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Exam Code: 010-160 Practice test 2022 by team
010-160 Linux Essentials Certificate Exam, version 1.6

Exam Title : LPI Linux Essentials
Exam ID : 010-160
Exam Duration : 60 mins
Questions in test : 40
Passing Score : 500 / 800
Exam Center : LPI Marketplace
Real Questions : LPI Linux Essentials Real Questions
VCE practice test : LPI 010-160 Certification VCE Practice Test

Topic 1: The Linux Community and a Career in Open Source
1.1 Linux Evolution and Popular Operating Systems
Description: Knowledge of Linux development and major distributions.
Key Knowledge Areas:
Embedded Systems
Linux in the Cloud
The following is a partial list of the used files, terms and utilities:
Debian, Ubuntu (LTS)
CentOS, openSUSE, Red Hat, SUSE
Linux Mint, Scientific Linux
Raspberry Pi, Raspbian
1.2 Major Open Source Applications
Description: Awareness of major applications as well as their uses and development.
Key Knowledge Areas:
Desktop applications
Server applications
Development languages
Package management tools and repositories
The following is a partial list of the used files, terms and utilities:, LibreOffice, Thunderbird, Firefox, GIMP
Nextcloud, ownCloud
Apache HTTPD, NGINX, MariaDB, MySQL, NFS, Samba
C, Java, JavaScript, Perl, shell, Python, PHP
dpkg, apt-get, rpm, yum

1.3 Open Source Software and Licensing
Description: Open communities and licensing Open Source Software for business.
Key Knowledge Areas:
Open source philosophy
Open source licensing
Free Software Foundation (FSF), Open Source Initiative (OSI)
The following is a partial list of the used files, terms and utilities:
Copyleft, Permissive
GPL, BSD, Creative Commons
Free Software, Open Source Software, FOSS, FLOSS
Open source business models

1.4 ICT Skills and Working in Linux
Description: Basic Information and Communication Technology (ICT) skills and working in Linux.
Key Knowledge Areas:
Desktop skills
Getting to the command line
Industry uses of Linux, cloud computing and virtualization
The following is a partial list of the used files, terms and utilities:
Using a browser, privacy concerns, configuration options, searching the web and saving content
Terminal and console
Password issues
Privacy issues and tools
Use of common open source applications in presentations and projects
Topic 2: Finding Your Way on a Linux System
2.1 Command Line Basics
Description: Basics of using the Linux command line.
Key Knowledge Areas:
Basic shell
Command line syntax
The following is a partial list of the used files, terms and utilities:
PATH environment variable

2.2 Using the Command Line to Get Help
Description: Running help commands and navigation of the various help systems.
Key Knowledge Areas:
Man pages
Info pages
The following is a partial list of the used files, terms and utilities:

2.3 Using Directories and Listing Files
Description: Navigation of home and system directories and listing files in various locations.
Key Knowledge Areas:
Files, directories
Hidden files and directories
Home directories
Absolute and relative paths
The following is a partial list of the used files, terms and utilities:
Common options for ls
Recursive listings
. and ..
home and ~
2.4 Creating, Moving and Deleting Files
Description: Create, move and delete files and directories under the home directory.
Key Knowledge Areas:
Files and directories
Case sensitivity
Simple globbing
The following is a partial list of the used files, terms and utilities:
mv, cp, rm, touch
mkdir, rmdir

Topic 3: The Power of the Command Line
3.1 Archiving Files on the Command Line
Description: Archiving files in the user home directory.
Key Knowledge Areas:
Files, directories
Archives, compression
The following is a partial list of the used files, terms and utilities:
Common tar options
gzip, bzip2, xz
zip, unzip

3.2 Searching and Extracting Data from Files
Description: Search and extract data from files in the home directory.

Key Knowledge Areas:

Command line pipes
I/O redirection
Basic Regular Expressions using ., [ ], *, and ?
The following is a partial list of the used files, terms and utilities:

cat, head, tail

3.3 Turning Commands into a Script
Weight: 4

Description: Turning repetitive commands into simple scripts.

