dean of Graduate Studies & Research
Alberto Cordova
College for Health, Community and Policy
Associate Dean for Undergraduate Student Success
Rob Tillyer
College for Health, Community and Policy
Associate Dean for Graduate Student Success
Arturo Montoya
Klesse College of Engineering   Integrated Design
Associate Dean of Undergraduate Programs
Jill Ford
Klesse College of Engineering   Integrated Design
Assistant Dean of COE Student Success Center
Anson Ong
Klesse College of Engineering   Integrated Design
Senior Associate Dean for Administration & Graduate Programs
Norma Guerra
College of Education & Human Development
Associate Dean for Undergraduate Studies
Vittorio Marone
College of Education & Human Development
Assistant Dean for Graduate Studies
Nathan Richardson
College of Liberal & Fine Arts
Associate Dean for Undergraduate Studies & Curriculum
Jason Yaeger
College of Liberal & Fine Arts
Associate Dean for Graduate Studies
Timothy Yuen
College of Sciences
Associate Dean for Undergraduate Studies
Jose Lopez-Ribot
College of Sciences
Associate Dean for Graduate Studies & Research
Sat, 15 Aug 2020 22:45:00 -0500 text/html https://www.utsa.edu/enrollment/councils/selc-emc.html
Killexams : Woods College Faculty

Career has spanned numerous fields, including education, organizational development, marketing and finance.  Served as a corporate change agent, trainer, curriculum development specialist and instructional designer, among other industry roles.  Employed by companies such as Xerox, Dell EMC and Safariland. Also worked in various administrative roles in academia, including assisting with the management of a “College Bound” program for urban high school students from the Boston Public Schools.

Wed, 22 Jun 2022 12:19:00 -0500 en text/html https://www.bc.edu/bc-web/schools/wcas/faculty-research/faculty-directory-folder/martha-whalen/_jcr_content.html
Killexams : Microsoft issues $25 price hike for certification exams

If you're planning to take any Microsoft certification exams, now is the time to act because Microsoft will raise the price for each exam by $25 beginning July 1.

Prices vary by country, but Microsoft's price lookup tool reveals a current exam price in the United States of $125, and a price after July 1 of $150. There are lower prices for current students at high schools and colleges: $60 now and $83 after July 1.

WORTH IT? Microsoft certifications won't boost your pay much

The new price affects exams for nine types of certifications: Microsoft Certified Technology Specialist; Certified IT Professional: Certified Professional Developer; Certified Desktop Support Technician; Certified Systems Administrator; Certified Systems Engineer; Certified Application Developer; Certified Solution Developer; and Certified Database Administrator.

If you're planning to get certified in multiple Microsoft technologies, the price could add up quickly. For example, there are dozens of certifications that fall under the category of Microsoft Certified Technology Specialists (MCTS), and in some cases multiple certifications for the same piece of software. There are three MCTS certs for Windows Server 2008, and another for Windows Server virtualization.

But not all certification exams will get more expensive. Microsoft said it "does not anticipate" raising the price for the Microsoft Certified Master, Certified Architect, Technology Associate, or Office Specialist exams.

Copyright © 2011 IDG Communications, Inc.

Thu, 30 Jun 2022 11:59:00 -0500 Jon Brodkin en text/html https://www.networkworld.com/article/2202644/microsoft-issues--25-price-hike-for-certification-exams.html
Killexams : VDI Boosts Access and Security, Creates Standardized Experiences

For today’s college students, flexibility that allows them to do their work when (and how) they want is quite important. This is precisely why many colleges are opting to shutter their computer labs in favor of virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) software that allows students to access the tools and software they need on their own devices.

“By virtualizing IT resources, we can revolutionize the way students do their work, provide them spaces that foster greater collaboration and expand how they use their own devices,” Casey Gordon, the IT director for the College of Saint Benedict and Saint John’s University, tells EdTech.

With IDC analysts indicating that the virtual client market will grow 8.9 percent a year from now until 2020, more colleges will likely make use of VDI to provide flexible options for students. From supporting med schools to helping engineering students access important software, we’ve looked at how colleges are making use of VDI now.

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VDI Boosts Access and Provides Standard Experience

As most careers are being reshaped by technology, the academic paths that prepare students for those careers need to make use of industry-level technology.

When engineering students at the University of Southern California wanted more flexibility for the devices they could use to run graphics-intensive software, like computer-aided design, the college turned to a VDI application using Dell EMC PowerEdge R720 servers and VMware’s vSphere software, eCampus News reports.

For Iowa State University’s Department of Agronomy, three Intel-powered Dell EMC PowerEdge systems running VDI tech support the 1,000-plus students who need to run advanced simulations and projections, eCampus News reports. The virtual setup not only gives students increased access to tools, but it also gives them an efficient way to access the tools they need from one portal.

“It gives us the ability to have students use a single login screen for their labs, classrooms, distance educating and computer, and it makes things much more efficient as far as managing resources is concerned,” says Damien Bolin, the former systems support specialist for the department, in eCampus News article.

Virtual infrastructure can be a big help in providing a standardized experience for distance learning students and bring-your-own-device (BYOD) programs. Western Carolina University tells VMware that using the company’s Workspace One cloud software can provide a “clean and consistent experience” for all students.

Improved Remote Access Meets Refined Security

Another big reason universities turn to VDI is the layer of security it provides when students are using their own devices. University of South Carolina Upstate rolled out VDI to allow greater access to software following a BYOD push, but also to make sure that access was secure.

“IT staff needed to ensure a secure, consistent user experience across a spectrum of learning environments. Students and faculty work and study all over campus and from off-campus locations, from apartments to coffee shops,” writes Luke VanWingerden, USC Upstate’s director of client services for information technology, in an EdTech article.

But it’s not just campus security requirements that can be met using VDI. eCampus news reports that by using Dell EMC software, the Nova Southeastern University’s College of Dental Medicine is able to supply several campuses access to a dental simulation lab while complying with federal regulations concerning patient privacy by not storing that data locally.

Wed, 02 Aug 2017 07:18:00 -0500 Meghan Bogardus Cortez en text/html https://edtechmagazine.com/higher/article/2017/08/vdi-boosts-access-and-security-creates-standardized-experiences
Killexams : Electronic Engineering MSc/PG Dip/PG Cert


You will have flexible access to our laboratories and workshops which include electrical and electronic experimental facilities in general electronics and assembly, digital electronics and microprocessor engineering, power electronics, control systems and communications engineering. Each area is equipped with the latest experimental equipment appropriate to the corresponding areas of study and research. An additional CAD design suite provides access to computing facilities with specialist electronics CAD tools including OrCAD and PSpice.

A specialised area incorporating a spacious radio frequency reverberation chamber and Faraday cage allows for experimentation in radio frequency engineering and electromagnetics, while our digital design suite is equipped with the latest 8 and 32-bit embedded microprocessor platforms together with high-speed programmable logic development environments. Power generation and conversion, industrial process control and embedded drives are provided while our communications laboratory is additionally equipped for RF engineering.

Library and learning zones

On campus, the main Kimberlin Library offers a space where you can work, study and access a vast range of print materials, with computer stations, laptops, plasma screens and assistive technology also available. 

As well as providing a physical space in which to work, we offer online tools to support your studies, and our extensive online collection of resources accessible from our Library website, e-books, specialised databases and electronic journals and films which can be remotely accessed from anywhere you choose. 

We will support you to confidently use a huge range of learning technologies, including Blackboard, Collaborate Ultra, DMU Replay, MS Teams, Turnitin and more. Alongside this, you can access LinkedIn Learning and learn how to use Microsoft 365, and study support software such as mind mapping and note-taking through our new Digital Student Skills Hub. 

