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Preliminary SAT - National Merit Scholarship Qualifying Test (Reading-Writing)
SAT (Reading-Writing) test prep
Killexams : SAT (Reading-Writing) test prep - BingNews Search results Killexams : SAT (Reading-Writing) test prep - BingNews Killexams : Online Tools That Can Support ACT, SAT Prep No result found, try new keyword!Students applying to college should take the SAT or ACT as early as possible in their junior or senior year of high school. Diversify your SAT and ACT test prep and maximize your study efficiency ... Sat, 27 Aug 2022 23:30:00 -0500 text/html Killexams : SAT bootcamps offer free test prep for New Hampshire students

Published: 10/10/2022 5:40:46 PM

Modified: 10/10/2022 5:40:36 PM

Free SAT bootcamps for New Hampshire students

New Hampshire students are invited to participate in two upcoming free prep courses ahead of the November and December SAT exams. 

The two, four-week bootcamps for students planning to take upcoming SAT tests are: 

October 8 – November 4 (for the Nov. 5, 2022 SAT exam)

November 5 – December 2 (for the Dec. 3, 2022 SAT exam)

Each bootcamp will include eight sessions with 75-minutes each of test prep with a certified, online tutor from Students will be paired with peers of similar abilities for their sessions, which will focus on mastering skills, building strategies, time management and completing full-length practice exams. Sessions will highlight both reading and math practice questions. 

To pre-register for one of the sessions, visit SATbootcamp. On average, students who complete the bootcamp Improve their test score by about 90 points across both sections, according to organizers.

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Killexams : Opinion: Don’t toss those ACT/SAT prep books yet

Before relieved high school students toss out their ACT and SAT prep books, they need to look closely at the announcement that most Georgia public campuses will waive the college admissions tests for students enrolling in the fall of 2023 through the summer of 2024.

First, the state’s premier and most selective campuses, Georgia Tech and the University of Georgia, will still require an ACT or SAT score for admission next year.

Second, test scores will still be necessary for students to earn the highest level of the HOPE Scholarship, the Zell Miller Scholarship. Zell recipients get full tuition covered if they graduate with a 3.7 GPA and at least a 26 on the ACT or 1,200 on the SAT.

The Legislature created two tiers of HOPE in 2011, fearing the growing cost of the popular program would outpace the revenues from its funding source, the Georgia Lottery. HOPE was once a college scholarship that could be distilled into one sentence: Earn a B average in high school, keep it in college and Georgia will pay your college costs. The current version of HOPE is more complicated and less generous, no longer covering books and fees and determined by available lottery revenues. (HOPE is now paying about 90% of tuition.)

Before high school seniors write off the exams, they also ought to consider that SAT or ACT scores may be required for other scholarship programs.

The value and predictability of standardized admissions tests spur heated debate on campuses, and some states have dropped them amid criticisms the exams favor affluent kids whose families can invest in test prep. The National Center for Fair and Open Testing says more than 1,800 campuses will be test-optional or test-blind for fall 2023.

As with Georgia, many state systems waived SAT and ACT requirements during the COVID-19 pandemic. Some have decided against reinstating them. The influential University of California system no longer requires them in admissions or scholarship decisions, even though a faculty review recommended the ACT and SAT remain a requirement of applicants to its 10 campuses.

Georgia did not make its latest decision based on a belief that high school transcripts are a better measure of student aptitude. It has not convened faculty for a discussion of whether these tests are necessary and helpful.

As The Atlanta Journal-Constitution reported, Chancellor Sonny Perdue cited a decline in college enrollment as well as “the threat of a lot of Georgia students going out of state” to colleges that don’t require the tests, as reasons for extending the waiver.

During a Thursday meeting with the Board of Regents, Perdue conceded high school grade point average can predict college outcomes but said grades and SAT/ACT scores together “are better than any one individually.” The USG will review how students admitted under test-optional policies have performed before rendering a final determination on whether to end the ACT/SAT requirement for good.

Here is the official explainer from the University System of Georgia:

The University System of Georgia will continue the temporary waiver of test score requirements for Academic Year 2023-2024 (Fall 2023, Spring 2024, Summer 2024) admission at 24 of the 26 USG institutions. The temporary waiver does not apply to the Georgia Institute of Technology and the University of Georgia. For Academic Year 2023-2024, the remaining institutions have two options to make admission decisions:

Freshman index: Includes high school grade point average and test scores for either the SAT or ACT.

Test Optional: Use the high school grade point average on the required high school curriculum without a standardized test score at the following minimum grade point averages:

3.4 for research universities: Augusta University and Georgia State University.

3.2 for Georgia College and State University, Georgia Southern University, Kennesaw State University, University of West Georgia and Valdosta State University.

3.0 for state universities: Albany State University, Clayton State University, Columbus State University, Fort Valley State University, Georgia Southwestern State University, Middle Georgia State University, Savannah State University and the University of North Georgia.

State colleges (Abraham Baldwin Agricultural College, Atlanta Metropolitan State College, College of Coastal Georgia, Dalton State College, East Georgia State College, Georgia Gwinnett College, Georgia Highlands College, Gordon State College and South Georgia State College) continue to be test optional in accordance with Board policy.

Test scores continue to be required to apply for Zell Miller scholarships. The test optional path is not available for dual enrollment. Students applying for dual enrollment must still meet existing admissions requirements.

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Killexams : Everything You Need to Know to Get Your Kid into College

It's easy to dread the college admission process, even as a parent. You don't want to be too overbearing with your teen's application essay or SAT prep but also did they choose an essay subject or take a VCE test yet?? We hear you! Admission pros share their insider tips to help your teen conquer the applications and help you relax (a bit).

