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Nokia NCSS exam
Killexams : Nokia NCSS exam - BingNews Search results Killexams : Nokia NCSS exam - BingNews Killexams : Why Nokia wants to put an LTE network on the moon No result found, try new keyword!Nokia has picked a particularly challenging site for an upcoming network deployment: a place where temperatures range from 250 degrees to -208 degrees Fahrenheit, and there is no air to breathe ... Thu, 13 Oct 2022 18:32:00 -0500 text/html Killexams : Nokia launches app store for broadband networks

Kit vendor Nokia’s new Altiplano Application Marketplace will host its own apps as well as third party and operator built apps.

The Altiplano Application Marketplace – named after Nokia’s broadband network controller suite – will launch with seven apps designed around the functions of network support, network insights and network automation.

Network support apps are intended to be used by operators to maintain and protect fixed networks through proactive monitoring, performance analysis and incident management, while network insights apps are supposed to provide actionable insights as you’d expect, and the automation apps are designed to help automate and optimize a network and provide service and subscriber operations to increase efficiency.

Apps from operators and third parties will also be hosted there later on. In conjunction Nokia is launching the Altiplano Developer Portal which makes available a software development kit (SDK) and virtual lab environment for developers to build and test their own apps, which presumably can then be put on the marketplace as well.

We’re told operators can self-develop and organize their own applications within the marketplace, and can also use the developer portal to customize their network operations tools, personalise the user interface, customise APIs, add service profiles, and build their own network policies and automation workflows, should they be inclined.

“No two networks, and likewise no two automation solutions are alike,” said Geert Heyninck, Nokia’s VP Broadband Networks. “By opening up the Altiplano platform for developers, partners and customers to create and add applications, we’re pleased to offer exactly the flexibility they need.”

Fatima AlDaghar, Director of Fixed Access Planning, du, added: “We’re committing heavily in SDN to enhance performance, get insights, and Strengthen services. All managed under a single platform in a multi-vendor environment. Nokia’s open App marketplace – the first of its kind – delivers sophisticated apps that address the requirements of marketing, planning, operations, and assures customer satisfaction.”

All apps currently available are from Nokia, and third party apps will be added in 2023. No doubt it all gets quite technical but the idea seems to be broadly about offering greater access to and analysis of networks through software, and providing a place for its partners to host their own.

Nokia’s chief kit vendor rival Ericsson has also made moves in this area at a much larger scale with the acquisition of cloud and API specialist Vonage for a whopping $6.2 billion. In an interview with Hannes Ekström, Head of Strategy BNEW at Ericsson said of the move:

“We see a great opportunity in the in the ability to expose network capabilities towards developers and Vonage, by their own rights have a large base of developers who are developing APIs today. And so the marriage of Ericsson and Vonage… we believe we can be the catalyst together to make these APIs mobile and expose these mobile APIs to the developers.”

You can read the full interview with Ekström here.

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Wed, 12 Oct 2022 20:19:00 -0500 en-GB text/html
Killexams : Nokia launches SaaS for fixed networks portfolio

Nokia has announced a cross-portfolio line-up of fixed network systems now available on a software-as-a-service (SaaS) basis.

The comms tech provider says that offering its solutions as part of a SaaS delivery model reduces IT dependencies, and a usage-based subscription can deliver up to 25% lower cost of ownership.

The calculation comes from analyst house Analysys Mason, which noted that while market perceptions exist of telecom SaaS services having higher longer-term costs due to recurring monthly subscriptions, those perceptions did not typically take into account the full extent of potential benefits using SaaS services, including lower initial investment and always having the latest software and technology.

In the case of the on-premise model, communications service providers (CSPs) often have to buy datacentre resources every five years or so and use IT consultants regularly to manage their elaborate IT environments.

“Care, therefore, should be taken to compare not just the licensing costs for various deployments, but also the costs associated with end-of-life upgrades, staffing and maintenance in order to understand the full range of cost savings that can be achieved by using a SaaS-based deployment,” said the company.

