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PowerPoint 2010
Microsoft PowerPoint download
Killexams : Microsoft PowerPoint obtain - BingNews Search results Killexams : Microsoft PowerPoint obtain - BingNews Killexams : Microsoft Discontinuing Microsoft Office? © Provided by Tell Me Best

In 2020, Microsoft made a statement about its popular software Office 365 and a name change that would acknowledge its multipurpose use. The tech company renamed the software group from Microsoft Office to Microsoft 365, encompassing many of the corporation’s subscription services. Microsoft wants to change all its remaining software to names reflecting its versatility.

The Verge documented the upcoming changes, which will change, the Office mobile app, and the Office app for Windows to Microsoft 365 or another similar branding. The company wants to remove the office from all technological updates, promoting the versatility of its products. Meanwhile, users shouldn’t be worried about its software Excel, Outlook, Word, and PowerPoint going away since both the naming and fundamentals will remain unchanged.

An individual can now obtain Excel, Word, or Powerpoint through That website will soon transform into, incorporating a new six-sided logo instead of the previous square logo. This change will occur next month, while the Office app that can be downloaded on Windows or Macs will receive a rebranding in January.

microsoft office teams © Provided by Tell Me Best microsoft office teams

Microsoft Office won’t change the naming of any of its premier apps like Excel, Powerpoint, Word, Teams, and Outlook. There will be an updated Microsoft 365 app for phones or computers where all the software will be conveniently located. The new umbrella application will act as a centralized place for Powerpoint files, Word documents, calendar updates, and more.

Currently, you’ll be able to purchase all Office 2021 products under the same name without any additional changes. Office 2021 apps are considered a legacy brand, meaning any upgrades you’d like to obtain will only work for renamed Microsoft products. Microsoft weighed in on this structural difference, stating that there would be no changes to “Office 365 subscription plans” but that individuals would have to obtain the newer apps to get software changes.

Microsoft Office has been the name for Microsoft’s subscription applications for the past 32 years. The company decided to rebrand many of its products outside of Office 365 in order to change its branding and appeal to wider audiences. In 2019, the company rebranded its Windows Defender App, changing the name to Microsoft Defender, which could be downloaded for both phones and computers.

Though nothing fundamentally will change about these popular products, people are worried that the rebranding will carry over to other Microsoft-owned devices. Many might not know that Microsoft created Xbox, which has allowed devoted gamers to believe that the gaming console might gain a similar name change to Microsoft 365. Thankfully, Microsoft has no plans to rename its gaming products to something that includes the parent company’s title.

Currently, Microsoft Office apps like Word and Powerpoint can be downloaded for free. The subscription is a little pricier to gain Microsoft 365 and all the updated versions. Family plans for Microsoft 365 start at $100 per year, while single plans go for $70 a year. There’s also a trial run for Microsoft 365 Family which lasts 30 days, with payments of $10 per month after the trial period is over.

The post Microsoft Discontinuing Microsoft Office? appeared first on Tell Me Best.

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Killexams : Get Microsoft Office 2021 For Only $36

Microsoft Office includes some of the most popular and frequently used software on the planet. It also carries a high price tag, with a single license costing $349 for Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and everything else in the Office lineup. Meanwhile, Microsoft 365 subscriptions start at $70 per year. If you need access to Microsoft Office for work or personal use and you don't mind sticking with the 2021 version for awhile, there's a cheap way to get the whole software suite right now. From now until October 12, you can snag a Microsoft Office Professional 2021 Lifetime License for just $36.

Microsoft Office Professional is a well-rounded package that should meet all your computing needs. This includes:

  • MS Word
  • Excel
  • PowerPoint
  • Outlook
  • Teams
  • OneNote
  • Publisher
  • Access

Your obtain links will become available as soon as your purchase is finalized, making it easy to get your software installed and start working. This purchase grants you a single license for a single PC, and it must be redeemed within 30 days of purchase. Most people will want to spring for the standard PC version, although Mac users will find a version that supports their OS on sale for the same price.

