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Huawei Software Defined Networking (HCIA-SDN)
Huawei Networking test
Killexams : Huawei Networking test - BingNews https://killexams.com/pass4sure/exam-detail/H31-611 Search results Killexams : Huawei Networking test - BingNews https://killexams.com/pass4sure/exam-detail/H31-611 https://killexams.com/exam_list/Huawei Killexams : What’s up with… Bharti Airtel, FCC, Connexin

In today’s industry news roundup: Bharti Airtel opens its 5G private network sector innings; the FCC says billions more dollars will be needed to rip and replace all the Huawei and ZTE gear in US networks; the US regulator also wants to increase the minimum broadband speed threshold; broadband network consolidation is underway in north-east England; and more! 

Bharti Airtel touted the deployment of what it claims is the first 5G private network in India as part of a trial with engineering giant Bosch. Conducted at Bosch Automotive Electronics India (RBAI) facility in Bengaluru, the test was using trial 5G spectrum allocated by the government to implement two industrial use cases for improved quality and operational efficiency at the manufacturing site. The operator has found that 5G technology has driven automated operations while “ensuring faster scale-up and reduced downtimes”. Bharti Airtel claims that its 5G Captive Private Network can manage thousands of connected devices while delivering “greater reliability, enhanced security and huge flexibility”. Airtel Business CEO Ajay Chitkara expressed confidence that the Indian operator “has the world-class infrastructure, partnerships and expertise to deliver Captive Private Network Solution in any part of the country and to enterprise of any size.” The trial is part of its #5GforBusiness initiative, which aims to demonstrate 5G use cases for enterprises through big-name partnerships. Find out more.

The head of the US telecom regulator says there is a $3bn shortfall in funding for the Secure and Trusted Communications Networks Reimbursement Program. The scheme enables US network operators to claim compensation from the federal government for ripping out and replacing technology sourced from the Chinese vendor Huawei and ZTE, which have been designated a risk to US national security. On 15 July, Jessica Rosenworcel, chairwoman of the Federal Communications Commission (FCC), wrote to Senator Maria Cantwell, chair of the US government’s Committee on Commerce, Science, and Transportation, to point out that the value of valid reimbursement claims from US operators totals $4.98bn, “reflecting a current shortfall of $3.08bn,” given that $1.9bn had been allocated to the fund previously. It’s worth noting that the Rural Wireless Association stated last year that the $1.9bn was never going to be enough to fulfil the US government’s wishes. Rosenworcel notes that the FCC will now go ahead and start allocating its current available funds to the operators, but that they will get less than 40% of the funds they need to replace the Chinese gear. What will the US government do? It’s desperate to rid the country of what it regards as a major security risk but the cost estimations have been way off target and, it’s worth noting, that inflation is going to make the cost of replacing Chinese technology more expensive as the months drag on. This leaves the network operators in an awkward position too. Let’s face it, this Huawei/ZTE saga is unlikely to ever end – operators will continue to discover Chinese technology in their networks for years, maybe even decades, to come. 

Still with the FCC… Rosenworcel has raised her voice about the need to increase the national standard for minimum broadband speeds. In a notice to her colleagues at the FCC, Rosenworcel suggested that the standard should be increased to 100Mbit/s for downlink connections and 20Mbit/s for uplinks, up from the current 25Mbit/s downlink/3Mbit/s uplink speed metric that was set in 2015. “The needs of internet users long ago surpassed the FCC’s 25/3 speed metric, especially during a global health pandemic that moved so much of life online. The 25/3 metric isn’t just behind the times, it’s a harmful one because it masks the extent to which low-income neighbourhoods and rural communities are being left behind and left offline,” the FCC chairwoman noted. The proposal also suggests a goal for the minimum broadband speeds to be increased to 1Gbit/s (downlink) and 500Mbit/s (uplink) in the future because “we need to set big goals if we want everyone everywhere to have a fair shot at 21st century success”, added Rosenworcel. She also appealed for the FCC to analyse affordability, adoption, availability and equitable access as part of its upcoming assessment of the state of broadband across the country.

