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Juniper Professional answers
Killexams : Juniper Professional answers - BingNews Search results Killexams : Juniper Professional answers - BingNews Killexams : Juniper Networks Chosen by Jazz to Build Fully-Automated Data Center Infrastructure to Support Data, Music and Video Services

Juniper Networks (NYSE: JNPR), a leader in secure, AI-driven networks, today announced that it has been selected by Jazz, Pakistan's number one 4G operator and the largest internet and leading digital service provider, to create a transformative, expanded and upgraded data center network to underpin Jazz's services delivery platform for its 74.9 million subscribers. Jazz's objective was to reimagine its architectural approach by leveraging continuous automation, assurance and data-driven insights to deliver a superior network user experience at scale while simplifying its operations.

Jazz offers the broadest portfolio of value-added digital services to enterprises and subscribers in Pakistan and has built a reputation for cutting-edge innovation with the ability to scale cloud-based services quickly and reliably. Following a rigorous vendor-agnostic technology appraisal, focused on the operational and cost efficiencies made possible by network automation, Jazz selected Juniper's technology and expertise to underpin this latest project. Juniper's advanced automation capabilities, transforming the entire network management lifecycle process within a single system, were a standout in the market.

News Highlights

  • The new network will support a wide range of customer-facing services that demand reliability and fast data throughput to support a consistently strong user experience. These include cloud-based enterprise data services, mobile banking, music and video download/streaming services, as well as professional services such as an agricultural application for four million farmers who rely on it for information, advice and guidance in remote areas.
  • Jazz will also use the network to power key internal workloads such as CRM and billing.
  • Jazz will deploy the Juniper Apstra System to deliver true intent-based networking (IBN) capabilities. This enables Jazz to design and operate its data center network based on outcomes, with the entire data center lifecycle automated, from Day 0 (design) through Day 1 (configuration and deployment) to Day 2+ (ongoing operations).
  • The network's initialdesign is tied to day-to-day operations, enabling a single source of truth throughout its lifecycle. Automation provides a continuous feedback loop of real-time data insights, validation and root cause identification to minimize mean-time-to-repair (MTTR).
  • This approach will enable Jazz to operate a much more efficient, reliable and agile network. It will help to deploy new service features, optimizing user experience for both network teams and customers.
  • The new data center infrastructure includes a spine-and-leaf architecture built with the Juniper Networks QFX Series Switches and fully integrated with the Juniper Apstra System.
  • Jazz has previously deployed MX Series Universal Routing Platforms from Juniper for 400G-ready connectivity for its metro and internet gateway infrastructure. The new QFXs leverage the same Junos® OS operating system, providing a consistent networking estate for Jazz to manage and operate.
Supporting Quotes

"In common with all service providers globally, Jazz faces relentless data demand and heightened expectations for seamless digital services. As a result, we wanted to completely rethink our data center operations, using ground-breaking automation to create the best possible user experiences for our enterprise customers and subscribers. Operational simplicity was another important goal, to deliver cost reductions and improved ease of use for our technical teams in the face of massive demand at scale. We evaluated multiple vendors, but Juniper's ability to deliver the exact networking outcomes we needed meant that a highly strategic decision was very straightforward to make."

- Abdul Rehman Usmani, Vice President of Technology at Jazz

"The power of automation, bound within a single operational framework thanks to intent-based networking, enables Jazz to address the relevant operational questions, find the right answers quickly and make the best decisions. This means its network becomes a strategic business tool, leveraging data to deliver robust deployment and operational efficiencies and eliminates traditional network constraints that force choices between speed and reliability. Based on data from other Juniper customers, the result will be dramatic savings on downstream costs and tremendous returns on networking investments."

- Mike Bushong, Vice President, Cloud Ready Data Center at Juniper Networks

About Juniper Networks

Juniper Networks is dedicated to dramatically simplifying network operations and driving superior experiences for end users. Our solutions deliver industry-leading insight, automation, security and AI to drive real business results. We believe that powering connections will bring us closer together while empowering us all to solve the world's greatest challenges of well-being, sustainability and equality. Additional information can be found at Juniper Networks ( or connect with Juniper on Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook.

Juniper Networks, the Juniper Networks logo, Juniper, Junos, and other trademarks listed here are registered trademarks of Juniper Networks, Inc. and/or its affiliates in the United States and other countries. Other names may be trademarks of their respective owners.

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Killexams : GlucoTrust Reviews – Do NOT Buy Yet!

Diabetes is almost becoming the next epidemic in our society owing to our lifestyle and food habits. People belonging to this generation practically live on junk food, skip exercise because of a highly busy yet inactive (in terms of physical movement lifestyle), and are affected by stress instead of getting adequate hours of sleep. All of these lead to diabetes.

Since diabetes does not have any particular cure and cannot completely be eliminated from one’s body once it affects them, the only way out of it is medication, exercise, and diet. However, people often want to avoid medication for the fear of various side effects and that is where blood sugar supplements come in, promoting healthy blood sugar levels.

In this review, our research and editorial team has conducted thorough research on GlucoTrust, a nutritional supplement that helps diabetes patients to maintain their blood sugar level. This supplement, with its all organic ingredients, helps with glucose metabolism, and carbohydrate metabolism along with helping one to sleep well and thus manage the overall diabetic condition.

The best thing about GlucoTrust is that not all of its ingredients are directly associated with reducing blood sugar level but there are ingredients that help with other issues like sleep cycle and digestion and therefore ensure that optimal blood sugar is maintained in people who take this supplement on a daily basis.

Before we go into a detailed review of the supplement, here is a brief overview if you are in a hurry of leafing through the most important information:

Name of the product GlucoTrust
Targeted Issue Elevated Levels of Blood Sugar
  • Reduces insulin resistance in the body
  • Repairs beta-cells
  • Improves insulin sensitivity
  • Promotes the conversion of food into an easily burning form of energy.
  • Chromium
  • Zinc
  • Juniper Berries
  • Manganese
  • Licorice
  • Biotin
  • Gymnema Sylvestra
  • Cinnamon
Key Features
  • Gluten-Free
  • Non-Habit forming
  • Free from allergens
  • Soy-free
  • Non-GMO
  • Manufactured in FDA-registered and cGMP facilities
  • Made in the U.S.
  • Organic and natural
  • No side effects
  • Free shipping on three and six-month supply
  • Affordable
  • Comes with a great refund policy
  • Comes with bonus products
Side Effects None as claimed by the company and as testified by the users.
  • $69.00: Single-month supply
  • $59.00: Per bottle for three-month supply
  • $49.00: Per bottle for six-month supply
Money Back Warranty 60-day warranty
Where To Buy Official Website

What Is The GlucoTrust Supplement?

With a growing trend of people wanting to opt-out of medication and deal with diabetes in a more natural way, blood sugar supplements are on the rise. GlucoTrust is one such blood sugar supplement that is promoting healthy blood sugar levels with its completely natural elements-based formula that helps the consumer to sleep well and also control their metabolism and blood sugar levels.

The creator of GlucoTrust, James Walker has mentioned that consuming GlucoTrust definitely helps with sleep. Made in FDA-approved research facilities, this supplement uses ingredients that help you keep yourself healthy and prevent a rise in your blood sugar level.

The guidelines revealed by the supplement mention that taking it daily also helps one to keep their hunger in check and thus helping with the blood sugar level.

