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Killexams : HP Foundations practice questions - BingNews Search results Killexams : HP Foundations practice questions - BingNews Killexams : What Are Those Hieroglyphics On Your Laptop Charger?

Look on the back of your laptop charger and you’ll find a mess of symbols and numbers. We’d bet you’ve looked at them before and gleaned little or no understanding from what they’re telling you.

These symbols are as complicated as the label on the tag of your shirt that have never taught you anything about doing laundry. They’re the marks of standardization and bureaucracy, and dozens of countries basking in the glow of money made from issuing certificates.

The switching power supply is the foundation of many household electronics — obviously not just laptops — and thus they’re a necessity worldwide. If you can make a power supply that’s certified in most countries, your market is enormous and you only have to make a single device, possibly with an interchangeable AC cord for different plug types. And of course, symbols that have meaning in just about any jurisdiction.

In short, these symbols tell you everything important about your power supply. Here’s what they mean.

It’s All About Market Access

How did every power supply end up plastered with hieroglyphics? It works like this; Acme Corp wants to sell a Thingamajig in Benchoffistan, so the company sends a pallet of Thingamajigs there. The Customs officer in Benchoffistan looks at this pile of goods and says “how will I know this thing is safe for my citizens to use? You must have appropriate certificates that say this product is allowed to be imported.” And just like that, an industry called “Market Access” is born.

Market Access deals with all kinds of problems: logistics, politics, taxes and tariffs, labels and user manuals, materials, timing, and even occasionally palm greasing. Every country has their own nuances, and there are some companies who specialize in helping negotiate this minefield. Russia requires special testing if a device uses encryption or connects to telecommunications equipment (BLE and WiFi both count). Many countries require in-country testing. Most require an in-country representative of the company to handle filings and communication. Some have lead times in the months.


The first thing you’ll see on every power supply is the Input and Output. The input is almost always “100-240V~50-60Hz. The world runs power to outlets in this range. It means that as an input, the plug expects to be connected to that range of input voltage and frequency. The United States uses 120V/60Hz, Europe uses 230V/50Hz, so it’s nice that the input has a range within all of the countries.

The output line has three pieces of information: the output voltage (typically 5V, 9V, 12V), a solid line over a dashed line indicating DC or a ~ indicating AC, and a current rating, usually in hundreds of milli-amps for smaller blocks that plug in, and amps for supplies where the brick is separate from the plug. When replacing a power supply, you’ll want to match the output voltage, match the AC/DC output, and the output amperage must be at least as big as the previous supply and it can be bigger. That number is just the maximum the supply is rated for, not how much it will deliver.

The next piece is the polarity. This looks like a circle with a + in it, a circle with a – in it, and a C in the center. Almost always, the – will point to the C and the + will point to a dot inside the C. This means that the plug has – (ground) on the outside and positive voltage on the inside. Some older plugs don’t conform to this, so you should always check before you uses a supply.

Generic Use

The house symbol means it’s meant for indoor use only, and the square inside a square means that the mains electricity is double insulated. The X through the garbage can means it should not be disposed of normally but instead recycled with other electronics.

Who Certified Your Power Supply?

There a few big companies that do the testing that have their own icons. It lends validity to the rest of the symbols if you can call up these companies and verify from a single source if they really do have each certificate.

You’ll most often see the UL symbol. UL is Underwriters Laboratories, which is a safety organization. They have a barrage of standard tests that they will run against the device to make sure that it is safe. In most cases, a UL certificate isn’t required for sale, but if your house burns down and it’s because of a non-UL listed supply blowing up, then the insurance company is going to put up a fight because you weren’t using safe equipment in your home. Many large retailers will require that your device be listed as well, since they don’t want to deal with any potential recalls or lawsuits from bad products. Next to each UL symbol should be a license number.

This is a good point to mention that many of these marks may be fake — I’ve run into that when sourcing USB power supplies for a product. Customs agents are going to see the symbol and may not follow up to see if the appropriate certificate actually applies to that product, so it’s not uncommon to look up a UL listing number and see pictures of a similar product. There’s some sort of balance, then, when investigating a product’s certificates. You want to see relevant certs and make sure they are legitimate, but you can’t check everything you touch.

What Countries Have Tested This Power Supply?

The rest of the symbols are going to be country specific, and there are a lot of countries with strange requirements for testing. Power supplies are one thing, but adding intentional radio emissions, like a WiFi or Bluetooth product, steps it up to a whole new level of testing and certifications that are beyond the scope of this article.

In general, the more certificates you see on a product, the less sketchy it is, and the bigger the company manufacturing the product. Small manufacturers aren’t going to have the money or interest to pursue a lot of certifications, and may be flying under the radar on a lot of their sales. It’s also an indicator that the product doesn’t change frequently, and that they’ve locked down their assembly line. You won’t see the manufacturer removing critical components to shave costs at the expense of safety.

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Killexams : 5 Elements to a Secure Embedded System – Part #3 Secure Boot

In “5 Elements to a Secure Embedded System – Part 2 Root-of-Trust,” we continued our discussion about the five essential elements required to begin securing an embedded system. As you may recall, the five elements that every developer should be looking to implement are:

  • Hardware based isolation
  • A Root-of-Trust
  • A secure boot solution
  • A secure bootloader
  • Secure storage

The main focus last time was that the system needs to have a Root-of-Trust (RoT) which forms the foundation for a chain-of-trust as the system boots and executes its application code. In today’s post, we will continue the discussion with secure boot.

Secure boot is much more than just simply adding a piece of software to the system. Secure boot requires a developer to carefully think through the boot sequence and develop a Chain-of-Trust that originates at the Root-of-Trust. (Image source:

Element #3 – Secure Boot

Secure Boot is the process of validating code and images against hardware before they are used. The idea is that the system should not trust any code or image until it has been validated as being authentic and that its integrity is confirmed. The system, as mentioned, should use a hardware-based Root-of-Trust to validate the code. Many systems that I’ve encountered in my career simply assume that the code in their flash memory is correct and start executing it the moment the processor boots with few, if any checks. If a developer wants to secure their system, this is one practice that can longer be followed. The system needs to securely boot and validate all the code that it will be loading and executing.

Secure boot is probably the first element that we have been discussing that utilizes both hardware-based isolation and RoT. In the first phase, ROM code which establishes the RoT is used to calculate a hash over the contents of the boot code and verifies its contents. The calculated hash is usually compared with a hash that is immutable and has been “burned” into the flash during manufacturing. The initial secure boot phase will have configuration information built-in that then allow the boot sequence to validate subsequent boot phases. For example, this phase may then go through and calculate a hash over the bootloader and compare that hash to yet another one stored in flash that helps to establish trust in that phase. The bootloader can then be validated and executed which will then go through and validate its application image before running the application.

Now, secure boot as you can see happens in stages, but secure boot also often happens in isolated memory regions. A secure system will often first boot into an area of memory that is considered to be a secure execution environment. There are several different ways to do this. One way is to use a multicore microcontroller where one core is dedicated to security features and code execution and the other is allocated to application rich code. In this setup, interprocessor communication is used to communicate between the cores.

Alternatively, developers can use a single core technology that separates memory and the execution environment into secure and non-secure environments. An example is Arm TrustZone. With TrustZone, developers are able to specify which memory regions should be allocated to secure processing and which are not. These regions not only include code but also which peripherals, flash and RAM memory. The application will run its execution rich code and when it needs to make a call to a secure function, the processor transitions to a secure mode that is isolated and allows the secure functionality to be carried out. This helps to ensure that secure information such as private keys, data and so forth is inaccessible should a hacker gain access to the feature rich execution environment.

When using secure boot in an isolated environment, the secure processing region is often the first to start executing. In other words, secure boot operations are executed from the secure execution environment, which makes sense. Once the secure environment is up and running, yet another hash is calculated over the application rich code to ensure its integrity and authenticity. After it has passed this check, the secure execution environment will then allow that code to run.  

At each point in the boot sequence, secure boot must authenticate the next code or image that is going to execute and verify its integrity. Starting from the RoT and then working its way through the bootloader and to the execution image. In a multicore system, there may even be multiple images that need to be Tested across multiple processors.


Secure boot is much more than just simply adding a piece of software to the system. Secure boot requires a developer to carefully think through the boot sequence and develop a Chain-of-Trust that originates at the Root-of-Trust. As the system boots, each image and code are Tested and only afterwards is it allowed to execute on the system. If a problem is detected, the system can either halt the boot sequence or maybe even revert to an earlier known working version of code. In order to revert the code, or update it to a new version, that requires the system to have a secure bootloader.

In the next part, we will discuss secure bootloaders, what it is and what it means to developers.  

Jacob Beningo is an embedded software consultant who currently works with clients in more than a dozen countries to dramatically transform their businesses by improving product quality, cost and time to market. He has published more than 200 articles on embedded software development techniques, is a sought-after speaker and technical trainer, and holds three degrees which include a Masters of Engineering from the University of Michigan. Feel free to contact him at [email protected], at his website, and sign-up for his monthly Embedded Bytes Newsletter.

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Killexams : States Can Reduce Medicaid’s Administrative Burdens to Advance Health and Racial Equity

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21st Century Classroom: Transforming the Textbook

In 21st century classrooms, blackboard chalk is on the endangered list, the pop quiz has been replaced with clicker questions, and bowling alley technology (overhead projector transparencies) has disappeared, thanks to digital projectors and document cameras.

But if you’re going to point to any aspect of the classroom that still hasn’t covered much ground on its trip into the 21st century, it has to be the textbook. This ubiquitous accessory has been beset by editorial controversy as we have seen recently in Texas; has seen consistently high price increases of an average of six percent per year; and still inspires parental derision for the outdated information often portrayed.

And then there’s the matter of weight. The heft of textbooks was the subject of a 21-page report written in 2004 in California for the state’s board of education. According to researchers, the combined weight of textbooks in the four “core” subjects (social studies, math, reading/ language arts, and science) ran, on average, from eight pounds at the first grade level to 20 pounds at the 11th grade level. Legislation to mandate weight limitations quickly followed in that state.

As this comparison of two school districts on opposite sides of the country and economic spectrum illustrates, in a world rich with alternative methods of delivery of content exemplified by digitized conversation, Google books, the Kindle and iPad, the textbook is the next classroom object worthy of transformation.

Realigning the Budget with Netbooks

“Everyone has a different 1:1 approach,” says Gary Brantley, chief information systems officer for the Lorain City School District. “Ours was to eliminate the books.”

Lorain City Schools is located in a city 35 miles from Cleveland. The district has 18 schools and 8,400 students. By moving to digital delivery of textbooks Superintendent Cheryl Atkinson saw an opportunity to address several larger district challenges than simply replacing outdated texts. A majority of families are low-income; its schools were struggling to meet yearly academic progress measures; and the district had just come out from under a state-mandated “fiscal watch.”

And, recalls Brantley, Atkinson was sincerely concerned about the weight of the textbooks being hauled around by the kids in her schools.

That was the atmosphere under which initial discussions began, he says. The district quickly realized that adopting a 1:1 program with digital textooks at the heart of the initiative could reduce textbook expenses and help bring students into the 21st century. “We’re an inner city school district,” says Brantley. “We saw this as a way to level the playing field for our kids and deliver them equal access and opportunities with technology.”

After a pilot program in 2007 and 2008, the district went after a federal grant to partially fund a full rollout to 9th and 10th graders for the following year. In January 2009, the district used federal Title 1 and Ohio state educational technology grant funds to lease Dell Inspiron 910 netbooks. The following year that program was expanded to 6th, 7th, 8th, and 11th grades, and the district switched to Acer Aspire One AOD150-1577 netbooks. This fall the district hopes to add 12th graders to the program.

The publishers the district is working with on the program are the traditional ones: Pearson Prentice Hall; Holt McDougal; and McGraw-Hill/Glencoe. They have provided versions of the texts, Brantley says, that go beyond simply being a PDF of the book. “It’s interactive. For example, if you have someone like Martin Luther King or John F. Kennedy in a history book, you can click on a picture, and it will tell you information about [that person] or [you can] do a search from the book to get more information about that particular person.”

Brantley is quick with numbers. He says that for 2,600 math books—the number of texts needed for grades nine through 12—the cost was going to be about $182,000. That’s $70 per book. The e-book edition for that same math book was about $15,000. The savings on that one text alone covered a large part of the expense of that first rollout of digital textbooks. The savings don’t stop there. An English textbook was priced at $163,673.05 for 2,475 books—about $66 per book. The digital version of the same volume was a fourth of the cost—$36,554.45.

Explains Brantley, Superintendent Atkinson “was very persistent” that the district find a content supplier for the program, even if it wasn’t one of the three or four big textbook publishers. The publishers were willing to try the program in pilot mode. “A lot of trust was built on both sides to make this happen,” he says.

Now, says Brantley, students don’t have to travel to labs to gain access to computers. “Basically, there’s a lab in every classroom. Every kid is using that netbook as a textbook and as a computer.”

Brantley knows the technology is making an impact. “I think it’s pushed us a long way. It’s allowing the students to become a lot more creative in what they do and how they do it. It’s also leveled the playing field. A lot of these kids don’t have computers or internet access at home. Because the books are loaded on the hard drive, [Superintendent Atkinson] has given kids the ability to work on things they’d only have access to in a limited time within the classroom or in the lab.”

Although Brantley says student testing scores have gone up, he can’t confidently point to quantifiable results tied directly to the digital textbooks. “We brought different pieces of technology into the district in the same period, so we have to let the program run for a little while,” he explains.

“But Why Do We Care?”

The Campbell Union High School District, next door to San Jose in California’s Silicon Valley consists of six sites, five of which have been designated by the state as excellent. During the 2009-2010 school year, they performed a pilot program to experiment with the replacement of textbooks with e-readers. Director of Technology Charles Kanavel and his IT team of five distributed 270 Sony Reader Touch model PRS-600s into English classes across the district’s sites.

“These kids get technology. They go home and look at YouTube all day. An e-reader isn’t that hard for them,” Kanavel explains. The goal of the pilot was to get a “true sense of what’s it like for the everyday student to use one of these things in terms of wear and tear and what they wanted to see on the device.”

The effort was spurred by the Williams Settlement, Kanavel says. That California statute calls for California schools to have sufficient educational materials and conditions to meet curriculum standards. In order to meet standards of currency, textbooks need to be replaced every seven years—an expensive proposition in a district with 8,000 students. “It’s $180 for a biology textbook. That’s just one. With e-readers and how ubiquitous they’ve become,” Kanavel recalls asking, “Why do they need to carry 80 pounds worth of books around, when we have the technology to do this differently?”

But that initial test might never have come about if Kanavel hadn’t persisted in trying to woo Sony to participate in the proof of concept, a process that took seven months. The Campbell director focused on Sony because of its durability, price, and open platform. “Kindle, if you drop it, it’s game over,” he says. “With the Nook you have to buy everything from Barnes & Noble. The [Apple] iPad with 32 or 64 Gb, that’s $600 to $800. With one iPad, I can get four e-readers from Sony at around $200 each.”

But persuading the manufacturer to pay attention to education’s needs wasn’t an easy sell. Kanavel, who has a background in investment banking, studied the company’s financial reports and figured out how many e-readers had probably been sold through its nearby Silicon Valley area store, the largest Sony store in the United States.

When he approached the company about doing a test, it replied, “Yeah, yeah, yeah, interesting. But why do we care?” In response, he used this argument: “You sold 14,000 at the Valley Fair store in a three month period. Those are respectable numbers. But realistically, our district is 8,000 kids. You’d sell me 8,000 units. Then I’d have to buy a quarter of that every year forever. Once I start on it, I can’t get off.” He also pointed out that Campbell was only a medium-sized district. “Take San Jose Unified —55,000 students right next door. That would make your store numbers look like nothing. And there are 32 districts in Santa Clara County alone. Think of the entire country. Then they started caring.”

Once Sony was on board, the next hurdle was the textbook publishers trying to safeguard the pricing model, according to Kanavel. He estimates that a single school might have 300 copies of a particular book. On average the textbook will cost $120 on the low side and $180 on the high side. That’s a total outlay of $36,000 to $54,000 for a single textbook in a single school in the Campbell district.

For English classes, however, many of the books contained classic works of literature that are now in the public domain and available on various digital book websites. “Shakespeare is Shakespeare. The guy’s not writing a new version,” Kanavel says. He has been able to make a deal with Houghton Mifflin Harcourt for some digital textbooks in PDF format; but others—particularly novels —came from the Sony Reader Store; on Project Gutenberg (a good source for Shakespeare, he says); and via the OverDrive School get Library.

The challenge faced by textbook publishers, he points out, is that they have to change their business model. Kanavel wants to set up a site license with the publishers, but so far those negotiations are still on-going, and, besides, many still have to convert their textbooks into the epub format.

But the financials, as this former numbers guy points out, still work out nicely for the district. “For example, historically we have paid $9 a book for paperback copies of Macbeth and 70 to 80 percent of them come back unusable at the end of the year. Now with the e-reader, that replacement cost goes to zero.”

On average 15 out of every 100 books in the district need to be replaced because they’re damaged, lost, or stolen. Often, the same student loses multiple books when he or she loses a backpack. “If you’re a parent, you have to pay to replace all of those books. If your student loses a history book, biology book, math book, and English book, that’s about $600,” Kanavel says. “If they lose an e-reader or it breaks, you pay for the replacement cost of the e-reader —$200 -- then we just get the content.” This, he adds, “has long-term implications for budgeting and funding.”

So far, Kanavel says, the pilot has been successful with students. “They’ve taken good care of them. I’ve only had three break out of 270, which is pretty good.” He plans to add an additional 200 e-readers to the district for the next school year. “One thing I’ve been very focused on with this pilot is offsetting the cost of textbook replacement with this device and making it easier on the kids.” He believes the district is on the right track.

Teachers and students are discovering other advantages. The e-readers have built-in dictionaries. If a reader has a visual impairment, text can be upsized quickly. Users can annotate, draw, and take notes—something that’s forbidden with traditional textbooks. When the year is over, the kids will return the devices, and that added material can be wiped from the hard disk.

But e-readers still aren’t perfect, he adds. First, not every book is available in a digital format. He cites a high school classic, Chinua Achebe’s Things Fall Apart, as an example. Many textbooks have already been put on CD, but those are designed to be used in a PC. Publishers haven’t made huge inroads into converting their materials into the standard epub format that works with the major e-readers. But Kanaval is hopeful those gaps will diminish with time.

With the expected expansion of the pilot, negotiations with Sony continue. “We’ve proven that the kids can take care of them. The technology does work,” Kanavel says. “The next thing is to get Sony to build something bigger—an eight and a half by 11 inch format. And there are a lot of features that we don’t use. We’ve given them feedback on those things. There may be ways to cut cost by eliminating feature sets that can help them balance the cost of manufacturing.”

Textbook Smackdown

So given the experiences of these two districts—and others—how does a standard textbook stack up against an e-book? If a publisher needs to repair the mistakes introduced in the text, as happened with math books issued in Sacramento County in spring 2010, it won’t have to arrange to destroy the outdated books and incur shipping costs for the new ones; it can correct the errors and electronically distribute new versions of the content. In the face of a quickly evolving business model, publishers will be forced to adjust their pricing schemes—no doubt, to the advantage of the districts. In the matter of weight— well, the Acer netbook comes in under three pounds, and the Sony device is a little over 10 ounces. Those are metrics anyone can use no matter how much digital content sits on the devices.

Building the E-Book Structure

Although every e-book initiative shares common aspects—hardware, bandwidth, content, and professional development—how the program unfolds in your district will be unique. For example, should you connect e-readers to the internet?

In order to have a successful 1:1 implementation, you need hardware, bandwidth, content, and teacher professional development and buy in. But each district will be unique in its approach to implementing each aspect and the entire program. The question of when in implementation a district allows connection to the internet is a case in point. Campbell Union High School District in Silicon Valley wants students to stay on task as it implements e-books. Therefore, the Sony Reader Touch devices being used there don’t include web access. Although Sony does make a model of its e-reader that includes WiFi, according to Director of Technology Charles Kanavel, the decision to leave that feature out helps simplify the transition teachers have to make in integrating the device in the classroom.

“If I’m a teacher and I have these new devices in class, it affects my lesson planning,” he explains. “Without administrative control of access to the internet, some smart kid will make the thing text another e-reader. Then once that kid knows, all the kids will know. In class, instead of reading, they’re texting each other, surfing MySpace, and doing everything else. Have I just disrupted an entire class with this device? So let’s get the adoption in first. Let’s get the hurdles out of the way surrounding usage of content, usage of technology, and how it integrates into your standards in the classroom. Once that’s outlined, then we’ll figure out how to do WiFi.”

That absence of web access has also streamlined professional development. The district had 270 devices, which it handed out in English classes spread fairly evenly across its six sites. To ensure that the pilot wouldn’t get put on the back-burner by teachers uninterested in using the ereader, Kanavel had the principals at those sites nominate teachers to participate who were a “little bit tech savvy.”

From there, his IT team called teachers in for a demonstration of the Sony product they’d be using with their students. “That was it,” he says. “Maybe 30 minutes of Q&A with teachers, and off we went. The devices aren’t that complicated. You turn it on, pick your book, turn to the page, and that’s it.”

To make sure the program is on track, Kanavel has been doing evaluation of it in “real time.” “It’s not something we threw out there and said we’ll come back to you in six months. Every couple of weeks I’m pinging these teachers. They have direct lines back to me. As they’ve noticed things, they’ve emailed me.” Along with that, device maker Sony has put out surveys for the users too.

It’s Complicated

What complicates implementation of digital content in a 1:1 program is when the device being deployed is used for other purposes too. That’s the case at Lorain City School District in Ohio, which has distributed Acer netbooks to 9th, 10th, and 11th grade students. The goal there is to deliver its students access to technology and the wider world it can deliver. Many don’t have computers or an internet connection at home. Therefore, Chief Information Systems Officer Gary Brantley has chosen to implement WiFi on the devices.

The devices, which cost about $300 with software and maintenance, are loaded with a gigabyte of RAM, a 150 Gb or 160 Gb hard drive, an Intel Atom processor, a webcam, Windows XP Professional, Microsoft Office, a couple of calculators, 802.11 b/g WiFi, and, of course, digital textbooks.

Teachers have an interest in educating students about social networking, so, although access to the internet is filtered, the devices do allow access to sites such as Twitter, and Facebook. But that, says Brantley, “is being carefully monitored.”

Also, connectivity is necessary for implementation of CompuTrace, a program from Absolute Software that provides a service for tracking down lost, stolen, or missing devices. “We were finding that we were spending a lot of money replacing textbooks,” Brantley explains. “Now, we actually are spending less. If CompuTrace doesn’t find the netbook within 60 or 90 days, they pay for it. I can tell you they have found every single one.”

To simplify operations, the district uses only two images for the netbooks. Every middle school book in use is on every middle school netbook; and the same with all high school books. That approach, says Brantley, makes IT’s work easier since they don’t have to worry about granular inventory or “fool around” with what books any given student should be able to access.

The district has tackled the challenge of teacher acceptance from multiple sides. First, there was a teachers’ union aspect. Would it promote the change in teaching approaches necessary for success? To gain support, Brantley took the head of the union to a 1:1 conference to show her what could be done. After that, he says, “She came on board for the professional development piece.”

The next aspect was putting together programs and teams for professional development. Since the district has an “early release” day once a week, “that’s the block of time that increasingly is being dedicated to helping teachers learn how to integrate the technology into their classes. Gaining traction in that area is a longer haul,” Brantley admits. “It takes a while to get teachers on board with this.”

Next up for the Lorain district: implementation of a teacher recognition program and some type of graduate credit to motivate the teachers to try out new methods of instruction.

An area where Brantley has seen success is having the kids teaching the teachers. “That’s one thing that we’ve been trying to push,” he says. “Don’t be afraid to let the kids show you something as well. It becomes a collaborative effort.”

Challenges have surfaced in two IT areas. First, the sheer number of new devices has put a strain on Brantley’s department, which has 10 employees. “We’ve doubled the number of computers in the district but didn’t add one staff member,” he says. Second, IT has to be able to supply technical support to students in a timely manner. “Turnaround can’t be longer than a day. Even though we have spares, we still have to turn around these machines really quickly, so kids aren’t left without their books.”

But these burdens aren’t slowing down the district’s dreams. Brantley says eventually the netbook and digital textbook program could be expanded to every student in the district, from the fourth grade up.

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Killexams : Hidden gems of Prime Day

What are the best hidden gems of Prime Day?

There are countless deals for Prime Day, and many people are on the hunt for hidden gems. Otherwise known as under-the-radar finds, these products gain popularity quickly and sell out just as fast. From budget-priced appliances to TikTok-famous products, hidden gems like these are proving to be the most coveted items of Prime Day.

Some of the top hidden gems we’ve uncovered so far include Nespresso machines, Roombas and premium beauty products. And based on our most latest research, we’re finding that trendy gym accessories and hydroponic gardens are emerging as popular picks as well. 

Because prices and availability are subject to change today — especially with prices this low — we’ll update this list frequently to keep you up to date. We organized these hidden gems Prime Day deals by popular categories so you can find what you’re looking for quickly. 

Updated July 13, 5 p.m. PT

Trending hidden gems from Fitbit and Echo

Samsung Galaxy Watch 4

Samsung Galaxy Watch 4: 34% off 

Track your fitness metrics to keep an eye on your overall health. This Samsung smartwatch includes an ECG monitor, fitness, running and sleep tracking. It even comes with GPS Fall Detection for more adventurous fitness fanatics.

Citizen Men’s Eco-Drive Promaster Diver Watch

Citizen Men’s Eco-Drive Navihawk Diver Watch: 30% off

The sporty Citizen Eco-Drive watch is a versatile design that lends itself to everyday wear. It has a rugged design with a stainless steel strap and watch case, and it is water resistant up to 200 meters.

Dash Rapid Egg Cooker

Dash Rapid Egg Cooker: 22% off

Take the hard work out of hard-boiled eggs with this two-tier rapid egg cooker. No matter how you like your eggs, whether hard-boiled, soft-boiled, poached or scrambled, this essential appliance has you covered. 

23andMe Health + Ancestry Service

23andMe Health + Ancestry Service: 50% off

If you ever wondered about your ancestry, now is the time to invest in this genetic DNA test. The testing kit is easy to use, and within a few weeks, you’ll discover more about your family history and health predispositions. 

Amazon Echo Frames

Amazon Echo Frames: 60% off

These sunglasses let you enjoy your favorite tunes anywhere with open-ear audio and built-in speakers. Their Auto-Volume automatically adjusts the music volume based on the noise level of your environment. They’re compatible with Alexa, Google Assistant and Siri. Additionally, they are lightweight and comfortable to wear all day.

Echo Show 5 (2nd Gen) inline

Amazon Echo Show 5 2nd Generation 2021: 59% off

Keep track of your home smart devices with the Echo Show 5, and check in even when you’re not home. You can video call anyone with the Alexa app, and stream movies and TV shows from popular services such as Netflix.

ZA Soundbar with Dolby Audio

Samsung HW-A450/ZA Soundbar with Dolby Audio: 41% off

This soundbar includes a subwoofer with a bass-boost feature. It’s compatible with rear speakers that turn it into a surround sound system. It’s easy to install, and the sound quality is top-notch.

Ninja Foodi 12-in-1 Pressure Cooker & Air Fryer

Ninja Foodi 12-in-1 Pressure Cooker & Air Fryer: 43% off

It has pressure cook, steam, slow cook, yogurt, air crisp, sauté, sous vide, warm, roast, broil, dehydrate, and reheat settings. This device lets you cook food from frozen. It’s easy to set up, and the pot is easy to clean.

Bose QuietComfort Noise-Cancelling Earbuds

Bose QuietComfort Noise-Cancelling Earbuds: 36% off

These comfortable earbuds feature capable noise-cancellation capabilities. You can control the volume and settings by tapping the side of the earbuds.

10 discounts that caught our eye

Photo printers, dash cams and other deals on electronics

HP Sprocket Select Instant Photo Printer

HP Sprocket Select Instant Photo Printer: 50% off

Capture and save memories with this wireless mini printer that instantly prints 2-by-3-inch photos. The companion HP Sprocket app lets you customize images with frames, stickers and text before printing. Zink sticky-backed photo paper is included to create stickers of your photos and doodles.

Rove R2-4K Dash Cam

Rove R2-4K Dash Cam: 32% off

If you’re looking for a dash cam, this discreet Rove model has a 150-degree field of view and captures footage in 2160p. The built-in Wi-Fi allows you to record and get incidents on the Rove app, and it’s activated and locked when incidents or collisions occur.

Amazon Fire 8 Kids Tablet

Amazon Fire 8 Kids Tablet: 50% off

This kids tablet comes with a year of Amazon Kids+ that unlocks access to apps, games, books and other educational content. It has a user-friendly interface that kids as young as 3 years old can use.

Kasa Smart Light Switch

Kasa Smart Light Switch: 38% off

The Kasa Smart Light Switch is an easy, affordable upgrade to home and office lighting setups. It doesn’t take more than a few minutes to install, and it’s compatible with Alexa and Google Assistant for hands-free control.

Bose SoundLink Color II

Bose SoundLink Color II: 39% off

Ideal for indoor and outdoor listening, the Bose SoundLink Color II has a water-resistant design and a soft-touch silicone exterior for portability. The Bluetooth speaker delivers brilliant, true-to-life sound and offers up to eight hours of listening time on a full charge. You can also take calls with a range of up to 30 feet.

