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Exam Code: 2V0-61-19 Practice exam 2022 by team
2V0-61-19 VMware Professional Workspace ONE exam (VCP-DW 2021) 2V0-61.19

Exam Name : Professional VMware Workspace ONE (VCP-DW 2020)
Exam ID : 2V0-61.19
Exam Duration : 105 minutes
Questions in exam : 65
Passing Score : 300 / 500
Exam Center : PEARSON VUE
Real Questions : VMware 2V0-61.19 Real Questions
Recommended Practice : VMware Certified Professional - Digital Workspace 2020 (VCP-DW 2020) Practice Test

Section Objectives Architectures and Technologies - Differentiate and illustrate the differences between physical architecture and logical architecture
- Differentiate between cloud computing and on-prem EMM + Identity Access Management solutions
- Differentiate among OEM Providers
- Describe disaster recovery and high availability
- Describe and define Identity and Access Management Concepts
- Differentiate between traditional management and modern management (Windows 10)
- Explain authentication methods (2 factor authentication, Kerberos, Identity Bridging, SAML, SAML Transformation, Mobile SSO, etc.) Products and Solutions - Identify UEM + IDM components and sub-components (Enterprise System Connector, Secure Email Gateway, ENS, etc.)
- Differentiate and match use case with VMware products based on best practices
- Identify and describe VMware Disaster Recovery, HA, Scalability (UEM, IDM, Enterprise System Connector, Secure Email Gateway, etc.)
- Explain Workspace ONE intelligence, AirWatch SDK
Installing, Configuring, and Setup - Identify infrastructure requirements (minimums, maximums, and recommended sizing requirements, OS version support, database versions, email infrastructure, directory services, etc.)
- Install and configure UEM components (ESC, ACC, IDM-C, UAG, SEG)
- Configure Edge Services (Tunnel and Content Gateway)
- Preliminary configuration of UEM environment
- Install and configure IDM components (native connectors, configure directories and IDPs)
- Configure Directory Services (users and groups)
- Configure APIs
- Configure Certificate Authority Integration
- Configure Mobile Email Management (PowerShell integration, SEG, G-Suite, Office 365, Microsoft eXchange)
Troubleshooting and Repairing - Match logs to use cases
- Detect networking configuration issues (DNS, NTP, etc.)
- Identify Endpoint enrollment and management issues (connectivity)
- Identify End-user App Authentication issues
- Identify console administration issues Administrative and Operational Tasks - Configure and manage device profiles for mobile and desktop endpoint OS (iOS, Android, Windows 10)
- Configure and manage certificate authority and certificate templates
- Manage Assignment Groups and Organization Groups
- Add and Manage Users and Admin groups (Basic, Directory)
- Add, assign, and manage applications
- Add, assign, and manage content
- Configure and manage email policies
- Configure and manage compliance policies for mobile and desktop endpoints
- Perform device management on device endpoints
- Add and Manage SaaS, Web Applications on VMware IDM
- Create reporting (UEM reporting, IDM reporting, Workspace ONE Intelligence)
- Manage user and Admin access on vIDM Console
- Add and manage conditional access, access policy in vIDM
- Manage authentication methods in vIDM (built-in IDP)
- Configure privacy and security controls
- Create automation (Workspace ONE Intelligence)

VMware Professional Workspace ONE exam (VCP-DW 2021) 2V0-61.19
Vmware Professional PDF Download
Killexams : Vmware Professional PDF get - BingNews Search results Killexams : Vmware Professional PDF get - BingNews Killexams : VMware brings Windows 11 support to Fusion on Apple Silicon
The Mac Studio running Windows 11 through VMWare Fusion

VMware has released Fusion 22H2 Tech Preview for Mac users. The free virtualization software for macOS brings long-awaited Windows 11 support to Apple Silicon and Intel, allowing Macs to run Microsoft's existing operating system side-by-side with macOS.

Here is what is new in VMware Fusion 22H2 Tech Preview:

  • Windows 11 on Intel and Apple Silicon, with 2D graphics and networking support.
  • VMTools installation support for Windows 11 guest operating system on M1-based Macs.
  • Virtual TPM device with fast encryption support.
  • Improved Linux support on M1.
  • 3D Graphics HW Acceleration and OpenGL 4.3 in Linux virtual machines.
  • Universal Binary for Apple Silicon and Intel Macs.

With VMware Fusion 22H2 Tech Preview, Mac users can create virtual machines that comply with Windows 11's hardware requirements. Fusion now supports Virtual Trusted Platform Module 2.0 with Fast Encryption, providing improved performance and a secure enclave for sensitive data (there is an option to encrypt a VM fully).

