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Killexams : OMG OMG-Certified action - BingNews Search results Killexams : OMG OMG-Certified action - BingNews Killexams : OMG... We're in a Horror Movie

Six friends having a weekly board game night are interrupted by a booming movie trailer voice from the sky. Inexplicably, they find themselves trapped in a Horror Movie. Who amongst them will turn into a homicidal killer? Who will be the sole survivor? And who will be the first to die in the shower? Struggling to break free from the stereotypes that would see them dead, each of the friends try to stay alive in whatever hopelessly desperate ways they can.

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Killexams : Certification For Open Source Hardware Announced

Today at the Open Hardware Summit in Portland, Alicia Gibb and Michael Weinberg of the Open Source Hardware Association (OSHWA) launched the Open Source Hardware Certification program. It’s live, and you can certify your own hardware as Open Hardware right now.

What Is Open Source Hardware?

Open Source Hardware can’t be defined without first discussing open source software. At its very core, open source software is just a copyright hack, enabled by a worldwide universal computer network. The rise of open source software is tied to the increasing ease of distributing said software, either through BBSes, Usenet, and the web. Likewise, Open Source Hardware is tied to the ease of distributing, modifying, and building hardware.

In the 1980s, there were no services that could deliver a custom circuit board to anywhere on the planet for a dollar per square inch. When open software began, CNC machines were expensive tools, now you can build a very good machine for just a week’s wages. We are currently living at the dawn of Open Source Hardware, enabled by the creation of Open Source design tools that have themselves been used to create physical tools. Inexpensive 3D printers, open source oscilloscopes, circuit board plotters, and the entire hackerspace movement are as revolutionary as the Internet. These devices and the Internet are the foundations for Open Hardware and software, respectively.  The objections to why hardware is incompatible with Open Source no longer apply and small-scale manufacturing techniques are only going to get better.

Open source is a moral imperative in the truest Kantian sense of the word. It is a good unto itself. Of course, this means open source is also mind-numbingly prescriptivist. Holy scrolls have defined dozens of different open source licenses. The relevant license for Open Source Hardware has already been laid out to define the freedoms and responsibilities of all Open Source Hardware creators. Open Source Hardware is a tangible thing, from a laptop to a lampshade, whose design is available so anyone can make, modify, distribute, and sell that thing. Native documentation is required, and software required to run this thing must be based on an OSI-approved license.

The definition of Open Source Hardware has been around for a few years now, and since then the community has flourished, there’s a great gear logo, and you can buy real, functional hardware that bills itself as Open Source Hardware. It’s become a selling point, and this has become a problem.

Many hardware creators don’t adhere to the definition of Open Source Hardware. In some cases, the design files simply aren’t available. If they are, they could be unmodifiable. The software used to create these design files could cost thousands of dollars per seat. This is the problem the movement faces — Open Source Hardware must have a certification program. Unlike open source software, where the source is almost proof enough that a piece of software complies with an open source license, hardware does not have such obvious assurances.

Software Is Closed By Default, Hardware Is Open And The Licenses Are Harder

All software is closed by default. Anything written is covered by copyright, and the developers of open source software choose to license their works under an open source license. Open source software, then, is a copyright hack, enabled because all software is closed by default.

Hardware, on the other hand, is open by default. If you build a device to automatically inject epinephrine intramuscularly, you must go out of your way to patent your device. Only a patent will provide you the ability to license your work, and before that patent is published anyone can make their own epinephrine pen. If you build something with an FPGA, the code that programs the FPGA is covered by copyright, but an arbitrary circuit that uses that FPGA isn’t. Any generic piece of Open Source Hardware could be covered under patents, trademarks, and a dozen licenses. Therefore, an Open Source Hardware license is impractical. This is why OSHWA is not releasing an Open Source Hardware license, and instead creating an Open Source Hardware certification program. No Open Source Hardware license could cover every edge case, and a certification is ultimately the only solution.

The Open Source Hardware Certification Program

At last year’s Open Hardware Summit, OSHWA formally announced the creation of the Open Hardware Certification program. Now, this program is live, and the certification database will growing very, very quickly. At its heart, the Open Source Hardware Certification program is pretty simple — create hardware that complies with the community definition of Open Source Hardware.

The theoretical basis for the need of an Open Source Hardware license is the fact that anyone is able to manufacture hardware. Of course, there are limits to technology and no one has a 14nm silicon fab line in their garage. This is a problem for any piece of Open Source Hardware, and the technical capability for anyone to recreate integrated circuits and other high technologies is the sole source of the traditional objections to any open hardware license. Garage-based fabrication is always improving, though, but closed hardware in the form of NDA’d chips will remain a problem for years to come.

The clearest example of the problem with closed-source chips is bunnie’s Novena laptop. This laptop is designed as both a hacker’s laptop and an artifact of Open Hardware. Although most of the chips used in the Novena are available without signing NDAs, open source, and blob-free 3D graphics acceleration was unavailable when the laptop launched. This non-open graphics problem will be fixed with open source drivers, but it does illustrate the problem of Open Source Hardware. Even though chips might be available, there might be binary blobs required for full functionality. You can build an Open Hardware chip in VHDL, but it’s not really open if you have to use closed-source FPGA dev tools.

OSHWA’s solution to this problem is simply asking for hardware creators to act in good faith. The certification program won’t knock points off for using closed source binary blobs if that’s the only way of doing something. Open Source Hardware is just slightly more aware of the pace of technical progress, and what is closed today may be open tomorrow. Building a piece of Open Source Hardware isn’t an all or nothing proposal; just provide your best effort to make it open, and technology or reverse engineers will probably make it more open in the future.

oshwOf course, with any certification program, there must be some effort given to enforcement. If an Open Hardware project is certified under the program but does not meet the guidelines of the certification program, fines may be levied against the project creators. Again, good faith of the project creator is assumed, and a project found not in compliance with the certification program will be given 90 days to either fix the problem or remove the project from the certification program. After 90 days, there’s a 120-day period of public shaming, and after that small fines of $500 per month. The worst offender will get a fine of up to $10,000 per month, but that would require years of non-compliance, and it’s very doubtful any conflict with OSHWA will ever reach that stage. It should be noted these fines have a legal basis in the trademark of the OSHW certification logo, and if you don’t use the OSHW logo or certify your project, there’s nothing OSHWA can do.

The old Open Source Hardware ‘gear’ logo — unquestionably a better logo — will still remain in use, and no one is going will look down on you for using it. Using the trademarked OSHW logo, though, is the only way any certification program can be enforced.

The Objections To Open Source Hardware

Of course, the Open Source Hardware Certification program has been more than two years in the making, and that’s time enough for a few people to start having very strong opinions about it. A few years ago, Saar Drimer of Boldport said he won’t be using the Open Source Hardware logo on his boards. This is despite the fact that he loves Open Source Hardware, has written open source PCB design software, and offers a 20% discount on open source contract work. His reason is simple: adding a logo brings baggage, and building Open Source Hardware is not mutually exclusive with putting a logo on a board. Dave Jones is a big supporter of Open Hardware, but he realizes the famous gear logo is becoming meaningless through abuse.

