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HP Designing health
Killexams : HP Designing health - BingNews Search results Killexams : HP Designing health - BingNews Killexams : How HP Designers Think About Sustainable PCs

Published 07-07-22

Submitted by HP Inc.

" "
Stacy Wolff outside the CMF (colors, materials, fabric) library.

HP Inc.

In a conference room at HP’s Silicon Valley campus, a cornucopia of materials is placed all around. On the table and walls are swatches in fashion-forward colors (teal green, scarlet, rose gold) and novel textures (mycelium foam, crushed seashells, recycled rubber from running tracks, fabric from recycled jeans). Even more unexpected: pairs of high-end athletic shoes, and lots of them; luggage and backpacks, teapots and totes; stacks of gorgeous coffee-table books on subjects ranging from furniture to architecture — all to inspire the look and feel of devices that HP has yet to imagine.

Being able to touch, test, and debate about these items in person is part of the process, a creative collaboration Global Head of Design & Sustainability Stacy Wolff and his talented team of designers are grateful to be able to do side by side again inside their light-filled studio in Palo Alto. With each iteration of an HP laptop, desktop, or gaming rig, they endeavor to push the bounds of sustainable design while offering consumers a device that they’re proud to use each day.

For the last few years, HP’s design work has gained recognition, evidenced by the studio’s gleaming rows of awards. But there’s not a single name listed on any of them. “Everything we do is by collective effort. We win as a group, and we lose as a group,” says Wolff. “If you won an award, someone else had to do maybe a less glamorous job to supply you the freedom to do that.”

The team of 73 creatives in California, Houston, and Taipei are from backgrounds as varied as design, engineering, graphics, anthropology, poetry, ergonomics, and sports journalism. There’s one thing they have in common, though. Disagreements are dealt with by amping up their communication and doubling down on what they know to be their source of truth. “If we let the customer be the North Star, it tends to resolve almost all conflict,” Wolff says.

HP’s head of design has led a massive shift in how HP approaches design since its split from HPE in 2015, steering the company toward a more unified, yet distinct, visual identity, and a willingness to experiment with both luxury and mass-market trends. Wolff’s team is responsible for delivering the award-winning HP Spectre and ENVY lines, including the HP Spectre 13 (at the time of launch, hailed as the world’s thinnest laptop); the HP Spectre Folio (the first laptop with a leather chassis); the HP ENVY Wood series (made with sustainably-sourced, genuine wood inlays); and the HP Elite Dragonfly (the world’s first notebook to use ocean-bound plastic). Among the honors: In 2021, HP received seven Green Good Design Awards from the European Centre for Architecture Art Design and Urban Studies and the Chicago Athenaeum: Museum of Architecture and Design.

" "
Industrial designer Sid Bhat reviewing swatches of fabric.

Today, Wolff and his team are in their recently outfitted studio, which opened late last year in HP’s Palo Alto headquarters. In the common areas, there is an inviting atmosphere of warm wood and soft, textured surfaces. Designers are tapping away at their keyboards, breaking off to share quick sketches and notes in an informal huddle around a digital whiteboard. In the gallery — an airy space that looks a lot like an upscale retail store — foam models, proof-of concept designs, and an array of laptop parts, keycaps, speakers, and circuit boards are splayed out on stark white countertops. Light from the courtyard pours in from the floor-to-ceiling windows.

“The studio has become a home,” says Wolff, who’s been with the company for 27 years. “When you think about a house, where does everybody go? Where is the love, and creation, and the stories being told? All that is shared in the kitchen.”

Granted this kitchen also has a really, really nice espresso maker.

The new space, like the kitchen, bubbles with energy and fuels the collaborative process, which was somewhat stifled when everyone was working remotely. “Creativity is a magical thing,” Wolff says. “That’s why it’s so important to design in a common space. We took for granted the process of organic product development. When you work from home, it becomes almost serial development. There’s no serendipity.”

After months of improvising the tools they needed to work together, the team finds that being back in the office is where they can be most creative and efficient. “Designers are very hands-on,” says Kevin Massaro, vice president of consumer design. “Everything in the studio is tactile.”

Yet, the time spent working remotely produced valuable insights that are informing future products, such as a PC camera disaggregated from the monitor so it can be manipulated to capture something on a person’s desk (like a sketch); super-wide-screen displays with integrated light bars that offer a soft backlight for people working late at night; and monitors that adjust to taller heights, to better accommodate a standing desk.

" "
An ocean-bound plastic bottle is recycled into new material, broken down and re-formed into pieces that are uniform in size, shape, color, and strength.

In exact years, the team has also turned its sights toward defining — and redefining — what sustainable design means for HP. In 2021 HP announced some of the most aggressive and comprehensive climate goals in the technology industry, bringing new complexity — and new gravitas — to what Wolff and his team are aiming to accomplish.

“You’re no longer just a company that’s manufacturing technology, you’re a company that’s helping to better people’s lives,” Wolff says. Working toward HP’s goal to become the most sustainable and just technology company is less about integrating greater percentages of recycled materials into new products, and more about an accounting of the entire life cycle of a device, from the electricity used over its lifetime and the minerals mined for its batteries, to the chemicals used in its painted powder coating and what exactly happens to a product when returned for recycling.

