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Certified Associate in Python Programming - 2022
AICPA Programming mission
Killexams : AICPA Programming mission - BingNews Search results Killexams : AICPA Programming mission - BingNews Killexams : AICPA Life Insurance Review

AICPA is not one of our top-rated companies. You can review our list of the best 

life insurance companies for what we think are better options.

Pros Explained

  • Good variety of riders: You can customize an AICPA life insurance policy by adding riders and optional policies to fill gaps in coverage.
  • Several no-exam policies: AICPA offers simplified issue life insurance that may not require a medical test in order to get approved.
  • Easy to apply online: You can submit a life insurance application on AICPA’s website, which takes about 20 minutes to complete.

Cons Explained

  • Limited policy types: Currently, AICPA only sells term and variable universal life products. The variable universal policy is only available to groups.
  • Basic customer support: The only ways to get in touch with an AICPA representative are by calling during business hours or by filling out the online form. 

Available Plans

There are several plans available through AICPA, with term life options. The organization also offers a group variable universal life insurance policy. All of AICPA’s life insurance policies are issued by Prudential, which has been fulfilling customers' insurance needs since 1875. 

Depending on the type of policy you have, you might be eligible for an Annual Cash Refund.

CPA Life Express

The CPA Life Express policy is available for AICPA members between the ages of 18 and 39, with up to $1 million in coverage, which is available until age 80. You can also get coverage if you belong to your state’s CPA society, but the maximum coverage limit is $500,000. The CPA Life Express application doesn’t contain any health questions, and there is no medical test required.

CPA Life 

AICPA’s CPA Life policy is a simplified issue life policy that is available for AICPA members between the ages of 18 and 74. Depending on your age, you can get up to $2.5 million coverage, which is available until age 80. Approval is based on your answers to some basic health questions on the application, and most people don’t have to take a traditional medical exam. According to AICPA, expect it to take about 20 minutes to complete the entire online application from start to finish. Like the CPA Life Express plan, this policy doesn’t have a cash value component.

Simplified issue life insurance is a good option for people who want to forgo a comprehensive medical exam, but the premiums tend to be more expensive than policies that require an exam.

Spouse Life 

With AICPA’s Spouse Life policy, you can ensure that your spouse or partner have adequate coverage. Your spouse can get as much as $2.5 million in coverage, and they can apply if they are under 75 years old. It’s life coverage that is guaranteed up until age 80, as long as you maintain your AICPA membership. However, the Spouse Life policy has step rates, which means the premium will increase in five-year age bands after age 30. There is no medical test required or Standard or Select rates, only some basic health questions on the application.

Level Premium Term Life

The Level Premium Term Life policy offers coverage over a certain number of years. It offers up to $2.5 million in coverage with level premiums over the term. AICPA members who are 55 or younger can get a 10- or 20-year term, but members between the ages of 56 and 65 can only choose a 10-year term period. Once the term ends, you can purchase another term life policy, or you can extend your existing policy by paying annual premiums until age 95.

Spouse Level Premium Term Life

The AICPA Spouse Level Premium Term Life policy is the company’s term life plan for spouses. It has the exact same term lengths, coverage limits, and age requirements as the traditional Level Premium Term Life Policy for AICPA members. The only difference is that the amount of coverage your spouse or partner is eligible for cannot exceed the amount of coverage that you are eligible for as an AICPA member.

Group Variable Universal Life

The group variable universal life policy offers up to $2.5 million in life insurance coverage at competitive group negotiated rates. Coverage lasts until age 100. The policy also has a cash value account that can be grown using investment options. The cash value can be withdrawn or borrowed from by the insured when they have need for it.

Available Riders

Life insurance riders are optional policies that provide additional coverage for specific situations that your standard policy does not cover. AICPA offers a handful of riders that allow you to customize a policy based on your family’s unique needs.

Accidental Death and Dismemberment Rider

The accidental death and dismemberment (AD&D) rider may double your death benefit for loss of life, loss of both hands, both feet, sight of both eyes, one hand and one foot, and one hand and sight of one eye, and one foot and sight of one eye.