“CSPs may gain more benefit by outsourcing the responsibility of a deployment’s maintenance to a vendor, thereby enabling internal staff to focus on improving revenue generation. This also means that resources that would otherwise have been spent on hardware can be spent elsewhere.”

The new Nokia fixed networks applications are already available on bare metal servers and in the cloud, and can be deployed by operators on a SaaS delivery model with a portfolio including the Altiplano Access Controller and Wi-Fi Cloud Controller. Operational tools for automated activation of end-user fibre modems, predictive care and network build and management are also part of the line-up.

Potential users can start with a small investment and subscription plan and can easily scale up and down based on business success. Tasks and risks related to cloud infrastructure are eliminated, allowing them to focus on their core business – running the fixed access network.

Julie Kunstler, chief analyst at research firm Omdia, said: “Being able to opt out of running software on costly, complex, on-premise infrastructure is a big advantage for operators. Furthermore, a SaaS model means more flexibility and an easier path to delivering new services.”

Sandy Motley, president, fixed networks at Nokia, said: “SaaS gets operators started quickly. No special IT set-up means reduced upfront deployment costs, and in a highly competitive world, operation efficiency is key to both high-quality customer service and business profitability.

“Operators can tailor the subscription package choosing the service-level agreements and levels of support to meet their operational needs. They can deploy different Nokia SaaS instances for use in production, lab testing, pilots or development.”

Companies such as Metronet and LUS Fiber are using the all-inclusive SaaS service where Nokia performs the application hosting, including the set-up, monitoring, maintenance and updates.

Tue, 11 Oct 2022 01:49:00 -0500 en text/html
Killexams : Nokia Stock Looks Set For Rally After Rough Month No result found, try new keyword!Nokia stock (NYSE: NOK) is down around 10% in the past month (twenty-one trading days), performing worse than the S&P 500, which was down 6.2% over this period. However, if you look at the change ... Mon, 10 Oct 2022 14:44:00 -0500 text/html Killexams : Best featured Nokia mobile phones Killexams : Best featured Nokia mobile phones

Story Saved

New Delhi 31oCC

Tuesday, Oct 18, 2022


Smartphones have become smarter and better than ever before. Nokia is one such brand that has come a long way since its introduction.

product info

Find the best Nokia mobile phone

From coming up with keypad phones to luxurious full HD display smartphones, Nokia has upgraded itself with technology. The best part is that their phones are highly durable and equipped with the fastest processors. If you are on the search for the most reliable smartphone that offers the latest android features and up-to-date security, explore our list of best Nokia mobile phones under 50,000.

Best Nokia mobile phones

1.Nokia G21 android smartphone, dual SIM, 3-day battery life, 6GB RAM + 128GB storage, 50MP triple AI camera | Dusk

Available in stunning dusk and nordic blue colours, the Nokia G21 Android smartphone is the next generation smartphone that comes with 6GB RAM and 128GB storage. In addition, the phone is equipped with a 50MP Triple AI camera and a 6.5-inch wide display for smooth viewing and scrolling experience.


• OS - Android 11 64bits

• RAM - 6GB

• Product dimensions - 16.5 x 7.5 x 0.8 cm; 191 grams

• Connectivity technologies - bluetooth, USB

• Batteries - 1 Lithium polymer battery required

• Special features - Rear camera, face unlock, camera

• GPS - True

Pros Cons
Equipped with the latest OS  Inadequate battery life 
Comes with Bluetooth and USB connectivity  Looks bulky 
Features an excellent camera to capture every moment  

Nokia G21 Android Smartphone, Dual SIM, 3-Day Battery Life, 6GB RAM + 128GB Storage, 50MP Triple AI Camera | Dusk

18% off 13,999 16,999

2.NOKIA 110 TA-1434 DS in Rosegold

With 1.77 screen size, the Nokia 110 TA is a keypad mobile phone that comes in stunning rose gold colour. This phone is equipped with 32MB memory storage to store everything hassle-free. In addition, its simple and sleek design makes it an ideal phone for daily work.


