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Exam Code: 156-315-80 Check Point Certified Security Expert - R80 (156-315.80) pdf January 2024 by Killexams.com team

156-315-80 Check Point Certified Security Expert - R80 (156-315.80)

Exam Title : Check Point Certified Security Expert (CCSE) R80

Exam ID : 156-315.80

Exam Duration : 90 mins

Number of Questions : 100

Passing Score : 70%

Exam Center : Pearson VUE

Practice Test Check Point 156-315.80 Certification Practice Test


Perform a backup of a Security Gateway and Management Server using your Understanding of the differences between backups, snapshots, and upgrade-exports.

Upgrade and troubleshoot a Management Server using a database migration.

Upgrade and troubleshoot a clustered Security Gateway deployment.

- Snapshot management

- Upgrade Tools

- Backup Schedule Recommendations

- Upgrade Tools

- Performing Upgrades

- Support Contract

- Install Security Management Server

- Migrating Management server Data

- Importing the Check Point Database

- Launch SmartDashboard

- Upgrading the Security Gateway


Using knowledge of Security Gateway i
nfrastructure, including chain modules, packet flow and kernel tables to describe how to perform debugs on firewall processes.
- GUI Clients

- Management

- User and Kernel Mode Processes

- CPC Core Process




- Inbound and Outbound Packet Flow

- Inbound FW CTL Chain Modules

- Outbound Chain Modules

- Columns in a Chain

- Stateful Inspection

- Connections Table

- Connections Table Format

- Packet Inspection Flow

- Policy Installation Flow

- Policy Installation Process

- Policy Installation Process Flow

- How NAT Works

- Hide NAT Process

- Security Servers

- How a Security Server Works

- Basic Firewall Administration

- Common Commands

- What is FW Monitor

- C2S Connections and S2C Packets fw monitor

- Policy Management and Status

- Verification from the CLI

- Using cpinfo

- Run cpinfo on the Security Management Server

- Analyzing cpinfo in InfoView

- Using fw ctl pstat

- Using tcpdump


Build, test and troubleshoot a ClusterXL Load Sharing deployment on an enterprise network.

Build, test and troubleshoot a ClusterXL High Availability deployment on an enterprise network.

Build, test and troubleshoot a management HA deployment on an enterprise network.

Configure, maintain and troubleshoot SecureXL and CoreXL acceleration solutions on the corporate network traffic to ensure noted performance enhancement on the firewall.

Build, test and troubleshoot a VRRP deployment on an enterprise network.

- VRRP vs ClusterXL

- Monitored Circuit VRRP

- Troubleshooting VRRP

- Clustering Terms

- ClusterXL

- Cluster Synchronization

- Synchronized-Cluster Restrictions

- Securing the Sync Interface

- To Synchronize or Not to Synchronize

- Multicast Load Sharing

- Unicast Load Sharing

- How Packets Travel Through a Unicast

- LS Cluster

- Sticky Connections

- Perform a Manual Failover of the FW Cluster

- Advanced Cluster Configuration

- The Management High Availability Environment

- Active vs. Standby

- What Data is Backed Up?

- Synchronization Modes

- Synchronization Status

- What SecureXL Does

- Packet Acceleration

- Session Rate Acceleration

- Masking the Source Port

- Application Layer Protocol - An Example with HTTP HTTP 1.1

- Factors that Preclude Acceleration

- Factors that Preclude Templating (Session Acceleration)

- Packet Flow

- VPN Capabilities

- Supported Platforms and Features

- Default Configuration

- Processing Core Allocation

- Allocating Processing Cores

- Adding Processing Cores to the Hardware

- Allocating an Additional Core to the SND

- Allocating a Core for Heavy Logging

- Packet Flows with SecureXL Enabled

- Installing and Configuring the Secondary Security Gateway Re-configuring the Primary Gateway

- Configuring Management Server Routing

- Configuring the Cluster Object

- Testing High Availability

- Installing the Secondary Management Server

- Configuring Management High Availability


Using an external user database such as LDAP, configure User Directory to incorporate user information for authentication services on the network.

Manage internal and external user access to resources for Remote Access or across a VPN.

Troubleshoot user access issues found when implementing Identity Awareness.

- Active Directory OU Structure

- Using LDAP Servers with Check Point

- LDAP User Management with User Directory

- Defining an Account Unit

- Configuring Active Directory Schemas

- Multiple User Directory (LDAP) Servers

- Authentication Process Flow

- Limitations of Authentication Flow

- User Directory (LDAP) Profiles

- Common Configuration Pitfalls

- Some LDAP Tools

- Troubleshooting User Authentication

- Enabling AD Query

- AD Query Setup

- Identifying users behind an HTTP Proxy

- Verifying theres a logged on AD user at the source IP

- Checking the source computer OS

- Using SmartView Tracker

- Creating the Active Directory Object in SmartDashboard

- Verify SmartDashboard Communication with the AD Server


Using your knowledge of fundamental VPN tunnel concepts, troubleshoot a site-to-site or certificate-based VPN on a corporate gateway using IKEView, VPN log files and commandline debug tools.

Optimize VPN performance and availability by using Link Selection and Multiple Entry Point solutions.

Manage and test corporate VPN tunnels to allow for greater monitoring and scalability with multiple tunnels defined in a community including other VPN providers.

