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Five Predictions for iPhone OS 4.0

Apple didn't even wait for the iPad dust to settle before summoning the media to its next big event. On Thursday, journalists will gather once again ostensibly to hear about the next-generation of the iPhone operating system, and possibly an unveilin...

Sybase updates mobile app for iPad, Android

Enterprise software vendor Sybase plans to update its mobile device enterprise management software, called Afaria, so it can work with iPads as well as with devices running Google's Android OS, the company announced Tuesday.

New iPhone spec rumors: A4-class CPU, 960x640 display

Yesterday gave way to a Wall Street Journal report that suggests a new Apple iPhone is <a href="">coming sometime this summer</a>, and could make its w...

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Killexams : Sybase 365, 2sms launch SMS service for small business

Sybase 365, a Sybase Inc. subsidiary that offers mobile messaging services, announced a global partnership with 2sms to extend SMS services to small and midsized companies on an instant provisioning basis.

A new full-service Web site offers a suite of messaging products and services and combines the functionality of 2sms with the Sybase 365 messaging platform, enabling enterprise customers to register and use SMS to communicate with employees, suppliers and customers.

Enterprises continue to embrace SMS as an efficient and cost-effective medium through which to communicate.

2sms has 1,500 business customers from 35 countries, and is the only SMS provider to be certified ISO27001 for Information Security. is a business communications solution provider.

Sybase 365 is a key player in SMS, MMS and GRX mobile messaging interoperability, the delivery and settlement of SMS and MMS content, mobile commerce and enterprise-class messaging services.

Processing more than 200 billion messages per year, Sybase 365 reaches 700-plus wireless carriers and 3 billion subscribers around the world.

The new service will enable businesses with increasingly mobile workforces to instantly deploy SMS services.

The applications for SMS are limitless, per Sybase 365.

Current customers of the service include divisions of Unilever, EDS and Alstom Transport. All are using SMS to communicate effectively and efficiently while reducing manhours and costly phone bills.

SMS is extended into the corporate IT infrastructure, using open standards (XML) for ease of customer integration.

The service is available immediately at Customers are able to log onto the site and connect their own IT systems to the SMS network via an ISO27001 certified platform.

2sms software plug-ins include Microsoft Outlook, Microsoft Excel, and Java, allowing businesses to obtain applications that enable desktop messaging.

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Killexams : Sybase 365 launches SMS mobile advertising, geo-location services

Today at GSMA Mobile World Congress, currently underway in Barcelona, mobile messaging services provider Sybase 365 is previewing its new mobile advertising and geo-location services.

The mobile advertising service for content publishers, advertisers, carriers and consumers features dynamic, targeted, ad-funded content across SMS communication channels, with MMS to follow later this year. Enterprises can also use the mobile advertising service to promote its own offerings.

"With our SMS mobile advertising platform, we will only deliver ads and pieces of content that are relevant and important for consumers, because it's an opted-in format," said Michael Kurtzman, managing director of AvantGo Mobile Advertising Services for Sybase 365, Dublin, CA.

"We're seeing significant interest in using SMS as an advertising platform from companies all over the globe looking for new ways to generate revenue," he said. "It's not just brands and publishers, but also on the operator side.

"We believe this will ultimately lead to better services for the subscriber, because it raises bar on revenue, so companies can offer better premium ad-supported services without having to charge the subscriber."

Sybase 365 is also developing a specific vertical -- a cross-promotional platform -- for financial institutions.

For example, a bank can insert an SMS ad into its regular account alerts to customers highlighting new products and services.

"If you're standing at an ATM, they can pitch you on a loan or a lower mortgage rate, for example," Mr. Kurtzman said.

Sybase 365 SMS Ad Exchange is a new service in the company's AvantGo Mobile Advertising Services product offering.

SMS Ad Exchange offers an Web-based user interface that connects to the Sybase 365 global messaging carrier-grade network.

This new service allows advertisers to contact and target consumers with appropriate and relevant advertisements on mobile devices, according to Sybase 365.

In addition, SMS Ad Exchange offers integration with other platforms, providing a single source for ads and messages to be combined with other mobile Web and WAP services.

Sybase 365's SMS Ad Exchange takes the unused portion of a text message and inserts a text ad in it. Content providers can earn revenue off the empty spaces in their message, while advertisers can target specific demographics.

"The 2009 outlook for mobile advertising is a little grim; however, what I have heard anecdotally is that even though mobile falls into the 'experimental funding' category, there's a huge willingness among brands and content providers to participate in things that are new, even in the experimental range, because we can demonstrate positive results," Mr. Kurtzman said.

"Brands and agencies will spend on mobile -- it's not a huge spend compared to their overall budgets -- and if we can demonstrate ROI, it makes sense for them to push this for the positive growth of their marketing efforts," he said.

"Messaging could be the biggest piece of the mobile advertising puzzle given the sheer volume that's out there."

AdMob claims that it fields 7 billion ad requests per month.