What Is The Core Mechanism Of GlucoTrust?

For promoting healthy blood sugar levels, GlucoTrust, unlike a lot of blood sugar supplements available in the market, addresses the primary cause of diabetes. Consuming GlucoTrust ensures that fats from your liver, cell, and pancreas are eliminated. To maintain healthy blood sugar it also helps in the conversion of protein and carbohydrates to a type of energy that can be burnt rather quickly.

GlucoTrust also helps in the reduction of insulin along with increasing insulin sensitivity and production which in turn makes sure optimal blood sugar is maintained and more blood sugar complications do not arise.

Does Science Back GlucoTrust – Scientific Evidence And Proof Testifying To Its Efficacy

The creators of GlucoTrust have not provided any scientific data to support their claim regarding the health benefits that this supplement apparently offers. However, there is a number of third-party evidence that shows that consuming GlucoTrust helps control blood sugar levels and keep a high blood sugar level in check. Besides helping the user to maintain healthy blood sugar levels, this dietary supplement also helps the nervous system function better and thus ensures overall good health. All these findings are primarily based on the natural excipients that this supplement works as elements like biotin, chromium, licorice, juniper berries, and cinnamon have been proven to reduce blood sugar levels.

As explained by WebMD Chromium is an important mineral and trace element that is essential for maintaining good health. Chromium can generally be consumed via food. However, diabetic people along with people who suffer from high cholesterol can consider taking Chromium supplements besides their regular diet to maintain optimal blood sugar.

A lot of groundbreaking studies on diabetes have focused particularly on Licorice, an essential ingredient of GlucoTrust. In a study conducted in 2012 found that this ingredient consists of promising and potential anti-diabetic elements. Moreover, Licorice has also been used as a solution to treat problems in the stomach and airways. In more exact years, this ingredient has also been proven to have anti-diabetic, and anti-inflammatory qualities along with providing support to blood sugar levels and helping to maintain overall good health.

Biotin, also going by the name of Vitamin B is another organic element that is included in the formula of GlucoTrust. It is also a popular vitamin that is taken by diabetic patients. As explained by biotin supplements have been proven to affect blood sugar levels in a positive way in diabetic people. Another study conducted in 2013 in Iran, showed that biotin helped people with type 1 have better control over their blood sugar levels. The researchers had used biotin in addition to traditional treatment that involved the usage of insulin. However, this does not discredit the fact that biotin helps to maintain healthy blood sugar levels as has been observed in the other study as well.

Cinnamon, like another natural element Licorice, has its own unique connection to help with blood sugar management and diabetes relief. A number of studies have associated cinnamon with better control over blood glucose. For instance, this study conducted in 2003 showed cinnamon to have positive effects on lipid and blood sugar levels in people who have type 1 diabetes. Participants were made to take a generous amount of cinnamon per day (ranging between 1000mg to 6000 mg) and a significant drop in their blood sugar and cholesterol levels was observed. Another study conducted in 2013 showed a similar outcome, showing that cinnamon helped people with type II diabetes after 40 days of use.

Besides these ingredients, there are other elements present in GlucoTrust that do not have a direct effect on blood sugar but are rather used to support your sleep cycle so that your body can balance its blood sugar level over the course of the night. People might wonder if a good night’s sleep can actually have any effect on one’s blood glucose level. To answer that question, let us look at this study conducted in 2007 where the researchers discovered that lacking adequate hours of sleep can lead to an increase in insulin level and affect glucose metabolism which ultimately are contributing factors to getting diabetes. People who have sleep disorders are more likely to get diabetes than people who have a well-maintained sleep cycle. Despite the fact that GlucoTrust does not reveal which particular ingredient the company uses to help the users sleep better, the supplement might work wonders with your sleep schedule if taken at night.

Therefore, it can safely be said that GlucoTrust consists of a plethora of natural elements that help one to maintain optimal blood sugar. However, one problem with all the discussed evidence is that the supplement lacks dosage information. It is not clear whether they use 1000mg-6000mg cinnamon extracts as had been used in the studies or whether there are only trace elements of this ingredient in the supplement. With very restricted information on ingredients and dosage, it is not a very easy task to compare GlucoTrust with the other diabetic supplements available in the market and are sold online.

What Are The Benefits Of GlucoTrust?

GlucoTrust, a great blood sugar supplement to manage diabetes contains ingredients that not only help one to maintain a healthy blood sugar level but also help with nervous system function and stimulate insulin production. This supplement ingredients are the key factors in ensuring the consumer’s healthy blood sugar level.

Helps Promote Healthy Blood Sugar Levels

Insulin resistance is one of the key factors that help in the maintenance of blood glucose levels. GlucoTrust, one of the various blood sugar products available in the market, works on insulin hormones and helps consumers with their diabetes.

Promotes Healthy Blood Flow And Blood Circulation

To keep diabetes in check, it is important that you have proper blood circulation through your blood cells. The organic materials of GlucoTrust promote healthy blood flow through the blood cells and that ultimately contribute toward maintaining a healthy blood sugar level. It is important that the blood cells are not deprived of a healthy blood flow as it increases the risk of worsening diabetes.

Helps Regulate Blood Pressure

In a lot of cases, diabetes is accompanied by high blood pressure. Having GlucoTrust as a nutritional supplement helps to halt blood pressure along with helping in even blood circulation in the blood cells. This ensures that a diabetic patient does not fall victim to high BP as well and maintains both his blood sugar and pressure level.

Promotes Healthy Metabolism

A diabetic person’s metabolic abilities often suffer because of the disease. GlucoTrust helps a consumer to cut down on their desire to have junk meals and thus help with both carbohydrate metabolism and lipid metabolism. This helps one to maintain their desired and healthy blood sugar level.

Promotes A Good Night’s Sleep

One of the key reasons behind getting diabetes is lacking a good night’s sleep. GlucoTrust ensures a good night’s sleep for the user and thus helps them to maintain optimal blood sugar. Most of the review details shared by the consumers of this supplement mentioned that they had a better night’s sleep than they were having prior to taking GlucoTrust.

Promotes Insulin Production

There are various blood sugar support supplements now available in the market as more and more people look for organic ways to manage their blood glucose levels. GlucoTrust, one such supplement consists of natural elements as its primary components and helps a user maintain healthy blood sugar level as it helps to stimulate insulin production. It also works on the resistance of insulin and thus ensures maintaining a healthy blood sugar level consistently.

Helps Reduce Food Cravings

Junk food cravings and sugar cravings are two of the key factors leading to diabetes. If junk food cravings along with sugar cravings are controlled then it is possible to maintain a healthy blood sugar level. GlucoTrust addresses these two causes of diabetes directly and with its all organic ingredients helps to cut down on junk food and sugar. This not only maintains one’s blood sugar levels but also keeps their cardiovascular health in a healthy position.

Helps You Lose Weight

Obesity is another contributing factor to increasing blood glucose levels. Obesity is primarily caused because of junk food cravings and that is why the high-quality blood sugar support supplements work on helping the user cut down on fast food.

Using GlucoTrust will help you with your desire to consume fast food and thus make you lose weight. It also helps with insulin resistance by directly working on insulin hormones. This makes sure that not only your diabetes is being taken care of by this supplement but also your cardiovascular health is also maintained.

