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Salesforce Developer exam Questions
Killexams : Salesforce Developer exam Questions - BingNews https://killexams.com/pass4sure/exam-detail/PDI Search results Killexams : Salesforce Developer exam Questions - BingNews https://killexams.com/pass4sure/exam-detail/PDI https://killexams.com/exam_list/Salesforce Killexams : 10 tough Agile quiz questions for software developers

Any developer on a team that practices Scrum, XP, Kanban or Lean-based software development methodologies should be familiar with the Agile Manifesto and the Agile principles it espouses. But not all software developers are.

Test yourself on these 10 Agile quiz questions and see exactly how well you know the core values and principles defined by the Agile Manifesto.

Dig Deeper on Java project management

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Killexams : How the Salesforce Skills Shortage Offers New Opportunities

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Killexams : Dreamforce 2022: Salesforce Partner Atrium Doubling Business

Cloud News

Wade Tyler Millward

‘Our business has doubled this year, and the year before as well,’ Salesforce and Snowflake partner Atrium CEO Chris Heineken says.

Atrium CEO Chris Heineken

Customer demand for data analytics and artificial intelligence is helping to fuel business growth for Salesforce and Snowflake partner Atrium, CEO Chris Heineken told CRN in a accurate interview.

And so far, customer spending for Bozeman, Montana-based Atrium – aside from some industries, such as the mortgage business – is resilient despite ongoing concerns of a recession in the future, Heineken said.

“Our business has doubled this year, and the year before as well,” Heineken said. “Productivity (is) definitely in fashion. Revenue predictability, definitely in fashion. How do I take these investments – and when we‘re talking about analytics and data and then putting AI (artificial intelligence) to work and modernizing some of these platforms, and investments in Salesforce, what we’re really talking about is productivity.”

[RELATED: Dreamforce 2022: Slack Channel Chief Foresees App In Every Salesforce SI’s Solution] 

Heineken discussed his company’s success just ahead of Salesforce’s Dreamforce 2022 conference held in person in San Francisco and online. The about-200-employee Atrium was also among a handful of Salesforce partners named as bringing the first industry-focused Slack services to market during the conference – alongside consulting giants Accenture, PwC, Capgemini, Deloitte and KPMG.

His comments around customer spending – customers mostly “business as usual” with “a few more decision cycles” – are in line with what Salesforce co-founder and co-CEO Marc Benioff said on the company’s latest quarterly earnings call in August.

Benioff said on the call that he and his team were seeing “customers becoming more measured in the way they buy” and sales cycles “get stretched” with deals “inspected by higher levels of management.”

“Nearly everyone I‘ve talked to is taking a more measured approach to their business,” he said. “We expect these trends to continue in the near term.”

Still, Heineken sees massive opportunity ahead, he told CRN.

“We want to go build the best company in the world that brings together the concepts of … front office, CRM (customer relationship management) use cases with the platforms of you know, Salesforce, and Snowflake … that space, in the craft of data and data science, right in the middle of that Venn diagram is where we think we can go build the best company in the world that does this,” he said.

Here’s what else Heineken had to say to CRN.

What’s fueling customer demand for Atrium lately? 

Productivity (is) definitely in fashion. Revenue predictability, definitely in fashion. How do I take these investments – and when we‘re talking about analytics and data and then putting AI (artificial intelligence) to work and modernizing some of these platforms, and investments in Salesforce, what we’re really talking about is productivity.

And how do you take some of these use cases and yield more. So I’ll give you an example. One of our customers – by pulling together the data and some predictive scoring around data in the area of lead management for them – has recently doubled their conversion rates.

So that‘s the type of thing that gets companies excited. There’s just massive business cases out there around things like customer lifetime value or customer attrition, customer retention.

It‘s fascinating to see how much of the Fortune 1000 runs really big parts of their operations off of a lot of gut feel. So there is so much opportunity out there in the enterprise to be able to take some pretty basic concepts around predictive analytics and AI and apply those … for really big impact.