"If you compare that to the sheer volume of SMS, we're doing something like 15 billion messages a month, which is twice that, and while not all messages are eligible for advertising, SMS has 100 percent penetration on handsets, as opposed to the mobile Web, which is like 50 percent penetration," Mr. Kurtzman said.

"Looking towards the future, there's a clear path of progress here, and we see huge growth potential for SMS advertising," he said. "Looking at SMS today, it's the most ubiquitous data service on the handset."

Sybase 365 will be rolling out MMS advertising later this year.

"MMS gives advertisers more excitement, because of its reach and its ability to enable direct communication with consumers," Mr. Kurtzman said.

"In addition to static images, MMS can power short video clips, slide shows, audio and other rich media, which will be coming into this advertising format later this year."

SMS-based geo-location
Sybase 365 has also released its new SMS Locator Service at MWC.

SMS Locator Service is a SMS geo-location service with advanced geographic information letting mobile subscribers request turn-by-turn directions for locations closest to their current position.

The SMS Locator Service interface with natural language software guides consumers through the process, providing prompts when necessary and letting them make requests using their own words by supporting abbreviations, acronyms, nicknames and common misspellings.

The company's mobile banking suite -- Sybase mBanking 365 -- now offers the SMS Locator Service, enabling customers to find their closest bank branch or ATM location using their handset.

Financial services are not the only industry where SMS Locator Service technology can be effectively used, according to Sybase 365.

Enterprises, including retail chains and government agencies can include the SMS Locator Service as part of their mobile services strategy.

SMS is still the most effective way for enterprises to reach the most users anywhere in the world, according to Sybase 365.

SMS Locater Service is created using the Sybase iAnywhere Answers Anywhere platform and the ESRI geographic information system service, which handles the complexity of geo-coding by matching addresses into latitude and longitude for accurate information.

Sybase 365 is discussing its SMS Ad Exchange and its SMS geo-locator service at GSMA Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, Spain, Feb. 16 -- 19, Hall 2, Booth 2A15.

Sybase 365, a subsidiary of Sybase Inc., specializes in SMS, MMS and GRX mobile messaging interoperability, the delivery and settlement of SMS and MMS content, mobile commerce and enterprise-class messaging services.

Processing more than 200 billion messages per year, Sybase 365 reaches more than 700 carriers and 3 billion subscribers worldwide.

Sybase also runs a collection of blogs at

"This is the first mass-market geo-locator product, and for the initial launch, it will be employed by banks to provide locator services for finding ATMs and branches," said Diarmuid Mallon, senior manager of mCommerce product marketing for Sybase 365. "There are no apps to install, no data plan required and consumers don't need a smartphone or a GPS-enabled phone.

"It's just with SMS, which is a nice customer experience, because customers are already familiar with text messaging," he said. "When you're out and about and you realize you do need to find an ATM, the last thing you want to have to do is obtain an application first.

"It can also be used by any company that has a store or a location where people want to go to, such as car dealerships or pizza chains or finding the closest Kinko's or FedEx drop box -- geo-location services are a great add-on to SMS marketing or any type of mobile marketing."

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Killexams : Data management and analysis for gene expression arrays
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    Killexams : Popular Open Source GraphQL Company Dgraph Secures $6M in Seed Round with New Leadership

    New funding and executive leadership team to accelerate product innovation and investment into the open source community

    SAN FRANCISCO , July 20, 2022 /PRNewswire/ -- Dgraph, the company behind the most popular open source Graph database, announced a $6 million seed re-financing round led by Venrock and Uncorrelated Ventures, with participation from Abstract Ventures, HackVC, SaxeCap, and Liquid2 Ventures. World-class executives also joined the round, including DJ Patil, former US Chief Data Scientist; Michael Callahan, founder of Awake Security; Ry Walker, founder of Astronomer; Ganesh Srinivasan, Chief Product Officer at Confluent; Chris Riccomini; and JP Patil, Head of Data at Included Health. 

    Dgraph Secures $6M in Seed Round With New Leadership

    Dgraph's founders deeply understood distributed systems and building graph systems at scale, and saw the need to build a better graph database platform that could serve as an entire application backend. By bringing the backend into a single place and the database and service layer into a single solution, developers can use Dgraph as their backend rather than just their database.

    Since its initial open source release in 2016, Dgraph has become the most popular open source Graph database on GitHub and the youngest company to be named in Forrester's Graph Data Platform landscape.

    New executive team to lead product innovations and growth
    Database industry veteran Akon Dey, Ph.D., recently joined as CEO bringing over two decades of experience in the database, data stream, and enterprise data systems space, including Yahoo! Inc. and Visa.  

    Under Dey's leadership, Dgraph will use the new funds to accelerate building go-to-market teams and initiatives to support a growing customer base, in addition to investments in product development for new use cases and applications. The team is also focused on a renewed stewardship to the Dgraph community and will introduce a new set of features to the open source project.

