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Exam Code: ECSAv10 Practice exam 2022 by Killexams.com team
ECSAv10 EC-Council Certified Security Analyst

ECSA v10 exam info: Credit Towards Certification: ECSA v10
Number of Questions: 150
Passing Score: 70%
Test Duration: 4 Hours

You are an ethical hacker. In fact, you are a Certified Ethical Hacker. Your last name is Pwned. You dream about enumeration and you can scan networks in your sleep. You have sufficient knowledge and an arsenal of hacking tools and you are also proficient in writing custom hacking code.

The ECSA program offers a seamless learning progress, continuing where the CEH program left off.
Unlike most other pen-testing programs that only follow a generic kill chain methodology; the ECSA presents a set of distinguishable comprehensive methodologies that are able to cover different pentesting requirements across different verticals.

1 Penetration Testing Essential Concepts
• Computer Network Fundamentals
• Network Security Controls and Devices
• Windows and Linux Security
• Web Application and Web Server Architecture and Operations
• Web Application Security Mechanisms
• Information Security Attacks
• Information Security Standards
2 Introduction to Penetration
Testing Methodologies
• Penetration Testing Process and Methodologies & Benefits
• Types, Areas and Selection of Pentesting
3 Penetration Testing Scoping and Engagement Methodology
• Penetration Testing Scoping and Rules and Engagement
• Penetration Testing Engagement Contract and Preparation
4 Open-Source Intelligence (OSINT)
• OSINT Through World Wide Web (WWW), Website Analysis, DNS Interrogation
• Automating your OSINT Effort Using Tools/Frameworks/Scripts
5 Social Engineering Penetration
Testing Methodology
• Social Engineering Penetration Testing Techniques & Steps
• Social Engineering Penetration testing using E
6 Network Penetration Testing
Methodology – External
• External Network Information & Reconnaissance
• Scanning, and Exploitation
7 Network Penetration Testing
Methodology – Internal
• Internal Network Information Reconnaissance and Scanning
• Internal Network Enumeration and Vulnerability Scanning
• Local and Remote System Exploitation
8 Network Penetration Testing
Methodology - Perimeter Devices
• Firewall Security Assessment Techniques
• iDs Security Assessment Techniques
• Router and Switch Security Assessment Techniques
9 Web Application Penetration
Testing Methodology
• Web Application Content Discovery and Vulnerability Scanning
• SQL Injection Vulnerability Penetration Testing
• XSS, Parameter Tampering, Weak
Cryptography, Security Misconfiguration and Client side scripting, vulnerabilities penetration techniques
• Authentication, Authorization, session, Web Server Vulnerabilities Penetration Testing
10 Database Penetration Testing
• Database Penetration Testing Techniques & Information Reconnaissance
• Database Enumeration & Exploitation
11 Wireless Penetration Testing
• WLAN Penetration Testing Techniques
• RFID and NFC Penetration Testing Techniques
• Mobile Device Penetration Testing Techniques
• loT Penetration Testing Techniques
12 Cloud Penetration Testing
• Cloud Specific Penetration Testing Techniques and Recommendations
• Cloud Specific Penetration Testing Methods
13 Report Writing and Post Testing
• Penetration Testing Report Writing Process
• Penetration Testing Reporting Formats

EC-Council Certified Security Analyst
EC-Council EC-Council approach
Killexams : EC-Council EC-Council approach - BingNews https://killexams.com/pass4sure/exam-detail/ECSAv10 Search results Killexams : EC-Council EC-Council approach - BingNews https://killexams.com/pass4sure/exam-detail/ECSAv10 https://killexams.com/exam_list/EC-Council Killexams : Higher carbon costs expected as EU revamps ETS [Gas in Transition]


The EU institutions are currently negotiating far reaching reforms to the EU’s Emissions Trading System (EU ETS) which look set to make carbon allowances more expensive for polluters including in the gas sector. [Gas in Transition, Volume 2, Issue 7]

by: Andreas Walstad

The Council of the EU, representing the EU member states, and the European parliament, recently adopted their respective proposals for EU emissions trading system (ETS) reforms which means negotiations on a final dossier have now begun. The reforms are of high importance for the gas industry. Prices for EU allowances have increased substantially over the years and are currently trading around €80/metric ton. The surge in prices, owing to regulatory reforms and a tighter cap on the supply and availability of allowances, initially gave gas-fired power generators an advantage over coal plants which emit more CO2 and whose operators have to purchase more allowances to cover emissions. However, the sharp rise...

