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Exam Code: HPE6-A48 Practice exam 2022 by team
HPE6-A48 Aruba Certified Mobility Expert 8 Written Exam

Exam ID : HPE6-A48
Exam type : Proctored
Exam duration : 2 hours
Exam length : 60 questions
Passing score : 72%
Delivery languages : Japanese, English

Exam Description
This exam tests your technical expert skills with WLAN design, implementation, and configuration in complex multisite highly available network environments using the Aruba Controller, Access Point, and AirWave product lines. It also tests your ability to design, implement, monitor, troubleshoot, and maintain end-to-end WLAN campus and branch solutions, and resolve issues in an existing customer infrastructure.
- Analyze functional requirements to create a solution design and implementation plan.
- Analyze a complex multisite highly available network to determine the physical infrastructure connectivity requirements.
- Analyze an entire WLAN infrastructure to determine the licensing requirements.
- Analyze an entire WLAN infrastructure to determine the architectural requirements.
- Analyze a complex highly available multi-controller environment to determine redundancy requirements.
- Analyze a complex highly available multi-controller environment to determine mobility requirements.
- Analyze a scenario to determine remote access requirements.
- Analyze a scenario to determine AirWave scalability requirements.
- Analyze customer requirements to determine the need for QoS.
- Analyze customer requirements to determine roles, firewall policies, and rule requirements.
- Analyze customer requirements to determine the need for a multizone deployment.
- Configure and validate Aruba WLAN solutions.
- Configure and validate a WLAN to support voice and video optimization.
- Configure a secure WLAN and integrate it with an existing infrastructure.
- Validate client connectivity to a secure WLAN.
- Configure and validate a complex multisite high availability mobility environment.
- Configure a guest WLAN and validate client connectivity.
- Configure and validate remote connectivity using RAP or a branch office solution.
- Implement advanced services and security solutions.
- Configure role derivation and integrate with an existing AAA server.
- Configure and verify tunneled node.
- Configure and validate IAP-VPN to a controller for remote access.
- Configure advanced firewall policies.
- Configure a WLAN with WPA2/PSK Mac authentication for role derivation.
- Implement RFProtect.
- Configure and validate a multizone solution.
- Manage and monitor Aruba solutions.
- Use AirWave and a Mobility Master to gather information about client health.
- Create triggers and custom reports in AirWave.
- Monitor the Spectrum Analyzer dashboard on the Mobility Controller.
- Monitor and analyze controller health.
- Monitor and optimize the RF environment.
- Integrate and monitor devices with AirWave.
- Perform advanced troubleshooting.
- Troubleshoot controller licensing.
- Troubleshoot controller and AP communication in a Mobility Master-Mobility Controller-Virtual Mobility Controller environment.
- Troubleshoot client connectivity and network access.
- Troubleshoot UCC issues.
- Troubleshoot multizone.

Aruba Certified Mobility Expert 8 Written Exam
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The HP Spectre x360 portfolio is powered by Intel® Evo™ platforms featuring 12th Gen Intel® Core™ Processors for improved multi-tasking and performance. Upto 4K OLED 100% colour calibrated display gives you great specs for natural viewing. Added bonus: the touch display that helps you leverage multi-gestures like pinch-to-zoom, double tap, and press and hold to create and easily manipulate drawings and other creative content. Take notes with ease or sketch with a MPP 2.0 tilt pen that is magnetic.




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It's a small update here this month, without any big changes to our list of the best 2-in-1 laptops. If you've got your eye on one of these incredible hybrid laptops, consider holding off for now; Amazon Prime Day is coming (with some early deals already available) and we'd be shocked if some of these products didn't see great sales.

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The best 2-in-1 laptops are redefining the way we see and and use notebooks. Even if they're not for all users, many can benefit from these laptops that straddle the two worlds of laptops and tablets. Thanks to their unique and versatile form factor, they offer a variety of uses and modes that almost make it seem like you’re getting multiple devices in one.

Excellent 2-in-1 laptops offer much more than their traditional counterparts. Because hybrid laptops can fold back into tablet mode, be put into tent mode for media consumption, and set in stand mode for presentations, switching between different devices can now be a thing of the past. This means that you can spend less and reduce your carbon footprint while still having all the tools you need for different tasks. Plus, that seamless switching between modes will only save you time and Strengthen your workflow, increasing your productivity.