The library staff offer additional support to students, including help with academic writing, research strategies, literature searching, reference management and assistive technology. There is also a ‘Just Ask’ service for help and advice, live LibChat, online workshops, tutorials and drop-ins available from our Learning Services, and weekly library live chat sessions that provide you the chance to ask the library teams for help.

More flexible ways to learn

We offer an equitable and inclusive approach to learning and teaching for all our students. Known as the Universal Design for Learning (UDL), our teaching approach has been recognised as sector leading. UDL means we offer a wide variety of support, facilities and technology to all students, including those with disabilities and specific learning differences.

Just one of the ways we do this is by using ‘DMU Replay’ – a technology providing all students with anytime access to audio and/or visual material of lectures. This means students can revise taught material in a way that suits them best, whether it's replaying a recording of a class or adapting written material shared in class using specialist software.

Mon, 20 Jul 2015 07:28:00 -0500 en-GB text/html https://www.dmu.ac.uk/study/courses/postgraduate-courses/electronic-engineering/electronic-engineering-msc-degree.aspx
Killexams : Pompea College of Business Advisory Board

Josephine Moran

Josephine Moran '01 M.S., '19 EMBA

Josephine Moran is executive vice president and chief corporate services & consumer lending officer at Provident Bank. Prior to joining Provident, Josephine was senior vice president, regional manager and retirement services program director at Webster Investment Services and executive vice president and director of retail banking at Columbia Bank. She was named one of the Top Women in Business in Staten Island in 2015.

Jim Betzig

Jim Betzig

Jim Betzig is chief executive officer and partner at TrinityPoint Wealth. Jim specializes in working with both institutional and high-net-worth clients; assisting in financial planning, asset allocation, tax-free investing, manager searches and selection and liability management. He also devotes much of his time to advising and serving 401(k) clients. Jim has been named one of Connecticut Magazine's top financial advisors from 2012 through 2016 and a Barron's Top 1200 Advisor for 2016 and 2017.

Cathy Bradley

Cathy Bradley ’86 EMBA

Cathy Bradley is owner and president of Cathy Bradley Enterprises, a consulting firm designed to help Fortune 500 companies transform their businesses to meet strategic business objectives. She also sits on the board of directors of Spoken Communications, a technology firm focused on cloud solutions for the customer contact space.

Mark Caplan

Mark Caplan '89 M.S.

Mark is a senior tax partner practicing in KPMG's Boston and Hartford offices. He has 35 years of experience in tax planning and structuring transactions for public and privately held clients. Mark serves a broad range of multinational consumer and industrial companies. He advises clients on business transactions, including mergers, acquisitions and corporate reorganizations, consolidated returns, as well as accounting for income taxes under U.S. GAAP and IFRS and tax-related internal controls. His experience also includes representing clients before federal and state tax authorities and managing global compliance and reporting projects.


Joseph R. Catapano '89

Joseph Catapano ’89 is vice president and chief accounting officer at Pitney Bowes Inc. He has responsibility for global consolidations, worldwide internal and external financial reporting, including the preparation and review of all SEC filings, coordination of the company’s compliance with the Sarbanes-Oxley Act and corporate financial policies and procedures, including the implementation of new accounting pronouncements and SEC rules and regulations. Prior to joining Pitney Bowes, he held finance positions with PepsiCo Inc. and was an audit manager with KPMG Peat Marwick in Stamford, Connecticut.

Susan D'Agostino

Susan D'Agostino '85 MBA

Susan D'Agostino received her MBA in International Marketing from University of New Haven in 1985 and has been a member of the Pompea College of Business Advisory Board since September 2015. She holds 2 senior level certifications in Human Resources and is currently the Founder and Principal of SLD Consulting Services, a firm providing consulting services in the areas of human resources, contracts, policy and compliance. Prior to starting her own consulting firm, Susan was Senior VP and Chief Administrative Officer for Harris Connect, a firm specializing in affinity programs for non-profits. Earlier in her career, she held management positions for several government contractors and equipment manufacturing firms in Connecticut and Massachusetts.

Michael Davis

Michael Davis '86 MBA

Michael J. Davis is a former Vice President and company officer of Nestlé, the world’s largest food and beverage company with a market capitalization of over $250 billion. Michael brought a unique blend of leadership development, financial, accounting, and tax expertise to Nestlé. He served as an officer for numerous Nestlé companies, including Nestlé USA Inc., Nestlé Purina Petcare Company, Gerber Products Company, and Nestlé Nespresso USA Inc. As an educator, Michael has served at the University of New Haven as an Executive in Residence for 12 years and most recently as the Executive Director of our Executive MBA program. When he is not at our university, he serves as a Chief Advisor and Tax Strategist for one of the world’s leading tax software companies. Michael was born and raised in Bronx, NY. He and his wife are both alumni of the University of New Haven, and they have two children.

Saul Factor

Saul Factor '96 EMBA, R.Ph.

Saul Factor is the President of Smith Drug Company and Burlington Drug Company, which are part of the J M Smith Corporation. Factor first joined J M Smith as President of the QS/1 division, a pharmacy technology company and was later named as head of the wholesale distribution operations. A pharmacist, Factor spent the first several years of his career practicing in both retail and long-term care settings before moving into sales and brand management with PCS and Eli Lilly. He was recruited to RxAmerica, where he was charged with developing the strategy and vision to Boost the customer experience, creating a culture that placed the customer at the center of the organization. During his tenure as COO, the company's revenues doubled. Following that success, Factor joined McKesson Corporation as Senior Vice President of Global Generics. Factor was then named President, Global Sourcing and Procurement for McKesson Corporation. Factor is a noted turnaround specialist and has led culture change throughout his career with the belief that the customer must be the focus of a successful organization.

Alice Gao

Alice Gao '94 MBA

Alice Gao is senior vice president, head of commercial banking for ICBC USA N.A., a subsidiary of Industrial and Commercial Bank of China, one of the world’s largest banking and financial services organization. In this role, she is responsible for leading a multi-functional team to succeed on a global scale by achieving sales and profit targets.

Will Germain

Will Germain '04

Will Germain holds the position of senior investment officer at Ventas. He is responsible for originating, negotiating and executing acquisitions and development opportunities. He previously served as Director of Acquisitions and Investments for Lillibridge Healthcare Services, a wholly owned subsidiary of Ventas. Prior to Ventas, Mr. Germain worked at General Electric Capital Corporation where he held various roles in finance.

Baharom Bin Hamzah

Baharom Bin Hamzah '85, '87 MBA

Baharom Bin Hamzah is group managing director and CEO of Romstar, a leading Malaysian-based provider of intelligent pipeline inspection services. The company, which he founded in 1997, works with many of the major suppliers of crude oil, including ExxonMobil and Shell, to detect structural issues before leaks in pipes can occur. The company designs, builds and operates high-resolution magnetic flux leakage (MFL) technology.

Kelly Haskins

Kelly Haskins

Kelly Haskins is Senior Vice President and Director of Community Banking Implementation Management and Operational Risk at Webster Bank. In her role, Kelly is responsible for the oversight of the project portfolio for the Community Bank. Additionally, Kelly manages operational risk and is the primary Community Bank liaison to the Enterprise Risk Management team at the Bank. She joined Webster in 1996 as a Product Manager for Investments (and eventually Insurance & Trust); in 1999 she led an initiative to form Webster’s Broker Dealer and Registered Investment Advisor. Additionally, Kelly undertook the lead for due diligence when Webster purchased the Trust Company of CT and Sachem Trust Company. For several years, Kelly managed both Trust and BD/RIA Operations and Technology when the units were combined from a management perspective. Prior to joining Webster, Kelly was an Account Executive at Dean Witter; an Institutional Marketing Associate at G.T. Capital; Trust & Investments Product Manager at Old Kent Bank (now Fifth Third); and a contracted Program Manager with EMC & LPL; Managing Director at Kehrer Associates and Chief Operations Officer for a credit union-owned BD.