Sun, 31 Jul 2022 19:20:00 -0500 text/html https://www.naturalgasworld.com/higher-carbon-costs-expected-as-eu-revamps-ets-gas-in-transition-99957
Killexams : EU parliament votes to consider some nuclear and gas power environmentally sustainable

The European Parliament Wednesday voted to advance legislation which would include certain gas and nuclear energy-related activities in the European Union (EU) list of environmentally sustainable activities. This inclusion, subject to strict conditions, aims to enable EU members’ transition to climate neutrality by 2050.

In 2020 the EU passed the Taxonomy Regulation, setting out a classification system of environmentally sustainable activities. The regulation lists six environmental objectives: climate change mitigation, climate change adaptation, the sustainable use and protection of water and marine resources, the transition to a circular economy, pollution prevention and control, and the protection and restoration of biodiversity and ecosystems. Activities contributing “substantially” to one or more of these objectives while not harming any of them are considered environmentally sustainable.

The taxonomy seeks to guide private investment toward sustainable activities and does not dictate which energy sources EU member states are to use.

The European Commission (EC) passed the first Delegated Regulation in 2021, providing clear criteria for environmentally sustainable activities in sectors such as energy from solar, wind, ocean, geothermal, bioenergy and hydropower sources. However, the EC excluded nuclear power in the 2021 regulation since a scientific assessment of the effects of nuclear power was ongoing at the time. Similarly, gas power was excluded since “further reflection was needed on how to address the role of gas in the decarbonisation of the [EU’s] economy.”

On February 2 the EC presented a Complementary Delegated Regulation covering these two areas in light of a completed scientific analysis by the EC’s Joint Research Centre. While noting that nuclear energy activities were low-carbon and a part of many EU members’ efforts to decarbonize by 2050, the text laid down “clear and strict conditions,” subject to which certain nuclear and gas energy-related activities could be added as “transitional activities,” to the list of activities in the first Delegated Regulation.

These conditions include contributing to the “transition to climate neutrality,” fulfilling “nuclear and environmental safety requirements” (for nuclear) and contributing to the “transition from coal to renewables” (for gas). Moreover, the regulation introduces disclosure requirements to allow investors to make informed choices about investments involving gas or nuclear activities.

The European Parliament and the Council were given four months to veto the regulation. For the Council, this means at least 20 EU members representing at least 65% of the EU population voting against the regulation, while for the European Parliament, it means at least 353 of its 705 members voting against it. Since neither the European Parliament nor the Council has vetoed the regulation, it will enter into force on 1 January 2023.

The EC welcomed the latter’s vote not to veto the regulation, stating it was a recognition of the EC’s “pragmatic and realistic approach” towards climate neutrality.

Thu, 07 Jul 2022 01:22:00 -0500 Ananya Upadhya | National Law U. Delhi, IN en text/html https://www.jurist.org/news/2022/07/eu-parliament-votes-to-consider-some-nuclear-and-gas-power-environmentally-sustainable/
Killexams : California Institute of Arts & Technology

CIAT Pioneers A One-Of-A-Kind Cybersecurity Bachelor's Degree

Rethink your approach to education. California Institute of Arts & Technology offers a unique approach to what has been traditionally expected of a four-year degree. Students can earn in-demand industry IT certifications with each set of technical courses and graduates complete their programs positioned to compete for in-demand technology jobs. CIAT's custom designed curriculum positions certification exam preparation from CompTIA, Microsoft, Cisco, Amazon, Google, EC Council and more, at the core of the learning experience to ensure students are well prepared to meet employer demands.

Our Applied Bachelor's Degree in Computer Information Systems – Cybersecurity Concentration Track – is designed to help you launch or advance a successful IT career specializing in cybersecurity.

Get Skilled:

Tackle both your short-term and long-term goals together. Build your technical skills, get certified, and start your new career quickly, all while working towards your degree. CIAT delivers a combination of practical, hands-on, and theoretical training for a comprehensive education that leaves you empowered and ready to impress employers. On campus or 100% online, CIAT supporting students with small class sizes, interactive labs, and the personalized attention that boosts confidence in technical skill building.

