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ACMP availability - Aruba Certified Mobility Professional (2023) Updated: 2024

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Exam Code: ACMP Aruba Certified Mobility Professional (2023) availability January 2024 by Killexams.com team

ACMP Aruba Certified Mobility Professional (2023)

Exam ID : ACMP - HPE6-A71

Exam Title : Aruba Certified Mobility Professional (ACMP)

Exam type : Proctored

Exam duration : 1 hour 30 minutes

Exam length : 60 questions

Passing score : 65%

Delivery languages : English, Japanese, Latin American Spanish

Aruba Certified Mobility Professional (ACMP)

This certification validate that you have the networking knowledge and skills required to implement, configure and manage advanced Aruba Wireless Local Area Network (WLAN) enterprise solutions utilizing the operating system (AOS8) architecture and features.

This certification validates knowledge and skills in these key areas and more:

Configuring and using the Mobility Master for consolidated network management

Uses and advantages of clustering

Redundancy and providing user seamless failover

Utilizing MultiZone to have multiple and separate secure networks while using the same Access Point (AP)

Utilizing secure Tunneled Node for wired switches

Utilizing AirWave to monitor the health of the wired and wireless network

Troubleshooting devices, users and applications on Aruba Mobile First networks

This exam tests your skills with the WLAN design, deployment, and troubleshooting of Aruba Mobile First Network Solutions in complex highly available campus and branch environments. It also tests your ability to configure specialized applications, management, and security requirements for a WLAN such as UCC Voice and advanced security features.


Integrate and implement Aruba Mobile First architecture components and explain their uses.

Integrate components of the Aruba Mobile First Architecture.

Differentiate between standalone mode and Master Controller Mode (MCM) features and recommend use cases.

Differentiate the use of packet forwarding modes (tunnel, decrypt-tunnel, split-tunnel, and bridge).

Differentiate between redundancy methods, and describe the benefits of L2 and L3 clustering.

Explain Remote Access architectures and how to integrate the architectures.

Describe and differentiate advanced licensing features.


Configure and validate Aruba WLAN secure employee and guest solutions.

• Configure Remote Access with Aruba Solutions such as RAP and VIA.

• Configure and deploy redundant controller solutions based upon a given design.

• Configure a Mesh WLAN.


Implement advanced services and security.

• Enable multicast DNS features to support discovery across VLAN boundaries.

• Configure role derivation, and explain and implement advanced role features.

• Configure an AAA server profile for a user or administrative access.

• Implement Mobility Infrastructure hardening features.

• Explain Clarity features and functions.

• Implement Voice WLAN based upon a given design.

• Configure primary zones and data zones to support MultiZone AP.

• Implement mobility (roaming) in an Aruba wireless environment.

• Implement tunneled node to secure ArubaOS switches.


Manage and monitor Aruba solutions.

• Use AirWave to monitor an Aruba Mobility Master and Mobility Controller.

• Perform maintenance upgrades and operational maintenance.


Troubleshoot Aruba WLAN solutions.

• Troubleshoot controller communication.

• Troubleshoot the WLAN.

• Troubleshoot Remote Access.

• Troubleshoot issues related to services and security.

• Troubleshoot role-based access, per-port based security and Airmatch.
Aruba Certified Mobility Professional (2023)
Aruba Professional availability