Helps Reduce Depression and Anxiety

Unable to get a better night’s sleep not only plays a major role in increasing blood sugar levels but also affects mentally and leads to depression and anxiety. All of these prevent one from maintaining a healthy blood sugar level.

Taking GlucoTrust on a daily basis will ensure that you have deep sleep at night and thus not have mental health issues induced by lack of sleep which will ultimately work toward helping you maintain your blood sugar level. Adequate sleep will also help you to keep your nervous system healthy and thus enhance your overall health conditions.

GlucoTrust Reviews – What Is The Take Of GlucoTrust Users?

GlucoTrust has gained a lot of positive reviews on the internet. Verified users have confirmed that this supplement fulfills what they claim and brings in desired results within a fixed timeline. A lot of the reviews commented on how it helps in insulin resistance by working on insulin hormones as that is one of the key factors that help in keeping the blood sugar level at a healthy point.

Ingredients In GlucoTrust That Work

The nutritional supplement GlucoTrust helps the body convert food into energy that is easily burnt. The ingredients of this supplement ensure that the body’s natural hormonal balance is maintained and also help regulate blood sugar levels by working directly on the insulin hormones.


Chromium, an essential trace element, helps to maintain the body’s natural hormonal balance and healthy blood sugar levels. It is among the natural ingredients of GlucoTrust and may help diabetic patients with treating diabetes by improving their metabolism rate of lipid and carbohydrate, protein suction, and glycemic control. This ingredient works particularly well for burning belly fat.


Zinc is another one of the natural ingredients used in GlucoTrust to help maintain healthy blood sugar levels in people who are at risk of being diabetic patients.

Laboratory studies show that serum zinc levels are often low in diabetic patients, therefore supplementation of zinc can help achieve healthy blood sugar levels, again. Since zinc binds to the insulin receptors, activating insulin signaling pathways. This results in the uptake of glucose by the cells which in turn helps in clearing up glucose from the blood, therefore bringing the levels of sugar in the blood back to normal.

Most effective blood sugar support supplements contain zinc because it also has other benefits to help achieve optimal levels of glucose in the blood.

These include correct processing, secretion, as well as storage of insulin. The correct secretion of insulin, in turn, can help protect the number of beta-cells from being lost from the body. Since the loss of beta-cells is a hallmark of diabetes, zinc helps prevent the condition by protecting the beta-cells.

Juniper Berries

Juniper is a tree that grows in specific parts of North America, Europe, as well as Asia. The berries from the tree, known as Juniper berries have shown great results in terms of controlling blood sugar levels while also helping individuals with diabetes lose weight.

Not only do Juniper berries help regulate blood sugar levels but also aid in the promotion of complete health by tackling issues such as urinary tract infections, kidney stones, and other conditions.

Although Juniper berries are claimed to have myriad benefits, there is a lack of scientific evidence that testifies to the claims, therefore they are not very popular when it comes to tackling diabetes.

However, numerous users who tend to go with a natural approach and stick to nutritious and proper diets, instead of blood sugar support supplements claim that Juniper berries can do miracles when it comes to regulation of sugar in the blood.


Manganese is another one among the natural ingredients of GlucoTrust that helps in treating diabetes and maintaining optimal blood sugar among diabetic patients. It helps with the production of insulin so that blood sugar can be converted into energy and also takes care of the nervous system and the brain.

Licorice Root

Licorice root is one of the natural ingredients of GlucoTrust that helps diabetic patients to maintain stable blood sugar levels. Licorice root is high in antioxidants and helps with low blood sugar level and ensures that the user can maintain optimal blood sugar. Licorice root also increases insulin sensitivity and enhances heart functions.


Cinnamon is one of the most important natural ingredients present in GlucoTrust. Consumption of cinnamon helps diabetic patients to maintain stable blood sugar levels. It also helps one to lose weight and thus ensure optimal blood sugar is achieved. Besides ensuring healthy blood sugar levels, cinnamon also helps with resistance of insulin and digestion.

Gymnema Sylvestra

Gymnema Sylvestra is a medical plant that has been used in India for several centuries to treat various ailments. It is one of the key components of GlucoTrust and helps in insulin resistance and works on the insulin hormones. The usage of this plant also helps one to cut down their desire to consume anything containing sugar and thus maintain their blood sugar level.


Biotin, also known as Vitamin B helps to restore the body’s natural hormonal balance and also helps with insulin production. It helps in carrying nutrients and enzymes throughout the body. In the case of people with diabetes, this ingredient helps in the conversion of food into energy and metabolizes fats, carbohydrates, and proteins. This in turn helps the diabetic patient to lose weight and thus manage their blood sugar levels better. Biotin also ensures healthy skin and hair and can be taken daily.

What Are The Side Effects Of GlucoTrust?

This dietary supplement is made of completely natural excipients, aimed at promoting the complete health of the individual in a holistic manner, as claimed by the makers. This translates to the fact that the supplement has little to no side effects.

In fact, no side effects have been reported by the users so far, either.

However, given the ingredient label, you may experience diarrhea for the initial few days, due to the presence of cinnamon and licorice which lead to loose stools. You may also feel an upset stomach initially, however, these problems should go away in a few days, possibly a week at most, as your body finally adjusts to the supplement.

However, if you face any severe side effects, it is strongly advised to stop the supplementation of GlucoTrust and consult a professional physician immediately.

Safety Instructions To Be Followed While Using GlucoTrust

However, GlucoTrust is a supplement, after all, and it must only be used to supplement your daily routine for the betterment and not replace the medications you are on.

In fact, if you are currently taking medications to treat your sugar levels, you should always consult a licensed healthcare provider. Your licensed healthcare provider should be able to tell you if the supplement is safe for consumption and whether or not it interferes with your medications.

To be on the safe side, pregnant women or women who are expecting to conceive or currently lactating should also avoid GlucoTrust due to its strong and potent ingredients that might interfere with the body’s biology during pregnancy, pre-pregnancy, or after birth.

If you are someone with low blood sugar levels, a condition known as hypoglycemia, you should avoid taking the supplement at all costs.

This dietary supplement is designed to “reduce” sugar levels in the blood back to normal and NOT “rise” it back to normal.

Therefore, if you are suffering from hypoglycemia, GlucoTrust should be avoided at all costs. If you did accidentally consume the supplement, consult a professional physician immediately.

How Much Does The Supplement Cost?

GlucoTrust comes at an affordable price of $69 per bottle which lasts a complete month. There is also a small shipping fee of $9.00 attached for shipping within the U.S.

However, if you opt for the 3-month supply of 3 bottles or the 6-month supply, you can get your hands on lucrative discounts.

The 3-month supply comes at a cost of $177.00 which brings down the cost of each bottle to $59.00, instead of $69.00 for a single-month supply. You also get free shipping on the three-month supply within the U.S.

The 6-month supply comes at a cost of $294.00 in totality which brings down the cost of a single bottle to $49.00. You also get free shipping within the U.S. upon opting for the 6-month supply.

Is There A Money Back Guarantee?

Yes, GlucoTrust comes with a money-back guarantee on all the purchases, be it a single-month supply, a three-month supply, or a six-month supply.

It comes with a money-back guarantee of 60-days which means that if diabetic patients or people with pre-diabetic symptoms are unable to see any results within 2-months of consumption of GlucoTrust, they can claim their guarantee and get their money back without having to provide any explanation.

