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Administration of Veritas Enterprise Vault 10.0 for Exchange
Veritas Administration book
Killexams : Veritas Administration book - BingNews Search results Killexams : Veritas Administration book - BingNews Killexams : Veritas NetBackup™ Flex Scale Administrator's Guide

The Universal Share feature provides data ingest into a NetBackup Flex Scale appliance using an NFS or a CIFS (SMB) share. Space efficiency is achieved by storing this data directly into an existing NetBackup-based deduplication pool.

You can configure and manage the Universal Share from NetBackup. For more information, see the chapter "Configuring and using universal shares" in the NetBackup Deduplication Guide.

Advantages of Universal Shares

The following information provides a brief description of the advantages for using Universal Shares:

  • As a NAS-based storage target

    Unlike traditional NAS-based storage targets, Universal Shares offer all of the data protection and management capabilities that are provided by NetBackup.

  • As a DB dump location

    Universal Shares offer a space saving (deduplicated) dump location, along with direct integration with NetBackup technologies including data retention, replication, and direct integration with cloud technologies.

  • Financial and time savings

    Universal Shares eliminate the need to purchase and maintain third-party intermediary storage, which typically doubles the required I/O throughput since the data must be moved twice. Universal Shares also cut in half the time it takes to protect valuable application or DB data.

  • Protection Points

    The Universal Share Protection Point offers a fast point in time copy of all data that exists in the share. This copy of the data can be retained like any other data that is protected within NetBackup. All advanced NetBackup data management facilities such as Auto Image Replication, Storage Lifecycle Policies, Optimized Duplication, cloud, and tape are all available with any data in the Universal Share.

  • Copy Data Management (CDM)

    The Universal Share Protection Point also offers powerful CDM tools. A read/write copy of any Protection Point can be "provisioned" or made available through a NAS (CIFS/NFS) based share. A provisioned copy of any Protection Point can be used for common CPD activities, including instant recovery or access of data in the provisioned Protection Point. For example, a DB that has been previously dumped to the Universal Share can be run directly from the provisioned Protection Point.

  • Backup without client software

    Client software is not required for Universal Share backups. Universal Shares work with any POSIX-compliant operating system that supports NFS or CIFS.

How it works

The Universal Share feature provides a network-attached storage (NAS) option for NetBackup Flex Scale appliances. Traditional NAS offerings store data in conventional, non-deduplicated disk locations. Data in a Universal Share is placed on highly redundant storage in a space efficient, deduplicated state. The deduplication technology that is used for this repository is the same MSDP location used by standard client-based backups.

Any data that is stored in a Universal Share is automatically placed in the MSDP, where it is deduplicated automatically. This data is then deduplicated against all other data that was previously ingested into the media server's MSDP location. Since a typical MSDP location stores data across a broad scope of data types, the Universal Share offers significant deduplication efficiency. The Protection Point feature lets you create a point in time copy of the data that exists in the specified Universal Share. Once a Protection Point is created, NetBackup automatically catalogs the data in that point and manages it like any other data that is ingested into NetBackup. Since the Protection Point only catalogs the Universal Share data that already resides in the MSDP, no data movement occurs. Therefore, the process of creating a Protection Point can be extremely fast.


  • A Universal Share is presented through a single MSDP engine, and its size is limited by the capacity of the single node. If the Universal Share quota is set, its size is limited by its quota and cannot exceed the capacity of a single node.

  • The maximum number of Universal Shares that can be created on an MSDP engine is limited, which is specified by the MaxAllowedLivemounts parameter in the spws.cfg file and the default value of this parameter in NetBackup Flex Scale is 100.

Protection Point - cataloging and protecting Universal Share data

Any data that is initially ingested into a Universal Share resides in the MSDP located on the appliance-based media server that hosts the Universal Share. This data is not referenced in the NetBackup Catalog and no retention enforcement is enabled. Therefore, the data that resides in the Universal Share is not searchable and cannot be restored using NetBackup. Control of the data in the share is managed only by the host where that share is mounted.

A Protection Point is a point in time copy of the data that exists in a Universal Share. Creation and management of a Protection Point is accomplished through a NetBackup policy, which defines all scheduling and retention of the Protection Point. The Protection Point uses the "Universal-Share" policy type. Once a Protection Point for the data in the Universal Share is created, that point in time copy of the Universal Share data can be managed like any other protected data in NetBackup. Protection Point data can be replicated to other NetBackup Domains or migrated to other storage types like tape or cloud, using Storage Lifecycle Policies. Each Protection Point copy is referenced to the name of the associated Universal Share.