Frank Hird

Frank Hird '78

Frank Hird is a licensed real estate broker with more than 28 years of experience selling and leasing commercial real estate locally, nationally and internationally. His experience includes representing major industrial and office property owners, investors and tenant/buyers for corporations and nonprofit organizations, new construction development, build-to-suit medial requirements and turn-key lab space development for bio-science companies.

Jeff L. Hubbard

Jeff L. Hubbard

Jeff L. Hubbard serves as Regional Manager, Commercial Banking and Senior Vice President for Liberty Bank. Jeff was President and Commercial Sales Leader for KeyBank's Connecticut and Western Massachusetts market. Prior to the acquisition of First Niagara Bank by KeyBank in 2016, Hubbard served as New England Regional President for First Niagara. Prior to TD Bank, Hubbard served as Senior Risk Officer for Bank of America. From 2002 to 2009, he was Senior Vice President and Manager for Webster Bank. And from 1993 to 2002, Hubbard was based in New Haven, CT serving in senior management positions with Fleet Bank and Merrill Lynch.

Mary Landsfield

Mary Landsfield

Mary is a Financial Advisor and Investment Advisor Representative at Barnum Financial Group. Prior to joining Barnum Financial Group, Mary worked in international sales, trade and investment serving as a Co-Founder of a software company, Skymira, and as a Senior Business Development Manager for the trade arm of the Australian Government, Austrade, both in Los Angeles and New York City.

Gerald R. Longobardi ’01 M.S.

Gerald R. Longobardi ’01 M.S.

Gerald Longobardi is Managing Partner and CEO of The Longobardi Group, a venture capital, tactical opportunities and advisory firm; directed towards: real estate, infrastructure, communications, technology and healthcare; based in North Haven, Connecticut. Gerald has been instrumental in several successful seed round startups and subsequent exits in the communications and healthcare sectors. One communications tower portfolio was ultimately acquired by a publicly traded wireless infrastructure company, Crown Castle International. Mr. Longobardi and The Longobardi Group also recently completed a successful exit in a national healthcare concern. With his firm’s seed stage investment and advisory services at 40,000 lives under management in one state, prior to Mr. Longobardi’s involvement, eventually grew to over four million lives on a national footprint, upon successful exit of his interest in Liberty Dental Insurance Plan. In addition, he remains a limited partner in various commercial real estate projects in Greater New Haven. All of which have provided him with extensive specialty asset management knowledge and the ground up, hands-on experience required for complex situations. Gerald has held elected office, serving on the Town of North Haven Board of Finance.

Mike Maguire

Mike Maguire

Mike Maguire is a senior executive whose passions include leadership, entrepreneurship and forwarding nonprofit causes. Mike is Chairman and former CEO of Structural Graphics, a marketing services firm. He is a leading authority on the use and effectiveness of integrated direct marketing tools. Mike is also a partner in Ann Nyberg's Network Connecticut, a website whose mission is to connect, assist and inform the state's small business and nonprofit communities. He is Chair of the Board of Advisors for the Entrepreneurship and Innovation Program at the University of New Haven.

Kristina Palazzo ’21 M.S.

Kristina Palazzo ’21 M.S.

Kristy Palazzo is a Tax partner with PwC’s Private Company Services practice and is based in New York City. She has 20 years of experience in working on complex transactions and business issues facing both public and privately held multinational companies. Kristy has significant experience dealing with the unique needs of family-owned, private equity backed, and foreign inbound business ventures. She specializes in assisting privately held companies with federal, state, and international tax compliance services, income tax accounting matters, federal and state tax audits, and consulting on US federal and state minimization strategies. Her industry experience includes working with clients primarily in retail and consumer goods, manufacturing and service industries.

Franklyn Reynolds '98 MBA

Franklyn Reynolds '98 MBA

Franklyn D. Reynolds was named to lead Berkshire Gas, in Pittsfield, Massachusetts in January of 2019 as its 11th President since the Company's founding in 1853. A 25-year veteran of the utility industry, Reynolds also serves as Vice President of Gas Integration for Avangrid Networks, where he leads the restructuring of the Gas Operations and Gas Engineering lines of business.
Franklyn retired from the Army National Guard after serving for 20 years.

Garrett Sheehan

Garrett Sheehan

Garrett Sheehan serves as President of the Greater New Haven Chamber of Commerce and Executive Director of the Regional Leadership Council, the region’s advocate for economic growth. Garrett also serves as President of the Quinnipiac Chamber of Commerce, an affiliate of the Greater New Haven Chamber. Garrett worked on economic development at United Illuminating (UI) in New Haven and for Eversource as a liaison between the company and chief elected officials in 23 towns in Connecticut. Garrett is a licensed attorney in Connecticut and Texas. He served as an infantry officer in the Connecticut Army National Guard and deployed to Afghanistan in 2010.

Michele Solomon

Michele Solomon

Michele Solomon is the Managing Director of Operations NE at Marcum's New Haven, Connecticut office. She currently serves as the Managing Director of Operations for the New England Region. Previously, she had ten years of experience in the Assurance department at Marcum managing, conducting, reviewing and analyzing financial information for companies in a variety of industries including healthcare, not-for-profit, manufacturing, and pension plans.

Eran Zalsman

Eran Zalsman

Eran Zalsman is the Founder & President of AcadeME an intelligent career development platform that empowers colleges and focuses on bridging the gap between the millennial students, employers and career development centers. In addition to AcadeME, Eran is Partner and CEO of Ashkenazy-Zalsman, an Israeli advertising and marketing agency, one of Israel’s fastest growing agencies. It serves major accounts like the Bank of Jerusalem, Israel Railways, Tel Aviv University, The Israel Federation of Chambers of Commerce and more. Eran has over twenty-five years experience in advertising and marketing has led many breakthrough campaigns for international companies like Yamaha, Motorola, SAP, DHL Toshiba and more. In addition, Eran has extensive experience and expertise in sensory marketing and advertising - a unique method based on the most comprehensive research ever done on that subject at Oxford University in England.

R.J. Zielinski

R.J. Zielinski

R.J. Zielinski is a tax partner at Deloitte. R.J. has over ten years of experience within the financial services taxation industry with a specialization in insurance. He has served various clients within the financial services industry including life insurance, property & casualty insurance, health insurance, reinsurance, and financial certain companies.

Chair Emeritus


Craig Douglas

Craig Douglas '82 MBA

Craig Douglas is a treasury consultant for Stanley Black & Decker, Inc. (formerly The Stanley Works). He previously served as vice president and treasurer and an executive officer for Stanley Black & Decker, until his retirement in 2017. Craig spent his entire career with Stanley on a path that has provided him with broad exposure to all facets of accounting and finance within a manufacturing company. Craig was named director of corporate finance in 1991, assuming global responsibilities for the core treasury function. In 1998, he was appointed treasurer with expanded responsibilities for real estate and risk management. He was appointed vice president in 2007 and executive officer in 2009.

