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SCP Implementation information search
Killexams : SCP Implementation information search - BingNews https://killexams.com/pass4sure/exam-detail/SC0-501 Search results Killexams : SCP Implementation information search - BingNews https://killexams.com/pass4sure/exam-detail/SC0-501 https://killexams.com/exam_list/SCP Killexams : The 10 best SCP games, ranked © Provided by GamePur

Collaborative writing has really taken off with the advent of the internet, and there are few better examples of that than the SCP Foundation. The acronym stands for Special Containment Procedures (or sometimes Protocols). It started off as a quasi-wiki project where contributors added to the growing library of creative horror and sci-fi contributions and stories, and has taken the greater horror community by storm. They all revolve around the capture and containment of various paranormal entities of different types and magnitudes, and as with everything creative, it was only a matter of time before games sprung up around it.

There have been several dozen of (mostly) indie games with SCP themes released over the years, and in this guide, we will take you through our picks for the top 10 that you have to try if you’re a horror fan.

The best SCP games to play

10. SCP: Strategy

Image via Steam © Provided by GamePur Image via Steam

Unlike many other SCP-related games, SCP: Strategy relies less on the horror aspects and leans more into the containment and management aspects. That gives the player a more strategic back-seat view of the premise, while also featuring many of the phenomena and stories that make SCP so engaging.

9. SCP: Fragmented Minds

Image via Steam © Provided by GamePur Image via Steam

This survival horror game puts you front and center in the middle of a containment breach on Mars Site 113. The entities are out and hunting survivors, and it is your only task to escape and warn others of what has happened. SCP: Fragmented Minds has not been released yet, but there is a playable demo that you can try out for yourself.

8. SCP: Keter

Image via Steam © Provided by GamePur Image via Steam

Keter-class anomalies in SCP rank among the highest risk/danger classes in the organization’s fictional universe. Therefore you know you’re in for a spooky time when the game bears this title. It’s planned to be an asymmetric PVP game, taking heavy influence from games like Dead by Daylight. SCP: Keter is currently still in early access, but looks like a very promising title already.

7. SCP: Containment Breach

Image via Steam © Provided by GamePur Image via Steam

Unlike some of the other titles, this game is free to play and made by the fans. It was also one of the earliest decent attempts at an SCP game, with the title now boasting both Remastered and Multiplayer versions. The title of the game puts it pretty clearly — you are trapped during a containment breach and have to get out.

6. The Store is Closed

Image via Steam © Provided by GamePur Image via Steam

Being the only title without SCP in its name on our list does not make The Store is Closed any less scary, nor any less of an SCP title. It revolves around SCP-3008, which in itself is a shopper’s nightmare. Put that in a game (funded through Kickstarter no less) and you get a neat co-op crafting & survival game.

5. SCP: Blackout

Image via Steam © Provided by GamePur Image via Steam

In what’s becoming a pattern, you play as a D-Class personnel member trapped in an SCP facility that’s had a breach. Now you have to escape and survive while following clues left by those less fortunate. So what’s the twist? SCP: Blackout is a VR game, that gets you fully immersed in the unfolding horror.

4. SCP: Labrat

Image via Steam © Provided by GamePur Image via Steam

With back-to-back VR titles, what sets SCP: Labrat apart is that it’s got an even scarier atmosphere in VR than the previous game. This is impressive considering that the game was made on a shoestring budget and is a free title. But that’s even more of a reason to deliver it a try, right?

3. SCP: Secret Laboratory

Image via Steam © Provided by GamePur Image via Steam

SCP: Secret Laboratory comes out of the gates swinging when it comes to the ways it curbs the norm for SCP games. Yes, there’s still a containment breach, as expected, but this time — you get to choose what you play as. You can be part of the security, an insurgent, or even an SCP entity yourself. And there’s even a PVP option, all of that in a free SCP game.

2. SCP: Pandemic

Image via Steam © Provided by GamePur Image via Steam

Going a bit topical when it comes to the title, we offer SCP: Pandemic as another early access release. Gameplay-wise, it is meant to be a co-op tactical FPS game with horror elements, and the story is based around SCP-5000 and surrounding events.

1. SCP: Secret Files

Image via Steam © Provided by GamePur Image via Steam

The best game based around SCP takes very little in action or even straight-up horror and dabbles more in mystery and existential dread. SCP: Secret Files puts you in a position of an assistant to an SCP researcher, giving you a front-row seat to observe and eventually unravel a deep story that exposes the many flaws of the SCP Foundation.

