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75940X Avaya Converged Platform Integration

Exam Detail:
The 75940X Avaya Converged Platform Integration exam is part of the Avaya Certified Integration Specialist certification track. This exam focuses on validating the knowledge and skills of candidates in integrating and implementing Avaya's Converged Platform solutions. Here are the exam details for the 75940X certification:

- Number of Questions: The exact number of questions may vary, but the exam typically consists of multiple-choice and scenario-based questions.

- Time Limit: The time allotted to complete the exam is 90 minutes.

Course Outline:
The course outline for the Avaya Converged Platform Integration certification covers various subjects related to Avaya's Converged Platform solutions and their integration. The subjects typically included in the course outline are as follows:

1. Avaya Converged Platform Overview:
- Understanding the components and architecture of Avaya's Converged Platform.
- Exploring the features and capabilities of Avaya's Converged Platform solutions.

2. Integration Planning and Design:
- Analyzing customer requirements and developing integration plans.
- Designing solutions for integrating Avaya's Converged Platform with existing infrastructure.

3. Deployment and Configuration:
- Installing and configuring Avaya's Converged Platform components.
- Integrating Avaya's Converged Platform with other systems and applications.

4. Testing and Troubleshooting:
- Conducting testing and verification of the integrated solution.
- Identifying and resolving issues related to Avaya's Converged Platform integration.

5. System Monitoring and Maintenance:
- Monitoring the performance and health of the integrated solution.
- Performing routine maintenance tasks and troubleshooting.

Exam Objectives:
The objectives of the 75940X Avaya Converged Platform Integration exam are as follows:

- Assessing candidates' understanding of Avaya's Converged Platform components, features, and capabilities.
- Evaluating candidates' proficiency in planning, designing, and implementing Avaya's Converged Platform integration solutions.
- Testing candidates' knowledge of deployment, configuration, testing, troubleshooting, and maintenance of Avaya's Converged Platform.

Exam Syllabus:
The specific exam syllabus for the 75940X Avaya Converged Platform Integration certification may cover the following topics:

1. Avaya Converged Platform Overview:
- Components and architecture of Avaya's Converged Platform.
- Features and capabilities of Avaya's Converged Platform solutions.

2. Integration Planning and Design:
- Analysis of customer requirements and development of integration plans.
- Solution design for integrating Avaya's Converged Platform.

3. Deployment and Configuration:
- Installation and configuration of Avaya's Converged Platform components.
- Integration of Avaya's Converged Platform with existing infrastructure.

4. Testing and Troubleshooting:
- Testing and verification of the integrated solution.
- Identification and resolution of issues related to Avaya's Converged Platform integration.

5. System Monitoring and Maintenance:
- Monitoring the performance and health of the integrated solution.
- Routine maintenance tasks and troubleshooting.
Avaya Converged Platform Integration
Avaya Integration exam

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Avaya Converged Platform Integration
Refer to the exhibit.
What is the purpose of the “SMRule” DRS rule that states the two Avaya Aura® Session Managers must run off different ESXi hosts?
A. To Excellerate the latency of DRS load-balancing
B. To prevent a single ESXi host from being overloaded with SIP traffic
C. To preserve seamless failover/recovery across primary and secondary Session Managers
D. To reduce the memory and CPU load on a single ESXi host
Correct Answer: C
Using VMware networking in ACP 4200, how are Virtual NICs mapped to physical NICs?
A. Via DRS rules
B. On a 1-to-1 basis
C. Via Virtual Switches and Port Groups
D. Via the VNIIC mapping tables
Correct Answer: D
QUESTION 57 Which statement about all hosts in the cluster describes a system requirement for VMware
vMotion in ACP 4200?
A. They must be the same server type.
B. They must have matching Memory capacity.
C. They must have matching CPU types.
D. They must have matching VMware network settings.
Correct Answer: C
Refer to the exhibit.
Why is the usage measurement of CPU2 (in Purple) shown in the chart highlighted in the table?
A. Because the CPU2 has been nominated as the primary CPU in this Virtual Machine.
B. Because the CPU2 has been highlighted with an active alarm.
C. Because the CPU2 usage is closest to the average usage of all the CPUs.
D. Because the CPU2 has been selected in the table under the chart.
Correct Answer: D
QUESTION 59 Which two are valid levels of VMware performance monitoring?
(Choose two.)
A. Visualization Performance and Fault Manager (VPFM)
B. Virtual Machine (VM)
C. Data Center (DC)
D. Host
Correct Answer: BD
QUESTION 60 Why does enabling VMware Enhanced vMotion Compatibility (EVC) prevent vMotion
migrations from falling?
A. Because of incompatible DRS rules across the cluster
B. Because of incompatible HA rules across the cluster
C. Because of insufficient memory across the cluster
D. Because of incompatible CPUs across the cluster
Correct Answer: D
QUESTION 61 The customer's networking team is considering connectivity options to
the ACP 4200.
For which customers would an ACP 4200 Layer 2-only networking topology be deployed, and why?
A. Customers who have a Layer 2 Data Center. The ACP will provide Layer 3 routing for the customer.
B. Customers who wish to retain existing VLANs, subnets, and IP subnets. The ACP will extend VLANs out to the Data Center routers which will provide Layer 3 routing.
C. Customers who do not use Dynamic routing protocols. The ACP will use static routes for connectivity to the Data Center.
D. Customers who wish to upgrade their Data Center to Fabric Connect. The ACP will use Fabric Extend to integrate with the customer's Data Center switches.
Correct Answer: D
QUESTION 62 When a Layer 2-only networking topology is deployed, what is the behavior of
the ACP 4200?
A. It will support only a single management VLAN.
B. It will extend VLANs out to the Data Center routers which will provide Layer 3 routing.
C. It will support only a single application VLAN.
D. It will have 802.1Q tagging enabled on all ports of the VSP switches.
Correct Answer: B
Refer to the exhibit.
What does the IP address represent?
A. The IP address of the EMC storage
B. The SMLT IP address of the two VSP 7200 switches
C. The Virtual IST IP address of the two VSP 7200 switches
D. The VRRP IP address of the two VSP 7200 switches
Correct Answer: D
QUESTION 64 Which statement describes a feature
of VMware HA?
A. It adds VPFM as a SNMP management server.
B. It detects host failures and starts applications on other hosts in the cluster.
C. It monitors the memory and CPU load on the host servers and balances them by moving VMs between the hosts.
D. It moves a running VM from one host to another.
Correct Answer: B
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Avaya Integration exam - BingNews Search results Avaya Integration exam - BingNews 10 Keys To The Avaya-Nortel Integration