• OS - S30+

• Product weight - 73 grams

• Batteries - ‎1 Lithium polymer battery required

• Item model number - NOKIA 110 DS

• Connectivity technologies - Bluetooth

Pros Cons
Equipped with the latest OS  Inadequate RAM size  
Simple and sleek design   
Supports bluetooth and USB technology   

NOKIA 110 TA-1434 DS in Rosegold

19% off 1,699 2,099

3.Nokia 2.3 android 10 smartphone 2GB RAM, 32GB storage, dual rear Camera, charcoal

Next on the list is the Nokia 2.3 android 10 smartphone. Discover the power of Nokia mobile phones with this stunning phone in charcoal colour. It comes with 2GB RAM and 32GB ROM for smooth functioning. The best feature of this phone is its incredible camera quality for better and more elegant pictures.


• OS - Android 10.0

• RAM - 2GB

• Product dimensions - 15.8 x 0.9 x 7.5 cm; 183 grams

• Batteries - ‎1 Lithium polymer battery required

• Wireless communication technologies - Bluetooth, Wi-Fi

• Item model number - Nokia 2.3

• Display technology - LCD

Pros Cons
Equipped with the latest OS  Inadequate RAM size  
LED display technology   
Supports bluetooth and USB technology   

Nokia 2.3 Android 10 Smartphone 2GB RAM, 32GB Storage, Dual Rear Camera, Charcoal

31% off 7,580 10,999

4.Nokia G20 smartphone, dual SIM 4G, 4GB RAM/64GB storage, 48MP quad camera with 6.5” (16.51 cm) screen | silver, 4GB+64Gb

The Nokia G20 is a very stylishly designed smartphone. It comes with a handful of exciting features, such as 4GB RAM and 64GB storage. In addition, the 6.5-inch display offers an extraordinary viewing experience.


• OS - Android 11

• RAM - 4GB

• Product dimensions - 16.5 x 7.6 x 0.9 cm; 196 grams

• Batteries - 1 Lithium Ion battery required

• Item model number - ‎Nokia G20 4G MTK Helio G35 Octa Core

• Wireless communication technology - Cellular

Pros Cons
Comes with dual Sim, 48 MP quad camera Inadequate RAM size  
Lightweight and fits in the pocket easily   
Decent camera quality   

Nokia G20 Smartphone, Dual SIM 4G, 4GB RAM/64GB Storage, 48MP Quad Camera with 6.5” (16.51 cm) Screen | Silver, 4GB+64Gb

5.Nokia XR20 5G, IP68 & military-grade casing, corning gorilla glass victus, 6GB RAM/128GB storage, blue

Another Nokia phone that not only offers an array of features but looks exceptionally good is the Nokia XR20. It is a 5G phone that comes with Gorilla Glass. In addition, it offers excellent storage to save all your favourite songs and photos. Its sleek design and colour attract all eyes.


• OS - Android 11 One

• RAM - 6GB

• Product dimensions - 17.2 x 8.2 x 1.1 cm; 247 grams

• Batteries - 1 Lithium polymer battery required

• Connectivity technologies - Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, USB

• GPS - True

Pros Cons
Equipped with the latest OS  Does not fit in everyone’s budget 
Comes with an in-built GPS   
Supports Wi-Fi, bluetooth and USB technology   

Nokia XR20 5G, IP68 & Military-Grade casing, Corning Gorilla Glass Victus, 6GB RAM/128GB Storage, Blue

6.Nokia C01 Plus 4G, 5.45” HD+ Screen, Selfie camera with front flash (Blue)

Looking for a full HD Nokia mobile phone under 50,000? The Nokia C01 Plus 4G is an exciting addition to the brand's range of feature phones. It comes with a 5MP rear camera and a 2MP front camera to capture every detail. In addition, a 3000 mAh battery keeps you going from dawn to dusk.


