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Killexams : The-Open-Group Advanced reality - BingNews Search results Killexams : The-Open-Group Advanced reality - BingNews Killexams : Microsoft: Hackers are using open source software and fake jobs in phishing attacks
Image: Natee Meepian / Shutterstock

Microsoft is warning that hackers are using open source software and bogus social media accounts to dupe software engineers and IT support staff with fake job offers that in reality lead to malware attacks.

A phishing-happy hacking crew linked to North Korea's armed forces has been using trojanized open-source apps and LinkedIn recruitment bait to hit tech industry employees, according to threat analysts from Microsoft's advanced persistent threat (APT) research group.

The Microsoft Threat Intelligence Center (MSTIC, pronounced 'Mystic') has seen the group using PuTTY, KiTTY, TightVNC, Sumatra PDF Reader, and the muPDF/Subliminal Recording software installer for these attack since late April, according to MSTIC's blogpost

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The hacking group has targeted employees in media, defense and aerospace, and IT services in the US, UK, India, and Russia. The group was also behind the massive attack on Sony Pictures Entertainment in 2014.

Also known as Lazarus, and tracked by Microsoft as ZINC, Google Cloud's Mandiant threat analysts saw the group spear-phishing targets in the tech and media sectors with bogus job offers in July, using WhatsApp to share a trojanized instance of PuTTY.

"Microsoft researchers have observed spear-phishing as a primary tactic of ZINC actors, but they have also been observed using strategic website compromises and social engineering across social media to achieve their objectives," MSTIC notes

"ZINC targets employees of companies it's attempting to infiltrate and seeks to coerce these individuals into installing seemingly benign programs or opening weaponized documents that contain malicious macros. Targeted attacks have also been carried out against security researchers over Twitter and LinkedIn."

The group engages in espionage, data theft, hacking crypto exchanges and banking systems, and wrecking networks. It is also tracked as Labyrinth Chollima and Black Artemis.

A security team at Microsoft-owned LinkedIn also saw these actors creating fake profiles to impersonate recruiters from companies in the technology, defense, and media entertainment sectors.

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Targets were guided off LinkedIn to WhatsApp to share malware, and included IT and IT support workers at companies in the US, UK and India, according to Microsoft. Google's Threat Analysis Group (TAG) found the group using Twitter, Discord, YouTube, Telegram, Keybase and email with similar tactics last January.

US authorities warned US and European firms to beware of IT contractors applying for support and developer roles last year.

LinkedIn's Threat Prevention and Defense team terminated the bogus accounts.

"ZINC primarily targeted engineers and technical support professionals working at media and information technology companies located in the UK, India, and the US," MSTIC warned. 

"Targets received outreach tailored to their profession or background and were encouraged to apply for an open position at one of several legitimate companies. In accordance with their policies, for accounts identified in these attacks, LinkedIn quickly terminated any accounts associated with inauthentic or fraudulent behavior."

Source: Microsoft
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LAS VEGAS, Oct. 6, 2022 /PRNewswire/ -- The innovative and trailblazing Chief Experience Officer (CEO) and Founder of Realty ONE Group, Kuba Jewgieniew, has been named a 2022 HousingWire Vanguard Award winner for his outstanding leadership and pioneering efforts in real estate.

Realty ONE Group's logo

Jewgieniew is one of few founders still at the helm of his now global organization, Realty ONE Group, a modern, purpose-driven lifestyle brand and ONE of the fastest growing franchisors today. This year, Realty ONE Group was ranked a Top 100 Recession-Proof franchise by Franchise Business Review and the company claimed the No.1 spot for real estate franchisors on Entrepreneur's highly competitive 2022 Franchise 500(R) List.

"I'm passionate about our clear purpose to open doors and positively change lives around the world as we continue expanding globally," said Kuba Jewgieniew, CEO and Founder of Realty ONE Group. "Since day ONE, we've lived by our mantra of 'EveryONE Wins' and we're all vanguards at Realty ONE Group."

"The Vanguards award showcases the exemplary leaders in housing who are constantly innovating and evolving despite inevitable economic headwinds," said Clayton Collins, CEO of HW Media.

Realty ONE Group now has more than 18,000 real estate professionals in more than 400 offices in 49 states, Washington D.C., Puerto Rico and now the countries of Bolivia, Canada, Costa Rica, Ecuador, Italy, Portugal, Singapore and Spain.