Avaya closed its acquisition of Nortel's enterprise business on Dec. 18, and earlier this week confirmed the integrated product roadmap it will carry -- and use for Avaya and Nortel VARs -- going forward. Of note is the decision by Avaya to maintain Nortel's data portfolio -- a major addition to its practice that will help it even more effectively compete against Cisco. The blending of the channel also represents a change in Avaya's overall indirect business, and should help Avaya, as CEO Kevin Kennedy (left), suggested in October, reach 85 percent or more indirect sales within three years.

The combination of two legacy channels, however, means several changes and plenty of training. Here are the 10 things to know about the Avaya-Nortel road map, Avaya's channel ambitions, and what questions about its services, distributors and other market segments still remain.

If Avaya hadn't made clear its belief in the future of Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) architecture before, it certainly has now. Avaya began upgrading a lot of its IP telephony gear to better support SIP three years ago, and has only continued to do so since. Its migration path for Nortel environments, as well as many of its new product announcements, all have SIP taken into account.

Avaya Aura is Avaya's SIP-based virtualized UC platform, and will be Avaya's de facto method for deploying IP applications going forward. It was introduced in March 2009 at VoiceCon Orlando, made available in an SMB-targeted version in October 2009, and has enticed VARs wondering how Avaya will chart a course for future unified communications architecture while maintaining legacy Avaya, Nortel and other environments. It's migration Avaya's after, not rip-and-replace, and the company has stated emphatically that Aura will be the means to doing so.

"We believe it is equally important that in the future we do not require our customers to rip and replace their current products or even cap growth on their current products," said Dr. Alan Baratz, Avaya's senior vice president and president of Avaya Global Communications Solutions, on a Tuesday conference call for media and analysts.

Avaya Senior Vice President of Global Sales and Marketing and President, Field Operations, Todd Abbott confirmed earlier this week that 80 percent of Avaya's vice presidents joined the company within the last 18 months. That big number has been part of a sea change at Avaya that began when the company was taken private by a $8.2 billion private equity buyout in 2007, and continued with a long and continuing stretch of management changes.

Channel management, in particular, has shifted dramatically, and a number of new faces, including Abbott (May 2008), global channel chief Jeremy Butt (left), (June 2008), North American channel chief Carol Giles Neslund (October 2008), and senior director of channel strategy and development Eileen Corrigan (August 2009).

The roadmap sees Avaya planning to discontinue a handful of products. From Nortel, Avaya will end-of-sale the MCS 5100 media conferencing server, Nortel's SIP-based videoconference offering Nortel Multimedia Conferencing, and the Nortel dialer. Contrary to previous reports, Nortel will not be discontinuing anything in the CS1000 communications server or AS 5300 model applications server lines.

All products being discontinued will be sold for a full year and be serviced for six years, according to Avaya.

Avaya's Contact Center Express will coexist with Nortel's CC 7 -- both products target midmarket call center customers -- but a future version, dubbed CC 8, will be available within six months. That model, according to Avaya, will be an upgrade to CC 7 with elements of Contact Center Express integrated.

According to Abbott (left), Avaya will continue to expand services opportunities for VARs, but will move away from the third party maintenance style contracts favored by Nortel in the past. Avaya maintenance contracts will be able to be resold as partner-branded offerings and as direct Avaya maintenance agreements. The transition, said Abbott, will take place over a year and supply Nortel partners time to get up to speed.

"A lot of Nortel partners have a traditional TPM- [third party maintenance] based services go-to-market," Abbott said. "But as you move to the IP world, it becomes much more of a self-serve, 1-800-Tech-Support software and support model where on-site services are less of a requirement. That's part of the challenge for us. But our message to partners is that we're not going to be competing with them. We need to collectively go to work."

Avaya revised several of its services offerings last fall, including changes to its managed services, maintenance services and professional services approaches. New offerings include VARs' ability to offer private-labeled managed services for the first time.

Avaya has opted to preserve Nortel's data networking portfolio -- a new set of products, like the Nortel Ethernet Routing Switch 8600 (left), and a new focus for Avaya -- and it has also created a badge certification for that portfolio.