In addition to TPM 2.0 support, VMware Fusion 22H2 brings a WDDM driver for 2D graphics, allowing users to operate Windows virtual machines at high screen resolutions.

It is worth noting that VMware Fusion 22H2 is currently in public beta (you can download it here), so expect bugs and rough surfaces when using the software. Also, Windows 11 support still requires some extra work and polish. You can learn more about the latest VMware Fusion release and its known issues in a post on the official VMware blog.

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Killexams : VMware Workstation 3.0 Beta-1 -1

I just received an email from the VMWare support team that they have made the first Release Candidate for VMWare 3.0 available for get and testing. Heres what they had to say:

Thank you for participating in the Beta program for VMware Workstation 3.0. In order to unlock this software, you'll need to register to receive a Beta serial number, if you haven't already.

Note: any previous serial numbers you may have, for example your serial number or license from Workstation 2.x, will not work with Workstation 3.0 Beta.

Please note that while VMware does not provide technical support for Beta releases, we do want to hear your feedback and problem reports.

Additionally, draft technical documentation is available in our Support section. Read about new features in Workstation 3.0 beta here

Download: VMware Workstation 3.0 Beta Release Candidate Build 1447

Download: Local NeoWin Mirror - VMware Workstation 3.0 Beta Release Candidate Build 1447

View: More info and Mirror get sites

This is BETA software!, please use caution when installing it on your system

Sat, 29 May 2021 23:40:00 -0500 Steven Parker en text/html
Killexams : VMware Fusion Tech Preview Brings Windows 11 to Apple Silicon Macs

VMware this week announced that its latest VMware Fusion update brings Windows 11 support to both Intel and Apple silicon Macs. Available as a free tech preview, the 2H22 version of Fusion will finally allow Apple silicon Mac users to get and use Windows on their machines through virtualization.

vmware fusion windows
Features include Windows 11 support with 2D GFX and networking, VMtools installation for Windows on Apple silicon machines, improved Linux support on Apple silicon machines, and more.

  • Windows 11 on Intel and Apple Silicon with 2D GFX and Networking
  • VMtools installation for Windows 11 GOS on M1
  • Improved Linux support on ‌M1‌
  • 3D Graphics HW Acceleration and OpenGL 4.3 in Linux VMs* (Requires Linux 5.19+ & Mesa 22.1.3+)
  • Virtual TPM Device
  • Fast Encryption
  • Universal Binary

While the new functionality was designed with Windows 11 in mind, VMware says the tools can be used with other VMs too. At the current time, Fusion on Apple silicon devices is "still a work in progress" and there are some limitations to be aware of.

  • Fusion will not support running VMs across different architectures. (I.e. no x86_64 VMs on ‌M1‌ Macs).
  • macOS virtual machines are out of scope for this release, but it's something we're looking into.
  • Ubuntu 20.04.4 and 22.04 for arm64 are not currently booting (Ubuntu 20.04.4 builds from July 5 and onward) We are working to resolve this.

VMware says that it is looking for feedback from users in order to iron out kinks and add new capabilities in preparation for more formal support later this year. While in the testing period, VMware Fusion will be free to use. The VMware Fusion Tech Preview can be downloaded from the VMware website.

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Killexams : DRaaS Market Growing at a CAGR 21.6% | Key Player Microsoft, IBM, VMware, AWS, Sungard AS
DRaaS Market Growing at a CAGR 21.6% | Key Player Microsoft, IBM, VMware, AWS, Sungard AS

“Microsoft (US), IBM (US), VMware (US), AWS (US), Sungard AS (US), iland (US), Recovery Point (US), InterVision (US), TierPoint (US), and Infrascale (US).”

DRaaS Market by Service Type (Backup & Restore, Real-Time Replication, Data Protection, and Professional Services), Deployment Mode (Public Cloud and Private Cloud), Organization Size, Vertical and Region – Global Forecast to 2027

The global DRaaS Market size is estimated to be USD 8.8 billion in 2022 and is projected to reach USD 23.5 billion by 2027, at a CAGR of 21.6% during the forecast period. Compelling need to lower TCO, save time, and allow IT teams to shift focus to higher-value tasks is one of the key factors driving market growth.

Download PDF Brochure:

By Service Type, the backup & restore segment to hold the largest market size during the forecast period

The backup & restore segment is estimated to account for the largest market share among service types. Backup is the process of copying data in cloud computing environments, while restore refers to the restoration of deleted or damaged files from storage media in the event of disasters. Backup & restore services offer various benefits to enterprises, including increased agility, data retention, lower costs, faster deployments, and improved data protection.

