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Network-Appliance Installation tricks
Killexams : Network-Appliance Installation tricks - BingNews Search results Killexams : Network-Appliance Installation tricks - BingNews Killexams : Veritas™ 5250 Appliance Hardware Installation Guide

The networking ports are accessed on the rear panel of the device. The remote management port is for use by Veritas Technical Support staff or by approved field service technicians.

The following picture shows the layout of the network ports. It includes the four 1 Gb Ethernet ports on the right.

The remote management (IPMI) port is located to the left of the 1 Gb Ethernet ports.

In a NetBackup appliance, by default, NIC1 (eth0) is factory set to IP address This private network address is reserved to provide a direct connection from a laptop to perform the initial configuration. NIC1 (eth0) is typically not connected to your network environment.

In a Flex appliance, by default, host0 is used to perform all the network management.

Once the initial configuration has been completed, you can connect NIC1 (eth0) to an administrative network that does not provide any backup data transfer.

See Connecting the power cords.

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Killexams : Matter standard gives home appliances a common language

Matter, an open-source connectivity standard that allows smart home devices to talk seamlessly to one another, is now live. After years of fragmentation, has the industry finally united behind a universal smart home standard?

In the smart home that was promised, domestic appliances – thermostats, smart fridges, smart locks, smart lights – work together to manage our households with minimal interference. The reality is a muddle of systems that refuse to communicate: a patched-together collection of digital domestic servants shouting at one another in mutually unintelligible languages to little effect.

Lack of interoperability is among the most serious obstacles to expansion of the ‘internet of things’, and has long been recognised as such. A 2014 UK government report warned that competing IoT standards are a major block to growth in the sector: “Left unchecked, this carries a risk of restrictive standards being set and enforced by monopolistic providers, and of fragmentation inhibiting the interoperability of devices.”

This fragmentation is particularly painful when it comes to the smart home. Consumers are forced to patch together proprietary systems with bridges, install a variety of apps, and make multiple user accounts to get their devices working together. Even the most tech-savvy consumers find this off-putting. Developers are wasting time creating similar products for each platform, while retailers are forced to maintain multiple inventories.

This approach, in which device compatibility is severely restricted, is commonly termed the ‘walled garden’ approach to IoT.

Lars Felber, PR director at German smart home company Eve Systems, describes the domestic IoT ecosystem as a collection of isolated islands: “The smart home sector today looks like a huge ocean full of little islands. You go to the shop and buy a lighting product, and at home, you find out that you need a bridge for it that you might not have. So, you need a start-up kit with a bridge, and then you’d like to control that from your voice assistant and maybe the voice assistant’s cloud service doesn’t talk to the cloud service of the lighting bridge […] so it’s all very fragmented.”

The fragmented smart home has prompted years of head-shaking, hand-wringing, and enthusiastic noises from the big players, which outwardly express support for a universal standard that would allow all smart home devices to be managed from one controlling application. It is recognised that standards do not only simplify the user experience and reduce workload for manufacturers; they also bring benefits such as improved network security and energy efficiency.

Over the years, competing standards have sprung up; the most successful include Zigbee, Z-Wave, Wi-Fi, and Bluetooth. Although each has its strengths, none fits every part of the smart home, and none has emerged above the rest as the universal standard. Jon Harros, director of certification and testing programmes at the Connectivity Standards Alliance (CSA), comments: “Innovators begin to develop their own products; [they] very much centralise around their own solutions. Pretty soon they start partnering up with one or two other companies that may have similar interests.”

“But obviously this is happening simultaneously in lots of different areas. So, what you end up with is some very small pockets of innovation happening around the same areas, all starting to grow.”

All these competitors, at last, appear to have realised that they must work together, and are coalescing around one standard, overseen by the CSA.

“It took several years, I think, for the market to realise that as discrete companies you could only grow your business so much,” says Michelle Mindala-Freeman, VP of marketing at the CSA. “And, as those companies all came to some natural realisation, they were able to centre around the mission of the organisation. [There] was a bit of an alignment around a market view: an alignment around the future of technology centring on IP as the common protocol for connected devices as opposed to proprietary methods.”

Most smart home players agree that Matter is the universal connectivity standard the sector has been waiting for.

Matter started life as the Zigbee Alliance, which was formed from hundreds of companies using the standard in 2002. (Zigbee is a way to connect smart home devices, a mesh-based approach in which each node in the network acts like a wireless router). In 2019, it formed Project Connected Home over IP, which rebranded as Matter last year, while the Zigbee Alliance rebranded as the CSA. It aims to build an industry-wide IoT standard and, unlike previous efforts, almost everyone seems to be on board.

Over 500 companies are members of the CSA – including Amazon, Apple, Google, Samsung, Facebook, Huawei, Qualcomm, and TCL – with more than 200 directly involved with the standard.

“The interesting part is they also want small companies like us – I mean, we are 35, 40 people, we’re tiny – they want us to make contributions,” says Felber, reflecting on Eve’s role within the CSA. “So, this is not a North American thing, it’s not an Asian thing; it’s 200 companies from all over the world […] it really looks like those big players want to stop that fragmentation and for consumers to just buy whatever they want and hook it up easily.”

The result of all this work is Matter: an open-source connectivity standard based on the IP. Matter provides a unified application layer on top of existing IP links – such as Wi-Fi, Thread, and Ethernet – to connect devices without the need for dedicated translators.

The decision for hundreds of companies to unify around IP as the basis for the standard came about as a result of gradual technological advances which have rendered it feasible for smart home applications. Chris LaPré, head of technology at the CSA, explains: “In the last 20 years, IP has been – I don’t want to say too complicated – but the implementation of IP has been too big, too expensive in a silicon sense, for it to make sense for small connected devices. But with Moore’s Law happening in the background, it’s sort of all come together to be the right thing; it was always sort of the right thing but was always too expensive to do. It’s the right time for IP.”

The CSA aims to have the final Matter 1.0 specification, software development kit, and certification program ready for an autumn 2022 launch, with the first Matter-certified devices expected to arrive around the end of the year.

The launch of Matter is highly anticipated. CSA members enthuse about perks such as Multi Admin (which hugely simplifies control over which members of a household can operate certain devices) and the ability to largely bypass clouds (Matter controllers can send commands directly to devices on the IP network, rather than going through at least one cloud before reaching the device).

However, the overwhelming advantage of Matter is its potential to connect fragmented smart homes. Matter-certified products will be ‘plug and play’, guaranteeing seamless communication between different platforms for basic commands.

Users will no longer be locked into certain ecosystems. For instance, a user with a Google door lock would previously be effectively locked into Google’s ecosystem. Going ahead, however, Amazon’s Alexa could be used as a Matter controller to control that Google door lock.

“We think that Matter – as the unifying language of the IoT – will make it much simpler for consumers to choose and enter the market,” says Mindala-Freeman. “The other piece of the puzzle is the unification of the development efforts and the simplification of the development efforts. I think it’s going to lead to more innovation [because of] freeing up incremental resources that have been historically working on IoT protocols one, two, three, four. [Developers] can now go: what’s the next great user experience, what’s the next great device innovation we should be working on?”

There is a near-consensus throughout the industry that Matter is the universal standard the industry has been waiting for. David Owens, an IET fellow, said: “I do think Matter is the standard we have been waiting for; it’s managed to gain approval of the big three: Apple, Amazon, and Google. And it formed out of what was the project for Connected Home over IP, so combines the Zigbee Alliance and others, so it has credibility. Adoption will ultimately depend on delivering compelling customer use cases […] what’s key to that is interoperability, security, and compatibility through standardisation, and I believe that Matter can help deliver that.”

In the beginning, Matter will be restricted to the simplest commands. Matter 1.0 includes: lightbulbs, switches, and lighting controllers; plugs and outlets; locks and garage door controllers; thermostats and other HVAC controllers; blinds and shades; security sensors; wireless access points and bridges; and TVs and streaming video players.

According to Harros, alliance members made the decision to move forward quickly with Matter 1.0. The first specification, therefore, only includes the simplest devices: “They’re all simple packets: turn on, turn off. Cameras and other things […] are out of scope today, but it’s where we’re looking in the future”. The next specification is expected to include vacuum cleaners and EV chargers, while more complex devices, such as AI home cameras, remain further away.

This means that manufacturer apps will still be required for special features not available in Matter. For instance, users can use a Matter controller to turn on and off their lights, but will still need to use a proprietary platform like Apple HomeKit to access adaptive lighting features.

The CSA hopes to enhance the standard with these features in the future. Its representatives explain that it works by finding the set of common features which its members agree can and should be made interoperable, and, as manufacturers contribute their ‘tricks’ to the standard, that set of features can expand. Mindala-Freeman argues that this co-operative approach will not stymie innovation in the sector – quite the opposite.

“The process is a rising tide with boats. You start with the core framework; you get the basic functionality out,” she says. “People are absolutely continuing to innovate on top of the standard. As those features become more common, the standard raises the level of the water for all the boats. And that’s the beauty of the standardisation process. It enables the innovation but then it can standardise that innovation in a common way.”

Matter’s success cannot be taken for granted. One stumbling block is that automations and routines will not work seamlessly across platforms; another is the problem of legacy devices. In many cases, older devices can be upgraded with firmware which can transform, for instance, a HomeKit-only product into a Matter product. However, some older products do not have suitable hardware for these over-the-air upgrades, leaving certain generations of devices ultimately incompatible with Matter – a serious problem when some smart home devices are embedded into the home, such as smart light switches.

These legacy devices can be connected using bridges, which are fully defined within the Matter specification, although this calls for more ‘patching’ by users, for which Matter should mark the beginning of the end.

Mitch Klein, executive director and chair of the Z-Wave Alliance, which is not involved with the CSA, comments: “When Matter launches and there’s the big marketing push […] you want to make sure that the adoption of those products won’t make all of the existing devices essentially irrelevant or non-interoperable. That’s going to be the concern. You can’t have the success of Matter if hundreds of millions of devices no longer work.”

Despite near-universal goodwill towards Matter, it is not a magic bullet for the issue of smart home fragmentation. It remains to be seen whether companies will be willing to lower the walls of their gardens and cooperate with rivals to expand this new standard. So far, CSA members are making the right noises and actions. “What makes it successful are the members: all of the companies who are building the chipsets into devices,” says Mindala-Freman. “And if they don’t do that, then, candidly, that would inhibit its success.”


“We’re all trying to make this work together.”

Z-Wave is one of the two main means for connecting smart home devices (the other being Zigbee, another low-power mesh network). The Z-Wave Alliance has always emphasised interoperability; every Z-Wave-certified device works with every Z-Wave-certified controller. However, it is not part of Matter.

“The Matter launch focus is on IP and the 2.4GHz frequency range, and Z Wave is sub-GHz. We have what’s called [Z-Wave over IP] layer where you can basically fake IP, but we don’t have a native IP and we don’t do 2.4GHz so we weren’t invited in,” explains Mitch Klein, executive director and chair of the Z-Wave Alliance. “That’s not to say we haven’t been in the discussion; we have.”

With the rest of the industry embracing Matter with such enthusiasm, and Z-Wave remaining outside that standard, for the time being, it is worth asking what Z-Wave’s future looks like alongside Matter. Klein is not losing sleep over the prospect.

“When I first came on board with the Z-Wave alliance, which was eight years ago, I was thrown in the lion’s den. The first meeting I had was with one of the analysts and the analyst basically said What makes you think Z-Wave can survive with all this stuff coming at you, with Bluetooth doing this and Wi-Fi doing that, and Zigbee, what makes you think you can survive? A couple of years later I had another meeting with him and he was like I guess I was wrong.”

Despite not being an active participant in Matter, Klein says there is no hostility between the alliances, which have a common goal which they could work together towards the future: “We’re all trying to make this work together.”

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Killexams : How to Protect a Hardwood Floor During Appliance Installation

Damarious Page is a financial transcriptionist specializing in corporate quarterly earnings and financial results. Page holds a medical transcription certificate and has participated in an extensive career analysis and outplacement group workshop through Right Management. The West Corporation trained and certified him to handle customer support for home appliance clients.

Sat, 21 Jul 2018 00:57:00 -0500 en text/html
Killexams : hardware appliance

A device that is dedicated to a specific function in contrast to a general-purpose computer. The hardware comes pre-installed with its operating system and application. Many consider the router to be the first network appliance.

A "software appliance" is the software alone, which must be installed in the computer. Following is a list of common hardware appliances. See virtual appliance.

Thu, 21 Feb 2019 19:53:00 -0600 en text/html
Killexams : Smart appliances on your home office network could be a cybersecurity risk

Everywhere in many homes, devices like appliances and entertainment “talk to the cloud.” Sure, they are convenient, but experts warn, also problematic, particularly regarding personal privacy, security, or safety.

Exploration is now underway how to protect home systems from hackers, including how artificial intelligence can help

And its not just appliances. The problem is multiplied because almost a third of former office staffs are working from home. Cyberattack frequency in the home has increased 238% since the beginning of the pandemic, based on a study by Alliance Virtual Offices.