Not only is this a great deal for folks who will use the Office lineup every day, but it’s a great backup for everyone. Opening Word documents, Excel files, or PowerPoint presentations in third-party software can result in a bunch of funky formatting errors. But for just $36, you can permanently remedy that issue and ensure you always have the software needed for any incoming email attachments.

We should stress that buying a Microsoft Office license means you're locked into the 2021 version, whereas Microsoft 365 users get the latest updates and new versions of the software as they release. However, the changes between each iteration of Microsoft Office are incremental--most people would likely be satisfied using the 2021 version for the next five years or so. And for $36, you really can't go wrong here. Even if you decide to purchase new licenses in a year or so, you're still getting great value.

This promotion price is only sticking around until October 12, so make sure you swing by and cash in on the savings while you can.

The products discussed here were independently chosen by our editors. GameSpot may get a share of the revenue if you buy anything featured on our site.

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Killexams : How to create a Neon Text in PowerPoint

When it comes to Microsoft PowerPoint, we can add effects and colors to our images and text so that they can stand out to our audience. Have you ever considered creating neon text in PowerPoint? Well, in this tutorial, we will explain how to create neon text in Microsoft PowerPoint. The neon effect will provide your text a glossy glow.

How to create Neon Text in PowerPoint

Follow the steps below on how to add a neon effect to text in PowerPoint.

  1. Launch PowerPoint.
  2. Change slide layout to Blank.
  3. Insert textbox into the slide and enter text.
  4. Choose a font color.
  5. Click the Shape Format tab and select Text Effects.
  6. Hover the cursor over the Glow option and select Glow Options.
  7. Under the Glow section, change the color and the size.
  8. Press Ctrl D to copy the textbox and change the font color to white.
  9. Click the Text Options button and click the Text Fill and Outline tab.
  10. In the Text Outline section, select Solid line, click the Color button, select a lighter color and change the Width to 3pt.
  11. Click the Text Effects tab and change the Glow size to 6pt and its Transparency to 13%. Then place the second text over the first text.
  12. Press Ctrl D again to copy the textbox.
  13. Click the Text Effects tab.
  14. Under Glow, click the Preset button and select No Glow.
  15. Click the Text Fill and Outline tab and change the Transparency to 29% under Text Outline.
  16. Now click the Text Effects tab, select the Shadow section, click the Preset button and select the Offset: right option.
  17. Change the Transparency of the size of the shadow to 103%. Now place the third textbox over the previous textboxes.
  18. Click the Design tab, click the Format Background button, and change the background color to black.
  19. Now we have a neon text in PowerPoint.

Launch PowerPoint.

Change the slide layout to a Blank slide.

Insert a textbox into the slide and enter the text within it; you can choose to change the Font style and size of the text.

Highlight the text in the textbox and click the Font color button in the Font group and choose a light color, for example, light blue.

Then click the Shape Format tab and select the Text Effects button in the WordArt styles group.

Hover the cursor over the Glow option and select Glow Options from the menu.

A Format Shape pane will appear on the right.

Under the Glow section, change the color.

Then change the size to the size you want. In this tutorial, we have changed the Size to 25pt.

Now we are going to copy the textbox.

Press Ctrl D to copy the textbox.

Now change the font color of the text in the textbox to white by clicking the Text Fill button and choosing the white color.

Click the Text Options button.

Ensure it is on the Text Fill and Outline tab.

In the Text Outline section, select Solid line and select a lighter color by clicking the Color button.

Now change the Width to 3pt.

Click the Text Effects tab and change the Glow size to 6pt and its Transparency to 13%.

Then put the second text over the first text.

Press Ctrl D again to copy the textbox.

On the Format Shape pane, click the Text Effects tab.

Under Glow, click the Preset button and select No Glow.

Now click the Text Fill and Outline tab.

Under Text Outline, change the Transparency to 29%.

Now click the Text Effects tab and select the Shadow section.

Click the Preset button and select the Offset: right option.

Change the Size of the shadow to 103%.