Protection Point restores

Restoring data from a Protection Point is exactly the same as restoring data from a standard client backup. The standard Backup Archive and Restore interface is used. The client name that is referenced for the restore is the Universal Share name that was used when creating the Universal-share policy type. Alternate client restores are fully supported. Make sure that NetBackup Client is installed on the destination client before restore. However, to restore to the system where the Universal Share was originally mounted, NetBackup Client software must be installed on that system. This is necessary since a NetBackup Client is not required to initially place data into the Universal Share.

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Killexams : Contact Support

Chat is available in English only.

Chat is currently not available. Please check back on Monday when our supported chat hours begin.

Please select from the list below to check availability.

Only chat-supported case types are listed.

Hours of operation: 24 hours per day, depending on agent availability.

Only chat-supported cases are listed.

Technical Chat Support is only available for the Backup Exec Product Family. Hours of operation: Monday-Friday: 24 hours per day.

Only chat-supported request types are listed.

Only chat-supported products are listed.

Veritas Backup Exec Technical Support is extending Chat service hours to 24 x 5 (Monday to Friday) providing enhanced flexibility for our Customers. For faster resolution, all low severity issues will be handled in chat, where business operations have not been adversely affected, or for enhancement requests. For responsive support, start a Chat now.

Only chat-supported features are listed.

Only chat-supported platforms are listed.

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Killexams : Jury rules against Project Veritas in lawsuit No result found, try new keyword!WASHINGTON — A jury in a federal civil case on Thursday found that Project Veritas, a conservative group ... along with a bogus resume. In his book, “American Pravda,” O’Keefe wrote ... Thu, 22 Sep 2022 16:01:00 -0500 text/html Killexams : Teacher has background in science, belief in Bible

Ron Krestan is 46 years old. He has a bachelor’s degree in science education from Emporia State University, a master’s degree from Kansas State University.

Although he’s certified to teach science courses in public schools in Kansas, he doesn’t believe in evolution. Not for a minute.

Evolution, he said, doesn’t jibe with the Bible so it cannot be true.

“Fundamentally, we believe there is a God and that he has revealed himself in Scripture, both through written word, the Bible, and the living word, Jesus Christ. That is our starting point for everything we believe,” said Krestan, a third-year science, math and Bible teacher at Veritas Christian School, 256 N. Mich.

Ron Krestan instructs Veritas Christian School seniors in his Bible/rhetoric class at the Lawrence school, 256 N. Mich. Krestan is certified to teach science courses in public schools in Kansas but he doesn't believe in evolution.

Krestan, who lives in Ozawkie, personifies the state’s ongoing debate over the teaching of evolution, which, he said, cannot take precedence over belief in God.

“We believe that when God speaks, he is authoritative,” Krestan said. “We also recognize that although we are made in the image of God and we have the ability to know and understand things apart from revelation, all of what we know needs to tie back to what God has revealed.”

Evolution is a flawed theory, he said, because it assumes life on Earth is a consequence of random forces. But in the Bible, Krestan said, the universe has purpose and meaning.

“Revelation makes it clear that this universe is not here by random-chance events,” he said. “It has an origin by a personal creator that has a purpose and is moving toward a goal.”

He added, “That personal creator is God, the God of the Bible.”

Other flaws, according to Krestan:

¢ The Bible says death began with Adam and Eve, but evolution contends that life and death were going on long before man’s presence on Earth.

¢ Under evolution theory, the Earth has been evolving for millions of years. The Bible says God created the universe in six days.

“It is difficult to reconcile the first three chapters in Genesis with evolution,” Krestan said. He called the three chapters “historically accurate accounts.”

In the debate over evolution, Krestan and his boss, Veritas administrator Jeff Barclay, said they differed with conservatives on the State Board of Education on the issue of intelligent design.

After consulting with intelligent design proponents, the state education board is poised to approve science standards for public school teaching that are critical of evolution.

Intelligent design, which critics consider thinly disguised creationism, holds that life’s complexity is evidence it was the work of a designer and not the result of random circumstances.

“We don’t use the term ‘intelligent design,'” Barclay said. “We prefer creationism.”

According to intelligent design, the universe was created by a higher power that may or not have been God.

At Veritas, this higher power is the God in the Bible. He is not a Martian, a Hindu or Buddha.

“Fundamentally there is only one God,” Krestan said. “We have a starting point. We say that ‘God is’ and that God has revealed himself through the written word of the Bible and the living word, Jesus Christ. In that sense, we are very exclusive.”

Other religions, he said, worship false gods.

Though most public schools do not teach intelligent design or creationism, Krestan and Barclay said they’ve not been reluctant to expose Veritas students to evolution theory.