Get Certified:

Stack your resume with the maximum number of industry certifications to unlock the highest salaries and competitive career opportunities. Our Cybersecurity Concentration Track – prepares students to earn up to 17 certifications, including:

  • CompTIA: ITF+, A+, Network+, Security+, Linux+
  • Microsoft: MTA Windows Operating Systems, MTA Windows Server Administration, Azure Administrator Associate, Azure Security Engineer
  • Amazon: AWS Cloud Practitioner, AWS Solutions Architect, AWS Security Specialty
  • Cisco: CCNA and DevNet
  • EC Council: Certified Ethical Hacker
  • IC2: Certified Information Systems Security Professional

All certification exam vouchers are included in the cost of tuition and our unlimited certification exam policy removes barriers to student achievement.

Get Hired:

Designed for the working professional, CIAT enables students to get started early – before graduation – into entry level tech positions, so they can advance in the workforce as well as in the classroom. We focus on rapid entry into the workforce to put your new tech skills to work in as little as 15 weeks, then help you advance your career with additional training and industry certifications.

Our Applied Bachelor's Degree in Computer Information Systems – Cybersecurity Concentration Track – prepares students for potential roles such as:

  • Cybersecurity Engineer
  • Cybersecurity Analyst
  • IT Security Analyst
  • Network Architect
  • IT Systems Administrator
  • IT Support Specialist
  • And more...

Student Success:

"I want to say that I owe my livelihood to this school. They were able to help me pass CompTIA Security+ 501. I had taken the test 5 times and paying out of pocket each time prior to attending this school. With their mentoring and tireless efforts to not let me give up, they provided me the tools I needed to pass. They offered me free tutoring at a time that was convenient for my schedule and offered free test prep classes and software. The school even paid for my vouchers which saved me hundreds of dollars. What school does that? I would highly recommend this school for any potential student looking for a degree or certification." – Mathew M. Active Student, Class of '21

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Investing in your education can be one of the smartest investments you make on the path to a more prosperous and fulfilling future. Take advantage of a wide range of financing options including federal aid, private loans, military benefits, scholarships, or affordable monthly plans to build an achievable education plan. Plan your future ROI from day one.

Awards & Accreditation:

  • Intelligent.com awarded CIAT top ranking status in their Cybersecurity Program review as "Best For Industry Certifications", based on curriculum quality, graduation rate, reputation, and post-graduate employment.
  • EC Council, the world's largest cybersecurity technical certification organization, awarded CIAT the Circle of Excellence Award two years in a row for our Certified Ethical Hacker certification training courses and career-ready curriculum.
  • CIAT has proudly earned accreditation from the Accrediting Council for Continuing Education & Training (ACCET). We've earned this validation through an evaluation of our overall mission, quality of education we provide and the reputation of our faculty. ACCET is listed by the U.S. Department of Education as a nationally recognized accrediting agency.

