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7497X Avaya Oceana Solution Support Exam

Exam Details:
- Number of Questions: The number of questions in the Avaya Oceana Solution Support test (7497X) can vary, but it typically consists of around 60 to 70 multiple-choice questions. The exact number of questions may depend on the specific version of the exam.

- Time: Candidates are usually given a specific time limit to complete the 7497X exam, which is typically around 90 to 120 minutes. It is important to manage time effectively to ensure all questions are answered within the allocated time.

Course Outline:
The Avaya Oceana Solution Support test is designed to test the knowledge and skills required to support and troubleshoot Avaya Oceana, a customer engagement solution. While the specific course outline may vary, the test generally covers the following key areas:

1. Avaya Oceana Overview:
- Introduction to Avaya Oceana and its features
- Understanding the components and architecture of Avaya Oceana
- Overview of Avaya Aura Experience Portal integration

2. Avaya Oceana Deployment and Configuration:
- Planning and preparing for the deployment of Avaya Oceana
- Configuring Avaya Oceana Core components and services
- Integrating Avaya Oceana with other Avaya solutions (e.g., Avaya Aura, Avaya Elite)
- Configuring customer engagement workflows and routing rules

3. Avaya Oceana Administration and Management:
- Managing user accounts and permissions in Avaya Oceana
- Monitoring and troubleshooting Avaya Oceana components
- Performing backups and restores of Avaya Oceana configurations
- Managing service levels and reporting in Avaya Oceana

4. Troubleshooting Avaya Oceana:
- Identifying and resolving common issues in Avaya Oceana deployments
- Troubleshooting integration issues with Avaya Aura Experience Portal
- Analyzing logs and traces for problem diagnosis and resolution
- Performing system diagnostics and health checks

Exam Objectives:
The objectives of the 7497X test typically include:
- Assessing the candidate's understanding of Avaya Oceana concepts, components, and architecture.
- Evaluating the candidate's knowledge and ability to deploy and configure Avaya Oceana in a customer engagement environment.
- Testing the candidate's proficiency in administering and managing Avaya Oceana, including user management and system monitoring.
- Assessing the candidate's troubleshooting skills and ability to identify and resolve common issues in Avaya Oceana deployments.
- Evaluating the candidate's understanding of Avaya Aura Experience Portal integration and its impact on Avaya Oceana.

Exam Syllabus:
The specific test syllabus for the 7497X Avaya Oceana Solution Support test may vary, but it generally includes the following topics:

1. Avaya Oceana Overview:
- Introduction to Avaya Oceana
- Avaya Oceana features
- Components and architecture of Avaya Oceana

2. Avaya Oceana Deployment and Configuration:
- Deployment planning and preparation
- Avaya Oceana Core components and services
- Integration with other Avaya solutions
- Customer engagement workflows and routing

3. Avaya Oceana Administration and Management:
- User account management and permissions
- Monitoring and troubleshooting
- Backups and restores
- Service levels and reporting

4. Troubleshooting Avaya Oceana:
- Common issues and resolutions
- Integration issues with Avaya Aura Experience Portal
- Log and trace analysis
- System diagnostics and health checks

It is important to note that the specific content and emphasis of the 7497X Avaya Oceana Solution Support test may vary based on Avaya's guidelines and updates. Candidates should refer to the official study materials and resources provided by Avaya for the most accurate and up-to-date information regarding the test syllabus and content.
Avaya Oceana Solution Support Exam
Avaya Solution teaching
Killexams : Avaya Solution teaching - BingNews https://killexams.com/pass4sure/exam-detail/7497X Search results Killexams : Avaya Solution teaching - BingNews https://killexams.com/pass4sure/exam-detail/7497X https://killexams.com/exam_list/Avaya Killexams : Digital Transformation No result found, try new keyword!Avaya is a global provider of business collaboration & communications solutions, providing unified communications, contact centers, networking & related services to companies of all sizes. Wed, 09 May 2018 04:54:00 -0500 https://www.itworldcanada.com/hubs/avaya-digital-transformation.php Killexams : Affordable Learning Solutions

Welcome to the Affordable Learning Community at Sacramento State, a collaborative effort among the Center for Teaching and Learning (CTL), Services for Students with Disabilities (SSWD), the Sacramento State University Library, and the Hornet Bookstore.
We are here to help Strengthen course affordability for students, support faculty in accessing and using open educational resources, and familiarize the campus community with the California State University’s (CSU) Affordable Learning Initiative. We strive to provide information and resources to create a learning environment that benefits our campus community as a whole.

"More affordable textbook options mean that I don't have to pick between passing a class or paying rent and eating." - Vanessa Kmetz

What is the Affordable Learning Initiative?

Textbook affordability isn’t just a faculty choice issue, it’s also an equity issue. Students are often forced choose between purchasing textbooks and paying rent.

To make course materials accessible to all students, regardless of income level, the California Legislature passed a series of bills that empower professors to adopt high quality, free and open educational resources for course materials, and make these courses visible to students when registering for courses.

The Affordable Learning Solutions (AL$) Initiative is the CSU’s response to this legislation, providing funding, resources, and training for each campus.

What is the impact on students and faculty?

In addition to saving students more than $50 million across the CSU system annually, AL$ and OERs give faculty more flexibility and choice in course materials, making those materials more responsive to advances in research and current events.

AL$ Impact on Students across the CSU: Millions of Dollars Saved

Image of Impact of affordable learning solutions on students

“I sometimes have to decide whether to eat or buy a textbook. It’s hard when professors don’t offer alternative routes that are accessible.”

José Arias-Ruiz

Training & Grant Opportunities

AL$/OER Faculty Learning Community (coming Spring 2023)

Learn more about making your courses more affordable, using open educational resources, and creating your own resources to support student learning. Faculty will complete a series of modules on AL$ and OER resources. Faculty will be expected to create and implement a plan for reducing the course cost. This FLC can be completed in conjunction with a mini grant.
$500 stipend upon completion of culminating event.