By Organization Size, the SMEs segment to grow at a higher CAGR during the forecast period

The Small & Medium Sized Enterprises (SMEs) segment is expected to have a higher CAGR growth during the forecast period. Organizations with less than 1,000 employees are categorized as SMEs. SMEs generally face critical challenges in the form of capital, skills, and scalability. To overcome these issues, SMEs adopt the pay-as-you-go model to ensure they are not tied to contracts that have tedious provisions. The pay-as-you-go payment model also provides SMEs a great deal of service scalability.

Request demo Pages:

The key market players that dominate the DRaaS market include Microsoft (US), IBM (US), VMware (US), AWS (US), Sungard AS (US), iland (US), Recovery Point (US), InterVision (US), TierPoint (US), and Infrascale (US). These players have adopted various strategies such as new product launches and enhancements, partnerships, collaborations, and acquisitions to grow in the DRaaS market.

Microsoft is a global multinational technology corporation that produces computer software, consumer electronics, personal computers, and related services. It offers a large product portfolio, including operating systems, cross-device productivity applications, server applications, business solution applications, desktop and server management tools, software development tools, and video games. Microsoft is one of the leading players in the DRaaS market. The company’s DRaaS offerings comprise backup and recovery solutions and disaster recovery services. Microsoft offers DRaaS solutions and services through Microsoft Azure. In May 2020, Microsoft launched Back2Business Solution Boxes to enable SMBs in India maintain business continuity during COVID-19 and continue cloud adoption.

IBM is a leading provider of cloud platform services and cognitive solutions. The company offers infrastructure, hosting, and consulting services in different areas that consist of customer relationship management, business analytics optimization, outsourcing, software, and security. The organization provides efficient and reliable disaster recovery and business continuity services to large enterprises and SMBs in the DRaaS market. IBM’s Resiliency DRaaS offers clients several benefits, including enhanced RTO and RPO, tailored solution architectures for different requirements of different businesses, and reduced recovery costs via automation and orchestration capabilities. In November 2021, IBM acquired SXiQ, which enhanced IBM Consulting’s capabilities in Australia and New Zealand to modernize applications and technology infrastructure in the cloud.

Media Contact
Company Name: MarketsandMarkets™ Research Private Ltd.
Contact Person: Mr. Aashish Mehra
Email: Send Email
Phone: 18886006441
Address:630 Dundee Road Suite 430
City: Northbrook
State: IL 60062
Country: United States

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Killexams : ChemDraw Academic Site Subscription

An Academic Site Subscription is a way for academic institutions to provide PerkinElmer Informatics software to everyone at their school for a fraction of the price of purchasing individual copies. Moreover, everyone associated with the school is eligible to use the software under the terms of the license, be they professors, post-docs, graduate students, undergrads, or other associates.

Annual Academic Site Subscription Includes

  • Unlimited copies of most accurate version of the software licensed.
  • A PerkinElmer Informatics web page from which the software can be freely downloaded.
  • The ability to install software for unlimited use on all computers owned by the school or owned by anyone with an email address at the school.
  • Functioning of the software for a period of one year after the license is purchased.
  • All corrective software updates, as well as new version upgrades, released during the term of the license. (Maintenance contract required)
  • Electronic documentation via pdf files.
  • Technical support via email and electronic documentation via pdf files.

Software Availability

The Academic Annual Site Subscriptions at WWU Münster includes ChemDraw Professional. This is not a restricted version of the software, but the full, most accurate version of the product. In addition, there are no usage restrictions for the software. Anyone associated with WWU Münster is entitled to install and use the software during the period of the license. Counting every student taking any chemistry class, we expect that most schools will have hundreds or even thousands of people interested in using this software just for their classwork-not even counting the professors and others who need it for their own research work.

To check if you are eligible and get the software, please visit this link.

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Killexams : What is Cyber Security and Why is it Important?

A student exploring what cyber security is, holding a tablet and standing in front of large machines at his internship.

In accurate years, headlines about cyber security have become increasingly common. Thieves steal customer social security numbers from corporations’ computer systems. Unscrupulous hackers grab passwords and personal information from social media sites or pluck company secrets from the cloud. For companies of all sizes, keeping information safe is a growing concern.

What Is Cyber Security?

Cyber security consists of all the technologies and practices that keep computer systems and electronic data safe. And, in a world where more and more of our business and social lives are online, it’s an enormous and growing field with many types of job roles.

According to the Cyber Security & Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA), "Cyber security is the art of protecting networks, devices and data from unauthorized access or criminal use and the practice of ensuring confidentiality, integrity and availability of information."

