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Oracle Infrastructure as a Service 2017 Implementation Essentials
Oracle Infrastructure book
Killexams : Oracle Infrastructure book - BingNews Search results Killexams : Oracle Infrastructure book - BingNews Killexams : Leaked Oracle organizational charts show the 30 people running its all-important cloud, tech teams after its big reorg
  • Leaked org charts show Oracle's cloud leaders after major organizational changes at the company.
  • Oracle earlier this week began layoffs that could affect thousands of employees globally.
  • The cuts came after Oracle quietly reorganized its cloud unit to focus on new core initiatives.

An internal Oracle organizational chart seen by Insider shows the 30 people running Oracle's all-important technical and cloud sides of the business after the company quietly reorganized them in June.

Oracle earlier this week began layoffs that could affect thousands of employees globally, primarily in its marketing, advertising, and customer experience units. But the Oracle Cloud Infrastructure has been virtually unaffected by layoffs, multiple employees told Insider. OCI is the cloud taking on Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud, and it's the business where Oracle's biggest hopes for growth are pinned. 

Instead, Oracle reorganized OCI to focus on what it describes as "four pillars" — infrastructure, security and developer services, core platforms, and data and emerging services, an internal email seen by Insider said. Matt Ryanczak, a top executive who managed the operations and support organization, left the company after he was moved under Jae Evans, Oracle's chief information officer, another internal email showed.

But changes at the top of this unit have been going on for months. In March, Don Johnson, Oracle's cloud and AI leader, stepped down from the platform and AI-services organization that he formed about a year prior, leaving only the Oracle Cloud Infrastructure boss Clay Magouyrk in charge of the company's cloud unit. In an internal email at the time, Johnson said he would advise on healthcare initiatives.

It wasn't the first time Johnson had stepped back from a role leading OCI. In June 2020, Johnson told employees that he was stepping down from direct leadership of the cloud unit to pursue new projects within Oracle, tapping Magouyrk to replace him. Johnson returned in December 2020 to start the new cloud and artificial-intelligence organization that he described in an email to employees as "an extension of OCI, not a division of it." 

Now, the org chart shows, Johnson has about 1,200 reports, including those leading healthcare, engineering, and artificial-intelligence teams.

Magouyrk, meanwhile, now leads all of OCI's 10,500 employees, the org chart shows. Greg Pavlik is leading the largest team within OCI, with about 3,500 reports. Magouyrk elevated Pavlik in the recent reorganization to become senior vice president of OCI, so he now runs a combined OCI Infrastructure and core-services org.

The below org chart focuses on the people running the technical and cloud side of Oracle's business, so it doesn't include CEO Safra Catz, who is generally considered to run the finance, sales, and marketing sides of the business. The chart features the people who report up to Larry Ellison, the chairman and chief technology officer; Johnson; and Magouyrk, as depicted on the company's internal org chart.

Do you work at Oracle or have insight to share? Contact the reporter Ashley Stewart via the encrypted messaging app Signal (+1-425-344-8242) or email (

Fri, 05 Aug 2022 03:17:00 -0500 en-US text/html
Killexams : Oracle NetSuite Accounting Software Review

Oracle NetSuite is our pick for the best accounting software product that includes enterprise resource planning (ERP). NetSuite has been a leading brand name in the ERP space for many years. Your business can use it to keep track of your financial data and automate all of your accounting functions. But more importantly, you can use NetSuite's full ERP solution to manage complex business functions on a global scale.

Oracle NetSuite Editor's Score: 9.2/10

Payments 10/10
Automatic invoicing 9/10
Third-party integrations 9/10
Mobile app 10/10
Customer service 8/10

Why We Chose Oracle NetSuite as the Best for ERP Tools

An established business with a lot of moving parts requires an advanced solution capable of managing complex processes, which is where ERP software can help. ERP refers to an integrated software solution used to manage business processes. Although finance and accounting is perhaps the most important part of ERP, other modules include human resources management, sales, marketing and supply chain. 

Oracle NetSuite is one of the leading solutions in the industry for ERP. This multifaceted solution can expedite an organization's financial transactions, such as accounts receivable and payable, as well as keep track of a company's compliance obligations. It has many reporting, planning and billing features, and is designed to be used globally and with multiple currencies. It can be easily integrated with other software, including Oracle's suite of business solutions. For these reasons and more, we've chosen Oracle NetSuite as the best accounting software with ERP tools.

Did you know?Did you know? There are two types of ERP: on-premises ERP (manual installation) and cloud-based ERP (software as a service, or SaaS). Learn more in our article about ERP industry trends.

What We Like About Oracle NetSuite

  • NetSuite uses modular pricing, so you pay only for what you need. 
  • The software is ideal for operations on a global scale, making it a great choice for small businesses that are rapidly scaling into midsize or large businesses. 
  • NetSuite is a widely recognized ERP brand, with more than 31,000 businesses around the world using the software. 

What We Don't Like About Oracle NetSuite

  • The high price point and steep learning curve are more appropriate for businesses with substantial resources at their disposal than small operations. 
  • There is no free trial, and potential customers need to contact Oracle NetSuite directly for a pricing quote. 