AL$/OER Mini Grant Program (ongoing)

The Center for Teaching and Learning supports three types of mini grants to support faculty as they work to reduce the cost of course materials:

Type 1: Adopt ($500)

Significantly reduce the cost of course materials by adopting an existing Open Educational Resource or more affordable textbook. Upon completion, the course should meet the designation for LCCM (Low Cost Course Materials - $40 or less), or ZCCM (Zero Cost Course Materials).

Type 2: Remix ($750)

Significantly reduce the cost of course materials by remixing existing Open Educational Resources into your own course pack. Upon completion, the course should meet the designation for LCCM (Low Cost Course Materials - $40 or less), or ZCCM (Zero Cost Course Materials).

Type 3: Create ($1,000)

Significantly reduce the cost of course materials by creating your own Open Educational Resources use LibreTexts (training provided). This most often takes the form of an open textbook but we welcome innovation!

All mini grants require the awardee to complete training in finding and using Affordable Learning Solutions and Open Educational Resources. More information is available upon request.

Apply for an AL$/OER Mini Grant HERE.

Faculty Resources

icons used in Class Schedule for low- and no-cost materials

Affordable Learning Solutions/Open Educational Resource Coordinator: Andrea Terry

  • Integrating OER materials into your courses through Canvas
  • Consultation on course design/redesign with online textbooks and multi-media

Contact Center for Teaching and Learning at (916) 278-5945 or e-mail CTL@csus.edu

Tue, 26 Nov 2019 20:52:00 -0600 en text/html https://www.csus.edu/academic-affairs/center-teaching-learning/affordable-learning-solutions.html
Killexams : The Solution to Our Education Crisis Might be AI

Tomorrow's Teachers

Robots will replace teachers by 2027.

That's the bold claim that Anthony Seldon, a British education expert, made at the British Science Festival in September.

Seldon may be the first to set such a specific deadline for the automation of education, but he's not the first to note technology's potential to replace human workers. Whether the "robots" take the form of artificially intelligent (AI) software programs or humanoid machines, research suggests that technology is poised to automate a huge proportion of jobs worldwide, disrupting the global economy and leaving millions unemployed.

But just which jobs are on the chopping block is still a subject of debate.

Some experts have suggested that autonomous systems will replace us in jobs for which humans are unsuited anyway — those that are dull, dirty, and dangerous. That's already happening. Robots clean nuclear disaster sites and work construction jobs. Desk jobs aren't immune to the robot takeover, however — machines are replacing finance experts, outperforming doctors, and competing with advertising masterminds.

The unique demands placed on primary and secondary school teachers make this position different from many other jobs at risk of automation. Students all learn differently, and a good teacher must attempt to deliver lessons in a way that resonates with every child in the classroom. Some students may have behavioral or psychological problems that inhibit or complicate that process. Others may have parents who are too involved, or not involved enough, in their education. Effective teachers must be able to navigate these many hurdles while satisfying often-changing curriculum requirements.

In short, the job demands that teachers have nearly superhuman levels of empathy, grit, and organization. Creating robotic teachers that can meet all these demands might be challenging, but in the end, could these AI-enhanced entities solve our most pervasive and systemic issues in education?

Room For Improvement

In 2015, the United Nations Educational, Scientific, and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) adopted the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development, a plan for eliminating poverty through sustainable development. One goal listed on the agenda is to ensure everyone in the world has equal access to a quality education. Specific targets include completely free primary and secondary education, access to updated education facilities, and instruction from qualified teachers.

Some nations will have a tougher time meeting these goals than others. As of 2014, roughly nine percent of primary school-aged children (ages 5 to 11) weren't in school, according to the same UNESCO report. For lower secondary school-aged children (ages 12 to 14), that percentage jumps to 16 percent. More than 70 percent of out-of-school children live in Southern Asia and Sub-Saharan Africa. In the latter region, a majority of the schools aren't equipped with electricity or potable water, and depending on the grade level, between 26 and 56 percent of teachers aren't properly trained.

To meet UNESCO's target of equal access to quality education, the world needs a lot more qualified teachers. The organization reports that we must add 20.1 million primary and secondary school teachers to the workforce, while also finding replacements for the 48.6 million expected to leave in the next 13 years due to retirement, the end of a temporary contract, or the desire to pursue a different profession with better pay or better working conditions.

That's...a lot of teachers. So it's easy to see the appeal of using a robotic teacher to fill these gaps. Sure, it takes a lot of time and money to automate an entire profession. But after the initial development costs, administrators wouldn't need to worry about paying digital teachers. This saved money could then be used to pay for the needed updates to education facilities or other costs associated with providing all youth with a free education.

Digital teachers wouldn't need days off and would never be late for work. Administrators could upload any changes to curricula across an entire fleet of AI instructors, and the systems would never make mistakes. If programmed correctly, they also wouldn't show any biases toward students based on gender, race, socio-economic status, personality preference, or other consideration.

But we still have some ways to go before such instructors enter our classrooms.

Education systems are "only as good as the teachers who provide the hands-on schooling," UNESCO claims, and today's robots simply can't match human teachers in the quality of education they provide to students. In fact, they won't be able to for at least the next decade, Rose Luckin, a professor at the University College London Knowledge Lab, a research center focused on how digital media can transform education, told Futurism. Teachers rely heavily on social interaction to support their students and figure out what they need, Luckin continued, and so far no digital system can compete with a human in this realm.

However, it is possible that no robot will ever be good enough to replace teachers completely. "I do not believe that any robot can fulfill the wide range of tasks that a human teacher completes on a daily basis, nor do I believe that any robot will develop the vast repertoire of skills and abilities that a human teacher possesses," Luckin said.

There is some weight to Luckin's assertions. While machines can handle a variety of specific tasks, we haven't yet come close to creating artificial general intelligence (AGI) — the kind of machine that could answer the tough questions outside the purview of the immediate lesson that good teachers should be prepared to tackle. Today's robots also lack the empathy and ability to inspire that teachers bring to the classroom.

