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Killexams : How to prepare for disasters, power outages and medical emergencies if you’re aging alone

For Beth (not her real name) living alone is a good thing. Over the years, she has grown accustomed to the single lifestyle. She’s satisfied with doing things on her own, even to take long bike rides. Just the other day, the cool weather motivated Beth to do exactly that — jump on the bicycle for a ride.

But this ride was different. As she glided down the driveway, and turned onto a busy street, nothing could have prepared her for what was about to happen. A few miles away from home, from nowhere, an 18-wheeler skirted a little too close, blowing Beth off balance. Stunned, she jerked the bike a bit too hard which sent her hurling over the handlebars, crashing on her hip. She stayed there until the ambulance showed up.

In the ER, the doctor reported: “Broken hip, you’ll be in rehab awhile. Who should we call?”

Having a trusted friend, family member or professional to call or text as an emergency contact should be the priority when compiling confidants for medical records, important documents and smartphones. The designation is I.C.E.: In Case of Emergency contact. And it should be labeled as such. Perhaps you rely on a close friend or family. But if you have no one nearby, you’re stuck.  

In 2019, the Institute of Healthcare Policy and Innovation claimed 22% of the 50 to 80 age group had an emergency or disaster such as a power outage lasting more than a day, severe weather, evacuation or lockdown, while 73% reported experiencing at least one such event during their lifetime.

Although more than half of older adults believe they will experience some type of crisis, the majority feel confident in their ability to manage. And when living alone, it’s critical to prepare and develop a support network of friends. 

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Build a network of support for emergencies

Create a group of people for social interactions and relationships, as well as a group that will look out for one another. What’s important is that you’re comfortable with one another and you actively participate in the relationships. If you enjoy their company and conversation, they are part of your network.

Alison Arnett, geriatric care manager at PremierCMGA in Atlanta, suggests developing a purpose-driven network. “No one lives alone — there are people all around. To feel secure and connected, develop a team of people who can support you,” she says. “Many times, people are stuck because they have no one to look out for their welfare.”

Where to find people to support you
  1. Make a list of activities and groups that deliver the opportunities to engage with people: Political, religious, sports, social or hobbies
  2. Visit local senior centers, public libraries and volunteer
  3. Get to know your neighbors
  4. Teach a hobby and a skill that you excel in at the local community college or lifelong learning institute
  5. Call the Area Agency on Aging for a list of active adults’ groups
  6. Contact local NCOA active aging programs

Caryn Issacs of New York, a patient advocate with GetHealthHelp.com, advises, “When selecting people to care for you in time of need, pick those who know your preferences, and who are strong enough to lift things like shopping bags and even walkers. It’s vital they know how to access transportation and other services. It’s better if they’re active listeners and efficient note takers. And you must trust them.”

Here are several types of emergencies you should prepare for:

Power outages

For a power outage lasting over 24 hours, two in three older adults felt very confident that they were prepared, 27% were somewhat confident, and only 4% were not confident at all, according to the Institute of Healthcare Policy and Innovation.

In July, my high rise building in Texas lost power for 17 hours. The temperature hit 100 degrees outside. The outage was not citywide; however, a year earlier during a winter storm, power failed throughout the metroplex. From that, I learned to be better prepared.

Arnett suggests, “Learn the locations of the city-sponsored shelters in case of lost power and situations like a snowmageddon.” People need to know where to go and have a plan to get there in case of a weather-related crisis. Finding shelter is critical. Visit a Disaster Recovery Center (DRC) to receive guidance or information. Additionally, make sure to know when to evacuate an area.

Assemble a power outage emergency kit

  • Meals, snacks and water for up to two weeks
  • Styrofoam coolers for food storage
  • Flashlights, lanterns and candles
  • Extra batteries
  • Battery operated laptop, cellphone charger, radio and fan
  • Cash on hand
  • Read the full guide at Ready.gov to learn what’s needed in a power outage plan
Medical emergencies

No one expects to slice one’s finger while preparing food, which I experienced. When it happened, there were neighbors who I knew could help out. I grabbed a towel, wrapped the finger and walked down the hall to a friend’s apartment.   