Ease of Use

As an integrated software solution used to manage HR, sales, marketing and supply chain, NetSuite goes far beyond simpler accounting and bookkeeping software. Unsurprisingly, NetSuite was far more complex than mass-market solutions, such as what we found in our review of QuickBooks. Like most of the best accounting software solutions we reviewed, NetSuite displays key business metrics on the main dashboard. As shown below, it's a very busy interface packed with tools and drop-down menus

We found that while NetSuite's ease of use might eclipse that of other ERP solutions, it obviously isn't as user-friendly as basic solutions geared toward small businesses. NetSuite's complexity means that many business owners may need to consider hiring a consultant to help them navigate the software and make full use of its capabilities. That said, the steep learning curve belies extremely powerful tools and capabilities that you simply won't get with cheap alternatives.   

Oracle NetSuite dashboard
The Oracle NetSuite dashboard provides an overview of your KPIs.

Source: Oracle NetSuite

Oracle NetSuite Features

If you plan to use Oracle NetSuite as part of a larger ERP solution, you can integrate your accounting processes with other functions, such as inventory management, for a complete view of your business's income and expenses. Here is an overview of the key features of Oracle NetSuite's accounting solution.

Financial Process and Operations Management

NetSuite helps businesses design and implement financial processes with their accounting software. It provides the ability to seamlessly connect accounting functions with management systems. Managers have real-time access to their financial data, giving them the ability to create reports or address delays.

Its general ledger gives organizations the ability to input and monitor all of their financial data in a customizable ledger. Through the general ledger, users can report functionality, enhance audit trials and create support for new management.

NetSuite's accounts receivable and payable features integrate all financial data into an easy-to-use system that functions automatically. They also have management programs for taxes, fixed assets, cash and payments.


If you have multiple clients, vendors or partners, NetSuite can streamline your billing infrastructure. It gives you control and flexibility over your billing process through a centralized framework that includes transactions, subscriptions and projects that go directly to the billing engine. The billing function also allows you to create and manage subscriptions and recurring billing.

Revenue Recognition

NetSuite helps you comply with accounting standards to report financial results in a timely manner. The revenue recognition services enable you to schedule, calculate and report revenue on financial statements swiftly.

Financial Planning and Reporting

Through its planning and budgeting functions, NetSuite can help you plan for your business's financial future. One really cool function is that NetSuite can use your business's data to forecast revenue and what-if scenarios, as well as produce budgets. The system can also take your current data in future projections and generate reports.

Global Account Management and Consolidation

Running your business internationally or introducing your products and services into an international market can present challenges. Through NetSuite's financial engine, you can manage your business finances across your organization globally. We like that the software comes with multiple language interfaces that can help you bridge communication or language gaps.

NetSuite also offers a multicurrency management system that supports over 190 currencies. The software automatically calculates the exchange rate for real-time conversion. It also provides a variety of payment options to resolve international transactions seamlessly.

Oracle NetSuite business processes
Oracle NetSuite streamlines many business processes, from accounts payable and receivable to inventory management.

Source: Oracle NetSuite

Government Risk and Compliance

NetSuite helps organizations set up and monitor their systems so that they comply with their company's government risk and compliance (GRC) programs. It provides the ability to change systems as your company scales and is audit ready so that any financial issues can easily be viewed and investigated. NetSuite complies with regulatory requirements such as ASC 606, GAAP and SOX.

The program can also transform your GRC program in real time by establishing a sustainable risk-management and compliance process. This feature can save businesses money in the long run, as it can predict major issues.


As an ERP platform, Oracle NetSuite offers seamless integration with all modules (accounting, inventory management, customer relationship management (CRM), human capital management, etc.) available on the platform. NetSuite integrates with many leading business software providers and offers open APIs for new integrations. 

To integrate NetSuite with other business software, a dedicated implementation team is available for an additional fee. The team can also develop additional integrations and project management planning.

Warehouse Management

One unique feature is Oracle NetSuite's warehouse management and fulfillment module, which helps businesses control inbound logistics, outbound logistics and warehouse inventory management. Using NetSuite, businesses can generate and send purchase orders to their suppliers. They can also set high-priority tickets to an "expedite" list for faster processing. 

Outbound logistics tracks goods leaving the warehouse, which are shipped directly to stores or consumers. This tool includes a "pick, pack and ship" feature, which informs warehouse employees and distribution employees that a product is ready for transport. As an item moves through the warehouse, Oracle NetSuite updates its records to reflect the accurate number of quantities remaining in your inventory.

Did you know?Did you know? "Supply chain distribution" and "logistics" mean two different things, although the two terms are often used interchangeably. Logistics is the process of planning how products will get to their destinations, while distribution is the genuine process of getting them there.

Inventory Tracking

Logistics tools are dependent upon accurate inventory management, which incorporates barcoding, batch and serial tracking to determine where items are located in a warehouse. We were especially impressed by how seamlessly the process fits together. When employees scan a received product into the storage facility, they move it from the loading dock to the appropriate lot, aisle and bin. Once placed, an item is scanned again, and Oracle NetSuite automatically updates its records with the location of the item and the date and time it was scanned.