That doesn't mean robots won't replace teachers, though. Very few studies directly compare human and robot teachers, so it's not clear how much better the human performs than the robot.

In any case, Luckin suggests a compromise: AI and automated systems could have collaborative roles in the education system. That would enable teachers and students to take advantage of the tech in ways that will benefit them both, and we wouldn't need to worry about lack of oversight for when our AI systems do encounter problems.

AI in Every Classroom

For teachers, the classroom is anything but serene. Kids giggle during lessons, call out, rustle papers, and fidget — teachers must compete with the chaos to simply get students to learn. And teachers take their jobs home with them, too, spending their evenings and weekends planning lessons and grading student work.

What if AI could act as an extra pair of hands in the classroom? That was the idea Luckin and her co-author put forth in a recent paper. This AI assistant could manage tasks such as taking attendance or routine grading. It could also help teachers generate new lessons by autonomously navigating online teaching resources, such as Teachers Pay Teachers, to find the lesson plans most likely to resonate with a classroom based on the details of the students and the school's specific curriculum.

Decreasing the workload dumped on teachers would hopefully make them less stressed. This could limit the burnout that has exacerbated the teacher shortage and make the position more appealing to others considering becoming teachers. In her paper, Luckin predicted that every teacher could have a dedicated AI assistant within the next decade.

But AI could do more than the drudgery of teaching — it could actually make teachers better by giving them greater insight into their students' needs.

Classrooms could be equipped with language processors, speech and gesture recognition technology, eye-tracking, and other physiological sensors to collect and analyze information about each student, Luckin writes. Instead of waiting for a test or a raised hand for a student to display her understanding of the material, teachers could access real-time information that could show them why the student might not be learning at full capacity. They'd know which students weren't getting enough sleep, if they had inadequate diets, if they were suffering from emotional stress — information that can affect a student's performance but that can be difficult to tease out in the classroom.

The teacher could use this information to tailor his or her teaching strategies to meet the needs of each individual student. They could simply look at a list generated by the AI to see what each student should work on that day. If a student needed extra one-on-one attention, the teacher could instruct that student to work with an AI-powered Intelligent Tutoring System (ITS) that adjusts its approach to match the student's learning style. Meanwhile, the teacher may decide to give other students group work so they could hone their interpersonal skills.

The system could also help students modify their behavior to Strengthen their own performance. For example, a student might learn that she scores lower on exams when she stayed up late the night before, drank coffee that morning, or took public transport to school instead of walking. By altering these habits in the future, she could score better on the tests and excel.

Image Credit: Pixabay

As Luckin told Futurism, the increased use of AI in education could have downsides. Schools will need to guard against the misuse of student data, and cybersecurity will be of the utmost importance. Still, these types of precautions won't be limited to education. Data protection will be a universal concern as the Internet of Things (IoT) grows and our world gets increasingly "smart."

A few decades in the future, every student and teacher could be the master of their own personal educational analytics, Luckin predicts. That information could be useful beyond the classroom — students may choose to share certain analytics along with their college admission packages, while teachers may include theirs in applications for future employment.

Not My Classroom

As previously noted, it will be a little while before every teacher has an AI assistant and every student has an AI tutor. Developing the necessary technology will be the simple part, Luckin said, and already, some researchers are working on such systems.

Convincing parents, teachers, and students to embrace AI in education will be the real challenge. Some may be biased against the technology for fear it will leave them unemployed, while others may have a hard time shaking thoughts of the doomsday scenarios posited by tech luminaries such as Elon Musk and Stephen Hawking.

Teachers, in particular, are likely to be more resistant to automation because teaching is an "inherently human process," Terry Heick, founder and director of TeachThought, a publisher of teaching materials and resources that are focused on innovation in education, told Futurism.

He said teachers might take the suggestion that a "symbolically mindless robot" could do their work as an indication that others see their skillset as easy to duplicate. In fact, said Heick, the opposite is true — teaching is such an "impossible" task that anything that could make the job easier on teachers should be valued.

To ease this resistance, researchers and tech companies could involve educators, parents, and students in the development of AI systems designed for the classroom, as Luckin suggests in her paper. Stakeholders could see that their input and experience is valuable; they could even identify weaknesses in systems under development. Researchers can tailor systems to suit the needs of educators, students, and parents, improving the final product. Skeptics could see how AI could Strengthen the learning experience.

For this process to go well, it needs to be slow and iterative. It will likely take decades at best.

"Considering that education still hasn’t embraced mobile technology, the idea of Johnny 5 circling around a classroom teaching students in just a decade seems far-fetched," Heick said. But maybe someday.

Sun, 16 Jul 2023 16:11:00 -0500 text/html https://futurism.com/ai-teachers-education-crisis
Killexams : World's fourth Avaya Connectivity Solutions Center set for Dubai

Avaya, the US-based provider of voice and data networks to businesses, is to open a $250,000 Connectivity Solutions Center in Dubai Internet City (DIC) this September. This will be the center’s fourth location in the world after facilities in Ireland, Australia and the US.  

Spurred by the growing importance of the Middle East on the global stage, the new facility will provide a briefing center for Avaya's SYSTIMAX Structured Cabling Solutions (SCS). In addition, the center will showcase other Avaya products such as its Enterprise Class IP Solutions (ECLIPS) portfolio, an enterprise IP telephony solution and Avaya Cajun switches. 

“The region is experiencing incredible and sustained growth. The number of infrastructure projects being carried out across the Middle East has seen demand for Avaya's industry-leading SYSTIMAX (SCS) portfolio increase dramatically,” said Anne-Marie Kenneally, Avaya’s vice president for connectivity solutions in Europe, Middle East and Africa.  

