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Mac OS X Directory Services 10.6
Apple Directory test Questions
Killexams : Apple Directory test Questions - BingNews Search results Killexams : Apple Directory test Questions - BingNews Killexams : 5 Personality Traits Apple Looks For In Job Candidates

The next time you’re interviewing a potential job candidate ask yourself, Could this person have gone toe-to-toe with Steve Jobs? It’s one of the most profound questions you might ask when evaluating a new hire because it says so much about a person’s personality. The question speaks to fearlessness, self-confidence, and the ability to stand up for one’s opinion.

While I was conducting the research for my book The Apple Experience, a book that pulls back the curtain on the Apple Retail store, I discovered that Apple Store managers were taught to ask themselves that very question as part of their job interview process. They also ask themselves: Can this person provide a Ritz-Carlton level of customer service and Do they display grit? All intriguing questions that are meant to select unique employees.

On the CBS news magazine 60 Minutes, Apple CEO Tim Cook went into further detail on Apple’s hiring criteria when Charlie Rose asked him how Apple finds the right people. Here is a breakdown of Cook’s response and what it means for hiring managers at any organization. Cook said that Apple looks for:

“People that work with a passion and an idealism.” Passion is a word that you hear again and again among Apple recruiting managers. Many potential employees make the mistake of thinking they need to know everything about Apple’s products. Knowledge helps, of course, but one Apple recruiting manager told me, “We’ve learned to value a magnetic personality just as much as proficiency.”

“People that don’t take no for an answer.” This is why recruiters ask themselves, ‘Can this person have gone toe-to-toe with Steve Jobs?’ Apple looks for someone who can offer fearless feedback. Someone who has an opinion and will stick by it. “I have people all around me every day that don’t agree with me,” Cook said. According to Cook, Apple looks for people who have a strong opinion and can debate and defend their point of view because they want to make things better.

“People that don’t accept the status quo.” This goes back to Steve Jobs and the famous ‘think different’ ad campaign. Jobs was describing Apple’s customers in the ad, but it served as a metaphor for the people Apple wanted in its inner circle. According to Jobs, “They’re not fond of rules and they have no respect for the status quo. They are the ones who are crazy enough to think they can change the world.”

“People that are inherently not satisfied with things. They know things should be different. They focus on it until they find an answer.” Job candidates at Apple headquarters or the Apple Store aren’t given a test, but they are put through several rounds of interviews with up to ten people or more. The purpose is not to find someone who has all the answers; the purpose is to find someone who may not know the answer but is determined to figure it out.

“People that can’t be told things are impossible.” In 2001 nearly every retail analyst and expert told Steve Jobs that Apple Retail would surely fail (and many said so publicly). It’s in Apple’s DNA that when they’re told something is impossible, they work doubly hard to prove their critics wrong.

The result of this hiring philosophy is that Apple’s workforce reflects a diversity of experiences. Walk into an Apple Store and you’ll find employees who are former teachers, engineers, musicians, artists, and people from a wide cross section of careers and experiences. What you won’t find is a lot of people who have “retail” experience. A job in retail is no guarantee that you’ll be hired at an Apple Store. It’s simply not what they look for. They look for people with diverse experiences who can apply those experiences to the retail environment. One manager told me he would prefer to hire a teacher who doesn’t know computers instead of a computer expert who can’t teach. Hiring the right people allows Apple managers to lead rather than dictate.

Apple’s hiring method reminds me of a quote by Walt Disney: “You can dream, design and build the most wonderful place in the world, but it requires people to make the dream a reality.” Apple product and store designs stands out in the marketplace, but at the very center of all Apple’s accomplishments is its people. It’s a lesson worth emulating.

Also on Forbes:

Fri, 14 Oct 2022 05:15:00 -0500 Carmine Gallo en text/html
Killexams : Apple Asks This Jarring Interview Question as a Secret Way to Evaluate a Candidate

For such a highly desirable company to work for, Apple has a rather unorthodox way of conducting interviews with potential employees, according to Inc.

Getty Images
Getty Images

If you've ever interviewed at Apple, then you'd know that many of the company's interviews are done in a group format, where one employee will interview multiple candidates at the same time.

During these interviews, Apple uses three strategies to gauge all they can about a candidate before moving forward to the next round — and none of these strategies have anything to do with how well a candidate answers questions about the job.

Candidates are asked to participate in an icebreaker

Though it might seem silly asking job candidates (nonetheless ones that are competing for the same position) to participate in getting-to-know-you games, but according to Inc., it shows how candidates will act in a typical office dynamic and interact with people in other departments to collaborate on projects.

For the recruiters, seeing how a potential employee handles conversations that don't pertain to their specific role is something that may be important when choosing a candidate, as it might show whether or not an employee is a good culture fit for a company.

One anonymous user on Glassdoor said that when interviewing for Apple, the icebreaker question happened "a few minutes before" the scheduled interview. The question? "What is your favorite Apple product?"

Candidates are not called out one by one to answer questions

In group interviews, the Apple employee will ask open-ended questions and let the pool of interviewees decide who answers what and when. It's an easy way to see what role each candidate plays in a group setting — are they a natural leader? More reserved? Too abrasive?

It's also a good way to pick up on how well candidates can think on their feet and craft a unique response that tells about their experience in a way that positions them as someone well-suited for Apple.

