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SAFe 5 Advanced Scrum Master (SASM)
Scrum Advanced book

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Question: 78
A Product Manager ...
A. Drives the Iteration
B. Drives the Releases and the Program Increments (PI)
Answer: B
Owning the âwhatâ means that product management is primarily responsible for release definition as well, including new features, architecture, and allocations for technical debt. This is
accomplished through a series of Program Increments and releases, whose definition and business objectives are also determined by product management.
Question: 79
As a part of governance charecteristics, a Product Manager ...
A. Includes Re-factors and re-designs in backlog
B. Integrates with other teams
C. Collaborates on Enablers
Answer: C
While Product Management is not expected to drive technological decisions, they are expected to understand the scope of upcoming enabler work. They collaborate with System and
Solution Architect/Engineering to jointly sequence the Architectural Runway that will host new business functionality. This is typically done by establishing a capacity allocation, as
described in the Guardrails article.
For more information:
Question: 80
Which one of the following is the main purpose of DevOps?
A. It solely focuses on a set of practices applied to large systems
B. It is primarily about test automation
C. It enables the architectural runway
D. It joins development and operations to enable continuous deployment
Answer: D
DevOps is a mindset, a culture, and a set of technical practices. It provides communication, integration, automation, and close cooperation among all the people needed to plan, develop,
test, deploy, release, and maintain a Solution. DevOps is part of the Agile Product Delivery competency of the Lean Enterprise.
For more information:,competency%20of%20the%20Lean%20Enterprise.
Question: 81
Which SAFe Competency describes how to apply Lean-Agile principles and practices to the specification, development, deployment, operation, and evolution of the worldĂąâąs largest and
most sophisticated software applications, networks, and cyber-physical systems.
A. Enterprise Solution Delivery
B. Team and technical agility
C. Lean Agile leadership
D. Continous learning culture
E. Organizational agility
F. Agile Product Delivery
Answer: A
The Enterprise Solution Delivery competency describes how to apply Lean-Agile principles and practices to the specification, development, deployment, operation, and evolution of the
worldâs largest and most sophisticated software applications, networks, and cyber-physical systems.
For more details:
Question: 82
What is the best measure of complex system development?
A. Prioritized Backlog
B. System Demo
C. Inspect and Adapt
D. Iteration Review
Answer: B
A system demo is a significant event that provides an integrated view of a new feature for the most exact iteration delivered by all the teams in the ART. This is the best measure of
complex system development. For more details please refer:
Question: 83
What is a Minimal Viable Product?
A. A minimal product that can validate a hypothesis
B. A minimal Feature that can be released to the market
C. A minimal product that can be built to achieve market dominance
D. A minimal story a team can deliver in an iteration
Answer: A
Analysis of an epic includes the definition of a Minimum Viable Product (MVP) for the epic. In the context of SAFe, an MVP is an early and minimal version of a new product or business
solution that is used to prove or disprove the epic hypothesis.
For more details:,or%20disprove%20the%20epic%20hypothesis.
Question: 84
Which SAFe Competency describes the critical skills and Lean-Agile principles and practices that high-performing Agile teams and Teams of Agile teams use to create high-quality
solutions for their customers
A. Team and technical agility
B. Organizational agility
C. Lean Agile leadership
D. Agile Product Delivery
E. Enterprise Solution Delivery
F. Continous learning culture
Answer: A
The Team and Technical Agility competency describe the critical skills and Lean-Agile principles and practices that high-performing Agile teams and Teams of Agile teams use to create
high-quality solutions for their customers.
For more details:
Question: 85
What is the focus of the Daily Stand-up meeting?
A. Plan objectives versus Program Owner objectives
B. Scrum Master goals versus Development Team goals
C. Iteration goals versus what got done
D. PI objectives versus outcomes
Answer: C
The Daily Stand-Up (DSU) Each day, the team meets at the same time and place to coordinate their work by answering the following questions: What did I do yesterday to advance the
iteration goals?
For more details:,to%20advance%20the%20iteration%20goals%3F
Question: 86
Understanding, exploiting and managing variability, and frequent integrations are part of:
A. Flow
B. Value
C. Leadership
D. Relentless improvement
E. Innovation
F. Agile-scrum
Answer: A
The principles of flow are an essential part of the Lean-Agile mindset. These include understanding the full Development Value Stream, visualizing and limiting Work in Process (WIP),
and reducing batch sizes and managing queue lengths. Additionally, Lean focus on identifying and continuously removing delays and waste (non-value-added activities). One critical move
that organizations must address to achieve flow is the shift from a start-stop-start project management process to an agile product management approach aligned to long-lived development
value streams.
For more details:
Question: 87
The release train engineer has gotten a job at Google. There are three leading candidates to replace her.
What is the best way to appoint her replacement?
A. The decision should be decentralised to the teams to decide
B. A decision should be made centrally
Answer: B
This is part of principle 9 C Decentralize decision-making. The decision is 'infrequent' (we hope) and 'long-lasting' (we hope) and therefore it fulfills two out of three criteria for a decision
to be made centrally? Can you remember the 3rd criteria?
For more information read:
Question: 88
Select the elements of an agile team in SAFe
A. self-managing
B. uses the best of scrum, XP and Kanban
C. Self-organising
D. Delivers valuable tested software every 2 to 4 weeks.
E. Empowered
Answer: A,B,C,E
These teams are self-organizing and self-managing, accountable to deliver results that meet the needs and expectations of their customers and stakeholders. They are also accountable to
each other and to other teams for delivering quality work on time. All of them are part of the agile team in SAFe.
For more details:,for%20delivering%20larger%20solution%20value.
Question: 89
Which Spanning Palette item describes a special Agile team that provides assistance in building and using the continuous delivery pipeline, and where necessary, validating full end-to-end
system performance.
A. System Team
B. Shared Services
C. Vision
D. Milestones
E. Roadmap
F. Community of Practices
Answer: A
System Team is the Spanning Palette item that describes a special Agile team that provides assistance in building and using the continuous delivery pipeline, and where necessary,
validating full end-to-end system performance.
For more details:
Question: 90
Which is the most comprehensive configuration, including all seven core competencies needed for business agility
A. Full
B. Essential
C. Portfolio
D. Large Solution
Answer: A
Full SAFe is the most comprehensive configuration, including all seven core competencies needed for business agility. It is typically used by the worldâs largest enterprises to maintain
portfolios of large and complex solutions.
For more details:

Scrum Advanced book - BingNews Search results Scrum Advanced book - BingNews Advanced Coursebooks

The upper-level coursebooks in the Cambridge Spanish collection are engaging and comprehensive texts written to anchor an advanced Spanish course. The collection includes:

  • Curso de Literatura española moderna, an anthology that introduces students to Latin American and Spanish literature from the nineteenth century to the present day.
  • España, ayer y hoy, an upper-level text perfect for art and culture courses, which introduces students to the customs and history of Spain.
  • Tablas, which offers advanced students the opportunity to Strengthen their Spanish communication while planning and staging a theatrical production.
  • Vamos al cine, which invites intermediate and advanced students to explore the culturally rich world of Latin American film while encouraging the development of strong oral communication skills.

Curso de Literatura española moderna educates students about an important era in global literature, improves their Spanish communication, and develops their critical and creative thinking skills. The volume features a broad selection of texts, and includes a variety of activities intended to activate prior knowledge and stimulate reflection, comprehension and creativity.

España, ayer y hoy includes a CD-ROM of interactive activities so that students can practice the content of the book.

Tablas encourages learners to Strengthen written comprehension while working with engaging and practical material. Students become comfortable and confident with oral communication as they learn their lines, make decisions about their characters, and work together to achieve their artistic goals.

Vamos al cine presents themes that elicit debate and discussion between upper-level students, and incorporates reference tools like a guide of essential vocabulary, expressions, and new words.

Curso de Literatura española moderna supports instructors with cultural, historical, and literary background about each text, and includes expansion activities for the teacher on ELEteca, the Cambridge/Edinumen LMS.