Learn more at

About Realty ONE Group

Founded in 2005, Realty ONE Group is an industry disruptor, radically changing the face of real estate franchising with its unique business model, fun coolture, technology infrastructure and superior support for its real estate professionals. The company has rapidly evolved to include more than 18,000 real estate professionals in over 400+ offices across 49 U.S. states, Washington D.C., Puerto Rico, Bolivia, Canada, Costa Rica, Ecuador, Italy, Portugal, Spain and Singapore. Realty ONE Group ranks in the top one percent in the nation by REAL Trends and has been recognized by Entrepreneur Magazine as the number ONE real estate brand. Realty ONE Group is surging ahead, opening doors, not only for its clients but for real estate professionals and franchise owners. To learn more, visit


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SOURCE Realty ONE Group

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Killexams : The New Open Home: Study Reveals Benefits Of Virtual Reality

Virtual reality can be game-changing when it comes to marketing and selling homes, according to a study by University of Auckland researchers.

Properties that offer virtual reality tours attract an additional 72.3 percent prospective buyers to on-site inspections compared to properties that don’t provide virtual reality tours, say Business School researchers Professor Deborah Levy and Dr William Cheung, who, together with co-authors Chuyi Xiong and Michael Allen, utilised data from one of the largest real estate brokerages in China.

"We found that the use of virtual reality in property marketing motivates buyers to physically inspect a property, reduces the property's time on the market, and improves information transparency, narrowing the difference between the asking and transacted prices of a property," says Dr Cheung.

The study data includes residential property sales from 14 districts in Wuhan, and in total, more than 4,000 housing transactions were analysed. The transaction data contains each property's characteristics and whether virtual reality (VR) was incorporated in marketing the property.

In addition, the dataset includes detailed social media interactions for each property, including numbers of followers and viewers.

This kind of social interaction information displayed on the property listing pages, especially the number of followers of properties, also helps to increase physical visits, according to the study, with a 1 percent increase in followers leading to a 21 percent increase in potential buyers visiting the houses.

Meanwhile, the use of virtual reality in property listings reduces the time on the market by 6.41 percent. It can also enhance market transparency, resulting in the narrowing of the bid-ask price spread by 2 percent.

Levy and Cheung believe New Zealand will soon catch up to overseas players already utilising virtual reality to market properties.

"We can all benefit from this tech," says Levy. "It's efficient - you can sit at your computer and have a nosy from the comfort of your home, so there's fun in that, but it also gives you much more of a real-life feel of a property before you have to go and spend time and money looking in person.

“In the near future, I believe virtual reality will be commonly utilised here as it is in China for viewing properties. I think it will become the norm."

Cheung says a virtual home tour is a relatively inexpensive endeavour for potential buyers who can purchase affordable headsets starting at around $30 for use with a smartphone.

The investment for real estate companies looking to offer VR experiences in New Zealand will, of course, be more substantial, says Cheung.

“I did a lot of VR tours of apartments in China - these 3d virtual tours are very sophisticated and provide a high-quality experience of the property.

“This technology is making it easier for many people to find their dream home." •

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Killexams : Royal Caribbean Group to Open Zero-Energy Cruise Terminal in Texas

By Kathryn Hardison

Royal Caribbean Group will soon open a new terminal in Galveston, Texas, which will generate all of its needed energy through on-site solar panels.

The cruise company said Thursday that its Royal Caribbean International brand will use the terminal, which is slated to open Nov. 9.

The $125 million terminal is at the Port of Galveston and expands the company's presence in the port, increasing the cruise line's ability to accommodate up to 630,000 guests per year, the company said.

Royal Caribbean expects to achieve LEED Gold certification within the first two quarters of 2023.

Write to Kathryn Hardison at

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Killexams : Kim Kardashian—Being on Reality TV, Having Sex Tape 'Does Not Open Doors'

Kim Kardashian says being on reality TV "does not open doors" in the latest episode of The Kardashians.

In the episode "We're Built for This," obtained in advance by Newsweek, Kardashian sat down with sisters Khloé Kardashian and Kendall Jenner to discuss the backlash she endured after an interview with Variety.

In March, the SKKN and Skims founder—who has four children with estranged husband Kanye West—told the magazine: "I have the best advice for women in business. Get your f***ing a** up and work. It seems like nobody wants to work these days."