In a study conducted by Tenable, a cyber exposure management company, 74% of organizations surveyed attribute the exact business impact of cyberattacks to the vulnerability of remote work.

Until recently, the trend over the past 20 years has been to go beyond large centralized corporate IT systems toward medium and small business networks, according to Robert Boles, president of Blokworx, a local managed services provider (MSP) with offices in Larkspur and throughout the San Francisco Bay area.

“In the past, serving the home cybersecurity market was not deemed profitable, so IT firms opted to serve the small-to-medium business (SMB) and above categories,” Boles said.

“Today, the need to have outside support to manage network security has trickled-down to the residential level where most people are consumers, not electronics savvy, and without an IT department at their disposal and don’t have the tools and know-how to effectively cope with such problems on their own,” Boles said.

So how does the average remote working employee accomplish this if the in-home network is compromised?

“If something is vulnerable, it will be expected, but everything is vulnerable in some way. It boils down to what the market will bear. The concern has been as to whether residential IT and IoT users are willing to pay $40 to $50 a month or more for an MSP?”

So how do we protect business users and those working at home?

Boles said his firm worked with Allen, Texas-based Cytracom and CEO Zane Conkel in 2021 on a software-defined wide area network secure-access, secure-edge product (SD-WAN-SASA) that allows enterprises to leverage a combination of transport services to securely connect users to applications.

Cytracom’s product, called ControlOne, puts a software “agent” on a laptop configured to manage the device based on permissions that must be used before anyone would have access to trusted links. If the laptop is left in the office, the system senses that, but if in a home, it would create a secure data ”tunnel“ to connect to the office server.

ControlOne is designed to know the IP addresses at the office and the public network, as well as the network it is on, and The system has a “phone-home component” to see if it is on a friendly network. It can authenticate itself to the domain, knows the profile of the machine with a fingerprint to authenticate it for encryption.

Cytracom partners with Deep Instinct, a New York firm that takes a “prevention-first” approach to stopping ransomware and other malware.

“They developed the first deep learning AI neural network that uses machine learning to see if it can make identity decisions on its own as well as make decisions the way humans do,” Boles said of Deep Instinct. “With progress being made on many fronts, the benefits of AI could soon spread to all touchpoints in the IT cyber universe.”

AI for home network security

Napa-based David Knudson used his understanding of statistical analysis and applied artificial intelligence algorithms on crowdsourced, real-time data to co-found Everything Set in 2019. It launched in March and offers smart device home network monitoring to deliver intelligent security.

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Killexams : Network Security Appliance Market 2022, Estimation, Key Player, Portfolio, SWOT Analysis and Forecast to 2028

The MarketWatch News Department was not involved in the creation of this content.

Sep 22, 2022 (Market Insight Reports) -- The Network Security Appliance market document offers the list of chief competitors & provides strategic insights & analysis of key factors influencing the industry. This Network Security Appliance market analysis makes businesses acquainted about various segments that are relied upon to observe the rapid business development amid the estimate forecast frame. This Network Security Appliance market research report has wide-ranging & comprehensive market insights which are based on business intelligence. This global Network Security Appliance market report best suits the requirements of clients. A panel of skilled analysts, well-versed statisticians, knowledgeable research experts, enthusiastic forecasters, & smart economists work carefully to generate such excellent market research report for the businesses.

Get a sample report with full charts, graphs and figures of this Network Security Appliance Market @

Network Security Appliance Market Analysis includes:

  • Executive summary, market introduction, Network Security Appliance market definition.
  • Macroeconomic factors and forecast factors.
  • Network Security Appliance Market taxonomy - segmentation on the basis of type, end-use, and region.
  • Pricing analysis, regulatory factors analysis, and value chain analysis.
  • Network Security Appliance Market dynamics including key drivers, key restraints, exact trends, upcoming opportunities.
  • In-depth forecast analysis by type, end-use, region.
  • Network Security Appliance Market structure and competition analysis.

Enquiry Before Buying this Report –

Market segmentation
Network Security Appliance is split by Type and by Application. For the period 2022-2028, the growth among segments provide accurate calculations and forecasts for sales by Type and by Application in terms of volume and value. This analysis can help you expand your business by targeting qualified niche markets.

Network Security ApplianceMarket segment by Type, covers

  • Type 1
  • Type 2
  • Other Types

Network Security ApplianceMarket segment by Application can be divided into

  • Application 1
  • Application 2
  • Other Applications

The key market players for global Network Security Appliance are listed below:

  • Zebra, Avery Dennison, Impinj, Intermec (Honeywell), Alien Technology, Parker Hannifin, Omni-ID, Confidex, Checkpoint Systems

Network Security ApplianceMarket segment by Region, regional analysis covers
North America (United States, Canada and Mexico)
Europe (Germany, France, United Kingdom, Russia, Italy, and Rest of Europe)
Asia-Pacific (China, Japan, Korea, India, Southeast Asia, and Australia)
South America (Brazil, Argentina, Colombia, and Rest of South America)
Middle East & Africa (Saudi Arabia, UAE, Egypt, South Africa, and Rest of Middle East & Africa)

Read Detailed Index of Network Security Appliance Market full Research Study at @–665207?SP

Key features of the study:

  • This report provides in-depth analysis of the global Network Security Appliance and provides market size (US$ Million & Tons) and compound annual growth rate (CAGR %) for the forecast period (2020-2028), considering 2021 as the base year
  • It elucidates potential revenue opportunity across different segments and explains attractive investment proposition matrix for this market
  • This study also provides key insights about market drivers, restraints, opportunities, new product launches or approval, regional outlook, and competitive strategies adopted by key players
  • This study also provides impact analysis of Coronavirus (Covid-19) pandemic on Network Security Appliance.
  • It profiles key players in the global Network Security Appliance based on the following parameters - company overview, financial performance, product portfolio, geographical presence, distribution strategies, key developments and strategies, and future plans
  • Insights from this report would allow marketers and management authorities of companies to make informed decision regarding future product launches, technology upgradation, market expansion, and marketing tactics
  • The global Network Security Appliance report caters to various stakeholders in this industry including investors, suppliers, edible nuts manufacturers, distributors, new entrants, and financial analysts
  • Stakeholders would have ease in decision-making through various strategy matrices used in analyzing the Network Security Appliance

Reasons to Buy This Report

This report will help the readers to understand the competition within the industries and strategies for the competitive environment to enhance the potential profit. The report also focuses on the competitive landscape of the global Network Security Appliance market, and introduces in detail the market share, industry ranking, competitor ecosystem, market performance, new product development, operation situation, expansion, and acquisition. etc. of the main players, which helps the readers to identify the main competitors and deeply understand the competition pattern of the market.

This report will help stakeholders to understand the global industry status and trends of Network Security Appliance and provides them with information on key market drivers, restraints, challenges, and opportunities.

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Note: This report can be further customized according to the client's specific requirements. No additional charges will be added for limited additional research.


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Killexams : Experts say simple freezer trick with old newspapers could save you money on energy bills

Everyone is looking for ways to save money as the cost of living crisis continues to spiral in the UK. And one way is to make sure household appliances are working as efficiently as possible.

Experts have shared a way to make sure that your freezer is working in the best way possible, helping to save some money on your energy bills. They say it's important to keep your freezer full.

Andy Kerr, Founder & CEO at BOXT comments: “Keeping your freezer full can make it work more efficiently, which reduces your energy consumption and helps keep bills down. Keeping it full reduces the amount of air that needs to be re-cooled each time the freezer is opened.

“Due to the cost of living crisis, keeping your freezer topped up might be proving difficult. However you don’t need to spend extra money to fill your freezer with food - using non-food items is possible and, in fact, can work even better for this purpose.

“For example, newspaper is great for stuffing at the back of your freezer to keep it full. Just ensure you move all of your food to the front of the freezer, as the less time the freezer door is open, the less energy is used. Make sure you also leave space around the edges and top so your freezer’s thermostat can sense the temperature.

“Ideally, pick items that are easy to find, take up space and will keep their shape (and size) when cooled. Ziplock bags full of water are another great way to take up space and reduce your energy consumption. Kitchen towels or bags stuffed with shipping peanuts are also excellent choices."

Someone putting a plastic container into the freezer
  • Do not overfill the freezer (no more than three-quarters full) – it still needs some space for air so the thermostat can work properly
  • Always fill the back of the freezer space so that the items you may want to grab are easy to access
  • When taking things out, make sure to quickly take what you want and close the door again immediately
  • Do not put hot food into the freezer as cooling it down will take extra work and use up more electricity
  • Ensure the freezer's thermostat is not set too low (-18 degrees Celsius is recommended).
  • You should also defrost your freezer at least once a year. However, if you see the ice build up more than one quarter thick then you should defrost it more regularly
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Killexams : BCD launches all-in-one network video recording appliance

BCD announced the release of the company's first-ever original design manufactured device, a 1U all-in-one network video recorder.

The recorder is capable of storing up to 80TB of raw storage, available with either an eight or twenty-four port PoE+ to PoE switch. The eight-port system is powered with an Intel Core i5-7500 processor, with a Passmark rating of 6059, and the 24-port unit is driven by an Intel Core i7-7700, with an 8653 Passmark rating.

The AIO is a surveillance appliance that comes standard with a scalable managed switch with PoE+ to PoE support, PoE Management software and TMP 2.0 functionality, and Web management UI for Switch configuration, PoE settings, etc.

All systems include four drive bays, allow for RAID 0/1/5/10, and BCD’s Harmonize Bridge, powered by Tiger Technology, delivering hybrid cloud capability, as well as disaster recovery. All systems come standard with a two-year advanced exchange warranty, and a five-year Keep Your Hard Drive (KYHD) replacement warranty.

Among the target vertical markets for BCD’s NVR/AIO include retail, as being an all-in-one device allows for quick deployments where additional POE switches are not needed or not available, as well as finance and banking. BCD’s 8-port and 24-port NVR appliances are great for the SMB market as these systems are VMS agnostic and a perfect fit for any small deployment.

Other deployment opportunities include edge enterprise.  The design of this lends itself to a large enterprise deployment where you may need multiple edge NVRS and POE but still maintain a large data center or large storage deployment for your entire enterprise VMS.

Built for both large and small applications, these systems are ideal for small POE-enabled access control. The flexibility within each unit allows the system administrator to run the access control server software on the unit as the host, including the database, and power all of your POE-enabled door controllers or readers. Lastly, these solutions can all be tied into your fabric network or enterprise network and can be used as an edge NVR/recorder, or you can choose to run full management, recording, and alarm processing through the AIO.

 Initial deliveries of these units to North American customers will begin in early November.

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Killexams : Network Security Appliance Market 2022 Industry Outlook, Current Status, Supply-Demand, Growth Opportunities and Top Players Analysis 2027

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Sep 23, 2022 (The Expresswire) -- "Network Security Appliance Market" valuation is Projected to reach 13050 Mn USD by 2027, From 7157.7 Mn USD In 2022, at a CAGR of 8.5% throughout the forecast period. The market is segmented on the basis of End-user Industry (Government Organizations, SMEs, Large Organisation), By Type (Firewall, Unified Threat Management (UTM), Intrusion Detection and Prevention (IDP), Content Management (Web and Messaging), Virtual Private Network (VPN)), and Geography (Asia-Pacific, North America, Europe, South America, and Middle-East and Africa)

Network Security Appliance Market Research Report is spread across 102 Pages and provides exclusive data, information, vital statistics, trends, and competitive landscape details in this niche sector.


The outbreak of COVID-19 has severely impacted the overall supply chain of the Network Security Appliance market. The halt in production and end use sector operations have affected the Network Security Appliance market. The pandemic has affected the overall growth of the industry In 2020 and at the start of 2021, Sudden outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic had led to the implementation of stringent lockdown regulations across several nations resulting in disruptions in import and export activities of Network Security Appliance.

COVID-19 can affect the global economy in three main ways: by directly affecting production and demand, by creating supply chain and market disruption, and by its financial impact on firms and financial markets. Our analysts monitoring the situation across the globe explains that the market will generate remunerative prospects for producers post COVID-19 crisis. The report aims to provide an additional illustration of the latest scenario, economic slowdown, and COVID-19 impact on the overall industry.

Final Report will add the analysis of the impact of COVID-19 on this industry.


The Network Security Appliance market report provides a detailed analysis of global market size, regional and country-level market size, segmentation market growth, market share, competitive Landscape, sales analysis, impact of domestic and global market players, value chain optimization, trade regulations, exact developments, opportunities analysis, strategic market growth analysis, product launches, area marketplace expanding, and technological innovations.

It also provides accurate information and cutting-edge analysis that is necessary to formulate an ideal business plan, and to define the right path for rapid growth for all involved industry players. With this information, stakeholders will be more capable of developing new strategies, which focus on market opportunities that will benefit them, making their business endeavors profitable in the process.

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Who are the key Players in the Network Security Appliance market?