That‘s what I think is generating excitement around the category. Generally, a lot of companies have a challenge in that they don’t know where to get started.

They hear about machine learning and AI, and they‘re thinking of driverless cars. They’re not really sure how that connects to the enterprise. And so we find ourselves in a situation where we do a lot of roadmapping and strategy and coaching for them to understand how to start their journey.

And so we do quite a bit with art of the possible – that‘s a very popular request that we get. ‘Help us. How do we get started? What’s our strategy?’

And then soon thereafter, once we start that process, many times, we have the complete opposite problem – which is now, I’ve got a taste for it. Now, I’ve got 1,000 ideas of what I want to do. And then we very much get into the area of, well, how do we help sequence this? And how do we make sure that you‘re not biting off too much at once?

Why are services partners still important for data tools vendors? 

We had the enterprise software scene with SAP and Siebel migrating to systems of engagement around cloud systems.

And generally, through that process, that was a two-party negotiation. That was business working with IT stakeholders to implement platforms.

In the realm of data and analytics, where we find ourselves, it‘s now a three-party negotiation, which now you have the mathematicians and statisticians entering in the mix.

And how do you manage that three-party negotiation? You can do all kinds of research out there on the number of predictive models that never see the light of day, the number of projects that get done with a data science team that really never get to production. … There needs to be connectivity to those data science teams with somebody in the business who’s going to own these things that are data hungry and data literate.

If you don‘t have that, then you don’t really have a foundation for a great investment or a program. So it‘s important that those underpinnings are in place.

Is Atrium hiring? 

We’re pretty much hiring across the board. We hire data scientists, for Salesforce developers, for analytics developers as well.

And then our strategy team is the team that helps pull together the art of the possible. … We‘re always in the market for amazing talent.

We have a real belief system around recruiting from (college) campuses. And so we‘ve had a campus-recruiting program for the last several years that has been amazing for us.

So we have offices in Indianapolis and in Bozeman. Our data science team is out of Bozeman, Mont. And we will tend to spend time regionally with those universities. … And we‘ve just had tremendous results from hiring straight from campus. Really impressed with the caliber of the curriculums that are being built in higher ed to make consultants ready to come out with backgrounds in computer science and statistics and be ready to make impacts on our projects.

How about retaining employees? 

The Salesforce community itself, the market, it feels like sometimes it‘s a shark tank. You’ve got all these recruiters swimming around.

And we‘ve been very fortunate that our attrition rates have been low. We spend a lot of time focused on culture and building an environment that could put people on a career rocket ship.

When we start talking about our ‘why’ statement as a company, we want to create a world-class team that is going after really intellectually captivating problems that make impact.

So very cool projects, good tech platforms. Good culture is our formula for – how do we create a really compelling message for our employees to be with us and stay with us long term. … Not to say that we‘re immune. … People change career motivations and where they want to go. But we’ve certainly weathered, quote, ‘the Great Resignation’ in a really good way. … I would recommend the consulting field to anybody wanting to get into the business space because … you get put in a lot of different environments.

It‘s a great way to start a career. It’s way better than when I started. I started at Anderson Consulting before it was Accenture. And I had just a phenomenal experience with them. They were one of the best in the world at bringing people from college and putting them in the workforce. But at the time, it was like, ‘Hey, you‘re going to get on the road for a year straight and head over to the East Coast and fly out on Sundays.’

So for me, I got out of that just because of the work-life balance. But the dynamics have changed so much with COVID and cloud. Those two things, COVID and cloud, put together, have made the dynamic around the consulting industry really tenable for people who want to manage that travel and personal and professional balance.

I mean, before COVID, we were probably 3 percent on site with our customers … and now it’s like, I don’t think we have a single customer that wants us on site. And we’re being productive. And so that’ll probably change, but those entering in the workforce, you can have a really fulfilling career where you don‘t have to be on the road, you don’t have to make those trade-offs anymore, which is special.

What’s the future hold for Atrium?

