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Killexams : HP Networking answers - BingNews Search results Killexams : HP Networking answers - BingNews Killexams : I joined the ‘Great Resignation’ a few months ago—here’s how it’s working out

I feel lighter after joining the Great Resignation a few months ago.

I’m also overwhelmed. Businesses are urgently hiring, according to LinkedIn, Idealist, Monster and Indeed. And I’m getting phone calls from companies that actually want to hire me.

Ten years ago, when I started my position in a midsize nonprofit, I was so grateful to get a job that enabled me to serve vulnerable populations. I had recently earned a master’s degree in health education and promotion, so my duties fell under my field of study.

I also felt the last nauseating tugs of the 2007-09 recession. I would hold on to this role — even as I outgrew it — because I was afraid I couldn’t get anything better.

Also, I’m from the Midwest. For my folks and me, giving up is as mutinous as leaving a guild, or—gasp!—a hometown. Hard-wired to suck it up, I never envisioned myself writing a resignation letter without another gig lined up.

Why workers are bailing out

Yet on April Fools’ Day 2022, I officially became one of the month’s 4.4 million “quits,” meaning my “separation” was voluntary or employee-generated, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics.

So I’m trendy!

In November 2021, the nation’s “quit rate” reached a 20-year-high.

Workers who relinquished a job in 2021 said low pay (63%), no opportunity to advance (63%) and feeling disrespected at work (57%) were most common reasons why they left, according to a recent Pew Research Center survey. Rather than plop on the couch and binge on Hulu, they got other jobs fairly quickly, many in different occupations.

Being middle-aged and experienced, I decided I want flexibility, structure and growth — three nouns I normally don’t associate with a career. It can be done. But I needed a guide, especially because voluntarily breaking up with a company means no income through a severance package from my ex-employer or unemployment insurance from the state.

Within three weeks of saying goodbye, I was temping, something I did years ago when I first moved to New York City to be a musical theater dancer. Back then, I needed day jobs, so that I could audition and nab out-of-town shows. All I had to do was call temp agencies and show up in person for recruiter interviews. Within days, I found myself in various offices filling admin roles.

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Only temp work for now

In my recent search though, I encountered silence when I sent résumés to various staffing groups. Yet when I followed temp agencies on LinkedIn, and then applied to their specific job listings, recruiters called me right away. I got a similar buzz when I applied for Indeed positions posted by staffing groups.

On the phone, some recruiters were clearly on commission, wanting me to interview for full-time jobs immediately. Others, who were not affiliated with sales, understood I had just left a “work marriage” and wanted to “date” rather than commit, at least at first.

“I was in the same job for a decade,” I told my recruiter through our Zoom interview. “Surprise me. Send me anywhere at the last minute.”

She did.

When I am not in longer assignments, I am ready to answer an early morning call or text for same-day work. To make this unpredictability easier on my nervous system, I prepare a jump kit the night before. This includes packing my lunch and laying out my clothing.

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Test driving potential employers

Like manna falling from the heavens, work has been steady. I choose what to do.

I still apply to job boards and positions recommended by friends. While job descriptions are helpful, I can’t really know what a place is like until I’m there.

Temping expands my network and allows me to “try before I buy,” as company culture becomes paramount to me.

My temp agent has found temp-to-perm interviews for me at places where I might want to stay. If the company and I are a good fit for each other, I can continue until I’m a full-fledged employee.

She even offered to review my correspondence to interviewers before I hit the send key. Until she coached me, I had no idea I should craft individual thank you messages to each interviewer. So much more polished than a group email.

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Tips for temps

Here are some of the other things I’ve learned from temping:

  • New clothes can elevate the old. Some jobs call for business casual; they will accept polo shirts but not jeans or sneakers. Others require blazers and closed-toe shoes. Finally, others are remote, allowing for a rainbow of choices. Rather than buying a whole new wardrobe, I picked up a few corporate pieces from a secondhand store.
  • Getting out is good. Working in unfamiliar neighborhoods challenges me to navigate subways, buses, and walking paths. I’m using parts of my brain that fell asleep when I worked from home.
  • Companies can respect employees. While many employers provide free snacks and recreation rooms, not all places feel good. Others percolate with easy friendliness. At one such company, I was impressed with the diverse staff that included people in their 20s through older. A worker in his 70s told me he was finishing an advanced degree in human resources, on the company’s dime. “It’s a great place to retire,” he confided.
  • Work and happier feelings are not mutually exclusive. Resigning from my decade-long job forced me to reconfigure. I just didn’t know how to quit. Now my mantra is this: I will never be disrespected at work for prolonged periods.
  • Art is everywhere. Some offices decorate reception and conference rooms with museum-quality paintings, Warhols and Basquiats even. Many of these works are current and rotated regularly. Dare to walk in this beauty.

As my old job fades, I envision meaning, better pay, and more collegial relationships. This — this—is wealth.

Ann Votaw is a freelance writer in New York City. Her work has appeared in Crain’s, Marie Claire and the New York Observer. A former dancer, she specializes in fitness for older adults.

This article is reprinted by permission from, © 2022 Twin Cities Public Television, Inc. All rights reserved.

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Killexams : Official: Musk seeks US funding of Ukraine satellite network

WASHINGTON (AP) — The Defense Department has gotten a request from SpaceX and Tesla CEO Elon Musk to take over funding for his satellite network that has provided crucial battlefield communications for Ukrainian military forces since almost the beginning of its war with Russia, U.S. officials said Friday.

The officials, who spoke on condition of anonymity to discuss a sensitive matter not yet made public, said the issue has been discussed in meetings and senior leaders are weighing the matter. There have been no decisions.

In a statement later Friday, Pentagon spokeswoman Sabrina Singh said, “We can confirm the Department received correspondence from SpaceX about the funding of Starlink, their satellite communications product in Ukraine. We remain in communication with SpaceX about this and other topics.”

During a Pentagon briefing, she declined to provide any details about the communication or say to whom the correspondence was sent and when the communications with Musk began.

Musk began sending Starlink satellite dishes to Ukraine just days after Russia invaded in February. On Feb. 28, Ukrainian Vice Prime Minister Mykhailo Fedorov tweeted a photo of the first Starlink kits arriving on the back of a truck.

“You are most welcome,” Musk tweeted back.

Musk’s generosity was hailed by Ukrainians and seen as a game changer in war tactics — the Russians could try to cut Ukrainian ground communications but it could not control space.

The Starlink system of more than 2,200 low-orbiting satellites has provided broadband internet to more than 150,000 Ukrainian ground stations. Early Friday, Musk tweeted that it was costing SpaceX $20 million a month to support Ukraine’s communications needs.

In addition to the terminals, he tweeted that the company has to create, launch, maintain and replenish satellites and ground stations.

CNN was the first to report the Musk request.

The Starlink satellite internet’s vital role in Ukraine’s defense cannot be overstated. It has, for example, assisted front-line reconnaissance drone operators in targeting artillery strikes on key Russian assets. A senior military official on Friday made it clear that the U.S. believes the system has proven exceptionally effective on the battlefield. The official spoke on condition of anonymity to provide U.S. assessment of the Ukrainian battlefield.

In a tweet on Friday, Ukrainian presidential adviser Mikhail Podolyak said Ukraine will find a solution to keep Starlink working.

"Let’s be honest. Like it or not, @elonmusk helped us survive the most critical moments of war. Business has the right to its own strategies," he tweeted. “We expect that the company will provide stable connection till the end of negotiations.”

In response to multiple questions during the briefing, Singh said the Pentagon was working with the Ukrainian Defense Ministry. "We know that there is this demand, and (satellite communications) capability ... is needed and we want to be able to ensure that there are stable communications for the Ukrainian forces and for Ukraine.”

The request from the world's richest man to have the Pentagon take over the hundreds of millions of dollars he says the system is costing comes on the heels of a Twitter war between Musk and Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy. And in tweets overnight Musk referred to the friction, suggesting it may affect his decision to end his company's largesse in funding the systems.

In a Twitter exchange last week, Musk argued that to reach peace Russia should be allowed to keep the Crimean Peninsula, which it seized in 2014. He also said Ukraine should adopt a neutral status, dropping a bid to join NATO.

