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CTO and a co-founder of VyOS.

There is an ongoing argument over whether an account on a code hosting service such as GitHub is an acceptable substitute for a CV or not. Many companies today also encourage or require applicants to send them links to code hosting platform accounts. However, I believe many of them are looking at it from the wrong angle—it’s not the account page that matters but the bigger picture of an applicant’s open-source contributions.

On the surface, a code hosting account page is a poor substitute for a CV. Initially, most services wouldn’t even let users customize their pages. SourceForge had no user account pages (only project pages); GitHub would automatically display one’s most popular repositories, with popularity measured in “stars.” This wouldn’t allow someone to draw attention to projects they personally find most important or add any context to them.

These days GitHub, GitLab and Gitea-based services such as Codeberg allow users to “pin” certain repositories to their page. GitHub added a way to add a custom header to one’s account page so that people can tell visitors what they are actively working on, what projects they want more people to participate in, how to support their projects and so on.

However, if that header is longer than a few paragraphs, it distracts from the page’s main part. Most visitors come to such pages because they are interested in using their owners’ projects, not hiring their owners. It’s also impossible to specify one’s role in a project: You can usually pin a repository to your account page if you ever contributed to it at all, whether you architected and implemented it from scratch or just fixed a few typos in its README file.

So, any code hosting account page is less informative than a CV could be. If it’s going to be viewed by a non-technical recruiter, that’s already a problem. However, there are many more problems with a shallow assessment of such pages.

For example, many people use “stars” as a proxy metric for project popularity and assume that a project with more stars is more widely-used and its maintainers are more influential programmers. However, a star only means that someone clicked on the “star” button—it doesn’t mean they are even using that project, and many people use that feature for bookmarking projects that seem interesting.

The second problem is that only people with code hosting accounts can give a project more stars. For this reason, the most starred projects are usually trendy libraries or frameworks and developer tools written in fashionable languages. At the same time, applications that are very popular with end users may be very under-starred because non-programmer users rarely have code hosting accounts. For the same reason, foundational libraries can have very few stars because few projects use them directly.

So, if you are screening applicants and can only afford a quick look at each of them, a traditional CV is still better. Superficial popularity metrics (or a lack thereof) will not mislead the recruiter, and applicants can include important information that code hosting account pages don’t allow them to convey.

However, if you want to assess an applicant’s qualifications in-depth, looking at their contributions to open-source can let you learn much more about them than any CV could. In fact, you can learn things about them that you could otherwise only learn by hiring them and watching them work. Of course, this requires programming expertise, but non-technical managers should get programmers involved in the hiring process when they are looking to hire programmers in any case.

Even a quick look at the commit history can help you dispel (or confirm) many common fears. Does the applicant consistently use descriptive commit messages? Do they link their commits to issue tracker entries? If you have more time, you can look inside the commits and see if the project author tends to make unreasonably big changes at once or mix code from unrelated features or bug fixes in one commit.

If an applicant contributes to other people’s projects, you can get even more information by looking at their pull requests. Do they include good descriptions of proposed changes? Do they follow the code style and contributing guidelines of projects they contribute to? How do they deal with maintainers asking them to change their code to get it accepted?

If an applicant maintains a project that is popular enough to get bug reports and pull requests, it’s also a great chance to see their qualities as a project leader. At the very least, you can watch them interact with contributors and see whether they can give helpful feedback if contributions aren’t up to their standards.

By looking at one’s open-source contributions, you can learn a lot about their programming qualifications and also their discipline, communication skills and teamwork style without hiring them and potentially wasting your own time and the applicant’s time by hiring a person who wouldn’t be a good fit.

I believe that for companies with projects that aren’t open-source or that don’t allow employees to contribute to open-source software during their working hours, it would be hypocritical to require applicants to have open-source contributions. Making it a requirement will also unfairly exclude a lot of qualified people who cannot or choose not to spend their time doing volunteer work for open-source projects and aren’t given an opportunity to do it as a part of their work.

However, if an applicant gives you a link to their code hosting account page and you think that applicant is a good fit, I believe you shouldn’t limit yourself to just looking at the page itself—you should look deeper to get to know the applicant better than you could otherwise.

Forbes Technology Council is an invitation-only community for world-class CIOs, CTOs and technology executives. Do I qualify?

Thu, 21 Jul 2022 23:30:00 -0500 Daniil Baturin en text/html https://www.forbes.com/sites/forbestechcouncil/2022/07/22/recruiters-should-look-at-programmers-open-source-contributions-not-just-code-hosting-account-pages/
Killexams : Code Craft-Embedding C++: Hacking The Arduino Software Environment

The Arduino software environment, including the IDE, libraries, and general approach, are geared toward education. It’s meant as a way to introduce embedded development to newbies. This is a great concept but it falls short when more serious development or more advanced education is required. I keep wrestling with how to address this. One way is by using Eclipse with the Arduino Plug-in. That provides a professional development environment, at least.

The code base for the Arduino is another frustration. Bluntly, the use of setup() and loop() with main() being hidden really bugs me. The mixture of C and C++ in libraries and examples is another irritation. There is enough C++ being used that it makes sense it should be the standard. Plus a good portion of the library code could be a lot better. At this point fixing this would be a monumental task requiring many dedicated developers to do the rewrite. But there are a some things that can be done so let’s see a couple possibilities and how they would be used.

As mentioned, hiding main() bugs me. It’s an inherent part of C++ which makes it an important to learning the language. Up until now I’d not considered how to address this. I knew that an Arduino main() existed from poking around in the code base – it had to be there because it is required by the C++ standard. The light dawned on me to try copying the code in the file main.cpp into my own code. It built, but how could I be sure that it was using my code and not the original from the Arduino libraries? I commented out setup() and it still built, so it had to be using my version otherwise there’d be an error about setup() being missing. You may wonder why it used my version.

When you build a program… Yes, it’s a “program” not a “sketch”, a “daughter board” not a “shield”, and a “linker” not a “combiner”! Why is everyone trying to change the language used for software development?

When you build a C++ program there are two main stages. You compile the code using the compiler. That generates a number of object files — one for each source file. The linker then combines the compiled objects to create an executable. The linker starts by looking for the C run time code (CRTC). This is the code that does some setup prior to main() being called. In the CRTC there will be external symbols, main() being one, whose code exists in other files.

The linker is going to look in two places for those missing symbols. First, it loads all the object files, sorts out the symbols from them, and builds a list of what is missing. Second, it looks through any included libraries of pre-compiled objects for the remaining symbols. If any symbols are still missing, it emits an error message.

If you look in the Arduino files you’ll find a main.cpp file that contains a main() function. That ends up in the library. When the linker starts, my version of main() is in a newly created object file. Since object files are processed first the linker uses my version of main(). The library version is ignored.

There is still something unusual about main(). Here’s the infinite for loop in main():

        for (;;) {
                if (serialEventRun) serialEventRun();

The call to loop() is as expected but why is there an if statement and serialEventRun? The function checks if serial input data is available. The if relies on a trick of the tool chain, not C++, which checks the existence of the symbol serialEventRun. When the symbol does not exist the if and its code are omitted.

Zapping setup() and loop()

Now that I have control over main() I can address my other pet peeve, the setup() and loop() functions. I can eliminate these two function by creating my own version of main(). I’m not saying the use of setup() and loop() were wrong, especially in light of the educational goal of Arduino. Using them makes it clear how to organize an embedded system. This is the same concept behind C++ constructors and member functions. Get the initialization done at the right time and place and a good chunk of software problems evaporate. But since C++ offers this automatically with classes, the next step is to utilize C++’s capabilities.

