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NBCOT National Board for Certification of Occupational Therapists - COTA - 2022

Acquire information regarding factors that influence
occupational performance on an ongoing basis throughout
the occupational therapy process.

- Impact of typical development and aging on occupational performance, health, and wellness across the life span
- Expected patterns, progressions, and prognoses associated with conditions that limit occupational performance
- Impact of body functions, body structures, and values, beliefs, and spirituality on occupational performance
- Resources for acquiring information about the clients current condition and occupational performance
- Administration, purpose, indications, advantages, and limitations of standardized and non-standardized screening and assessment tools
- Internal and external factors influencing a clients meaningful engagement in occupation related to typical habits, roles, routines, and rituals, and the level and type of assistance required
- Therapeutic application of theoretical approaches, models of practice, and frames of reference that guide intervention in a variety of practice contexts and environments
- Task analysis in relation to a clients performance skills, the occupational profile, practice setting, stage of occupational therapy process, areas of occupation, and activity demands

Formulate conclusions regarding client needs and priorities to develop and monitor an intervention plan throughout the occupational therapy process.

- Interpretation and analysis of quantitative assessments designed to measure specific client factors and performance skills
- Integration of qualitative data collected from interviews, observation, and assessment of the social and physical
environments, valued activities, necessary occupations, and priorities
- Integration of screening and assessment results with the client occupational profile, client condition, expected outcomes, and level of service delivery to guide critical decision-making for determining eligibility for services, prioritizing needs, and identifying a targeted intervention plan
- Characteristics and functions of interprofessional teams for coordinating client care and providing efficient and effective programs and services consistent with specific core competencies, expertise, unique contributions, team roles, and context of the organization
- Management of collaborative client-centered intervention plans, Individualized Education Program plans, and transition plans based on client skills, abilities, and expected outcomes in relation to available resources, level of service delivery, and frequency and duration of intervention
- Prioritization of intervention goals and activities based on client needs, wants, developmental skills, abilities, progress, and expected outcomes in relation to level of service delivery as well as frequency and duration of intervention
- Strategies used for assessing and addressing health literacy to enhance non-verbal and verbal interactions with a client and relevant others in order to promote positive health behaviors, enable informed decisions, maximize safety of care delivery, and promote carry-over of the intervention to support positive intervention outcomes
- Factors used for determining and managing the context and type of individual and group activities for effectively supporting intervention goals and objectives

Methods for monitoring the effectiveness of individual and group intervention in order to make decisions about continuation of the intervention or modifications to the intervention approach, context, or goals - Clinical decision-making for adapting or modifying the intervention plan and prioritizing goals in response to physiological changes, behavioral reaction, emotion regulation, and developmental needs of the client

Select interventions for managing a client-centered plan throughout the occupational therapy process.

Methods and techniques for selecting and preparing the environment to support optimal engagement in the intervention and promote goal achievement
- Indications, contraindications, and precautions associated with wound management, considering the characteristics of a wound, the stage of wound healing, and the influence of the wound on engagement in occupation as guided by evidence, best practice standards, scope of practice, and state licensure practice acts in order to support functional outcomes
- Indications, contraindications, precautions, and appropriate clinical application of superficial thermal agents as guided by evidence, best practice standards, scope of practice, and state licensure practice acts
- Indications, contraindications, precautions, and appropriate clinical application of deep thermal, mechanical, and electrotherapeutic physical agent modalities as guided by evidence, best practice standards, scope of practice, and state licensure practice acts
- Interventions for supporting leisure and play-based exploration and participation consistent with client interests, needs, goals, and context
- Methods for grading an activity, task, or technique based on level of development, client status, response to intervention, and client needs
- Methods for facilitating individual and group participation in shared tasks or activities consistent with the type, function, format, context, goals, and stage of the group
- Interventions to support optimal sensory arousal, and visual motor, cognitive, or perceptual processing for supporting engagement in meaningful occupations consistent with developmental level, neuromotor status, mental health, cognitive level, psychosocial skills and abilities, task characteristics, context, and environmental demands 030205 Compensatory and remedial strategies for managing cognitive and perceptual deficits or intellectual disabilities
- Adaptive and preventive strategies for optimal engagement in occupation consistent with developmental level, neuromotor status, and condition
- Intervention strategies and techniques used to facilitate oral motor skills for drinking, eating, and swallowing consistent with developmental level, client condition, caregiver interaction, and mealtime environment and context
- Prevocational, vocational, and transitional services, options, and resources for supporting strengths, interests, employment, and lifestyle goals of the adolescent, middle-aged, and older adult client
- Methods for grading various types of therapeutic exercise and conditioning programs consistent with indications and precautions for strengthening muscles, increasing endurance, improving range of motion and coordination, and increasing joint flexibility in relation to task demands
- Methods and strategies used to develop, implement, and manage sensory and motor reeducation, pain management, desensitization, edema reduction, and scar management programs
- Techniques and activities for promoting or improving postural stability, facilitating dynamic balance, and teaching proper body mechanics and efficient breathing patterns during functional tasks to support engagement in occupation
- Types and functions of immobilization, mobilization, restriction, and non-articular orthoses for managing specific conditions
- Influence of anatomical, physiological, biomechanical, and healing principles on orthotic selection, design, fabrication, and modification
- Methods and techniques for training in the safe and effective use of orthotic and prosthetic devices consistent with prioritized needs, goals, and task demands in order to optimize or enhance function
- Factors related to measuring, selecting, monitoring fit of, and recommending modifications to seating systems, positioning devices, and mobility aids
- Characteristics and features of high- and low-tech assistive technology for supporting engagement in meaningful occupation
- Mobility options, vehicle adaptations, and alternative devices for supporting participation in community mobility
- Training methods and other factors influencing successful use and maintenance of commonly used assistive technology options, adaptive devices, and durable medical equipment
- Principles of ergonomics and universal design for identifying, recommending, and implementing reasonable accommodations and features in the workplace, home, and public spaces in order to optimize accessibility and usability
- Processes and procedures for identifying, recommending, and implementing modifications in the workplace, home, and public spaces, considering the interaction among client factors, contexts, roles, task demands, and resources

Manage professional activities of self and relevant others as guided by evidence, regulatory compliance, and standards of practice to promote quality care.