Polaroid Hi-Print Printer and Paper inline

Polaroid Hi-Print Printer and Paper Bundle: $83.98

Print your polaroid photos effortlessly with this portable Bluetooth printer. This bundle comes with two packs of paper, and the printer features dye-sub technology for producing high-quality prints. Plus, you can use the mobile app to edit your photos.

Wyze Lock Smart Door Lock

Wyze Lock Smart Door Lock: 33% off

This lets you lock or unlock your door from anywhere with your phone. It automatically detects and notifies you if your door is ajar. It can lock or unlock your door automatically as you come and go.

Eufy Security Solo Cam

Eufy Security Solo Cam: 31% off

This 2K-resolution security camera only notifies you when a person is detected, reducing the number of false-alarm notifications. It doesn’t require a monthly subscription.

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Home and garden essentials from Calphalon and Greenworks

Calphalon Signature Hard Anodized Dutch Oven

Calphalon Signature Hard Anodized Dutch Oven: 34% off

Lauded as a kitchen essential, this versatile Dutch oven is typically used for making soups, sauces and stews. It boasts superior heat distribution and has cool-to-touch handles so you don’t burn yourself.

Instant Pot Vortex 4-in-1 Mini Air Fryer Oven Combo

Instant Pot Vortex 4-in-1 Mini Air Fryer Oven Combo: 29% off

This handy combo air fryer enables you to air fry, broil, roast and reheat. It is small and compact to save counter space and comes with pre-set, customizable cooking programs for your convenience.

Greenworks Cordless Electric Lawn Mower

Greenworks Cordless Electric Lawn Mower: 34% off

If you’re looking for an eco-friendly mower, this Greenworks model comes with a rechargeable 4.0Ah battery that offers up to 45 minutes of runtime. It’s lightweight and user-friendly, making it a popular investment for first-time homeowners.

WORX Electric Lawn Edger & Trencher

Worx Electric Lawn Edger & Trimmer: 46% off

Instead of spending big bucks on landscaping, invest in this Worx trimmer to tidy up edges around the driveway, hardscaping or garden. The powerful motor spins at 4,700 revolutions per minute — an efficient feature that virtually slices time off garden work. 

Ninja 1000-Watt Professional Blender

Ninja 1000-Watt Professional Blender: 30% off

This popular Ninja blender makes smoothies, shakes and soups, and because it crushes ice, it’s ideal for making frozen beverages. The jumbo 72-ounce jug can whip up large batches and serve several guests at once. 

Greenworks Pro 80V mower inline

Greenworks Pro 80V 21-Inch Brushless Lawn Mower: 31% off

Cut the grass with more ease and get more done with this self-propelled lawn mower. It has a 21-inch steel deck to help you cover more area, and smart cut technology senses grass length and adjusts power output accordingly for the right cut.

Sun Joe GTS4001C Garden Tool System

Sun Joe GTS4001C Garden Tool System: 30% off

This kit includes a blower, hedge trimmer and chainsaw attachment. The adjustable pole extends to 5 feet long. 

Greenworks 40-Volt 12-Inch Cordless Chainsaw

Greenworks 40-Volt 12-Inch Cordless Chainsaw: 43% off

It’s significantly lighter and quieter than a gas chainsaw. You can add tension to the chain without the need for tools. Many were impressed with its ease of use.

10 discounts that caught our eye

Deals on NYX, Conair and other beauty brands

Panasonic Nanoe Salon Hair Dryer

Panasonic Nanoe Salon Hair Dryer: 34% off

Add volume with the diffuser attachment or get precision styling with ease with the concentrator nozzle. This hair dryer is versatile and powerful, but compact and easy to store and carry for travel.

Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Powder Duo

Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Powder Duo: 30% off

Fill in your brows with this best-selling brow powder, which comes as a duo so you can create ombre looks. The powder has a natural-looking texture and is highly pigmented, making it suitable for everyday wear. 

Peter Thomas Roth Water Drench Broad Spectrum 45 Hyaluronic Cloud Moisturizer

Peter Thomas Roth Water Drench Broad Spectrum 45 Hyaluronic Cloud Moisturizer: 30% off

Soothe and hydrate parched skin with this lightweight Peter Thomas Roth SPF facial moisturizer. It is infused with hyaluronic acid and locks in moisture for up to 72 hours, even after cleansing.

Innisfree Daily UV Defense Sunscreen

Innisfree Daily UV Defense Sunscreen: 30% off

Maximize sun protection on your face with this water-based sunscreen, a top choice for those with sensitive or acne-prone skin. The formula moisturizes while it protects, absorbs quickly and doesn’t leave a white cast.

NuFace Trinity Starter Kit

NuFace Trinity Starter Kit: 36% off

The included device exercises and tones the muscles in your face. Many were impressed with the difference they noticed in their skin.

Waterpik Aquarius Water Flosser

Waterpik Aquarius Water Flosser: 55% off

The small handle makes it easy to reach your back teeth. It holds plenty of water, so you won’t need to refill it daily. It features 10 pressure settings.

9 discounts that caught our eye

Toys and games from Playskool and Barbie

Playskool Step Start Walk n’ Ride Toy

Playskool Step Start Walk n’ Ride Toy: 38% off

Kids who are ready to start walking can practice their steps with this two-in-one toy. It also has plenty of onboard activities that keep little hands busy, such as knobs, buttons, spinners, levers and rollers.

VTech Smart Shots Sports Center

VTech Smart Shots Sports Center: 30% off

This interactive sports center lets toddlers learn soccer and basketball basics and even has an LED scoreboard. The play center also has buttons and shapes that produce sport-inspired sounds and phrases. 

Disney Frozen 2 Frozen Doll Set

Disney Frozen 2 Frozen Doll Set: 47% off

Kids can play for hours with their favorite Frozen characters with this five-piece doll set. Each character in the set also comes with three outfit changes so kids can recreate their favorite parts of the movie.

Marvel Guardians of the Galaxy For Playstation 5

Marvel Guardians of the Galaxy For Playstation 5: 58% off

Play as Star-Lord, and lead the Guardians of the Galaxy through countless adventures against unruly villains. The popular game earns Full Marks for its thrilling challenges and classic Star-Lord humor.

ThinkFun Zingo Bingo Preschool Game

ThinkFun Zingo Bingo Preschool Game: 38% off

This popular board game is full of puzzles and challenges to get the brain thinking. It’s ideal for preschool kids to boost their matching and language skills, so you can get their memorizing ability off to a good head start.

Barbie Big City, Big Dreams Transforming Vehicle Playset inline

Barbie: Big City, Big Dream Transforming Vehicle Playset: 52% off

This Barbie set comes with a stylish, purple and pink SUV with removable seats that fits two (sold separately) Barbie dolls. It comes with several fashion accessories, including shades and handbags, and musical props for Barbie and friends to put on a live show.

Melissa & Doug Learn-To-Play Piano

Melissa & Doug Learn-To-Play Piano: 43% off

This wooden piano has a color-coded songbook that helps your child learn to play. It’s durable and features a vibrant design.

Black+Decker Kids Power Tools Workshop

Black+Decker Kids Power Tools Workshop: 42% off

This includes 75 toy tools and a workbench. Many of the power tools produce lights and sounds at the press of a button. It features the traditional Black+Decker black-and-orange color palette.

10 discounts that caught our eye

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Essex Credit
Georgia’s Own Credit Union
Globe Loan Company
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Homie Technology
Innovative Funding Services
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Kemba Credit Union
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Northstar Credit Union
OpenRoad Lending
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Prestige Financial
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Red Rocks Credit Union
Regional Finance
Regional Hyundai
Reliable Credit
RV Depot
Sierra Point Credit Union
Southeast Financial
Spectrum Federal Credit Union
Toyota of North Hollywood
Toyota of Santa Monica
U Drive Acceptance Corporation
Unify Lenders
Vantage Finance
Visterra Credit Union
Western Preferred Financial
Westlake Direct LLC
Wilshire Consumer Credit
Zeigler Chevrolet
Alliant Credit Union
American Express
Axos Bank
Bank of America
Bread Savings
Capital One
CIT Bank
Consumers Credit Union
Discover Bank
HSBC Direct Bank
Marcus by Goldman Sachs
Quontic Bank
Synchrony Bank
TD Bank
U.S. Bank
American Express
Bank of America
Capital Bank / OpenSky
Capital One
Celtic Bank
First Progress
Luxury Card
Pentagon Federal Credit Union
Plains Commerce Bank
TD Bank
U.S. Bank
Wells Fargo
Ad Practitioners
Ally Invest
Community Tax
Facet Wealth
H&R Block
Harness Wealth
Interactive Brokers
Marcus by Goldman Sachs
Merrill Edge
Optima Tax
Personal Capital
Savings for College
Tax Act
Tax Slayer
TD Ameritrade
Zacks Trade
Zoe Financial

