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Exam Code: HPE6-A48 Practice exam 2022 by team
HPE6-A48 Aruba Certified Mobility Expert 8 Written Exam

Exam ID : HPE6-A48
Exam type : Proctored
Exam duration : 2 hours
Exam length : 60 questions
Passing score : 72%
Delivery languages : Japanese, English

Exam Description
This exam tests your technical expert skills with WLAN design, implementation, and configuration in complex multisite highly available network environments using the Aruba Controller, Access Point, and AirWave product lines. It also tests your ability to design, implement, monitor, troubleshoot, and maintain end-to-end WLAN campus and branch solutions, and resolve issues in an existing customer infrastructure.
- Analyze functional requirements to create a solution design and implementation plan.
- Analyze a complex multisite highly available network to determine the physical infrastructure connectivity requirements.
- Analyze an entire WLAN infrastructure to determine the licensing requirements.
- Analyze an entire WLAN infrastructure to determine the architectural requirements.
- Analyze a complex highly available multi-controller environment to determine redundancy requirements.
- Analyze a complex highly available multi-controller environment to determine mobility requirements.
- Analyze a scenario to determine remote access requirements.
- Analyze a scenario to determine AirWave scalability requirements.
- Analyze customer requirements to determine the need for QoS.
- Analyze customer requirements to determine roles, firewall policies, and rule requirements.
- Analyze customer requirements to determine the need for a multizone deployment.
- Configure and validate Aruba WLAN solutions.
- Configure and validate a WLAN to support voice and video optimization.
- Configure a secure WLAN and integrate it with an existing infrastructure.
- Validate client connectivity to a secure WLAN.
- Configure and validate a complex multisite high availability mobility environment.
- Configure a guest WLAN and validate client connectivity.
- Configure and validate remote connectivity using RAP or a branch office solution.
- Implement advanced services and security solutions.
- Configure role derivation and integrate with an existing AAA server.
- Configure and verify tunneled node.
- Configure and validate IAP-VPN to a controller for remote access.
- Configure advanced firewall policies.
- Configure a WLAN with WPA2/PSK Mac authentication for role derivation.
- Implement RFProtect.
- Configure and validate a multizone solution.
- Manage and monitor Aruba solutions.
- Use AirWave and a Mobility Master to gather information about client health.
- Create triggers and custom reports in AirWave.
- Monitor the Spectrum Analyzer dashboard on the Mobility Controller.
- Monitor and analyze controller health.
- Monitor and optimize the RF environment.
- Integrate and monitor devices with AirWave.
- Perform advanced troubleshooting.
- Troubleshoot controller licensing.
- Troubleshoot controller and AP communication in a Mobility Master-Mobility Controller-Virtual Mobility Controller environment.
- Troubleshoot client connectivity and network access.
- Troubleshoot UCC issues.
- Troubleshoot multizone.

Aruba Certified Mobility Expert 8 Written Exam
HP Certified learning
Killexams : HP Certified learning - BingNews Search results Killexams : HP Certified learning - BingNews Killexams : HP, African Union Partner on Distance Learning

By Emma Okonji

At the Extra-Ordinary Session of the Specialised Technical Committee on Education, Science and Technology held recently, Hewlett-Packard (HP) and the African Union Commission (AUC), agreed to join efforts to expand digital learning opportunities for all youth in 55 AU member-states.

Both entities have agreed to collaborate on various initiatives including exchange of information and expertise, as well as promotion of online platforms to support digital learning.

Africa has the youngest population in the world with more than 400 million young people aged between 15 to 35 years. Almost all countries across the continent have introduced some form of nation-wide school and university closures to contain the Covid-19 virus. This means that there are a very large number of children and young people that are not receiving any form of schooling.

At the meeting, the Managing Director and Vice President of HP Africa, Elisabeth Moreno, presented HP’s Learning Initiative for Entrepreneurship (HP LIFE) and BeOnline programmes, two unique online learning platforms that could be utilised by ministers to support schools and educators in their distance learning endeavours.