- Methods for defining a clinical question and performing a critical appraisal to support evidence-based practice
- Methods for applying continuous quality improvement processes and procedures to occupational therapy service delivery
- Methods for evaluating, monitoring, and documenting service competency and professional development needs of self and assigned personnel based on scope of practice and certification standards for occupational therapy
- Methods for developing, analyzing, and applying evidence that supports occupation-based programming to advance positive health outcomes for individuals, groups, and specific populations
- Application of ethical decision-making and professional behaviors guided by the NBCOT standards of practice and Code of Conduct
- Precautions or contraindications associated with a client condition or stage of recovery
- Infection control procedures and universal precautions for reducing transmission of contaminants
- Basic first aid in response to minor injuries and adverse reactions
- Safety procedures to implement during interventions
- Preventive measures for minimizing risk in the intervention environment
- Methods for identifying, locating, and integrating federal regulations, facility policies, and accreditation guidelines related to service delivery across occupational therapy practice settings
- Influence of reimbursement policies and guidelines on occupational therapy service delivery
- Accountability processes and procedures using relevant practice terminology, abbreviations, information technology, and reporting mechanisms for justifying, tracking, and monitoring sentinel events and outcomes related to occupational therapy service delivery

National Board for Certification of Occupational Therapists - COTA - 2022
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Killexams : Medical Certification information source - BingNews https://killexams.com/pass4sure/exam-detail/NBCOT Search results Killexams : Medical Certification information source - BingNews https://killexams.com/pass4sure/exam-detail/NBCOT https://killexams.com/exam_list/Medical Killexams : Carefluence earns ONC Health IT Certification to help healthcare entities meet deadline on interoperability

GRAND BLANC, Mich., Aug. 4, 2022 /PRNewswire/ -- Carefluence, a pioneer in interoperability software to facilitate the secure and effective sharing of digital health information, has been certified under the 21st Century Cures Act as a standards-based offering that allows healthcare providers and application developers to meet a Dec. 31, 2022, deadline for giving patients easy access to their care and health outcomes information.

Carefluence Logo

In 2016 Carefluence was the first open application programming interface certified for Stage 3 of Meaningful Use by the federal Office of the National Coordinator. It was among the first vendors to adopt the Fast Health Interoperability Resources, or FHIR, standards that are now baked into the Cures Act standards, required for use by any entity involved in handling patient data. Carefluence also is experienced with SMART, an open-source, standards-based API that leverages the OAuth 2.0 standard to provide secure, universal access to EHRs using FHIR.

"What all of this means is that you can be secure in knowing that if you license Carefluence – whether you are an ACO, a hospital, medical group, payer, a health app or EHR developer – you can achieve interoperability effectively," said Lloyd Williams, Co-founder and Chief Operating Officer of Carefluence.

The December deadline, Williams noted, is fast approaching, that involves penalties for non-compliance such as information blocking. By that time, patients must have complete transparency into the cost and outcomes of their care, and entities need to provide it using a capability based on FHIR to be able to give patients their data in an accessible format.

"For those organizations that have yet to achieve compliance, our cloud-based platform offers a fast, reliable, effective, competitively positioned and flexible means to do so," said Aditya Ayyagari, Co-founder and Chief Technology Officer of Carefluence. Carefluence Open API R4, which met the requirements for "2015 Edition Cures Update" for 170.315 (d)(1, 3, 9-10, 12-13); (g)(4-7, 9-10, was certified on June 29th, 2022 via Drummond Group LLC and holds certificate number:

All entities that must meet population health objectives such as coordinating care through patient engagement need to have robust and secure means of communicating among disparate information systems from multiple vendors. Centralized scheduling, quality measurement tools, telemedicine, remote patient monitoring and clinical decision support software all require interoperability of health data exchange.

From ONC

"This Health IT Module is 2015 Edition compliant and has been certified by an ONC-ACB in accordance with the applicable criteria adopted by the Secretary of Health and Human Services.  This certification does not represent an endorsement by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services."

About Carefluence

Carefluence takes the guesswork out of health IT interoperability by handling the complexities and security of health data exchange, leaving its customers to share necessary data with stakeholders as needed. It has specific solutions for ACOs, hospitals, physician organizations, and other communities. For more, go to www.carefluence.com. Contact us at: https://carefluence.com/contact-us/.


View original content to download multimedia:https://www.prnewswire.com/news-releases/carefluence-earns-onc-health-it-certification-to-help-healthcare-entities-meet-deadline-on-interoperability-301600357.html

SOURCE Carefluence

Thu, 04 Aug 2022 07:20:00 -0500 en-US text/html https://finance.yahoo.com/news/carefluence-earns-onc-health-certification-192000511.html
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Wed, 25 Mar 2020 05:10:00 -0500 en text/html https://www.news-medical.net/life-sciences/about
Killexams : OpenEMR Achieves ONC 2015 Cures Update Certification with Groundbreaking Release 7.0 Jul. 20, 2022 / PRZen / RUTLAND, Vt. — OpenEMR version 7.0 has achieved ONC 2015 Cures Update Certification through the SLI Compliance Certification Body. This certification is vital for medical practices in the United States.