When a customer opens a box made of 100% recycled molded fiber packaging to reveal the premium Elite Dragonfly PC, which made waves for being the first notebook with ocean-bound plastic, that’s where this team’s efforts become tangible.

The Dragonfly isn’t only a triumph of design, it proved that circularity can be an integral part of mass-manufacturing for personal electronics. The third generation of that same device, released in March (see “How the HP Elite Dragonfly Took Flight,” page 36), raised the bar for battery life and weight with a new process that fuses aluminum and magnesium in the chassis, the latter of which is both lightweight and 100% recyclable.

This was a feat of engineering alchemy, says Chad Paris, Global Senior Design Manager. “Not only do you have different properties of how these metals work together, it was a challenge to make sure that it’s seamless,” he says. The team innovated and came up with a thermofusion process that lends a premium feel to the Dragonfly while keeping its weight at just a kilogram.

This inventiveness dovetails with Wolff’s pragmatic approach to sustainability. Not only does each change have to scale for a manufacturer the size of HP, it has to strike the right balance between brand integrity and forward-leaning design. “We can take waste and make great things,” Wolff says, gesturing at a pile of uniform plastic pellets that used to be a discarded bottle. “But ultimately, we want our products to live longer, so we’re designing them to have second lives.”

" "
A look inside the HP Elite Dragonfly, including parts made with ocean-bound plastic.

A sustainable HP notebook, no matter what materials it’s made from, needs to look and feel like HP made it, says Sandie Cheng, Global CMF Director. The CMF (colors, materials, finishes) library holds thousands of fabric swatches, colored tiles, and paint chips and samples, which Cheng uses as inspiration for the look and feel of fine details such as the touch pad on a laptop, the smooth glide of a hinge, or the sparkle of the HP logo peeking through a laser-etched cutout.

Cheng and her team head out on scouting trips to gather objects from a variety of places and bring them back to the studio, composing their own ever-changing mood board. In the CMF library, there are Zen-like ceramic-and-bamboo vessels picked up from an upscale housewares boutique in San Francisco alongside scores of upholstery samples in chic color palettes, hunks of charred wood, and Nike’s Space Hippie trainers.

Most of these materials will never make it to production, but they offer up a rich playground for the team’s collective imagination. Foam made from mycelium (i.e., fungi threads) is an organic material that can be grown in just two weeks. Perhaps one day it could be used as material to cover the Dragonfly chassis, even if right now it couldn’t survive the daily wear and tear we put on our PCs. Or its spongy, earthy texture might inspire a new textile that lends a softer feel to an otherwise hard-edged device on your desk.

“We as designers have to think outside the box to stay creative and inspired, but we also have to develop materials that can be used for production,” Cheng says. “It’s a balance of staying creative and also being realistic.”

The same holds true for how the materials are made. Manufacturing with fabric is notorious for producing massive amounts of waste because of the way patterns are cut, but HP wants to change that with its own soft goods, such as the HP Renew Sleeve. It’s made with 96% recycled plastic bottle material, and importantly, the 3D knitting process used to make the laptop sleeve leaves virtually zero waste, generating only a few stray threads.

Earlier this month, Cheng and her team went to Milan, Italy, for fresh inspiration. They attended Salone del Mobile 2022, one of the industry’s largest textile, furniture, and home design trade shows, to get a sense of the big design trends of the next few years, including what Cheng calls “the centered home,” which evokes feelings of comfort, coziness, and calm.

She explains that the blurring of work and life means that what consumers want in their next device, whether it’s one issued by their company or selected from a store shelf, is something that looks and feels like it fits into their personal spaces. “Your PC should be really versatile and adapt to whichever environment you’re in and how you want to use it,” she says.

Consumers also want to feel good about their purchase, which increasingly means choosing brands that care for the finite resources on our shared planet. A 2021 report by research firm IDC found that 43% of 1,000 decision-makers said sustainability was a critical factor in their tech-buying choices.

As the Personal Systems designers charge ahead into a sustainable future — whatever it brings — they’ll surely do it in their iterative, measured, and collaborative way.

“When it comes to sustainability, it’s all about forward progress, and everyone’s job is a sustainability job,” Wolff says. “As founder Dave Packard said, ‘The betterment of our society is not a job to be left to the few. It’s a responsibility to be shared by all.’”

HP Inc. logo

HP Inc.

HP Inc.

HP Inc. creates technology that makes life better for everyone, everywhere. Through our portfolio of printers, PCs, mobile devices, solutions, and services, we engineer experiences that amaze. More information about HP (NYSE: HPQ) is available at

Sustainable Impact at HP, Inc.

Sustainable Impact is our commitment to create positive, lasting change for the planet, its people and our communities. Click here for more information on HP’s Sustainable Impact initiatives, goals and progress.

  • Planet
  • People
  • Communities

More from HP Inc.