Now place the third textbox over the previous textboxes.

Click the Design tab, and click the Format Background button

Change the background color to black.

Now we have a neon text in PowerPoint.

What is a glow effect in PowerPoint?

In Microsoft PowerPoint, you can add effects to text, pictures, and shapes to make them look artistic. A Glow effect adds a mist over color parameter outside the shape area. In PowerPoint, you can change the style, color, size, and transparency of the glow effect.

How do you add a glow text in PowerPoint?

  1. Insert a WordArt in PowerPoint and type a text into the textbox.
  2. Select the Text Effects button in the WordArt styles group.
  3. Hover the cursor over the Glow option and select a Glow effect from the menu.
  4. Now we have a glowing text.

READHow to fill an area of Text or Shape by a percentage in PowerPoint

Which feature helps us create special text effects in PowerPoint?

The feature that helps users to create special text effects in PowerPoint is Text Effects. The Text Effects feature adds visual effects such as Glow, Shadow, Reflection, Bevel, 3D–Rotation, and Transform.

READHow to hide text in PowerPoint and click to reveal it

We hope you understand how to create a Neon text in PowerPoint.

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Killexams : New tools from Microsoft 365, Edge, and Bing bridge the gap between productivity and creativity

This morning, we announced new Surface devices and software experiences designed to help people connect and create on the PC using the power of the cloud, AI, and machine learning. I want to share a little bit more about some of the updates we announced across Microsoft 365, Microsoft Edge, and Bing.

Microsoft 365

Powerful tools that help you work, learn, organize, connect, and create.

As Panos talked about this morning, the last few years have given rise to enduring changes in the way we live—online and offline. We’re seeing these emerging behaviors become everyday habits, creating new ways to use the PC. Essential PC tasks have increasingly moved online with innovation continuing in areas like content creation, helping to power a thriving creator economy. Creativity and self-expression are not one thing, one person, or one industry—anyone can be a creator with the right set of tools. Nearly 20 million US consumers now create and monetize their content online, and user-generated content now accounts for 39 percent of weekly media hours consumed.1 At the same time, we’re all facing constraints at home and work as the cost of everything continues to rise. 72 percent of US consumers say rising costs are their number one concern and finding better deals is a top reason people shop online.2 As we build new experiences across our apps and services, we’re focused on unlocking your self-expression and creativity while providing practical tools that help you make your life easier.

New creator tools in Microsoft 365, Microsoft Edge, and Bing

Today, I’m thrilled to announce new consumer tools in Microsoft 365, Microsoft Edge, and Bing designed to help all of us ignite our imagination and express ourselves. Everything begins with an idea but getting started and capturing your individuality isn’t always easy. For anyone who is trying to create a brand for themselves on social media or simply wanting to create a birthday party invitation for family and friends, we aimed to solve a few key challenges with creating and sharing content:

  • When I have an idea, it’s hard to get started. To take an idea and make it into what I envisioned digitally, why doesn’t it ever look like I thought?
  • When I’m creating content, it’s time-consuming. Why does formatting and resizing multiple images and text have to be so complex?
  • It’s hard to make unique content that looks great. I’m not a trained designer but still want high-quality designs, why can’t this tool just read my mind?
  • And most importantly, tools are fragmented (and expensive).

For the first time ever, I’m excited to announce Microsoft Designer, a graphic design app in Microsoft 365 that helps you create stunning social media posts, invitations, digital postcards, graphics, and more, all in a flash.

Microsoft Designer is powered by AI technology, including DALL∙E 2 by OpenAI, which means you’re able to instantly generate a variety of designs with minimal effort. Our cutting-edge AI supercharges your ideas.

With Designer, there’s no need to spend time building cards or social media posts from scratch. And you no longer need to search through thousands of pre-made templates. Designer invites you to start with an idea and let the AI do the heavy lifting. For example, with ‘start from scratch’ within Designer, you can simply describe an image you want to see, and the app does the work for you to create something totally unique. As you work in Designer, every surface of the app is powered by AI to help ensure consistent, aligned, properly scaled, and beautiful designs, even with or without any inherent design ability.