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Aruba Certified Mobility Professional 6.0
Answer: C, D
Question: 159
An Aruba controller is configured with the correct IP address and gateway
information and is connected to the corporate LAN via a core layer 2 switch. An
access point is provisioned with AP name and group and connected to a different
switch on the corporate LAN that has IP connectivity to the core layer 2 switch.
The AP powers on and connects to the LAN, but the wireless radios do not
power on. Which could cause this condition? (Choose all of the correct answers.)
A. the layer 2 switches have ACLs that block GRE traffic
B. the layer 2 switches are configured to block multicast traffic
C. a DHCP server is not configured for the segment to which the AP is
D. the AP name needs to be configured on the Aruba controller
Answer: A, B, C
Question: 160
In the diagram provided for this question, four buildings are identified on a
college campus.
Most of the wireless LAN traffic will be from students accessing the internet.
According to Aruba best practices, which building is the best location to install
the Aruba mobility controller?
A. data center
B. dormitory
C. server farm
D. library
Answer: A
Question: 161
Referring to the diagram provided for this question, representing an office
wireless LAN deployment, there will be approximately 250 users in the offices
section of the building.
According to Aruba best practice, which network device is the best choice for
the wireless clients' default gateway?
A. device 'A'
B. device 'B'
C. device 'C'
D. device 'D'
Answer: B
Question: 162
One hundred (100) additional APs were deployed in an existing network. But
some APs are not able to connect to the lms-ip address, even though all of the
APs belong to the same AP group. What might be wrong? Choose all
A. The AP isn't getting an IP address.
B. The AP has the wrong lms-ip address setting.
C. There is a firewall between some APs and the controller blocking PAPI.
D. The controller does not support that many APs in a single AP-Group.
E. The controller does not have enough AP licenses to support the additional
quantity of APs.
Answer: A, C, E
Question: 163
If a Remote AP (RAP) is attempting to contact a controller that is behind a NAT
device what protocol must be allowed through the NAT/Firewall?
C. IPSec
D. The controller must have a public IP address.
Answer: B
Question: 164
Which of the following are valid RAP forwarding modes (select all that apply)?
A. Tunnel
B. Bridge
C. Split-Tunnel
D. Backup
Answer: A, B, C
Question: 165
Which of the following are valid RAP operating modes?
A. Always, Backup, Standard, Persistent
B. Always, Backup, Tunnel, Persistent
C. Always, Hotel-Connect, Tunnel, Standard
D. Backup, Hotel-Connect, Standard, Persistent
Answer: A
Question: 166
When configuring split tunnel mode on a Remote AP (RAP) where is the routing
function for the split tunnel defined?
A. On the IP routing tab in the configuration screen.
B. On the AP provisioning screen.
C. The RAP uses OSPF for routing.
D. In the Firewall policy.
Answer: D
Question: 167
When does a backup SSID configured on a Remote AP (RAP) begin
A. When the GRE tunnel to the controller is established.
B. When the IPSec tunnel to the controller is established.
C. When the controller cannot be reached.
D. When bridging is required for guest users.
Answer: C
Question: 168
A Remote AP provisioned in Split-Tunnel Forwarding mode has which of the
following characteristics? Choose all that apply.
A. Local traffic first goes to the controller and is then spilt back to the local
B. Traffic is IPSec encrypted before it is sent to the controller.
C. The user role must have a Permit statement in order to locally bridge the
D. The user role must have a route src-nat statement to locally bridge the
traffic. E. The RAP uses UDP 4500 to send traffic to the controller.
Answer: B, D, E
Question: 169
A Remote AP provisioned with an SSID in the operational mode always has
which one of the following characteristics?
A. The RAP must obtain its configuration from the controller each time it boots.
B. The operational mode applies to tunnel and split-tunnel forwarding SSID.
C. The operational mode applies to a Bridge forwarding SSID.
D. The RAP does not support this mode.
E. The SSID only appears if the AP does not see the controller.
Answer: C
Question: 170
A Remote AP provisioned with an SSID in Bridged forwarding mode has
which one of the following characteristics?
A. The client obtains its IP address from the controller.
B. The client's default gateway must be the controller.
C. The client traffic is forwarded through a GRE tunnel to the controller.
D. The client's default gateway may be the Access Point or a local gateway.
E. The client's authentication must be 802.1X.
Answer: D
Question: 171
An Aruba RAP2 model can authenticate its IPSec tunnel to a controller using
which of the following methods? Choose all that apply.
A. 802.1X
B. Captive Portal
C. IP address authentication
D. Legacy Username/Password authentication.
E. Certificate and MAC address authentication.
Answer: D, E
Question: 172
What is the purpose of Mesh Clusters?
A. To separate Mesh points and Mesh Portals
B. To make sure that mesh points and portals with the same VAPs are not in the
same cluster
C. To create a group of mesh points and mesh portals that create mesh links with
each other using the same 802.11 connection settings
D. To cluster mesh APs of the same model together
Answer: C
Question: 173
A company purchased an indoor mesh deployment using the 620 controller and
the AP 125 models, where 5 APs will be deployed on a floor to provide wireless
internet access for users. Users may open VPN tunnels using software clients
over the wireless network to a 3rd party VPN concentrator overseas. The
company wants to limit wireless user access to NetBIOS over TCP traffic locally
and VPN traffic overseas.Which licenses will be necessary for this deployment?
B. Base AOS, AP Capacity, PEF-NG
C. Base AOS, AP Capacity, PEF-NG, VPN
D. Base AOS, AP Capacity
Answer: B
Question: 174
When deploying Remote Mesh Portals, what is one of the purposes of the Mesh
Private VLAN?
A. To separate wireless user traffic coming from mesh networks from non-mesh
B. To tag mesh wireless user traffic on a particular AP
C. To allow Mesh Points to form private vlan networks with certain users
D. To tag control plane traffic from Mesh points to the controller
Answer: D
Question: 175
A network administrator runs a 'show ap mesh topology' command on an Aruba
620 controller. Which of the following information would he be able to obtain?
Choose all that apply.
A. The number of mesh nodes in the network
B. The channel settings of each mesh node
C. The parent of each mesh node
D. The number of hops each mesh points has to make to reach the mesh portal
Answer: A, C, D
Question: 176
How does Aruba's infrastructure calculate location?
B. RF Fingerprinting
C. RSSI triangulation
Answer: C
Question: 177
You want to locate a wireless device on the controller GUI. You go to the
Clients list from the Monitoring tab and click the Locate button but the
controller is unable to locate the client. Which could be the possible reasons for
the error? (Choose all of the correct answers.)
A. No floor plan exists
B. Only 2 APs can hear the client
C. The client is not a valid client
D. No client was selected
Answer: A, B, D
Question: 178
Which of the following needs to be done prior to attempting to use the GUI
quick setup of a factory defaulted Aruba S3500 Mobility Access Switch?
A. Set the S3500 IP address to the range
B. Quick-Setup needs to be enabled on the LCD Panel
C. Connect the S3500 to the network for DHCP
D. Set the laptop IP address to the range
Answer: B
Question: 179
Which two factors are important when choosing a controller model to support
tunneled node?
A. Number of Wired Aps
B. Controller configuration
C. Number of Tunneled Ports
D. Layer 3 network architecture
Answer: A, C
Question: 180
In tunneled node configuration the Aruba 3500 mobility access switch acts as a?
A. Authentication server
B. Security gateway
C. Wired to Wireless AP
D. Wired AP
Answer: D
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We include products we think are useful for our readers. If you buy through links on this page, we may earn a small commission. Here’s our process.