You need only look back on the last twenty or thirty years of the world of Open Source Software to get a sense of where Saar and Dave are coming from; Stallman does not believe in a moral imperative to Open Hardware, whereas most everyone in attendance of today’s Open Hardware Summit does. Gnome versus KDE is nothing compared to the religious war we potentially face between various Open Hardware philosophies. The Open Source Hardware community is relearning what the open source software community learned twenty years ago. We can only hope to learn from their missteps.

But Open Source Hardware has a much bigger obstacle to adoption than politicking and empire building. Open source software is a simple concept — you have a (copy) right to whatever software, music, words, or boat hull designs you create. You can, therefore, provide others the right to use, study, share, and modify that work. Physical objects and artifacts do not have copyright, they have patents. Patent law in the United States is atrocious, and just because you were the first to create a useful invention doesn’t mean a patent would be invalidated. This is the greatest challenge to anything developed as Open Source Hardware. The only solution to this is prior art and patent inspectors that know where to look.

This Will Take a While to Work Out

The Open Source Hardware Certification program is going to take a while to unravel. OSHWA doesn’t believe this certification program will be a repository used by patent inspectors looking for prior art. The legal basis for the certification is literally built upon every piece of intellectual property law. It is, perhaps, an answer to the most complex legal questions ever: what is property, what is intellectual property and can the concept of physical things be given away.

No one has an answer to these questions, or at least an answer that can be summed up in one-page FAQ. The Open Source Hardware Certification program is an attempt to answer these questions, and so far it’s the best attempt yet.

None of this matters unless the community gets behind it, and if another competing Open Source Hardware certification or license pops up, the community may very well migrate to that. Judging from the last thirty years of open source software license drama, we can only hope that the community figures this out the first time, and we hope this certification program is a rousing success.

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Killexams : Broken Promises Of The Wankel Engine

Through the history of internal combustion engines, there has been plenty of evolution, but few revolutions. Talk of radically different designs always leads to a single name – Wankel. The Wankel rotary engine, most notably used in automobiles by Mazda, has been around since the late 1950’s. The Wankel rotary is an example of a design which makes sense on paper. However, practical problems cause it to underperform in the real world.

Invention and History

felixwankelFelix Wankel’s engine was conceived during a dream. In it, 17-year-old Felix was driving his car to a concert. When he arrived, he bragged to his friends that his car used a new type of engine – half turbine, half reciprocating. “It is my invention!” he told his friends. Upon waking up, Wankel became dedicated to building his engine. Though he never received a formal degree (or a driver’s license), Wankel was a gifted engineer.

Young Wankel’s checkered history includes membership in several anti-semitic groups in the 1920’s. He was also involved with the founding of the Nazi party. His conflicting views on the direction of the party lead to his arrest in 1933. Eventually released through action of Hitler himself, Wankel joined the SS in 1940. The end of the war saw Wankel spending several months in a French prison for his wartime involvement.

Work on the engine resumed in 1951 with funding from NSU Motorenwerke AG. The first working prototype was produced in 1957. Dubbed the DKM 54, this engine had a rotor and housing which rotated on separate axes. The engine was capable of great rotational speeds, up to 17,000 RPM. Maintenance was a problem though. The entire engine had to be torn down just to replace the spark plugs.


Unknown to Wankel, Hanns Dieter Paschke was called in to build a simplified version. His prototype was called the KKM 57P. This much simpler design utilized a stationary housing. It pleased everyone except Wankel who remarked, “You’ve turned my race horse into a plow mare.” The KKM design was quickly adopted and licensed. This engine is the basis of the modern “Wankel” rotary engine.

Engine operation

Piston powered engines, chiefly the Otto and Diesel cycle, are current kings of the internal combustion mountain. Piston powered engines turn reciprocating energy (the up and down motion of the pistons) into rotational energy. Wankel flies in the face of all this. A simplified Wankel engine has only two moving parts: the rotor, and the eccentric shaft.

CC-BY-SA-3.0 by Y_tambe via Wikimedia Common

The rotor is a triangle shape, but the sides bow out. Many rotors are also use cupped faces to increase combustion chamber volume. The rotor rotates within a roughly oval epitrochoid-shaped housing. The rotor doesn’t just spin, it orbits on an eccentric shaft which is analogous to the crankshaft of a piston powered engine. A fixed gear mounted to the engine case meshes with a ring gear on the rotor. The gear ensures that the rotor rotates ⅓ turn for every 1 turn of the eccentric shaft.

The points (or apexes) of the rotor create three chambers inside the housing. These chambers move with the rotation of the rotor. Fuel and air are pulled in through the intake port, compressed against the narrow side of the housing, ignited by the spark plugs. The expanding gasses push the rotor through the power stroke until the apex passes the exhaust port, which allows the spent gasses to escape.

The animation shows the process for one face. The genius of the Wankel engine is that the process is happening for all three faces in parallel. In effect, the engine has pipelined the combustion process. It would be fair to say that a single rotor Wankel engine is analogous to a three cylinder piston engine.

Commercial research and development

gmRotaryThere were numerous licensees for the Wankel engine. Just about every major manufacturer spent time researching the concept. GM created a two rotor prototype. Rolls Royce created a two stage model with low and high pressure rotors. A few companies put the Wankel into production. Curtis Wright built airplane engines, Sachs produced small air-cooled engines for everything from chain saws to snowmobiles. Norton created several motorcycles using the design. However, the only major manufacturer still working on Wankel engines for cars is Mazda. The RX series of sports cars has been synonymous with Wankel rotary engines for decades. The last model was the RX-8, discontinued in 2011. Mazda has not given up on the Wankel though, with concept cars such as the RX-Vision as proof of their continued research.

Reality sets in

So why aren’t we all driving Wankel-powered cars? The problem lies in the pitfalls of the design.

Fuel Economy: The Wankel’s combustion chamber is long, thin, and moves with the rotor. This causes a slow fuel burn. Engines try to combat this by using twin (leading and trailing) spark plugs. Even with the two plugs, combustion is often incomplete, leading to raw fuel being dumped out the exhaust port. The small 1.3 liter 232 horsepower two rotor engine in the 2011 Mazda RX-8 gets worse fuel economy (16 city / 23 highway) than the 6.2 liter 455 horsepower V8 engine used in the 2015 Corvette Stingray (17 city / 29 highway).

Emissions: The unburnt fuel, along with burned oil (described below) both result in terrible emissions from Wankel engines. The emissions problems are one of several reasons the RX-8 was pulled from production.

wankel-inside-kart-engineSealing: Rotors use seals on the faces, seals around the central port, and most importantly apex seals. The apex seal rides the wall of the housing, sealing each of the three chambers formed by the rotor. The apex seals are under extreme thermal and pressure stresses as they travel around the engine housing. Failing apex seals are the primary cause of rotary engines going down for overhaul. YouTube is littered with videos showing the rotary overhaul process.

Much like piston rings, these seals have to be lubricated. However, due to the design of the rotary engine, there is no way to keep the oil lubricating the seals out of the combustion chamber. Mazda engines include an injector pump which pushes small amounts of oil right into the engine housing, as well as into the air intake. This oil is eventually burned, causing increased carbon and emissions over the life of the engines.