“We are not here to create cookie-cutter Christians,” Barclay said. “We’re here to graduate thinking, lifelong learners.”

Veritas, Barclay said, has welcomed the evolution debate with open arms.

“We use it as a springboard. It’s exciting for us,” he said. “We use it as a real teaching tool. It creates emotion in students. We want them to be able to speak rhetorically. We teach them logic here.

“We don’t want them pounding their fist on the desk and saying, ‘Because God says so!’ We want to know why God says so.”

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Killexams : Project Veritas loses jury verdict to Democratic consulting firm FILE PHOTO: FILE PHOTO: Political activist James O'Keefe speaks at CPAC in Washington © Reuters/YURI GRIPAS FILE PHOTO: FILE PHOTO: Political activist James O'Keefe speaks at CPAC in Washington

By Jonathan Stempel

(Reuters) - A federal jury has found Project Veritas, a conservative group often accused of using deceptive tactics, liable for violating wiretapping laws and misrepresenting itself in an undercover effort to target Democratic political consultants.

Jurors in Washington on Thursday awarded $120,000 to a member of Democracy Partners, co-founded by self-described progressive strategist Robert Creamer.

Democracy Partners claimed it had been infiltrated by a Project Veritas operative who lied about her name and background to obtain an internship during the 2016 presidential campaign, and secretly recorded conversations while working there.

The firm and Creamer said Project Veritas used "heavily edited" footage in videos that falsely suggested they conspired to incite violence at then-Republican candidate Donald Trump's rallies and schemed to promote voter fraud.

According to the complaint, the espionage cost the plaintiffs, who supported Trump's Democratic opponent Hillary Clinton, more than $500,000 of contracts.

Project Veritas said it did nothing wrong and will appeal.

The Mamaroneck, New York-based group has long characterized its work as journalism, and said the verdict threatens the use of hidden cameras by investigative journalists.

"Project Veritas will continue to fight for every journalist's right to news gather, investigate, and expose wrongdoing - regardless of how powerful the investigated party may be," Chief Executive James O'Keefe said in a statement.

Democracy Partners said in a statement it hoped the verdict would "help to discourage Mr. O'Keefe and others from conducting these kind of political spy operations -- and publishing selectively edited, misleading videos."

Media including the New York Times, which Project Veritas is suing for defamation, and Politico earlier reported the verdict.

The $120,000 award was on a fraudulent misrepresentation claim.

U.S. District Judge Paul Friedman, who oversaw the trial, will assess damages based on jurors' separate finding that the operative, Allison Maass, intended to breach a fiduciary duty, according to the verdict form.

Friedman has yet to rule on the defendants' arguments that they should prevail as a matter of law.

"This case implicates fundamental First Amendment issues. The folks on my left prefer to ignore that fact," the defendants' lawyer Paul Calli said in a statement. "We will see what the finish line brings."

The case is Democracy Partners LLC et al v Project Veritas Action Fund et al, U.S. District Court, District of Columbia, No. 17-01047.

(Reporting by Jonathan Stempel in New York; editing by Jonathan Oatis)

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Killexams : Bureau Veritas' Boisson Authors Maritime Safety Book

Maritime Activity Reports, Inc.

October 5, 1999

Philippe Boisson, communications manager and legal advisor to Bureau Veritas' Marine Division, has recently authored a book, Safety at sea: policies, regulations and international law, focuses on preventing accidents and evaluating safety at sea. Boisson, who has been following safety system developments for more than twenty years, researched latest sea disasters, such as Braer in 1993; Estonia in 1994; and Sea Empress in 1996. The book is the result of five years research that set out to answer a myriad of questions that, according to Boisson, "always arise after the aftermath of an accident." Specifically: Could disasters at sea be prevented? Are safety levels adequate? Are protective measures appropriate? Is the present system obsolete, unable to cope with the upheavals of the modern world? Geared toward seafarers, shore-based shipping company staff, insurers, shippers and transport auxiliaries; the 550-page book reportedly, analyzes all technical and legal regulations affecting shipping. Among other issues are the safety of car ferries, new regulations on bulk carrier structures, the International Safety Management Code (ISM), the Convention on Training and Qualification of Seafarers (STCW), electronic charts, the Global Maritime Distress and Safety System (GMDSS), and Vessel Traffic Services (VTS). Boisson sheds light on international maritime safety precautions; strategies and policies adopted by states, organizations, and the maritime industry sector, which all set out to reduce the number of accidents and curtail consequences. Safety at sea is divided into three main sections - the first part of the book lists the sources of international law on safety, its various public and private promoters on both national and international levels, procedures for setting standards, regulations and various legal instruments intended to prevent accidents. The second section deals with genuine regulations, determining the administrative, technical, behavioral, and operation requirements that ships must satisfy. Boisson also analyzes worldwide shipping standards, regulations, construction, equipment, operation and navigation. The last section concentrates on establishing policies, surveillance and inspecting, and penalties for breaching regulations. Boisson concludes the book with an assessment of safety at sea and the prospective trends for the millennium. Ten basic trends are examined, including the emergence of IMO auspices, the end of global regulations, and transparency of information on ships.