What Are The Bonus Products Offered With GlucoTrust?

Following are the bonus products offered by GlucoTrust as a part of their bundle:

100 Great Tasting, Fat Burning Green Smoothie Recipes

It is often seen that people with high blood sugar levels find it difficult to lose weight. Since diabetes and pre-diabetic symptoms also affect overall health apart from contributing to obesity, this guide comes as a boon.

It is a comprehensive and easy-to-follow recipe book that comes free with GlucoTrust blood sugar support supplement.

Yes, you can get it without any additional cost attached!

The book brings recipes for irresistible smoothies that can help you lose weight as the body burns fatty acids with the help of the recipes provides.

If you wish to lose weight without having to provide up on nutritious and equally tasty meals, this guidebook and show you how you can do just that!

The Ultimate Guide To Superfoods

Superfoods have many health benefits as we all know. The inclusion of superfoods in your diet leads to the promotion of overall health and helps you lead a healthy lifestyle.

However, which superfoods to eat? How to cook these superfoods?

The Ultimate Guide To Superfoods comes at no additional cost with the GlucoTrust Blood Sugar support supplement, providing you with the answers you were looking for.

With the help of this guidebook, you can promote healthy blood flow in the body and Improve your immune system as you include the superfood recipes mentioned in the book into your meals.

The 3-Day Liver Cleanse Breakthrough

The 3-Day Liver Cleanse Breakthrough is a guidebook that aims to help users understand how they can naturally cleanse their liver, Improve blood circulation, and immune system, and achieve a healthy lifestyle.

When you naturally cleanse your liver with the help of the guidebook, you flush out the harmful toxins from your body, therefore promoting overall health.

Summing Up – Is GlucoTrust Worth Buying?

Upon careful evaluation by our research and editorial team, we have come to the conclusion that GlucoTrust is a legitimate supplement and definitely worth purchasing.

However, our conclusion should not be the only deciding factor when it comes to investing in the product. You should decide on the extremity of your diabetes and take action accordingly.

The supplement is not intended to treat or cure diabetes but only to Improve levels of blood sugar in the body. This means that if you are suffering from an extreme case of diabetes, it is ideal to take medication post consultation with your doctor rather than a supplement.

Thus, if you want some help preventing pre-diabetic symptoms or if you are suffering from mild to moderate diabetes, the supplement may be of help and you may purchase it upon consultation with your doctor.

Place your order today by clicking here before stock runs out! >>>

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Killexams : Juniper Takes Pride In Local Artisans

If you made it to the Pride Parade today, chances are that you passed by a new gallery on Elmwood. Actually, it’s not a gallery… it’s a restaurant. And if you walk inside, you won’t see this large work of art until you make it inside the washroom. It is there that artist Peter Fowler is showing his latest works of art. There are two permanent pieces in each respective washroom, and both original works make taking a trip to the throne an artistic endeavor. Some people might scoff at this and ask why an artist would lend his or her creative talents to such a station. When it comes to the originality of the restaurant in question (and the people behind it), the answer becomes clear.

Proprietors Kate Elliott and Lindsay Malinowski have certainly tapped into local talents in order to create Juniper (see back story). Everywhere one looks inside the establishment, functional works of art showcase the talents of Buffalonians. From the hand-painted bathrooms to the Matthew John Pasquarella tiled fireplace mantel to the Patrick Beecher fabricated tables to the Tina Crapsi sign. Check out the impressive lighting by Roy and Sionen @ Lightmakers, or look closely at the smallest of details like the napkin rings and bud vases fashioned by silver jewelry icon Annie Adams.


There’s nothing better than seeing these small businesses utilize the services of the local art community. The arts have remained strong in this city and help to put us on the map when it comes to prime destinations. Peter Fowler has done more for Buffalo to keep that image alive and healthy. You can see him out on the street painting on any given day. Or you can visit his gallery Kepa3 for an art opening. You can even catch his works when heading to the powder rooms at Juniper or La Tee Da. Juniper is open for a sneak peak viewing today in conjunction with the Pride Parade – stop in to see the amazing transformation.

Juniper 810 Elmwood Avenue

Kepa3 Gallery | 31 Barker Street | Buffalo, NY 14209   

Thu, 23 Jun 2022 00:30:00 -0500 en-US text/html
Killexams : Blood Pressure 911 Reviews - Detailed Analysis of PhytAge Labs! Independent Customers Reviews!

What is Blood Pressure 911?
Blood Pressure 911 is a supplement manufactured by the researchers at Phytage Labs that might help maintain healthy blood pressure levels while also reducing levels of cholesterol and triglycerides.
It is possible to maintain people's blood pressure levels at a healthy and normal level with a supplement called Blood Pressure 911. As you become older, your blood vessels get narrower.
The heart must pump with increased force to provide blood to all critical organs in the body, such as the brain, kidneys, and private sections. The arteries will become more constricted or clogged if this condition is not addressed. As a result, the heart will be unable to pump blood as efficiently as it once did, ultimately leading to your passing away.
Because of this, they developed of Blood Pressure 911 supplement, which contains some extraordinarily uncommon and potent substances. Ingredients utilized in Blood Pressure 911 relax the blood vessels, ensuring the blood flow is healthy and normal.
The medications sold by the major pharmaceutical companies are not worth your time. They may bring your blood pressure back to normal levels, but this effect will only last for a few days.
Click to Learn More About Blood Pressure 911

How Does Blood Pressure 911 Work?
No matter the age, those who use this product have a better chance of keeping their heart in good shape. On the other hand, the hypertension Blood Pressure 911 supplement was created for hypertensive persons who are over the age of 18 years old.
Because of this, people might want to include it in their diet daily. Blood Pressure 911 may help Improve heart health and reduce the risk of cardiovascular problems, such as heart attacks, strokes, and plaque buildup.
People who are hypertensive and looking for a natural and risk-free method to regulate their blood pressure and keep it healthy will find that this product is an ideal answer to their problem. However, users expecting or with other pre-existing disorders should always see the doctor before taking Blood Pressure 911.
Ingredients of Blood Pressure 911
The term "ingredients" refers to natural substances that have been the subject of extensive research and are proven to be risk-free and effective in producing the desired effects. The following is a list of the ingredients of the Blood Pressure 911 formula along with the role that each of them plays in the battle against hypertension.
●    Hawthorne: All parts of the Hawthorne plant, including the berry, the leaf, and the flower, are rich in antioxidants. This component facilitates better blood circulation and is an effective anti-inflammatory agent that also helps bring hypertension under control. In addition, there is evidence from clinical trials suggesting the Blood Pressure 911 ingredient has unfavorable effects. As a consequence, Blood Pressure 911 is beneficial to the user in that it assists in preventing congestive heart failure (CHF) by improving circulation.

●    Olive: It has been demonstrated that consuming olive leaves can significantly lower harmful blood levels compared to not consuming olive leaves. In addition to this, eating olives can bring about a reduction in cholesterol levels, both LDL and HDL. Additionally, utilizing the ingredient results in the skin being more vibrant and elastic and inhibits the production of unhealthful fat deposits.

●    Garlic: Garlic is a powerful anti-inflammatory food that also can speed up the transport of essential nutrients and boost the generation of nitric oxide. In addition, the Blood Pressure 911 ingredient is necessary because it strengthens the immune system and, due to the nitric oxide it produces, speeds up the creation of red blood cells.