Overhaul interval: Rotary engines in general don’t last as long as piston powered engines. As explained eloquently by Regular Car Reviews, the primary problem is with the seals. Browsing Mazda and rotary forums shows people rebuilding somewhere between 50,000 and 100,000 miles. However, this all must be taken with a grain of salt. The RX-7 and 8 are after all, sports cars. While some people treat them gingerly, many people drive these cars hard. Aftermarket performance parts like turbochargers will also negatively impact engine reliability.

787The Wankel rotary story isn’t completely bleak. There are some advantages to rotary engines. As mentioned above, rotary engines create more power (albeit at lower torque) than equivalent piston powered engines. They also are more reliable in the short term. With fewer moving parts, there is simply less to break. Rotary engines also tend to fail gracefully. With failing apex seals, rotary engines lose power, but will still get you home. Piston powered engines tend to fail catastrophically, blowing holes into engine blocks, spraying oil and parts all over the place. Rotary engines do well on the racetrack, that is, when they are allowed. Many racing classes (notably F1) have banned rotary engines. Of those allowed, the most notable is the Mazda 787B, which won the 1991 24 hours of Le Mans race.

What does the future hold for the Wankel rotary engine? Most likely more of the same. Mazda will continue to support the engine, and it will continue to be used in some niche fields. However, it would take a major advancement in materials and design to correct all the issues that have thus far relegated the Wankel engine to a footnote in the history of internal combustion.

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Killexams : Burn it down? Washoe Republicans disagree how to prioritize election fraud claims cannot provide a good user experience to your browser. To use this site and continue to benefit from our journalism and site features, please upgrade to the latest version of Chrome, Edge, Firefox or Safari.

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Killexams : Montecito Medical Acquires Medical Office Property in Tampa Area

NASHVILLE, Tenn., August 03, 2022--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Montecito Medical has completed the acquisition of a 37,000-square-foot medical office building in Lithia, Florida.

The building, which opened in 2021, is fully occupied under long-term lease by Orthopaedic Medical Group (OMG) of Tampa Bay.

"This is an outstanding asset in a very attractive submarket, and we are especially excited by the opportunity to work directly with the physicians of OMG and help them make the most of their real estate," said Jake Clark, Acquisitions Associate at Montecito Medical.

OMG, one of the fastest growing orthopedic groups in the Tampa-St. Petersburg area, maintains 8 locations. At the Lithia property, which serves as the group’s flagship location, OMG provides clinical services, orthopedic surgeries, and physical therapy.

"Orthopaedic Medical Group is dedicated to providing quality facilities for its providers, patients and staff," said Bill Romaniello, Director of Business Development for OMG. "We are excited about adding the FishHawk/Lithia facility as our flagship location and starting our partnership with Montecito to ensure the facility continues to serve the community for many years to come."

FishHawk/Lithia is a growing suburban area 25 minutes southeast of downtown Tampa. The OMG property is situated FishHawk Blvd. in the middle of a new mixed-use development that includes single-family and multi-family residential, a retail plaza and middle school.

The Lithia acquisition expands Montecito’s footprint in the Tampa-St. Petersburg market area. "We are making a substantial real estate investment here, and we anticipate that we will be able to announce additional acquisitions later in the year," said Chip Conk, CEO of Montecito Medical.

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Brandi Meeks
VP of Marketing

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Killexams : 'This is unbelievably gross': Stranger Things fans SLAM plastic surgery expert for posting list of cosmetic procedures that she thinks star Natalia Dyer, 27, should get - while ...

'This is unbelievably gross': Stranger Things fans SLAM plastic surgery expert for posting list of cosmetic procedures that she thinks star Natalia Dyer, 27, should get - while editing photo of her face to reveal the results

  • Dyer, 27, is best know for her role as Nancy Wheeler in the hit Netflix series 
  • Plastic surgery nurse practitioner Miranda Wilson, 28, went viral on Sunday after sharing her list of suggestions to help transform the actress' face 
  • Wilson claimed the star would need chin filler, a brow lift, lip filler and Botox
  • The California-based aesthetic nurse also revealed a photoshopped image of Dyer which reflected her suggested changes
  • Dyer previously admitted she finds the pressures of fame and social media 'difficult to navigate' 

Stranger Things fans are calling out a plastic surgery expert for posting a 'gross' video in which she detailed the various procedures that she feels actress Natalia Dyer should undergo - while editing an image of the 27-year-old's face to show how it would look after the suggested cosmetic tweaks. 

Aesthetic nurse practitioner Miranda Wilson, 28, went viral across multiple social media platforms on Sunday after app users reacted in shock over the now-deleted clip, which saw Wilson detailing what types of plastic surgery she would provide Dyer, including a brow lift and chin filler.

The California-based nurse then ended the video with an edited picture of the 27-year-old actress to try and show what the results would look like, much to the horror of the Dyer' fans.

Shocking: Plastic surgery nurse practitioner Miranda Wilson has come under fire from Stranger Things fans over her Natalia Dyer video

Making tweaks: In the video, Wilson listed everything from lip filler, a brow lift, Botox and chin filler

In the original video, Wilson - who works at HēBē Skin Health in Laguna Beach - stated: 'Okay guys, let's talk about Natalia Dyer from Stranger Things.

'First of all, she killed it in Stranger Things. So if I were Natalia's injector, this is what I would do.'

Wilson believed it would be necessary to start by 'treating those masseters to help slim the face' before she would 'add a bit of chin filler just to help fill out her chin.'

She added that she would 'add just a little bit to the lips and then we'd get in there and do a little bit of Botox' and also 'give her a nice brow lift to help open up her eyes'.

Famous face: Dyer has famously starred as Nancy Wheeler on Stranger Things since the Netflix series premiered in 2015

Final result: The TikTok star used photoshop to try and provide followers a picture of what the star would look like

Not cool: Social media users were immediately vocal about their disdain over the video and called out the trend of editing the faces of celebrities online

She then unveiled a picture of Dyer which had been edited to reflect her surgery suggestions, and fans were not impressed to see that the final image completely changed Dyer's face.

One follower shared the clip on Twitter as they raged: 'i could never be a celebrity because if someone made a video like this about me i would get violent'

Many were quick to agree as one Twitter user commented: 'this is an unbelievably gross thing to do omg'.

'A prime example of giving your opinions when it’s not asked for,' another added.

One person stated: 'Social media has done a lot of terrible things, and many are far worse, but popularizing the pervasive idea that beauty means everyone having the exact same face is (imo) up there'.

Another agreed: 'Sick of these weirdos pushing this agenda that everyone needs to look like they’ve been assembled in the same build a bear factory.' 

Furious: Other social media users highlighted how damaging clips of that nature were for impressionable young women

Large following: Certified aesthetic nurse practitioner injector Wilson works at HēBē Skin Health in Laguna Beach and has over 40,000 followers on TikTok

One furious fan added: 'this is so awful to do to someone, even if Natalia didn't look absolutely beautiful before. 

