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IBM Technical mission
Killexams : IBM Technical mission - BingNews Search results Killexams : IBM Technical mission - BingNews Killexams : Hispanic Heritage Foundation Announces Collaboration with IBM to Upskill Latinos Through IBM SkillsBuild and Meet America's Workforce Needs

WASHINGTON, DC / ACCESSWIRE / October 14, 2022 / The Hispanic Heritage Foundation (HHF) announced today its collaboration with IBM (NYSE:IBM) which includes leveraging IBM SkillsBuild - a free education program that helps students and adult learners develop valuable new skills and access career opportunities in technology fields - by providing digital content, personalized mentoring, and the experiential learning they need to gain technical, critical thinking, and creative problem-solving skills. The program will be offered for FREE to HHF Network, is completely digital, and includes IBM-branded digital credentials that are recognized by the market to create direct pathways to tech jobs. The effort will be open to high school students, college students, young professionals, and adult learners.

"This IBM SkillsBuild collaboration has been a transformational goal of our tech pathways strategy and goal for years," said Jose Antonio Tijerino, President, and CEO of HHF. "Our community has a tremendous value proposition for America's workforce and through this innovative collaboration, America can benefit from the talent we have always had to offer. Our collective mission is to provide training and opportunities for our community to make an impact in the tech sector.

We are grateful to IBM for allowing us to leverage their expertise and pathways in preparing the Latinx community for jobs that desperately need to be filled. As Latinos, we're ready as we always have been."

The learning pathways available through IBM SkillsBuild include courses on workplace skills, such as communication and leadership skills designed for any beneficiary wishing to understand how to work in the digital world, as well as courses on data analytics, cybersecurity, cloud computing, and many other technical disciplines. The program will also help early school leavers and long-term unemployed to gain what is required to re-enter the workforce. Courses are available in English and Spanish, providing Hispanic learners with a better and deeper understanding of course materials, to help ensure completion and professional competency.

"As a Latina, I am very excited and honored to be partnering with the Hispanic Heritage Foundation to provide free education and career readiness resources to Hispanics nationwide," said Claudia Cortes Romanelli, Director of Corporate Social Responsibility at IBM. "I see every day the great opportunity to invest in skilling the next generation of STEM talent from the Hispanic community. We look forward to working with HHF as part of our commitment to equitably skill 30 million people worldwide."

The Hispanic Heritage Foundation award-winning LOFT (Latinos on Fast Track) program is a leadership and workforce development program and network with a focus on various sectors or "tracks," including tech. HHF's broad network and beyond will be exposed to IBM SkillsBuild to learn, and build skills in artificial intelligence, data science, cloud, security, information technology, and more, with opportunities for mentoring and networking in the tech space as well as earning certifications and placements into the workforce.

IBM and HHF's collaboration is part of IBM's commitment to equitably skill 30 million people globally by 2030.

About the Hispanic Heritage Foundation

HHF's mission focuses on education, the workforce, identity, and social impact through the lens of leadership and culture. For more information, visit and follow the Hispanic Heritage Foundation on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and TikTok

About IBM Education

As part of the company's Corporate Social Responsibility efforts, IBM's education portfolio takes a personalized, diverse, and deep approach to STEM career readiness. IBM's pro bono programs range from education and support for teens at public schools and universities to career readiness resources for aspiring professionals and job seekers. IBM believes that education is best achieved through the collaboration of the public, private, and not-for-profit sectors.

IBM SkillsBuild is a free education program focused on underrepresented communities, that helps adult learners, and high school and university students and faculty, develop valuable new skills and access career opportunities. The program includes an online platform that is complemented by customized practical learning experiences delivered in collaboration with a global network of partners. The online platform offers over 1,000 courses in 19 languages on cybersecurity, data analysis, cloud computing, and many other technical disciplines - as well as in workplace skills such as Design Thinking. Most importantly, participants can earn IBM-branded digital credentials recognized by the market. The customized practical learning experiences could include project-based learning, expert conversations with IBM volunteers and mentors, premium content, specialized support, connection with career opportunities, and access to IBM software. IBM SkillsBuild operates in 168 counties and has supported 2.2M learners.

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Estefania Sanchez

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Killexams : IBM Research And The Full Stack Approach To Innovation

IBM’s vaunted research organization, one of the largest in the industry, thinks the path to innovation is to be taken as a team with clients and partners exploring the full stack needed to address a business challenge.

We had a chance this week to hear how IBM Research goes about its mission of inventing the future. Instead of hiring the brightest scientists and locking them in an ivory tower with like-minded people, the organization strives to embrace collaboration and a full-stack scope of solutions. The different perspectives and contributions from clients, partners, and other research organizations can combine to produce the hardware, software, and systems needed to solve a problem with a superior solution.

The Benefits of the Full-Stack Approach

If you are a chip designer, the solution to a problem is probably a new chip. But if you are a software designer, you sit down and start writing code that will run on an existing chip. But if you are IBM Research scientist, you get people together from all relevant domains and collaborate on a full solution to a problem, co-designing across various disciplines. By co-designing with clients, partners, and technology pillars, a comprehensive approach will produce superior results compared to a piece-meal solution.

A good example is how IBM Research has addressed the needs for in-line or real-time AI to prevent credit card fraud, ensure security, and validate transactions. IBM combined semiconductor design for reduced precision math operations with software, firmware, SoC design, and full systems engineering to solve these and other customer needs in business-critical transaction processing.

Some people still think IBM got out of the hardware business. Yes, they exited hardware businesses that were commoditizing, like x86-based PCs and servers. But they didn’t exit the high-value (and margin) business that remain above the commodity fray in the market place, and they remain in these business precisely to enable a full-stack solution to hard-to-solve problems.

In this video, IBM VP of Hybrid Cloud, IBM Research, Mukesh Khare explains more.


IBM Research stands at the crossroads of technologies that can solve difficult problems, playing a pivotal role in fundamental technologies such as semiconductors, materials, manufacturing, quantum, hybrid cloud and analog computing. By adopting co-design principles, projects across IBM Research address the full stack of technology needed to meet challenging problems holistically.

Disclosures: This article expresses the opinions of the authors, and is not to be taken as advice to purchase from nor invest in the companies mentioned. Cambrian AI Research is fortunate to have many, if not most, semiconductor firms as our clients, including Blaize, Cerebras, D-Matrix, Esperanto, FuriosaAI, Graphcore, GML, IBM, Intel, Mythic, NVIDIA, Qualcomm Technologies, Si-Five,, Synopsys, and Tenstorrent. We have no investment positions in any of the companies mentioned in this article and do not plan to initiate any in the near future. For more information, please visit our website at

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Killexams : IBM doubles down on partner ecosystem investment
Kate Woolley (IBM)

Kate Woolley (IBM)

Credit: Supplied

IBM is on a mission to double its revenue via its partner ecosystem in the next three to five years, making some significant updates to its PartnerWorld program along the way. 

As part of its efforts to re-position ecosystem partners at the center of the company’s go-to-market strategy, partners will now have access to the same badges and selling enablement materials as IBM sellers.

This is part of IBM’s ongoing commitment to growing its ecosystem.

“We will continue to make investments in the partner experience so that together, as a single team, we can achieve our goal of doubling revenue through the IBM ecosystem in the next 3–5 years,” said Kate Woolley, IBM’s ecosystem general manager.

The badges and additional materials are available through a new learning hub, designed to Strengthen the digital experience for partners.

“Users will notice a more modernised and consistent experience on the IBM training site, making it easier to find resources,” Woolley said.

All registered partners have access to these resources at the same time as IBM sellers, and at no cost.