What Is Information Security?

Information security is the processes and tools designed and used to protect sensitive business information from modification, disruption, destruction and inspection, according to CISCO.

Information security and cyber security are often confused. According to CISCO, information security is a crucial part of cyber security but is used exclusively to ensure data security.

Everything is connected by computers and the internet now, including communication, entertainment, transportation, shopping, medicine and more. A copious amount of personal information is stored among these various services and apps, which is why information security is critical.

Why Is Cyber Security Increasingly Important?

Getting hacked isn’t just a direct threat to the confidential data companies need. It can also ruin their relationships with customers and even place them in significant legal jeopardy. With new technology, from self-driving cars to internet-enabled home security systems, the dangers of cybercrime become even more serious.

So, it’s no wonder that international research and advisory firm Gartner Inc. predicts worldwide security spending will hit $170 billion in 2022, an 8% increase in just a year.

Jonathan Kamyck with text Jonathan Kamyck“We’re seeing a tremendous demand for cyber security practitioners,” said Jonathan Kamyck, associate dean of cyber security at Southern New Hampshire University (SNHU). “Most businesses, whether they’re large or small, will have an online presence, for example. Some of the things you would do in the old days with a phone call or face-to-face now happen through email or teleconference, and that introduces lots of complicated questions with regard to information.”

These days, the need to protect confidential information is a pressing concern at the highest levels of government and industry. State secrets can be stolen from the other side of the world. Companies whose whole business models depend on control of customer data can find their databases compromised. In just one high-profile 2017 case, personal information for 147.9 million people – about half the United States – was compromised in a breach of credit reporting company Equifax.

What Are Cyber Attacks?

Infographic with the text Common Cyber Attack Threats: Malware, Phising, Ransomware, VirusesA cyber attack is an unwelcomed attempt to steal, expose, alter, disable or destroy information through unauthorized access to computer systems, according to the International Business Machines (IBM).

There are many reasons behind a cyber attack, such as cyber warfare, cyber terrorism and even hacktivists, but these actions fall into three main categories: criminal, political and personal.

Attackers motivated by crime typically seek financial gain through money theft, data theft or business disruption. Similarly, personal attackers include disgruntled current or former employees who will take money or data in an attempt to attack a company's systems.  Socio-political motivated attackers desire attention for their cause, resulting in their attacks being known to the public, and this is a form of hacktivism. Other forms of cyber attacks include espionage, or spying to gain an unfair advantage over the competition, and intellectual challenging.

According to CISA, as of 2021, there is a ransomware attack every 11 seconds – a dramatic rise from every 39 seconds in 2019 (CISA PDF Source). In addition, small businesses are the target of nearly 43% of all cyber attacks, which is up 400%.

The Small Business Association (SBA) reports that small businesses make attractive targets and are typically attacked due to their lack of security infrastructure. The SBA also reports that a majority of small business owners felt their business was vulnerable to an attack. This is because many of these businesses:

  • Can't afford professional IT solutions
  • Have limited time to devote to cyber security
  • Don't know where to begin

What Are Types of Cyber Attacks and Threats?

Here are some of the most common threats among cyber attacks:

  • Malware: Malware, also known as malicious software, is intrusive software developed by cyber criminals to steal data or to damage and destroy computers and computer systems, according to CISCO. Malware has the capability of exfiltrating massive amounts of data. Examples of common malware are viruses, worms, trojan viruses, spyware, adware and ransomware.
  • Phishing: Phishing attacks are the practice of sending fraudulent communications while appearing to be a reputable source, according to CISCO. This is typically performed via email or on the phone. The goal is to steal sensitive information such as financial or login information – or to install malware onto a target's device.
  • Ransomware: Ransomware is a form of malware designed to encrypt files on a target device, rendering those files and the systems they rely on unusable, according to the CISA. Once the system has been encrypted, actors demand ransom in exchange for decryption.
  • Viruses: A virus is a harmful program intended to spread from computer to computer, as well as other connected devices, according to the SBA. The object of a virus is to deliver the attacker access to the infected systems. Many viruses pretend to be legitimate applications but then cause damage to the systems, steal data, interrupt services or get additional malware, according to Proofpoint.

Who Is Behind Cyber Attacks?

Attacks against enterprises can come from a variety of sources such as criminal organizations, state actors and private persons, according to IBM. An easy way to classify these attacks is by outsider versus insider threats.

Outsider or external threats include organized criminals, professional hackers and amateur hackers (like hacktivists).

Insider threats are typically those who have authorized access to a company's assets and abuse them deliberately or accidentally. These threats include employees who are careless of security procedures, disgruntled current or former employees and business partners or clients with system access.