'This woman is ILL i feel so bad for all the kids being bombarded with this sick messaging that you need to change everything about your face so you can achieve the Instagram SameFace.' 

Another simply commented: 'This is actually insane in a way I can’t articulate.'

'Some people are satisfied with their natural looks and be grateful of that. Also, not everyone wants to get a plastic surgery and this isn't even an educative content,' another wrote. 'This is so unnecessary ma'am....' 

One person lamented: 'how are we, women, supposed to love our natural appearance when other women bring us down and then go post on social media love yourself, girl power and feminist quotes?' 

Fan favorite: Dyer pictured with her co-star and boyfriend Charlie Heaton, who plays Jonathan Byers in the hit show

Wilson deleted the video following the widespread backlash but is yet to share a comment or apology for the clip.

In a exact interview with The Independent, Dyer previously admitted she finds the pressures of fame 'difficult to navigate'.

She explained: 'As a private person, I just feel like, leave people alone - unless you're talking about their work or what they want to talk about.'

Dyer has famously played Nancy Wheeler on Stranger Things ever since the hit Netflix series premiered in 2015.

The actress is currently in a relationship with her co-star Charlie Heaton, who stars as Jonathan Byers in the wildly popular sci-fi.

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Killexams : Las Vegas News Briefs − August 2022

Weekends with Adele, Las Vegas Residency at Caesars Palace Begins Nov. 18
All previously postponed WEEKENDS WITH ADELE performances have now been rescheduled, with dates kicking off November 18 at Caesars Palace. In addition to the 24 rescheduled shows, 8 new shows have also been announced. The residency will now run from November 18, 2022 through March 25, 2023. A select number of tickets will be available across all 32 performances. There will be two opportunities to purchase tickets for these shows. Access will be limited with priority given to fans who held tickets for the original show dates or had previously registered and been waitlisted for the WEEKENDS WITH ADELE Verified Fan Presale. Eligible fans will receive an email invitation from Ticketmaster on Wednesday, August 3. 

Usher Celebrates Grand Opening of Las Vegas Residency at Park MGM
Global megastar and eight-time GRAMMY Award-winner Usher recently debuted his exclusive new Las Vegas residency at Dolby Live at Park MGM. Custom-designed for the expansive Dolby Live stage and presented in partnership by Live Nation and MGM Resorts International, the show gives audiences an extraordinary immersive experience with extravagant costumes and state-of-the-art technology in lighting, video and special effects. The exclusive, only-in-Vegas spectacular is packed with an impressive repertoire of smash hits spanning the multi-talented showman’s 20-year career, including “Yeah,” “U Remind Me,” “My Boo,” “Love In This Club,” “OMG” and “You Make Me Wanna…” The new show incorporates audience interaction and staging throughout the 5,200-seat entertainment venue, where every guest has an up close and personal experience with the superstar. A limited number of tickets are available for the following performances: Aug, 26, 27, 31; Sept. 3, 4, 7, 9, 10; Oct. 12, 14, 15, 19, 21, 22, 26, 28 and 29. For more information, contact Kelly Frey, KF Publicity,

Red Rock Casino Resort & Spa Announces Casino-Wide Transformation
Red Rock Casino Resort and Spa, a luxury resort in Summerlin, announced major plans to elevate its dining scene, entertainment offerings, and gaming experiences with all-new additions to the resort. New concepts, currently underway, include the famed Thai restaurant Lotus of Siam, an all-new Greek restaurant Naxos Taverna, and an Oyster Bar, all in partnership with Bua Food Group, as well as a stunning cocktail lounge, and adult-only pool, alongside a reimagined High Limit Slots room, and a lively casino bar. Located on the north side of the resort, the new restaurants will be at the center of the action. Lotus of Siam, Naxos Taverna, Kallisto Oyster Bar, and an all-new casino bar converge to create a dynamic addition to Red Rock’s restaurant row and further complement the resort’s culinary collection. For more information, contact Nick Flynn, Allied Global Marketing,

Here Kitty Kitty Vice Den to Host “Tokyo Vice Den” Pop-Up with House of Suntory Japanese Whisky
Famous Food Street Eats’ discreet speakeasy, Here Kitty Kitty Vice Den, is hosting an exciting pop-up cocktail experience, “Tokyo Vice Den,” with award-winning Japanese spirits brand House of Suntory. The resort’s elegantly grunge hideaway has transformed into a must-see, must-experience destination filled with Japanese-inspired décor and expertly crafted cocktails. “Tokyo Vice Den” now welcomes guests to a laidback hangout where they can indulge in specialty House of Suntory cocktail selections. Tokyo Vice Den will open daily, Sunday-Thursday (4:30 pm – late) and Friday and Saturday (3 pm – late) now through October 1. For more information, contact Gia Silvaggio, Allied Global Marketing,

Modern Mexican Steakhouse, Toca Madera, to Debut on the Las Vegas Strip
Toca Madera Las Vegas, a modern Mexican steakhouse, will open its doors Tuesday, August 9, nestled in the courtyard between Aria and The Shops at Crystals. A unique and immersive dining experience helmed by Noble33 co-founders Tosh Berman and Mikey Tanha, Toca Madera’s third location features a 220-seat restaurant with a spacious lounge and speakeasy. Las Vegas can expect an elevated, high-energy atmosphere featuring upscale dining and nightly live entertainment. Toca Madera Las Vegas will debut a new menu, soon to be shared across all locations, that features popular Toca Madera dishes such as Sashimi Mexicano with ahi tuna, cucumber, avocado, pomegranate, chile de árbol, and leche de tigre, along with brand-new offerings created by Noble 33 Corporate Executive Chef AJ McCloud, including the A5 Wagyu Tacos with crispy wonton, cilantro, and kizami wasabi. Guests will be transported to Mexico City through a selection of modern Mexican cuisine prepared with sustainable, organic ingredients. For more information, contact Sahra Simpson, Lucky Break PR,

Dream Las Vegas Announces Start of Construction Following Ceremonial Groundbreaking
Developed by Shopoff Realty Investments and Contour, in partnership with Dream Hotel Group, Dream Las Vegas will be a driving force in the ongoing revitalization and rejuvenation of the south end of the Las Vegas Strip. Set to open in late 2024, Dream Las Vegas features 531 highly appointed guestrooms and suites, and seven original dining and nightlife options, including a third-level resort pool and day club, two bar and lounge concepts on the gaming floor, a lobby bar, craft coffee café and gelateria on the street level, as well as a sporting club, boutique nightclub, signature restaurant and 24-hour diner on the third floor. The lifestyle hotel will also offer 12,000 square feet of meeting and event space, including a 5,000-square-foot ballroom and 90-seat live entertainment theatre, a 20,000-square-foot casino and gaming floor, a fitness center by TechnoGym and on-site parking. Casino and gaming operations will be led by Peninsula Pacific Entertainment (P2E). The 20-story luxury hotel tower will feature a diverse mix of dramatic venues distributed vertically throughout the composition roof decks and terraces of the hotel design. The undulating contemporary design will feature a lustrous glass and metal façade, boasting stylistic details such as radiused corners, spacious double-height terraces, oversized windows and a unique aerodynamic character influenced by its context. Dream Las Vegas is located at 5051 S. Las Vegas Blvd., across the street from Mandalay Bay Resort and Bali Hai Golf Club. For more information, contact Katie Fontana, Dream Hotel Group,