Musk also started a Twitter poll asking whether “the will of the people” should decide if seized regions remain part of Ukraine or become part of Russia.

In a sarcastic response, Zelenskyy posted a Twitter poll of his own asking “which Elon Musk do you like more?”: “One who supports Ukraine” or “One who supports Russia.” Musk replied to Zelenskyy that “I still very much support Ukraine, but am convinced that massive escalation of the war will cause great harm to Ukraine and possibly the world.”

Andrij Melnyk, the outgoing Ukrainian ambassador to Germany, responded to Musk’s original tweet with an obscenity.

It’s not clear how much of the cost of deploying Starlink satellite uplinks in Ukraine has been covered by U.S. funding. In April, the U.S. Agency for International Development said it had delivered 5,000 of the terminals. The Pentagon had no response to that question.

Musk's commitment to spend $44 billion to purchase Twitter “has to factor into his decision that he can no longer afford to do this for free,” said retired Army Maj. Gen. John Ferrari, a non-resident senior fellow at the American Enterprise Institute.

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Killexams : Blogger’s notebook: File Explorer tabs, Ignite, and Windows 11 22H2 No result found, try new keyword!It's a big week for Microsoft with the company's Ignite event taking place. With that backdrop, let's look at a few Windows tidbits to keep in mind. Mon, 10 Oct 2022 02:27:00 -0500 en text/html Killexams : HP arm Aruba aims to bolster its network-as-a-service offering

By Surender Negi

Hewlett Packard arm Aruba aims to strengthen its headstart in network-as-a-service (NaaS) offering amid a rising presence of as-a-service solutions. NaaS provides delivery of network services, inclusive of hardware and software, either on the premises or cloud.

Aruba started offering NaaS about two years ago and already has ONGC and Lupin as its clients in India, Aruba’s India director Prakash Krishnamoorthy said on the sidelines of the Atmosphere’22 SEATH & India event in Bangkok during September 20-21.

“We are continuing to see growing interest in NaaS. Initially, large corporates wanted to look at it more from a financial model. But nowadays, we are getting enquiries from customers who are coming from an operational standpoint. We already have ONGC and Lupin on board and now lot of tier-2 companies are showing interest. Manufacturing, especially, will see a lot of interest in the future,” Krishnamoorthy said on Tuesday.

The event was attended by top Aruba executives, including company’s chief product and technology officer David Hughes; Justin Chiah, senior director, SEATH (Southeast Asia, Taiwan & Hong Kong/Macau); Steve Wood, vice president, APJ (Asia Pacific & Japan) and Krishnamoorthy.

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As enterprises embark on digital transformation initiatives and adapt to hybrid work environments, modern network architecture is need of the hour, which could create a seamless and secure connection for companies of all sizes to facilitate their core business functions from anywhere.

“With the new normal being defined by hybrid cloud strategies, emerging IoT environments and remote work, achieving connectivity is key in today’s disconnected world,” said Wood.

“We know that making connections anywhere, anytime has become imperative now more than ever, and with a focus on network modernisation – enterprises that prioritise digital transformation and acceleration will be able to address the tough challenges that come with network orchestration, management and security to eventually drive business growth.”

The APJ region has been a big contributor to Aruba’s business and India will likely be the fastest growing country within the region going ahead, according to top company executives.

“We had great results in Q3, particularly here in the APJ region. With the huge population of APJ, the need to be more connected has driven our business over 30% year over year. So, we are now the fastest-growing region in Aruba worldwide, right here in the APJ region,” Wood said.

“We have a very strong outlook going ahead and India will most likely be one of the fastest-growing countries for Aruba in the region,” added Krishnamoorthy.

(The trip for the event was sponsored by Aruba)

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Killexams : The Latest Marine Industry Technology for Fishing Technology is rapidly advancing across all fronts in the marine industry, from boats and construction techniques to electronics, propulsion, accessories and much more. Chris Rabil

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Modern technology is a combination of applied science and good ­old-fashioned innovation: Identify a problem and then offer a solution (or ­multiple solutions). There is little doubt that the world of high-tech graces every corner of the marine industry, from faster boats and more powerful electronics to acoustically refined speaker systems for more thump on those all-important bass notes. Kidding aside, it’s a great time to experience all the technological solutions that make the overall fishing and boating experience even more enjoyable.

Propulsion and Accessories


MTU 12V 2000 M96X Courtesy Rolls Royce

The highly successful MTU 12V 2000 M96L, rated at 1,945 hp, has now received a power upgrade to 2,002 hp and is named the MTU 12V 2000 M96X. The engines first debuted in the Viking 68, and the M96X will also be installed in the new Viking 64 (Hull No. 1), as well as other Viking 64s and 68s currently in production. The new engine is also being installed in dozens of ­custom vessels currently under construction.

Like the earlier MTU 12V 2000 M96L engine, the MTU 12V 2000 M96X has superior engine-operating characteristics, with no smoke on acceleration, extremely quiet operation, and superior acceleration in comparison with competitive 12-­cylinder engines available today. The M96X also has an industry-­leading power-to-weight ratio, which translates increased horsepower into faster vessel speeds. With a ­customer-friendly ­maintenance schedule and an available 11-year extended warranty, the MTU 12V 2000 M96X is ideal to power any sportboat between 55 and 70 feet.

Johnson & Towers

With authorized MTU distributors Johnson & Towers, FDDA, Pacific Power Group and associated MTU dealers participating, MTU will have a new “tech at tournaments” program for 2023 to provide on-site MTU service at several major billfish tournaments. According to Bob Shomo Jr., senior vice president for Johnson & Towers: “The spirit of the program is to have a trained MTU tech ready to repair the vessel and keep our customers fishing the tournament. Techs walk the docks and perform 15-minute complimentary engine checks. Overtime is preapproved, and we have common spare parts on hand. Our hope is that our techs never turn a wrench, but in case they are needed, they are there.”

In addition, Johnson & Towers will have an authorized MTU dealer—Marine Center Services—located in Los Sueños, Costa Rica, with an office adjacent to Los Sueños Marina, that will provide direct support during the Costa Rica tournament season. Shomo says, “We will be sponsoring the events and have the tech-at-tournaments program running to support the MTU-powered customers there as well.”

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Following the introduction of its most powerful ­12-cylinder engine to date, with 2,000 hp, the new MAN V12X boasts a 30-liter displacement and 2,200 hp at 2,300 rpm.

“The MAN V12X marks the start of the next generation of yacht engines,” says Werner Kübler, head of engineering for MAN. “We are acknowledging this milestone in engine technology with the new name ‘V12X’ and giving the engine cover a distinctive X design. The redesign of the MAN V12X is accompanied by extra ­displacement, and we have retained the excellent power-to-weight ratio that MAN engines are known for.”

In addition, MAN has approved all marine engines in its current product range for use with renewable diesel fuel. This will allow customers to replace conventional petroleum-based fuel with renewable diesel, which releases approximately 30 percent fewer particles and approximately 10 percent less nitrogen oxide in the exhaust.

Walker Airsep

Walker first embarked on the quest to reduce diesel-­engine intake noise with the introduction of the Everquiet Air Filter Silencer over 15 years ago. It was a drop-in replacement, ­perfect for engines already equipped with a factory CCV system, and delivered excellent results when retrofitted to DDC, MTU, Caterpillar, MAN, Cummins, Yanmar, Scania and other engines. It remains a top seller today. Walker will now offer the Thunderdome air filter as a retrofit upgrade for any CCE Airsep. The new filters are available in 8-, 10- and 12-inch diameters, and can greatly reduce turbo whine.

