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Exam Code: 300-435 Practice test 2022 by team
300-435 Automating Cisco Enterprise Solutions (ENAUTO)

Exam Description
The Automating and Programming Cisco Enterprise Solutions v1.0 (ENAUTO 300-435) test is a 90-minute test associated with the CCNP Enterprise, Cisco Certified DevNet Professional, and Cisco Certified DevNet Specialist - Enterprise Automation and Programmability certifications. This test tests a candidate's knowledge of implementing Enterprise automated solutions, including programming concepts, Python programming, APIs, controllers and automation tools. The course, Implementing Cisco Enterprise Automation Solutions, helps candidates to prepare for this exam.

10% 1.0 Network Programmability Foundation
1.1 Utilize common version control operations with git (add, clone, push, commit, diff, branching, merging conflict)
1.2 Describe characteristics of API styles (REST and RPC)
1.3 Describe the challenges encountered and patterns used when consuming APIs synchronously and asynchronously
1.4 Interpret Python scripts containing data types, functions, classes, conditions, and looping
1.5 Describe the benefits of Python virtual environments
1.6 Explain the benefits of using network configuration tools such as Ansible and Puppet for automating IOS XE platforms
10% 2.0 Automate APIs and Protocols
2.1 Identify the JSON instance based on a YANG model
2.2 Identify the XML instance based on a YANG model
2.3 Interpret a YANG module tree generated per RFC8340
2.4 Compare functionality, benefits, and uses of OpenConfig, IETF, and native YANG models
2.5 Compare functionality, benefits, and uses of NETCONF and RESTCONF
20% 3.0 Network Device Programmability
3.1 Implement device management and monitoring using NetMiko
3.2 Construct a Python script using ncclient that uses NETCONF to manage and monitor an IOS XE device
3.3 Configure device using RESTCONF API utilizing Python requests library
3.4 Utilize Ansible to configure an IOS XE device
3.5 Configure a subscription for model driven telemetry on an IOS XE device (CLI, NETCONF, and RESTCONF)
3.6 Compare publication and subscription telemetry models
3.6.a Periodic / cadence
3.6.b On-change
3.7 Describe the benefits and usage of telemetry data in troubleshooting the network
3.8 Describe Day 0 provisioning methods
3.8.a iPXE
3.8.b PnP
3.8.c ZTP
20% 4.0 Cisco DNA Center
4.1 Compare traditional versus software-defined networks
4.2 Describe the features and capabilities of Cisco DNA Center
4.2.a Network assurance APIs
4.2.b Intent APIs
4.2.c Multivendor support (3rd party SDKs)
4.2.d Events and notifications
4.3 Implement Cisco DNA Center event outbound webhooks
4.4 Implement API requests for Cisco DNA Center to accomplish network management tasks
4.4.a Intent APIs
4.4.b Command Runner APIs
4.4.c Site APIs
4.5 Implement API requests for Cisco DNA Center to accomplish network management tasks using these APIs
4.5.a Network discovery and device APIs
4.5.b Template APIs (Apply a template)
4.6 Troubleshoot Cisco DNA Center automation process using Intent APIs
20% 5.0 Cisco SD-WAN
5.1 Describe features and capabilities of Cisco SD-WAN vManage Certificate Management APIs
5.2 Implement a Python script to perform API requests for Cisco SD-WAN vManage Device Inventory APIs to retrieve and display data
5.3 Construct API requests for Cisco SD-WAN vManage Administration APIs
5.4 Implement a Python script to perform API requests for Cisco SD-WAN vManage Configuration APIs to modify Cisco SD-WAN fabric configuration
5.5 Construct API requests for Cisco SD-WAN vManage Monitoring APIs (Including real-time)
5.6 Troubleshoot a Cisco SD-WAN deployment using vManage APIs
20% 6.0 Cisco Meraki
6.1 Describe features and capabilities of Cisco Meraki
6.1.a Location Scanning APIs
6.1.b MV Sense APIs
6.1.c External Captive Portal APIs
6.1.d WebHook Alert APIs
6.2 Create a network using Cisco Meraki APIs
6.3 Configure a network using Cisco Meraki APIs
6.4 Implement a Python script for Cisco Meraki Alert WebHooks

Automating Cisco Enterprise Solutions (ENAUTO)
Cisco Automating tricks
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Wed, 25 Nov 2015 15:06:00 -0600 en text/html
Killexams : Cisco Launches Webex Partner Program

Cisco is launching a new wholesale plan for service partners designed for small and medium-sized business end customers that includes a single commercial agreement with each partner and a self-service platform for service providers to deliver managed services for Webex.