Thu, 07 Jul 2022 03:00:00 -0500 en text/html
Killexams : Opinions | Racial bias is built into the design of pulse oximeters No result found, try new keyword!One of the most indispensable devices of the coronavirus pandemic is the pulse oximeter, which clips onto a person’s finger, shines out a light and reports back a blood oxygen percentage. Patients use ... Tue, 26 Jul 2022 22:00:09 -0500 en-us text/html Killexams : Create, consume & live seamlessly: HP's new AI-powered Spectre notebooks are perfect for hybrid work culture With hybrid work arrangements becoming the norm today, consumers desire a single device for their work and entertainment needs. To cater to these demands, HP has recently launched its all-new, AI-powered Spectre 13.5 x360 and Spectre 16 laptops in India.

Built with the flexibility to work, consume, create and live seamlessly, the new Spectre laptops are premium in style, offering 3:2 Windows convertible with 91 per cent screen to body ratio and adaptive intelligence. The new portfolio’s revolutionary performance, mobility and enhanced security will enable tech-savvy users to consume and create in a smooth, seamless and collaborative way.

The laptops have been designed keeping in mind the needs of today’s young working professionals, especially millennials and Gen Z. They’re powered by Intel® Evo™ platforms, featuring 12th Gen Intel® Core™ processors for improved multi-tasking performance.

To cater to the needs of consumers, no matter how and where they choose to work, the HP Spectre x360 portfolio is built with AI-powered intelligent features such as auto-frame, noise reduction, dynamic voice levelling, health and well-being features, AI-based privacy alerts and sound enhancement for a smooth and seamless experience.

Colourful Work
Available in Nightfall Black with pale brass accent and Nocturne Blue with

blue accents, the Spectre x360 laptops come with breakthrough design and striking features for the ultimate experience. In addition, the laptops are enabled by intelligent features like power saver and adaptive battery optimiser, to extend the battery life whenever charging accessibility is limited. With the launch of the new Spectre x360 laptops, HP has also reaffirmed its commitment to sustainability. Building on the world’s most sustainable PC portfolio, the Spectre laptop is crafted from recycled aluminium and ocean-bound plastic.

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HP is committed to a resourceful way to drive positive impact for the environment , and the brand is leading the way in the use of renewable and biodegradable materials in its products and packaging. Commenting on the launch, Vickram Bedi, senior director, Personal Systems, HP Inc India, said, “At HP, we focus on insights-based innovations to deliver the best solutions for our customers.

The new HP Spectre x360 laptops are stunning and powerful, and provide modern consumers with the tools and technology necessary to maximise their potential in today’s hybrid world. The Spectre range has a variety of AI features, including ‘AutoFrame’, noise reduction and backlight adjustment, as an attempt to create intelligent products that can keep up with today’s youth and help them show up at their best.”

Wed, 27 Jul 2022 16:04:00 -0500 en text/html
Killexams : Amazon Great Freedom Festival Sale: Best offers not to miss on Laptops and Smartwatches
Amazon Great Freedom Festival Sale, starting on 6th August, will offer some of the best deals you have ever seen on Amazon. It will offer discounts and best deals across different product categories, including laptops, smartwatches, cameras, accessories, and others.

Amazon has promised to offer up to 70% discounts on Laptops, Smartwatches, headphones, Cameras, and more. Thus, without wasting any more time, we are presenting a list of some best deals on laptops and smartwatches that you can’t afford to miss during the Amazon sale.

Amazon Great Freedom Festival Sale Deal on Laptops

HP 14s 11th Gen Intel Core i3 Laptop

HP 14s laptop makes the most of your day. It comes with Windows 11 and weighs only 1.46kg, and the battery power is super high with 9-hr of backup. The HP 14-inch laptop features a reliable performance with better clarity on display.

With an Intel Core i3 processor, you can efficiently work, browse, and stream. Moreover, with the built-in Alexa feature, you can simplify your life by using voice to control and command the device.

Technical Details
Brand & Model
HP 14s-dy2506TU
Memory Storage
Hard disk description
Intel Core i3
Processor Speed
3.7 GHz
Operating System
Windows 11 Home
Amazon Offer Price
Click here to know.

DELL Vostro 3401 Intel Core i3 Laptop

Experience uninterrupted productivity with an all-new Dell Vostro 14-inch laptop. It has a brilliant full HD panel that offers accurate brightness and vivid colour for an enhanced user experience. Its 2-sided marrow border emphasises the display screen while minimising the distractions. With the feature of Express Charge, the device battery can quickly charge up to 80% in just an hour, so you are not tied down to an outlet.

The design of the Dell Vostro laptop is equipped with an array of ports and an SD card reader to let you stay connected to what matters the most.

Technical Details
Brand & Model
Dell Vostro 3401
4 GB
Memory Storage
256 GB
Hard disk description
Intel Core i3
Processor Speed
1.2 GHz
Operating System
Windows 10 Home
Amazon Offer Price
Click here to know.

Lenovo Thinkbook 15 Intel 11th Gen Core i5 Laptop

Enjoy a heavy-duty performance on the Lenovo ThinkBook 15 laptop, with its advanced 10th Generation Intel Core i5 processors. The Lenovo ThinkBook 15 display offers a full HD display for lifelike visuals and accurate colour and contrast. Its elegant and dual-tone design lets you stand out, and enough to take it anywhere, as it weighs just 1.7kg.

The laptop comes with a Home version of Windows 10, but you can upgrade to Windows 11 at no extra cost.