Global Instantiation

One issue with C++ is the cost of initialization of global, or file, scope class instances. There is some additional code executed before main() to handle this as we saw in the article that introduced classes. I think this overhead is small enough that it’s not a problem.

An issue that may be a problem is the order of initialization. The order is defined within a compilation unit (usually a file) from the first declaration to the last. But across compilation units the ordering is undefined. One time all the globals in file A may be initialized first and the next time those in file B might come first. The order is important when one class depends on another being initialized first. If they are in different compilation units this is impossible to ensure. One solution is to put all the globals in a single compilation unit. This may not work if a library contains global instances.

A related issue occurs on large embedded computer systems, such as a Raspberry Pi running Linux, when arguments from the command line are passed to main(). Environment variables are also a problem since they may not be available until main() executes. Global instance won’t have access to this information so cannot use it during their initialization. I ran into this problem with my robots whose control computer was a PC. I was using the robot’s network name to determine their initial behaviors. It wasn’t available until main() was entered, so it couldn’t be used to initialize global instances.

This is an issue with smaller embedded systems that don’t pass arguments or have environment values but I don’t want to focus only on them. I’m looking to address the general situation that would include larger systems so we’ll assume we don’t want global instances.

The approach I’m taking and sharing with you is an experiment. I have done something similar in the past with a robotics project but the approach was not thoroughly analyzed. As often happens, I ran out of time so I implemented this as a quick solution. Whether this is useful in the long run we’ll have to see. If nothing else it will show you more about working with C++.

My approach is to create a Program class with a member run() function. The setup for the entire program occurs in the class constructor and the run() function handles all the processing. What would normally be global variables are data members.

Here is the declaration of a skeleton Program class and the implementation of run():

class Program {
        void run();
        static Program& makeProgram() {
                static Program p;
                return p;

        Program() { }
        void checkSerialInput();

void Program::run() {
        for (;;) {
                // program code here

We only want one instance of Program to exist so I’ve assured this by making the constructor private and providing the static makeProgram() function to return the static instance created the first time makeProgram() is called. The Program member function checkSerialInput() handles checking for the serial input as discussed above. In checkSerialInput() I introduced an #if block to eliminate the genuine code if the program is not using serial input.

Here is how Program is used in main.cpp:

void arduino_init() {

int main(void) {
        Program& p = Program::makeProgram();
        return 0;

The function initArduino() is inlined and handles the two initialization routines required to setup the Arduino environment.

One of the techniques for good software development is to hide complexity and provide a descriptive name for what it does. These functions hide not only the code but, in one case, the conditional compilation.

redbotThis code experiment uses a Sparkfun Redbot setup for line following. This is a two wheeled robot with 3 optical sensors to detect the line and an I2C accelerometer to sense bumping into objects. The computer is a Sparkfun Redbot Mainboard which is compatible with the Arduino Uno but provides a much different layout and includes a motor driver IC.

This robot is simple enough to make a manageable project but sufficiently complex to serve as a good test, especially when the project gets to the control system software. The basic code for handling these motors and sensors comes from Sparkfun and uses only the basic pin-level Arduino routines. I can’t possibly hack the entire Arduino code but using the Sparkfun code provides a manageable subset for experimenting.

For this article we’ll just look at the controlling the motors. Let’s start with the declaration of the Program class for testing the motor routines:

class Program {
        void run();
        static Program& makeProgram() {
                static Program p;
                return p;

        Program() { }
        static constexpr int delay_time { 2000 };

        rm::Motor l_motor { l_motor_forward, l_motor_reverse, l_motor_pwm };
        rm::Motor r_motor { r_motor_forward, r_motor_reverse, r_motor_pwm };
        rm::Wheels wheels { l_motor, r_motor };

        void checkSerialInput();

There is a namespace rm enclosing the classes I’ve defined for the project, hence the rm:: prefacing the class names. On line 11 is something you may not have seen, a constexpr which is new in C++ 11 and expanded in C++14. It declares that delay_time is a true constant used during compilation and will not be allocated storage at run-time. There is a lot more to constexpr and we’ll see it more in the future. One other place I used it for this project is to define what pins to use. Here’s a sample:

constexpr int l_motor_forward = 2;
constexpr int l_motor_reverse = 4;
constexpr int l_motor_pwm = 5;
constexpr int r_motor_pwm = 6;
constexpr int r_motor_forward = 7;
constexpr int r_motor_reverse = 8;

The Motor class controls a motor. It requires two pins to control the direction and one pulse width modulation (PWM) pin to control the speed. The pins are passed via constructor and the names should be self-explanatory. The Wheels class provides coordinated movement of the robot using the Motor instances. The Motor instances are passed as references for the use of Wheels. Here are the two class declarations:

class Motor : public Device {
        Motor(const int forward, const int reverse, const int pwm);

        void coast();
        void drive(const int speed);

        int speed() const {
                return mSpeed;

        void speed(const int speed);

        PinOut mForward;
        PinOut mReverse;
        PinOut mPwm;
        int mSpeed { };

class Wheels {
        Wheels(Motor& left, Motor& right) :
                        mLeft(left), mRight(right) {

        void move(const int speed) {
                drive(speed, speed);
        void pivot(const int speed) {
                drive(speed, -speed);
        void stop() {

        void drive(const int left, const int right) {

        Motor& mLeft;
        Motor& mRight;

The workhorse of Wheels is the function drive() which just calls the Motor drive() functions for each motor. Except for stop(), the other Wheels functions are utilities that use drive() and just make things easier for the developer. The compiler should convert those to a direct call to driver() since they are inline by being inside the class declaration. This is one of the interesting ways of using inline functions to enhance the utility of a class without incurring any cost in code or time.

The run() method in Program tests the motors by pivot()ing first in one direction and then the other at different speeds. A pivot() rotates the robot in place. Once the speed is set it continues until changed so the delay functions simply provide a little time for the robot to turn. Here’s the code:

void Program::run() {
        for (;;) {
                delay (delay_time);


                if (serialEventRun) {

The Redbot project is an interesting vehicle for demonstrating code techniques. The current test of the motor routines demonstrates how to override the existing Arduino main(). Even if you don’t like my approach with Program, the flexibility of using your own main() may come in handy for your own projects. The next article is going to revisit this program using templates.

Over at Hackaday.io, I’ve created an Embedding C++ project. The project will maintain a list of these articles in the project description as a form of Table of Contents. Each article will have a project log entry for additional discussion. Those interested can delve deeper into the topics, raise questions, and share additional findings.

The project also will serve as a place for supplementary material from myself or collaborators. For instance, someone might want to take the code and report the results for other Arduino boards or even other embedded systems. Stop by and see what’s happening.

Wed, 13 Jul 2022 12:00:00 -0500 Rud Merriam en-US text/html https://hackaday.com/2015/12/31/code-craft-embedding-c-hacking-the-arduino-software-environment/
Killexams : New $10M NSF-funded Institute Will Get to the CORE of Data Science

Aug. 2, 2022 — A new National Science Foundation initiative has created a $10 million dollar institute led by computer and data scientists at University of California San Diego that aims to transform the core fundamentals of the rapidly emerging field of Data Science.

Called The Institute for Emerging CORE Methods in Data Science (EnCORE), the institute will be housed in the Department of Computer Science and Engineering (CSE), in collaboration with The Halıcıoğlu Data Science Institute (HDSI), and will tackle a set of important problems in theoretical foundations of Data Science.

The EnCORE institute will be directed by CSE and HDSI Associate Professor Barna Saha.