Connexin, a communications and technology services specialist based in the north-east English city of Hull, has added to its fibre broadband network assets with the acquisition for an undisclosed sum of Pure Broadband, which has about 15,000 customers in the Hull area. The deal follows swiftly in the wake of Connexin’s acquisition of another Hull-based internet service provider (ISP), Wisper Broadband, earlier this month. “The acquisitions of Wisper and Pure Broadband, along with the rollout of our own 10Gbit/s capable full-fibre network, demonstrates our commitment to the region and investment into the local economy,” noted co-founder and CEO Furqan Alamgir. Expect to see more examples of such deals over the next couple of years as the UK broadband networks and services sector undergoes the inevitable consolidation process that will be needed to whittle the market down from the 100-plus companies currently fighting to build out networks and/or market broadband services to a finite number of customers – see UK FTTH/P sector set for inevitable consolidation, reckon operator execs and Memo to UK broadband sector – don’t screw up!

BT and its quasi-autonomous fixed line unit Openreach are preparing for two days of strike action on 29 July and 1 August following a recent ballot of Communication Workers Union (CWU) members. BT says it has awarded the best pay rise it could manage and will not be re-opening pay negotiations. “While we respect the choice of our colleagues who are CWU members to strike, we will work to minimise any disruption and keep our customers and the country connected. We have tried and tested processes for large-scale colleague absences to minimise any disruption for our customers and these were proved during the pandemic,” stated a BT spokesman. 

- The staff, TelecomTV

Mon, 18 Jul 2022 03:48:00 -0500 en text/html https://www.telecomtv.com/content/private-networks/what-s-up-with-bharti-airtel-fcc-connexin-44977/
Killexams : 2022 Huawei Developer Competition opens with a call to developers worldwide who want to innovate

2022 Huawei Developer Competition now underway with a prize pool of 2.2 million yuan

The competition invites global developers to overcome five major world-level challenges

With a total prize pool of 2.2 million yuan the 2022 Huawei Developer Competition*Spark Infinity is now open for registration

SINGAPORE, July 14, 2022 /PRNewswire/ -- At the latest Huawei Partner and Developer Conference, the 2022 edition of Huawei Developer Competition opened for registration. Themed "Spark Infinity", the event comes with a Cloud Foundation Track and is open to six regions around the globe: China, Asia Pacific, Latin America, the Middle East, Africa (both Sub-Saharan & North Africa), and Europe. Developers from all over the world are invited to challenge cutting-edge propositions in the field of ICT with a total prize pool of 2.2 million yuan.

Arthur C. Clarke, author of 2001: A Space Odyssey, once said, "Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic." The developers who go all the way are the ones who create magic with codes. As the top ICT event in Huawei's ICT group, the Huawei Developer Competition aims to provide full access to technical achievements in various industrial fields to developers, encouraging them to supply full play to their imagination and innovative spirit to develop ICT technologies that address problems in the real world and create unlimited value, while leading the digital future and building a smart world together with Huawei.

The competition invites professionals in many fields, including authoritative technology experts, scholars from universities, senior management of investment institutions, influential tech media and Huawei's key technical leaders, to join the panel of experts and provide the most professional and forward-looking guidance to global participants. Huawei's mentor group will also host a series of lectures and roadshows featuring discussions on AI, IoT, PaaS, database, media and other syllabus during which they will share their technical know-how and practical experience, as a way of providing technical support for the participating teams and individuals.

Focusing on cutting-edge technologies and popular business scenarios

The Cloud Foundation Track includes four key events: Cloud Application Innovation, World Challenges, Code for Outer Space, and Autonomous Vehicles, of which, the first two will be available outside China.

Cloud Application Innovation: Huawei Cloud provides 40+ industry-leading capabilities covering all aspects of AI, IoT, PaaS, media and database. Participants are required to use at least one of these technologies to build innovative solutions or solve real problems, with no limitation on scenarios and encouraging free creation.

World Challenges: Huawei has selected problems involving five major areas on the cloud: computing, database, media, network and storage. Participants need to solve the problems based on references and technical concerns.

Code for Outer Space: Based on tons of satellite data, satellite computing equipment specifications, and satellite sensor equipment provided by the organizers of the competition, contestants need to complete the development of applications which have a use in connection with satellites, with no limitation on subject. The winning project will be deployed to multiple satellites in the Tiansuan Constellation program through the Cloud Native Satellite Computing Platform, which was co-designed by Huawei Cloud and Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications (BUPT), as a part of the Sea of Stars.