Key Knowledge Areas:

Basic shell scripting
Awareness of common text editors (vi and nano)
The following is a partial list of the used files, terms and utilities:

#! (shebang)
for loops
Exit status
Topic 4: The Linux Operating System
4.1 Choosing an Operating System
Weight: 1

Description: Knowledge of major operating systems and Linux distributions.

Key Knowledge Areas:

Differences between Windows, OS X and Linux
Distribution life cycle management
The following is a partial list of the used files, terms and utilities:

GUI versus command line, desktop configuration
Maintenance cycles, beta and stable

4.2 Understanding Computer Hardware
Weight: 2

Description: Familiarity with the components that go into building desktop and server computers.

Key Knowledge Areas:

The following is a partial list of the used files, terms and utilities:

Motherboards, processors, power supplies, optical drives, peripherals
Hard drives, solid state disks and partitions, /dev/sd*

4.3 Where Data is Stored
Weight: 3

Description: Where various types of information are stored on a Linux system.

Key Knowledge Areas:

Programs and configuration
Memory addresses
System messaging
The following is a partial list of the used files, terms and utilities:

ps, top, free
syslog, dmesg
/etc/, /var/log/
/boot/, /proc/, /dev/, /sys/

4.4 Your Computer on the Network
Weight: 2

Description: Querying vital networking configuration and determining the basic requirements for a computer on a Local Area Network (LAN).

Key Knowledge Areas:

Internet, network, routers
Querying DNS client configuration
Querying network configuration
The following is a partial list of the used files, terms and utilities:

route, ip route show
ifconfig, ip addr show
netstat, ss
/etc/resolv.conf, /etc/hosts
IPv4, IPv6
Topic 5: Security and File Permissions
5.1 Basic Security and Identifying User Types
Weight: 2

Description: Various types of users on a Linux system.

Key Knowledge Areas:

Root and standard users
System users
The following is a partial list of the used files, terms and utilities:

/etc/passwd, /etc/shadow, /etc/group
id, last, who, w
sudo, su

5.2 Creating Users and Groups
Weight: 2

Description: Creating users and groups on a Linux system.

Key Knowledge Areas:

User and group commands
User IDs
The following is a partial list of the used files, terms and utilities:

/etc/passwd, /etc/shadow, /etc/group, /etc/skel/
useradd, groupadd

5.3 Managing File Permissions and Ownership
Weight: 2

Description: Understanding and manipulating file permissions and ownership settings.

Key Knowledge Areas:

File and directory permissions and ownership
The following is a partial list of the used files, terms and utilities:

ls -l, ls -a
chmod, chown

5.4 Special Directories and Files
Weight: 1

Description: Special directories and files on a Linux system including special permissions.

Key Knowledge Areas:

Using temporary files and directories
Symbolic links
The following is a partial list of the used files, terms and utilities:

/tmp/, /var/tmp/ and Sticky Bit
ls -d
ln -s

Linux Essentials Certificate Exam, version 1.6
BEA Certificate basics
Killexams : BEA Certificate basics - BingNews Search results Killexams : BEA Certificate basics - BingNews Killexams : Meet Bea the burrowing owl, who has an appetite for YouTube videos

More than 90,000 cat videos get uploaded daily to YouTube, according to the platform's exact Culture and Trends report and speaking to the over-the-top human interest in the content.

In exact years, cats have even emerged as an audience, with high-definition video of squirrels, hungry birds and chipmunks to keep Mr. Fluff occupied. (Dog-related content, for what it's worth, doesn't garner nearly the views.)

It appears an appetite for video has jumped species in Houston, Minn., where a young burrowing owl named Bea at the International Owl Center is transfixed by YouTube videos playing on a cellphone. She brings hyper-focus to the sounds and movements of birds, rodents and insects onscreen.

The news will trigger smiles in Owl Center followers, but something deep in the raptor's DNA has opened a way to work better with the owl.

Bea, 4½ months old and the size of "a pop can on stilts," is an education bird at the Owl Center that was bred in captivity, said Karla Bloem, the center's executive director. Bea's parents, from Kansas, could not be released back to the wild.