The San Jose, Calif.-based IT giant says the new offering also provides service providers with the ability to create their own co-branded offers and build on their market position by innovating with their own services.

According to Cisco, the new Wholesale partner program features consumption-based billing with fixed per-user, per-month package pricing that gives service providers several invoicing options. Partner onboarding includes dedicated Cisco experts paired with online training along with migration and marketing toolkits.

The Wholesale Route-to-Market (RTM) program for Webex also features APIs and a partner portal for simple management. With a monthly consumption model, the program makes it possible to deliver low friction transactions for SMBs.

Service packages include Webex Calling for up to 100 users, Common Area Calling, Webex Meetings for up to 1,000 users and Webex Suite that encompasses all three offerings with advanced features.

While Webex is the first Cisco solution offered via this model, more Cisco devices and other Cisco cloud services for the SMB market will be launched this year, the company says.

In addition to the onboarding process, the program includes a parallel go-to-market process that accelerates customer acquisition and migration activities with marketing content, sales enablement, adoption assets, support training and launch campaigns

“By tapping into the brand power of respected Service Providers and combining it with our inclusive Webex technology, rapid innovation, and complete collaboration portfolio, we are creating winning partnerships that address the communication needs of small and medium-sized businesses and help them thrive in a hybrid work world,” says Jeetu Patel, Cisco executive vice president and general manager of Cisco’s security and collaboration unit.

This article originally appeared on Commercial Integrator’s sister-site

Sun, 24 Jul 2022 06:40:00 -0500 en text/html
Killexams : AIOps for the Modern Enterprise: Real-World Advice & Implementation Tips from the Pros

Channelcast Sponsored

Building AI and automation into the business is one of this year’s top priorities for CTOs and CIOs. Yet amid all the hype, it can be difficult to figure out what to expect from AIOps initiatives and how to measure success once they have been implemented.


Register Now

In this ChannelCast, Rich Lane, Forrester Senior Research Analyst; Steve Breen, head of managed services at ANS; and Mark Banfield, chief revenue officer of LogicMonitor, share tips, tricks and real-life examples of how modern organizations are using AIOps to drive positive business outcomes for themselves and their clients.

Join LogicMonitor, Forrester, ANS and The Channel Company to learn:

• The definition and role of AIOps within modern I&O
• Best practices of AIOps adoption
• How to build a business case for AIOps within your organization
• Key criteria for evaluating an AIOps or observability platform

Register Now.

Tue, 11 May 2021 13:08:00 -0500 text/html
Killexams : Apple and Google Dominate 'Internet of Things' Influence with Home Automation Efforts

It’s early days for the Internet of  Things, but the largest technology players are moving quickly to stake out the territory. In just the past month, Apple announced a new ‘smart home’ platform, and Google made a similar announcement for Android and purchased Nest for $3.2 billion – moves that pushed both companies quickly to the head of the ‘Top 10 Most Influential Companies’ in a new Influence Study focusing on the Internet of  Things, released today by Appinions.

The study reveals an increase of almost 70% in the volume of influential conversations about IoT between late March and early July. Within this time frame there was activity from Intel (which modified their managerial structures to increase IoT focus), Cisco (who made three strategic investments), Zebra (who purchased Motorola’s enterprise business for nearly $3.5 billion), and many others. As the study documents, these moves got a lot of attention and reaction, with influence scores skyrocketing around each announcement.

On the ‘Top 10 Most Influential Executives in Internet of Things’ list, Philips Lighting CEO Eric Rondolat earned top spot for comments he made regarding Phillips plans to work with Apple’s HomeKit. Brad Smith of Microsoft and Mark Hurd from Oracle and executives from Apple, Blackberry, HP and other round out the list.

Looking at individual products, the Dropcam smart camera and Honeywell’s Lyric intelligent thermostat grabbed the top two spots for garnering the most influential reactions. The Logitech Harmony Remote, Philips Hue Bulb, and Kwikset Kevo E-Lock are among the other top Internet of things products covered.

“Four months ago, Intel and Microsoft were dominating the conversation” said Larry Levy, Founder and CEO of Appinions, “but we've seen a tremendous surge on the consumer side with shipping products and these consumer-facing moves from Apple and Google. And while smaller in scale, we also found that the Industrial Internet is garnering a lot of attention in its own right.”