In addition to providing a demonstration platform, the DIC center will become the Middle East and North Africa headquarters for Avaya's connectivity division as well as the region's SYSTIMAX connectivity training facility. The center will host Avaya's regional design/engineering and install/maintenance training modules. — (menareport.com) 

© 2002 Mena Report (www.menareport.com)

Sun, 23 Jul 2023 12:00:00 -0500 en text/html https://www.albawaba.com/business/worlds-fourth-avaya-connectivity-solutions-center-set-dubai-0
Killexams : Avaya Earns Metrigy Metristar Top Provider And Customer Sentiment Awards For Avaya Onecloud Ucaas And Ccaas Solutions

Avaya (NYSE: AVYA), a global leader in solutions to enhance and simplify communications and collaboration, today announced it has been recognized by Metrigy for two recent accolades – MetriStar Top Provider award for Workforce Optimization (WFO) Platform and MetriStar Top Customer Sentiment for Avaya OneCloud™ UCaaS. Avaya was singled out based on its achievements in delivering innovation for customer engagement, and helping organizations achieve business goals, revenue objectives and efficiencies.

Metrigy relies on real-world results provided by companies that are using the technologies tracked in the MetriStar program. The company has users evaluate their providers based on both business success metrics and customer ratings, allowing them to identify providers that are delivering success across the board. Avaya’s most recent accolades highlight the company’s innovation in UCaaS and CCaaS solutions, with high overall sentiment compared to other competitors.

MetriStar Top Provider Award for Avaya Workforce Engagement

Metrigy’s CX and Workforce Optimization: 2021-22 research study found that in the past year, 55 percent of organizations added Workforce Optimization (WFO) applications to their portfolios, and 79 percent specifically cite workforce management tools as essential to helping them manage remote teams during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Avaya Workforce Engagement, part of the Avaya OneCloud CCaaS portfolio, delivers measurable value to companies that want to Strengthen agent and customer experiences, while making contact center operations more efficient. The report notes, “Avaya’s customers reported a 7.5% decrease in operational costs—more than two times the average change in operational costs in the study. Avaya customers also reported a 51.1% improvement in agent efficiency, compared to the average of 46.6% in the study at large. Additionally, Avaya customers saw a 33.7 percent increase in revenue, a 50.3% improvement in customer ratings, and a 59.7 percent improvement in employee satisfaction.”1

“WFO comprises a crucial set of applications that CX leaders are using to Strengthen both customer and agent experience,” says Robin Gareiss, CEO and principal analyst of Metrigy. “Given the stiff competition in this field, Avaya’s performance speaks to not only its technology prowess but also its ability to Strengthen business metrics.”

MetriStar Top Customer Sentiment Award for Avaya OneCloud™ UCaaS

UCaaS represents the largest segment of the UC architecture landscape; among those still operating on-premise calling platforms, almost 40 percent are either planning to move to UCaaS, or are currently evaluating such a move.1 Avaya OneCloud™ UCaaS solutions have transformed the traditional video meeting to enable immersive, always-on collaboration, helping businesses meet the challenges of an unpredictable, work-from-anywhere world with continuous, multiexperience collaboration. As the world goes forward to new, hybrid work models, Avaya is empowering cross-functional teams to collaborate across departments and locations in ways that help avoid the video call fatigue associated with limited apps that lack Avaya innovation.

Out of 15 providers evaluated, Avaya had the top overall customer sentiment score of 3.39 out of a possible 4.0. “Avaya’s customer sentiment scores were driven by top scores in technical features, reliability, and audio performance. Avaya also scored near the top overall for innovation. Avaya’s customers give Full Marks to the capabilities of its solution, as well as its high quality.”1

“The value of the Top Customer Sentiment MetriStar award is that it is solely based on how customers rate their providers,” says Irwin Lazar, President and Principal Analyst, Metrigy. “Avaya’s scores demonstrate that it is delivering a high level of features, performance, service, and reliability to its customers.”

“Today’s customers are more sophisticated than ever – they know what they want, and it’s simply expected that organizations understand and deliver,” said Anthony Bartolo, Executive Vice President and Chief Product Officer, Avaya. “The Avaya OneCloud CCaaS and UCaaS portfolios are the bridge that connects every experience, for every person, across each customers’ entire business. It takes a holistic, AI-driven approach to deliver what your customers and employees want—even before they think to ask—and brings everyone together in a seamless journey.”

Wed, 04 Aug 2021 21:21:00 -0500 en text/html https://www.albawaba.com/business/pr/avaya-earns-metrigy-metristar-top-provider-and-customer-sentiment-awards-avaya-onecloud
Killexams : AGC Networks Ltd.

Avaya GlobalConnect Ltd. formerly Tata Telecom was incorporated on August 19, 1986 at Mumbai. The company was promoted by Tata Industries Ltd. (TIL). It is one of India?óÔé¼Ôäós leading providers of enterprise communications solutions, offering converged communication solutions, contact center solutions, and unified messaging systems for enterprises. Already a market leader in contact center solutions with more than 50% market share, Avaya GlobalConnect Ltd. plans to become India?óÔé¼Ôäós leading provider of converged communications business solutions for enterprises. With 35 service centers spread around the country, the company provides solutions to some 6,000 customers, employs over 500 associates, and generates $87 million in annual revenues.

Avaya GlobalConnect is India?óÔé¼Ôäós leading intelligent communications solution provider delivering business solutions that help organizations accelerate revenue growth, increase market penetration, optimize operating costs and Strengthen employee productivity, by embedding communication in their business processes.

Avaya GlobalConnect is a subsidiary of Avaya Inc., a global leader in business communications. More than one million businesses worldwide including 90 percent of the FORTUNE 500?é?« use Avaya solutions for IP Telephony, Unified Communications (UC), and Contact Centers (CC).

In October of 2001, Tata Telecom, now Avaya GlobalConnect, signed on with SAP. By July of 2002, the company had its ERP system up and running. mySAP CRM capabilities for presales and lead management came online between October 2002 and March 2003.

