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700-751 Cisco SMB Product and Positioning Technical Overview (SMBSE)

This intensive classroom-based course will help attendees understand Cisco's vision, what Cisco sells, the Cisco Architectures and how best to plan, design and deploy Cisco solution portfolio.

Attendees will learn about Ciscos on-premises and cloud-managed products and solutions, including Connect (Switching, Routing and Wireless); Cisco Meraki portfolio; Secure (Cisco Security including a focus on Threat Defense with Cisco Umbrella); Collaborate (Cisco Collaboration including Webex, Webex Teams and Cisco Business Edition); and Compute (Cisco Data-Center and Cloud).

Finally, attendees will review the requirements of the SMBSE exam, including an test practice.

Course Content
This instructor-led course provides partner engineers and solution architects with the introductory information they need to effectively plan, design and deploy Cisco's SMB products and solutions.

Detailed Course Outline

A Brief History of Cisco
Mission Statement
SMB Solution Portfolio
Cisco's Architectures mapped to SMB Portfolio
Cisco Connect

Network requirements for a digital organization
Cisco portfolio flexibility and positioning
Cisco on-premises vs cloud-managed
On-premise managed
SMB Switching Overview
SMB Routing Overview
SMB Wireless (Mobility) Overview
Meraki Overview
Meraki Dashboard
Meraki MX, MS, MR, SM, MV products
Meraki licensing, support and warranty
Meraki sales cycle
Cisco Secure

Security threat landscape
Security and business outcomes
The 7 Attack vectors
Cisco Security Solutions Portfolio
Cisco SMB Security
Threat defense with Cisco Umbrella
Cisco Collaborate

Collaboration evolution
Cisco Collaboration Vision
Related business outcomes
Webex – Meetings & Messaging
Webex Teams
Cisco Business Edition Overview
Cisco Collaboration Endpoints
Cisco Compute

Cisco Unified Computing (UCS)
Cisco C220 M5 Rack Server
Cisco C240 M5 Rack Server
Cisco C4200 Series rack Server Chassis
Cisco UCS Rack Server comparison
Systems Management with Cisco Intersight
Cisco Hyperflex
Cisco Hyperflex use-cases
Cisco Hyperflex Edge
SMBSE test review

An examination of the SMBSE (Pearson-Vue 700-751) test requirements and format; to include a brief practice test session.

Cisco SMB Product and Positioning Technical Overview (SMBSE)
Cisco Positioning syllabus
Killexams : Cisco Positioning syllabus - BingNews Search results Killexams : Cisco Positioning syllabus - BingNews Killexams : Study in New Zealand with National Technology Institute

Welcome to National Technology Institute (NTec) in Auckland, New Zealand. National Technology Institute is a successful tertiary college which is registered and accredited by the New Zealand Qualifications Authority. NTec offers courses with a focus on preparing students for careers in hospitality, and computing and information technology. NTec works in partnership with Concordia Institute of Business, which offers courses in English, business and management.

National Technology Institute (NTI) is a successful tertiary college which is registered and accredited by the New Zealand Qualifications Authority. NTec offers courses with a focus on preparing students for careers in hospitality and computing and information technology. NTec works in partnership with Concordia Institute of Business, which offers courses in English, business and management.

NTec and Concordia have a reputation for being friendly, caring and welcoming, and have a multi-cultural staff with wide experience in education for international students.

Computing and Information Technology Programmes

NTec aims to be one of the leading computing and information technology training providers in New Zealand, producing students of the highest standard to the IT world.

The Computing and Information Technology programmes delivered by NTec are approved by the New Zealand Qualifications Authority (NZQA). Students not only get an internationally recognized qualification but also have the opportunity to gain industry certifications offered by leading companies like Microsoft, CompTIA and Cisco. The qualifications are mapped to certification contents so that a student is prepared for the certification test while studying towards their qualification.

Every Computing and Information Technology student automatically gets enrolled for membership in the New Zealand Computer Society. NZCS is a professional body of ICT professionals in New Zealand with the objective of achieving ongoing improvement in the delivery of high quality ICT by organizations and individuals.


Hospitality is one of the fastest growing areas of our economy. In New Zealand there are over 20,000 businesses in the hospitality industry employing over 100,000 staff. There are jobs available in hotels, specialty accommodation, bars, cafes and restaurants, both in New Zealand and around the world.

The Diploma of Business Management provides competency-based training and personal development for the workplace. The programme equips students with the knowledge and skills to enable them to commence and progress through a management career. The programme focuses on the skills needed by managers. It gives students the ability to understand their organisation's business needs and to develop strategies and action plans to meet those needs. On successful completion of the qualification the student is prepared for junior management roles in various industry sectors.