Developing Cyber Awareness

Infographic with the text Good Security Measures: Downloading the latest patches and software updates, Ensuring data is secure, Make sure employees use strong passwordsCyber security awareness month takes place every October and encourages individuals and organizations to own their role in protecting their cyberspace, according to Forbes, although anyone can practice being mindful of cyber security at any time. Awareness of the dangers of browsing the web, checking emails and interacting online in general are all part of developing cyber security awareness.

Cyber security awareness can mean different things to different people depending on their technical knowledge. Ensuring appropriate training is available to individuals is a great way to motivate lasting behavioral changes.

While cyber security awareness is the first step, employees and individuals must embrace and proactively use effective practices both professionally and personally for it to truly be effective, according to Forbes.

Getting started with cyber security awareness is easy, and many resources are readily available on the CISA government website based on your needs. Whether you need formal training or a monthly email with cyber security tips and tricks, any awareness and training can impact behavior and create a positive change in how you view cyber security.

What Are the Types of Cyber Security?

Here are the most common types of cyber security available:

  • Application Security: Application security describes security used by applications to prevent data or code within the app from being stolen or hijacked. These security systems are implemented during application development but are designed to protect the application after deployment, according to VMWare.
  • Cloud Security: Cloud security involves the technology and procedures that secure cloud computing environments against internal and external threats. These security systems are designed to prevent unauthorized access and keep data and applications in the cloud secure from cyber security threats, according to McAfee.
  • Infrastructure Security: Critical infrastructure security describes the physical and cyber systems that are so vital to society that their incapacity would have a debilitating impact on our physical, economic or public health and safety, according to CISA.
  • Internet of Things (IoT) Security: IoT is the concept of connecting any device to the Internet and other connected devices. The IoT is a network of connected things and people, all of which share data about the way they are used and their environments, according to IBM. These devices include appliances, sensors, televisions, routers, printers and countless other home network devices. Securing these devices is important, and according to a study by Bloomberg, security is one of the biggest barriers to widespread IoT adaption.
  • Network Security: Network security is the protection of network infrastructure from unauthorized access, abuse or theft. These security systems involve creating a secure infrastructure for devices, applications and users to work together, according to CISCO.

Do You Need a Degree To Be a Cyber Security Professional?

A cyber security degree provides an opportunity for students to develop skills and a mindset that empowers them to begin a career in securing systems, protecting information assets and managing organizational risks.

Alex Pettito with the text Alex PettitoAlex Petitto ’21 earned his bachelor’s in cyber security. Petitto always wanted to work within the IT sector, and he chose cyber security because it’s an exponentially growing field. He transferred credits from a community college through a U.S. Air Force program and finished his bachelor's in under two years. "It was much quicker than I thought it would be,” he said.

It didn't take long for Petitto to begin exploring his career options. "Even before finishing (my) degree, I … received multiple invites to interview for entry-level positions within the industry and received three job offers," said Petitto. He decided to remain within the Air Force and transfer to a cyber security unit as opposed to joining the private sector.

Petitto said his cyber security degree opened doors for him in the field – “a monumental goal for me," he said. "This degree was a critical first step for breaking into the industry."

Your cyber security degree program can also connect you with experiential learning opportunities to further your growth as a cyber security professional. For example, the annual National Cyber League (NCL) has a competition wherein students from across the U.S. practice real-world cyber security tasks and skills. SNHU recently placed 9th out of over 500 colleges participating in the NCL competition.

Career Opportunity and Salary Potential in Cyber Security

As companies large and small scramble to respond to the growing threats, jobs in the cyber security field are growing fast. The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) predicts that employment for information security analysts will grow by 33% through 2030. That’s more than twice as fast as the average computer-related occupation and four times as fast as American jobs in general.

To help fill the need for more professionals in the cyber security world, CyberSeek, a project funded by the federal government and supported by industry partners, provides detailed information on the demand for these workers by state. The tool shows that, across the country, there were 180,000 job openings for information security analysts between May 2021 and April 2022, with only 141,000 professionals holding jobs in the role, reflecting an unfilled demand of 39,000 workers.

“There’s a huge shortfall right now in entry-level and midlevel cyber security roles,” Kamyck said. “You’re looking at demand across all business sectors, with companies of all sizes.

CyberSeek lists the following entry-mid-and advanced-level roles available in the field. Average salaries are based on job openings posted between May 2021 and April 2022.