In her young life, Bea has grown accustomed to being handled by, and in the company of, people — it's all she has ever known. And yet the owl is a product of her species, known for preferring open country and grassy pasture to pursue prey and to nest in holes they scratch out themselves with their long legs or hooked beaks, or take over from gophers and other critters.

Burrowing owls are a vulnerable bird in some parts of North America. Their decline broadly has been connected to the impact of agriculture and development on habitat for burrowing wildlife. And it is the only owl species on the state of Minnesota's endangered list; its last official sighting was in 2016, Bloem said.

Like the cats drawn to YouTube, Bea's predatory radar lights up at the sound and movement of ground critters, and also calls from other species. The reaction is what any wild owl would do, Bloem said, a function of evolution.

"For [Bea], it is just hardwired," she added.

Staff leveraged Bea's acute awareness as they crafted ways to comfortably move her from the Owl Center to her home offsite. A plastic carrier with a peephole left her jumpy, perhaps because her vision was limited, Bloem said.

Bea now voluntarily enters a soft-side carrier with mesh windows, drawn to YouTube videos of birds, mice and insects — sometimes even an image of a butterfly on the move — playing on a cellphone planted deep in the carrier. The combination of a carrier with more sight lines and the cellphone video works.

Research papers overflow online with studies around real vs. artificial stimuli and their effect on wildlife behavior. The overall tenor: there is still much to explore. Lori Arent, assistant director at The Raptor Center at the University of Minnesota, said it is hard to know how a captive bird is interpreting what's playing in a video. Does it know a mouse is a mouse? Part of the allure, it appears, are movements and sounds onscreen, and it's traced to what's inherent in raptors, wild or captive: a base instinct to hunt.

Acknowledging the biological mysteries, Bloem said Bea's experience is unique and the video playback's use doesn't bear some larger explanation about the type of owl or raptors' exceptional sight and hearing.

"What works for each bird as an individual is an exploration and experimentation into what that individual likes," she said.

Added Bloem: "Bea is reacting as if what she is watching is real, but I'm not extracting meaning from it, other than what she may perceive as prey vs. threat vs. something innocuous moving around."

Thu, 13 Oct 2022 18:53:00 -0500 Bob Timmons text/html
Killexams : Bea Alonzo’s birthday plans, wish, outlook on life as she turns 35
Bea Alonzo. STORY: Bea Alonzo’s birthday plans, wish, outlook on life as she turns 35

Bea Alonzo

While she no longer obsesses over what other people think of her, it would still be hypocritical of her, Bea Alonzo said, if she said online bashing doesn’t hurt her.

“I don’t want to be a hypocrite. Sometimes, I get hurt. Because I’m only human. Sometimes, they just see a face or hear a name. But they don’t realize that it’s an genuine person they’re throwing hurtful words at… a person who has emotions and gets hurt,” she said at her exact solo press conference for “Start-Up PH”.

And when the vitriol does get into her, Bea doesn’t try to fight the pain; she allows herself to feel it. “Whenever that happens, I let myself get hurt. You can’t just shake it off. You have your own process [on how to deal with it],” she said.


There are valid, constructive criticisms. The rest is just noise. And through the years Bea has learned to discern one from the other. “I try to focus on the criticisms that I know will help me, because there is noise that you don’t really need in your life. And those could only do you harm. You don’t want to welcome that kind of energy,” she said. The 34-year-old actress also welcomes feedback from people who have her best interests.

“I’m fine with criticisms that come from people who I know genuinely care about me, like my fans. They’re comfortable telling me if there’s something they don’t like about the projects I do or the career decisions I make. And they say it in the most loving way because they love [me],” she pointed out.

She’s not perfect after all. “I have made many mistakes. There are many things I’m not good at. But that’s OK,” she said. “But I always try to protect my energy,” she said.

Bea knows that news about her participation in the GMA 7 adaptation of the South Korean series “Start-Up” was initially met with skepticism. “But that’s understandable,” she said. “The original Korean title has many fans, myself included. And it’s only natural for them to feel that no one else could play the characters they love, because the actors were so good,” she said.

Bea Alonzo

Bea Alonzo

The Kapuso star took it as a challenge. “I’m still grateful because it compelled me to think about how I can deliver the character a different flavor. And I’m happy it resonated with the Philippine audience. Our efforts are appreciated. The different twists that we gave the characters are recognized in a positive way,” she said.