Candidates may be asked this infamous out-of-the-box question

Though many questions in an Apple interview can be standard, there is one outlier that has made its rounds, according to one employee: "Is coconut a fruit?"

If you don't know how you would answer that question, that's the point.

Asking a question that is likely to throw candidates off shows how well potential employees can react to a curveball, something that's likely to happen throughout their time at Apple.

It also helps showcase critical thinking skills, logic, and a bit of the candidate's personality.

As of the end of 2021, it was estimated that Apple had around 154,000 employees worldwide.

Apple was up around 4.26% as of Thursday afternoon.

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Killexams : Apple launches new 'Ask Apple' service for developer questions

AppleInsider may earn an affiliate commission on purchases made through links on our site.

The new "Ask Apple for Developers" presents App Store app makers with both one-to-one consultations with Apple engineers, and a series of interactive FAQs.

Developers already get a great deal of regularly updated documentation online from Apple, plus a key part of WWDC every year is the week they get to spend with Apple experts. Now the company aims to replicate those live conversations, and also speed up helping developers get the answers they need.

"We've been listening to feedback from developers around the world about what will be most helpful to them as they build innovative apps," Susan Prescott, Apple's vice president of Worldwide Developer Relations and Enterprise and Education Marketing, said in a statement. "[And] we've seen an increased appetite for one-on-one support and conversation with Apple experts."

"Our team is committed to continuously evolving our support for our diverse global developer community," she continued, "and we're excited to offer Ask Apple as another new resource."

Ask Apple is free for registered developers of either the Apple Developer Program, or the Apple Developer Enterprise Program. Developers must also register to use Ask Apple, and they will first be able to sign up between October 17, 2022, and October 21, 2022.

It's not clear what will happen after those dates, but the new service is initially being run in that period. It is not an open-ended program.

The new service works either through Slack, or through 25-minute one to one sessions during office hours.

Apple says that those office hours are not just confined to Pacific Time. Instead, "office hours will be hosted in time zones around the world and in multiple languages."

Not all Ask Apple services will be available in local time zones, however. One called "Ask Technology Evangelism" will be available in nine territories, ranging from Cupertino to Tokyo.

"Ask Design Evangelism" will only be available on Cupertino or an unspecified Greater China time zone. "Ask Developer Technical Support," plus questions on the App Store, will solely be available from Cupertino.

As well as getting to ask engineers questions about issues such as implementing frameworks and getting code-level assistance, developers will also be in contact with Apple designers and evangelists. Apple says that the program will also enable developers to "engage with other developers around the world."

Tue, 11 Oct 2022 16:01:00 -0500 en text/html
Killexams : Apple Buyers Are Getting iPhone 14 Models Quicker Than Previous Lineup: Here Are New Lead Times

Apple Inc’s (NASDAQ: AAPL) iPhone 14 models are seeing a dip in delivery lead times compared with the previous iPhone 13 models.

What Happened: Lead times for the iPhone 14 Pro models moderated in the sixth week of the Apple Product Availability Tracker by JPMorgan compared with the fifth week. 

Lead times for the iPhone 14 Pro Max are at par with the Pro, according to JPMorgan, reported Apple Insider.

The timeline of the moderation is reportedly similar to that of iPhone 13 models irrespective of the supply constraints.

In comparison with iPhone 13, the lead times are shorter for iPhone 14 and lower for those of the Pro and Pro Max models, according to the report.

Delivery lead time, the period between when an order is placed and is delivered, is considered a crucial supply chain and inventory metric.

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Why It Matters: The delivery at-home timing for iPhone 14, Plus, Pro and Pro Max are 2,2,29 and 30 days, respectively, and have decreased from 2,4,32, and 34 days compared to a week ago, noted Apple Insider.

Chinese lead times are reportedly below the global average for the Pro model. Lead times for the Pro and Pro Max are at 22 and 29 days, respectively, in the Asian country.

The lead times of one day for the iPhone 14 and Plus in China are lower than 12 days for the iPhone 13 and Mini in the country, according to Apple Insider.

JPMorgan forecasted revenue of $90 billion for Apple beating a Wall Street consensus estimate of $88.6 billion. In its report, the bank estimated the Tim Cook-led company will ship 55 million iPhones versus a consensus of 52 million for the period, reported Apple Insider separately. 

Morgan Stanley analyst Erik Woodring said this month that slowing growth in the U.S. and China dragged down App Store sales in exact months, which will weigh on the company’s overall Services segment growth.

Price Action: Apple shares closed 3.2% lower at $138.38 in the regular session on Friday, according to data from Benzinga Pro.

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Killexams : More Details of macOS Archive Utility Flaw Emerge

Now that Apple has addressed a vulnerability in its macOS Archive Utility that could run malicious apps around Apple security, security researchers have released additional details about the flaw.

The vulnerability, designated CVE-2022-32910, “could lead to the execution of an unsigned and unnotarized application without displaying security prompts to the user, by using a specially crafted archive,” said Jamf Threat Labs researchers. The researchers added that Apple’s much-vaunted Gatekeeper security technology was no match for the bug under the right circumstances.

“The Gatekeeper functionality in Apple’s macOS is there to provide an added layer of security, so any vulnerability that can bypass it is problematic,” said Mike Parkin, senior technical engineer at Vulcan Cyber.

Because the Archive Utility does not tag files with a “” attribute, Gatekeeper would not check those files.