To create this report, Appinions identified and analyzed over 40,000 opinions relevant to the Internet of Things from a pool of over 100 million documents plus social media posts. The opinions and the reactions generated were then ranked using a proprietary scoring algorithm, which considers the people or entities reacted to these opinions, the credibility of the outlet where the reaction was published, and the overall volume of reactions to each opinion.

The Appinions Internet of Things Influence Study is available as a free obtain here.

Fri, 22 Jul 2022 05:15:00 -0500 Bruce Rogers en text/html
Killexams : Cisco Networking And Cloud Leader Todd Nightingale To Join Fastly As CEO

Networking News

Gina Narcisi

Effective Sept. 1, edge cloud standout Fastly will have a new CEO: Cisco’s Enterprise Networking and Cloud Business leader, Todd Nightingale.


Todd Nightingale, senior vice president and general manager of Cisco’s Enterprise Networking and Cloud Business and one of the tech giant’s executive leaders, is jumping to edge cloud company Fastly Inc., as the company’s new CEO effective Sept. 1.

Fastly’s current CEO, Joshua Bixby, announced plans to step down as the company’s leader and from its board of directors in May as the firm sought a new leader to push it through the next stage of growth. Bixby will remain with Fastly as an advisor, while Nightingale will also join the company’s board of directors.

“Fastly is delivering unparalleled application experiences for users around the world with exceptional flexibility, security and performance,” said Nightingale in a statement published on Wednesday afternoon. “I’m honored and grateful for the opportunity to be a part of the Fastly team.”

[Related: Cisco Catalyst Gains ‘Industry-Changing’ Simplicity With Meraki Cloud Management Option]

“Fastly is extraordinary at the things that make us unique, including our incredibly powerful programmable edge cloud, innovative performance-focused product and engineering, and our unmatched support of customers as they build the next generation of globally performant, secure and reliable applications,” said Artur Bergman, Fastly’s founder, chief architect and executive chairperson, in a statement. “I’m confident in [Nightingale’s] ability to lead the company with the rigor and energy needed to elevate Fastly to its next level of extraordinary technology and product growth, including a strong go-to-market motion and operational strengths.”

Nightingale joined Cisco in 2012 when the company acquired Meraki. Previously, he served as senior vice president and general manager of Cisco’s Meraki business, which is leading the tech giant’s managed services charge today and serving as its fastest-growing route to market. He climbed the ranks within Cisco, most recently serving as executive vice president and general manager of Cisco’s Enterprise Networking and Cloud. He managed business strategy and development efforts for Cisco’s multibillion-dollar networking portfolio.

He previously held engineering and senior management positions at AirDefense, where he was responsible for product development and guided the company through a successful acquisition by Motorola.

“At Cisco, we always want the best for our teams, our people, and their continued growth in their careers. We are grateful for [Nightingale’s] many contributions to Cisco and congratulate him as he takes on a new opportunity as a CEO of another company in an adjacent market,“ A Cisco spokesperson told CRN.

Cisco, as a result, is combining its Enterprise Networking and Cloud division with the Mass-Scale Infrastructure Group, which will be led by Jonathan Davidson, executive vice president and general manager of Cisco’s Mass-Scale Infrastructure group today. The combination will give Cisco a unified vision for end-to-end networking, the company said.

“We are excited for Cisco’s Jonathan Davidson to take on an expanded role leading a new organization that combines Enterprise Networking and Cloud with the Mass-Scale Infrastructure Group. We are confident that this new team will continue to accelerate innovation for our customers and partners and drive growth for our business,” the Cisco spokesperson said.

Gina Narcisi

Gina Narcisi is a senior editor covering the networking and telecom markets for Prior to joining CRN, she covered the networking, unified communications and cloud space for TechTarget. She can be reached at

Wed, 03 Aug 2022 09:05:00 -0500 en text/html
Killexams : Cloud: The keystone of digital transformation

Thank you for joining!

Access your Pro+ Content below.

March 2018

Cloud: The keystone of digital transformation

In this e-guide, find out how applications built on serverless computing and microservices can change the way you use cloud, what it takes to manage a multi-cloud environment, and tips and tricks to advance cloud app development.