It’s said that art imitates life, Bea said. And “Start-Up PH” is a fitting show to start her journey as a GMA 7 artist. “I’m starting a new chapter in my life here. Dani is out there to reach her dreams and to prove that she’s capable. She has lots of goals. In that regard I can relate to her. I love her fighting spirit,” she said.

Living in the moment

It has been a year since her transfer. And she can safely say that — with the help of her costars like Alden Richards and Yasmien Kurdi — she finally feels more settled in her new home network.

Bea is turning 35 on Oct. 17. But she has no plans for big celebrations. “Walang pasabog,” she quipped. After all her hard work in the past couple of months, all she really wants to have is some quiet time for herself.

“Matutulog ako. I have been very busy these days. And I’m not complaining—I feel very, very blessed. But with everything that has been happening I feel like it would be nice to take a pause. On my birthday I just want to read books, watch series and films I love,” said Bea, who plans to fly to her family to Spain soon.

“My mom and family will be there with me. We will be taking care of my apartment there,” she said. “Wellness is a priority. We need to take care of our well-being. And I’m thankful to GMA who is considerate when it comes to these things.”

And when she returns, a new soap awaits. She’s also set to do movies. But she can’t go into detail just yet.

What’s her birthday wish? “Positivity,” she said, laughing. “I have nothing more to wish for, because so many good things have already happened in my life. I just hope they continue. And I hope to deliver what people expect from me.”

Bea admitted that she has a tendency to take things too seriously. But now she tries her best to let go and just live in the moment. “When I was younger I felt like I always had something to prove. I always thought I wasn’t good enough. I always felt I was rushing,” she said.

“But in this new chapter of newfound opportunities, I gained more confidence,” Bea added. “I know that life can be fleeting — as what the pandemic taught us. So I just want to enjoy the moment… and be kind to myself. We don’t know what will happen next.”


WATCH: Alden Richards, Bea Alonzo, Jeric Gonzales caught up in love triangle in ‘Start-Up PH’ trailer

Gina Alajar impressed by Bea Alonzo’s talent, work ethic and kindness

Bea Alonzo joins cast of international movie ‘1521: The Battle of Mactan’

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Killexams : Bea Alonzo shares ‘next big goal’ after acquiring Spain property
Nathalie Tomada - The Philippine Star

October 13, 2022 | 12:00am

Bea Alonzo has no grand party plans when she turns 35 on Oct. 17. But the Start-Up star has already asked her home network GMA for a month-long leave to enjoy a wellness break and at the same time, bring her mom and family to her newly-purchased property abroad, which is an apartment in Madrid, Spain.

In a previous YouTube vlog, Bea revealed that she bought a unit found in a building designed by famous Spanish architect Tristan Domecq and located in Chamberi, a district described as “traditional” with “aristocratic architectural flair.”

The STAR had to ask the actress what her “next big goal” is after her what we could only imagine as a very pricey but well-deserved acquisition. It turned out Bea got so inspired by Start-Up that she’s looking to start a business.

“Marami pa (goals). I want to put up my own brand and my own company. Na-inspire ako kay Dani,” she excitedly shared, referring to her character in the primetime series with Alden Richards, Yasmien Kurdi, Jeric Gonzales, among others, about the world of start-up companies.

Bea on the set of the Philippine remake of the hit K-drama Start-Up, her first series as a Kapuso.


“You know, Yasmien got inspired also. She’s gonna put up one after our show, but I won’t announce it for her… but meron siyang business inspired by Start-Up,” she added.

As for the type of business she intends to venture into, Bea admitted she’s still carefully studying things and that it’s partly why she’s going on a month-long leave.

“We’re still trying to figure it out. Actually, that’s part of the reason why mag-le-leave din ako. Ina-asikaso namin,” she further told The STAR.

Meanwhile, the Philippine remake of the hit South Korean drama with the same title is Bea’s first TV series as a Kapuso after her network transfer in 2021. Being with GMA is like a “second wind” for her. The last time she topbilled a teleserye was back in 2017. “So, I’m happy (because) na-miss nila ako and tinanggap nila ako. This time, (it’s) a different channel. I feel like I’m also tapping a different audience na hindi siguro ako napapanood before. And happy ako, tinatanggap ako with warmth and open arms,” she said of the public reception to the drama’s first week of airing.