Autonomous Vehicles: With the course being Traffic Signal Example Segmentation, the challenge will put more focus on traffic light signal recognition, lane line detection, crosswalk detection, speed limit sign recognition, construction sign recognition and obstacle detection. The algorithms for traffic light signals, crosswalk and speed limit sign detection must be developed based on the AI development platform ModelArts.

The 2 million yuan prize pool, plus other incentives, is waiting for developers to join the challenge

The contest is divided into the following stages: Registration and Submission, Preliminary, Semi-finals, and Finals. The call for entries started on June 15 and will continue through September 2022. The submissions will be evaluated by the expert panel in terms of technical architecture, functional completeness, innovation, business prospects and other aspects, and the list of winners will be announced. The organizer provides a total prize pool of 2.2 million yuan for the Cloud Foundation Track.

In addition to the generous prize money, this year's competition also comes with strong policy support for developers. The organizing committee has made available Huawei's capabilities in AI, PaaS, IoT, media, database and other fields. Each participating team will be provided with an unlimited number of Huawei Cloud resource vouchers, which can supply them access to learning resources and Huawei Cloud developer certifications, while helping them efficiently develop innovative applications.

Moreover, outstanding participants have a chance to develop a commercial success through Huawei Cloud platforms, such as through the cloud store KooGallery, a vehicle that helps developers increase their product visibility, monetization and profitability, and the Startup Program, which aims to identify high-quality startups and provide them with training and business coaching, deep multi-faceted cooperation, and full life-cycle incubation. In addition, participants using Huawei Cloud platforms to develop applications can enjoy a series of support policies, receive a significant number of test vouchers and peer-to-peer expert mentoring, as well as the fulfillment of cloud deployments.

For more than 30 years, Huawei has been committed to technological innovation, making new breakthroughs and using technology to propel the world forward. As the cloud base of the intelligent world, Huawei Cloud provides a huge opportunity for developers to realize their vision of making everything as a service and creating new value together.

If you are a developer who is ambitious with a passion for innovation, a developer taking a stand for truth in the face of complex problems, a developer engaged in dedicated work in real scenarios, and a developer having the courage to reach new heights, welcome to the challenge.

For more information about the competition, please visit the official website: https://competition.huaweicloud.com/intl/en-us/developer2022.html


Thu, 14 Jul 2022 13:59:00 -0500 en text/html https://www.bignewsnetwork.com/news/272621318/2022-huawei-developer-competition-opens-with-a-call-to-developers-worldwide-who-want-to-innovate
Killexams : U.S. needs $3 bln more to remove Huawei, ZTE from U.S. networks, regulator says No result found, try new keyword!The U.S. telecoms regulator needs an additional $3 billion dollars to fund the removal from U.S. networks of equipment made by Chinese telecoms giants Huawei and ZTE, bringing the total cost to $4.9 ... Fri, 15 Jul 2022 10:17:00 -0500 text/html https://www.nasdaq.com/articles/u.s.-needs-%243-bln-more-to-remove-huawei-zte-from-u.s.-networks-regulator-says Killexams : FCC needs additional $3 billion to help US carriers replace Huawei and ZTE equipment

Removing Chinese equipment from American wireless networks will cost more than anticipated. On Friday, Federal Communications Commission Chairwoman Jessica Rosenworcel told Congress the agency needs an additional $3 billion to reimburse carriers that “rip and replace” their Huawei and ZTE infrastructure, reports Reuters.

In 2020, former President Donald Trump signed the Secure and Trusted Communications Networks Act, mandating that US telecoms replace any “suspect foreign network equipment” from their networks. The bill also required the FCC to create a program for compensating affected carriers. That same year, the agency estimated it would cost telecoms more than $1.8 billion to comply with the order, though it eventually set aside $1.9 billion for reimbursements.

After receiving 181 applications at the start of 2022, the FCC said US carriers had collectively asked for $5.6 billion to replace all their Huawei and ZTE equipment. On Friday, Rosenworcel said that funding “all reasonable and supported cost estimates” would cost a total of $4.98 billion, indicating the FCC found merit in the majority of claims it received at the start of the year.