The two online learning platforms would contribute towards the ‘1 Million By 2021 Initiative’ of the Chairperson of the AU, Moussa Faki Mahammat.

The initiative seeks to provide opportunities to young Africans from the 55 member states in the areas of education, employment, engagement and entrepreneurship. It is against this backdrop that the AU and HP are prioritising digital learning opportunities for African youth.

According to Moreno, “Education is a fundamental human right that should be available regardless of a person’s age, class, race, gender or location.

“To that end, HP has pledged to enable better learning outcomes for 100 million people by 2025, as well as adding 1 million users to HP LIFE between 2016-25 – a commitment that aligns with the AU’s Continental Education Strategy for Africa (CESA), which aims to change Africa’s education and training systems to meet the knowledge, competencies, skills, innovation and creativity required to nurture core values and promote sustainable development on a continental level.”

Today, technology can support new styles of learning. PCs and tools designed for education can offer students flexibility of time, place, and pace of learning, whether in or out of the classroom, or in a blend of environments.
HP and AU joint efforts have the potential to uplift access of education and opportunities for career work and economic growth. The collaboration aims to promote innovations that hold the best potential to make lifelong learning a reality, Moreno said.
The Commissioner of the AUC Department of Human Resources, Science and Technology, Prof. Sarah Anyang Agbor said: “The partnership with HP will accelerate our education response to Covid-19 especially and have long-term benefits. I implore AU Member States to make the most of these opportunities as this partnership means young people can access educational opportunities at no cost for the rest of this academic year. This partnership speaks directly to H.E Moussa Faki Mahamat’s 1 Million by 2021 initiative by providing educational opportunities which will assist in positioning our youth to venture into the entrepreneurial sector.”
BeOnline is a programme that was developed by HP in partnership with Classera, the leader in Learning Management Systems and Mirai, a learning innovations group focusing on learning strategy and digital pedagogy, to assist the endeavours of the education community.
In line with the most recent regional governments’ directives for distance learning, the programme aims to support schools and universities in establishing a fully-fledged virtual learning environment, by providing expertise and tools at no cost.
The HP Foundation has created its global programme HP LIFE to provide business and Information Technology (IT) skills training free of charge to people all over the world. The online community and more than 30 self-paced courses are designed to help users develop business and IT skills in their own time and at their own pace. The courses are modular, interactive, and full of information and practical exercises that enable users to grow their business skills, Moreno said.

Tue, 11 Oct 2022 12:00:00 -0500 en-US text/html
Killexams : What does HP India Future Of Learning Study 2022 tell about digital education in India? In January 2022, the HP India Future of Learning Study 2022 came up with significant findings about digital or online education in India. It was conducted to ascertain the impact of a pandemic on education and how online education contributed to alleviating it, as a huge disruption in the studies was seen with the outbreak of Covid-19 in 2020. There was overwhelmingly strong support and belief in online education with 98% of the parents and 99% of teachers surveyed crediting the continuity in learning to online education.
The other crucial findings of this study regarding online education in India were the following:
  • A good 91% of the students believed that online learning acted as a supplement to traditional classroom learning.
  • The study found, although a strong preference for online learning among teachers, students and parents.
    They preferred the inclusion of online learning mode in their present curriculum in some or other way alongside traditional teaching mode.
  • Among the main reasons for opting for hybrid learning was greater leisure time to follow interests and hobbies, and longer memory retention for students.
    Another reason for preferring hybrid learning was that it ensures uninterrupted learning and reduces learning disruptions that can happen due to inclement weather conditions, unprecedented health crises and administrative issues.
  • A majority of teachers hailed work-life balance as one of the most important advantages of online learning for them.
    While 82% of the surveyed teachers pointed out the need for more technological tools to ensure more productive online learning.
    74% of the teachers surveyed believed that more training needs to be imparted to them for using technology-based tools optimally to Boost their pedagogical skills.
  • Among the preferred devices for hybrid learning, personal computers including laptops were voted dominantly as the ideal choice.
    In this 88% of the surveyed teachers, 72% of students and 89% of parents believed PCs to be the ideal tool for online education.
    Ketan Patel, Managing Director of HP India said that PCs have become a popularly preferred choice among these people because of less eye strain, easier transfer of multiple files and better functionality.
Tue, 20 Sep 2022 03:36:00 -0500 en text/html
Killexams : Call to urgently equip teachers for future generations

Investing in resources like the internet, devices, wide-scale training and instructional materials has been highlighted among the key enablers to Boost teaching outcomes on the African continent.