Photo illustration by Sarina Finkelstein; Steve Wisbauer/Getty Images © Provided by Parents Photo illustration by Sarina Finkelstein; Steve Wisbauer/Getty Images

If you're the parent of a high school student, the college application process likely looms large. The pressure on your kid (and by extension, you) can feel pretty overwhelming. Even though you may have gone through it yourself when you were a teen, things have changed. "When most parents applied, they applied by hand writing their applications, applying to one or two schools, and getting it is so much more than that. Because more people are going to college than ever before, competition has gotten fierce," notes Neha Gupta, founder of College Shortcuts.

Not sure what you really need to know to help your kid land a spot at a top-choice college (without partaking in any sort of admission scandal)? You can stop stressing. We went to the experts for their very best tips on how to do just that.

SAT or ACT? Pick One Test

The two standardized college admissions tests, the SAT and the ACT, are different in significant ways, and many students will do better on one over the other. The common advice has been to just take both, but Hafeez Lakhani, a college admission and test prep professional in New York City, disagrees with that approach. "To use a sports analogy, if I only have a fixed amount of time to reach a certain level of excellence, should I train rigorously in both soccer and basketball? Or should I focus my time on one, taking myself from good to great?"

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Similarly, your child can increase his or her odds of earning the highest possible score by preparing exclusively for one test. Virtually all U.S. universities accept scores for either. Lakhani advises taking a VCE test for each. (Many high schools administer one or both for free to sophomores, as a sort of trial run.) "Identify, even before seeing your scores, on which test you felt more comfortable," says Lakhani.

The ACT is widely known to be more time-compressed, meaning the student has to work at a faster pace—but many students feel the questions are more straightforward, notes Lakhani. Another major difference is that the ACT has a science section, which the SAT does not. "The science section does not require memorization of scientific facts so much as the ability to interpret charts and graphs related to scientific studies," adds Lakhani. As to the SAT, math questions tend to be "wordy," and an essay is not required, as is the case with the ACT.

What is an adversity score?

You may have heard about the new "adversity score" that will be shown to colleges along with a student's test score. Since it isn't being fully phased in until 2020, many parents are confused as to how it may affect students. Lakhani explains. "The Environmental Context Dashboard, commonly referred to as the adversity index, is meant to give colleges context on the level of adversity experienced at your school and in your neighborhood." This is calculated based on publicly available demographic data, such as income levels, the percentage of families with single parents, education levels, and the number of AP classes offered. "In reality, however, it oversimplifies context...and shows nothing about individual circumstances," insists Lakhani. The College Board says the score will give admissions counselors context to the quality of education and access or adversity students have had that could have played a part in their ultimate test score.

Since the adversity index is only part of the SAT, not the ACT, some parents are wondering if that could be a factor in deciding which test their child should take. Probably not, says Lakhani. "My view is that colleges will understand the flaws in the adversity index and decide to assign it little value. Additionally, colleges will have some sense of the socioeconomic class of an applicant from the application, so scores from either test will be seen in context."

Related:Top 10 Best States for Education 2019

Are admissions tests still required?

We are hearing about colleges going test-optional, but Lakhani advises proceeding with caution before going that route. "The SAT and ACT show problem-solving ability, a somewhat different indicator than academic record, which evaluates how you did on past coursework. Problem-solving ability is a skill in wrestling with new problems given the tools you already have." Admissions counselors without a test score may wonder whether your student's academic record says enough. So if you do decide to opt out of submitting test scores when applying to a college that allows for it, "be sure to include other elements in your application that really show what you contribute to an intellectual community," urges Lakhani.

Show Uniqueness on the Application

blackwaterimages/Getty Images © Provided by Parents blackwaterimages/Getty Images

blackwaterimages/Getty Images

"The top point I emphasize to my students? Differentiate yourself from the other applicants," asserts Paul Satriano, a lead guidance counselor at West Babylon High School on Long Island, NY. "Strong grades and standardized test scores, along with challenging coursework on your transcript, remain key factors, but admissions officers in selective universities are looking for students who also have drive, passion, and a desire to succeed."

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And applicants don't have much time to make it clear that they check those boxes. Admissions officers spend about seven minutes reading an application, says Gupta.

Students should clearly call out any activities or roles they've played, whether in school or in other settings like religious or civic organizations, that show they can think independently and have been active in the community. Even teens in the tippy-top of their class need to highlight what makes them unique. "Remember, they may be in the top 10 percent at their high school, but they're competing against students who are also at the top of their classes, not only from all over the country, but the world," adds Satriano. "Every student needs to strategically showcase what sets them apart."

For Extra-Curriculars: Think Quality, Not Quantity

While it can seem like the student who was in marching band, drama, student council, the art club, the peer-to-peer mediation group, and on the soccer team may have an edge, more isn't necessarily better. "I always try to steer my students into leadership roles within the school, as opposed to taking a passive role in every club under the sun," says Satriano. "This can really display a student's dedication and ability to make an impact on those around them." So if it's a choice between spending time running between three teams or clubs, or taking on a bigger role in just one, the latter may well be the way to go.

The bottom line is that colleges are looking for students who will make them look good. As Gupta puts it, they are asking themselves, "Will we have something to brag about when they graduate and do amazing things in the world?" And it's the students who have been leaders at school who will seem more likely to do that.

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Play Up a Part-Time Job

Did your teen work the counter at the local sandwich shop, bag groceries, walk dogs, or mow lawns? Don't make the mistake of thinking time spent earning money doesn't count. "I've had admissions counselors tell me that a kid who has successfully held down a part-time job, while still pulling good grades and participating in sports, clubs, or other activities, stands out from the pack," shares Satriano. "It shows they can manage their time well. Most college students will take a part-time job at some point, and if you point out that you're already used to balancing schoolwork with other commitments, that's a definite plus."