Accelerated Death Benefit Rider

The accelerated death benefit rider allows you to use money from your death benefit to pay for end-of-life expenses if you get diagnosed with a qualifying terminal illness. This rider cannot exceed 75% of your life insurance, or $1 million, whichever is less.

While some life insurance riders allow you to use funds from your death benefit while you’re still living, it can lower the amount of money your beneficiaries will receive when you pass away.

Dependent Child Rider

The dependent child rider covers up to $10,000 in term life insurance coverage for your dependent children, assuming they meet certain eligibility requirements. This optional coverage costs only $6 per year.

Waiver of Disability Rider

If you become completely disabled before age 60, the waiver of disability rider will allow you to keep your life insurance coverage without paying the premiums. To use this rider, you must wait nine months from the date you became disabled, or until you are able to provide proof of the disability, whichever is later.

Customer Service

AICPA has average customer service. To get in touch with the company, you can call (800) 223-7473 Monday through Friday from 8:30 a.m. to 6 p.m. EST. You can also get in touch via email by submitting the online form.

Complaint Index

The National Association of Insurance Commissioners (NAIC) Company Complaint Index scores licensed insurance companies based on customer feedback weighed against market share. It accounts for things like claim settlements, policy premiums, customer service, and policy cancellation issues.

Because AICPA is not a licensed insurance company, it’s not rated in the NAIC Company Complaint Index. But Prudential, the insurance company that underwrites AICPA policies, is rated. 

In 2021, Prudential had a complaint index of 0.67 which is good. This indicates the company received fewer complaints than expected during that year.

Third-Party Ratings

Because AICPA doesn’t have many third-party ratings, we’ll consider Prudential’s ratings for this section. Prudential has an A+ financial strength rating from AM Best, which indicates that the company has enough money to repay policyholders after a claim and is unlikely to file for bankruptcy. 

The company is also rated in J.D. Power’s 2021 U.S. Life Insurance Study, which looks at overall customer satisfaction. Prudential faired poorly in the study. Their score was 753 out of 1,000 compared to an average of 776. The company was ranked 15th out 21 insurance companies.

Cancellation Policy

Contact the company for information regarding cancelation.


Everyone pays a different life insurance premium. Insurance companies look at individualized factors such as age, overall health, smoking history, and the amount of coverage required when they calculate your rate.

You can get a rate quote online. The company also provides some pricing examples. For the CPA Life policy, a 32-year-old male would pay $26 per month for $1 million in coverage. For the Spouse Level Premium Term Life policy, a 41-year-old female would pay $21 per month for $500,000 in coverage for a 10-year term.

Another factor that affects life insurance rates is your gender assigned at birth. Non-binary individuals can still get life insurance, but on the AICPA life insurance application, you will be asked to mark “male” or “female” as your gender. If you identify as transgender or non-binary, we suggest reaching out to AICPA to learn about their specific underwriting processes.


If you’re shopping for life insurance, one of the best companies on the market is Mutual of Omaha. Like AICPA, Mutual of Omaha offers multiple policies, but overall, it’s a much better provider than AICPA.

Mutual of Omaha has a great customer satisfaction rating from J.D. Power in 2021, with a strong, above-average score of 795 out of 1,000. It ranked fifth on the list of 21 providers. They both offer a similar number of policies, but Mutual of Omaha's policy types are more varied. Mutual of Omaha also offers at least 5 life insurance policies, whereas AICPA offers six.

  AICPA Life Insurance Mutual of Omaha
Market Share Very small 18th-largest, 1.53% of market share
Number of Plans  6 5+
Dividends for 2022 Over $75 million  Not offered
Wellness Program Discounts/Quit Smoking Incentives  Not offered Not offered
Service Method  Online, phone rep Agents, online
AM Best Rating  A+ (Prudential) A+
Price Rank  About Average About Average
Complaint Index 2021 0.67 (Prudential) 0.65
Final Verdict

If you are an AICPA member and you’re looking for basic life insurance coverage, AICPA is not a bad option. The company offers a good list of riders, you can easily apply for coverage online, and the company has a good history of paying Annual Cash Refunds. However, AICPA doesn't offer whole life or standard universal life. If you're looking for those options you'll need to go to another provider.