A user types Cakes by Davi in the Add Text field in Designer and sees a few cake images, then types in Ombre cake decorated with flowers and fall foliage in the Generate an image using a description field and sees additional cake image suggestions.

As you add more content like images or text, the ’design ideas’ feature magically integrates the content within the design in a single click. You can then share your designs with the world however you’d like, including publishing directly to social media platforms or downloading them to use anywhere.

The Designer app is born out of PowerPoint, where Designer uses AI to make template suggestions as you build out a presentation. Depending on the type of content, Designer in PowerPoint will offer several options for you to choose from. In fact, more than eight billion slide designs (and counting) have been saved by our customers with Designer in PowerPoint. We’re thrilled to expand on that legacy, adding the latest cutting-edge text to image AI, with the new Designer app.

To get started with the new Microsoft Designer app today, you can sign up for early access to our free web preview of the Designer app. We’re inviting people to try it out, provide us feedback, and help us make it great. The current free preview does not include all planned features to come; we will be adding more over time. Once the app is ready for general availability, it will be available both as a free app and with more premium features available to Microsoft 365 Personal and Family subscribers.

We know that content creation isn’t limited to an app, it also happens online. So, we plan to integrate Designer into Microsoft Edge, delivering AI-powered design suggestions to visually enhance social media posts and other visual content without having to leave your browser window.

We realize that creators do not just want to build beautiful logos, social media posts, and invitations, they also want to create awesome videos. That is why I’m also pleased to officially welcome Microsoft Clipchamp to the Microsoft 365 family. For the first time, the Microsoft 365 suite of apps includes a free video editor so you can create beautiful videos in no time. Whether it is a daily vlog, a viral dance video, a family video, or a highlight reel, Clipchamp helps you weave together video, sound, and effects quickly and easily. Clipchamp empowers anyone to make professional-grade videos, without needing to be an editing expert. And Microsoft 365 subscribers will now have access to premium features within Clipchamp for more value than ever before, at no extra cost.

A user is editing a 45 second video using Clipchamp. The frame at the 10s mark shows mountains and clouds with a violet hue, with Early morning hike text overlay on the video frame.

Microsoft Clipchamp is available today as the inbox video editing app on Windows 11 and on the web. Microsoft 365 Personal and Family subscribers and Clipchamp Essentials subscribers get access to premium Clipchamp features.

Today, we are also announcing a new website, Microsoft Create. We designed this with creators in mind to help them get inspired, save time, and up-level their skills. With Create, we are bringing together the Microsoft 365 apps you already know and love along with new creative apps—in one place—to help you express your creativity and make the most of your time.

Create is a space to help any type of creator get started with creating videos, graphic designs, documents, presentations, and more. It is the ultimate creator launchpad that brings together the power of our content creation apps—from Designer to Clipchamp to PowerPoint to Word and beyond. Create can help spark inspiration and up-level your skills with professional templates, curated articles, and videos from others who have been in your shoes. We are thrilled to bring this new website to help you try and learn something new about content creation.

A user scrolls through the Create homepage and sees Create designs that inspire, selects Templates from the navigation, Instagram from the dropdown and sees Instagram template options, selects Learn and Grow from the navigation and sees content creation tips.

The Microsoft Create website is live today and available for anyone to use. We’ll continue to build new functionality and content into the site over time.

Now let’s talk about finding that perfect image for your creations. I think we’ve all become accustomed to a world in which if you need a specific image, you search online until you find whatever is closest to what you had in mind. But if you were searching for an image that for whatever reason didn’t yet exist, you were out of luck. I’m excited to announce that with the new Image Creator from Microsoft Bing you will be able to create images that don’t yet exist, limited only by your imagination. Using the same DALL∙E 2-powered image-generator technology that is also in the Microsoft Designer app, Image Creator helps you bring your ideas to life. Simply type in a description of something, any additional context like location or activity, and an art style, and Image Creator will make it for you.