Jamf researchers “identified a vulnerability in the Safari Web Browser that could bypass Gatekeeper checks by leveraging a crafted ZIP archive (CVE-2022-22616)” earlier this year. “At a low level, this vulnerability existed within the parsing of the bill of materials (BoM) when an application was placed within a zip file using a syntax” like zip -r That prompted the team to look into “other archiving features that might suffer from similar issues,” the researchers wrote in a blog post.

“This brought us to the testing of the macOS Archive Utility, where we discovered that creating an Apple Archive with a similar command will also result in bypassing Gatekeeper and all security checks upon execution,” the researchers said.

“As we learned from CVE-2022-22616—when it comes to application bundles, Gatekeeper only cares if the app directory itself has a quarantine attribute set and disregards recursive files within the app bundle,” researchers noted. To exploit this latest flaw, they proved they could bypass Gatekeeper by ensuring their non-quarantined folder, which they named myPictures, was an application.

Researchers noted the following conditions are needed for the flaw to be exploited:

  1. The archive name must include an .app extension (i.e.,
  2. There should be two or more files or folders in the root of the target directory being archived (i.e., and This causes the auto-renaming of the temporary directory as described in the vulnerability section.
  3. Only the files and folders within the app should be archived, excluding the directory.

“While this vulnerability would still require an attacker to get their target to get the payload and launch it locally, the problem shouldn’t be discounted,” said Parkin. “Fortunately, Apple has already issued a patch and there’s no indication either of the related vulnerabilities were exploited in the wild.”

A vulnerability “that bypasses security checks and enables malicious applications to run is, by definition, high severity; coupled with a commonly used function (compression/decompression) it is also high impact,” said Bud Broomhead, CEO at Viakoo.

“Apple’s taken a good first step in patching this vulnerability, but the question remains why all new files and applications would not be subjected to security scans and analysis (i.e. these scans should never be bypassed),” Broomhead said.

“This form of attack vector (enabling malicious apps to run after bypassing security checks) will remain a focus for threat actors,” Broomhead said, meaning that “Apple should consider additional forms of quarantine, such as the app having to run in a test mode first before being directly accessed to address this type of vulnerability.”

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Tue, 11 Oct 2022 01:00:00 -0500 by Teri Robinson on October 11, 2022 en-US text/html
Killexams : 5 fundamental questions MLS must answer before Apple TV launch

It’s been more than 90 days since MLS struck its deal with Apple to exclusively broadcast every game from 2023 through 2032. Since then, the league hasn’t shared any more details about its broadcast plans for next season. And with the 2023 season rapidly approaching, time is running out.

Taking the domestic US league that was primarily a TV product and shifting it to a streaming-first soccer league is a seismic change. In doing so, it’s going to take plenty of time and consumer information to help MLS sow the seeds to be a successful product on Apple TV.

Questions MLS must answer before Apple TV debut

However, questions remain. Therefore, here are the 5 fundamental questions MLS must answer before Apple TV launch:

1) Television deals

While television is a small part of Major League Soccer’s future, as of press time none of the deals have been signed for 2023 onwards. Over twelve months ago, the three channels FOX Sports, ESPN and Univision were given a window of exclusivity to renew their MLS TV rights deals. All three broadcasters were lukewarm about the renewals, delaying their decision, and thus MLS fast-forwarded their exclusive, global streaming deal with Apple.

By doing so, the trio of FOX, ESPN and Univision no longer have any exclusivity to MLS games that they may be interested in broadcasting. Not only that, but they may feel that any MLS games they do show on linear television are only going to indirectly help sell subscriptions to Apple’s MLS app.

With MLS getting into bed with Apple for an exclusive streaming deal, it creates friction between MLS and the incumbents. Each of the three broadcasters have their own streaming services (ESPN+, ViX+ and, to a lesser extent, Tubi) where they want exclusive games to show. Major League Soccer’s deal with Apple kills that possibility.

So why are the television deals our number one most fundamental question for MLS? Some fans may want to hold off on subscribing to Apple TV until they know what the TV landscape is going to look like. After all, if you can watch some of the big games on television, that may be enough for some fans. Vice versa, if the number of television choices are very minimal, that is going to incentivize fans to sign up to Apple TV.

To be frank, it’s difficult to see any upside for FOX, ESPN or Univision to broadcast MLS games. Possibly the only upside is if Major League Soccer would be willing to pay the trio of broadcasters for air-time.

2) Pricing

As we wrote about in June, the success of Apple’s groundbreaking MLS deal hinges on pricing. Without knowing how Apple is going to price the MLS App on Apple, it’s hard to get too excited about the service.

Success of Apple’s groundbreaking MLS deal hinges on pricing

Subsequently, the pricing for the MLS App on Apple TV is either going to make or break the service.

3) Commentators

No official announcement has been made about who the MLS announcers are for the 2023 season. For many soccer fans, it’s important to know who the new voices are for broadcasts of their favorite teams. With local broadcasts from regional sports networks going away for Major League Soccer, it means that we’re likely to hear a new crop of voices calling games. It’s not going to be what we’re used to. Many of them are expected to be calling games off a monitor likely from a studio in South Florida. Meanwhile, MLS plans on sending a minimal number of crews on the road to call select games from stadiums.

The bond that soccer fans form with announcers is key to helping the league grow. It’s important to have qualified commentators and co-commentators calling games. Similarly, it’s important that MLS raises the bar on its coverage by hiring the best talent available.