And if the crisis is more traumatic than a cut finger like a bicycle accident or a broken hip, Nancy Ruffner, a patient advocate in North Carolina, encourages third-person thinking which removes you from the situation. If you land in the hospital, who could step in and do what needs to be done?

“When making a plan, remove the emotions and focus on the tasks — who could get mail/find or assemble bills and pay them? Who will watch your home; water plants, check for security, turn lights off and on, move things around outside to create the appearance of someone there?” says Ruffner. “If you have a pet, who will care for it?”

Be prepared

Have a hospital go-to bag filled and ready to grab. Include an I.C.E. list (in case of emergency contact list) of medications and medical conditions, a photocopy of a health insurance card, Medicare card (blackout the last four digits of the Social Security number,) toiletries, pen and notebook, puzzle books, lip balm, hand sanitizer, personal grooming items, a copy of the Healthcare Power of Attorney documents. Identify a key contact person. Make an extra copy of the contents of each folder and leave it with a friend or relative at home.

Create a spreadsheet listing your support contacts and information such as who will look after your home, pet, vehicle, food in the refrigerator, etc. Also list who will check on you in the hospital, gather necessities and bring them to you.

Make sure you have a first aid kit and emergency supply kit on hand at all times. Additionally, know how to recognize a medical emergency.

Weather emergencies

Extreme cold

Mountain regions aren’t the only areas affected by winter storms. Even low altitude regions get hit. Blankets of snow snarls traffic and keep people indoors. In 2016, winter storm Jonas crushed the Northeast with up to 31 inches of snow.  

During winter storms, the priority is staying warm and safe. Here are some tips for planning ahead:

Cold weather emergency kit

Home: Keep the cold out with insulation, caulking and weather stripping. Keep pipes from freezing. Install and test smoke alarms and carbon monoxide detectors with battery backups. Install storm or thermal-pane windows or cover windows with plastic from the inside. If you’re without power, have a power outage emergency kit on hand.

Car: jumper cables, sand, flashlight, warm clothes, blankets, bottled water and nonperishable snacks. Keep a full tank. Ready.gov offers a full guide for car preparation. 

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Hurricane, tornadoes, and floods

As has been observed in the wake of Hurricane Ian in Florida and the Carolinas, it’s important to be prepared for an emergency, knowing that internet access could be impacted by major storms. Ready.gov offers options for emergency messages from authorized federal, state, local, tribal and territorial public alerting authorities that broadcast warnings. 

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Be wary of disaster related scams

Colleen Tressler, Bureau of Consumer Protection, Federal Trade Commission, warns, “In addition to preparing for weather disasters, protect yourself from scammers. These criminals use emergencies to cheat consumers.” 

  • Cleanup and repair scams — Ask for IDs, licenses, proof of insurance, and references. Ask friends for referrals. Put all promises in writing and understand what you’re signing. Never pay cash or full payment until the work is done and you’re satisfied.
  • Impostor scams — Ask for IDs. If they ask for money or a bank account or credit card number, it’s a scam.
  • Job scams — be alert
  • Be wise to rental listing scams

Be alert, stay safe, and prepare for emergencies. Do it now before you’re taken by surprise and build a support team of nearby peers and friends.

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Additional emergency resources for solo agers

Carol Marak, author of “SOLO AND SMART: The Roadmap for a Supportive and Secure Future,” is a former family caregiver and an avid writer and advocate for the solo community. Carol lives alone and has created a safe and confident lifestyle. She plans to continue to thrive well into her 90s. Follow her work at carolmarak.com.

This article is reprinted by permission from NextAvenue.org, © 2022 Twin Cities Public Television, Inc. All rights reserved.

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Killexams : Best GMAT Prep Courses

Final Verdict

Overall, Magoosh is our top choice because it offers an extensive GMAT prep course for a reasonable price. The $249 course includes a year of access to course materials and comes with a 50-point score improvement guarantee. It’s not the cheapest or the most robust course, but it does a good job of balancing cost and value for future GMAT test-takers.