California Institute of Arts & Technology

San Diego, CA

(877) 559-3621

Fri, 07 May 2021 04:52:00 -0500 en text/html https://www.newsweek.com/insights/leading-cybersecurity-programs-2021/california-institute-arts-technology
Killexams : European Commission proposes overhaul of blood, tissues and cells regulation
| 18 July 2022 | By Jeff Craven  The European Commission (EC) last week proposed to overhaul the EU’s regulations on substances of human origin (SoHO) to Strengthen the quality and safety of substances that are part of treatments and therapies like blood transfusions, stem cell transplants for blood cancers and medically assisted reproduction therapies such as in vitro fertilization (IVF).
The regulation, which is part of the European Health Union initiative, would not only cover better quality and safety measures for substances made from made from blood, tissues and cells, but also donated products such as breast milk and microbiota. Solid organs for transplantation are not covered under the new proposal and will continue to be regulated under a separate directive, the Commission noted.
“Every year, millions of EU citizens need either a blood transfusion during surgery or after an accident, bone marrow transplants to treat leukaemia or cycles of IVF to become parents. These are just a few examples of how important these treatments are,” Stella Kyriakides, Commissioner for Health and Food Safety, stated in a press release. “They form a critical part of healthcare systems across the EU and the stronger rules we are proposing today will ensure that our citizens can count on the highest standards of quality and safety of these vital products, whether it is for cancer care or emergency surgery. COVID-19 has showed us very clearly how important it is to have resilient health systems, today we are adding yet another important piece to our European Health Union.”
Serving as a comprehensive revision to the existing legal framework, the new regulation adds responsive technical rules for safety and quality of SoHO based on current risks and technologies, protections for donors and offspring, improved oversight requirement harmonization across EU Member States, greater support of innovation and measures for increased resilience of supply chains.
Specifically, the proposed regulation will allow new SoHO to automatically fall within the purview of the regulation, and new rules will be written by scientific experts within that SoHO’s given field. An entity working with SoHO in a capacity involving safety and quality will be required to register with their competent authority and are subject to additional requirements and inspections if they are involved in processing and storing SoHO. The EC said oversight requirements will be proportionate and based on risk for each SoHO to limit additional burdens on competent authorities. The creation of a digital EU SoHO Platform will allow authorities and stakeholders to communicate relevant information and serves as a “a central hub for access to information on registrations, authorisations and technical guidelines.”
In addition, the regulation will establish common authorization procedures for SoHO across the EU and create a SoHO Coordination Board (SCB) as an advisory body that will provide advice on regulatory status. “The SCB will develop common good practices for inspection and vigilance, provide advice on the applicability of the Regulation, and generally support the competent authorities in the oversight of the sector,” the EC wrote in a question-and-answer document. “The SCB will also increase cross-sector coherence and legal clarity by liaising with expert bodies and corresponding bodies in other legal frameworks regarding any regulatory borderline issues that might arise.
Some aspects of the old regulation will remain, the EC noted, such as the full competence by Member States to make organizing and ethnical decisions on using SoHO within their own health systems.
The goal of the updated regulation is increased protections for patients, donors and offspring while also promoting innovation, the EC noted in their press release.
“The proposal strikes a balance that protects donors from exploitation and from risks to their own health, while ensuring that they are not discouraged from donating. The approach builds on the principle of voluntary and unpaid donation and on published work by the Council of Europe and it promotes the approach of ensuring ‘financial neutrality' for donors,” they wrote.
Fact Sheet, Q&A


© 2022 Regulatory Affairs Professionals Society.
Sun, 17 Jul 2022 11:59:00 -0500 en text/html https://www.raps.org/news-and-articles/news-articles/2022/7/european-commission-proposes-overhaul-of-blood-tis
Killexams : Break stereotypes, beliefs that undermine role of women in peace and security – Peace Council

The National Peace Council (NPC) says for women to effectively play their expected roles to attain sustainable peace, there should be a structured effort to include them in decision-making processes.

The Council said this could be achieved if beliefs and stereotypes that undermine their roles in peace and security are broken and included in decision-making positions.

Suallah Abdallah Quandah, the Executive Secretary of the Bono Regional Peace Council, stressed that the outcome of the participation of women in peace processes is a durable and better implementation of agreements, hence the need to ensure nothing serves as a barrier to their involvement in the processes.

Break stereotypes, beliefs that undermine role of women in peace and security – Peace Council
Suallah Abdallah Quandah, Executive Secretary, Bono Region Peace Council

He made the remarks at the third Gender, Conflict, and Peace-Building seminar in honour of the late Queen-mother of the Sunyani Traditional Area, Nana Yaa Nyamaa II.

The seminar at the auditorium of the University of Energy and Natural Resources in Sunyani was themed: “Towards Gendered Peace-building Processes for Sustainable Peace”.

Break stereotypes, beliefs that undermine role of women in peace and security – Peace Council

It was attended by women groups from the public services, security services, academia, political heads, NGOs, and family members of the late Queen-mother, among others.

The Executive Secretary said the late Queen-mother, who was a council member, played key roles in conflict resolution and peace-building in the region. He said it reaffirmed their position that when women are part of peace-building processes, sustainable peace is achievable.

He noted that the seminar, which aimed at training women in conflict resolution, also sensitised them on their roles, know their bottlenecks, and how to address their challenges, including low self-esteem.

“We must focus on improving the access to education of girls and all young people, providing a secure environment for them to learn, breaking down gender stereotypes in school curricula and teacher training programs, advancing understanding, tolerance, and solidarity, and ultimately spreading a culture of gender equality which will lead to a culture of peace,” he said.