• OS - Android 11 (Go edition)

• RAM -2 GB

• Product dimensions - 14.8 x 7.2 x 0.9 cm; 157 grams

• Batteries - ‎1 Lithium Ion battery required

• Item model number - C01

• Wireless communication technology - Cellular

Pros Cons
Comes with cellular wireless technology  Inadequate RAM size 
Easily on pocket   
Supported by the latest OS   

Nokia C01 Plus 4G, 5.45” HD+ Screen, Selfie Camera with Front Flash (Blue)

23% off 5,800 7,499

7.NOKIA C30 TA-1345 DS 4/64 in WH (White)

Another Nokia phone that manages to grab a position in our list of best Nokia mobile phones under 50,000. It comes in the classic white colour. Features such as excellent battery backup, a 6.82-inch display size, 4GB RAM and 64GB internal storage make it a preferred choice among the masses.


• OS - Android R

• RAM - 4GB

• Product dimensions - 17.8 x 7.9 x 1 cm; 237 grams

• Batteries - 1 Lithium polymer battery required

• Connectivity technology - Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, USB

• GPS - True

Pros Cons
Comes with an in-built GPS  Inadequate RAM size 
Easy connectivity with Wi-Fi, bluetooth and USB  Available in only one colour 
Supported by the latest OS   

NOKIA C30 TA-1345 DS 4/64 in WH (White)

24% off 10,249 13,499

8.Nokia 105

Another simple and stylish phone on the list is the Nokia 105. This phone is highly budget friendly and has a handful of exciting features. In addition, its simple and sleek design suits everyone. The phone also comes with a memory card slot, the latest OS and FM radio to keep you entertained from dawn to dusk.


• Screen size: 1.77 Inch

• RAM: .04 GB

• Special features - MP3, Radio

• Batteries - 1 Lithium Ion battery required

• Connectivity technology - Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, USB

• Product dimensions - 11.5 x 5 x 1.4 cm; 72 grams

• OS: Nokia Series 30+

Pros Cons
Features memory card slot  Inadequate RAM size  
Decent talk time   
Simple and sturdy style   

Nokia 105 Plus Single SIM, Keypad Mobile Phone with Wireless FM Radio, Memory Card Slot and MP3 Player | Charcoal

29% off 1,199 1,699

9.Nokia 6310

Another Nokia phone that is priced under 50,000 is the Nokia 6310. This keypad phone has a decent screen size for an immersive viewing experience. Besides this, 8 MB storage and long-lasting battery life keep you going throughout the day.


• Screen size: 2.8 inch

• RAM: 8 MB

• Batteries - ‎1 Lithium Ion battery required

• Connectivity technology - Gsm 2G

• Product dimensions - 13.6 x 5.6 x 1.4 cm; 100 grams

• OS: Nokia Series 30+

Pros Cons
Great gaming experience   Comes in only black colour 
Lightweight and easy to operate   
Supports bluetooth and USB technology   

Nokia 6310 Dual SIM Keypad Phone with a 2.8” Screen, Wireless FM Radio and Rear Camera with Flash | Black

24% off 3,399 4,499

10.Nokia 225 4G

Nokia 225 is a keypad mobile phone with 64 MB storage and 4G connectivity. This phone is equipped with the latest operating features and comes with the perks of Nokia phones. In addition, it is highly durable.


• Brand - Nokia

• Storage: 64 MB

• Batteries - ‎1 Lithium Ion battery required

• Connectivity technology - Bluetooth, 4G

• Product dimensions - 12.5 x 5.1 x 1.4 cm; 91 grams

• OS: Series 30+

Pros Cons
Simple and sturdy look  Inadequate display 
Light in weight   
Latest OS  

Nokia 225 4G Dual SIM Feature Phone with Long Battery Life, Camera, Multiplayer Games, and Premium Finish – Black Colour