Whether MLS can get the hiring decisions right on commentators is questionable. In the past, the broadcasters made the hiring decisions. Now, it’s Major League Soccer’s turn. Subsequently, will MLS hire the best talent available? Or will the league hire talent that conform to what the league wants them to say instead of being open and honest about what they see?

4) Games available for free

It’s expected that many MLS games will be available for free during the first few months of the 2023 season. That’s great news for fans who want to experience the MLS App on Apple TV. It’s also anticipated that games will be available for Apple TV+ subscribers too.

Which games and how many games will be available for free are certainly important things to know ahead of the 2023 season.

5) Availability on Android devices

If you’re an Apple iPhone user, you’re going to have very few issues with the user experience of watching MLS games. However, the same cannot be said for Android users. Nationwide, Android phones account for 46% of the US phones. Just as important, 53% of Hispanics use an Android in US, so MLS is at a disadvantage next year when trying to get people to sign up for the MLS App on Apple TV.

Why is that? There is no Apple TV app for Android users. Instead, currently the only way for Android users to watch a game is on their browser (or buying an Apple TV).

The sooner Android users find out if and when the MLS App will be available via Android devices, the better.

Let’s be clear. We’re bullish about the MLS deal with Apple. It’s a big win for cord cutters who want to watch every game via streaming without the headaches of dealing with television. At the same time, we’re hoping that Major League Soccer starts communicating with the media soon, so we can get the word out to you ahead of the 2023 season.

Photo credit: IMAGO / Icon Sportswire

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Killexams : Get the tech that takes you places No result found, try new keyword!Project Starline aims to figure out how to make video chats more immersive as it expands to more test locations. I tried one out for myself, and it's shockingly real. Apple has new M1 and M2 ... Mon, 10 Jan 2022 09:32:00 -0600 en text/html Killexams : Apple Arcade FAQ: ‘Gin Rummy Classic+’ and ‘Spider Solitaire: Card Game+’ are now available

Gaming subscription services are all the rage now, but Apple Arcade isn’t quite like Google Stadia or Xbox Game Pass. So if you’ve got questions about it, we’ve got plenty of answers.

Updated 10/14/22: The Gardens Between+ is now available. Several other games were updated this week with Halloween events and themes.

What is Apple Arcade?

Apple Arcade is a gaming subscription service for iPhone, iPad, Mac, and AppleTV that features more than 150 games. The games are a mix of genres and styles, and include original games you’ll only find on the service and others that can be found on the regular App Store or even other platforms. Apple Arcade isn’t a streaming service like Google Stadia. Games must be downloaded onto your device in order to be played.

What do I need to run it?

Apple Arcade is available as part of iOS 13, iPad OS 13, tvOS 13, and macOS Catalina or later. Some of the more visually-intensive games may only run well on newer hardware, though, and some Mac games require macOS 11 (Big Sur).

How much does Apple Arcade cost?

Apple Arcade costs $4.99 per month, and you’ll also get a one-month free trial. You can also sign up for the annual plan, which is $49.99.

If you’re currently on the $4.99 month-to-month plan and want to switch to the annual plan, you can do so on your iPhone or iPad. Open the App Store app, then tap your account icon in the upper right. Tap Subscriptions, then tap the entry for Apple Arcade. Here, you can switch to the annual plan. Apple Arcade is also included in the Apple One subscription bundles, which range from $10 a month to $30 a month.

How do I sign up for Apple Arcade?

There isn’t an Apple Arcade app—it’s built into the App Store. On your iPhone, iPad, or Mac open the App Store and look for the Apple Arcade tab at the bottom of the screen (or in the left column on macOS). A sign-up screen with a Try It Free button will appear. After the trial you’ll be charged either the monthly or annual fee, depending on your selection. When subscribing, you’ll need to enter your Apple ID password or use Touch ID or Face ID to sign in, and you’ll have to confirm your subscription purchase a few times.

Once you’re done with the sign up, the Arcade section of the App Store shows what games are available to you. To access a game, tap on it in the App Store, then tap the Get button. When the game is done installing on your device, the Get button turns into a Play button, and you can tap it to launch the game. The game app icon will also appear on your device’s Home page.

On the Apple TV, there actually is an Arcade app. Open that to see the sign-up offer. You’ll also find an Arcade tab within the App Store.

Does my subscription include family sharing?

Yes. One $4.99 per month subscription can be shared between up to six people (including you).

How do I cancel Apple Arcade?

First off, keep in mind that if you cancel Apple Arcade (either before your free trial is up or after subscribing), you won’t be able to keep playing the games unless you re-subscribe. If you’re okay with that, you can use the same process you use to cancel any other subscription service. Here’s the easiest way to do it on the iPhone and iPad:

  1. Open the App Store app and tap on your profile photo in the upper right.
  2. In the screen that pops up, press Subscriptions near the top of the page.
  3. You’ll then see a list of active subscriptions, and Apple Arcade should be listed there. Tap it.
  4. You’ll either see Cancel Free Trial or Cancel Subscription toward the middle of the page that appears. Tap whatever option is available, then Confirm Cancellation.