Table Of Contents

  • Put cloud on your digital transformation roadmap
  • Australia/New Zealand ups the ante on cloud services and software
  • Airtasker turns to cloud storage to fuel growth
  • Keep it simple to avoid multi-cloud computing hang-ups
  • And much more...
Mon, 12 Mar 2018 16:44:00 -0500 en text/html
Killexams : XDR to the Rescue? How to Improve detection and response

Earn up to 6.5 CPE credits by attending this virtual event.

Extended detection and response (XDR) is often touted as the next evolution in cybersecurity — enabling the seamless collection and correlation of data across multiple security layers. Its proponents assert that XDR, when coupled with automated analysis, will speed up investigations for security analysts and expedite attack remediation. This is potentially bad news for stealthy attackers who currently try to hide between security silos and disconnected solution alerts, while overwhelmed security analysts struggle to triage and investigate alerts. 

Still, XDR may not be the answer for everyone. Some organizations may stick with classic endpoint detection and response (EDR) until the XDR market shakes out, while others may choose to contract with an external managed detection and response (MDR) provider.

Join SC Media on April 26-27 for this interactive learning program that will feature experts on XDR and will cover topics, including:

  • Fostering a healthy relationship with your MDR service provider
  • Selling XDR to the CEO and board: Is your pitch business-aligned?
  • XDR Market Analysis from a Venture Capital Perspective
  • Detection rejection: Malware techniques designed to bamboozle your detection & response
  • Results from CyberRisk Alliance’s XDR Research Survey
  • XDR’s potential effect on the security workforce
  • Malware techniques designed to trick your detection & response

DAY 1 | April 26 

10:45 AM ET 
Program Opens 

11:00 AM ET 
KEYNOTE | The XDR learning curve: How technology impacts your security workforce, Jon France, CISO with (ISC)2

As more businesses jump on the XDR solution bandwagon, the day-to-day workflow that SOC analysts and other security staffers experience may change in ways both subtle and blatant. This workforce-centric session will examine which special skills XDR will emphasize or deemphasize, and how more automation and integration across platforms will change security professionals’ user experience and responsibilities. 

11:30 AM ET 
Demystifying XDR, Sam Adams VP Detection & Response, Rapid7 Allie Mellen, SecOps Analyst with Forrester 

The changing nature of threats, combined with staffing shortages, is causing increased disorder in the security world. The good news? Extended Detection and Response (XDR) has the potential to address these industry-wide issues and help teams unlock more efficiency in the SOC. Recently, Rapid7’s VP of Detection and Response Sam Adams joined Forrester SecOps Analyst Allie Mellen to ‘demystify’ XDR. 

12:00 PM ET 

Secure Access Best Practices to Minimize Risk of a Breach, Ganesh Umapathy, Product Marketing Manager with Cisco Duo

Stolen credentials and unpatched software are common attack vectors used by cybercriminals in many types of attacks including ransomware. Organizations have invested in security tools such as MFA, EDRs, MDMs, VPNs and more to mitigate these attacks. But security tools need to be supported with simple processes and great usability for maximum security efficacy. In this session, Duo Security Product Marketing Manager Ganesh Umapathy will share the best practices implemented by Cisco to enable secure endpoint access for a global remote workforce, providing the best experience for productivity without compromising on security.

12:30 PM ET 
Detection and Response with Google Chronicle, and launch of Threat Perception, Chris Martin, Senior Security Specialist with Chronicle 

Learn how Google Chronicle enables customers to accelerate their threat detection, investigation and response program, and drive towards achieving critical security outcomes. Dive into how our customers are using Threat Perception, our latest capability, to enhance their security posture and act on prioritization of alerts with risk scoring 

1:00 PM ET  
BREAK | Visit Solutions Center 

1:15 PM ET 

Research Session

2:00 PM ET 
Beat the Clock: How to Accelerate Threat Hunting With XDR, Andrew Mundell, Enterprise Security Engineer with Sophos 

To carry out the most efficient threat hunts, defenders need multiple sources of telemetry and a simple way of acquiring and analyzing data from all of them. Join this session to hear the differences between XDR and SIEM-based threat hunts and learn how XDR can reduce the amount of time to detect and respond to potential threats. We’ll cover best practices and cautions from real-world experiences, as well as preventative measures and investigations that you can start today. 

2:30 PM ET 

Powerful Outcomes: Why XDR Matters in 2022, Mark MacDonald, Senior Manager, Product Marketing with eSentire 

XDR promises powerful outcomes. It can normalize and correlate data across your entire attack surface, enabling highly effective threat detection and investigation. XDR also works to block high fidelity threats, automating the threat detection and remediation process. 