#1 Consulting
1 Solar Solutions
1688 Financial
1720 Financial Services
1st Advantage Mortgage – MBudwick
1st Alliance Mortgage, LLC
1st American Mortgage
1st Class Financial LLC.
1st Colorado Mortgage Solutions
1st Colorado Mortgage Solutions, Inc.
1st Constitution Bank
1st Continental Mortgage
1st Eagle Mortgage
1st Financial Inc
1st Financial Mortgage Corp.
1st Guaranty Mortgage
1st Heritage
1st Legacy Capital
1st Mariner Bank
1st Metropolitan Mortgage
1st Midwest Mortgage
1st Midwest Mortgage Corporation
1st Nationwide Mortgage
1st Nationwide Mortgage OC
1st New England Mortgage Corporation
1st Preference
1st Quest Mortgage
1st Reliant Home Loans
1st Reverse
1st Reverse Mortgage
1st Security Financial Mortgage
1st Security Home Mortgage
1st Signature Lending
1st Signature Lending LLC
1st Texas Reverse Mortgage
1st US Energy LLC
2 Week Home Loans
21st Century Power Solutions
21st Mortgage Corporation
2Four6 Solar
2K Solar
2nd Generation Mortgage
310 Solar LLC
31Solar LLC
360 Mortgage
360 Mortgage Group
360 Solar Energy
360 Solar Group
365 Home Lending
3rd Financial Service Group
5 Star Mortgage HS
76 Solar
7th Level Mortgage LLC
7th Level Mortgage, LLC, Inc.
911 Tax Relief
99 Dollar Home Sales
A & R Solar
A Better Mortgage Company
A Better Mortgage Company Inc
a division of Barrington Bank & Trust Company
A Division of Mechanical Energy Systems
A Division of the Union Bank Company
A Great Mortgage Company, Inc.
A National Electric Service Inc.
A Plus Home Loans
A Plus Mortgage
A Star Services
A-1 Electric
A.D.D. Solar Connect
A.I. Solar
A.M. Solar
A&M Energy Solutions
A&R Solar
A1 Energy LLC
A1 Solar LLC
A1 Solar Power
A1A Solar
A1A Solar Contracting Inc.
AA Solar Services LLC
AAA Solar
AAE Solar
Aasent Mortgage Corporation
AAXA Discount Mortgage
Abacus Mortgage
Abakus Solar USA Inc.
Abbey Mortgage
Abbott Electric Inc.
ABCO Solar
ABest Energy Power
Ablaze Energy
Able Energy
Able Energy Co.
ABLEnding, Inc
Absolute Home Mortgage
Absolute Home Mortgage Corp
Absolute Mortgage Company, Inc.
Absolute Solar
Absolutely Solar
Abundant Energy
Abundant Solar
AC Solar Inc.
Academy Bank, N.A.
Academy Mortgage
Acadia Lending Group
Accelerate Solar
Acceptance Capital Mortgage
Acceptance Capital Mortgage Corp.
Access Capital Funding
Access Capital Group
Access G T Mortgage
Access Geothermal
Access Home Mortgage
Access Lending Solutions Inc
Access Mortgage and Financial Corporation
Access National Bank
Access National Mortgage
Access National Mtg
AccessAmerica Mortgage, LLC
Accountable Mortgage LLC
AccuRate Capital Mortgage
Accurate Credit Solutions
Accurate Mortgage Solutions
AccuTrust Mortgage
ACDC Solar
Ace Mortgage, LLC
ACF Lending
Achieve Security
ACME Environmental
ACME International Services Inc.
Acme Lending LLC
Acopia Home Loans
Acre Mortgage
Acre Mortgage and Financial, Inc.
Acro Energy
Active Energies
Active Energies Inc.
Active Energies Solar
Active Solar
Activus Corp LLC
Addin Solar
Addison Homes LLC
Addy Electric
Admiral Home Mortgage, L.L.C
Admiral Mortgage
Adobe Financial Corporation
Adobe Reo
Adobe Solar
Advance Mortgage & Investment Co.
Advance Mortgage Corporation
Advance Mortgage Lending
Advance Power Inc
Advance Solar
Advance Solar & Spa
Advance Solar Construction
Advance Solar Construction LLC
Advanced Alternative Energy Solutions
Advanced Commercial Enterprises
Advanced Distributed Generation
Advanced Energy Resources
Advanced Energy Services
Advanced Energy Solutions
Advanced Energy Systems Development LLC
Advanced Funding Solutions
Advanced Home Funding
Advanced Legal Processing and Assoc
Advanced Lending Solutions Company, LLC
Advanced Mechanical Systems Inc.
Advanced Mortgage Planning-DBruce
Advanced Solar Electric
Advanced Solar Electric, Inc.
Advanced Solar Energy
Advanced Solar Power Inc.
Advanced Solar Tech
Advanced Solar Technologies LLC
Advanced Solarone Products
Advancing Solar
Advantage First Lending
Advantage Home Loans
Advantage Investors
Advantage Realty Solutions
Advantage Star Mortgage Corp
Advent Financial
Advent Mortgage
Advisors Mortgage
Advisors Mortgage Group
Advisors Mortgage Group LLC
Advocator Group
Aegis Solar Energy
Aerosun Electric
AET Solar
AFC Comfort Company
AFC Solar
Affiliated Bank Mortgage
Affinity Financial
Affinity Home Equity Solutions
Affinity Lending Solutions
Affinity Mortgage, LLC
Affirm Home Loans
Affliated Financial Group
Affordable Energy Concepts
Affordable Energy Solutions
Affordable Financial
Affordable Financial Services
Affordable Mortgage
Affordable Solar
Affordable Solar (NM)
Affordable Solar Contracting
Affordable Solar Group LLC
Affordable Solar Hot Water and Power LLC
AffordaSolar, Inc.
AFI Financial
Agape Funding
Agency Mortgage Corp
Agility Capital Group
AHL, Inc.
AIM Financial, Inc.
Air Wind & Solar LLC
AJ Graham
Ajay Khatri
Alaska Lending
Alaska USA Mortgage Company
Albany Mortgage Group
Albany Solar Energy
Alcova Mortgage
Alder Energy Systems
Alec Johnson
Alex Chapin
Alia Law Group
Alien Fuel Inc.
Aliso Tax
All American Morttgage
All Bright Custom Solar LLC
All Credits Mortgage
All Digital Promotions
All Electric
All Electrical & Telecom
All Energy Inc.
All Energy Solar Inc.
All Financial Services
All Green It
All In One Exteriors
All Island Mortgage & Funding
All On Electric
All Pro Solar Svcs
All Season Solar
All Solar Electric
All Solar Inc.
All Square Mortgage Inc
All Star Traffic
All State Banc
All Valley Solar
All Western Mortgage
Alladin Solar LLC
Allegiance Home Lending
Alliance Capital Partners – Karl King
Alliance Government Funding
Alliance Govt Funding
Alliance Home Loans,NoForeclosure Inc
Alliance Home Mortgage
Alliance Mortgage Group
Alliance Professional Solutions
Alliance Reverse Mortgage
Alliance West Mortgage
Allied Financial Mtg
Allied First Bank
Allied First Bank – GC
Allied Home Mortgage Corporation
Allied Lending
Allied Mortgage
Allied Mortgage Group, Inc
Allied Pacific Mortgage
Allied Technical Services
Allsolar Service Company Inc.
Allstate Bamcorp – MSettles
Allstate Home Loans
Allstate Integrated Legal Network
Allstate Jersey Central Electric & Solar
Allstate Lending Group
Allterra Solar
Allura Solar
Alpenglow Solar
Alpha Settlement Agency
Alpine Mortgage
Alpine Mortgage Planning
Alpine Mortgage Services, LLC
Alpine Solar
Alt Financial Network
Alt Marketing NYC LLC
Alten Group
Alter Systems LLC
Alternate Energy Solutions LLC
Alternative Energy Concepts Inc.
Alternative Energy Resources
Alternative Power Enterprise
Alternative Power Solutions Corp.
Alternative Power Systems
Alternative Power Systems Inc.
Alterra Mortgage
AM Solar
Am Sun Solar
Amazing Construction
AMB Mortgage
Ambassador Mtg, LLC
Amber Sky Mortgage
Ambition Electric Inc.
Amcap Mortgage
AME Financial Corporation DBA Ashford Mortgage
Ameco Solar Inc.
Amercan Solar Energy LLC
Amergy Solar
Ameri Star
America One Home Loans
America Trust Funding
America Trust Funding-Mortgage, Bankers LLC
America’s Mortgage LLC
America’s Choice Home Loans
America’s Lender
America’s Mortgage Professionals
America’s Choice Home Loans
AmericaHomeKey, Inc.
American Advantage Mortgage Services
American Advisors Group
American Advisors Group, Inc.
American Bancshares Mortgage, LLC
American Bank
American Benefit
American Brokers Conduit
American Capital Corporation
American Capital Mortgage
American Credit
American Design & Build
American Dream Mortgage
American Dream Mortgage Bankers Inc.
American Dreams Mortgage LLC
American Electric (See Sunrun)
American Enterprise Bank
American Equity Mortgage
American Executive
American Executive Mortgage Group
American Express Upsell
American Federal Mortgage
American Federal Mortgage Corporation
American Fidelity Financial Services
American Fidelity Mortgage
American Fidelity Mortgage Services
American Financial Network
American Financial Resources
American Financial Services
American Financing Corp
American General Finance Corp
American Green Energy Source, Inc.
American Heartland Bank and Trust
American Heritage Lending Corporation
American Home Bank
American Home Free Mortgage, LLC
American Home Lending Inc.
American Home Lending USA, LLC
American Home Loans
American Home Loans -Troy Sabrowski
American HomeFront Mortgage
American Lending Group, Inc.
American Lending Inc
American Lending Solutions
American Liberty Mortgage
American Midwest Bank
American Midwest Mortgage Corp
American Millenium Company dba American Mortgage Company
American Mortgage & Equity Consultants
American Mortgage Advisors Corp.
American Mortgage and Equity Consultants, Inc
American Mortgage and Investment Services, Inc.
American Mortgage Bank
American Mortgage Express
American Mortgage Group
American Mortgage Service Co.
American Nationwide Mortgage Company
American Pacific Mortgage
American Pacific Mortgage,Golden Heritage Financial
American Pacific Solar
American Patriot Solar
American Portfolio Mortgage
American Portfolio Mortgage Corp
American Preferred Lending
American Residential Funding
American Residential Lending
American Residential Mortgage
American Senior Funding
American Senior Funding Corporation
American Solar
American Solar & Alternative Energies
American Solar and Alt Energy Solutions Inc.
American Solar Direct
American Solar Energy
American Solar Energy (Jason Obermiller)
American Solar Power
American Solar Solution
American Solar certified LLC
American Solargy Inc. & American Solargy Electric
American Southwest Mortgage Funding Corp
American Street Mortgage Company
American Trust Mortgage
American United Mortgage Corporation
American Vision solar
American West Financial, LLC
Americans Resource Center
AmericanWest Bank
Americapital Funding
Americas Discount Home Loans
Americas Lending Solutions, LTD
Americas Mortgage Professional
Americash Loans
Americor Lending
AmeriDream Mortgage Group
AmeriFirst Financial, Inc.
Amerifund Funding Corporation
Amerifund Home Mortgage
AmeriGO Home Lending
Amerihope Alliance
Ameriloan Mortgage Corp
AmeriPro Funding, Incorporated
Ameris Bank
AmeriSave Mortgage Corporation, NMLS ID #1168
AmeriSouth Mortgage Co.
Ameritrust Mortgage, Inc.
Ameriverse Mortgage
Ameryk LLC
AMI Energy Solutions
AMP Mortgage
Amped On Solar LLC
AMS Mortgage Services
Analyn Dacanay
Anchor Financial Mortgage
Anchor Funding
Anchor Home Mortgage
Anchor Home Mortgage, Inc.
Anchor Street Mortgage
Anderson Electric LLC
Anderson Solar Controls
Andre Lee
Andrew Iorg
Angel Wind Energy Inc.
Angle Solar Solutions
Annie Mac Home Mortgage
Anubis Power and Electric
AP Media Agency
AP Mortgage
Apex Financial, LLC
Apex Home Loans
Apex Solar Inc.
Apollo Home Mortgage
Apollo Lending
Apollo Mortgage Finance Corp.
Apollo Mortgage Group, LLC
Apollo Solar
Appalachian Renewable Power Systems LTD.
Applied Energy Innovations
Applied Solar Energy
Applied Solar Energy / Solex
Approval Reverse Mortgage
Approved Mortgage Source
Approved Mortgage, Inc.
APS Solar
Aqua Finance – Securite, Inc
Aram Solar
ARBC Financial Mortgage Corp
Arbor Bank
Arbor Mortgage
ARC Financial
Arcadia Financial Group
Archstone Home Mortgage
Arcola Homestead Savings Bank
Arcstone Financial Inc
Arctic Sun LLC
Are Sun Solar
Area Home Lending
Argand Energy
Argand Energy Solutions
Argent Solar Electric Inc.
Argentine Federal Savings
Argon Credit, Inc.
Arise Energy Solutions LLC
Arizona Energy Pros
Arizona Energy Pros Inc.
Arizona Solar Concepts
Arizona Solar Concepts LLC
Arizona Solar Wave
Arizona Solar Wave & Energy
Arizona State Credit Union – Transfer
Arizona Valley Lending, LLC
Ark Mortgage, Inc.
Ark Solar
Arkan Holdings
Arkright Financial Services
Armando’s Construction Services
Arroyo Electric
ARS Call Center
Art Construction
Artisan Electric Inc.
Artisan Mortgage Company
Artisans’ Bank
ASC Solar Solutions LLC
Ascent Home Loans
ASI Heating, Air & Solar
Asidaco LLC
Aspen Hills Mortgage
Aspire Financial Inc
Aspire Home Mortgage
Aspire Rock LLC
Assent, Inc.
Asset 126 Management
Asset Financial Center
Asset Mutual Mortgage Inc
Assistance Support Center
Associated Mortgage Bankers, Inc
Associates Mortgage Company
Assurance Financial Group
Assurance Home Loan
Assurance Mortgage
Assured Lending Corporation
Assured Solar Energy
Aston Solar
Aston Solar (Harry Tuvel)
Astoria Company
Astralux Solar
Astrum Solar
Aten Solar
Atlantic Bay Mortgage Group
Atlantic Financial Inc
Atlantic Financial, Inc
Atlantic Home Capital
Atlantic Home Capital Corp
Atlantic Home Equity
Atlantic Home Loans
Atlantic Home Loans, Inc
Atlantic Mortgage & Finance
Atlantic Mortgage & Funding Inc
Atlantic Mortgage and Funding, Inc
Atlantic Pacific Mortgage
Atlantic Pacific Mortgage Corporation
Atlantic Solar Solutions Inc.
Atlasta Solar
Atlasta Solar Center
Attorneys Funding Group Inc
Aubrey Digital Home
Augusta Financial
Augusta Lending, LLC
Augusta Mortgage
Aurora Energy Inc.
Aurora Financial
Austin’s Business Services
Autobytel Inc.
Automation Solar Inc.
Automobile Consumer Services, Inc
Automotive Services Center
Autumn Financial Group-Greenville
Awesome Power
AXE Logic
Axia Home Loans
Axiom Lending – DSchwartz
Axiom Mortgage Bankers Corp.
Axis Capital Investments Inc
Axis Energy
Ay Solar
AZ Mortgage Professionals
Aztec Solar Power
B & B Solar
B.E. Solar
B2 Funding
B2 Funding Corporation
B2R Finance
Back Bay Funding
Baird & Warner Financial Services
Bakhshai Enterprises
BANC Home Loans
BancStar Mortgage LLC
Bank Mortgage Solutions
Bank of Blue Valley /
Bank Of Commerce Mortgage
Bank of England
Bank of England dba ENG Lending
Bank of England Mortgage
Bank of Internet
Bank of Little Rock Mortgage
Bank of Nebraska
Bank of Texas
Bank of the James Mortgage
Bank On Solar
Banker’s Mortgage Corporation
Bankers Financial
Bankers Funding Group, Inc.
Bankers Mortgage
Banks Mortgage Release Center
Banner Home Solutions
Barclay Funding Corp.
Barron Documents
Barrus Solar
Barton Creek Lending Group
Barton Mortgage Corp
Basin Industries Inc.
Bay Equity
Bay State Solar Solutions
Bayburg Financial
Bayman Electric
Bayou Solar LLC
Bayshore Mortgage Funding
Bayshore Mortgage Funding, LLC
Baystate Solar Power
Bayview Residential Mortgage
Bayway Mortgage Group
BBMC Mortgage IL
BBRS Group
BCB Communicty Bank
BDS Solar
Beach First National Bank
Beacon Community Credit Union
Beacon Financial, Inc
Beaver Solar
Beck Finance Group
Bedrock Lending
Beehive Technical Services
BeFree Solar
Bell Solar Electric LP
Bella Energy
Bella Power and Light
Bella Solar
Bellwether Construction LLC
Benchmark Bank
Benchmark Lending
Benchmark Mortgage
Benefit Advisors
Bengal Mortgage
Bengal Mtg
Bentley Global Associates LLC
Berkeley Solar Electric Systems
Berlind Corp. dba Infinity Mtg Grp
Best Freedom Financial
Best Rate Funding
Best Rate Mortgage
Best Rate Mortgages
Best Rate Referrals
Bestrier Consulting Services
Beth Pietro
Better Green Building Company
Better Retirement Solutions LLC
Beyond Quotes
Big D Electric
Big Dog Renewable Energy
Big Sky Renewable Energy
Big Valley Mortgage
Bill Bagnell Esq
Bills Solar
Black Platinum Solar & Electric Inc.
Blackhawk Bank
Blackhorse Financial
Blair General Contracting
Blake Electric Inc.
Block Financial Resources
Blue Coast Home Loans Inc.
Blue Home Loans
Blue Lime Capital Group
Blue Marble Solar
Blue Pacific Solar
Blue Print Economics
Blue Ridge Sun
Blue Selenium Solar Inc.
Blue Sky Lending
Blue Wave Funding
Blue Yield Inc.
Bluechip Energy LLC
Blueleaf Lending
Bluestar Solar Energy LLC
BluFi Lending
BMC Solar
BME Satellite and Solar LLC
BMIC Mortgage, Inc.
BNC National Bank
Boardwalk Lending
Boardwalk Lending LLC
Bob Cannon
Bob James Consulting
Bold Alternatives
Bombard Electric
Bond Street Mortgage
Bonterra Solar
Bonterra Solar Service
Border Solar
Borrower’s Best
BorrowersFirst, Inc.
Boston Solar
Box Home Loans
Boykin & Boykin Construction Inc.
Bozeman Green Build
Bradburn Group
Bradburn Group LLC
Bradley Lead Group LLC
Braintree Cooperative Bank
Bravo Credit Corporation
Brazos National Bank
Breeze Funding
Bridge City Lending
Bridgepoint Funding
Bridgepoint Mortgage, LLC
Bridgeview Bank Mortgage
Bridgeview Bank Mortgage Company
Bridgewater Capital
Briggs Electric
Bright Eye Solar LLC
Bright Home Energy
Bright Mortgage
Bright Vision Mortgage
Brightergy – St. Louis
Brightgreen Home Loans
BrightPath Mortgage, LLC
Brightside Solar
Brightstar Solar
Brightwire Loans
Brink Mortgage
Brite Idea Energy
Britt Little
Broadsurf, LLC
Broadview – Jamie Tomes
Broadview Mortgage Corporation
Broker House Lending
Broker Solutions D B A New American Funding
BrokerPro Mortgage
Brookemore Financial Corp
Brookstone Mortgage
Brothers Electric and Solar
Brower Mechanical, Inc.
Brown Inc
Brownell Electric Corp.
BRR Call Center – Industry Magazine
Bruce Media Corp
Buckhead Home Loans
Buckhead Mortgage Associates
Buckingham Financial
Buckingham Lending LLC
Bucks County Bank
Budget Credit Loans
Buehler Brothers Electric & Solar
Buena Vista Technologies
Buffalo Solar Solutions
Build My Scores
Built Well Solar
Builtgreen California
Bulldog Applied Bank Secured Visa Gold Preferred Credit Card
BullsEye Home Loans
Burk Carpenter, LLC
Burlington Solar
C & J Solar Solutions
C & R Mortgage Corp.
C-Tec Solar
C.A.M. Solar
C.A.M. Solar Inc.
C&F Mortgage Corp
C&T Mortgage
C2 Financial Corporation
C2M Marketing Inc
CA Home Solar
CA Mortgage Solutions
Cabrillo Mortgage and Realty Services
Cache Bank & Trust
Cake Test
Cal Coast Financial Corp
Cal Loans Direct, Inc
Cal Paso Solar
Cal-Estate Funding
Cal-Power Inc.
CalCon Mutual
Cali Contractor Mortgage Division
Cali Contractors
Cali Home Lending
Cali Mortgage
Caliber Funding
Caliber Home Loans
Caliber Home Loans AD
Caliber Home Loans, Inc
California Green Designs
California Loan Associates
California Loan Associates Inc.
California Mortgage Group
California Mortgage Solutions
California Preferred Solar
California Real Estate Loans Inc
California Realty & Funding
California Solar
California Solar Concepts
California Solar Energy
California Solar Engineering
California Solar Systems
California Solar Systems Inc
California Sun Systems
California Sun Systems, Inc.
California Wholesale Mortgage
Call Box Sales & Marketing Solutions
CalSun Electric & Solar
Calvert Mortgage
Cambria Financial Group DBA Cambria Mtg
Cambria Mortgage
Cambridge Credit Counseling Corp
Cambridge Credit Repair
Cameron Financial Group, Inc.
Candelaria Solar Electric
Candor Mortgage Corp.
Canyon Community Bank
Cap City 1
Cape Fear Solar Systems
Cape Fear Solar Systems LLC
Capella Mortgage Corp
Capital Bank dba Strategic Lending Group
Capital City Solar was previously Solarecity Electric
Capital Concepts
Capital Financial Bancorp, Inc
Capital Funding Group
Capital Funding Mortgage Associates, Inc
Capital Hill Mortgage
Capital Lending Source LLC
Capital Mortgage Funding, Inc.
Capital Mortgage Group
Capital One Auto Finance
Capital One Home Loans LLC
Capital Plus Financial
Capital Sun Group
CapitalNet Mortgage
Capitol City Real Estate Inc
Capitol Mortgage Company
Caplan Law Group
Capstone Funding
CapWest Mortgage
Carbon Vision
Cardinal Financial
Cardinal Financial Company, LP
Cardinal Mortgage
CardNet, LLC.
Care Free Homes Inc.
Carlson Electric
Carnegie Mortgage, LLC dba Ovation Home Loans
Carolina Bankers
Carolina Mortgage Authority
Carr Creek Electric Service
Carr Creek Electric Service LLC
Carrington Mortgage Services
Carrington Mortgage Services, LLC
Cascade Mortgage Inc
Cascade Renewable Energy
Cascade Sun Works
CashCall, Inc.
Castle & Cook Mortgage
Castle & Cooke Mortgage
Castle Financial
Castle Point Mortgage
Castleview Home Loans
Catalyst Lending
Catalyst Lending, Inc.
Cauldwell Trust
Cavalier Mortgage Group, LLC
CBC National Bank
CC Funding
CE Team
Cedar Creek Energy
Cedar Mill Mortgage
CEGA Clean Energy Group Alliance
Cendera Funding, Inc.
Centennial Bank
Centennial Financial Services, Inc.
Centennial Mortgage Corp
Centerpoint Funding Corp
Centerra Mortgage
Centier Bank
Cento, Inc
Central Bank
Central California Solar
Central Pacific Mortgage
Centrix Financial
Century Financial Group
Century Support Services
Certified Funding Capital Corporation
Certified Home Loans
Certified Reverse Mortgage
Certified Safe Electric Inc.
Certified Solar Solutions LLC
CertusBank Mortgage a Division of CertusBank
CFS Home Loans, Inc
Challenge Financial Investors Corp.
Channelwood Mortgage
Chaos Home Loans
Charis Mortgage Corporation
Charles Schwab Bank, NA
Charles Talley JR Insurance
Charter One
Cherry Creek Mortgage
Chicago Bancorp
Chicago Windy City Solar Corp.
Childress Mortgage Group
Chimera Financial Services
Chimney certified Inc.
Chippewa Valley Alternative Energy
Choice America Lending, LLC
Choice Mortgage Bank
Choice Mortgage Bank, Inc
Chris OConnell
Chris Wilson
Christensen Financial
Christensen Financial – Shaheen
Christensen Financial Inc
Churchill Mortgage Corporation
Cienaga Solar
Cinch Home Loans
Cinci Home Solar
CIR Electric Construction
CIR Electrical Construction Corp.
Circle Mortgage
CircleBack Lending
Circuit Electric LLC
Circular Energy
Citadel Servicing Corp
Citifinancial Auto
Citimac Mortgage Solutions LLC
Citizens Bank
Citizens Direct
Citizens Disability
Citizens Lending Group
Citizens Lending Group, Inc.
City 1st Mortgage Services
City First Financial
City First Mortgage Services
City Lending, Inc
City Lights Financial
City Lights Financial PA
Citybrook Corp
CityState Bank
Citywide CHL
Citywide Home Loans
Citywide Homeloans
CityWide Mortgage
Civil Justice Law
Clackamas Electric Inc
Clardy Financial Services
Clark Curtis
Clarke & Rush
Classic Home Mortgage WM
Classic Mortgage
Clean & Green Alternatives LLC
Clean Energy Authority
Clean Energy Collective, LLC
Clean Energy Concepts
Clean Energy Design LLC
Clean Energy Experts
Clean Energy Solutions
Clean Slate Credit Services
Clean Solar
Cleantech Energy Solutions
Clear Fork Acquisitions,LLC DBA Trademark Mortgage
Clear Horizon LLC
Clear Mortgage Capital, Inc.
Clear Realty Group
Clear Satellite
Clear Solar Company
Clear Solar Energy
Clear Summit Mortgage, Inc
ClearPath Lendng
Clearwater Mortgage
Cleveland Mortgage Corporation
Cleveland Solar & Wind
ClientConsent – FreshYellow
CLIFFCO Mortgage Bankers
Cloud Lenders, LLC
CLS Mortgage
Club Solar
Cluttr LLC
CM Solar Electric
CME Funding – MEisner
CMG Mortgage
CMI Solar & Electric
CMI Solar Electric Inc.
CML Direct, Inc.
CMS Mortgage – DRiebel
CNE Services LLC
CNN Mortgage – HStephan
CNN Mortgage Inc.
CNY Solar Inc.
Coast Design & Build
Coast To Coast Credit Service
Coast to Coast Lending
Coastal Heritage bank
Coastal ICF Sunfarm Energy
Coastal Pacific Lending LLC
Coastal Pacific Lending, Inc
Coastal Solar
Coastal Solar Power Company
Coastal Solar Solutions
Cobalt Mortgage
Coburt Holding, Inc dba Compass Home Lending
Code Green Solar
Coldwell Banker – Purchase Dialer Leads
Cole Taylor Mortgage
Collateral One Mortgage Corp.
Colonial American Bank
Colonial Mortgage Service Co
Colonial Mortgage Service Company
Colonial Mortgage Service Company of America
Coltrain Funding Group
Columbia Bank
Comerford Solar
Comerica Bank
Comfort Engineered Systems Inc.
Comfort First Heating and Cooling Inc.
Comfort King
Command Capital Mortgage Services
Commerce Home Mortgage
Commerce Mortgage
Commerce Mortgage Finance
Common Practice Building
Commonwealth Mortgage
Commonwealth Mortgage Lending
Commonwealth Mortgage Lending, LLC
Community 1st National Bank
Community Bank of Oak Park & River Forest
Community Energy
Community Federal Savings Bank
Community First Bank
Community First Mortgage
Community First National Bank
Community Lending Group
Community Mortgage LLC
Community One Mortgage, Inc.
Community West Mortgage
Complete Capitol Services
Complete Resources Building and Repair Inc.
Complete Solar Solution
Concept Solar Co.
Concierge Mortgage
Concierge Mortgage LLC
Concord One Financial
Concorde Acceptance Corporation
Concorde Mortgage
Conicelli Automotive
Conley Sheet Metal Works Inc.
Connect Media Ventures
Connect Plus
Connected Power Systems LLC
Connecticut Sun and Power LLC
Connector Electric
Conservation Solutions LLC
Consolidated Solar Technologies
Constant Energy Source
Consumer Brands LLC
Consumer Care Law
Consumer Energy Advocates
Consumer Financial Services
Consumer Solutions
Continental Home Loans, Inc.
Continuing Educational Services Corp
Contour Mortgage. Centennial Lending Group
Contractors Electrical Service
Contractors Referral Services LLC
Conundrum Technologies
Convergence Energy LLC
Conversion Kings
Cooler Planet
CORE Mortgage
CoreStar Financial Group
Corner Shop Media
Cornerstone Home Lending
Cornerstone Home Mortgage MB#47795
Cornerstone Mortgage Group
Cornett Roofing
Coronado Solar Installations
Corporate Investors Mortgage Group, Inc
Cosmic Solar
Cosmic Solar Inc.
Courtesy Mortgage Company
CPSI Solar
Craftmasters General Contractors Inc.
CRE Credit Services
Creative Energies
Creative Retirement Planning, Inc
Creative Solar USA
Crediquest – SDS
Credit Coach Repair
Credit Fix
Credit Guard
Credit One Financial Solutions, LLC
Credit Options
Credit Pro Repair
Credit Repair Needs
Credit Repair Resources
Crest Mortgage
Crestline Funding
Crestline Funding Corp
Crimson Mortgage
CRL Home Loans
Cross Country Mortgage
Cross River Solar
Cross State Funding
Cross State Funding Corp
CrossCountry Mortgage
CrossCountry Mortgage, Inc.
Crossline Capital, Inc.
Crosspoint Funding
Crossroads Loans Services
CrownMark Group Inc
CRT Mortgage and Consulting LLC
Cru Lending
CRU Lending –
CSM Marketing
CSS Construction
Cstone Mortgage Inc DBA Cornerstone Mortgage Group
CT Solar Services
CTX Mortgage
CU Realty
Cumberland Country Mortgage
Cumberland County Mortgage
Cumberland Mortgage
Current Installation LLC
Custom Funding USA, Inc.
Custom Mortgage Solutions
Custom Solar
Custom Solar and Leisure LLC
Customer Service Center LLC
Customized Mortgage Solutions, LLC
Cypress Realty and Mortgage
D & M Alternative Energy
D & R Energy Services Inc.
D&M Energy Alternative
D&W Technologies
Daemi Group of Oklahoma Inc
Dalco Mortgage
Dale’s Remodeling
Dallas Mortgage Associates
Dan Warren
Danville Mortgage
Darien Rowayton Bank
Darren Faria
Data Mortgage Inc dba Essex Mortgage
David Chong
David Jensen (Verengo)
David Sajdak LLC
David Sapienza
David Wood
Day and Night Solar
Daylight Power Company LLC
DBR Electric
De Freitas Construction
Dealer Dialer
Dean Dupont
DeAnza Capital, Inc.
Debt Be Gone
DEC Solar Electric
Decision 1
DeepGreen Financial
Del Financial Inc
Deline Financial LLC.
Dell Franklin Financial
Delmar Financial
Delta Financial Group
Delta Lending Group
Denver Mortgage
Dependable Solar Products Inc.
DeQuattro Enterprises Inc.
Desert Solar Designs
Desert Springs Mortgage
Design Technics
Destiny Mortgage Group Inc
DeWitt Enterprises Inc
DFW Solar Electric
DH Capital
DHA Financial
DHA Home Loan – JSharp
Diamond Funding Corporation
Diamond Residential Mortgage Corporation
Digital Market Media
Dignified Home Loans
Dimension Mortgage
Dino Brantolino
Direct Connect Solar & Electric LLC
Direct Finance
Direct Home Loans, LLC
Direct Lenders, LLC
Direct Link Funding
Direct Mortgage Loans
Direct Mortgage Loans, LLC
Direct Solar Inc.
Direct Web Advertising
Directors Financial Group
Directors Financial-MLorg
Directsun Solar Energy & Technology
Disability Advisor
Discount Loanscom LLC
Discover Home Loans, Inc
Discover Mortgage Company
District Lending
Ditech Mortgage Corp.
Diversified Financial Mortgage, Inc.
Diversified Financial Services
Dixie Home Crafters LLC
DIY Home Lending Corp
DJ Belanger Enterprises
DLJ Financial, Inc.
DMI & Associates
DMI Financial Inc.
DMI Partners
DML Mortgage Enterprises, Inc.
DNJ Home Imporovement Consultants, Inc
Dolan Gaddi Lending, Inc.
Dominion First Mortgage Corporation
Dominion Residential Mortgage, LLC
Donley Service Center
Doorway Mortgage
Double Positive Marketing Group
Doug Schaffer
Douglas Carroll
Dovetail Solar
Dovetail Solar and Wind
Down to Earth Solar
Downs Financial Inc
Downs Financial Inc.
DPS – ePath Media
DPS – LeadPoint
Draper and Kramer Mortgage Corp dba 1st Advantage Mortgage
Drew Mortgage Associates
Driven Solar
DRL Capital
Drum Agency
Dubco Solar
Duke City Home Loans
Duke Financial Resources
Duke Newcastle
Durango Solar
Durango Solar Works
Duxford Financial, Inc.
Dwell Tek LLC
DX Tech Energy Systems LLC
Dyna Tech Power, Inc. instead of Planetary Systems Inc.
Dynamic Mortgage Concepts, Inc
E & E Electric LLC
E 3 Mortgage Corp
E Mortgage Management
e Reverse First LLC
E-Finance Mortgage, LLC
E*TRADE Financial
E2 Solar
Eagle Bank
Eagle Creek Mortgage
Eagle Home Mortgage
Eagle National Bank
Eagle Nationwide Mortgage Company
Earth and Air Technologies LLC
Earth Electric
Earth Energy Innovations
Earth Energy Unlimited
Earth First Solar
Earth Mortgage
East Coast Capital
East Coast Mortgage Lending
Eastern Energy Services
Eastern Energy Systems
Eastern Massachusetts Solar Store
Eastern Plains Solar & Wind
Eastern Residential Mortgage, LLC
EastWest Solar LLC
Easy Energy
EBR Energy Corporation
Eburg Solar
EC Financial
Eco 360 Solutions
Eco Depot
Eco Depot Inc.
Eco Depot USA
Eco Solar & Electric
Eco Solar Solutions
Eco Solar Solutions LLC
Eco-Friendly Contracting LLC
Ecobilt Energy Systems
Ecofour LLC
Ecohouse LLC
Ecological Energy Systems LLC
Ecolution Energy
Ecomark Solar LLC
Ecomen Solar
Economic Energy Solutions
EcoSmart Home Services
Ecotech Energy Systems LLC
Ecovision Electric
ECS Solar
Edge Energy
Edge Home Finance
Edge Home Finance 2
Edge Media & Technology, LLC
Edgewater Home Loans
Edison Mortgage Group, Inc
Edison Power and Lighting
Edison Solar
Edlab LTD
EEE Consulting
Efast Funding
EFast Funding, a division of Amcap Mortgage, Ltd
Efficient Home Construction
EFinity Financial
Efinity Mortgage
EGC Financial Services
Eight Stories High
El Paso Green Energies LLC
El Zig Zag, Inc dba EZZ Financial
Electric Connection Solar
Electricare & Inland Solar Center division of Electricare and Sun Is Money, Marketing
Elektron Solar
Element Funding dba PRMI
Element Power Systems Inc
Elending Group LLC
ELink Mortgage
Elite Edge Equities Corp
Elite Edge Equities Funding Corp
Elite Funding Corporation d/b/a Tenacity Mortgage Corporation
Elite Home Loans
Elite Solar
ElitePro Services
Elixir Mortgage Lending Inc
ELS Consulting Group
ELTG Title Co
Embassy Funding
Embassy Funding DBA Seniors Home Funding
Embrace Home Loans
Emerald Enterprise Corp
Emerald Mortgage Corp.
Emery Federal Credit Union
Emery FS
EMortgage Funding
eMortgage Management, LLC
Empire Financial
Empire Home Mortgage
Empire of America
Empower Solar Store
EMS Contracting Corp
Encompass Lending Group, LP
Endeavor Mortgage Group Inc.
Endless Mountain Solar (John)
Endless Mtn Solar Services
Energy 1
Energy By Choice
Energy Concepts
Energy Concepts Inc.
Energy Conservation Solutions
Energy Consultants Group LLC
Energy Design
Energy Efficiencies LLC
Energy Environmental Corporation
Energy Independent Solutions
Energy Master
Energy One Corp
Energy Pro Solar
Energy Remodeling
Energy Savings USA
Energy Shop
Energy Smart
Energy Solutions
Energy Solutions By Total
Energy Solutions Group
Energy Unlimited LLC
Energy Wise New York
Energy Wize LLC
Energywise Solar
Energywize LLC
ENG Lending
Engineered Solar
Engineered Solar & MEP Systems
Ensurem II LLC
Envia Lending
Envinity Inc.
Enviroedge Inc.
Envirohome LLC
Environmental Heating Solutions LLC
Environome Solar
Envision Lending Group, Inc
Envoy Mortgage
Envoy Mortgage, Ltd
eOption Loan, LLC
Epcon Solar
Epic Funding Inc.
Equifund dba Capital Fund Associates
Equinox Home Financing
EquiPoint Financial Network
Equitable Real Estate Group
Equity 1 Lenders Group
Equity Loans, LLC
Equity Mortgage Bankers
Equity Prime Mortgage
Equity Real Estate
Equity Resources, Inc
Equity Services, Inc.
eRates Mortgage
Eric Maclean
Eric Zanotelli
Erus Energy
Esosa Imoisili
ETH Inspections & Construction
ETI Services
ETN America
Euclid Energy Performance Contractors
Euro Mortgage Bankers Inc.
EV Solar Products Inc.
Evan Esposito Solar Consulting
Eve Sham Mortgage
Everest Financial, LLC
Everett Financial Inc
Evergreen Home Loans
Evergreen Media
Evergreen MoneySource Mortgage
Evergreen Mortgage Corporation
Everguard Roofing & Solar
Everlast Home Energy Solutions
Everyloan Financial Corp
Everything Solar
Evesham Mortgage
Evolve Bank and Trust
Evolve Bank and Trust- LF
Evoque Lending
EWB Alternative Energy Systems
Exact Solar
Excel Electric Inc.
Excel Financial Group
Excel Mortgage
Excelerate Capital
Exceptional Mortgage Solutions
Executive Electric LLC
Executive Financial Solutions Group
Executive Lending Services, Inc
Exit Mortgage
Experian Boost
Express Capital Lending
Express Solar
Extreme Solar
Extreme Solar and Alternative Energy Solutions
EZ Solar Inc.
F and M Mortgage Group, LLC
F.P.S. The Solar Specialist
F&M Bank and Trust
Fafco Solar Energy
Fair Lending Association
Fairway Independent Mortgage
Fairway Independent Mortgage Corp
Fairway Independent Mortgage Corporation
Fairway Mortgage
Family Financial Group