● Check Point Software Technologies
● Fortinet
● Jupiter Network
● Hewlett-Packard Enterprise
● Siemens
● Cisco
● Palo Alto Networks
● Samsung Techwin
● McAfee

And More..

Short Description About Network Security Appliance Market 2022:

Market Analysis and Insights: Global Network Security Appliance Market

The research report studies the Network Security Appliance market using different methodologies and analyzes to provide accurate and in-depth information about the market. For a clearer understanding, it is divided into several parts to cover different aspects of the market. Each area is then elaborated to help the reader comprehend the growth potential of each region and its contribution to the global market. The researchers have used primary and secondary methodologies to collate the information in the report. They have also used the same data to generate the current market scenario. This report is aimed at guiding people towards an apprehensive, better, and clearer knowledge of the market.

The global Network Security Appliance market size is projected to reach USD 13050 million by 2027, from USD 7157.7 million in 2020, at a CAGR of 8.5% during 2021-2027.

Global Network Security Appliance Scope and Segment

The global Network Security Appliance market is segmented by company, region (country), by Type, and by Application. Players, stakeholders, and other participants in the global Network Security Appliance market will be able to gain the upper hand as they use the report as a powerful resource. The segmental analysis focuses on revenue and forecast by region (country), by Type, and by Application for the period 2016-2027.

Get a sample Copy of the Network Security Appliance Market Report 2022

Network Security Appliance Market 2022 is segmented as per type of product and application. Each segment is carefully analyzed for exploring its market potential. All of the segments are studied in detail on the basis of market size, CAGR, market share, consumption, revenue and other vital factors.

Which product segment is expected to garner highest traction within the Network Security Appliance Market In 2022:

● Firewall
● Unified Threat Management (UTM)
● Intrusion Detection and Prevention (IDP)
● Content Management (Web and Messaging)
● Virtual Private Network (VPN)

Which are the key drivers supporting the growth of the Network Security Appliance market?

● Government Organizations
● SMEs
● Large Organisation

Which region is expected to hold the highest market share in the Network Security Appliance Market?

● North America (United States, Canada and Mexico) ● Europe (Germany, UK, France, Italy, Russia and Turkey etc.) ● Asia-Pacific (China, Japan, Korea, India, Australia, Indonesia, Thailand, Philippines, Malaysia and Vietnam) ● South America (Brazil, Argentina, Columbia etc.) ● Middle East and Africa (Saudi Arabia, UAE, Egypt, Nigeria and South Africa)

This Network Security Appliance Market Research/Analysis Report Contains Answers to your following Questions

● Which Manufacturing Technology is used for Network Security Appliance? What Developments Are Going On in That Technology? Which Trends Are Causing These Developments? ● Who Are the Global Key Players in This Network Security Appliance Market? What are Their Company Profile, Their Product Information, and Contact Information? ● What Was Global Market Status of Network Security Appliance Market? What Was Capacity, Production Value, Cost and PROFIT of Network Security Appliance Market? ● What Is Current Market Status of Network Security Appliance Industry? What’s Market Competition in This Industry, Both Company, and Country Wise? What’s Market Analysis of Network Security Appliance Market by Taking Applications and Types in Consideration? ● What Are Projections of Global Network Security Appliance Industry Considering Capacity, Production and Production Value? What Will Be the Estimation of Cost and Profit? What Will Be Market Share, Supply and Consumption? What about Import and Export? ● What Is Network Security Appliance Market Chain Analysis by Upstream Raw Materials and Downstream Industry? ● What Is Economic Impact On Network Security Appliance Industry? What are Global Macroeconomic Environment Analysis Results? What Are Global Macroeconomic Environment Development Trends? ● What Are Market Dynamics of Network Security Appliance Market? What Are Challenges and Opportunities? ● What Should Be Entry Strategies, Countermeasures to Economic Impact, and Marketing Channels for Network Security Appliance Industry?

Our research analysts will help you to get customized details for your report, which can be modified in terms of a specific region, application or any statistical details. In addition, we are always willing to comply with the study, which triangulated with your own data to make the market research more comprehensive in your perspective.

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Major Points from Table of Contents:

Global Network Security Appliance Market Research Report 2022-2027, by Manufacturers, Regions, Types and Applications

1 Network Security Appliance Market Overview

1.1 Product Overview and Scope of Network Security Appliance
1.2 Network Security Appliance Segment by Type
1.2.1 Global Network Security Appliance Market Size Growth Rate Analysis by Type 2022 VS 2027
1.3 Network Security Appliance Segment by Application
1.3.1 Global Network Security Appliance Consumption Comparison by Application: 2022 VS 2027
1.4 Global Market Growth Prospects
1.4.1 Global Network Security Appliance Revenue Estimates and Forecasts (2017-2027)
1.4.2 Global Network Security Appliance Production Estimates and Forecasts (2017-2027)
1.5 Global Market Size by Region
1.5.1 Global Network Security Appliance Market Size Estimates and Forecasts by Region: 2017 VS 2021 VS 2027
1.5.2 North America Network Security Appliance Estimates and Forecasts (2017-2027)
1.5.3 Europe Network Security Appliance Estimates and Forecasts (2017-2027)
1.5.4 China Network Security Appliance Estimates and Forecasts (2017-2027)
1.5.5 Japan Network Security Appliance Estimates and Forecasts (2017-2027)

2 Market Competition by Manufacturers
2.1 Global Network Security Appliance Production Market Share by Manufacturers (2017-2022)
2.2 Global Network Security Appliance Revenue Market Share by Manufacturers (2017-2022)
2.3 Network Security Appliance Market Share by Company Type (Tier 1, Tier 2 and Tier 3)
2.4 Global Network Security Appliance Average Price by Manufacturers (2017-2022)
2.5 Manufacturers Network Security Appliance Production Sites, Area Served, Product Types
2.6 Network Security Appliance Market Competitive Situation and Trends
2.6.1 Network Security Appliance Market Concentration Rate
2.6.2 Global 5 and 10 Largest Network Security Appliance Players Market Share by Revenue
2.6.3 Mergers and Acquisitions, Expansion

3 Production by Region
3.1 Global Production of Network Security Appliance Market Share by Region (2017-2022)
3.2 Global Network Security Appliance Revenue Market Share by Region (2017-2022)
3.3 Global Network Security Appliance Production, Revenue, Price and Gross Margin (2017-2022)
3.4 North America Network Security Appliance Production
3.4.1 North America Network Security Appliance Production Growth Rate (2017-2022)
3.4.2 North America Network Security Appliance Production, Revenue, Price and Gross Margin (2017-2022)
3.5 Europe Network Security Appliance Production
3.5.1 Europe Network Security Appliance Production Growth Rate (2017-2022)
3.5.2 Europe Network Security Appliance Production, Revenue, Price and Gross Margin (2017-2022)
3.6 China Network Security Appliance Production
3.6.1 China Network Security Appliance Production Growth Rate (2017-2022)
3.6.2 China Network Security Appliance Production, Revenue, Price and Gross Margin (2017-2022)
3.7 Japan Network Security Appliance Production
3.7.1 Japan Network Security Appliance Production Growth Rate (2017-2022)
3.7.2 Japan Network Security Appliance Production, Revenue, Price and Gross Margin (2017-2022)

4 Global Network Security Appliance Consumption by Region
4.1 Global Network Security Appliance Consumption by Region
4.1.1 Global Network Security Appliance Consumption by Region
4.1.2 Global Network Security Appliance Consumption Market Share by Region
4.2 North America
4.2.1 North America Network Security Appliance Consumption by Country
4.2.2 U.S.
4.2.3 Canada
4.3 Europe
4.3.1 Europe Network Security Appliance Consumption by Country
4.3.2 Germany
4.3.3 France
4.3.4 U.K.
4.3.5 Italy
4.3.6 Russia
4.4 Asia Pacific
4.4.1 Asia Pacific Network Security Appliance Consumption by Region
4.4.2 China
4.4.3 Japan
4.4.4 South Korea
4.4.5 China Taiwan
4.4.6 Southeast Asia
4.4.7 India
4.4.8 Australia
4.5 Latin America
4.5.1 Latin America Network Security Appliance Consumption by Country
4.5.2 Mexico
4.5.3 Brazil

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5 Segment by Type
5.1 Global Network Security Appliance Production Market Share by Type (2017-2022)
5.2 Global Network Security Appliance Revenue Market Share by Type (2017-2022)
5.3 Global Network Security Appliance Price by Type (2017-2022)
6 Segment by Application
6.1 Global Network Security Appliance Production Market Share by Application (2017-2022)
6.2 Global Network Security Appliance Revenue Market Share by Application (2017-2022)
6.3 Global Network Security Appliance Price by Application (2017-2022)

7 Key Companies Profiled
7.1 Information
7.1.2 Product Portfolio
7.1.3 Production, Revenue, Price and Gross Margin (2017-2022)
7.1.4 Main Business and Markets Served
7.1.5 exact Developments/Updates

8 Network Security Appliance Manufacturing Cost Analysis
8.1 Network Security Appliance Key Raw Materials Analysis
8.1.1 Key Raw Materials
8.1.2 Key Suppliers of Raw Materials
8.2 Proportion of Manufacturing Cost Structure
8.3 Manufacturing Process Analysis of Network Security Appliance
8.4 Network Security Appliance Industrial Chain Analysis

9 Marketing Channel, Distributors and Customers
9.1 Marketing Channel
9.2 Network Security Appliance Distributors List
9.3 Network Security Appliance Customers

10 Market Dynamics
10.1 Network Security Appliance Industry Trends
10.2 Network Security Appliance Market Drivers
10.3 Network Security Appliance Market Challenges
10.4 Network Security Appliance Market Restraints

11 Production and Supply Forecast
11.1 Global Forecasted Production of Network Security Appliance by Region (2023-2027)
11.2 North America Network Security Appliance Production, Revenue Forecast (2023-2027)
11.3 Europe Network Security Appliance Production, Revenue Forecast (2023-2027)
11.4 China Network Security Appliance Production, Revenue Forecast (2023-2027)
11.5 Japan Network Security Appliance Production, Revenue Forecast (2023-2027)

12 Consumption and Demand Forecast
12.1 Global Forecasted Demand Analysis of Network Security Appliance
12.2 North America Forecasted Consumption of Network Security Appliance by Country
12.3 Europe Market Forecasted Consumption of Network Security Appliance by Country
12.4 Asia Pacific Market Forecasted Consumption of Network Security Appliance by Region
12.5 Latin America Forecasted Consumption of Network Security Appliance by Country

13 Forecast by Type and by Application (2023-2027)
13.1 Global Production, Revenue and Price Forecast by Type (2023-2027)
13.1.1 Global Forecasted Production of Network Security Appliance by Type (2023-2027)
13.1.2 Global Forecasted Revenue of Network Security Appliance by Type (2023-2027)
13.1.3 Global Forecasted Price of Network Security Appliance by Type (2023-2027)
13.2 Global Forecasted Consumption of Network Security Appliance by Application (2023-2027)
13.2.1 Global Forecasted Production of Network Security Appliance by Application (2023-2027)
13.2.2 Global Forecasted Revenue of Network Security Appliance by Application (2023-2027)
13.2.3 Global Forecasted Price of Network Security Appliance by Application (2023-2027)

14 Research Finding and Conclusion

15 Methodology and Data Source
15.1 Methodology/Research Approach
15.1.1 Research Programs/Design
15.1.2 Market Size Estimation
15.1.3 Market Breakdown and Data Triangulation
15.2 Data Source
15.2.1 Secondary Sources
15.2.2 Primary Sources
15.3 Author List
15.4 Disclaimer


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Killexams : Amazon Prime Day LIVE — these deals are still available null © Provided by Tom's Guide null

The October Prime Day sale has drawn to a close, but that doesn't mean you've missed your chance to save on everything from 4K TVs to coffee makers. Amazon's latest sales event was a precursor to Black Friday deals, and the online retailer is still offering the chance to score big discounts ahead of the holiday rush in November. 

While the first Prime Day event of the year back in July was a bit of bust, this time Amazon came out swinging with a handful of Prime Day October deals that were just as good as what we expect to see over the Black Friday and Cyber Monday period. These included the Apple Watch 8 (GPS/41mm) hitting $349, Chromebooks from $79 and our favorite PS5 SDD dropping to a new lowest ever price. 

Amazon's October Prime Day is winding down, but below you'll find a selection of deals that are sticking around a little bit longer. So make sure to keep it locked to this page as we're still highlighting all the best sales that are even available beyond Prime Day. And if you're not looking to spend much, check out our guide to the best Prime Day deals under $25 right now.  

Best Prime Day Early Access Sale deals now

Shop all Prime Day Early Access Sale deals

Hello! Welcome to our Amazon Prime Early Access Sale live blog, this second Prime Day event is a precursor to the retailer’s Black Friday deals and will offer early shoppers the chance to save big ahead of the holiday season.

While the Amazon Prime Day Early Access Sale has yet to begin, we're already seeing some killer deals pop up. For example, you can score a bargain on this Amazon Fire TV Stick. It's now on sale for $24 at Amazon, slicing the price in half. This deal first appeared last week and has been pretty popular over the weekend.