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Killexams : Greenwich school officials say Cos Cob administrator had role in hiring but wasn't the sole decider

Director of Communications Jonathan Supranowitz said assistant principals are never the sole decision maker at any step in the hiring process, but they can be part of hiring committees.

In the video, Boland appears to say he hasn’t hired a conservative teacher yet. Boland, who is currently on administrative leave, does not appear to know he is being recorded in the video clips circulated by media organization Project Veritas.

Boland, who was the program coordinator for physical education prior to becoming assistant principal, was part of some hiring committees in both administrative positions, Supranowitz said.

“For building-level teachers, committees are formed composed of teachers, school administration and the Greenwich Education Association. The committee will make a recommendation, following reference checks, to the human resources department for the final decision with possible inclusion to the superintendent,” he said.

The Project Veritas video quotes Boland as saying: “I’ve developed a set of questions that I use for almost all of my interviews, and it’s all leading them to tell a story.”

Supranowitz said, “There is a demo of possible questions for the committee to use, but each interview is tailored to the position available.”

The district’s chief human resources officer Jonathan Budd, who took the position in July, is “in the middle of” looking at the “human resources aspect,” Superintendent Toni Jones said during a latest well-attended Board of Education meeting.

“We don't actually have any participation in that (investigation). The HR department is managing that aspect,” she said.

Beside the internal district investigation, the town also launched its own inquiry, as did the state Department of Education and the state Attorney General’s Office. 

Jones said was not aware of any contact with the state Department of Education regarding their investigation but the Town of Greenwich is “narrowing down” the options for a firm to investigate.

Board chair Kathleen Stowe, who is part of the town’s Special Operations Committee, said it is a “costly process” to find an outside source to look into the allegations.

Connecticut’s attorney general started its inquiry and met with the district for “several hours,” Jones said. The district had not received a subpoena as of Thursday evening but was expecting one soon with a list of documents to preserve, she said.

“Whenever you are in an investigation such as this, the legal precedents have to take place. People do have due process rights, and it can take weeks and sometimes months,” she said.

The state Attorney General’s Office also reached out to Project Veritas, asking them to “preserve all material potentially relevant to this investigation” in anticipation of issuing subpoenas. Project Veritas, citing protections under shield laws for journalists, told Tong's office that the request “should be retracted immediately.”

The same day Greenwich officials spoke about the investigations during the school board meeting, Project Veritas lost a federal civil case. On Thursday, a jury found the group guilty of violating federal wiretapping laws and misrepresenting itself. Project Veritas said it will appeal.

Editor's note: This story has been updated to correct Project Veritas' response to the investigation by the state Attorney General’s Office.

Mon, 26 Sep 2022 21:28:00 -0500 en-US text/html
Killexams : Trump administration staffer crammed pictures of Hunter Biden into White House AC unit: book

A Trump administration staff member crammed pictures of President Biden’s son Hunter Biden into the White House’s air conditioning unit during the presidential transition, breaking it, according to a new book set to be released on Tuesday.

The action by the employee, who worked for then-

Haberman reported both “rank-and-file” staffers and members of the senior staff from the Trump administration, including then-chief of staff Mark Meadows, were not cooperative with their incoming successors, per Politico.

Referring to Trump’s false claims that the 2020 election was stolen from him, Meadows reportedly told incoming chief of staff Ron Klain that he knew the former president was

However, the Biden team were delayed in getting information from the Pentagon and obstructed in getting access to COVID-19 vaccines at the start of their rollout, according to Haberman. Meadows also refused to give them access to a computer system to start working on Biden’s budget, saying that they “can’t expect us to endorse your spending plans.”

After Klain asked Meadows for Biden to begin receiving daily intelligence briefings, Meadows asked how many days per week Biden wanted it. Klain was reportedly “dumbstruck” by the question and told Meadows that Biden wanted it every day. 

Meadows responded that “no president ever does that” and that it’s “never happened.” 

“It seemed so beyond Meadows’ own experience that he could not comprehend it,” Haberman said in the book, according to Politico. 