Thu, 23 Feb 2017 02:58:00 -0600 en text/html https://newhaven.edu/business/advisory-board.php
Killexams : GNTC’s Adult Education Program Holds Commencement Ceremony Georgia Northwestern Technical College held its GED Commencement Ceremony on Thursday for students who have earned their General Educational Development diplomas.
The ceremony was held at the Conference Center on GNTC’s Gordon County Campus in Calhoun to accommodate students and families from all nine counties of GNTC’s service area. 
The evening began with a welcome and introductions by Lisa Shaw, vice president of Adult Education at GNTC. Ms. Shaw recognized the friends and family members in attendance at the ceremony.
“It is an honor to celebrate this milestone with you,” said Ms. Shaw to the graduates. “This ceremony today is public recognition of your accomplishment.”

Ms. Shaw thanked the organizations that provided GED scholarships. Those organizations include Calhoun-Gordon Council for a Literate Society, Catoosa Citizens for Literacy, Chattooga County Literacy Council, Conasauga Drug Court Program, Dalton-Whitfield Community Foundation, LaFayette Presbyterian Church, North Georgia EMC, Polk County Rotary Club, Rome-Floyd CCCY, Rome Rotary Club, Shaw Industries, Tallatoona CAP, Randall Fox Foundation and the GNTC Foundation.
Regina Casteel, Adult Education career specialist, recognized GNTC’s 2022 EAGLE delegate, Shannon Edwards, during the commencement ceremony. Each year GNTC’s Adult Education instructors nominate an exceptional student who has exhibited leadership and worked hard to overcome barriers to reach their educational and career goals. These students compete for GNTC’s Exceptional Adult Georgian in Literacy Education (EAGLE) award.

Ms. Edwards will represent GNTC at the statewide 2022 Dinah Culbreath Wayne EAGLE Leadership Institute. A resident of Calhoun, she is currently enrolled at GNTC and her career objective is to become a medical assistant.
“Shannon came back to school after more than 20 years, while working 12-hour shifts, and earned her GED diploma, and has just completed her first semester at GNTC as a medical assistant student,” said Ms. Casteel.
A total of 28 graduates earned their GED diplomas Thursday night.
Listed are the graduates of GNTC’s Adult Education GED program.
Isabelle Ann Baker
Junior Edward Baker
Zachariah Bennett
Anslee Billes
Katherine Rose Brewer
Heidi Coleman
Shannon Michelle Edwards
Autumn Gabrielle Franklin
Autumn Gilley
Frank Starling Hayes Jr. III
Holly Leighann Hogan
Haley Jarrell
Elizabeth Angel Long
Arely Lopez
Dadthlia E. Manzano
Austin Kade Morris
Tyra Myers
Rene Humberto P. Quintanilla
Brady Redwine
Jose G. Rodriguez
Joseph Solomon Smartt
Alexander Spivey
Ashely Thomas
Jenny Vaughn
Lisa West
Sherry Ree Wheat

The Adult Education program offers instruction in Adult Learning Centers throughout its nine-county service area. Instructional areas include preparation for the Georgia High School Equivalency (the GED test or the HiSET exam), adult secondary education, adult basic education and English as a Second Language. Centers have modern computer labs, study materials, resources and professional adult education staff for both day and evening programs. Distance Learning options are also available.
Classes operate year-round and are offered at no cost. GNTC is an official GED Testing Center and a site for computer-based GED Testing in partnership with Pearson VUE, GED Testing Services and the Technical College System of Georgia. For more information, contact GNTC’s Office of Adult Education at 706-295-6976.

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Killexams : Inside Georgia’s PeachNet Community Cloud

Credit: Jeff Herr

Curtis A. Carver Jr. is helping the University System of Georgia’s 31 institutions and 61 public libraries leverage the cloud.

Over the past two decades, the Board of Regents of the University System of Georgia (USG) has invested heavily in its PeachNet, providing reliable, high-speed Internet connectivity to the state's colleges, universities and public libraries. Now the organization is cultivating a new crop of services: virtual servers, online storage and data backup via cloud computing.

Through the years, the statewide communications network has served as a foundation for USG's Information Technology Services (ITS) staff to offer online learning resources, including a digital library and a learning management system, enterprise business applications and video conferencing services. The expansion into private-cloud services is a natural evolution for PeachNet, says Curtis A. Carver Jr., vice chancellor and CIO at USG.

The college system, which oversees 31 higher education institutions and 61 public library systems in the state, began rolling out cloud services about a year and a half ago. ITS staffers first performed a soft launch of its first two cloud services — online storage and data backup — in the fall of 2011. Last summer, the "Virtual Datacenter" was soft-launched, allowing educational users to rent virtual servers through the cloud. USG formally unveiled the collection of cloud services last October during its annual technology conference.

Carver says the new offerings help to solve two problems most campuses face: an ongoing budget crunch that hampers the ability to update data center equipment when it reaches end of life, and an IT worker shortage caused by the retirement of baby boomers.

"Moving to the cloud and taking a centralized approach just makes sense," Carver says. "They can realize cost savings, get more bang for the buck and be more agile. It enables innovation across the system."

Universities and colleges throughout the country are rapidly adopting cloud computing as a way to provide technology services and deliver new applications and services more cost-effectively and efficiently. Some, like USG, are creating a community cloud, a private cloud that is shared among a group of like-minded organizations with common technology needs. Educational institutions, research institutions and industries that are members of a consortium are natural fits for the community cloud model, says Amy Larsen DeCarlo, an analyst with Current Analysis who specializes in data center services and security.

"The attractions are the normal reasons an organization would gravitate to the cloud: cost, flexibility and a resource change," DeCarlo says. "It's not just a cyclical resource requirement, but more of a long-term permanent change, where an organization knows that it will need a significant increase in capacity, but can't actually afford to build out the capacity. It makes sense to lease the resources and be able to share those resources with like-minded organizations."

A More Affordable Alternative

Like other cloud providers, USG offers cloud services through a subscription-based model. Member college and university IT departments can add or decrease computing resources as their requirements change, and they are charged only for the amount they provision, allowing them to deploy applications and provision IT services quickly and affordably without having to purchase, install and manage the hardware themselves.

"In essence, you create a virtual data center," says John Scoville, USG's chief technology officer. "You can start with six virtual machines and X amount of RAM and storage. And then you can call us up anytime and add more virtual machines when you need it."

Today, many of the state's colleges and universities rely on USG's enterprise applications, including a learning management system, student information system, financial software and a data warehouse. But campuses like having autonomy, and many continue to host their own applications, including email. That's where the PeachNet private cloud offers another benefit, Scoville says.

"For years, the university system has given them only two options: They can run their applications locally or have us run them, but there's never been a middle ground where they can put their application suite in the cloud, but still maintain that level of control, autonomy and flexibility that they are used to," he says.

Institutions can use public-cloud services, but USG and campus IT leaders agree that when it comes to data backup and storage and hosting applications with sensitive student, staff and financial information, the private cloud is the way to go. The private cloud offers the security, performance and reliability of the PeachNet network as well as lower prices, Carver says. Built with 3,300 miles of fiber, the network provides redundant connections to each campus, ensuring that if one connection goes down, campuses still have network access. Because USG is a nonprofit, it can charge lower prices than commercial cloud services.

Higher education IT professionals expect to spend


of their budget on cloud computing in the first year of adoption and save 14%

SOURCE: CDW 2013 State of the Cloud Report

"Keeping it local on our network has tremendous value and benefits," Scoville says.

The fact that PeachNet's cloud services are on a trusted, internal secure network is another big selling point because colleges must comply with privacy laws such as the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act, says Dan Newcombe, director of network and enterprise services for Clayton State University, in Morrow, Ga.