Fire TV Stick 4K Max: $54 $34 @ Amazon

If you're looking for a sizeable TV for not a huge amount of money, then right now Amazon has the ideal deal for you. This 50-inch Amazon Fire 4K TV is on sale for $349, that's a saving of more than 25% compared to its regular retail price of $469.

This TV offers full 4K resolution with HDR 10 support, as well as easy access to all the best streaming services including Netflix and, unsurprisingly, Prime Video. The supplied Alexa Voice Remote is also super useful when you want to navigate menus with just your voice.

Amazon 50" Fire 4K TV: $469 $349 @ Amazon

Fancy a new TV but don't want to go too big or splash the cash? Then check out the range of TV's Amazon has on sale with prices starting as little as $89

Bear in mind, the cheap TVs tend to be smaller, 720p models (which are more suitable for a children's room or guest room). However, the sale also includes larger sets and are among the cheapest TV deals we've ever seen from Amazon. 

TV sale: deals from $89 @ Amazon

Want a great phone deal? Then you can get the new Google Pixel 7 Pro at Amazon for nearly $200 off. 

That's because the Pixel 7 Pro is on sale at Amazon for $899 and also comes with a $200 Amazon gift card. The offer ends October 23, so hurry if you want to score this rather brilliant deal. 

Pixel 7 Pro: $1,099 $899 @ Amazon

We do like a good bit of smart home tech here at Tom's Guide and the Amazon Echo Show 5 (2nd gen) is a nice combo of smart screen and speaker. 

And thanks to the early deals we're seeing you can now get it for less than half price. That's a pretty great deal which ever way you look at it. 

Amazon Echo Show 5 (2nd gen): $84 $34 @ Amazon

The new football season is in full swing, and that means the latest Madden game has arrived. Ahead of the Prime Early Access Sale, Madden NFL 23 is on sale for $44 at Amazon, that's a saving of $25 (make sure to check the $5 coupon box for the full discount). This deal is available on both the PS5 and Xbox Series X version of the game. 

In our Madden NFL 23 review, we were impressed with the game's ability to replicate the feeling of a real football broadcast, and we also loved its super speedy load times. The lack of new modes and familiar gameplay compared to previous years were a little disappointing though. However, if you want to play some virtual football there's no better pick than Madden. 

Madden NFL 23 (PS5/Xbox Series X): $69 $44 @ Amazon

One of the best Prime Day deals we've seen this morning is actually coming from....Walmart. Amazon's biggest rival launched its own sale this morning and one of its biggest deals is $50 off the new Apple Watch 8. Naturally, Amazon responded by offering the same deal. In our Apple Watch 8 review, we named the Editor's Choice Series 8 the best smartwatch you can buy. It's now at its lowest price to date. (You can follow all of Walmart's best sales via our Walmart Rollback sale live blog

Apple Watch 8 (GPS/41mm): $399 $349 @ Amazon Apple Watch 8 (GPS/45mm): $429 $379 @ Amazon

If you're after a superb pair of wireless earbuds — that aren't AirPods — you'll want to check out the Sony WF-1000XM4. In our Sony WF-1000XM4 review, we awarded these buds 4.5 stars and described them as having "elite sound, noise cancellation and awesome features." Heads up: they hit $198 this past summer, so they've definitely been cheaper before. If you can afford to wait, they will likely hit that price point again on Black Friday. If you need them now, this is their third-lowest price. 

Sony: WF-1000XM4: $279 $248 @ Amazon

The latest MacBook Air model is already on sale as the official start of the Prime Early Access Sale inches closer. For a limited time, the MacBook Air M2 (2022/256GB) is on sale for $1,099 at Amazon. That's a $100 discount on this excellent editor-choice machine. In our MacBook Air M2 (2022) review we were extremely impressed with this laptop's top-notch performance, 14 hours of battery life and super bright display. We also loved the slick and portable design and 1080p webcam. 

MacBook Air M2 (2022/256GB): $1,199 $1,099 @ Amazon

As usual with an Amazon sales event, the retailer's own devices are seeing some of the biggest discounts during the Prime Early Access Sale. Case in point, the Fire HD 8-inch Kids Tablet is on sale for $69, that's a 50% saving compared to its full retail price of $139. 

This best-selling tablet is an age-appropriate device that allows your little ones to watch their favorite TV shows, read books and play games. Plus, it can survive drops and knocks due to its kid-proof case with built-in stand. The 8-inch FHD display is surprisingly vibrant, and the 13 hour battery life is handy for long journeys and flights.

Fire HD 8" Kids Tablet: $139 $69 @ Amazon

If you're looking for an uber-portable Bluetooth speaker, then here's a deal for you. The Tribit StormBox Micro is on sale for $39 at Amazon. That's a $20 discount off its full retail price of $59. 

I've been testing out this speaker over the last couple of month and the Tribit StormBox Micro has quickly become my favorite summer gadget. That's partially because of its extremely portability, but also because of its size-defying sound (with surprisingly weighty-bass). I also love its IP67 waterproofing, and super useful carrying strap that allows it to be easily fixed to a backpack or bike handlebars. It's very quickly become the first speaker I grab whenever I'm heading on an outdoor adventure.

Tribit StormBox Micro Bluetooth speaker: $59 $39 @ Amazon

The Prime Early Access Sale includes significant savings on a whole load of Blink Smart Home Security Cameras and Bundles with deals from $29. The available offers include 54% off individual Blink Mini cameras, alongside sizeable discounts on bundles of multiple cameras for both indoor and outdoor use. And there are even packages that include floodlights or a Ring video doorbell. If you're looking to add to your home security system this winter, then you'll want to browse the full range of deals below. 

Blink Smart Home Security Cameras and Bundles: from $29 @ Amazon

One of our favorite deals from Prime Day 2022 has returned as the Eero Pro 6 mesh router (two-pack) is back on sale for $259 at Amazon. That’s a $140 saving compared to the device's standard price of $399. It’s also among the lowest ever prices we’ve seen for a two-piece Eero Pro 6 kit. 

We rank the Eero Pro 6 as one of the best mesh routers on the market, primarily because of its great range, dynamic tri-band operation and extremely simple setup. In our Eero Pro 6 review, we concluded it was the perfect choice for anyone who wants “Wi-Fi 6 networking without the hassle.” In fact, we even labeled its setup process as “one of the quickest and easiest routines” of any mesh system we’ve reviewed. 

Eero Pro 6 mesh router (two-pack): $399 $259 @ Amazon

G'afternoon, all! Deals editor Louis taking over the Prime Day live blog for the rest of the afternoon. So there are a few things I'd like to buy during the Prime Early Access Sale and a yoga mat is one of them. (Possibly an exercise ball as well). I injured my lower back and knee earlier this summer (bad bout of runner's knee), so I've been doing a lot of mat-based exercises to build up my core and rehab my knee. That's why I'm eyeing this sale, which has exercises accessories on sale from $9. The sale includes both mats, exercise balls, and step platforms. 

Yoga mats/exercise balls: deals from $9

I purchased this Ninja coffee maker a few weeks ago and totally love it. It's compact and very easy to use, plus I like that it can make up to 12-cups if I ever have friends/guests over. (It has a removable 60-ounce water reservoir). I was a bit hesitant because a few Amazon reviews say the water reservoir leaks, but I've been using it daily for a few weeks now and I haven't had any issues so far. (Knocks on wood). For $79 bucks, it's also very cheap! 

Ninja Coffee Maker (CE251): $99 $79 @ Amazon

Heaven knows I need a new vacuum cleaner and Amazon is taking $200 off iRobot's J-series robot vacuums. The J7 Plus sits at the top of our list of the best Roombas you can buy. It features obstacle avoidance technology, which will detect an object and choose to veer around it. It essentially learns from every run, so it recognizes items such as cables and socks. The J7 Plus also comes with a handy clean base, which will store up to 60 days of debris. If you're wondering, the J7 doesn't have the cleaning base, which is why it costs less. Otherwise, both models are the same.  

Roomba J7: $599 $399 @ Amazon Roomba J7 Plus: $799 $599 @ Amazon

I love my Luna weighted blanket! This specific blanket sits at the top of our list of the best weighted blankets you can buy. We gave it a good review because it has a comfy, breathable cover and its glass bead filling provides even, relaxing pressure across your entire body. Personally, I find that it helps me fall asleep faster at night and I love using it when watching Netflix on the couch. Various styles/sizes are on sale. Make sure to check out our Luna Weighted Blanket review for our full thoughts and our weighted blanket sales page for more deals. 

Luna Weighted Blanket: $79 $69 @ Amazon

Last week the AirPods dropped to $79, which was an all-time price low for Apple's buds. The deal sold out in less than 20 minutes.  Well, Amazon is at it again. The AirPods are back on sale for $89, which is $10 higher than last week, but still a fantastic price. (In fact, this was the price we saw last Black Friday). So if you need a solid pair of earbuds, but don't wanna drop $100+, you can't go wrong with this deal. 

Apple AirPods: $159 $89 @ Amazon

Last week was a busy week for Android fans as Google debuted its new Google Pixel 7 and Google Pixel 7 Pro. If you're looking for Pixel 7 preorders, Amazon has one of the best unlocked deals you'll find. Currently, you can get a Pixel 7 with a free $100 Amazon gift card for just $599. Sure, you're paying regular price for the phone, but you're getting a free $100 Amazon GC, which you can use to buy anything you want at Amazon. The Pixel 7 packs a 6.3-inch 90Hz OLED display (2400 x 1080) and Tensor G2 chipset. You also get 8GB of RAM and 128GB of storage. It features a 50MP (f/1.85) main camera lens, 12MP (f/2.2) ultrawide lens, and 10.8MP (f/2.2) front lens. 

Pixel 7 w/ $100 Amazon Gift Card: $699 $599 @ Amazon

This will be my last post for today, but I promise it's a good one. Last week, Amazon teased a few deals for October 11. One such deal was "80% off the Amazon Fire TV Omni Series 55-inch 4K Smart TV." This TV regularly sells for $559, so 80% off that price would mean starting October 11 you'll be able to get it for around $111. That's an insanely low price for ANY 55-inch 4K TV. I suspect this deal will be very limited and it'll sell out fast. But if you're on a very tight budget and want to try your chances — this is the TV deal to get. 

Make sure to bookmark this page and come back first thing Tuesday morning as we bring you the best deals in the Prime Early Access Sale. 

Amazon Omni 55" 4K Fire TV: $559 $111 @ Amazon

Good Morning! Welcome back to the Tom's Guide Prime Early Access Sale live blog. It's an early start for the team, so it feels very appropriate to highlight this excellent coffee machine deal. Right now, the Keurig K-Mini Coffee Maker is on sale for $49 at Amazon, that's a 50% discount. 

At less than 5-inch wide this appliance can fit on even the most cramped countertops, and can brew 6-12oz cups of coffee in just minutes. All you need to do is add fresh water and a Keurig K-Cup pod, and you'll have a delicious cup of joe ready to go every single morning.

Keurig K-Mini Coffee Maker: $99 $49 @ Amazon

No retail sales event is complete without a sizeable mattress discount, and while we typically see the biggest savings direct from the manufacturer, Amazon's Prime Early Access Sale is offering a tempting deal on a premium sleep surface. The Casper Original Hybrid Mattress (Queen) is on sale for $1,253 at Amazon. That's $442 off compared to its full retail price of $1,695. The Casper Original offers targeted support for proper spinal alignment, and packs an layer of perforated breathable foam to prevent you getting too hot at night. If you're looking for a better night's sleep this winter, the Casper Original Mattress is a very sound investment. 

Casper Original Hybrid Mattress (Queen): $1,695 $1,253 @ Amazon

The Prime Early Access Sale is offering dozens of discounts on Fire TV streaming devices. And we've already flagged one of our favorite deals on the Fire TV Stick 4K Max, but there's also the Fire TV Cube on sale for $59 at Amazon. That's a very significant $60 discount on this Amazon branded product. 

In our Fire TV Cube review we awarded the device an editor's choice seal of approval, and praised its speedy performance, excellent 4K HDR picture quality, easy to navigate interface and Alexa cable box controls. If you're looking for the most powerful Fire TV streaming device, then you'll want to opt for this second-generation Cube and at 50% off now is the ideal time to buy. 

Fire TV Cube: $119 $59 @ Amazon

Here's a very big saving on a very good television: LG 48" C1 OLED TV is on sale for $1,496 at Amazon. That's 40% off its full retail price of $2,499. Do note that while some Prime Early Access deals are open to all, for this one you will need an Amazon Prime subscription. And if you're not a member it could be worth signing up for this deal alone because we rank the LG C1 as one of the best OLED TVs you can buy. We highly recommend this television for its fantastic picture quality, HDMI 2.1 connectivity and best-in-class gaming performance (PS5 and Xbox Series X owners take note). It's definitely not a cheap TV deal, but the LG C1 comfortably justifies its  rather sizeable cost.