And here’s how to cancel Apple Arcade on the Mac:

  1. Open the App Store app and then press the icon with your profile photo in the lower left.
  2. The Account window will appear, and you should then click View Information at the top of the window. Enter your password when/if prompted.
  3. When your Account Information appears, scroll down to the Manage section and click the Manage link to the right of Subscriptions.
  4. When the list of your active subscriptions appears, click Edit to the right of Apple Arcade.
  5. Toward the middle of the page that appears, you’ll see a button that says either Cancel Free Trial or Cancel Subscription. Click it, then click Confirm Cancellation and Confirm.

How do I access Apple Arcade games?

Apple Arcade is its own tab in the App Store. You can find games to get there, and grab anything you like without fear of being charged, seeing ads, or having to later buy in-app purchases.

Once downloaded, Apple Arcade games are found just like any other app on your device.

apple arcade app

You’ll find this tab on the Mac, too.

Does Apple curate the games on Apple Arcade?

Yes. Apple says it is “handpicking the games in Apple Arcade” and that it curates them “based on originality, quality, creativity, fun, and their appeal to players of all ages.”

Do Apple Arcade games have in-app purchases?

No. In Apple’s words, “since every game includes access to the full experience, including all game features, content, and future updates, no additional purchases will be required.” Even games that have in-app purchases on the App Store won’t have any in Apple Arcade.

Do Apple Arcade games have ads?

Also no. On a related note, Apple says Apple Arcade has no ad tracking.

Is Apple Arcade a game streaming service like Google’s Stadia or Xbox Game Streaming?

No. All Apple Arcade are downloaded.

Are Apple Arcade games available on other systems?

Apple Arcade games were originally exclusive to Apple Arcade—not in the regular App Store nor on any other mobile platform. Some would appear on PC or consoles, but never in a subscription service.

Apple has since relaxed that policy somewhat, and you can find games in Apple Arcade that also exist in the regular App Store or on Android. They are usually denoted by a “+” at the end, to differentiate the Apple Arcade version (free to get with your subscription, and free from ads or in-app purchases) from the App Store version. For example Mini Metro (App Store) vs. Mini Metro+ (Apple Arcade).

Will I still be able to buy games on the App Store without an Apple Arcade subscription?

Yes. There’s no sign that the existing games model will be going away, as it works fine for freemium games like Idle Heroes or Toon Blast. Apple is focusing on “handpicked” games for Apple Arcade, so there’s little doubt that the library will be much smaller than the thousands of games available in the App Store.

Are there demos for Apple Arcade games?

No, and they’re not really necessary. Like App Store apps, games get quickly and can easily be removed if you don’t want to keep it anymore.

Apple partly envisions Apple Arcade as a way of letting players try out games with more freedom than the App Store currently allows (which is basically none). In Apple’s words, “rather than pay upfront for each game, a subscription to Apple Arcade will provide players the opportunity to try any game in the service without risk.”

The service has a free trial, though, as we’ve seen with both Apple Music and Apple News+.

Am I able to keep playing Apple Arcade games if I cancel my subscription?

No. As with most subscription services, you only have access while you’re a subscriber.

Can I use controllers with Apple Arcade games?

Yes. In additional to traditional MFi (Made for iOS) controllers, you can pair some specific Bluetooth controllers for both the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One with either your iPhone, iPad, or Apple TV. Since many Apple Arcade games are playable on Mac and Apple TV (where controller support is more common), many games will support them. Some games, especially those that are also available in the broader App Store and only for iPhone or iPad, have no controller support.

rotor riot xbox lookalike

Recently Apple relaxed the requirements for MFi controller certification, which may have grown out of the Apple Arcade negotiations.

How often are new games released?

Games are typically released on Fridays, but not every Friday. The release schedule is sporadic—some Fridays there are no new games released, some see one game released, some more than one. Sometimes there will be no new game release, but existing games will get a big update with new content and features.

On average, new games are released at a rate of about one every 2-3 weeks, though this may Boost as Apple has loosened the rules around Apple Arcade exclusivity.

What games have been released so far?

There are over 150 games available for Apple Arcade, and the list grows all the time.