The ONC 2015 Certification was the result of a coordinated, community effort that spanned several years. There were more than forty direct contributors to this monumental effort which included Arnab Naha, Brady Miller, Brent Boecking, Care Management Solutions, Columbia University HIT Program, Comlink, Community Behavioral Health, David Eschelbacher, David Zhang, EMR Direct, Jerry Padgett, Jocelyn Valenzuela, Katy Dovgala, Ken Chapple, Kenn Vincent Kongyingyong, Kenneth Newman, Lawrence Lo, Mariam Mohsin, Michael J. Blaho, Niru Jani, Oak Street Health, OpenEMR Foundation, Paul Montenegro, Rachel Ellison, Salina Chan, Samta Jain, Sandra Gutierrez, Sherron Andrews, Stephen Nielson, Stephen Waite, Sushma Jani, Tamara Brantley, Theresa Haywood, Thuyet Tran, Tiffany Fludd, Vikram Reddy, Virginia Lorenzi, Vishnu Yarmaneni, Willy Liu, and Yash Raj Bothra.

To support this endeavor, the OpenEMR Foundation fundraised $115,000. The community wishes to specifically acknowledge the major sponsors who were all critical to funding this work and included Care Management Solutions, Community Behavioral Health, Dr. Niru Jani, Dr. Sushma Jani, Michael J. Blaho, Brent Boecking, Comlink and Oak Street Health. In addition to the amount fundraised, an additional $120,000 of code development effort was contributed by a group of expert OpenEMR professional developers, which included Stephen Nielson, Jerry Padgett, Stephen Waite and Ken Chapple.

The sheer number of new features and enhancements brought into OpenEMR to support certification were expansive and included support for interoperability, standardization of patient medical information, coordination of care, patient privacy, patient engagement, security, automated calculations of metrics and clinical quality measures.

The interoperability enhancements required for certification included support for FHIR, SMART on FHIR, REST API, OAuth2, and the Direct Project. “We are so excited to see the many ways that FHIR is going to impact the OpenEMR community. By integrating FHIR into OpenEMR, developers and users are able to tap into a growing ecosystem of healthcare applications that are able to provide needed solutions that are not currently available in OpenEMR. We have already seen several of our OpenEMR community developers as well as users jump into using FHIR. They have utilized FHIR to both integrate OpenEMR with other FHIR compatible systems as well as enhance their own OpenEMR installations. As ONC and other standards bodies continue to push the entire medical community forward with greater interoperability, better patient access, and more versatile solutions, we envision deeper and broader usage of our FHIR apis. We know this is only the beginning as there is so much more we can build upon. We envision this is the start of a new frontier for the OpenEMR community and we look forward to seeing the OpenEMR pioneers who will leverage FHIR in new and innovative ways,” said Stephen Nielson, Lead OpenEMR FHIR Developer.

A usability study of OpenEMR was also a requirement for certification. The purpose of this study was to test and validate the usability of OpenEMR’s user interface and involved measurements of effectiveness, efficiency, task success, task time and user satisfaction. The usability study was designed and conducted by the 2022 Cohort of the Professional Certificate in Health Information Technology Program at Columbia University. The study was a real world educational assignment for the Columbia University HIT program and was an extensive endeavor that involved meticulous test planning that was then followed by in depth surveys, testing and collection of performance data of 11 healthcare personnel using OpenEMR. The Columbia University HIT program’s real world project was successful and their reported findings both fulfilled certification requirements and provided feedback to Strengthen OpenEMR’s user experience. The OpenEMR community is very grateful to each student in the Columbia University HIT program. “Collaborating with OpenEMR was an outstanding informational opportunity. Students used existing usability methods to conduct testing and delivered impactful results which OpenEMR can use in significant ways. Each student positively shaped the user experience to further enhance the capabilities of OpenEMR,” said the report author, Mariam Mohsin. The Columbia University HIT program usability study report is available to view online.

The OpenEMR 7.0 release also boasts new features and improvements unrelated to certification, which include a new Social Screening form, new support for USPS Address Verification, and improvements in patient portal, patient dashboard, billing, fee sheet, and security.

The new Social Screening form was designed by Char Miller, a exact Master of Public Health graduate from Simmons University. As part of Char’s Master of Public Health curriculum, she collaborated with the OpenEMR community to implement a tool that measures Social Determinants of Health (SDOH). SDOH are broken down into the following five categories: economic stability, education access and quality, healthcare access and quality, neighborhood and built environment, and social community and context. SDOH are considered predictors of health outcomes and causes of health inequities. The new Social Screening form in OpenEMR is streamlined for both providers and patients to capture SDOH measurements over time. “The ability to screen for and capture Social Determinants of Health in a free and open-source EMR will assist in addressing health inequities that exist in our most vulnerable populations. In the next year this SDOH data will be combined with standardized FHIR compliant codes that will enable interoperability among providers, public health, and community organizations.” said the form author, Char Miller.