Let Someone Else Proofread Your Kid's Essay

Why not you? Because your kid is probably less likely to write an attention-grabbing essay if mom or dad is going to be reading it. "Students can be scared to talk about the raw, difficult, painful stories if the parent is the one checking the essay, but those kinds of essays are the ones that typically get them in," says Gupta. A teacher, guidance counselor, favorite aunt or uncle, or even an older sibling or cousin who was always good at writing are better picks to eyeball the finished product.

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Apply Early Action or Early Decision

iStock/Getty Images © Provided by Parents iStock/Getty Images

Applying to a dream school early action or early decision (a binding commitment to attend if accepted) can tip the scales, as competition is thinner. "Most parents don't realize that if their child applies early action or early decision, it can make all the difference in whether they are accepted," notes Gupta. "Because so few students actually turn in all of their work ahead of time, the admissions officers have more time to review the early applications versus the regular decision ones in the tens of thousands."

You may well have been dreaming of your "baby" happily going off to college since, well, she was a baby. Now that the day is approaching, it's completely normal to have some worries mixed in with the excitement and pride. Just take a deep breath, and keep doing what you've been doing...standing by her or his side with good advice and support. "I like to use this scenario with my students and often suggest parents do the same: If there is one seat left at a college, and it comes down to you and another student with the same GPA and test score...What will make that admissions counselor choose you?" concludes Satriano. "There is no right or wrong answer, really. Just really think about that, and position yourself carefully, before you click submit. That thought process will pay big dividends when the 'I am delighted to inform you…' letter arrives."

Cue the hug (from your kid) and the tears (yours).

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Killexams : New Graduates’ ACT Scores Hit a 30-Year Low

Only about 1 in 5 U.S. high school students students graduated prepared to take college classes in English, reading, math, and science in 2022, according to new data from the college testing firm ACT.

Average performance on the composite ACT fell for the fifth year in a row, to 19.8 out of 36 points in the class of 2022—the lowest performance since 1991.

Across all racial and ethnic groups, only Asian students improved in average scores, from 24.5 points in 2018 to 24.7 in 2022. Black students’ composite scores fell from 16.8 to 16.1 points; Hispanic students from 18.8 to 17.7 points; and white students from 22.2 to 21.3 points during that time.

“The magnitude of the declines this year is particularly alarming, as we see rapidly growing numbers of seniors leaving high school without meeting the college-readiness benchmark in any of the subjects we measure,” said ACT CEO Janet Godwin in a statement. “These declines are not simply a byproduct of the pandemic. They are further evidence of longtime systemic failures that were exacerbated by the pandemic.”

As bad as the scores are, they may undersell new graduates’ academic instability. Of the nearly 1.35 million graduates who took the ACT in 2022, 35 percent did so multiple times, up from 32 percent of the class of 2021 who retested. A prior study of test participation found students who retake the ACT raise their score nearly 3 points on average compared to students who do not retest—and low-income students are much less likely to take the test several times than higher-income students. It costs $88 per student to take the full ACT (or $63 without a related writing assessment), though some districts and states pay for students to take the test in school . While some students can apply for a need-based fee waiver, prior studies have found the majority of students with family incomes under $60,000 a year don’t use them.

ACT’s score trends also align with those of the College Board’s SAT, which also showed declines for the class of 2022 compared to 2021. (The SAT cautioned against comparing current to pre-pandemic scores, because of differences in participation.) The College Board found only 43 percent of SAT test-takers met its college-readiness benchmarks for reading, writing, and math.

ACT sets benchmark scores in core subject areas based on the performance of college students who previously took the ACT. For example, a student who meets the benchmark score of 18 out of 36 in English composition or 22 out of 36 in math would have about a 75 percent chance of earning at least a C—and a 50-50 chance of earning a B or higher—in introductory college courses in English composition or algebra, respectively.

ACT found 53 percent of all graduates met college-readiness benchmarks in English, but only 41 percent did so in reading. Well under a third of students met benchmarks in general science and math. Moreover, only 16 percent of all students—including only 8 percent of Latino students and less than 5 percent of Black and Native American students—were prepared to earn at least a C in more-intensive calculus, physics, and other college courses for majors in STEM fields.

Most students take college placement tests in the winter or spring of their junior year, and the recent declines are likely to increase pressure on schools to catch up struggling high school students. It will be a steep climb.

“I think it also speaks to the need for earlier opportunities for assessment, for instructional improvement, and for conversation,” said Rose Babington, ACT’s senior director for state partnerships. “If a student isn’t where they want to be as they’re starting to head into senior year and applying to colleges and universities, it’s better for students to understand their support needs, what they can challenge themselves with during their senior year to close that gap as much as they possibly can.”

Grade inflation and limited access to rigorous courses also may be playing a role in weakening students’ preparation for college.

ACT found that students who took a “core” college-prep course load in high school performed better on the college placement test than students who took less rigorous courses—but, that course advantage is weaker than it was five years ago.

“Our research has told us for many years that access to a rigorous high school curriculum is the most important thing for student success—and that limited access, we think is very much tied to the score declines that we’ve seen this year and for the past five to 10 years before that,” said Babington. “And grade inflation, we have seen that worsening over the last decade and in particular over the last three years. Pairing ACT with high school academic data, we think gives a really telling picture for schools and districts and states to look at student readiness and to be able to really identify some gaps.”