Aerosmith Are Back with Las Vegas Residency “AEROSMITH: DEUCES ARE WILD”
As part of the continued celebration around their 50th anniversary, four-time GRAMMY®-winning and Diamond-certified rock legends Aerosmith will return to Las Vegas to bring their critically acclaimed residency, AEROSMITH: DEUCES ARE WILD to the Dolby Live at Park MGM. Kicking off Sept. 14 — with shows running through Dec. 11 — the residency is the first live concert experience presented in Dolby Atmos® at Dolby Live. Dolby Live is one of the world’s most technologically advanced performance venues for enjoying live music in Dolby Atmos. For more information, contact Kelly Frey, KF Publicity,

NBA G League Ignite Moves to the Dollar Loan Center in Henderson, Nevada
With three top 10 NBA Draft picks in the last two seasons – the most by any program in that span – NBA G League Ignite looks to continue building on its success with a state-of-the-art new home in Henderson, Nev. Ignite will begin playing its home games at The Dollar Loan Center in 2022-23, NBA G League President Shareef Abdur-Rahim recently announced. The move to Henderson marks the beginning of a multi-year partnership between the NBA G League, Foley Entertainment Group and the city of Henderson. After training in Walnut Creek, Calif. and playing in Las Vegas in 2021-22, Ignite will relocate to Henderson full-time. Operated by the Foley Entertainment Group, the Dollar Loan Center is a multi-purpose facility that opened in March 2022 and seats more than 5,000 people. It is also home to the American Hockey League affiliate of the Vegas Golden Knights – the Henderson Silver Knights – and the Indoor Football League’s Vegas Knight Hawks. For more information, visit

Caesars Palace Las Vegas to Debut New Dining Concept, Stanton Social Prime, With Tao Group Hospitality and Chef Chris Santos
Caesars Entertainment and Tao Group Hospitality will introduce a new dining concept at Caesars Palace Las Vegas, Stanton Social Prime, from Chef Chris Santos. Stanton Social Prime is set to open this winter and will be located adjacent to OMNIA Nightclub, Tao Group’s mega club at the resort. This new concept will feature iconic menu items from the original Stanton Social restaurant in New York’s Lower East Side, which marked Santos’ first restaurant project and was known for its spectacular sharable dishes featuring prime meats. For more information, contact Kristin Soo Hoo, Caesars Entertainment,

Bellagio Debuts One-of-a-Kind Immersive Dining Experience Within Iconic Conservatory
The iconic Bellagio Conservatory & Botanical Gardens unveiled one of Las Vegas’ most exclusive dining experiences with the debut of The Garden Table. Available for brunch or dinner, The Garden Table invites guests to enjoy an epicurean adventure at a table set within the spectacular beauty of Bellagio’s stunning floral masterpiece. Specialty pre-fixe menus crafted by the award-winning teams at MICHAEL MINA Bellagio and Sadelle’s Café feature fare that will delight all the senses. The Garden Table will be available for all future Bellagio Conservatory displays with menus rotating seasonally to complement the design theme. The experience can accommodate up to six guests and reservation time is limited to two hours. Guests are to check-in at the host stand of selected restaurant. Reservations are required. For more information, contact Robert Flicker, Kirvin Doak Communications,

The Cabinet of Curiosities and The Lock by Imagine Exhibitions opens at Bally's Las Vegas
As immersive realities expand, get ready to be transported into a drinking experience like none other with the opening of The Cabinet of Curiosities and The Lock by Imagine Exhibitions. Centrally located on the famed Las Vegas Strip inside the lower level of Bally’s Las Vegas, The Cabinet of Curiosities transports guests into a world of curiosity, dreams, and memory with wonders from near and far that weave together a unique experience with inspired craft cocktails to enjoy. Beyond the Cabinet, guests may encounter The Lock, an intimate speakeasy guarded by The Locksmith, where guests must solve a riddle to gain entrance where they’ll enjoy bespoke prohibition-era craft cocktails. For more information, contact Aimee Stephens, A-Max Marketing + Media,

Terry Fator After Hours to Take Over The Bar at Times Square at New York-New York
Terry Fator is taking things late night with Terry Fator After Hours, a once-a-month performance featuring special guests at The Bar at Times Square at New York-New York Hotel & Casino. Held immediately following performances of his award-winning show “Terry Fator: Who’s the Dummy Now?” the famed singer, comedian, ventriloquist and “America’s Got Talent” winner will partner up with other Las Vegas entertainers to perform songs accompanied by the venue’s popular dueling piano players. This will be a rare opportunity to showcase Fator’s impressive vocals without his puppets. Fator and his special guests, who will be announced soon, will perform their favorite numbers as well as requests from the audience. Performances have been announced for Thursday, Aug. 18, Thursday, Sept. 22 and Thursday, Nov. 17. For more information, contact Kelly Frey, KF Publicity,

By Popular Demand ZZ Top to Return to The Venetian Resort Las Vegas
Following several wildly successful sold-out runs, ZZ TOP announced it will return to The Venetian Theatre inside The Venetian® Resort Las Vegas for a five-show limited engagement in 2022. The shows will be held on Dec. 3, 4, 7, 9 and 10, 2022. For more information, contact Kelly Frey, KF Publicity,

Bellagio Gallery of Fine Art Introduces New Exhibition Showcasing African American Performance History From the 1920s through the 1970s
Bellagio Gallery of Fine Art recently debuted its latest exhibition Caldonia: Concert and Film Posters from The Ralph DeLuca Collection. Showcasing icons of American music, Caldonia features a collection of 44 vintage posters advertising performances and films featuring African American musicians and actors from the 1920s into the 1970s. Named and curated by Serubiri Moses, Caldonia offers a window into an era of Black performance history that is slowly disappearing from public memory. This selection of promotional announcements highlights performers as wide-ranging as Otis Redding, Jackie “Moms” Maybley, Thelonius Monk and Aretha Franklin. Many of the posters exhibited are themselves rare, but their true value comes from their historical context. Taken together, they bring to life the networks of Black artists and Black-owned performing arts venues—known as the Chitlin’ Circuit—that, while not memorialized in history books, launched the careers of now-household names who shaped American music history. For more information, contact Stacy Hamilton, MGM Resorts International,

Adam Lambert Brings "The Witch Hunt" To Encore Theater This Halloween
GRAMMY-nominated singer-songwriter Adam Lambert will bring “The Witch Hunt” to Encore Theater at Wynn Las Vegas for a three-show limited engagement to celebrate Halloween weekend Las Vegas-style. Fans can experience Lambert’s vocal powerhouse performance of his smash hits for three unforgettable nights on Oct. 26, 28 and 29, 2022. Known for his theatrical visuals, Lambert promises Encore Theater guests will enjoy a spectacularly spooky extravaganza complete with elaborate costumes and his iconic glam looks. For more information, contact Erica Benken, Giant Noise,