"The Board of Regents operates under the same guidelines as we do. We're all in this together. And pricewise, you cannot beat their pricing," says Newcombe, who is using the private cloud to replicate servers for disaster recovery.

Building Cloud Services

When USG decided a year ago to replace its antiquated servers with about 40 new Cisco System Unified Computing System (UCS) B-Series blade servers, Cisco and CDW•G employees were there every step of the way to assist.

Dave Martinez, CDW•G's UCS team lead, says Cisco engineers and CDW•G solution architects made an initial onsite visit to help with the design and configuration. As ITS expanded and fine-tuned its needs, Cisco and CDW•G worked on the configurations together, says Kyle Brown, CDW•G's UCS business development specialist for education. With each new configuration, CDW•G sent USG updated price quotes, he says.

"As the project expanded in size and scope, we collaborated regularly with Cisco to make sure USG got the server configuration that met their needs," Brown says. 

Getting There

The PeachNet cloud, powered by the new Cisco UCS blade servers, was not built overnight. The USG ITS staff has implemented most of its cloud infrastructure incrementally over the past five years as it invested in the latest advances in data center technology, such as server virtualization, to Boost delivery of enterprise business applications. Some components even date back to the late 1990s, when an EMC storage area network was deployed, Scoville says.

USG ITS took its first big step toward the cloud in 2008 when it began migrating away from UNIX servers and standardized on HP x86 blade servers, allowing ITS staff to use VMware software to virtualize its servers.

It took several years to move applications to the virtualized environment. Today, all USG applications, except for the largest databases, have been virtualized. At the same time, ITS also upgraded its networking and storage equipment, purchasing new Cisco Nexus 7000 Series 10 Gigabit Ethernet switches and moving from traditional tape backup to disk-based backup.

USG also is taking advantage of EMC Avamar software and EMC Data Domain equipment to speed the backup and recovery process, Scoville says. The technology features deduplication, which saves disk storage space by eliminating duplicate copies of files.

"You can offer services that empower innovation in ways you never imagined. That's what PeachNet does."

When the team turned its attention to building private-cloud services in 2011, the transition was an easy one. By late 2011, ITS had enough excess storage capacity to be able to launch online storage and data backup cloud services without having to make any additional investments. The organization deployed VMware vCloud Director software to build and manage the cloud environment, creating a multitenant environment that securely isolates customers from each other, Scoville says. Before making virtual servers available as a service, the ITS staff also needed to purchase new blade servers because their existing HP blades had reached the end of their life. In early 2012, USG standardized on about 40 UCS B-Series blade servers to take advantage of Cisco's unified computing platform, Scoville says.

Cisco's unified computing architecture integrates servers, networked storage, networking equipment and virtualization software, which simplifies management and reduces the necessary number of network adapters, switches and cabling.

"The unified computing system helps unify the data center architecture," Scoville says. "We chose UCS primarily for its management framework, and the UCS chassis greatly reduced the complexity of the network connectivity, and enhanced our ability to scale from a cost perspective." Administrators also leveraged the Cisco Nexus infrastructure to enhance bandwidth in the blade environment, boosting 1 Gigabit Ethernet connections to 10 Gig-E speeds.

The Cloud Community Grows

PeachNet is still in its infancy, but a handful of early adopters are using or piloting its services. USG's IT leaders say their next goal is to increase adoption and Boost services.

More institutions will come on board this year as IT departments plan their technology spending for the next fiscal year. Other campuses will wait until existing data center equipment reaches the end of life and must be replaced, Scoville says. The ITS department, which provides bandwidth to some K–12 school districts and state agencies, is in discussions with them to provide cloud services, USG's CIO Carver says. ITS also looks to attract more university researchers, and overall, Carver expects the PeachNet cloud to enable success. "My hope is that as research grants become available, this becomes their first choice for data center services."

The ITS infrastructure provides faculty, staff and students the resources they need to transform education, Carver says. "You can offer services that empower innovation in ways you never imagined. That's what PeachNet does," he says.

Colleges Embrace PeachNet Cloud


The University System of Georgia's PeachNet cloud allows colleges and universities to pursue projects they otherwise could not afford, early adopters say.

Clayton State University is using the private cloud to replicate some of its servers for disaster recovery. This spring, the school's IT staff began installing replicate copies of its DNS server, web server and content management system. "If our data center goes down, it will allow us to keep a web presence," says Dan Newcombe, director of network and enterprise services.

Without the cloud, the university wouldn't have had as robust of a project because of the limited bandwidth for hosting at their satellite location. The cloud also is a less costly solution than a colocation facility, Newcombe says. At Dalton State College, the data center is reaching capacity. IT is migrating some applications, including Dalton's student information system, onto the PeachNet Virtual Datacenter.

"We had to look for replacement servers or carve out sufficient CPU and RAM in our existing virtual environment," says Terry Bailey, director of Dalton State's Office of Computing and Information Services. "When PeachNet made this service available, we knew we needed to take advantage of it."

The result so far has been substantial cost savings. The college plans to migrate most of its applications in the future. Doing so will cost 25 percent less than if Dalton State had to shoulder the work itself, Bailey says.

"The economies of scale USG's ITS can provide the college system as a whole via PeachNet, versus what small to medium-sized schools can provide for themselves, make this a no-brainer," he says.

Dalton State also used to back up its data to tape, but since migrating to PeachNet's disk-based data backup service last year, the whole process is now more efficient.

"We were swapping out tapes every day. It was pretty tedious," Bailey says.

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Killexams : Asia 21 Fellows, Class of 2006

The Asia 21 Young Leaders Forum revolves around the Asia 21 Fellows, a core network of leaders among leaders from diverse professional backgrounds, who are tasked to serve one-year terms. Read the summit agenda here:



Kathleen Reen is the Regional Director for Asia Projects of Internews, an international non-profit media development organization devoted to increasing access to information for people worldwide. Reen is based in Bangkok, Thailand and oversees projects in 12 Asian countries, including Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam, East Timor, Indonesia, Pakistan and India. Reen has worked on media and development projects throughout Asia since 1998, when she founded Internews’ media support program in Indonesia. She has led research, training and grant-giving initiatives in countries across the region; including efforts to support the rebuilding of Timor’s devastated media environment and the establishment of a national media assistance program in Pakistan that included Pakistan’s first ever national radio programs for women, and the first employed female broadcast journalists. For the last year she has been working with dedicated teams of professionals and volunteers who are providing urgent information via radio and satellite facilities to populations effected by the tsunami in Indonesia and Sri Lanka, and the earthquake in Pakistan, she has designed and has led efforts to increase the coordination between international humanitarian agencies and regional media outlets and supports staff teams in those countries.   Working journalist and producer Reen’s first overseas assignment was in Cambodia where she was the youngest registered journalist ahead of the UN sponsored elections in 1993. She reported the war in Bosnia and helped develop the UN mission's TV unit in Croatia and its partnerships with local television stations across the five Republics of the Former Yugoslavia. Reen holds a bachelor of arts degree in communication and broadcast journalism from Charles Sturt University. In addition to hernative English language, Reen speaks Bahasa Indonesian.