Family First Funding
Farwest Mortgage
Fast Track Marketing
Fay Mortgage
Faze One Funding, LLC
FBC Mortgage, LLC dba Home Loans Today
Fearon Financial, LLC
Federal Mortgage & Inv. Corp
Federal Savings Bank
Federated First Mortgage Corporation
Federated Lending Corporation
Federated Mortgage
Federated Mortgage Corp
Federated Mortgage Corporation
Fellowship Mortgage
Fenestra Solar
Fernandez Law Group
Ferrara Electric
Ferrin’s Air Force
FFC Mortgage
FFC Mortgage Corp dba Lenderly Mtg
FFG Partners
FH Loans
FIA Card Services, N.A.
Fidelis Mortgage
Fidelity 1st Funding
Fidelity Bancorp
Fidelity Home Energy
Fidelity Mortgage
Fidelity Mortgage Services
Fidelity Mortgage Solutions
Fiduciary Funding LLC
Fields of Leads
Fieldstone Mortgage Company
Fifth Third Bank
Fig Benefits
Finance Austin Associates
Finance Austin Associates, LP
Finance of America
Finance of America Mortgage
Finance of American Mortgage LLC,East Coast Mortgage Lending
Finance Store, Inc.
Financial Concepts Mortgage
Financial Freedom Mortgage
Financial Insights Inc
Find Credit
Fire Mountain Solar LLC
First Advantage Bank
First Alliance Home Mortgage
First Allied Financial Services
First Allied Mortgage Corp.
First American Capital R.E.S., Inc.
First American Home Loans, Inc.
First American Wholesale Lending
First Atlantic Mortgage Partners
First Bank
First Boston Mortgage Corp
First California
First California Mortgage Company
First Call Mortgage
First Capital Mortgage, LLC
First Carolina Home Equity, Inc.
First Centennial Mortgage Corporation
First Century Bank
First Choice Bank
First Choice Consolidation
First Choice Financial Services
First Choice Funding Solutions
First Choice Lending Services, LLC
First Choice Loan Services
First Choice Mediation Service
First Colony Mortgage
First Command Bank
First Commonwealth Mortgage Inc.
First Community Mortgage
First Contact Inc
First Direct Lending, LLC
First Discount Mortgage
First Equity Home Loans
First Equity Mortgage Bankers
First Fed Mortgage, Inc.
First Federal Financial Inc.
First Federal Savings Bank
First Fidelity Financial
First Fidelity Mortgage
First Financial Bank
First Financial Equities, Inc.
First Financial Mortgage
First Financial Mortgage Corporation
First Financial Services, Inc
First Florida Financial
First guarantee Mortgage Company
First Guaranty Mortgage Corporation
First Heritage Mortgage
First Home Mortgage
First Illinois Loan
First Indianapolis
First Integrity, Inc.
First Internet Bank
First Interstate Financial Corp
First Investors Financial Services, Inc.
First Lending Group
First Liberty Financial Mortgage Corporation
First Line Funding
First Magnus Financial Corporation
First Meridian Mortgage
First Midwest Bank
First Mortgage Solutions
First Mutual Corporation
First National Bank
First National Bank Of America
First National Bank Town Square Mortgage
First National Finance
First National Mortgage Funding
First National Solar, LLC
First Nations Mortgage
First Ohio Home Finance
First Omni Mortgage Lending
First One Lending
First Option Mortgage
First Option Mortgage, LLC
First Place Bank
First Power and Light
First PREMIER Bank
First Priority Financial
First Prority Financial
First Rate Financial, LLC
First Rate Mortgage
First Rate Mortgage Group, LLC
First Residential Mortgage
First Residential Mortgage Services Corporation
First Resolution Financial
First Savings Bank
First Securities Financial Services
First Source Solar Systems
First Star Financial Corp
First Tech CU
First Trust Mortgage
First Union Bancorp
First United Inc
First Universal Lending
First Washington Mortgage
First Washington Mortgage, LLC
First Wisconsin Financial, Inc.
FirstAgain LLC
FirstBank Mtg Partners
FirstKey Mortgage, Inc
FirstRate Mortgage
FirsTrust Mortgage, Inc
FirstSouth Mortgage, LLC
FirstStep Communications
Fisher Electric and Solar
Fisher Renewables
Flagship FInancial Group
Flagship Financial Group, LLC
Flagship Mortgage
Flagstar Bank
Flash Point
Flatiron Solar
Flatiron Solar LLC
Fleet Financial
Florida Capital Bank Mortgage
Florida Energy Water & Air Inc
Florida Foreclosure Law Group
Florida Home Improvement Associates
Florida Home Research Group
Florida Pool Heating Inc.
Florida Power
Floridian Community Bnk
Flow Media
FMF Lending
Foothills Energy Solutions
Forcht Bank
Forensic Loan Audits LLC
Forever Green Marketing LLC
Forghany Law PC
Forrest Anderson Plumbing
Fort Funding Corp
Forthright Funding
Forthright Funding Corporation
Fortren Funding
Fortress Home Loans
Foundation Financial Group
Foundation Holdings
Foundation Lenders
Foundation Mortgage Group
Founders Mortgage – Jim Goodman
Founders Mortgage USA
Fountain Valley Electric
Fountain Valley Electrical
Four Corners Financial
Fourth Coast Inc.
Frank Aguilar
Franklin Advantage
Franklin First Financial
Franklin First Financial Ltd.
Franklin Loan Center
Franklin Security Bank, FSB
Frase Electric LLC
Frederickson Electric Inc.
Free Energy Systems
Freedom Air & Insulation
Freedom Debt Relief LLC
Freedom Financial
Freedom Financial Network
Freedom Mortgage
Freedom Mortgage & Loan
Freedom Mortgage Corporation
Freedom One Funding, Inc
Freedom Star Financial
Fremont Bank
Friedman Law Associates
Friends Solar LLC
Frontier Loan group
Frontline Financial
Full Spectrum Lending, a Division of Countrywide Home Loans
Full Spectrum Solar
Funding Group
Funding Metrics, LLC (BizLender)
Funds Available
Furong Wang
Future Home Loans
Future Security Financial
G Crew Solar
G. R. Financial
G2Power Technologies LLC
GA Law
Gabe Mundo
Gardner Engineering
Garvens Mortgage Group Inc
Gateway Capital Mortgage
Gateway Funding Diversified Mortgage Services, L.P.
Gateway Mortgage Group – TN
Gateway Mortgage Group LLC
GB Mortgage, LLC
GCI Solar
GCM Financial Services, Inc
Gem Solar Properties LLC
General Mortgage Capital Corporation
General Necessity Services
Generated Power Systems LLC
Generation 819
Generation Lending Inc.
Generation Mortgage Company
Genesis Home Mortgage Corporation
Genesis Power Systems
Geneva Financial
Geneva Financial LLC
Geneva Financial, LLC
Geneva Mortgage Corp.
Genworth Financial
Geofrey Merino
Geonomic Developments
Geopeak Energy LLC
George Mason Mortgage
George Sowers
George Sparks Inc
Georgetown Mortgage
Georgia Banking Company
Georgia Building Analysis LLC
Georgia Solar Power Company
Georgia Solar Power Group
Georgia’s Own Credit Union
Geoscape Solar
Gershfeld Law Group
Get A Rate
Get Engaged Inc
Get Natural Energy Wind & Solar LLC
Gettysburg Solar LLC
GFI Mortgage Bankers
GGE Solar
Giggle Finance
Gladewater National Bank
Glastonbury Residential Mortgage
Global Energy
Global Equity Finance
Global Equity Finance, Inc.
Global Green Energy
Global Lending Solutions
Global Mortgage
Global Mortgage CA
Global One Lending Inc
Globe Mortgage
GMC Financial Corp.
GMH Mortgage
GMH Mortgage Services, LLC
Go Data Services – DMB
Go Data Services – LCN
Go Green 4 Power
GO Mortgage
Go Mortgage Group
GO Simple Solar
Go Solar
Go Solar Group
Go Solar Inc.
Go Solar Now
Going Green Solar
Going Green Solar, LLC
Gold Coast
Gold Financial Services
Gold Financial Services, a division of Amcap Mortgage
Gold Star Financial
Gold Star Mortgage
Gold Star Mortgage Financial Group
Gold Star Mortgage Financial Group.
Gold Water Bank
Goldcoast Mortgage Services
Golden Empire
Golden Empire Mortgage
Golden Equity Mortgage Corp
Golden Gate Mortgage
Golden Hertige Financial
Golden One Credit Union
Golden Opportunity Mortgage
Golden Opportunity Reverse Mortgage
Golden Pacific Bank
Golden Solar
Golden West Energy
Golden Years Mortgage Solutions
Goldengate Mortgage
Goldwater Bank
Goldwater Bank – Don Roberts
Gone Green Technologies
Good Electric Inc.
Good Life Home Loans
Got Leads
Got Sun Energy
Gov Relief Services, LLC
GOYO Media
GR Financial
Grand Alliance Assets
Grande Homes, Inc. dba GHI Mortgage
Grandmark Mortgage, LLC
Grandview Lending Inc
Granite Bay Energy
Granite Mortgage Inc.
Grassfield Plumbing Inc.
Graystone Mortgage
Graystone Mortgage, LLC
Grayton Mortgage
Great American Financial Group Inc.
Great American Lending, LLC
Great Brook Solar
Great Brook Solar NRG LLC
Great Florida Lending
Great Lakes Credit Union
Great Lakes Renewable Energy
Great Nothern Mortgage
Great Phone Numbers, Inc
Great Plains National Bank
Great Rate Mortgage
Great Western Financial Services, Inc.
Great Western Home Loans
Green & Solar Works
Green Air
Green Brilliance
Green City Solar
Green Conception
Green Conception, Inc.
Green Construction Service
Green Dragon Solar
Green Energy
Green Energy Experts
Green Energy Group
Green Energy Products LLC
Green Energy Systems
Green Engineering Solar
Green Era Properties
Green Essex Solar
Green Field Energy Solutions
Green Fuel Technologies
Green Guy Solutions
Green Home Advantage
Green Horizons Wind
Green Life Technologies, Inc.
Green Monarch
Green Monarch Mortgage, Inc.
Green Park Mortgage-KGervais
Green Power Energy
Green Power Systems Inc.
Green Power Works Inc.
Green River Capital Corp
Green River Holdings/1st Rate Mortgage
Green Roots Electric LLC
Green Spring Energy
Green Spring Energy (NC)
Green Store
Green Street Mortgage
Green Street Mortgage Lenders
Green Street Solar Power
Greenbelt Solar LLC
Greene Tech Renewable Energy
Greener Dawn
Greenfield Mortgage
Greenleaf Solar Energy LLC
Greenlight Financial Services
Greenlogic Energy
Greenpark Mortgage
Greenspring Energy
Greenspring Energy (Jay Radcliff)
Greenstone Solar
Greentech Solar USA
Greentree Funding
GreenTree Mortgage
Greentree Mortgage Company, L.P.
Greenway Mortgage Funding Corp
Greenwire Systems
Greenworks Energy
Gregory Jewett Financial
Grey Peaks
Grid Alternatives
Grid City Energy
Grid Freedom
Grossinger City Autoplex
Grow Home Loans
GSF Mortgage
GSF Mortgage Corporation
Guadalupe National Bank dba Guardian National Bank
Guaranteed Home Mortgage
Guaranteed Home Mortgage Corporation, Inc.
Guaranteed Mortgage Bankers
Guaranteed Rate
Guaranteed Rate BR
Guaranteed Rate, Inc.
Guaranty Federal Mortgage
Guaranty Trust
Guaranty Trust Company
Guardian Capital
Guardian Financial
Guardian Financial Group
Guardian Mortgage
Guardian National Bank
Guardian Reverse Lending
Guardian Services
Guerrera & Sons Electric Inc.
Guild Mortgage
Guild Mortgage Co.
Guild Mortgage Company
Gulf Coast Bank & Trust Mortgage Lending
Gulf South Electric & Solar
Gulf South Solar LLC
Gulf State Mortgage
GVC Mortgage
GWA International
H & L Mortgage
H.O.M.E. Companies
H&H Solar Energy Services
Hacee Highes
Haleakala Solar
Hall Financial
Hall Financial
Hallmark Home Mortgage
Halo Capital
Halo Energy
Halo Energy, LLC
Halo Group Mortgage, LLC
Hamilton Funding Group Inc
Hamilton Group Funding
Hamilton National Mortgage Company
Hana Financial
Hana Financial, Inc
Hancock Mortgage Partners, LLC
Hannah Solar
Hannah Solar LLC
Harbin Loans
Harbor Mortgage Services
Harbor Mortgage Solutions
Harlequin Capital Corp
Harmon Solar
Harmony Leads
Harmony Solar
Harpeth Mortgage
Harrison Electric
Hartford Financial
Hartford Financial Services
Hartford Funding
Harvard Home Mortgage
Harvest Solar and Wind Power
Havasu Solar
Hawaii Energy Smart LLC
Hawaii Mortgage
Hawaii Mortgage Company
Hawaii Mortgage Experts
Hawaiian Island Solar
Hawaiian Island Solar Inc.
HCG Marketing – Chad Hansen
Healthy Homes America
Healthy Homes America Inc
Heartland Credit Repair
Heartland Home Mortgage LLC
Heliotropic Technologies
Hendry Home Mortgage, LLC
Herca Solar
Heritage Mortgage Banking Corp
Herring Bank
Hesolar LLC
Hi Desert Industrial Electric
Hi-TEch Lending
Hickory Ridge Solar
High Altitude Marketing
High Rise Credit- JWright
High Tech Lending
Highland Mortgage Group LLC
Highlands Residential Mortgage
Highlight Solar
HighTech Lending
HighTechLending, Inc
Hilco Mortgage Corp.
Himalaya Mortgage, Inc
Hire Electric Inc. Solar Division
HK Flavors Limited
HLP Mortgage
HMP Constructors LLC
HMS Capital
Hollander Financial Holding, Inc.
Home Access Financial
Home America Lending Corp
Home and Loan Finders
Home Bridge Financial Services
Home Capital
Home Direct Mortgage
Home Energy Conservation
Home Energy LLC
Home Energy Upgrades
Home Finance of America
Home Finance Team
Home Financing Inc
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Home Front Mortgage
Home Funding Group
Home Funds Direct
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Home Loan Financial
Home Loan Solutions
Home Loans Today
Home Mortgage Experts
Home Mortgagee Corporation
Home Plus Corporation
Home Point – Joe Hinshaw
Home Point Financial
Home Retention Solutions & Management
Home Savings
Home Savings & Trust Mortgage
Home Savings of America
Home Security Mortgage Corp.
Home Simple of Texas
Home Solutions team
Home Source Mortgage
Home Source Mortgage TX
Home Star Solar Solutions
Home State Bank
Home Support Services
Home Team Equity, LLC
Home Team Mortgage
Home Trust Mortgage by Homefinity
Home1st Lending, LLC
HomeBridge Financial Services
HomeBridge Financial Services, Inc.
HomeDirect Mortgage
HomeFirst Mortgage Corporation
HomeLight Inc
Homeowners Financial Group
Homeowners Mortgage and Equity
HomeOwners Mortgage of America, Inc dba FoundationFinancialGroup
HomePlus Mortgage
HomePoint Lending
HomePromise Corp
Homequest Mortgage Network LLC
HomeQuest Mortgage, Inc
Homeside Financial
Homeside Mortgage
Homesite Mortgage
HomeStar Direct
HomeStar Financial Corporation
HomeState Mortgage
Homestead Mortgage Group, Inc
HomeStreet Bank
Hometown Equity Mortgage
Hometown Lenders LLC
HomeTown Lending Partners LLC
Hometown Mortgage Group
Homewell Mortgage
Homewood Mortgage
Honey Electric Solar Inc.
Honeycomb Solar
Honolulu HomeLoans
Hope Tree Home Loans
Horizon Financial
Horizon Financial Group, Inc
Horizon Home Loans Inc
Horizon Solar
Horizon Solar Power
Hoskins International LLC
Hosted Offer Unsubscribes
Hot Purple Energy
Hotwire Electric Corp.
House Savvy Mortgage Sevices
Household Funding
Housing Assistance Center
Housing Assistance of America
Houston Home Loan
Houstonian Mtg Grp Inc dba Mortgage Loans for TX
Howard Bank
HP Investments Inc
HRP Enrollment Center
HSBC Auto Finance
HSC Solar
HSC Solar, Inc
Hudson Solar
Hummingbird Electric
Humphrey & Associates Inc.
Hunter Financial Group, LLC
Hunter Lending
Hunters Creek Mortgage
Huntington Financial Corp
Huntington Group
Huron Valley Financial
Hydrox Technologies
I-Group Renewable Incorporated
I-Net Mortgage Corporation
I.N.O. Electrical Service Inc.
i3 Lending
i3 Lending, Inc
ICG Mortgage
Icon Solar
Iconic Results
Idaho United Credit Union
Ideal Home Loans LLC
iDirect Home Loans
IET Solar
IFG Mortgage
iFreedom Direct Corporation
iFreedom Direct SL
iGroup Renewables
IHL Direct
IHSS Internet Home Service Solutions
IKON Financial Group
iLend, Incorporated
Illiana Power Corporation
iLoan, LLC
Imacutech LLC
IMG Marketing
IMI Lending LLC
iMortgage Services
Impact Solar
In Touch Investments
Inc dba Texas Reverse Mortgage
Inc.,Huntington Group,Competitive Home Lending
Incredible Home Loans
Independence Renewable Energy
Independent Home Lending
Independent Mortgage
Independent Power Corporation
Independent Power Systems
Independent Solar
Indicom Electric Company
Individual Power Solutions
Inerex LLC
Infinergy Wind & Solar of Central Texas
Infinergy Wind & Solar of NM
Infinergy Wind and Solar of Colorado
Infinite Mortgage Services
Infinite Quality Lending Inc
Infinite Returns
Infiniti Home Mortgage Company, Inc.
Infinity Financial Group, Inc
Infinity Lending Direct
Infinity Lending Group
Infinity Quality Lending
Infinity Solar Systems
ING Direct
Inland Bank
Inland Bank & Trust
Inland Electric
Inland Home Mortgage
Inland Home Mortgage – SF
Inlanta Mortgage
Innovative Energy a.k.a.
Innovative Energy Inc
Innovative Energy Inc.
Innovative Financial
Innovative Funding Services (IFS)
Innovative Home Loans, Inc
Innovative Lending Group
Innovative Lending Solution -MOrsi
Innovative Lending Solutions
Innovative Mortgage Alliance, Inc
Innovative Mortgage Services
Inpham Mortgage
Insight Loans
Instant Home Loans, Inc.
Integra Bank, N.A.
Integra Lending Group, LLC
Integra Mortgage Corporation
Integrated Energy Concepts LLC
Integrated Financial Group (IFG)
Integrated Financial Group, Inc
Integrated Lending
Integrated Lending Group
Integrated Mortgage Group
Integrity Financial Services, Inc.
Integrity First Financial
Integrity First Financial Group
Integrity First Lending, LLC
Integrity First Mortgage
Integrity Heating, AC & Solar
Integrity Home Loan
Integrity Lending
Integrity Mortgage Group
Integrity Solar
Intelisolar Constructions
Intelligent Mortgage
Intelligent Mortgage and Consulting Services LLC.
Intelliloan dba of Metropolitan Home Mortgage
Interbank Mortgage Corp.
Intercap Lending
Intercoastal Mortgage
Intercontinental Capital Group
InterLinc Mortgage
Interlinc Mortgage Services – KY
Interlink Mortgage Services
Intermountain Wind & Solar
Interstate Home Funding
Interstate Home Loan Center, Inc
Interstate Mortgage Service
Invertis Solar Systems
Investment One Equity Brokers
Ion Energy
Ion Real Estate & Mortgage
Ion Solar LLC
IPI Skyscraper Mortgage Corp.
IPL Mortgage
IPRO Lending
IQ Power
Irene Home Equity Solution, Inc
iReverse Home Loans
iReverse Mortgage
Iron Harbor Mortgage
Iron Mortgage
Irongate Home Finance, LLC
Irwin Union Bank
iServe Residential Lending
Island Power
Island Solar
Islandwide Solar
IT Capital Group LLC
Iwamoto Electric
Izun Energy
Izzy Ziane
J & D Mortgage Services, Inc
J J Best Banc and Company
J Martin Mortgage Group
J. Ranck Electric Inc.
J.D. Mansfield Lending
J.D. Stratton Electric Inc.
J&J Financial
J&m Phillips Electrical
JAC Financial, Inc. dba Plaza Loans
Jack Harriman
Jacob Dean Mortgage, Inc.
Jacobson Enterprises
Jake TeWinkel
Jamar Power Systems
James B. Nutter Company
James Heald
Janis Investment
Jared’s Leads
Jason Brown
Jason Obermiller
Jason Ruedy
Jay Atterstrom
JB Solar Energy LLC
JBC Solar
JBS Solar and Wind
JC Mechanical
JD Custom Solar Installers
JDP Mortgage
Jeb Voth
Jeff Cooper
Jerry Kanefsky
Jersey Mortgage Company
Jessco Consulting Services
Jet Direct Mortgage
Jetstream Mortgage Inc
JFK Financial Inc
JG Mortgage
JG Wentworth
Jim Clements
JL Home Realty
JMJ Mortgage Capital, LLC
JMN Acquisitions LLC.
Joelle Lione
John A. Bennett
John Fritsche
John George
John Yurkovich
Johnson Lending Inc
Joule Energy
Journey Financial
Joy Star
JP Marketing / Omni-Find Inc
JPMorgan Chase Bank
JRB Solar Energy
JTL Business Group dba Encore Realty & Financial
June Company Renewable Energy
Just Do It Builders
Just Mortgage
Just Smart Solar
JVC Energy
JXV Mortgage
JZ Mortgage Services Inc
K-Pacific Group
K-Pacific Mortgage
K.E.L. Attorney’s
K2 Lending
Kahn Solar
Kaitanna Solar, LLC
Kal Financial
KalbAdvisors Mortgage Solutions LLC
Kansas State Bank
Kansas StateBank
Kapa Construction Company LLC
Kawa Media
KB Funding Group
KC Larson
Kelly Mortgage
Kelly Mortgage and Realty
Kelly Mortgage and Realty Inc
Kemba Credit Union
Kenergy Solar
Kentwood Mortgage
Keola Hunt (Sun Edison Rep)
Kertin Mortgage Group
Kevin Farrell
Kevin Flannery
Kevin Lachini
Kevin Sykes
Key Energy Solutions
Key Financial Sources
Key Heating & Air Conditioning Inc.
KeyBank NA
KeyPoint Mortgage LLC
Keystone Alternative Energy and Technology
Keystone Funding
Keystone Funding, Inc
Keystone Renewable Energy Solutions
KGS Marketing Group
Khoa Do dba OC Realtor Group
Kiel Mortgage
Kings Electric & AC
Kiss Electric LLC
Kondaur Capital Corp
Kopp Electric
Kopp Electric Company
Kopp Solar
KS StateBank
Kurios Energy
Kurt Johnsen Energy Systems
Kuykendall Solar
KV Solar Supply
KW Management Inc.
KW Solar Solutions
Kwik Mortgage
Kwik Mortgage Corporation
L. Alley Loans Inc DBA Summit Lending and Realty
L.I. Green Team
LA Solar Energy
LA Solar Group
Ladd Mortgage
Ladera Lending
Ladera Lending Inc
Ladera Lending, Inc.
Lakeland Regional Mortgage
Lakeview Funding
Lakeview Mortgage Bankers
Land Home Financial Services
Land Home Financial Services Inc.
Landmark Professional Mortgage
Larry Lynch
Larry Vecchio
Las Vegas Solar Solutions
Laurie Libby
Laurus Funding Group
Law Offices of Granda & Associates
Lawhorn and Associates
Lawrence Wind and Solar
Lawrence Wind Energy
Lead Circus, Inc.
Lead Origins
Leader 1 Financial
Leader Bank
Leader Mortgage Corp
Leader One
Leader One Financial Corporation
LeaderOne Financial
Leads Barter, Inc.
Leaf Solar Power
Leamy Electric Inc.
Lear Financial Group LLC.
Legacy Bank
Legacy Home Financing Exclusives
Legacy Lending U.S.A.
Legacy Mortgage & Real Estate
Legacy Mutual
Legend Builders
Lenape Solar LLC
Lenda, Inc
Lender Daily
Lender Daily & Affinity Holdings
LenderFi, Inc.
Lenders Direct Financial
Lending 360
Lending Club
Lending Corner
Lending Group
Lending Solutions Inc.
Lending Tree
Lenox/Weslend Financial
Lenz & Associates, LLC
Lexington Law
LHF Marketing Corp
LHM Financial
Libertad Financial Services
Libertas Solar and Electric LLC
Liberty Auto City
Liberty Bell Real Estate
Liberty Financial Group
Liberty First Capital
Liberty Home Equity Solutions
Liberty Home Funding, Inc
Liberty Lending Consultants
Liberty Loans
Liberty Mortgage Corporation
Liberty Mortgage Funding
Liberty Mortgage Inc
Liberty Mortgage Lending
Liberty National Lending Grp
Liberty One Financial, Inc.
Liberty Street Financial Group
Life Style Solar
Lifeline Debt Help
LifeStone Mortgage
Lifestone Mortgage Corporation
Lifestyle Solar
Light Wave Solar
Lightening Financial Solutions
LightFire Media
Lighthouse Mortgage Service Co., Inc.
Lighthouse Solar
Lighthouse Solar Systems
Lightning Credit Solutions
Lightspace Solar Electric
Lim Consulting Inc
Lincoln Capital Advisors
Lincoln Mortgage Company
Lincoln United Mortgage
Linear Home Loans
Lion Inc
Lisa Marie Fox Valley
Live in Reverse
Live Well Financial
LJI Wealth Management
LLM Services
Lloyd and Handson
LM Investment Group
Loan America, Inc.
Loan Bright
Loan City Home Loans
Loan Depot
Loan Leaders of America, Inc.
Loan Link
Loan One
Loan One Lender
Loan Pro Lending
Loan Simple
Loan Simple, Inc
Loan Tech Mortgage Solutions
LoanDepot RP
loanDepot, LLC
LoanFight, Inc
LoanNet Expo
LoanPeople dba Oceans Capital Network
Loans by Lewis
Loanspring Financial, Inc
Lodi Services Heat
Lone Mortgage
Lone Star Reverse Mortgage
Long Island Solar Solutions
Longbridge Financial
Longbridge LLC
Longo Electric LLC
Look 4 Mortgages
Lord Mortgage Corporation
Loss Mitigation Professionals
Louis Paulucci
Louisiana Mortgage
Low Bank Rate Mortgage
Low VA Rates
Lowry Mortgage
LP Financial Inc
LSI Mortgage Plus
LTC Global
LTRLED Lighting
Lucerne Pacific
Lucey Mortgage
LumiNation Home Energy
Luminous Solar
Luxury Mortgage Corp.
LYC Financial Group
Lynco, Inc
Lynx Financial Group
M and G Mortgage Services, Inc.
M Harey Rephen and Assoc
M Labs
M. T Ruhl Electrical Contracting
M/I Financial Corporation
M&M Mortgage, LLC
Mac 5 Mortgage
Mac Solar
MAC5 Mortgage INC.
MacDonald Consulting
Mader Law Group
Madison Ave Media
Magic Agent Solutions LLC
Magic Sun
Magnifund Group
Magnolia Bank
Magnum Opus Federal Corp
Main Street Home Loans
Maine Guide Wind Power LLC
Mainstream Funding
Mainstreet Mortgage
Majestic Mortgage Corp
Majestic Son & Sons
Major Mortgage USA
Malcap Mortgage, LLC
Malibu Funding
Manhattan Financial Group dba Rite Way Mortgages
Mann Mortgage
Mannino Electric Inc.
Maple Lending
Maple Tree Funding
Mapletree Funding
MAR Financial
MAR Financial Inc
Marine Credit Union
Mariner Finance, LLC
Mark 1 Mortgage
Mark Hufford
Mark Solar Solution
Market Place Mortgage Corporation
Marketing Consulting Mortgage
Marketplace Home
Marketplace Mortgage
Marley Investments
Marriott Dowden
Martifer Solar USA, Inc.
Martin Companies LLC
Martin Electric and Solar
Martin Goldstein
Mary Sepulveda
Maryland Mutual Mortgage, LLC
Maryland Solar Solutions
Maryland Solar Solutions Inc.
Mason Mortgage Advisors
Mason-McDuffie Mortgage
Mason-McDuffie Mortgage Corporation
Mass Renewables Inc.
Matadors Community Credit Union
Match Media Group
Matt Lane (SC Rep)
Matthew Bush
Maui Pacific Solar
Maverick Funding Corporation
Maximus Auto Group
Maximus Solar
Maximus Solar LLC
MaxReal USA
Mayflower Mortgage
MB Financial Bank
MB Financial Bank, N.A.
MBA Mortgage
MBA Mortgage Services
MBS Mortgage Company, LLC
Mc Solar
MCCG Solar Energy Inc.
McDonald Solar and Wind
McGlone Mortgage Co
McGlone Mortgage Company, Inc
McGowin-King Mortgage
Mcity mortgage
McLean Mortgage
MCM Holdings, Inc
MCS Mortgage Bankers Inc
Meadowbrook Financial Mortgage Bankers
Meadowbrook Mortgage
Medallion Mortgage
Medallion Mortgage Company
Medford Mortgage
Media Mix 365
MediaMix 365
Mediator Law Group
Mee Solutions, Inc.
Megamerica Mortgage Group
Megastar Financial
Megastar Financial Corp
Melvina Ibrahim
Member Services
Members Direct Network
Members Mortgage Company
Members Mortgage Services
Members Tech Mortgage Inc
Menlo Park Funding
Merchants Home Lending
Mercury Solar
Mercury Solar Systems
Meridian Bank
Merit Bank
Merrill Lynch
Merrimack Mortgage
MetLife Home Loans
Metro Advisor Group
Metro Capital Mortgage Inc
Metro Lending Services
Metrpolitan Mortgage Group
Metruk’s Electrical Contracting Inc.
Mewcury Solar Systems
Mi Mutual Mortgage
Michael Daversa
Michael W. Fink Electrical Inc.
Michael Wolff
Michele DeGeorge
Michigan Solar & Wind Power Solutions
Microgrid Energy
Microgrid Solar (Customer Service Center LLC)
Mid America Mortgage
Mid America Mortgage, Inc
Mid America Services, LLC
Mid Atlantic Capital
Mid Nation Mortgage
Mid Peninsula Roofing
Mid Valley Funding
Mid-Island Mortgage Corp
Mid-State Solar
Mid10 Marketing, LLC
Midamerica Solar
MidFirst Bank Mortgage Lending
Midstate Renewable Energy Services
Midstates Bank, NA
Midwest Equity Mortgage
Midwest Equity Mortgage, LLC
Midwest Lending Corp
Midwest Marketing
Midwest Mortgage Company
Midwest Mortgage Lending, LLC
Midwest Solar and Electric
Midwest Solar Power
Midwest Solar Power LLC
Midwest Wind and Solar LLC
Mike Pasquinelli
Milectra Inc.
MiLend, Inc
MiLEND, Inc. – Transfer
Milestone Home Loans
Milestone Mortgage
Milestone Solar
Milestone Solar Consultants
Milholland Electric Inc
Military Homes Realty
Millenium Financial Systems
Millenium Home Mortgage, LLC
Millennial Mortgage Inc
Millennium 3 Energy
Millennium Bank
Millennium Mortgage Company
Miller Lending Group, LLC
Miller Mortgage
Mission Loans, LLC
Mission valley Roofing Inc
Mission West Mortgage, LLC
Mississippi Solar LLC
Missouri Solar Applications
Missouri Solar Solutions
Missouri Sun Solar
Missouri Valley Renewable Energy
MJ Marketing
MLB Residential Lending
MLK Marketing
MLoan Corp
MLS Home Funding, Inc
MLS Mortgage
MN Bank & Trust
MN Capital Inc
MN Capital, Inc
Mod Help
Modern Senior Capital
Mohr Power
Monarch Bank Mortgage
Money Max
Money Safe
Money Wise Mortgage
Money-Line Mortgage
MoneyBloom LLC
Montage Mortgage
Montage Mortgage, LLC
Montes Electric
Montgomery Mortgage Solutions, Inc.
Moore Energy
Moore Energy LLC
More Green Real Estate
Morgan and Morgan Solar
Mortex Lending Ltd
Mortgage Advisor
Mortgage America Bankers
Mortgage and Investment Consultants, Inc.
Mortgage Assurance Inc
Mortgage Authority
Mortgage Bank America
Mortgage Bank Of CA
Mortgage Capital Associates
Mortgage Central
Mortgage Consultants Group
Mortgage Direct, Inc.
Mortgage Enterprise
Mortgage Enterprises
Mortgage Equity Partners
Mortgage Express
Mortgage Express Services
Mortgage Financial
Mortgage Financial Group
Mortgage First, Inc.
Mortgage Funds Direct, LLC
Mortgage Investors
Mortgage Investors Corporation
Mortgage Lenders of America
Mortgage Lending Masters
Mortgage Lending Solutions, Inc.
Mortgage Linc LLC
Mortgage Loan Audit Advantage
Mortgage Master
Mortgage Master, Inc.
Mortgage Network
Mortgage Network Solutions, LLC
Mortgage Northwest
Mortgage Now
Mortgage Now, Inc.
Mortgage of America
Mortgage Office of America
Mortgage One
Mortgage Options
Mortgage Partners
Mortgage Placement Team
Mortgage Professionals of Sun Valley
Mortgage Realty Professionals
Mortgage Research Center, Inc
Mortgage Resources in the Midwest, Inc.
Mortgage Services
Mortgage Solutions
Mortgage Solutions Financial
Mortgage Solutions Inc
Mortgage Specialist of Indiana
Mortgage Strategies Group, LLC
Mortgage Superstore
Mortgage Trust, Inc.
Mortgage Unlimited
Mortgage USA
Mortgage Warehouse
Mortgage Wholesale Network
Mortgage X-Change
Mortgage XChange, Inc.
Mortgages For America
Mortgages Unlimited, Inc.
Mortgages USA
Morty Inc.
Mosaic Mortgage, LLC
Motto Mortgage
Mount Diablo Lending
Mountain Crest Mortgage
Mountain Mortgage Corp
Mountain View Solar & Wind
Mountain West
Mountain West Financial
Mountaintop Greene Clean Energy
Movement Mortgage
MPower Financial
Mr Build Home Improvement
Mr Electric of Sonora
Mr. Amazing Loans
Mr. Central Home Services
Mr. Electric of Sonora
Mr. Solar
Mr. Sun Solar a Neil Kelly Co.
MSA Mortgage
MSG Mortgage
MSI Mortgage Services III
MSI Reverse/ Mortgage Servicing III
MTE Marketing, LLC
MTM Dream Home Realty
Multi-State Home Lending, Inc.
MUSA Financial dba Mortgages USA
Muth & Sons Pluming Inc. 5th Generation Plumbers
Mutual Mortgage
Mutual of Omaha Bank
My Credit Release
My Smarthouse
Myers Park Mortgage
N.A. d/b/a Veterans First Mortgage
N&R Enterprises,LLC
NA Nationwide Mortgage
Namaste Solar
Nancy Karvounis
Nation One Capital
National Bank of Arkansas
National Bank Of Kansas City
National City
National City Bank
National Disability
National Equities
National Fidelity Mortgage, Inc.
National Future Mortgage
National Home Finance
National Home Finance, LLC
National Marketing Source
National Mortgage Alliance
National Mortgage Company
National Mortgage Help Center
National Mortgage Mediators
National Mortgage Network
National Referral Network
National Security Alarms
National Sudent Loan Relief
National Vehicle Protection Services
Nations Choice Mortgage
Nations Choice Mtg
Nations Direct Mortgage, LLC
Nations Home Loans
Nations Home Mortgage Corporation
Nations Lending
Nations Lending Corp
Nations Lending Corp.
Nations Lending Corporation
Nations Reliable Lending
Nationstar Mortgage LLC
Nationwide Advantage Mortgage Company
Nationwide Equities Corp
Nationwide Home Lending
Nationwide Home Loan Solutions
Nationwide Marketing Services
Nationwide Mortgage
Nationwide Mortgage Bankers Inc
Nationwide Mortgage Concepts, LLC
Nationwize Solar
Natural energy USA
NBE Financial Network
NC Mortgage Group
NC Solar Now
Neighborhood Lender
Neighborhood Loans IL
Neighborhood Loans, Inc.
Neighborhood Mortgage
Neo Solar Store
Net 1 Funding Corporation dba
Net Electric & Solar
Net Zero Energy Homes
Net1 Funding
Network Capital Funding Corporation
Network Funding, LP
New Age Lending
New America Financial
New America Financial Corporation
New American Financial
New American Funding
New American Mortgage LLC
New Century Electric & Solar
New Century Mortgage
New Day Credit Solutions LLC
New Day Energy
New Day Solar
New England Capital Mortgage
New England Clean Energy LLC
New Equity Financial Corporation
New Faith Outreach
New Fed Mortgage Corp.
New Gen Solar
New Heights Lending LLC
New Home Finance dba Retire Secure
New Horizon
New Ideas & Innovations
New Jersey Clean Energy Solutions
New Jersey Media Driven
New LIfe Funding
New Millennium Bank
New Penn
New Penn Financial
New Penn Financial, LLC
New Rate Lending
New Solar Inc.
New Source Lending
New South Mortgage
New View Mortgage Corp
New Vision Mortgage
New Wave Solar Energy LLC
New World Financial
New World Mortgage
New World Realty Inc
New York Mortgage Company a division of IndyMac Bank F.S.B.
NewCastle Home Loans, LLC
NewDominion Bank
Newkirk Electric Associates Inc.
NewLeaf Lending
Newmarket Financial
Newport Bay Mortgage
Newport Lending Group
Newport Solar
NexGen Construction
Next Generation Alternative Energy
Next Step Energy
Next Step Living
Nexus Enterprise Solutions
Nexus Financial Group
Nexus Solar
NFC Mortgage Company, LLC
Nicholas Gianatiempo (Vivint)
Nickel City Funding, Inc.
Nippon Energy Inc.
NJ Lenders
NJ Lenders Corp
NJ Lenders Corp.
NJ Prime Mortgage
NJ Solar Now
NJ Solar Power LLC
NLC Funding
NLC Loan
NLC Mortgage
NMLS ID 1168
No Cost Lending Inc
Noble Contractors
Nola Lending
Nor Cal Solar Power
Nor Cal Solar Services
Norcom Mortgage
Norcom Mortgage – Corporate
Noreast Mortgage Services, LLC
Norfolk Community Federal Credit
North American Financial – GErsnt
North American Mortgage Company
North American Savings Bank
North Carolina Mortgage
North Carolina Mortgage Group
North Metro Mortgage Inc
North Shore Solar & Wind Power
North Star Funding
North Suburban Mortgage
Northeast Financial Corp
Northeast Financial, LLC
Northeast Solar & Wind
Northeast Solar & Wind Power LLC
Northern Electric Inc.
Northern Mortgage
Northern Mortgage LM
Northern Star Bank
Northpointe Bank
Northshore Solar LLC
NorthStar Alliance Inc.
Northstar Credit Union
Northstar Funding
NorthStar Loans USA
Northtek Services LLC
Northwest Electric & Solar
Northwest Equity Solutions
Northwest Exteriors
Northwest Mechanical
Northwest Mortgage