We were recently plugged into Salesforce’s acceleration partner program, which is basically a program they use to manage their top 20 consulting integrators across the Americas.

It’s interesting for us to be a part of that program.We‘re kind of the smallest company that’s a part of that. So we’re commingled with some really big players out there.

It‘s just an amazing statement on our growth potential and where we could be, where we expect to go. We want to go build the best company in the world that brings together the concepts of … front office, CRM (customer relationship management) use cases with the platforms of you know, Salesforce, and Snowflake … that space, in the craft of data and data science, right in the middle of that Venn diagram is where we think we can go build the best company in the world that does this.

I wouldn‘t put any gates around size or where we’re going just because the category is so massive. I mean, it‘s still early days … our biggest challenge is, do nothing. Honestly.

There‘s not a lot of competition. It’s more getting people over that first investment. So we think we‘ve got a very full plate with the platform’s we‘re working with, with the verticals we’re working with. And now it‘s just more about going deeper and deeper in each of those. There is no cap. … AI in the business community, there’s a $3 trillion opportunity out there. … That‘s just such a massive number that you don’t really need to gate yourself around, ‘Can I be a 500-person company or 1,000?’

We’re going to basically stick to our knittings and continue to go after the category that I just described. Have an amazing team and amazing work culture. That‘s really what we’re focused on.

What can your vendor partners do that would help your business? 

I‘ve seen a lot of different partner programs. Salesforce has probably the best I’ve ever interacted with – by a lot. They have always been very friendly in terms of … developing the skill sets in the market, their Trailblazer program, they make their platforms very accessible for people coming into the market.

And that helps consulting firms like us when we‘re bringing students from campus to get trained up and certified. The gates to get people in are lower than I’ve seen in other platforms.

So I couldn‘t say enough good things about them as a partner.

And Snowflake is early days. They‘re just getting their wits about them with that. But I think they have the same intent.

So, as an entrepreneur, as somebody that‘s started a consulting business and seen this, I think they’ve done a tremendous job of supporting the ecosystem. … Salesforce has done a really nice job of also gating the amount of services that they‘re going to take on with their own team versus allowing their partner community to flourish.

So I would say, ‘Hold the line on that.’ They‘ve done such a tremendous job the last couple decades. Keep it up with that. If anything, Salesforce is looking to partner more with us. They have a whole program that they call ‘better together’ that we think is a really good program.

Customer spending is still staying strong with everything going on in the world? 

For the most part, our customers are business as usual. A little more careful. A few more decision cycles that everybody‘s going through to get projects approved.

Maybe there are a couple like segments that are in more acute pain than others. Like in the mortgage space, the mortgage space is a rough place right now. … There‘s a couple examples like that where I think it’s going to be rough.

But for the most part, we are seeing companies be businesses as usual. They’re not making any really big moves to downshift.

Has the supply chain crisis been an opportunity? 

It‘s been really interesting to listen to some of our customers that are manufacturing customers, where supply chains has really hit them.

The supply chain, in some ways, you’ve had demand off the charts, you’ve had some of the supply chain issues. And so we have situations where companies are basically sold out. And so then they‘re working with limited inventory. So then it becomes more of a question for – how do they target their prospect list to be more intelligent around where they can actually deliver that inventory?

So that has been an area that we‘ve seen some really interesting work with.

What keeps you at the helm of a partner business? 

We’re having a lot of fun. … We‘re in business to do intellectually captivating work with some of these new paradigms in an area that we know really well, to create just high impact investments for our customers. … Working on really cool projects like that and seeing the outcomes we can produce is highly motivating.

The other thing that‘s highly motivating is watching our team grow, take on more leadership responsibilities, put their careers on rocket ships in this space, building their networks. I mean, for us, that’s a really fulfilling thing.

What other Atrium offerings are popular with customers? 

We do a lot of strategy and implementation work. Another area that we think is just critically important is … we do quite a bit around sustained care and feeding of the predictive analytics, the analytics themselves and the environments we‘re plugging in.