Entry-level Cyber Security Roles

  • Cyber Crime Analyst: Cyber crime analysts make an average salary of $100,000, and common skills necessary for the role include computer forensics, information security and malware engineering.
  • Cyber Security Specialist: Cyber security certified make an average salary of $104,482, and important skills for the role include information security, network security and information assurance.
  • Incident and Intrusion Analyst: Incident analysts make an average salary of $88,226, and common skills needed include project management, network security and intrusion detection.
  • IT Auditor: Information technology auditors make an average salary of $110,000, and common skills for the role include internal auditing and audit planning, accounting and risk assessment.

Mid-level Cyber Security Roles

  • Cyber Security Analyst: Cybersecurity analysts make an average of $107,500, and the top skills required include information security and systems, network security and threat analysis.
  • Cyber Security Consultant: Consultants in cyber security make an average salary of $92,504 and need skills in information security and surveillance, asset protection and security operations.
  • Penetration and Vulnerability Tester: Penetration testers make an average salary of $101,091 and need skills in penetration testing, Java, vulnerability assessment and software development.

Advanced-level Cyber Security Roles

  • Cyber Security Architect: Cyber security architects make an average salary of $159,752, and top skills for the role include software development, network and information security and authentication.
  • Cyber Security Engineer: Cyber security engineers make an average of $117,510 a year and need cryptography, authentication and network security skills.
  • Cyber Security Manager:  Managers in this field earn an average salary of $130,000, and top skills include project management, network security and risk management.

What Does a Cyber Security Professional Do?

Infographic with the text Types of Cyber Security: Application security, cloud security, infastructure security, internet of things (IOT) security, network securityKamyck said cyber security professionals could play a wide range of roles in a modern company. For example, some small businesses may hire a single person to handle all kinds of work protecting data. Others contract with consultants who can offer a variety of targeted services. Meanwhile, larger firms may have whole departments dedicated to protecting information and chasing down threats.

While companies define roles related to information security in a variety of ways, Kamyck said there are some specific tasks that these employees are commonly called on to do. In many cases, they must analyze threats and gather information from a company’s servers, cloud services and employee computers and mobile devices.

“An analyst’s job is to find meaning in all of that data, see what’s concerning,” he said. “Is there a breach? Is someone violating a policy?”

In many cases, Kamyck said, security certified work with other information technology professionals to ensure a company’s systems are secure. That involves not just technical know-how but also people-oriented skills.

But breaches don’t just take the form of someone hacking into a server. They can also involve customer lists sent through unencrypted email, a password written on a sticky note in a cubicle or a company laptop stolen from an employee’s car.

Depending on their specific role, cyber security professionals must also think strategically. In many industries, companies rely on employees having quick access to highly sensitive data, such as medical records or bank account information.

“The goal is to balance the needs of the company or the organization you’re working for with the need to protect the confidentiality of customer data and trade secrets,” Kamyck said.

Kamyck said people who do well in these jobs tend to be curious, competitive and willing to keep learning to stay up to date with rapidly changing technology. The work draws on multidisciplinary knowledge, and people who continue with the work find there are a variety of directions they can take in their careers.

For example, Kamyck said, if you're interested in the business side, you might become a manager or run audits that let companies know where they need to Boost to meet compliance. If you love the adversarial part of the job, you might become a penetration tester, essentially an “ethical hacker” who tests for system vulnerabilities by trying to get through them.

How To Get Into Cyber Security

If you’re wondering how to get into cyber security, it’s clear there are many positions out there. The question is how to make sure you’re a good fit for them. According to BLS, most information security analyst jobs require at least a bachelor’s degree in computer science, information assurance, programming or another related field.

In some cases, the work calls for a Master of Business Administration (MBA) in Information Systems. That degree typically takes an additional two years of study and involves both technical and business management courses.

Cyber security job requirements also sometimes include related work experience. Rather than jumping right into the security side of information technology, you can start as a network or computer systems administrator. Depending on the specific cyber security position, employers may have other job requirements. For instance, keeping databases secure might be an ideal job for someone who’s spent time as a database administrator and is also well-versed in security issues.

Aside from work experience and college degrees, some employers also prefer job candidates who have received certifications demonstrating their understanding of best practices in the field. For example, the Certified Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP) credential validates a professional’s general knowledge and abilities in information security. There are also more specific certificates, which can highlight specialized knowledge of computer architecture, engineering or management.

Whatever path new employees in cyber security want to follow, Kamyck said, those who are willing to make an effort to learn the field will find abundant opportunities.

“There’s needs in government. There’s needs in finance. There’s needs in education,” Kamyck said. “There’s a tremendous unfilled need.”

Discover more about SNHU's online cyber security degree: Find out what courses you'll take, skills you'll learn and how to request information about the program.