Our reviews of life insurance companies are based on a quantitative methodology that analyzes each insurer on their stability and reliability, customer service, claims experience, diversity of product lines, and cost. We compare the terms of each type of policy offered—including available coverage amounts, optional riders, and premium payment options—with those of other major life insurance companies. Lastly, we look at how the company is rated by third-party organizations to determine its reliability and overall reputation.

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Killexams : AICPA Foundation awards minority doctoral students with a $12,000 fellowship

As part of the AICPA Fellowship for Minority Doctoral Students program, which strives to grow and diversify the educator pipeline in accounting programs, the AICPA Foundation offered 23 minority doctoral students a $12,000 fellowship. 

Established in 1922 to advance education and professional advancement in accounting, the AICPA Foundation has been supporting aspiring accountants through educational funding for students at all levels, from high school seniors to CPAs pursuing a Ph.D. The foundation created the fellowship over 50 years ago under the influence of John Carey, who worked as the AICPA's vice president and executive director, and often encouraged students from all backgrounds to become CPAs when he was a university professor. 

"Guided by a core ideology and principles, the foundation is committed to supporting and growing the next generation of CPAs through three primary focuses: accounting and education outreach, scholarships and fellowships and diversity and inclusion," said Jan Taylor, senior director of academic and student engagement at the AICPA. "We have made great strides encouraging and providing educational opportunities and promoting the hiring of high-potential minority accounting students over the past 50 years, but our work isn't finished. We still have a long way to go."


Christiana Antwi-Obimpeh

Christiana Antwi-Obimpeh, who's a fellowship recipient this year, has always been an overachiever. Now entering her fourth year as a doctoral student at the University of Texas, San Antonio, Antwi-Obimpeh remembers her parents as hard-working individuals who always pushed her to reach her full potential. A valedictorian in high school, Antwi-Obimpeh distinguished herself as a gifted student before working in public accounting for four years and corporate accounting for seven years.

It was a difficult decision to leave a steady income to pursue a Ph.D., and the AICPA's decision to grant her the scholarship was a "great relief" for the Ohio-based professional. Naturally good at mathematics, Antwi-Obimpeh was always attracted by the problem-solving aspect of accounting, and her first class at Kent State University nurtured her interest in organizational misconduct and fraud. However, the future professor believed that the accounting profession was in need of people in academia, and that companies could benefit from her research. 

"I think there's a need to bridge the gap between how practitioners, businesses and other organizations interpret information and make decisions, versus what people who are impacted by them actually perceive," said Antwi-Obimpeh. "Academics can speak from a more analytical perspective and communicate to companies what can be improved, what can be capitalized upon, and what questions they should take the time to answer."

Antwi-Obimpeh has often seen a discrepancy between companies' rhetoric and the policies they actually enforced. She says that while firms should continue to have DEI councils and encourage minorities to pursue leadership positions, they should also spread their efforts to the recruiting process. Antwi-Obimpeh noticed that many businesses don't hire from Hispanic Serving Institutions like hers and, as a result, their workforce doesn't always reflect the communities they serve. She also thinks that students from underrepresented backgrounds are often barred from the accounting profession because they've never been exposed to those careers, and that's an opinion that Jose Nicolas Arguello also shares.


Jose Nicolas Arguello

Currently studying at the University of Tennessee, Knoxville, for his doctorate, Arguello is a first-generation student who's also been selected as a fellowship recipient. He says that many minority students often turn away from accounting in the belief that it's a difficult and boring discipline that requires a lot of numbers. However, Arguello benefited from accounting learning and career opportunities during his undergraduate years, when the University of North Texas, which is an HSI, began its Accounting Scholars Program. In his opinion, it's initiatives like that or the AICPA's that promote the interest of minority students. 