Having a data practice will allow Avaya to better compete with the likes of Cisco and continue to expand its channel presence -- so long as Avaya makes it a focus and not what one observer calls an "ugly stepchild" of the rest of Avaya's business.

"History will dictate whether it was a good choice," said Zeus Kerravala, senior vice president of enterprise research at The Yankee Group. "Don't forget, they have partnerships with current networking vendors like Juniper, HP and Brocade, and they might be putting those at risk. But there's strength in numbers battling Cisco. For Avaya, a communications-centric organization, can they let the data group go operate as its own group? There are a lot of things driving network upgrades right now beyond UC. Avaya might not reap all the rewards if they have too narrow a focus."

The next big question for the Avaya-Nortel channel is what Avaya will do about its distribution relationships: those distributors that carry Avaya already, and those distributors who don't have substantial Avaya practices but have long been important to the Nortel channel.

Avaya's Abbott told that only Westcon Group -- which carries both Avaya and Nortel, and did so before the acquisition -- is a sure bet, and that Avaya will have a final distributor decision made by the end of March. Some observers are banking that Avaya will maintain all existing relationships, but for now, what Avaya will do about Ingram Micro, Tech Data and others -- not to mention ScanSource's Catalyst Telecom unit -- is to-be-determined.

"Ingram Micro and Tech Data have been supplying the lion's share of that [Nortel data] portfolio along with Westcon," said Stuart Chandler, president and CEO of Optivor, an Ellicott, Md.-based solution provider. "It would behoove Avaya to open it all up. Would they be spreading themselves too thin and being disloyal to their exisiting distributors? Not at all. Look at it this way: Many of these Nortel dealers have established credit lines and long-term relationships around Ingram Micro and Tech Data. Avaya is going to miss an opportunity if it doesn't [use those distributors] and learn a very painful lesson."

Abbott said existing service provider partners of Avaya's and Nortel's need not worry about the transition. It would help the combined company, he argued, because Nortel's service provider agreements were far further along than Avaya's -- a "key justification" for the deal.

"We're working with all of them pointedly throughout the process, and we're cautiously optimistic we're able to navigate through that," he said.

Abbott and Baratz briefly addressed other potential areas for the new combined Avaya-Nortel to expand its interests.

One was wireless, for which Abbott said Avaya would be phasing out Nortel's five-year-old OEM agreement with Trapeze Networks.

"We want to bring our own products to market going forward," Abbott said.

Tue, 19 Jan 2010 03:45:00 -0600 text/html
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Partners To Avaya: Be Clear On Radvision Integration, Channel Sales Plans

Avaya and Radvision partners see positives in Avaya's planned $230 million acquisition of videoconferencing specialist Radvision, but are cautioning Avaya to make clear to partners right away how they expect those video products to be sold through channel partners.

Avaya confirmed the $230 million acquisition Thursday: a pickup that gives Avaya an in-house option for video endpoints and infrastructure to complement its unified communications dominance and be a fully integrated part of its Aura UC platform, instead of relying on third-party OEM or strategic video partnerships.

The deal bolsters Avaya's ability to compete with Cisco, Polycom and LifeSize Communications in the enterprise videoconferencing space -- even if it means dumping partner agreements with Polycom and LifeSize down the line.

It's a statement move by Avaya, most solution providers agreed, especially as Avaya heads for an initial public offering. And it's especially good for Radvision, which has struggled to recover from the loss of a lucrative OEM agreement with Cisco two years ago.

"Avaya had been dabbling in video and not really committed to it," said Mike Brandofino, executive vice president, video and communications for Tampa-based solution provider AVI-SPL. "They had the LifeSize OEM and the Polycom resell relationship, but to go head-to-head against Cisco and Polycom, if you don't have a complete solution that's yours, you're at a disadvantage. So it's good for Avaya. And for Radvision, they needed to find a home after they were used and then kicked to the curb by Cisco. It's a great technology and a great platform."

[Related: Where's The Puck Going In Enterprise Videoconferencing? ]

AVI-SPL, ranked No. 48 on CRN's 2011 VAR500 listing and one of the country's top video integrators, has been a Radvision partner for two years, and doesn't resell Avaya PBX products but has been brought in to support Avaya in deals where video integration work was required, Brandofino said.

When Cisco acquired Tandberg in 2010, it too readily opened up Tandberg video products to UC and data networking-focused Cisco partners that didn't have video backgrounds, Brandofino said, and also had a host of initial problems with distribution of the products.

The same thing could happen at Avaya, Brandofino warned.

"Cisco kind of messed up that distribution in the beginning by allowing folks who didn't really sell video to sell it," Brandofino said. "Avaya is a whole lot of audio and voice integrators that don't know know a lot about video. It will be interesting to see how they get those folks up to speed. I hope they set the bar for the people allowed to sell that technology high."

Brandofino urged Avaya not to ignore Radvision's channel partners and use the input of those partners to determine how it will certify partners to sell Radvision video.

"I'd much rather see us partnering with Avaya resellers," he said. "We don't sell your audio stuff, but if you have video opportunities, bring us in, and we'll do it, especially if it's a managed services component. It'll be a while before Avaya resellers are able to do that on their own, so Avaya should foster relationships with the prior [Radvision] reseller channel and make sure they keep that expertise."