●    Hibiscus: In most instances, this Blood Pressure 911 ingredient is taken as a liquid beverage. Using hibiscus can reduce harmful blood levels, make it easier to lose weight, and support a healthy liver. Additionally, it improves cognitive abilities, overall focus, and capacity for attention.

●    Green Tea: Because of the product's high antioxidant content, it was incorporated into the formulation. In addition to this, drinking green tea can reduce inflammation while simultaneously improving blood circulation.

●    Buchu Leaf: Buchu leaf is known for its medical characteristics and antibacterial, antifungal, and anti-inflammatory effects and possesses these properties. In addition, this Blood Pressure 911 lowers hypertension by increasing the elasticity of your capillaries. It contains significant quantities of vitamins such as vitamin A and B6, which also reduces hypertension, and vitamin B12, which promotes the production of red blood cells and enhances the quality of your blood. Together, these properties make the Blood Pressure 911 ingredient can be an effective treatment for hypertension.

●    Juniper Berry: Juniper berries have been utilized since the ancient Greeks because they assisted Greek athletes in maintaining their power and stamina throughout their competitions. In addition, juniper berries get rid of several different free radicals and act as anticholinesterase agents, which means they get rid of the harmful acetylcholine in the neurological system. In addition, it acts as a diuretic, which helps prevent edema and quickly and effectively reduces the accumulation of toxins in the body, particularly in the circulatory organs. These benefits are provided by the fact that it is an element.
Other ingredients of the Blood Pressure 911 supplement include: folate, niacin, and vitamin C. Vitamin C helps to lower blood pressure, Improve your heart conditions, prevent multiple cardiovascular diseases and heart attacks, and is a natural antioxidant that helps flush harmful toxins from the body. Folate and niacin also reduce high cholesterol levels in your blood vessel. Folate and niacin are both included in the Blood Pressure 911 supplement.

Click to See The Full Details of Blood Pressure 911 Ingredients

Unique Benefits of Blood Pressure 911 supplement
●    The remedy is an all-natural combination of several kinds of herbs and vitamins, and it works to bring about an improvement in one's blood pressure by bringing it down. 

●    Similarly, taking natural Blood Pressure 911 supplement can assist in lowering one's risk of several heart-related conditions, including heart attack, heart failure, and irregular heartbeat.

●    One more advantage people who use the Blood Pressure 911 supplement, enjoy is an increase in their overall energy levels. It can be related to vitamin B6, which transforms the carbs taken into energy, resulting in increased energy levels.

●    The evaluations of Blood Pressure 911 confirm a marked improvement in one's immune system. 

●    The nutritional supplement vitamin C component is part of the mix. According to many scientific studies, increasing one's daily vitamin C intake to an average of 500 milligrams may also dramatically lower high blood levels.

●    As the manufacturer recommends, its antibacterial and antioxidant properties can be accessed by individuals who take one capsule twice daily.

●    The high-quality Blood Pressure 911 supplement comprises green leaf, which eliminates heart disease, cleans out the blood arteries, and as a result, results in smoother blood flow.

●    Better digestion is one of the benefits of taking Blood Pressure 911. The Blood Pressure 911 supplement can treat gastrointestinal issues such as diarrhea and indigestion, promote healthy colon function, and activate the body's mechanism.

●    The high-quality diet Blood Pressure 911 supplement can genuinely work to Improve your heart health and blood oxygenation by reducing the build-up of plaque and cholesterol.

●    Blood Pressure 911 also opens and cleans the blood vessels, which helps Improve circulation. As a result, customers report improved breathing and overall respiratory health.
Check Out Blood Pressure 911 Supplement Reviews From Real-Life Customers

Pros of Blood Pressure 911
●    Blood Pressure 911 is free from danger and natural supplement
●    Blood Pressure 911 has no negative effects
●    Blood Pressure 911 increases the flow of blood
●    Blood Pressure 911 enlarged blood vessels
●    GMP-accredited testing is carried out in a lab
●    Blood Pressure 911 is approved by the industry professionals

Cons of Blood Pressure 911
●    It is strongly recommended that individuals under the age of 18 refrain from using Blood Pressure 911.
●    Women who are pregnant should stay away from it.

Pricing of Blood Pressure 911
Price of 1 bottle of Blood Pressure 911- $69.95
Price of 2 bottles of Blood Pressure 911 - $59.95 each
Price of 4 bottles of Blood Pressure 911 - $49.95 each

Blood Pressure 911 Reviews – Conclusion
There have been many people who have benefited from Blood Pressure 911, and you may also find it helpful. 
Problems related to the cardiovascular system, such as heart disease and excessive blood pressure, are among the most prevalent health concerns in the world.
Every day, it affects the lives of millions of individuals all around the world. However, the vast majority continue to pursue the same treatment and medication but achieve no positive results. These large pharmaceutical companies tell lies about their medications.

They don't solve the issue entirely to maintain you as a customer, so they can continue making money off you. 
These medications of Blood Pressure 911 are known to have a host of adverse effects, many of which have the potential to impair one's quality of life permanently.
When you take Blood Pressure 911, you will immediately begin to notice a difference from that point on, and your health will only continue improving. Therefore, place an order for the Blood Pressure 911 supplement, and you may put an end to all of the difficulties you have been experiencing with your heart and blood pressure.
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Disclaimer: We are a professional product review website. We might receive compensation when you buy through our website, we may earn a small affiliate commission. The information contained on this website is provided for informational purposes only and is not meant to substitute for the advice provided by your doctor or other healthcare professional. The products have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration and are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.
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Disclaimer : The above is a sponsored post, the views expressed are those of the sponsor/author and do not represent the stand and views of Outlook editorial.

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Killexams : Digital wallet users will exceed 5.2 billion in 2026 driven by superapps

Digital wallet users will exceed 5.2 billion globally in 2026, up from 3.4 billion in 2022, accounting for a 53% increase, according to market research firm Juniper Research.

Juniper Research predicts superapps will drive digital wallet use in developing countries currently considered as cash heavy.

The firm defines superapps as multipurpose apps able to integrate digital payments alongside other services, including wealth management and e-commerce.

The study identified three countries in Asia Pacific primed for rapid growth over the next four years:
1. Philippines
2. Thailand
3. Vietnam

Adoption of digital wallets will hit 75% of the population in each country by 2026, the firm predicts.

It cited the rising access to online and mobile commerce services as driving forces behind the use of digital wallets, notably through superapps.

“These rapidly growing markets represent a significant opportunity for digital wallet vendors, but they must work intelligently to maximise their position. A highly competitive wallets’ landscape means that vendors must differentiate themselves by integrating machine learning to provide spending insights and introduce new services such as wealth management to add value,” explained Juniper Research co-author Damla Sat.

The research identified QR code payments as the most popular digital wallet transaction type in 2026—reaching 380 billion transactions globally, and accounting for over 40% of all transactions by volume.

However, as usage within markets including China and India reaches its climax, vendors must innovate to remain competitive entering new geographic markets.

Juniper Research therefore recommends that QR code payment vendors integrate loyalty features and personalised marketing capabilities to incentivise merchant acceptance, which will be critical to driving adoption.

This first appeared in the subscription newsletter CommsWire on 3 August 2022.