Separate studies released this spring by ACT and the National Center for Education Statistics also found rampant and rising grade inflation in high school classes both before and during the pandemic. Grade inflation increased faster for girls than boys, and faster for Black students than those of other races, ACT reported.

Wed, 12 Oct 2022 09:22:00 -0500 en text/html
Killexams : ‘Data is powerful this year’: ACT scores dropping

ROCHESTER, N.Y. (WROC) — According to a new report from ACT headquarters, scores from the 2022 graduating class show the lowest results in over 30 years.

The national average comes out to be a score of 19.8. That’s on a scale of one to 36.

ACT is a career readiness test to measure where high schoolers are academically. Unlike the SAT, it has a science section and a writing option.

In New York State, the average is a little higher for 2022, with a score of 25.3. Experts say scores have been on the decline across the board for the past five years or so.

The ACT report said scores are evidence of “a longtime systemic failure, exacerbated by the pandemic.”

Rose Babington, Senior Director of State Partnership with ACT said you have to take the pandemic into consideration when looking at this particular graduating class.

“The data is particularly powerful this year,” she said. “As we reflect on really, the disruption that students had in their high school experience,” she said.

Babington said the content and format of the ACT never changed.

And again, she says scores were declining before the pandemic. The ACT report also said there’s less participation overall.

Mike Bergin, a local tutor who specializes in test prep at Chariot Learning, said many colleges are also test-optional now. As a result, that’s been drawing less interest and fewer phone calls for him and his business.

“We as a nation want to look at the concept of college readiness,” he said. “[It] prepares them for better academic achievement, prepares them for success in college.”

So where do we go from here? The report goes on to say, in order to support students, it falls on policymakers, school systems, educators, and parents to pay attention to the data.

“The data really shines a light on how much more support we need to provide to all of our students moving forward,” said Babington. “Especially those facing barriers and challenges beyond their control,” she said, of students in underserved communities and backgrounds.

“We need to stop fearing tests that tell us things we don’t want to see,” said Bergin. “We should be prepared, district by district, state by state, to help students build stronger reading, writing, and math problem-solving skills.”

Locally, some districts like Penfield say their scores have stayed consistent, in the ballpark of 27.

Geneva and Greece Central Schools said there’s more interest in the SAT overall, and ACT sometimes requires students to travel to another school for the exam.

Bergin suggested the following resources for parents and families looking for help:

Fri, 14 Oct 2022 10:00:00 -0500 en-US text/html
Killexams : Alpine securities to relaunch SAT prep program for university bound students

ST. THOMAS — It’s never too early to get prepared, and Alpine Securities, USVI, wants to ensure that some students keep that notion in mind.

The company announced Monday the return of its Scholastic Aptitude Test or SAT preparation course for students in the St. Thomas-St. John District.

According to a news release, University Bound, formerly known as Upward Bound, will partner with Alpine’s team to administer the program at the University of the Virgin Islands on Saturdays, starting in December and through next year, to help high school students increase their SAT scores.

The courses will be held in preparation of the College Board SAT test on March 11, 2023.

Based on data from the College Board, the entity that develops and administers the SAT, the average score of 81 high school students in the Virgin Islands who took the SAT during the 2020-2021 academic year was 930 out of 1600.

Past Alpine SAT prep students raised their SAT scores by an average of 60 points after participating in the program, according to the news release.

“We at Alpine believe it is imperative to invest in the young people of the Virgin Islands,” Vernon Araujo, Alpine’s director of Philanthropy and Community Relations, said in the prepared statement. “They deserve every opportunity to better themselves and enrich our community. We hope to empower them with the proper resources and opportunities to reach their full potential.”

According the statement, many students in the Virgin Islands do not take a mock test before the official SAT. The University Bound’s free program will offer an incentive for students to practice and prepare for their SAT. The prep program is open to high school juniors and seniors in the St. Thomas-St. John District and the company will provide “the most driven students” with prizes to include gift cards and a Texas Instruments TI-84 graphic calculator, according to the statement.

The SAT prep program will kick off with a practice SAT test on Saturday, Dec. 3 and thereafter will offer math and language arts lessons every Saturday for 10 weeks. Christmas eve and New Year’s eve will be excluded.

The program will end with a final practice SAT test to gauge students’ achievement on Saturday, March 4, 2023.

The statement noted that according to the College Board “while the SAT score is not a measurement of students’ aptitude, potential, or success in life, it can dictate college choices and career paths.”

Tue, 11 Oct 2022 00:37:00 -0500 en text/html
Killexams : New Canaan seniors’ SAT scores fall to sixth place among peer towns for reading, fourth for math

NEW CANAAN — School administrators struggled to explain to the Board of Education Monday why district SAT scores fell to below 600 on average, with 587 in reading and 581 in math.

These scores are the lowest recorded since at least 2018. New Canaan Public Schools finished sixth and fourth in subject averages respectively when compared to peer towns — a ranking that the district is not used to.

Still, New Canaan ranked sixth in state in evidenced-based reading and writing  and fourth in math, exceeding the state average of  501 in reading and 486 in math.

The average SAT reading score was eclipsed by others in New Canaan's peer towns, with Weston at 607, Westport at 604, Darien with 599, Ridgefield having 592 and Wilton with 590, but fared better than Redding at 571.  For the math portion, Westport 's seniors scored 618, Darien 617, and Weston 587.  Ridgefield’s average math score was 580, in Wilton it was 576 and in Region 9-Easton/Redding at 563.

Superintendent Bryan Luizzi said the administration was still looking at the reasons why the students did not compare better with similar schools. 