We are taking a measured approach to roll out this feature. We will soon start with a limited preview for select geographies, which will allow us to gather feedback, apply learnings, and Excellerate the experience before expanding further. As Image Creator becomes available, you will be able to access it by navigating to the Bing Images tab and clicking on “Image Creator,” or through the Image Creator icon in the sidebar in Microsoft Edge.

It’s important, with early technologies like DALL∙E 2, to acknowledge that this is new and we expect it to continue to evolve and improve. We take our commitment to responsible AI seriously. To help prevent DALL∙E 2 from delivering inappropriate results across the Designer app and Image Creator, we are working together with our partner OpenAI, who developed DALL∙E 2, to take the necessary steps and will continue to evolve our approach.

For example, OpenAI removed explicit sexual and violent content from the dataset used to train the model, and Microsoft deployed filters to limit the generation of images that violate content policy.

On top of that, Microsoft has integrated techniques that further help to prevent misuse, including additional query blocking on sensitive topics. Moreover, some prompts to DALL∙E 2 may surface biases embedded in the training data. We recently applied additional technology that helps deliver more diverse images to our results. This is an area we are actively working to address and continuously improve.

We welcome feedback, ideas, or concerns. For the Designer preview, people can provide feedback via a feedback button in the upper right-hand corner. For Image Creator, which is coming soon, we’ll have a ‘Feedback’ button in the lower right corner of the page.

New tools in Microsoft Edge to save you money and time

In addition to new tools for creators, we continue to look for ways to help you make the most of your time online—and help you save some money in the process. 

Researching products and shopping remain one of the most enduring activities in a browser and that has only become truer over the last couple of years. As an avid online shopper, I can attest that Microsoft Edge is one of the best browsers for shopping. Our built-in shopping features on Edge help customers save an average of $400 a year—no plug-ins needed. And Microsoft Edge has delivered more than $1.4 billion in coupon savings to date.3 That’s real money and impacts people’s day-to-day lives. Shopping in Microsoft Edge sidebar is a new feature that makes this even easier and more personal using the power of machine learning and AI to analyze product information from across the web like price history, price comparisons, coupons, and deals to help you save time and money. Now, with Shopping in the Microsoft Edge sidebar, you have convenient access to a personalized shopping hub with information like latest purchases, package tracking, recently viewed items, and open shopping carts as well as coupons and savings.

In addition to shopping, the sidebar in Microsoft Edge lets you access tools and first-party and third-party features side-by-side within your browser, even as you navigate between tabs. I use the sidebar to multitask and maximize my time online. Say my friend sends me a laptop recommendation. I can open the link from my Outlook inbox, and then click Shopping in the sidebar to instantly compare prices—without ever flipping between apps or losing my flow. The sidebar also lets you compare search results on different search engines in Discover, access easy tools like a unit converter, or check out Games when you need a quick break. The best part of the sidebar is that it is completely customizable so you can choose the features that allow you to make the most of your time online.

If you’re a Windows user, you can get started with Microsoft Edge and Bing today on your PC. For those who want to try Microsoft Edge and Bing and are on a macOS, mobile, or Linux device, download Microsoft Edge and let us know what you think.

Microsoft and Uber One

Last, but not least, we know that all of us, from creators to entrepreneurs, parents to students, can use a good deal these days. Starting today and running through January 10, 2023, new and existing Microsoft 365 Personal and Family subscribers can get a six-month Uber One membership free with their subscription plus $25 off their first Uber Eats order. An Uber One membership includes unlimited $0 Delivery Fee, up to 10 percent off on Uber Eats, and 5 percent off Uber rides. To enroll and learn more, visit the Uber One offer here. We hope this helps make the every day a little easier. 

At Microsoft, we’re focused on how we can harness the power of technology to support you in this new world that has emerged over the last few years, rife with distraction and uncertainty. Enduring changes to the way we live, work, and play have become new habits. We’re looking for ways to remove barriers to create more seamless and personalized experiences across platforms and devices. To enable you to express yourself. To unlock the next wave of innovation and creation for you on the PC, through the power of the cloud and AI. We can’t wait to see what you do.