Thoughtworks presents XConf Australia, back in-person in three cities, bringing together people who care deeply about software and its impact on the world.

In its fifth year, XConf is our annual technology event created by technologists for technologists.

Participate in a robust agenda of talks as local thought leaders and Thoughtworks technologists share first-hand experiences and exchange new ways to empower teams, deliver quality software and drive innovation for responsible tech.

Explore how at Thoughtworks, we are making tech better, together.

Tickets are now available and all proceeds will be donated to Indigitek, a not-for-profit organisation that aims to create technology employment pathways for First Nations Peoples.

Click the button below to register and get your ticket for the Melbourne, Sydney or Brisbane event


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Killexams : Choosing the Best Optics Setup for Western Big-Game Hunting

One thousand and fifty yards away, two mule deer bucks browsed along a near-vertical canyon wall. My 13-year-old son, Josiah, had spotted them through his binocular just minutes before, and now I stared at them through my spotting scope, intent on ascertaining whether either was mature. Sure enough, both were shooter bucks. We shouldered our packs and hot-footed our way toward the deer.

It didn’t take long to close the distance. Crawling on our bellies, we circled under the limbs of an ancient juniper tree and edged up to the cliff atop our side of the canyon. Josiah snapped his Javelin Pro bipod under his rifle and settled in prone as I hit the buck with my laser rangefinder. Massive and non-typical, the uppermost buck was 499 yards distant. Josiah cranked the custom dial on his Leupold 2.5-8x36mm riflescope, and dropped the buck with a single well-placed shot.

Young Hunter with Mule Deer

Hunting big game like mule deer, elk or pronghorn across the wide-open expanses of the West requires a specific set of optics. Western big-game tags are growing increasingly hard to get, and the wise hunter will do their best to capitalize on the few opportunities that come their way. That means using good optics, and using them effectively. Here’s what you’ll need:

Male Hunter with Binocular Viewing Distant Mountainside

The first order of business during a wide-open-spaces hunt is to find game. That can be a tall order in territory where there might be only a few animals per square mile. Tramping around hoping to run across your quarry is not going to cut the mustard. You’ll need a good binocular through which you can study vast amounts of habitat. My favorite all-around size is 10x42, though I like an 8x glass for hunting thick cover, or a 15x binocular for hunting very elusive game like coues deer, or truly big country where I’m glassing miles away.

To use your binocular right, climb to a point of vantage where you can see lots of good country. Get comfortable, and then pick the area apart through your glass. Study obvious good spots first, but don’t neglect the rest. Many times I’ve spotted a big buck or bull where no one expected it to be. Methodically study the entire area, and then start all over again. Repeat. Due to vegetation and uneven terrain, you can only see a percentage of the landscape from any given point. Much of the time game in the area will simply be out of sight. Watch long enough, and they’ll move into view. Patience and diligence are truly valuable during this stage of the game.

Maven Optics Spotting Scope on Tripod

Spotting Scope
Once you’ve spotted game, you’ll need to determine whether it’s an animal you’re interested in stalking. Here’s where the spotting scope comes in. You’ll want a spotter with at least 20x magnification, and at times up to 60-power can prove to be a real asset. My favorite spotting scopes include a Zeiss 15-45x65mm and a Maven 12-27x56mm. Both are lightweight; the Zeiss is better at distance while the Maven is superbly compact and light for hardcore backpack hunts.

To use your spotter effectively, you’ll need to mount it on a sturdy lightweight tripod. A word of caution here is in order; do not try to get by with a cheap tripod. Your spotting scope will shimmy and shake like a cricket on meth anytime the wind blows, rendering it impossible for you to get a good look at your target. Instead, spend the extra cash to get a good tripod. Once you’ve spotted game with your binocular, fix your spotting scope onto the game, focus it nicely and ascertain if you wish to stalk what you see.

Father and Son Hunting

The last role your spotting scope will play is during the real shot. Anytime a hunter takes a shot beyond 300 yards, it’s best to have an experienced hunting partner viewing the action through a big lens. He can help make wind calls, spot the bullet’s impact and call a correction if one is needed. Also importantly, he can watch what happens on the other end of the action. Usually, an animal that has been hit will drop out of sight or dash behind cover, often leaving the shooter (who has just dealt with the recoil of his rifle) discombobulated and uncertain whether he made a good shot or not. A good spotter using a good spotting scope will have the answers to all those questions.

Maven Optics RF.1 Laser Rangefinder

Modern laser rangefinders have single-handedly changed the way we hunt. Now we can measure yardage exactly. That’s important anytime you shoot beyond 250 yards, which is the distance most calibers will start dropping out of the “kill” zone. With a good rangefinder, you can simply hit the button, read the range, adjust your scope to compensate and make an accurate kill shot.

Zeiss Victory RF Laser Rangefinding Binocular

My favorite rangefinders are built into high-quality, well-designed binoculars. This eliminates the need to carry an extra gear item. Better yet, it eliminates the need to lower your binocular, grab your rangefinder and laser the target, and then fumble the rangefinder back into its pocket. With a bino/rangefinder combo, you simply push the button and read the range; no need to fuss around. That said, there are some great stand-alone rangefinding units available. I’ve used them extensively, and love them. The best rangefinding units today—both bino-combo’s and stand-alone units—incorporate atmospheric and ballistic capability and software, and will provide you with a dial-to come-up matched to your rifle and caliber. Then all you must do is dial the turret on your riflescope (if applicable), read the wind and settle in for the shot.

Male Hunter Shooting Rifle off of Hunting Pack

Here’s where the rubber meets the road, so to speak. You’ve spotted a buck or bull with your binocular, assessed it with your spotting scope, measured the distance with your rangefinder and now it’s time to make the shot. A good riflescope is the final link in the optical chain connecting you with your quarry.

Too many hunters opt for extreme magnification in their hunting scopes. I’m talking rigs with a top power of 20x-plus magnification and gargantuan objective lenses (front end). After 30-plus years of hunting Western big game, never have I ever shot an animal with my scope turned above 12x. And that’s including the “long-range” shots I have made. In fact, my most common power setting during difficult shots is nine. I can see clearly (thanks to superb glass) and, due to using a mid-range power setting, I have a large enough field-of-view that I don’t loose sight of my game even during recoil. That’s a valuable thing when a follow-up shot might be necessary, which applies to every hunting situation.

Gunwerks Rifle with Leupold Riflescope

My preferred size for a Western hunting scope falls in the 2.5-8x36mm up to 3-18x44mm range, depending on the terrain and game I’m hunting. Great scopes are available from Zeiss, Swarovski, Maven, Leica, GPO and others. I use and love them all, but I’ll confess my favorites are Leupold. They are utterly reliable, sport great glass and fantastic engineering, and are made in the USA.

Your Western hunting scope should possess a good ballistic turret, ideally one with a zero lock and zero-stop type mechanism. Get a custom yardage-marked turret matched to your caliber, ballistics, elevation and anticipated weather conditions. I like my rifles zeroed at 200 yards for hunting Western big game. Get your turret cut accordingly. Then all you have to do is range the target or animal, dial the custom turret to match and press the trigger. It’s an awesome, almost-foolproof setup ideal for making challenging shots in big territory.