Inventory Auditing

Once an item is stored in the warehouse, Oracle NetSuite regularly alerts staff to perform "cycle counts," or inventory audits. These audits reconcile the genuine quantity of stock in storage with the records maintained by Oracle NetSuite's inventory-tracking tool. Oracle NetSuite's auditing features are also designed to streamline inventory audits by cataloging products based on their value, quantity and specific characteristics, like color, size, material and type.

Order Management

The order-management tool helps warehouses ensure an adequate quantity of each item is always on hand without over-ordering and ending up with deadstock, or products that cannot be sold promptly. NetSuite automatically analyzes historical sales and logistics data to determine optimal reordering points for each product, replenishing stock to an optimal threshold when it runs low. NetSuite also accounts for lead times identified through the inbound logistics tools, factoring in how long it takes suppliers to fulfill new orders and adjusting the minimum quantity accordingly.

Multiple-Location Management

Oracle NetSuite also includes a multi-location management tool, which we found useful for a warehouse that supplies several locations. Through lot tracking, bin tracking and serial tracking, you can monitor the flow of goods across your entire business in real time, and NetSuite automatically adjusts optimal stock levels to support demand across all your locations.

Oracle NetSuite dashboard
With NetSuite's dashboard, you can access all of your accounting and planning information in one place.

Source: Oracle NetSuite

Oracle NetSuite Pricing

Oracle NetSuite's platform consists of inventory management, financial management, point-of-sale, CRM and employee management software. Depending on the specifics of your business – such as the size of your company, its revenue and the modules you require – the price can vary greatly.

To get an accurate price estimate, you'll need to speak with an Oracle sales representative, who will prepare a custom quote for you based on your company size, industry and specific needs. Based on our research, the platform starts at approximately $99 per user per month plus a $999 monthly licensing fee. While this base price can be used as an estimate, your costs may vary significantly.  

Oracle NetSuite may not be the best choice for small businesses with more basic accounting and bookkeeping needs. Midsize, scaling, large and international businesses are better positioned to benefit from Oracle NetSuite's ERP platform. If you're running a larger company, NetSuite's integrated ecosystem can save you time and money that would otherwise be spent acquiring and integrating a hodgepodge of software solutions from a variety of vendors. 

Implementation and Onboarding

During our research into NetSuite, we found that onboarding isn't the simplest process. As with pricing, you will have to contact Oracle NetSuite's sales team for a free product tour. You can also view a variety of product-specific demos on NetSuite's website. However, unlike most of the other software packages that we examined, NetSuite does not offer a free trial. 

Implementing NetSuite as a brand-new user likely won't be a walk in the park for most business owners. An entire cottage industry of consultants exists solely to assist businesses with implementing NetSuite and tailoring it to fit their needs. Although businesses that use NetSuite are generally larger and can probably absorb these extra costs, it's something to keep in mind for anyone considering NetSuite.

Customer Service

Oracle NetSuite provides extensive customer service for all of its software, including accounting systems. It also provides education services, where users can learn about the software they're using and get up to speed on any new features or versions of their products. These services come in the form of both documents and online classes.

Real-time support for industries, as well as individual users, is available 24/7. The chatbot on NetSuite's website can provide users with simple explanations or connect them with a customer service representative.

If you are a smaller business or on a tight budget, consider investing in a dedicated accounting software solution that can be integrated with your other systems and keep track of your finances.


With such a comprehensive set of features, Oracle NetSuite's major limitation is not so much the software itself. In our view, the drawbacks are the high price point and steep learning curve. Implementation is likely to take a very long time; it may take months, or even years, to fully master the software and its abilities. It is not the most user-friendly system, despite a very wide feature set. This means that Oracle NetSuite is not an appropriate choice for small businesses with limited resources, but it is a great choice for established businesses with lots of resources. 

Small business owners with less complex needs might want to consider lower-priced alternatives for their accounting and bookkeeping needs. Aside from QuickBooks, our FreshBooks review found that software great for handling invoicing, while our review of Zoho Books revealed it to be a fantastic tool for automating processes. 

TipTip: Read our review of Xero to learn about an alternative software package that we believe is a solid fit for a growing business.


To generate our quantitative score and use case, we reviewed software features such as payment and invoicing capabilities, the number of integrations, mobile apps, report generation, supported user count, and customer service. We also assessed pricing and the availability of free trials. Sources of information included in this review were gleaned from the company's website and software demos. Additionally, we studied user reviews for independent opinions on the software's pros and cons.  For ERP specifically, we focused on how the breadth of the product creates a unified system that will help businesses meet complex challenges. 


What is Oracle NetSuite?

Oracle NetSuite is an ERP platform with numerous modules to manage financials, HR, inventory, supply chains and more. 

Are NetSuite and Oracle the same company?

The Oracle Corporation acquired NetSuite in 2016; the software package is now formally known as Oracle NetSuite. 

How much does Oracle NetSuite cost?

