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Killexams : HP Workstations information search - BingNews Search results Killexams : HP Workstations information search - BingNews Killexams : HP ZBook Firefly G9 review: A futuristic look for a mobile workstation
HP ZBook Firefly G9 review: A futuristic look for a mobile workstation


The HP ZBook Firefly G9. PHOTO: Handout

You know that HP’s ZBook Firefly G9 laptop differs from other laptops in its lineup when you see the big Z emblazoned across the cover. Like other ZBooks, this one is aimed at professionals who need the horsepower of a workstation on the go.

The looks match that too. The shiny silver-coloured chassis gives the laptop a level of sophistication so it’s something an executive would have no issue bringing around to meetings. The 1.47kg laptop isn’t the lightest but it is slim.

What’s more important to its potential buyers is an engine that can crunch data, effortlessly create PowerPoint slides and even edit videos on the go.

Armed with a 12th-gen Intel Core i7-1255U processor, 32GB of RAM, an Nvidia RTX A500 graphics chip and a 512GB NVMe solid state drive (SSD), the ZBook Firefly G9 has ample horsepower to run the latest professional applications.

Brushed metal cover and the “Z” give the ZBook Firefly G9 a neat look. PHOTO: Wilson Wong

These specs also suggest that the laptop can be a mobile video editing machine. A quick performance test using the Cinebench R23 benchmark came back with a multicore score of 6,961, which is decent but not the highest in its class.

The score is lower than the 9,542 I got from the Asus VivoBook Pro 16X OLED laptop, which I tested separately. The Asus laptop had an AMD Ryzen 7 5800H mobile processor, 16GB of RAM, an Nvidia GeForce RTX 3050 Ti graphics chip and a 1TB SSD.

To be fair, the Asus machine is designed for content creators, so it is not surprising that the business-centric HP ZBook did not score as well.

What the HP ZBook has going for it is an excellent keyboard layout that makes it easy to touch-type. There is ample space between keys to avoid accidental keystrokes. Plus, the keys offer good tactile feedback.

The Nvidia graphics chip onboard powers the 14-inch WUXGA (1,920 x 1,200) display. The screen has a narrow bezel and, at 250 nits, is bright enough to be used in most situations. The screen represents 100 per cent per cent DCI-P3 colour gamut, which is great for editing photos and videos.

HP has also included an integrated privacy screen. This way, you can prevent prying eyes from looking when working with sensitive information, say, on a plane as travel resumes.

The keyboard is well spaced out with good tactile feel. The fingerprint scanner is located just below the right arrow key. PHOTO: Wilson Wong
The integrated privacy screen feature helps prevent peeking from the side. It does darken the screen though. PHOTO: Wilson Wong

Danish audio company Bang & Olufsen tweaks the sound system for the ZBook. The audio is clear, although lacking in bass. It may have sounded better if the speakers are facing towards the front rather than downwards.

The laptop has a variety of ports with USB-A and a 3.5mm audio port on the right side, with two USB Type-C ports, one USB-A and one full-size HDMI port for the monitor or projector on the other side. I can charge the laptop via the Type-C thunderbolt ports on the left.

That said, you’ll need to buy a separate USB-Type C dongle if you require a SD card reader or wired network connection. So, do factor in the cost if these are important.

Enough ports for most users. You can expand the ports by purchasing a Type-C dongle. PHOTO: Wilson Wong

As a business-focused laptop, the ZBook Firefly G9 comes with features that you’d expect from a corporate-issued machine.

There is an embedded Tile Tracker to locate a lost ZBook, secure BIOS update over the network and various security and anti-malware apps that make the job of your organisation’s IT administrator easier.

There is a fingerprint scanner at the bottom right corner of the keyboard for secure and easy logins. I prefer power buttons with integrated fingerprint scanners because they serve both purposes of switching on the laptop and gaining access securely using my finger without having to search for the scanner.

One final thing to note is that the ZBook Firefly G9 runs warm after when pushed. It certainly did when I was running the performance tests. So, remember to prop it up for the internal fans to cool the hardware more efficiently.