"Absent an additional appropriation, the Commission will apply the prioritization scheme Congress specified," Rosenworcel said in a letter to the Senate Committee on Commerce, Science, and Transportation. She added the FCC would begin processing reimbursements “as allocations are issued in the coming days.” Without additional funding from Congress, the FCC only has enough to reimburse companies about 40 percent of their costs.

Sat, 16 Jul 2022 03:59:00 -0500 en-US text/html https://www.yahoo.com/lifestyle/fcc-huawei-zte-rip-replace-funding-congress-155908354.html
Killexams : Huawei MateBook 16S Review: Large Screen Workhorse

Sixteen-inch laptops used to make little sense, because the main reason to own a laptop is portability. And 16-inch screens just didn’t work well in the laptop space years ago, when bezels were still thicker and components weren’t as streamlined.

But display technology has improved to the point that bezels can be ultra-thin, and modern silicon are getting smaller and more energy efficient. This has allowed laptop makers to make 16-inch laptops that resemble the body of a 15-, or even 14-inch, laptop from five years ago.

Apple makes a very good one, running on the company’s M1 Max silicon. If you want the equivalent but in the Windows space with Intel silicon, then Huawei has one for you.

Named the MateBook 16S, this is a Windows machine running Intel’s latest 12th-gen H-series CPU, with a gorgeous 16-inch, 2.5K display with touchscreen support, and a surprisingly thin at 17.8mm. It is not light, at a bit over 4lbs, but considering this is a 16-incher, it can’t be considered heavy, either.

Huawei actually released a 16-inch machine just last year, but that one ran on AMD’s Ryzen processor so this 12th-gen Intel model is an upgrade in processing power. And indeed, in the CrossMark benchmark test, Huawei’s MateBook 16S outscored the recently released and similarly priced M2 MacBook Pro.

The laptop comes in either i7 or i9 configurations, priced at around $1,530 and $1,720, respectively. I say “around” because the laptop doesn’t sell in the U.S., but is available officially in the U.K., and chunks of Asia including Hong Kong, Singapore, Malaysia and obviously, mainland China. In some markets, the purchase price also includes a free monitor.

This is a fair price for a machine with a high-end display and Intel’s latest. However, there is no discreet GPU—Huawei is placing faith in Intel’s Iris Xe graphics. From my testing, this is more than good enough for normal computer tasks, and even casual gaming and video editing, but if you’re doing complicated 4K timelines, render time will be slower than Windows machines with a dedicated GPU, and definitely slower than the 16-inch M1 Max MacBook Pro.

But creatives aren’t the market Huawei is aiming at here, this laptop is still aimed for office and business work. And the machine is very good at it, with a large keyboard with bouncy, tactile keys. At 1.5mm of travel, this keyboard has more depth than most laptop keyboards.

The trackpad has also been much improved over Huawei’s 2021 offerings, I can navigate around Windows 11 without accidentally triggering things like I used to with older Huawei laptops. This is a machine I’m fine to use without a mouse, which I can’t say for many Windows laptops.

Despite the thin build, the MateBook 16S packs more ports than most laptops, too, including two USB-C ports (one of which is Thunderbolt 4), HDMI, headphone jack, and two full sized USB-A ports. The latter are increasingly a rarity in new laptops as the industry tries to force a move to USB-C. To be honest, I mostly use USB-C, too, but it’s still good to have USB-A ports around.

Back to that display: it offers impressive color calibration and maximum brightness, and as mentioned, supports 10-point multi-touch. A touchscreen on a laptop isn’t something I desperately need, but it’s very nice to have. For example, when I’m typing long blocks of words, it’s nice to be able to move the cursor two paragraphs up with a tap of the screen instead of dragging that mouse arrow.

I’m also a fan of the 3:2 aspect ratio instead of wide-screen, because it displays vertical content better. You can even open four apps at once in Windows 11 and not have to squint too much. However, this means major letterboxing when viewing movies or videos.

There are two speaker grills that sandwich the keyboard, and they sound great: audio is loud and full.

This makes the laptop a good media consumption machine, and it has the battery life to match, too. Expect to get at least 11 hours of video playback. For work, I can get about seven to eight hours doing my non-video tasks, which includes using a web browser with a half dozen tabs opened, Spotify streaming in background, and Slack, Twitter opened at all times. This is fine battery life.