Looking back, students have routinely scored better on the two-section test, in which the scores for math and reading range in scores from 200 to 800. Since 2018, the SAT scores for either reading or math have not dipped below 605, while math peaked at 620 in 2020, according to a presentation by New Canaan High School Principal Bill Egan.  

Student scores in New Canaan on ELA were 606 in 2018, 618 in 2019, 605 in 2020, 608 in 2021 and 587 in 2022. Over the same period of time,  high school students scores for the math section were 605 in 2018, 618 in 2019, 620 in 2020, 610 in 2021 and 581 in 2022.

One hypothesis was a switch over to new technology.

Assistant Superintendent Jill Correnty said the students took the exams on school computers, rather than on their own computers which are used for throughout their regular schooling as New Canaan Public Schools have a bring-your-own-device policy. The district needed to use computers from science labs, language labs and the middle school as it didn't have an excess of spare laptops, Correnty said.

“I think the transition from pen and paper to computer, who knows how big a factor is,” board member Penny Rashin said. She recommended that, since the school budget drafting is looming, the district should consider including more school-owned computers so the students could practice taking the standardized test on the same computers the tests will be administered on.

As many as 35 percent of the college applicants from New Canaan High School in 2022 did not submit SAT/ACT scores to the schools they are attending, according to Egan.

"It just strikes me, with colleges and universities devaluing the SATs, it is harder and harder to get kids to really focus on it,” board member Brendan Hayes said. He encouraged the district to look into alternative ways to demonstrate their achievements, such as by creating portfolios. A few board members mused that perhaps the town should not emphasize that at least 95 percent of the students take the SAT test. 

92 percent of 2022 graduates are attending a four-year college and 85 percent of those students attended schools that are classified as "very competitive (13 percent), highly competitive (40 percent) and most competitive (32 percent). For the 282 students who applied to college, the district sent 2,700 transcripts to 367 schools, Egan said.

Egan emphasized the district's prowess in Advance Placement courses. The high school offers 28 different AP classes with 79.5 percent of the Class of 2023 enrolled in at least one course.  

Tue, 04 Oct 2022 22:10:00 -0500 en-US text/html
Killexams : High school class of 2022 had lowest ACT scores in over 30 years, data shows

America's graduating high school class of 2022 had the lowest average ACT score in more than 30 years, according to new data.

This year's high school seniors who took the ACT, a standardized test used for college admissions in the United States, had a national average composite score of 19.8, compared to 20.3 for the class of 2021. It's the first time since 1991 that the average ACT composite score was below 20, according to data released Wednesday by a nonprofit organization of the same name that administers the exam.

"This is the fifth consecutive year of declines in average scores, a worrisome trend that began long before the disruption of the COVID-19 pandemic, and has persisted," ACT CEO Janet Godwin said in a statement.

What's more, the data showed that only 22% of students among the 2022 graduating class met the benchmarks in all four main ACT test sections -- english, math, reading and science -- while 42% did not meet a single one. The benchmarks "demonstrate the minimum ACT scores required for students to have a higher probability of success in credit-bearing first-year college courses," according to ACT. Last year, 25% of students met all four benchmarks while 38% of students met none.

The four ACT test sections are individually scored on a scale of 1 to 36, and a composite score -- the rounded whole number average of the four sections-- is provided

"The magnitude of the declines this year is particularly alarming, as we see rapidly growing numbers of seniors leaving high school without meeting the college-readiness benchmark in any of the subjects we measure," Godwin added. "These declines are not simply a byproduct of the pandemic. They are further evidence of longtime systemic failures that were exacerbated by the pandemic. A return to the pre-pandemic status quo would be insufficient and a disservice to students and educators. These systemic failures require sustained collective action and support for the academic recovery of high school students as an urgent national priority and imperative."

However, more high school students are taking the ACT now than ever before -- a trend that has been increasing since 2015, when only 27% of graduates had taken the test as part of a statewide or districtwide administration. For the class of 2022, 60% of students tested at least once through the program, which also enables lower-income students to participate when they wouldn't have otherwise.

The data released included ACT score results from all 50 U.S. states as well as the District of Columbia. Sixteen of those states required all high school students to take the ACT as part of their statewide testing programs, while another seven states funded ACT testing on an optional basis.

The College Board, another nonprofit organization that administers standardized tests, has also noted a slight decline in scores for the SAT, which is widely used for college admissions in the U.S. According to data released in September, the average SAT total score for the graduating high school class of 2022 was 1050, compared to 1060 for the class of 2021.

Scores on the SAT range from 400 to 1600, combining test results from two main sections -- math and evidence-based reading and writing -- scored on a scale of 200 to 800.

ABC News' Anne Flaherty contributed to this report.

Copyright © 2022 ABC News Internet Ventures.

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Killexams : 7 Best Personal Statement Writing Services for Colleges and Grad Schools

The MarketWatch News Department was not involved in the creation of this content.

New York City, New York, Sep 18, 2022 (News Direct via Comtex) -- --News Direct--

When you are in college, you have to write a lot of papers and essays. And it doesn't get any better when you graduate. You must submit applications for internships, scholarships, and jobs — all of which require writing an essay in some form. And even if there isn't a formal writing requirement, many people prefer to send their resume with a cover letter rather than just sending their resume by itself.

Everyone knows that what matters in your college admission process is your GPA and SAT/ACT scores. But it's not the only thing that matters - your personal statement matters so much! It's important for you to stand out from other students and show why you're the top candidate for that university. That's where a good personal statement help will get you the results you want.

This is an important tool that students, particularly at the high school level, need in order to be admitted to a university or college of their choice. The entire process of writing one needs help, especially if you haven't had experience before or if English is your first language.