This emerged during HP’s #NextGen Educators Forum, a high-level virtual panel discussion featuring experts from the African education sector.

HP convened the forum to commemorate World Teachers' Day and discuss strategies aimed at equipping African teachers of today with the necessary skills to take the future of education on the continent forward.

Co-convened in partnership with the International Labour Organisation, Unicef and Education International, World Teachers' Day is observed every year on 5 October to honour teachers. It seeks to consider issues related to teachers and teaching, focusing on appreciation, assessment and changes required for teachers to execute their duties.

During the #NextGen Educators Forum discussion, the panel of experts agreed teachers need the necessary skillsets to change the nature of education on the continent.

Simi Nwogugu, CEO of Junior Achievement Africa, states: “Educators need to understand that their traditional role as expert imparting knowledge has evolved to that of facilitating knowledge-acquisition, design thinking and critical reasoning skills in their students.

“To do this effectively, educators themselves need to be equipped with these and other emotional intelligence skills to be able to continually adapt to the needs of the students under their charge. Forums like this help steer all of us in the education sector in the right direction for how best to empower teachers to be more effective in the classroom.”

Folawe Omikunle, chief executive at Teach for Nigeria, adds: “The only way African countries can reach their full potential is by investing in education. By investing in teachers, we are investing in our children’s futures, and inevitably that of our continent.”

A recent education-focused survey in Africa, conducted by HP, revealed 70% of teachers surveyed said soft skills − such as creative, innovative, critical and entrepreneurial thinking − as well as digital literacy are very important.

The survey sought to shed light on teachers’ skillsets and how the profession can be improved in SA and Nigeria.

It noted that 89% of teachers surveyed said access to adequate technological resources is an issue – a crucial aspect of teaching that has been overlooked for over a decade but has been brought to the fore by the pandemic.

Also, one in three teachers said they could benefit from additional training to Boost their skillsets and that the development would have an enormous impact on teaching.

During the panel discussion, Brian Schreuder, former superintendent general at the Western Cape Education Department and specialist advisor, highlighted governments have fallen short on empowering teachers to be at the heart of education recovery and renewal.

“There’s been no, or little, systemic training of teachers and retraining of teachers across our continent. How do we expect them therefore to cope if we just suddenly and miraculously want them to renew an education system?

“They’ve not even been exposed to modern techniques and modern technologies or pedagogies. If they are, it can be used as time-saving, learning support technologies, and make teachers’ lives and learning outcomes better as well.

“We have the potential to leapfrog inequality; we have it in our grasp.”

Commenting on the impact brought about by COVID-19, Schreuder noted that, if anything, the disruption proved the sector was resilient.

The pandemic pushed the envelope when it came to tech-based education.

Says Schreuder: “We witnessed teachers implementing innovative strategies to keep learning at critical points of the schooling year. Armed with even better tools and relevant training, African teachers can transform this sector.”

Also commemorating World Teachers' Day yesterday, president Cyril Ramaphosa said as the country works to ensure schools are suitable places for learning, teachers must also be equipped for the challenges and opportunities of the fourth industrial revolution (4IR).

He was speaking at the national general council of the South African Democratic Teachers' Union (SADTU) held in Kempton Park, Gauteng.

“As we undertake far-reaching reforms in our telecommunications industry and increase our investment in infrastructure, we need to ensure schools and other educational facilities are the first beneficiaries of ICT infrastructure,” said the president.

“We call on the private sector to work with us to invest in the upgrading, modernisation and expansion of our school infrastructure to benefit all learners, particularly in under-served areas.”