Technical Details
Brand & Model
Lenovo ThinkBook 15
Memory Storage
128 GB
Hard disk description
Intel Core i5
Processor Speed
2.4 GHz
Operating System
Windows 10 Home
Amazon Offer Price
Click here to know.

Amazon Great Freedom Festival Sale Deal on Smartwatches

Crossbeats Ignite Atlas Smartwatch

Crossbeats Ignite Atlas is the segment’s first-ever GPS smartwatch with Bluetooth calling. The dual satellite GLONASS accurate route mapping travelling to a new place becomes more accessible and convenient. You can stay connected with your friends and family with its Bluetooth calling. Additionally, you can accurately monitor your health with its AI-powered health sensors, which are compatible with Apple Health, Strava App, and Google Fit.

Its long-lasting performance, up to 10-day battery life, and smart controls make this smartwatch a master in its segment. Click here to buy now.

Noise Colorfit Pulse 2 Smartwatch

Colorfit Pulse 2 is now the nation's pulse. The 1.8-inch big screen gives better clarity and viewing experience, and its 550 nits brightness keeps the smartwatch bright day and night. Its Noise Health Suite lets you stay on course with your health and fitness goals with 50 sports modes.

With Bluetooth calling and SMS features, you can stay productive while travelling.
Click here to buy Colorfit Pulse 2 smartwatch now.

Amazon is LIVE with its Kickstarter deals. Explore these deals here.

FAQs on Amazon Great Freedom Festival Sale on Laptops and Smartwatches

Q1. How much discount is Amazon offering during the Great Freedom Festival Sale on Laptops and Smartwatches?

Ans. Amazon offers up to 75% off laptops and smartwatches during the Great Freedom Festival Sale 2022.

Q2. Is there any deal for Lenovo laptops on Amazon Great Freedom Festival Sale?

Ans. Amazon is offering huge discounts on laptops and other electronic items. The top brands like Hp, Lenovo, Samsung and many others are participating. Stay tuned to the Amazon homepage for updates.

Q3. Is there any new product launch expected during Amazon Great Freedom Festival Sale?

Ans. Yes. Amazon has announced 60+ new launches by different brands during its Great Freedom Festival Sale.

Disclaimer : The above content is non-editorial and produced by a third party advertiser. Times Internet Limited/ Economic Times does not guarantee, vouch for or endorse any of the content or its genuineness. The product prices mentioned in the article are subject to change including depending upon offers given by Amazon.

Thu, 04 Aug 2022 23:56:00 -0500 en text/html
Killexams : Device for the new-age workforce

Today’s hybrid way of work has created unique opportunities and PCs have become more integral to workplaces than ever before. Today’s working professionals, especially Millennials and Gen Zs, long for devices that are the latest and greatest, offering a mix of productivity, personal activities and entertainment.

To meet the demands of the diverse work environment and generation, HP announces its new Spectre portfolio- Spectre 13.5 x 360 and Spectre 16.

Al-based features that guard your privacy

The Spectre portfolio is built with AI-powered intelligent features such as Auto-frame, Noise reduction, dynamic voice levelling, health and well-being features, AI based privacy alert and sound enhancement for a smooth and seamless hybrid work experience. AI-based privacy alerts allow users to collaborate and create in public spaces, blurring the screen when someone is right behind. Gesture controls like pause, play, forward and previous further help with easy performance. Spectre x360’s touch display will allow you to leverage multi-gestures like pinch-to-zoom, double tap, and press and hold to create and easily manipulate drawings and other creative content. You can also easily take notes or sketch with a MPP 2.0 tilt pen that comes as a magnetic attachment with the device.

A PC as dynamic as you

Today’s new-age workforce – GenZs and Millennials require devices with smart features to help them adapt to their fast lifestyle.

The Spectre laptops are Eyesafe® Certified, and they come with an always-on blue light filter that will provide you with a comfortable viewing experience. It is built right into the display, with no need to adjust settings. This helps reduce eye strain for longer working hours.

Available in Nightfall black with pale brass accent and Nocturne blue with celestial blue accents, the Spectre laptops come with a beautiful gem cut and dual chamber angular design, achieved with high- precision aluminium CNC.

Speed that keeps up with you

The HP Spectre laptops are built with 12th Gen Intel® Core™ Processors, to provide the best performance to GenZs and Millennials. To further maximise their potential in today’s hybrid world, the devices also come with a 120 Hz display for a 2x faster display refresh rate that assures smooth, responsive actions.

The Spectre laptops have up to 16 hours of long-lasting battery that puts in the work all day with a fast charge feature that boosts up to 50% in just 30 minutes. In addition, the Power Saver and Adaptive battery optimiser mode extends the battery life whenever charging accessibility is limited.

Eco-conscious technology

Building on the world’s most sustainable PC portfolio, the Spectre range is crafted from recycled aluminium and ocean bound plastics. All in all, HP’s commitment to using renewable and biodegradable materials in its products and packaging wonderfully shows how technology can be intersected with eco- conscious practices without compromising on innovations.

Create and collaborate in the hybrid world with HP’s Spectre x360 laptops. Check out all the available laptops here.

Mon, 25 Jul 2022 22:52:00 -0500 en-IN text/html
Killexams : Acer Chromebook vs. HP Chromebook

Which Acer or HP Chromebook is better? 