He Fan is Assistant Director of the Institute of World Economics and Politics, Chinese Academy of Social Sciences. He is also Deputy Director of the Research Center for International Finance, Chinese Academy of Social Sciences and the Editor-in-Chief of the World Economy Journal, a leading academic journal in China. Dr. He is one of the most active young economists in China and the youngest intellectual ever to lecture the top Chinese state leaders. His fields of interest include international finance, Chinese macro-economy and international political economy. He is the author or editor of 8 books and more than 50 papers in professional economics journals. During the last few years, Dr. He has worked on a broad range of issues, such as, RMB exchange rate policy, China’s foreign trade and FDI policy, financial system reform as well as Asian monetary cooperation. He is a consultant for the Ministry of Finance and Ministry of Commerce and is deeply involved in many policy discussions. At the same time, Dr. He has written extensively for a broader public audience. He is a columnist for many newspapers and magazines. Dr. He is also an economics commentator for China Business Report, CCTV2 and a regular guest on Dialogue, CCTV9. Dr. He received his doctor’s degree (2000) and master’s degree (1996) in economics from the Graduate School, Chinese Academy of Social Sciences. He earned a bachelor's degree in economics from Hainan University in 1993. From 1998-2000, he was a visiting fellow at Harvard University.

Ada Tse is President and CEO of AIG Global Investment Group – Asia (AIGGIGAsia), where she is responsible for the investment and asset management businesses of American International Group, Inc. (AIG) in the Asia Pacific region, including listed equity, private equity, real estate and business development. Ms. Tse also heads the AIGGIG Asia ex-Japan direct investment practice and is Chief Executive Officer of the flagship AIG Asian Opportunity Funds. This family of funds aims to achieve substantial long-term capital appreciation through the purchase, active management and disposal of a portfolio of privately negotiated investments in companies across the region. Prior to joining AIGGIG Asia in 1996, Ms. Tse was engaged in financial advisory services and equity capital markets work at Morgan Stanley & Co. in New York and Hong Kong. Before joining Morgan Stanley, Ms. Tse was an attorney at Sullivan and Cornwell in New York. Ms. Tse received a B.A. with honors in Applied Mathematics from Harvard University and a J.D. with honors from Harvard Law School. She has also attended the Stanford Business School Executive Program. Ms. Tse serves as an Advisory Committee Member of the Hong Kong Securities and Futures Commission, advising the SFC on policy matters regarding its regulatory objectives and functions. She is a Hong Kong Chapter Member of the Young Presidents’ Organization and a member of the Friends’ Committee of the Asian Cultural Council.

Tiantian Xu is a Founding Principal of the Design and Architecture Beijing office, DnA _Beijing, an inter-disciplinary practice of city planning, urban design and architectural design. A broad scale of projects such as Inter Modal Transportation Point in Yan Tai City, Song Zhuang Artist Village in Beijing, and Ink Painting Museum in Inner Mongolia address new relationships between architecture and urbanism in contemporary Chinese culture. Tiantian Xu has taught at the Central Academy of Fine Arts (CAFA) School of Architecture. Her current research NOMADIC CITY is a case study on contemporary migratory urbanization in Erdos City, Inner Mongolia. Tiantian Xu received her Master of Architecture in Urban Design from Harvard Graduate School of Design and Bachelor of Architecture from Tsinghua University in Beijing. Before starting DnA_Beijing, she was living and working for various firms in the U.S. and the Netherlands.



Barkha Dutt is Managing Editor of NDTV 24x7, India's leading English satellite television channel, that beams to more than a 100 million homes across South Asia and the Middle East. Barkha Dutt is also the host of India's most popular talk show, We the People, awarded the Best Talkshow for five consecutive years by the Indian Television Academy. Her area of specialisation is conflict reporting, including frontline reporting from Kashmir, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Iraq, and the Middle East. She is the winner of several national and international awards, including the Global Leader for Tomorrow from the World Economic Forum, and the Commonwealth Broadcasters' Award for Best News reporting.


Andru Subowo is the Managing Director of Bramadi Capitala private investment holdings and asset management company based in Jakarta, Indonesia. The company holds a diversified investments portfolio both in listed and private equities, focusing on finance, properties and retail sectors in SE Asian Region. He served as Finance Director of PT Bramadi Pratama, a financial consulting company before joining the Board of Bramadi Capital in year 2000. He is currently serving on Board of Commissioners of Indosiar – One of Indonesia’s Largest TV stations, and on Board of Directors of SK Mall one of the largest shopping center in Indonesia. Socially, he is the Secretary General of Indonesia-USA Chamber of Commerce, and as the Treasury of Indonesia-Philippines Business Council. He represented self employed from Indonesian delegates for the first APEC Young Leaders Forum in Monterey Mexico. He is the ambassador of University of Southern California (USC) and one of the chair persons for USC Alumni-Indonesia. Mr Subowo received both his Bachelor’s degree in Economics and MBA degree in Finance from University of Southern California (USC) in the United States, where he also joined the Army ROTC (Reserve Officers Training Corp) during his undergraduate studies.


Mitsuru Claire Chino is General Manager in the Legal Department at Itochu Corporation, an international trading company that she joined as a corporate counsel in 2000. Claire was born in the Netherlands and spent her formative years in England, Japan and the U.S. She received her B.A. (cum laude) from Smith College and her J.D. from Cornell Law School. She was admitted to the California bar in 1991. She worked for an international law firm in its Newport Beach (California), Hong Kong, Tokyo, and San Francisco offices, specializing in cross-border transactions. She became the firm’s partner in 1999. The World Economic Forum selected her as one of the “100 Global Leaders for Tomorrow” in 2003 and as a “Young Global Leader” in 2005. In her spare time, she lectures at Keio University Law School and Hitotsubashi Business School. She is an Advisory Council member of Cornell Law School and a member of the President’s Counsel of Cornell Women of Cornell University. Claire is co-chair of the Corporate Counsel Sub-Committee of the American Chamber of Commerce in Japan. She is active in promoting women’s interest in corporate Japan.

M. James Kondo is an Associate Professor and Co-Director of the Healthcare and Social Policy Leadership Program at the University of Tokyo. He is also a Co-Founder and Vice Chairman of the Japan Healthcare Policy Institute -a think-tank committed to addressing the most pertinent healthcare issues of our time. James was a long-time member of the McKinsey Global Institute and was a Co-Leader of McKinsey's Asia Pacific Global Strategy Practice. James was born in the U.S., grew up in the U.K., went to high-school in Japan, attended Keio University in Tokyo, was a visiting student at Brown University, and graduated from Harvard Business School. He was designated a New Asian Leader (2004) and Young Global Leader (2005) by the World Economic Forum (Davos).


Khairy Jamaluddin is a Director of ECM Libra Capital, a leading Malaysian investment bank, and Deputy Leader of the ruling United Malays National Organisation’s Youth Wing (UMNO Youth). Prior to this he served in the Government for five years rising to the position of Deputy Principal Private Secretary to the Prime Minister and Director of the Policy and Communications Division in the Office of the Prime Minister. He left Government earlier this year to contest in the UMNO party elections. While in Government, he was responsible for strategic policy initiatives undertaken by the Prime Minister and coordinating policy formulation across Government. He also headed the strategic committee for the 2004 General Elections tasked with crafting key messages for the Barisan Nasional campaign. He has been involved in UMNO politics since 1999, rising through the ranks at the branch, divisional and national level. His main interest in UMNO has been in the field of education and how the party can compliment the efforts of the Government to bring better quality education to the rural areas. He is also the Chairman of Akademi Pemuda, UMNO Youth’s think tank, which is responsible for formulating action plans and grassroots programmes for party members and the younger generation. He has degrees from the universities of Oxford and London and is a member of the Oxford Centre for Islamic Studies.