If you plan to take the GMAT, a GMAT prep course or study guide may be an essential resource. Some students may get by with only a test prep book, but online classes with live help, practice exams, and large libraries of practice questions help others achieve a higher score. Magoosh does a good job of catering to various learning styles and needs without breaking the bank.

Compare the Best GMAT Prep Courses

Company  Price  Platform  Guarantee  Duration 
Magoosh Best Overall $219, $249, $599 Online 50 points 1-year access
GMAT Official Starter Kit Best Free Course Free  Online  None  Unlimited 
Kaplan Best Online Course  $999 or $1,599  Online self-paced or online live instruction (in-person also available)  Score improvement  6 months 
Princeton Review Best In-Person Course  $1,399 to $1,999  Live online or in-person instruction  Score improvement or 700+ score (depends on course)  1.5 months of class plus materials for longer
TestMasters Best Score Improvement Guarantee $899 to $2,999  Online, classroom, or private one-on-one 100 points  4 months 
PrepScholar Best on a Budget  $99 to $399  Online  60 points  2 to 4 months 

How to Choose the Best GMAT Prep Course

To pick the best GMAT prep courses, it’s a good idea to look at course materials, the number of practice exams and questions, cost, score improvement guarantees, and duration as top factors.

  • Course materials: The quality and type of materials are essential in learning what you need to succeed on the GMAT.
  • Number of resources: Each provider has a varying number of practice exams, demo questions, and other resources.
  • Price: Cost is a big factor in the course you choose, though it’s a relatively low factor due to the overall cost of taking the GMAT and earning an MBA.
  • Score improvement guarantee: Score improvement guarantees indicate the quality of instruction and success of past students.
  • Duration: Longer course durations deliver you more time to prepare and study.

Is a GMAT Prep Course Worth It?

GMAT prep courses are not the only way to study for the GMAT, but they are an important option for many future GMAT participants. GMAT prep courses are worthwhile to anyone who wants to do better on the GMAT test and doesn't trust themselves to study well using only books and other non-course resources. Depending on your needs, there’s likely a GMAT prep course that meets your budget, schedule, and learning style.

What Is the GMAT?

The GMAT is the Graduate Management Admissions Test. This test is the standard entrance test for Masters in Business Administration (MBA) programs worldwide. The GMAT is a computer-based test including multiple-choice questions and an essay section. GMAT scores range from 200 to 800, with an average score of around 565. Every university has different MBA admission requirements, so you should check your desired programs for typical undergraduate grades and GMAT scores for admission.

How Do GMAT Prep Courses Help Improve Test Scores?

GMAT prep courses teach both the content included in the GMAT test and test-taking skills to help you succeed with the GMAT format. Class-style instruction, practice tests, and demo questions prepare future GMAT takers with the knowledge and skills to earn their best possible score on the exam. Depending on the GMAT prep course you choose, you may get a score improvement certain of up to 100 points over past attempts.

How Much Do GMAT Prep Courses Cost?

While there are free GMAT preparation resources available, most GMAT-bound individuals would likely benefit from a paid GMAT prep course. Among the courses we reviewed, costs ranged from $69 for basic, self-guided online programs to around $3,000 for a one-on-one, personalized course experience. Quality courses start at about $250 for online, self-guided lessons and materials. Many course providers offer additional tutoring and one-on-one instruction for an additional cost.


To pick the best GMAT prep courses, we looked at the details of 10 popular course providers, focusing on materials, cost, duration, and learner outcomes. Courses with extensive question banks, multiple practice exams, and long durations fared best in our ratings. The cost was a factor but carried less weight, as MBA programs may cost as much as six figures, and GMAT prep is a relatively small expense, even in the $3,000 range. Only well-reputed test preparation companies were included in our final results.