Vetus Maxwell

Vetus Maxwell Bow Pro Boosted 300 series Courtesy Vetus Maxwell

They’re billed as the world’s most powerful DC ­thrusters: the Bow Pro Boosted 300 series from Vetus Maxwell. Suitable for vessels to 95 feet in length, the three new thrusters offer significant benefits, including an innovative DC-to-DC charging technology, exceptionally quiet operation, precision proportional control and long run times, without fear of overuse or overheating. Chris DeBoy, US president of Vetus Maxwell, says: “This technology guarantees these thrusters are the best-quality solution for almost every boat. They combine features such as full-proportional control and built-in charging, with no maintenance on the brushless motor. They also answer growing demand for easy integration with 48-volt systems.” The units charge the bow thruster’s batteries using Vetus’ internal three-stage charging process, which enables connection to a 24-volt power supply to recharge the 48-volt battery bank to keep the thruster batteries at their optimal level. Installation and ­maintenance of Bow Pro Boosted ­thrusters are fast and easy, with the units integrating seamlessly with the proprietary Vetus V-CAN system for ­plug-and-play convenience.

Another recent innovation from Vetus is its collaboration with Mercury Marine to enable the integration of its Bow Pro thrusters with Mercury’s Joystick Piloting for Outboards. The compatible systems join seamlessly to enhance the joystick piloting experience for better control of any boat with two or more Mercury Verado engines. The new systems integration allows Mercury to capitalize on the unique features and advantages of the Vetus Bow Pro thruster range, including the NMEA 2000-certified CAN bus interface, allowing control of the proportional thruster from Mercury’s joystick. Further ­benefits are the built-in safety features, enabling ­boaters to ­extensively use their ­system without overload or overheating issues, and the industry’s first boosted charging capabilities as standard with the Bow Pro Boosted range.


Courtesy KryptoQuiet

Unlike standard shaft ­bearings, KryptoQuiet was developed specifically for sport fishing. After weeks of tournament fishing with some of the top pros in the sport, plus an additional five years of research and development, the line was finally ready for launch. Brand engineers developed a ­patent-pending proprietary cloth and utilize resin with embedded nano-lubricant particles, which results in a bearing with a low drag coefficient, or capacity for sound resonance, due to friction. KryptoQuiet has ­limitless applications because it does not require any type of ­petrochemical lubricant and comes in many dimensional shapes. The installation is quick and simple, no special tools or glues are required, it’s available in all standard and metric dimensions, and it ships worldwide.


Courtesy Dometic

With a new meticulously engineered and robustly built electrohydraulic jack-plate system engineered for today’s popular outboard engines up to 600 hp, Dometic Marine has the capability to not only provide a superior ride control and performance to a new class of boats, but also introduce advanced integration. The Mega Plate can handle engines up to and including the new V-12 600 hp Mercury outboard. It will be offered in 6-, 8- and 10-inch setbacks to accommodate a range of installations, and will come in two versions: a standard bolt pattern for Yamaha XTO and Mercury 450R engines, and a wide bolt pattern for Mercury 500 and 600 hp outboards.

This new system brings the many advantages of jack-plate engine-height control to today’s large offshore center-consoles, ­including better top speed, fuel ­economy, and shallow-water hole-shot performance. A built-in SmartStick linear position sensor and the ability to easily integrate with Dometic digital-­switching technology compatible with all HTML5-capable ­multifunction displays supply complete control of multiple engine-height positions with the touch of a finger.


ElectroSea SeaStrong seal-less marine pump Courtesy Electrosea

From the company that revolutionized onboard ­antifouling with its Clear-Line system, ElectroSea has introduced its next innovative product: the SeaStrong seal-less marine pump. Engineered to withstand harsh marine conditions and provide owners with reliable service over the long haul, the SeaStrong pump uses a seal-less, magnetically coupled drive. The pump head is built with a reinforced polypropylene, so it will not corrode or tarnish, and it is powered by a stainless-steel IP55-rated washdown motor for reliability.

“Before ElectroSea, ­challenges associated with a boat’s seawater system were not appreciated,” ElectroSea CEO Daniel Cosentino says. “First, ElectroSea addressed marine growth in the seawater lines and eliminated that problem with the ClearLine system. Then we found that most of the pumps were unreliable because they leak at the seals, and the motors were not suited for the marine environment. To address the pump issue, we designed the SeaStrong pump.” To highlight the reliability of those products, ElectroSea offers a two-year warranty on the SeaStrong pump when it is used with ClearLine.

A second new ­product is the ElectroStrainer, which consists of three components: an ­innovative biofouling-prevention device, a hydrodynamic sea strainer, and a smart flow-monitoring system, all in one package. ElectroStrainer’s Strainer Alert technology uses ElectroSea’s ClearVis flow sensor and control system, and displays a message if debris, grass or seaweed is in the straining basket. Seawater flow rate is provided in gallons or liters per minute. There is no scheduled maintenance, and ElectroStrainer can be installed in new builds or ­retrofitted on existing boats as a drop-in replacement. Installation takes just a few hours while the boat remains in the water.



Simrad’s NSX, the company’s latest multifunction display, is based on a new ­operating system built from the ground up, with an innovative interface and a new intuitive touchscreen experience. Charts include powerful C-Map navigation capabilities and compatibility with sonar, radar and ­autopilot systems; it’s available in 7-, 9- and 12-inch displays.

“Electronics have evolved so much over the decades,” says Mike Fargo, executive vice president of Simrad Yachting, “but with this particular product, we’ve really focused on making navigation both easier and more accessible than ever. I love that about this product. With the NSX, our development team ­reimagined and redefined what a chart plotter and fish finder can be for consumers.”


The new Furuno DFF3-UHD chirp fish finder is capable of transmitting across low, medium and high frequency ranges. Courtesy Furuno

New from Furuno is the DFF3-UHD High-Power TruEcho chirp fish finder for the NavNet TZtouch3. The DFF3-UHD provides an incredible 2 or 3 kW of power output to a compatible broadband transducer, transmitting across a spectrum of frequencies to ensure that the returns on your display come back sharp and clear at every range. With ­proprietary digital signal processing, it interprets returns from structure, bait, and gamefish with unparalleled clarity, accuracy, and resolution at depths to 15,000 feet. Capable of transmitting across low, medium and high chirp frequency ranges, its high-power output translates directly into greater resolution and depth capability. The DFF3-UHD is also compatible with the versatile NavNet TZtouch2 TZT2BB black-box MFD. A compatible high-powered chirp transducer is required.


Garmin Quatix 7 series GPS smartwatches Courtesy Garmin

With three models in the Quatix 7 series of multisport GPS smartwatches—the Quatix 7, Quatix 7 Sapphire and Quatix 7X Solar—Garmin provides comprehensive ­connectivity with ­compatible Garmin chart plotters and other devices to offer autopilot control, data streaming, Fusion-Link entertainment system control, integrated tide data on the watch face, new alarms for better situational awareness, and much more. The system uses traditional button controls or the new touchscreen interface to access selections. Advanced smartwatch features for all-day wearability include built-in activity profiles for watersports and land sports, performance metrics, smart notifications, 24/7 health monitoring, and access to the Garmin Connect app and Garmin Pay contactless payment. The watches also include pre-loaded maps for thousands of golf courses and ski resorts worldwide, and have pre-loaded TopoActive maps for outdoor adventures.


The new Auto Guidance+ feature for the Navionics Boating app combines the best of Garmin and Navionics automatic routing technologies to deliver faster route-calculation speeds, smoother suggested pathways, and more. Improved route-calculation times can now deliver a suggested path from point A to point B while avoiding harsh turns, and new height considerations provide better suggested routes for vessels that require greater overhead clearance when navigating channels, inlets, marina entrances, and more. Unlimited waypoints enables users to mark important points of interest along their route or highlight fishing hotspots. An annual subscription to the Navionics Boating app includes advanced features and premium chart overlays such as high-resolution relief shading, SonarChart Shading with satellite overlay, and sonar imagery.


C-Map Navigation App Courtesy C-MAP

Genesis, C-Map’s crowdsourced mapping data, is now available on the C-Map navigation app as well as Lowrance, B&G and Simrad apps powered by C-Map charts. The Genesis layer allows all users across the world to see C-Map’s extensive crowdsourced database of marine-mapping data that has been reviewed and quality-­controlled by C-Map engineers before being published to the public as an option to view on the app’s charts. User uploads to Genesis have logged nearly 1 million total hours on the water over the past five years to supplement official charting data provided by government bathymetric agencies across the world.