Notable mentions

Because we have been talking about atmospheric horror a lot — which is one of the hallmarks of SCP stories in the first place — there are some other famous games that can deliver you that SCP vibe while playing them but are not directly related to it:

  • Control
  • Amnesia
  • S.O.M.A.
  • Prey
  • ColdSide
  • Half-Life
Fri, 23 Sep 2022 03:08:00 -0500 en-US text/html https://www.msn.com/en-us/sports/esports/the-10-best-scp-games-ranked/ar-AA129UPl
Killexams : Ensure SCP sustainability: Ministry of Environment

A senior Ministry of Environment official on October 11 called on those implementing "Sustainable Consumption and Production (SCP)" to ensure the viability of the project, one key to the Kingdom's economic and social development.

Tin Ponlok, secretary of state of Ministry of Environment, who is also the Second Vice President of the National Council for Sustainable Development, was speaking at the launch of both the SCP and the "Sustainable Consumption and Production in Cambodia 2022-2035 ” roadmap at the Ministry of Environment.

"The sustainability of this project is very important. I would like you to provide the full results of the implementation of this project, not just at the report or pilot level.

"I would like you to make sure that at the end of the pilot project, institutions of the government's sub-national authorities can accept it and continue to expand on the practices.

"The SCP project is an important part of Cambodia's long-term green economic and social development, which is included in the "National Strategic Plan on Green Growth 2013-2030".

"I would like to urge key stakeholders, including relevant ministries, institutions, the private sector, producers, civil society organisations and especially the community, to support the implementation of this SCP project as a contribution to the government's efforts in achieving the goal of sustainable development," Ponlok said.

The SCP is also an opportunity to encourage the contribution of all sectors in the promotion of Cambodia's social welfare and its green economy, he added.

The Ministry of Environment on October 11 said the IKI SCP Asia Phase II will mobilise stakeholder involvement and focus on promoting production areas in Mondulkiri and major towns including Phnom Penh.

It would link sustainable production and responsible consumption in order to change attitudes toward food systems in agriculture and the environment.

Seng Teak, WWF-Cambodia country director, said the launch of the project and the roadmap would promote sustainable production in line with responsible consumption in the food system in agriculture.

This would be achieved by implementing sustainability standards ranging from the supply chain and production to final use between key stakeholders such as local communities, producers, retailers, consumers, government and private institutions.

"The [SCP] – a joint project with Thailand – has been ongoing for four years. The first phase was implemented in Thailand, with the second phase a joint focus on Cambodia, taking the experience of successful implementation in Thailand in relation to sustainable consumption and production," Teak said.

Wed, 12 Oct 2022 17:44:00 -0500 en text/html https://www.phnompenhpost.com/national/ensure-scp-sustainability-ministry-environment
Killexams : How To Remove Personal Information From Google Search Results

It's important to note that while Google can generally help you clean up your online presence by limiting search results, it cannot directly remove content that appears on websites or shut down the websites themselves. That's because Google Search results merely point users to websites offering the content they search for; Google can control whether it directs users to that site, but it cannot control the website itself. As a result, some people may still be able to find your information on that website if they use a search engine other than Google, such as Bing.

If your removal request has been denied by Google or if you want the content removed from the website itself regardless, Google suggests that you reach out directly to the website's owner and ask them to take down content related to you. If the site administrator acknowledges your request and removes your personal information, it will no longer be accessible to users even if they search using a search engine other than Google.

Mon, 10 Oct 2022 02:46:00 -0500 en-US text/html https://www.slashgear.com/1045876/how-to-remove-personal-information-from-google-search-results/
Killexams : How to search for reliable medical information online

Never have I googled so much since becoming a new mum.

"Can adults catch hand, foot and mouth?" is just one example my search engine has been exposed to in the past year.

And with a hectic cold and flu season hitting us this year, along with COVID-19, it's likely yours has also been running hot.

While 'Dr Google' is no substitute for seeing a health professional, seeking medical information online can have benefits, says doctor Rachael Dunlop.

Dr Rachie, as she goes by, is a medical researcher with a US organisation and honorary research fellow at Macquarie University.

She has been outspoken against the anti-vaccine movement in Australia.

"Medical Information sourced from the internet is never a substitute for seeing a qualified health care professional," she says.

"But it can prepare you for a visit to the doctor, help you to understand your health issues, and provide support from other patients, if you are getting your information from reliable and trusted sources."