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Read our reviews of BetterHelp and Talkspace, two of our picks for affordable mental health services. See which others made our list and which could be best for you.

Finding a therapist is a huge step in managing your mental health. But, unlike a cold or the flu, mental health conditions — like anxiety and depression — can take time to heal.

This means that finding treatment via support groups or talk therapy can be a commitment. Depending on your budget and health insurance coverage, it can also be costly.

Even with health insurance, you may still need to pay up front for therapy. Plans with high deductibles won’t cover any medical costs until the deductible has been met. Until that time, you’ll need to pay out of pocket for your appointments.

Unlike a $10–$30 insurance copay, many therapists may charge between $65 and $150 per session. In most areas, the cost of therapy is $100–$200 per session.

Luckily, cost-effective mental health services are available.

To help you get started, we’ve provided a list of affordable mental health care options.

To narrow down our list of the best affordable therapy options, we took a few factors into account:

  • Accessibility: Some affordable therapy platforms are available online, allowing users to talk with their counselor from the comfort of their home. However, this isn’t the most accessible option for everyone, so we made sure to include an array of directories, apps, support groups, and more.
  • Mental health expertise: Each platform, site, and app on our list is guided by folks who are well-versed and trained to offer mental health assistance.
  • Medical review: Our team of medical experts carefully vetted each option in our roundup, and a mental health professional from Healthline’s Medical Network reviewed this article to provide insights, offer advice, and verify that all information is correct.