“The addition of Genesis on the C-Map app is just another enhancement that allows users to get the best ­possible mapping information,” says Max Cecchini, C-Map’s ­executive vice president. “Genesis has been around for many years, but getting this directly in the hands of boaters [via] smartphones was a key step in taking advantage of this crowdsourced data. Adding this layer as a simple toggle on your smartphone app is an option that can ­benefit everyone.”


Fusion expands with the premium Signature Series 3i. Courtesy Fusion

Onboard entertainment has come a long way in the past few years. One of the brands leading the charge is Fusion, which has introduced the Signature Series 3i premium audio range. This new line expands and improves on its award-winning ­legacy line with new installation solutions, added marinization, and a new Sports Gray grille color option. Signature Series 3i delivers seamless plug-and-play installation, with added protection against the marine environment thanks to its new water-resistant connectors. And with a fully integrated Fusion audio system, including a Fusion DSP-enabled stereo and tune-free Apollo Series amplifiers, the Signature Series 3i maximizes audio performance and enhances ease-of-use for Fusion products by delivering optimized sound reproduction to each individual zone. For those who want to add some color, select models feature Fusion’s industry-first CRGBW LED illumination, which combines traditional red, green, and blue LEDs with cool white and warm white for an unprecedented spectrum of color, from soft pastels to vibrant hues. The new line is water-rated to IP65 with ISO12216 compliance and engineered to Fusion’s signature standard for protection from the elements.


If you need more functionality from a digital ­lighting-control system, or if you want to add physical switches or integrate with a third-party ­switching system, check out the Pico S8 expansion module from Lumitec. This allows for third-party digital-­switching systems, such as EmpirBus and cZone, to seamlessly connect to a Lumitec Poco module and activate virtual Poco commands through their own system user interfaces. This means preprogrammed lighting commands can be activated without the need to exit the system’s user-interface screen, while advanced Poco functions can still be accessed as needed. The S8 also provides the ­ability to assign Poco virtual switch commands to physical mechanical switches, which means your MFD can remain on a dedicated screen or even be turned off, and a physical switch will activate the virtual switch command through the Poco module. It’s a simple inline installation using the standard two-wire system, which can also be ­retrofitted without additional wiring runs. It’s an innovative solution for onboard lighting.


A mobile-tech innovator that provides ­connectivity solutions for a variety of industries, KVH has introduced the KVH One hybrid network and groundbreaking TracNet terminals for fast, reliable connectivity at sea and the dock. The TracNet H30, H60 and H90 terminals feature satellite, cellular and Wi-Fi technology under one dome, with intelligent automatic switching based on availability, cost and the quality of the data connection to continuously deliver the best performance. The KVH One network includes more than 106 million square miles of satellite coverage using KVH’s global, layered HTS network powered by Intelsat. The network offers VSAT speeds as fast as 20/3 Mbps (­download/upload).

Subscribers also enjoy integrated support for 5G/LTE cellular ­service in 150-plus countries, as well as the flexibility to add user-supplied SIM cards for local service. Plus, TracNet terminals can connect to shore-based Wi-Fi networks using the integrated Wi-Fi bridge for additional speed and cost-saving benefits.

“With TracNet ­terminals and the KVH One hybrid ­network, we continue our legacy of disrupting the maritime market with game-­changing innovations,” says Brent Bruun, KVH’s ­president and CEO. “We believe that they will deliver the best ­possible connectivity performance for nearly all types of vessels, even in rough seas or at high speeds.”

All three TracNet terminals feature tuned reflectors, multiaxis stabilization, stabilized skew, digital IMUs, and a ­commercial-grade rotary joint with continuous azimuth for outstanding reception, improved signal efficiency, and high-performance tracking. The single-cable design and AC- and DC-power options make installation easy.


Nightwave is an ultra-lowlight camera built around Sionyx’s patented Black Silicon CMOS sensor. It allows mariners to easily spot obstacles and debris in moonless starlight without white light or expensive thermal cameras while navigating safely, avoiding collisions, and maximizing time on the water. With easy mounting and setup, Nightwave can stream video to a mobile device via Wi-Fi or directly connect to other hardware via analog output, displaying clear-color digital night vision. It’s also rugged, rated to IP67 standards.

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Smartgyro SG series Courtesy Smartgyro

With a mission to elevate the entire stabilization category with a steady focus on product innovation, Smartgyro has introduced the SG series range of gyrostabilizers offering superior roll reduction for boats from 30 to 80 feet. The line also offers a key advantage: in-place service and maintenance. Smartgyro devised a modular mechanical design, which incorporates the sphere with a flywheel and base frame, enabling full disassembly of the stabilizer. Unique to the market, the units can be fully serviced, maintained and assembled directly inside the boat, with no need to remove the gyro from the vessel. With seamless installation and onboard maintenance, owners and operators have more uninterrupted time on the water, and service costs are minimized. For installers, there are increased opportunities to fit the stabilizer units into smaller access spaces, utilizing the capability to divide the Smartgyro base frame into individual parts.


Tiller Fabrication and Design

Gaffstro titanium gaffs Courtesy Gaffstro

When retired US Air Force engineer, machinist and welder Paul Wanamaker turned his creativity to fishing, the result was pretty incredible. His lines of rods and custom gaffs have attracted the attention of some of the top names in the sport. “The aerospace experience I’ve been a part of for so long applies uniquely, yet cleanly, to the marine industry,” he says. “I believe that our products not only supply the customers new options and a strategic advantage, but also higher-quality options that really raise the bar.”

His requirements for the Gaffstro gaff: function at the very highest level, be incredibly strong and worth the cost, be made in America (including materials sourcing), and be beautiful in design. The result is the world’s only billet titanium alloy gaff. It’s nearly half the weight of stainless steel and 200 percent stronger. Even the smaller of the two sizes is able to lift well over 600 pounds. Each mirror-­finished gaff is handmade and can be anodized in nearly any color, including an amorphous diamond coating, which produces a perfectly shiny black coating that is also incredibly ­resistant to abrasion.

Penn Fishing

The Authority from Penn Fishing Courtesy Penn

The world of premium ­spinning reels just grew a bit larger with the introduction of the Authority from Penn Fishing. This new high-end series boasts an impressive IPX8-rated sealed body and spool that allows it to be submerged to 1 meter for 30 minutes and stands up to the most extreme saltwater exposure without suffering water intrusion. The CNC gear technology with a stainless-steel gear train and pinion gear is designed for better support overall for long-term durability. It is machined out of a solid piece of metal, ensuring exact alignment and smooth performance, and maximizing torque. The full-metal body, side plate, and rotor keep gears protected and eliminate flex in the reel’s frame, ensuring rigidity under the heaviest loads. The Slammer drag system with Dura-Drag offers maximum drag pressure and features silky-smooth carbon washers to eliminate hesitation, even under extreme drag settings. The washers are impregnated with a phenolic bonding agent to reduce wear.

“We designed the Authority to be the ultimate premium reel, focused on overall refinement, smoothness and power,” says Ben Joyce, senior category manager. “Using the best materials to support our reel systems and create maximum performance, we took the best of the Penn reel technologies and then leveled them up by focusing on the smallest details, like the screw-head style, backup systems, and how we supported the gear systems. Our benchmark for the Authority is to be ­better than the leading premium reels in the industry.”

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Killexams : Undecember beginner's guide: Get started unlocking your Rune Hunter's full potential © Provided by Android Police

Time to button-mash with your favorite Android controller because we have another action RPG on the deck, and it's similar to Blizzard's Diablo Immortal. Line Games' latest release, Undecember, has made its way to Android. It's no secret that we've been hungry for some action RPG alternatives since Diablo Immortal, and luckily Undecember fits the bill.

Undecember will see you addictively hacking and slashing waves of enemies, looting to gear for challenging multiplayer content, and then navigating a plethora of skill trees to create your ultimate custom build. Of course, many systems accompany Undecember's core features and gameplay, so we've compiled a guide to show everyone how to get an early handle on these mechanics.

Getting started as a Rune Hunter

You'll have a few preliminary steps to follow before you can play. The first is selecting your primary login method; it's crucial to ensure you don't lose your data if you delete the app/swap your gaming device.