Mon, 12 Jul 2021 05:08:00 -0500 en text/html https://www.investopedia.com/best-gmat-prep-courses-5191448
Killexams : Best CFA test Prep Courses

A newer option for CFA test prep, Salt Solutions launched its Beta platform for CFA Level I test prep in late 2020. The company is now officially out of Beta, and the full CFA learning experience is available for Levels I and II (Level III will be available in 2022).

Salt Solutions knows it’s tough to stay focused on a large volume of material with limited study time, so it breaks it into small chunks to complete in 10 to 30 minutes. Salt Solutions also improves the study process by showing you which steps are most important. While the platform offers flexibility, the scheduler also sets weekly goals to keep you on track. 

The platform has a user-friendly interface with a light or dark mode, making it easier on your eyes after long hours of studying. The platform currently includes assignment questions, downloadable videos, and a scheduler with weekly goals to stay on track.

Although Salt Solutions doesn’t have a proven track record yet, the user-friendly and thoughtfully designed software looks promising, particularly for those tired of staring at textbooks. Passing all three CFA exams isn’t easy, and Salt Solutions may be a good option for those struggling to buckle down and focus.

Mon, 10 Aug 2020 16:51:00 -0500 en text/html https://www.investopedia.com/best-cfa-exam-prep-courses-4797121
Killexams : What the GRE Test Is and How to Prepare No result found, try new keyword!Aspiring graduate students who tend to put off studying for tests should not attempt to cram for the Graduate Record Exam, or GRE, because achieving an impressive score on this graduate school ... Mon, 25 Jun 2018 03:17:00 -0500 text/html https://www.usnews.com/education/best-graduate-schools/articles/what-the-gre-test-is-and-how-to-prepare Killexams : The best printers for 2022

Whether you need a printer for a small business, home, office, or school, it’s important to choose a device that makes printing quick and easy. Choosing the best printer can be complex due to the wide range of features available. You might be wondering which features are worth investing in and which specs you should pay attention to when comparing printer reviews.

Our guide to the best printers will deliver you a better idea of the features and innovations that match your needs, starting with the best all-around model, the HP OfficeJet Pro 9025e. This printer is our top choice because it has endless printing options and top-notch quality.

HP OfficeJet Pro 9025e

Best all around printer for home and office

Jump to details

HP LaserJet Tank 2504dw

Affordable laser for monochrome document printing

Jump to details

HP Tango X

Stylish inkjet that will fit in with your home decor

Epson WorkForce Pro WF-4730

Affordable workgroup printer with terrific print output

Jump to details

Brother HL-L3270CDW

Fast duplexing wireless color laser printer

Jump to details

Canon Pixma IP8720

Superb photo printer

HP DeskJet 3755

Affordable and stylish inkjet for dorms and homes

Jump to details

Brother HL-L2305W

Best monochrome laser printer for light use

Jump to details

HP OfficeJet Pro 9025e

Best all around printer for home and office


  • Solid print quality
  • Fast speeds suitable for office printing
  • Integrated MFP capabilities
  • Automatic duplexing


  • Small touchscreen
  • ADF tray capacity could be bigger

Why should you buy this? It's a solid all-around printer that's great for documents and photos.

Who is the HP OfficeJet Pro 9025e for? Homes and offices with moderate printing needs.

Why we picked the HP OfficeJet Pro 9025e:

The prior generation HP OfficeJet Pro 9015 was a solid printer, and HP has made some improvements to make it an even better color inkjet this year with the OfficeJet Pro 9025e. Though the price has increased jumping to the most current model, you're getting faster print speeds — at up to 24 pages per minute on black-and-white prints — along with 1,200 dpi scans and an automatic document feeder with a tray capacity of 35 pages for quick scans and copies. The tray loader can handle up to 250 sheets of paper, and the printer can output to a variety of formats and paper sizes, including envelopes, cards, labels, and more. And with an output of up to 4800 x 1200 resolution for color jobs, this printer is versatile enough to handle photo printing as well.