Zahid U. Jamil is a Barrister-at-Law and Senior Partner at Jamil & Jamil Barristers-at-Law. He is a specialist in Banking, International Law, Property Law, Constitutional, Conflicts of Laws, Corporate Finance, Securitization, International Law of Trade (WTO), Privatization, Petroleum Law, Recovery of Loans, Transportation Law, Corporate and Commercial matters. Mr. Jamil has been, as a member of the Information Technology Law Forum, Ministry of Science & Technology, responsible as the core drafter of the Electronic Transactions Ordinance, 2002 and is currently working on the drafts of the Cyber Crimes Law, the Electronic Banking Law, Telecommunication & Convergence Law and the Anti-Trust Law relating to the Information Technology Industry of Pakistan.  At present he is advising the U.S. Government on a major project based in Pakistan, the State Bank of Pakistan on various regulatory issues and advising the first Pakistani Export Finance Agency Ltd. (PEFGA) on issues from incorporation to treaty reinsurance, Export Credit and Trade Law. He is a Professor of U.S. Constitutional Law at the Sindh Muslim Law College, University of Karachi, and also lectures in U.K. Constitutional Law for the LL.B. (Hons), University of London at L'Ecole, Karachi. He graduated from University College, London with an L.L.B. (Hons), is a Barrister of the Honourable Society of Gray's Inn, London, U.K and an advocate of the High Courts of Pakistan.


Paolo Benigno A. Aquino IV is the Chairman and CEO of the National Youth Commission, Philippines. Bam is one of the Philippines’ most dynamic youth leaders today. He was initiated into Philippine politics when his uncle, Senator Benigno “Ninoy” Aquino Jr., was assassinated in 1983 and took part in the succeeding protests as one of the youngest speakers during the time. Bam graduated summa cum laude, BS Management Engineering from the Ateneo de Manila University. He was valedictorian of his batch as well as the Student Council president. He was made Chairman of the National Youth Commission (NYC), the main youth policy-making arm of the Philippine Government in 2003. Previous to this, he was Commissioner-at-Large for two years. His other advocacies include being the spokesperson for Read to Lead (a practicing advocacy campaign) and Children’s Hour (a fund raising project for less fortunate children), and an ambassador of the Haribon Foundation, (an NGO for the environment). Bam also hosts Breakfast, a youth-oriented TV morning talk show aired over ABS-CBN’s Studio 23 and is the youngest person appointed by President Gloria Macapagal Arroyo to head a government agency.

Harvey Kehis the Executive Director of Pathways to Higher Education at the Ateneode Manila University, an organization that aims to help marginalized students gain access to quality higher education in the Philippines. Harvey became the youngest Ford Foundation grantee in the world at the age of 22 and he has helped more than 300 poor but deserving students gain a better future by providing them with an opportunity to enter top-notch universities. Aside from this, Harvey also sits as the youngest Board Member of Synergeia Foundation, a coalition of various public and private institutions and individuals aimed at promoting education reform in the Philippines. Furthermore, Harvey also hosts two regular radio programs and writes a weekly column for People’s Taliba (a national daily). He teaches part-time at the Department of Theology, Ateneo de Manila University.


Gan Su-lin is a Council Member of the National Youth Council and Director of the School of Technology for the Arts, Republic Polytechnic. She is a media psychologist by training who, since returning to Singapore in 1996, has become a familiar face in Singapore’s youth development scene recognized as a tireless champion for the holistic education of Singapore’s youth. Her vision for youths is “Heads that understand, Hearts that empathize, Hands that freely give”. Two values most often manifest in her youth development work are a definition of wealth that extends far beyond material possessions, and the belief that hang hang chu zhuang yuan (Mandarin for “every field of work can produce a top scholar”). Dr Gan’s deepest wish is that she can help youths realize they can be zhuang yuan.


Jungwook Hong Jungwook Hong is Chairman and CEO of Herald Media, a leading mediagroup in Korea. His holding company, Kalia Inc., is the largest shareholder of Herald Media. He is the publisher of Herald Media's publications, including The Korea Herald, the nation's largest English newspaper, and The Herald Business, a leading Korean business and entertainment daily.

Mr. Hong is on the boards of all Herald Media's subsidiaries and serves on the boards of the Korea Newspaper Association, the International Press Institute Korea Committee, and the Korea Press Ethics Commission. Moreover, Mr. Hong is a board director of the Korean-American Association and a member of the Policy Advisory Committee of Asia Society. He is also an avid patron of the arts, serving on the Operating Advisory Committee of the National Museum of Korea, the Operating Committee of the Seoul National University Museum of Art., and the Advisory Committee of the Gloria Opera Company.

Previously, he worked as an investment banker and lawyer in the U.S. Mr. Hong was selected as a Young Global Leader by the World Economic Forum in 2005 and an Asia 21 Fellow by the Asia Society in 2006. He has published many articles and books, including Seven Acts Seven Scenes, an autobiography that has sold over 1.3 million copies to date.

Mr. Hong received his A.B. from Harvard University and J.D. from Stanford University. He also studied at Peking University in China and Seoul National University in Korea. In 2005, Mr. Hong received an honorary doctorate in politics from Yongin University in Korea.


Bi-khim Hsiao is a Member of Taiwan’s Legislative Yuan. Although she is one of the youngest members, Bi-khim Hsiao has been active in Taiwan politics for over a decade. She is currently Chair of the Foreign Relations Committee in the Legislative Yuan and has been elected Vice President of Liberal International, an organization of liberal political parties around the world. She has also been the Director of International Affairs for the governing Democratic Progressive Party, Consultant to the Mainland Affairs Council, spokesperson for Chen Shui-bian’s 2000 and 2004 presidential campaigns, Advisor to the Office of the President, Secretary General of the Council of Asian Liberals and Democrats, and President of the Taiwan Association for Women in Sports. In addition to foreign policy issues, Bi-khim Hsiao continues to be outspoken on immigrant rights, gender equality, sports, human rights and other issues in Taiwan.


Apimongkol Sonakul is a Member of Parliament, Thailand. In this capacity his responsibilities include, reform of the electricity supply industry, encouragement of private sector investment, and the establishment of a power sector regulatory body. He is also a Spokesman and Member of the Parliamentary Committee for Energy and a Deputy-Spokesman for the Democratic Party. Previously, Apimongkol Sonakul was a Policy and Planning Analyst in the energy policy and planning office of the Ministry of Energy. He received his engineering degree from Oxford University and a Master of Arts in Business and Managerial Economics from Chulalongkorn University.


Eric Garcetti is President of the Los Angeles City Council, overseeing the operations and initiatives of the legislative branch of government in the nation’s second-largest city. He also represents the Thirteenth District, comprising Hollywood and neighboring communities in the heart of Los Angeles. Prior to his election, Garcetti was a professor of public policy, diplomacy and world affairs at Occidental College and the University of Southern California and he has worked and studied in East Asia, Southeast Asia, Northeast Africa, and Western Europe. He studied at Columbia and Oxford Universities, and at the London School of Economics and Political Science as a Rhodes Scholar. He is an avid photographer, jazz pianist and composer and currently serves as an officer in the United States Naval Reserve.

Katie Hongis the Deputy Director of the Pacific Northwest program at the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. In that capacity, she supports the Director for the Pacific Northwest program with the day-to-day management of the foundation’s local grant making as well as strategic development and implementation of programs and new initiatives that help vulnerable children and families in the Pacific Northwest. Prior to coming to the Foundation, Hong served as the Director for the City of Seattle’s Office of Housing. Previously, Hong was a White House Fellow, working in the White House Chief of Staff’s Office. Hong also spent time as an executive policy adviser to Gov. Gary Locke and as a program examiner in the Office of Management and Budget in WashingtonD.C. Hong holds a bachelor’s degree from the University of California at Berkeley and a master’s in public policy from the University of Chicago. She is active in the community, serving as a board member ofthe Asian Community Leadership Foundation, a community leaders program in the Seattle area for emerging Asian Pacific American leaders. She’s also taught as an adjunct professor at Seattle University’s Institute of Public Service and is a graduate of Leadership Tomorrow in Seattle/King County and the Coro Fellows Program in Northern California.