Notre Dame FCU
NOVA Home Loans
Nova West Solar
NovaStar Mortgage, Inc.
NRG Energy
NRG Heating and Air Conditioning, Inc
NRG Residential Solar System
NRL Mortgage
NSH Mortgage
Nu Lend
Nu Lending Mortgage
Nuhome Team
Nuvision Energy Solutions Inc
O’Brien Financial
O’Donnell Financial Group, Inc.
Oak Electric Service Inc.
Oak Ridge Financial
OakStar Bank
Oaktree Funding Corp
Oasis Montana Inc.
Obasun Corp.
OCCA Consumer Debt Relief
Occidental Power
Ocean Lending
Ocean Mortgage Inc
OceanFirst Bank
Oceans Lending
Oceanside Mortgage Company
OCM Financial Group
Odyssey Business Development
Odyssey Funding LLC
Official Realty Inc dba Official Mortgage
Ohio Home Finance
Ohio Power Solutions
Ohio Solar Electric LLC
Okefenokee Solar Inc.
Oklahoma Premier Mortgage
Old American Home Loans LLC
Old Forge Funding LLC
Old Second National Bank
Olson Lending
Olympic Mortgage Corporation
Omega Financial Services
Omni-Fund, Inc
On Point LLC
On Q Financial Inc
On Q Financial, Inc
One Block Off the Grid
One City Mortgage
One Mortgage Inc
One Mortgage, Inc
One Nevada CU
One Reverse Mortgage
One Roof Energy
One Roof Energy (Nahass)
One Source Home Mortgage
One Trust Home Loans
One Way Electric
One Way Solar
OneCity Mortgage LLC
OneMain Financial, Inc.
Oneworld Sustainable
Onforce Solar
Online Mortgage Group
OnQ Financial
Onyx Digital Media
OpCity, Inc.
Open Home Mortgage
Open Mortgage
Open Sky Energy
OpenRoad Lending
Opes Advisors Mortgage Services
Opportunity Debt Management
OptAmerica Mortgage
Opteum Financial Services, LLC
Optical Energy Technologies
Optimal Loans
Optimax Mortgage Co.
Optimize Solar Solutions
Optimum First Mortgage
Optimum First, Inc.
Optimum Mortgage Group
Option One Network
Options 4 Solar LLC
Options 4 You Financial Services
Orange County Funding
Orlando Mortgage Company
Ovation Credit
Ovation Credit Services, Inc
Oxford Lending Group, LLC
P.A. Michael Solar Electrical Systems
P&A Marketing Enterprises
P3 Integration
Pac Mercantile
Pac West Mortgage
Pacific Banc – JShalaby
Pacific Bancorp
Pacific Beneficial Mortgage Company
Pacific Coast Financial-JJohnson
Pacific Debt
Pacific Electrical Contractors
Pacific Energy
Pacific Energy Company
Pacific Finance Group, LLC
Pacific Financial Advisors
Pacific Financial Bancorp
Pacific Funding Group
Pacific Home Loans
Pacific Home Loans.
Pacific Lending
Pacific Mortgage Advisors, Inc
Pacific Northwest Electric
Pacific One Lending and Real Estate
Pacific One Mortgage
Pacific Pro Solar
Pacific Referral Marketing Corp
Pacific Residential Mortgage LLC
Pacific Sky Solar
Pacific Solar & Rain
Pacific Union Financial, LLC
Pacific West Capital
Pacific West Lending
Pacific West Solar
Pacor Mortgage Corp
Pacor Mtg
Pactrust Bank
Palladian Mortgage Corporation
Palmer Electric Technology Energy Services Inc.(P.E.T.E.S.)
Palomar Bancorp
Pan Am Mortgage
Panel Power
PaperLeaf Media, LLC
Paradise Energy Solutions
Paradyme Marketing LLC
Paragon Mortgage Services, Inc
Paramount Bank
Paramount Equity Mortgage, LLC
Paramount Equity Solar
Paramount Equity Solar (PS-Partners)
Paramount Lending LLC
Paramount Residential
Paramount Residential Mortgage Group
Park Avenue Construction
Park Place Finance
Park Place Reverse Mortgage
Parkview Investment & Loan
Partners In Mortgage, Inc
Partners Mortgage
Patan Trading
Pathways Financial Group
Patriot Bank Mortgage
Patriot Financial, Inc
Patriot Home Mortgage
Patriot Lending Services
Patriot Mortgage
Patriot Mortgage Corporation
Patriot Tax
Patriotic Power Solutions
Peace and Solar
Peachtree Debt Relief
PeachTree Financial
Peak Acceptance
Peak Finance Company
Peak Financial Group
Peak Financial Group, Inc
Peak Home Loans
Peak Performance Partners
Peak Power Solutions
Peak Solar
Pearl Distributed Energy
Penn Solar Systems LLC
PennWest Home Equity Corp.
PennyMac Loan Services, LLC
Penobscot Solar Design
Penrith Home Loans
People’s Home Equity
People’s Bank and Trust
People’s Choice Financial
People’s Choice Home Equity
People’s Mortgage
People’s Home Equity
Peoples Bank & Trust Company
Peoples Bank and Trust
Peoples Banking
Peoples Choice Equity-JStephens
Peoples Choice Mortgage
Peoples Home Equity
Peoples Home Lending
Peoples Mortgage Company
Pep Solar
Perennial Funding, LLC.
Perfect Mortgage, a Bergin Financial Company
Performance Capital Mortgage
Performance Solar
Perkett Solar
Perl Mortgage
Perl Mortgage, Inc
Perri Funding
Perri Funding corp.
Personal Real Estate Services
PetersenDean Roofing & Solar
Peterson Funding
Petrick Electric
Peyton Financial Mortgage, Inc.
Phase Logic Inc.
Phat Energy
Phillips Electrical Systems Inc.
Phoenix Energy Productså», LLC DBA PEP Solar
Phoenix Environmental Inc.
Phoenix Global Mortgage Corporation
Phoenix Home Performance
Phoenix National Buyers
Phoenix Short Sales
Phoenix Solar Specialists
Photon Solar
Photon Solar Construction
Pickett Solar
Picture City Solar Power
Pike Creek Mortgage Services
Pillar Financial Corp
Pilot Bank
Pinnacle Capital Mortgage
Pinnacle Energy Solutions
Pinnacle Exteriors
Pinnacle Financial Corporation
Pinnacle Funding Group, Inc.
Pinnacle Legal Group
Pinnacle Lending Group
Pinnacle Mortgage
Pioneer Solar
Pipkin Electric Inc.
Pittsburgh Solar Works
Plains Commerce Bank
Plan It Solar
Planet Home Lending
Planet Lending
Planet Solar
Planetary Systems, Inc.
Plasmid Media
Platinum Capital Group
Platinum Financial Funding, LLC
Platinum Home Mortgage
Platinum Home Mortgage Corp.
Platinum Investment Partners
Plaza Loans
Pleasant Valley Home Mortgage
Plum Creek Funding
Plymouth Area Renewable Energy Initiative
PMA Mortgage
PMAC Lending Services
PMF, Inc
PNC Bank
PNC Bank – CBeltran
PNC Mortgage
Poco Solar
Polar Wire & Renewable Energy Systems
Polaris Home Funding
Polaris Home Funding Corp
Polaris Home Funding Corporation
Poli Mortgage Group
Poli Mortgage Group Inc.
Poncho’s Solar Service
Porch Light Mortgage LLC
Port City Mortgage
Porter Group LLC
Positive Energy
Positive Energy Solar
Positive Mortgage
Potomac Mortgage Group
Powder House Mortgage
Powell Energy & Solar
Power Evolution
Power Factor LLC
Power Home and Solar
Power Home Solar
Power House Mortgage
Power Production Management Inc.
Power Trip Energy Corp
Power Up Solar LLC
Powerhouse Systems
Powers Marketing Group
Powershift Solar
PowerShift Solar LLC
Powersource Energy Management LLC
PPC Solar
Prairie Solar Power and Light
Praxis Solar Inc.
Precis Solar
Precise Leads
Precision Funding Group, LLC
Precision Lending Group, Inc
Precision Remodeling
Precision Settelment Services
Precision Tech
Precision Tech Electric LLC
Preferred Financial
Preferred Group
Preferred Lending Group, LLC
Premier Bank
Premier Capital
Premier Capital Mortgage
Premier Commercial Bank
Premier Financial
Premier Financial Company
Premier Financial Debt Help
Premier Financial UK
Premier Home Mortgage, Inc
Premier Lending Group
Premier Lending LLC
Premier Mortgage Capital, Inc.
Premier Mortgage Consultants
Premier Mortgage Funding
Premier Nationwide Lending
Premier Power
Premier Products Online
Premier Renewables
Premier Solutions Today
Premiere Capital Mortgage
Premiere Financial
Presido Real Estate
Prestige Financial
Prestige Home Mortgage
Price Financial Services, LLC
Primary Residential
Primary Residential Mortgage, Inc.
Primary Wave Alliance
Prime Capital
Prime Choice Funding
Prime Financial
Prime Home Loans
Prime Lending – VA
Prime Marketing
Prime Mortgage Lending
Prime Mortgage Lending Inc.
Prime Mortgage LLC
Prime Mortgage Loans
Prime Residential
Prime Solar Power
Prime Time Mortgage
PrimeCap Lending – Elliot Bloch
PrimeLending, a PlainsCapital Company
PrimeRates Holdings, LLC
Primerica Financial Solutions
PrimeSource Funding
Primestone Mortgage
Principal Mortgage
Principle Team with Ameripro Funding
Priority Lending Corp
Priority Mortgage Funding
Pristine Media Group LLC
Private Lending Group
Private Mortgage Group
Privlo, Incorporated
PRMG Lending Inc
Pro Electric
ProCustom Solar
Prodigy Mortgage
Professional Marketing Group
Professional Mortgage Associates
Professional Mortgage Solutions
Professional Mortgage Source, LLC
Professional Team Mortgage, Inc.
Proficio Bank
Proficio Mortgage
Progressive Energy Solutions
Progressive Financial
Progressive Power Group
Prometheus Solar
Prosolar Hawaii
Prospect Agents LLC.
Prospect Financial Group, Inc.
Prospect lending
Prospect Mortgage
Prospect Mortgage, LLC
Prosper Marketplace Inc
Prosperity Mortgage
Protection Law Center
Providence Home Lending
Provident Bank
Provident Lending Group
Providential Bancorp, Ltd.
Province Mortgage Associates
Prudential Borrowing LLC
PS Financial Services
PS Mortgage
Puget Sound Solar
Pulaski Bank
Pulaski Bank Home Lending
Pulaski Bank MO
Pur Solar & Electrical
Pure Energy
Pure Energy Solar
Pure Energy Systems
Pure Point Energy
Pure Solar MD
Purple Leads
Purpose Funding
Push Interactive
Putnam Capital Services
PV Squared
Pyrus Energy
Quality First Mortgage
Quality Home Renovators
Quality Home Services
Quality Lending Mortgage Lending Corp.
Quality Mortgage Lending
Quality Solar and Wentworth Construction
Quality Solar Solutions
Quantum Direct Capital
Quantum Lending Corp
Quest Lending Group
Quest Mortgage Consultants
Quick Home Fix Service
Quick Quote Mortgage Inc.
Quicken Loans Inc.
Quintessential Mortgage Group
Quorum FCU
R & B Quality Electric
RA Tech Solar
Radiance Heating and Plumbing Inc.
Radiance Solar
Radius Financial
Rainshadow Solar Inc.
Raintree Mortgage
Raintree Mortgage Services (Las Vegas)
Rancho Electric
Rancho Vista Mortgage
Randy Walker
RANLife Home Loans
Rapid Capital
Rapid Capital Funding
Rapid Eloans
Rapid Eloans, LLC
Rate One Financial
rateGenius, a div. of Riverside Mortgage Professionals Corp.
RateRock Financial
RateWinner, LLC
Raul Lopez Mtg
Ray Skillman Auto Center
Rayah Power Integration
Rayah Solar
Rayosun LLC
RB Developing Group
RC Building Maintenance
RC Construction Solar
RCC Solar
RCCR Consultants Inc
RCI Funding
RCL Solar
RE Pierro Solar
Ready Construction & Electric
Reagor – Dykes Toyota
Real Earth Power LLC
Real Estate Law Center PC
Real Estate Loan Co
Real Estate Mortgage Network
Real Good Solar
Realty Advisors, LLC
Realtypath LLC – Platinum
RealtyPin Inc
REC Solar
REC Solar Inc.
Red Brick Lending
Red Rock Home Loans, Inc.
Red Rock Investments
Red Rocks Credit Union
Redline Electric Company
Reech Solar Enterprise
Referral Design
REFI Regional Reverse Mortgage
Refinance Solutions Team
Regent Financial
Regent Financial Group Inc
Region Solar
Regional Hyundai
Regional Management Corp.
Regis Electric
Reknew Energy Systems Inc.
Reliable Power and Solar
Reliable Power and Solar – Darren
Reliance Financial Group
Reliance First Capital
Reliance First Capital, LLC
Reliance Mortgage Company
Reliant Bank
Reliant Bank Mortgage Services
Reliant Home Lending
Reliant LLC
Reliant Mortgage/Hanna Family Business
Reliant USA LLC
REMAX Center
Renaissance Lenders
ReNew Lending
Renewable Energy Electric
Renewable Energy for PA
Renewable Energy Resource Associates LLC
Renewable Energy Systems LLC
Renewable Resources
Renewable Resources inc
Renewable Restoration & Roofing
Renewable Rochester
Renova Energy Corp
Rent to Own Services
Renu Building & Energy Solutions
Renu Energy
Repower Solutions
Republic Mortgage Home Loans
Rescom Financial
Rescore LLC –
Residential Banc Corp
Residential Capital Group
Residential Finance Corp.
Residential Finance Corporation
Residential Finance Network
Residential Funding Group, Inc
Residential Home Funding
Residential Home Funding Corporation
Residential Home Mortgage Corporation
Residential Loan Centers of America
Residential Mortgage Corporation
Residential Mortgage Services
Residential One Lending
Residential Reverse Mortgage
Residential Savings
Residential Savings Mortgage
Resolute Bank
Resolute Mortgage
Resolution Ready
Resource Energy LLC
Resource Financial
Responsible Reverse Mortgage
Responsible Solar
Retire Secure LLC
Revco Solar
Reven Media
Reverse Freedom
Reverse Man
Reverse Mortgage Advisors of America
Reverse Mortgage Answers
Reverse Mortgage Center
Reverse Mortgage Corp
Reverse Mortgage Direct
Reverse Mortgage Educators
Reverse Mortgage Funding
Reverse Mortgage Helpdesk
Reverse Mortgage Network
Reverse Mortgage Northwest
Reverse Mortgage of New England
Reverse Mortgage One
Reverse Mortgage Solutions
Reverse Mortgage USA
Reverse Mortgage West
Reverse Mortgage Works
Reversing PA Mortgage
Revision Energy LLC
Revive Mortgage
Revolutionary Solar
Revolve Solar
Rew Solar USA
RGR Marketing
RGS Energy
Rich Financial Group, LLC
Rich Parsons
Rich Wilde
Richard Dill DBA Green Country Solar
Richart Builders
Rick Wurlitzer
RidgeView Mortgage
Right Choice Home Loans LLC
Right Choice Mortgage
Right Start Mortgage OR
RIS Lending
Rising Point Solutions
Rising Sun Solar / DUPLICATE
Rising Sun Solar Electric LLC
Rite Fast Construction
Riteway Mortgage Corp.
Rivera Financial
Riverland Solar LLC
RJ Commercial Funding, Inc. dba Gateway Mortgage
RKT Mortgage
RLM Mortgage, LLC dba Keystone Mortgage
RMC Vanguard Mortgage
Robert Moore
Robus Finance
Rochester Solar Technologies a Division of O’Connell Electric
Rock Financial
RockBottom Mortgage
Rocket Mortgage
Rockwell Financial, Inc.
Rocky Mountain Mortgage Loans
Rocky Mountain Solar & Wind
Rodda Electric and Solar
Romero Mortgage
Ronco Solar
Ronnie Brevet
Roof Diagnostics
Rosenberry’s Electric
Ross Mortgage Corp
Ross Solar Group
Royal Capital Financial Group, Inc.
Royal Home Loan Inc
Royal Marketing Research
Royal United Mortgage
Royalty One Mortgage
RPL Plumbing
RPM Mortgage
RR Compliance Consulting
RS Energy
RSH Marketing, LLC. DBA Eagle Mortgage
Rubicon Mortgage Advisors
Running Electric
Ruoff Home Mortgage
RWM Home Loans
S & T Control Wiring Inc.
S-Energy America
Safe Harbor Mortgage Company
Sagamore Home Mortgage
Sagamore Home Mtg
Sage Bank
Sage Credit Company
Salem Mortgage
Sallie Mae Mortgage
Salter Mortgage Group
Salvatore Contracting LLC
Sammamish Mortgage
Santa Cruz Solar
Santander Consumer USA Inc. dba RoadLoans
Satori Financial-Mortgage Group, LLC
Satori Mortgage
Sav-More Financial Services
Savage Promotions & Consulting
Savant Solar LLC
Save A Lot Solar
Save Financial Group
Savers Home Loans
Savings Agent
Sawmill Solar Electric
Saxon Home Mortgage
SBM Solar
SC Clean Energy
Schmille Financial
Scott Valins
Scout Mortgage, Inc.
SCP Solar
Scudder Solar
SDF Realty Corporation
SDG Lending
SDI Solar Inc
SE Solar
Sea Breeze Financial Services
Sea Bright Solar
Sea Coast Mortgage
Seacost Mortgage Corp
Seafront Marketing
Searchlight Lending
Seaside Lending
Seattle Pacific Mortgage
Sebonic Financial
Secco Inc.
Seckel Capital LLC
SEcond Chance Financial
Second Generation Energy
Second Generation Mortgage Group, LLC
Secure Law Center
Secure Lending Solutions
Secure One Capital
Secured Funding
Secured Residential Funding, Inc.
Securitas Mortgage
Securitas Mortgage, Inc
Security 1 Lending
Security America Mortgage, Inc
Security First Financial
Security Home Mortgage
Security Mortgage Corp
Security Mortgage Lending
Security National Mortgage
Security National Mortgage Co
Security National Mortgage Company
Security One Lending
Security Pacific Mortgage Corp.
Security Pacific Mortgage Group
See Real Goods Solar above /Alteris Renewables Inc.
See Systems
SEH Consulting Group
SEL Construction
Selas Technologies, LLC
Select Financial Mortgage
Select Mortgage Group, Inc
Select Solar LLC
Semper Home Loans
Semper Solaris
Senior American Funding
Senior Equity Group
Senior Funding Associates
Senior Mortgage Advisors
Senior Mortgage Advisors, LLC
Senior Placement Hotline
Senior Plan Advisors
Senior Reverse Mortgage Services
Sente Mortgage
Sentrix Financial Services
Sequoia Equity Group, LLC.
Serve-U-Best Mortgage
Service 1st Energy Solutions
Service First Home Mortgage, Inc.
Seton Capital Group, Inc.
Settlement Marketing Group
Severino Financial, Inc.
Severn Bank
Severn Savings Bank
Shamrock Financial
Shamrock Financial Corp
Shaughnessy Contracting Inc.
Shekinah Solar
Shippe Solar & Construction
Shockoe Solar LLC
Shor Construction
Shore Capital
Shore Mortgage
Shore View Financial
Shoreline Electric
Shoreline Mortgage
Shoreview Financial
Showcase Marketing
Sicuranza Electric
Siemens Industry Inc.
Sierra Pacific Home and Comfort
Sierra Pacific Mortgage
Sierra Pacific Mortgage Company, Inc
Sierra Pacific Solar
Sierra Point Credit Union
Sierra Solar Systems & Plan It Solar
Sierra View Financial Corp
Signature Home Lending
Signature Home Loans
Signature Lending Services
Signature Mortgage Corporation
Signature Mortgage Network
Signature One Capital Credit
Signature Solar
Silver Fin Capital Group
Silverstone Mortgage, Inc.
Silverton Mortgage Specialists, Inc
Silverwood Energy
Simonich Corp dba Commerce Mtg
Simple Energy Works
Simple Equity Solutions, LLC
Simplify Home Loans
Sindeo, dba of MoneyPark, Inc
Sinus-Indus Mortgage Group
Sky Cell Solar
SKY Construction & Engineering, Inc.
Sky Energy
Sky High Energy
Sky Mortgage Inc
Skyline Financial
Skyline HomeLoans
Skyline Mortgage LLC
Skyline Solar
Skyridge Lending
Skytech Solar
Slade Law Group
Slade Mortgage Group, Inc.
Slingshot Power
Smart Energy Direct
Smart Energy Hawaii
Smart Energy Solar
Smart Money
Smart Money, Inc.
Smart Mortgage Centers
Smart Mortgage Centers, Inc
Smart Source Energy Lake Land
Smartfunnel DBA Home Support Services
SMG Mortgage
SMI Financial Services
Smith Sustainable Design
smuckers energy
Sneaky Fast
Snowy Range Renewable Energy LLC
So-Cal Solar
Soenso Solar Energy
Sol Power
Sol Power Construction, Inc.
Sol Systems
Sol Technologies LLC
Sol-Arc Inc.
Solace Financial, LLC
Solagex America
Solar & Wind FX Inc.
Solar 123 Construction
Solar 2000
Solar 360
Solar Advantage
Solar Alternatives Inc.
Solar America
Solar Assist
Solar Ban
Solar By Spectrum
Solar by Weller
Solar Center
Solar City
Solar Community
Solar Concept Solutions
Solar Concepts
Solar Connections
Solar Connexion
Solar Design Inc.
Solar Design Tech LLC
Solar Direct
Solar Electrical Corporation
Solar Energy Access LLC
Solar Energy Designs
Solar Energy Environments
Solar Energy Exchange Inc.
Solar Energy For You
Solar Energy Group
Solar Energy Management
Solar Energy Management LLC
Solar Energy NY
Solar Energy of Illinois Inc.
Solar Energy Services Inc.
Solar Energy Solutions
Solar Energy Solutions LLC
Solar Energy Systems LLC
Solar Energy Systems of Brevard
Solar Energy USA
Solar Energy Vets
Solar Energy World
Solar Epiphany LLC
Solar Exclusive LLC
Solar Express
Solar Forward
Solar Fuel
Solar Gaines
Solar Greenergy
Solar Guys San Diego
Solar Heating Specialists
Solar Home NJ
Solar Horizons Construction
Solar Innovations
Solar Liberty
Solar Lights & More
Solar Link
Solar Living
Solar Logic Systems Inc.
Solar Louisiana
Solar Mass
Solar Max Tech
Solar Mountain Energy
Solar Nation
Solar Odyssey
Solar Optimum
Solar Panels of America
Solar Planet
Solar Plexus LLC
Solar Plus Energy Pros
Solar Power Systems
Solar Powered Solutions L.L.C.
Solar Pro USA
Solar Redi
Solar Research Group
Solar Reviews
Solar Revolution
Solar Revolution Erie
Solar Sale USA
Solar Savers
Solar Services Inc.
Solar Smart Energy
Solar Smart Living LLC
Solar Solution
Solar Solutions
Solar Solutions LLC
Solar Solutions LTD
Solar Solutions TX
Solar Source
Solar Source of Georgia LLC
Solar Sun World
Solar Systems Design
Solar Systems of Indiana Inc.
Solar Team USA
Solar Technology Builders
Solar Today and Tomorrow
Solar Today Incorporated
Solar Topps
Solar Topps LLC
Solar Touche
Solar Universe
Solar Utah
Solar Water Heaters of Hudson
Solar Wave
Solar Wind & Rain
Solar Winds Northern Lights
Solar Works LLC
Solar Works Now
Solar Zone
Solar-Ray Inc.
Solar-Tec Systems
Solarcentric LLC
Solaris Energy LLC
Solarix LLC
Solarmarine LLC
Solarmax Technology Inc
Solarone Energy Group
Solarperfect, Inc.
Solarsmith LLC
SolarStar Energy (Charlotte)
SolarStar Energy (Wilmington)
Solartech Electric
Solartek Systems USA
Solarworks LLC
Solarworks NJ
SolarWorld Americas LLC
Soldi Financial
Solectria Renewables
Solero Solar
Solora Solar
Solscient Energy
Soltec EPC
SolTerra Systems
Solular Energy LLC
Solutions Funding, Inc.
Soluxe Solar
Somerset Lending Corp
Somerset Mortgage Lenders
Son Solar Systems LLC
Sonali Solar
Sonic Solar Energy
Sound Credit Union
Sound Financial Mortgage
Sound Mortgage
Sound Solar Systems LLC
SoundChoice Mortgage, LLC
Source Funding Corp.
Source Mortgage
South Carolina Solar Power
South Coast Lending
South Coast Solar LLC
South Florida Energy Savers
South Pacific Financial
South Pacific Financial Corporation – Sonny Yee
South Point Bank
South Sound Solar
Southard Solar
Southeast Geothermal
Southeast Solar LLC
Southeastern Energy Corp
Southern California Mortgage
Southern Energy Management
Southern Fidelity Mortgage
Southern Funding Alliance
Southern Light Solar
Southern Solar & Electric Inc.
Southern Sunpower
Southern Trust Mortgage
Southern View Energy
Southface Solar Electric
Southfork Funding
Southland Lending
Southland Solar
Southpoint Financial Services
Southtown Mortgage
Southwest Direct
Southwest Direct Mortgage, LLC
Southwest Funding
Southwest Funding, LP
Sovereign Bank
Sovereign Lending Group
Spartan Financial Group
Specialty Lending Group
Speck Construction
Spectra Funding Inc
Spectra Home Mortgage
Spectra Lending
Spectrum By Solar
Spectrum Federal Credit Union
Spectrum One Mortgage
Speedy Title
SPM Wind Power LLC
Spring Venture Group
Spring Water Capital
Springleaf Financial Services
Springwater Capital
SRC Solar
SS Northwest Mortgage
St Charles Mortgage
ST Finance, LLC
Stafford Financial
Standard Solar
Standard Solar Eastern Shore
Standard Solar Ridge and Valley Region
Stanford Funding
Stanton Electric
Stapleton Electric & Solar
Star Financial
Star North Mortgage LLC
Star Power Systems
Starfire Energy LLC
Starkey Mortgage
Starlight Mortgage Inc
Statewide Home Mortgage Inc.
Statewide Mortgage, LLC
Stearns Lending
Stearns Lending, Inc
Steinert Mortgage
Stelco Energy
Stelcor Energy
Stellar Roofing and Solar
Stellar Solar
Stellar Sun
Stephen H Gorman
Stephen Harris
Sterling Capital
Sterling Capital, Inc
Sterling Home Mortgage Corporation
Sterling National Bank
Sterling Nationwide Financial
Steve Basso Plumbing & Heating
Steve Mastalerz
Steward Investments, Inc
Stewartstown Electrical Service LLC
Stitt Energy Systems Inc.
Stone Gate Mortgage
Stone Lake Mortgage
Stoneacre Energy Solutions LLC
Stonebriar Mortgage Corp.
Stonebridge First
Stonebrook Financial Inc
Stonegate Mortgage
Stonegate Mortgage Corporation
Stonehaven Financial, Inc.
Stout Hlds
Straight Up Energy
Straightup Solar
Stratton Lending Group, PLLC
Strawberry Solar
Streamline Financial Services
Streamline Mortgage Corporation
Streamline Solar
Strong Solar Power
Stronghold Solar LLC
Structure Green
Student Aid Institute
Suburban Lending
Sullivan Solar Power
Sullivans Solar Power
Summerlin Energy
Summerwind Solar
Summit Funding, Inc.
Summit Mortgage Corp
Summit Mortgage Corporation
Summit Mortgage Solutions LLC
Sun American
Sun American Mortgage
Sun Blue Energy
Sun Bridge Solar
Sun Capital
Sun City Solar Energy
Sun City Solar Energy – North Texas
Sun City Solar Energy of the Ozarks LLC
Sun Conure Solar LLC
Sun Directed
Sun Dollar Energy
Sun Dollar Energy LLC
Sun Downer Solar
Sun Financial Group
Sun First Solar
Sun First Solar energy Solutions
Sun Harvest Renewable Resources LLC
Sun Made Solutions
Sun Mortgage Alliance, Inc.
Sun Power
Sun Pro Solar
Sun Quest
Sun Ray Systems
Sun Run
Sun Solar US
Sun Source Electrical Contractors
Sun Source Solar Brokers
Sun Trust Mortgage
Sun Valley Solar Solutions LLC
Sun West Mortgage Co Inc
Sun West Mortgage Company, Inc.
Sun Wind Solutions
Sun Wizard Solar
Sun Works Solar Systems
Sun X Solar Systems
Sun-Tec Solar
Sun-Wind Solutions LLC
SUNation Solar Systems
SUNation Solar Systems inc.
Sunbank LLC
SunBlue Energy
SunBrite Solar
Sunbug Solar
Suncal Solar Electricity
Suncap Mortgage, Inc
Suncoast Mortgage Corporation
Sundance Power Systems
Sundance Solar Designs LLC
Sundancer Energy LLC
Sundial Mortgage Corporation
Sundog Solar Store
Sundowner Solar
Sundurance Solar
Sunergy Systems
Sunfusion Solar
Sungate Energy Solutions
SunGreen Systems
SunKey Energy
Sunlight Solar
Sunlight Solar (CO)
Sunlight Solar Energy
Sunlight Solar Energy Inc.
Sunlight Solar Systems
Sunmaxx Solar
Sunmoney Solar LLC
Sunny Side Solar Energy LLC
SunPower Corp
SunQuest Solar
Sunquest Solar, Inc.
SunRay Solar
Sunray Solar LLC
Sunrey Solar Energy
Sunrise Energy Concepts
Sunrise Energy Concepts Inc.
Sunrise Energy Solutions
Sunrise South Mortgage
Sunrise Vista Mortgage Corporation
Sunrock Solar
Sunrun Home
Suns Up Solar
Sunsense Inc.
Sunset Lending Group
Sunset Mortgage Co.
Sunspot Comfort & Energy Solutions LLC
Sunspot Solar Energy Systems
Sunspot Solar Energy Systems LLC
Sunstar Energy LLC
SunStarter Solar Installation
Sunstore Solar
Sunsystem Solar
Suntalk Solar
Sunteck Solar Screening
Sunterra Solar
SunTrust Mortgage
Sunversity Corp
Sunwork Renewable Energy Projects
SunWorks Solar Systems
Super Green Solutions
Superior Energy Solutions
Superior Energy Solutions LLC
Superior Home Finance
Superior Home Loans
Superior Home Mortgage Corp.
Superior Lending Associates, L.C.
Superior Lending Services
Superior Mortgage Corporation
Support First
Supreme Lending
Supreme Lending Group
Supreme Mortgage Corp.
Supremeair Systems
Sur Energy LLC
Surefast Mortgage Corp.
SurePoint Lending,LLC/First Residential Mortgage
Surewave Solar
Sustainable Clean Energy
Sustainable Contractors
Sustainable Energy Developments
Sustainable Energy Solutions LLC
Sustainable Engineering & Environmental Designs PLLC
Sustainable Solutions of Virginia
Sustainable Solutions Unlimited Inc.
Sutherland Mortgage Services Inc
Sutherland Mortgage Services, Inc.
Swan Financial
Swan Financial Corporation
Swan Solar
SWBC Mortgage
Sweetwater Mortgage Company
Sydion Financial
Sylvian Potter
Symbolic Holdings Group
Synchro Solar
Synergy 1
Synergy Bank
Synergy Marketing Pros
Synergy One
Synergy One Lending dba Mutual of Omaha Mortgage
Synergy One Lending dba Retirement Funding Solutions
Synergy Power
Syntrol a Bianchi Company
Syntrol Plumbing
Syntrol Plumbing Heating and Air
Syntrol Plumbing, Heating, & Air
T.A.G. Solar
T.A.K Electric Inc.
T.A.K. Electric Inc
Tablerock Technologies
Tablerock Technologies LLC
Taft Solar
Tanner Creek Energy
Tavin Thou
TCD Mortgage Corporation
TD Bank
TDF FInancial Services
Teakwood Enterprises
Teakwood Solar
Team Mortgage
Team Mortgage Company, LLC
Team USA Mortgage
Technicians for Sustainability
Technology Credit Union
Tenacity Mortgage
Tenco Solar
Tenn Loan
Tennessee Solar Solutions
Teo Solar
Terra Green Energy
Terrasol Energies
Terrestrial Solar Survey LLC
Tesla Electrical Solutions
Test Buyer
Texas Premier Mortgage
Texas Reverse Mortgage Inc
Texas Solar Juice
Texas Solar Outfitters LLC
Texas VA Mortgage
Texas Wind and Solar Power
TexStar Lending, Inc.
TG Electric LLC
Thames Solar Electric
That Solar Guy
The Contract Processors, Inc.
The Credit Marshal, LLC
The Credit Pros
The Credit Resource
The energy Mill or new: 4 peaks solar.
The Energy Mill,. LLC
The Energy Outlet Inc.
The Energy Pro
The Equitable Mortgage Corporation
The Federal Savings Bank
The Federal Savings Bank
The First State Bank
The Florida Mortgage Store
The Foreclosure Law Center
The Funding Group
The Funding Source
The Funding Store
The Grange Bank
The Hills Mortgage and Finance Company, LLC
The Home Loan Consulting Group, Inc.
The Home Loan Source
The Huntington National Bank
The Kyle Team
The Law Offices of Joel Feinstein
The Lead House
The Legacy Group
The Legacy Group Lending
The Lending Alliance, Inc
The Lending Connection
The Lending Source
The Loan Doctor
The Loan Source
The Money Source
The Money Store
The Mortgage Company
The Mortgage Group, LTD
The Mortgage Headquarters
The Mortgage Law Group
The Mortgage Link
The Mortgage Makers
The Mortgage Money Source
The Mortgage Network
The Mortgage Outlet Inc
The Mortgage Outlet, Inc
The Mortgage Professional Financial
The Mortgage Quote Network
The Mortgage Source
The Mortgage Store Company
The Mortgage Warehouse, LLC.
The Newfinity Group, Inc
The Plumbing Service Co
The Plumbing Service Company
The Preferred Group Mortgage & Consulting Svcs
The Prime Financial Group
The Private Mortgage Group
The Real Estate Mortgage Network
The Renewable Republic
The Reverse Mortgage Group
The Rogers Group
The Senior Equity Group
The Solar Company
The Solar Exchange
The Solar Group
The Solar Program
The Solar Stone
The Solar Store
The Son’s Power
The Southern Quarter Inc.
The Sovereigns Depot
The Strong Source
The Sun Connection
The Sun Is Yours
The Sun Works
The Traut Law Group
The Trusted Lead Network
The Valdez Group
The Vine Tree, LLC
Therma Breeze Inc.
Third Financial Service Corp
Third Sun Solar
Thirsty Lake Solar
Thom MacFarlane
Thomas Clark
Thomas Woodward
Three Points Global
Three Rivers Financial Services
Thrive Mortgage
Thunder Bank
Tick Tock Energy Inc.
Tidewater Home Mortgage Group, Inc.
Tila LLC
Timberline Mortgage
Tino Patel
Titan Solar
Titan Solar & Remodeling
TJC Mortgage
TJC Mortgage, Inc.
TMC Capital Inc.
TMG Realty
Todays Energy Store
Todd Cummings
Tom Bartlett
Tom Norrell Your Solar Solutions
Top Flite Financial
Top Mortgage Corp.
Top One Mortgage, LLC
Topaz Mortgage Corporation
Topdot Mortgage
Total Home Lending
Total Lending Concepts
Total Mortgage
Total Mortgage Services, Inc
Total Relief Marketing Solutions
Touchstone Mortgage
Towles Electric Inc.
Town Square Mortgage and Investments
Townstone Financial Inc.
Trademarc Global
Trademark Lending dba Upfront Home Loans
Traditional Mortgage, Inc.
Traffic Front Marketing
Trans American Title
Transformations Inc.
Treaty Oak Mortgage
Trent’s A/C & Heating Inc.
Tri Emerald Financial
Tri-Emerald Financial Group
Triangle Electrical Systems
Tribeca Lending
Trident Mortgage
Trident Mortgage Group-RKumar
Trifecta Lending Company
Trillion Mortgage
Trilogy Mortgage
Trina Solar
Trinity Marketing
Trinity Marketing Enterprises
Trinity Mutual
Trinity Reverse Mtg dba Trinity Mutual
Trinity Solar
TriSMART Solar
Triumph Community Bank
Triumph Lending
Trojan Home Loans
Troy Gamble
Troy Rushing – Renovation Ready
TRU Mortgage
True Blue Solar
True Compass Lending Inc
True Power Solar
TrueCompass Lending Corporation
TrueRate Partners, LLC
TruHome Solutions, LLC
Trusource Energy
Trust HomeLoans
Trust Mortgage Corp
Trust One Mortgage Corp.
Trust Providence
Trustpoint Mortgage Company, Inc
TS Financial
Turn Key Home Loans
Turnkey Mortgage Management
Turnkey Mortgage Solutions
Turnsol Energy
Tuskegee Enterprises
Tyler Jones
Tyler William (Blue Raven)
U-Design Home Improvements
U.S. Mortgage Bankers, Inc.
Uber Mortgage
UFG Mortgage
Ultimate Best Buy LLC
Ultimate Rate Mortgage
Ultra Mortgage LLC
UMAX Mortgage
Umpqua Bank
Under the Sun Solar
Underwood Solar Future
Uni-T Energy LLC
Unibell Financial
Unifirst Mortgage Corporation
Union Discount Mortgage, Inc. dba Loans4Less
Union Federal Savings Bank
Union Home Mortgage
Union National Mortgage
Unique Consulting Group
United American Mortgage Corporation
United Capital
United Express Construction & Solar
United Fidelity Funding
United Fidelity Funding Corporation
United Fidelity Mortgage Company
United Funding
United Home Loans, Inc.
United Lending
United Lending Partners, Inc
United Midwest Savings Bank
United Mortgage
United Mortgage Corp
United Mortgage Corp.
United Mortgage Corporation
United Mortgage Lenders, Inc.
United Mortgage Partners
United Mortgage Services
United Mtg Corporation
United Mutual Funding Corporation
United Northen Mortgage Bankers
United Northern Mortgage Bankers Ltd
United Pacific Mortgage
United Pacific Realty & Investments
United Producer Group
United Residential Lending dba Polaris Home Funding
United Security Financial
United Security Financial Corp
United Services Veterans Mortgage LLC
United Trust Financial
Universal Capital Services, dba US Mortgageline
Universal Lending
Universal Lending Corp
Universal Solar Energy NJ – NY
Universal Solar Solutions
Unleash Solar Inc.
Unleash Solar, LLC
Unlimited Renewable Energies
Upshot Energy Corporation
Upstart Network, Inc
Upstate Alternative Energy
Upstate Solar
Upstate Solar LLC
Uptown Funding
Urban Financial of America
Urban Financial of America, LLC
Urban Green Energy
Urban Grid
US Capital Mortgage
US Energy Alliance
US Home Loans
US Lending
US Lending CA
US Lending Group LLC.
US Money Source
US Mortgage
US Mortgage Capital
US Mortgage Corp
US Mortgage Corp TB
US Mortgage Corporation
US Mortgage Line
US Mortgageline
US Solar Way
US Solargy
USA Home Lending
USA Mortgage
USN Mortgage Inc
Utah Diversified
V.I.P. Mortgage
Valiant Auto
Valley Solar
Valley Unique Electric Inc.
Valued Merchants
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Killexams : Intel Corporation's (INTC) CEO Pat Gelsinger on Q2 2022 Results - Earnings Call Transcript