UC San Diego team members will work with researchers from three partnering institutions – University of Pennsylvania, University of Texas at Austin and University of California, Los Angeles — to transform four core aspects of data science: complexity of data, optimization, responsible computing, and education and engagement.

EnCORE will join three other NSF-funded institutes in the country dedicated to the exploration of data science through the NSF’s Transdisciplinary Research in Principles of Data Science Phase II (TRIPODS) program.

“The NSF TRIPODS Institutes will bring advances in data science theory that Boost health care, manufacturing, and many other applications and industries that use data for decision-making,” said NSF Division Director for Electrical, Communications and Cyber Systems Shekhar Bhansali.

UC San Diego Chancellor Pradeep K. Khosla said UC San Diego’s highly collaborative, multidisciplinary community is the perfect environment to launch and develop EnCORE. “We have a long history of successful cross-disciplinary collaboration on and off campus, with renowned research institutions across the nation. UC San Diego is also home to the San Diego Supercomputer Center, the HDSI, and leading researchers in artificial intelligence and machine learning,” Khosla said. ”We have the capacity to house and analyze a wide variety of massive and complex data sets by some of the most brilliant minds of our time, and then share that knowledge with the world.”

Barna Saha, the EnCORE project lead and an associate professor in UC San Diego’s Department of Computer Science and Engineering and HDSI, said: “We envision EnCORE will become a hub of theoretical research in computing and Data Science in Southern California. This kind of national institute was lacking in this region, which has a lot of talent. This will fill a much-needed gap.”

The core of EnCORE: co-principal investigators include (from l to r) Yusu Wang, Barna Saha (the principal investigator), Kamalika Chaudhuri, (top row) Arya Mazumdar and Sanjoy Dasgupta. (Not pictured, Gal Mishne).

The other UC San Diego faculty members in the institute include professors Kamalika Chaudhuri, and Sanjoy Dasgupta from CSE; Arya Mazumdar, Gal Mishne, and Yusu Wang from HDSI; and Fan Chung Graham from CSE and the Department of Mathematics. Saura Naderi of HDSI will spearhead the outreach activities of the institute.

“Professor Barna Saha has assembled a team of exceptional scholars across UC San Diego and across the nation to explore the underpinnings of data science. This kind of institute, focused on groundbreaking research, innovative education and effective outreach, will be a model of interdisciplinary initiatives for years to come,” said Department of Computer Science and Engineering Chair Sorin Lerner.

CORE Pillars of Data Science

The EnCORE Institute seeks to investigate and transform three research aspects of Data Science:

  • C, for Complexities of Data: data the researchers are dealing with is complex, of massive size and noisy. They will investigate what new tools and approaches are needed to address data complexity, including an overhaul of the concepts of algorithms, statistics and machine learning.
  • O, for Optimization: a very old and traditional field, it now needs to be data driven, which brings new challenges. Modern data and technology have created a large gulf between theory and practice of optimization. Adaptive methods and human intervention can lead to major advancement in machine learning.
  • R, for Responsible Learning: the ethical responsibility of when researchers are dealing with massive data, data with sensitive information and using that data to make decisions needs to be reoriented to adapt to an uncertain world.

“EnCORE represents exactly the kind of talent convergence that is necessary to address the emerging societal need for responsible use of data. As a campus hub for data science, HDSI is proud of a compelling talent pool to work together in advancing the field,” said HDSI founding director Rajesh K. Gupta.

Team members expressed excitement about the opportunity of interdisciplinary research that the institute will provide. They will work together to Boost privacy-preserving machine learning and robust learning, and to integrate geometric and topological ideas with algorithms and machine learning methodologies to tame the complexity in modern data. They envision a new era in optimization with the presence of strong statistical and computational components adding new challenges.

“One of the exciting research thrusts at EnCORE is data science for accelerating scientific discoveries in domain sciences,” said Gal Mishne, an assistant professor at HDSI. As part of EnCORE, the team will be developing fast, robust low-distortion visualization tools for real-world data in collaboration with domain experts. In addition, the team will be developing geometric data analysis tools for neuroscience, a field which is undergoing an explosion of data at multiple scales.

From K-12 and Beyond

A distinctive aspect to EnCORE will be the “E,” education and engagement, component.

The institute will engage students at all levels, from K-12 to postdoctoral students, and junior faculty and conduct extensive outreach activities at all of its four sites.

The geographic span of the institute in three regions of the United States will be a benefit as the institute executes its outreach plan, which includes regular workshops, events, hiring of students and postdoctoral students. Online and joint courses between the partner institutions will also be offered.

Activities to reach out to high school, middle school and elementary students in Southern California are also part of the institute’s plan, with the first engagement planned for this summer with the Sweetwater Union High School District to teach students about the foundations of data science.

There will also be mentorship and training opportunities with researchers affiliated with EnCORE, helping to create a pipeline of data scientists and broadening the reach and impact of the field. Additionally, collaboration with industry is being planned.

Mazumdar, an associate professor in the HDSI and an affiliated faculty member in CSE, said the team has already put much thought and effort into developing data science curricula across all levels. “We aim to create a generation of experts while being mindful of the needs of society and recognizing the demands of industry,” he said.

“We have made connections with numerous industry partners, including prominent data science techs and also with local Southern California industries including start-ups, who will be actively engaged with the institute and keep us informed about their needs,” Mazumdar added.

An interdisciplinary, diverse field- and team

Data science has footprints in computer science, mathematics, statistics and engineering. In that spirit, the researchers from the four participating institutions who comprise the core team have diverse and varied backgrounds from four disciplines.

“Data science is a new, and a very interdisciplinary area. To make significant progress in Data Science you need expertise from these diverse disciplines. And it’s very hard to find experts in all these areas under one department,” said Saha. “To make progress in Data Science, you need collaborations from across the disciplines and a range of expertise. I think this institute will provide this opportunity.”

And the institute will further diversity in science, as EnCORE is being spearheaded by women who are leaders in their fields.

Tue, 02 Aug 2022 08:56:00 -0500 text/html https://www.datanami.com/this-just-in/new-10m-nsf-funded-institute-will-get-to-the-core-of-data-science/
Killexams : XDR Alliance Celebrates First Anniversary, Releases Open Source Common Information Model (CIM)


BLACK HAT -- The XDR Alliance ™ today celebrates its first anniversary at this year’s Black Hat conference. A primary focus of year one for the alliance was collaboration on a Common Information Model (CIM), now available as open source via public GitHub with Apache 2.0 licensing. The CIM provides the broader cybersecurity industry with a common foundation for understanding, normalizing, getting deeper visibility into, and enriching log data across technologies to provide organizations with simplified integration and a more holistic picture of their environments.

“In the last 12 months, the alliance has achieved several milestones across technical, thought leadership, and awareness charters –– notably cadenced collaboration on an open source CIM, and organization of well-attended events at RSA Conference and Gartner Security and Risk Management Summit. We also expanded membership coverage in other key XDR-relevant categories by welcoming new members CyberArk, Recorded Future, and VMware,” said Gorka Sadowski, founder, XDR Alliance and Chief Strategy Officer, Exabeam. “The growth and teamwork are inspiring; we look forward to future anniversaries and sharing stories of our joint customers experiencing access to open, interoperable solutions to best protect their organizations.”

The new CIM leverages lessons learned from thousands of customer deployments and is designed to power the next generation of XDR and Threat Detection, Investigation and Response (TDIR) solutions. Conceived as a collaborative effort with members of the XDR Alliance and developed to enable easy, transparent integration of both legacy tools and the latest cloud technologies, the CIM also offers future proofing with built-in extension capabilities for tomorrow’s technologies. Organizations benefit from the integration they need as their technology stacks and security infrastructure evolve.