"The AICPA and their donors are so incredibly generous with their Legacy Scholars Program, and it made a huge positive impact on me and the other hundreds of Legacy Scholars," said Arguello. "I think the AICPA and a lot of public accounting firms are doing a fantastic job with DEI in the profession."

Attributing most of his success to his mentors and family, Arguello hopes that other students will soon share his enthusiasm for the language of business, the stability of the profession and the opportunities that come with it. Planning to work for PwC in its audit and assurance practice and pursue his CPA licensure, Arguello wants to follow the Mendoza College of Business motto by growing "the good in business" and becoming a positive force in society.

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Killexams : AICPA apprenticeship program receives grant from Maryland Department of Labor

The Registered Apprenticeship for Finance Business Partners is preparing to welcome its first group of apprentices after receiving a grant of nearly $120,000 from the Maryland Department of Labor on Wednesday.

The U.S. Department of Labor previously approved the apprenticeship program, an initiative launched by the AICPA in November 2021. Wednesday's grant will cover instruction-related costs for a minimum of 25 apprentices beginning this fall.

"This apprenticeship is an exciting partnership with the AICPA and the State of Maryland to support more Marylanders, both those seeking to enter the accounting and finance profession and those businesses in need of more talent in this critical area," Rebekah Brown, CPA, CEO of the Maryland Association of CPAs, said in a news release.

Maryland is the first state in which the AICPA has registered its apprenticeship, according to the news release. The program, the nation's first registered apprenticeship program specifically for the accounting and finance profession, provides a unique opportunity for employees and employers alike.

"The battle for talent is increasing, making the need for more skilled accounting and finance talent even more pressing," said Tom Hood, CPA/CITP, CGMA, executive vice president–Business Engagement & Growth at the AICPA. "Our apprenticeship combines a world-class learning program with mentorship and on-the-job training, which helps employers recruit and grow their own, providing the kind of workplace the 21st century workforce expects — diverse, inclusive, collaborative, and innovative."

For participating employers, the program provides financial incentives and access to administrative resources designed to save time and money. For participating employees, the program creates a new path for those looking to pursue a career in accounting and finance.

The apprenticeships combine paid on-the-job training and mentorship at the employer's site, and the AICPA will provide apprentices with online, structured learning through the CGMA Finance Leadership Program.

"Apprenticeships offer an opportunity to 'earn while you learn,' meaning that employees study the CGMA Finance Leadership Program and receive on-the-job training while also earning a living," said Joanne Fiore, vice president–Pipeline and Apprenticeships, CGMA Americas at the AICPA.

Fiore discussed the apprenticeship program earlier this year on the JofA podcast.

"Apprenticeships help build a more inclusive accounting and finance team by widening the aperture of candidates to consider," Fiore said in the news release. "Not every candidate has to have all the skills, experience and education upfront, because the apprenticeship provides the opportunity to gain them."

The program is available to new hires and incumbent employees as well as those with four-year degrees and those earning two-year degrees.

— To comment on this article or to suggest an idea for another article, contact Bryan Strickland at

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Killexams : AICPA receives a $120K grant for Maryland apprentices

The American Institute of CPAs received a $120,000 grant from the Maryland Department of Labor to expand its Registered Apprenticeship for Finance Business Partners in the state.

More than 12,000 apprentices are registered in the state's apprenticeship and training program, and the funds will be used to cover the training of 25 new apprentices at a  minimum. The program provides a new point of entry for aspiring professionals in finance or accounting as well as talent retention and diversification for employers. 

"Since day one, Governor [Larry] Hogan has been focused on utilizing common sense solutions to grow and expand economic opportunities for all Marylanders," said Maryland Secretary of Labor Tiffany Robinson in a statement. "His steadfast support for Registered Apprenticeship has allowed Maryland labor to not only grow the number of apprentices in our state to a historic level, but also to grow and diversify the industries and occupations that are served by our successful apprenticeship system. Our partnership with the AICPA is a continued step in the right direction."

Through the apprenticeship, candidates will gain access to paid job training, on-site mentorship and possible financial incentives to reduce company expenses. Registered apprentices can also access online learning via the AICPA's CGMA Finance Leadership Program. 