Parag Patel is a Senior Director of the VMware division at EMC Corporation. One of the world's largest technology companies, EMC is a $10 billion leader in storage and information management products. Mr. Patel has held numerous executive sales and marketing positions in the industry and has also served as a Peace Corps volunteer in West Africa and remains active in various international development-related activities. Mr. Patel completed a B.A.S, in Electrical Engineering and History, from Stanford University. He then completed an M.B.A., at Harvard University. His is an expert on issues that include: regional issues(India and South Asia); science and technology; high technology; and Third World development.

Joshua Ramois a Managing Director at Kissinger Associates. Ramo advises some ofthe largest corporations in the world and governments at the ministerial level and above. He is the youngest partner in the history of Kissinger Associates. Previously, Ramo worked in the advisory and banking business in China. Prior to entering the advisory business, Ramo was the youngest-ever Senior Editor and later Foreign Editor and Assistant Managing Editor at TIME Magazine. Among his nearly two-dozen TIME cover stories were the 1997 Man of the Year Profile of Andy Groveand an award winning profile of Kofi Annan. Today, Ramo is regarded as one of China’s leading foreign-born scholars. His last paper, The Beijing Consensus, which promoted China’s development approach as a viable alternative to the Washington Consensus, is among the most widely circulated papers by a foreigner in China. Raised in Los Ranchos, New Mexico, Ramo has been, among other things, a Crown Fellow of the Aspen Institute, a term member of the Council on Foreign Relations, twice Chairman of a $1million Dan David Prize selection committee, a member of the World Economic Forum’s Young Global Leaders, an advisory board member of the Leaders Project and co-founder of the US-China Young Leaders Forum. He has worked in South African AIDS hospices, including during a 2001 sabbatical. An avid pilot, he holds two U.S. National point-to-pointair speed records and has written a book, No Visible Horizon, about his experiences as a competitive aerobatic pilot. Ramo was trained as an economist and holds an MA in Economics from NYU and a BA(Hons) from the University of Chicago in Latin American studies.


Dinh Q. Leis the Founder of Untitled Space, a residency project in Ho Chi Minh City, and Co-Founder of the Vietnam Art Foundation in Los Angeles. Dinhwas born in Ha Tien, a small town near the Cambodian border, in what was South Vietnam. When he was ten years old, he and his family escaped to Thailand, where they spent nearly one year before immigrating to Los Angeles. He began his art education at the University of California, Santa Barbara, in 1989 and continued his studies at the School of Visual Arts in New York where he received a Master of Fine Arts degree. In the early 1990s, Lê visited Vietnam and by the middle of the decade was spending most of his time in Ho Chi Minh City, where he currently lives.

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Killexams : Georgia 4-H celebrates excellence at 79th annual 4-H State Congress

ATLANTA — Top 4-Hers from around the state gathered in Atlanta recently to celebrate the 79th annual 4-H State Congress, an event packed with competition and recognition.

State Congress includes the state-level Project Achievement and Leadership in Action contests and acknowledges youth development professionals, supporters and public officials for their contributions to the success of 4-H in Georgia.

Students who place first at state-level competitions in Georgia 4-H earn the title of “Master 4-Her.” During State Congress, 204 delegates competed in 50 Project Achievement areas and seven delegates competed in the Leadership in Action contest; one individual from each project area and two Leadership in Action competitors received Master 4-Her status.

More than 48,000 members participated in Project Achievement this year through 4-H programs at the county level. This essential Georgia 4-H program element empowers young people with leadership, creativity, public speaking and record-keeping skills that will last a lifetime. At the high school level, students choose a project of interest from a list of areas that include agriculture, human development, performing arts, communication, engineering and work force.

They subsequently research the topic, create a detailed presentation, and participate in related community service and civic engagement activities. The State Congress competition also includes individual interviews with qualified professionals who engage with 4-Hers about their project work.

Venya Gunjal of Cobb County was inducted as 2022-23 Georgia 4-H state president during Georgia 4-H State Congress.

The Leadership in Action competition calls for 4-Hers to identify a community need and work to meet that need by planning and implementing original projects and initiatives. Competitors then prepare an application packet and participate in interviews at the district level. Seven finalists were chosen to be recognized and compete at State Congress: The 2022 Leadership in Action winners are Chanthony Andrews Jr. from Glynn County and Evelyn Day from Houston County.

Andrews hosted a “Sock-tober” drive to collect socks and other necessities for hundreds of people experiencing homelessness in Glynn County. Day partnered with FEMA and the Department of Homeland Security to educate pet owners nationwide about best practices for their pets during national disasters. Other finalists were Jaylee Kilgo from Bartow County, Lilly Ann Smith from Oconee County, Lilly Kate Farrar from Habersham County, Lydia Belfower from Bleckley County, and Rachel Wood from Morgan County.

Georgia 4-H recognizes stakeholders who provide guidance and support to 4-H throughout the year at State Congress.

Courtney Brown, extension specialist for 4-H healthy living programs, received the 2022 Ryles Rising Star Award. This award recognizes an outstanding 4-H staff member in the first five years of their employment for their contributions to the success of 4-H. Brown coordinates all the healthy living initiatives within Georgia 4-H and has improved effectiveness and efficiency in all the programs she oversees, including Cotton Boll and Consumer Judging and myriad food projects.

The Georgia Association of Educational Leaders received the 2022 Friend of 4-H Award. This award is presented annually to organizations or individuals that demonstrate outstanding support of Georgia 4-H with exemplary contributions towards the mission and vision of the program.

Jeff Davis County Extension Coordinator and 4-H Agent Sheila Marchant received the 2022 William H. Booth Award. This award is presented by Georgia EMC and recognizes 4-H agents who have outstanding career achievements and who have a strong commitment to community support. The other district finalists were Brittani K. Lee, Cobb County interim CEC and 4-H agent; Wanda McLocklin, Barrow County CEC and 4-H agent; and Crystal Perry, Sumter County 4-H agent.

Georgia Gov. Brian Kemp and First Lady Marty Kemp received the 2022 Georgia 4-H Green Jacket Award. This prestigious award is presented to individuals who have shown outstanding, significant and ongoing statewide support to the program. The Kemps have been proponents of Georgia 4-H for decades, through legislative funding and hands-on programs such as the First Flock, tours, pet adoption days and activities for youths at the Governor’s Mansion. Kemp served as the keynote speaker for the 2022 Georgia 4-H Day at the Capitol.

Leaders in the camping program and 4-H center leadership also received recognition during State Congress. Additionally, members of the 2022-23 Georgia 4-H Board of Directors were inducted into their positions of leadership. The 2021-22 Board of Directors were honored for their year of service. Georgia 4-H also recognized special event winners from the 2021-22 program year.

For more information about Georgia 4-H, contact a UGA Extension office or visit georgia4h.org.

Josie Smith is the public relations coordinator for Georgia 4-H.

Fri, 05 Aug 2022 07:11:00 -0500 en text/html https://www.kpvi.com/news/national_news/georgia-4-h-celebrates-excellence-at-79th-annual-4-h-state-congress/article_f03a7119-48ec-50c0-b3a2-5513b7bc1ab2.html
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