Bea also shared that she connected to her character Dani’s personality as a goal-getter. “I’ve been in the business for 21 years and until now, I still feel the need to deliver. I don’t relax, alam ‘yan ng mga taong nasa paligid ko.

“Maybe that’s my nature, yun yung quality ko. I never sleep on set… kahit breaks, I never sleep on set because I keep thinking about my next scenes and what I can do to Strengthen myself. That’s how I’m able to resonate with Dani,” she said.

Given the overarching theme of her new drama, The STAR also asked Bea about her favorite memories from her beginnings in the entertainment industry. To recall, she was only 14 when she made her showbiz debut as a member of the Star Circle Batch 10.

She looked back: “Naalala ko yung first time nakita ko yung sarili ko sa big screen… when I was 15. Dun nag-umpisa yung realization ko na artista na talaga ako… Ito talaga yung pinangarap ko. Hindi ako yung napilitan mag-artista or na-discover lang. I really want to be an actress. That’s my dream.”

Another fond memory of hers was being able to travel abroad for the first time, the US in particular, for work.

She also remembered the first time she discovered she had fans. “Nag-noontime show ako nun. Then, there were people carrying banners bearing my name — Bea Alonzo,” she said.

She recalled wrongly assuming that these people were just being forced to hold these banners up, and that everything was staged and scripted. “So when fans approached and had their pictures taken with me, and they were saying they accepted me, they loved me, I just couldn’t believe it! Totoo pala may fans na ako. Those are my fond memories of when I was starting out,” she said.

Bea could say that she has since changed a lot not just as an actress, but also as a person.

“Actually, malaki. It’s not just in acting but in all things, kahit sa ganitong events, concerts abroad, interviews and cover shoots. Before, pre-pandemic or maybe when I was younger, parang lagi akong may gustong patunayan (I always wanted to prove something) and I was more concerned with what people would say about me,” she said.

“Now, after the pandemic, I’m starting a new chapter in my career. Now that I have newfound opportunities, I feel like I also have this newfound confidence. Sa totoo lang… dati marami rin naman akong opportunities na sini-celebrate ng mga tao, like box-office movies, TV shows, and I really enjoyed those things.

“But the difference now is that…before, mas nag-iisip ako ng, ‘I’m not good enough,’ kasi bata ka and you’re always thinking baka mawala ‘to eventually. So, you’re always in a rush.”

Nevertheless, what Bea primarily realized over the pandemic is how time is fleeting. “Ang daming nawala na mga mahal sa buhay during the pandemic… I know that (life) is fleeting and we don’t even know if there’s still a third wind. So right now, I just try to enjoy the moment and try to live the moment as much as possible.”

Thu, 13 Oct 2022 00:00:00 -0500 text/html
Killexams : Aisling Bea shoots comedy film about a woman marrying her dead fiancé

Monday 10th October 2022, 11:36am by Jay Richardson

  • Aisling Bea stars in the film And Mrs, about a woman who presses ahead with her wedding despite her fiancé having dropped dead
  • Co-starring Colin Hanks and Billie Lourd, the bittersweet comedy is currently shooting in East London
  • Director Daniel Reisinger has "put so many brilliant, funny actors in all the parts" said Bea

Aisling Bea

Aisling Bea is to star as a woman whose fiancé dies shortly before their wedding day, yet decides to go ahead and marry him anyway, in a film currently shooting in East London.

In the bittersweet comedy And Mrs, Bea is Gemma, whose American husband-to-be, Nathan, played by Colin Hanks (Fargo), drops dead right before their nuptials.

When, with some encouragement from her chaotic but well-meaning sister-in-law, Audrey (Booksmart's Billie Lourd), Gemma decides to press ahead with the wedding, she has to overcome public opinion, the law of the land and even her own family's objections.

Directed by Australian director Daniel Reisinger (Sideswiped), the film also features Ever Decreasing Circles star Peter Egan and Detectorists' Divian Ladwa, with further cast still to be announced.