Next up, you'll fight multi-waves of enemies during the tutorial phase, letting you test out three weapon types, melee, bow, and staff. Every weapon unlocks a different palette of skills. We recommend using this as a baseline to decide which set of skills/weapon playstyle you prefer to build for your Rune Hunter.

Creating your character

The character customization tools for Undecember are limiting, but at least it is implemented.

Select between a male and female; you can choose a face type, skin tone, and hair style/hair color. Once you've finished customizing your character, tap on Create.


Enter your name and tap Create to finish the character creation process. Congratulations, you're now one step closer to beginning your heroic journey!

Battle system fundamentals

You have to manage your health (HP) and Mana. The HP and Mana bars are denoted as red and blue orbs at the bottom of your screen; once they empty, your bar reaches zero. Skills require using Mana, and HP is your survival measure; you can use potions to restore your HP and Mana.

The bread and butter of any ARPG game is tapping on your skills to perform actions, managing those cooldowns, and then reactively choosing how to begin your fight engagements/disengagements. Equipping a dodge skill (like roll and teleport) and playing to your weapon strengths is essential. Bow and magic wielders prefer to kite from monsters and spam skills, while melee builds will focus on crowd control and survival while in close contact.

See the gifs below for examples of the three available styles you'll encounter in the tutorial.

Melee prefers close-quarter fights and using slashes to control the incoming waves of enemies.

Bow classes prefer a mixture of powerful blows to defeat enemies and use skills to support this playstyle.

Magic wielders have to manage Mana, but the access to elemental skills can quickly turn the tides of a fight and enable a versatile build for both supporting and damage-dealing.

Customizing your skill loadout using skill runes

Adding link runes is how you'll enhance your skills; you can make your skills stronger or add effects.

To get started, you first equip skill runes on a hexagon grid. Essentially adding a skill rune to any empty slots effectively equips it, and you can add a link rune to the skill rune to enhance it. Link runes must match the skill rune's slot color; otherwise, you can't connect the runes.

Once you've finished customizing your skill runes, select a skill to register it under your equippable skill slots. You have two slot sets available, leaving you five equippable skills per slot. Mix and match to your heart's content; remember that some skills are locked behind which weapon you have equipped.

Rune growth

You can level up your runes by selecting elements as material. Experience points transfer to runes of the same color, but only 80% of experience points are transferred to ruins of different colors. You have five elements to select: red, green, blue, earth, and light. You gain bonus experience by transferring elements of the same color as your selected rune during rune growth. However, earth and light will still supply a bonus experience for runes of any color.

Leveling up runes increases the potency behind skill runes and linked runes. Be sure to collect element material while looting and dissembling gear, all while progressing through ten acts.

Improving your builds with the Zodiac system

As you make progress in Act I, you'll unlock Zodiac. Zodiac is where you'll first Improve the base stats of your character. You have the choice to invest in strength, dexterity, and intelligence.

  • Bow-focused (ranged) builds will want to focus on dexterity.
  • Melee-focused builds will want to focus on strength.
  • Magic-wielding builds will want to focus on intelligence.

To level up one of the base stats, tap on the plus sign by the stat of choice, then select Apply > Ok.


You only have so many free resets (removing all invested points) until Act II; otherwise, it will cost Gold or Stardust of Oblivion.

Unlocking specializations

Once you have trait points, you can unlock specializations. Each specialization will have a separate constellation where you can add trait points for each starting node: moon, star, and sun. To access the other constellations, you need to meet the conditions of having spent a number of trait points in your previous Zodiac tree; for example, Leaf requires 15 trait points to access.

Similar to Zodiac stat points, you also have a limited number of resets with trait points; otherwise, it costs Gold or Stardust of Oblivion.

Obtaining equipment and gearing up

You'll acquire new equipment from loot. Visiting a blacksmith grants you the option to disassemble or enchant your gear. Enchanting gear requires essence; dissembling gear gives materials like essence used for enchanting your gear. You'll come across more essence from slaying monsters.

All your equipment has stat requirements (strength, dexterity, intelligence, and player-level checks). Your gear is separated into grades, normal, magic, rare, unique, and legendary; generally, the higher grade, the more enchantment options your gear has, but in some cases, it'll already have some pre-determined effects.

Engineering your playstyle

What Undecember brings to the table that Diablo Immortal and Torchlight: Infinite doesn't is a fully customizable build experience that isn't class-locked. In Undecember, you're playing as the Rune Hunter that has to stop the 13th God, but in this tale, you mold your hero based on skills you select, runes you customize, and skill loadouts you create. Undecember may not be the replacement for new players coming from Diablo Immortal, but it certainly has enough under its belt to warrant a try; any ARPG enthusiast looking for a fresh coat of paint when it comes to the fast-paced combat and character-building should supply Undecember a shot.

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Killexams : HPSSC Clerk Provisional Answer Key 2022 (Released) at, Raise Objection Till Sep 26

Himachal Pradesh SSC has released the answer key for the post of Clerk on its official download HPSSC Clerk Provisional Answer Key 2022 PDF here.

HPSSC Clerk Provisional Answer Key 2022

HPSSC Clerk Provisional Answer Key 2022: Himachal Pradesh Staff Selection Commission (HPSSC) or HPSSSB has released the answer key of the test for the post of Clerk on its official website. Candidates appeared in the written test for the post of Clerk (Post Code-962) can download HPSSC Clerk Provisional Answer Key 2022 by visiting the official

However you can download the HPSSC Clerk Provisional Answer Key 2022 directly through the link given below. 

Direct Link to Download: HPSSC Clerk Provisional Answer Key 2022

It is noted that Commission had conducted the written test for the post of Clerk (Post Code-962 ) on 18 September 2022. Commission has uploaded the PDF of the all the four Test Booklet Series including A/B/C/D on its official website. 
Candidates can raise their objections, if any regarding the answer key after following the steps given on the official website. Candidates can send their objections with the Document Proof in support of their answers to the Commission either by hand or by post on or before 26 September 2022.
 Candidates are advised to mentioned their Name/Post Code/Roll Number and Question Booklet series on the objection form. 

You can download the HPSSC Clerk Provisional Answer Key 2022 from the official website after following the steps given below. 

How to Download: HPSSC Clerk Provisional Answer Key 2022

  1. Visit the official website of HPSSC -
  2. Click on 'Notifications' and then on 'Latest Notification'
  3. Click on the link " Provisional Answer Key for the Post of Clerk Code-962 (New) on the home page."
  4. Download HPSSC Clerk Provisional Answer Key 2022.
  5. Take a print out of the same for future reference. 
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Killexams : First Drive: 2023 Lamborghini Urus Performante

Not that it needed it, but Lambo has found a way to make its "Super" SUV more, uh, super

Article content

  • Power up 16 hp, weight down 47 kg
  • Extensive use of composite materials
  • New active chassis systems

Do Warren Buffett or Elon Musk need another billion bucks in their bank accounts? Do the New York Yankees need another pennant? Does Lamborghini’s mondo outrageous Urus “Super” SUV need another 16 horsepower? The answers, in order, are no, hell no, and hold that thought.

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Article content

Article content

It’s hard to believe that four and a half years have passed since Lamborghini introduced its first consumer-intended sport-utility vehicle (excluding the quasi-military,1986-to-1993 LM002 “Rambo Lambo,” of which only 328 were built.) Given the popularity of the entire SUV segment, it’s no surprise the Urus immediately became the Italian automaker’s best-selling product, a title it continues to hold, the crossover responsible for 61 per cent of all Lambo sales for the first six months of the year.

But Stephan Winkelmann, Lamborghini’s CEO, has stated that this is the last year for new launches of internal-combustion-powered vehicles; next year will see the first car with hybrid technology, with hybridization of the company’s entire model range following in 2024. So, why not set a benchmark with a big ol’ high-performance farewell.

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Article content

For the 2023 model year comes a mid-cycle refresh as well as the new Urus Performante, which “raises the bar on Super-SUV sportiness and performance with design emphases that reflect the new Urus’ prowess on street, track, and loose surfaces.” But, no, this last doesn’t mean it will be tackling the Rubicon with the gnarliest of Jeeps — at least not with the available super-sticky, semi-slick, 23-inch Pirelli P Zero rubber (more on this later).