Avaya needs to come up with a clear plan and communicate that as soon as possible to partners, VARs said.

"The key is Avaya's ability to integrate and get the playbooks and support structure out to the partners as soon as possible," said Ed Wadbrook, vice president, applications and collaborative solutions for Carousel Industries, an Exeter, R.I.-based solution provider and one of Avaya's top national partners.

Wadbrook said Radvision brings a number of strong products to Avaya's portfolio and would also be fit for Avaya's expanded efforts around DevConnect, Avaya's program for third party app developer partners. Radvision's holdings include BEEHD, a suite of voice and video developer tools.

"What they get is room systems, telepresence, Radvision's Scopia [line] -- which includes a pretty dynamic mobile client -- and a good development environment, which goes with what Avaya's been doing with DevConnect," said Wadbrook, a former director of Avaya's Aura product group and a longtime UC executive. "It's not dissimilar to what Cisco has done in terms of pulling together more of the video assets. What Radvision has is a scalable video coding (SVC) technology that offers a more advanced approach to videoconferencing and a more judicious use of bandwidth."

Next: Was Avaya's Move A 'Knee Jerk' Reaction?

Carousel is well positioned to expand its videoconferencing business behind Avaya's move, Wadbrook said. The solution provider also partners with Polycom and other video players like Vidyo, and has been building its video practice throughout the past two years, including via a 2011 acquisition of A/V integrator OmniPresence.

"Carousel has been doing this for many years and doing it with a multi-vendor approach," Wadbrook said. "We understand the specific needs of this space and can add it to the portfolio we already have, which is unique in the community of Avaya channel partners."

Wadbrook and several partners cited the breadth of Radvision's portfolio and its emphasis on mobile video through the Scopia Mobile application as attractive to partners wrestling with customers' BYOD challenges.

"It's a real positive in that it now allows Avaya the ability to provide customers with a suite of cost effective, easy-to-use, high definition video collaboration solutions to further build out the UC portfolio," said Richard Tarity, executive vice president, sales and marketing for Transcend United, a Wayne, Pa.-based solution provider. "With that ever demanding and ever-changing BYOD market, Radvision integration into the Avaya product line is a home run."

Other Avaya partners say they'll need Avaya to be as up front as possible about how Radvision will benefit its channel and how it intends for partners to sell its associated video wares.

"It seems like a knee-jerk reaction," said Stuart Chandler, president and CEO of Optivor Technologies, an Annapolis Junction, Md.-based solution provider and top Avaya data networking partner. "They want to get further into video because Cisco had its video play, and LifeSize went to Logitech."

Chandler said he hadn't seen communication from Avaya about Radvision channel plans and that partners would need a clearly-defined strategy soon.

"The big thing for me back in the Nortel days was that information got out, and everyone was clear about strategy, and you had calls with customers and the partner community was behind it, being told why it was going to work," Chandler said. "Avaya seems to be making a lot of moves because it needs to IPO and is trying to hit quarterly numbers. They're doing things that aren't clear and defy their channel strategy. People want to hear from Avaya that it's supportive of partners and that this is important for partners."

Next: Avaya Talks Partners, Radvision Particulars

Avaya acquired Radvision for its strong technology that's complementary to Avaya's unified communications portfolio and SIP architecture, for a strong engineering group and talent pool, to have a fully integrated video solution at Avaya and to bring video intellectual property in-house so it can innovate faster, said Hugh McCullen, Avaya senior director for business development and strategic alliances.

"Video isn't just a CIO conversation, it's an end-user conversation," McCullen said. "Whether it's H.R., or finance, or the sales organization, you often have different video and applications touch points that you have to force-fit together. They're begging for a native video solution. We can natively integrate this intellectual property into the Avaya portfolio and drive seamless interoperability to promote and support BYOD."

"The important thing to note is that these endpoints and infrastructure will interoperate with Avaya on day one," said Nick Francis, Avaya's vice president of sales and marketing, video collaboration. "We'll have a full solution to sell -- a solution that will be tightly interoperable with our UC products and our data networking products -- at the beginning."

Avaya expects the acquisition to close within 90 days, and the plan right now is to keep Radvision intact -- including engineers and executive team -- and run Radvision as a business unit of Avaya focused on videoconferencing. Targeted sales teams from the combined Avaya and Radvision sales staff will attack the market, Francis said.

"But we don't want to encumber a smaller company while it's being assimilated," he said.

Avaya will provide more details on channel integration as the acquisition closes, Francis said, but will be deliberate about how it offers the Radvision products to its channel as well as how it addresses Radvision's existing partners, including the handful of solution providers Radvision has in North America.

"We are not going to require Radvision partners to become Avaya partners," Francis said. "We'll invest in the partners Radvision has and add to them our own set of partners, but it's not going to be something where we place a whole lot of demands on those partners."

Radvision represents Avaya's biggest acquisition since it bought Nortel's former enterprise unit in 2009, though the scope of the product and channel integration isn't nearly as large. It has made several small acquisitions since then, but Radvision's video footprint gives it a substantial videoconferencing boost that partners want to make sure they're a key part of.

"Don't ignore the channel," AVI-SPL's Brandofino said. "I think Cisco and Polycom both learned the hard way that it can hurt sales when the partners aren't on board with what you're doing. Avaya can reach out to us and get our viewpoints on the good and bad of what happened with Cisco, and learn from those mistakes. Keep us in the loop."