It is the second film for comedy producer Dan Hine (Cuckoo) and his production company Who's On First, set up in 2016 with Roughcut's Ash Atalla, following Borat co-creator Dan Mazer's 2021 feature The Exchange.

Posting from set, This Way Up creator Bea wrote on Instagram:

"Halfway through filming #AndMrs with @colinhanks & my adopted lil sister @praisethelourd. Director @Danreiso has put so many brilliant, funny actors in all the parts (which I'm not allowed say yet because The CIA will arrest me or something) & we have such an incredible hard working crew too.

And Mrs is written by London-based Australian Melissa Bubnic, whose credits include Shameless, Delicious and Wild Bill.

US entertainment website Variety reports that Hine will be producing alongside US producing and financing partners, FirstGen Content. Executive producers for FirstGen include Michael D'Alto, Chris Triana, Claude Amadeo and Randal Sandler.

"And Mrs is the comedy we need after the last couple of years, one which helps us laugh through the tears," Reisinger told the website. "We're lucky to have a cast gifted enough to nail the unique tone and who really embody their characters."

Hine added: "We are absolutely delighted to be working with these three actors, who all share a deep personal connection to the material. It feels like this story has really found its moment post-pandemic - we cannot wait to bring it to life."

Bea is also set to star in the crime film Sweet Dreams with Mia Goth, Niamh Algar and Nick Frost and recently shot Greatest Days, a movie based on the songs of Take That, alongside Jayde Adams, Alice Lowe and Marc Wootton.

Sun, 09 Oct 2022 23:36:00 -0500 en text/html
Killexams : 'I respect her so much': Bea Alonzo breaks silence on Lolit Solis' tirades
Jan Milo Severo -

October 8, 2022 | 12:48pm

Kapuso actress Bea Alonzo

Bea Alonzo via Instagram

MANILA, Philippines — Kapuso actress Bea Alonzo finally broke her silence about the verbal attacks on her by veteran showbiz columnist Lolit Solis. 

In a report by Mario Bautista in Showbiz Portal, Bea said she was silent about the matter because she doesn't read Lolit's column.  

“I will never reply because hindi ko naman nababasa what she writes about me. People just tell me about it,” Bea said.  

Bea said she respects Lolit so much though they haven’t met in person. 

"But I respect her so much, although we’ve never met, we’ve never been introduced or spoke to each other,” she said.  

She also said that she will not speak against Lolit especially now that she heard that she’s sick. 

"I heard she’s sick at lalo na akong hindi sasagot, dadalhin ko pa 'yan parang ang bigat-bigat,” she said.  

"Let’s just stay positive. I will sincerely pray for her healing and for her to get well soon,” she added. 

One of Lolit's tirades was when she called out the former Kapamilya star because she didn't want to work with a certain ex-boyfriend. 

“Tawa naman ako sa mga lumabas na items ni Bea Alonzo, Salve. Meron doon na sinabi niya na never na siyang sasama sa isang project na nandoon si Gerald Anderson,” she said.  

“Wow! Strong words. Tandaan ni Bea Alonzo na ang nang-iwan sa kanya si Gerald Anderson, hindi siya. So huwag palabasin na parang ang may choice si Bea, si Gerald ang nasa upper hand dito dahil siya ang nang iwan, hindi siya iniwan, dahil ang na-ghosting si Bea,” she added.  

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Killexams : Trainspotting with Aisling Bea

Comic joins Francis Bourgeois's C4 series

Aisling Bea is taking part in a Channel 4 trainspotting series with TikTok star Francis Bourgeois.

The comic will be one of the celebrity guests on the five-part show, called simply Trainspotting with Francis Bourgeois. Also taking part in the digital series are singer Sam Ryder, rapper AJ Tracey, Love Islander Chloe Burrows and footballer Jesse Lingard. 

Each episode will be released on Channel 4's YouTube channel, with shorter versions on Facebook, Instagram and TikTok from Wednesday.

Bourgeois - whose trainspotting videos have won him 2.6million followers on TikTok – said: ‘Trainspotting with Francis Bourgeois has been an absolute whirlwind. When I started making videos about my hobby, I never thought anything like this would happen. It’s been totally surreal.