In a world that is becoming increasingly digital, the president indicted SADTU has a significant role to play in ensuring its members are ready for new technology and new subjects as part of the shared effort to get learners ready for this new world.

He emphasised teachers need to educate learners about the benefits and risks associated with emerging media and technology.

“We understand the Teacher Union Collaboration, that is responsible for equipping our teachers with the skills and capabilities to implement coding and robotics in schools, is being well-received by teachers. We commend SADTU for the role it is playing in the training of 32 000 of our teachers in this regard.”

The president added the basic education sector needs to work collaboratively with the Department of Higher Education, Science and Innovation to advance the 4IR in the education system.

Wed, 05 Oct 2022 23:13:00 -0500 en text/html
Killexams : Best HP Laptops for 2022

HP laptops offer something for you, whether you're a creative looking to edit photos, a gamer in search of a powerful laptop or a student in need of a small, lightweight laptop.

Many of the best HP laptops have features designed for remote or hybrid work such as improved webcams and microphones, better audio quality, longer battery life, faster charging and the fastest Wi-Fi 6 wireless.

Like other PC makers such as Dell, Lenovo, Acer and Asus, HP is in the midst of updating the processors in its laptops and two-in-ones. That means Intel-based models are moving from 11th-gen to 12th-gen CPUs, while AMD Ryzen systems are switching from 5000-series chips to 6000-series. It also means it's generally a good time to look for deals on older models of the best HP laptops. However, we've also seen big performance improvements with the new processors. An updated model might cost a little more but will add to the overall longevity. 


Spectre is HP's top consumer laptop line so you're getting the best of the best with this 16-inch two-in-one. 

  • Beautiful design
  • Lots of features for home and office work
  • Great webcam
  • Active pen and laptop sleeve included

Of course, a premium two-in-one like the Spectre x360 comes at a relatively high price; it starts at around $1,200. The top-end configuration we reviewed was good but not great considering its $2,030 price. This is definitely one we recommend getting with the 12th-gen Intel processors and Intel Arc graphics if you're going to go all-in. Read our HP Spectre x360 16 review.

James Martin/CNET

HP's Victus 16 is a surprisingly robust and powerful gaming laptop that keeps up with the latest games at a more affordable price. Compared to HP's high-end Omen gaming laptop line, the Victus is more of an all-purpose laptop but still configured for gaming with a price starting at less than $1,000. HP offers several configurations with graphics chip options ranging from Nvidia's entry-level GeForce GTX 1650 up to a midrange RTX 3060 or AMD Radeon RX 6500M. We like almost everything about it except for its flimsy display hinge and underwhelming speakers. Read our HP Victus 16 review.

Josh Goldman/CNET

There are plenty of convertible Chromebooks, where the screen flips around to the back of the keyboard so you can use it as a tablet. But Chrome tablets with removable keyboards like the HP Chromebook x2 11 are still a rarity. It offers long battery life and performance that rises (slightly) above the competition. The main downside is that it's expensive; the model we reviewed is $599. However, that price did include both the keyboard cover and USI pen and it's regularly on sale for $200. If you're interested make sure to wait for one of those deals. Read our HP Chromebook x2 11 review.

Josh Goldman/CNET

If you're making a laptop aimed at creatives, it's not enough to just put discrete graphics and a strong processor in a slim body. The extra performance really should be paired with a good screen, and that's what you get with the HP Envy 14. The laptop's 16:10 14-inch 1,920x1,200-pixel display not only gives you more vertical room to work, but is color-calibrated at the factory and covers 100% of the sRGB color gamut. The result: a well-rounded option for creatives looking for on-the-go performance at a reasonable price. This model is due for a refresh, though, so keep an eye out for updated models. Read our HP Envy 14 review.

Fri, 24 Jun 2022 23:01:00 -0500 See full bio en text/html
Killexams : Africa must invest in teachers to enhance teaching skills – Experts

Education experts have called on governments in African countries to invest in building the right skill set for teachers to enable them to keep up with the pace of global development.