Charging is done via USB-C port, the laptop comes with either a 90W or 135W charger depending on if you buy the i7 or i9 model.

On the software front, the MateBook 16S runs Windows 11 as mentioned, but there’s extra benefits for those using Huawei’s ecosystem of devices. You can, for example, quickly connect a Huawei smartphone and mirror your phone screen on the laptop display. This isn’t a dumb connection, but an interactive one. You can actually control most of your phone’s functionality via the laptop screen. If you have Huawei’s excellent MateView laptop, you can also beam content over easily, and also use a Huawei tablet as a secondary display. Outside of Apple, Huawei may have the most seamless ecosystem synergy right now in consumer tech, which the company has dubbed “Super Device”

Ever since major hurdles had been placed in front of Huawei’s then ascending mobile line, the company has pivoted to other areas of consumer tech, and it looks like the company is making the same fast rise in the wearable and computer space as its phones used to do.

The MateBook 16S is an excellent large screen Windows machine for those who need one. Most people would still be better off with a smaller 13-inch model, but for those who just want more screen space, or want something that can realistically be a full-time home computer, this is a worthy addition.

Fri, 15 Jul 2022 06:53:00 -0500 Ben Sin en text/html https://www.forbes.com/sites/bensin/2022/07/15/huawei-matebook-16s-review-large-screen-workhorse/
Killexams : HUAWEI officially teases FreeBuds Pro 2 in China: World’s first HWA-certifed stereo eabuds

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Another way to prevent getting this page in the future is to use Privacy Pass. Check out the browser extension in the Chrome Web Store.

Thu, 14 Jul 2022 19:52:00 -0500 en-US text/html https://www.gizmochina.com/2022/07/15/huawei-officially-teases-freebuds-pro-2-in-china-worlds-first-hwa-certifed-stereo-eabuds/
Killexams : Huawei Apps UP makes a comeback with over US$1 million prize money

Globally, the contest received nearly 10,000 submissions from approximately 10,000 developers and has provided a platform for developers to realise their dreams on a global stage.

In the 2022 edition of the competition, special awards have been introduced for competition regions, including the Best Arabic App in the Middle East & Africa region. With over 300 million Arab speakers worldwide, there is an untapped opportunity for developers to build app solutions customised to the region’s demographic.

Along with the Best App, Best Game, Best Social Impact App, All-Scenario Coverage Award, and Tech Women’s Award, the MEA competition region also includes the Best Huawei Mobile Services (HMS) Innovation Award. This particular award encourages developers to create apps that integrate new HMS capabilities and services. In parallel, the Student Innovation Award recognises outstanding student developers that showcase innovative works

“We are thrilled to launch the third edition of the competition. With the continuously changing consumer demands, Huawei invites app developers to bring their best ideas to life to create seamless digital experiences on AppGallery,” said Lu Geng, Vice President of the Middle East and Africa, Huawei Global Partnerships & Eco-Development, Huawei Consumer Business Group.

The Apps UP contest is in line with regional and national agendas that centre on developing national capabilities, upskilling, reskilling and building a collaborative workforce of the future. The contest was launched in Europe, Asia Pacific, Latin America, Middle East & Africa, and China simultaneously and is divided into the following stages: Registration & Submission, Preliminary, Public Review, and Regional Finals.

The category for the Best Arabic App is one of the top three Huawei Arabic-language CSR projects in the Middle East. After the ICT Academy, an initiative where Huawei collaborates with local universities, Apps UP 2022 transforms learning into practice and provides a more conducive environment to build, develop and nurture local talent.

This year’s contestants can also get their hands on various exciting incentives, including vouchers from AppGallery Connect.

In line with its Seamless AI life strategy, Huawei has released a suite of HMS capabilities that support an array of devices and continually provide a better AI life experience for users across scenarios.

Huawei’s HMS ecosystem will continue to empower developers. Apps UP, one of the many available channels for developers to join the HMS ecosystem, will inspire developers to create more innovative apps and services in several fields for a worldwide audience.