People were quick to criticize Kardashian's remarks as "tone deaf" from someone born into wealth. However, she defended herself during lunch with her sisters.

Kim Kardashian attends an event for her beauty brand on December 4, 2018, in Costa Mesa, California. Her comments about work ethic in an interview prompted a backlash. Stefanie Keenan/Getty Images for KKW Beauty/Getty Images

"There's just been so much going on because of that Variety interview, and it's like, I said what I said about people working. Do I believe in that? Yes. I believe that you have to work hard in order to do that, but I was just so blindsided by how angry people got," Kardashian said.

"Enough people were triggered, so I wanna be like responsible and understand why people feel the way that they do," she added. "A lot of people weren't given the same opportunities as us."

Khloé Kardashian agreed, saying, "Oh my gosh, of course. We've had crazy great opportunities—but also, you did work."

In a separate confessional, Khloé Kardashian, who co-founded fashion brand Good American, said: "People would crucify her regardless.

"They're always going to say, 'Well what do you know? You were born with a silver spoon in your mouth.' It's frustrating when the world doesn't want to see you for who you are and they want to always make whatever you say a personal attack."

Koko concluded: "It's the right message, the wrong messenger."

At the lunch with her sisters, Kim Kardashian discussed how their mom, Kris Jenner, had to sell her Hidden Hills home because she couldn't afford it.

"Mom really started her career and making money at 50," she said. "I saw her work her ass off and figure it out—get her agent's license, get a manager's license. That really inspired me to work."

She added that people "assume that I got everything handed to me being on a TV show. But being on a reality show, let alone a reality show girl with a sex tape, does not open doors. And so, I always felt like I had to work extra hard and harder to be taken seriously and for people to forget about my past."

The sex tape, which was released in 2007 as Kim Kardashian Superstar, showed her with Ray J, who was her boyfriend from 2002 to 2006. It was reportedly filmed in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico, in 2004. Ray J has since claimed that Kris Jenner orchestrated the release of the tape, which she denies.

Season 2 of The Kardashians premiered on September 22. New episodes are released weekly on Thursdays.

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Killexams : Are reality shows becoming open gambling?

Thukten Zangpo

With reality shows gaining popularity in the country, claims are that rather than benefits they are adding to social costs.

Apart from entertaining, reality shows also offer opportunities for the youth to build their career, pursue higher studies, and to take up-skilling programmes.

However, claims are that unlimited bulk voting through banking apps like Bank of Bhutan’s mBoB, Bhutan National Bank’s mPAY and Tashi Cell’s eTeeru, are breeding open gambling.

In reality shows, viewers can also vote for their favourite contestants through SMS voting from two telecom operators, Bhutan Telecom and TashiCell. A vote cost Nu 10.

The telecom operators and banks keep 20 percent share from the total votes; 80 percent goes to the organisers.

For a contestant to go to the next level, it is decided by 50 percent judges’ score and 50 percent public vote.  However, the votes determine the contestants’ position rather than the judges’ score since there is only a minor difference in the score.

Contestants’ sometimes are found asset mortgaging and selling their property to buy votes.

One of the contestants of Voice of Bhutan (VoB), Tshering Wangchuk, said votes accounted for Nu 2.5M to 3M via mBoB and eTeeru just from his parents, relatives, friends and his close supporters.

He was eliminated after reaching the top seven.

“Money is equally important to win,” Tshering Wangchuk said.

One of the relatives of a 12-year-old girl contestant who contested in one of the reality shows, said that she spent Nu 150,000 in votes. The girl came third and won prize money of Nu 0.3M.

“I feel it was not worth it. She had to sacrifice most of her study time in preparation of songs,” she added.

VoB contestant, Om Pradhan, said the supporter mostly create groups on social media where contestants share their bank accounts number.

He said he has never provided his account number to anyone.

“Talent is becoming like a business. Those with money power have greater chances of winning,” Om Pradhan said.

Chenga Dawa, the winner of the VoB, said that he had supporters both from inside and abroad.

A VoB, Kinley Choki, said most of his supporters were from Australia and New York who even sent her money.

VoB organizer, Chencho Dorji, said the contestants sign a contract agreement prior to the show in presence of their parents, asking them not to ask for votes in public and pressurize parents for votes.