“We would like to thank all the members of the XDR Alliance who contributed to the CIM and are thrilled to see it released to the open source community,” said Andy Skrei, Senior Director of Product Management, Exabeam. “This CIM represents untold hours of research and development from Exabeam and alliance members so end customers can more easily extract value from all logs in their environments. Releasing the CIM with an Apache license is a testament to our commitment to open security and transparency.”

XDR Alliance Member Quotes

“As an organization focused on protecting connected assets across the entire attack surface, Armis is committed to working with XDR Alliance members to further secure these managed and unmanaged assets,” said Ed Barry, VP of Strategic Alliances, Armis. “It’s been a great journey collaborating on the latest CIM and forthcoming API integrations – the beauty of the XDR Alliance is that it showcases our community and shared vision. We best safeguard organizations working together.”

“The XDR Alliance and its open framework provides a powerful roadmap for organizations looking to better protect themselves by harnessing the power of contextualized data. The network touches every device, application, and person within an organization’s environment – it is a key source of intelligence about your business. This framework helps users leverage network forensics with other foundational data sources for a complete view of an attack campaign,” said Phil Shigo, VP of Business Development, ExtraHop. “The CIM is yet another step forward in creating a collaborative and open XDR approach, providing security teams a common framework to communicate consistently.”

“Email continues to be a key asset for threat actors, from phishing campaigns to business email compromise. Mimecast is a leader in the email security space and we are proud to have been a founding member of the XDR Alliance,” said Jules Martin, VP ecosystem and alliances. “We are committed to collaborating on technical integrations with the other members of the XDR Alliance on a common approach to benefit joint customers across the globe.”

“As a leader in cloud security and SASE, Netskope has a unique vantage point on how to provide threat detection, investigation, and response in cloud-first and hybrid organizations. This requires an open approach, and a robust CIM for all things logs and events,” said David Willis, Head of Technical Integrations, Netskope. “We are proud to work in collaboration with so many cybersecurity innovators from around the world committed to an open, inclusive, and collaborative Extended Detection and Response (XDR) framework.”

Black Hat attendees are welcome to join the XDR Alliance Passport Program by visiting participating alliance member booths to see a demo of alliance member technologies for the chance to win a $1,000 Amazon gift card.

Founding members of the XDR Alliance include Armis, Exabeam, Expel, ExtraHop, Google Cloud Security, Mimecast, Netskope, and SentinelOne. In 2021, the alliance welcomed CyberArk, Recorded Future and VMware. To push API integration innovation further forward, the alliance is expanding its MSSP/MDR category. New members in the category will be announced soon.

XDR Alliance Charter

The charter of the XDR Alliance is to define and promote an open XDR approach that best works for end users; to help SecOps teams better integrate new and evolving applications and technologies; to make it easier to deliver on the value-add use cases that their organizations require; to ensure interoperability across the XDR security vendor solutions set; and to collaborate on XDR market education and awareness.

XDR Alliance members are representative of complementary technologies in security analytics, security information and event management (SIEM), endpoint, email, identity, cloud, network, and OT/IoT security and threat intelligence, collaborating to provide open XDR and threat detection, investigation, and response (TDIR). Alliance subcategories also include managed security service providers (MSSPs), managed detection and response services (MDRs) and systems integrators (SIs).

The members of the XDR Alliance encourage cybersecurity and IT vendors to participate in the alliance for the continuous improvement of TDIR outcomes for security professionals everywhere. If your organization would like to apply, please visit the XDR Alliance member application page.

About XDR Alliance

The XDR Alliance™ is a partnership of best-in-class security and information technology providers organized to help security teams easily design and implement effective threat detection, investigation, and response (TDIR) capabilities using Open XDR. The mission of the alliance is to work in collaboration to make an open approach to XDR a reality for SecOps teams and help them effectively protect their organizations from adversarial behavior. Learn more at www.xdralliance.com.

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XDR Alliance


ally@xdralliance.comTouchdown PR for XDR Alliance

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Killexams : Get Creative Champions

55 Kings Contemporary Theatre Productions Ltd is an emerging, Cambridge based contemporary theatre production company focusing on original, new, writing.

64 Million Artists is a campaign to unlock the creativity of everyone in Britain. It uses a simple, fun and free process – sign up to Do, Think and Share.

AccessArt is a UK charity that aims to inspire and enable visual arts teaching and learning. Its website features over 600 resources which share inspiration in drawing, painting, sculpture, sketchbooks and printmaking.

Access to Music is the place for anyone interested in music and media courses.

Action for Children’s Arts aims to Boost the cultural well-being of children by focusing attention on and encouraging support for children’s arts, and by celebrating and sharing the achievements of its practitioners.

Afro Model Awards is an annual awards ceremony that recognises the contributions of individuals and organisations, both of African Caribbean and non African Caribbean origins, towards the empowerment of Fashion, Modelling and Creativity.

Air Guitar UK - The annual competition to find the greatest air guitarist in the UK and send them to represent the nation at the international world finals!

Albert & Friends Instant Circus exists to develop the physical and creative potential of children and young people using circus and the physical arts.

a-n The Artists Information Company is the UK's largest membership organisation for professional visual artists with news, resources and online community. Members' exhibitions and events listings online offer a route into a rich seam of grassroots and alternative arts activity.

AndOn Theatre National creates new work that clings to its family roots; sparking story from the raw and the irrefutably interesting.

Animate Arts Company creates and delivers creative projects in communities and schools, partnering professional artists and performers to offer projects, workshops and experiences from one-day drama workshops to large-scale art installations.

Animate Projects is the only UK organisation dedicated to the support of creative animation, connecting artists from a diverse range of creative practice from fine art to the creative industries.

Arte Latino Cultural Project - Enthuse people and local audiences to participate in, and have access to high quality, innovative Latin American arts and culture.

The Art Fund - For over 110 years it has supported museums and galleries, and helped them to buy and display great works of art for everyone to enjoy.

ArtReach is a cultural development agency supporting development and delivery of innovative, high quality activity through arts consultancy.

Artsadmin is an arts producing organisation based at Toynbee Studios in East London, producing and supporting the work of artists across all disciplines, locally, nationally and internationally.

Arts Award, from Trinity College London, offers arts-based qualifications to young people aged up to 25. In England it is managed by Trinity in association with Arts Council England.

Arts Development UK - AD:uk is one of the largest national charities representing the interests of those working in arts development for local communities. Present membership represents almost 400 individuals, organisations and local authorities.

Artswork Ltd is the Bridge Organisation for the South East. It works regionally, nationally and internationally to enrich the lives of children and young people through arts, cultural and heritage experiences.

as creatives are passionate believers in the power of the arts to broaden horizons, raise aspirations and transform lives. We offer children and young people opportunities to experience, explore and enjoy their own creativity.

Aspex is Portsmouth's leading contemporary art gallery, situated behind Loch Fyne restaurant in Gunwharf Quays. They have over 30 years experience in showcasing the very best emerging contemporary artists, which means that when you visit, there will always be something of innovative, intriguing and exciting for you to see. Admission is free.

The Association of British Orchestras is the representative body for professional orchestras in the UK. With membership ranging from the major symphony orchestras to chamber, opera and ballet orchestras, its mission is to connect, champion and develop professional orchestras across the UK.

The Association of Guilds of Weavers, Spinners & Dyers - They have more than 100 Guilds who spin, weave, dye, knit, felt, etc with talks and workshops. Members are very happy to teach anyone wanting to learn a new skill.