Sphere payment processing continues to be supported in OpenEMR 7.0. The OpenEMR Foundation continues to partner with Sphere to offer a full featured payment processing option in OpenEMR. This feature supports payments in-clinic (via a card reader with input pad) and patient portal, void/credit of payments, and reporting. “We designed this payment processing module to fully integrate with OpenEMR and make it as easy as possible for users to set it up and start collecting payments,” said the module author and OpenEMR project co-administrator, Brady Miller. Sign up and configuration details can be found at the Sphere Payment Processing Module (https://www.open-emr.org/wiki/index.php/Sphere_Payment_Processing_Module) page on OpenEMR’s website.

The OpenEMR community remains committed to continued support and improvement of the OpenEMR product. The use of OpenEMR continues to grow at a very fast pace, which continues to increase the need for more professional developers and vendors. The OpenEMR community recently started a developer lecture series to facilitate an environment that fosters the growth of professional OpenEMR developers and vendors. These lectures are recorded and can be viewed at https://www.open-emr.org/lectures/ . “We’ve heard back from many of our OpenEMR developers and vendors on how valuable these lectures have been in improving their knowledge and abilities in developing OpenEMR. These lecture series have helped OpenEMR veterans to meet with newcomers and help them contribute to OpenEMR. We’ve also covered subjects such as extending OpenEMR through development of modules, utilizing FHIR with OpenEMR, healthcare workflows, and customizing OpenEMR via Layout Based Forms. We look forward to showcasing additional areas of OpenEMR in the future, especially our new features we have added in the 7.0 release. We are always looking for individuals who would like to present on a course related to OpenEMR, whether as a featured presenter or for a small lightning talk. We encourage those wishing to present to reach out to an OpenEMR admin to discuss their course and get on the schedule,” said OpenEMR project co-administrator, Stephen Nielson.

“The OpenEMR community is very proud to release a bona fide open source product that is ONC 2015 Cures Update certified. The open source nature of OpenEMR thrives in the current health IT environment due to its cost-effectiveness, transparency, interoperability, customizability and flexibility. This is an opportunity for clinics to install or Strengthen their EHR implementation and the bona fide open-source nature of OpenEMR provides an ideal solution for these clinics by providing a customizable and cost-effective EHR that can successfully endure and grow over the long term for clinics. This opportunity spans all clinical settings and is especially vital for those clinics that were left behind by meaningful use in addition to clinical settings all over the world that can now leverage all the features required for ONC 2015 certification,” said Stephen Waite, OpenEMR project co-administrator.

OpenEMR 7.0 can be downloaded at OpenEMR’s download page (https://www.open-emr.org/wiki/index.php/OpenEMR_Downloads). The ONC 2015 Certification Transparency and Disclosure Requirements for OpenEMR can be viewed online (https://www.open-emr.org/wiki/index.php/OpenEMR_Wiki_Home_Page#2015_ONC_Ambulatory_EHR_Certification).

About OpenEMR

OpenEMR is an electronic health record (EHR) system that was originally developed in 2002 by physicians to help them run their practices. As an open-source project, it is maintained and supported by a vibrant community of volunteers and professionals that includes several hundred contributors and is supported by more than 40 companies. OpenEMR is recognized as the most popular open-source electronic health records and medical practice management solution in the world. OpenEMR is downloaded more than 2,500 times per month, and it is estimated that it is used by more than 100,000 medical providers serving more than 200 million patients. OpenEMR has been translated into 36 languages and is used by facilities in more than 100 countries across the globe. Open-source software has changed the world for the better, and OpenEMR is a leader in open-source healthcare software. For more information please visit https://www.open-emr.org .

About OpenEMR Foundation

The OpenEMR Foundation, Inc. is a 501©(3) nonprofit organization that exists to support the OpenEMR project with a vision to ensure that all people, regardless of race, socioeconomic status or geographic location, have access to high-quality medical care through the donation of free, open source medical software and service relating to that software. For more information please visit https://www.open-emr.org/foundation/ .

OpenEMR Foundation
[email protected]

Follow the full story here: https://przen.com/pr/33467947

Wed, 20 Jul 2022 02:01:00 -0500 PR Zen en-US text/html https://www.digitaljournal.com/pr/openemr-achieves-onc-2015-cures-update-certification-with-groundbreaking-release-7-0
Killexams : 1,000 children born in LRA captivity fail to get National IDs
President Yoweri Museveni at the launch of the national ID project. Several children born in LRA captivity struggling to get IDS.

These children were born in the Democratic Republic of Congo, Central African Republic and South Sudan to women and young girls who were abducted by LRA rebels during the war that lasted close to two decades in northern Uganda

Gulu, Uganda | THE INDEPENDENT | At least 1,017 children who were born in the Lord`s Resistance Army -LRA captivity are struggling to acquire National Identification Cards and access government services.

The children were born in the Democratic Republic of Congo, Central African Republic and South Sudan to women and young girls who were abducted by LRA rebels during the war that lasted close to two decades in northern Uganda.

These children were unable to participate in any of the programs of the countries where they were born and they later returned home, only to learn that they could not be registered in Uganda because they did not have the required documents to obtain a birth certificate. They are now spread across the eight districts of Gulu, Lamwo, Kitgum, Pader, Nwoya, Omoro, Agago, and Amuru.

Ugandan laws require that they produce a medical birth certificate, a citizen card showing that they are  Ugandans by birth, information about their biological parents and family clans and their original residential location. But the children in this category do not have medical records since they were not born at medical facilities and do not have proper knowledge of their parents’ lineage because there was no family information while in the bush.

When they returned home, they were resettled with their maternal relatives, and until now, they do not have information about their paternal lineage or clans. As a result, the children have not been able to register their births in Uganda and are still considered non-citizens. This means that they are unable to acquire the National Identification Cards and cannot, therefore, access government programs with ease.