Hunter with Horses Packing Out Mule Deer

Now that you understand the value of this complete four-optics system for hunting the wide-open spaces of the West, I’d like to impress one last thing on you before you start building your own tool set of optics: Get the best quality you possibly can. The difference in clarity, precision, reliability and weight can be huge, and will at some point in your hunting career make the difference between success and failure.

When I was just a gangly teenager of 17, I recognized that hunting optics were going to play a big part in my future. I started saving every spare dollar I earned. It took me a year and a half to save enough for the best binocular on the market. I have used them hard from Alaska to Texas, and have never regretted the sacrifices it took to buy them. They have never let me down. Even today, 30 years later, they are superb glass. If you use the same strategy, your glass will last longer than you do, and be appreciated by some hard-core grandkid hunting the West like you did.

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Killexams : Project Brief: Inside Juniper's radical IT transformation

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September 2020

Project Brief: Inside Juniper's radical IT transformation

Western Australian aged care provider Juniper embarked on an aggressive strategy to completely transform its IT operations in just two years. From embracing managed services and cloud to integrating multiple sources of data, this 1-page brief summarises how these changes have helped free up the resources needed to provide better quality of care for residents.

Table Of Contents

  • What were the key challenges?
  • Which strategies or technologies were implemented?
  • What were the outcomes?
Tue, 29 Sep 2020 13:45:00 -0500 en text/html
Killexams : Juniper Networks Announces Cloud Metro Innovation to Drive Sustainable Business Growth for Service Providers

Industry’s first AI- and cloud-delivered, automation-driven metro networking solution delivers highest independently-rated power efficiency, dramatic TCO reduction and industry-leading performance

GAYDON, England, July 01, 2022--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Juniper Networks (NYSE: JNPR), a leader in secure, AI-driven networks, today announced the innovation that will power its vision and strategy for Cloud Metro – a new category of solutions for service providers, optimized for metro transformation and sustainable business growth. Traditional "retro" metro networks are device-centric and are buckling under the extreme scale, agility and experience demands that widespread digital transformation and the advent of 5G services are bringing.

Today’s announcement focuses on enabling sustainable business growth, with a series of high-performance networking systems, powered by AI-enabled, cloud-delivered automation, specifically designed to build next generation Cloud Metro infrastructure. These systems will deliver significantly-reduced natural resource consumption capabilities to help sustain the planet, improved tools and simplified working methods to help sustain over-pressured operations teams, along with embedded service assurance and security capabilities to optimize service experience, all while enabling service providers to sustain profitable business growth.

Juniper’s new Cloud Metro systems uniquely feature industry-leading energy-efficient, adaptive power designs as their foundational principle, enabling unused features and Packet Forwarding Engines (PFEs) to be automatically switched off when not in use. The removable modular power shelf design reduces e-waste and extends system lifetimes by accommodating up to 48 times bandwidth growth within the same chassis. It is certified as Titanium grade by CLEAResult® in its 80 Plus program, the first and only metro networking device power module to accomplish such a rating.

The future-proofed scale, capacity, performance and smart features of Juniper’s Cloud Metro portfolio replace the traditional 3-5 year ‘rip-and-replace’ network lifecycles with 7-12 year lifecycles. Pay-as-you-go models and a breadth of interface options allow service providers to flex their investment economically in line with demand.

Juniper’s advanced use of AI and cloud-delivered automation equips service providers to simplify day-to-day workflows, deploy services faster (with device onboarding taking just minutes instead of hours), reduce trouble tickets and accelerate time-to-service (and therefore revenue) restoration. This significantly improves productivity, empowering network engineers and operators to accomplish more, which is critical for employee satisfaction and retention.

The new solutions also deliver up to 71 percent lower Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) by leveraging the latest generation of silicon, industry-leading system design and AI-enabled Device Onboarding-as-a-Service. Zero Trust security is built-in rather than bolted-on, while active service assurance is embedded to deliver proactive service testing, monitoring and remediation.

Solution News Overview:

  • Juniper AI-Enabled Device Onboarding-as-a-Service is the first-use case to be launched leveraging Juniper Paragon Automation as a Service, driving real business outcomes by significantly reducing device onboarding times.

  • Juniper Networks™ ACX7000 Family² products are sustainable, high-performance systems leveraging unique design and adaptive power innovations that deliver up to 77 percent lower power consumption, up to 64 percent better space efficiencies and 4-7 years longer system lifetime than leading competitive products available today. The portfolio also delivers the industry’s fastest router line card, highest 400GE density and fabric capacity per slot, up to 21.6 Tbps with 54x400GE ports, ready for 800G and beyond.

  • Juniper Paragon Active Assurance³ test agents are embedded in JUNOS® OS Evolved, available in all ACX7000 models. This turns the cloud metro network into a distributed sensor for assuring user experience proactively which removes the need for additional, standalone probe hardware to be deployed. Additionally, with the new capability of emulating 5G UE/gNB, service providers can now simulate traffic for both the control plane and user plane, ensuring each 5G network slice meets expected SLA.

  • Zero Trust Security principles and the threat detection, analysis and prevention fundamentals of Juniper’s Connected Security portfolio have been applied throughout the Juniper Cloud Metro solution. Unique cryptographic digital identities are implemented with the Trusted Platform Module (TPM 2.0) across the Cloud Metro IP services fabric, enabling device attestation and RFC-compliant secure zero-touch provisioning (sZTP). In addition, file encryption and MACsec are implemented to protect data at rest and data in transit. This holistic approach to trust is further enhanced by Paragon’s ability to automatically validate the security deployment and operation across a network of ACX7000 devices.

  • Juniper Networks 400G ZR/ZR+ optics co-developed to reduce service provider costs by consolidating IP and optical layers with coherent pluggable optics, which eliminates an entire layer of DWDM transponder terminals by integrating 400G ZR/ZR+ Digital Coherent Optics (DCO). These optics fully comply with industry specifications from OpenZR+ and OIF.

Supporting Quotes

"In a world of 'retro metros,' Juniper’s new Cloud Metro solution stands apart. Our cloud-delivered Paragon Automation-as-a-Service promises immediate productivity increases for service providers. Instead of building complex, time-consuming 'DIY' automation solutions, they are empowered to focus on assuring service experiences for their customers. By extending our proven AI solution to the service provider WAN, we can Improve productivity for customer operations teams by dramatically reducing trouble tickets and increasing network availability. And our extended ACX7000 Family delivers the most secure, assured, scalable and intelligent Cloud Metro portfolio on the market. This is the answer to service provider needs for a sustainable future for their profits, their people and the planet."

- Brendan Gibbs, Senior Vice President of Automated WAN Solutions, Juniper Networks

"Digital transformation is moving into its next phase which is all about transforming operational technology (OT) and driving the distributed delivery of new applications and use cases based on emerging technologies such as AI and AR. The metro edge is key to supporting the massive data, real-time performance and sustainability demands that this new era of OT transformation is bringing. This important industry shift requires the re-imagining and re-engineering of the metro network and Juniper is showing leadership here in its Cloud Metro portfolio. Service providers that want to deliver reliable, secure and high-performing services at the metro edge with a sustainable business model should pay close attention."