Trump reportedly often did not read his daily intelligence briefings while president. Presidents usually receive a summary of national security and intelligence information on a daily basis, and presidents-elect are usually given access to that information while transitioning to become president. 

Haberman additionally reported that Meadows texted Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas’s wife Ginni Thomas, who was involved in efforts to dispute the results of 2020 election in multiple states, that “this is a fight of good versus evil,” according to Politico. 

Meadows did not immediately return a request from The Hill for comment through America First Legal, a conservative legal advocacy group where he is a board member.

Sat, 01 Oct 2022 00:03:00 -0500 en-US text/html
Killexams : How Apartment Operator Veritas Got a Big Jump on ESG Response & Reporting

Environment Social & Governance (ESG) leads with the environment, and from that, much of it focuses on reducing greenhouse gas emissions, something that commercial real estate is striving to do as reports show buildings emit 40 percent of carbon, according to the US Green Building Council.

Apartment operator Veritas, based in San Francisco, has been ahead of the curve in planning and executing strategies that not only cut emissions but attract residents and investors.

Mon, 19 Sep 2022 09:31:00 -0500 en text/html
Killexams : On shakier ground: Veritas slashes Big Six banks' price targets One analyst is predicting a rougher ride for Canada's Big Six financial institutions during an expected economic downturn, cutting the price targets for all of them. © Provided by Financial Post One analyst is predicting a rougher ride for Canada's Big Six financial institutions during an expected economic downturn, cutting the price targets for all of them.

Rising debt service costs and the need to set aside more funds for bad loans have one Bay Street analyst slashing his price targets for the Big Six banks.

Veritas Investment Research financial services analyst Nigel D’Souza pointed to a latest sharp sell-off among Canada’s biggest banks and cautioned that there was further downside risk in the sector. The firm expects provisions for credit losses, or the amount of capital set aside for bad loans, over 2024 to run higher than pre-pandemic levels, assuming central banks don’t opt for a dovish pivot in their rate hikes.

“We expect debt servicing costs to increase to a record high in 2023 and expect (provisions for credit losses) to accelerate and potentially peak in 2024 with inflationary pressures, rapidly rising rates, and provisions for performing loans under IFRS 9 likely pulling forward the recognition of (provisions for credit losses),” D’Souza said in an Oct. 4 note to clients.

D’Souza added that over the medium term, Veritas is forecasting a high single-digit decline in adjusted earnings among the Big Six banks.

While D’Souza upgraded the Bank of Nova Scotia to a “Buy,” the firm lowered its price target to $72 from $80. The change largely stems from softer growth in the bank’s Latin American businesses and rising credit losses heading into a recessionary environment. D’Souza noted that the unexpected shift in leadership that will see Brian Porter retiring in January raises some uncertainty, but the current share price would give investors an “attractive risk-reward skew.”

Toronto-Dominion Bank was maintained as a “Buy” and stands as Veritas’ top pick among the Big Six, though the expectation of low single-digit earnings declines brought the firm’s new valuation to $88 per share from $96. TD should come out of the recession relatively unscathed as TD’s US$13.4-billion acquisition of Tennessee-based regional bank First Horizon Corp. is expected to close early next year, bringing some earnings upside.

The Royal Bank of Canada’s target price was revised from $129 per share to $124 as Veritas expects moderate downside for the bank heading into a recession. That said, D’Souza expects RBC to remain stable with only low single-digit declines in earnings.

National Bank of Canada received an upgrade to “Reduce” and the revised target price edged down to $88 per share from $89. D’Souza noted that the firm preferred National Bank for its lower loan-loss provision ceiling in a recession, describing the bank as a “low-risk, low-reward play.”

Veritas downgraded the Bank of Montreal to “Sell,” knocking its target price to $113 per share from $134 as it considers the bank to be more exposed to credit risks in the face of a recession with a loan portfolio heavily weighted toward commercial loans.

The Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce also received a downgrade to “Sell” and its target price was taken down to $55 per share from $72. D’Souza noted he sees substantial downside for CIBC heading into a recession as higher provisions for credit losses would weigh on earnings.

After enjoying outsized earnings and record stockpiles of excess capital during the pandemic , the banks have been treading on shakier ground this year as rising rates hampered borrowing demand and concerns about a potential recession rise.

Over the course of the year, bank shares are all in the red: Scotiabank has slipped 27 per cent to $66.26; TD stock is down 12 per cent to $87.17; RBC shares have fallen nearly seven per cent to $127.37; National Bank shares are down 10 per cent to $89.37; BMO is off 12 per cent to $123.78; and CIBC’s stock fell 18 per cent to $61.07.

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