Business area of the company:

Products offered by Avaya:

  • Avaya Communication Servers & Gateways – The Avaya IP600 Internet Protocol Communications Server delivers reliability and full–feature functionality to the customer's entire enterprise, by combining voice, fax/messaging, data, and Internet traffic – onto a powerful IP network.
  • Avaya Communication Manager– Communication Manager delivers on the promise of IP by offering a no compromise approach to convergence in terms of reliability and functionality. Designed to run on a variety of Media Servers, Communication Manager provides centralized call control.   
  • Digital Phones– With their sleek, global styling and user interface, and availability in white or gray, these telephones look great in any location. There are a variety of 6400 Series models that can meet customers' specific requirements and deliver exceptional benefits to their business. 
  • Unified Access
  • Conferencing and collaboration
  • Messaging– Messaging provides a single point of access to all message types – voice mails, electronic mails or faxes, from virtually any communication device. Video Conferencing & Applications

The company provides Solutions for:

  • Hospitality
  • Insurance
  • Banking
  • Mutual Fund
  • Securities
  • SME Solutions


  • Avaya Unified Communications Solutions have been certified as Green solutions by Meircom, an independent product testing organization. In its report of November 2008, Miercom says ?óÔé¼?ôBased on our hands–on testing and Tested representations made by Avaya, Miercom confirmed that the Avaya solution is designed to provide an effective and environmentally sound communications solution?óÔé¼?Ø.
  • Avaya GlobalConnect has been recognized as the ?óÔé¼?ôBest Enterprise Solution Provider Company?óÔé¼?Ø at the INFOCOM CMAI National Telecom Awards 2009
  • Avaya GlobalConnect won the Best Employer award at Sunday Indian Mega Excellence Awards 2009
  • Avaya GlobalConnect has once again won the Frost & Sullivan Market Leadership Award for Enterprise Telephony as well as Contact Center Applications for the year 2008.  This is Avaya GlobalConnect?óÔé¼Ôäós seventh consecutive win.
  • Avaya GlobalConnect has been awarded the best UC  solutions company by VAR India for 2008
  • Miercom and Nemertes Research, recognized Avaya UC enterprise solutions for providing top–line qualities. The awards were presented at VoiceCon, San Francisco 2008.
  • In India, Avaya GlobalConnect is the undisputed market leader as per IDC?óÔé¼Ôäós India Unified Communications Market Program.
  • Avaya GlobalConnect awarded the best Unified Communications solutions company by VAR India.
  • Avaya GlobalConnect wins VARIndia Brand of  Excellence Award 2008
  • Frost & Sullivan?óÔé¼Ôäós India ICT Awards
Wed, 19 Jul 2023 16:48:00 -0500 en text/html https://www.ndtv.com/business/stock/agc-networks-ltd_agcnet/reports
Killexams : 30 mistakes you're making that are causing your dog to behave badly

30 mistakes you're making that might be causing your dog to behave badly

There are no bad dogs — just training tips and products waiting to turn them into great dogs.


ByLisa Fogarty


Originally Published: 

We may receive a portion of sales if you purchase a product through a link in this article.

There are no bad dogs — there are only dogs who are misbehaving and need a little more training under their belt. With that said, it can certainly feel like your pup has run wild and is turning your home and life upside down. And, in those moments, you just need help — fast — to turn the problem around. That's where these dog experts come in: They uncovered 30 of the biggest mistakes you’re making that might be causing your dog to behave badly.

Maybe you yell at your dog when he's barking up a storm or you've become so frustrated with your pooch trying to run off when you're on a walk that you consider abandoning strolls altogether. Before you do anything drastic (or lose your voice), follow these tips, consider these products, and turn your dog into an A-plus listener.


Mistake: Skipping training & socializationSolution: Learning step-by-step training tips

Your dog isn’t going to instinctively know your expectations; proper training and socialization are the key factors needed to teach them the ways of the world. “Dogs, like humans, need to learn the basics and acquire new friends,” Yogisinsta, a content creator, dog trainer, author, and musician, tells Bustle. “Consistent training and socialization will teach your dog what is expected of them and how to behave with other dogs and people.” This highly rated dog training book can help — it provides step-by-step instructions on how to give basic commands like “sit” and “drop it,” as well as tips on helping them overcome anxieties that can lead to misbehavior, like calming down when they see that pesky vacuum cleaner come out of the closet.


Mistake: Not providing mental stimulation Solution: Filling their days with plenty of puzzles

A bored dog is usually a destructive dog. “Dogs, like children on sugar highs, require physical activity and mental stimulation,” Yoginista said. “As a result, make sure to provide them with lots of exercise and mental stimulation with entertaining games such as fetch, agility, and puzzles.” This puzzle toy is perfect: it’s a slow feeder that “hides” food and treats under flip lids that your pooch has to figure out how to open. Dogs learn to press the granary button to receive treats and the problem-solving task expands their minds and keeps them out of trouble.


Mistake: Interpreting your pooch’s boredom for bad behaviorSolution: A snuffle mat that turns mealtimes into fun times

“One of dog owners' most significant mistakes is that they stop focusing on how their dog gets quickly bored,” Richard West, founder of PuppyHero, tells Bustle. “They misunderstand a dog's boredom as bad behavior, which makes the dog behave worse. Dogs need enriching activities that will keep them busy and happy. You can choose puzzle toys or a snuffle mat that will make your dog happy. A bored dog will always have mood swings, making it hard for you to train them.” This snuffle mat provides a fun, interactive way for your dog to eat meals and snacks while satisfying their instinct to dig.


Mistake: Not giving your dog enough exercise Solution: Taking them on plenty of walks

Dogs need exercise to stay healthy and be happy, Aaron Rice, expert dog trainer at Stayyy, tells Bustle: “A lack of exercise will lead to boredom and pent-up energy, which can lead to destructive behavior. Make sure that you’re providing your pup with enough physical and mental stimulation to keep them well-exercised and engaged.” Plenty of daily walks can help them release pent-up energy. This leash is perfect for those strolls — it is made from sturdy material and has a padded handle for comfort. Choose among three sizes and four colors.