He said that in earlier shows there were rumours where people sold properties and availed loans for votes. “Such things have never happened in his show.”

Chencho Dorji said that the vote money share of 80 percent for organisers was to support prize money, hall charge, equipment, uniforms, grooming session for contestants and staff payment.

Chencho Dorji said in other countries channels buy programmes for the content but in Bhutan, the organizers have to pay BBS.

“If the BBS does not charge and other stakeholders cut down their charges, we could have a limit to voting,” Chencho Dorji said.

He said that in VoB season 4, the total investment was Nu 8M and they are expecting 15 percent profit from the show.  He said the show gives opportunities to contestants for studies or jobs or necessary skills training after the show.

Organiser of Druk Gi Kalapingka, Kelzang Phuntsho, said they had a accurate meeting with the BBS.

He said BBS objected to voting through banking but agreed to vote from the telecom operators and cap Nu 500 per individual to vote.

“It would not make a difference as people will resort to bulk recharge from the banking services like Eload and mBoB, mPAY to recharge vouchers to others and vote,” Kelzang Phuntsho said, adding that organizers never forced people to vote.

Director of Bhutan Infocomm and Media Authority (BICMA), Jigme Wangdi, through an email interview, said the authority has learnt that reality shows have been breeding social issues such as open gambling, exploitation, asset mortgaging to buy votes, regionalism, and risk of politicizing as a result of many group formations using different social media platforms.

The authority has not received any formal complaint as yet.

Jigme Wangdi added that the authority has no access earnings from the sponsors, including from voting systems and mobile bank transfer, and they issue letters to the two telecom operators for the release of money collected from the voting system upon verifying the receipt of prizes for each category as per their proposal.

“The issues are cross-sectoral which require the multi-sectoral approach to conduct a thorough study and come up with guidelines conducive for both the organisers and contestants,” he added.

Chief executive officer of BoB, Dorji Kadin, said as a service provider and facilitator, they provide the platform and that if BICMA issues regulations on limited voting banks will adhere. 

Officiating Director of the Department of Law and Order, Karma Dorji  said the department recently received a letter of concern from BICMA but there was no concrete evidence to take interventions. “We are definitely going to take this matter up through consultation with relevant agencies because there are increasing talks about it. We have to acknowledge and recognize such issues brought to us.”

As per BICMA, the agency has given 21 television reality show permits from 2012 to date.

Edited by Tshering Palden

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Killexams : Peak Realty to open a new office in Southport Lofts No result found, try new keyword!"For a cutting-edge real estate group that is playing in the new construction and lease-up game, there is no better place than right here on the Clybourn corner right outside of Lincoln Yards ... Fri, 14 Oct 2022 06:05:00 -0500 text/html Killexams : Mission Matthews Place Offering Now Open For Pledging On RealtyMogul

The commercial real estate investment platform RealtyMogul has launched a new offering for a multifamily property in Charlotte, North Carolina. 

Mission Matthews Place is a 392-unit asset with value-add upside in the highly desirable submarket of Charlotte. With upgrades planned along with a private pool and fitness center, Mission Matthews Place will be a desirable residence in a city that has experienced considerable growth within the past decade.

The property is ripe for value-add. Offering sponsor GVA Real Estate Group plans to invest $3,519,324, including renovations to each of the 392 units with a more comprehensive renovation program planned for 35% of the units.

The upgrades planned include plumbing; lighting; and installation of cabinets, countertops, backsplashes, flooring and stainless steel appliances. The additions to the units pave the way to increase rent to match market competition in an area booming with population and industry.

  • Minimum investment: $35,000
  • Target IRR: 18.1%
  • Target equity Multiple: 2.05x
  • Target cash yield: 6.7%
  • Target investment term: 5 years

View RealtyMogul offerings

GVA Real Estate Group, the sponsor of the investment, is a full-service, vertically integrated real estate company that focuses on multifamily properties. 

The company has funded 233 deals totaling $4.89 billion. GVA manages 24,800 units in 128 properties valued at $3.05 billion. In the Charlotte area, GVA manages nearly 3,500 units. The firm owns 138 properties and manages 25,796 units in Texas, Tennessee, Oklahoma, Colorado and the Carolinas. To date, GVA has sold 70 properties for an average gross IRR of 45.2%.

View more real estate investment offerings on Benzinga's Offering Screener

Photo: Courtesy of RealtyMogul

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