España, ayer y hoy contains projectable activities and dynamic games that bring Spanish culture to life in the classroom.

Vamos al cine contains flexible activities that adapt well to use both in and outside of the classroom, and includes only films that are easily available in the United States, simplifying the instructor's assignment process.

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Advanced Geodynamics

‘Advanced Geodynamics brings the unique perspective of a leading geophysicist to the solution of a wide array of problems in geodynamics. The approach emphasizes the use of advanced mathematics, in particular the Fourier transform, to obtain a quantitative understanding of the processes involved in shaping the Earth’s surface. The advanced mathematical approach not only enhances the elegance of the solutions, but it enables the consideration of many problems not accessible with less sophisticated mathematical methods. The choice of problems benefits from the deep physical insights of the author to their solutions. The book discusses the physical processes involved in plate tectonics and the earthquake cycle and provides the latest relevant observational data sets. An emphasis is also placed on the use of gravity data to learn about these processes. The book is the product of decades of teaching by the author and is a must read for students of the physics of the Earth with the appropriate mathematical background.’

Gerald Schubert - University of California, Los Angeles; co-author of Geodynamics

‘Most authors would find writing a sequel to Turcotte and Schubert’s classic book on Geodynamics a daunting task. Not so for David Sandwell, whose first book is a wonderful mix of observations and theory, elegant mathematics and a focus on the oceans and the Fourier method which together help illuminate some of the fundamental physical processes that underlie plate tectonics.’

Tony Watts - University of Oxford; author of Isostasy and Flexure of the Lithosphere

‘Advanced Geodynamics: The Fourier Transform Method by David Sandwell is a godsend for advanced undergraduate students, graduate students, and researchers actively engaged in the broad area of geodynamics. It complements the classic Geodynamics book by Turcotte & Schubert in a way nothing else could: by elevating the treatment to real, cutting-edge research problems via Fourier transforms that deliver simple and elegant solutions to complicated science problems.’

Paul Wessel - University of Hawaii

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Age-Appropriate Books for Young Advanced Readers No result found, try new keyword!Are you trying to find books for your elementary-age or middle-school-age advanced reader who reads at a a higher studying level, maybe even a high school studying level? It’s tricky to find age ... Tue, 19 Dec 2023 03:54:00 -0600 en-us text/html JEE Advanced books that will help you in the upcoming exams
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Best history books for students : Top picks online

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The Best Books of 2023

Near the start of “The Guest,” Alex, a sex worker, is booted out of a mansion by Simon, her affluent boyfriend. They appear to be on the ritzy east end of Long Island, though the location is never named. Alex must make a choice: she can return to the city, where she has no friends, no apartment, and a vaguely menacing man on her heels, or she can wait out Simon’s anger, hoping he’ll take her back at his annual Labor Day party, in six days’ time. She chooses the latter. Her only tools are a bag of designer clothes, a mind fogged by painkillers, and a dying phone. But what follows is riveting, a class satire shimmed into the guise of a thriller.  Because Alex is young, pretty, well-dressed, and white, the privileged people she meets believe that she’s one of them. They let her into their parties, their country club, their cars, their homes. Alex, like Cline, is a consummate collector of details, and part of the book’s pleasure is its depiction of the one percent—their meaningless banter, their blandly interchangeable clothes. But Alex is too passive a character for revenge. The book isn’t a caustic takedown of the rich so much as a queasy reminder of their invulnerability.

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HCAS Book Series and Newsletter

The Newsletter presents the current HCAS fellows and their research as well as events organized at the Collegium.

HCAS Newsletter 2023 (June edition)

EDITOR IN CHIEF Kaisa Kaakinen

LAYOUT Hanna Sario / Unigrafia

CONTRIBUTORS Tuomas Forsberg, Amanda HĂ€kkinen, Anna Kananen, Kinga Polynczuk-Alenius, Tero Toivanen

HCAS Newsletter 2021–2022

Read the Newsletter 2021–2022 to find out more about current research and events at the Helsinki Collegium!