Potential customers will need to contact Oracle for a quote, although $99 per user per month plus a $999 monthly licensing fee is a ballpark figure.  

Bottom Line

We recommend Oracle NetSuite for …

  • Growing midsize or large businesses (or small businesses making that transition) that require a more powerful, all-in-one ERP solution. 
  • Businesses with the resources to support Oracle NetSuite beyond its monthly costs, such as hiring consultants to assist with training and implementation. 

We don't recommend Oracle NetSuite for …

  • Small businesses without the resources or budget to accommodate NetSuite.
  • Businesses that want to avoid the steep learning curve that comes with a complex but powerful solution such as NetSuite.
Mon, 25 Jul 2022 12:00:00 -0500 en text/html
Killexams : Oracle has started laying off more US employees this week, sources confirmed No result found, try new keyword!Oracle has started cutting workers as part of a larger plan to reduce its headcount by thousands and save $1 billion in costs, according to reports. Mon, 01 Aug 2022 06:49:00 -0500 en-in text/html Killexams : Oracle has 500 partners in India: Shailender Kumar, Regional MD

In a conversation with BusinessLine, Shailender Kumar, Regional Managing Director, Oracle India, said the country is the second biggest market for Oracle and the company already has 500 partners in it. Excerpt:

Oracle has said that it plans to focus on public sector partners. What steps is the company taking in that direction?

Our association with the public sector goes back over 25 years. We have relationships with 18-19 state governments and almost all departments in the Central Government, including the Department of Textiles, Agriculture and the Central Board of Excise and Customs. In all these places, we have done some part of the cloud in the last two decades or more. Especially from a cloud standpoint, we have done a few projects with Niti Aayog. IFFCO (Indian Farmers Fertiliser Cooperative Limited) is a good example of our partnership in the public sector, where we have migrated all its applications to the cloud. 

How big is Oracle’s India operations team?

We may have hundreds of people on the ground in India, but then there are thousands of people in the back-end who support either the development standpoint or support projects. We have invested a lot in the last one year and today have more than 100,000 people who are certified on OCI (Oracle Cloud Infrastructure). A lot of these people are from the public sector.

What is your sense of competition in the Indian market and how does Oracle differentiate itself?

From our standpoint, we compete with Microsoft, AWS, and Google in the country. We differentiate ourselves through our whole suite offering. By suite, I mean it includes SaaS, infrastructure and platform. No other company has all three. I don’t think any of our competitors have ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) or HCM (Human Capital Management). The second differentiator is our approach to multi-cloud. People using, let’s say, Microsoft Cloud or any other cloud, will have other requirements as well. We built this interconnect, so that even Azure customers can access our databases. Similarly, our approach on hybrid cloud, wherein we have infrastructure that can be used on premise, within the firewalls, or we have our data centre. No one else has such flexibility and offerings.

Along with the large-scale growth of the SaaS market in India, incidents of data breach have been on the rise. How has Oracle prepared to fight these threats?

There are two different approaches which an organisation takes -- when we develop a product security is inherent in that, it is part of the development at each and every step. Whereas other organisations develop the product and then security gets added. In our case, security is always on. It’s called a zero trust architecture. Whereas others have such issues, you will never find them in our case. In fact, the reason we work with almost every bank in India is because of our security, scalability and reliability. There has been no instance of such a data breach in our case, for the last 5 years. 

What are the new initiatives planned for this year? 

We are going to the market, expanding our public sector team and adding people in SaaS. We are expanding our banking team across SAAS as well as the cloud. We have also set up a mid-market team for cloud, which is doing extremely well. We have set up our NetSuite team, which is mainly the ERP for small and medium businesses. In fact, NetSuite was one of the earliest cloud companies to be set up. 

Second is investment in our cloud engineers, we are adding 100 cloud engineers to ensure that we are able to provide services to our people. It’s all about solving customer problems, how we help partners. We are adding cloud engineers, and we are adding more partners. So overall, ensuring we are able to provide better services to our customers. 

Do small and medium businesses make a significant part of your partners in India?

A majority of our customers in India are SMBs, considering our autonomous capabilities and a security first architecture that is specifically beneficial to SMBs improving security, performance and reducing their costs drastically. We allow businesses to pay only for what they use and this commitment is reflective of the fact that we have a dedicated business unit in Oracle – the Oracle Digital sales team. 

Additionally, we have a specialised partner network that works closely with us in helping our customers achieve their business goals. We have also introduced two special programmes for our customers to enable easy migration to cloud. These include Oracle Universal Credits (UC) – this is special pricing through which we’re offering flexible buying and consumption choices for Oracle’s Cloud platform (PaaS) and infrastructure (IaaS) services, and Oracle Bring Our Own Licence (BYOL) – through this our customers can leverage existing software licenses for Oracle PaaS at a lower cost. These programmes have benefited many SMBs to run their most important applications on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure. 

Published on July 30, 2022

Sat, 30 Jul 2022 05:42:00 -0500 en text/html
Killexams : Larry Ellison Steps Up as Top GOP Midterm Fundraiser, Donating $15 Million This Year – But Why?