Costing S$2,670, the ZBook Firefly G9 has great features for corporate users but they can be overkill for regular consumers. For content creators, there may also be other alternatives offer better screen resolution and a zippier graphics chip for video rendering.

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Killexams : Your Own Engineering Workstation, With Mame

There are some things that leave indelible impressions in your memory. One of those things, for me, was a technical presentation in 1980 I attended — by calling in a lot of favors — a presentation by HP at what is now the Stennis Space Center. I was a student and it took a few phone calls to wrangle an invite but I wound up in a state-of-the-art conference room with a bunch of NASA engineers watching HP tell us about all their latest and greatest. Not that I could afford any of it, mind you. What really caught my imagination that day was the HP9845C, a color graphics computer with a roughly $40,000 price tag. That was twice the average US salary for 1980. Now, of course, you have a much better computer — or, rather, you probably have several much better computers including your phone. But if you want to relive those days, you can actually recreate the HP9845C’s 1980-vintage graphics glory using, of all things, a game emulator.

The Machine

The HP9845C with a Colorful Soft Key Display

Keep in mind that the IBM PC was nearly two years away at this point and, even then, wouldn’t hold a candle to the HP9845C. Like many machines of its era, it ran BASIC natively — in fact, it used special microcode to run BASIC programs relatively quickly on its 16-bit 5.7 MHz CPU. The 560 x 455 pixel graphics system had its own CPU and you could max it out with a decadent 1.5 MB of RAM. (But not, alas, for $40,000 which got you — I think –128K or so.)

The widespread use of the computer mouse was still in the future, so the HP had that wonderful light pen. Mass storage was also no problem — there was a 217 kB tape drive and while earlier models had a second drive and a thermal printer optional, these were included in the color “C” model. Like HP calculators, you could slot in different ROMs for different purposes. There were other options such as a digitizer and even floppy discs.

The machines had a brief life, being superseded quickly by better computers. However, the computer managed to play a key role in making the 1983 movie Wargames and the predecessor, the HP9845B appeared on screen in Raise the Titanic.

According to the HP Museum, the 9845C wasn’t terribly reliable. The tape drives are generally victims of age after 40+ years, but the power supplies and memory also have their share of issues. Luckily, we are going to simulate our HP9845C, so we won’t have to deal with any of those problems.

One other cool feature of just about every HP computer from that era was the soft key system. These were typically built into the monitor or, sometimes, the keyboard and lined up with labels on the screen. So instead of remembering that F2 is the search command (or whatever), there would be a little label on the screen over the button that said “Search.” Great stuff!


When you think about simulating an old computer, you probably think of SimH. However, the HP machines were very graphical in nature, so the author of the HP9845C emulator made a different choice: MAME. You normally think of MAME as a video game emulator. However, if you want color graphics, ROM slots, and a light pen, MAME is a pretty good choice.

As you can see, you get a view of the 9845C monitor replete with soft keys and, if you enable it, even a light pen. You can load different images as ROMs and tapes. The only tricky part is the keyboard. The HP has a custom keyboard that works a bit different than a PC keyboard.

In particular, the HP computers were typically screen-oriented. So the Enter key was usually distinct from the key that told the computer you were ready for it to process. This leads to some interesting keyboard mappings.

Quick Start Guide

In fact, the page that has the most information about the emulator is a little hard to wade through, so this might help. First, you want to scroll down to the bottom and get the prebuilt emulators for Linux or Windows. You can build with MAME or use the stock versions — assuming your stock version has all the right options. But it is easier to just grab the prebuilt and they can coexist with other versions of MAME; even if you want to go a different route eventually, you probably should still start there.

The emulator is called 45c and, on Linux, I had to make it executable myself (chmod +x). Here is a typical command line:

./45c -magt1 tapes/demo1.hti -magt2 tapes/demo2.hti -ramsize 192k '-rom1 advprog' '-rom5 colorgfx' '-rom3 massd' '-rom4 strucprog' &

All of those tape and ROM files are in the distribution archive. You probably don’t need any of the ROMs, but I loaded them anyway. Add -window if you prefer not to run full screen. If you do that, you may also want to add -nounevenstretch and -nomax options to Strengthen appearance.