But what if you are not a good writer, or don’t have any idea how to write a personal statement? There are TOP 7 professional writing services that can help you craft one that will impress the administration and boost your chance of getting into your chosen school.

  1. 99Papers - #1 personal statement service for colleges
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  3. EssayFactory - UK-based company for law school papers
  4. EssayBox - Highest Quality Paper Writing for grad school
  5. Ivory Research - Professional UK writers
  6. Studdit - Medical school personal statement writing company
  7. Expert-Editing - The best statement editing provider

Here are reviews of the best personal statement writing/editing services to help you get started on your path to the college or grad school you choose.

#1. 99Papers

99Papers is a personal statement writing service that helps students write outstanding college application essays. With their high-quality writers, you will be able to write an essay that will help you get into the school of your dreams or Improve your grade average.

They offer additional services, such as resume writing, proofreading and editing, personal statement editing, recommendation letter writing, and much more. All of their efforts are geared toward helping you succeed.

Since 2008, they have helped many students Improve their writing with quality academic assistance. They are a team of professional writers with years of experience helping students like you write their college application papers. Because they've been in the business for so long, they know exactly what colleges are looking for in an essay and how to tailor your writing style to match their expectations. Your essay will stand out from the rest by working with a professional writer and you'll be accepted to your dream college!

Their process is very easy and streamlined for efficiency. You can speak with a 99Papers customer service agent by phone or chat to discuss your needs and how they can help you. Your information is never shared with any outside parties, so you can rest assured your personal data is safe.

Pricing varies by task and the number of pages ordered. You will be paired with a writer who is knowledgeable about the subject of your paper and knows what needs to be included for you to get passing scores.


  • Top-quality writing;
  • 100% error-free;
  • Unlimited revisions;
  • Reputable company - rated 9.9;
  • Great customer service;
  • Professional services;
  • Affordable pricing starts at $9.95 per page;
  • Discounts for repeat orders.


  • A plagiarism report is available, but for an additional cost.
#2. PaperHelp

PaperHelp is a professional personal statement and SOP writing service with over 10 years of experience helping students to succeed in their studies. They take pride in the fact that they help more than 20,000 students every year. Some of the students who came to them for assistance were able to get into some of the most prestigious universities in the world, including Harvard, Oxford, and Cambridge.

Its mission is to work with clients to ensure they get the best writing services at affordable prices. The writers are experts in their fields and their know exactly how to help you succeed academically. No matter what your academic goal is, PaperHelp can help you reach it!

The process is easy. Just fill out their order form and then upload your materials or give them an outline for your paper topic. They will provide a free quote for your project so that you know exactly what their writers charge for their work before placing an order. Once you place an order, they will assign one of their professional writers to your project and they will begin working on it immediately after receiving all of your requirements. You are able to communicate with them via email at any time during this process if needed.

Prices vary by the level of writer skill & experience (intermediate or industry expert) and the number of pages needed. The type of content will also determine the level of skill necessary to accomplish your task.


  • High-quality content;
  • Affordable pricing;
  • Editing/proofreading;
  • 100% error-free;
  • Budget-friendly at $9.95 per page;
  • Discounts are promo codes.


  • Plagiarism reports are included for an additional fee;
  • Source materials are available, for an additional fee.
#3. EssayFactory

EssayFactory is your one-stop shop for all of your academic writing needs. Their company provides professional writers from UK to compose your essays, term papers, personal statements, SOP, research papers, and more. With hundreds of writers in their network, you can be sure to find a writer that meets your needs.

They have been around since 2002 and have worked with thousands of students from all over the world. Their clients come from all walks of life and from various countries, such as Australia, Canada, United States, United Kingdom, Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, and many others.

Working in this industry for so many years, they understand how stressful it is when you have an important essay or term paper coming up while still having to juggle other commitments like projects and assignments.

EssayFactory is staffed by professional writers who have earned degrees from some of the most prestigious universities in the world. They know exactly how to put together a winning application package that will impress admissions officers.

Their website is easy to navigate, so you can find answers to your questions immediately. They also have customer support via chat available 24/7 for questions or last-minute orders. If you need resume writing help or editing for a different project, they can help you with that too.

You are always in control of your project. They offer unlimited revisions if you are unhappy with any part of your delivery. They have a good reputation for delivering quality material, which is probably due to the fact that they employ expert writers and offer revisions at no extra cost.


  • Unlimited edits/revisions;
  • 24/7 customer support;
  • Professional UK writers;
  • Slightly higher pricing for services (starts at $11 per page);
  • 100% error-free;
  • Discounts available.


  • Lacks some of the personalized aspects of previous services
#4. EssayBox

EssayBox is another professional writing company that offers personal statement writing help for students of all academic levels. They offer professional writers and editors to help you with all your academic assignments. Top-notch writers are ready to take on any assignment, whether it's a research paper, an essay, or even a dissertation.

Due to their experience working with students, they know how important it is to meet deadlines. Therefore, they offer 24/7 services year-round!

Whatever subject you're studying or whatever assignment you need help with, they will do their best to assist you.

The company has been operating since 2005 and they have helped thousands of students achieve their goals by providing them with high-quality, custom-written papers and other types of academic content. Their team consists of experienced writers who know how to meet even the most challenging requirements in their field of study. Quality and plagiarism checks are done using anti-plagiarism software before delivery to the client.

They are competitively priced to be affordable so that every student can afford them - especially those who are struggling financially because they are not sure whether they will be able to complete their coursework on time or not.

The goal of their service is to make sure your application stands out and gets you accepted into the college or university of your choice. EssayBox is staffed by a team of professional writers who will help you craft a perfect personal statement that will grab the attention of admissions officers at the schools of your choice.