Larry Ellison, the 10th-richest man in the world and one of Donald Trump’s favorite tech tycoons, has emerged as one of the top Republican donors in this election season, donating $15 million this year alone to a conservative PAC fueling Republican efforts to recapture the House and the Senate.

Since 2020, the Oracle Corp. co-founder has made a series of donations totaling $25 million to South Carolina Republican Sen. Tim Scott’s Opportunity Matters Fund – a conservative group that also received donations from Koch Industries Inc. and New Balance owner and chairman James S. Davis. Its stated mission is to support candidates who will enact “positive legislation initiatives and help prove that the American Dream is alive and well.”

The financial support is all the more notable given that Ellison’s two children, Megan and David, are prominent Hollywood producers, a notoriously liberal environment. Megan Ellison is the founder of Annapurna Pictures, which made the Oscar-nominated war critique “Zero Dark Thirty” among other films, while David Ellison is the founder and CEO of Skydance Media, which made this year’s billion-dollar box office hit, “Top Gun: Maverick.”

Ellison made his first $5 million donation to the Scott group in 2020 and then another $5 million in 2021 and $15 million this year, backing the GOP’s hopes to win back the House and Senate this November ­– and then the presidency in 2024. Scott has denied that he plans to run for president, but his new memoir coming out this month notes in its front pages: “This book is a political memoir that includes his core messages as he prepares to make a presidential bid in 2022.”

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Twitter Employee Tells Jan. 6 Committee They Knew ‘People Were Going to Die’ Without Intervention at the Capitol

With Ellison donating $25 million to Opportunity Matters, the tech magnate has accounted for nearly 88 percent of the group’s funding, solidifying the 77-year-old billionaire’s position as a major GOP player. With a West Coast penchant for spotting the next big thing, Ellison has provided seed money that could help fuel Scott’s run for the presidency, if he decides to get into the race.

Doug Heye, a top GOP communications consultant, said he’s not surprised by Ellison’s support of Scott and his PAC.

“I’m a massive, completely biased Tim Scott fan,” said Heye, former communications director of the Republican National Committee. “He’s one of my favorite people in the party. He’s the prototype of what Republicans should look for in a candidate. I haven’t spent $25 million on him, but clearly there’s enthusiasm there for Larry.”

Heye, a veteran of the George W. Bush administration, said Scott is “looking at the political environment as much as everyone else” contemplating presidential runs in 2024.

If Scott is not the GOP nominee for president, Heye said he anticipates the North Carolina senator will be on a “very short list” for the vice presidency, making him the first black running mate on a GOP ticket.

Neither Ellison nor his representatives responded to requests for comment. Some prominent GOP consultants, determined to move the party beyond the Trump era, wonder if Ellison’s donations are a sign that he’s gone “full MAGA.”

Joe Trippi, a senior advisor to the Lincoln Project, the Republican-led group formed in 2019 to oppose Trump’s reelection, said he believes Ellison has joined “a rogues’ gallery of billionaires” lining up to fund the Make America Great Again “extremist ideology.”

But Mike Murphy, a top Republican media consultant, said while Ellison’s motives are a bit of a mystery he seriously doubts that the billionaire is firmly in the Trump camp.

“I think Larry is too smart and savvy to fall for the Trump snake oil, but there are some in Silicon Valley who are tired of Democratic class warfare,” said Murphy, co-director of the University of Southern California’s Center for the Political Future.

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Jan. 6 Committee Accuses Trump Associates of Pressuring Witnesses: ‘Be a Team Player’

“There’s probably some personal connection there that got him interested in Scott,” Murphy said. “There also could be something the Democrats did that upset Larry.”

Federal Election Commission records show that Ellison has donated a total of $36 million to candidates and committees since 1991 – with most of his giving occurring the past three years.

Murphy said Ellison may simply see a good investment in a rising star like Scott.

“Scott is not the most pro-Trump guy in the party, but he definitely has not been any courageous anti-Trump leader either,” Murphy said.

The political donation pendulum swings both ways, Murphy said, noting that many of the donors he works with shifted from Republican to Democrat after Trump.

Ellison didn’t always lean right with his political contributions. He gave a series of donations totaling $120,000 to the Democratic National Committee in the 1990s, according to FEC records.

He supported Sen. Dianne Feinstein’s reelection bid in 2006 and again in 2012. He donated to Barbara Boxer’s Senate run in 2009. He supported Democratic CA Rep. Zoe Lofgren’s campaign in 1996, 2010, 2011. He also supported Sen. John Kerry’s reelection bid in 2011.

In 2012, he gave $73,300 to former Sen. Mitt Romney’s presidential run and made a $30,800 donation to the Republican National Committee. The following year, he supported Democratic Sen. Harry Reid’s Searchlight fund in 2013 with a $5000 donation.

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For years it was de rigueur among some of the richest Americans to give to both parties. Rupert Murdoch gave $20,000 to the Republican National Committee in 1992, then kicked in $20,000 to the Democratic National Committee in 1996, and another $25,000 to the DNC in 1998.