Nicholas Patterson is a writer at Southern New Hampshire University. Connect with him on LinkedIn.

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Killexams : Info for Webex Participants

Joining a meeting through Canvas (PDF Guide)

  1. Sign into Canvas and open your course.
  2. Select Webex from the course navigation menu.
  3. All of the meetings to which you have been invited should be listed.
  4. If it is time for the meeting, click "Join" next to the selected meeting.

Joining a meeting from an Email Invitation (PDF Guide)

  1. From your email application, open the meeting invitation.
  2. Select the meeting URL link to join the meeting.
  3. If prompted, enter your name and email.
Joining from a mobile device is similar to joining from Canvas or an Email Invitation, but you must first install the "Webex" app from your device's app store (PDF Guide).

Before joining a meeting, you have an opportunity to choose your audio and video settings (Webex Help - Audio/Video Settings).

Additional Information

If this is the first time you will be using Webex, you may be prompted to get some software which may take anywhere from 2 to 5 minutes depending upon your Internet connection speed. You can pre-configure your system with the required software by going to the Cisco Webex Test Meeting located at:

Please make sure your computer has a microphone and speakers to be able to talk and hear while you are in the Webex meeting. In most cases, an inexpensive headset is preferable to using your computer's built-in microphone and speakers. Since all computers are different, Baylor University and the Electronic Library cannot make specific recommendations about what settings to use or what headset devices to purchase.

As with any web-conferencing system, there are three basic prerequisites that must be met in order to have a successful Webex session: a working computer with the Webex software installed, a functional computer audio system with a headset and microphone, and a reliable Internet connection. Since all three of these requirements are your responsibility, be sure to join your session early to make sure that you are able to successfully connect to Webex and be prepared to make alternate arrangements if you run into any problems. Most sessions allow you to connect up to 15 minutes before the scheduled start time.

More info for participants is available at the Webex Help Center under the “Join Meetings” section. Here you will find a video tutorial and links to other topics. You will need to contact your instructor directly for additional information about how Webex will be used during class.

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Killexams : HCL Technologies Teams with VMware to Launch a New Dedicated VMware Business Unit

NOIDA, India & PALO ALTO, Calif.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Jul 27, 2022--

HCL Technologies (HCL), a leading global technology company, and VMware, Inc (NYSE: VMW) announced the launch of HCL’s dedicated VMware business unit to help enterprises unlock the untapped value of multi-cloud and app modernization. The new unit combines the power of HCL’s CloudSMART Framework with VMware’s Cross-Cloud services to help enterprises accelerate cloud transformation, scale cloud-native platform operations and empower hybrid workforces.

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HCL’s new VMware business unit is part of its Strategic Alliance Partner Ecosystem, which leverages the CloudSMART Framework to provide multi-cloud and app modernization solutions. HCL will help enterprises pursue the path of digital dominance by aligning transformation with overall business objectives while remaining agile through cloud freedom and enterprise control enabled by VMware product and service offerings.

“We are in a macroeconomic environment where ecosystems must collaborate to provide innovative and effective solutions that the industry requires,” said Anand Swamy, Senior Vice President, Head of Tech OEM Ecosystems, HCL Technologies. “Our new VMware business unit leverages the HCL and VMware synergies to incubate, construct and architect innovative, customized cloud implementation strategies with our CloudSMART approach as the baseline.”

“Today, we are witnessing the unstoppable forces of digital transformation in almost every industry, and VMware is providing the trusted foundation to accelerate customers’ innovation,” said Zia Yusuf, Senior Vice President, Strategic Ecosystem and Industry Solutions, VMware. “With HCL, we are helping our mutual customers by providing the smartest path to app, cloud and edge modernization and a more secure, frictionless experience for the distributed workforce. VMware preserves customer choice and protects against lock-in through multi-cloud services that offer businesses the freedom and flexibility they need to build the future.”

Over the past 14 years, HCL and VMware have driven successful client outcomes with services and solutions built for the modern enterprise. HCL has more than 8,000 professionals trained on VMware technologies, manages three VMware centers of excellence and has created four cloud-native labs. These dedicated environments and resources help customers accelerate the deployment of VMware solutions and allow enterprises to experience next-generation VMware technologies. Recently, HCL won the VMware 2022 Partner Value Award for delivering business growth through VMware solutions and providing customers with high-value results and support. VMware and HCL Technologies also recently announced efforts to deliver Telco transformation powered by vRAN, ORAN & 5G.