LG 48" C1 OLED TV: $2,499 $1,496 @ Amazon

There's a tasty 20% off of Apple's latest iPad mini at Amazon right now, which is currently the lowest it's ever been.

Sitting in the top three of our best iPads guide, the 2021 iPad mini brought Apple's smallest tablet into the modern world with a new home button-less design, USB-C charging and compatibility with the Apple Pencil 2. It's also got a speedy A15 Bionic chipset, that you can spec with 5G if you don't mind the extra expense. It's ideal if you find Apple's other iPads too large for your liking, but still want great performance and the option to do some stylus-powered doodling.

iPad mini (2021/64GB): $499 $399 @ Amazon

One of our favorite smartphones is getting an awesome discount right now. The Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra is going for just $889 which is not only low for the best Android phone we've ever tested, but is also the lowest it's ever been.

You get some truly impressive specs with the S22 Ultra. Whether it's the large 6.8-inch QHD AMOLED display with 120Hz adaptive refresh rate, the quad rear cameras including a 108MP main sensor and two telephoto cameras, the zippy 40W charging or the included S Pen stylus, you're getting some of the best tech on any smartphone available right now. Coupled with Samsung's promise of four years of software support, this is a deal with lasting value too.

Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra (128GB) $1,199 $889 @ Amazon

The latest flagship noise-canceling headphones from Sony, the WH-1000XM5, is discounted by $50, making this the lowest price yet for this excellent pair of 'phones.

Sony's subtle design, available in either black or off-white, hides a bunch of ingenious tech that gives it the best ANC of any wireless headphones we've tested, along with improved sound, call quality and controls and connectivity to ensure they remain the gold standard for this style of headphone. Just make sure you're a Prime member, otherwise this deal's off-limits to you

Sony WH-1000XM5 wireless headphones: $399 $348 @ Amazon

If you're after an Apple laptop, then you can get the MacBook Air M1 for up to 20% off from Amazon which is as cheap as we've ever seen it.

While it doesn't have the newer design and improved chip of the (also discounted) MacBook Air M2, the MacBook Air M1 still offers plenty of oomph with its Apple M1 chipset, and a lengthy battery life to boot. It's one of the cheapest ways to get into the macOS ecosystem, and it's well worth it, especially if you already own an iPhone or iPad and can make use of Apple's ingenious Continuity features.

MacBook Air M1 (8GB/128GB): $999 $799 @ Amazon

If you want convenience from your coffee maker, but don’t want to sacrifice on flavor, a Nespresso machine might be the way to go. And right now you can get the Nespresso VertuoPlus Coffee and Espresso Machine by De'Longhi for just $159 — this is almost as cheap as it’s ever been.

Nespresso is renowned for producing a high quality of espresso from a capsule — these machines can actually reach a high enough temperature and pressure to form a crema, which few other capsule machines can achieve. Considering this machine has made our list as one of the best coffee makers, deals don’t get much better than this. It comes with a milk frother, should you be a fan of lattes and cappuccinos, plus 12 flavours of capsule to get you started. 

Nespresso VertuoPlus Coffee and Espresso Machine by De'Longhi $219 $159 @ Amazon 

If you’ve always wanted to treat yourself to an air fryer, but have never taken the plunge, now’s your chance. The Ninja AF101 Air Fryer just dropped to $84 this Prime Day. 

Ninja is a name synonymous with air fryers; in fact the brand features in both our lists for the best air fryers and best toaster ovens. These air fryers can produce crisp and tender results in a matter of minutes. There are four separate settings to choose from on the AF101 model, including air fry, roast, reheat and dehydrate, and with dishwasher-safe attachments, it’s simple to clean up after too. Considering the cost of energy is on the rise, air fryers are a budget-friendly alternative to using the oven as well.  

Ninja AF101 Air Fryer: $129 $84 @ Amazon

If your home Wi-Fi network could use an upgrade, or if you're experiencing dead zones in areas of your home, you won't want to miss this deal. The TP-Link Deco XE75 2-pack just dropped to $239 in today's Prime Day sales. This is the lowest ever price for this product, making this deal well worth snapping up.

TP-Link are renowned for producing high quality networking hardware, including mesh Wi-Fi routers, and this router is no exception. The TP-Link Deco XE75 scored highly in our review thanks to its excellent data throughput and affordable price, and features in both our best mesh routers and best Wi-Fi 6 routers round ups. At 20% off, which is the lowest price we've seen, its value for money just went up even higher this Prime Day, so make sure you take advantage while you can.

TP-Link Deco XE75 2-Pack: $299 $239 @ Amazon

If you want one of the best robot vacuums, but don’t want to break the bank, you can now get the Renewed Roborock S7 Robot Vacuum and Mop for just $379 this Prime Day.

While this model is renewed, the price won't get much cheaper for a 2-in-1 vacuum mop. Such hybrid designs admittedly don’t have a brilliant reputation, however we have tested the Roborock S7 and can tell you first hand that it's the exception. In fact, it’s the best robot vacuum mop we’ve tested. It navigates well, has excellent pickup, and the app is intuitive to use. Plus, it’s easy to switch over to the mop function, which provides good coverage and is ideal for picking up light spills and stains. 

Renewed Roborock S7 Robot Vacuum and Mop: $549 $379 @ Amazon 

Looking to upgrade your Canon lenses? Make sure you don’t miss this killer deal! The Canon RF 100mm F2.8L Macro USM is currently on sale at $999 in today’s Prime Day sales, which represents 29% off its usual price of $1,399 and the lowest price we’ve seen. 

I'm Pete Wolinski, the Cameras Editor here at Tom's Guide. As a photographer, camera writer and someone very familiar with Canon lenses, believe me when I say this is a great deal. A 100mm macro lens is often considered the professional industry standard for all kinds of photography, including food, product, fashion and beauty photography. They're also great for wildlife macro shots, if bugs are your thing! This particular lens carries on Canon's tradition of producing legendary 100mm macros, and is extremely highly regarded by the pros and people that use it. It's also an L-Series lens — these contain Canon's best optics for the sharpest images. Adding this lens to your kitbag alongside one of the best cameras like the Canon EOS R6 is a sure fire way to deliver your photos a professional look and feel. And what better time to buy one than when it’s being sold at a huge discount?

The Canon RF 100mm F2.8L Macro USM: $1,399 $999 @ Amazon

Have you been holding out until this Prime Day for a new pair of headphones? If so, this deal might be the one for you, especially if you’re not desparate on splashing out the extra cash for a set of AirPods. The JBL Live 300 TWS headphones are now just $54 in today’s Prime Day sales. That’s a huge discount of 63% and $95.

While we haven’t reviewed these earbuds for our best wireless headphones list yet, they hold a solid 4 stars on Amazon, with well over 9,000 reviews, which means they’re pretty well regarded by customers. It’s Pete Wolinski here again, and I actually own a similar set of JBL Wave 300 TWS headphones. The sound quality is on a par with my 2nd Gen AirPods, so if you’re after a set of headphones with good sound quality for less than the Apple option, these will be up your street. Crucially, these headphones are also water and sweat resistant, as well as being in-ear, which makes them ideal for gym-goers or runners as they should stay firmly in place when you’re exercising and won’t be damaged by your sweat. At this discount, I’d say these earbuds are an absolute steal.

JBL Live 300 TWS: $149 $54 @ Amazon 

Time for a PC upgrade? If so, you’ll definitely want to take advantage of this deal on the PowerColor Red Devil AMD Radeon RX 6950 XT Graphics Card, which is currently $400 off in Prime Day sales.

The Radeon RX 6950 XT is currently AMD’s flagship graphics card and offers high-level gaming performance in QHD and 4K resolutions, making it great for enthusiast gamers and PC builders wanting to create the best gaming PC they can. At $400 off in today’s Prime Day sales, you’ll be getting this graphics card at 33% discount and the lowest price we’ve ever seen, so it’s definitely worth scooping up. 

PowerColor Red Devil AMD Radeon RX 6950 XT Graphics Card: $1,199 $799 @ Amazon 

Have you always wanted a Peloton bike? Now’s your chance to grab a bargain — the Original Peloton Bike has been reduced down to $1,225 for Prime Day. 

Peloton bikes have soared in popularity in exact years; throughout the pandemic, they gave us a chance to continue working out from the comfort of our home. Peloton All-Access Membership (sold separately at $44 per month), gives you access to thousands of classes, and thanks to the clear 22-inch screen, you won’t miss a thing with the Original Peloton Bike. Bear in mind that this model doesn’t come with the rotating screen or Apple Watch integration, but even so, it’s a great deal and includes assembly. You might also want to invest in the Peloton Bike Mat to sit underneath — it’s down from $75 to $56 in the Prime Day sale

Original Peloton Bike: $1,445 $1,225 @ Amazon

G'morning, all! Deals editor Louis back on the live blog for awhile. Like most people, I like deals that stretch your dollar. I also like to eat out a lot. That's why this will be the first Prime Day deal I take advantage of today. On October 11 and October 12 only, Prime members who are also Grubhub Plus members can take 20% off their Grubhub food orders of $15 or more via coupon code "PRIME20". The coupon can only be used once, but I'm all for Amazon covering part of my lunch for today! 

If you're a Prime member, but not a Grubhub Plus member, no sweat. Prime members get a free year of Grubhub Plus (normally priced at $9.99/month). You can get signed up via the link below. 

Grubhub order: 20% off via "PRIME20" @ Amazon

I need new AirPods Pro badly. My current AirPods Pro are dying a slow death after getting rained on and sweated on for the past few years. So this deal is very tempting. Currently, Amazon has the new AirPods Pro (2022) on sale for $223. It's a modest $26 off, but that's the cheapest they've been since launch. The AirPods Pro 2 are Apple's flagship earbuds taken to the next level with 2x better noise canceling, plus 6 hours of battery life on a charge. Not only are the earbuds IPX4-rated, but the wirelessly chargeable case is too, and it has a built-in microphone that helps you find it when it's lost. 

AirPods Pro (2022): $249 $223 @ Amazon

Hisense's new 4K Fire TVs are on sale for Prime Day. However, one deal is offering more bang for your buck. Amazon has the 50-inch on sale for $444, but you can get the 58-inch for just $5 more currently priced at $449. So if you have the room to go big, the 58-inch model is the way to go. The TVs both offer HDR support and a "Game Mode Plus" setting that decreases input lag and reduces frame-rate issues on next-gen consoles.

Hisense 50" U6 4K ULED Fire TV: $529 $444 @ Amazon Hisense 58" U6 4K ULED Fire TV: $599 $449 @ Amazon

I could eat pizza every night of the week, so this deal has my name written all over it. But alas, I don't have a backyard. However, one of the best outdoor pizza ovens we've tested is now on sale for Prime Day. The Ooni pizza oven delivers wood-fired pizzas from the comforts of your home. It cooks stone-baked pizza in just 60 seconds and you can even take it with you to a friend's backyard thanks to its portable design. Just check out these awesome pies Tom's Guide EIC Mike Prospero made with his Ooni. These ovens are rarely on sale, which makes this deal even tastier. (It was last at this price point back in May during Memorial Day).  

Ooni Fyra 12 Wood Fired Outdoor Pizza Oven: $359 $279 @ Amazon

Wireless security cameras are much easier to install than their wired counterparts but taking them down to charge can be annoying. The Eufy SoloCam S40 gets around this by adding an integrated solar panel at the top of the camera. In fact, with just two hours of direct sunlight each day, you don't even have to charge this security camera. I recently tested the Eufy Edge Security System which has the same integrated solar panels and even though I've had them up for weeks, I still haven't had to charge them. In addition to being on sale for $129, you can take an extra $20 off the Eufy SoloCam S40 by applying a $20 coupon at checkout. This adds up to 45% off its list price of $199.

Eufy SoloCam S40: $199 $109 @ Amazon 

String lights are a quick and easy way to add a bit of ambiance to your backyard or even to the front of your house. I'm actually done decorating for the holidays thanks to the Govee Smart Outdoor String Lights. These smart string lights come in two sizes (48 feet or 96 feet) and they're also IP65 waterproof as well as shatterproof. Using the Govee app, you can choose from 16 million colors for each bulb or try one of the 40 preset scenes. In addition to a dedicated Christmas scene, the Govee Smart Outdoor String Lights can sync with your music which makes them perfect for creating your own holiday light show. Since they don't stand out like holiday lights though, you can keep them up year round.

Govee Smart Outdoor String Lights:  $109 $69 @ Amazon

Whether you’re a new parent or raising a toddler, having a sick kid means everyone in your house will be losing sleep. If your little one is all stuffed up and can’t breathe, they are going to have a hard time sleeping and you will too. The BreathFrida 3-in-1 Humidifier can help though by adding some much needed moisture back into the air of your child’s room. Its humidifier is also quite big so you won’t have to refill it during the night. When your child is feeling better, the BreatheFrida can work as a diffuser to keep their room smelling fresh or as a nightlight so they won’t be afraid of the dark.