Break stereotypes, beliefs that undermine role of women in peace and security – Peace Council

Abdallah Quandah further charged all stakeholders to work to increase investment in building the capacity of women organizations and local civil society networks, working in conflict and post-conflict settings.

“How do we achieve sustainable peace if half of the population are not deeply involved in peace-building processes”, he asked, and added that they want to bring everybody on board -irrespective of one’s sex, social economic background, and religion since peace-building is the responsibility of all.”

The Bono Regional Executive secretary of the Peace Council noted that if they could fully tap the knowledge, expertise, and strength of women, they would be able to achieve sustainable peace.

He, therefore, said the Peace Council would continue to play a leading role in fostering an environment that recognizes and promotes women’s rights by engaging both genders in their quest for peaceful and non-violent societies.

Break stereotypes, beliefs that undermine role of women in peace and security – Peace Council
Theresah Adjei Mensah, Nana Yaa Nyamaa II Foundation

Speaking on behalf of the Nana Yaa Nyamaa II Foundation, Theresa Adjei Mensah said the Foundation appreciates the continuous effort by the Peace Council to honor the late Queen-mother, who worked towards peace and security.

She assured them that the Foundation would also continue to work to ensure that her legacy lives on.

Tue, 02 Aug 2022 09:28:00 -0500 en-US text/html https://www.myjoyonline.com/break-stereotypes-beliefs-that-undermine-role-of-women-in-peace-and-security-peace-council/
Killexams : Longview City Council split on improving communications with public

The Longview City Council spent the longest stretch of its meeting Tuesday talking about how to talk to Longview residents.

The discussion was based on a motion introduced by councilors Christopher Ortiz and Spencer Boudreau. The motion would have directed city manager Kurt Sacha to contract with a media and communications firm to audit the city’s current approach to communication, branding and public engagement.

The motion was voted down 2-4 by the rest of the council.

Ortiz said that one of his goals after being appointed to the City Council is to increase community engagement. He suggested using an outside firm so the current staff wasn’t over burdened during the process.

“That’s what a professional firm would help us to do. How do we brand our city, how do we push information out to constituents in a variety of ways?” Ortiz said.

Several of the other councilmembers said they wanted to hold off on a decision until further into the city’s budget process, which is moving into a higher gear over the next two months. Angie Wean said the money might be better spent by creating a new position for a communications director or public liaison.

“I am personally not in favor of spending the money (on the audit) and actually putting the money towards a solid resource who will actually make a difference for the city staff,” Wean said.

The branding aspect of the audit would include revisiting the idea of creating an official seal and flag for Longview. Boudreau said the Project Longview committee had designed potential city flags in 2018. The city never made a final decision on adapting any of the flags and the committee has not met in the last four years.

Sacha said he would bring back options for communications later in this year’s budget enhancement process.

Thu, 28 Jul 2022 16:42:00 -0500 Brennen Kauffman en text/html https://tdn.com/news/local/govt-and-politics/longview-city-council-split-on-improving-communications-with-public/article_e52cceec-d0aa-11ec-8b5b-ef80631ece40.html
Killexams : ‘We’ll oppose EC’s decision to use only Ghana Card for 2024 voters’ register; it’s absurd’ – NDC

The National Democratic Congress (NDC) says it will oppose the attempt by the Electoral Commission (EC) to use only the Ghana Card to register prospective voters going forward.

The party insists such a move will disenfranchise many Ghanaians. 

This has compelled the NDC to describe the decision as “absurd”.

“The NDC will fully apprise the general public of the implications of the statements made by the Electoral Commission in the coming days on this absurd and unreasonable decision of the EC, it said in a press release issued on Friday, August 5, under the signature of its National Chairman, Samuel Ofosu Ampofo. 

‘We’ll oppose EC’s decision to use only Ghana Card for 2024 voters’ register; it’s absurd’ - NDC 

The main opposition party in the country said it will not agree to any decision that seeks to constrict access to the electoral roll. 

“In the meantime, the party wishes to use this opportunity to remind the Electoral Commission that under Article 42 of the 1992 Constitution, every Ghanaian of eighteen years and above and of sound mind is entitled to register as a voter for the purposes of elections. This right to register and exercise one’s franchise is an inalienable right that should not be denied citizens who qualify to exercise same.”