- Caroline Chappell, Research Director, Cloud Practice, Analysys Mason

"Our metro connectivity services across more than 260 major cities around the world meet our customers’ need for secure, scalable and high-performance networking. We experience continuous demand for secure connectivity and expect to see double-digit traffic growth on our network, as we continue to provide the great experience our customers require. We’re long-term supporters of Juniper’s vision for high-performance, scalable IP networking and are excited to see the significant enhancements and innovation featured in their Cloud Metro portfolio that can bring more benefits for our customers in the future."

- Don MacNeil, Chief Operating Officer, GTT Communications

"We are excited that the partnership between Broadcom and Juniper has delivered such a comprehensive portfolio of WAN routing platforms, all based on our leading Jericho and Qumran silicon. This announcement is especially compelling as it showcases Broadcom’s Jericho 2c+ silicon enabling a 50 percent increase to the industry’s highest-density 400G routing line card in a modular chassis. With market-leading 54 ports of 400G per slot at 21.6Tbps, this performance underscores the unmatched scalability and power efficiency of the product offering. We are thankful for our engineering teams."

- Ram Velaga, Senior Vice President and General Manager, Core Switching Group, Broadcom

Solution Availability

¹AI-enabled Paragon Automation-as-a-Service – available 1H23
²ACX7000 Family:

  • ACX7100-32C, ACX7100-48L, ACX7509 – available now

  • ACX7024 – orderable now, available Q3’22

  • ACX7908, ACX7348 – orderable 1H’23

³Juniper embedded Paragon Active Assurance – available 2H’22
⁴ Built-in zero trust security with SaaS-based network trust attestation – available 1H’23
⁵Juniper 400G ZR/ZR+ optics – orderable & available Q3’22

Additional Resources

Cloud Metro Solution Page
Blog: Cloud Metro: Reimagining Metro Networks for Sustainable Business Growth
Blog: Welcome to the Future of Network Automation: Juniper Paragon Automation-as-a-Service
Blog: Reimagining Metro Architectures for the Experience-First Era
Blog: Balancing Design Choices for Sustainable Growth: Juniper ACX7000 Family
ACX7000 Family Datasheet
Solution Brief: Juniper Cloud Metro as the Experience Sensor
Solution Brief: AI-Enabled Device Onboarding as a Service
Demo: Paragon Automation as a Service Device Onboarding

About Juniper Networks
Juniper Networks is dedicated to dramatically simplifying network operations and driving superior experiences for end users. Our solutions deliver industry-leading insight, automation, security and AI to drive real business results. We believe that powering connections will bring us closer together while empowering us all to solve the world’s greatest challenges of well-being, sustainability and equality. Additional information can be found at Juniper Networks ( or connect with Juniper on Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook.

Juniper Networks, the Juniper Networks logo, Juniper, Junos, and other trademarks listed here are registered trademarks of Juniper Networks, Inc. and/or its affiliates in the United States and other countries. Other names may be trademarks of their respective owners.

Statement of Product Direction
The information on this page may contain Juniper's development and plans for future products, features, or enhancements ("SOPD Information"). SOPD Information is subject to change at any time, without notice. Juniper provides no assurances, and assumes no responsibility, that future products, features, or enhancements will be introduced. In no event should any purchase decision be based upon reliance of timeframes or specifics outlined as part of SOPD Information, because Juniper may delay or never introduce the future products, features, or enhancements.

Any SOPD Information within, or referenced or obtained from, this website by any person does not provide rise to any reliance claim, or any estoppel, against Juniper in connection with, or arising out of, any representations set forth in the SOPD Information. Juniper is not liable for any loss or damage (howsoever incurred) by any person in connection with, or arising out of, any representations set forth in the SOPD Information.


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Killexams : Juniper Networks (JNPR) Q2 Earnings Lag Estimates

Juniper Networks (JNPR) came out with quarterly earnings of $0.42 per share, missing the Zacks Consensus Estimate of $0.45 per share. This compares to earnings of $0.43 per share a year ago. These figures are adjusted for non-recurring items.

This quarterly report represents an earnings surprise of -6.67%. A quarter ago, it was expected that this computer network equipment maker would post earnings of $0.32 per share when it actually produced earnings of $0.31, delivering a surprise of -3.13%.

Over the last four quarters, the company has surpassed consensus EPS estimates just once.

Juniper , which belongs to the Zacks Wireless Equipment industry, posted revenues of $1.27 billion for the quarter ended June 2022, surpassing the Zacks Consensus Estimate by 1%. This compares to year-ago revenues of $1.17 billion. The company has topped consensus revenue estimates three times over the last four quarters.

The sustainability of the stock's immediate price movement based on the recently-released numbers and future earnings expectations will mostly depend on management's commentary on the earnings call.

Juniper shares have lost about 20.4% since the beginning of the year versus the S&P 500's decline of -16.8%.

What's Next for Juniper?

While Juniper has underperformed the market so far this year, the question that comes to investors' minds is: what's next for the stock?

There are no easy answers to this key question, but one reliable measure that can help investors address this is the company's earnings outlook. Not only does this include current consensus earnings expectations for the coming quarter(s), but also how these expectations have changed lately.

Empirical research shows a strong correlation between near-term stock movements and trends in earnings estimate revisions. Investors can track such revisions by themselves or rely on a tried-and-tested rating tool like the Zacks Rank, which has an impressive track record of harnessing the power of earnings estimate revisions.

Ahead of this earnings release, the estimate revisions trend for Juniper: unfavorable. While the magnitude and direction of estimate revisions could change following the company's just-released earnings report, the current status translates into a Zacks Rank #4 (Sell) for the stock. So, the shares are expected to underperform the market in the near future. You can see the complete list of today's Zacks #1 Rank (Strong Buy) stocks here.

It will be interesting to see how estimates for the coming quarters and current fiscal year change in the days ahead. The current consensus EPS estimate is $0.53 on $1.3 billion in revenues for the coming quarter and $1.95 on $5.12 billion in revenues for the current fiscal year.

Investors should be mindful of the fact that the outlook for the industry can have a material impact on the performance of the stock as well. In terms of the Zacks Industry Rank, Wireless Equipment is currently in the top 29% of the 250 plus Zacks industries. Our research shows that the top 50% of the Zacks-ranked industries outperform the bottom 50% by a factor of more than 2 to 1.

One other stock from the same industry, Sierra Wireless (SWIR), is yet to report results for the quarter ended June 2022. The results are expected to be released on August 11.

This wireless broadband modem maker is expected to post quarterly earnings of $0.21 per share in its upcoming report, which represents a year-over-year change of +800%. The consensus EPS estimate for the quarter has remained unchanged over the last 30 days.

Sierra Wireless' revenues are expected to be $166.74 million, up 25.6% from the year-ago quarter.

Want the latest recommendations from Zacks Investment Research? Today, you can download 7 Best Stocks for the Next 30 Days. Click to get this free report
Juniper Networks, Inc. (JNPR) : Free Stock Analysis Report
Sierra Wireless, Inc. (SWIR) : Free Stock Analysis Report
To read this article on click here.
Zacks Investment Research

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Killexams : Services & Software

Short Take: Windows Media Player beta released for Mac

Microsoft released the second trial, or "beta," version of Windows Media Player 6.3 for Macintosh. The streaming media player includes the Windows Media Rights Manager, designed to protect copyright holders against illegal copying. The software is available for download.

Sat, 12 Mar 2022 13:51:00 -0600 en text/html
JN0-635 exam dump and training guide direct download
Training Exams List