Even if you find a platform or mental health professional in your budget, they might not be the best fit for you.

It’s important to know this is completely OK and actually quite normal. It can take some time to find someone who is a great match for you, whether that means they:

  • are familiar with LGBTQIA+ issues
  • are a person of color
  • speak multiple languages
  • have different specialties, such as couples therapy and counseling, trauma processing, or grief counseling

You’ll know your therapist is a good match when they consistently make you feel comfortable and welcomed.

If you don’t think they’re a good match, communicate that to them by asking them not to schedule another appointment. This can be done face-to-face or over a text, call, or email.

You can find free or low cost therapy in a number of different places. The following list includes resources for one-on-one appointments, group therapy, online offerings, and more.

Community clinics

If you don’t have health insurance and you’re unable to pay out of pocket for mental health care, low-fee or free community mental health clinics can provide the care you need.

To find a clinic in your local area, contact the National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI) HelpLine or go to MentalHealth.gov. Your primary care physician can provide recommendations in your community, or you can visit your local library to see if there are support groups there, too.

These clinics are staffed by student psychologists, student mental health counselors, and student social workers who are supervised by licensed, experienced professionals. Services are often provided at no cost or at a remarkably reduced rate.

These professionals are trained to treat a wide range of psychological conditions, like depression, anxiety, bipolar disorder, and schizophrenia.

Sliding-scale therapists

Sliding-scale therapists are psychotherapists, psychologists, and social workers who adjust their hourly fee to make therapy more affordable for the client. Finding this type of therapist may be a good option if you need to pay out of pocket for counseling or if your insurance doesn’t offer referrals to specialists.

If you need a help for a specific condition, like postpartum depression, complicated grief, or PTSD, search for a specialist who is trained in the area you’re looking for, and who is able to slide their scale, as not all mental health professionals are trained or specialized in treating some conditions.

Local colleges and universities

Many colleges and universities with mental health practitioner programs may have clinicians in training who offer reduced rates. These clinics are usually open to the public, and they offer sliding-scale fees that can be as low as $1.

These clinicians in training typically work under the supervision of experienced professionals. Plus, because they have a limited caseload, they’re likely to spend more time supporting you.

Find an in-network professional

If you have health insurance, call your insurance to find out whether they cover mental health services. If they do, ask for the contact information of local professionals who accept your insurance plan. Many online therapy services take insurance, but it’s important to double-check and ask if everything is covered or if there are copay and deductible amounts.

If you need support for a specific condition, ask for professionals who treat that condition. Your insurance plan may allow you to work with a mental health expert who’s out of network but at a higher cost.

Employee assistance programs

Your employer may offer therapy services for free through an employee assistance program. This voluntary program is set up by a workplace to provide a number of confidential services, such as assessments, short-term counseling, referrals, and even follow-up help, for free or at a reduced cost.

These services are intended to help with any issue that affects your mental or emotional health and, therefore, your work performance.

Services may be internal (offered onsite at your company) or external (referrals for help in the local community). To find out what services are available where you work, contact your human resources department.

Community resources

Free therapy may also be available in your local community. Finding it may take a little digging. Places like community centers, hospitals, and schools may run free programs, like support groups. Local places of worship — churches, synagogues, temples — are resources where you might find these types of programs as well.

Contact these organizations directly for more information or look for flyers or online advertisements. You may even hear of these programs by word of mouth or through a healthcare professional.

Publicly funded state-run services may be another option for free or low cost therapy. If you qualify, you’ll have access to certain professionals who participate in your state’s program. Contact your state’s department of mental health for more information.

If you want or need to talk with a mental health professional but are panic about being able to afford it, you do have options.

Low cost therapy may be available through social services, nonprofits, and universities, while some platforms offer financial aid or sliding scales.

If you’ve found a therapist you’d like to start seeing, you can contact them to see whether they accept your health insurance. Some of these costs may be covered through your insurance.

If you have health insurance, there’s a chance your plan may cover some or all therapy costs.

To find out if your insurance covers therapy or mental health care, log into your plan’s website, which should contain information about your coverage. You can also call your insurance company or even chat with your company’s HR department.