About VMware

VMware is a leading provider of multi-cloud services for all apps, enabling digital innovation with enterprise control. As a trusted foundation to accelerate innovation, VMware software gives businesses the flexibility and choice they need to build the future. Headquartered in Palo Alto, California, VMware is committed to building a better future through the company’s 2030 Agenda. For more information, please visit

VMware and VMware Cross-Cloud are registered trademarks or trademarks of VMware, Inc. in the United States, and other jurisdictions. This article may contain hyperlinks to non-VMware websites that are created and maintained by third parties who are solely responsible for the content on such websites.

About HCL Technologies

HCL Technologies has a broad focus across the key themes of digital, engineering, and cloud. The organization offers its services and products through three business units: IT and Business Services (ITBS), Engineering and R&D Services (ERS), and Products & Platforms (P&P). ITBS enables global enterprises to transform their businesses through offerings in the areas of applications, infrastructure, digital process operations, and next generational digital transformation solutions. ERS offers engineering services and solutions in all aspects of product development and platform engineering. P&P provides modernized software products to global clients for their technology and industry-specific requirements. Through its cutting-edge co-innovation labs, global delivery capabilities, and broad global network, HCL delivers holistic services in various industry verticals, categorized as Financial Services, Manufacturing, Technology & Services, Telecom & Media, Retail & CPG, Life Sciences & Healthcare, and Public Services.

As a leading global technology company, HCL takes pride in its diversity, social responsibility, sustainability, and education initiatives. For the 12 months ended June 30, 2022, HCL had consolidated revenue of US$ 11.79 billion. Its nearly 211,000 ideapreneurs operate out of 52 countries.

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CONTACT: For further details, please contact:HCL TechnologiesMeenakshi Benjwal, US

meenakshi.benjwal@hcl.comElka Ghudial, Europe

Elka.ghudial@hcl.comDevneeta Pahuja, India and APAC

Devneeta.p@hcl.comVMware, Inc.Roger T. Fortier

VMware Global Communications

+1 408-348-1569



SOURCE: HCL Technologies

Copyright Business Wire 2022.

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Killexams : Cloud Migration Services Market Valuation Worth $515.83 Billion By 2027, At A 24.8% CAGR | Industry Insights

(MENAFN- EIN Presswire)

Cloud Migration Services Industry

Increase in need for business agility & automation, ease in deployment of applications with pay-as-you-go model fuel the growth of the global market.

PORTLAND, PORTLAND, OR , UNITED STATES , July 21, 2022 / / -- Rise in demand for cloud migration in business continuity, surge in cloud expenditure and requirement for lower CAPEX and OPEX are expected to create new opportunities in the industry.

The global cloud migration services market is analyzed across service type, application, organization size, deployment mode, industry vertical, and region. By service type, the managed services segment accounted for nearly three-fifths of the total market share in 2019, and is expected to dominate during the forecast period. Simultaneously, the professional services segment would manifest CAGR of 25.9% from 2020 to 2027.

Key market players such as - Cisco Systems, Inc., VMware Inc., DXC Technology, Google LLC, International Business Machines Corporation (IBM), RiverMeadow Software, Inc., Microsoft Corporation, Amazon Web Services, Inc., NTT DATA Corporation, and Rackspace Hosting Inc.

The global cloud migration services market was pegged at $88.46 billion in 2019 and is estimated to hit $515.83 billion by 2027, registering a CAGR of 24.8% from 2020 to 2027.

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Based on region, Europe held the highest share in 2019, generating nearly two-fifths of the global cloud migration services market. The region across would showcase the fastest CAGR of 28.2% from 2020 to 2027. The other two regions analyzed through the report include North America and LAMEA.

By application, the infrastructure management segment contributed to nearly two-fifths of the total market revenue in 2019, and is expected to rule the roost during the forecast period. At the same time, the security & compliance management segment would exhibit the fastest CAGR of 29.3% from during the forecast period.

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Covid-19 scenario-
• The Covid-19 pandemic led to huge adoption of agile business continuity plan, while cloud adoption also became 'a new normal' for organizations looking for all-in-one execution of 'work from home' strategy.
• Apprehending the advantages such as abridged cost, enriched efficiency, and convenience, the IT & telecommunications industry has augmented the migration process and enabled multi-cloud environments.
• Simultaneously, many cloud service providers have come up with attractive cloud migration strategies, which in turn has created several opportunities for the leading market players.

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Cloud services market

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Killexams : How to Transfer Adobe Acrobat to a New Computer if You Don't Have a CD

Alan Sembera began writing for local newspapers in Texas and Louisiana. His professional career includes stints as a computer tech, information editor and income tax preparer. Sembera now writes full time about business and technology. He holds a Bachelor of Arts in journalism from Texas A&M University.

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