The National Identity Cards are a prerequisite for opening Bank accounts, registration of sim cards, obtaining travel documents, voting, and registration for the National Social Security Fund -NSSF for those seeking formal employment.

One of the affected children, now aged 26, does not know the whereabouts of his father more than 20 years after they successfully escaped from the bush. He explains that because of the absence of official records about his ancestry, he has struggled in vain to acquire a National Identity Card.

He added that some of his colleagues who have the interest to further their studies travel abroad for greener pastures, seek jobs in public offices, or run for political offices and reputable organizations have all been blocked due to the lack of birth certificates and National Identity Cards.

Another child now aged, 20 disclosed that at one time the personnel from the National Identification Registration Authority office asked him to use the details of Joseph Kony, the LRA Commander as his father, a thing he said greatly affected him psychologically.

He explained that some of his colleagues have forged the details of their parents in order to acquire the documents. To the source, the denial for them to have such vital documents means they are indirectly being punished for being part of the LRA rebel group.

The children have now organized under the War Victims and Children Networking (WVCN), and Women Advocacy Network (WAN) local Community Based Organizations rights groups operating in the Acholi sub-region seeking redress. They say that their struggle to acquire National Identity Cards and birth certificates individually, as a group, or as an institution has been fruitless.

Some of them say that their mothers are also shying away from bearing the shame of exposing themselves to the world because they do not know the fathers of their children, the children were produced against their will and they were sexually abused while in the bush or during LRA attacks.

An official from WVCN who speaks for the children born in LRA captivity told URN during an interview that they are stuck because some of the mothers neither know the whereabouts of the fathers nor their details. The source who preferred anonymity noted that an average of 300 children have sought assistance in acquiring National Identity Cards.

The source is pleading with the Ministry of International Affairs, Justice Law and Order Sector (JLOS), office of the Prime Minister (OPM), and Civil Society Organizations (CSOs) to come to their rescue noting that they are battling the loss of identity.

Evelyn Amony, the Executive Director of Women Advocacy Network (WAN), a former LRA abductee, child soldier, and single mother who admits the challenges notes that the denial of national identity cards and birth certificates to the children born in LRA captivity is stigmatizing and causing mental distress.

Stella Lanam, the Director of War and Children Networking (WVCN) appealed to the religious and traditional leaders to take on the roles of giving tribal identities to such children adding that some mothers of such children have committed suicide due to the pain of seeing their children suffering.

Pamela Angwech, the Executive Director of Gulu Women Economic Development and Globalization (GWED-G) in Gulu says that the gun has gone silent for more than 20 years but the majority of the survivors are living in agony.

She notes that the fate of children born in captivity should clearly be addressed in transitional justice so that the children have a sense of belonging. Angwech added that together with JLOS and the Office of the Prime Minister (OPM) they have engaged with NIRA to design modalities to give national identity cards and birth certificates to the children born in captivity.

Sarah Nkayimbi, the Programs Manager of the Forum for Justice and Development Initiative (FJDI) says that they are interacting with different stakeholders to expedite the implementation of the transitional justice policy and matters that should be addressed.

Margaret Ajok, the National Advisor for the Justice Law and Order Sector (JLOS) said that the matter has been tabled before the Justice and Constitutional Affairs Minister and administration of NIRA adding that they have agreed to make amendments in that course and have such categories catered for.



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Killexams : Canvas Medical rakes in $24M, earns ONC certification for API

Successful healthcare providers must continuously Strengthen their care models to keep up with changing patient demands and advances in technology. To accomplish this, many care delivery companies have brought software developers in-house to help strengthen their unique care models. That’s where Canvas Medical comes in, according to Andrew Hines, the EMR startup’s founder and CEO. He founded the company in 2015 as an extensible EMR and practice management system to foster more effective clinician-developer collaboration.

On Thursday, Canvas raised $24 million in a Series B funding round. It was led by M13 with participation from Haystack and previous investors Inspired Capital, IA Ventures, Upfront Ventures and Irongrey. The round brings the San Francisco-based company’s total funds raised to $44 million.

The startup sells its software to care delivery companies, from specialty telehealth startups to in-home senior care enterprises. After five years of development, Canvas released its suite of developer tools last fall to help these companies manage their data and launch new patient experiences, such as financial engagement or self-scheduling tools. 

Hines declined to share how many customers Canvas currently has, but he said the company’s customer base has grown by 300% since launching the software suite. Customers include Patina Health, Circulo, Vivante Health and Isaac Health. He said the customer feedback he receives confirms that Canvas’ platform helps them avoid building from scratch or conducting complex retrofits of legacy systems.

“The shared goal is to dramatically accelerate the design, operationalization and continuous improvement of care models for better patient health outcomes,” Hines said. “So in a sense, Canvas is designed to solve the care modeling problem and do so in a way that is one and the same with the system of record.”

The company will use the funds it raised to develop more software capabilities and bring them to market, including new security and governance features.

In addition to the funding, the startup also announced that it has become the first EMR company founded in the past two decades to be federally certified by the Office of the National Coordinator for Health Information Technology (ONC). Canvas earned this certification because its software is built on a standardized patient data API that complies with the ONC’s upcoming API enforcement by the 21st Century Cures Act. This milestone is an important one for the startup because providers must use ONC-certified EMR systems in order to receive incentive payments from Medicare and Medicaid.

“We built our standardized Fast Healthcare Interoperability Resources API for patient data entirely in-house and are committed to going even further, increasing our support for all United States Core Data for Interoperability resources,” Hines added. 