  • Expert writers & editors;
  • Professional writing;
  • Error-free;
  • Plagiarism-free;
  • Knowledgeable on any topic;
  • Unlimited revisions.


  • Pricing is higher at $12 per page, but you do get free ad-ons.
#5. Ivory Research

Ivory Research is a company similar to the ones above that offers professional writing for students applying to colleges, graduate programs, and high schools in the United Kingdom. They work with clients from all over the world on projects ranging from personal statements to supplemental essays to admission tests like the SAT or GRE. They also offer editing services for papers written by students in high grad school or college as well as professionals in various fields such as medicine or law.

Ivory Research offers editing services as well as editing proofreading services for those who wish to Improve their existing work or just want a second opinion on their paper before submitting it.

What’s unique about this service is that they don’t just cater to students, they provide a whole list of services for people outside of the academic world as well. If you’ve been given the task of writing a business plan for an upcoming meeting but are struggling with writer’s block, this will definitely give you the break you need to refocus your thoughts and efforts.


  • Many years of experience (in business since 2005);
  • Quality and plagiarism checks prior to delivery;
  • 24/7 live support via chat & email;
  • Many of their writers hold bachelor’s or master’s degrees.


  • Pricing is not stated clearly on the website, you have to start an order to find out the amount;
  • You are required to put down a deposit;
  • The pricing structure is much higher than other services at $100 for a 1,000-word essay. Shorter text is $60 for 250 words.
#6. Studdit

Studdit is a newest medical school personal statement editing and writing company for college and grad school students. They provide high-quality editing and proofreading services for students who need help with their essays, personal statements, applications, CVs, and cover letters.

As part of the process, they'll ask you questions about yourself, your academic history, and why you want to study at a university in the USA or in the UK. Then they'll help you express yourself in the best possible way by editing and proofreading your statement until it sounds just right.

After submitting your requirements, you’ll be assigned a professional writer who will work on your paper until it is ready to be submitted. Once the final payment has been received, you will receive a draft copy of your essay so that you may review it before making any changes if necessary. After receiving confirmation from you that the draft sent to you has been accepted, the final draft will be completed.

The application process for college can be very stressful, which is they offer services at an affordable price. This company was founded by college students who wanted to help others through this process, and are passionate about helping you succeed!


  • Many options to choose from;
  • Certified writers;
  • 24/7 customer support;
  • Email & text alerts;
  • 3 free revisions included.


  • Pricing is higher than others at $13 per page, with higher pricing for certain types of high-level writing.
#7. Expert-Editing

Expert-Editing is a personal statement writing/editing provider that offers affordable, high-quality, and expertly written personal statements. They have helped thousands of students secure their dream university placement.

Their professional writers have written over 10,000 personal statements for students from around the world. Many are highly qualified and experienced professionals with degrees in English Literature, Linguistics, or other related subjects.

They will ensure that your essay is well written in accordance with Harvard, Yale, and Stanford standards.

The company has worked with many schools over the past few years to understand what makes a good personal statement and has even created an entire section on their website to help people write their own personal statements.

After the writer has finished the first draft, you will receive a copy of your essay to review. If there are any changes that need to be made, those changes will be made and you will receive another proofread version of the paper.

Upon your approval of the final draft, we will send your electronic copy as well as a hard copy to the email provided.


  • Professional services;
  • Intuitive website;
  • Quick deadlines;
  • Plagiarism and quality checks.


  • Pricing is the highest of the services mentioned at $13 per page, although that is for quick delivery. If you have a flexible timeline, two weeks is much less expensive.


What is a personal statement?

A personal statement is a short description of your background, interests, and goals. It is usually required as part of the application process for university, college, graduate school or postgraduate. The purpose of this essay is to give admissions officers an insight into who you are as a person and why you would make an excellent student at their school. This essay allows you to show off your personality through your writing style and provide concrete examples of how you will excel in your program.

In addition to an academic transcript and test scores, your personal statement can make or break your chances of being accepted into a university or college program. While grades and test scores are important pieces of information that allow admissions officers to make informed decisions about whether or not they want to admit you, it's up to them whether or not they really want to spend time getting to know you better by reading your personal statement.

By reading these essays, they get a glimpse into your personality and character as well as your interests outside of academics. These essays also allow them to identify students who have overcome significant challenges or obstacles during high school, which can be very impressive!

What is a personal financial statement?

A personal financial statement is a document that describes your financial situation. Your personal financial statement can be an important tool if you are applying for credit cards, loans, or insurance policies. You may need to provide a copy of your personal financial statement when applying for certain types of services or loans.

Why is it required for colleges? A personal financial statement is used by government agencies and nonprofit organizations to determine eligibility for certain programs, including student loans and grants. By submitting a personal financial statement with your application, you can demonstrate your ability to pay tuition fees or other expenses associated with attending college. Some colleges also require applicants to supply parents' income information as part of their financial aid packages.

In addition to being required by banks and other lenders, your personal financial statement can also be used by insurance companies and employers when deciding whether or not they want to hire someone or offer them employment benefits such as health care coverage and retirement plans.

Depending on your income for the previous year, you may be eligible for additional grants that you might not otherwise know about.

What is a personal mission statement?

A personal mission statement is a short statement that describes who you are, what your values are, and what you want to accomplish in life. It’s a great tool for developing a sense of purpose and direction, especially during times of transition such as college applications.

Your personal mission statement should be written in the first person and be concise. It’s also important to keep in mind that your personal mission statement should not be limited to academics or college admissions; it can be used throughout your life to guide decisions about jobs, relationships, and other major life events.