BreathFrida 3-in-1 Humidifier: $49 $33 @ Amazon 

If you have a TV in your home that's no so smart — or you have an older streaming stick in need of an upgrade — Roku is a great choice. And right now you can get the Roku Streaming Stick 4K for just $26 on Amazon, which is 46% off. 

The latest version of the Roku streaming stick that's right for most people adds two key features. Dolby Vision ensures solid picture quality to a strong standard, and the new long-range Wi-Fi receiver helps you ditch buffering issues.

This device offers the clean Roku interface and complete app store, so you can easily and quickly load up all of the best streaming services — all without dealing with Fire TV and Chromecast's heavier interfaces. 

As much as we like the new AirPods Pro 2, the Beats Fit Pro are a better choice for those who like to stay active. And it comes down to the more secure fit. Even better, right now you can get the Beats Fit Pro for just $159, which is 20% off the regular $199 price.

We love the Beats Fit Pro because they come with flexible, secure-fit wingtips, which are ideal if you're running outside or in the gym. In our Beats Fit Pro review we called them Apple's best workout headphones. You get a dynamic soundstage with Spatial Audio support, strong active noise cancellation and great call quality. 

Overall, this is a great October Prime Day deal. 

Shark RV1001AE IQ: $599 $299 @Amazon

If you've been holding off getting a robot vacuum, this October Prime Day deal is too good to pass up. Right now you can get the Shark RV1001AE IQ for just $299, which is a very impressive 50% off.

This robot vacuum empties itself for up to 45 days, and it offers home mapping along with support for Alexa. The RV1001AE also comes with a self-cleaning brush roll to help prevent pet hair tangling. You can select a specific room to clean or vacuum an entire floor with the push of a button. 

INIU Portable Charger: $21 $17 @ Amazon

The INIU 10000mAh Portable Charger is our top pick for the best portable charger you can buy. It offers two USB-A ports, fast device charging and a sizable battery that can keep your smartphone powered all day long. It's a useful accessory to have in your pocket for those long days on campus when you're not within reach of a power outlet. 

Right now the INIU Portable charger is just $17 on Amazon, so it's a sweet Prime Day deal under $25. 

Hi there, I'm Tom's Guide senior editor Henry T. Casey, and I've just told a good friend to buy the TCL 50" Class 5-Series 4K Roku TV, now $399 at Amazon. Yes, it's on a 12%-off sale right now, and no this sale isn't tied to Prime Early Access (aka October Prime Day). Why? Well, it's still a sub-$400 50-inch QLED TV, which were the table-stakes for what my friend wanted, when she showed me the $339 Hisense 50-inch set

I suggested going with TCL, however, because that set runs Roku OS, which is the platform she's more familiar with. Also, the Hisense model is running Fire TV, which is something you'll see in a lot of the Prime Early Access discounts. That might be OK with you, but I don't prefer its advertisement-heavy interface, which might annoy new users. So, you might rather save $60, or you might prefer Roku. Either way, you can get a good 50-inch QLED TV for under $400.

I walk, a lot. And so I'm always trying to find new pairs of comfortable shoes. This is why I'm listening very attentively when my colleague Jane McGuire has news about sneakers sales. And so we need to talk about the $104 discount on the men's Adidas Ultraboost 21, now $76 at Amazon. Down from $180 (the women's pair is also on sale, down to $85), these sneakers are tried-and-true legends in the kicks game. 

These shoes use a thick wedge of Adidas’ Boost midsole foam to provide a bouncy and comfortable running experience — so you can last longer than your phone. The upper wraps your foot like a sock, while a soft, flexible support near the Achilles tendon helps prevent any problems there.

And, yes, they're the Ultraboost 21 because these are the 21st iteration of the sneakers. Do you have anything that's lasted through this many iterations without the company throwing everything out and starting anew? Oh, and as for what's next, Adidas just launched the Ultraboost 22 earlier this year.

Air purifiers sit in a class of household devices that have become increasingly more important: personal wellness gadgets. And this current sale on the Blueair Blue Pure 211+ Auto air purifier for $271 at Amazon is of similar urgency. Nearly the lowest it's ever been, this 20%-off sale takes the best air purifier we've ever tested, and makes it far more accessible (than its original $339 price did). 

Why is the Blueair Blue Pure 211+ Auto so good? Its CADR (clean air delivery rate) was higher than any other purifier we tested, and its 380 score on pollen makes this model a must-have for those who try and dodge hayfever. On top of all that, it barely has much of an energy drain, only requiring 0.159 kWh over the course of 24 hours on auto mode.

Prime Day 2, October Prime Day and Amazon Prime Early Access Sale ... no matter what you call today, the shared goal is the same for most: save money. Which is where the Innova 6100P OBD-II scanner, now $111 at Amazon comes in handy. An OBD-II scanner, for those who don't know will diagnose issues with your automobiles before they become much bigger problems. As in "fix this now for cheap before it becomes an expensive headache" situations.

The Innova 6100P, however, earns its title as one of the best OBD-II scanners by offering tricks reserved for more expensive devices. For example, linking it to Innova’s Repair Solutions 2 app will help you find the parts you'll need, while its predictive failure analysis can help you figure out the parts in your car that may be most prone to failure. 

Some of us stay away from soundbars because of the size of the equipment, or the heft of the bill. This October Prime Day deal helps fix both of those concerns, as the Polk Audio MagniFi Mini is now just $194 at Amazon , savings of over a third off its MSRP. And as Tom's Guide's own Audio Editor Lee Dunkley can attest, the MagniFi Mini does a fantastic job of fitting a lot of sound into a small chassis. Small enough to not clutter your space, but strong enough to fill a small apartment or bedroom with immersive sound, the MagniFi Mini is one of the best soundbars on the market.

The magic of cloud gaming has seemingly untethered games everywhere. The only real problem is that your phone isn't enough on its own to make perfect use of that Xbox Gamepass subscription. That's where the Razer Kishi (iPhone), currently $44 at Amazon (55% off MSRP) comes in. The Razer Kishi for (Android), $43 at Amazon has a similar discount.

An excellent mobile game controller mount, this device lets you game on the go with ease: its buttons have a good feel to each click, and USB-C passthrough charging helps your device stay alive. Yes, it may not be the latest version, but the newer model isn't better enough that you should avoid this offer.

• Segway Ninebot ES2: $589 $499 @ Amazon 

Segway makes some of the best electric scooters around, but they're generally on the pricey side, which is why Prime Day is a good time to pick up a model. The ES2 is a light model, with a 300W motor and weighing just 27.6 pounds, so it should be easy enough to carry up and down stairs if you live in a walk-up apartment. It gets up to 15 MPH and 15 miles on a charge, but you can purchase an extra battery (sold separately) to extend the range up to 28 miles. 

It also has an LED display, cruise control, and customizable ambient lights. It even has Bluetooth, so you can connect it to the Segway Ninebot app to get firmware updates, customize your ride, and look up stats on how long you've scooted around. Its 300W motor should be fine for most excursions, but larger riders will have trouble on inclines, so it's best for those who don't have too many hills to climb. 

• Amazon Echo Dot (3rd Gen): $39  $17 @ Amazon

Believe it or not, Amazon is still selling a smart speaker it made five years ago. Although this is an older model, the 3rd Gen Echo Dot is the ultimate affordable smart speaker for all things Alexa, allowing you to ask questions, control your smart home and enjoy music with a quick voice command. 

In some ways, we like the third-gen Echo Dot more than the fourth- and fifth-gen models for its slimmer, hockey-puck-shaped design; the newer models look like Magic 8-balls, which makes them tougher to stuff away in a corner. If all you need is a smart speaker in a room to announce visitors from your video doorbell and play a little background music, this is a great deal. However, it's only available in charcoal gray.

Amazon Fire TV 65" Omni Series 4K: $829 $699 @ Amazon

While this sale isn't as good as the crazy 80% off deal we saw earlier today, you can still get a discount on Amazon's premium smart TV offering. Right now, the 65-inch Omni TV with Alexa is $130 off its regular price. For that, you're getting a Fire TV set with support for Dolby Vision, HDR 10, HLG, and Dolby Digital Plus, 3 HDMI 2.0 inputs plus one HDMI 2.1 eARC. 

There's no local dimming and, with a refresh rate of 60Hz it won't appeal to gamers, but otherwise the Omni series gets a lot right at a good price. It's also available in 43-, 50-, 55- and 75-inch sizes.

• WD_Black SN850 1TB NVMe SSD w/ Heatsink: $179 $119 @ Amazon

Want an instant upgrade for your PS5? The Western Digital WB_Black SN850 is the first official PS5 SSD, and as part of Amazon’s second Prime Day event of the year, this essential accessory has just dropped to a new lowest-ever price. 

For a limited time, the WB_Black SN850 1TB NVMe SSD w/ heatsink is on sale for $119 at Amazon. That’s $60 off its full retail price of $179. While we have previously seen this SSD sale for as low as $129, this extra $10 discount brings it down to a new all-time low price. The SSD also includes a heatsink so you can plug it in and get to gaming right away.

Thinking about trying out the smartwatch life? Now's a great time to get onboard now because one of the best smartwatches on the market is on sale for $50 off. Now that the Apple Watch 8 is $349 on Amazon, I'm having a hard time not pulling the trigger. 

In our Apple Watch 8 review we lauded the smartwatch for improving on the battery life of its predecessors and offering new features (like skin temperature readings) while maintaining the same great design and display. With watchOS 9 driving it, this is one of the best Apple Watches you can buy.

If you're shopping for Amazon Fire products now is a great time to pick some up at a sizable discount. Case in point: The Fire TV Cube is just $59 @ Amazon

That's roughly half off this cute little black monolith, which usually retails for $120 and delivers great 4K HDR picture quality. In our Fire TV Cube review we celebrated the speedy performance, intuitive interface and Alexa cable box controls. If you're looking for the most powerful Fire TV streaming device you'll want to opt for this second-generation Cube, which is half-price for a limited time! 

Anycubic has a reputation for building rather inexpensive SLA-style 3D printers — and that's good since top SLA printers can cost thousands of dollars. Novices can instead turn to cheaper devices like the Anycubic Photon M3 and get an entry-level resin 3D printer that's good for learning the ropes about this particular type of 3D printing.

The Photon M3 is especially appealing for beginners, because it costs less than $400. For October Prime Day, that cost is dropping even further, with the Photon M3 now available for $255, a savings of $144.

In our Photon M3 review, we praised the 3D printer's quality prints and easy setup. If you're considering jumping into resin-based 3D printing, this is a great way to get started without having to break the bank.

Anycubic Photon M3: was $399 now $255 @ Amazon

The Google Pixel 7 may be the only Google device people want to talk about these days, but the Pixel 6a released over the summer is a pretty compelling buy in its own right. And that's more true than ever, with Amazon taking $120 off the cost of the Pixel 6a.

It may not feature the new Tensor G2 chipset found in the new Pixel 7, but the Pixel 6a does run on Google's original Tensor silicon. That chip powers the kind of machine learning-driven experiences you won't find on other phones — certainly not one that costs less than $400, thanks to this discounted price. 

Pixel phones typically rank among the best camera phones, and the Pixel 6a is no exception. So you're not only getting a great price on a new phone, you're getting our favorite budget picture taker.

Google Pixel 6a: was $449 now $329 @ Amazon

Google's been a very busy company lately, making phones, watches and various smart devices. But don't forget about the Pixel Buds Pro, the earbuds Google released earlier this year.

Amazon hasn't. The Pixel Buds Pro are currently available at a $48 discount, allowing you to snap up a pair for $151. In our Pixel Buds Pro review, we praised these wireless earbuds for being the first to offer stellar Google Assistant integration with excellent active noise cancellation features.

Google Pixel Buds Pro: was $199 now $151 @ Amazon

Good morning! Welcome back to the Tom's Guide Prime Early Access Sale live blog. As we enter day two of Amazon's second Prime Day of 2022, there are still plenty of excellent deals and offers available. And the chance to score 20% off GrubHub orders using the code "PRIME20" at checkout definitely qualifies as the latter. 

You'll need a GrubHub Plus membership to take advantage of this offer, but that shouldn't be a problem as it comes with your Amazon Prime subscription (it's one of the most overlooked Prime membership benefits). The only downside to this deal is deciding what to order from the hundreds of available restaurants on Grubhub. 

One of our favorite deals from the first day of Prime Day October 2022 is going strong as we enter day two. There's still time to score an Apple MacBook Air M1 on sale for $799 at Amazon, that's a sizeable $200 discount on a laptop that still compete with the best Window machines around. 

While this 2020 model MacBook Air is no longer the flagship — the MacBook Air M2 launched earlier this year — it remains a very compelling pick thanks to its notch-free display, excellent battery life and performance (the M1 chip is no slouch) and crisp 13-inch Retina display. As we said in our MacBook Air M1 review this machine "has the speed and battery life to beat the best PCs" and that remains true in 2022.

Here's a sizeable discount on a solid television from Hisense. For Prime Day, the Hisense 65" U7G QLED 4K TV on sale for $699 at Amazon. That's a saving of $400 compared to its full retail price of $1,099. 