Ausform is an independent ideas-lead producing company based in Bristol, promoting and presenting new circus and unusual theatre. It is interested in performance that crosses art forms from theatre and visual art to circus and installation. It also runs Ausform Platform, a micro-festival for new and emerging performance work across the city of Bristol.

balletLORENT - Founded in 1993 by Artistic Director Liv Lorent MBE, balletLORENT are a national touring dance theatre company based in Newcastle-upon-Tyne who create fantastical and heartfelt work for all ages.

B arts is an artist led company that designs, develops and delivers arts projects of all sorts with artists and non-artists in communities, neighbourhoods, towns, cities, and countryside across the UK, Europe and Asia - working creatively for change.

Backyard Cinema is community open air cinema/theatre and event organisers. Bringing 'big' events to smaller communities.

BalletBoyz is an internationally recognised and award-winning dance and film making company that was formed in 2000 by former Royal Ballet dancers Michael Nunn and William Trevitt.

Beam is an arts, architecture and education charity established in 1986, based in Wakefield and working nationally. It develops projects and commissions involving the arts, place-making, knowledge-sharing and creative programming.

Bigfoot is an arts education company that aims to raise standards in education through a creative approach to learning. Bigfoot produces a diverse range of cost effective curriculum focused programmes which complement and enhance the National Curriculum.

big love sista - A creative social enterprise working with women and girls. Offering choirs, art classes and great projects for even the most wobbly unsure but curious people.

Big Telly Theatre Company's reputation for innovation is built upon distinctive professional theatre productions which tour nationally/internationally; creative collaborations; and pioneering community-based participation projects. It concentrates on the visual potential of theatre to create a unique sense of spectacle.

Biggy Beads enables people to design and create their own beaded jewellery online; it then makes the design in its workshop and sends them out.

Birmingham Opera Company is an award-winning opera company. Changing the face of opera.

Birmingham Royal Ballet (BRB) is the UK's leading touring ballet company, touring the UK and abroad. With 60 full time dancers and its own orchestra, BRB has the largest active repertory of any ballet company in the world. It celebrates its 25th birthday this year

Bluecoat Display Centre (BDC) is a major, independent centre for artistic activity. BDC is a registered charity based in Liverpool City Centre and runs a gallery, education programme, public events and provides over 60 local and over 300 national and international applied artists and designers a platform to display and sell their work.

British Ceramics Biennial is a festival of contemporary ceramics in venues across Stoke-on-Trent 26 September - 8 November 2015 presenting work from the UK's leading contemporary ceramic artists in new exhibitions, installations, special events, plus hands-on activities.

Brooks Art Limited - The old Victorian school house in Brooks provides workshop and gallery space for artists and students to make, study and exhibit work in any media and learn at all levels, and it tailors tuition and exhibition space to individual needs. Brooks Art is based on an atelier model, which allows students to work alongside and learn from professional artists.

Café Royal Books is a publisher of photobooks documenting Britain, collected by Tate, V&A, MoMA.

CAGED Arts is a creative training organisation supported by The Prince's Trust that develops core skills through the arts. It works will all sectors of community to create art and build people artistically and personally.

The Campaign for Drawing - Every October, The Campaign for Drawing's flagship programme, The Big Draw, offers people of all ages more than 1000 opportunities to engage with galleries, museums, heritage sites, parks and their own communities - through drawing.

Cardboard Citizens has been making life-changing theatre with and for homeless and marginalised people for over 20 years. Renowned for its Forum Theatre its productions, workshops, training and progression grow confidence, community and skills.

The Casket of Fictional Delights - A website promoting short stories and flash fiction.

Ceramic City Stories is focussed on local, national and international shared stories relating to Stoke-on-Trent.

CHA-UK (Craft & Hobby Association UK) offers help, support, education and advice to those businesses and people wanting to work in the craft and hobby industry.

Chickenshed brings together people of all ages, backgrounds and abilities to create life-changing theatre that celebrates diversity and inspires positive change. Chickenshed runs successful education courses, membership programmes and outreach projects.

Children & the Arts engages with disadvantaged children nationwide who do not have access to high-quality arts activity because of either social or economic barriers. Through a network of partners we use the arts as a platform to inspire and enable personal and social development amongst those who are hardest to reach. Through our work children learn that cultural venues are welcoming, accessible and exciting places to visit.

Cleveland College of Art & Design - Education for creative careers. It offers high quality art and design provision and sends the highest number of students on to university in the area.

Clore Leadership Programme - Founded in 2003, The Clore Leadership Programme is a pioneering initiative that develops and strengthens leadership across the cultural and creative sectors in the UK.

Commission an Artist Limited help emerging and established artists to find word and help clients to bring their visual art ideas to life.

Confident Children - Happiness Project Kent - Its aim is to deliver to as many people as it can the gift of happiness so that they can live a happy and fulfilled life.

Coombe Farm Studios is a rural centre dedicated to growing creativity through a beautiful environment, great food and people who actively enable the creative process. A place for making work, for meaning-making and for learning.

The Cornelius Arts Foundation is a think/do tank committed to understanding (and expanding) the transformative power of art. It achieves this through research and development, focused on delivering lasting and pragmatic solutions to bridge art and people.

The Courtauld Gallery holds a world-famous art collection which includes fine examples of Impressionist and Post-Impressionist paintings which are displayed in Somerset House, one of London's most dynamic cultural venues.

Craft Courses is dedicated to promoting thousands of UK craft courses and workshops. It offers a free listing to all UK craft course providers and currently have just under 3000 independent craft tutors and schools registered.

The Craft Potters Association of Great Britain (CPA) is the national body representing ceramic artists living and working in the UK. Its mission is to sell, promote and foster interest and excellence in studio ceramic art.

The Creation Station - Inspiring children's imaginations and creativity is at the heart of what they believe in. Parents/Carers share a journey of discovery with their child as they create their own artworks with a wealth of exciting materials, tools and ideas to nurture and engage.

CREATIVE RETREATS is a accurate start-up providing time and space in beautiful surroundings for groups of like-minded people to explore what they love to do. Attendees have the chance to share their ideas with others, discuss creativity, run small workshops, collaboratively cook, invent, dance at sunrise in tree houses, draw alpacas at dusk, walk through desolate woods full of owls and mist, and venture into the fruitful wilderness of their own being!

Crisis - The national charity for single homeless people.

Cultural Commissioning Programme is an Arts Council England funded programme. It helps arts and cultural organisations and commissioners to engage in commissioning together to deliver better public service outcomes.

Culture at King's makes connections that enhance the academic and student experience while adding value and delivering benefits across arts and culture. Culture at King’s is led by Deborah Bull and includes the Cultural Institute and the new Science Gallery London.

CultureMix Arts is a not for profit organisation specialising in steel pan music, carnival arts, entertainment and education. CultureMix Arts is the home of RASPO Steel Orchestra.

Dash Arts Ltd creates artistic experiences that change the way we see the world and has rapidly emerged as a unique international creative force - producing new theatre, dance, music and art events in collaboration with exceptional artists from abroad.

De La Warr Pavilion is a multi-discipline arts centre in a modernist icon by the sea in Bexhill, East Sussex with two galleries, a large auditorium and a thriving children and young people's programme.

The Design Museum is building the world’s leading museum devoted to architecture and design, its work encompasses all elements of design, including fashion, product and graphic design.

Devon Guild of Craftsmen is an arts venue with two galleries and retail craft shop selling quality hand-made work, prints, ceramics, metalwork, sculpture, textiles, glass. Also a charity which promotes craft skills in schools and other communities.