EDITOR IN CHIEF Kaisa Kaakinen

LAYOUT Hanna Sario / Unigrafia

CONTRIBUTORS Hanne Appelqvist, Tuomas Forsberg, Olivia Hakala, Matias Ingman, Emmi-Ilona Kivi

HCAS News­let­ter 2020–2021

EDITOR IN CHIEF Kaisa Kaakinen
LAYOUT Hanna Sario
CONTRIBUTORS  Dominika Baczynska-Kimberley, Shanna Constantinescu, Tuomas Forsberg, Sofie Henriksen, Kaisa Kaakinen, Riina Koskela, Mari Peltonen
PRINT Unigrafia
© HCAS 2021

HCAS News­let­ter 2019–2020

EDITOR IN CHIEF Kaisa Kaakinen
LAYOUT Minerva Juolahti
CONTRIBUTORS Irinja Bickert, Tuomas Forsberg, Nabila Joyee, Riikka Juntunen, Kaisa Kaakinen, Timo Kalliokoski, Mari Peltonen
PRINT Unigrafia
© HCAS 2020

Beginning in 2020, the publication series of the Helsinki Collegium for Advanced Studies was relaunched under the title AHEAD: Advanced Studies in the Humanities and Social Sciences. AHEAD is a fully open access online publication series, published in collaboration with the Helsinki University Press. Our goal is to provide a platform especially for multidisciplinary research, in accordance with the concept of an Institute for Advanced Study. AHEAD has a double-blind, two-stage referee process. The Deputy Director of the Helsinki Collegium acts as the editor of the series.

For more information on the series, contact the Series Editor Hanne Appelqvist.

During the years 2006-2017, HCAS published a scholarly open-access journal COLLeGIUM.

Mul­tidiscip­lin­ary Per­spect­ives on COVID-19

A multidisciplinary in-house publication based on the symposium held at Helsinki Collegium for Advanced Studies on 16/6/2020.

This pamphlet gathers together short essays by Helsinki Collegium fellows, who draw on their research expertise to analyze different aspects of the COVID-19 crisis. It sheds a light on the power of conjoining multidisciplinary perspectives: history, literature, psychology, anthropology, linguistics, philosophy, political science, poetry, filmmaking and more, disciplines which sit side by side at the Collegium.

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Bad Review? Sue the Critic. Whistler Did.

FALLING ROCKET: James Whistler, John Ruskin, and the Battle for Modern Art, by Paul Thomas Murphy

“I have seen, and heard, much of Cockney impudence before now; but never expected to hear a coxcomb ask 200 guineas for flinging a pot of paint in the public’s face.” These words by John Ruskin, Victorian England’s pre-eminent critic, were written in 1877 about “Nocturne in Black and Gold — The Falling Rocket,” a painting by James Abbott McNeill Whistler, the most flamboyant artist of that era.

And they resulted in the most notorious trial in the history of art when Whistler decided to take the shocking step of suing the writer for his review — as much for the publicity as for the thousand guineas in damages.

Both artist and critic were already very famous; Whistler, the American-born dandy, aesthete and provocateur, made a compelling contrast to Ruskin, who for decades had served as moralistic defender of a spiritual gravitas rooted in the Middle Ages. The painting that so inspired Ruskin’s ire supposedly conjured a fireworks display, though — as the darkest and moodiest of Whistler’s “nocturnes” — it was as close to pure abstraction as art had yet ventured.

Whistler had first exhibited the shocking oil at London’s Grosvenor Gallery ; Ruskin’s scathing review initially appeared in the July, 1877 edition of his newsletter, Fors Clavigera. The art world was agog.

Whistler saw this as a chance to gain some much-needed funds and to publicly state his views on art in opposition to the most celebrated cultural theorist of the time. But Ruskin himself never took the dock, incapacitated as he was by a series of breakdowns, and he instead had Edward Burne-Jones, the Pre-Raphaelite painter, testify on his behalf. The November 1878 trial lasted only two days, but it was an immediate cause célÚbre in the international press.

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