1Tech Enabling User Generated Content to Flourish, Consumer Technology Association, June 15, 2022.

2How to Thrive in the Retail Space, Comscore, 2022.

3Annual savings are calculated using value of coupons presented to users signed into their Microsoft accounts from May 2021 – April 2022. Based on US data only.

Thu, 13 Oct 2022 23:20:00 -0500 en-US text/html
Killexams : Microsoft Office deal is back with its lowest price ever

Microsoft Office is the king of productivity suites and if you use Word, Excel or Powerpoint on a regular basis, know that right now you can buy an Office license outright for just $35.99. This is the lowest price we have ever seen for the bundle, with no subscription or recurring fees involved.

Microsoft Office Professional 2021 (available for Windows and macOS) includes all the essentials like Word, Excel, Outlook, PowerPoint, Access, Publisher, and collaboration tools like OneNote and Microsoft Teams. Office 2021 packs a new modern UI, enhancements, and features. One of our favorites, the ability to contribute with your peers in real-time on Word, Excel and Powerpoint documents.

The current deal gets you Office at over 88% off the regular price for a standalone license -- last time we promoted this, it was still an excellent deal at $59.99, but for $35.99 it looks like a no-brainer.

The latest version of Office offers a visual refresh with a cleaner style, monoline iconography, softer window corners, high DPI support, and dark mode across all applications. Dark Mode in Word not only gives you the option of dark toolbars but also a dark canvas if you want it.

Excel 2021 has added XLOOKUP for row by row searching in a table or cell range. Also, dynamic arrays and sheet views to create custom views of your worksheet without disrupting others. PowerPoint has added new slideshow recording features for presenter video recording, ink recording and laser pointer recording.

Boost your productivity with Microsoft Office Professional 2021 for just $35.99. Your software license keys are made available instantly for you to obtain and install Office 2021, available for Windows and macOS.

Sun, 02 Oct 2022 07:41:00 -0500 TechSpot Deals en-US text/html
Killexams : Microsoft PowerPoint ‘Mouseover’ Malware Hack Uncovered

It turns out that no member of the Microsoft Office family is safe, with cyber researchers recently exposing the Russian hacking group, Fancy Bear, for exploiting PowerPoint vulnerabilities to deliver targeted malware.

The bad actors, who have been posing as the Organization for Economic Co-Operation and Development, have been distributing malware to government sectors in the European Union via decoy Microsoft PowerPoint documents. Worryingly, all recipients need to do to fall victim to the attack is hover their mouse over the link.

Otherwise known as APT28, the Fancy Bear hacking group has been causing havoc in cyberspace for some time, but the development of this new mouseover technique is a reminder of how sophisticated malware operations are becoming. Here's what we know so far.

New Mouseover Technique is Being Used to Deliver Malware

Russian hacking group, Fancy Bear, has been found guilty of using the decoy Microsoft PowerPoint to deploy malware, according to researchers from cybersecurity firm, Cluster25.

The cybergang — which is understood to be working with Russian intelligence services — has been utilizing a new code execution technique that responds to the mouse movement of users. This means that recipients even don't need to click on the link or obtain anything for the malware to take effect. Instead, all they need to do is hover their mouse over the malicious hyperlink.

“When opening the lure document in presentation mode and the victim hovers the mouse over a hyperlink, a malicious PowerShell script is activated,” – Security researcher at Cluster25.

Once systems become exploited, a PowerShell script is triggered and a JPEG file titled ‘DSC0002.jped is downloaded onto the Microsoft OneDrive account. This file is then able to decrypt a second JPEG file containing Graphite, a malware variant uniquely linked to Fancy Bear that gains access to compromised servers.

According to researchers at Cluster25, the hackers have been masquerading as the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD), a Paris-based intergovernmental entity, and have mainly been targeting European governmental organizations. Their report also notes that the hackers seem to have laid the foundations for these attacks between January and February of this year, and may well be ongoing.