Murdoch’s bi-partisan giving continued through 2008, when he supported the presidential bids of both Sen. John McCain and Sen. Hillary Clinton. After that, federal records show Murdoch donations to Democrats had largely stopped.

By 2014, Ellison had also stepped away from giving to both both parties, instead investing millions in the GOP.

“Politics has become so much more personal now, for a lot of folks, especially major donors,” Heye said.

In recent weeks, Ellison has come under scrutiny for participating in a November 2020 call with Fox News Host Sean Hannity, Republican Sen. Lindsey Graham, and others to discuss ways for contesting the legitimacy of Joe Biden’s victory over Trump, according to a report in The Washington Post.

With Ellison’s $25 million donation, FEC records show Opportunity Matters gearing up for a battle while also sharing its donations with other Republican PACs. The PAC’s largest money transfer occurred in 2021, with a $1 million contribution to the National Victory Action Fund, a GOP group known as a “hybrid PAC” that can support candidates and make independent expenditures.

According to the group’s website, it is led by Cory Gardner, a former Republican U.S. senator from Colorado.

Meanwhile, FEC records show Opportunity Matters spending $3.9 million on political consultants, advertising firms and fundraisers, while still leaving plenty of money for the midterms.

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Besides being the most notable supporter of Elon Musk’s attempted Twitter takeover, Ellison’s company Oracle was backed by Donald Trump in 2020 to acquire the China-based video sharing app TikTok, following privacy complaints that the Chinese government had access to US user data.

During a press briefing at the time, Trump said: “I think Oracle is a great company, and I think its owner is a tremendous guy.”

Although Oracle’s TikTok acquisition was shelved indefinitely, TikTok said last month “100% of US user traffic” was being routed to the Oracle Cloud Infrastructure.

Pundits assumed Ellison was firmly in the Trump camp when he opened his Rancho Mirage estate for a large fundraiser for the president’s reelection campaign in February 2020. Supporters paid between $100,000 and $250,000 to play golf and have their photo taken with the then-president. More than 2000 of Ellison’s Oracle employees signed a petition protesting his decision to host the fundraiser.

Of all the well-monied GOPers at the fundraiser in the desert that night, there was one notable exception – Ellison himself had skipped the affair without a public explanation.

“Be absolutely precise,” Ellison told Forbes magazine during an interview at his Rancho Mirage home in April 2020, two months after the fundraiser. “I said President Trump could use the property. I was not here.”

He added: “We only have one president at a time. I don’t think he’s the devil—I support him and want him to do well.”

Mon, 01 Aug 2022 01:00:00 -0500 en-CA text/html
Killexams : Oracle India to expand partnerships for cloud business

At the recent Oracle India Partner Kickoff 2022, Oracle said it would work more closely with its partners and help accelerate digitisation for its 15,000 customers in the country.

Shailender Kumar, senior vice-president and regional managing director, Oracle India and NeSuite JAPAC, said, “Oracle India is on a massive growth drive. With our unmatched portfolio of cloud solutions across technology and applications, along with our partners, our customers have the choice they need, to support their business growth and digital evolution. Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) and Software as a Service (SaaS) are driving some of India’s milestone projects and the opportunity to do more is immense. Cognizant, National Stock Exchange, Wipro, Punjab Urban Development Authority, Air Asia, Federal Bank, Bharti Airtel, Kotak Mahindra Bank and many more companies trust Oracle Cloud to power their businesses.” 

Han Chung Heng, senior vice-president–hybrid cloud system and alliances & channels, Oracle Asia-Pacific and Japan, said, “Oracle’s partner strategy is based on four principles of customer first, joint go-to-market (GTM), skills development and a trusted partnership. With Oracle Cloud, partners have tremendous opportunity to fulfil customer demands and also grow their own businesses. We continue to enable our partners and in Asia-Pacific, the year-on-year growth in certification was 57 per cent in our last fiscal year. Many partners like Wipro and PwC are using Oracle for their own business needs. This year we will be laying strong emphasis on the industry GTM focusing on public sector, manufacturing, edtech, fintech and will also be supporting multi-cloud customer environments and ESG initiatives.” 

Oracle-industry partnerships   

Under a cloud interconnect partnership, Oracle and Microsoft allow their joint customers to connect OCI services, such as autonomous database, with Microsoft Azure services, such as analytics and artificial intelligence.

Similarly, Oracle and VMware, through hybrid cloud, allow customers to deploy VMware-based virtual machines on OCI. Oracle Cloud VMware Solution lets customers leave some part of their VMware estate on premises and send others to Oracle Cloud without need for newer skills or software tools and processes. Customers can access hybrid cloud within hours without any major architectural changes and associated risks. 

Published on July 28, 2022

Thu, 28 Jul 2022 07:00:00 -0500 en text/html
Killexams : Tranxactor Supports Millions Of Global Loyalty Transactions With Oracle Cloud Infrastructure


New Zealand retail and hospitality technology provider switches from AWS to Oracle for scalability, real-time transaction processing; reduces infrastructure management costs by 75%

AUCKLAND, New Zealand and SYDNEY, Australia – Tranxactor Group, a leading provider of loyalty, customer relationship management (CRM), and payment solutions for the retail and hospitality industries, has selected Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) with Enterprise Database Service enabling the company to provide brands with rich and immersive customer engagement and loyalty programs.