Intel Corporation (NASDAQ:INTC) Q2 2022 Earnings Conference Call July 28, 2022 5:00 PM ET

Company Participants

John Pitzer – Corporate Vice President-Investor Relations

Pat Gelsinger – Chief Executive Officer

Dave Zinsner – Chief Financial Officer

Conference Call Participants

C.J. Muse – Evercore ISI

Vivek Arya – Bank of America

Matt Ramsay – Cowen

Srini Pajjuri – SMBC Nikko

Joseph Moore – Morgan Stanley

Harlan Sur – J.P. Morgan

Randy Abrams – Credit Suisse

Stacy Rasgon – Bernstein

William Stein – Truist


Good day, and thank you for standing by. Welcome to the Second Quarter 2022 Intel Corporation Earnings Conference Call. [Operator instructions] Please be advised that today’s conference is being recorded.

I will now hand the conference over to your speakers today, John Pitzer, Corporate Vice President of Investor Relations at Intel. Please go ahead.

John Pitzer

You should have received a copy of our earnings release and the earnings presentation both of which are available on our investor website, The earnings presentation is also available in the webcast window for those joining us online.

I’m joined today by our CEO, Pat Gelsinger; and our CFO, Dave Zinsner. In a moment, we’ll have brief remarks from both, followed by Q&A.

Before we begin, please note that today’s discussion contains forward-looking statements based on the environment as we currently see it. As such it involves risks and uncertainties. Our press release provides more information on the specific risk factors that could cause genuine results to differ materially. We’ve also provided both GAAP and non-GAAP financial measures this quarter and will be speaking to the non-GAAP financial measures when describing our consolidated results. The earnings presentations and the release available on include full GAAP and non-GAAP reconciliations.

With that, let me hand it over to Pat.

Pat Gelsinger

Thank you, John, and good afternoon, everyone. While we continue to make solid progress on our strategy, Q2 results were disappointing, below the standards we have set for the company and below the commitments we have made to you, our shareholders. The sudden and rapid decline in economic activity was the largest driver of the shortfall, but Q2 also reflected our own execution issues in areas like product design, DCAI, and the ramp of AXG offerings.

We have an obligation to remain vigilant and to respond to the changing business conditions while not losing sight of our long-term goals and opportunities. We will look to do both by adjusting and refocusing our spending levels in the near term, at the same time, as we accelerate the deployment of our smart capital strategy and Excellerate product execution. Collectively, these actions will begin to show dividends in the second half of the year, allowing us to return gross margins to our target range by Q4 and maintain our initial free cash flow outlook for 2022.

While still early in our journey, we remain laser-focused on executing to our strategy to deliver leadership products anchored on open and secure platforms, powered by at scale manufacturing and supercharged by our people. The current economic backdrop only strengthens our result and we are embracing this environment to accelerate our transformation.

For example, regaining our leadership begins with Moore’s Law and the capacity to deliver it at scale. Over the last 18 months, we’ve taken the right steps to establish a strong footing for our TD roadmap. We are well into the ramp of Intel 7 now shipping in excess of 35 million units. Intel 4 is ready for volume production in second half of this year and Intel 3, 20A and 18A are all at or ahead of schedule.

We’ve received additional strong third-party validation for TD, IFS and our manufacturing group just this week when we announced MediaTek as our next major foundry customer, a great example of our One Intel culture. I want to congratulate our teams on what we expect to be many announcements as we execute to become an, at scale, leading edge, geographically diversified systems foundry. But we must also be clear-eyed as we look into the second half.

We are planning for volatility as the world adjusts to the end of a two-plus-year pandemic and the unprecedented stimulus governments used to fight it. Across the economy, supply chain issues have both limited the ability to meet demand in some areas and driven inventory well above normal levels in others.

We are prepared to manage through a slowdown typical of the normal cycles the semiconductor industry has experienced over the last 50 years. While the depth and duration are still difficult to predict, we have a proven track record of being able to adjust and succeed in any environment.

Let me address some of the specific actions we are taking. First, we further sharpened our focus in Q2 selling our drone business and making the difficult decision to wind down our efforts in Optane, as we embrace CXL, a standard which Intel Corporation pioneered. These add to actions last year in NAND and the sale of McAfee.

In total, we have now exited six businesses since my return providing roughly $1.5 billion for investments aligned with our IDM 2.0 strategy. We are also lowering core expenses in calendar year 2022, and will look to take additional actions in the second half of the year, which Dave will address later. Importantly, expense discipline is not impacting the strategy and we remain firmly on track to achieve process performance parity in 2024 and unquestioned leadership in 2025. This goal is our true North Star.

Second, our ability to invest aggressively and fulfill our commitment to a strong and growing dividend is anchored by the progress we are making in deploying our smart capital strategy. We are thrilled to see the bipartisan vote in the Congress this week and expect CHIPS Act to be on the President’s best shortly.

We have been integrally involved in moving this groundbreaking legislation forward. This progress, combined with the strong momentum in Europe, will reshape our industry and bring us toward a geographically balanced, resilient supply chain that we are uniquely positioned to enable and benefit from. Access to mission aligned pools of capital supports the accelerated pursuit of our strategy and will enable our torrid pace.

Third, I rejoined Intel to re-energize and re-establish a culture of execution and innovation. With process technology and capacity expansion, both now trending very well, we have the critical foundation we need for improved product execution. We have rebuilt our leadership team now fully assembled for the first time. And together, we have reestablished OKRs throughout the organization to drive common purpose and importantly, a system of accountability. In the coming months, we will begin to share more with the investment community on the next evolution of our TikTok model to drive consistent and predictable cadence of process and design innovation.

As we look beyond the near-term, the semiconductor industry continues to be at the beginning of a new structural growth phase, driven by four superpowers: one, ubiquitous compute; two, pervasive connectivity; three, cloud-to-edge infrastructure; and four, AI. Combined, these drivers support a semiconductor industry eclipsing $1 trillion by 2030. What remains very clear even during this period of uncertainty is the growing importance of Silicon to the global economy and to each of our daily lives.

However, as a result of macro weaknesses, we now expect the PC TAM to decline roughly 10% in calendar year 2022, characterized by broadening consumer weakness and relative strength in enterprise and higher end skews. Importantly, our Q2 PC unit volume suggest we are shipping below consumption as some of our largest customers are reducing inventory levels at a rate not seen in the last decade. And along with some pricing actions should allow for sequential growth into the second half even as some customers manage inventory lower.

While COVID-related dynamics like work-from-home and school-from-home pulled forward some demand, they also solidified the PC as an essential tool in the post-pandemic world. For example, PC and corporate usage remains historically high even as the pandemic’s most acute impacts diminish.

Markedly higher per PC usage and a larger installed base, including 600 million PCs that are four years and older, supports a PC TAM sustainably above 300 million units. Data center trends are still well entrenched. Data has been growing exponentially at a 50% CAGR for over 20 years, but until recently it has been uneconomical to turn that data into true actionable insights.

With the advent of AI, along with CPUs, GPUs and accelerators, we now have the tools to access and use more of the data we create, driving significantly higher compute demand and a multi-year CAGR in the data center TAM of at least mid-teens. Despite these drivers, demand will not be immune from economic headwinds.

In addition to match-set issues, which have constrained shipments for multiple quarters, increasing economic concerns are leading to a reduction in second-half demand. As a result, we have lowered our server TAM assumptions to reflect more modest growth in 2022.

Against this backdrop, let me highlight key developments in our businesses: In response to supply chain and match-set issues, we closely collaborated with our customers and suppliers to effectively address their most critical needs. We rapidly adjusted to changing market conditions, made cost reductions and leveraged smart capital to execute toward our IDM 2.0 strategy.

Despite significantly lower revenue impacting overall gross margins, Q2 saw continued strong performance in our factory network, and we exceeded our wafer cost goals with 10 nm unit costs declining approximately 8% year-on-year. In TD, we continue to deliver on the promise of Moore’s Law, and our ambitions to deliver 1 trillion transistors in a device by 2030.

Intel 4 details were released at the latest VLSI conference to positive reviews, and we’ve now taped in the first stepping of the Granite Rapids CPU and expect power-on this quarter. In the second half of this year, we plan to tape in numerous internal and Foundry customer test chips on various process nodes including Intel 3 and Intel 18A.

In our client business, Alder Lake momentum continues. We have the strongest PC lineup in 5-plus years, and we remain unapologetic about our growing leadership and share position. We are building on Alder Lake leadership with Raptor Lake in second half of this year and Meteor Lake in 2023 exemplifying how our innovative design decisions can drive leadership performance even before re-establishing best-in-class transistor technology.

In Q2, we launched the 12th Gen Intel Core HX processors, the final products in our Alder Lake family. The Alder Lake family is now powering more than 525 designs from Acer, Asus, Dell, HP, Lenovo, LG, Microsoft, Samsung and others. To date, we’ve shipped well in excess of 35 million units of Alder Lake.

Within the current market, we are also seeing relative strength in the premium segments we serve across consumer and commercial. We expect to build on this momentum with the launch of our next-gen product family Raptor Lake starting with our desktop SKUs this fall, followed by our mobile family by end of year.

The Raptor Lake family will offer customers significant advantages, including double-digit performance gains gen-on-gen and socket compatibility with Alder Lake. And in 2023, we will deliver our first disaggregated CPU built on Intel 4 Meteor Lake, which is showing good health in both our and our customers’ labs.

Turning to DCAI, as we stated at Investor Day, over the next couple of years as we rebuild our server product portfolio, we expect to grow slower than the overall data center market. It’s not a fact we like, but the forecast we see. We have a singular focus to regain performance and TCO leadership across all workloads and use cases from enterprise to cloud.

The advantage of our incumbency position remains underappreciated and provides significant opportunity to drive outsized advantages to our customers. For example, we expanded our supply agreement with Meta, leveraging our IDM advantage to ensure Meta can meet its expanding compute needs.

Also in Q2, we agreed to expand our partnership with AWS to include the co-development of multi-generational data center solutions optimized for AWS infrastructure and Intel as a strategic customer for internal workloads including EDA. We expect these custom Xeon solutions will bring greater levels of differentiation and a durable TCO advantage to AWS and their customers, including Intel.

In addition, NVIDIA announced the selection of Sapphire Rapids for use in their new DGX-H100, which will couple Sapphire Rapids with NVIDIA’s Hopper GPUs to deliver unprecedented AI performance. Beyond Xeon-based CPUs, we launched our next-generation Gaudi 2 AI accelerator in the quarter with a whopping 4x improvement generation-to-generation, and in the most latest MLPerf training benchmark test, Gaudi 2 has a substantial lead in Resnet-50 and BERT benchmarks.

In the second quarter, we also began delivering on our software strategy with the acquisition of Granulate, expanding our platform capabilities with real time AI-driven continuous optimizations for cloud computing and the initial release of Amber, our security attestation service.

Since we acquired Granulate, their customer pipeline has doubled and their revenue pipeline has tripled. Finally, programmable solutions achieved record 2Q revenue and was just shy of an all-time record revenue quarter driven by strong demand, including the ramp of the flagship Agilex FPGA family and improving supply.

In NEX, we had an outstanding Q2. We achieved record revenue and PRQ’d Mount Evans, an IPU we co-developed and are now beginning to ramp with a large hyperscale partner with additional customers in 2023.

In addition, our latest Xeon D processors, built specifically for software defined infrastructure across the network and edge, launched at this year’s Mobile World Congress, and is ramping with leading companies including Cisco, Juniper Networks and Rakuten Symphony. Across the network edge, we’re continuing to see interest to deploy more compute and AI capabilities.

For example, Ferrovial, a multi-national Spanish infrastructure company is using our edge computing, AI and connectivity technologies to deploy roadside solutions that can identify wrong-way drivers, warn of oncoming hazards and more. In Singapore, Singtel has deployed a network solution with Xeon, Smart Edge and OpenVINO to Excellerate user experiences for use cases like entertainment, industrial, smart manufacturing, smart transportation and smart city.

Lastly, ABB is helping utility providers modernize their electric grid and create a more sustainable energy market by adopting standardized rugged servers based on 3rd Gen Intel Xeon. NEX continues to clearly benefit from networks that are increasingly moving toward software and AI that is increasingly moving to the edge, and we expect another revenue record in Q3.

For AXG, while we will not hit our GPU unit target, we remain on track to deliver over $1 billion in revenue this year. In Q2, we started to ramp Intel Arc graphics for laptops and OEMs, including Samsung, Lenovo, Acer, HP and Asus. COVID-related supply chain issues and our own software-readiness challenges caused availability delays that we continue to work to overcome. Intel Arc A5 and A7 desktop cards will start to ship in Q3. Our energy-efficient blockchain accelerator Blockscale achieved a major milestone in Q2 with revenue shipments to our lead customers, going from tape-in to shipping in less than a year. We expect to ship millions of units this year, not originally in our forecast.

Our data center GPU code-named Arctic Sound-M has started production and is now shipping to customers supporting a diverse range of workloads, starting with media streaming and cloud gaming, followed by support for AI visual inference and virtual desktops. In high-performance computing, we highlighted the installation of the Argonne National Lab Aurora supercomputer at our Intel Vision event in May, and we are on track to deliver over 10,000 blades in 2022, enabling over two exaflops of peak performance.

We also announced new partnerships including with the Barcelona Supercomputing Center to set up a pioneering RISC-V zettascale lab, and our continued collaboration with the University of Cambridge to evolve their current lab from exascale to zettascale.

Our IFS momentum continues. Creating a geographically balanced, secure and resilient semiconductor supply chain as well as access to our transistor technology is driving strong customer interest in our foundry business. In addition to the MediaTek agreement that we announced earlier this week, we now have active engagements with six of the top 10 fabless customers across our offerings, including 18A.

Overall, we are engaged with 30 customers for test chips, and now have more than 10 qualified opportunities in advanced stages across our process and package offerings that collectively represent a deal value of greater than $6 billion. Augmenting our organic activity is our proposed acquisition of Tower Semiconductor. We now have regulatory approval or clearance in four geographies, including the U.S., and we still expect the acquisition to close by early next year.

In Q2, we also launched the IFS Cloud Alliance a partnership with leading cloud providers including Microsoft Azure and AWS and EDA tool providers, including Ansys, Cadence, Siemens EDA and Synopsys. The IFS Cloud Alliance is the next phase of our accelerator ecosystem program that will enable secure design environments in the cloud, improving foundry customer design efficiency and accelerating time-to-market.

Lastly, in Mobileye, we achieved another record quarter in revenue in Q2 and we continue to be poised to unlock further value with our proposed IPO later this year, pending market conditions. Mobileye’s backlog continues to grow, with first-half 2022 design wins generating 37 million units of projected future business, compared to 16 million units actually shipped in the first half.

As a result of Mobileye’s high-definition map product, called REM, we are currently crowd-sourcing 43 million miles per day on average from approximately 1.5 million vehicles. This data is automatically built into a map, which currently covers greater than 90% of all roads in both Europe and U.S. which will support systems across the entire driving assist to autonomous vehicle spectrum.

Looking ahead, before turning it over to Dave, I want to close with a few thoughts. First, after a very successful Intel Vision event in Q2, I am looking forward to hosting Intel Innovation on September 27 and 28, our core technical conference for global developers, architects and engineering leaders. I hope to see many of you joining me there. Second, as I said when we began our journey, Intel will be a source of innovation driving new businesses and additional TAM in large and growing markets.

Taken together, we have already announced over 10 new revenue producing product lines so far this year, which are just beginning to ramp, and we expect to announce more in second half and calendar year 2023. The foundations for our growth story are taking shape. I know I speak for all of our employees when I say that while we have work to do, our best days are ahead.

Dave Zinsner

Thanks, Pat, and good afternoon, everyone. As Pat referenced, Q2 was a challenging quarter negatively impacted by multiple factors. First, a weakening and uncertain macroeconomic environment impacted by inflation, higher interest rates and the war in Ukraine. Second, a much larger than expected OEM inventory correction as our customers adjust to this new macroeconomic environment. Third, worse than expected COVID driven demand reductions and supply dislocations in China and other parts of the supply chain.

Due to the difficult macroeconomic environment together with our own execution challenges, our results for the quarter were well below expectations and necessitate a significant revision to our full-year financial guidance. That said, we are taking the actions necessary to maintain our prior full-year adjusted free cash flow guidance, including a slowdown in hiring, CapEx reductions and the expectation for increased capital offsets consistent with our smart capital strategy. We remain fully committed to the business strategy and long-term financial model presented during this year’s investor meeting in February.

Revenue was $15.3 billion, 15% below our original Q2 guidance as our CCG and DCAI businesses both underperformed our expectations. Note that even in this challenging environment, our NEX and Mobileye businesses achieved all-time record quarterly revenue. Gross margin for the quarter was approximately 45%, 600 basis points below guidance on lower revenue and Sapphire Rapids preproduction charges offset by lower manufacturing cost.

EPS was $0.29, $0.41 below our guide on lower revenue and gross profit, offset by lower operating expenses. Operational cash flow for the quarter was $800 million. CapEx for the quarter was $7.2 billion, resulting in an adjusted free cash flow of negative $6.4 billion. Our balance sheet remains strong with cash and investments of $27.5 billion, modest leverage and a strong investment grade credit profile.

Now turning to our business unit results. CCG revenue was $7.7 billion, below expectations and down 25% year-over-year on global TAM weakness, particularly in the consumer, education and small/medium business markets. The shortfall was also driven by OEM inventory reductions as we worked with our customers to lower their inventory, protect market share and continue to manage through matched set constraints.

CPU ASP’s were up 11% year-over-year on a richer mix and strong demand for our high-end mobile and desktop products across both our commercial and consumer segments. Operating profit was $1.1 billion, down 73% year-over-year on lower revenue, increased 10 nanometer and Intel 7 mix, and increased spending to further strengthen our product and platform roadmap.

DCAI revenue was $4.6 billion, below expectations and down 16% year-over-year on OEM inventory reductions, mix related ASP decline and competitive pressures. Operating profit was $214 million, down 90% year-over-year on lower revenue, higher advanced node startup cost, increased investment in the product roadmap and Sapphire Rapids pre-production charges.

NEX achieved all time record quarterly revenue of $2.3 billion, up 11% year-over-year on strength and data center networking products, specifically networking Ethernet and 5G. Operating profit was $241 million, down 60% year – year on mix shift to networking Ethernet and 5G. Increased investment in process technology and lower sell through of reserved inventory.

AXG revenue was $186 million, up 5% year-over-year on the ramp of Super Compute and Alchemist discrete GPU products. Operating loss was $507 million versus an operating loss of $168 million in Q2 2021 with the increase driven by inventory reserves on Ponte Vecchio and Alchemist products and increased investment to deliver the roadmap of Visual, Super Compute and Custom Accelerated Graphics Products. Mobileye achieved all time record quarterly revenue of $460 million, up 41% year-over-year. Outperforming the rate of increase of global automotive production, which was relatively flat year-over-year.

Operating profit was $190 million, up 43% year-over-year on higher revenue partially offset by increased investment in next generation ADAS products. IFS revenue was $122 million, down 54% year-over-year driven by lower mask tool sales as well as revenue decrease in the automotive segment due to customer shortages in the automotive market. Operating loss was $155 million versus as an operating profit of $52 million in Q2 2021, driven by lower revenue and increased investment to build out the custom foundry business.

Before we transition to full year and Q3 guidance, after six months on the job let me provide my perspectives on the opportunities I see and focus areas to Excellerate our financial performance and achieve our long-term goals. At the highest level, I see opportunities to Excellerate in two areas. First, ensuring we are allocating our capital to the programs that are clearly aligned to our revised business strategy and generate maximum long-term value to our shareholders. As Pat mentioned, two good examples of continuing to optimize our portfolio are exiting the Optane and drone businesses. We continue to deeply evaluate all opportunities to more narrowly focus our resources on the highest value programs, increasing the probability of success for each of these programs.

Second driving structural product cost and operational expense efficiency across the company taking full advantage of our IDM 2.0 strategy. A major focus for me is driving Intel the world class product cost. Key to this is executing our five nodes and four-year strategy, but there are many more aspects to achieving this goal with programs in flight to dramatically reduce product cost. Likewise, there are opportunities in OpEx to ensure we are achieving world class efficiency in everything we do.