‘Celebrities I’ve seen on TV, stages and sports stadiums I’ve been able to take into my domain to show them how trains and all things mechanical engineering make me feel, hopefully making them feel something good too!

‘Showcasing my passion in a way I have never been able to before, has been so liberating. Showing the ins and outs that make railway enthusiasm such a rollercoaster. I cannot wait to show you all!’

Channel 4 commissioner Charlie Hyland added: ‘Watching Francis grow from a hugely popular and charming TikTok star into a brilliantly funny and authentic presenter, has been a joy which I can’t wait for the rest of the country to see.;

And Iona Goulder of programme-maker Untold Studios praised  Bourgeois’s ‘purposefully off-beat comedic charm’ and ‘encyclopedic knowledge of trains, planes and automobiles’

Published: 14 Oct 2022

Thu, 13 Oct 2022 21:59:00 -0500 en text/html
Killexams : Elia “Bea” Milligan

Elia “Bea” Milligan

SEADRIFT — Elia “Bea” Milligan went to be with the Lord September 9, 2022 at the age of 106. She was born May 6, 1916 in Egan, Louisiana to the late Joseph and Belzire Sensat.

In addition to her parents, Bea is preceded in death by her husband T.F. “Bob” Milligan; a brother, several sisters, grandson Justin Milligan and granddaughter Christi Milligan.

She is survived by her children Johnnye J. Williams, Phyllis Dierlam, Henry “Hank” (Linda) Milligan and Don (Clara) Milligan; sister Florence Wood; brother Calvin Sensat; 9 grandchildren; 21 great grandchildren and 15 great great grandchildren.

Bea was a loving mother, sister, grandmother, great grandmother and great great grandmother. She was a devout Catholic. She loved to cook and work in her yard.

A celebration of her life will be held at a later date.

Arrangements and services under the personal care of Grace Funeral Homes & Cemeteries.

Thu, 15 Sep 2022 18:19:00 -0500 en text/html
Killexams : WATCH: Bea Alonzo gives away P50,000 cash prize from Eat Bulaga
Bea Alonzo

Bea Alonzo. Image: screengrab from YouTube/Eat Bulaga

Bea Alonzo gave away an early Christmas treat to “Eat Bulaga” participants by sharing with them the P50,000 cash prize she won in the show’s “Bawal Judgmental” segment.

The actress took part in the segment as a guest in the noontime variety show, as seen on its YouTube channel last Saturday, Oct. 8. Alonzo listened to the stories of the four participants — addressed in the show as “choices” — who all became orphans at a young age.

Alonzo then stated that she will be giving her cash prize to the segment “choices” as she was moved by their determination despite hardships in life.

“Ang bigat pero I have to say na very inspiring din kasi sa kabila ng mga pinagdaanan niyo, napakatapang at napaka-strong niyong tao,” Alonzo said. “Nakikita ko sa mga mata niyo ‘yung kindness kahit ang daming challenges sa buhay niyo. Dahil d’yan, gusto kong i-share sa inyo ito.”

(It is heavy, but I have to say that it is also very inspiring because despite what you have been through, you [became] a courageous and strong person. I see kindness in your eyes despite the challenges in your lives. Because of that, I want to share this [cash prize] with all of you.)

Meanwhile, Alonzo currently stars in “Start-Up PH,” the Philippine adaptation of the hit Korean drama “Start-Up,” alongside Alden Richards and Jeric Gonzales. The original drama “Start-Up” follows the story of young entrepreneurs in Korea’s start-up industry. EDV

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Killexams : Evers, Bea help lead Washougal past Mark Morris 39-22

“We think we’ve gotten better the past two weeks,” Hajek said. “We’ve become more physical and got better at execution.”