"The battle for talent is increasing, making the need for more skilled accounting and finance talent even more pressing," said Tom Hood, executive vice president of business engagement and growth at the AICPA, in a statement. "Our apprenticeship combines a world-class learning program with mentorship and on-the-job training, which helps employers recruit and grow their own, providing the kind of workplace the 21st-century workforce expects — diverse, inclusive, collaborative and innovative."

The first of its kind for accounting and finance, the AICPA's apprenticeship program is a flexible, skills-based initiative that is available to new hires, incumbent employees as well as those seeking an associate or bachelor's degree. 

"Apprenticeships offer an opportunity to 'earn while you learn,' meaning that employees study the CGMA Finance Leadership Program and receive on-the-job training while also earning a living," said Joanne Fiore, vice president of pipeline and apprenticeships of CGMA Americas at the AICPA association, in a press release. "And apprenticeships help build a more inclusive accounting and finance team by widening the aperture of candidates to consider. Not every candidate has to have all the skills, experience and education up front, because the apprenticeship provides the opportunity to gain them." 

Maryland is the first state in which the AICPA has registered its apprenticeship and the organization has partnered with the Maryland Association of CPAs to promote the program and expand it across the state. 

"This apprenticeship is an exciting partnership with the AICPA and the state of Maryland to support more Marylanders, both those seeking to enter the accounting and finance profession and those businesses in need of more talent in this critical area," said MACPA CEO Rebekah Brown in a statement.

Senior Reporter, Accounting Today

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Killexams : R&D credit claim transition period extended

The IRS extended for another year, until Jan. 10, 2024, the transition period during which it will allow taxpayers 45 days to perfect a refund claim involving a Sec. 41 research and development (R&D) credit to comply with new information requirements.

The update to the requirements was posted Friday to an IRS news webpage that includes the original Oct. 15, 2021, news release highlighting an IRS Chief Counsel memorandum setting forth the requirements, and other subsequent updates.

The latest update follows by less than a week an AICPA Tax Executive Committee letter to the IRS offering recommendations on the requirements. One recommendation it reiterated from an earlier letter was that the IRS delay implementation of the new requirements to allow time for a public comment period and for the Service to consider and respond to those comments. The second letter also recommended that the IRS remove the additional requirements for an R&D credit refund claim to be deemed valid, clarify the information requirements, and for the IRS and Treasury to evaluate each item in a refund claim independently and inform taxpayers within 45 days whether the claim is valid.

The Chief Counsel memo provides that for an R&D credit refund claim on an amended return to be considered sufficient and valid, it must:

  • Identify all business components to which it relates for the claim year;
  • For each business component, identify:
    • All research activities performed,
    • All individuals who performed each research activity, and
    • All the information each individual sought to discover; and
  • Provide the total qualified employee wage expenses, total qualified supply expenses, and total qualified contract research expenses for the claim year. This may be done on Form 6765, Credit for Increasing Research Activities.

The IRS originally provided a transition period until Jan. 10, 2023, during which taxpayers submitting an R&D credit claim that the Service considers not to meet these conditions may provide any required missing information, or perfect it, within 30 days. On Jan. 5, 2022, in an update to its frequently asked questions on the requirements, the IRS lengthened this perfection period to 45 days.

— To comment on this article or to suggest an idea for another article, contact Paul Bonner at

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Killexams : Paramount Programming Executive David Nevins to Leave Company

David Nevins, a senior programming executive at Paramount Global with oversight of several critical units, said he would leave the company at the end of the year.

As chairman and chief executive of the Paramount Premium Group and chief creative officer of scripted content for the Paramount+ streaming service, Mr. Nevins is responsible for the premium cable network Showtime, the Paramount Television Studios and Black Entertainment Television, on top of his Paramount+ duties.