Having been on the market for more than a decade now, Chromebooks present consumers with an inexpensive, streamlined alternative to Apple and Windows laptops. They work beautifully with Google apps and services. While Chromebooks were initially intended only for casual use, there’s a growing number of options that come with more speed and power. Chromebooks are produced by several brands, with HP and Acer being two of the most popular. 

HP Chromebooks

HP is a pioneer in the laptop industry and one of the most trusted brands in electronics. HP’s hardware is consistently reliable, and both its plastic and aluminum laptop models are sturdy and well-made. Regarding standard laptops, HP is comparable to Dell in terms of design, quality, and popularity, though HP Chromebooks typically outperform Dell Chromebooks. 

HP released its first Chromebook, the Pavilion Chromebook, in February 2013. Early on, HP prioritized larger, more powerful Chromebooks, though they have since released models across the size, price, and performance spectra. HP’s Chromebooks tend to be cheaper than their laptops running Windows OS. As is typical with Chromebooks, most HP options will be in the $200-450 price range, though larger models with more advanced processors can sell for more than $600.

HP Chromebook pros

HP 14-inch Chromebook HD

One of HP’s biggest strengths is the wide variety of Chromebooks they sell. They have a reputation for more deluxe and expensive computers, but their more basic options are some of the best starter Chromebooks on the market. A particularly good option is their HP 14-inch Chromebook HD with an Intel Celeron N3350. With 32GB of SSD, it has great performance for its price point, and customers have loved the quick startup and ease of use. It is both lightweight and easily portable at 14 inches, and the impressive 10-hour battery life makes it great for anyone hoping to take their Chromebook on the go. The slightly faster HP 14-inch Chromebook HD with an Intel Celeron 4000 processor is another great option with the same display size.

HP also excels at producing amazing 2-in-1 laptops, which can be used as both standard laptops and touch screen tablets. These Chromebooks are typically foldable, meaning that the touch screen display can be rotated behind the keyboard using a folding hinge. This gives a 2-in-1 laptop a thin, tablet-like frame that allows consumers to utilize the touch screen without the keyboard getting in the way. These laptops are perfect for students, commuters, and creatives who value both content creation and visual design.

Chromebook X360

HP’s Chromebook X360 is easily one of the finest 2-in-1 Chromebooks on the market, with its 12-hour battery life and Intel Pentium Silver N5000 Processor ensuring extended, reliable use. The design’s chassis and general hardware are also incredible for the price, showing that HP’s reputation for well-built devices still means something. 

HP Chromebook cons

HP Chromebook 14c 2-in-1

HP Chromebooks can sometimes be on the higher end of the price spectrum, and this is especially true of models with nicer processors. While most HP Chromebooks are similarly priced to comparable models from other brands, HP’s occasionally superficial hardware features can lead to higher costs. The HP Chromebook 14c 2-in-1, for example, offers an i3 processor at a greater cost than many Acer models. 

As is the case with all Chromebooks, HP Chromebooks are not designed for high-level professional use, and performance won’t hold up to pricier HPs that run on Windows OS.

Acer Chromebooks

Historically, Acer is known for giving consumers affordable computer options, but they also sell more deluxe models. Acer excels in academic and casual business use, and their laptop designs set them apart from HP and Dell. 

Acer has been involved in Chromebooks since the beginning, selling the earliest models along with Samsung back in 2011. They have been steadily growing their Chromebook selection, and their most exact Chromebooks are 2020’s Spin 713 series. As is the case with HP, Acer’s Chromebooks are in the $200-650 price range, though most are less than $500.

Acer Chromebook pros

Acer Chromebook 14

Despite sometimes being thought of as an affordable alternative to more popular brands, Acer has come out with several sturdy, excellent Chromebooks. The Acer Chromebook 14 is a great, midpriced option that shows off Acer’s commitment to high-quality Chromebooks. The aluminum material is both durable and lightweight, and the 14-inch display with 1920 x 1080 resolution is a step above most similarly priced Chromebooks. The SSD storage adds a nice boost to the performance.

Acer Chromebook R 11 Convertible Laptop

For those seeking portability, Acer has some very impressive smaller models. The Acer Chromebook R 11 Convertible Laptop has everything you need in a smaller Chromebook, and its 11.6-inch touch screen display is attractive and practical. In addition, the R 11 is a 2-in-1 model, solidifying its position as one of the absolute best Chromebooks for customers who will be commuting frequently.

Acer Chromebook Spin 713: Intel Core i3

Acer also stands out for selling Chromebooks with more powerful processors at affordable prices. While most basic Intel Pentium or Celeron processors are suitable for the kind of casual use that Chromebooks are designed for, having an i3 processor or higher can do wonders for a laptop’s overall performance. Many Acer models prioritize performance over features, and the Acer Chromebook Spin 713: Intel Core i3 is one of the best Acer Chromebooks available. Fast and portable, this Spin 713’s processing power gives it an edge over most other Chromebooks in the same price bracket, and it strikes a great balance between performance and affordability.