Sat, 16 Jul 2022 17:30:00 -0500 Gulf News Report en text/html https://gulfnews.com/technology/media/huawei-apps-up-makes-a-comeback-with-over-us1-million-prize-money-1.1657887347044
Killexams : Huawei expands Fast Track rapid delivery promotion to include Optical Network Terminals and Data Center Interconnect solutions
  • IP Fast Track and Storage Fast Track Promotions now extended until 30th September

DÜSSELDORF, Germany, July 11, 2022 /PRNewswire/ -- Huawei is helping customers to streamline their digital transformation journey by announcing new additions to its Fast Track Series, a selection of products that are eligible for accelerated delivery.

Huawei Fast Track Series (PRNewsfoto/Huawei EBG Western Europe)

Since August 2021, Huawei's IP Fast Track Program has helped 400+ customers and partners in the education, healthcare, hospitality, manufacturing, and retail industries to accelerate their network modernization efforts amid growing demand for digital production networks.

Building on the success of other Fast Track promotions, customers will now receive selected Optical Network Terminal routers (ONT) within four weeks of ordering, until 30th September. Such items provide consumers with access to ultra-broadband, helping to support high performance, wide coverage for users, and stable voice, internet, and HD video services.

Data Center Interconnect (DCI) solutions such as the OptiXtrans DC908 also now qualify for four-week delivery until 31st December. These provide the digital infrastructure to support digital transformation within multiple sectors, including finance, energy, government and OTT. They can be fully deployed within just eight minutes and feature ultra-broadband and high integration, and intelligent, proactive AI-ready Operations and Maintenance (O&M) capability.

Both sets of products are the latest arrivals to the Fast Track Series of promoions, which comprises four separate product groups. In addition to the aforementioned IP Fast Track promotion, Huawei also previously committed to two-week delivery on selected Flash Storage products and typical configurations such as the Huawei OceanStor Dorado 3000/5000 V6 All-Flash Storage and Huawei OceanStor 2600 V5 Hybrid Flash Storage. In response to strong customer demand, the two-week delivery promotion for both groups will now be extended until 30th September.

Todd Sun, Huawei's Vice President of Western Europe Enterprise Business Group, commented: "At a time when competing products can take up to nine months for delivery, our commitment to delivering selected items within a 2–4-week window is all the more impressive. While our products are renowned for their value and overall quality, the added reliability that we can offer in the form of short delivery times is a major plus for our customers.

"Huawei is committed to working with customers and partners in every sector to provide quick, convenient access to cutting-edge solutions and is supporting them with advantageous prices and accelerated delivery as part of our Fast Track initiatives."

The Fast Track promotion will run on selected IP, storage and DCI products for customers in Belgium, France, Germany, Italy, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Republic of Ireland, Portugal, Spain and Switzerland.

The promotion for ONT products, conversely, will run for Belgium, France, Germany, Italy, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Republic of Ireland, Portugal, and Switzerland.

For information on each of the product groups included within the Fast Track Series, please visit the following links:

For general information on the Fast Track Series, please click here.

About Huawei

Huawei is a private company wholly owned by its employees. Founded in 1987, it is a leading global provider of information and communications technology (ICT) infrastructure and smart devices. The company employs approximately 197,000 employees, operates in over 170 countries and regions, and serves over three billion people worldwide.

Huawei's mission is to build a fully connected, intelligent world by bringing digital to every individual, home, and organization.

Contact Huawei

For press inquiries, please contact Beatriz Cebro, [email protected], +49 (0)1639679600

Photo - https://mma.prnewswire.com/media/1854278/Huawei_EBG_Western_Europe.jpg
Logo - https://mma.prnewswire.com/media/1636608/Huawei_Enterprise_Logo.jpg

(PRNewsfoto/Huawei Enterprise)

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Killexams : The Huawei Band 7 is so good it made me fall in love with fitness trackers No result found, try new keyword!Huawei's slim fitness tracker has a stunning AMOLED screen and a wealth of fitness and wellness features for half the price of its rivals msn back to msn home lifestyle Skip To Navigation Skip To ... Thu, 14 Jul 2022 22:51:30 -0500 en-us text/html https://www.msn.com/en-us/lifestyle/other/the-huawei-band-7-is-so-good-it-made-me-fall-in-love-with-fitness-trackers/ar-AAZC0Dz Killexams : Huawei’s Watch GT 3 Pro brings a new level of style and battery life

Huawei’s latest wearable impresses me on multiple fronts. The Watch GT 3 Pro features three major strengths that have me enamoured. But it also has a couple of faults that could make it an imperfect choice for some.