Thu, 06 Oct 2022 09:13:00 -0500 en-US text/html
Killexams : What We Learned From NASA’s DART Mission No result found, try new keyword!China appears to be working on a mission similar to DART. In July, Andrew Jones, a journalist covering the Chinese space program, reported on Twitter about a presentation by a Chinese rocket designer. Mon, 26 Sep 2022 11:22:00 -0500 text/html Killexams : Programming languages: Java 19 arrives and here's what's new
Image: Shutterstock

Oracle has announced the availability of Java 19 and Oracle JDK 19 for developers, the latest versions of what is arguably the world's most popular programming language. 

JDK (Java Development Kit) 19 arrives about six months after Java 18 and exactly a year after Java 17 – the most exact long-term support (LTS) release of Java.

With the release of Java 17, Oracle announced plans to move JDK LTS releases from every three years to every two years, meaning the next LTS release will be Java 21 in September 2023. 

The open-source version of JDK 19 OpenJDK 19 is also available from Oracle under the GNU General Public License, version 2, with the Classpath Exception.

Also: The most popular programming languages and where to learn them

Oracle now releases new versions of Java every six months in March and September with the aim of giving developers smaller but more frequent updates than its previous big-bang updates every few years. LTS releases remain supported for at least eight years. 

As noted by Sharat Chander, Oracle's director of Java SE product management, JDK 17 was the second LTS under the release cadence announced in 2018. With it, Oracle introduced "new and simpler license terms" that allowed companies to use it at "no cost for at least the next three years, allowing one full year of overlap with the next LTS release."  

Oracle explained at the time that JDK 17 and future JDK releases are provided under Oracle's No-Fee Terms and Conditions (NFTC) license, a free-to-use license for Java 17. The license lasts for a year after the next LTS release and then Java 17 moves under the Oracle Technology Network License

Java 17 was a big deal. A survey by Java dev tool maker Perforce earlier this year found that 37% of its users were still on Java 8, which was released in March 2014. A further 29% used Java 11, released in September 2018. Both are LTS releases. Some 37% of the Perforce's 876 Java users planned to move to Java 17 LTS.  

That's a rather small trial of Java developers worldwide. Oracle notes that tech analyst IDC estimates there are 10 million Java developers, representing about 75% of full-time developers. Java ranks in the top three most-popular languages across multiple indexes, along with JavaScript/TypeScript and Python.

There's Java the programming language and then there are several Java platforms that Java apps run in, consisting of the Java Virtual Machine or "JVM" and its application-programming interfaces. The two main platforms are Java Standard Edition (Java SE) and Java Enterprise Edition (Java EE). 

Chander notes that "Java SE subscribers get access to Oracle's Java SE Support and commercial features such as GraalVM Enterprise, Java Management Service and the Advanced Management Console," pointing users to The New Java SE License Terms blog for details about the license. 

As for new technical features, Java 19 includes seven JDK enhancement proposals (JEP), but they're mostly preview or incubator features.

Notably, Java 19 includes JEP 422 - Linux/RISC-V Port, which ports the JDK to the open-source Linux RISC-V architecture. RISC-V has in various measures won the support of Intel via its new foundry services business and NASA, which wants to use RISC-V chips for its next-generation spaceflight computers.  

The RISC-V (pronounced "risk-five") standard was invented by University of California Berkeley professors David Patterson and Krste Asanović 12 years ago. Developers are free to change a RISC-V chip's instruction set architecture (ISA) versus the closed ISAs of Intel x86 and Arm processors.  

Another interesting addition is JEP 425 "Virtual Threads (Preview)" for the Java platform. Virtual Threads is the first JEP as part of Project Loom, a multi-year effort to Strengthen Java's performance on large server applications. 

"Virtual Threads are lightweight threads that dramaticaly reduce the effort of writing, maintaining, and observing high-throughput concurrent applications," note the proposal's authors.

Also: How to run websites as apps with ease in Linux

Chander explains the benefits of virtual threads versus Java's threads and how Project Loom aims to come up with an alternative to the three "bad options" developers have, which is to waste hardware through underutilization, waste programmer effort with worse programming models and observability, or switch away from Java.