If you find a therapist you want to talk with, you can also ask if they accept your insurance.

The average cost of therapy largely depends on the counselor, how often and long your sessions are, and where you’re located.

Generally speaking, an hour-long therapy session can cost anywhere from $65–$250.

The frequency of your therapy appointments depends on your goals, why you’re in counseling, and what your therapist thinks.

You may see your therapist once a week, biweekly, or even once a month, but you can always talk with them about increasing or decreasing the frequency of your appointments.

If you can’t afford traditional therapy, there are other low or zero-cost options available in many communities. For example:

  • Sliding scale therapists are psychotherapists, psychologists and social workers who change their hourly rate according to what their clients can afford.
  • Post-secondary institutions that offer mental health practitioner programs may offer reduced rates to the public to see their clinicians-in-training.
  • Community mental health clinics are often low cost or free.

Therapy can be expensive for many. The main reason for this is the fact that therapists must have a master’s or a PhD, which requires years of costly education and training. As well, the out-of-pocket costs that often go into running a practice add up quickly. For example:

  • office space
  • licensing fees
  • insurance fees
  • professional association fees
  • marketing
  • continued education
  • administration and prep time
  • vacation, sick, and parental leave

Most therapy will cost the same whether it’s in person or online. However, you might save money in other areas related to seeing a therapist in person, like costs for transportation or child care.

Finding low cost mental health professionals can be a challenge at first, but there are plenty of resources available. Remember that your mental health is just as important as your physical health, and it shouldn’t have to take a toll on your finances.

If you need help right away, consider looking for a support group or calling your local university. If you have a digital device and an internet connection, telehealth services may also be available to you.

Choosing the right mental health professional doesn’t have to be expensive, and the benefits of having support will be well worth it in the long run.

Read this article in Spanish.

Sat, 16 Dec 2023 09:59:00 -0600 en text/html https://www.healthline.com/health/therapy-for-every-budget
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Graeme Buck, ABTA’s Director of Communications, said: “The first Saturday in January, known in the travel industry as ‘Sunshine Saturday’, is one of the busiest days in the year for people to book a holiday as they look to take advantage of the great availability and good deals on offer at this time of year.

"Good value is increasingly important for customers, and many have told us that they will be looking to use a travel professional to get the best possible deal with ABTA members being extremely busy helping people achieve their dream break.

“We know that many people are looking for inspiration and new suggestions of where to go, so our team of experts at ABTA has put together a list of ‘Destinations to Watch’ which offer varied and memorable experiences around the globe. Some are a little unexpected, and all are well worth a visit. The destinations showcase the amazing range of experiences that our world offers to holidaymakers.”

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Saranda port, Albania (


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Savvy holidaymakers are discovering this scenic, friendly and good value destination which is increasingly well served by UK tour operators.

Capital Tirana is cosmopolitan with interesting museums, second city Durres offers a Roman amphitheatre and other archaeological charms, while UNESCO world heritage site Gjirokaster showcases architectural riches.

Most Brits will head to the well-priced Albanian Riviera for fine beaches and resorts such as Saranda. Inland, Lakes Shkodra and Bovilla plus Theth National Park’s mountains beg to be discovered. Albanian food features tasty and healthy Mediterranean dishes.


Fofoti tree overlooking the Caribbean in Aruba (


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This Dutch Caribbean island is now easier to reach with direct British Airways flights.

Its Netherlands legacy is symbolised by authentic Dutch windmill ‘De Olde Molen’ in the resort of Palm Beach and colourful colonial buildings in capital Oranjestad.

Highlights include superb beaches, Arikok National Park’s desert scenery, trails and caves, excellent scuba diving and snorkelling plus an array of top-notch hotels.

American-style food is widely available, along with fresh seafood and Dutch-influenced flavours. Bon Bini! (welcome!) as the locals say in the Papiamento language.


Knossos palace in Crete (


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Greece’s largest island comes with a zest for life and warm hospitality for visitors.

Must-sees include capital Heraklion with its Venetian port, numerous bars, museums and restaurants, the Minoan palace of Knossos, site of the legend of Theseus and the Minotaur, and Rethymno, again with Venetian tones.