Title Publisher Release Date
A Fold Apart Lightning Rod Games 04/17/20
A Monster’s Expedition Draknek Limited 09/10/20
Agent Intercept Prodigy Design 09/19/19
Air Twister YS Net Inc. 06/24/22
Alba: A Wildlife Adventure ustwo 12/11/20
All of You Alike Studio 11/06/20
Alto’s Odyssey: The Lost City Team Alto / Snowman 07/16/21
Alto’s Adventure—Remastered Team Alto / Snowman 03/25/22
Amazing Bomberman Konami 08/05/22
Angry Birds Reloaded Rovio 07/16/21
Asphalt 8: Airborne+ Gameloft 08/27/21
Assemble With Care ustwo 09/19/19
ATONE: Heart of the Elder Tree Wildboy Studios 09/19/19
Badland Party HypeHype Oy 05/06/22
Baldo: The Guardian Owls Naps Team 08/27/21
Ballistic Baseball Gameloft 10/18/19
BattleSky Brigade: Harpooner BattleBrew Productions 09/19/19
Beyond a Steel Sky Revolution Software 06/26/20
Beyond Blue E-Line Media 04/17/20
Big Time Sports Frosty Pop Games 09/19/19
Bleak Sword Devolver Digital 09/19/19
Bridge Constructor+ Headup GmbH 02/04/22
Butter Royale Mighty Bear Games 01/24/20
Card of Darkness Pendleton Ward 09/19/19
Cardpocalypse Versus Evil 09/19/19
Castlevania: Grimoire of Souls Konami 09/17/21
Cat Quest II The Gentlebros. 09/19/19
Charrua Soccer Batovi Games 02/07/20
ChuChu Rocket! Universe Sega 09/19/19
Clap Hanz Golf Claphanz 04/02/21
Construction Simulator 2+ Astragon Entertainment 04/15/22
Cooking Mama: Cuisine! Office Create Corp. 06/17/22
Cozy Grove Spry Fox 03/18/21
Crashlands+ Butterscotch Shenanigans, Inc. 01/14/21
Crayola Create and Play+ Red Games Co. 10/29/21
Creaks Amanita Design 07/10/20
Cricket Through the Ages Devolver Digital 09/19/19
Crossy Road+ Hipster Whale 10/08/21
Crossy Road Castle Hipster Whale 02/28/20
Cut the Rope Remastered Paladin Studios 04/02/21
Dandara: Trials of Fear+ Raw Fury 12/03/21
Dead End Job Headup GmbH, Ant Workshop 09/19/19
Dear Reader Local No. 12 09/19/19
Decoherence Efecto Estudios 10/11/19
Detonation Racing Electric Square 07/30/21
Discolored Shifty Eye Games & Jason Godbey 11/08/19
Disney Melee Mania Mighty Bear Games 12/17/21
Dodo Peak Moving Pieces Interactive 09/19/19
Don’t Bug Me! Frosty Pop Games 09/19/19
Doodle God Universe JoyBits 07/16/21
Doomsday Vault Flightless 01/03/20
Down in Bermuda Yak & Co 09/19/19
Dread Nautical Zen Studios 09/19/19
EarthNight Cleaversoft 09/19/19
Exit the Gungeon Devolver Digital 09/19/19
Explottens WRP Pvt. 09/19/19
Fallen Knight FairPlay Studios 10/25/19
Fantasian Mistwalker 04/01/21
Farm It! Tummy Games 03/26/21
Fledgling Heroes Subtle Boom 09/19/19
Frenzic: Overtime The Iconfactory 06/18/21
Frogger and the Rumbling Ruins Konami 06/03/22
Frogger in Toy Town Konami 09/19/19
Galaga Wars+ Bandai Namco 11/12/21
Game Dev Story+ Kairosoft Co., Ltd 06/18/21
Game of Thrones: Tale of Crows Devolver Digital 08/07/20
Garden Tails: Match and Grow Playdots, Inc. 09/16/22
The Gardens Between+ The Voxel Agents 10/14/22
Gear.Club Stradale Eden Games 04/08/22
Gibbon: Beyond the Trees Broken Rules 02/25/22
Gin Rummy Classic+ MobilityWare 10/07/22
Goat Simulator+ Coffee Stain Publishing 05/13/22
Grindstone Capybara Games 09/19/19
GRIS+ Devolver 09/30/22
Guildlings Sirvo Studios, Inc. 11/08/19
Hanx101 Trivia BlueLine Studios Inc. 09/02/22
Hearts: Card Game+ MobilityWare 01/07/22
HEROish Sunblink 07/22/22
Hexaflip: The Action Puzzler Rogue Games, Inc. 09/19/19
Hidden Folks+ Adriaan de Jongh 01/28/22
HitchHiker Versus Evil 03/26/21
Hogwash Bossa Studios 10/25/19
Horizon Chase 2 Aquiris Game Studio 09/09/22
Hot Lava Klei Entertainment 09/19/19
HyperBrawl Tournament Milkey Tea Limited 09/19/19
INKS.+ State of Play Games 06/25/21
INMOST Chucklefish Limited 10/11/19
Jenny LeClue Mografi 09/19/19
Jetpack Joyride+ Halfbrick Studios 07/23/21
Jetpack Joyride 2 Halfbrick Studios 08/19/22
Jigsaw Puzzle by MobilityWare+ MobilityWare 06/10/22
Jumper Jon Ogre Pixel 11/01/19
King’s League II Kurechi Sdn. Bhd. 09/19/19
Kingdom Rush Frontiers TD+ Ironhide Irl 11/12/21
Kingdom Rush Vengeance TD+ Ironhide Irl 07/29/22
Kings of the Castle Frosty Pop 01/17/20
Layton’s Mystery Journey+ Level-5 Inc. 09/03/21
Legend of the Skyfish 2 Crescent Moon Games 04/03/20
Legends of Kingdom Rush Ironhide Game Studio 06/11/21
LEGO Brawls The Lego Group 09/19/19
LEGO Builder’s Journey The Lego Group 12/19/19
LEGO Star Wars Battles TT Games 09/24/21
LEGO Star Wars: Castaways Gameloft 11/19/21
Leo’s Fortune+ 1337 & Senri LLC 06/25/21
Lifelike kunabi brother 10/25/19
Lifeslide Dreamteck 09/19/19
Little Orpheus Sumo Digital 06/12/20
Love You to Bits+ Alike Studio 08/26/22
Lumen Lykkegaard International 02/05/21
Manifold Garden William Chyr Studio 10/18/19
Marble It Up: Mayhem! Marble it up 11/08/19
Marble Knights WayForward 09/18/20
MasterChef: Let’s Cook! Tilting Point 09/03/21
Mind Symphony Rogue Games, Inc. 10/11/19
Mini Motorways Dinosaur Polo Club 09/19/19
Monomals Picomy 11/01/19
Monster Hunter Stories+ Capcom 08/06/21
Monument Valley 2+ ustwo games 03/11/22
Moonshot – A Journey Home Noodlecake 04/22/22
Murder Mystery Machine Blazing Griffin 09/19/19
Mutazione Die Gute Fabrik 09/19/19
My Bowling 3D+ iWare Designs 07/01/22
My Talking Tom+ Outfit7 Limited 08/12/22
NBA 2K21 Arcade Edition 2K Sports 04/02/21
NBA 2K22 Arcade Edition 2K Sports 10/19/21