"There are a lot of great things about Java's threads. They offer a natural programming model, with readable, sequential code using control flow operators that users understand – loops, conditionals, exceptions. Users get great debugging and serviceability, and readable stack traces. And threads are natural units of scheduling for OSes," Chander points out.

"The problem is that the implementation of threads by the OS is too heavyweight. It takes too long to start a thread for each connection, but worse, the number of threads the OS can support at any one time limits the number of concurrent transactions a server can handle – to well below the capacity of the hardware or the network – and so threads become a severe constraining factor on server throughput."

He said many people assumed Oracle would embrace the asynchronous programming style offered by so-called "reactive" frameworks but added: "Reactive may be the best people can do with the current JVM, but our goal is to do better, which we can do by making threads lighter and more scalable, letting developers keep using the model and tooling they've been using successfully for years."

Here's a list of all seven JEPs in Java 19: 

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Killexams : AICPA receives finance business partner grant for Md. apprentices

The American Institute of Certified Public Accountants (AICPA) Wednesday announced it has received a grant of nearly $120,000 from the Maryland Department of Labor to expand its Registered Apprenticeship for Finance Business Partners in the state.

The funds from the grant will cover instruction-related costs for a minimum of 25 new apprentices.

Through the state’s Apprenticeship and Training Program, more than 12,000 apprentices are registered to be trained in new job skills with 3,879 employers across the state.

The apprenticeship program creates a new path for those looking to pursue accounting and finance careers, while providing employers with a program to help develop, retain, and diversify talent. The apprenticeships combine paid on-the-job training, mentorship at the employer’s site and potential financial incentives to ease employer costs. The AICPA provides online, structured learning for registered apprentices through the CGMA Finance Leadership Program.

The AICPA’s apprenticeship program, registered in Maryland, is competency-based and flexible, available to new hires and incumbent employees as well as those with four-year degrees and those working on earning their two-year degree. It is the first of its type in the nation for accounting and finance.

Maryland is the first state in which the AICPA has registered its apprenticeship. The AICPA has partnered with the Maryland Association of CPAs to raise awareness of and grow the apprenticeship in the state.

The AICPA is also a member of the Greater Washington Apprenticeship Network, a resource for employers seeking to implement apprenticeships.

The first round of apprentices is expected to be registered in the fall. For more information about the apprenticeship program, visit AICPA’s Finance Business Partner apprenticeship or email

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Killexams : SureWaves achieves SOC 2 Type II compliance with AICPA

SureWaves MediaTech, Inc. today at the TVB Forward 2022 conference, announced that it has achieved SOC 2 Type II compliance in accordance with American Institute of Certified Public Accountants (AICPA) standards for SOC for Service Organizations also known as SSAE 18. Achieving this standard with an unqualified opinion serves as third-party industry validation that SureWaves MediaTech, Inc. provides enterprise-level security for customer's data secured in the SureWaves MediaTech, Inc. systems.

SureWaves MediaTech, Inc. is a cloud-based community management platform company, providing Artificial Intelligence and End-to End Sales Automation for US Broadcasters.

SureWaves MediaTech, Inc. was audited by Prescient Assurance, a leader in security and compliance attestation for B2B, SaaS companies worldwide. Prescient Assurance is a registered public accounting in the US and Canada and provides risk management and assurance services which includes but is not limited to SOC 2, PCI, ISO, NIST, GDPR, CCPA, HIPAA, and CSA STAR.

An unqualified opinion on a SOC 2 Type II audit report demonstrates to SureWaves MediaTech, Inc.'s current and future customers that they manage their data with the highest standard of security and compliance.

To experience an ANNA Platform Demonstration, please contact SureWaves at

About SureWaves

SureWaves is a TV Ad Tech pioneer leading the global transformation in linear TV buying and selling with 50+ technology patents. SureWaves technology powers the sales and ad-ops for ‘Spot TV' in India comprising of 500+ local TV channels. The next generation SureWaves technology leverages AI, Robotics and Data Science to usher in an end-to-end sales automation for broadcast TV in US.

© 2022 Benzinga does not provide investment advice. All rights reserved.

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