Fri, 16 Mar 2012 10:24:00 -0500 text/html
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Establishing Connection...

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Instructors may also choose to deliver a take home exam, or to schedule their own exam during the final exam period, but will accommodate any conflicts between these exams and the exams scheduled by the Registrar’s Office.

You may have additional concerns regarding your exam schedule due to the variation of exams that will be scheduled. Please consult your home faculty to discuss and work through any concerns regarding conflicts or workload.

If you have concerns about your ability to write your exam in the manner laid out by your instructor, you are encouraged to read the Student Accommodation Policy and seek an accommodation, if necessary. The Student Accessibility Centre (Halifax Campus) and Student Success Centre (Agricultural Campus) are able to work with you on any accommodations you may need based on disability, religious obligation, or an experienced barrier related to any other characteristic protected under Canadian Human Rights legislation.

Personal coaching and workshops are available to help students with study skills. Check out the Studying for Success Program, offered through the Bissett Student Success Centre on the Halifax Campus and the Student Success Centre on the Truro Campus.

Mon, 17 Aug 2020 10:20:00 -0500 en text/html Avaya Inc

About Avaya Inc

Avaya provides solutions to enhance and simplify communications and collaboration, including unified communications and contact center solutions. The company focuses on cloud communications and a multi-cloud application ecosystem to deliver digital workplace and customer experience infrastructure for clients in approximately 191 countries worldwide. Avaya customers include global companies like American Express, Apple, Barclays, Bank of America, Comcast, Citigroup, CVS/Aetna, GE, General Motors, MetLife, UPS, Walmart and more, along with SMB and mid-market organizations across a variety of indu... Read More

Avaya provides solutions to enhance and simplify communications and collaboration, including unified communications and contact center solutions. The company focuses on cloud communications and a multi-cloud application ecosystem to deliver digital workplace and customer experience infrastructure for clients in approximately 191 countries worldwide. Avaya customers include global companies like American Express, Apple, Barclays, Bank of America, Comcast, Citigroup, CVS/Aetna, GE, General Motors, MetLife, UPS, Walmart and more, along with SMB and mid-market organizations across a variety of industries. Avaya went public via and IPO in January 2018 and now trades as Avaya Holdings, under the ticker AVYA. Read Less

Related People & Companies

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Best No-Medical-Exam Life Insurance Companies

Final Verdict

All of the companies on this list represent good options for getting life insurance without a medical exam. All are A+ rated or better for financial strength and have received fewer complaints than expected when averaged over a three-year period. If you don’t need more than $3 million in coverage and are 50 or younger, any company on this list could be a good fit. But if you’re over 50 and looking for a death benefit of more than $1 million, you can rule out Nationwide. If you’re over 60, your only option for high-coverage no-medical-exam life insurance is Penn Mutual. And regardless of your age, Penn Mutual is your only option if you need a death benefit greater than $5 million and don’t want to take an exam.

If you’re looking for term coverage, try Penn Mutual or Pacific Life; for dividends, Penn Mutual or Guardian. If you want free living benefits, look to Nationwide. And if you’d like a wellness plan with your life insurance, John Hancock delivers.

How To Choose a No-Medical-Exam Life Insurance Policy

Term life insurance is designed to last for a specific number of years, such as 30, and then expire. Permanent life insurance is designed to last your entire lifetime, and is therefore more expensive than term. You may also want to combine term and permanent policies to have a higher-coverage term policy during your working years or while you’re raising a family, and then a lower-coverage permanent policy that will kick in once the term coverage expires.

Term policies let you choose the length of the term (a 40-year term is the longest we’ve seen), and often provide the option to convert your term coverage to permanent. Permanent policies have a cash value, which may be accessed via withdrawals and loans.

Once you’ve figured out your budget and the general type of coverage you need, you should begin to get quotes from financially stable companies with track records of good customer satisfaction. 

If you want a no-exam life insurance policy, it may be helpful to know that most of the 91 companies we reviewed offer some sort of policy that doesn’t require an exam. You’re best off first finding a good company (or a few you like), and then seeing what kind of policy you can get without an exam. This list and our rankings of the best life insurance companies are both good places to start. And be sure to compare multiple quotes for no-exam life insurance because some policies are cheaper than others (depending on the type of no-exam underwriting used).

A number of companies offer life insurance policies without requiring a medical exam, but you’ll generally be eligible for the lowest premiums with those that ask thorough health questions on the application. 

More Ratings of Top Life Insurance Companies

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Most any type of policy is eligible for no-exam underwriting. It used to be that if you wanted to skip the exam, only low-coverage insurance policies were available to you. These are still available and sold as burial or funeral insurance, or guaranteed-issue policies. But now, insurers have a number of sophisticated means by which to collect health and other information, so they don’t need to rely on your exam. Plus, it costs them money to administer it and time to receive and review the results. No-exam underwriting allows insurance carriers to issue life policies faster, which is often good for both the customer and the insurer.

    So whether you’re looking for term or permanent coverage, a whole life policy or an indexed universal life policy, it’s available somewhere without a medical exam. But not all companies offer no-exam life insurance on all or even any of their policies, so you’ll need to do some research to find one that does. (The companies in the list above are an excellent start.) The one caveat is that not everyone is eligible for no-exam underwriting. If you have health issues that raise red flags for the insurance company, you may be required to undergo a medical screening to complete your application.