Mark Morris 7 0 7 8— 22

Washougal 14 3 14 7— 39

First quarter

W — Garrett Mansfield 4 run (Koby Johnson kick)

W — Sam Evers 72 pass from Holden Bea (Johnson kick)

MM — Justus McCann 1 run (kick good)

Second quarter

W — Johnson 32 FG

Third quarter

MM — Kobe Parlin 3 run (kick good)

W — Evers 59 pass from Bea (Johnson kick)

W — Bea 65 run (Johnson kick)

Fourth quarter

MM — Deacon Dietz 51 run (Kellen Desbiens run)

W — Bea 8 run (Owen Edwards pass from Bea)


RUSHING — Mark Morris: Rylan Jewell 15-58, Kobe Parlin 9-46, Kellen Desbiens 4-11, Justus McCann 8-28, Cade Warren 3-13, Deacon Dietz 1-51; Washougal: Holden Bea 10-84, Liam Atkin 1-12, Garrett Mansfield 4-25, William Cooper 11-83.

PASSING — Mark Morris: Desbiens 10-22-0-92; Washougal: Bea 12-16-0-230; Kaden Fautt 0-0-0-0.

RECEIVING — Mark Morris: Langston Bartell 3-44, Dossen Morrow 2-6, Kobe Parlin 3-29, Ryan Jewell 1-12, Justus McCann 1-9; Washougal: John Costa 3-16, Sam Evers 5-176, Liam Atkin 1-9, William Cooper 1-9, Talon Connelly 2-18.

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Killexams : Bea Alonzo on being a Tanduay Calendar Girl and her latest projects

Tanduay Calendar Girl Bea Alonzo has been busy since the start of the year with TV and movie projects. She has also done a TV commercial (TVC) for Tanduay Select, which appeared in the first quarter of 2022.

In the TVC, Bea can be seen encouraging people to have the determination to make the right choice, just like what she did when she decided to switch to another network and become a Tanduay Calendar Girl.

“People were surprised that I did it (being a Tanduay Calendar Girl). At the same time, they were proud that I could embrace and celebrate my body. Some opportunities became available after it came out. People saw another facet of me that they have never seen before,” the talented actress said.

Bea is set to do another project for Tanduay Select, a rum made from a unique blend of cane spirits derived from quality sugarcane with a suave 60 proof. She is set to appear in its digital campaign before the year ends.

The actress is busy doing the Philippine adaptation of the hit Koreanovela, “Start-Up”, with Alden Richards, who is also a member of the Tanduay family as the brand ambassador of Embassy Whisky. The series, which is Bea’s first as a Kapuso, is set to air this Sept. 26.

”I like how open they are to collaboration,” Bea said of Tanduay. “They respect my brand and the things I stand for and represent.”

She added that she wasn’t really surprised when Tanduay was named the World’s Number 1 Rum for the fifth consecutive time by Drinks International Magazine.

“Tanduay has been at the top of its game for so long. They’ve always delivered and catered not only to Filipino consumers, but also to consumers worldwide,” Bea pointed out.

When asked if there are any actors or actresses that she dreams of working with, Bea replied with an excited, “Definitely!” She shared that she would love to work with younger actors and actresses.

About how she chooses her roles and if there’s one that she’d like to portray in future projects, Bea said that “choosing roles is like finding love.”

“You’ll feel it when you see it. I always like to be surprised. When I read a script, I know precisely when the project or role is for me. It’s a journey. Sometimes you can make mistakes, but it’s all part of it,” she explained.

As Bea said in her Tanduay Select TVC, “If you make the right choices, kaya mong magpasaya, kaya mong magbukas ng puso. Have the guts to choose para maitawid mo ang pagsubok (If you make the right choice, you can bring happiness, open hearts. Have the guts to choose, so that you can overcome obstacles).

She also reminded people that, “Every choice you make, kahit gaano kaliit, may kabutihang makakamit (Every choice you make, no matter how small it is, would achieve something good).”

Bea hopes that in the next five years, she has already explored different genres and mediums as an actress.

“It’s something that excites me, especially now that I’m in my 30s. I know that I am more in control of my life and my career,” she said.

Bea already has several movie and TV projects lined up for 2023 and 2024, including the movie “1521” which was shot entirely in Palawan.

Just like her decision in moving to another network and signing up as a Tanduay Calendar Girl, Bea is all set to excite, surprise, and delight her fans and gain new ones as she seizes the many opportunities that come her way.

Image credits: Tanduay

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