Necrobarista Route 59 07/17/20
Neo Cab Chance Agency 09/19/19
Neversong Serenity Forge 05/01/20
Next Stop Nowhere Night School Studio 08/14/20
Nickelodeon Extreme Tennis Viacom International 01/21/22
Nightmare Farm Hit-Point Co., Ltd. 10/05/19
No Way Home SMG Studio 01/10/20
NUTS Noodlecake Studios 01/22/21
Oceanhorn 2: Knights of the Lost Realm Cornfox & Bros. 09/19/19
Oceanhorn: Chronos Dungeon Cornfox & Bros. 01/08/21
Oddmar+ Mobje Ltd. 12/03/21
Operator 41 Shifty Eye Games 09/19/19
Outlanders Pomelo Games 09/19/19
Over the Alps Stave Studios 09/19/19
Overland Finji 09/19/19
PAC-MAN Party Royale BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment 10/18/19
Painty Mob Devolver Digital 09/19/19
Patterned BorderLeap 09/19/19
Pilgrims Amanita Design 10/05/19
Pocket Build+ MoonBear LTD 04/01/22
Populus Run FIFTYTWO 01/29/21
Possessions Noodlecake Studios 09/19/19
Pro Darts 2022+ iWare Designs 05/27/22
Pro Snooker & Pool 2022+ iWare Designs Ltd. 04/15/22
Projection: First Light Blowfish Studios 09/19/19
Prune+ Joel McDonald 04/29/22
Punch Planet Sector-K Games 09/19/19
Rayman Mini Ubisoft 09/19/19
Red Reign Ninja Kiwi Limited 09/19/19
Redout: Space Assault 34BigThings 10/05/19
Reigns: Beyond Devolver Digital 11/06/20
Rosie’s Reality RosieReality 11/15/19
Roundguard Wonderbelly Games 03/13/20
Samorost 3+ Amanita Design 07/08/22
Samurai Jack: Battle Through Time Cartoon Network 08/21/20
Sayonara Wild Hearts Annapurna Interactive 09/19/19
Scrappers Q-Games 04/10/20
Secret Oops! Mixedbag 01/31/20
Shadow Blade+ Crescent Moon Games 03/04/22
Shantae and the Seven Sirens WayForward 09/19/19
Shinsekai: Into the Depths Capcom 09/19/19
ShockRods Stainless Games 10/11/19
Shovel Knight Dig Yacht Club Games 09/23/22
Simon’s Cat – Story Time Tactile Games Limited 04/02/21
Skate City Snowman 09/19/19
Slash Quest Noodlecake Studios 10/01/20
Sneaky Sasquatch RAC7 09/19/19
Sociable Soccer Rogue Games, Inc. 11/08/19
Solitaire Stories Red Games Co. 07/02/21
SongPop Party Gameloft 04/02/21
Sonic Dash+ Sega 04/08/22
Sonic Racing Sega 09/19/19
South of the Circle State of Play 10/30/20
Sp!ng SMG Studio 03/05/21
Spaceland Tortuga Games 09/19/19
Spades: Card Game+ MobilityWare 01/07/22
Speed Demons Radiangames 09/19/19
Spek RAC7 Games 09/19/19
Spelldrifter Free Range Games 09/19/19
Spider Solitaire: Card Game+ MobilityWare 10/07/22
Spidersaurs WayForward 09/19/19
Spire Blast Orbital Knight sp. 01/22/21
Splitter Critters+ RAC7 Games 12/10/21
Spongebob SquarePants: Patty Pursuit Nickelodeon 05/28/20
Spyder Sumo_Digital 03/20/20
Star Fetched Crescent Moon Games 11/01/19
Star Trek: Legends Tilting Point LLC 04/02/21
Stela SkyBox Labs 10/11/19
Stellar Commanders Blindflug Studios 09/19/19
Steven Universe: Unleash the Light Cartoon Network 11/27/19
Stranded Sails Shifty Eye Games 09/19/19
Subway Surfers Tag Sybo Games 07/15/22
Super Leap Day Nitrome 08/06/21
Super Impossible Road Rogue Games, Inc. 09/19/19
Super Mega Mini Party Red Games Co, LLC 11/01/19
Super Stickman Golf 3+ Noodlecake 08/06/21
Survival Z Ember Entertainment 02/19/21
Taiko no Tatsujin Pop Tap Beat BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment 04/02/21
Takeshi and Hiroshi Oink Games Inc. 11/08/19
Tales of Memo Tendays Studio 10/25/19
Tangle Tower SFB Games 09/19/19
Temple Run: Puzzle Adventure Scopely, Inc. 09/17/21
Tetris Beat N3twork Inc. 08/20/21
The Bradwell Conspiracy Bossa Studios 10/05/19
The Collage Atlas Robot House Games Ltd 10/16/20
The Enchanted World Noodlecake Studios 09/19/19
The Get Out Kids Frosty Pop Games 09/19/19
The Last Campfire Hello Games 08/27/20
The Loud House: Outta Control Nickelodeon 02/14/20
The Lullaby of Life 1 Simple Game 07/24/20
The Mosaic Raw Fury 11/01/19
The Oregon Trail Gameloft 04/02/21
The Otherside The Label 05/08/20
The Pathless Annapurna Interactive 11/12/20
The Pinball Wizard Frosty Pop Games 09/19/19
The Survivalists Team17 10/08/20
Things That Go Bump Tinybop Inc. 10/18/19
Thumper: Pocket Edition+ Drool LLC 10/01/21
tint. Lykkegaard International 09/19/19
Tiny Wings+ Andreas Illiger 10/15/21
Transformers Tactical Arena Red Games Co 11/05/21
Towaga: Among Shadows Noodlecake Studios 09/19/19
Towers of Everland Cobra Mobile Limited 05/22/20
UFO on Tape: First Contact Revolutionary Concepts 11/08/19
Ultimate Rivals: The Court Bit Fry Games 07/09/21
Ultimate Rivals: The Rink Bit Fry Games 12/12/19
Various Daylife Square Enix 09/19/19
Warp Drive Supergonk 11/27/20
Warped Kart Racers Electric Square 05/20/22
Way of the Turtle Illusion Labs 09/19/19
What the Golf Fig 09/19/19
Where Cards Fall Snowman 09/19/19
Winding Worlds KO_OP 05/15/20
Wonderbox: The Adventure Maker Aquiris 04/01/21
Word Laces minimega 09/19/19
World of Demons PlatinumGames 04/02/21
World’s End Club IzanagiGames 09/04/20
Wurdweb Aran & Adriaan 08/13/21
Wylde Flowers Studio Drydock 02/22/22
Yaga Versus Evil 10/25/19
Zen Pinball Party ZEN Studios 09/03/21
Zombie Rollerz: Pinball Heroes Firefly Games 12/04/20
Zookeeper World Kiteretsu Inc. 09/10/21
Thu, 06 Oct 2022 21:46:00 -0500 Author: Jason Cross en text/html
Killexams : When Apple’s critics deserve as much criticism is it really critical?