If you want to try the lightpen, use the -lightgun -lightgun_device_mouse option to turn your mouse into a lightpen. Note this will grab your mouse and you may need to use Alt+Tab or some other method to switch away from the emulator.

The keyboard mappings are listed on the web page but here are a few that are handy to know:

  • Enter – Continue
  • Right Shift+Enter – Store
  • Numeric Enter (or Right Shift+Enter) – Execute
  • Escape – Stop
  • Right Shift+Home – Clear screen

So faced with the prompt, you can enter something like:


Then press the numeric enter key to see the result. So this being a BASIC computer, you can enter:


Right? Well, yes, but then you need to press store (Right Shift+Enter)

If you have the tapes loaded as above (you can view the tape catalog with the CAT command), try this:

load "autost"
High tech graphics for 1980

Remember to use the numeric pad enter key after each line, not the normal enter key!

The king of the demos is the Space Shuttle graphic which was cutting edge in 1980. You could change various display and plot options using the soft keys.


Of course, the Space Shuttle is only fun for so long. There are many other demos on the same tape, but eventually you’ll want to play with something more interesting. The HP Museum has a good bit of software you can probably figure out how to load. You can’t get the software, but if you want to see what the state of gaming was on a $70,000 HP9845B in those days, [Terry Burlison] has some recollections and screen shots. You’ll also find tons of documents and other information on the main HP9845 site.

It would be really interesting if the emulator could drive an HP-IB card in the PC or a PI to drive all your old boat anchor test equipment. That might even let you connect a hard drive. Maybe.

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Killexams : HP Pavilion x360-13t Laptop

The HP Pavilion x360-13t is part of the Laptops & Chromebooks test program at Consumer Reports. In our lab tests, Laptops models like the Pavilion x360-13t are rated on multiple criteria, such as those listed below.

Portability Based on battery life under a mix of light and heavy tasks, size, and weight including the keyboard dock for detachable laptops.

Performance Based on performance while running productivity applications, multimedia applications, web browsing, and 3D games.

Display Covers display size, clarity, color, contrast, brightness, and glare.

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Killexams : The HP Pavilion laptop is only $660 today — save $320! No result found, try new keyword!If you're looking for a new laptop, you might want to take advantage of HP's $320 discount for the HP Pavilion, which brings the machine's price down to $660. Fri, 05 Aug 2022 05:11:52 -0500 en-us text/html Killexams : HP Coupon Codes August 2022

Shop Weekly Deals

For the hottest HP discount on all-in-one printers, laptops, desktops, Windows software, and more, their Weekly Deals section is here to help. Browse their best deals list to view rebate deals and save up to 50% on select products with the latest technology. Shop everything from HP Bluetooth recognition to drivers and you’ll even receive free shipping and easy returns on every purchase. If you're hunting for an amazing discount such as a 50-dollar laptop or some unbeatable desktop deals, this is the best place to look.

There’s no need to wait around for upcoming sales or HP laptop deals because when you check back weekly, you’re guaranteed to land a stellar product at a super-low price. On top of weekly deals, HP coupons, promo codes, and other offers can be used to save even more on your new laptop or PC. Make sure to enter your specific country, as discounts and shipping fees can vary depending on your location. If you're shopping from the United States be sure to search HP coupon USA or coupon code USA, so you can view the cheapest deals available in your region. 

Ink Delivered To Your Door

With the HP Instant Ink replacement service, your printer will automatically order ink when you’re low and they’ll ship it right to you! You’ll never have to worry about running out of ink again, and with five plans to choose from, you can save up to 50% off. With larger cartridges to avoid constant replacement, simple recycling, no annual fees, free shipping, and HP drivers to make all their printers easily compatible, this deal is a no-brainer. Free printing just got easier. 