With the ONC certification, Canvas customers are now eligible for value-based payment models in Medicare and Medicaid programs. Hines said the company will work with its customers to understand these models and develop an implementation plan at the right speed and scope for them.

This makes the startup more attractive to care delivery companies looking to explore these risk-sharing models. Canvas’ most important criteria for its customers is their commitment to care model innovation and technology’s role in that, Hines said. He admitted that his company is not a good fit for “traditional office-based practices looking to maximize profit on the fee-for-service treadmill.”

Hines said any ambulatory EMR or EMR-adjacent software product, such as a scheduling tool or an order entry tool, could be considered a Canvas competitor. But, he added, customers stick with Canvas due to its dual dedication to developer tooling and care team experience. While many other companies sell API-only developer solutions or canned workflows, Canvas is seeking to “weave developer capabilities into a complete workflow system for the best of all worlds.”

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Killexams : Medical board threatens to revoke certification of OBGYNs over abortion 'misinformation’

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FIRST ON FOX: Pro-life obstetricians and gynecologists are sounding the alarm after the medical board that certifies OBGYNs in the U.S. and Canada threatened to revoke providers’ certification over "misinformation and disinformation" about abortion and COVID-19.

The American Board of Obstetrics and Gynecology (ABOG) issued a statement Thursday saying it will review reports of dissemination of misinformation and disinformation "that may harm the patients we serve or public health."

Protesters shout as they join thousands marching around the Arizona Capitol after the Supreme Court decision to overturn the landmark Roe v. Wade abortion decision Friday, June 24, 2022, in Phoenix.  (AP Photo/Ross D. Franklin)

"ABOG considers the dissemination of misinformation and disinformation that may threaten the health of the patients who place their trust in its diplomates to be a violation of medical professionalism," the statement read. "Eligibility to gain or maintain ABOG certification may be lost if ABOG determines that diplomates do not meet the standards that they have agreed to meet and that the public deserves and expects."

Pro-life OBGYNs are now fearful they’ll lose their board certification if they inform patients about the risks associated with abortion


People rally in support of abortion rights at the state Capitol in Sacramento, Calif., in May 2019.  (AP Photo/Rich Pedroncelli)

The American Association of Pro-Life OBGYNs (AAPLOG) issued a statement to Fox News Digital saying it will take actions to protect its members’ freedom to fully inform their patients.

"The threat by the pro-abortion American Board of Obstetrics and Gynecology to cancel the board certification of tens of thousands of OBGYNs who educate their patients about the peer-reviewed, evidence-based facts concerning abortion is an unprecedented intrusion into the doctor-patient relationship," said AAPLOG chief executive officer Dr. Donna Harrison.

An anti-abortion demonstrator protests in front of the Supreme Court building, on the day of hearing arguments in the Mississippi abortion rights case Dobbs v. Jackson Women's Health, in Washington, U.S., December 1, 2021. (REUTERS/Jonathan Ernst)


"Withholding critical evidence-based information about the harm abortion causes women would force us to violate our Hippocratic oath and duty to our patients," she continued. "AAPLOG will take actions needed to protect the legal rights of our members and ensure that physicians are free to provide the information that patients need in order to make a decision based on fully informed consent."

The group said it is currently exploring its legal options is responding to ABOG's statement.

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Killexams : Health Advocate Receives NCQA Certification For HEDIS® Certified Measures'

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Repeat recognition demonstrates dedication to excellence in quality analytics as foundation of Health Insights Dashboard™

PLYMOUTH MEETING, Pa., July 6, 2022 /PRNewswire/ -- Health Advocate , a leading provider of integrated health advocacy, well-being and population health benefits programs, announced today that its Health Insights Dashboard™ has again received the National Committee for Quality Assurance (NCQA) Measure Certification™ for the Healthcare Effectiveness Data and Information Set (HEDIS) measures. Health Advocate utilizes HEDIS measures within the Dashboard to create a unique, tailored experience for its clients and their members.

'The NCQA Measure Certification process continues to be the industry's most rigorous assessment, validating Health Advocate's longstanding commitment to leveraging data to Strengthen health outcomes for our members,' said Abbie Leibowitz, M.D., F.A.A.P., Chief Medical Officer, Founder and President Emeritus of Health Advocate. 'We're incredibly proud to once again be included in this select group. Organizations working with NCQA-certified vendors like Health Advocate can be assured of the quality and integrity of our data analytics process.'

The logic algorithm within the Health Insights Dashboard™ earned NCQA Measure Certification for Breast Cancer Screening, Cervical Cancer Screening, Colorectal Cancer Screening, and Persistence of Beta-Blocker Treatment After a Heart Attack metrics.

The Health Insights Dashboard™ is an in-depth, customizable analytics and reporting platform offered to hundreds of Health Advocate clients. Among its attributes, the Dashboard provides:

  • Insights into key performance indicators, risk assessment and predictive modeling
  • The ability to more effectively target population health needs and identify and implement interventions
  • Actionable information to Strengthen the health of their workforce and reduce medical costs

As a key component of Health Advocate's industry-leading work in population health management, the Dashboard's algorithms are at the heart of the company's wellness and chronic care programs, identifying candidates for program participation and tracking outcomes.

Since its introduction in 1993, HEDIS has evolved to become the gold standard in managed care performance measurement. HEDIS measures are now used by approximately 90 percent of all managed care organizations to evaluate performance in areas ranging from preventive care and consumer experience to heart disease and cancer. NCQA's HEDIS Measure Certification is precise, automated testing that verifies compliance with HEDIS Specifications and satisfies the source code review portion of the NCQA HEDIS Compliance Audit™.