Acer Chromebook cons

Acer Chromebooks are less likely to have as many features and hardware flourishes as HP models. While there are plenty of sturdy Acer Chromebooks, some Acer models are relatively flimsy, and Acer’s cheapest Chromebooks are typically inferior to HP’s cheapest models. HP models often have more thought put into the keyboard spacing and bezel design. In addition, Acer doesn’t have as much to offer in terms of 2-in-1 options.

Should you get an HP or Acer Chromebook?

Specifications are the most important considerations when purchasing any computer, but there are clear advantages and disadvantages to both brands. If you desire simplicity and speed and you’ll be using your Chromebook most at home or in an office, then Acer will likely be the brand for you. For those who want top-shelf hardware and 2-in-1 options for a creative or academic environment, HP will have the most options.

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Killexams : Level Up with the Next Gen of Innovation thanks to HP’s AI Powered Laptops

Today’s modern workforce – GenZs and Millennials are always on-the-go, juggling between personal and professional lives. One can count a thousand reasons for not being able to deliver the quality of work you aspire without the right work gear to achieve your dreams. In a hybrid, fast-paced world, you want a machine that matches your expectations. There is no room for missing features, slow system, terrible display, painful processing time—you get the drift.

Say hello to HP’s AI powered Spectre laptops to quell the woes. Seriously! Discard the old and tiring to stay inspired with its all-new AI powered HP Spectre x360 13.5 and Spectre x360 16 laptops.

hp spectre

HP Spectre Portfolio: For the Hyperconnected workforce   

We are completely taken in not only by a host of features that make seamless performance as regular as heartbeat, but its cred at offering 3:2 Windows convertible with 91% screen to body ratio and adaptive intelligence. The new portfolio’s revolutionary performance, mobility, and enhanced security will enable tech-savvy users to consume and create in a smooth, seamless, and collaborative way.

Keeping in mind its commitment to sustainability, the new Spectre x360 laptops come crafted from recycled aluminium and ocean-bound plastics—yay! Available in stunning designs like Nightfall black with pale brass accents, and Nocturne blue with celestial blue accents, take your pick to match your forever mood.

The features just keep getting better. Seriously! Here’s what you get when you bring one of these to work and play:

Intelligent and intuitive portfolio powered by AI

No more “Oops, my mom walked in” worries - With AI-powered features like auto-frame, noise reductions, dynamic voice levelling, health, and well-being features, this portfolio is THE one-stop-shop for all that you want! No matter where you are, the auto frame camera keeps you in focus no matter how shifty you are, plus, the AI-based privacy alerts collaborate and create to bring to life blurred screen in case someone is behind you. Security features like walk away lock and wake on approach, make sure your data is always safe. Gesture controls like pause, play, forward, and previous redefine AI providing you an ease in operations. In case you are spending way too much time on the screen or need to be at a healthy screen distance your intelligent and intuitive laptop alerts you immediately.




Enhanced video and audio experience

Built with HP Presence and HP GlamCam, be at the receiving and sending end of amazing video and audio call experiences. What’s more— the backlight adjustment also helps autocorrect video images in any environment. Slow systems? What’s that? The network booster for network bandwidth optimization diminishes screen freezes and dropped calls like a pro.

Agile and performance oriented

The HP Spectre x360 portfolio is powered by Intel® Evo™ platforms featuring 12th Gen Intel® Core™ Processors for improved multi-tasking and performance. Upto 4K OLED 100% colour calibrated display gives you great specs for natural viewing. Added bonus: the touch display that helps you leverage multi-gestures like pinch-to-zoom, double tap, and press and hold to create and easily manipulate drawings and other creative content. Take notes with ease or sketch with a MPP 2.0 tilt pen that is magnetic.




Powered to never supply up on you

When you get 16 hours of long-lasting battery, on fast charge of 50% in 30 minutes, and a power saver mode that extends battery life, you are free from worrying about charging capabilities. Adjust the power to avoid overheating or battery draining with in-bag detection and an adaptive battery optimizer that helps you monitor battery temperature, charging status and usage time to preserve your battery’s health!

Protect them eyes

Long hours be damned when you have a laptop that has EyeSafe certified display and provides industry-leading low blue-light display. Built right into the display, with no need to adjust settings, the always-on blue light filter provides a comfortable viewing experience that also redistributes light energy to provide beautiful colour. Add to this: flicker free and anti-reflection display that provides an overall smooth experience.


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Killexams : ‘The health and safety role has also evolved so quickly,’ in conversation with Mark Cardnell

Mark Cardnell (CFIOSH, FIIRSM, FinstLM, AIFireE) is an international award-winning health and safety practitioner and who is recognised as a leading authority in supporting organisations in transitional change, management systems and behavioural safety. In this article Mark works through some lessons learnt from his own career path to share with the wider community.

Mark writes:

Mark Cardnell 10 Downing StI think we can all relate to how time passes so quickly particularly as you get older! I look back even now at some 30 years plus working in the health and safety arena and I cannot believe not only how the time passes so quickly, but as importantly how the health and safety role has also evolved so quickly.

Personally, I have always welcomed change; I enjoy change and I have always been able to adopt to change. I understand and fully except that some people find change challenging and disruptive but as organisations adapt to the “new norm” after COVID for example, and they modify their respective structures, the role of the health and safety professional will most certainly be as important as ever and one that will be very much subjected to this evolutional change even further. I used the terminology “after COVID” – maybe I am being a little hasty on that subject with COVID infection rates are on the rise again according to national news outlets?