So you can imagine that companies … it‘s really hard for some of our customers to orchestrate and hire the Salesforce talent, the business talent, the data science talent and make those all work.

And so we have an offering that we call Elevate that is a huge bet for us. We want to be able to consistently work with our customers over multiple years, where we can augment their teams in those categories and help evolve their systems long term versus just doing a project and going away.

So we think that that’s going to be critical to our success and our customers’ success. And it’s definitely an area, platform and a service offering that we‘re spending a lot of time on. … (It launched) two years ago. We have north of 25 companies that are working with us in that capacity and seeing a lot of value from it. … We’re starting to get a little more depth around the offerings. We‘re going to create a pod just specifically around financial services.

So it’s going to follow some of the things I was talking about with verticalization as an emphasis point.

Wade Tyler Millward

Wade Tyler Millward is an associate editor covering cloud computing and the channel partner programs of Microsoft, IBM, Red Hat, Oracle, Salesforce, Citrix and other cloud vendors. He can be reached at wmillward@thechannelcompany.com.

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Killexams : Jim Cramer Answers Questions on Dendreon, Salesforce and Yelp No result found, try new keyword!Jim Cramer says he is keeping an eye on shares of Dendreon and says he will wait a little longer before buying shares of Salesforce.com ... Cramer answers Twitter questions every Monday, so ... Sat, 17 Sep 2022 12:00:00 -0500 en-us text/html https://www.thestreet.com/video/jim-cramer-answers-questions-on-dendreon-salesforce-and-yelp-12737550 Killexams : Best CFA exam Prep Courses

A newer option for CFA exam prep, Salt Solutions launched its Beta platform for CFA Level I exam prep in late 2020. The company is now officially out of Beta, and the full CFA learning experience is available for Levels I and II (Level III will be available in 2022).

Salt Solutions knows it’s tough to stay focused on a large volume of material with limited study time, so it breaks it into small chunks to complete in 10 to 30 minutes. Salt Solutions also improves the study process by showing you which steps are most important. While the platform offers flexibility, the scheduler also sets weekly goals to keep you on track. 

The platform has a user-friendly interface with a light or dark mode, making it easier on your eyes after long hours of studying. The platform currently includes assignment questions, downloadable videos, and a scheduler with weekly goals to stay on track.

Although Salt Solutions doesn’t have a proven track record yet, the user-friendly and thoughtfully designed software looks promising, particularly for those tired of staring at textbooks. Passing all three CFA exams isn’t easy, and Salt Solutions may be a good option for those struggling to buckle down and focus.

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Killexams : Apple launches new 'Ask Apple' service for developer questions

AppleInsider may earn an affiliate commission on purchases made through links on our site.

The new "Ask Apple for Developers" presents App Store app makers with both one-to-one consultations with Apple engineers, and a series of interactive FAQs.

Developers already get a great deal of regularly updated documentation online from Apple, plus a key part of WWDC every year is the week they get to spend with Apple experts. Now the company aims to replicate those live conversations, and also speed up helping developers get the answers they need.

"We've been listening to feedback from developers around the world about what will be most helpful to them as they build innovative apps," Susan Prescott, Apple's vice president of Worldwide Developer Relations and Enterprise and Education Marketing, said in a statement. "[And] we've seen an increased appetite for one-on-one support and conversation with Apple experts."

"Our team is committed to continuously evolving our support for our diverse global developer community," she continued, "and we're excited to offer Ask Apple as another new resource."

Ask Apple is free for registered developers of either the Apple Developer Program, or the Apple Developer Enterprise Program. Developers must also register to use Ask Apple, and they will first be able to sign up between October 17, 2022, and October 21, 2022.

It's not clear what will happen after those dates, but the new service is initially being run in that period. It is not an open-ended program.

The new service works either through Slack, or through 25-minute one to one sessions during office hours.

Apple says that those office hours are not just confined to Pacific Time. Instead, "office hours will be hosted in time zones around the world and in multiple languages."