About NCQA

NCQA is a private, nonprofit organization dedicated to improving health care quality. NCQA accredits and certifies a wide range of health care organizations. It also recognizes clinicians and practices in key areas of performance. NCQA's Healthcare Effectiveness Data and Information Set (HEDIS) is the most widely used performance measurement tool in health care. NCQA's website (ncqa.org ) contains information to help consumers, employers and others make more informed health care choices. NCQA can be found online at ncqa.org , on Twitter @ncqa , on Facebook at facebook.com/NCQA.org/ and on LinkedIn at linkedin.com/company/ncqa .

HEDIS® is a registered trademark of the National Committee for Quality Assurance (NCQA).NCQA HEDIS Compliance Audit™ is a trademark of the National Committee for Quality Assurance (NCQA).

About Health Advocate

For more than 20 years, Health Advocate has been making healthcare easier for thousands of organizations and millions of their employees and members nationwide.

Our solutions leverage a unique combination of expert-led, compassionate support using powerful predictive data analytics and a proprietary technology platform to engage members in their health and well-being.

Health Advocate's members enjoy an award-winning, personalized concierge service that addresses nearly every clinical, administrative, wellness or behavioral health need. Our clients benefit from high levels of engagement, improved employee productivity and health, and reduced medical costs, while simultaneously streamlining and enhancing their health benefits offerings.

For more information, visit us at .


Courtney Prizer, Public Relations Specialist[email protected] 610-940-6723

SOURCE Health Advocate


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Killexams : Canvas Medical Achieves ONC Certification, Raises $24MM to Power Clinicians and Developers Building and Scaling Digital Health Companies

SAN FRANCISCO, July 14, 2022 /PRNewswire/ -- Canvas Medical, the EMR that enables clinicians and developers to power the future of care delivery, has raised $24MM in Series B funding led by M13 with participation from Haystack and previous investors Inspired Capital, IA Ventures, Upfront Ventures, and Irongrey. Canvas provides a full-stack ambulatory EMR and digital health developer platform, enabling both established and startup healthcare providers to launch new patient experiences and business models faster.

In addition to this funding, Canvas has achieved federal certification through the Office of the National Coordinator for Health Information Technology (ONC). The ONC certification represents a major product milestone for the company: Canvas is one of the first EMRs in the United States to support a standardized patient data API as envisioned by the 21st Century Cures Act. Additionally, with this certification, Canvas customers are now eligible for value-based payment models in Medicare and Medicaid programs, as well as many commercial value-based programs.

Founded in 2015, Canvas is reimagining the EMR for the future of healthcare. Customers include care delivery companies like a mental health startup that uses Canvas to create custom clinical pathways, support telehealth scheduling and charting, and drive care team collaboration with their patient app); and a primary care provider for adults 65+ that uses Canvas to embed clinical workflows into the point of care and enables patients to communicate with providers through Canvas's APIs. Canvas's suite of products are highly customizable by developers, seamless for providers, and give care delivery companies full control over their patient experience.

"The healthcare industry is at an inflection point: software developers are now de facto members of the care team at leading care delivery companies. With new entrants coming to market daily and established players investing in innovation, Canvas is a best-in-class platform partner for the full spectrum of those building new models of care," says Andrew Hines, Founder and CEO of Canvas Medical. "It is inspiring to see at each of our customer organizations how their clinicians and developers work together in Canvas to build and refine the best possible model of care for the patients they serve."

"We are thrilled to lead the Series B in Canvas Medical," says Latif Peracha of M13. "Canvas serves digital-enabled care-delivery companies and fosters developer-caregiver collaboration to design and implement better care models for patients. Canvas is building the enabling infrastructure to power the entire digital health market, and we believe they will win by driving competition among services and applications that touch the end patient. Canvas's ONC Certification is a significant milestone that sets Canvas apart from other modern EMRs and is a testament to the maturity of their product."

"Canvas has enabled us to get our care delivery operations up and running much faster and with far less resourcing than we possibly could have done with any other EMR," said Chris Hogg, founder and CEO of Marley Medical, a virtual primary care clinic. "As a provider to patients with complex chronic disease, including patients on Medicare, the Canvas team's commitment to achieving ONC Certification was a critical part of our decision to work together."

Since launching its self-serve suite of developer tools last fall, Canvas has seen more than 300% growth in customer accounts. With this funding, Canvas will continue to invest in bringing additional enterprise-grade capabilities to market, including security and governance features that put Canvas at the cutting-edge of extensibility and interoperability. 

About Canvas Medical

Canvas Medical, founded in 2015, provides the digital infrastructure for care delivery companies. Its offerings include an ONC-Certified EMR with intuitive care coordination and management workflows, a FHIR API and Workflow SDK that provide industry leading platform extensibility, and end-to-end RCM functionality. The company works with customers of all care models and verticals, from direct-to-consumer virtual care to at-risk complex care and everything in between. For more information about Canvas Medical, visit canvasmedical.com.

Press Contact: press@canvasmedical.com

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SOURCE Canvas Medical

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Killexams : PSI Services Partner with American Association of Medical Assistants® to Implement and Expand CMA (AAMA)® Certification Testing Sites Nationwide

Global Leader in Testing Solutions and Premier Medical Assisting Association Increase Testing Availability in Support of Growing Demand for Credentialed Medical Assistants

(GLENDALE, CALIFORNIA) — PSI Services LLC (PSI), a leading provider of high-stakes testing solutions, announced today its partnership with the American Association of Medical Assistants® (AAMA), the only organization devoted exclusively to the medical assisting profession. The partnership will enable co-development and administration for the CMA (AAMA)® Certification Exam, making the test more convenient and accessible for candidates across the country.