I have been incredibility lucky to have had the opportunity to work alongside some of the most prestige organisations in the country. Each has brought its very own unique and sometimes complex demands, but as importantly each one has left a positive impression on me. It is not always a direct noticeable impact, but sometimes one I have looked back to and then realised what I have learnt from the experience.

Personal fulfilment

In 2017 I joined the IIRSM mentoring scheme as a mentor and welcomed the opportunity to work with a gentleman who has now successfully progressed to IOSH Chartered status and who now holds a very important role within Central Government. From our first meeting I was aware of his enthusiasm to understand health and safety from the foundation level and already understood his strengths and as importantly recognised his weaknesses. This enabled him to embrace the learning opportunities on offer from many different areas. He spoke to me on many occasions about health and safety was being seen as a “tick box” process and how he felt personally rewarded where he was able to use the learning to develop and implement sensible, constructive and methodical approaches for the benefit of everyone.

I feel this is an effective first lesson – that personal fulfilment is the first key element to success and how behaviour and positive leadership are instrumental throughout the whole process.

I believe, for me, every role I have ever undertaken has brought something new. The continuous developed element is most definitely required – there is always something new to learn and experience within health and safety. I don’t believe you can know everything. The field of health and safety is too vast a spectrum for that. However, one real positive change I have witnessed is a more willingness to share, materials, knowledge, experience and most importantly time and passion. The mentoring programs, webinars, free on-line training and accreditation bodies are great example of this.

Learning and development

It is an important part of health and safety to transpose information and assist others in their career paths. Everyone needs a little support and the opportunity to develop at some point in time. I respect the fact I couldn’t have achieved what I have without the fantastic support I received over the years.

This is lesson number two. Help and assistance has many forms, from a simple direction to mentoring and beyond. This sharing of experience, knowledge and personal support has many positive advantages including mental health, general life expectations and communications skills as examples.

I am always amazed at where my work continues to take me – throughout Facilities Maintenance, Finance and Banking, Leisure, NHS-Healthcare, Military, Construction, Retail, Engineering, Logistics, Education, Government services, Local/Central Government and enforcement support and beyond. Each sector has its own ways of working and working across such muti-disciplines provides a fantastic opportunity over time to brings the learning from all these organisations and people into my passion of designing and implementing health and safety systems and processes that make health and safety easier to understand, be cost effective and enhance the real outcome of keeping people safe, enthusiastic, respected and positively engaged.

Understand the organisation

Lesson number three. Never take it for granted that it will be a specific individual or group that observes your work. I can assure you if your work is visually stimulating, legally correct and interesting the world will be watching.

Health and safety management systems can sometimes be generic in their format and not fully cater for the specific requirements of the organisation or its people. I recall a quote noted to me some years ago – “Not everyone is right-handed”!

I think it is important to fully understand the organisation, its people and its direction before implementing systems and processes to ensure that the most effective delivery and output can be achieved. We now have so much more choice in our lives than ever before, so methodical research to finding the right solution is time well spent. Just because something works for others is no guarantee it will work for you. I would like to think we are a world away from the copy, cut and paste days!

Data management

One area that has most certainly been a success for me is the development of data management (health and safety) information into dashboards. Dashboards are not a new concept but do provide the opportunity to display health and safety information in both word, numeral and pictorial formats.

My first ever dashboard back in 2015 was developed using what I thought was a very basic knowledge of Microsoft Excel. This dashboard due to its in-depth content and presentational format was noted by the Care Quality Commission (CQC) in a healthcare site inspection report as “An Outstanding Practice”. As my personal skills and knowledge have progressed so have the dashboards and their development has been called upon through many organisations including Central Government.

My first dashboard management system was nominated in the International Institute of Risk and Safety Management – IIRSM Risk Excellence Awards 2018 and was followed by the nomination in the 2019 awards for “Mentor of the Year” – for supporting individual competence for members to develop their own dashboard management systems. Success was also displayed in the IIRSM 2020 awards where some of the dashboards were used in the winning entry to the Health and Safety Wellbeing Strategy by the Cabinet Office.


Lesson three. There is always room for enhancements. Keeping systems and processes updated maybe time consuming, but it is worth the investment. It’s not just legislation and best practice – people change, environments change, and organisational structures change for example.

The Healthcare sector is one specific area that has continually provided me with the greatest challengers but through the dedication and respect displayed by the people who continue to support us in some of the darkest times of our lives it has also been the most rewarding sector to contribute to. Healthcare has opened so many doors for me personally. Within this article I have mentioned some keys points noting support, dedication, respect, teamwork, research, individual and group involvement, mental health and continued personal development. All these key phases have been instrumental to effective working in this arena and have required the knowledge gained from other sectors to make this requirement work so well.

Skills and knowledge

Lesson four. I believe it takes a lot of cross pollination of skills and knowledge to enhance a sector. Sector specific knowledge should be the foundation stone, but the inputting of other wider knowledge and experience enhances the process even further.

My charity contribution gives me great pleasure to provide something back to the wider community who are under huge pressures with the “cost of living crisis”, health issues and general life demands as examples. Mental health I expect to be the new pandemic and should not be considered an individual crisis.