Benefits of looking online

Healthdirect Australia is a government-funded online public health information service. Its chief medical officer, Nirvana Luckraj, says searching for medical information online can increase health literacy and understanding of our own medical conditions.

"It empowers us to seek help," Dr Luckraj says.

"Often information people seek online complements the care they are receiving from health professionals."

For example, Healthdirect has a question builder that allows you to prepare questions before a medical appointment.

It also has a symptom checker that can be used in multiple languages, and will help you decide if you need to seek further help or whether you can self-care, says Dr Luckraj.

Tips for finding credible information

Dr Luckraj warns the accuracy of health search results is largely dependent on your search query.

"Googling your assumed worst-case scenario can deliver you biased search results and really scare you."

Being as specific as possible will deliver you better results.

"Search for 'abdominal pain' and avoid casual phrases like 'tummy ache' to Boost chances of getting authenticated results from medical websites," Dr Luckraj says.

She also recommends consulting multiple sources.

"Even if you find a website that gives you reasonable overview of symptoms, it's worth reading elsewhere to get a more holistic view," she says.

To make sure the sources you're consuming are reputable, she says websites that end with .org or .gov sites are usually best. Examples include Better Health Channel and Pregnancy, Birth and Baby. 

"For health sites, you should be provided with next steps to take once you've read about certain symptoms," Dr Luckraj says.

"If you use a symptom checker, it should deliver advice on what to do next and where to seek help."

There should also be an 'about us' page, she says.

"[It] will tell you more about the organisation behind the website and type of people who have created the content.

"Healthdirect is certified by Health on the Net Foundation. There may also be a governance framework that may be referred to.

Those [types of] things can help you understand credibility and trustworthiness."

Dr Dunlop says Health on the Net Foundation websites and social media pages display a badge and are regularly evaluated by medical experts to ensure they provide accurate information.

If you aren't sure, you can use the foundation's search function to find certified sites.

Red flags to watch out for

Red flags include websites that instil fear, panic or paranoia, then try to sell you something, says Dr Dunlop.

Dr Luckraj recommends searching the name of the organisation behind the website to see if they have a commercial interest or are funded by drug companies trying to tell products.

"Be careful with any sources that offer a confirmed 100 per cent treatment of any health issue," she says.

"They shouldn't be offering any guarantee on treatment options, or medications they claim will make you feel better."

Searching online for info about your health conditions can be a double-edged sword, says Dr Dunlop.

"It could put your mind at ease, or panic you into thinking you have a terminal disease," she says.

That's why both our experts say it's important to always seek advice from a medical professional, and share the information you have been consuming online so they can guide you further.

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Mon, 12 Sep 2022 15:31:00 -0500 en-AU text/html https://www.abc.net.au/everyday/how-to-search-for-reliable-medical-information-online/101391070
Killexams : Roblox SCP Tower Defense Codes (September 2022) © Provided by Progameguides

Create the impenetrable fortress in Roblox SCP Tower Defense. As with most Roblox Tower Defense games, you will need your tactical helmet as waves of enemies make their way to your base to take it down. Using all your strategic and tactical might, you need to protect your base at all costs, and you can do it with friends and other players too!

To take down the Scarlet King and his army, you will need some codes to aid you in this fight. These codes will deliver you Coins and weapons to put in your inventory to use on the waves of enemies marching to your base. Coins can be handy as they can be used to buy bigger and better units and weapons to add to your arsenal.

Mon, 26 Sep 2022 03:26:00 -0500 en-US text/html https://www.msn.com/en-us/news/technology/roblox-scp-tower-defense-codes-september-2022/ar-AATzAo6
Killexams : PM asks for immediate implementation of SCP order for release of under trial women prisoners

PM asks for immediate implementation of SCP order for release of under trial women prisoners

Prime Minister Imran Khan has asked for immediate implementation of Supreme Court order for release of under trial women prisoners and convicted women prisoners who fulfill the criteria laid down in the apex court's decision.

In a tweet, the Prime Minister said the decision to implement Supreme Court's Order 299/2020 was taken after consultation with Attorney General Khalid Javed Khan and eminent lawyer Barrister Ali Zafar.

Imran Khan also asked for immediate reports on foreign women prisoners and women on death row for humanitarian consideration.