15% off 3,749 4,399

Best three features for you

Product Feature 1 Feature 2 Feature 3
Nokia G21 android smartphone Ample storage space Good RAM backup Great battery backup
NOKIA 110 TA-1434 DS in Rosegold Smooth and clear display  Great storage capacity  Power saving mode 
Nokia 2.3 android 10 smartphone Stunning colours are available Good RAM backup Good camera resolution
Nokia G20 smartphone Good colours are available Good for everyday use Lightweight and sturdy 
Nokia XR20 5G Expandable memory Bluetooth enabled Powerful processor 
Nokia C01 Plus 4G Good RAM Excellent battery life  Latest operating system
NOKIA C30 TA-1345 DS 4/64 in WH (White)  HD+ display Long and quality display Dual AI camera
Nokia 105 Simple and sturdy design  Adeuqate RAM  Comes with the torch light 
Nokia 6310 Great battery backup Budget friendly  Bluetooth enabled
Nokia 225 4G  Latest operating system Simple design  Light weight 

Best value for money

Nokia offers a variety of phones. Out of all on our list, the best value-for-money phone is the Nokia 2.3 Android 10 smartphone. It is packed with all the necessary features. It has enough RAM to save all of your pictures and videos. In addition, you may take quality images with this phone. This phone retails decently at 7,990.00 after a discount on Amazon.

Best overall

Out of all, one phone that stands out in the list of Nokia mobile phones under 50,000 is the Nokia XR20 5G. This model offers all features you might need for everyday use. Right from adequate RAM to excellent camera quality, it is an ideal pick for all individuals. It is priced moderately at 44,999 after a discount on Amazon.

How to find the perfect Nokia mobile phones?

Follow our “to-do items” list before finding your perfect mobile phone:

• Sufficient storage capacity

• All-day battery life

• Great camera quality

• Power saving mode

• Full HD display

• High resolution

• Price of the mobile

Products price list

Product Price Discounted price
Nokia G21 android smartphone 16,999 14,999
NOKIA 110 TA-1434 DS in Rosegold 2,099 1,915
Nokia 2.3 android 10 smartphone 10,999 7,990
Nokia G20 smartphone 14,999 11,990
Nokia XR20 5G 52,999 44,999
Nokia C01 Plus 4G 7,999 6,798
NOKIA C30 TA-1345 DS 4/64 in WH (White)  13,499 10,249
Nokia 105 1,599 1,349
Nokia 6310 4,499 3,399
Nokia 225 4G  4,399 3,749

“At Hindustan Times, we help you stay up-to-date with the latest trends and products. Hindustan Times has an affiliate partnership, so we may get a part of the revenue when you make a purchase.”


Best feature Nokia mobile phones

List top 2 Nokia mobile phones under 50000

The top two Nokia mobile phones under 50,000 are:  

  • Nokia XR20 5G
  • Nokia G20 smartphone

What are the features to look for when buying a phone? 

When buying a phone, there are several features to look for. These include RAM size, internal storage, camera specifications, price of the product and so on. 

Does Nokia offer budget-friendly phones? 

Yes, Nokia is a known brand offering several budget-friendly phones.

What is the average price of Nokia phones in India? 

In India, Nokia phones generally retail between 1,000 to 25,000. The prices can differentiate based on the features. 

Are budget-friendly phones available on Amazon? 

Yes, there are several budget-friendly phones on Amazon. The range generally starts from 1,000. 

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Wed, 12 Oct 2022 07:41:00 -0500 text/html Killexams : Nokia deploys 5G private wireless for cycling World Championships

The French Cycling Federation is to deploy a Nokia-based 5G private wireless network to enhance the customer stadium and media experience during the 2022 Tissot UCI Track World Championships.

Working with industry partners – including Airbus, Aviwest, Bouygues E&S, Bouygues IT, Eurovison, Intel, Kinomap, Orange Events, Qualcomm Technologies Inc, Tissot, UCI, UCPA, Velopolis, VoGo and XD Motion – Nokia has deployed a 5G modular private wireless (MPW) network at the Saint-Quentin-en-Yvelines National Velodrome.