Mistake: Not establishing rules, which can lead to dogs destroying your propertySolution: Spray bitter apple liquid on furniture legs

While you are in the middle of training your pup, you can discourage them from negative behaviors like chewing on furniture legs and destroying your property by spraying a bit of this bitter apple liquid on items to discourage them from chewing. Keep in mind though that this deterrent is an aid to training and not a replacement for it. “Establishing basic rules for your pup is essential for setting the foundation for good behavior,” Rice says. “Rules like no jumping on furniture, no begging for food, and no chewing on inappropriate items should be established from the start. If you don’t set rules, your pup may become confused and frustrated, leading to bad behavior.”


Mistake: Not being consistent with trainingSolution: A dog agility kit that makes ongoing training fun

Training isn’t something that you do just once and then never again. It takes constant reminders to teach your pup and help prevent naughty behavior. “Dogs need consistency when it comes to training,” Rice says. “If you’re not consistent with your training, your pup may become confused or frustrated and begin to display bad behaviors. Make sure to commit to regular training sessions with your pup for best results.” Training doesn’t have to feel like a chore, either. This fun agility training kit can be set up indoors or outdoors and helps provide physical activity, opportunities for your pup to strengthen their listening skills, and bonding time. Set up this obstacle course for them and teach them how to walk where you want and even jump.


Mistake: Not offering an alternative when you take away something they’re chewing onSolution: An ultra-durable chew toy that will distract them

It is not sufficient to merely chastise your dog or remove the object they are tampering with when they are acting inappropriately, Thomas Villalpando, dog behaviorist and co-founder of ipetguides, tells Bustle. “Giving your dog a different option will help you change their behavior. An illustration would be a dog eating something it shouldn't be. People frequently refuse the dog's request and take the item away. However, they ought to remove it before giving them something else to gnaw on.” Distract your pet and give them something they can chew on by swapping that sock for this super-durable chew toy. The tear-resistant ring is designed from nontoxic rubber and is ideal for medium and large dogs.


Mistake: Only acknowledging bad behaviorSolution: Rewarding pups when they listen

If you’re only acknowledging your dog’s negative behaviors, you won’t catch them when they’re being good and teach them the actions you do want to see them display. Keeping this dog treat pouch nearby (especially on walks) and rewarding them for listening to a command like “stop” or “sit” is a surefire way to get them to listen again. “In addition to punishing poor conduct, rewarding good behavior with tasty dog treats that you can readily store in this wearable dog treat pouch is an important part of training your dog,” Villalpando says. “Give your dog a treat to encourage positive behavior if it's being demonstrated by them.” This convenient pouch is adjustable and is designed with four pockets. It comes with two washable drawstring bags and is available in two sizes and four colors.


Mistake: Not letting them sniff when they go for walksSolution: Placing biscuits on a longer leash & encouraging them to sniff

Your dog isn’t stopping to sniff every tree just to annoy you (really). They learn about the world via their sense of smell, and it can even reduce their anxiety and keep them from acting up. “Put biscuits on an extra-long leash the next time you take him for a long walk or to the park and let him smell as much as he wants,” Villalpando suggests. “Dogs use their sense of smell to perceive their environment, and they are less stressed when given uninterrupted sniffing time.” Use this long leash that comes in options that range from 10 to 50 feet and give them plenty of freedom to sniff and explore, while keeping them within reach.


Mistake: Forgetting to spend quality time with your dog Solution: Incorporating training into one-on-one playtime

One-on-one bonding time isn’t just an important way to foster a better connection with your pup, it can also help them learn training commands and trust you. “They pick up your commands and how to reply to you in this way,” Villalpando says. “Your dog should be told to sit and stay. Release them from your care with a joyful "OK!" and watch them enjoy themselves.” When they listen to a particularly tricky command, give them a special treat like these beefhide dog treats that come in natural or beef and chicken flavors. They’re made from natural rawhide and can even help boost your dog’s dental health.


Mistake: Only providing them with one type of toy or mental stimulation Solution: Mixing things up with a licking mat

“I think the most common mistake owners make is to assume their dogs need less interaction than they really do,” Dr. Linda Simon, a veterinary surgeon and veterinary consultant for FiveBarks, tells Bustle. “This is especially true when the pet parent owns a working dog or puppy. When I hear complaints of a dog being destructive or hyper, I’ll wonder what their owner is providing them in the sense of mental and physical stimulation. To keep dogs engaged, it takes a lot of effort. We need to provide them with a variety of things to do each day to keep their mind and body ticking over happily. As well as varied hiking routes and other physical games, invest in some gear to keep your dog mentally stimulated.”

If you’re all out of ideas, try this licking mat that helps distract them, alleviate boredom, and even reduce stress. It features suction cups on the back to keep it in place and you can add peanut butter or your pup’s favorite treat to the textured front.


Mistake: Not considering an aggressive chewer’s needs Solution: This nearly indestructible chew toy you can fill with treats

While you’re diversifying your pup’s toy collection, don’t forget to include products that meet the needs of an aggressive chewer. Ordinary chew toys may prove too delicate for your dog and they can easily destroy them. This strong rubber toy, which you can freeze and fill with treats like peanut butter and cheese, serves as a multi-tasking distraction that they can play with and manipulate during snack or mealtime. It comes in a number of designs, flavors, and sizes to suit all dog breeds.


Mistake: Neglecting the potential of interactive treat ballsSolution: Turning treat time into learning time

Continuing to follow Simon’s tips about stacking up on a variety of different toys that stimulate dogs mentally and physically, this interactive treat ball is a stand-out pick because it requires that your pooch roll it and play with it to get the ultimate reward: a treat. This toy encourages slower eating and it’s adjustable, so you can decide which level of difficulty your dog needs. It comes in two sizes for different breeds and boasts more than 14,000 reviews.