Not all Ask Apple services will be available in local time zones, however. One called "Ask Technology Evangelism" will be available in nine territories, ranging from Cupertino to Tokyo.

"Ask Design Evangelism" will only be available on Cupertino or an unspecified Greater China time zone. "Ask Developer Technical Support," plus questions on the App Store, will solely be available from Cupertino.

As well as getting to ask engineers questions about issues such as implementing frameworks and getting code-level assistance, developers will also be in contact with Apple designers and evangelists. Apple says that the program will also enable developers to "engage with other developers around the world."

Tue, 11 Oct 2022 16:01:00 -0500 en text/html https://appleinsider.com/articles/22/10/11/apple-launches-new-ask-apple-service-for-developer-questions
Killexams : Are you smarter than a Year 12 student? Try these HSC exam questions </head> <body id="readabilityBody" readability="27.956867196368"> <h3>Newscorp Australia are trialling new security software on our mastheads. If you receive "Potential automated action detected!" please try these steps first:</h3> <ol type="1"> <li>Temporarily disable any AdBlockers / pop-up blockers / script blockers you have enabled</li> <li>Add this site in to the allowed list for any AdBlockers / pop-up blockers / script blockers you have enabled</li> <li>Ensure your browser supports JavaScript (this can be done via accessing <a href="https://www.whatismybrowser.com/detect/is-javascript-enabled" target="_blank">https://www.whatismybrowser.com/detect/is-javascript-enabled</a> in your browser)</li> <li>Ensure you are using the latest version of your web browser</li> </ol> <p>If you need to be unblocked please e-mail us at accessissues@news.com.au and provide the IP address and reference number shown here along with why you require access. News Corp Australia.</p><p>Your IP address is: | Your reference number is: 0.87382f17.1666053734.35eaa4e</p> </body> </description> <pubDate>Mon, 10 Oct 2022 15:44:00 -0500</pubDate> <dc:format>text/html</dc:format> <dc:identifier>https://www.news.com.au/lifestyle/parenting/school-life/are-you-smarter-than-a-year-12-student-try-these-hsc-exam-questions/news-story/165c426d4278f5e2abce91389fdec082</dc:identifier> </item> <item> <title>Killexams : NTA UGC NET 2022 exam Important Topics: Questions have come from these Subjects!

NTA UGC NET 2022 exam Important Topics: Get an idea of the questions and topic-wise weightage of the UGC NET phase 2 exam. Know about the subject-wise good attempts and questions asked in UGC NET paper 1.

UGC NET 2022 exam Important Topics

NTA UGC NET 2022 exam Important Topics: The National Testing Agency has concluded the UGC NET 2022 paper 1 examination today. The paper 1 exam was conducted in the first shift from 9 am to 12 pm. The UGC NET paper 1 exam was compulsory for all the candidates who have filled the application form.

Whereas, paper 2 is going to be an optional paper and shall be held in the second shift from 3 pm to 6 pm. Paper 2 is going to be having around 12 subjects and candidates have the right to choose the same at the time of filling out the application form. 

Talking about the UGC NET examination held today, the level of the examination was easy to moderate. The written test had 100 questions from different subjects. The questions asked were objective in nature. Candidates have to simply mark the correct answer among the available option. As per the student’s review, the overall good attempt for today’s exam can lie anywhere between 60 to 65 questions. 

The NTA shall be conducting the third phase of the UGC NET 2022 examination from 29-Sep-2022 to 14-Oct-2022. Candidates going to appear in phase 3 can check out this article till the end for more insights. 

UGC NET Important Dates

The candidates can check out the UGC NET 2022 important dates for the different events in the table below. 