3:00 PM ET 
KEYNOTE | Fostering a healthy relationship with your MDR service provider 
Curt Aubley, Cyber and Strategic Risk Groups Managing Director with Deloitte 

Organizations that delegate something as critical as detection and response to an external service provider may worry that they are giving up too much control when it comes to their network security. And yet due to budgetary or talent shortfalls, they may have little choice. That’s why it’s so important to properly communicate expectations and priorities with your managed detection and response (MDR) provider. This eSummit session will look at how to get the most out of your MDR partnership throughout the duration of the provider-client relationship. 

DAY 2 | April 27 
10:45 AM ET 
Program Opens 

11:00 AM ET 
KEYNOTE | Selling XDR to the CEO and board: Is your pitch business-aligned? Candy Alexander, CISO with ISSA 

New technology concepts can be a hard sell. Corporate executives who control your company’s budget may not fully understand the concept behind a nascent cyber solution or be convinced of the return on investment. For instance, certain nuances of XDR technology may not be easy to explain – including how it differentiates itself from the traditional EDR solution you perhaps currently employ. So how does one win buy-in from non-tech-savvy C-level executives and the board of directors? By demonstrating how the technology aligns with business objectives. This session will look at how to simplify and define XDR for upper executives, how to convey its strategic benefits, and how to measure and report your solution’s impact after implementation. 

11:30 AM ET 
Implementing XDR to Detect Threats and Stop Attackers, Mark Alba, Chief Product Officer with Anomali 

The “cat-and-mouse” game between Attackers and Defenders is as old as the LoveLetter virus. While script-kiddies have matured to become cybercriminals, hacktivists, and state-sponsored adversaries, sometimes it feels like the Defenders are stuck in 1999. We deploy anti-virus solutions, monitor the perimeter, and wait and see. Yes, today’s security technology is “NextGen,” “2.0,” and “Meta,” but the concept is the same. Set the trap and wait to be attacked. 

12:00 PM ET 
Solving for X with XDR: Widening the Aperture for Better Rapid Detection, Investigation and Response, Ken Westin, Director, Security Strategy with Cybereason

There has been a lot of buzz around Extended Detection and Response (XDR) as an evolution of Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR), however definitions of what comprises an effective XDR solution vary depending on who you ask. The dramatic changes to IT infrastructure as organizations accelerate their migration to the Cloud while still relying on traditional on-premises security architecture has increased telemetry volumes and the complexity of correlating threat intelligence across disparate environments to make accurate detections early in the attack sequence. In this session we will discuss the evolution of security from the endpoint to across the entire IT ecosystem, from legacy antivirus to EDR, and now from EDR to XDR. We will show how detection use cases and workflows that previously required complex syntax queries and manually configured SIEM and SOAR solutions can be automated and streamlined with XDR for rapid detection, investigation and predictive response actions that move intervention further to the left in the attack sequence.

12:30 PM ET 

When XDR and Zero Trust Meet Forensics, Justin Tolman, Forensic Subject Matter Expert with Exterro 

As the threat landscape and cyber skills gap expand, cybersecurity teams need to rely on software solutions that scale and evolve just as quickly. XDR has done just that and also nicely aligns with the recent government mandate requiring federal agencies and corporations that do business with federal agencies to adopt a Zero Trust security approach by 2024. DFIR capabilities can help to close the loop. Not only can DFIR do a deep dive and help prevent future threats by identifying missed IOCs and other vulnerable data, but it can also provide automation to already stretched teams, detect and mitigate insider threats and collect evidence properly. 

1:00 PM ET 


1:15 PM ET  

XDR Market Analysis from a Venture Capital Perspective, Bob Ackerman, Founder & Managing Director with Allegis Cyber Capital, Dave DeWalt; Founder & Managing Director with Night Dragon, Hank Thomas; CEO & Founder with Strategic Cyber Ventures and Co-Founder, CTO & Board of Directors Member with SCVX 

Buzz and chatter around extended detection and response technology has increased rapidly since the term XDR was coined back in 2018. In just the last year, vendors have created two industry alliances designed to further develop the technology while creating shared frameworks, architectures and data exchange schemas. So how exactly is the XDR market shaking out? Where are we seeing progress and where is more effort needed? In this panel session, thought leaders in the cyber and venture capital space will address which XDR capabilities are for real, what are just buzzwords, and what the challenges are to XDR becoming a mature offering. 