During the five-day event, an enhanced viewing and entertainment experience will be offered to fans, athletes, organisers and broadcasters, in cooperation with UCI and Eurovision Sport for TV production.

Nokia is using both 5G mmWave and 5G cmWave to show how they deliver extreme capacity, ultra-low latency and ultra-high throughput to meet the diverse demands of the stakeholders – spectators, sponsors and media – at the event.

Beyond the immersive experience, private wireless networks will also support video and data-sharing to Strengthen situational awareness in the stadium for security and safety teams.

Live video streams of races will be shown on a large screen, and visitors can tailor their view of the action using 60° robotic cameras operated remotely in real-time. Using 5G smartphones, tablets and headsets, they can access multiscreen views and race statistics in augmented reality, as well as hear the sounds of the track, the atmosphere in the stadium or audio commentary in the language of their choice.

“Leveraging Nokia 5G private wireless network, we see how the technology can elevate the experience for the thousands of bandwidth-hungry spectators at race events like this one,” said Michel Callot, president of the French Cycling Federation. “The French Cycling Federation is enthusiastic about exploiting all the new service opportunities that 5G will bring us, both for spectators, athletes and organisers.”

Nokia said it will also aim to show how 5G private wireless networks support other stakeholders, such as media photographers, who will be able to upload images with 5G Stadium Lab. Furthermore, the company said it will continue its work with industry partners to develop Industry 4.0 use cases for future sporting events.

“We are pleased to showcase private wireless connectivity at the 2022 TISSOT UCI Track World Championship event in France and show the potential for future global events in the city,” said Stéphane Haulbert, head of partners in Europe at Nokia.

“The work we are doing with industry partners under the 5G Stadium Lab allows us to develop and test in-demand use cases for services such as security, leveraging AI and machine learning capabilities to enable, for example, automated monitoring of multiple video and sensor data feeds and alerts. Private wireless puts the network owner in control, allowing them to support the distinct needs of a variety of stakeholders and services.”

Fri, 14 Oct 2022 22:57:00 -0500 en text/html
Killexams : Nokia’s vision of the future is a world where the metaverse replaces smartphones

It’s hard to imagine a world untethered from your cellphone. Unless you work for Nokia.

The telecommunications giant sees the metaverse becoming an all-consuming technology at the end of this decade, replacing smartphones as the primary form of communication.

“Our belief is that this device will be overtaken by a metaverse experience in the second half of the decade,” said Nishant Batra, its chief strategy and technology officer, as he clutched his phone during a exact visit to North Texas.

To a large extent, it will be up to the Finland-based company’s 1,700 employees working in the Cypress Waters development to turn that ambitious goal into a reality.

Nokia traces its Dallas-area roots back to the 1950s. The company now leases 250,000 square feet of space at the sprawling corporate development not far from DFW International Airport.

Famously known for developing the first fully automatic cellular phone system, Nokia has since grown into a full-blown technology company, developing facial recognition used at some airports or assisting electric utilities in keeping the grid secure. Seven of the major electric grids in the U.S. are powered by the company’s networks.

Nokia brought in over $21 billion in sales last year, operating in more than 130 countries with a workforce that totals close to 88,000. To pull off the big plans, Nokia expects to make new hires in North Texas in coming years as the metaverse gains adoption.

Nokia chief technology and strategy officer Nishant Batra
Nokia chief technology and strategy officer Nishant Batra(Elías Valverde II / Staff Photographer)

What is the metaverse?

In simplest terms, it’s the next generation of technology that’ll shape our daily lives.

Sukumaran Nair, distinguished professor at Southern Methodist University and director of the college’s AT&T Center for Virtualization in Dallas, said the metaverse can be thought of as a compilation of new technologies assembled in one bucket.

“One way to define this is an extension of AR and VR with potential for real-time data collection from different parts of the internet,” said Nair, referencing augmented reality and virtual reality technology, the typical mental pictures of the metaverse — handhelds, headsets, glasses.