UGC NET Events

Exam Dates



Application process

30-Apr-2022 to 30-May-2022 (

UGC NET Application correction window

21-May-2022 to 01-Jun-2022 

UGC NET Phase 1 Admit card

07-Jul-2022 - 08-Jul-2022

UGC NET Phase 2 Admit card


Phase 3 Admit card

To be Announced soon

UGC NET exam date for Phase 1




UGC NET exam date for Phase 2

12-Aug-2022 to 14-Aug-2022

20-Sep-2022 to 23-Sep-2022

UGC NET exam date for Phase 3

29-Sep-2022 to 14-Oct-2022

UGC NET Provisional answer key

To be announced

UGC NET Submission of challenges against answer key

To be announced

UGC NET Final answer key and cut off

To be announced

UGC NET Result

To be announced

UGC NET 2022 exam Pattern 

  • The examination is being conducted in CBT mode. 
  • The questions asked in the examination are objective in nature.
  • The maximum marks for paper 1 are going to be 100 marks and the second paper will account for 200 marks. 
  • Each question asked in today’s examination is going to account for 2 marks. There is no mention of negative marking for questions that are marked wrongly. 
  • Paper 1 was compulsory for all the students whereas paper 2 is going to be based on the subject chosen by the candidates. 


Maximum questions

Maximum marks


Teaching Aptitude



1 hour

Research Aptitude



Reading Comprehension






Reasoning (including Maths)



Logical Reasoning



Data Interpretation



Information &amp; Communication Technology (ICT)



People &amp; Environment



Higher Education System: Governance, Polity &amp; Administration






Paper II



2 hours

UGC NET 2022 Phase-2 Important Topics

As per the experts, the UGC NET examination held today was of easy to moderate level. The subject-wise subjects and questions asked in today’s exam were at par with the ones asked in all the shifts asked earlier. Go through the table below to know about the subject-wise difficulty level and good attempts; 

Subject Name

Difficulty Level

Good Attempts

Teaching Aptitude

Moderate to Difficult





Higher Education

Moderate to Difficult


Research Aptitude

Easy to Moderate


Data Interpretation









Information Technology




Easy to Moderate


Logical Reasoning



UGC NET 2022 Questions Asked

UGC NET paper 1 examination today was conducted in the first shift from 9 am to 12 am. The following section consists of the basic highlights related to the same. The UGC NET exam was conducted in the computer-based test format. The questions asked were from the syllabus prescribed by the UGC earlier. All of the questions asked in the paper were compulsory in nature. Candidates have to attempt the same on their own likings. 

Subject Name

UGC NET Question Asked

Teaching Aptitude






Learner Characteristics



SDGs and MDGs

Niti Aayog




Solar Energy

Higher Education



NEP 2020

Establishment Years



Research Aptitude

Collective Communication

Barriers of Communication

Mass media

Data Interpretation

Easy Ratio

Ratio &amp; Average Related



Profit and Loss




Information Technology

Search Engine

Odd one out on


Memory related questions



Full forms

Types of Extension


Question based on studying Comprehension


Precise Writing

Logical Reasoning







Creative Knowledge


Square of Opposition

The UGC NET (National Eligibility Test) is conducted annually for those who wish to work as a JRF (Junior Research Fellow) and Assistant Professors in different universities. Based on the marks secured in the examination, the candidates get an appointment as an Assistant Professor in any of the public or private universities of India.

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Killexams : Waterville amphitheater developer answers top concerns about proposed music venue

WTOL asked community members on social media what questions and concerns they have for the developer. People who are for and against the amphitheater weighed in.

WATERVILLE, Ohio — The proposed amphitheater in Waterville continues to be a controversial topic. Residents and people in the surrounding area debating over whether it should be built at all.

WTOL 11 asked community members on social media what questions and concerns they have for the developer.

Hunter Brucks is the president and CEO of HB Concerts Inc. and HBC Management, one of the two groups working to bring the outdoor music venue to Waterville.

From the nearly 60 comments and questions posted on social media, the top questions involve: 

  • a sound study and the noise an outdoor amphitheater would bring
  • what events and music will be there
  • if the community will be able to use it
  • parking and traffic

The top concern is if the developers have done a sound study.

"We've done our own internal studies which we're prepared to release," Brucks said. "We did have an outside third-party study done by DBA out of Fort Wayne. I wanted an unbiased opinion, so we have that. We have that fully prepared to hand that to the council for the study and I think we're in good shape with that."