Just purchase an eligible printer, sign up, and instantly get $10 in credits! Be sure to purchase your monthly plan with an HP coupon or discount code to make the most out of your subscription.

Price Match Promise

They want you to have the best products and prices every time you shop HP. If they lower the price of a product you’ve purchased, and it’s still in stock, you can contact them to request a credit for the difference, no questions asked. 

If you’re shopping for a new product and find it at a lower price somewhere else, call their support team to request a price match and to complete your new purchase, as these requests cannot be done online. Don’t forget to have your HP promotion code on hand so you can even more on that brand new HP monitor for your computer or big screen.

Recycle With The HP Trade-in Program

When your HP spectre x360, envy x360, omen, or elitebook reaches the end of its life, there’s an easy solution to keeping the environment safe and getting what you really want. Their repair, reuse, and recycling programs are in place to ensure everything is repurposed to keep them working hard, either at your fingertips or utilized in a brand new product. 

Recycle your old products, trade them in for credit towards new HP products, return them for cash, or allow them to completely erase the data from your device before it begins anew. Be sure to check online for location-specific information on how you can recycle your unwanted items for a great HP deal to score something amazing!

Join The Club

Looking for an even better way to maximize your purchase? Look no further than the HP rewards program to make money, while spending money! With their exclusive rewards program you can save up to 3% on every eligible purchase by earning 1 point for every 1$ you spend on your order. Collect your points and use them to purchase any qualifying rewards product. Registering is easy, simply create an account by providing your name and email address, and you instantly receive 100 points just for becoming a member! Shortly after joining you will receive an email, detailing your benefits and any rewards membership information you need to know to get you started. 

Business Discounts

If you're looking to start your own business, there's no better way to save than by joining the HP business club. By signing up you automatically receive the best deals, personalized products and bundles, free shipping, insider discounts, and amazing savings on their wide selection of tech products. While you’ll be saving plenty with every order, the more you shop using your business membership, the higher you’ll climb in Business tiers and the more perks you’ll receive. Hop on their website to register for free and unlock endless benefits to help you succeed with your business in no time. 

Stay In The Loop

Nowadays, staying connected couldn't be easier. With social media, email, and text, there's always a way to stay connected from wherever you are. HP takes pride in offering you not only the highest quality tech but also the most affordable deals on the market, so you can rest assured that you're getting the best there is. With so many ways to save, you can ensure to save yourself a few dollars off your purchase when you sign up for their email newsletter. You can get all kinds of email offers and updates on new arrivals and promo codes sent directly to your inbox! You’ll also be the first to know of any annual deals or events near you, so you never have to miss out on buying a top-tier HP product. With all these deals, you’ll know that you’re getting only the best of the best. Sign up now so you won't miss a deal!

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Return Policy

Dedicated to bringing you only the best shopping experience from start to finish, if your HP laser printer, laptop, or accessory isn’t working out, they will make every effort to assist you with your request. Their return policy on most products is available within 30 days of delivery, but be sure to check your specific order details for more information, especially if your item was purchased during an HP sale. To initiate your return, please contact the HP customer service team through phone number, online, or via live chat to receive your authorization.

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Killexams : Best HP touchscreen laptop

Which HP touch-screen laptop is best?

For many users, a laptop needs to offer versatility and accessibility, catering to those who use a machine for work or entertainment. A touch-screen laptop combines power and accessibility, serving users who enjoy streaming, browsing, collaborating, gaming and even working. 

One of the computer industry leaders, HP features a range of touch-screen laptops for a variety of purposes. The Elitebook 850 G8 is HP’s latest top option, although it best serves business uses. Power, size and how and where you use your laptop will all influence finding the best HP touch-screen model available. 

What to know before you buy an HP touch-screen laptop

Who will benefit from a touch-screen laptop?

Some users will benefit more than others from touch-screen laptops. Those who have a set workstation or desk at home may not find the versatility of a touch-screen laptop useful. On the other hand, for those who may enjoy browsing and enjoying content from the bed, couch or on the move, a touch-screen laptop offers immense convenience.