In our Hisense U7G TV review we labeled it a "solid all-around TV, with good brightness and color, at a competitive price." We were particularly impressed with the low lag time that makes it a great pick for gamers on a slightly tighter budget. Although the overactive motion smoothing and lack of detail in dark scenes weren't quite so appreciated. Nevertheless, this is a great midrange pick especially at such a heavily discounted price. 

The year in gaming started off very strong with a glut of AAA titles releasing in early 2022, and one of the most popular was definitely PlayStation exclusive Horizon Forbidden West. If you missed out at launch, good news, Horizon Forbidden West is on sale for $49 at Amazon, that's a $20 discount.  

The sequel to 2017's Horizon Zero Dawn, in Forbidden West protagonist Aloy ventures to new lands and encounters a fresh army of deadly robot machines. In our review we called it "an exceptionally crafted sequel, delivering a thrilling open-world experience that fans of the original game will love." If you just recently got lucky during a PS5 restock, then you'll want to circle back to this one for sure. 

For the first time ever on Amazon, the Peloton Bike is 15% off, meaning if you've been curious to try out this popular fitness machine, you can do so for cheaper than you can from Peloton's own store.

At its core, the Peloton Bike is a stationary exercise bike like you've likely come across before. But when you add in the touch screen, interactive classes, and the compact, high-quality design, you can see why Peloton users keep crowing about how good these are.

Our favorite Android phone right now, the Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra, is $899 right now, which is a seriously impressive deal for how much phone you get.

Samsung gave the Galaxy S22 Ultra a large and bright 6.8-inch display, but on top of that four rear cameras, including two telephoto lenses, and an integrated stylus for writing, drawing and remote-controlling the S22 Ultra. With this much stuff, it's no wonder it's at the top of our best Android phones guide.

If you have a camera, Nintendo Switch, Steam Deck or something else in need of extra storage space, then you get a whole lot more room with this SanDisk 512GB microSD card, reduced to $43 at Amazon.

Assuming your device has the requisite slot, you can fill this card up with games, photos or whatever else and easily pull it out again to transfer your data to other devices. SanDisk promises 120 megabytes-per-second transfer speeds too, so you shouldn't be waiting around too long when you're exporting or copy/pasting your stuff.

This is an Amazon sale, so naturally Amazon's own tech, like the Echo Show 5 with Smart Plug, now $34, is seeing a massive discount.

This small second-gen Echo Show 5 is on our list of the best smart displays as ideal for kids or adding to an existing smart home set-up as a bed-side assistant. You can control your other smart home devices, make calls, or listen or watch streaming content through the 5.5-inch display. This bundle also comes with a smart plug so you can expand your device and appliance automation even further.

If you’ve always wanted an iconic KitchenAid stand mixer, but you lack the counter space, you can now get the Kitchenaid Artisan Mini Plus 3.5-Qt. Tilt-Head Stand Mixer for just $259 this Amazon Prime Day. 

With 10 speeds to choose from, and a beater as well as dough hook and wire whisk included, you can whip up all kinds of bakes with ease. And thanks to the smaller 3.5 quart capacity, it will take up minimal countertop space in the process. This deal covers some of the favourite KitchenAid colors as well, including Empire Red, Matte White and Ice. With $120 off, stock’s not likely to last, so get one while you can. It’s so good, it made the list as one of the best KitchenAid stand mixers.   

Tired of your cat waking you at the crack of dawn? The PETLIBRO Automatic Pet Feeder can help, and it has just been reduced to $46 for Amazon Prime Day. 

We all love our cats like family, but there are admittedly some habits we’d rather change — particularly being woken up first thing in the morning for the breakfast call, or interrupted in our afternoon meetings for dinner. Feeding our pets can interrupt the day, but with an automatic feeder, like the PETLIBRO, this becomes an issue of the past. The PETLIBRO holds up to four liters of kibble, which equates to about 16 days of food for a cat. It can be programmed to dispense 1-4 meals a day with up to 9 portion settings per meal. Automatic feeders, such as this, are particularly useful if you plan to travel for the day, and they can suit small dogs as well. And at just $46, automatic feeders won't get much cheaper than this, so take advantage while you can.   

If you want to whip up your own morning smoothies, the Ninja NJ601AMZ Professional Blender has just been reduced to $64 for Amazon Prime Day — that’s its lowest price ever.

If you’re new to blenders, the Ninja NJ601AMZ is a good entry-level model to get you started. It has three speeds to choose from as well as a pulse setting, and with a 1000 watt motor, it will power through anything, from crushing ice to pureeing baby food. The 72 oz pitcher will deliver you ample capacity, plus it’s dishwasher safe for ease of cleaning. There’s a recipe guide included for inspiration as well. It’s currently on sale for the lowest price it’s ever been, so move quickly if you want one. 

Want to update your baking utensils? You can now get this set of 6 Magnetic Measuring Spoons by YellRin for just $12, thanks to Amazon Prime Day.

Measuring spoons can be found in every desparate baker’s kitchen drawers. The problem is they’re all too easy to lose — before you know it, you’re in the middle of mixing up cake batter, and there’s no way to measure out your vanilla extract. Luckily, with this set of Magnetic Measuring Spoons, you never need worry about lost spoons again. They’re stackable and stick together for storage. You get six spoons in the set, including 1/8 tsp, 1/4 tsp, 1/2 tsp, 1 tsp, 1/2 Tbsp and 1 Tbsp, and each can measure out both dry and liquid ingredients. With this deal, they’re available in plain black or a multi-colored option, and at $12, measuring spoons won’t come much cheaper. 

Want to enjoy one of the best streaming devices out there? But also want to save a cool $70? Then check out this Apple TV deal. Right now the Apple TV 4K is on sale for $109 at Amazon

That's the version with 32GB of onboard memory, so at the entry level but more than enough for you to get started with Apple's TV streaming service. And with a slick remote and easy set-up, as well as integration with the likes of Apple Arcade, the Appel TV 4K is well worth considering. 

Sometimes a really good deal doesn't need to slice the price of super-expensive devices, rather it could provide a discount on an already cheap bit of kit making it an absolute steal. Case in point: the Acer 512 Chromebook is on sale for $79 at Amazon. That's a saving of $120, which makes this Chromebook a ridiculous bargain. 

Now Acer's Chromebook isn't gong to blow you away with powerful specs or a slick design. But at $79, it's a fine machine for your kids to use or to take on a trip where the going can be touch and rough and unfriendly for say the best Windows 11 laptops or a MacBook Air M2

Want hands-free Alexa that travels with you? Try out the Echo Frames. This might be the only Alexa compatible device that you wear on your face — you can take phone calls, listen to music, and more with this pair of glasses.

The battery life on the Echo Frames is decent, too. With regular use, you’ll get about 14 hours of power from these specs. And you can turn them upside-down to put them into low power mode when you’re not using them. The Echo Frames are $109 at Amazon right now for Prime members. 

Looking for a pair of the best cheap wireless earbuds? These are our favorites, and they’ve gotten even cheaper for October Prime Day. The 1More PistonBuds Pro are $39 at Amazon, and they have awesome ANC, great sound quality and a sleek design.

As we noted in our 1More PistonBuds Pro review, the buds aren't the best on calls. But if music is your main priority, then the PistonBuds Pro will do you proud.

I love a good gift card deal and this Prime Day, Amazon is offering quite a few good deals. For a limited time, purchase a $50 Amazon, Panera, Gap, DoorDash, OC Choice, or Fanatics gift card and you'll get a free $10 credit. There are a few caveats to watch out for. First, you have to purchase at least a $50 gift card in a single order by end of today (October 12). In addition, to qualify for the $10 freebie, you must NOT have purchased an Amazon gift card in the last 12 months. (If you're like me and don't remember just sign into your Prime account, click the above link, and the page will show you the deals you qualify for). Remember to use the applicable coupon for each deal/gift card. (They're all listed on the Amazon page). 

Remember that 55-inch Omni 4K Fire TV that Amazon was promising it'd sell for $109? Well, it sold out in seconds. I knew this would happen and Amazon isn't the only retailer to use the old "limited doorbuster" tactic to get attention, but it would've been nice if they treated their Prime members to more stock of this deal. But not all hope is lost. There are a lot of great TVs on sale for Prime Day — whether you want a premium set or a low-budget 4K TV. TVs are currently on sale from $89. As for that 55-inch TV for $109....the product page shows that the wait list is full (look up top above the "regular price"), but if you want to take your chances, you might want to check that page periodically throughout the day. 

The holidays wouldn't be the same without toy deals and while Black Friday is technically still a few weeks out — Amazon has some pretty sweet Lego deals you can get now. Prime members can get sets on sale from $8.49. The sale includes Lego Marvel, Super Mario Bros., Minecraft, and more. 

Chances are you might be familiar with this coffee machine. That's because the Keurig K-Mini is on sale for every major holiday. It's a great, compact machine that holds a spot in our list of the best Keurig coffee makers. However, it's only been this cheap a few times in the past. (The last time was Black Friday 2021). What's extra cool about today's deal is that it's on sale for $49 in most colors. Usually, when it's been this cheap it's only been for select colors. So I suggest you buy this now at $49 in the color that you want, rather than waiting for Black Friday when only select colors may be this cheap.

I admit, this isn't the sexiest Prime Day deal out there, but if you have kids/students in your household — there's no way this will be cheaper next month. You can now get a full year subscription of MS 365 Family for $92 and you'll get a $50 Amazon gift card with your purchase. If you factor in the free $50 GC, you're basically getting Microsoft's suite for just $42. Heads up, this deal has a countdown clock, which means it'll end today! 

Ring Video Doorbell Wired: $64 $39 @ Amazon Ring Video Doorbell Wired w/ Chime: $89 $69 @ Amazon

Ring's cheapest video doorbell is is on sale for just $39. That's a new, all-time price low for this budget doorbell. Even better, the Ring Video Doorbell w/ Chime is on sale for $69. I don't think either of these will be cheaper on Black Friday. In fact, the bundle is on sale for the first time ever (it's usually not on sale during holidays). It features a 1080p camera and two-way talk. You'll want to pick up the chime because this doorbell doesn't work with existing chimes.

When it comes to mattress sales, we typically recommend buying direct from mattress manufacturers. That's because they tend to offer great freebies like free pillows, bed sheets, or mattress protectors that a retailer like Amazon typically won't offer. However, Amazon is really bringing it this Prime Day with some aggressive mattress discounts. For instance, you can get the Zinus Green Tea Memory Foam Mattress (queen) for just $279 ($90 off). The last time we saw this price was back in February during Presidents' Day. It didn't even hit this price on Black Friday 2021. It's an incredible price for a queen size bed. (Check out our Zinus Green Tea Memory Foam mattress review for our full thoughts on this bed). 

LG 48" A1 4K OLED TV: $669 $646 @ Amazon

Behold what is now the least-expensive OLED TV on the market — the $646 LG A1 48-inch 4K OLED. I've been tracking OLED TV deals for what feels like ages and I think this is rock bottom for 2022. I'll go out on a limb and say we won't see a $599 OLED this Black Friday. So if you want this TV, now is the time to buy. That said, if you want a larger 55- or 65-inch OLED — then I advise you wait till Black Friday. I think retailers will offer more sub-$999 OLEDs in the 55-inch range next month, which will make for some good holiday shopping. 

Now this is the kind of discount I'm talking about! Amazon is knocking a juicy $900 off the Zotac GeForce RTX 3090 Ti. It's essentially Zotac's take on the best-in-class Nvidia GeForce 3090 Ti graphics card. This card can run the latest and greatest games at UHD resolutions and high frame rates. Alternatively, you could use it for demanding productivity work, ranging from graphic design to animation. While it's no longer the newest card on the market, it's still one of the most powerful components you can buy. If you have your heart set on an RTX 4090, make sure to check out our RTX 4090 restock tracker. 

The HP Stream is a low-cost laptop meant for young students or basic Web-based tasks like checking e-mail or streaming music. It's Microsoft's answer to the Chromebook. When it's on sale, the HP Stream usually goes for $199 or $189. Today, Amazon has it on sale for an all-time price low of $149. Remember, this is a low-budget machine, so it's not meant for heavy tasks. It features an 11-inch 1366 x 768 LCD, Celeron N4020 CPU, 4GB of RAM, and 64GB SSD. 

Fall weather is here and pretty soon folks will be breaking out their winter apparel. If you need a fall/winter wardrobe refresh, Amazon is taking up to 60% off Champion men's and women's apparel with deals from $6. It's one of the most aggressive discounts I've seen (Amazon usually takes 40% off during major holidays). The sale includes hoodies, long sleeve tees, jogger pants, fleece sweaters, and more. 

I gave myself a bad bout of runner's knee earlier this summer and one of the exercises my physical therapist recommended I do are hamstring stretches. Enter the URBNFit Pilates Ring. It's great for any mat-based exercises where you need to balance yourself and it's also great for hamstring stretches. It's now on sale for just $10! (I bought it for $19, so this is pretty much a no-brainer for anyone looking for workouts beyond weights and cardio).  Heads up, I recently purchased the OPTP Strap for $15 and I tend to like this a bit better, but it's not on sale at the moment, so I still highly recommend the URBNFit.