Nefarious Apple has been caught red-handed… doing something it has openly admitted to doing.

Noted App Store fanboy Tim Sweeney tweets about this Bloomberg report:

Bloomberg investigated @actonline, the fake “app developer interest group” that Apple funds to lobby politicians while its monopoly strangles developers. Shame on Apple and shame on this deceitful astroturfing.

The Macalope’s not sure how “deceitful” it can be considered when Apple’s logo is literally the first one on the organization’s “About” page under “Sponsors.” But it is certainly gross and ham-fisted, almost to the point of Tim Cook coming out swinging with honey-baked hams strapped to his fists.

But Tim’s not the only one whose hands smell ready for the holidays here.

Let’s also recall that Tim Sweeney is more than a little ham-fisted himself.

“Epic Games founder Tim Sweeney likens fight against Apple to fight for civil rights”

Seems like someone who said something like that should be embarrassed enough to err on the side of not saying more things in the future, but when you’re the face of a noisy lawsuit about wanting to tear down Apple’s monopoly power so you can set up your own monopoly power, it’s hard to sit on the sidelines.

The Bloomberg piece that Sweeney links to provides more color on Apple’s involvement.

The group, known as ACT, says it’s not beholden to Apple, but confirmed that it derives more than half its funding from the company. The former employees say the genuine percentage is much higher.



Much higher than “more than half”? Like, a hundredity twenty percent?

Man, that’s a lot of percent, if true.

Rick VanMeter, a former congressional aide who is the head of rival developer group Coalition for App Fairness, said ACT’s purported representation of app developers is deceptive, given its relationship with Apple.

Oh, really! The Coalition for App Fairness said that? Okay.

The Coalition is, of course, the group that Tim Sweeney’s Epic Games help create and is on the board of. Epic also provided funding for the group. Yes, really. This, by way of contrast to what Apple has done, is not in any way “shameful” or “deceitful” because of the things and the stuff and such and, oh, look, over there, the spider that was on the Queen’s coffin is now a playable character in Fortnite for a small fee, isn’t that delightful.

Bloomberg, the outfit that published “The Big Hack” and never retracted any of it even after it was utterly denied by everyone involved and remains uncorroborated, simply notes that Epic Games is “a member of VanMeter’s Coalition for App Fairness” without going into the fact that, according to The Verge, the Coalition “appears to have actually been created and funded by Epic explicitly to help win its case” against Apple. That seems like kind of an important point to leave out when you’re dumping Tim Sweeney’s tweets into your article.

To reiterate, funding a lobbying organization like this that purports to be grassroots is gross and it should be beneath Apple at the very least, as the company that rightly prides itself on its success being based on selling great products that people love.

But as far as taking criticism from Tim Sweeney? Nah.

Mon, 19 Sep 2022 22:31:00 -0500 Author: The Macalope en text/html
Killexams : Apple Stock: Dump At $155 Before It Gets Ugly? No result found, try new keyword!A reader has asked: should Apple stock be sold now to prevent even sharper losses? Here’s how I think investors should think about this question. If I had a crystal ball, I could tell this ... Sun, 13 Mar 2022 22:17:00 -0500 en text/html
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