They are ideal for shopping online, watching content or playing games. Concerning work, those in design or other creative fields or anyone in a situation where they may need to collaborate and work with others will find a touch screen to make such tasks more efficient and precise. For more information on what else HP can offer, check out the buying guide at BestReviews.

Operating system

Most HP touch-screen laptops feature Windows 10, a popular and trusted operating system that typically comes with trials for security software as well as Microsoft Office. However, for those on a budget, or anyone who enjoys Google products, HP also offers a handful of touch-screen Chromebooks. Using Google OS, Chromebooks require a regular internet connection since most programs are online. These tend to be inexpensive, lightweight and low on storage.


HP touch-screen laptops range in size from around 10 inches up to 17 inches; size is measured from one diagonal to the other. The size will influence weight and portability — smaller options are easier to wield and take with you on the go, but it limits the field of view and interaction. 

Consider how you’ll use the laptop and what other devices you may have. For example, if you have a sizable monitor or a large TV that a laptop may connect to or cast to, a smaller option is likely ideal. On the other hand, if the touch-screen laptop is mostly used at home, maybe a large option is more viable.

What to look for in a quality HP touch-screen laptop

Convertible model

Convertible laptops feature a hinge that allows the device to open 180 degrees and sit flat on a surface or flipped over completely and be used as a tablet. This design allows for more versatile and convenient usages, especially when working with others or relaxing on a couch. In addition, the hinge is rigorously tested for durability and functionality.


Consider the RAM and storage options when investing in a new touchscreen laptop. Most HP models offer 8GB or 16GB of memory; more memory allows for smoother multitasking and the ability to switch between more intensive programs with ease. A couple of options offer 32GB for intense usage.

Most touchscreen laptops offer either 265GB or 512GB of storage, although a handful offer 1TB at a higher cost and increased size. Again, consider how often you’re working online and saving items against what kind of files you will keep on your laptop offline. For those with an external hard drive, a touch-screen laptop with a lot of storage may not be necessary.


Note the ports available on the laptop and what devices you may need to connect. Most feature at least one HDMI or DisplayPort input, both of which offer high-speed, faithful transmission of audio and video. At least one USB port is likely to be included as well. 

How much you can expect to spend on an HP touch-screen laptop

HP touch-screen laptops vary widely in price due to size, power and usage. Chromebooks are on the lower end for around $300, while high-performance models can cost up to and more than $1,000.

HP touch-screen laptop FAQ

What’s the difference between the HP Envy series and HP Spectre series?

A. The HP Envy series features touch-screen laptops of both the traditional clamshell variety, which folds and opens like a normal laptop as well as the convertible form. Spectre touch-screen laptops currently are all convertible. Generally, Envy laptops start at a lower price and are suited for varied, casual use, while Spectre models are geared toward more intensive performance.

What kind of security features come with HP touch-screen laptops?

A. Most laptops feature a fingerprint reader to grant access, while some also include a facial recognition scanner to operate. Moreover, for those concerned about privacy online, certain models feature a webcam Kill Switch button to shut down video as well as a mute button to secure conversations. Finally, for those working, some options come with HP Wolf Security for Business to offer even more freedom and peace of mind for those working.

What’s the best HP touch-screen laptop to buy?

Top HP touch-screen laptop

Elitebook 850 G8

Elitebook 850 G8

What you need to know: Versatile, durable and feature-packed, this high-end touch-screen laptop is a workhouse for those on the go.

What you’ll love: This business model features lightweight, strong construction despite its modest 15-inch screen. Its 16GB RAM allows for multitasking, while a lengthy battery and spill-resistant keyboard hold up to long days of work.

What you should consider: This laptop is expensive and lacks a convertible hinge design.

Where to buy: Sold by HP and Amazon

Top HP touch-screen laptop for the money

Pavilion X360

Pavilion X360

What you need to know: This compact, budget-friendly 2-in-1 laptop is for those seeking convenience and affordability in a device.

What you’ll love: Functions as a laptop or tablet; its 14-inch screen is worthy for streaming or browsing on your own. Includes HDMI port and two USB slots. Fairly lightweight and priced well.