- IPsec

- Internet Key Exchange (IKE)

- IKE Key Exchange Process – Phase 1/ Phase 2 Stages

- Connection Initiation

- Link Selection

- How Does MEP Work

- Explicit MEP

- Implicit MEP

- Permanent Tunnels

- Tunnel Testing

- VPN Tunnel Sharing

- Tunnel-Management Configuration

- Permanent-Tunnel Configuration

- Tracking Options

- Advanced Permanent-Tunnel configuration

- VPN Tunnel Sharing Configuration

- VPN Encryption Issues

- vpn debug Command

- vpn debug on | off

- vpn debug ikeon |ikeoff

- vpn Log Files

- vpn debug trunc

- VPN Environment Variables

- vpn Command

- vpn tu

- Comparing SAs

- Configuring Access to the Active Directory Server

- Creating the Certificate

- Importing the Certificate Chain and Generating Encryption Keys

- Installing the Certificate

- Establishing Environment Specific Configuration

- Testing the VPN Using 3rd Party Certificates

- Defining LDAP Users and Groups

- Configuring LDAP User Access

- Defining Encryption Rules

- Defining Remote Access Rules

- Configuring the Client Side


Create Events or use existing event definitions to generate reports on specific network traffic using SmartReporter and SmartEvent in order to provide industry compliance information to management.

Using your knowledge of SmartEvent architecture and module communication, troubleshoot report generation given command-line tools and debug-file information.

- Auditing and Reporting Standards

- SmartEvent Intro

- Component Communication Process

- Event Policy User Interface

- Report Types

- Configure the Network Object in SmartDashboard

- Configuring Security Gateways to work with SmartEvent

- Monitoring Events with SmartEvent

- Generate Reports Based on Activities
Check Point Certified Security Expert - R80 (156-315.80)
Checkpoint (156-315.80) pdf

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Check Point Certified Security Expert - R80 (156-315.80)
Question #415
Which process is used mainly for backward compatibility of gateways in R80.X? It provides communication with GUI-client, database manipulation, policy compilation and Management HA synchronization.
A. cpm
B. fwd
C. cpd
D. fwm
Answer: D
Question #416
What CLI utility runs connectivity tests from a Security Gateway to an AD domain controller?
A. test_connectivity_ad ?"d
B. test_ldap_connectivity ?"d
C. test_ad_connectivity ?"d
D. ad_connectivity_test ?"d
Answer: C
Question #417
According to out of the box SmartEvent policy, which blade will automatically be correlated into events?
A. Firewall
Answer: C
Question #418
What state is the Management HA in when both members have different policies/databases?
A. Synchronized
B. Never been synchronized
C. Lagging
D. Collision
Answer: D
Question #419
The system administrator of a company is trying to find out why acceleration is not working for the traffic. The traffic is allowed according to the rule based and checked for viruses. But it is not accelerated.
What is the most likely reason that the traffic is not accelerated?
A. The connection is destined for a server within the network
B. The connection required a Security server
C. The packet is the second in an established TCP connection
D. The packets are not multicast
Answer: B
Question #420
SmartEvent Security Checkups can be run from the following Logs and Monitor activity:
A. Reports
B. Advanced
C. Checkups
D. Views
Answer: A
Question #421
SmartEvent uses it?s event policy to identity events. How can this be customized?
A. By modifying the firewall rulebase
B. By creating event candidates
C. By matching logs against exclusions
D. By matching logs against event rules
Answer: D
Question #422
Which 3 types of tracking are available for Threat Prevention Policy?
A. SMS Alert, Log, SNMP alert
B. Syslog, None, User-defined scripts
C. None, Log, Syslog
D. Alert, SNMP trap, Mail
Answer: B
Question #423
What is the best method to upgrade a Security Management Server to R80.x when it is not connected to the Internet?
A. CPUSE offline upgrade only
B. Advanced upgrade or CPUSE offline upgrade
C. Advanced Upgrade only
D. SmartUpdate offline upgrade
Answer: B
Question #424
Which of the following is NOT a valid type SecureXL template?
A. Accept Template
B. Deny template
C. Drop Template
D. NAT Template
Answer: B
Question #425
When Configuring Endpoint Compliance Settings for Applications and Gateways within Mobile Access, which of the three approaches will allow you to configure individual policies for each application?
A. Basic Approach
B. Strong Approach
C. Very Advanced Approach
D. Medium Approach
Answer: C
Question #426
Check Point Support in many cases asks you for a configuration summary of your Check Point system. This is also called:
A. cpexport
B. sysinfo
C. cpsizeme
D. cpinfo
Answer: D
Question #427
After finishing installation admin John likes to use top command in expert mode. John has to set the expert-password and was able to use top command. A week later John has to use the top command again,
He detected that the expert password is no longer valid. What is the most probable reason for this behavior?
A. ?write memory? was not issued on clish
B. changes are only possible via SmartConsole
C. ?save config? was not issued in expert mode
D. ?save config? was not issued on clish
Answer: D
Question #428
What kind of information would you expect to see using the ?sim affinity ?"l? command?
A. The VMACs used in a Security Gateway cluster
B. The involved firewall kernel modules in inbound and outbound packet chain
C. Overview over SecureXL templated connections
D. Affinity Distribution
Answer: D
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