The Vari Electric Standing Desk is one of the best standing desks you can buy. If you're like me and cringe at the thought of having to assemble anything, you'll love to hear that we found this Editor's Choice desk was a cinch to assemble. (We put it together in 15 minutes). Outside of that, it's elegant and solid with a wood top that's over an inch thick. I don't own this desk, but last year I purchased the Uplift Desk (sadly it's selling for its full price of $758 at Amazon now) and it's the best purchase I've made in years. It's great if you spend all day in front of your desk as it gives you zero excuses for not standing up and moving around. (Make sure to read our Vari Electric Standing Desk review for all the details on this desk). 

Hi there, Tom's Guide senior editor Henry T. Casey here, taking over the live blog for the next hour. And so I'll start with the good news that my personal pick for the best streaming device is back down to its lowest price ever. Yes, the Apple TV 4K is $104 at Amazon right now (42% off of its $179 list price), as its price continues to fluctuate (it was $109 earlier today). This deal is exclusive to Amazon Prime members.

I absolutely love the Apple TV 4K, even though I'll admit it's too darn expensive (the best streaming device overall, the Roku Streaming Stick 4K is just $26.99 right now, and normally $49). But if you can afford it, the Apple TV 4K rules because it's the fastest streaming device, it has zero ads in its interface and its excellent integration for iPhones (the remote app is exceptionally easy to activate) and AirPods (pairing for wireless listening is a single click away).

Somebody hide my credit card. This $600-off markdown on one of the latest generations of TVs has me itching to pull the trigger. I've been waiting to upgrade my TV for a while (I made the cardinal sin of burning some artifacts into my panel), and this deal on the Samsung 55" 4K QD-OLED TV for $1,597 @ Amazon has me itching to hit buy.

QD-OLED, if you haven't heard, is the latest and greatest kind of TV panel. Samsung is one of two manufacturers making it (Sony is the other). This model uses Samsung's Neural Quantum Processor 4K and its QD-OLED panel for ultimate precision when illuminating its pixels. This means the lighting is perfectly distributed and you get excellent brightness and color quality. 

Right now, I am typing this from my apartment office (a corner of my bedroom), which looks out onto a very noisy corner of New York City. I deliver you this behind-the-scenes tour you didn't ask for to make a point: I know the value of over-ear headphones with active noise canceling (ANC). And that's why I'm talking about the AirPods Max I'm using right now as I type this live blog update. 

And the Apple AirPods Max are $479 at Amazon right now, which is 13% off of their list price of $549. Right now, they're blocking out the loud horn honking of Broadway, so I can focus on this post, and make sure there are no typos. On top of that, their sound quality is excellent and their integration with Apple hardware is just better than you'll get with any other over-ear headphones. 

• NIU kqi3 Pro Electric Scooter: $799 $639 @ Amazon

Hi there! I'm Mike Prospero, the US Editor in Chief for Tom's Guide, and I'll be guiding our Amazon Prime deals live blog for the next hour or so. 

The first deal I want to highlight is in a category I know a bit about. I've been testing the best electric scooters for more than two years now, so I have a pretty good handle on what works and what doesn't. I'm still in the middle of testing the Niu kqi3 Pro, but I've been really impressed so far. This scooter has a powerful 350W motor that can reach speeds of 20 MPH, and is great on hills, too. It has a 31-mile range, and large 9.5-inch tubeless tires make for a smooth ride. It also has a front and rear mechanical disc brakes as well as a rear electric brake to recover energy. (Click the on-page digital coupon to save $40.) A Sport version, with a 300W motor and shorter range, is also on sale for $559 via a $35 on-page digital coupon.

Ooni Fyra 12 Wood Fired Outdoor Pizza Oven: $359 $279 @ Amazon

Another great passion of mine: pizza. I love making it almost as I love eating it. A couple years ago, I got the Ooni Fyra 12 as a Christmas present, and it's the gift that keeps on giving. I've made dozens of pies in this oven, which can bake them in as little as 90 seconds — seriously, this thing can get up to 950º F. 

The Fyra 12 uses wood pellets, so it's a little tricker to use than a gas-powered model, but not by much. And, one of the benefits of the Fyra 12 is that it's very portable. I've tossed this in the trunk of my car and brought it to friends and relatives for pizza parties. This Prime Day deal shaves $80 off its regular price. If you have a budding pizzaiolo in your family, this makes for a great gift. Or maybe just get it for yourself. I won't judge.

• Chamberlain myQ G0401 $29  $16 @ Amazon

Among the best smart garage door openers, the Chamberlain myQ G0401 Smart Garage Door Opener is at the top of the list. And, for Prime Day, it's 45% off its regular price. 

The myQ G0401 is a retrofit device — that is, it attaches to non-smart garage door openers so you can control them remotely via your smartphone. One reason why it's at the top of our list is that it's easy to install, and its app is a cinch to use. It works with Amazon Key so you can let delivery drivers drop off packages inside your garage. You can also connect it to IFTTT for more smart home integrations. However, it doesn't work natively with Alexa, which is a bummer. Otherwise, this is a good device at a great price.

• ThermoPro TP19H Digital Meat Thermometer: $24 $13 @ Amazon

The holidays are fast approaching, so you want to make sure your kitchen is prepared if you're planning to cook Thanksgiving dinner. No one likes an under- or overcooked turkey, which is why a kitchen thermometer is an essential item. This ThermoPro instant-read is on our list of the best meat thermometers: It's fast, it's accurate, and it has a few other features we like, such as a backlight, auto-off, a display that can flip upside down, and more. Right now, you can get it for almost half off its regular price. That's a steal. Scoop up this deal before it's gone.

Ring Doorbell with Stick Up Cam: $199 $119 @ Amazon

Bundles are the name of the game during sales events like October Prime Day, so naturally Amazon is going to bundle together some of its smart home products. This particular bundle, featuring a 2nd Gen Ring Video Doorbell and a Ring Stick Up Cam, lets you save big on home security. The whole package is available for an $80 discount, letting you get the Ring Doorbell and Stick Up Cam together for $119. The video doorbell might not be Ring's latest model, but it still lands on our list of best video doorbells, while the battery-powered Stick Up Cam is a good outdoor video camera if you have other Ring products.

• Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 4: $999 $799 @ Amazon

Back in 2021, Samsung made foldable phones a much more attractive proposition by dropping the price of its Galaxy Z Flip 3 to less than $1,000. The Galaxy Z Flip 4 introduced this past summer kept that low price, and now you have the chance to get this foldable flip phone for even less.

Amazon is taking $200 off the cost of an unlocked Galaxy Z Flip 4, so you can pick up this device for $799. Our Galaxy Z Flip 4 review found a phone with improved battery life and better durability. It also boasts one of the best performing processors currently available in the form of the Snapdragon 8 Plus Gen 1. 

• Bose QuietComfort 45 headphones: $329 $229 @ Amazon

Back in the summer, the price of the QuietComfort 45 wireless headphones from Bose fell to an all-time low of $249, but Amazon's October Prime Day deal just beat that price. You can save $100 on the Bose QuietComfrot 45 headphones, snapping them up for $229.

And snap them up you should, if you're in the market for a great-sound pair of headphones. In our Bose QuietComfort 45 review, we were impressed by the quick connectivity, comfortable fit and high-end active noise cancelation capabilities. The savings apply to either the Triple Black or White Smoke colors.

• iPad Air (2022): $599 $518 @ Amazon

When current iPads go on sale, we take notice. So consider this a friendly alert that you can save $80 on the iPad Air that came out earlier this year. That would be the 5th generation iPad Air that's now powered by one of Apple's M1 chips. The savings match the best deal we've spotted thus far on this particular tablet.

In our iPad Air (2022) review, we praised Apple for managing to fit all that power into such a thin, light design. We also appreciate this tablet's long battery life and its colorful display. If you've been holding out for a discount on the iPad Air, this may be the time to strike.

• Pixel 6: $599 $379 @ Amazon

Is it weird to think about the Pixel 6 now that Pixel 7 is out and getting very positive reviews? Maybe — but it's understandable when you see that Amazon has cut the price on the old model of Google's phone by $120. That's especially interesting considering Google doesn't keep its old Pixels on hand, so this is a a great way to get a still solid phone at a significant discount.

Yes, you deliver up the new features powered by the Pixel 7's Tensor G2 chip, but the Pixel 6 has its own Tensor silicon and some very good cameras. Our Pixel 7 vs. Pixel 6 comparison can spell out what you sacrifice for this lower price.

The Ring Video Doorbell (2nd-Gen) is $69 at Amazon until  9 a.m. ET. This is your last opportunity to save on the Ring Video Doorbell in the October Prime Day event, so don’t delay if you’ve got your eyes on one. 

The 2nd-Gen Ring Video Doorbell is one of the best video doorbells we’ve tested, and it’s hit a new all-time low price in this sale. Plus, you can get a Ring Video Doorbell with an Echo Show 5 for $79 at Amazon as a bundle deal. Getting the Echo Show 5 smart display for just $10 with the doorbell is a steal. Plus, you'll be able to use your Echo device to see who's at the door at a glance, even if you're at the other end of the house.

Samsung’s The Frame TV is an artistic take on a 4K TV set, offering a beautiful matte display and a design that makes it look like a picture frame. So if you want a revolving digital display of art in your living room that doubles as a TV, consider picking up The Frame.

Having seen a $200 discount, the 50” Samsung The Frame TV is $1,097 at Amazon right now. This is the lowest price we’ve seen for The Frame TV in this size. 

If you still haven’t picked up Animal Crossing: New Horizons (Why not? It’s one of the best Switch games,) then now is a great time. You can grab a physical copy of Animal Crossing New Horizons with the Happy Home Paradise DLC for $59 on Amazon right now. Amazon is currently asking $49 for the game right now, so you’re getting the Happy Home Paradise expansion for just $10. That works out to a $15 saving.

Both the game and the DLC are well worth picking up — Animal Crossing: New Horizons is a peaceful, relaxing game that you can play for dozens of hours. The Happy Home Paradise expansion adds the option to create vacation homes for your villagers, as well as more furniture and decorating options for your own in-game house.

Some of the best cheap wireless earbuds, the Jabra Elite 65t are $69 at Amazon right now. We love these buds for their excellent call quality, stylish design, and their customizable sound profile through the Jabra Sound+ app. They even last up to 5 hours on a single charge, or up to 15 hours with the charging case.

They have amazing sound quality too, of course. Check out our Jabra Elite 65t review for the full lowdown. 

If you haven’t been tempted by any of the iPads we’ve seen discounted over the October Prime Day event, how about a deal on the best android tablet instead? We love the Samsung Galaxy Tab S8 for its beautiful display and long battery life. It also has great speakers and cameras, so this is a great device for both making video calls and streaming TV and movies.

Unfortunately, the performance of the Samsung Galaxy Tab S8 can’t beat that of similar Apple tablets like the 2021 iPad or the iPad Air 4. Still, if you love the Android ecosystem, this is the tablet you should get. The Samsung Galaxy Tab S8 is $531 at Amazon right now (or if you want the best Android tablet on a budget, opt for the Samsung Galaxy Tab A7 lite for $189 at Amazon.) 

A lot of Prime Day deals have expired today, but one deal that's still available and jumps out to me is the Anova sale. Amazon is taking up to 50% off select Anova sous vides and vacuum sealers. After discount, vacuum sealers start at just $59, whereas the sous vide is just $99. Word of caution: a few of the have been cheaper before (by about $40 or so), but the Anova Culinary Sous Vide Precision Cooker Pro for $199 is an all-time price low. 

This 34-inch LG monitor has crashed to an all-new price low. It features a QHD display (3440 x 1440), 160Hz refresh rate with 1ms motion blur reduction, HDR support, and AMD FreeSync Premium support. A $299 34-inch monitor is pretty unheard of, so we suggest you grab this gaming monitor while you can. 

Amazon is offering massive discounts on TicWatch smartwatches and earbuds. All models are from $20 to $135 off with prices starting from $27 after discount. (Make sure to click the digital coupon on each product page to lock in your savings). If you’re in the market for a stylish smartwatch powered by Wear OS, then the TicWatch Pro 3 (pictured) is a solid option. It's on sale for $164.99, which is $135 off. 

The LG A1 has received some epic price cuts these past few months, but now Amazon is spreading the discount love to the newer (2022) LG A2. You can get the 55-inch model for just $896 right now. Best Buy offers a similar price of $899, down from $1,399.The A2 is LG's entry-level OLED for 2022. It offers Dolby Vision/HDR10/HLG support, LG's webOS platform, and built-in Google Assistant/Amazon Alexa. Since it's a budget model, you only get a 60Hz panel and three HDMI ports (with no HDMI 2.1 support). But it's still a solid deal for a 55-inch OLED. 

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