For the past couple of weeks, I’ve been using the Watch GT 3 Pro Ceramic, the smaller, more elegant variant of the GT 3 Pro series. There’s also a titanium version, but its size was too large for my dainty wrist.

Let’s get into it.

The three major strengths

The smartwatch’s design is what I like most about the Watch GT 3 Pro Ceramic. The device sports a 42.9mm case size; not the smallest on the market, as the Galaxy Watch 4 comes in a 40mm casing and the Apple Watch Series 7 features a 41mm casing. However, I recently got my hands on the Watch Series 7 in its 41mm size and thought it was too small.

I like the size of the Watch GT 3 Pro Ceramic and think a casing between 42mm and 43mm is optimum for me. It also weighs 50g, which isn’t the lightest smartwatch out there, but it’s manageable for someone like me who doesn’t typically wear a watch.

The device looks like a high-end elegant smartwatch thanks to its golden accented stainless steel bezel, crown, and white ceramic body with a matching ceramic strap. The bezel itself is pretty unique as it also features what Huawei calls a Shell-printed design.

“Inspired by the ripples of time, 24 shell curves rise and fall witnessing the change of day and night,” reads the company’s site. I don’t buy into that flowery description, but I do think it adds an extra flair to the watch’s design. That said, I keep trying to rotate the bezel like it was Samsung’s Galaxy Watch 4 Classic, but I’m unsuccessful and disappointed each time.

What is rotatable is the ceramic gold accented crown that doubles as the power button. The rotating bezel allows you to scroll through the watch’s display, but I also find it fun to just play around with.

While I believe the smartwatch is fashionable with its white nano-ceramic body and sapphire glass screen, the material also protects the watch from annoying scratches. I’ve reviewed several Galaxy Watch devices in the past, and unfortunately, I’ve scratched a few Gorilla Glass displays in the process. I thought this was my fault, but I’ve yet to scratch the Huawei Watch GT 3 Pro screen with Huawei’s sapphire glass. Apple’s Watch Series 7 also uses this same glass technology.

From a fashion standpoint, I like the look of the Watch GT 3 Pro. I’m no expert in this field, but it is something I’ve been trying to improve, and I’m happy that I have a watch that adds to my outfits.

As for the real display of the smartwatch, the GT 3 Pro sports a 1.43-inch display with a 466 x 466-pixel resolution. This is pretty standard for smartwatches. Personally, I don’t care about how good a smartwatch’s display is, and it’s not like I’m watching videos on it. I have a picture of myself and my partner for my watch face; it looks good, but it’s only a watch, so I’m not expecting fantastic quality.

Crazy battery

Another strength of the Watch GT 3 Pro Ceramic is its battery life. The smartwatch can survive up to a week with Always On Display turned off. The device comes with this feature off to optimize battery life. I kept the display off for testing purposes, but I’m typically someone who prefers to turn it on. With Always-On Display functionality turned on, the device survived for about three days.

It’s worth mentioning that I tested the battery with constant heart rate, skin temperature, SPO2, and sleep tracking turned on. If you want to experience a better battery life than me, I would turn these features off. However, even with these features turned on, the Watch GT 3 Pro Ceramic is outliving most other smartwatches on the market.

For the tech-heads, the Watch GT 3 Pro Ceramic features only a 292mAh power cell. Huawei says that with Harmony OS, the wearable can get optimum performance from its battery, which is how it survives so long. The Titanium variant offers a 530mAh battery that’s reportedly able to get almost double the battery life as the Ceramic version, although I haven’t tested this.

Sleep tracking, skin temperature measuring and saltwater

The Watch GT 3 Pro Ceramic has a ton of functionality and can track sleep, exercise, stress, SpO2, blood pressure, skin temperature and more. Unfortunately, the watch doesn’t offer ECG in Canada because Health Canada hasn’t approved the feature. Once Huawei gets the go-ahead, it says it will release an update. Samsung’s Galaxy Watch series recently received approval, so hopefully, Huawei’s device won’t have to wait too long.