Tue, 27 Sep 2022 15:30:00 -0500 en text/html https://www.radio.gov.pk/02-09-2020/prime-minister-will-today-announce-a-landmark-decision-regarding-women-prisoners
Killexams : Google On How To Simplify Hreflang Implementation

Google’s Search Advocate John Mueller says hreflang implementation doesn’t have to be as complicated as people think.

Hreflang is one of the more confusing aspects of technical SEO and among the most important for international businesses and publishers.

In reply to a thread on Reddit, Mueller outlines a simplified approach for publishers to follow.

Hreflang: The Problem

Hreflang is a link attribute that informs Google of the language used on a page. With that information, Google can show the page version corresponding to the language a person is searching in.

Without the hreflang attribute, Google may serve pages in a language the searcher doesn’t speak or pages specific to a country the searcher doesn’t reside.

In the r/TechSEO forum on Reddit, a user is seeking advice regarding the use of hreflang for websites in multiple countries.

They ask if they can get by with a partial implementation of hreflang. For example, they are setting up hreflang for versions of the website in the same language, such as Germany and Switzerland.

The alternative is linking all versions of all pages with hreflang, which is a considerable amount of work.

Mueller says that’s the best solution, but not exactly practical:

“In an idea [sic] world, you’d link all versions of all pages with hreflang. It would be the clean approach, however, sometimes it’s just a ton of work, and maintaining it if the sites are run individually is … good luck with that.”

Although linking every page with hreflang is the ideal solution, Mueller says it doesn’t have to be so complicated.

Hreflang: The Solution

First, Mueller suggests figuring out what needs fixing.

Identify whether a problem exists with searchers landing on the wrong site version.

If that isn’t happening, you may not need to implement hreflang.

Mueller states:

“In practice, you can simplify the problem. Where do you actually see issues with regards to people coming to the wrong country / language site? That’s where you should minimally implement hreflang (and, of course, a JS country/language recognizer / popupper to catch any direct visits). Probably a lot of that will be limited to same-language / different-country situations, so Switzerland / Germany in German may be the right place to start. Nothing breaks if you set up hreflang for 2 versions and have 4 unrelated versions.

If you already have these sites running, I’d check your analytics setup for traffic from Search, and compare the country where they come from vs the country that they end up on (pick one country, filter for the traffic from search, and compare the domains they end up on). If you don’t find a big mismatch there, most likely you don’t need to do a lot (or anything) for hreflang. There is no bonus for hreflang, it’s only about showing the most-fitting page in search for users in a specific country / language.”

Next, look at which pages searchers are landing on. One of the most likely mistakes Google can make is serving the wrong version of a website’s homepage.

Since brand names aren’t localized, Google doesn’t always know which version of a homepage to serve if that’s all a user types into the search box.

If you find searchers are landing on the wrong homepage, but there are no issues with other pages, you can get by with a partial implementation of hreflang.

Mueller states:

“When checking, focus on the most likely mistakes first: same-language / different-country sites is one, but there’s also homepage traffic. Often times a brand name is not localized, so when people search for it, it’s unclear to search engines what the expectation is. If you find a lot of mismatches on the homepage but not elsewhere in the site, you can also just do hreflang across the homepages (that’s often easier than all pages in a site). Or you could do a combination, of course, all homepages + all German-language pages. Hreflang is on a per-page basis, so the beauty (and curse) is that you can pick & choose.”

Lastly, Mueller reiterates that it’s possible to save a lot of time with hreflang by checking to see if there’s a genuine problem.

Google may serve the correct versions of pages all on its own, in which case you don’t gain anything by adding hreflang.

“In any case, before you rush off and work on this for a year, double-check that it’s an actual problem first, and if so, check where the problem is. Maybe there are super-simple solutions (maybe you just need a country/language popup and don’t even need the rest?), and you can spend your time more wisely elsewhere.”

Think of hreflang as a tool to utilize when needed. You can prioritize other tasks if there’s no need for it.

Source: Reddit

Featured Image: patpitchaya/Shutterstock

Mon, 26 Sep 2022 09:55:00 -0500 en text/html https://www.searchenginejournal.com/google-on-how-to-simplify-hreflang-implementation/466061/
Killexams : EP review: Oakman – SCP

Even the sweetest sounds nowadays seem to be smuggling some sharpness within. Arriving under an acronym for ‘Sugar Coated Pill’, that certainly seems to be the case for this third EP from Oakman. 2016’s Waterscape and 2018’s Plastic World marked the Lyon trio as a power-pop force, full of explosive colour and hidden complexity, but after four years that have encompassed love and death, a global pandemic, health scares and deep reflections on the consequences of abuse, they plumb deeper here, and soar higher than ever before.