What you should consider: It lacks power and memory for intensive multitasking and work.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Worth checking out

Envy X360

Envy X360

What you need to know: An efficient and versatile laptop that comes at a midrange price, it is terrific for multitaskers who embrace entertainment and creativity.

What you’ll love: This convertible 13-inch touchscreen laptop is ideal for frequent, casual use wherever you are. Impressive graphics welcome light gaming and streaming content. It is lightweight and durable.

What you should consider: Its smaller screen may limit some usage. Increased storage and brightness raise the price.

Where to buy: Sold by HP

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Killexams : HP Victus 15 Review Tue, 12 Jul 2022 16:05:00 -0500 en text/html Killexams : HP ZBook Firefly 15 G8: Versatile workstation for office power users

Today’s office power users require sturdy laptops in the top echelon of both CPU and GPU performance but ones they can just carry around and use anywhere – from conference rooms to industrial job sites.

These mobile workstations are especially sought after by architects, designers, and content creators – people who push the typical business PC past its breaking point.

ZBook Firefly 15 G8

Powerful and sleek. The HP ZBook FireFly G8 has a powerful processor, pro-level graphics, amazing display, plus premium look and feel – thanks to its aluminum and magnesium dark gray exterior, with a Z logo on the lid.

In support of this demanding niche, HP has come out with the ZBook Firefly 15 G8. Known for being the smallest and lightest of the company’s Z-series of mobile workstations, the generation-8 version weighs 2.98 lbs., and features a 15.6-inch diagonal FHD display. It has pretty much the same thin casing as the previous version but with a premium Ultrabook look and feel to it, thanks to its aluminum and magnesium dark gray exterior, complemented with an eye-catching Z logo on the lid.

Workstation-class specs 

The ZBook Firefly 15 G8 sports an 11th Generation Intel® Core™ i5 processor, with up to i7 highest supportability. This enables power users to enjoy accelerated computing for easy creation, editing, and sharing of 4K content.

With up to 64GB of memory and up to 2TB SSD storage, the device packs optimal memory power for crunching through heavy workloads such as creating large PowerPoint decks, mining data from Excel pivot tables, and opening hi-res files – even simultaneously when needed, without freezes or slowdowns.

Those into high level visuals would particularly love this ZBook’s pro-level NVIDIA® T500 (4G DDR6) graphics plus its color-accurate DreamColor display. It is perfect for 2D design workflows and when using Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe InDesign, and Adobe XD.

ZBook Firefly 15 G8

True mobility. HP’s lightest 15.6” ZBook is for professionals who push the typical business PC past its breaking point – from inside conference rooms to outdoor job sites.

Meanwhile, the ability of this ZBook to review 2D and 3D content from anywhere, using SketchUp, Autodesk Revit, and SOLIDWORKS, would definitely grab the attention of architects and designers.

Power features 

The ZBook Firefly 15 G8 runs on pre-installed Windows 11 Pro, which IT admins use for its IT security features, customization, easier updates, and more.

Indeed, a major feature of the device is its advanced security features. It has a physical webcam shutter, a self-healing BIOS that automatically recovers from attacks or corruption, as well as built-in HP Sure Click and HP Sure Sense, which protect against a variety of threats. On top of this, power users may also set a BIOS-level password and implement DriveLock security features. 

Another exceptional feature of the ZBook Firefly 15 G8 is its battery life. Through a variety of power-saving measures, such as its FHD 40012nits low power display, the device is able to last up to 14 hours without having to be recharged. 

The device has a full-size keyboard, which has been re-imagined with rubber domes, an ambient light-sensing backlight, and a quiet clickpad – all to enable users with a more comfortable, intuitive, and focused experience.