People also want to know what the developers plan to do about the noise.

Some even ask to put it underground more than what is already planned, but Brucks said that's not feasible.

"To go down underground 30 or 40 feet, I'm hearing, something like that. We're hitting water tables, we're getting huge drainage issues," he said. "You're adding another 10 to 15 million to the project, we're north of 20 (million) now."

Brucks said people in Mill Creek will be able to hear the events, but they have plans to help minimize how loud it is through landscaping, concession stands and other ways to help distort the sound to help lessen the impact for those who live nearby.

Aside from the noise, people are concerned about how the parking and traffic would be affected, especially since it would bring in more than 9,000 people.

"You're off the highway, you have two lanes in and we'll do a reverse situation after the show," Brucks said. "So on Pray Boulevard, you have three lanes. There are two lanes coming south, that's the ingress. It's the same from the reverse from the south on Pray, two lanes in and three-lane road continuous all the way out."

And what events will be there, and will the community be able to use amphitheater?

Brucks said there will be all kinds of events ranging from country music, to comedians, to magicians and more.

He also said he would love for community events to be held there, but they are in the business to make money.

"It doesn't survive and it doesn't succeed if we don't have the premise," he said. "That doesn't mean we can't support 501(c)(3)'s, we can't allow the high school graduations or big community celebrations to be part of it and come in for next to nothing. We have to run it as an operation."

Waterville City Council will do a second studying of the proposal at its next meeting on Oct. 10, which means the third studying and a possible vote will take place on Oct. 24.

Council is expecting a big turnout for the Oct. 24 meeting, so it's been moved up to 6 p.m. to allow time for public comment and will be held at Waterville Primary School.

Sat, 08 Oct 2022 11:27:00 -0500 en-US text/html https://www.wtol.com/article/news/local/waterville-amphitheater-developer-answers-community-questions/512-d26ff590-811b-451b-ba58-b9e63cb6691a
Killexams : An INK-redible way to cheat! Spanish law student etched answers to exam questions onto his pens

An INK-redible way to cheat! Spanish law student etched answers to exam questions onto his pens

  • University of Malaga revealed the pens confiscated during a law exam
  • The student had etched answers to the Criminal Procedural Law exam on biros 
  • The ruse was exposed and the pens were seized but many praised the audacity 

A mischievous Spanish law student went to extreme lengths to cheat on his exams by etching answers on to his pens, his teacher has revealed.

Yolanda de Lucchi, a professor at the University of Malaga, showed the pens she and her colleagues confiscated during the test.

She displayed the 11 pens, each with tiny writing etched across the plastic body of the blue biros, in a post on Twitter.

A mischievous Spanish law student went to extreme lengths to cheat on his exams by etching answers on to his pens, his teacher has revealed

Ms De Lucchi said the pens were confiscated during an exam on Criminal Procedural Law.

The crafty student was exposed a number of years back but the teacher rediscovered the offending items while cleaning out her drawer.

She posted on Twitter: 'The criminal procedural law in BIC pens. What art!

'Cheat sheets aren't like they used to be.' 

A close-up of the pens shows the incredible detail of the ruse, with tiny letters filling every available space.

One Twitter user who replied to the teacher claimed to be a friend of the cheating student.

The crafty student was exposed a number of years back but the teacher rediscovered the offending items while cleaning out her drawer

Gonzo said: 'Hello Yolanda. I know the author of that wonderful work perfectly. In fact, he has authorized me, ignoring his name, logically, to show you some more that he still keeps at home. 

'The technique used by the artist, as he himself tells me, was to replace the graphite lead of a mechanical pencil with a needle, which made it super easy for him to etch the pen.'

Gonzo then showed off a number of photos of the biros modified over the years.

De Lucchi said: 'That could not happen today.

'Now students would not make an effort to have such a detailed cheat sheet for an exam. 

'They live at the click of a button, by what happens instantly; that is impossible to see today.'

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