  • Yes, if it's a policy with a cash value. No-exam life insurance policies are just like regular life insurance policies. The only difference is that a medical screening is not required during the application process. Once approved, the policy functions just as it would had you taken an exam. So if you’ve purchased a permanent life insurance policy that builds a cash value, that cash value will be available to you, subject to any surrender period or other standard policy conditions.

  • Choosing the best life insurance policy for you depends on your life insurance needs. How much coverage do you need? (Ideally, you’ll get enough to pay off your debts and replace your income, at the very least.) How long do you need it for? Your needs may change once your kids are grown and your home is paid off, for instance. The next question to ask is, how much premium can you afford?


In order to compile our list of the best no-medical-exam life insurance companies, we developed a comprehensive life insurance methodology. We started off by researching what consumers want from life insurance companies, and for that, we looked to third-party consumer studies, including J.D. Power’s 2021 U.S. Life Insurance New Business Study and the 2021 Insurance Barometer Study, by Life Happens and LIMRA.

With those findings in mind, we gathered more than 50 data points on 91 life insurance companies, including ratings for financial strength, customer satisfaction, and customer complaints, as well as information about years in business, online tools, no-exam options, dividends, maximum issue ages, and available riders. 

Our review process gave preference to companies with solid financials, few customer complaints, high no-exam coverage amounts available, high-issue ages for no-exam coverage, and a broad product portfolio. Companies received ratings boosts for online resources, including online quotes and live chat, and included living benefit riders. We ranked each company according to the following categories and weights.

  • 28%: No-med-exam availability and features
  • 20% Policy types and features
  • 15%: Financial stability 
  • 15%: Customer satisfaction
  • 13%: Ease of application
  • 9%: Online resources

To finalize our list, we compared individual offerings between top companies by considering ratings from third parties such as AM Best and J.D. Power, and delving deeper into product specifics—including cost and the availability of dividends. We used this research to determine the best no-medical-exam life insurance companies.

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Best CFA exam Prep Courses of 2024

We independently evaluate all recommended products and services. If you click on links we provide, we may receive compensation. Learn more.

If you plan on pursuing a career as a chartered financial analyst (CFA), you'll need to pass a series of three comprehensive exams. The CFA exam measures and certifies your competence and integrity before becoming a financial analyst. In passing the CFA exam, you'll gain analytical skills and expertise in quantitative methods, economics, financial reporting, investment analysis, and portfolio management. The exam is meant to help you enhance your career or help you find a new role in the finance sector.

To prepare for these exams, many candidates use prep course products to complement their self-study from the Institute’s materials or as a complete alternative to using those materials. So, candidates should focus on the products that they really need, given their own circumstances. There are five distinct categories of products, including self-study with books/e-books, questions, and mock exams, in-person or online instruction, pre-test review, and tutoring.

To best help you feel ready for the exam, we assessed the best CFA exam prep courses to get you across the finish line.

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Regional Integration

Regional integration helps countries overcome divisions that impede the flow of goods, services, capital, people and ideas. These divisions are a constraint to economic growth, especially in developing countries. The World Bank Group helps its client countries to promote regional integration through common physical and institutional infrastructure.

Divisions between countries created by geography, poor infrastructure and inefficient policies are an impediment to economic growth. Regional integration allows countries to overcome these costly divisions integrating goods, services and factors’ markets, thus facilitating the flow of trade, capital, energy, people and ideas.

Regional integration can be promoted through common physical and institutional infrastructure. Specifically, regional integration requires cooperation between countries in:

  • Trade, investment and domestic regulation;
  • Transport, ICT and energy infrastructure;
  • Macroeconomic and financial policy;
  • The provision of other common public goods (e.g. shared natural resources, security, education).

Cooperation in these areas has taken different institutional forms, with different levels of policy commitments and shared sovereignty, and has had different priorities in different world regions.

Regional integration can lead to substantial economic gains. Regional integration allows countries to:

  • Improve market efficiency;
  • Share the costs of public goods or large infrastructure projects;
  • Decide policy cooperatively and have an anchor to reform;
  • Have a building block for global integration;
  • Reap other non-economic benefits, such as peace and security.

However, there are risks to regional integration that need to be identified and managed.

  • Countries may have different preferences on priorities for regional integration, depending on their connectivity gaps, economic geography, or preferences for sovereignty in specific areas.
  • Regional integration’s impact on trade and investment flows, allocation of economic activity, growth, income distribution are often difficult to assess.
  • Lack of adequate complementary policies and institutions may lead to inefficient outcomes. For instance, policy barriers at the border may offset the gains transport infrastructure cooperation.
  • Regional integration creates winners and losers, notably within countries. Policies and institutions are needed to ensure that regionalism is inclusive and social, environmental, governance risks are managed. 
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Best No exam Life Insurance Companies of January 2024

Our experts answer readers' insurance questions and write unbiased product reviews (here's how we assess insurance products). In some cases, we receive a commission from our partners; however, our opinions are our own.

Many of the best life insurance companies offer no-exam life insurance, which has the obvious appeal of skipping medical exams. 

Featured No exam Life Insurance Companies from Our Partners

Ethos Life

Insider’s Rating
A five pointed star A five pointed star A five pointed star A five pointed star A five pointed star
Icon of check mark inside a promo stamp It indicates a confirmed selection.