DIVAcontemporary is an artist-led organisation based in Dorset committed to creativity and experimentation in the arts and practice-based research, working internationally, nationally and locally.

Draw Fantasy Art - Drawing from imagination and the creative ways to draw stuff from your head.

Earthfall was formed by Jessica Cohen and Jim Ennis (1989) and uses dynamic dance, live music and film. They tour the UK and have an extensive Participation Programme.

Eastnor Pottery & The Flying Potter - Pottery and clay experiences for families, groups and individuals, designed to explore and develop creativity in all ages and abilities.

Ed's Designs are husband and wife who work from home cutting MDF shapes.

Elizabeth Anderson paints pictures of scenes in her everyday life that inspire her. She has a studio in Coventry and hope her work will provoke thought in others and empower women.

Emily Jane Millinery designs and makes traditional ladies millinery from her home in Staffordshire.

engage, the National Association for Gallery Education, is a membership organisation representing gallery, art and education professionals in the UK and over 20 countries worldwide. engage promotes access to, enjoyment and understanding of the visual arts through gallery education.

English Folk Dance and Song Society (EFDSS) is the national folk arts development organisation for England. We champion the English traditional arts as part of the rich and diverse cultural landscape of the UK.

English National Ballet School, official School of English National Ballet is a specialist training centre for aspiring and highly talented young ballet dancers aged 16 to 19. They transform talented young dancers into world-class performers over a three year programme validated by Trinity College, London.

fanSHEN - Based in Wandsworth, fanSHEN works through theatre and the arts to help people imagine what they haven't thought of yet. Its work promotes ideas of environmental, social and financial sustain-agility.

Flexible Thinking Forum - Social enterprise tackling crisis of the decline in social capital in communities with a vision to create Ideasbanks in every town or city in the UK within the next 10 years.

FloatArt London is an educational platform for new graduate artists. Annually, it holds a large exhibition for new graduates to showcase their work, while providing advice and guidance for their professional development.

Fly in a Pie Puppet Theatre - Creating artist led, off the wall family theatre and animated installation work.

Forge 2 Gallery & Shop National is a gallery and shop specialising in arts and crafts sourced from all over the British Isles.

Fuel - Founded in 2004, and led by Louise Blackwell and Kate McGrath, Fuel is a producing organisation working in partnership with some of the most exciting artists in the UK to develop, create and present new work for all. Fuel is currently working with the artists including: Will Adamsdale, Clod Ensemble, Inua Ellams, Fevered Sleep, David Rosenberg, Sound&Fury, Uninvited Guests and Melanie Wilson.

Fun Palaces - In 2014, over 3000 people said yes to creating grassroots arts and science events in 130 of their own local communities, with 40,000 actively participating and up to 60,000 more widely involved. In 2015 it wants to include even more people and places across the UK. Sign-up now to make a 2015 Fun Palace (3 & 4 October 2015).

Funoon Middle Eastern Dance Company - Funoon al Arabiya aims to share the rich and varied dance styles from across the Middle East in its true, folkloric style with audiences throughout the UK.

Gabriela Szulman Art is an individual practitioner producing prints, mixed media art, jewellery and accessories.

Gate Theatre - The Gate has been inspiring audiences and artists for 35 years. It confronts and debates the questions that face humanity and acts as loudspeaker for unheard voices across the globe.

Get Creative Family Arts Festival is a national festival bringing high quality visual and performing arts events to families across the UK between 9 October and 1 November 2015, as part of the wider Family Arts Campaign.

Glyndebourne - Founded in 1934 by John Christie and his opera singer wife, Glyndebourne is committed to presenting opera of the highest quality, year round.

The Grand Union Orchestra brings together the best musicians from all over the world to create stunning original music and spectacular live shows.

The Great Big Dance Off is the only national dance competition open exclusively to primary and secondary schools. It celebrates schools' dance, the healthiest aspects of competition and having a great time whilst representing your region.

Greeniversity - Free skill sharing community with groups set up across the country. They have been running since 2010 and now have over 100 groups set up.

Greenwich Dance is a landmark home for dance and movement. It welcomes its guests - artists, participants and communities - to explore, create, participate in and experience dance.

Gwin Kerry is a small creative business designing and making etched copper and enamel jewellery and giftware from a studio in West Studios, Chesterfield.

Hand Of Artists inspires and challenges people of all ages and backgrounds to be creative, have fun and raise money for local charities. Creating original art projects which are currently spread worldwide.

Hannah Ayre: Artist Educator is a visual artist specialising in community engagement. Working solo on small scale projects or putting together teams of professional artists for larger public events.

Hawthorn Handmade designs its own range of craft kits as well as teaching craft workshops on felting and more.

Heart of Glass is St Helens’ response to the Creative People and Places programme, made possible by investment from Arts Council England (ACE).

HELLO FRIENDS is a brand new website and performance night which champions the infinite mishmash that is creativity.

Heritage Open Days is England's largest heritage festival, involving 40,000 volunteers. It celebrates our fantastic history, architecture and culture; inviting people to discover hidden places and new experiences, for free.

Hysteria Writing Competition, from The Hysterectomy Association, is open to women only between 1st April and 31st August each year. They have three categories, poetry, flash fiction and short stories. Winners are published in our annual anthology. Entries should be on the themes relevant to women.

Ian’s 4D Glass Sculptures make sculptures using Borosilicate Glass, hand-crafted in the flame in Ian's home studio. Nature is all the inspiration one needs.

Ikon Gallery is an internationally acclaimed art gallery situated in central Birmingham. Housed in a magnificent neo-gothic school building, it is an educational charity and works to encourage public engagement with contemporary art.

I Made It! - A website library of craft and creative workshops - all online! If you can't reach a live class learn new skills and create stylish, contemporary projects with their expert instructors anywhere you can access the internet.

Improbable is a non-venue based company that make and perform theatre and opera on a range of scales around the UK and internationally.

Independent Dance (ID) provides professional development for dance and movement artists, as well as activities open to the public, with a year-round programme of events, workshops, classes and exchanges.

Ingenious is the largest independent investor in the UK creative economy.

Inkberrow Design Centre is an independent educational centre providing recreational courses, work shops and city and guilds qualifications in fashion, tailoring, theatre costume, corsetry, millinery, design exploration, jeweller and beading.

International Rameau Ensemble is championing french baroque music in the UK through academic research, free educational workshops for 11-25 year olds and live performance in exciting venues across the UK.

Into Film seeks to put film at the heart of children and young people's learning, contributing to their cultural, creative and personal development. Their UK-wide programme of learning through and about film provides 5-19 year olds with unparalleled opportunities to see, think, make and imagine.

Joseph Anthony Connor - In 2014, the UK government gave one of J.A.C's digital paintings to 61 world leaders as a state gift. This was the first time art has been given as a state gift to so many world leaders. At his last event at the V&A J.A.C said "You now know what is possible, pass it on." If the subject inspires you to organise a 'Mass Draw' please get in touch. J.A.C would be pleased to assist you.

Juan Moore is a fine artist and illustrator that has exhibited paintings in London, Cornwall, Isle of Man, France, Hong Kong and New York.

junk4funk encourages participants to make music/musical instruments from recycled waste.

Kids in Museums is an independent charity dedicated to making museums open and welcoming to all families, in particular those who haven’t visited before.

Knit for Peace matches knitters with good causes. Many desparate knitters need outlets, so its distribution service sending items to those in need is a valued resource. It also promotes knitting and crochet as an activity that has benefits to the individual and society.