2:00 PM ET 

Not Just for Large Enterprises: How XDR Can Benefit Lean Security Teams, George Tubin, Director Product Marketing with Cynet 

Most large enterprise security teams are looking at XDR to integrate and coordinate multiple security technologies to Improve staff efficiency and security outcomes. Can XDR also benefit companies with lean security teams that don’t have same breadth of security technologies in place as large enterprises? 

2:30 PM ET 

Watch Your Blind Spots: How Mobile EDR is a Critical Component of XDR, Alex Gladd, Principal Product Manager, EDR/XDR with Lookout 

While many organizations have comprehensive telemetry monitoring for servers, desktops, and
laptops, they lack the same visibility for iOS, Android, and Chrome OS endpoints. As employees
increase their use of mobile devices for work, attacks on these devices become more attractive.
Indeed, we observed a sharp 37% increase in the rate of enterprise mobile phishing encounters
that coincided with the start of the COVID-19 pandemic. To be effective at stopping data
breaches, security teams need the same comprehensive monitoring for mobile endpoints that
they have for traditional endpoints. This becomes even more important when implementing a
comprehensive XDR solution, where a lack of mobile EDR signals leaves organizations with
exploitable blind spots.

3:00 PM ET 

Keynote| Detection rejection: Malware techniques designed to bamboozle your detection & response. John Hubbard, Senior Instructor, Course Author & Cyber Defense Curriculum Lead with SANS Institute. 

Fileless malware. Obfuscation. Steganography. These are just a few of the methods used today by cybercriminals to hide their malicious code from detection and response solutions. This technical session will look at some of the most common evasion and anti-detection tricks used by cybercriminals today, and how organizations can effectively counter these tactics so that they are still able to spot and respond to the threat. 

Sun, 19 Dec 2021 12:06:00 -0600 en text/html
Killexams : Microsoft appears to reverse VBA macro-blocking

Microsoft appears to have quietly, and without fanfare, reversed a February 2022 policy to block Visual Basic for Applications (VBA) macros by default across five of the most used Office applications, citing negative user feedback.

The new policy was initially introduced on the basis that by making it impossible for users to enable macros by clicking a button by throwing extra click-throughs and reminders in their path, it would make it harder for threat actors to trick them into opening malicious attachments containing malware payloads. The change was made at least in part because of the ongoing prevalence of remote working.

However, as first reported by Bleeping Computer, Redmond now appears to have put the brakes on the policy and begun a rollback – which may yet prove temporary.

The rollback was first spotted by Microsoft users puzzled as to why the old security warning had reappeared on documents containing VBA macros, as opposed to the new block notice that they were becoming used to.

UK-based user Vince Hardwick was first to query the change on Microsoft’s Tech Community forums after running into difficulties attempting to demonstrate the new policy for a YouTube video he was making.

Responding to Hardwick’s query on the forums, Angela Robertson, Microsoft 365 Office Product Group principal GPM for identity and security, said: “Based on feedback received, a rollback has started. An update about the rollback is in progress. I apologise for any inconvenience of the rollback starting before the update about the change was made available.”

Other users, including Hardwick, voiced frustration that Microsoft had failed to communicate the rollback to them.

The nature of the feedback that Robertson referred to is unclear, but if the decision to rollback is indeed based on user feedback, it is unlikely to be the feedback of the security community, which had generally welcomed the move in the hope that it would Improve organisational security by cutting off an easy way for cyber criminals to establish initial access into their targets, ie by emailing them malicious documents or spreadsheets.

Security experts have already responded, describing Microsoft’s move as a “terrible idea” and a “weird decision”:

In the short period since the change began to roll out, plenty of evidence has indeed stacked up that the change was forcing threat actors to evolve their tactics, techniques and procedures (TTPs).

At the end of April, Proofpoint reported that the group behind the Emotet botnet had turned to using tainted OneDrive URLs instead of macro-enabled attachments, likely because blocking macros by default makes it harder for the average user to fall for the trick.

Then in June, Check Point reported that the Snake Keylogger was shooting back up its monthly threat charts following a number of novel email campaigns that saw it distributed in a tainted PDF file – historically, Snake had arrived in Word documents or Excel spreadsheets.

Computer Weekly contacted Microsoft to seek further clarification on the nature of the rollback, but had not received a response at the time of writing.

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Killexams : Meeting Room Technology

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