A well-crafted personal mission statement can help you stand out from other applicants by giving the reader insight into who you are beyond grades, test scores, and activities. It allows them to see your passions, strengths, and weaknesses from your own point of view instead of an outside source like a teacher or counselor. The most effective statements are those that are honest, specific, and concrete so they can be read with ease by anyone who reads them (whether they be admissions officers or future employers).

What is a law school personal statement?

The personal statement as it applies to law school is your chance to let the admissions committee know who you are. You may write about any aspect of your background, including your professional experience, extracurricular activities, volunteer work, or any other information that you believe will help the committee decide whether or not they should admit you into their program.

Many top-tier law schools receive thousands of applications each year, and cannot review every single one individually; instead, they rely on standardized tests like the LSAT and GPA as well as their application essays in order to determine which applicants are best suited for their programs.

A strong application essay can be the deciding factor between admission and rejection because it gives an insight into who you are as a person rather than just an academic score or LSAT score alone could ever provide.

What is a medical school personal statement?

A medical school personal statement is an essay that describes your reasons for applying to medical school, your preparation for and commitment to this career path, your strengths as a future physician, and any other information that may be relevant to the admissions committee.

Medical schools ask for this essay because they want to get to know the “real” you before making a decision about whether or not they want you in their program. In addition, because there are so many applicants for each spot at medical school (the average student applies to 8-10 programs), it helps them sort through all the applications quickly and easily.

These essays are very helpful in assessing your personality and ability to communicate effectively. Since they only have one chance at getting into medical school (unlike undergraduates who can take multiple tests), it’s very important that students show themselves off in their best light with this essay.

What is a personal vision statement?

A personal vision statement is a 2-3 sentence statement that describes what you want to do with your life and how you're going to get there. It's a way to tell the admissions office what excites you and what you want to accomplish.

Colleges are looking for students who have specific goals, who know what they want out of their education and beyond, and who have the drive and focus needed to achieve those goals. Your personal vision statement can help them identify those qualities in you.

Your statement should be honest, but it doesn't need to be long or complicated. Think about what your top priorities are in life right now, and how college fits into those priorities. What do you want to pursue after graduation? What kind of impact do you hope to have on the world? How will attending this particular school help advance your goals?

Your goal is not only to demonstrate your strengths as an applicant but also to show that you're someone who's thoughtful enough about his/her own life goals to articulate them clearly in writing).

What is a residency personal statement?

A residency personal statement is a written piece of writing that describes the reasons for pursuing residency. It is usually written by medical school applicants and can vary from one medical school to another.

The residency personal statement is meant to show your enthusiasm for medicine and express why you are interested in becoming a doctor. Your residency personal statement should be honest about your motivations for applying for medical school, but it should also be specific enough to convey the unique aspects of your personality that will make you an excellent physician.

Writing a residency personal statement can be difficult because there are so many ways to approach the task. The most effective way is to write down everything that comes to mind and then organize those ideas into a coherent narrative based on your own experience with medicine or healthcare.

Is it legit to use a personal statement writing services?

It is indeed a very common thing to do these days. A lot of students are opting for the help of professional writers to write their personal statements. The reason is obvious; they want a high-quality personal statement that can get them into their dream college. But there are a lot of people who think that this is plagiarism, which is against the rules. It is not however if you use the paper as research for writing the copy in your own words.

Plagiarism is submitting someone else’s work as your own. These services do not intend for you to hand in these papers as your submission. They expect you to take inspiration from their writing and understand how it is to be formatted when writing your own. That is what makes them a legal business.

The truth is that most college students have no idea how to write a personal statement, let alone the first thing about what to include in it. This is one of the reasons why many students struggle when it comes to writing their college essays. However, there are many personal statements writing services that you can use if you don't have any idea how to write your own personal statement.

How to hire the best personal statement writer?

When you are looking for a personal statement writer, you should look for someone who has a good understanding of the college application process. The personal statement is the most important part of your application, so it needs to be written by someone who can understand your situation and help you craft an effective essay.

The first step in hiring a personal statement writer is to find out what kind of experience they have. You need to make sure that they have written college admissions essays before. If they haven't, then they probably won't be able to provide you with the help that you need, which means that it would be better to hire someone else instead.

You should also look at their previous work when deciding whether or not someone is right for your needs. It's important that you ask for samples of their work before hiring them so that you can see what kind of quality they offer their customers. If their samples don't impress you, then it might be best if you continue looking elsewhere for help with your personal statement.

Going with one of the top-rated writing services, like 99Papers, will ensure that you find a writer who meets your needs at the right price. They have done all the work for you.

What is the best personal statement writing services in USA and UK?

The most important thing in a personal statement is that it should be authentic and not exaggerated. You should be able to show your own personality in it without trying to sound like someone else. You must be able to convince the reader that your desire for higher education is genuine and sincere.

The best personal statement writing/editing companies in USA and UK will give you an idea about how to write such kinds of essays effectively so that they impress the readers easily. They will help you write an inspiring statement that will convince them that you are really interested in pursuing higher studies at their institution of choice.

When choosing the best personal writing services in the US or UK, you should opt for PaperHelp or EssayFactory. If you are a first-time student, they can help point you in the right direction and give you the help you need to get the placement you want.

In the end...

While some students may be deterred by the idea of paying for an online service to write their personal statement, it is essential to remember that this is one very important document that could make or break your application. The fact that you don't know how to begin properly shows fear, and fear never managed to get anyone into a great university.

If you want nothing but the best for yourself and want a worry-free process, then hire a professional service to help you write your essays and personal statements. You’ll get 100% unique content written for you by industry experts that will inspire you to create a stunning application that is sure to get you into Harvard.

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