With my history in the memory business where every penny counts, I know there are large opportunities for Intel to Excellerate and deliver maximum output per dollar. As part of these focus areas, we expect to see restructuring charges in Q3, and I’ll continue to provide regular updates on these efforts.

Moving to our full year and Q3 guidance. For the remainder of the year we expect macroeconomic conditions to continue to soften with the potential for a recessionary scenario to materialize. There’s also risk for continued COVID related impacts on demand and the supply chain to continue throughout the year. As a result of this high level of uncertainty for moving to a range-based approach to revenue guidance for the rest of the year.

For full year revenue we are now guiding a range of $65 billion to $68 billion, down from our prior guidance of $76 billion driven by lower expectations for our CCG and DCAI businesses. More specifically in our PC business as Pat discussed, we now see TAM decreasing approximately 10% year-over-year due to the softening macroeconomic environment and inflationary pressures. Although these headwinds have reduced our CCG revenue forecast, we expect CCG revenue to increase in the second half of the year due to seasonal strength, OEM inventory returning to balance levels, inflation related price increases to take effect and the ramp of our leadership Alder Lake and Raptor Lake products to position us to compete for share.

For DCAI, we expect to see second half revenue growth relative to Q2 levels, but growth will remain muted as competitive and macroeconomic headwinds persist, OEM inventory reductions continue and component constraints impact certain segments. For NEX we expect another record quarter in Q3 and continued growth throughout the year. NEX revenue tailwinds will be fueled by new product introductions, data center and Telco Networking demand and continued improvement in pricing and component supply. For AXG we continue to expect full year revenue greater than $1 billion driven by the launch and ramp of the Alchemist, Arctic Sound M, Ponte Vecchio and Blockscale products.

And finally, we expect to see second-half growth in each of our two remaining businesses Mobileye and IFS as they ramp new products and secure new customers. Full year gross margin we’re guiding to 49% at the midpoint of revenue guidance with the expectation that gross margin will return to the low end of our target range of 51% to 53% in Q4 as revenue increases, we achieve scale on new product ramps and cost continue to improve.

We’re forecasting a tax rate of approximately 8% and EPS of $2.30 at the midpoint of the revenue guidance. For net CapEx we’re revising down our forecast to $23 billion, $4 billion less than our previous guidance as we moderately adjust our investment and capacity and take advantage of potentially larger than originally forecast capital assets, highlighting significant progress on our smart capital strategy. We expect these actions to offset lower than originally forecast operating cash flow, allowing us to reaffirm adjusted free cash flow of negative $1 billion to negative $2 billion for the year.

Finally, we paid dividends of $1.5 billion, a 5% increase year-over-year and remain committed to growing the dividend over time.

Now moving to Q3 guidance; given the aforementioned market environment, we’re guiding revenue of $15 billion to $16 billion. At the midpoint of the revenue guidance we’re guiding gross margin of 46.5%, a tax rate of 13% and earnings per share of $0.35.

In closing the market turbulence and updated outlook are disappointing. However, we believe our turnaround is clearly taking shape and expect Q2 and Q3 to be the financial bottom for the company. We remain completely committed to the strategy and financial model communicated at Investor Day. The long-term financial opportunity of compelling revenue growth and free cash flow at 20% of revenue remains. And I believe this downturn represents an opportunity to more quickly the transformations necessary to achieve these goals.

With that let me turn it back over to John and get your questions.

John Pitzer

All right. Thank you, Dave.

Moving on now to the Q&A as is our normal practice, we would ask each participant to ask just one question.

Operator, please go ahead and introduce our first caller.

Question-and-Answer Session


Thank you. [Operator Instructions] Our first question comes from C.J. Muse with Evercore ISI. Your line is open.

C.J. Muse

Yes. Good afternoon. Thank you for taking the question. I guess for my question your implied guidance calls for roughly 12% sequential growth into December. Would love to hear what gives you confidence that inventory correction and the supply chain issues will be behind you? And as part of that do you think a PC TAM of down 10% is conservative enough or is that something where there might be further risk ahead? Thanks so much.

Pat Gelsinger

Thanks, C.J. So when you look at the fourth quarter, first of all we are at this point given the inventory burns in both CCG and DCAI shipping at below the rate of consumption for those markets. And so there is a natural recovery that occurs that we would expect as we progress through the rest of the year once inventory is in a good place. So we do feel we’re at the bottom here in terms of revenue in the Q2, Q3 time frame and Q4 would recover just based on that alone. I’d say the other thing is we’ve got a good set of products coming out over the course the second half of the year. And I think that we’re kind of operating with winded our sales in terms of product offerings in all of our businesses.

And then third, we are increasing pricing. The pricing generally takes effect in the fourth quarter. We’ve gone a fair amount of time. The advantage of the IDM strategy is we can absorb a lot of inflationary impacts that others can’t. And so we were able to kind of go a bit longer in terms of the price increases, but at this point now that some of those pricing increase or inflationary increases have turned out to be more permanent where there’s a certain amount of asset we do need to pass-on to the customers and they’re comfortable to do that. And so that also is a factor.

And then lastly, I would just say the fourth quarter is generally just a seasonally strong quarter for us and particularly in the PC space. So I think all those factors deliver us really good confidence that Q2, Q3 represent the bottom for revenue and that fourth quarter we’ll see some strength.

Dave Zinsner

And in fourth quarter, we also see that some of the new business unit areas, right, are started to contribute more significantly as well. On the PC TAM, before we were above the market and with our down revision, we’re now exactly in line with the market. We were over 350 million units before, now market ranges are 310 to 325. Our range is consistent with that, C.J. So we don’t see ourself ahead of the market like we were before, we were more optimistic. Now we’re firmly in line with the market.

Clearly, the market has shifted heavily on the consumer side, but the remains strength on the enterprise side, which also gives us confidence. So in addition to the strength of the product roadmap, which Dave said, we also see the enterprise market remaining very healthy and our position and the higher price points and the enterprise, these are good markets for us. And as we’re on the back of Alder Lake over 35 million units, Raptor Lake ramping, we’re just coming into a great cycle of the overall business. We’d also say that the PC is strong as that work from home, school from home device usage numbers are up significantly for the time that people use their PCs.

We also have a strong replacement cycle in front of us. We now have over 600 million PCs that are over four years old. We’re definitely seeing that roll through the enterprise markets, again where we have stronger market share and better ASPs. So all that taken together, we think we’ve ranged it and that’s consistent with the financial guidance that we’ve given you for the rest of the year.

C.J. Muse

Thanks so much.


We have a question from Vivek Arya from Bank of America. Your line is open.

Vivek Arya

So thanks for taking my question. Pat, I’m curious why didn’t Intel choose to negatively pre-announce given the extent of the shortfall. I mean, I can understand the PC market being weak but for data center to be almost 25% below expectations. That seems very strange to me. So I’m just curious why Intel took these actions? And then when we look at your data center revenue, especially in the reported quarters, most enterprise and cloud customers reported their sales and spending kind of in line with expectations. So is it mostly competitive pressures? If you could just help us understand what the thought process was for Q2? Thank you.

Pat Gelsinger

Yes. Thanks, Vivek. I think that officially is actually two questions, but anyway, I’ll – we’ll take them both. On the market side, we’ll say we were well into the quarter and we saw the market characteristics change quite suddenly, right, and that resulted in both the sell-through and the marketplace, but also these significant inventory adjustments. We worked with our customers on those inventory adjustments. And as we said, these are like once in 10-year kind of inventory adjustments, because the customers were working through the quarter, catching up to demand that was short for years, right? And all of a sudden as we saw that shifting, they took quite significant adjustments to their inventory positions. And we wanted to be in a position that we had some thoughtful view of what the market was for the future.

So that’s the reason that brought us to today. We think that we’ve given you a clear view of where the market is coming into the future. The DCAI point, as I said in my formal comments, we were disappointed. Some of that was driven by the macro; it was also match set issues that we’ve been struggling with as well. And Ethernet components, power supply components, et cetera have been challenged. But as we also said, we had some of our own unique execution issues and we kept the quality bar high on Sapphire Rapids and thus we did another stepping, which was a forecast, which put some inventory and reserve issues in front of us as opposed to high ASP new product revenue.

So some of those things were unique issues to us that we were addressing. That said, we do feel like the progress in the data center, right, is clear in front of us. We have – Emerald is looking very good. We’ll be powering on Sapphire or Sierra Forest and Granite Rapids shortly. All of that taken together, we feel our competitive position is improving. We also see that we know where the market share is and wins like we announced with AWS and Meta, we are going to focus on every socket, every workload, every customer quite aggressively on both AWS and Meta. These were substantial wins for us this quarter and we’re hoped to be announcing several others like that as we go forward.

We’re also bringing new capabilities as we sort of said in our formal comments. The size of our footprint here is underappreciated, and we’re going to be focusing on really benefiting from that and bringing new capabilities against that enormous footprint with capabilities like Granulate and our Amber security service, things that allow us to bring more value to our customers as well as harvest more revenue from that enormous installed base. So all of that taken together, we feel like we are owning up to the challenges that we had in data center, but have a clear view of how we write this business for the future and are well underway and doing exactly that.

Dave Zinsner

And maybe I’ll just add in terms of profitability it was disappointing where operating margins landed for the DCAI business for sure. That was largely the impact of the decline in revenue. But keep in mind, we’re also investing a lot for all the reasons that Pat said to get to bring out great products that allow our customers and, and so that investment does also weigh down on the operating profitability of the business.

We do see that getting better. We took this, Pat mentioned reserves on Sapphire Rapids and those are kind of a one off thing that dissipate as we go through the second half of the year we also expect revenue to Excellerate as we progress through the year. Those things combined should Excellerate operating margins in near term. In the long term, we see this business as a business that gives us greater than corporate average operating margins, gross margins and operating margins for that matter, it has traditionally actually for us and for the industry.

And so, it’s a matter of just putting our nose down and executing to get those results. And we feel very confident we’ll get there.

Vivek Arya

Thank you.


Our next question comes from Matt Ramsay with Cowen. Your line is open.

Matt Ramsay

Yes. Thank you very much for taking the question. Good afternoon. I guess Pat, I wanted to follow-up a little bit on the prior question in the server business, particularly on the roadmap you guys just mentioned, some reserves we need to take for Sapphire and the timelines have been pushed out.

So I guess the questions are: one, Pat can you deliver us a more specific timing on where things are with Sapphire Rapids not just early units, but genuine volume production. And secondly, does this push out – how does this impact the timelines for Emerald and Granite? Do you see those pushing out sort of congruent with the push out here or are those timelines going to be held and maybe the platforms be a little bit different? I’m just curious on the roadmap. Thank you.

Pat Gelsinger

Yes. And giving a bit more detail on Sapphire, we’re already ramping a number of SKUs of Sapphire rapids already. They began ramping last quarter. So, we have a number of those ramping. The particular issue that we highlighted, wasn’t affecting those SKUs, so those continue to ramp. So we did another tape out, which I’ll say for the larger volume skews, and those will be volume shipping in the second half of the year. So you’ll see us ramping those and launching those. So we’re fully on track for that. And we feel like we’re over all of the issues that we’ve had in bringing that product to the marketplace. So we feel very comfortable with that.

We’re then working very closely. Emerald goes into the Sapphire platform, so we’re working very closely with our customers and the timing there, the product is looking very healthy, so we’re nicely on track. So that will be a 2023 product and then Granite and Sierra Forest is the 24 product. And just to remind everybody, this is a major new platform. We believe this is a major step forward as we go into Granite Rapids, but also is our first E-core product with Sierra Forest, right. And this we believe is really sort of this ability to have a fleet offering where a lot of cloud workloads just say, deliver a great container and let me run that quite firmly, efficient TCO efficiently. And that’s what Sierra Forest will do. And then Granite Rapids clearly the performance leader in the marketplace. So both of those will be 24 products.

And again, right, we’re powering on that this next quarter. So we’re looking very healthy. Or this quarter, I should say, in Q3. So looking very good so far. So we’ll just say the roadmap is healthy, looking on track and our execution here must improve. Many of these products were well underway when we showed up. As we said, the culture right of execution needs to be rebuilt. And we are working heavily to rebuild the culture of this team.

And in fact we just completed our employee engagement survey. And this was the most significant year-on-year improvements in history. Many of our employee engagement survey results now are now best in industry. We’ve totally reversed the brain drain that we had, so teams are excited. The momentum is building. And many of these products, hey, we’re launching the new products with the revising, hear us talk more about our TikTok execution discipline going forward. But a lot of these products were underway.

So they weren’t launched with the new execution and methodology discipline. So we’re working through those. And as each one of these gets better, our execution and confidence in those deliveries is improving, culture is improving, we’re making great progress.

Thank you. Next question.


Our next question comes from Srini Pajjuri with SMBC Nikko.

Srini Pajjuri

Thank you. Dave if you can clarify why you are taking the Sapphire, I guess, charges, is it just the pre-production reserve or is there something else going on? And my question is based on your comments about the recovery profile for DCG in, I guess, DCAI in the second half, it seems like PC market is – at least your expectation is that the PC market will recover quicker than DCAI. I’m a little bit surprised by that because you have Sapphire ramping and I don’t know if the inventory situation was worse in DC versus in PC. So I’m just surprised by the fact that you are saying that PC will record faster than DCAI. If you can clarify that, that’ll be helpful. Thank you.

Dave Zinsner

Okay. So yes, you’re right, Sapphire Rapids, we reserve the production inventory before it has gone what we call PRQ. So it’s the quality metric. And so we reserve all the product and since the main, as path of the main SKUs have not at this point reached PRQ, we continue to reserve them once they do, which we expect later this year then we stop first of all, reserving the production inventory. And then likelihood is some of this will also sell. And so, we’ll be able to recover some portion of that reserve likely as we progress through the end of this year and next year.

On CCG and DCAI, I think, the inventory correction in CCG was definitely more pronounced. And so you get this, the benefit of the shipping back to the consumption level is more pronounced when things recover. That’s number one. We also will see more pricing improvement in CCGs and DCAI both, we are adjusting pricing, but the pricing is more significant in CCG. And so, that also gives CCG a lift in the later part of the year.

Srini Pajjuri

Thank you.

Dave Zinsner

Next question.


We have a question from Joseph Moore with Morgan Stanley. Your line is open.

Joseph Moore

Great, thank you. I wonder if you could talk about the capital spending cuts. Can you deliver us a sense for, does that affect shells versus wait for fab equipment? And is there sort of any opportunity cost to that? And then to the extent that – does that change to your comments about the overall trajectory over the next few years? Do you still expect CapEx to be rising from here?

Dave Zinsner

Yes, good question. So important thing is that when you look at gross CapEx, it’s about 25% of the reduction, about 75% of the reduction is actually increased capital offset. So it’s not a significant adjustment to the gross number. It’s almost entirely on the equipment side reduction and some of it is just timing of receipts of equipment.

And sorry, Joe, what was the other part of your question?

Joseph Moore

Just the trajectory. I know you had talked about capital spending generally rising from here, but you also talked about guardrails, can you just talk about the trade-offs of your business being slower versus not looking for forecast, but how you’re thinking about the long-term spending program?

Dave Zinsner

So we intend to manage to the guardrails for sure. What I think has become really positive for us is the capital offsets. Maybe I’ll talk a little bit about it and you could go into details about chips if you want Pat. We just are in general, way more optimistic about what we’re going to get in terms of capital offsets. In fact, I think, our forecast for the year is 4x, what it was when we talked about it at Investor Day. And so, clearly for this year we’re going to see strong offsets.

And I think given what happened today, I think, we’re going to have good offsets in the coming years as well. So I think that will really help us kind of keep the guardrails intact. I mean, obviously on a long-term basis we’re always looking at our CapEx in relationship to demand. We’re building supply to meet demand and modulating that as the signals change on the demand front.

At this point, I think, given the long lead times of building out these factories, we’re very confident that the growth rates of our markets are going to be quite healthy. And we’re going to need the supply to come online. May we modulate are make tiny adjustments to it over the course of years.

Yes, but I wouldn’t say it’s going to be a significant magnitude, but we – but still at the end of the day, we feel very good about the guardrails we talked about. It’s going to be more like mid-30s, net CapEx intensity in our investment phase that that goes through 2024. And then in 2025, 2026, we’ll see a step down as we start to get the benefits of that in terms of revenue growth and margin growth and we’ll normalize more into the mid-20s.

Pat Gelsinger

Yes. And as Dave is alluding to the passage today by the house of the CHIPS Act following the Senate Passage on Tuesday, this is historic legislation. Literally since World War II, there might not have been a more important piece of industrial policy that’s came forward through Congress. So we are thrilled by that.

And then also something that we pointed to, and we’ve been very active and I’ve been very active. This is great for the semiconductor industry. This is beneficial to Intel. This was one of the pieces of the smart capital program as we described back an Investor Day. And now seeing this come across the line will clearly be part of that ability for us to invest aggressively in the strategy that we described to you.

We see this as an accelerant to our strategy and something that will deliver us the capacity to both meet our product needs as well as our Foundry customer needs as well. This is powerful and something that we are thrilled to have come across the line just today. We look forward to this being on the President’s desk in the next couple of days and signed into law. This was a historic moment for the semiconductor industry. And I hope everybody on the line just realizes how significant the passage of this was for semiconductors, for technology, for long-term research, this was huge. We were thrilled to be a part of it.

John Pitzer

Next question, please operator.


Our next question comes from Harlan Sur with J.P. Morgan. Your line is open.

Harlan Sur

Good afternoon. Thanks for letting me ask questions. So Pat, you let us your prepared remarks discussing the macro environment, but you also called out Intel specific execution issues and specifically product design. Were you just referring to Sapphire Rapids or was this a general statement across several of your product segments, including client and graphics?

And can you just articulate like what some of these product design issues are? Are they architectural issues, performance issues, design closure, changing custom requirements? Any help there would be great. Obviously, as you mentioned, many of these programs were already underway when you joined the team, but what is it specifically that you’re doing now to ensure better design execution going forward?

Pat Gelsinger

Yes. Thank you, Harlan. And if I would just to step back slightly, right, I view the recovery, rebuilding in three different chapters. One was TD and manufacturing…

Harlan Sur


Pat Gelsinger

…best transistors capacity. Second design and products. We have to deliver the products that we say to our customers. And if they ask for it Monday at noon, Monday at 11:59, it is there right in the volumes you say, at the performance levels, power levels, et cetera. And the third chapter is building growth, right. And establishing the new products, the new product lines for growth and obviously, we’ve laid the foundations for all three.

As TD and manufacturing are now making good progress. The focus really is get the product and design execution superb again, right. And I point back to that sort of tick–tock discipline that we had in the past, that was a key part of what we’re doing, and that’s exactly what we have underway, rebuilding that kind of product disciplined execution. Clearly the Sapphire Rapids miss that we had, we’re raising the quality bars for that.

We weren’t shipping at the quality levels, the security levels that we needed to in the past going clearly we shouldn’t have had that bug in the product in the first place. So that caused another stepping for the volume release. Our software release on our discrete graphics, right, was clearly underperforming.

We thought that we would be able to leverage the integrated graphics software stack. And it was wholly inadequate for the performance levels, gaming compatibility, et cetera, that we needed. So we’re not hitting our 4 million unit goal in the discrete graphics space, even as we’re now catching up and getting better software releases. We also – I’ll say the timelines for our products as we’ve committed them to customers, hey, we don’t think we’re competitive with the best-in-class in the industry.

Our design timelines, we have to get them better. And we’re focused on doing that. And that’s for some of the longer roadmap term items where we have to be best-in-class in our design cycles, design costs, power envelopes, architectural leadership, things that you would expect from Intel in the past, and we’re rebuilding those muscles for the future.

So those would be the two examples we point to specifically that we’re visible this quarter, but we just don’t have a lot more work to do. And as I said, it takes these are three, four-year long projects. These were many of them were underway. We’re putting in place these disciplines now. And the products that are being launched with this entirely new methodology and alignment, well, they don’t come out for a couple more years.

So we’re still working through that inventory of designs that were in process, a lot of work to do, a lot of rebuilding and that’s where a lot of my attention is being focused on. And maybe now that I spend a little bit less time in Washington, right, this is the focus for us as a team is getting that execution to be superb once again.

Harlan Sur

Thank you.

John Pitzer

Next question, please operator.


We have a question from Randy Abrams with Credit Suisse. Your line is open.

Randy Abrams

Yes. Thank you. A multi-part question. If you could talk in IFS similar on the MediaTek announcement, the products scope, and potentially expand that to advanced products or reference design cooperation. Also want to task a bit more of the CHIPS Act, how it changes your approach to the business. And for David, if the capital offsets assume some of the U.S. benefits and how it could impact the tax rate?

Pat Gelsinger

Good. On IFS, clearly, MediaTek, they’re the largest fabulous supplier from Taiwan made, they’re seeking to have a broadening of their supply chain. And as we’ve said, our strategy is provide a pathway for customers to have a globally balanced resilient supply chain. As I also mentioned in the formal comments six of 10 of the largest Foundry customers in the world, we now have active engagement.

So the pipeline of customers grew. We added another billion to the pipeline this quarter. MediaTek was an Intel 16 announcement, one of the more mature offerings in the portfolio, which makes sense, right. Intel 3, Intel 18a, these are yet to be, I’ll say designable products and we have test chips underway, but we’re not yet to the point that the PDKs or the design libraries would be adequate for people to make design commitments quite at this point in time.

But overall, great progress on IFS. We’re thrilled with the MediaTek announcement and a robust pipeline of customers continues to build because this idea of a geographically balanced, resilient supply chain, Intel giving the best transistors and capacity corridors. And I’d also say that our IFS strategy pivots on this idea of system foundry. The world is moving where the – we’re moving from a board to a system and package. And a system and package needs advanced 2.5 and 3D package, an area of Intel’s leadership, interconnect standards.

We’ve announced the standardization of UCIe. We’re leading that, software assets, another area of advantage for us and will engage with and deliver this across portfolio process technologies ours and others. This idea of system foundry is gaining clear interest to our customers as well. With respect to chips and capital, we’ll say, we were driving this for the last year and a half and we’re fully expecting this to be the case in time, we’re thrilled to get it done. That said, we also initiated such an effort with Europe. And that’s making great progress as well. And as Dave said, we’re also looking to other capital partners as well, which we hope to be able to talk about more in the future with you as well.

Dave Zinsner

And then just on your question, we have not assumed any CHIPS Act money in 2022. Our expectation is there’ll be a process and that process will take us into 2023 before we start receiving money from CHIPS. So not assumed in 2022, although, we’re assuming that we will see some in 2023. As you point out, the CHIPS Act or the bill that was passed is a combination of grant money and in tax credits, I think it’s a little early to determine exactly how all that is administered and makes its way into the – our P&L. So we’ll table that until that becomes clearer to us exactly how things shake out and we’ll deliver you more color once we have a better assessment of that.

John Pitzer

Thanks, Randy. Can we get the next question, please?


Our next question comes from Stacy Rasgon with Bernstein. Your line is open.

Stacy Rasgon

Hi, guys. Thanks for taking my question. I’m a little confused. You said that Sapphire Rapids was on time and it’s ramping in volume in the second half, but you also said data center growth in the second half was going to be pretty muted off of a base that’s really low. And then you also said that data center pricing improvements in the second half would be less than what you’re seeing in clients. So doesn’t really sound likes Sapphire Rapids ramp is helping at all. What is going on with that? Like, how should I be thinking about the impact of that Sapphire Rapids ramp? Is that ramps into volume? Or is it the question is like most of the volume coming into 2023 or why isn’t it having more of an impact in the second half. Is it ramps?

Pat Gelsinger

Yes. We said in the prepared remarks that it’s later than we were expecting Sapphire Rapids, it’s ramping later. We have some SKUs out, which is good, but the main SKUs are not out. And they happen later in the year. And of course, they’ll contribute way more significantly to next year than they’re going to contribute to this year. We do see an opportunity in the client space, given our Alder Lake position for pricing increases that are really passing on inflation. And we know customers understand that obviously our competitive position is not as strong in the DCI business. And so there are opportunities to adjust pricing, but not across the board, so that is impacting us a bit.

Stacy Rasgon

But you’re basically saying that’s Sapphire Rapids is effectively a first half 2023 volume ramp. That seems to be what you’re saying. Yes.

Pat Gelsinger

I think there’s some ramps this year and then mostly at ramps next year. Yes.

Dave Zinsner

Yes. Like I said, we started shipping some of the SKUs earlier in the year, right. Those weren’t some of the higher volume SKUs, the volume ramp SKUs were pushed out, right, as we said Stacy. And they will start ramping late in the year, but the bigger financial impact definitely is next year. Sapphire Rapids, right, is still the leadership product. We continue to get great reviews from our customers on the product areas like AI performance, that we’re competing with low the mid-tier of NVIDIA dedicated AI processors, the security capabilities as part of it, unquestioned the accelerators and unquestioned leadership.

We’re also getting more and more momentum from our software optimizations that come with it as well. So all of those taken together, a lot of enthusiasm, every cloud vendor, every data center vendor et cetera is enthusiastic for this product. And we’re now, as I say, in the final days of getting it completed and beginning those customer volume ramps. And obviously financially, we’ll start to see some of those inventory reserves reversing as well, but yes, this was not our finest hour in execution. We’re rebuilding our execution machine and this product, a lot of enthusiasm forward in the marketplace as we deliver it.

John Pitzer

Thanks, Stacy. Operator, we have time for one more question, please.


We have a question from William Stein with Truist. Your line is open.

William Stein

Great. Thanks for taking my question. It relates to that last syllabu of the timeliness of delivery of new products. So while Sapphire Rapids is delayed, sounds like something on the order half the year. Pat, in the press release, it noted that the later nodes are still on track or ahead of track, I think was the language. As outsiders, what can we look to sort of judge and determine whether Intel is continuing to be on pace as we progress through the quarters, aside from just the sort of summary statements and the press release. Is there some other metric you could disclose of there some way we can better understand whether Intel is getting back on track and keeping these commitments to deliver these products as you’ve scheduled it. Thank you.

Pat Gelsinger

Yes. Maybe as we just run through the five nodes quickly Intel 7 done, volume shipments, we said five nodes, four years, Intel 7, 35 million units, you can go rip one apart. I’m sure our competitors have done, tear downs on it done. Intel 4, right, we’ve said is, hey, Meteor Lake looking good. At this point, it’s now broadly sampled to customers. So it’s looking very healthy as well. Also, we had the independent analysis of our detailed updates that we gave at the VLSI conference recently. And if you go look at some of the reports from that, people were pleasantly surprised. They said, oh, Intel 4, it looks as good as some of the three nanometer competitors.

So this is looking pretty good. So certainly we’ll be giving more of those technical updates going forward on the real performance. Also, we’ve given updates on Granite Rapids, one of the lead vehicles of Intel 3. We also have said that, we’ll deliver you updates on 20a and 18a test chip updates and others. We’ll also have independent assessments of those as we announce foundry customers, right, which will be another point to validation that you’ll see.

So we’re going to keep giving you more and more points of validation as we go along for, trust me, these are analyzed, the performance of each one of these process nodes, the defect density of each of these process nodes, the maturity of the design collateral, the residents from the foundry customers for each one, it’s being scrutinized extraordinarily well. And with that, I think you’ll get more and more confidence that what we’re saying is not only Tested by us, but independently by industry sources as well.

So with that, let me just wrap up our time. First, I’d like to say, thank you. We’re grateful for you joining us today, opportunity that you’ve given us to update you on our business. We summarized three key messages as we finish. We’re not satisfied with the quarter and the financial results that we gave you today. We have growing confidence in the strategy and we are optimistic finally about the future.

We deserve some tough questions this quarter, but also appreciate that they’re fair and relevant to the business. Transformations are not easy, but nothing worthwhile ever is. And despite the headwinds that we’re seeing, we demonstrated substantial progress in IFS, NEX business records, PSG record in that business, the chips passage today huge, clear customer wins like AWS and Meta and NVIDIA. And for the last question, great progress on our TD milestones and our manufacturing milestones. With that, we look forward to updating you again next quarter. Thank you.


This concludes today’s conference call. Thank you for participation. You may now disconnect.

Thu, 28 Jul 2022 13:38:00 -0500 en text/html
Killexams : Win a 637 horsepower Audi RS E-Tron GT

Autoblog may receive a share from purchases made via links on this page. Pricing and availability are subject to change. No donation or payment necessary to enter or win this sweepstakes. See official rules on Omaze.

More than 600 horsepower. Over 600 pound-feet of torque. Quattro all-wheel drive. No, an Audi RS E-Tron GT won’t beat a Tesla Model S in a drag race, but you can’t beat the price tag of this one that Omaze is giving away.

Here are the specs of the E-Tron in question, according to Omaze:

  • Max Seating: 5

  • Powertrain: Dual electric motors

  • Transmission: Two-speed rear transmission

  • Drivetrain: Quattro all-wheel drive

  • Exterior Color: Daytona Gray pearl

  • Interior Color: Black with red stitching

  • Horsepower: 637 hp

  • Torque: 612 lb-ft

  • Acceleration: 0-60 mph in 2.9 seconds

  • Top Speed: 152 mph

  • Range: 232 miles

  • Charging Time: 10.5h at 220V

  • Charging Type: 93.4 kWh battery (total and 83.7 kWh usable)

  • 800 V battery system

  • Approximate Retail Value: $164,862

  • Cash Alt: $123,646.50

  • Special features: Year One edition; 21" 5-spoke turbine design Aero wheels; Carbon-ceramic brakes and red calipers; carbon fiber mirrors, door sills and interior trim; RS red interior honeycomb stitching, red seat belts;  laser lights; carbon fiber roof.