Apply for life insurance online in just a few minutes with Ethos' simple application. No medical exams are required. Just answer a few health questions—many customers enjoy same-day coverage!

JD Power Customer Satisfaction Rating

Not Rated

AM Best Financial Strength Rating


  • Check mark icon A check mark. It indicates a confirmation of your intended interaction. 100% online application process, quotes in minutes
  • Check mark icon A check mark. It indicates a confirmation of your intended interaction. Coverage starts immediately once approved
  • Check mark icon A check mark. It indicates a confirmation of your intended interaction. Term policies renewable up to age 94 for qualifying applicants
  • con icon Two crossed lines that form an 'X'. No conversion options to turn term policies to whole life for no exam policies
  • con icon Two crossed lines that form an 'X'. Whole life policy limits are lower

SBLI Life Insurance

Insider’s Rating
A five pointed star A five pointed star A five pointed star A five pointed star A five pointed star

AM Best Financial Strength Rating


  • Check mark icon A check mark. It indicates a confirmation of your intended interaction. Whole and term life insurance products
  • Check mark icon A check mark. It indicates a confirmation of your intended interaction. Final expense options
  • Check mark icon A check mark. It indicates a confirmation of your intended interaction. Diverse life insurance riders available
  • con icon Two crossed lines that form an 'X'. Company does not post important information like limits on its site
  • con icon Two crossed lines that form an 'X'. No universal life insurance options
  • con icon Two crossed lines that form an 'X'. Age limit of 60 on accelerated underwriting

Bestow Life

Insider’s Rating
A five pointed star A five pointed star A five pointed star A five pointed star A five pointed star

AM Best Financial Strength Rating


  • Check mark icon A check mark. It indicates a confirmation of your intended interaction. Premiums as low as $8/month
  • Check mark icon A check mark. It indicates a confirmation of your intended interaction. Easy online access
  • con icon Two crossed lines that form an 'X'. Company only offers term policies
  • con icon Two crossed lines that form an 'X'. Limited support for customer needs
  • con icon Two crossed lines that form an 'X'. Maximum coverage limits are low

Complete Editorial Review of the Best No exam Life Insurance Companies

  • Ethos Life: Best Term Life Policy
  • AARP Life Insurance: Best for Seniors
  • USAA Life Insurance: Best for Military Members
  • Prudential Life Insurance: Best for Higher Policy Limits
  • Mutual of Omaha Life Insurance: Best for Guaranteed Acceptance
  • AAA Life Insurance: Best for Waiting Period

Compare the Best No exam Life Insurance 

Many insurers offer a range of permanent and term life insurance policies that require a medical exam. These companies offer the best no medical exam life insurance policies. 

Best Term Life Policy

Ethos No Medical exam Life Insurance

Ethos Life accepts applicants up to age 65 with a 100% online application process, and limits are as high as $2 million. 

Ethos Life asks a few basic medical questions, but coverage is effective immediately once approved. In addition, every customer buying policies like this from Ethos Life is eligible for a 30-day look period, which is another way to say you can cancel and get your money back in the first 30 days with no penalties.

  • Health questions: Yes
  • Coverage limits: Up to $2 million
  • Age: 20-65
  • Waiting period: May apply
  • Unique feature: Instant quotes available with a streamlined online application

Ethos Life Insurance Review

Best for Seniors

AARP No Medical exam Life Insurance

AARP Life Insurance caters to senior clients for insurance and many other financial products. Older adults between 50 and 74 may qualify as long as they are AARP members. Term policies are available with limits up to $150,000 in most states. Montana and New York residents may be eligible for up to $100,000. Whole life policy limits max out at $25,000.

Whole life policies can be issued without any health exams or medical questions. The term policies, on the other hand, may ask some health questions.

  • Health questions: For term life policies, but not whole
  • Coverage limits: Up to $150,000
  • Age: 50-74
  • Unique feature: No medical exam policy caters to older adults

AARP Life Insurance Review

Best for Military Members

USAA No Medical exam Life Insurance

USAA Life Insurance is typically associated with military members and their immediate family members, but its insurance products are available to anyone. Pricing is lower, payouts are higher, and customer service is strong. Of course, these services are only available to military and qualifying family members. For the children of a deceased military member to use any USAA products, the military member would need to be signed up before their death.

Guaranteed whole life policies are available in 49 states, excluding Montana. USAA life insurance coverage is available from $2,000 to $25,000 with no medical exam or questions. Applicants who want higher coverage limits can explore medical exam policy options with a licensed agent.

  • Health questions: No
  • Coverage limits: Up to $25,000
  • Age: 45-85
  • Waiting period: Two years
  • Unique feature: Below-market product costs available for military members and qualifying family

USAA Life Insurance Review

Best for Higher Policy Limits

Prudential No Medical exam Life Insurance

Prudential Life Insurance offers up to $3 million in coverage for term life policies. Adults up to 60 years old are eligible for coverage with a short application involving some medical questions. For younger applicants, conversion options may also be available later to make term policies into whole life policies. However, due to the higher limits, Prudential's application process may also be longer.