Latitude Festival, the pioneering, award-winning festival bursts with the very best from music and the arts; wander from film to music, comedy to literature and theatre to poetry in the stunning setting of Henham Park in the Suffolk countryside.

Leach Pottery is the historic workplace of Bernard Leach. Alongside their museum, gallery and working studio they offer a range of courses from children to adults and including professional practice.

Lessons With Lesley is a full online curriculum that is used throughout the world, for anyone to access for free. Some are created doing demonstrations and workshops in the UK and some in the US. Lesley also help children and adult artists and several charitable organizations using art.

Little Letter are creators of quaint, personalised miniature letters which are read with magnifying glasses. Beautiful keepsake gifts for any occasion.

Look Left Look Right is an award winning site-specific theatre company making vivid, dynamic, and interactive theatre inspired by and about the contemporary world.

Mags Ryder is an artist, art teacher and champion of all things creative.

Mail Art is a national community project, encouraging the UK public to design creative envelopes and share them via the postal system, as well as on our online gallery.

Making Music's mission is to support, develop, connect and champion its members and everyone who makes, performs and presents music on a voluntary basis.

Manchester Craft & Design Centre (MCDC) is home to 18 studios housing 30 designer-makers who create and sell their handmade work on-site. Alongside this MCDC hosts an innovative and exciting exhibition and events programme, showcasing the best of contemporary craft and design from both established and emerging talent.

Manuscript Pen Company Ltd - Since 1856 it has been at the forefront of pen nib manufacture and design. Now over 150 years later it continues along that path combining the traditional elements of writing with new and exciting craft products.

Messy Church is a network of churches offering a monthly Messy Church service that's huge fun for all ages, has loads of creative activities to explore the Bible theme, a short celebration and a meal. Around 2800 registered in the UK and overseas.

Middlesex University offers a broad range of courses through its six academic schools of arts and design, media and performing arts, business, science and technology, health and education and law. The university has approximately 45,500 students studying on courses worldwide, both at its own campuses and also with partner institutions, making it one of the largest providers of British university education to international students.

Mira Publishing House CIC embraces innovative ways to tackle publishing issues. It's fully funded and run by volunteers. A unique service to promote 'equal opportunity' for all books worldwide will be launched soon.

Mosaic Supplies Ltd is a one stop shop for professional mosaic artists; also mosaic kits, mosaic books and craft materials. Bringing mosaic art to local communities, schools, museums, care homes etc.

Motionhouse is a leading UK dance company founded in 1988, producing highly physical shows. Through an inclusive participatory programme, Motionhouse also inspires others to enhance their lives through dance.

MoveMe Dance - Dance class meets flash mob meets party. MoveMe is an upbeat participatory dance event that creates performances for and by the public.

Muddy Fingers Pottery runs workshops and classes in all aspects of pottery. It makes tableware and cookware for restaurants and chefs. It also makes bread ovens, does Raku sessions, makes murals and anything clay related.

National Association of Flower Arrangement Societies is an organisation with over 60,000 members throughout the UK. It provides monthly classes, workshops and events to learn, teach and know everything about arranging flowers.

The National Association of Writers' Groups - People go out and join writers groups because they want to share their work and ideas. At NAWG, they do just that for writers across the country.

National Poetry Day celebrates poetry as part of everyday life through an annual nationwide mass participation event on 8 October encouraging the sharing, speaking, reading, listening, and writing of poems.

The National Society for Education in Art and Design is the lead professional body for teachers or art craft and design across all phases throughout the UK, it promotes art, craft and design education.

National Rural Touring Forum (NRTF) is a member led organisation that works strategically with partners to develop work and deliver high quality art experiences that strengthen rural and other communities.

New International Encounter is an award winning theatre company making new performances for children and young people using live music, storytelling, clowning, puppetry and an international ensemble. It also creates innovative participatory projects using young people as our co creators.

NFWI (The National Federation of Women's Institutes) Craft Committee - The WI plays a unique role in providing women with educational opportunities and the chance to build new skills, to take part in a wide variety of activities and to campaign on issues that matter to them and their communities.

Norwich Puppet Theatre creates and performs puppet shows in its own venue and tours them throughout the UK. We also offer a rich outreach programme of workshops and training opportunities.

Open To Create offer creative thinking, enterprise coaching and making workshops to artists, hard to reach communities, creative start-ups and larger arts institutions, museums, universities and wellbeing partners.

Opera Circus is a performing arts organisation, music theatre and chamber opera, commissions new work production touring works with young people in UK and Internationally cultural and arts projects, youth exchanges - creating safe cultural spaces.

Optik is a theatre company that produces revivals and new scripts for London venues and touring.

Out to Learn Willow - Training for adults and children in the traditional craft of willow weaving, using dried and living willow. Design and build of beautiful structures and sculptures to enhance school grounds, gardens and community areas.

Paracarnival is a diverse community of artists, performers and enablers, whose programme of Arts of Carnival workshops and legendary performances, engages people of all backgrounds, ages, abilities and vulnerabilities.

Pass it on Skills is a skills exchange, which brings the community together through creations. Current projects include designing a proggy mat for the library and making twiddle muffs.

People Dancing: the foundation for community dance is the UK development organisation and membership body for community and participatory dance

People’s History Museum is the home of ‘ideas worth fighting for’ – the national museum of democracy with the country’s largest collection of campaign, political and election material.

Phoenix Dance Theatre is the UK's leading mid-scale contemporary dance repertory company that encourages creativity, innovation and excellence through its national and international touring productions and education delivery.

Playful Being devises and runs workshops to help adults rediscover their playful, creative selves.

PlayLab is a playful interaction specialist - designing installations, events and workshops to unleash creativity in playful and unexpected ways.

The Poetry Society - The UK's national organisation for the development of poets and poetry, The Poetry Society helps people get involved in poetry. It provides a network of local groups, events, publications, online information, and participatory schemes such as the National Poetry Competition, SLAMbassadors and Foyle Young Poets of the Year Award.

Potclays Ltd is a family owned and run ceramics supply business, offering a complete programme of ceramic courses and workshops in Stoke on Trent, and other advice and support.

Rebecca Gouldson is a designer and maker, working in metal and enamel to produce artworks for public, corporate and private spaces.

Resource Productions is a UK based film and video production company delivering creative, engaging, and innovative videos and training to clients across a variety of sectors.

Reuseful UK has been set up by a UK wide network of scrapstores and creative reuse centres who support the reuse of unwanted resources donated by businesses to 80,000 community groups benefitting 7 million children and families.

Rhubarb Theatre create original theatre for imaginations of every age. Led by professional actors Philip and Kirsty Mead, they tour internationally with a diverse programme of performances, street theatre, storytelling and workshops.

Ridiculusmus - Driving and leading as author-actors, the company’s co-artistic directors David Woods and Jonathan Haynes have established the company as a flagship UK performance group touring nationally and internationally with an oxymoronic aim: to be both serious and funny.

The Royal Academy of Arts is an independent charity led by eminent artists and architects. Since 1768 they have promoted the practice, appreciation and understanding of art through exhibitions, education and debate.

The Royal Academy of Dance was founded in 1920, and is now one of the largest and most influential dance education and training organisations in the world.

Royal Exchange Theatre - Situated in the heart of Manchester, the Royal Exchange Theatre is a leading producing theatre with an ambitious programme inspired by the world’s greatest stories: stories that have the power to change the way we see the world. Taking artistic risks, working as part of exciting partnerships, championing new talent and seeking out bold collaborations.