Founded in 2002, New Zealand-based Tranxactor runs a powerful loyalty and CRM platform called ThorTransactor, which has processed more than 5.5 billion transactions to-date by more than 23 million loyalty and gift card holders around the world. Working with major brands such as Westfield, Liquorland, Oporto’s, and Subway, Tranxactor enables connectivity to all touchpoints in the customer journey through to ThorTransactor. Under its loyalty solution suite Tranxactor enables brands to quickly react, incentivise, deliver timely relevant communications, and provide real-time rewards to their patrons.

“Data and the capabilities of digital technology are rapidly changing the customer experience and expectations. With our growth rapidly accelerating, the biggest challenge for us is the scale of our business. We have a regional footprint, but are not a large multinational corporation, meaning we are often challenged resource wise,” said John Norrie, Chief Executive Officer at Tranxactor Group. “With the move to OCI, Tranxactor can put to rest management complexity, as well as any scalability challenges of an on-premises infrastructure. OCI gives us the freedom to focus on business growth without having to think through repercussions from spikes in transaction processing and customer interaction when workloads can increase multifold.”

“We are excited to extend our relationship with Tranxactor to provide its customers in the hospitality and retail industry with premium customer engagement powered by OCI

both in New Zealand and around the world,” said John Eastman, Managing Director New Zealand, Oracle. “Oracle’s expertise has always been in running the hardest, most complex jobs for customers who require speed and security.”

Tranxactor had historically run the ThorTransactor platform on an Oracle on-premises solution, before deciding to move to the public cloud. Tranxactor had initially selected Amazon Web Services (AWS) to support front-of-house services, but quickly found that using mixed environments was not cost efficient. After evaluating other cloud providers, Tranxactor selected OCI for its consistent pricing, unmatched speed, security, and scalability and since doing so has reduced infrastructure and systems management by 75%.

In addition to running Tranxactor’s core platform, Thor on OCI, Tranxactor provide Thorlink - an application delivering real-time connectivity between point-of-sales (POS) systems like Oracle MICROS Simphony and the ThorTransactor platform, supporting customers with real-time reward management, digital vouchers and extended features including fraud detection and offline transaction processing for loyalty schemes.

“The relationship with Oracle MICROS Simphony POS is very important because of its strong presence in the Quick Service Restaurant industry and open API framework,” added Norrie. “Our Thorlink application for MICROS Simphony completes the puzzle, enabling us to deliver enhanced capabilities to our customers.”

About Oracle

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About Tranxactor

Originally founded in New Zealand in 2002 Tranxactor’s proprietary Thor platform has evolved over many years of real-life in-the-field experience to become the powerful cloud processing platform it is today. Tranxactor is now firmly established as a leading-edge provider of Loyalty, CRM and Closed-loop Payment solutions to the retail and QSR industries. Our underpinning philosophy is to add tangible value to our clients through the services we deliver.

With offices in the UK, Australia and New Zealand, Tranxactor is ISO27001 certified and delivers a robust, scalable and proven processing platform to its global client base.

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Killexams : Oracle Names WorkForce Software the Cloud HCM ISV Partner of the Year as Winner of the 2021 Oracle Cloud HCM HR Heroes Visionary Award

WorkForce Software wins the Visionary Award for ISV Partner of the Year, an Oracle Cloud HCM HR Heroes Award, by changing the way customers benefit from greater automation, productivity, and efficiency through the use of cloud technology.

LIVONIA, Mich., Aug. 4, 2022 /PRNewswire/ -- WorkForce Software, the first global provider of integrated employee experience and workforce management solutions, announced today that it has been recognized in the Oracle Cloud HCM HR Heroes Awards as the winner of the Visionary Award for the HCM ISV Partner of the Year category. This award celebrates the most innovative technology solution that complements Oracle Fusion Cloud Human Capital Management (HCM) and transforms the customer experience.

(PRNewsfoto/WorkForce Software)

For large employers with unique workforce needs such as substantial union, hourly or shift-based employee teams, the WorkForce Suite, powered by Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI), is one of the most reliable, performant, and secure cloud platforms available in the market today. WorkForce Software has one hundred percent of their resources dedicated to delivering modern workforce management solutions for global enterprises—fully focused on innovation and customer value. WorkForce Software is ISO 27001, ISO 27017, ISO 27018, and ISO 27701 certified and EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) compliant making it an ideal workforce management solution for global employers.  With pre-built integrations to HR and payroll systems, WorkForce Software delivers functionally rich workforce management capabilities without compromise while helping eliminate exposure to compliance risk.

The past year has presented a unique set of challenges for global employers and employees alike. Employers are navigating continued labor shortages, increased expenses, retention challenges, shifts to remote work, changing employee demands, and demands for progress on worker safety and diversity, equity and inclusion. Many outdated systems, processes, and previous technology investment decisions are hampering progress, driving more organizations to seek a technology solution that connects their workforce to the business – even those working in frontline positions often without corporate email access. The 2021 Oracle Cloud HCM HR Heroes Award recognizes WorkForce Software for its innovative solutions to digitally transform its customers' employee communications and make work more human by leveraging Oracle Cloud HCM running on OCI.