Extending the technology’s use could mean a lot of different things for a variety of industries. It could involve everything from expanding how the internet is used to developing new ways to learn skills.

The concept of the metaverse may seem fairly recent, gaining traction in exact years when social media platform Facebook rebranded to Meta. Founder Mark Zuckerberg wanted the influential company to focus on the next digital frontier, the metaverse.

But the metaverse isn’t new, Nair said. In the 1992 novel Snow Crash, writer Neal Stephenson coined the term “metaverse,” where humans would interact with each other and software in a 3D space that uses a metaphor of the real world.

An often-used phrase in the metaverse world is “digital twins.” Think of them as virtual representations of an object or system that spans its lifecycle, is updated with real-time data and uses simulation, machine learning and reasoning to aid decision-making, according to research firm IBM.

Nokia’s office building in Coppell.
Nokia’s office building in Coppell.(Elías Valverde II / Staff Photographer)

What does 2030 look like?

When Nokia thinks ahead to 2030, the landscape is a lot different than what reality is today.

The company sees three main influences in how that world takes shape: socioeconomics and geopolitics, technology and what users need at any given time. Framing Nokia’s vision are enabling concepts — human augmentation and digital-physical fusion.

Human augmentation refers to technology enabling people to interact with the digital world, or devices such as virtual reality headsets and augmented reality glasses. But in the future, Batra said, the interface will be much more personalized and unique.

Digital-physical fusion deals with real-world objects, systems and processes that are represented in the digital world.

In the consumer metaverse, revenue from virtual spaces where people interact will be reliant on consumer appeal. Monetization will be fragmented, with growth into 2026, according to Nokia’s estimates. Success will come if there’s buy-in for multiple uses, such as gaming, social interactions and virtual travel, Batra said.

“Widespread adoption of the technology from both corporations and consumers will be critical for it to really take off, and this will also depend on the availability of affordable, ergonomic wirelessly connected VR and AR devices,” Batra said.

The enterprise metaverse, which includes both offices and schools, is filled with things like simulations and infinite workspaces and will evolve based on how much value businesses get from it. One way to think of the potential is what Batra calls a “digital drafting table of architecture and engineering firms.”

Nokia sees metaverse-inspired innovations in devices and solutions as a growth opportunity for business.

In the industrial metaverse, digital twins and simulation could be put to use in factory production lines or mining operations. Industrial machinery jobs could be taught by working with a virtual reality headset.

Batra points to how aerospace companies are building engines and fuselages in the digital world to simulate exactly how an aircraft will fly, and factories, including Nokia’s own, exist just as much in the digital world as they do in the physical.

Next-gen technology is put to use every day in Nokia’s Cypress Waters offices. Virtual reality headsets are available that users can try on to explore or work in the metaverse. There’s a green screen room where users can be placed inside locations like a coal mine, where technology can detect whether someone is wearing safety gear.

Ali Emam, Nokia's head of demo digital customer journey, demonstrates green screen...
Ali Emam, Nokia's head of demo digital customer journey, demonstrates green screen technology at the company's executive experience center.(Elías Valverde II / Staff Photographer)
Ali Emam, Nokia's head of demo digital customer journey, demonstrates how green screen...
Ali Emam, Nokia's head of demo digital customer journey, demonstrates how green screen technology works.(Elías Valverde II / Staff Photographer)

Batra said one example of how the metaverse could benefit business is in infrastructure, helping engineers to better understand traffic patterns, wear and tear over time, and how to make roads safer.

By 2030, Nokia envisions a 6G world that ushers in advanced technology like computer vision, bio sensors, digital twins, and immersive AR and VR. That evolution also will create more potential entry points for attackers.

Nokia is preparing for that, too, Batra said. Nokia launched a cybersecurity lab in Coppell in May in what it hailed as the first U.S.-based end-to-end lab to take 5G protection to the next level.

It’s not just Nokia promoting the metaverse.