The Beatles™ LOVE™ by Cirque du Soleil set to Entertain Audiences Through 2023
Cirque du Soleil is excited to confirm the award-winning stage production The Beatles™ LOVE™ will wow audiences at The Mirage Hotel & Casino through 2023. Working in tandem with MGM Resorts International and Hard Rock International through the property’s transition, The Beatles LOVE will continue celebrating the musical legacy of the most influential rock band in the world and welcome many more audiences from around the world. The Beatles LOVE is a vibrant and thrilling tribute filled with breathtaking aerial artistry, colorful visuals and high-energy choreography on a 360-degree stage. The fan-favorite show recently celebrated its 16th anniversary, further solidifying it as one of the most popular productions in Las Vegas. For more information, contact Tawny Strelic, Kirvin Doak Communications,

ARCADE at Horseshoe Las Vegas to Open Fall of 2022
Bally’s Las Vegas continues to welcome new developments and will debut the ARCADE at Horseshoe Las Vegas in the fall of 2022 as part of its rebrand. The ARCADE will occupy the former Caesars Sportsbook space. Located on the first level of Bally’s near the food court, the destination will offer more than 80 games, from classic arcade favorites to the latest releases, in a 7,000-square-foot space. Designed by Aria Group, the attraction’s interior draws inspiration from urban night settings featuring a variety of colorful artwork and bright neon lights. The gaming venue will also feature an enhanced and refreshed bar that was formerly in the space. The ARCADE at Bally's Las Vegas is one of the several projects associated with the Horseshoe rebrand and follows the exact addition of Jack Binion’s Steak and the upcoming opening of M.Y. Asia by Chef Martin Yan. The property transformation will also include a renovated exterior, casino floor and public areas. For more information, contact Brooke Kaplan, Caesars Entertainment,

Thunder From Down Under Celebrates 20th Anniversary at Excalibur in Las Vegas
On Wednesday, July 13, Australia’s Thunder From Down Under celebrated 20 years of performances at Excalibur’s Thunderland Showroom. The is first-of-its-kind male revue production show was originally created in 1988, debuting in Las Vegas in 1993 at the Stardust Hotel and had its first full residency at The New Frontier, prior to making Excalibur its home for the last 20 years. Thunder From Down Under remains a favorite among celebrity guests, hosting stars such as Demi Moore, Kelly Clarkson, Paris Hilton, Heidi Klum, Chrissy Teigen, Gene Simmons of KISS, The Property Brothers and dozens of others who have attended the show since it first opened. For more information, contact Allyson Wadman, MGM Resorts International,

Las Vegas Desert Dogs Select 15 Players in 2022 NLL Expansion Draft 
The first class of Las Vegas Desert Dogs players have officially been selected by head coach and general manager Shawn Williams Thursday in the National Lacrosse League’s 2022 Expansion Draft. Williams had the opportunity to select one player from each of the league’s other 14 team’s unprotected rosters, taking the first step in forming the franchise’s first-ever team ahead of its inaugural 2022-23 season. The Las Vegas Desert Dogs were launched on June 21, 2021 as the 15th team in the NLL beginning play in December 2022. The team is co-owned by Wayne Gretzky, Dustin Johnson, Steve Nash, and Joe Tsai. The team will play at Michelob ULTRA Arena located inside Mandalay Bay Resort and Casino. For more information, contact Keith Sneddon, Las Vegas Desert Dogs,

Ghostbar Returns to Palms Casino Resort Las Vegas
The return of the beloved Ghostbar at Palms Casino Resort is official. The Las Vegas nightlife icon will reopen its doors on Wednesday, Aug. 3, 2022. Originally debuting in 2001, this widely popular bar and lounge perched high atop the 55th floor, quickly became one of the city’s most treasured nightspots featuring the most spectacular and stunning views of the entire Las Vegas skyline. After a ghostly disappearing act, Palms has not only brought the Ghostbar back, but it has also reimagined it as the city’s newest, elevated and most intimate Ultra Lounge experience. For more information, contact Celena Haas-Stacey, CHS Communications,

Swedish House Mafia Announces First-Ever North American Nightlife Residency at Wynn Las Vegas
Electronic music supergroup, Swedish House Mafia, announces their first-ever North American nightlife residency with Wynn Nightlife at the world-renowned Encore Beach Club and XS Nightclub inside Wynn Las Vegas. Beginning Aug. 20, the trio of Swedish DJs comprised of Sebastian Ingrosso, Steve Angello and Axel "Axwell" Hedfors will bring their award-winning music to the unique nightlife setting for two years. To complement Swedish House Mafia's powerhouse performances, Encore Beach Club and XS Nightclub will enhance its audio-visual production to offer guests an immersive and captivating experience. Each venue will feature a customized stage design, curated LED displays, pyrotechnics, cryogenics and more. For more information, contact Wynn Las Vegas,

New King Tut Exhibition to Open at Luxor Hotel & Casino
Imagine Exhibitions, Inc., known around the world for creating, producing, and operating immersive experiences, announces a new a long-term tenancy at Luxor Hotel & Casino to present Discovering King Tut’s Tomb, a reimagined show about the monumental discovery of the celebrated Egyptian Boy King that will open 100 years after renowned Egyptologist Howard Carter first laid eyes on the preserved tomb. The opening of the exhibition is slated for Aug. 30. Discovering King Tut’s Tomb will recount the story of the discovery of the tomb through the lens and voice of Carter. The immersive display begins with a passageway to the burial chamber and unfolds with animations that illuminate the process of mummification and its significance to ancient Egyptian culture. Additional galleries trace the 100 years of King Tut and explore archeological practices today. Pods of virtual reality chairs enhance the visitor experience, allowing guests to take a deeper dive into the exploration of King Tut’s tomb. For more information, contact Aimee Stephens, A-Max Marketing + Media,

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Killexams : The Learning Network

Professional development

Our collection of previously recorded writing webinars explores how to teach the kinds of real-world writing found in newspapers, including editorials, reviews, profiles, personal narratives and more.

By The Learning Network and

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Killexams : How many more of these fringe reviews could there be?


Peachy hurry Productions

Tom Hendry Warehouse (Venue 6) to Sunday

If a friendship falls apart in the Twilight Zone, is there anyone there to hear it?

And if there is such a thing as a metaphysical comedy, Winnipeggers Sydney Hayduk and Lindsay Johnson have discovered it.

The two friends wake up somewhere. Where? They don’t know, but they know they are all alone in the universe in this one-hour show that combines surrealist escapism with deft physical comedy.

The Winnipeggers have been working together for years, and it shows. The actors are perfectly in tune with each other whether they are dancing, lip-syncing or shooting off rapid-fire banter as they explore their new space and deal with the realities of living in isolation from the world. Between the broader story of their friendship and its eventual breakdown are sketches from the multiverse involving online dating, Shakespeare, stoned thoughts and the creation of an excellent Tik Tok video.

It’s a thinker by two pros that will leave you feeling much like the title. ★★★1/2

— Rob Williams



Bush Party Productions

MTC Warehouse (Venue 6) to Sunday

It’s a mystery how venues are assigned at the fringe. It supposedly comes down to stage needs, but it hurts to see masterpieces turn folks away, while this local dud plays to a nearly empty MTC Warehouse.