Sleep tracking seems to work well, and while the wearable doesn’t offer much information other than to say how long you slept. The Huawei Health companion app can supply you more detail, including REM Sleep, deep sleep, light sleep, how many times you wake up throughout the night and breathing quality. The watch will also tell you your sleep range. It told me that I wake up too often throughout the night, and my deep sleep continuity is low.

You can get even more information about the issue and how to Boost it. I can’t say how accurate everything is, however. Recently, I did a sleep study that said my breathing quality when I sleep on my back is poor and that I require a CPAP machine. It’s possible that I don’t typically sleep on my back, which is why the watch isn’t studying that my breathing isn’t all that bad. The sleep study also said my deep sleep is on the low side but still within regular limits, as shown on the watch.

Workout-wise, the Huawei Watch GT 3 Pro can regularly recognize when you’re starting exercises like walking, cycling, swimming, jumping rope or using the elliptical. I tested this out when I went to the gym and started using the elliptical, and the device could automatically tell that I was on the machine and asked if it wanted to start capturing the workout. On one occasion, I activated the watch’s workout feature when I was sweeping in the backyard, which I thought was pretty funny.

The heart rate, skin temperature, and SpO2 tracking all seem good, but it’s difficult to tell if the data is accurate, just like it is with all wearables. I hope it is because I’m doing well on both accounts. The Huawei Health app offers more details about SpO2 so you can understand exactly what it means.

A big selling point of the device is that it features 5ATM water resistance, which lets you go up to 50m underwater with the watch for up to 10 minutes. As I never plan on going that deep, I’m happy the watch offers the ability to measure diving and laps. Unfortunately, the swimming pool at my gym is closed, so I haven’t gotten the chance to test it out. Another cool feature is that the device works in saltwater. Early next month, I plan on being in and out of pools and the ocean, so I’ll report my findings very soon.

Play nice

Huawei’s GT 3 Pro is a great device, and I like it a lot — it offers great features, is beautiful and offers an appreciable battery life, but there are negatives. The downside isn’t Huawei’s fault, but how other companies interact with the brand.

For instance, for the most part, I’ve been using the Huawei GT 3 Pro with my iPhone 13 Pro, and while both devices play relatively nicely with one another, I’m missing out on some functionality. I can’t obtain any third-party apps because that requires Huawei’s AppGallery online store, and that’s only available on Android. I also can’t reply to text messages or control my music on iOS, which is frustrating. Thankfully, most of the other features work with the GT 3 Pro and connecting the smartwatch to my iPhone was quick and painless.

I also connected the device to a couple of Android handsets as well. Oddly on Android, adding the watch is a bit more complicated. Not only do you need to obtain the Huawei Health app, but you also are forced to update the app through the App Gallery, which requires you to allow a variety of permissions. This process took a bit longer than connecting the watch to my iPhone. Next, on Pixel 6 Pro, I couldn’t allow notifications on the Watch due to restrictions on Google’s part. This wasn’t a problem on my TCL 30 handset. Android gives you access to Huawei’s AppGallery, though you can obtain Petal Maps and the My Workout app, which all work with your smartwatch. You can also control your music and reply to texts on Android.

It’s great to see that Huawei’s Watch GT 3 Pro works on Android and iOS, as Samsung’s Galaxy Watch 4 only works with Android devices and the Apple Watch only works with iOS handsets. However, I’d like to see these companies work with Huawei so that the device functions as intended on either platform.

The Huawei Watch GT 3 Pro Ceramic is a luxury device, and its Canadian price reflects that. The Ceramic model costs $798, which is definitely more than most people are looking to spend in Canada for a smartwatch. Further, Huawei is offering a free Huawei FreeBuds Lipstick with the purchase of the GT 3 Pro, saving you $350, if you’re in need of wireless earbuds.  The Watch GT 3 Pro Titanium costs $548.99, which is more affordable but has a larger form factor that’s not as stylish.

I liked the Huawei Watch GT 3 Pro; it works well and does almost everything I need a smartwatch to do. If other companies worked better with Huawei’s wearables, it’d be an exceptional smartwatch, but its battery life and design still excel.

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