I hope that new members entering the health and safety profession can quickly see that it is not all just examinations and certificates, but one of seeking the experience and working knowledge and enhancing the personal skills to engage, develop, respect and implement and being and supporting ownership, leadership and accountability at all levels.

Recent recognition

SHP – Top-25 Most Influential Figures in health and safety.

IIRSM – Risk Management Nominations.

DHSC – COVID unsung hero.

ROSPA – Covid Workplace Champion.

Coronavirus advice for employers

This hub page complies all the latest government coronavirus updates. It includes what you can and cannot do in England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland, workplace advice from multiple sources, including information on welcoming staff back to the workplace and the latest vaccination information.

It also contains a host of useful external links and resources to find further information.

‘The health and safety role has also evolved so quickly,’ in conversation with Mark Cardnell Mark Cardnell (CFIOSH, FIIRSM, FinstLM, AIFireE) works through some lessons learnt from his own career path to share with the wider community.

Safety & Health Practitioner

SHP - Health and Safety News, Legislation, PPE, CPD and Resources

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Killexams : #TECH: HP new ZBook Studio G9 packs pro-grade performance for creative professionals No result found, try new keyword!HP Malaysia introduced the new HP ZBook Studio G9 for creative professionals who need more power and performance. Tue, 19 Jul 2022 18:04:32 -0500 en-my text/html Killexams : FDA chief's long-promised opioid review faces skepticism

WASHINGTON (AP) — As U.S. opioid deaths mounted in 2016, the incoming head of the Food and Drug Administration promised a “sweeping review” of prescription painkillers in hopes of reversing the worst overdose epidemic in American history.

Dr. Robert Califf even personally commissioned a report from the nation’s top medical advisers that recommended reforms, including potentially removing some drugs from the market. But six years later, opioids are claiming more lives than ever, and the FDA has not pulled a single drug from pharmacy shelves since the report's publication. In fact, the agency continues putting new painkillers on the market — six in the last five years.

Now Califf is back in charge at the FDA, and he faces skepticism from lawmakers, patient advocates and others about his long-promised reckoning for drugs such as OxyContin and Vicodin, which are largely blamed for sparking a two-decade rise in opioid deaths.

“All the concerns that we had at the time on opioids are still there. We still have a really huge problem,” said Richard Bonnie, a University of Virginia public health expert who chaired the committee that wrote the report.

Bonnie and his co-authors say the FDA seems to have incorporated several of their recommendations into exact decisions, including a broader consideration of a drug’s public health risks. But they say there is more to be done.

In an interview with The Associated Press, Califf said a new internal review of opioids has been underway for months and that the public will soon “be hearing a lot more about this.” While the review will look at past FDA decisions, Califf suggested the focus will be on future policy.

“It seems like people love sort of looking back and fault-finding, but I’m much more interested in learning so we can go forward and make the best decisions for what we need to do today,” said Califf, who split his time between Duke University and working for Google after leaving the FDA in 2017 following President Donald Trump's election.

The 453-page report issued five years ago this month by the National Academies of Sciences laid out a strategy for reducing overprescribing and misuse of opioids, with particular focus on the FDA.

At the center of the recommendations was a proposal for the FDA to reassess the dozens of opioids being sold to determine whether their overall benefits in treating pain outweigh their risks of addiction and overdose. Those that don’t should be removed from the market, the group said.

The lack of swift action underscores the glacial pace of federal regulation and the legal obstacles to clawing back drugs previously deemed safe and effective.

“It’s really hard for the agency to get a drug taken off the market once it’s been approved,” said Margaret Riley, a food and drug law professor who consulted on the report.

Last year, U.S. overdose deaths soared to a record of 107,000, driven overwhelmingly by fentanyl and other illegal opioids.

Opioid prescriptions have fallen about 40% in the last decade amid restrictions by hospitals, insurers and state officials. But deaths tied to the medications remain at 13,000 to 14,000 per year. And studies suggest people who become addicted to opioids continue to start with prescription opioids, before switching to cheaper heroin and illegally made fentanyl.

“If Dr. Califf is serious about addressing the drug epidemic, the FDA should immediately implement" the report's recommendations, Sen. Joe Manchin of West Virginia said in a statement.

Manchin told the AP that he requested an update in April on the FDA’s progress on the recommendations but didn’t receive a response. He was one of five Democrats from hard-hit opioid states who voted against Califf’s confirmation in February.

In response to questions about the recommendations, the FDA provided a list of actions it has taken on opioids, some which predated the report. The agency said it has acted on “nearly all” of the recommendations, by enhancing prescriber education and labeling, convening meetings and improving data collection.

“I think what you’ve seen is the agency grabbing at some of the low-hanging fruit and only to a certain level,” Riley said.

Despite heightened scrutiny, the FDA continues putting new painkillers on the market. Many of the drugs have formulations designed to make them harder to misuse, such as hard-to-crush coatings that discourage snorting or injecting.

Califf has said the FDA is bound by its regulations: Companies need only show that their drugs work better than a placebo, and the agency can't require new opioids to be safer or more effective than ones already on the market. He told Senate lawmakers in April that doing so might require legislation from Congress.

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