The locally produced comedy is supposed to be about auditions, but it’s really a poorly done high school play. The male lead, Dakota Nickels, takes up too much time on stage and the conceit of a group of characters inhabiting one actor is a good premise wasted. These “characters” traffic in stereotypes of women, Russians, eccentric people, but are too silly and amateur to be offensive. They are naïve.

Nickels is a superb stunt person, and the falls and rolls and other actions done for little reason are impressive, although we seniors may worry someone might get hurt. The play is a father-son effort and there’s never any sense anyone is trying to be glib about any of the big themes attempted. Well-rehearsed, and everyone does their best but … you know. ★★

— Lara Rae



Naomi Forman Productions

WAG — Muriel Richardson Auditorium (Venue 12) to Sunday

The fringe can be a dog’s breakfast: a mix of the caviar stirred in with Cheetos and popcorn. It’s all tasty but sometimes you want something rich and just a tad rarefied — and what could be better than a one-act opera at the WAG?

This 45-minute two-hander (for one voice) elongates an early Eugene O’Neill monologue, perhaps an early attempt at Mary Tyrone in Long Day’s Journey into Night. The singing from Brandon soprano Naomi Forman is supreme, every word and gesture coherent and note-perfect; her youthful silent partner (Naomi’s daughter Anne Forman) is also a revelation.

The usual O’Neill gloom — alcoholism, unfulfilled dreams and unhappiness — are rolled out, but the music is so dynamic and interesting, it is understandable that after the composer and librettist (Thomas Pasatieri and Frank Corsaro) retooled the piece, it enjoyed an uptick in new performances. The blocking is questionable on occasion: lot of singing being directed towards the side of the stage, which makes dramatic but not technical sense. But it’s a small plaint. This is a high-octane injection of high art into our lives for much less than the price of eight chicken wings in the fringe park. ★★★★★

— Lara Rae



Stories Alive

Planetarium Auditorium (Venue 5) to Sunday

This storytelling show from Brit Eden Ballantyne replaces a newer show about yoga called Namaste, so it is a bit harder to look up. But if you’d like a short primer on Grimm’s tales with three examples of the goriest from the canon, along with witty digressions into Snow White and Rapunzel, come on down.

The tales are told in that “big” way storytelling people tell stories. But it’s a good time and our Scheherazade is a charming human who really engages and gets down there with us (in the crowd, before the show, legs hanging over the stage) and Eden just a fun host/teacher to spend time with at the coveted air-conditioned Planetarium Auditorium. Certainly worth the time! ★★★★

— Lara Rae



Erik de Waal

Planetarium Auditorium (Venue 5) to Saturday

Erik de Waal has built himself a solid reputation as a storyteller, but Daddy’s Boy feels like another level in his craft. Few words are wasted as he weaves together tales about growing up on the family farm, and protests (of a sort) against apartheid in his native South Africa. But the bulk of the narrative is revealed in stories surrounding his relationship with his father, who battled for years against Parkinson’s disease. These reflections form a beautiful affirmation of life with serious emotional heft.

It is a memorable feat when a storyteller can hold an audience’s rapt attention throughout an entire production. De Waal excels in this medium, earning both laughter and tears throughout the 60-minute performance; there were few dry eyes left when the lights came back on. ★★★★★

— Matt Schaubroeck



Theatre Dance Kids

MTYP Mainstage (Kids Venue) to Sunday

When a trio of children accidentally land on the moon, they are shocked to discover a colony of leprechauns who demand that their heads be removed unless they can explain the meaning of happiness, after which they can return home. It’s a fever dream of a comedy, with a premise that seems lost in space.

Although the plot is confounding, there is no blame to be placed on the performers. Cast members bring their talents and a visible passion for theatre as they launch themselves into their roles with wild abandon. While individual performances are entertaining enough, the overall production hasn’t translated to an engaging audience experience.

While the performers do their best to rise to the occasion of a full fringe performance, this madcap story doesn’t stick its landing. ★★

— Matt Schaubroeck



Shawn O’Hara

Planetarium Auditorium (Venue 5) until Sunday

Brad Gooseberry is not like any field zoologist you have ever met, but his Victoria-based creator, Shawn O’Hara, clearly knows the field. Armed with this knowledge in his back pocket, he is free to let his comic alter ego run riot.

Anyone with an appreciation for a well-rounded sketch character — one who is also skilled in prop comedy, great one-liners and fabulous Q&A improv — will enjoy this comic safari over its too short, one-hour, joy-filled excursion. It’s hard to bottle lightning twice and to return with an even funnier sequel to Field Zoology 101, and that warrants an additional one star to the review. ★★★★★

— Lara Rae



Mike Delamont

MTYP Mainstage (Venue 21) to Sunday

OMG – he’s baaaaack!! For the last 10 years, Victoria, B.C.-based standup comedian Mike Delamont has burned up stages at the Winnipeg fringe with a whopping eight productions now under his belt.

“God” is back in town, dressed in an ‘80s floral power suit and squeezed into “sausage casing” Spanx to offer highlights from those shows, including some really funny, au courant pandemic jokes.

If you could bottle Delamont’s high-octane energy, you’d easily solve the energy crisis with his thick brogue easily tripping one-liners off his tongue, not to mention razor sharp comedic timing. He’s at his best with his biblical material — as God should be — including riffing on Adam and Eve, Jacob, and Noah, but also throws in jokes about turkeys, various bodily functions and those requisite fart jokes, told with the glee of a 10-year old kid in a kilt. ★★★★

— Holly Harris



All Fives

Comedy at Wee Johnny’s (Venue 15) to Saturday

It’s ’80s, ‘90s and whatever silly lyrics happen to rhyme. Joke Song, a musical comedy sketch show written and performed by the local Hunks collective (Dana Smith, Tim Gray, Matt Nightingale and Rory Fallis) takes well-known melodies to bizarre and ridiculous new places.

The 45-minute show has range — not necessarily of the musical variety, although some of the comedians can genuinely hold a tune — featuring parodies of megahits and one-hit-wonders by the likes of Radiohead, Dolly Parton and Len. It’s got the format of Weird Al with the obscurity of Lonely Island. The set is supported by humorous visuals, lyric videos and guidance from an genuine musician, Rusty Matyas.

Pop music and standup fans alike will appreciate the well-tuned refrains and clever turns of phrase. Come for Swines to Clive and stay for Mambo No. 137. ★★★1/2

— Eva Wasney



Monster Theatre

King’s Head Pub (Venue 14) to Sunday

Juliet: A Revenge Comedy

How do you successfully reinvent some of the world’s best-known stories and most celebrated characters? By unravelling them completely, of course. Vancouver’s Monster Theatre offers a rip-roaring revue of William Shakespeare’s renowned works and the female characters he’s damned to an eternity of death and suffering.

Juliet has plunged a dagger into her heart thousands upon thousands of times in the 425 years since her star-crossed tale was published. What if, for once, she decided not to die? The effervescent Lili Beaudoin takes the title character on an hilarious time- and space-travelling adventure to discover an alternate ending, collecting a cast of equally doomed lady comrades — all played by the supremely talented Carly Pokoradi — along the way.