Night pulls back the curtain with an loose, synth-driven heartbeat as vocalist/guitarist Marine extols the importance of seizing every sundown like it could be your last. Superb second track Murder starts with a kicking beat before slipping into the shimmering, sepia electropop of an act like Electric Youth, while Marine considers the weight carried by victims of sexual misconduct: ‘How many nights will I bite the dust?’ Fantasy enters rockier territory, with an undulating synth riff immediately evoking peak Paramore while sparse handclaps and stabs of overdriven guitar add a sense of Gallic flair.

SCP’s second half seems to deliver a clearer picture of Oakman’s impressive range, though. The driving title-track ups the tempo, playing on the unreasonable urgency felt by victims of loneliness, before aching highlight Lucky Charm pumps the brakes with its straightforwardly romantic tale of kids dreaming ‘about that day when our bodies will fly away…’ It’s with All The Way Up’s hypnotically uplifting wish for new beginnings that the trio close out, however. Proof, perhaps, that this is their reset before really taking on the world.

Verdict: 4/5

For fans of: Paramore, CHVRCHES, All Time Low

SCP is out now via Rude Records

Thu, 06 Oct 2022 10:09:00 -0500 en text/html https://www.kerrang.com/ep-review-oakman-scp
Killexams : Ten designers create products from a single dying ash tree for SCP

Furniture company SCP has tasked a group of British designers including Faye Toogood and Sebastian Cox to craft objects from the wood of a tree infected with ash dieback disease for this year's London Design Festival.

The resulting pieces, ranging from furniture and lighting to decorative objects, are currently on display as part of the One Tree exhibition the brand is hosting in its Shoreditch showroom.

Photograph showing white backdrop with wood and glass objects from SCP's One Tree exhibition at LDF
One Tree includes works by Moe Redish (above) and Wilkinson & Rivera (top)

The project saw ten designers make use of a tree on SCP founder Sheridan Coakley's property, which had to be felled after being infected with a highly destructive fungal disease called ash dieback. Eventually, this is expected to kill around 80 per cent of ash trees in the UK.

"Most fallen ash trees are getting just cut down and used for firewood," Coakley told Dezeen. "But rather than burning the tree or letting it rot, we wanted to capture the carbon that's in the wood by making something out of it."

Photograph showing a piece of forked timber
Faye Toogood made an organic love seat from a tree fork

A group of ten designers and makers, including Cox and Toogood alongside industrial designer Matthew Hilton, carpenter Poppy Booth and design duo Wilkinson & Rivera, was invited to observe the tree being felled in April 2022 and to select the pieces of timber they wanted to use.

Toogood created a stool from the fork of the tree, which forms a natural love seat. This effect was highlighted by stripping off the bark of the wood but leaving its shape largely unadulterated.

Photograph showing pair of wooden faceted stools/small tables on white backdrop for SCP's One Tree exhibition at LDF
Flat facets allow the wood grain to become decoration in Sarah Kay's pieces

Also making use of the thick, solid parts of the tree was designer and maker Sarah Kay, who chose to bisect a log to create a series of geometric side tables.

The logs were given flat facets to highlight the gnarled grain of the wood. This swirling, almost psychedelic graining is also apparent in Wilkinson & Rivera's three-seater bench.

Photograph showing blackened wood square with ash wood frame surround
Poppy Booth's cupboard is based on an abstract painting

Husband-and-wife duo Grant Wilkinson and Teresa River used rudimentary forms to construct the bench, allowing the grain of the wood to serve as decoration.

Another furniture piece in the exhibition is a corner cupboard designed by Poppy Booth based on Black Square – an abstract painting by Russian-Ukrainian artist Kazimir Malevich from 1915.

Mirroring the painting, the cupboard front features a square of blackened ash surrounded by a non-burnt frame. The piece is intended sit high up in the corner of a room to act as a kind of memorial for all the ash trees killed by the dieback.

Photograph showing wall hanging, bench with bowls on top all made from wood on white backdrop for SCP's One Tree exhibition at LDF
Max Bainbridge created a bench, vessels and wall piece

East London designer Moe Redish created a series of glass vases and vessels, which were mouth-blown into natural voids in the wood made by birds, insects, weather damage and the fungus that causes ash dieback.