Mistake: Not rewarding older dogs with high-value treats Solution: Saving these chicken jerky treats for when pups go exhibit amazing behavior

Dogs can tell the difference between a so-so treat (which they’ll happily gobble up, of course) and a really special treat, otherwise known as a high-value treat. Saving those special snacks for when they perform at a higher level during training will really get the point across to them that they’ve done a good thing. “Another cause of ‘bad behavior’ is a lack of consistency in the training routine,” Simon said. “Dogs don’t automatically know what we want from them; we need to spell it out. Owners must all be on the same page and should be consistent in rewarding good behavior.” Reward older dogs with these chicken jerky treat made with natural ingredients (and no grains, corn, or wheat). They’ve earned a 4.6-star rating and more than 2,000 reviews.


Mistake: Forgetting that puppies also learn from high-value treats Solution: Treating pups with these mini bites made from carrot and chicken

Just because puppies are young doesn’t mean they can’t begin to understand which treats are just a wee bit more special than others. Catch your pup doing something extraordinary (like that first time they don’t go potty in the house) and reward them accordingly to ensure they repeat their behavior with these high-value puppy treats. The mini bites are made with chicken and carrot (they come in three additional flavors like lamb and salmon) and they are a natural source of DHA for brain development. Better still: they’ve earned cult classic status with more than 50,000 reviews.


Mistake: Yelling at your dog when they bark excessivelySolution: Offering positive reinforcement with this dog-training clicker

Got a pooch that loves to bark at everything in sight? Correcting them with your voice may not be the best way to get them to quiet down. “Common mistakes owners make when trying to fix this behavior include yelling at the dog or using physical punishment,” Patrik Holmboe, head veterinarian for Cooper Pet Care, tells Bustle. “These methods can actually make the barking worse, as the dog may interpret the yelling as joining in or the physical punishment as a form of attention.” Instead, use positive reinforcement training to correct behavior. This dog training clicker can teach your dog an “enough” command and reward them when they stop barking. They’re cheap, effective, and come with two in a pack.


Mistake: Playing with your dog when he jumps on youSolution: Turning your back on a jumping dog & rewarding them with treats when they sit

One common mistake Holmboe says he notices is that owners will sometimes try to fix a dog’s jumping by pushing the dog away or kneeing them in the chest. “These methods can be harmful and can make the dog more excited and jumpy,” he adds. Instead, you can turn your back on your pooch when they jump and try teaching your dog a “sit” command. When they get it right, reward them with these dog-training treats. They come in a variety of flavors and have earned more than 13,000 reviews.


Mistake: Punishing your dog when he digs in the yardSolution: Giving your dog a designated digging area

If you catch your dog digging in the backyard, Holmboe tells Bustle that owners should avoid punishing the dog or filling in the holes with dirt. “These methods do not address the underlying cause of the behavior and can make the dog more frustrated,” he says. “The correct way to fix this behavior is to provide the dog with a designated digging area and to supervise them when they are outside to ensure they do not dig in other areas.” This snuffle mat offers a garden-esque terrain for dogs to forage in, while also serving as a slow feeder that lets your pup sniff around for treats.


Mistake: Scolding your dog for separation anxietySolution: Soothing jittery pups with a calming heartbeat toy

Your dog may be going through separation anxiety — and it may show every time you leave the house and come home to find things destroyed. “Common mistakes owners make when trying to fix this behavior include ignoring the dog or scolding them when they show signs of separation anxiety,” Holmboe tells Bustle. “These methods do not address the underlying cause of the behavior and can make the dog more anxious.” He recommends correcting this behavior using positive reinforcement training, desensitization, counterconditioning, and providing a comfortable place for your pet to stay. Also, try leaving something soothing with your dog like this heartbeat stuffed toy, a best-selling calming aid with over 54,000 five-star ratings.


Mistake: Allowing them to be off-leash when they don't have good recall (yet)Solution: Teaching them recall while letting them explore with this dog training agility leash

Your dog may be willfully ignoring you when you call him — or the outside world may just be so intriguing that he hasn’t been trained to respond to you. Either way, Lauren Sharkey, an ABTC-registered animal training instructor and founder of Winnie's World, tells Bustle that a longline lead like this training agility leash can be a “super helpful tool when to comes to training recall.” This particular one comes in varying lengths and in 42 different colors. “They still allow plenty of freedom (and can even be trailed on the floor when it's safe to do so) but stop you and your dog getting into trouble if a distraction appears ahead,” Sharkey said. “Always attach to a harness, rather than your dog's collar, for safety.”


Mistake: Not creating a safe space for your dog Solution: Easing their anxiety by placing this dog carrier in a quiet room

Creating a safe, quiet space for your dog — and teaching them to retreat to that space when they’re anxious or scared — is an essential part of training. Without that safe space, your dog might act out when feeling overwhelmed or stressed. “Find a quiet room in your home where you can put a pet carrier, but do not close them in the carrier,” Gayle Martz, animal advocate and founder of the Sherpa Pet Trading Company, tells Bustle. This dog carrier is ideal for bringing that safe space with you while traveling — it works for pets up to 15 pounds and it comes with a foldable food bowl and cushion. “When it is at home, I recommend letting your pet go to and from the carrier as they choose and leave them treats or toys that are always in the carrier for them,” Martz says.


Mistake: Confining your dog for too much of the daySolution: Using positive reinforcement like these massaging grooming gloves

“We see some pets get confined nearly full time, which causes extreme excitement and worse behavior during the rare times they are allowed out to interact with the family,” Colleen Lambo, a veterinarian with The Vets, tells Bustle. If you’re tempted to confine your dog when they’re too excited, instead Lambo recommends training them to be calm in your presence. Using positive reinforcement methods like these grooming gloves that massage your pet as they gently detangle fur and dirt will “divert their behavior much quicker than locking them up or punishing them,” Lambo says. These gloves have gentle and soothing silicone tips and boast more than 12,000 reviews.