The fast-paced show is peppered with expert callbacks and deft fourth-wall breaking. It’s clever commentary on the rough treatment of women by a lionized male author (played by Ryan Gladstone). Juliet: A Revenge Comedy is an example of the new heights that can be achieved when we rethink tropes as old as time. ★★★★★

— Eva Wasney



PMF Productions

Planetarium Auditorium (Venue 5) until Sunday

Click Flash Photography
List of People I’ve Killed (A Love Story)

The blurb tells us we are stepping into local artist Tannis Kelm’s dimension. Kelm has an artistic personality and in this piece, she hints at some of the struggles that might have helped shape who she is. Basically, Kelm makes intangible references to events in her life that are connected to the death or sometimes birth of famous people she admires.

Kelm brings a voice that many hear and understand, but there is a lot of inside-baseball, some of it honestly only fully clear to the performer. If it is meant to be funny, it really isn’t. And if it is meant to be real, she needs to elaborate on this coincidental link and why she thinks or pretends to think she has “killed” these people.

A need for more structure is evident. We need a road map into Tannis’s world, otherwise it sometime feels like a folk singer going on too long between numbers. The dramedy needs coherence and editing and exposition. It feels like exposure without focus and that makes it hard to see what is really going on. ★★1/2

— Lara Rae



MTYP’s Summer Studio

MTYP Mainstage (Venue 21) to Saturday

This gentle, 75-minute “retail fairy tale” performed by a local cast of 12 youthful actors tells the coming-of-age story of “Price,” a wide-eyed innocent born in the aisles of the Mega Price Mart.

As she sets out on her journey to the store’s Lost and Found department, she ultimately discovers herself, while encountering a series of Alice in Wonderland-like characters including the Slasher, the Demanding Shopper and ominously, a quasi-Greek chorus, the Line, with their masked faces giving this reviewer the willies. The leads, including a pair of narrators, are strong, and the ensemble itself is well rehearsed, although the show could easily be whittled by at least 15 (or more) minutes.

The narrative is often cheesier than the sampler snack trays in the store’s aisles, and a few more musical/dance numbers would kick it up a notch. Still, kudos to these budding thespians for giving it their all. ★★★

— Holly Harris



MaxQ Productions

Rachel Browne Theatre (Venue 8) to Sunday

Local group MaxQ Productions presents a 60-minute play by Winnipegger Gilles Messier about how a mixed group of scientists, led by Carl Sagan and including various cultural experts, created a record of human achievement that was launched into space in 1977. Unfortunately, the effort was compromised by bureaucratic interference and — perhaps — Sagan’s growing affair with a team member and his desire to divorce his wife, one of the founders of the project.

To the play’s credit, the dynamic between this private sordid matter versus the record’s public presentation of all that is good in humanity is well done. Best of all are the startling photos from numbers of works of art, paeans to the Earth’s beauty.

The performance is at least enthusiastic, but the overall point is well worn: yes, we are all part of the cosmos, isn’t that nice? ★★

—Rory Runnells



Paco Erhard

Cinematheque (Venue 7) until Sunday

There has been a lot of water under the bridge since English-speaking German standup Paco Erhard last brought an amusing monologue to town. His previous show gave us superficial insights into life in Germany and the usual stereotypes, but this show enters the third dimension. His great one-liners are still there (Germans invented recycling so they could still be Nazis about something) but we also are gifted with a heartfelt look at German masculinity, the rise of the right in Europe and reconciling with a father he could never reach until, ironically, his dad was losing his sense of self to dementia.

What a moving use of time this artist has put to the last three years of not touring! Sometimes, we do just need to stop moving to see what is front of us. Men are so powerful when they express their vulnerabilities; this entire 75-minute show was a lovely surprise and very funny. ★★★★1/2

— Lara Rae



C. Neil Parsons

Rachel Browne Theatre (Venue 8) to Sunday

In a somewhat overlong 75 minutes, American artist C. Neil Parsons has pieced together photos, letters and sound recordings of his father, Chris, who served in Vietnam mainly as a photographer. The photos are inherently moving, aching with loss and tragic resonance for both the lives we see and the deeply troubled time in which they were taken. His father’s story alone is enough for a moving theatrical experience, especially his recognition, years later, of the PTSD he suffered.

Throughout, however, we get Parson’s story of his physical sufferings told, and presented metaphorically, by his physical writhing and trombone playing. His attempt to bridge with his father’s suffering could be profound. But well-intentioned Parsons attempts too much when he aims to unite in some way various contemporary social movements with his own PTSD. His father’s story unites us all; enough said. ★★★

—Rory Runnells


Bossy Flyer

MTYP Mainstage (Venue 21) to Saturday

Andi McLeish photo
Three by Bossy Flyer

This physical theatre show travelling here from Long Beach, Calif., promised so much. Inspired by Sartre’s 1944 existential play No Exit and performed by Ezra Lebank, Cynthia Price and Taylor Casas, its 55 minutes (billed as 60) felt like an eternity thanks to an overabundance of pregnant pauses, weighty silences and cryptic relationships without any compelling imagery. Its undeniably impressive acrobatic tricks, including handstands and flips, were too few and far in between.

Last staged here in 2019, the show’s philosophical premise, in which three deceased characters are trapped in hell — suggested here by a taped off rectangle onstage — is admittedly a tough sell, given there’s no dialogue, though each cast member is clearly committed to their performance. It’s also never a good sign when the soundtrack is more engaging than the action.

While these things can often boil down to a matter of taste, this reviewer spent much of the night longing for an exit of her own. ★★1/2

— Holly Harris



Aaron Malkin

Tom Hendry Warehouse (Venue 6) to Sunday

Laundry days bring out the monster in Nayana Fielkov.

Nayana Feilkov in Underbelly

The Vancouver writer-performer is a person possessed in this fast-paced, 45-minute one-woman absurdist piece that mixes laughs with intense physical work. Using projections on a shower curtain, Fielkov shows off her routine for Preparing to take on the day, which includes putting on makeup, brushing her teeth and picking her nose with a giant brush.

She leaves the shower area in a frilly dress to sing while trying to battle an inner monster, which tries take over her chores and disrupt her day. The monster grows throughout the show from a clever hat to a giant prop as the transformation becomes complete. Along the way, there are some tears (splash-zone alert), a make-out session with a robe, a little body dismemberment and a surreal supper made of literal finger food.

Underbelly will put your brain in a bizarre spin cycle. ★★★

— Rob Williams

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Killexams : Amar Akbar Anthony

Bollywood action comedy film with a lost and found theme, about three brothers separated during their childhood who grew up in three homes, adopting three religions. They meet in their youth to fight a common villain. It was the biggest blockbuster of 1977, and won several awards at 25th Filmfare Awards including Best Actor, Best Music Director and Best Editing.

Show More

Thu, 02 Jul 2020 16:05:00 -0500 en text/html
OMG-OCUP-300 exam dump and training guide direct download
Training Exams List