The refresh might appear subtle to all but the cognoscenti, but it is a bumper-to-bumper upgrade inside, outside, and under the hood, starting with a power bump to the Performante’s twin-turbocharged 4.0L V8, up 16 hp to 657 hp. Along with a weight reduction of 47 kilograms, this Urus boasts a claimed best-in-class weight-to-power ratio of 3.2 kg/hp. (This might be open to a difference of opinion, or decimal places, as the new Aston Martin DBX707, 95 kg heavier but with its Mercedes-sourced, twin-turbo V8 pushing 697 hp, claims the same ratio. And, yes, it is a direct competitor to the Urus.)

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Article content

The five-seat (optional four-seat) Performante ditches the air suspension for stiffer steel springs that lower its chassis by 20 mm, with a wheel track that is 16 mm wider, over which wider carbon-fibre wheel arches embrace new optional 23-inch or forged 22-inch lightweight wheels with specially developed Pirelli tires.

  1. SUV Review: 2022 Porsche Cayenne Turbo GT

    SUV Review: 2022 Porsche Cayenne Turbo GT

  2. Luxury Review: 2022 Lamborghini Urus

    Luxury Review: 2022 Lamborghini Urus

Lamborghini doesn’t do cute, so the Urus Performante is not for those with dainty sensibilities. It’s hyper-aggressive with a high bully factor. It appears in your rear-view mirror with a menace that suggests it will devour your puny ride.

In profile, the SSUV’s lowered stance is accented by a prominent front, rear wing, and bumper, increasing overall length by 25 mm. And look closely at the door line; notice the arrow shape? Don’t think that’s an accident.

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Article content

The hood sports deep cutlines down to the new front bumper and the air outlet is forged from lightweight body-colour carbon-fibre or optional “partially visible” carbon-fibre. The roof can also be had in carbon-fibre, referencing the Huracán Performante and Super Trofeo. New black front air intakes deliver increased engine cooling. A new air curtain draws airflow over the front wheels, decreasing drag. And the rear spoiler increases downforce by 38 per cent.

With all the tweaks and upgrades, the Performante had better go like stink. And Dio mio, does it ever! With 627 pound-feet of torque available from 2,300 to 4,500 rpm, the stopwatch has the lightweight 2,150-kg SSUV clipping 100 km/h in a mere 3.3 seconds. Top speed, says Lamborghini, is a whopping 306 km/h. And stomping on the carbon-ceramic brakes will pull it down to a stop in 32.9 metres.

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Article content

2023 Lamborghini Urus Performante
2023 Lamborghini Urus Performante Photo by Brian Harper

Those numbers might satisfy some pundits, but they do nothing to explain the Urus Performante’s primeval nature. Lamborghini decided the 4.1-km-long Autodromo Vallelunga Piero Taruffi, a race circuit outside the Eternal City that once hosted the Rome Grand Prix, was the appropriate venue to prove the Performante is a superior sort of SSUV. First off, once the engine explodes to life, the sound emanating from the titanium exhausts idles with a throaty burble. Yet, listening to the sport-ute blast down Vallelunga’s main straightaway at 200+ km/h will set your eardrums buzzing in a mix of aural pain/pleasure.

Behind the wheel, the Urus has the sort of grip and handling that would embarrass many sports cars. The new active chassis systems and the torque-vectoring system with rear-wheel steering have been calibrated to deliver greater agility and lightness, aided by the Performante’s wider track and stiffer suspension. The revised Torsen centre differential apportions more torque to the rear wheels during acceleration, improving track performance and more neutral handling. The 15-turn race circuit tested these improvements and the Performante proved easy to control, tracking through each corner with supreme confidence and not a trace of body roll thanks to active anti-roll bars and max damping — only displaying some understeer when I got on the gas too quickly coming out of the turn; backing off the throttle tucked in the front end.

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Article content

2023 Lamborghini Urus Performante
2023 Lamborghini Urus Performante Photo by Brian Harper

The ANIMA (Adaptive Network Intelligent MAnagement) selector is brains of the Lamborghini’s driving dynamics. As with the “regular” Urus, the Performante presents three on-road modes: Strada for easy and comfortable day-to-day driving, Sport for increased responsiveness and Corsa for track-like maximum performance. And then there’s the new Rally mode, which is described as providing the best driving experience for low-grip surfaces, with more wheelspin and lower damping forces.

Which, in a sign of absolute confidence, Lamborghini encouraged, setting up a hilly off-road, dirt-strewn rally stage — after swapping the Pirelli semi-slicks for tires with a more aggressive tread pattern. Heavy braking into the turns was followed by a big dose of throttle to induce oversteer and slide the back end. It was silly fun albeit also educational; the Performante proved surprisingly nimble for its size on the narrow stage.

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Article content

Leaving cabin hedonism to corporate cousin Bentley and its Bentayga sport-ute, the Performante’s cockpit exploits the SSUV’s high-performance persona. Nero Cosmus black Alcantara is standard with a new “Performante trim” hexagonal seat stitching design. A leather interior is optional, and dedicated colour and trim options include an extension of the Performante trim on doors, roof liner and seat backrest. A new HMI graphic, with a dedicated design for the Performante, features on both the centre console screen and in a large arc across the main display.

2023 Lamborghini Urus Performante
2023 Lamborghini Urus Performante Photo by Brian Harper

Speaking of Bentley’s über-luxe SUV, the Urus Performante set a new record in the production SUV category on the Pikes Peak International Hill Climb road, crossing the finish line at 4,302 metres in 10:32.1 and beating by more than 17 seconds the previous record set by a Bentayga W12 in 2018. Can you sense a little corporate rivalry going on here? (It’s worth noting that the Urus shares its Volkswagen Group MLB evo platform with the Bentley Bentayga, Audi Q7, Porsche’s Cayenne and others.)

Advertisement 9

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Article content

Distinctive, luxurious, versatile and endlessly engaging, the Urus Performante is a top-end sports car in family-friendly SUV garb, a faster example of something that was already plenty quick. And for those who appreciate a beast such as this, it is, with that big, bellowing, gas-swilling V8, the last of its type from Lambo. If you have to have it, prepare to write a big cheque; the Performante comes with an MSRP of $307,341, not including PDI or freight. If you order one now, plan on waiting some 18 to 20 months before you can slip one into your multi-car garage.

For those most ardent of gearheads, the anticipation will be worth it.


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Killexams : iPhones, Android Phones Will Play Nice With Your PC With Intel's Help Intel © Provided by CNET Intel

If you're an Apple user, you know how its devices work together seamlessly. Samsung has likewise improved its Galaxy device integration in the past few years. Now Intel plans to roll out some of the same device integration to other Windows PCs with its Unison software, the company said Tuesday. 

Unison will make it possible to connect Android and iOS phones to Windows PCs, uniting multiple screens in one place. You'll be able to send and receive text messages from your PC, get phone notifications, make and answer phone calls, and view and transfer files, photos and videos from your phone. It sounds similar to Microsoft's Your Phone app, but with support for both Android and iOS, not just Android phones.

Unison is built on technology from Screenovate, a software company Intel acquired last year. It first demonstrated its capabilities at CES 2022 in January. The technology uses local Wi-Fi networking or peer-to-peer connection over the network, and Bluetooth and Bluetooth Low Energy when necessary, to make the integration experience possible.

Read moreIntel Hopes 13th-gen Is Lucky, Brings 'Raptor Lake' Updates to PCs

But there's a catch. 

Intel Unison will only be rolling out to select 12th-gen Intel Core processor-based Intel Evo designs this holiday season, Intel said in its announcement. Early designs from Acer, HP and Lenovo will be made available but no specific models were mentioned. Unison availability will increase early next year with the release of Evo designs running on 13th-gen Intel Core devices. 

Also, unlike with Apple and Samsung, the Intel solution doesn't seem to extend the integration to things like wireless earbuds or using a tablet as a secondary display wirelessly. At least not yet.