Speaking at the #NextGen Educators Forum organised by HP with the theme: ‘The Transformation of Education Begins With Teachers,’ Simi Nwogugu, chief executive officer at Junior Achievement Africa, said educators need to understand that their traditional role as experts imparting knowledge has evolved to that of guides that facilitate knowledge-acquisition, design thinking, and critical reasoning skills in their students.

“Educators need to be equipped with emotional intelligence skills to be able to continually adapt to the needs of the students under their charge. Forums like this help steer all of us in the education sector in the right direction for how best to empower teachers to be more effective in the classroom,” she said.

Mayank Dhingra, senior education business leader for Africa, Middle East, and Eastern Europe for HP, said the time to rethink and reshape the future of Africa’s education sector is now.

Read also: World university ranking: UI, UNILAG are Nigeria’s best varsities

Dhingra said the past few years have thrust the sector into dramatically new ways of learning, adding that it has shown that Africa needs to empower teachers with the right tools to ensure that learners have the best chance at future-proof outcomes.

“The world of education is evolving, and teaching must be transformed to better meet the needs of a digital learner. That is why HP launched its Innovation and Digital Education Academy (HP IDEA), which plays a critical role in bridging the skills gap and forms part of HP’s goal to accelerate digital equity for 150 million people by 2030,” Dhingra said.

Folawe Omikunle, chief executive officer of Teach for Nigeria, said the only way African countries can reach their full potential is by investing in education.

“By investing in teachers, we are investing in our children’s futures, and inevitably that of our continent. We know there are numerous challenges educators face, and these discussions will help in providing African solutions to African challenges,” she said.

On the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic, Brian Schreuder, former superintendent general at the Western Cape Education Department, said the disruption by the pandemic has proven that the education sector is resilient.

“We witnessed teachers implementing innovative strategies to keep learning at critical points of the schooling year. Armed with even better tools and relevant training, African teachers can transform this sector,” he said.

To understand the realities of 21st-century teaching, a study was carried out, which identified 10 skills as crucial to future-proofing classrooms for educators. About 70 percent of the teachers surveyed said that soft skills such as creative, innovative, critical, entrepreneurial thinking, and digital literacy are very important.

One in three teachers said they could benefit from additional training to Boost the above-mentioned skills and that the development would have an enormous impact on the pedagogy.

Fri, 14 Oct 2022 00:58:00 -0500 Amaka Anagor en-US text/html
Killexams : Astutis Celebrates the enrolment of its 50,000th Digital Online Learner

SHP 50k-online-learners_BEES(2)Astutis, the leading Health & Safety, Environmental training provider, are excited to have hit an important milestone as it enrolled its 50,000th online learner.

The 50,000 learners who have chosen Astutis as their learning partner have opted for an interactive, digital approach to studying.

Online learners have access to an award-winning Learning Management System (LMS) with courses designed by learning experts that help challenge thinking, build confidence, and allow learning using real-world scenarios.

To mark the occasion, Astutis is supporting the conservation of habit of 50,000 Bees through donations to various global charities and trusts, including the Bumblebee Conservation Trust.

Astutis Managing Director Steve Terry said:

Reaching over 50,000 online learners is a momentous moment in our history. Over the last few years, Astutis, as an organisation, has grown its online course portfolio, both in the UK and internationally. This is thanks, in part, to us partnering with several accreditation bodies, NEBOSH, IOSH, and IEMA – all fantastic organisations we are proud to be working alongside to shape the future of the HSE industry.”

Over the last year, Astutis have experienced an increase in the demand from its corporate customer base for digital online training. As a result, the business has expanded its online course offering to include 21 new or enhanced online training courses in its Astutis Learning Campus.

The Astutis Learning Campus

The award-winning learning campus hosts 21 online Health and Safety and Environmental training courses for immediate enrolment. Alongside its open courses, the campus also hosts over 100 customised courses explicitly designed for corporate customers, such as cyber security, stress and wellbeing, enhanced fire safety and induction-specific courses, to name a few.