Mistake: Confusing paw-licking & chewing with behavioral issuesSolution: Figuring out whether your pet has a food allergy

May dog owners often think paw licking/chewing is behavioral, but it can be a sign of a food allergy, according to Lambo. “If untreated, the obsessive behavior can be a constant irritation to you and your pet,” Lambo said. Lambo recommends Purina Pro Plan Sensitive Skin & Stomach Dog Food as a product to try. It’s chock-full of nutrients for your pup, such as easily digestible oatmeal, sunflower oil rich in omega-6 fatty acids, and prebiotic fiber for digestive health. It has a high 4.7-star rating, more than 22,000 reviews, and is gentle on sensitive stomachs.


Mistake: Not addressing a senior dog’s fearsSolution: Helping nervous dogs when they walk on slippery floors with anti-slip grips

Some dogs, particularly older dogs, can get nervous walking on surfaces with poor traction. “The fear of not being able to cross the floor safely is as important to manage as symptoms of physical pain,” Lambo says. She recommends yoga mats, rug runners, or these anti-slip paw protectors that help prevent slipping on tile and hardwood floors — and, bonus: it keeps paws clean from dirt and sand.


Mistake: Allowing your dog to eat too quicklySolution: Encouraging your dog to take their time with this slow feeder

“Allowing your dog to eat too quickly can cause medical issues and vomiting,” Lambo says. Dogs who are rescued or living in multi-pet homes can sometimes eat too quickly, which can cause stomach upset and vomiting. With this slow feeder dog bowl, dogs are encouraged to slow down — and the maze-like shape will entertain them as they eat. With a nonslip base, the bowl will stay put during the feeding time frenzy.


Mistake: Ignoring your dog’s dental healthSolution: Keeping teeth healthy in between dental exams with these enzymatic treats

Not tending to your dog’s dental health can lead to severe oral pain, difficulty eating, and create larger medical issues. “If you aren't able to brush your pup's teeth daily (we recommend keeping their toothbrush near your toothbrush to help you remember), consider dental treats and toys to help keep them clean in between full dental visits,” Lambo says. These enzymatic chews made from beefhide help prevent plaque and tartar build-up, keeping teeth and gums overall healthier.


Mistake: Not finding ways to Strengthen your dog’s teeth and gums Solution: Cleaning their teeth as they play with this chew toy

Made from rawhide and grain-free ingredients, this chew toy is a flavorful distraction for bored or anxious dogs. It also helps clean teeth as your pup chews, and the toy is available in various sizes. With nearly 2,000 five-star ratings, reviewers like that this toy keeps their pets calm and busy — and they’re recommended for long car rides too.


Mistake: Leaving an untrained pup without a place to use the bathroom when you leave the house Solution: Laying down pee pads when needed

According to Lambo, leaving an untrained pup without a place to go — like on these pee pads that she recommends — is a surefire way to come home to an unhappy surprise. This pack of 100 pee pads is designed to be both leak-proof and fast-drying, and they can be used for any age range, from puppies to seniors. You can also use them while traveling.


Mistake: Letting your dog wander the neighborhood unsupervised Solution: Offering security for pets who like to roam with this outdoor/indoor playpen

“Letting your pup roam the neighborhood can be dangerous for them, and lead to challenging behaviors including them not coming home when called, or racing out of the door,” Lambo tells Bustle. You can still provide your pooch with a comfy place to explore the yard — within reason — so that they bask in a bit of sunshine without making a successful escape attempt. This metal pet playpen is a 16-square-foot enclosure that comes in five heights to suit different breeds and can be purchased with or without a door. You can set it up both indoors or outdoors with the help of eight included anchors that keep it in place.


Mistake: Feeding your dog table scraps & encouraging them to beg for food Solution: Parceling out food on a schedule with this automatic dog feeder

It can be very tempting to feed your pup some leftover chicken off your plate, but this is a behavior that isn’t helping them in the long run. “Instead of sharing the food on your plate, I'd recommend you schedule your pup’s meal time around yours by getting them an automatic feeder like this one offered by PETLIBRO, which will be in charge of providing your furry friend with the right portion at the right time,” Dr. Sabrina Kong DVM, dog trainer and veterinary consultant at WeLoveDoodles, shares with Bustle. This feeder can be programmed for up to six meals per day, and an easy-to-read LCD screen indicates when the dispenser needs more food.

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Killexams : Finding solutions to challenges in English language teaching

PETALING JAYA: English teachers and trainees will be showing off their creativity and solutions to challenges in English language teaching at the Malaysian English Language Teaching Association (Melta) conference later this month.

The 31st International Conference 2023 will be held at Universiti Malaya (UM) from Aug 26 to 27.

The conference offers researchers and educators a platform for vital roundtable discussions on English language learning (ELT) in Malaysia.

Themed “From the Ground-Up: Dreams and Realities of English Language Education”, the conference offers opportunities for sharing research and enabling peer engagement among English language educators.

“Students can showcase their projects in science, technology, reading, engineering, arts and mathematics (STREAM) through English oral presentations,” Melta said in a statement yesterday.

“In addition, English teachers and student teachers can display their creative solutions to challenges in English language teaching,” it added.

“Delegates from countries such as Singapore, Thailand, China, the United Kingdom, Japan, Korea, Mongolia, Indonesia and Bangladesh have confirmed their participation,” said Melta president Assoc Prof Dr Ramesh Nair, adding that it features plenary forums and roundtable discussions.

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Killexams : Managing Across Borders: The Transnational Solution



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Killexams : modum.io: Funding a Blockchain-Based Start-Up’s Supply Chain Solution


Teaching Note for HBS No. 420-006.


Huang, Laura, Dominik Roeck, Alex Murray, and Erik Hofmann. "modum.io: Funding a Blockchain-Based Start-Up’s Supply Chain Solution." Harvard Business School Teaching Note 420-007, January 2020.

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