But this isn't Fancy Bear's first standoff with Microsoft. Back in April, the software company directed seven of the gang's domains down a sinkhole after they were found to be targeting Ukrainian websites and US government institutions.

Malware is Becoming More Sophisticated

Despite regular efforts being made by businesses and regular users, malware attacks are currently dime a dozen — and threat actors have been using similar techniques to infest Microsoft Word documents for some time. However, aside from becoming more frequent, Cluster25's discovery of this new mouseover technique is a sobering reminder of how sophisticated malware attacks are becoming too.

According to Microsoft's own team, criminal groups are “skilled and relentless”, and have become “adept at evolving their techniques to increase success rates”. Evidence of this has been seen repeatedly over latest months, with cybercriminals experimenting with a range of different methods to extort their victims, including depositing malware through apps, cracking email addresses without retreiving passwords, and tricking victims with fake websites.

And while hacking groups like Fancy bear are directing their efforts toward government entities and social organizations, businesses aren't exempt from these rapidly advancing threats. Unique malware attacks, specifically ransomware attacks, are on the rise throughout most industries, according to recent research from cybersecurity firm Acronis.

The report revealed that due to “increasing complexity in IT” and new avenues for exploitation, global ransomware damages are likely to exceed $30 billion by 2023. But businesses don't need to take this news sitting down. Researchers at Acronis also pointed out that by adopting a more holistic approach to cyber-protection, lots of these damages could be mitigated.

How Can Businesses Protect Themselves?

Luckily, Fancy Bear isn't currently directing their wrath on US businesses, but if you'd like to evade threats from similar groups, here are some measures your business could take.

First of all, since 81% of global cyberattacks exploit weak passwords, using a password manager to come up with and remember unique passwords should be your first port of call. They even offer users autofill features to make logging into servers quick and easy.

Secondly, antivirus software is another effective method to detect malware before it poses a threat to you and your business. We also recommend updating this software regularly so it contains the latest files to protect your device.

By deploying these techniques, while keeping an eye out for suspicious activity, your chances of falling victim to groups like Fancy Bear will be minimized.

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Killexams : Microsoft’s Presenter+ is a sleek PowerPoint remote for the hybrid work era

Back in the early aughts, Microsoft released the Presenter 3000, a wireless remote for PowerPoint presentations. Now, two decades later, the company has announced the Presenter+. Like its predecessor, it’s remote you can use for PowerPoint presentations, but it also reflects how work has changed since the start of the pandemic.



You can see that in the design of Presenter+. In addition to the usual slide forward and back buttons, there’s a Microsoft Teams button that allows you to quickly join meetings and raise your hand. If Teams isn’t your jam, Microsoft notes you can use Presenter+ with the majority of other meeting apps, including Zoom. There’s also a big button for muting and unmuting your microphone, and the remote will vibrate when everyone can hear you. Rounding out the package is a nifty charging stand and Bluetooth connectivity. On Windows 10 and Windows 11, you can also customize the buttons to your needs. 

Admittedly, it would have been nice if Microsoft had announced the Presenter+ back in 2020 or 2021. That said, there are still plenty of predominantly remote workers who will find the remote useful whether they’re at home or in the office. The Presenter+ will retail for $80. Interestingly, Microsoft notes it's the first presentation control to be certified for Teams, suggesting more on the way from other companies. 

All products recommended by Engadget are selected by our editorial team, independent of our parent company. Some of our stories include affiliate links. If you buy something through one of these links, we may earn an affiliate commission. All prices are correct at the time of publishing.

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Killexams : Microsoft Teams is finally fixing one of the worst things about PowerPoint presentations
Audio player loading…

Peering at your laptop, trying to make sense of tiny blurred text on a Microsoft Teams slide could soon be a thing of the past thanks to a new update.

The  video conferencing service is finally addressing one of the most annoying aspects of viewing presentations online via Teams by allowing users to magnify or enlarge whichever slides they need.