Over the last three months, Astutis have added additional three NEBOSH courses to the campus, the NEBOSH HSE Award in Managing Risks and Risk Assessment at work, the NEBOSH Health and Safety at Work Award, and the latest course, the NEBOSH Introduction to Incident Investigation online learning format of the course, launched on 26 September 2022.

Incident and accident investigation training is vital in helping any business deal with unexpected events to reduce consequences. The NEBOSH HSE Introduction to Incident Investigation course has been developed jointly between NEBOSH and the HSE. The course teaches learners the techniques of how non-complex incidents may be investigated effectively and provides good incident investigation techniques.

Steve Terry added:

Today’s workforce is moving online, and it is clear that learning online helps professionals for this shift toward online work.

To explore the entire catalogue of online courses as well as the Virtual Classroom, On-site classroom and blended learning training courses, visit

Wed, 12 Oct 2022 20:30:00 -0500 text/html
Killexams : HP Envy 16 Review Mon, 10 Oct 2022 02:32:00 -0500 en text/html Killexams : HP Elite Dragonfly G3 Review Wed, 21 Sep 2022 00:28:00 -0500 en text/html Killexams : HP: Unique pen installed by teachers to aid learning at school in Nahan Sep 06, 2022, 09:02PM ISTSource: ANI

A unique pen was made by a team of teachers at Government High School at Nahan town in Sirmaur district of Himachal Pradesh on September 05. The ink pen which was installed in the school premises is 20 feet long and weighs 43 kg. It is the world’s largest ink pen. The pen could help students in learning and teaching as it was equipped with sound sensor. If a teacher takes holiday on the next day, then the teacher will record his lecture and send it to the school management through mobile. It was also equipped with CCTV cameras and can keep tabs on students. “This pen can be used as teaching-learning material. Suppose a teacher is absent, they can record their lecture and send it to other teachers. The lecture can be aired through the pen which has a sound sensor,” said School Headmaster Dr Sanjeev Attri.

Tue, 06 Sep 2022 03:33:00 -0500 en text/html
Killexams : HP targets construction sites with autonomous floorplan-printing robots

HP has put forward a small robot it says can dramatically speed up construction work, by autonomously printing guidelines straight from the blueprints onto the floor. Rugged, roadworthy and extremely accurate, Siteprint is a super-quick layout tool.

The robot replaces the time-consuming manual process of site layout, using a variety of different inks to place precise lines, exact curves and faithful reproductions of complex shapes on all kinds of floors, from porous surfaces like concrete and plywood to terrazzo, vinyl or epoxy.

It doesn't require a perfectly smooth or clean floor – indeed, it can handle a certain degree of surface irregularity and obstacles up to 2 cm (0.8 in) high. It runs built-in obstacle and cliff drop sensors for fully autonomous operation, and will work around barriers even if they're not in the plans.

As well as layout lines, it's capable of printing more or less whatever else you need on the floor too, including text notes. Operators set it up using cloud-based tools for job preparation, fleet management and tracking, and can run it on site with a touch-screen tablet and a tripod-mounted "totalstation."

HP claims the SitePrint robot replicated seven hours of manual layout work in 45 minutes in testing, with extreme accuracy


“The existing manual layout process can be slow and labor intensive,” said Albert Zulps, Director of Emerging Technology at Skanska - a global construction and development company currently using the SitePrint system for two of its US projects. "Despite being done by specialists, there is always the risk of human error, which can result in costly reworks. Layout experts are a scarce resource who add a lot of value in terms of planning and strategy, but often end up dedicating most of their time to manual execution. HP SitePrint lets us do more with less, helping reduce schedules thanks to a much faster layout process, and allowing senior operators to focus on other critical activities like quality control.”

While HP hasn't announced pricing, we assume the printer robot itself will be surprisingly cheap, but the ink's gonna be a killer. Yuk yuk.

Check out Siteprint in the video below.

HP SitePrint Skanska testimonial | HP

Source: HP

Thu, 15 Sep 2022 12:00:00 -0500 en-US text/html
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