National Technology Institute offers full and partial scholarship programmes, recognizing and promoting academic excellence. Located in the heart of Auckland City, Ntec is within walking distance to shopping centres, movie theatres , cafés, food courts and many more leisure activities. Also as Ntec is located in the heart of the city, this would supply you an advantage when searching for part time jobs.

MDH Fernando, a pioneer in student recruitment to New Zealand, and Chairman/Managing Director of Australian New Zealand Education Consultants (pvt) Ltd has been promoting students to New Zealand since 1994. Mr. Fernando explains that there is a tremendous demand from students to pursue their higher studies at Ntec as courses offered are accredited by the Industry, approved by the New Zealand government and above all offers the students many facilities by the Institute. Mr. Fernando also explained that because the Diploma courses from National Technology Institute are New Zealand Qualification Authority approved, graduates qualify for Immigration NZ points under the Skilled Migration Category.

Working in the hospitality industry is a career that is exciting, fun and creative. Representatives of New Zealand's National Technology Institute are in Colombo to promote the launch of their new one-year hospitality programme that is designed for those with hospitality experience.

Mr. Bharat Chawla, the Market Development Manager for National Technology Institute, said that the new qualification is suitable for people who aspire to hold an operational manager's position in Rooms Division areas. The core syllabus of this qualification covers the areas of Hospitality operations and Hospitality management.

Mr. Chawla said that the Rooms Division specialization enables candidates to select unit standards that reflect their specialist work areas and allows candidates to focus on Commercial accommodation management and Hospitality facility utilization. Graduates of the qualification will acquire skills to advance their careers in operational management positions especially in the accommodation management areas. Applicants for the programme must be over 18 years of age and have relevant hospitality experience and have English competency equivalent to IELTS 5.5.

Australian New Zealand Education Consultants (Pvt) Ltd is holding a free seminar and on the spot application assessment at Galle Face Hotel today, February 21 from 10.30 a.m. to 3.30 p.m.
They can be contacted on 038-2235659 or or visit them at 131/4 Horana Road, Panadura.

For more information please visit National Technology Institute website at

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Dear Parents, times are not as it were for you or your parents. Gone are the days when your parents may not have even heard of the word "degree" and you thought it to be a peripheral accomplishment in regard to your career, employment, and family life.

These days a degree for your child is like having completed kindergarten/ nursery. As they say, "A building is only as strong as its foundation!" In an ever changing world, one needs to stay ahead of the rest in order to avoid being left out, and achieve Olympian Heights. First and foremost, one needs to know what sort of career field one wishes to follow. Which is why, parents and their children who have sat the A/levels, and are sitting this month need to choose the "port of destination."

Take a moment to reflect on how you (want to) see yourself in a few years time: You just conclude an important presentation, successfully, at your workplace; "Good Job!" commends your boss, "Congratulations!" says a co-worker, several respectful pats on your shoulder, and handshakes with admiration in their eyes. All the time they wish to be in your shoes. You proudly say, "I obtained my higher educational qualifications through Singapore Informatics, one of the pioneering establishments in Sri Lanka!"

That evening you meet up with an old friend from University. The two of you reminisce about the times spent at Singapore Informatics. All the 'tension' during test days, the adrenaline pumping through your bodies as the question paper was handed to each of you. The extreme joy each and every one of you felt on passing your terms with high colours, and finally how can you forget your Graduation Day? At Singapore Informatics we are always there for you. Finally, you are in a position in life, and your career you never thought you would achieve or come true. Hence, there are none but achievers at Singapore Informatics. Come join us and we will show you the world, and how to achieve your goals with a special care that none can match.

At Singapore Informatics, there are a minimum of three world prize winners (per term). The University of Portsmouth awarded three, 1st class degrees to its IT graduates on the IGC platform, worldwide, to the batch of 2010; Hashir Majeed, Sujith Ratnayake, and Tyronne Thomas of Singapore Informatics, Sri Lanka, were the recipients of the aforementioned 1st class degrees.

Majeed, now a Business Analyst at Mubasher, informs "What I am today is a result of three days' decision." According to Majeed, the deciding factors for enrolling in Singapore Informatics were: (flexible) course curriculum, and (obvious) future prospects; Thomas states that, many children of IT professionals he knew, were attending Singapore Informatics; the course content was highly relevant, and the courses they offered suited him.

Ratnayake adds that, he considered other options along with Singapore Informatics, but he chose this (Technology Management and Computing) degree, because he needed business knowledge as well as an IT degree. He also states that, the cost was also relatively less when compared to other institutions he had inquired. He worked full time at firms like, Ceylinco Internet Services, and Saberion in concurrence with his degree programme. Ratnayake is currently employed at Virtusa as a Project Manager.