Dallas-based Match Group acquired a South Korean social networking startup, Hyperconnect, for $1.7 billion in April that lets users create relationships in a virtual setting.

Retail giant Walmart moved into the metaverse through gaming experiences on Roblox that are dubbed “Walmart Land” and “Walmart’s Universe of Play.” Walmart Land features fashion, beauty and entertainment items, while Walmart’s Universe of Play showcases toys.

Consumers also are interested in the possibilities. Trade publication MarTech Today reported that what consumers want most in a metaverse experience include:

  • 68% want to experience music
  • 58% travel and tourism
  • 53% shopping and virtual stories
  • 53% live events

While getting to Nokia’s future world will take time and education, Batra said generations of digital natives are ready for the technology.

“The adoption of every generation is faster than the generation before, not just by a bit,” Batra said. “It’s exponentially different.”

Thu, 13 Oct 2022 01:45:00 -0500 en text/html
Killexams : Nokia is now suing Oppo in other markets as well

Nokia already pushed Oppo and OnePlus (both part of BBK Electronics) out of the German market over patent infringements after the court ruled out two consecutive lawsuits in favor of the Finnish company.

Nokia is now suing Oppo in other markets as well

According to a new report, Nokia is now suing Oppo in Australia over the violation of Nokia's SEP (Service Enablement Platform) that cover 4G and 5G technologies. The German court halted Oppo's sales on the same basis, so we might see the same denouement in Australia and other markets.

Nokia is currently suing Oppo in other European and Asian countries after the patent agreement between the two companies expired in 2021.


Wed, 12 Oct 2022 05:01:00 -0500 en-US text/html
Killexams : Snake climbing a wall reminds people of Nokia’s iconic game. Watch

There are some moments in everyone’s childhood that others can relate too. Just like playing the iconic snake game on Nokia mobiles that kept many entertained as kids. People are again reminded of the game after a video of a snake was shared online. It is the climbing skills of the reptile that left people stunned and made them think of the game.

Coronado National Memorial took to their official Facebook page to share the video which has now wowed people. “You never know who might stop by the visitor center. Yesterday this Sonoran mountain kingsnake (Lampropeltis pyromelana) showed off its climbing skills on our adobe walls,” they wrote while posting the video.

The video has been posted a few days ago. Since being shared, the clip has accumulated more than 1,000 likes. People took to the comments section to post various reactions.

“I used to play this game on my Nokia. Graphics weren't as good as this though,” joked a Facebook user. “Beautiful snake! That is something I would like to see!!!!,” wrote another. “Omg... that looks like some kind of video game. Amazing animals!,’ commented a third. “Nokia snake game,” posted a fourth. Some shared GIFs showing the mobile game to express their reactions to the video.

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Killexams : Nokia G11 Plus is available now in India.

Nokia G11 Plus is a new smartphone from the house of HMD Global. It has got the Nokia branding front and back, vanilla Android software inside, and some pleasant features like a 90Hz display and 50MP camera. The processor powering it all is a Unisoc T606. Let’s see what else this new Nokia smartphone packs.

Nokia G11 Plus specs and features

Nokia G11 Plus

Nokia is giving a 6.5-inch HD+ 90Hz panel with a waterdrop notch. Within that cutout resides an 8MP selfie clicker. 

Back of the phone houses a duo including a 50MP main shooter and a 2MP depth module.

As mentioned in the intro, the chip at the core is a Unisoc T606. It is paired with 4GB of RAM and 64GB of storage. 

The software offered is Android 12 and you are assured 2 years of OS updates and 2 years of monthly security patches.

Among other things, the phone also brings a 5000mAh battery with 10W charging and IP52 dust and water resistance.

Nokia G11 Plus price and availability

You can purchase the Nokia G11 Plus for ₹12,499 and grab it in Blue and Grey colorways. It is up for sale on the Nokia website, e-commerce sites, and retail outlets.

Furthermore, the company has announced that the Nokia T10 LTE variant will start selling from October 15 through major retail outlets and

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