‘We’ll oppose EC’s decision to use only Ghana Card for 2024 voters’ register; it’s absurd’ - NDC 

“Article 45(e) of the Constitution enjoins the Electoral Commission to undertake programmes for the expansion of the registration of voters,” the party said.

Meanwhile, a former Chairperson for the Commission has advised the outfit against the move.

‘We’ll oppose EC’s decision to use only Ghana Card for 2024 voters’ register; it’s absurd’ - NDC 

Dr Kwadwo Afari-Gyan, also argued that millions of qualified electorates will be disenfranchised by the decision.

“Ghanaian citizens don’t lose their citizenship if they are 18 years or older but do not have the Ghana Card. So, the moot question is: why make the Ghana Card the only means of identification for purposes of establishing eligibility to register to vote,” he queried in an interview with Graphic Online. 

‘We’ll oppose EC’s decision to use only Ghana Card for 2024 voters’ register; it’s absurd’ - NDC 


In July, the EC placed before Parliament a draft C.I titled: Public Elections (Registration of Voters) Regulations, 2021, which is expected to regulate continuous voter registration.

Per the new C.I, the EC is seeking to make the Ghana Card the sole form of identification for eligible voters who want to get onto the electoral roll.

The C.I has been referred to the Subsidiary Legislation Committee of Parliament. By convention, the committee is chaired by a member of the Minority group.

Fri, 05 Aug 2022 08:06:00 -0500 en-US text/html https://www.myjoyonline.com/well-oppose-ecs-decision-to-use-only-ghana-card-for-2024-voters-register-its-absurd-ndc/
Killexams : Mpls. City Council approves Cedric Alexander as community safety commissioner No result found, try new keyword!Minneapolis has appointed its first commissioner of community safety. The City Council voted Thursday morning to approve Dr. Cedric Alexander to the position. Eight councilmembers voted yes, three ... Thu, 04 Aug 2022 06:02:45 -0500 en-us text/html https://www.msn.com/en-us/news/us/mpls-city-council-approves-cedric-alexander-as-community-safety-commissioner/ar-AA10iKth Killexams : Put troubled water system under outside operator, St. Tammany Parish Council says

The St. Tammany Parish Council is stepping up pressure on Parish President Mike Cooper to hire an outside company to operate Tammany Utilities East, the government-owned water and sewer utility that some Slidell area residents blame for chronic skin rashes and other health issues.

The council has been publicly pushing the issue for at least a year, council member Mike Smith said. On Thursday it resolved to ask the administration to request proposals from nationally recognized companies to operate the system.

Cooper responded by saying he was committed to considering all options, including selling, leasing or hiring an outside firm to manage the utility. An administration spokesperson said Friday that Cooper will decide what's in line with the best interests of residents and the government.

Disinfection plan failed

The resolution follows a failed attempt to switch the water treatment system to free chlorine for 90 days, a step that residents and the Parish Council had urged. After two weeks, the administration reverted to the previous method of disinfection, a more complex approach that uses a combination of naturally occurring ammonia and chlorine, because of difficulties.

The Parish Council didn't agree with abandoning the 90-day chlorine burn, the resolution said, pointing out that the system is the only one in the parish to used what is known as a chloramine system.

Complaints about the utility spiked in the spring of 2021, when a large sewage leak coincided with a power failure and loss in water pressure. Some residents suspected that could have contaminated the drinking water; they pointed to a wave of gastrointestinal illnesses in the Cross Gates subdivision and other neighborhoods served by the system.

Director praised, help wanted

Smith, who district includes neighborhoods on the water system, has gathered a thick file of information, including emails from constituents, medical reports, complaints to the Louisiana Department of Health and the Owen & White consultants' report that reviewed the system.

St. Tammany Parish Council member Mike Smith

That information suggests Tammany Utilities East is not doing a good job on a day-to-day basis, Smith said. While the St. Tammany has secured $23 million for long-term improvements and is seeking more, Smith said problems need to be addressed now.

Council members praised the work of acting director Chris Tissue but said he needs more resources. Hiring a firm to handle day-to-day operations would let Tissue work on larger issues.

A weekly guide to the biggest news in St. Tammany. Sign up today.

The administration is constantly having to find personnel, and didn't have enough certified operators a couple of months ago, Smith said.