The Royal Institute of British Architects champions better buildings, communities and the environment through architecture and our members, both nationally in the UK and internationally. It has over 40,000 members and a collection of over four million objects, alongside which it has a vibrant public programme of exhibitions, events and learning opportunities.

The Royal Shakespeare Company creates theatre in Stratford-upon-Avon and shares it around the UK and across the world. All productions begin life at Stratford theatres, so wherever you experience the RSC, you experience work made in Shakespeare’s home town.

The SAA, society for all artists, is for everyone with a love of painting. It believes in encouraging everyone, from complete novices and hesitant beginners to the legions of leisure painters and beyond.

Scalefour Society is one of the foremost groups for finescale railway modellers. It welcomes those seeking to Boost the artistry and engineering of their modelling, particularly using realistic wheels and track.

Search Press Ltd is the leading art and craft publisher in the UK, specialising in fine art, textiles, general crafts and children's crafts. We publish over 100 new titles a year and distribute globally.

Selvedge is a design-led, 100 page, bi-monthly magazine that covers every facet of textiles – interiors, fashion, art, craft, travel and shopping – in an intelligent and inspiring way. It supports independent designers and artists in the magazine and at its craft fairs.

Serpentine Galleries - Championing new ideas in contemporary art and architecture since it opened in 1970, the Serpentine has presented pioneering exhibitions of 2,263 artists over 45 years, showing a wide range of work from emerging practitioners to the most internationally recognised artists and architects of our time.

The Shakespeare Birthplace Trust has a long and famous tradition of welcoming visitors from across the globe to Stratford-upon-Avon on a personal journey to discover where Shakespeare lived and his legacy continues. Celebrating Shakespeare is at the heart of everything we do. It enriches the lives of millions of people of all ages and backgrounds, providing a global cultural meeting place where everyone can share in the enjoyment and understanding of Shakespeare’s works.

Shakespeare Schools Festival trains teachers to direct their class in a 30 minute abridged Shakespeare production. It stages the productions across the UK in October and November.

Sixth Sense Theatre is a professional theatre company making work for, with and by children and young adults. Its professional regional and UK tours are complemented by extensive work with youth theatre and schools.

Snowflake Books ltd is an aspiring independent publisher founded by scholars and designers, based in Oxford. Its aim is to introduce English translations of specially chosen, ancient legends and folk tales alongside the Chinese language to encourage cross-cultural appreciation through children's books.

Society of Antiquaries of London - A 300-year-old learned society concerned with the study of the material past, research library and museum. It sponsors conservation and research grants, publications, conferences, exhibitions, lectures, and more.

The Sofa Sessions brings artists to unusual venues where music doesn’t usually happen, including your home, coffee shop and hairdressers.

Southbank Centre is the UK’s largest arts centre with an extraordinary creative and architectural history stretching back to the 1951 Festival of Britain. Building on this rich heritage, Southbank Centre offers an extensive artistic and cultural programme including themed festivals, classical and contemporary music, performance, dance, visual art and literature and spoken word.

The Space commissions new, innovative digital art, seeking out and profiling artists and their work on and through partnerships with the cultural and technology sectors.

St George’s Bristol is one of the country’s leading concert halls. It boasts a superb acoustic and unique atmosphere which attracts the world’s best artists. St George’s promotes some exceptional musical talent. It wants to share these assets to help inspire and nurture new generations of musicians, and to bring the gift of music to all.

Strangeface use mask and puppets to create intimate work for the widest variety of venues. Current projects include Pubbetry – theatre for tabletops and Wellcome Trust funded Dissonance with University of Kent.

StrongBack Productions creates great performances inspired by the history, traditions, personal stories and cultural forms of BAME and other diverse and minority communities, celebrating and documenting their contribution to modern Britain.

Superact CIC is a not-for-profit arts organisation that uses creativity to help Boost the health and wellbeing of individuals and communities, both in the UK and internationally.

Swindon Dance is an inspirational, ACE NPO dance organisation, with a 35-year track record of creating and developing the dance, dancers and the dance audiences of tomorrow.

Tales for Tea is a bibliotherapist usings prose and poetry to help keep mental health healthy. They use characters in the story as a vessel to share emotions - then paint the emotions.

Tamalpa offers public workshops and trainings in the Tamalpa Life/Art Process an internationally-recognized expressive arts approach, which combines movement, visual art, and creative writing to access the innate wisdom of the body and the transformative power of the imagination.

Tamasha Theatre Company is Britain’s foremost touring theatre company producing new plays inspired by the diversity of a globalised world. Its work places the voices of emerging and established artists from culturally diverse backgrounds centre-stage.

Tara Arts - People, Words & Art: Connecting Worlds - represents a commitment to creating excellent theatre through a shared community of diverse performers, participants and audiences.

teeleedesign - Visual artist, published children's author/ illustrator, been creating large collaborative permanent murals in primary schools using a beautiful collage painted tissue paper technique. Currently working with refugees living in Stockport area creating a 'one world one family' mural.

Tenebrae Choir, directed by Nigel Short, is a world-leading vocal ensemble. Alongside a lively international concert schedule, the choir runs an inspirational workshop method, ‘The Tenebrae Effect’, advancing and challenging participants.

THIS Project - Promoting the emerging arts community, creating opportunities for artists and organisations, while conceiving original arts activity to engage with the public to increase participation in, and access to, the arts.

TreePress - Champions of creativity being at the heart of education, so that all schools are places of empathy, confidence, cooperation and courage. TreePress is an online marketplace and community connecting playwrights to teachers and schools.

Told by an Idiot - A critically-acclaimed UK theatre company, creating the unexpected since 1993. Revelling in the artifice of performance, our aim is simple; to release peoples' creativity, curiosity and ultimately their desire to play.

TubeFlash is a website promoting new flash fiction inspired by the London Underground by a range of writers old, young, new and established.

two03 - Live Graffiti, street art, airbrush

UK Hand Knitting Association - A not-for-profit organisation dedicated to passing on skills and enthusing the next generation of knitters and crocheters.

Unlimited - Commissions programme designed to develop, create and tour exceptional art by disabled artists.

The Unapologists - A site for the expression of a group of opinionated friends on current events, social issues and pop culture, among other topics, as well as providing a platform for other types of creative writing.

Voluntary Arts provides a universal voice for approximately 63,000 voluntary arts groups across the UK and Ireland. It provides information, undertakes advocacy and delivers projects to develop participation in creative cultural activities.

Warm Glass UK - Ever fancied making a fused glass bowl, jewellery or glass beads? Warm Glass run classes throughout the year from beginners right through to more advanced techniques in a friendly and safe studio. It has creative glass craft courses to inspire everyone.

WAYout Arts - Free arts training and facilities to street and disadvantaged youth in Sierra Leone. WAYout does artistic collaborations with UK arts creators.

White Rabbit - Creating theatre, storytelling events, installations, cabaret and podcasts with participation and positive social change at the heart of it. They like to encourage fun and kindness through a wide variety of arts.

Wild Rumpus organise spectacular outdoor arts events for families who like to run wild, including the award winning Just So Festival which takes families on incredible creative adventures.

Word Voyages - Cargoes of Creativity offer festival events, education programmes, community projects, gallery and museum installations such as Poetry Postie, Sweetshop of Words, the Poetree and the Creativitea Tent.

World of Wedgwood is an inspiring visitor experience, which combines an array of engaging attractions that bring to life Wedgwood’s 250 years’ heritage in the British ceramics industry.

yello brick take inspiration from the stories people have to tell and create tailor-made experiences that take audiences on a journey, placing them at the centre of the story.

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