Holidaymakers looking for glamour and five-star properties gravitate to Agios Nikolaos and Elounda, embarkation point for poignant trips to former leper colony Spinalonga island.

Crete is also home to scenery such as the Lasithi Plateau and its Psychro Cave, said to be the birthplace of Zeus, the Lefka Ori Mountains – snowcapped in winter – and Samaria gorge.

Cretan food would please the gods too, based on the freshest of local ingredients. Dare you try the feisty local Tsikoudia raki?

It’s part of Cretan life so would be rude not to!


Extremadura's Pata Negra ham (


Getty Images)

This central Spanish region is home to three UNESCO world heritage sites and historic cities.

Capital Merida boasts well preserved Roman remains, Caceres’s walled medieval centre has survived largely intact from the 1500s and Trujillo has a wealth of churches
and upmarket houses fringing
Plaza Major.

Out of town, the landscapes are largely unspoilt and recommended for bird watching, particularly Monfrague National Park.

Foodies will love Extremaduran cuisine with its prized smoked paprika ‘pimenton’, Jerte Valley cherries, and ham and pork of the little black pigs, Pata Negra, which live on acorns.


Port Louis, capital of Mauritius (


Shutterstock / wsf-s)

A friendly Indian Ocean bucket lister with perfect beaches, watersports and majestic landscapes.

Start in the capital Port Louis to see the colourful market and some of the word’s rarest postage stamps.

Le Morne beach lies at the foot of the UNESCO world heritage site mountain of the same name; climb it for glorious views. Inland sights include the ‘Seven-Coloured Earths’ in Chamarel with its 272ft waterfall and the nature reserve at Ebony Forest. The zipline at Casela Nature Parks feels like you are jumping off the edge of the world.

Add in fabulous resorts, fine food and Mauritius is an unforgettable destination.


Sunset over the Leipzig, Saxony (


Getty Images/iStockphoto)

Visit this east German region for historic cities and the table mountains, pretty half-timbered towns and iconic Bastei bridge of ‘Saxon Switzerland’, all easily accessible on Germany’s superb rail network.

Capital Dresden is the ‘Florence of the North’ and has baroque buildings flanking the River Elbe, while cultural Leipzig is home to composer Bach’s grave at St Thomas Church, museums and galleries complemented by a street art and nightlife scene.

Meissen is a must for its world-famous porcelain factory and 13th century Gothic cathedral.


The Iron Bridge over the River Severn in Shropshire (


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A rural delight, yet also the birthplace of the Industrial Revolution.

History lovers will want to see Coalbrookdale in the Ironbridge Gorge with its eponymous bridge, the first in the world. For sports lovers it’s pretty Much Wenlock, the site of the first attempt in 1850 to revive the Olympic Games.

The Shropshire Hills is an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty and towns to see include foodie paradise Ludlow, Bridgnorth with a high and low town connected by a funicular, and Bishop’s Castle, with the oldest working brewery in the country. Cheers!


Halong Bay fruit sellers, Vietnam (


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UK visitors to friendly Vietnam can now visit visa-free for up to 45 days, giving even more time to explore this beautiful, captivating country.

A great way to get a taste of the it is on a leisurely rail trip between the main cities of Ho Chi Minh and Hanoi.

Ho Chi Minh - formerly Saigon - is a dynamic blend of the old and new while capita Hanoi is a joy, with parks, lakes and the historic buildings of the Old Quarter.

Halong Bay by boat is a must for the unusual limestone formations, and Vietnamese food is delicious, sophisticated and full of flavour - and can be very cheap, perfect with an ice cold local beer.

More info: vietnam.travel


Victoria Falls, Zambia (


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Victoria Falls – ‘The Smoke That Thunders’ – is a must and the mighty Zambezi River also offers spectacular white-water rafting.

Almost a third of the country is set aside for wildlife, with 20 national parks. While the Big Five of lion, leopard, buffalo, hippo and elephant are a huge draw, Zambia is also home to hundreds of other fascinating species.

The capital Lusaka is a proud showcase for the country’s increasing prosperity and visitors can enjoy its restaurants, bars and nightlife.

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