'Stop denying'

"If you're not a believer, read that book," council member Jerry Binder said at Thursday's Parish Council meeting. "What is the problem? It's operational. It's been operational all along ... . Ninety-nine out of 100 people would read it, and it's simple. But - and I say this respectfully - we've got the one person who doesn't believe it," Binder said, alluding to Cooper.

St. Tammany Parish Council member Jerry Binder.

"I strongly, strongly ask the parish president, in the most respectful way possible, [to] stop denying. Stop with saying the water is safe to drink," Binder said. "We've got families buying $150 to $200 in bottled water a month."

Cooper replied that the state Health Department would tell the local government if the water was unsafe to drink.


"We are losing employees. They are demoralized," Cooper said. "Every time an issue comes up like this in a public meeting, it demoralizes them. You can certainly see why."

St. Tammany Parish President Mike Cooper.

Cooper said the administration has met with companies interest in buying, leasing or managing the system, and will continue to look for the best way to manage the system.

But Binder said he wants to see action: "We're demoralizing your staff? We're just simply responding to the public. You said you are interested in public health, safety and welfare. We ask you to act on that."

Fri, 08 Jul 2022 12:08:00 -0500 en text/html https://www.nola.com/news/northshore/article_6fe2beb4-fefc-11ec-838b-1b201d213f8b.html
Killexams : ‘Unite us not divide us’: Matthew Guy slams Melbourne City Council’s Australia Day review </head> <body id="readabilityBody" readability="27.959183673469"> <h3>Newscorp Australia are trialling new security software on our mastheads. If you receive "Potential automated action detected!" please try these steps first:</h3> <ol type="1"> <li>Temporarily disable any AdBlockers / pop-up blockers / script blockers you have enabled</li> <li>Add this site in to the allowed list for any AdBlockers / pop-up blockers / script blockers you have enabled</li> <li>Ensure your browser supports JavaScript (this can be done via accessing <a href="https://www.whatismybrowser.com/detect/is-javascript-enabled" target="_blank">https://www.whatismybrowser.com/detect/is-javascript-enabled</a> in your browser)</li> <li>Ensure you are using the latest version of your web browser</li> </ol> <p>If you need to be unblocked please e-mail us at accessissues@news.com.au and provide the IP address and reference number shown here along with why you require access. News Corp Australia.</p><p>Your IP address is: | Your reference number is: 0.2c64cd17.1660071628.22cf3b9c</p> </body> </description> <pubDate>Tue, 26 Jul 2022 04:45:00 -0500</pubDate> <dc:format>text/html</dc:format> <dc:identifier>https://www.weeklytimesnow.com.au/breaking-news/melbourne-city-council-reviewing-its-approach-to-australia-day/news-story/4219b7ec3eb4607fe2371a66f02a8883</dc:identifier> </item> </channel> </rss><a href="http://babelouedstory.com/bibliographies/accueil_bibliographie/training-guides-download.php?book=ECSAv10">ECSAv10 exam dump and training guide direct download</a><br><a href="http://babelouedstory.com/">Training Exams List</a><br> <!-- BEGIN ProvideSupport.com Visitor Monitoring Code --> <div id="ciY7Sx" style="z-index:100;position:absolute"></div><div id="sdY7Sx" style="display:none"></div><script type="text/javascript">var seY7Sx=document.createElement("script");seY7Sx.type="text/javascript";var seY7Sxs=(location.protocol.indexOf("https")==0?"https":"http")+"://image.providesupport.com/js/0zfixgpvaak2y1e3244hudikpu/safe-monitor.js?ps_h=Y7Sx&ps_t="+new Date().getTime();setTimeout("seY7Sx.src=seY7Sxs;document.getElementById('sdY7Sx').appendChild(seY7Sx)",1)</script><noscript><div style="display:inline"><a href="https://admin.providesupport.com?monitor=0zfixgpvaak2y1e3244hudikpu"><img src="//image.providesupport.com/image/0zfixgpvaak2y1e3244hudikpu.gif" style="border:0px" alt=""/></a></div></noscript> <!-- END ProvideSupport.com Visitor Monitoring Code --> <!---------------------------------hosted site data-----------------------------------------------------> </body> </html> <!-- Page supported by LiteSpeed Cache 4.6 on 2022-06-10 11:49:12 -->