You’re probably asking yourself, what does it take to win? First of all, according to Omaze, "no donation or payment is necessary to enter or win this sweepstakes." If you do choose to donate, $10 will get you 20 entries, while $50 will get you 500 entries and $100 will get you 1,200 entries.

The donations themselves benefit Oscar’s Kids. According to Omaze, “Oscar’s Kids, fiscally sponsored by Entertainment Industry Foundation, is a charity that was created in honor of an incredible little boy Oscar who was diagnosed with terminal brain cancer in January 2018, passing just 19 months later in July 2019 at the age of five. Alongside Oscar’s parents, Melissa Rauch and her husband Winston founded Oscar's Kids after hearing his story and becoming close friends with him. Their mission is guided by the immense joy with which he lived life, his endless bravery and the magic he injected into every day, even the hardest ones. They are an international pediatric cancer charity that benefits and supports children on both sides of the Atlantic. Research is the greatest tool in discovering new and improved ways to help treat and cure children. Yet childhood cancer research is massively underfunded around the world. Funds raised will go to the research laboratory of Michelle Monje, MD, PhD, associate professor of neurology and neurological sciences at the Stanford University School of Medicine. She is one of the most promising in the field of Diffuse Intrinsic Pontine Glioma (DIPG) research.”

If you want all of this electric horsepower in your driveway, enter here. The deadline to enter is October 14, 2022, at 11:59 p.m. Pacific.

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Mon, 18 Jul 2022 06:34:00 -0500 en-SG text/html Killexams : Ph.D. in Community Health Promotion


two people at a UAB wellness promotion boothToday public, private, and governmental health agencies recognize the need for community health promotion and advocacy. In light of initiatives such as Healthy People 2020 and its goal to “increase the quality, availability, and effectiveness of educational and community-based programs designed to prevent disease and injury, Excellerate health, and enhance the quality of life,” the demand for skilled health education certified continues to expand.

The Ph.D. program in Community Health Promotion offers a broad-based curriculum emphasizing biological, behavioral, and socio-cultural determinants of health, as well as interventions and policies aimed at improving community health. The curriculum provides students with the coursework, background, and practical experiences to become leading researchers and practitioners in the broad and rapidly growing field of health education and health promotion.

Students learn the skills needed to work with individuals and communities to assess health needs, and then effectively plan, implement and evaluate culturally appropriate and theoretically based interventions to Excellerate and promote health and lessen unhealthy behaviors by addressing knowledge, attitudes, skills, and beliefs in various settings.

By the conclusion of the program, students are able to conceptualize the theoretical and philosophical basis of health promotion clearly and conduct their own independent research projects. The curriculum prepares students for careers in academia, clinical research, and leadership roles in the community and public health promotion in private industry, as well as non-profit and governmental health organizations.

Health Education Accreditation

Certified Health Education certified (CHES®) are individuals who have met the standards of competence established by the National Commission for Health Education Credentialing Inc. (NCHEC) and have successfully passed the CHES® examination. NCHEC serves to enhance the professional practice of Health Education by promoting and sustaining a credentialed body of Health Education Specialists.

The CHES® credential establishes a national and international standard for members of the profession and ensures prospective employers that an individual has taken the initiative to pursue additional certification, and is proficient in evidence-based planning, implementing, evaluating, and advocating for the health of communities.

NCHEC developed a rigorous set of professional standards known as the Responsibilities and Competencies for Certified Health Education Specialists. These standards serve as a framework for the profession, illustrating the knowledge, required skills, and expertise needed for a position in the field of health education and promotion.

CHHS Faculty utilized these standards as a framework for the development of the Ph.D. in Community Health Promotion, including coursework in the health promotion core. This curriculum meets the academic qualifications for eligibility and adequately prepares students to sit for the CHES® examination. Although not a requirement, many students sit for and pass this important exam. This is in part due to the increasing demand to have credentialed health education certified on the job; particularly, if part of the job responsibilities include training health educators in post-secondary settings.

Application Deadline

Cohort admission occurs once per year in the Fall. In order to be considered for admission for the Fall term, all application materials must be submitted by April 30.

Applying for Admission

Candidates for admission must enter the program with a master's degree in health education, community health, human services, or other related field from an accredited institution.

Applying for admission to the Community Health Promotion PhD program begins with completing an online application through the UAB Graduate School.

  • Complete and submit online application for admission to the Graduate School
  • Submit all required materials (see ‘indicators’ below)
  • Pay application fee online with credit card/debit card
  • Ask the individuals from whom you request references to respond online to the form they will receive via email from the Graduate School (This form is sent automatically to your references by UAB as soon as you submit your application).
  • Request transcripts from all prior institutions to be sent to UAB including institutions where you might have taken only one course (information on how to do this is provided in Apply Yourself). The preferred email addresses for electronic submission of transcripts are as follows: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .
  • Submit official TOEFL or IELTS test score (for international applicants only) NOTE: International applicants must also meet all requirements stipulated at This includes mailing your Financial Affidavit of Support.

The admissions committee considers these indicators when making admission decisions:

  • Graduate degree (minimum of a master's) in a health-related field
  • Transcripts
  • Professional resume/CV – make sure to include professional experience, presentations and publications.
  • Admissions Essay - In approximately two single-spaced pages, explain why you are applying to this program. When writing this essay, consider these questions: What life experiences led to your decision to apply and what attracted you to this program? What are your research interests and career goals? How will this program help you pursue those research interests and career goals?
  • GPA (minimum of 3.25 on previous graduate work)
  • Three recommendations/letters of reference

If the admissions committee feels the student is a good candidate for the program, a faculty member from the committee will be in contact for an interview.


The PhD curriculum in Community Health Promotion is comprised of five areas:

Health Promotion Core – There is an increased awareness of the impact of social determinants (ethnicity, income, housing, education) on health outcomes. As a result, the CDC, NIH and other health agencies have placed emphasis on social determinants of health (SDH) and health disparities through funding initiatives to promote improved research, policy and practice. By focusing on SDH, health education certified can Excellerate health outcomes and advance health equity. This program requires a Health Promotion core, infused with training in using the SDH as a framework for planning, implementing and evaluating successful health interventions.

Research and Statistics Core – Today, health promotion researchers must have training in mixed research methodologies to understand the complex issues that confront community health. Interest in mixed-methods research is growing among funders, as evidenced by latest calls for proposals using these methods from the NIH, the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality, as well as the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation. This program requires mixed methods, qualitative and quantitative research methodologies.

Health Sciences Concentration – These courses allow students the flexibility to receive education and training in their particular area of interest from across UAB. This program provides a professional health promotion curriculum that brings together students from a variety of social/behavioral backgrounds to provide the appropriate training and mentorship to develop health-related research.

Supervised Research Core – This core allows students to gain valuable research experience under the supervision of faculty while earning credit hours toward their PhD. Students will work with faculty on research projects and grants, and/or the development of scholarly publications or professional conference presentations. In addition, students will work with their mentor to develop a dissertation proposal. A minimum of 12 credit hours are required, or until the successful completion of a dissertation proposal defense.

Dissertation – These hours are designed to provide students with significant research experience on their syllabu of interest and requires the completion of 18 credit hours, or until the completion of the dissertation.

This program requires students to complete a minimum of 72 semester hours.

Program Co-requisites

Students must enter the program with a master's degree in health education, or a closely related field. Students with a limited background in health education/health promotion may be required to take program co-requisites during years one and two, including CHHS 610 Foundations of Health Education (or equivalent), CHHS 631 Planning (or equivalent), and CHHS 697 Community-Based Approaches to Evaluation and Grantsmanship (or equivalent). These additional requirements will be determined from a review of transcripts by the Graduate Program Coordinator after admission to the program.

Comprehensive Examination

All PhD candidates must sit for a comprehensive examination, which is offered on the third Thursday of January and June of each year. This exam should be prepared for by individual study expanding on the content covered in the health promotion core courses. The exam must be passed unconditionally before student’s can defend their dissertation proposal and be advanced to candidacy. Students must be registered for at least three semester hours of graduate work during the semester(s) in which the comprehensive exam is taken.

The comprehensive exam is a criterion-referenced assessment — students do not compete with other students. Students should NOT assume that “A” level performance in their coursework as adequate preparation for passing the comprehensive exam. To prepare, students should review all materials from the HP core courses as well as other supplementary material. Students should review health education theory and program planning, implementation, and evaluation materials not only from their prior coursework but also from a range of self-selected documents, websites, and texts. The core courses provide background information and a blueprint for their own regimen of self-study — students must demonstrate broad mastery of the subject matter and intellectual growth. Each student must be able to synthesize and apply what has been learned in order to design an appropriate, theory-based intervention to address the chosen health issue/population. Students must be able to specify why a program is necessary, how it can be achieved, who will be involved during implementation, and how results might best be used. It is recommended that students preparing for their comps work with other students, share materials, discuss key concepts with faculty members, and confer with students who have already passed the exam.


To qualify to sit for comprehensive exams, students must have successfully completed the health promotion core courses:

  • Advanced Theoretical Approaches in Health Promotion CHHS 731
  • Advanced Planning and Implementation in Health Promotion CHHS 732
  • Evaluation and Research Methods in Health Promotion CHHS 740
  • Health Disparities in Diverse Populations CHHS 742

Dissertation and Final Defense

The dissertation represents the culmination of a significant research experience. Students begin work on their dissertation only after they have completed all coursework, passed the comprehensive examination, organized their dissertation committee, defended their dissertation proposal, and gained admission to candidacy.

The dissertation committee consists of a minimum of five faculty members and typically includes a chair, methodologist, content expert(s), and other interested faculty. The chair must be faculty from the CHHS program in the School of Education. While the chair may assist with the formation of the committee, it is the student's responsibility to invite committee members. Students finalize their committee selections by completing and submitting the Graduate Student Committee Letter to the Graduate School and work closely with their committee to develop a dissertation proposal. Before beginning dissertation research, students must have successfully defended their dissertation proposal, be admitted to candidacy, and submit the proper paperwork to the Graduate School. Students cannot collect or analyze data ahead of committee or IRB approval.

PhD candidates should set the date and time of their final defenses well in advance, making certain that all committee members can attend. Candidates are also responsible for furnishing committee members with complete copies of their manuscripts by a date of the committee’s choosing. They must make all requested changes or corrections to the manuscript as soon as possible after the defense and obtain signatures of all committee members and the Program Director on the appropriate approval form. Each candidate must submit a completed dissertation for online review to the Graduate School no later than two weeks (10 business days) after the final defense.

Additional information about graduation requirements may be found in the Graduate Catalog, Graduate Student Handbook or by contacting the Graduate School staff via email (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. ) or phone (205-934-8227).

Financial Support

For highly qualified first-year Ph.D. students, the UAB Graduate School supports a small number of Blazer Graduate Research Fellowships. The position requires full-time enrollment (9 hrs/semester Fall/Sp/Su) to be considered for funding. Full-time UAB employees are not eligible for these funds. These funds vary from year to year and are awarded on a competitive basis.

Explore these links for additional sources for funding your Ph.D.!

Finally, Ph.D. students who have a background in health promotion may be hired as adjunct faculty to teach undergraduate health education courses. For more information, contact the Graduate Program Director.

Sat, 07 May 2022 06:36:00 -0500 en-US text/html
Killexams : 'All the data points currently align with a cover-up'
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n.textContent=this.options.label,n.className=this.options.textClass||"",e.appendChild(n),e},e}();createCommonjsModule((function(module){(function(){var __webpack_modules__={"./src/index.js": /*!**********************!*\ !*** ./src/index.js ***! \**********************/function(__unused_webpack_module,__unused_webpack_exports,__webpack_require__){eval("var I18n = __webpack_require__(/*! ./lib/I18n */ \"./src/lib/I18n.js\");\n\n(function (win, doc) {\n \"use strict\";\n\n var defaultConfig = {\n uiLang: 'en-US',\n speechLang: 'en-US',\n voiceButton: '#voice-btn',\n searchBox: {\n form: '#sf',\n input: '#yschsp',\n params: {\n fr: '',\n fr2: ''\n }\n },\n enable_voice_trending: false,\n trending: {\n market: \"en-us\"\n },\n ui: {\n speechOverlay: {\n disableBlur: false\n }\n },\n browsers: {\n edge: false\n }\n };\n\n function VoiceSearch(config) {\n var self = this;\n self.config = Object.assign(defaultConfig, config || {});\n self.i18n = new VoiceSearch.I18n({\n lang: self.config.uiLang\n });\n self.renderPermissionGuide(self);\n self.renderSpeechPanel(self);\n self.speechResult = '';\n self.noSpeech = true;\n self.isRecognitionStart = false;\n self.recognition = null;\n self.voiceButton = doc.querySelector(self.config.voiceButton);\n self.searchBoxForm = doc.querySelector(self.config.searchBox.form);\n self.searchBoxQuery = doc.querySelector(self.config.searchBox.input);\n self.speechPanel = doc.querySelector('#spch');\n self.speechButtonContainer = doc.querySelector('#spchbc');\n self.speechButton = doc.querySelector('#spchbc-btn');\n self.speechText = doc.querySelector('#spcht');\n self.speechOverlay = doc.getElementById('spch-overlay');\n self.retryLink = doc.querySelector('#spcht-retry');\n self.trending = doc.getElementById('spch-trending');\n self.trendingTerms = doc.getElementById('trending-terms');\n self.termSpans = doc.getElementsByClassName(\"trending-term\");\n self.closeButton = doc.querySelector('#spchx');\n self.startAudio = new Audio('');\n self.resultAudio = new Audio('');\n self.errorAudio = new Audio('');\n self.closeAudio = new Audio('');\n self.permissionGuide = doc.querySelector('#spchp');\n self.permissionGuideClose = doc.querySelector('#spchpx');\n self.permissionGuideTimer = null;\n\n self.onEscKeyDown = function (e) {\n if (e.code !== 'Escape') {\n return;\n }\n\n self.recognition.stop();\n self.sendBeacon('keybrd', 'voicesearch_cancel_esc'); // The clean up should put inside closePanel() instead of here,\n // or func won't be cleaned up if user close panel with btn or overlay\n\n self.closePanel(self);\n };\n\n if (self.isBrowserSupported()) {\n var SpeechRecognition = win.SpeechRecognition || win.webkitSpeechRecognition;\n var SpeechGrammarList = win.SpeechGrammarList || win.webkitSpeechGrammarList;\n var speechGrammar = '#JSGF V1.0;';\n self.recognition = new SpeechRecognition();\n var speechRecognitionList = new SpeechGrammarList();\n\n if (speechRecognitionList.addFromString) {\n speechRecognitionList.addFromString(speechGrammar, 1);\n }\n\n self.recognition.grammars = speechRecognitionList;\n self.recognition.continuous = false;\n self.recognition.lang = self.config.speechLang;\n self.recognition.interimResults = false;\n self.recognition.maxAlternatives = 1;\n /* Listeners */\n\n if (self.voiceButton) {\n self.voiceButton.onclick = function () {\n self.recognition.start();\n\n if (self.permissionGuideTimer) {\n win.clearTimeout(self.permissionGuideTimer);\n }\n\n self.permissionGuideTimer = win.setTimeout(function () {\n if (!self.isRecognitionStart) {\n self.showPermissionGuide(self);\n }\n }, 300); // Also close when pressing esc\n\n doc.addEventListener('keydown', self.onEscKeyDown);\n self.sendBeacon('clk', 'voicesearch');\n };\n }\n\n if (self.speechButton) {\n self.speechButton.onclick = function () {\n if (!self.isRecognitionStart) {\n self.recognition.start();\n self.sendBeacon('clk', 'voicesearch_panel_mic_restart');\n } else {\n self.recognition.stop();\n self.sendBeacon('clk', 'voicesearch_panel_mic_close');\n self.closePanel(self);\n }\n };\n }\n\n if (self.retryLink) {\n self.retryLink.onclick = function () {\n if (!self.isRecognitionStart) {\n self.recognition.start();\n self.sendBeacon('clk', 'voicesearch_panel_retry');\n }\n };\n }\n\n if (self.speechOverlay) {\n self.speechOverlay.onclick = function () {\n self.recognition.stop();\n self.sendBeacon('clk', 'voicesearch_cancel_outside');\n self.closePanel(self);\n };\n }\n\n if (self.closeButton) {\n self.closeButton.onclick = function\n /*event*/\n () {\n self.recognition.stop();\n self.sendBeacon('clk', 'voicesearch_cancel');\n self.closePanel(self);\n };\n }\n\n if (self.permissionGuideClose) {\n self.permissionGuideClose.onclick = function\n /*event*/\n () {\n self.recognition.stop();\n self.sendBeacon('clk', 'voicesearch_permission_close');\n;\n self.hidePermissionGuide(self);\n };\n }\n /* Recognition Events */\n\n\n self.recognition.onresult = function (event) {\n // The SpeechRecognitionEvent results property returns a SpeechRecognitionResultList object\n // The SpeechRecognitionResultList object contains SpeechRecognitionResult objects.\n // It has a getter so it can be accessed like an array\n // The first [0] returns the SpeechRecognitionResult at the last position.\n // Each SpeechRecognitionResult object contains SpeechRecognitionAlternative objects that contain individual results.\n // These also have getters so they can be accessed like arrays.\n // The second [0] returns the SpeechRecognitionAlternative at position 0.\n // We then return the transcript property of the SpeechRecognitionAlternative object\n // console.log('Confidence: ' + event.results[0][0].confidence);\n self.speechResult = event.results[0][0].transcript;\n /* Punctuation Handling: Check last character and strip it if necessary */\n\n self.handlePunctuation(self);\n\n if (self.speechText) {\n self.speechText.innerText = self.speechResult;\n }\n\n if (self.searchBoxQuery) {\n self.searchBoxQuery.value = self.speechResult;\n }\n\n;\n win.setTimeout(function () {\n if (self.speechPanel) {\n self.speechPanel.classList.remove(\"s2tb\");\n self.speechPanel.classList.add(\"s2tb-h\");\n }\n\n self.hideRetryLink(self);\n\n if (self.searchBoxForm) {\n var inputFr = self.searchBoxForm.querySelector('[name=fr]');\n var inputFr2 = self.searchBoxForm.querySelector('[name=fr2]');\n\n if (inputFr && self.config.searchBox && self.config.searchBox.params && {\n inputFr.value =;\n inputFr.disabled = false; // for homepage case\n }\n\n if (inputFr2 && self.config.searchBox && self.config.searchBox.params && self.config.searchBox.params.fr2) {\n inputFr2.value = config.searchBox.params.fr2;\n inputFr2.disabled = false; // for homepage case\n }\n\n self.searchBoxForm.submit();\n }\n }, 1000);\n };\n\n self.recognition.onspeechstart = function\n /*event*/\n () {// Fired when speech starts\n };\n\n self.recognition.onspeechend = function () {\n // Fired when speech ends\n self.recognition.stop();\n };\n\n self.recognition.onerror = function\n /*event*/\n () {\n // console.log('Error occurred in recognition: ' + event.error);\n if (self.speechText) {\n self.speechText.innerText = self.i18n.t('search.voice.recognition_error');\n }\n\n self.hideTrending(self);\n self.showRetryLink(self);\n;\n };\n\n self.recognition.onaudiostart = function\n /*event*/\n () {\n // Fired when the user agent has started to capture audio.\n if (self.speechButtonContainer) {\n self.speechButtonContainer.classList.add(\"listening\");\n }\n };\n\n self.recognition.onaudioend = function\n /*event*/\n () {\n // Fired when the user agent has finished capturing audio.\n if (self.speechButtonContainer) {\n self.speechButtonContainer.classList.remove(\"listening\");\n }\n };\n\n self.recognition.onsoundstart = function\n /*event*/\n () {\n // Fired when any sound — recognisable speech or not — has been detected.\n self.hideTrending(self);\n self.noSpeech = false;\n\n if (self.speechButtonContainer) {\n self.speechButtonContainer.classList.remove(\"listening\");\n self.speechButtonContainer.classList.add(\"speaking\");\n }\n };\n\n self.recognition.onsoundend = function\n /*event*/\n () {\n // Fired when no sound present\n if (self.speechButtonContainer) {\n self.speechButtonContainer.classList.remove(\"speaking\");\n }\n };\n\n self.recognition.onstart = function\n /*event*/\n () {\n // Fired when the speech recognition service has begun listening\n self.recognitionInit(self);\n self.startRecognition(self);\n };\n\n self.recognition.onend = function\n /*event*/\n () {\n // Fired when the speech recognition service has disconnected.\n self.isRecognitionStart = false;\n\n if (self.noSpeech == false && self.speechResult == '') {\n // No match: Fired when the speech recognition can't recognise speech\n if (self.speechText) {\n self.speechText.innerText = self.i18n.t('search.voice.recognition_nomatch');\n }\n\n self.hideTrending(self);\n self.showRetryLink(self);\n;\n }\n }; // trigger onReady event when initialized\n\n\n if (document && document.dispatchEvent) {\n document.dispatchEvent(new Event('VOICE_JS_READY'));\n }\n }\n } // static members\n\n\n VoiceSearch.I18n = I18n; // instance members\n\n VoiceSearch.prototype.renderPermissionGuide = function (self) {\n var tmpl = \"\\n
    \\n \\n
    \\n \\n

    \".concat(self.i18n.t('search.voice.permission_title'), \"


    \").concat(self.i18n.t('search.voice.permission_text'), \"

    \\n \");\n var dom = new DOMParser().parseFromString(tmpl, 'text/html');\n document.body.appendChild(dom.body.children[0]);\n };\n\n VoiceSearch.prototype.renderSpeechPanel = function (self) {\n var tmpl = \"\\n
    \\n \\n \\n
    \\n \\n \\n \\n \\n \\n \\n

    \\n \\n \\n \".concat(self.i18n.t('search.voice.recognition_retry'), \"\\n


    \\n \").concat(self.i18n.t('search.voice.trending_title'), \"\\n \\n

    \\n \");\n var dom = new DOMParser().parseFromString(tmpl, 'text/html');\n\n if (self && self.config && self.config.ui && self.config.ui.speechOverlay && self.config.ui.speechOverlay.disableBlur) {\n dom.body.children[0].classList.add('disable-blur-overlay');\n }\n\n document.body.appendChild(dom.body.children[0]);\n };\n\n VoiceSearch.prototype.isBrowserSupported = function () {\n var isSupported = false;\n var self = this;\n var isChromium = Boolean(;\n var isIOSChrome = /CriOS/.test(window.navigator.userAgent);\n var isEdge = /Edg\\//.test(window.navigator.userAgent);\n var isLegacyEdge = /Edge\\//.test(window.navigator.userAgent);\n var isOpera = Boolean(window.opr);\n var isBrave = Boolean(window.navigator.brave);\n var browsers = [// chrome\n {\n checkEnabled: function checkEnabled() {\n return true;\n },\n checkBrowser: function checkBrowser() {\n return isChromium && !isIOSChrome && !isEdge && !isOpera && !isBrave;\n },\n checkAPI: function checkAPI() {\n return win && ('SpeechRecognition' in win || 'webkitSpeechRecognition' in win) && ('SpeechGrammarList' in win || 'webkitSpeechGrammarList' in win);\n }\n }, // edge\n {\n checkEnabled: function checkEnabled() {\n return self && self.config && self.config.browsers && self.config.browsers.edge;\n },\n checkBrowser: function checkBrowser() {\n return isChromium && isEdge && !isLegacyEdge;\n },\n checkAPI: function checkAPI() {\n return win && ('SpeechRecognition' in win || 'webkitSpeechRecognition' in win) && ('SpeechGrammarList' in win || 'webkitSpeechGrammarList' in win);\n }\n }];\n\n for (var b = 0; b 0) {\n var lastChar = self.speechResult.charAt(self.speechResult.length - 1);\n\n if (lastChar === '.' || lastChar === '?' || lastChar === '。' || lastChar === '?') {\n self.speechResult = self.speechResult.slice(0, -1);\n }\n }\n };\n\n VoiceSearch.prototype.sendBeacon = function (actn, slk) {\n var ULT = win.YAHOO.ULT || {},\n SB = win.YAHOO.SB || {};\n\n if (ULT.beacon_click) {\n var trackParams = {\n _S: SB.config.i13n.spaceid,\n _I: SB.config.i13n.pvid,\n actn: actn,\n sec: 'search',\n slk: slk\n };\n win.YAHOO.ULT.beacon_click(trackParams);\n }\n };\n\n VoiceSearch.prototype.ajaxReq = function (url, callback) {\n var DONE_STATE = XMLHttpRequest.DONE || 4; // for IE-compatibility\n\n var xhr = new XMLHttpRequest();\n var responseRaw;\n var response; // CORS request only for IE8/IE9\n\n if (doc.documentMode && doc.documentMode \n // tags it will allow on a page\n\n if (!options.singleton && typeof options.singleton !== 'boolean') {\n options.singleton = isOldIE();\n }\n\n list = list || [];\n var lastIdentifiers = modulesToDom(list, options);\n return function update(newList) {\n newList = newList || [];\n\n if ( !== '[object Array]') {\n return;\n }\n\n for (var i = 0; i >>0;if("function"!=typeof e)throw new TypeError(e+" is not a function");for(arguments.length>1&&(t=n),i=0;i>>0;if("function"!=typeof e)throw new TypeError;for(var i=[],o=arguments.length>=2?arguments[1]:void 0,s=0;s>>0;if("function"!=typeof e)throw new TypeError(e+" is not a function");for(arguments.length>1&&(t=n),i=new Array(r),o=0;othis.length)&&-1!==this.indexOf(e,n)}),function(){function e(e){return"function"==typeof e.trim?e.trim():e.replace(/^\s+|\s+$/gm,"")}function n(e){var n;c&&c\&]/gim,(function(e){return""+e.charCodeAt(0)+";"}))},ae:function(e,n,t,i){if(i=i||!1,e.addEventListener)e.addEventListener(n,t,i);else{if(!e.attachEvent)return!1;e.attachEvent("on"+n,t)}},de:function(e,n,t){if(e.removeEventListener)e.removeEventListener(n,t);else{if(!e.detachEvent)return!1;e.detachEvent("on"+n,t)}},ts:function(){return Math.round((new Date).getTime()/1e3)},bold:function(e,n,t,o){var s,r=(o.pattern||"")+"(&[^;\\s]*)?(%needles)";return(o=o.exact?[i(t)]:t.split(/[\s|,]+/).filter((function(e){return""!==e})).sort((function(e,n){return n.length-e.length})).map(i)).length?(r=r.replace("%needles",o.join("|")),n.replace(new RegExp(r,"gi"),(s=e,function(e,n,t){return 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s,r,a,c,l,u,d,p,h,f,m=window,g=document,y=m.YAHOO,v=y.NB,b={},_="before_get_assist",w="before_display_data",C="before_init_view",E="after_init_view",x="before_parse_data",S="before_update_assist",T="after_update_list",k="after_create_item",L="before_show_sa",I="after_reset_view",M="after_hide_view",A="after_init_controller",R="click_assist",N="before_query_assist",O="before_key_submit",B="before_button_submit",P="before_submit_query",D="after_item_highlight",q="after_item_reset_highlight",j="before_sb_focus",V="after_sb_focus",F="before_sb_blur",U="after_sb_blur",$="before_beacon",H="after_set_ylc",Y="after_reset_controller";function G(e,n){n=(e=e||{}).tag||n||"div";var t,i=g.createElement(n);for(t in e.css&&(i.className=e.css),e.text&&(i.textContent=e.text),e.attrs)v.set(i,t,e.attrs[t]);for(t in[t][t];return e.wrap?((n=G(e.wrap)).appendChild(i),n):i}function z(e){this.config=e||{},this.listeners={},this.cb={}}function W(){}function J(){}function Q(){}function 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17.6704,0.608 11.2724,1.024 C5.8994,1.373 1.4994,5.676 1.0414,11.04 C0.5134,17.228 5.1074,22.463 11.0504,22.975 C11.1664,22.985 11.3274,22.993 11.4844,22.999 C11.8104,23.012 12.1194,22.85 12.2904,22.572 L12.2924,22.569 C12.5734,22.113 12.3964,21.514 11.9124,21.284 L11.0504,20.875 Z M15.9434,18.874 C14.6054,18.874 13.5214,17.79 13.5214,16.452 C13.5214,15.115 14.6054,14.03 15.9434,14.03 C17.2804,14.03 18.3654,15.115 18.3654,16.452 C18.3654,17.79 17.2804,18.874 15.9434,18.874 M21.6354,20.908 L19.4524,18.725 C19.8774,18.07 20.1264,17.291 20.1264,16.452 C20.1264,14.145 18.2584,12.274 15.9514,12.269 L15.9354,12.269 C13.6284,12.274 11.7604,14.145 11.7604,16.452 C11.7604,18.763 13.6324,20.635 15.9434,20.635 C16.7814,20.635 17.5614,20.386 18.2154,19.961 L20.3984,22.144 C20.7404,22.486 21.2934,22.486 21.6354,22.144 C21.9774,21.803 21.9774,21.249 21.6354,20.908"),a.appendChild(c),r.appendChild(a),o.appendChild(r);var 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    Sun, 06 May 2012 00:47:00 -0500 en-US text/html
    HPE0-J75 exam dump and training guide direct download
    Training Exams List