For inquiries on the ZBook Firefly 15 G8, visit:


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Killexams : Using ‘White Box’ Workstations with Medical Devices Does Not Compute for This IT Company

The practice puzzles IT experts like Edwiges Demello of Momentum Microsystems, a software and hardware systems integrator based in Fremont, CA. “Manufacturers need to take the same consideration when selecting the computer system that they do for making the device,” says Demello, the chief technical officer for Momentum. “They will go to great lengths to find the perfect tube, with the perfect bend and materials, for a medical instrument. Then they put a white box there, and they don’t do the research, while companies like HP do.”

A white box is the term Demello and others use for a non-branded computer that is assembled from a motherboard and other purchased parts. The device manufacturer then either integrates the assembled computer with the actual medical instrument or connects it as a standalone component. Using white boxes can lead to both hardware and software problems, according to Demello. For example, “a lot of software had major issues when hyperthreading was introduced in a CPU. Sometimes, hyperthreading may work well on dual-core and not quad-core processors.” She adds that video images may also suffer “because the graphic cards have different amounts of memory that could impact the display of crucial medical information.”

Momentum Micro launched in 1991and signed its first device client about 10 years ago, Demello says. The company has been working with Hewlett-Packard since 2003 to supply standalone workstations for medical devices made by customers such as Heidelberg Engineering and BD Biosciences.

Stability and Control

Manufacturers have one overriding reason for using a custom-built computer, says Dan Olsen, marketing and business development manager for Hewlett-Packard’s workstation global business unit in Fort Collins, CO. “A lot of healthcare OEMs have historically ‘gone white-box’ because of the desire to keep things stable and to maintain control of their configuration.”

The need for stability is tied to FDA approval. The microelectronics industry and the device industry are world’s apart in terms of product development speed. FDA’s device approval process can take several years, while computer manufacturers and chipmakers introduce new models and faster microprocessors every year or so. “The computer is part of the instrument, and the instrument goes through the FDA process. Everything has to be closely monitored,” Demello says.

Roger Smith, a 21-year veteran of the medical device industry, says that his company had to take into account the contrasting paces of technological change and the regulatory process when designing its blood diagnostics instrument. Given the need for FDA approval, the device manufacturer noted the computer’s “very short lifetime” versus the instrument’s “fairly long lifetime,” says Smith. “We decided that our regulatory process would be easier if the computer was separate from the instrument.” The company simply “didn’t have the staff, the warehouse, the floor space. And it wasn’t our main focus to be doing computer integration,” he notes.

Smith says his company’s chief competitor “made its first desktop instrument, more or less equivalent to ours, with a built-in computer. That was really a big nightmare for them.” As a result, the competitor decided to use a separate workstation and “went the white-box route.” Smith says his company “didn’t want to go that route,” believing it was more cost efficient to find an outside computer supplier.

Real Benefit Is Service

There are advantages to both approaches, according to Smith. “The advantage of having an OEM box is that the customer doesn’t know what’s in it. And in some ways you don’t want the customer to know because it doesn’t make any difference whether it’s the latest and greatest hardware or not.” Having decided to tap an outside supplier, Smith’s device company initially used Apple Macintosh computers, which created problems when rapid technological churn clashed with the diagnostic instrument’s life cycle.

“One of the problems we had with the Mac was the customers wanted the latest and greatest,” Smith says. “It became a selling problem, because we were still selling older computers, which were perfectly fine for the application, but they wanted a newer product.”

Smith’s company had been using a Texas-based systems integrator, but the long-range nature of the business arrangement made it difficult to sustain, he says. Around 2000 the company decided to dispense with the Mac and find a local integrator, “and we came across Momentum. It turned out to be a very good fit for the company. It was local, and we could have weekly meetings with them in person.”

Smith pinpoints one key benefit that device manufacturers derive from using a systems integrator and a brand-name computer vendor. “The real issue is service,” he says.” Post-sales maintenance for white-box computers wasn’t a problem for customers in the United States, he says. “But if you’re selling a computer worldwide like our company is, then service became a real issue. If you were in, say, Czechoslovakia and the box broke, nobody could fix it. We ended up having to ship the box back, or the company had to keep spares.