  • Health questions: Yes
  • Coverage limits: Up to $3 million
  • Age: 20-60
  • Waiting period: Two years
  • Unique feature: High expert and customer rankings with a trusted provider

Prudential Life Insurance Review

Best for Guaranteed Acceptance

Mutual of Omaha No Medical exam Life Insurance

Mutual of Omaha Life Insurance has high financial stability and customer satisfaction ratings across different types of insurance. Guaranteed life policies are available for adults between the ages of 45 and 85. In New York state, the age range is 50-75. Policies can be as small as $2,000 in most states and as large as $25,000 with no health questions or medical exams.

Mutual of Omaha's no medical exam policies have a graded death benefit. If you die within two years of the policy start date, the company will not pay the full policy. Instead, it delivers 110% of the premiums paid. The Mutual of Omaha website boasts same-day payouts on most policies. Policies for children are also available.

  • Health questions: No
  • Coverage limits: Up to $25,000
  • Age: 45-85 (50-75 in New York State)
  • Waiting period: Two years
  • Unique feature: Company website lists same-day payment on most claims

Mutual of Omaha Life Insurance Review

Best for Waiting Period

AAA No Medical exam Life Insurance

AAA Life Insurance offers immediate death benefits for qualified applicants between 18 and 75. In other words, once your policy starts, you are eligible for the full policy benefit. Policies are available with limits as low as $25,000 and as high as $500,000. While a medical exam is not required, health questions are.

AAA offers term policies with limits as high as $500,000. For a whole life policy, the limit is $25,000. But applicants can add a rider doubling the payout for accidental death coverage. Younger people have no waiting period for benefits. For applicants over age 45, AAA pays out 130% of the premiums paid up to the date of death for the first two years.

  • Health questions: Yes
  • Coverage limits: Up to $500,000 term/$25,000 whole
  • Age: 18-75
  • Waiting period: Applies after age 45
  • Unique feature: Death benefit available regardless of the cause of death

No Medical exam Life Insurance FAQs

A no medical exam life insurance policy could be right for you if you're able to qualify and don't need special coverage. These policies are the easiest to get for young applicants with no significant health issues. Older applicants can buy with some companies, but acceptance is not guaranteed. No medical exam policies offer less coverage with higher premiums in most cases. If you do not qualify for the no medical exam policy you want, insurance agents can help you explore alternatives. 

No medical exam means life insurance companies will not check your blood pressure, cholesterol, etc. However, companies have access to prescription history and other personal records, and underwriters base decisions partly on this history.

You'll have to decide whether you prefer a whole or term policy based on your situation if you're getting no medical life insurance. A term policy has an expiration date, and extensions or conversions to a whole life policy are not guaranteed. If anything, your rate may be higher if you try to convert your policy. The insurer looks at you just as it would any other applicant of your age, health, etc. A whole life policy locks in premiums and payouts.

There are alternatives to a new medical exam life insurance policy. Insurance agents can quote you medical exam policies if you're denied a no medical exam option. An experienced agent may be able to assess your application before starting the process to avoid official denials. If you're concerned about premium limits, you can explore options like IUL (indexed universal life) for permanent life insurance that increases your benefit as long as you make premium payments.

A no medical exam life insurance policy may hold a certain appeal for older applicants and those in failing health. However, the life insurance market is the opposite of what you might expect. These policies are best for young people (typically under 50 years old) in good health. The no medical exam process is often more efficient, streamlining your approval, and life insurance companies can only do this with low-risk applicants.

If a provider sees red flags that might disqualify you, it won't necessarily prevent you from getting coverage. Instead, the agent would most likely offer to run more conventional life insurance quotes for you.

Guaranteed issue life insurance policies do not require a medical exam. This type of life insurance is typically limited to people ages 50 or older, and the tradeoff is that policies are usually more expensive than ones that do require a medical exam. That said, if your health conditions would otherwise prevent you from getting a life insurance policy, guaranteed issue insurance is a useful option, and it's offered by a variety of insurers including AIG, AAA, New York Life, and Gerber Life.

Yes, you can really get life insurance without a medical exam, but your options will be different. That's because you'll need to choose a guaranteed issue policy — a specific type of insurance that lets you bypass the medical exam requirement — and it will probably cost more than a regular policy including a medical exam.

The highest amount of life insurance you can get without a medical exam is lower than what you could get with a medical exam. Guaranteed issue policies that don't require medical exams typically top out at $25,000 or $50,000 in coverage, while standard life insurance policies can offer millions in coverage.

How to Pick the Best No Medical exam Life Insurance Policy for You

Particularly when choosing life insurance, customization is critical. Buyers don't need to add every rider, but a little research goes a long way in selecting the right company. Some applicants will not qualify for a no medical exam life insurance policy. A life insurance agent can help you run quotes that make sense for you. Then agents can offer realistic insurance policy options and review the costs and benefits of each.

Asking friends and family which insurance agent they use could be your first step to finding the right life policy. Factors like age, medical history, and financial goals play key roles in your decision. So we do not recommend asking loved ones about individual policies. Instead, let a qualified insurance professional find the best policies for you.

Why You Should Trust Us: How We Chose the Best No exam Life Insurance

The coverage and riders offered are vital parts of our evaluation. We also look at the speed of payouts, customer satisfaction, and financial strength ratings. All of these factor into the immediate and long-term performance of the life insurance companies we review.

If you're looking for more information about a specific life insurer, our individual reviews offer a deep dive into individual policies, riders, and more. The same considerations are used for all competitors to ensure readers have the edge to make informed decisions in an ever-changing market.

See our insurance rating methodology for more details.

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