"It takes a visionary to deliver solutions that can help organizations become more resilient, flexible, and positioned for the future," said Yvette Cameron, senior vice president of global product strategy, Oracle Cloud HCM. "WorkForce Software is changing the way customers work with greater automation, and efficiency through the use of technology and we congratulate them on their Oracle Cloud HCM HR Heroes Award win."

"We are thrilled to be recognized by Oracle as their ISV Partner of the Year, especially in a time where there have been such dramatic changes to the way people work." said WorkForce Software CEO Mike Morini. "The WorkForce Suite, powered by OCI, is a comprehensive modern workforce management solution. With customers reporting up to 40 percent performance improvements from deployments in the Oracle cloud, it is essential that every business is executing on their cloud migration strategy to achieve operational efficiency and agility necessary for businesses to remain competitive."

WorkForce Software and its WorkForce Suite were also recently recognized by industry analyst groups with distinguished honors including, WorkForce Software earning the leadership position in Nucleus Research's 2022 Workforce Management Technology Value Matrix report, ranking higher than all other software providers; WorkForce Software was named Champion in SoftwareReviews' Workforce Management Emotional Footprint report for the enterprise market, surpassing all other vendors; WorkForce Software was honored as the Gold STEVIE® award winner in 2022 American Business Awards® for Innovation of the Year – Business Products Industries; The Company's employees ranked them highest to earn WorkForce Software honors alongside Microsoft and Amazon in Comparably's Annual Ranking of Top Companies for having the best product and design departments; WorkForce Software was named a Gold Winner in the Most Innovative Company of the Year Best in Biz Awards 2021 for the Company's innovative and modern workforce management and employee experience platform; WorkForce Software was a Winner in the 2021 Brandon Hall Group Excellence in Technology Awards and received top honors for product innovation and value realized by its customers with its modern workforce management and integrated employee experience platform in the 'Best Advance in Emerging Workforce Management' category; WorkForce Software was also recognized by Ventana Research as Exemplary Value Index Leader for creating the best customer experience and delivering the best return on investment to its global customers.

Explore the Oracle OCI and WorkForce Software Partnership and learn more about WorkForce Software's award winning WorkForce Suite.

About WorkForce Software

WorkForce Software is the first global provider of workforce management solutions with integrated employee experience capabilities. The company's WorkForce Suite adapts to each organization's needs—no matter how unique their pay rules, labor regulations, and schedules—while delivering a breakthrough employee experience at the time and place work happens. Enterprise-grade and future-ready, WorkForce Software is helping some of the world's most innovative organizations optimize their workforce, protect against compliance risks, and increase employee engagement to unlock new potential for resiliency and optimal performance. Whether your employees are deskless or office workers, unionized, full-time, part-time, or seasonal, WorkForce Software makes managing your global workforce easy, less costly, and more rewarding for everyone. For more information, please visit

About Oracle PartnerNetwork

Oracle PartnerNetwork (OPN) is Oracle's partner program designed to enable partners to accelerate the transition to cloud and drive superior customer business outcomes. The OPN program allows partners to engage with Oracle through track(s) aligned to how they go to market: Cloud Build for partners that provide products or services built on or integrated with Oracle Cloud; Cloud Sell for partners that resell Oracle Cloud technology; Cloud Service for partners that implement, deploy and manage Oracle Cloud Services; and License & Hardware for partners that build, service or sell Oracle software licenses or hardware products. Customers can expedite their business objectives with OPN partners who have achieved Expertise in a product family or cloud service. To learn more visit:


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Killexams : Permit filing discusses concept, construction of pedestrian bridge linking Germantown, Oracle campus No result found, try new keyword!The filing is one of the rare public signals that Oracle (NYSE: ORCL) is making gradual progress toward starting construction of its $1.4 billion riverfront campus and related infrastructure. Thu, 28 Jul 2022 03:16:00 -0500 text/html Killexams : Kiwi Oracle user Tranxactor Group shifts from AWS for Oracle Cloud
John Norrie (Tranxactor Group)

John Norrie (Tranxactor Group)

Credit: Supplied

Auckland-based loyalty, CRM and payment provider Tranxactor Group has switched to Oracle's cloud from AWS, slashing infrastructure costs.

Tranxactor had historically run its ThorTransactor platform on an Oracle on-premises solution, before deciding to move to the public cloud with AWS. However, it found that using mixed environments was not cost efficient.

After evaluating other cloud providers, Tranxactor selected Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) for its consistent pricing, speed, security, and scalability and had since reduced infrastructure and systems management costs by 75 per cent.

Privately-owned Tranxactor will also use Oracle's enterprise database service to provide brands with rich and immersive customer engagement and loyalty programmes.

Founded in 2002, Tranxactor's ThorTransactor loyalty and CRM platform has processed more than 5.5 billion transactions to-date by more than 23 million loyalty and gift card holders around the world.