Taking a similar approach, artist and craftsman Max Bainbridge chose to work with pieces of the tree that had apparent fissures, splits and raw edges, and turned them into a series of organically shaped vessels, a bench and a wall piece called Portrait of Ash.

A number of designers took a more sculptural approach, with Oscar Coakley creating a giant wall fixture in the shape of an acid-house smiley while Hilton designed a helical Jenga-like sculpture made from repeating elements of carved wood.

Cox, who took charge of cutting up the ash tree using his portable sawmill and dried all of the wood for the exhibition in his South London studio, created two lights using the branches that were left behind after all the other designers had made their selections.

Photograph showing standing lamp with raw edge wood
Long sections from the tree's branches were used for Sebastian Cox's lights

The branches were cut into thin, raw-edge slivers and fashioned into triangular prisms to act as shades for a pendant and standing lamp.

The pieces are being presented as part of SCP's Almost Instinct showcase at LDF and are all for sale, with the aim of putting a selection of the items into production in the future.

Photograph showing wooden smiley face against white-painted brick wall for SCP's One Tree exhibition at LDF
Oscar Coakley created a wall fixture in the shape of a smiley

"I think this is a project that might continue," Sheridan Coakley said. "There are other trees that have got to come down, why not make something with them?"

This year's LDF saw a slew of brands open their showrooms and run events, many returning for the first time since the start of the coronavirus pandemic.

Photograph showing ash tree in garden environment
All the pieces in SCP's show were made using wood from this ash tree

Other projects on show as part of the festival include an installation by architecture studio Stanton Williams that was informed by Stonehenge and Shakespearian theatres, and an exhibition of furniture by James Shaw that pokes fun at the tensions that arise between cohabiting couples.

Photography is by Robbie Wallace.

One Tree is on show between 17 and 25 September as part of London Design Festival. See Dezeen Events Guide for an up-to-date list of architecture and design events taking place around the world.

Sat, 24 Sep 2022 18:30:00 -0500 Alice Laycock en text/html https://www.dezeen.com/2022/09/25/sebastian-cox-faye-toogood-scp-one-tree/
Killexams : Google Is Making It Easier to Remove Personal Info From Search. Here's How

Updated: September 28, 2022 1:53 PM EDT | Originally published: May 11, 2022 3:09 PM EDT

Today Google announced the wide release of a new feature that will make it even easier to remove personal information from search results, including your phone number, email, and home address. The update will be available to all users by the end of next week.

Danny Sullivan, Google’s public liaison for Search, says that the company is taking this step because it recognizes how people may feel about having personal information broadly visible in search results. “We’ve heard a lot of feedback from people that they simply find the presence of this information jarring,” Sullivan wrote in a statement to TIME.

The ability to remove personal information from Google search was first introduced in May 2022 but is now easier to use and more widely available.

“People are panic about threats, they’re panic about things like identity theft, or they’re just generally not comfortable with their personal contact information being out there,” Sullivan told TIME in May when the first version of this feature was released. “This is us trying to deliver people some sense of having more control over that.”

Starting early next year, the company announced, users can also opt in to alerts about new cases of personal information appearing in search results. They can then request removal.

Kinds of information you can remove from Google

While Google previously allowed users to remove personally identifiable information that could lead to issues like doxxing or financial fraud, the company updated its policy in April to include contact information and information that could put users at risk for identity theft. To get Google to take action under the new rules, the info that appears in Search needs to fit into one of the following categories:

  • Contact information
  • Government-issued ID numbers like a U.S. Social Security Number
  • Bank account or credit card numbers
  • Images of a handwritten signature or ID documents
  • Private medical records
  • Confidential log-in credentials.

How to submit a removal request to Google

If you’ve Googled yourself and see personal information in a search result, you can request removal by clicking on the three dots next to the result. That will take you to Google’s new removal tool, which will ask you some questions about the kind of information that’s being revealed. Then the request will be submitted and reviewed. You can also use the main Google app for iPhone or Android by navigating to the “account settings” icon in the top right and clicking on “Results about you” dropdown item.

The company notes that it doesn’t have the power to take down the website where the information actually lives. Since Google Search shows information gathered from websites across the internet, any content Google scrubs from its results can still exist online. It could be findable on other search engines or through social media.

If that’s the case, Google recommends that you contact the offending site and ask it to remove the content itself.

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Write to Megan McCluskey at megan.mccluskey@time.com.

Wed, 28 Sep 2022 06:33:00 -0500 en text/html https://time.com/6173811/remove-personal-information-google-search/
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