“So, your service became a hassle,” Smith adds, “and ultimately it cost more in the long to use a white box because of the service hassle than it did for us to use, say, an HP computer.” In fact, he says the company “had really good luck” with the HP workstations. “They’ve been really reliable, the life cycle’s been good, and service has been good. Even in Europe out in the boonies we can get good service from HP. That saved us more money in the long run by going with the name brand.”

HP’s Olsen says the computer manufacturer is aware of the distinctive challenge posed by working with healthcare providers. “Regulatory certification, whether its FDA in the U.S. or agencies in other countries, is one of the biggest issues for the medical device manufacturer, and that flows on down to us, the workstation manufacturer,” he says.

‘Stability of Configuration’

HP addresses that challenge by offering “stability of configuration,” Olsen says. Changes to a workstation that could affect the software image “generally means a recertification with FDA. That’s a lot of pain for the medical device manufacturer. So HP has developed what we call ‘stable and consistent offerings.’ That’s an official program HP has developed.”

Olsen says the company’s Z400, Z600, and Z800 series workstations have three-year life cycles. Introduced in 2009, the line will be for sale into 2012. “But inside of that three years, for instance, Intel will have three different revisions of their processors. So to medical OEMs that now looks like three one-year life cycles, and one year is a pretty short period in their world. The stable-and-consistent program is where HP has chosen a subset of the major components in the workstation that could impact the software images—like the microprocessors—and we basically freeze those and make them available all the way to the end of the workstation’s life.”

As a result, Olsen continues, “a medical OEM can choose a configuration of one of our workstations, and it will now get that same configuration all the way till the end of life.” Manufactured for high-end third-party use, the workstations are designed for 2D and 3D medical imaging and picture archiving and communications systems (PACS) in radiological, surgical, and diagnostic applications.

Jim Niemi, partner business manager for HP, started working with Momentum in 2003, when the computer manufacturer and systems integrator began calling on specific medical device customers. Together, they developed a turnkey solution for Momentum’s first medical device client, which manufactures diagnostic machines for blood analysis. “Momentum was able to work with HP and get the right configured machine, sell and implement it, and have an order track and a turnkey solution within 24 hours,” Niemi says. “HP doesn’t have that kind of speed for a custom-configured machine. That’s why it was a good thing that we work with a company like Momentum, because they have the speed and flexibility to deliver the solution within a 12- or 24-hour time frame. They have it available in their warehouse ready to go.”

As a systems integrator, Momentum specializes in managing a product’s entire life cycle, acting as a single point-of-contact for IT assets. The company installs standard and customized operating systems, including back-up programs and server management software. The company consolidates end-of-life information in one electronic mailbox in order to enable suppliers to notify Momentum of product changes, and its sales team identifies any affected customer orders. Momentum is in the process of adding to its ISO 9001:2008 status to the ISO 13485 certification, Demello says.

“An integrator can help you keep the life cycle of the computer and keep you informed of when components are going out of life and when you might have to go into another development cycle,” Smith says. “That’s a real advantage.”

Having worked with several device companies in the last 10 years, Demello says the company has gained valuable experience that can help manufacturers lower costs and Strengthen their ability  “to take care of the business they’re in, which is medical devices, and not the computer integration business.”

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Recommended by Our Editors

Even if your computing needs are handled at the moment, it’s worth checking this sale to review HP's available monitors—if you’ve been considering adding a second and a third display to your workstation or home office, HP has a variety of multi-monitor bundles on sale that’ll get you two full-HD screens for as little as $135 per panel(Opens in a new window). Just need a single new display? We like the 27-inch FHD micro-edge screen with VGA and HDMI ports for just $129(Opens in a new window).

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Monitors, wireless mice, keyboards, headsets, USB microphones, and software(Opens in a new window) are all on sale during this holiday promotion as well, many of which receive an extra 5% discount when you add them to a purchase that includes a new PC. (As if you need another reason to click “add to cart.”) Don’t forget to sign up for HP Rewards Points, because many sale products will still include that 3% of your purchase price applied via points to your next purchase. Barbecues and long weekends are great, but savings on top of savings on top of savings make for some real financial fireworks. 

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