    "Dgraph users love the horizontal scalability, high performance, flexible data model and ease of use," said Dey. "With our cloud offering we can ensure companies at any stage are able to quickly, reliably and cost effectively bring their applications to market. In addition, the Dgraph community has been a vibrant and significant contributor to the advancement and success of Dgraph. We are committed to supporting the community and looking forward to the continued collaboration".

    Joining Dey on the executive team is Gajanan Chinchwadkar, Ph.D., as Chief Technology Officer, an industry veteran with more than 30 years of experience at AWS, Marklogic and Sybase in distributed database systems, multi-modal query engines and query optimization.

    "What excites me about Dgraph is that GraphQL is a widely accepted language by application developers and DQL is also highly sought after by Dgraph users," said Chinchwadkar. "With our expertise in building query and search engines for a variety of data models, we will be able to build an even more performant and feature-rich query engine for Dgraph to satisfy the growing needs of modern applications."

    The era of the new cloud database
    According to Gartner, cloud databases now represent half of the $80B database market, growing 22% CAGR. Dgraph offers customers a general-purpose distributed cloud database that supports graph-oriented use cases and a broad set of applications. Dgraph was written in Go and is available as an Apache 2.0 licensed community edition and an enterprise offering with additional enterprise-ready capabilities.

    "The rapid growth in enterprise data has led to new scale and performance needs. As a result, new database engines are emerging to meet new demands of availability, horizontal scale, and latency," said Venrock Partner Ethan Batraski. "Dgraph's approach offers a cloud native, distributed architecture to building applications at scale, with a significantly more flexible and simplified approach to managing schemas, tables, and APIs, becoming the new default choice for application engineers." 

    "Most graph databases today are not truly distributed: they run fine on a couple of nodes but rely on a variety of architectural hacks to run on larger numbers of nodes, and thus aren't truly scalable," said Salil Deshpande, General Partner at Uncorrelated. "There are horizontally scalable NoSQL databases with graph overlays that are not built ground-up to be graph databases, so graph-like queries did not perform well; or there are databases that are indeed graph databases but are not architected to be horizontally scalable."

    Customer Quotes
    "We started our Dgraph journey back in 2018 to build our event-driven microservices application by using Dgraph as our main account related database," said John Zhou, Senior Engineering Manager, Lifeline (formerly Philips Lifeline). "The overall performance of Dgraph is amazing, and their  support team is really hands-on and ready to support us at any time."

    "At Knights Analytics, we selected Dgraph primarily due to its focus on the fundamental technical challenges of latency, horizontal scalability, and strong consistency guarantees," said Alex Ridden, Cofounder, Knights Analytics. "Native GraphQL support has proven to be a powerful feature, allowing us to build integrations and visualizations of graph data in short timeframes. Dgraph has been a great database option for our platform, allowing us to develop functionality which would have been significantly more challenging or impossible with other databases."

    About Dgraph
    Dgraph is the graph database company, an open source, general purpose, distributed graph database powering high performance applications and operational needs. The only GraphQL-native graph database, Dgraph underpins the digital transformation of terabytes of data for businesses that depend on complex data structures. A vibrant open source community downloads Dgraph over 10 million+ docker-hub pulls; Dgraph is the #1 graph database on GitHub with over 18,000 stars. Dgraph's customers include companies from Fortune 500 companies as well as rapid-growth startups. Dgraph is headquartered in California's Silicon Valley. For more information, visit, and follow Dgraph on LinkedIn, Twitter, and GitHub.

    About Uncorrelated
    Uncorrelated Ventures was founded in 2020 by Salil Deshpande with Bain's backing to focus on infrastructure software, both traditional and decentralized. Over 17 years Salil invested $500M+ into 50+ companies, usually super early, including traditional infrastructure such as Redis, DataStax, MuleSoft, DynaTrace, Quantum Metric, Sysdig, Buddy Media, SpringSource, Astranis, Astronomer, Pipe, Dropcam, Tealium, Sonatype, Frame, and Upgrade, and decentralized infrastructure such as Compound, Maker, Cosmos, CoinDCX, Helium and Crusoe Energy. Salil was on the inaugural Forbes Midas Seed List of 25 best-performing seed investors in 2022, the Business Insider Seed 100 List of all-time best-performing seed investors in 2021 and 2022, and the Forbes Midas List of 100 best-performing venture investors worldwide from 2013 through 2019 and then again in 2022. 

    About Venrock
    Originally established as the venture capital arm of the Rockefeller family in 1969, Venrock partners with entrepreneurs to build some of the world's most disruptive, successful companies. With a primary focus on technology and healthcare, portfolio companies have included 10X Genomics, Apple Computer, AveXis, Check Point Software, CloudFlare, Dollar Shave Club, Gilead Sciences, Idec Pharma, Illumina, Intel, Millennium Pharma and Nest. For more information, please visit Venrock's website at and follow the firm on Twitter at @venrock

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    SOURCE Dgraph Labs, Inc.

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