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Killexams : The best printers for 2022

Whether you need a printer for a small business, home, office, or school, it’s important to choose a device that makes printing quick and easy. Choosing the best printer can be complex due to the wide range of features available. You might be wondering which features are worth investing in and which specs you should pay attention to when comparing printer reviews.

Our guide to the best printers will supply you a better idea of the features and innovations that match your needs, starting with the best all-around model, the HP OfficeJet Pro 9025e. This printer is our top choice because it has endless printing options and top-notch quality.

HP OfficeJet Pro 9025e

Best all around printer for home and office

Jump to details

HP LaserJet Tank 2504dw

Affordable laser for monochrome document printing

Jump to details

HP Tango X

Stylish inkjet that will fit in with your home decor

Epson WorkForce Pro WF-4730

Affordable workgroup printer with terrific print output

Jump to details

Brother HL-L3270CDW

Fast duplexing wireless color laser printer

Jump to details

Canon Pixma IP8720

Superb photo printer

HP DeskJet 3755

Affordable and stylish inkjet for dorms and homes

Jump to details

Brother HL-L2305W

Best monochrome laser printer for light use

Jump to details

HP OfficeJet Pro 9025e

Best all around printer for home and office


  • Solid print quality
  • Fast speeds suitable for office printing
  • Integrated MFP capabilities
  • Automatic duplexing


  • Small touchscreen
  • ADF tray capacity could be bigger

Why should you buy this? It's a solid all-around printer that's great for documents and photos.

Who is the HP OfficeJet Pro 9025e for? Homes and offices with moderate printing needs.

Why we picked the HP OfficeJet Pro 9025e:

The prior generation HP OfficeJet Pro 9015 was a solid printer, and HP has made some improvements to make it an even better color inkjet this year with the OfficeJet Pro 9025e. Though the price has increased jumping to the most current model, you're getting faster print speeds — at up to 24 pages per minute on black-and-white prints — along with 1,200 dpi scans and an automatic document feeder with a tray capacity of 35 pages for quick scans and copies. The tray loader can handle up to 250 sheets of paper, and the printer can output to a variety of formats and paper sizes, including envelopes, cards, labels, and more. And with an output of up to 4800 x 1200 resolution for color jobs, this printer is versatile enough to handle photo printing as well.

With the OfficeJet Pro 9025e, HP includes six months of its Instant Ink subscription service, which monitors how much ink you have in your cartridge and sends you replacements when you're running low. While it may not be worth it to subscribe if you're not churning out regular print jobs, it's a nice feature for small offices with limited space in supply closets. Other features include Wi-Fi printing, a companion app to monitor print status, and support for AirPrint. HP also sells XL cartridges, which will help reduce printing costs in the long term. This printer averages about 3.3 cents per page, and it can also handle two-sided duplex printing to help reduce your paper cost.

HP OfficeJet Pro 9025e

Best all around printer for home and office

This is HP's LaserJet Tank 2504dw.

HP LaserJet Tank 2504dw

Affordable laser for monochrome document printing


  • Fast printing speeds
  • Affordable print costs
  • Easy to use
  • Wireless printing supported


  • Monochrome only, no color
  • Higher price than budget laser printers

Why should you buy this? The HP LaserJet Tank 2504dw delivers fast print speeds and exceptionally affordable print costs.

Who is the HP LaserJet Tank 2504dw for? Home and small office users looking for economical monochrome printing.

Why we picked the HP LaserJet Tank 2504dw:

HP's LaserJet Tank 2504dw might not come with all the bells and whistles or fancy designs as some other printers on our list, but it's designed to be an affordable workhorse for homes, home offices, and small businesses. A scanner isn't included and it can't print in color but it is a fast printer that can churn out documents at 23 pages per minute. The monochrome printing limits this printer to text-based jobs, like documents, homework, PDFs, shipping labels and invoices rather than photos and craft projects.

If you find yourself primarily printing black-and-white jobs, this printer's superpower is its affordable long-term cost and unique toner tank that reduces the cost of refilling toner. The cost per print is roughly 1 cent per page, depending on how much of the page is covered in the black toner. This printer is designed to be a low-cost investment, rendering crisp text with its laser-printing technology. HP gave the LaserJet Tank 2504dw a 250-sheet tray with automatic duplexing. It supports plain, heavy, and Bond paper at 60 to 163-gram weights.

The printer's affordable price and economical print costs make it a winner for those on a budget. HP borrowed a page from its refillable tanks for inkjet printing, creating a cost-effective and environmentally friendly, reloadable toner kit that you can purchase to refill, rather than replace, the toner cartridge on your LaserJet Tank 2504dw. Mobile printing, AirPrint, and wireless printing are all supported, and you can use the HP Smart mobile app to collect more information and adjust the settings of the LaserJet Tank 2504dw.

HP LaserJet Tank 2504dw

Affordable laser for monochrome document printing

The Epson WorkForce Pro WF-4730 printer.

Epson WorkForce Pro WF-4730

Affordable workgroup printer with terrific print output


  • Fast printing speeds
  • Reliable inkjet quality
  • Borderless prints up to 8.5-by-11-inch


  • No auto-duplexing ADF capability

Why should you buy this? It's a big MFP that does everything and does it well.

Who is the Epson WorkForce Pro WF-4730 for? Workgroups and small office users who need a fast printer.

Why we picked the Epson WorkForce Pro WF-4730:

Epson's powerful Workforce all-in-one printer is a boon for offices that still need a reliable printing solution that can handle whatever they throw at it. It's designed to be highly accurate and uses technology to minimize heat so the printer lasts as long as possible while still handling frequent work.

It's also speedy for its size: The printer has a 20 ppm rating for printing and copying either B&W or color, and an ADF makes scans and copies speedy. The Epson WorkForce Pro WF-4730 also supports faxing for the rare times when you need to use that feature. Plus, the 500-sheet tray is larger than many printers offer at this size. The model also sports all the reliable Epson features we love, including a solid touchscreen for controls, app management for setup, built-in wireless support for the office network, and more.

Epson WorkForce Pro WF-4730

Affordable workgroup printer with terrific print output

Brother HL-L3270CDW

Fast duplexing wireless color laser printer


  • Fast printing speeds
  • Terrific printing quality
  • Great for high-volume printing

Why should you buy this? It's a great laser printer without any of the extraneous features.

Who is the Brother HL-L3270CDW Printer for? Office users who need a color laser printer.

Why we picked the Brother HL-L3270CDW:

If you want a laser printer for your home or office, the Brother HL-L3270CDW is a safe bet, a compact device that you can get at an affordable price. This printer can blaze through jobs at a rate of 25 pages per minute, and it holds 250 sheets of paper. Both of these factors make it a good choice for offices, where people may need to print out a lot of documents without waiting for someone else’s job to finish.

The printer isn’t just fast; it also supports duplex printing for double-sided pages.

Setting up the Brother HL-L3270CDW is a cinch, and in addition to its Ethernet and USB connections, it also supports wireless printing; you can connect with Android and Apple devices, among others.

Brother HL-L3270CDW

Fast duplexing wireless color laser printer

Epson EcoTank ET-3760

Best way to save on ink costs


  • Cost-effective ink refills
  • Inkjet quality and reliability
  • No cartridge waste


  • Have to buy ink in bulk
  • Small ADF tray

Why should you buy this? You have moderate printing needs and don't want to spend a fortune on ink.

Who is the Epson EcoTank ET-3760 for? Small office users with limited ink budgets.

Why we picked the Epson EcoTank ET-3760:

The EcoTank offers an alternative printer model that could be exactly what you're looking for: Instead of replacing ink cartridges, this printer uses compartments that you fill up with ink using the included bottles. It's less expensive than using ink cartridges and an ideal solution if you don't print color often but never want to run out of a cartridge at an inopportune time. The included bottles alone will keep a printer going for two years even with regular work.

The all-in-one printer isn't just about savings, though: It also offers a 15 ppm speed for black-and-white prints and an 8 ppm speed for color. There's a 250-sheet storage tray, plus a 30-page auto document feeder for scanning and similar tasks. Automatic two-sided printing is supported as well. It even works with Alexa, so you can supply it voice commands to help prepare for a printing job.