PSI’s advanced credentialing solutions allow candidates to promptly register for the test from a network of over 500 testing sites across the U.S. — increasing CMA (AAMA) Certification test testing locations by 77%. Later this year, PSI will implement single sign-on to further streamline the test scheduling experience and minimize web user authentications.

“We’re pleased to be partnering with PSI to make the CMA (AAMA) Certification test more widely available to candidates, while benefiting from the latest innovations to greatly streamline and Strengthen the testing experience,” says Vicki Sokolnik, CMA (AAMA), chair of the Certifying Board of the AAMA. “PSI is a thought leader in psychometric services, and their expertise will prove invaluable in building on the quality of the CMA (AAMA) Certification Exam, while helping to maintain and enhance its excellence.”

Medical assisting is one of the nation’s careers growing much faster than average for all occupations, according to the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS). With the ever-changing health care landscape, the CMA (AAMA) Certification test will continue to evolve, using test development services provided by PSI.

“We are thrilled to be supporting the mission of the AAMA in delivering more high-quality certified medical assistants and helping them take the next steps in their professional journey,” says Scott Hazlett, Vice President Certification, PSI.

Certification exams like the CMA (AAMA) Certification Exam offer proof that a medical assistant has achieved the highest standards of education and credentialing in the medical assisting field.

Exam candidates may begin scheduling with PSI on Tuesday, July 12, 2022, and begin testing at PSI test centers on Wednesday, July 13, 2022.

For more information about the CMA (AAMA) Certification Exam, please visit www.aama-ntl.org or call the AAMA directly at 800/228-2262.

PSI Services LLC (PSI) is a global leader in secure, data-driven workforce solutions, providing best-in-class assessment content through technology. PSI’s Credentialing solutions deliver a science-based approach to testing across sectors, including certification, education and licensure. Leveraging next-generation technology, PSI’s proven test delivery model features world-class security, test development, multimodal and online proctoring and professional services. For more than 70 years, PSI has been a trusted provider to the world’s leading corporations, federal and state government agencies, professional associations, certifying bodies and leading academic institutions.


The American Association of Medical Assistants®, the only organization in the world devoted exclusively to the medical assisting profession, was established in 1956 and serves the interests of more than 92,000 medical assisting professionals. The American Association of Medical Assistants provides quality resources and educational opportunities for medical assistants by offering certification, advocacy for quality patient-centered health care, credential acknowledgment and scope-of-practice protection. For more information, visit www.aama-ntl.org.

Kim Gray
+441726 339096

American Association of Medical Assistants
Francesca Llanos, Public Relations and Marketing Manager

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Killexams : ABMS Announces New Board of Directors and Executive Committee Members

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CHICAGO, July 25, 2022 /PRNewswire/ -- The American Board of Medical Specialties (ABMS), the leading not-for-profit organization overseeing specialty board certification in the United States, is pleased to announce the election of new members to the Board of Directors, as well as to the Executive Committee, at the ABMS Board of Directors meeting held in late June.

“To ensure ABMS Member Board certification continues to be a trusted indicator of professionalism and proficiency in specialty knowledge and skills, ABMS relies on the expertise and dedication of our exceptional volunteer leaders,” stated Richard E. Hawkins, MD, ABMS President and Chief Executive Officer. “These individuals, representing the spectrum of specialty medicine, contribute countless hours to ensure that ABMS board certification delivers real value to the public and the profession.”

Elected to serve on the ABMS Board of Directors:

  • Michael L. Carius, MD (Chair) – American Board of Emergency Medicine (ABEM)
  • Rebecca L. Johnson, MD (Chair-Elect) – American Board of Pathology (ABPath)
  • Susan M. Ramin, MD (Secretary-Treasurer) – American Board of Obstetrics and Gynecology (ABOG)
  • Larry A. Green, MD (Immediate Past Chair) – America Board of Family Medicine (ABFM)
  • Donald J. Palmisano Jr., JD, CAE – Public Member (Chief Executive Officer, American Society for Gastrointestinal Endoscopy)
  • Thomas E. Read, MD – American Board of Colon and Rectal Surgery (ABCRS)

Elected to serve on the ABMS Board of Directors Executive Committee:

  • Michael L. Carius, MD (Chair) – ABEM
  • Rebecca L. Johnson, MD (Chair-Elect) – ABPath
  • Susan M. Ramin, MD (Secretary-Treasurer) – ABOG
  • Larry A. Green, MD (Immediate Past Chair) – ABFM
  • Keith E. Brandt, MD – American Board of Plastic Surgery (ABPS)
  • Tara Montgomery, MS – Public Member (Founder and Principal, Civic Health Partners)
  • Michael R. Nelson, MD, PhD – American Board of Allergy and Immunology (ABAI)

About ABMS

Established in 1933, the American Board of Medical Specialties (ABMS) is responsible for the creation of standards overseeing physician certification in the United States. Dedicated to improving the quality of care to the patients, families and communities they serve, the 24 ABMS Member Boards develop educational and professional standards and programs of assessment to certify physicians and medical specialists. More than 940,000 physicians and medical specialists are certified by one or more of the ABMS Member Boards in one or more of 40 specialties and 88 subspecialties. For more information about ABMS, visit abms.org or call (312) 436-2600. Top of Form

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SOURCE American Board of Medical Specialties

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NBCOT exam dump and training guide direct download
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