With respect to educational standards at Singapore Informatics, all 3 former students are full of admiration for the lecturing staff for their invaluable assistance and dedication. They wish to express their gratitude to the following lecturing staff at Singapore Informatics for their tireless efforts: Mr. Fazly Jabbar, Mr. Ruvinda Ratnagoda, Mr. Mahen Jayalath, Mr. Dhanushka Muthukumarana, Ms. Chathurika Gunawardene, and Dr. Alice Good. "They took us under their wings… and went out of their way to help us" is the unanimous opinion of all 3 students.

When inquired as to the opinions on his term at Singapore Informatics, Ratnayake states that, it was not as easy for him as it was for full-time students; but, to attain 1st class degree rank, while being employed, is a challenge he triumphed over. In his final year Ratnayake scored the highest mark ever, worldwide, for the E-commerce module paper. Majeed, a proud Old Boy of St. Anthony's College (Kandy), informs, "From the beginning, most of us (in our batch) wanted to make a change…. We wanted to be the best of the best academically."

He adds that, they saw a significant improvement in the results for each of the modules since they decided to be "the change." Majeed was a Merit Student in his first 2 years of the degree programme. "Each of us would make time in our schedules to help out a fellow student in an area he/she finds challenging.... This is why, I think, our batch bagged so many merits and awards." Majeed also emerged as one of the three students who achieved rank A in Advanced Systems Development, in his final year.

Thomas, having been the Secretary and President of the Student Council says that, he really had fun and learnt a lot from his experiences at Singapore Informatics. "We organized cricket tournaments, blood donation campaigns, charity projects for the cancer hospital, and various other student based activities." He informs that, he learnt a lot about IT, and various technologies associated with it; their research Topics involved self-learning techniques, and he learnt the importance of "being a part of the team." Thomas obtained merit awards each consecutive year for all three years, and was awarded world rank #1 in IADIC. His final year thesis, "Integrated Information Systems for a Chemical Laboratory" was selected as the best collaborative project by the University of Portsmouth.

Director General Manager, Sri Lanka Territory Corporate Office of Singapore Informatics, Mr. Boshan Dayaratne adds, "Singapore Informatics was commenced in 1994, as a BOI venture... 100% owned by Informatics Education Ltd.,... this is the 16th year we are running operation in Sri Lanka, completely dedicated for education." Dayaratne informs that, Informatics Education, the corporate office, which is based in Singapore, has 113 centres in 22 countries. "We have recently purchased a campus premise in the US, and are looking to purchase or set up another in Australia... NCC education, UK is totally owned by Informatics Education Ltd.," adds Dayaratne. Informatics Education is partnered with 22 universities worldwide, he states.

Singapore Informatics is one of the pioneering private educational institutes in Sri Lanka. In exact times, Singapore Informatics has faced tough competition from other relatively new institutes; but in regard to quality education, it is still at the top level, states Dayaratne. He maintains that, the quality education standards are upheld because of the fact that, all course syllabuses, test papers, and paper marking is carried out by the Informatics Academy in Singapore, or the respective University.

The local trainers and lecturers only facilitate the students' progression of the syllabus; "They don't make papers and they don't correct them either." affirms Dayaratne. Regardless of such tough standards, a minimum of 3 students from Singapore Informatics are able to achieve world-prize winner status, in every examination result. "We don't make this as a business.... (We are a) quality education centre at a most affordable price for the public."

Students of Singapore Informatics are also active participants in all sorts of sporting events and at inter institute level too. Dayaratne includes, "Singapore Informatics, as per my knowledge, is the only private institute to participate in the Moratuwa University Robotics competitions annually." A Graduation Ball is held each year as well as an annual Christmas Party. The last Graduation Ball was held at Water's Edge, and we are planning to host it at Cinnamon Lakeside this year, reveals Dayaratne.

In regard to facilities, Dayaratne states that, apart from modern facilities, Singapore Informatics is looking to turn 2 classrooms into state-of-the-art lecture-halls which include video conferencing facilities. Apart from the physical library on premises, students of Singapore Informatics are granted an "Informatics Virtual Campus" library ID card, which gives access to millions of journals, periodicals, and related information sources. Singapore Informatics also maintains an Engineering Laboratory, as well as a Corporate Training Laboratory, where CCNA, Cisco and Microsoft training programmes can be run.

Singapore Informatics offers world class degree programmes in IT, Business, and Engineering. Students who enrol have a chance to obtain a global qualification at a local price. Registrations for the September intake are currently taking place. Call 269 9898 for further details. The new campus is conveniently located at: 519, T.B. Jayah Mawatha, Colombo 10, Sri Lanka.

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