The combination of features on the Epson EcoTank ET-3760 makes it ideal for a small business or home that may only have intermittent but important printing projects and wants to avoid the cycle of endlessly buying ink cartridges even when they aren't technically needed.

Epson EcoTank ET-3760

Best way to save on ink costs

Brother MFC-L2750DW

Compact office printer


  • Small footprint
  • Loaded on features
  • Physical buttons for easy control

Why should you buy this? It has all the features of an office printer with a home printer footprint.

Who is the Brother MFCL2750DW for? Office users who need a fast printer.

Why we picked the Brother MFCL2750DW:

Brother's latest update to this solid printer helped maximize speeds, making it an ideal option for a busy home or office where you want printing jobs done fast. It can reach 36 ppm for black-and-white printing and is also speedy at copying and faxing for maximum productivity.

It also features single-pass two-sided printing for even more efficiency, and the automatic document feeder holds 50 sheets, making it one of the best options on our list for larger scanning projects and similar tasks. All the wireless connectivity you could want is included here, including NFC touch-to-connect for fast printing, support for printing from cloud services like Dropbox, OneNote, and Google Drive, and the ability to easily connect to your desktop, laptop, and other devices.

Unless you do larger printing projects from home, the Brother MFC-L2750DW may be a little too much of a workhouse printer for your needs. It's a perfect fit for a lobby or front office where speedy printing can be a big advantage but a full laser printer isn't really needed.

Brother MFC-L2750DW

Compact office printer

hp deskjet 3755 review

HP DeskJet 3755

Affordable and stylish inkjet for dorms and homes


  • Compact design
  • Affordable
  • Attractive, colorful look

Why should you buy this? It's tiny, understated, and still produces great-quality prints.

Who is the HP DeskJet 3755? Students and home users who want a printer but don't want a boxy design

Why we picked the HP DeskJet 3755:

HP's DeskJet 3755 replaces the company's Tango X printer on our list as a stylish and affordable printer that's suited for those who may not have frequent printing needs. The unique design of this printer makes it a stylish option for dorm rooms, as it sheds the black box design of its contemporaries in favor of a slim profile with a little pop of color. This makes the DeskJet 3755 one of the smallest printers on the market today with solid print quality.

But don't let its diminutive footprint fool you — this small-in-one printer can still pump out up to 19 pages per minute in monochrome or a more modest 15 pages per minute with color jobs, and it's also able to wirelessly print, scan, and copy for multifunction documentation needs. HP also offers its subscription Instant Ink service to help you manage your ink cartridges, ensuring you're always ready for your next print job.

HP DeskJet 3755

Affordable and stylish inkjet for dorms and homes

Brother HL-L2305W printer.

Brother HL-L2305W

Best monochrome laser printer for light use


  • Very low cost
  • Fast print speeds
  • Easy wireless connections
  • Compact design


  • Expensive operating cost
  • No duplex printing

Why should you buy this? It's a fast, compact laser printer that takes all of the work out of printing black and white documents and shipping labels.

Who is the Brother HL-L2305W for? Work from home offices and small businesses that don't print several documents each day.

Why we picked the Brother HL-L2305W:

The initial cost of the Brother HLL2305W is shockingly low for a laser printer. With a cost of just a little over $100, you might expect this to be an inkjet but this budget-priced printer can roll through 24 pages per minute and lasts a long time before needing new toner. It's monochrome and meant for printing documents and it handles that task beautifully.

Brother has excellent wireless compatibility and didn't skimp on its budget model. It's easy to print over your Wi-Fi network from Apple devices using AirPrint, Google, and Android via Cloud Print, Windows WSD or you can use Wi-Fi direct if a local area network isn't available.

It's not all good news and the toner is where Brother makes back some money. If you're printing several pages each day or a big batch weekly, the costs might add up too quickly and overcome the initial savings. However, for lighter use, this is a fantastic deal.

Brother HL-L2305W

Best monochrome laser printer for light use

Frequently Asked Questions

Which printer has the cheapest ink?

Affordable ink depends on several different factors: How much the cartridges cost upfront, how much ink the printer uses on average, and how long the cartridges last. Ultimately, it's best if you take a look at specific models and check how much the cartridges are and how long they appear to last (usually measured in page yield). Even within the same brand, ink costs can vary considerably based on the printing machine.

In general, you should look for printers that offer a high page yield for their cartridges and cartridges that are more affordable compared to alternatives. These two stats combined can tell you a lot. Inkjet printers with their liquid ink cartridges tend to cost more over time than laser printers with their large toner cartridges. All our top-brand picks, like Canon, HP, and Epson, tend to be quite efficient. Our HP picks, in particular, might be a good choice if you want to save money on ink (we were a little disappointed in our Canon Pixma model's ink performance, however). If you need to run larger print jobs, consider a printer with refillable ink tanks. While they may require a higher initial investment, the tank refills will lead to a cheaper per-page print cost and will be more environmentally friendly. If paper use is a concern, choose a printer that supports automatic duplex, or two-sided, printing.

What printer has the longest-lasting ink cartridges?

Laser printers with their toner cartridges have high initial costs for replacing toner, but toner lasts longer than almost any other printer ink type. However, if you want a home or small business printer, then a laser printer probably isn't on your list. In that case, we suggest you take a look at our top HP OfficeJet pick. HP offers very high-quality ink cartridges for its OfficeJet models, and they'll last longer than most alternatives. If you need to stretch your budget, seek out a printer with larger cartridges or XL cartridges if those are available from your manufacturer. These larger cartridges generally will cost more upfront but will reduce the cost per page in the long run as they will last longer.

What printer is the cheapest to operate?

Aside from the high initial costs, laser printers tend to be more affordable in the long run because they are so cheap to operate. However, let's say that you're looking only at inkjet printers: What should you look for?

Even if you are only printing office documents, you’ll want to stick with the established brands that make durable, dependable printers. We’re talking about Epson Workforce models, HP Officejet printers, and similar brand families. Multifunction printers, or MFPs, will offer more robust capabilities, including scanning, faxing, and copying.

Which printer brand is best?

Everyone’s got a favorite brand, but it’s no accident that names like Canon and HP regularly pop up. These brands produce quality machines and offer something for every printing need, which means you’ll be able to find something in your price range. Brands like Brother aren’t quite as ubiquitous, but they also manufacture high-quality printers worth considering. Epson also is making some excellent photo-quality home printers these days, a departure from the enterprise-level printers the company has previously manufactured. We highly suggested looking at our printer buying guide, too.

How many pages per minute (ppm) is good for a printer?

You shouldn’t look at printer speed as much as you should consider its output quality, but you can usually find how fast a printer works by checking out its specs. Anything above about 20 ppm for black-and-white is good for the average inkjet printer. You can usually bump this number up to about 20 ppm if you’re looking at a laser printer. Printers with 40 ppm aren’t as common, and it’s improbable that you’d need to see this kind of yield for a home printer.

Is it okay to leave a printer on all the time?

If you are using your printer every day or several times a day, it's probably better to leave it on. Turning printers on and off all the time can lead to wear and tear, and may dry out ink faster. Many printers have sleep modes that make it easy to keep them on.

How long do printers last?

Traditionally, around three to five years. This is still often true, although you may find your home printer lasts longer these days as printing just isn't as common as it was, so there's less wear on the hardware. New printers have a variety of functions, from improved wireless access to voice assistant control, which can make them great upgrades if you have a printer that's several years old or more.

What about third-party ink cartridges and toners?

Every printer manufacturer recommends using their own brand of ink cartridges, refills, and toners. However, there are often third-party inks and toners that claim compatibility while cutting the cost dramatically. The savings can be tempting but there is a risk of clogging the printer, inconsistent color, less than ideal print quality, and other problems.

There are times when third-party ink and toner might be the only solution available. For example, a manufacturer might discontinue cartridges and toner for older models.

The bottom line is that third-party ink cartridges, refills, and toner are an option for times that the manufacturer brand isn't available or too expensive. Just keep in mind that the performance isn't guaranteed and it can clog inkjet nozzles.

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