With the OfficeJet Pro 9025e, HP includes six months of its Instant Ink subscription service, which monitors how much ink you have in your cartridge and sends you replacements when you're running low. While it may not be worth it to subscribe if you're not churning out regular print jobs, it's a nice feature for small offices with limited space in supply closets. Other features include Wi-Fi printing, a companion app to monitor print status, and support for AirPrint. HP also sells XL cartridges, which will help reduce printing costs in the long term. This printer averages about 3.3 cents per page, and it can also handle two-sided duplex printing to help reduce your paper cost.

HP OfficeJet Pro 9025e

Best all around printer for home and office

This is HP's LaserJet Tank 2504dw.

HP LaserJet Tank 2504dw

Affordable laser for monochrome document printing


  • Fast printing speeds
  • Affordable print costs
  • Easy to use
  • Wireless printing supported


  • Monochrome only, no color
  • Higher price than budget laser printers

Why should you buy this? The HP LaserJet Tank 2504dw delivers fast print speeds and exceptionally affordable print costs.

Who is the HP LaserJet Tank 2504dw for? Home and small office users looking for economical monochrome printing.

Why we picked the HP LaserJet Tank 2504dw:

HP's LaserJet Tank 2504dw might not come with all the bells and whistles or fancy designs as some other printers on our list, but it's designed to be an affordable workhorse for homes, home offices, and small businesses. A scanner isn't included and it can't print in color but it is a fast printer that can churn out documents at 23 pages per minute. The monochrome printing limits this printer to text-based jobs, like documents, homework, PDFs, shipping labels and invoices rather than photos and craft projects.

If you find yourself primarily printing black-and-white jobs, this printer's superpower is its affordable long-term cost and unique toner tank that reduces the cost of refilling toner. The cost per print is roughly 1 cent per page, depending on how much of the page is covered in the black toner. This printer is designed to be a low-cost investment, rendering crisp text with its laser-printing technology. HP gave the LaserJet Tank 2504dw a 250-sheet tray with automatic duplexing. It supports plain, heavy, and Bond paper at 60 to 163-gram weights.

The printer's affordable price and economical print costs make it a winner for those on a budget. HP borrowed a page from its refillable tanks for inkjet printing, creating a cost-effective and environmentally friendly, reloadable toner kit that you can purchase to refill, rather than replace, the toner cartridge on your LaserJet Tank 2504dw. Mobile printing, AirPrint, and wireless printing are all supported, and you can use the HP Smart mobile app to collect more information and adjust the settings of the LaserJet Tank 2504dw.

HP LaserJet Tank 2504dw

Affordable laser for monochrome document printing

The Epson WorkForce Pro WF-4730 printer.

Epson WorkForce Pro WF-4730

Affordable workgroup printer with terrific print output


  • Fast printing speeds
  • Reliable inkjet quality
  • Borderless prints up to 8.5-by-11-inch


  • No auto-duplexing ADF capability

Why should you buy this? It's a big MFP that does everything and does it well.

Who is the Epson WorkForce Pro WF-4730 for? Workgroups and small office users who need a fast printer.

Why we picked the Epson WorkForce Pro WF-4730:

Epson's powerful Workforce all-in-one printer is a boon for offices that still need a reliable printing solution that can handle whatever they throw at it. It's designed to be highly accurate and uses technology to minimize heat so the printer lasts as long as possible while still handling frequent work.

It's also speedy for its size: The printer has a 20 ppm rating for printing and copying either B&W or color, and an ADF makes scans and copies speedy. The Epson WorkForce Pro WF-4730 also supports faxing for the rare times when you need to use that feature. Plus, the 500-sheet tray is larger than many printers offer at this size. The model also sports all the reliable Epson features we love, including a solid touchscreen for controls, app management for setup, built-in wireless support for the office network, and more.

Epson WorkForce Pro WF-4730

Affordable workgroup printer with terrific print output

Brother HL-L3270CDW

Fast duplexing wireless color laser printer


  • Fast printing speeds
  • Terrific printing quality
  • Great for high-volume printing

Why should you buy this? It's a great laser printer without any of the extraneous features.

Who is the Brother HL-L3270CDW Printer for? Office users who need a color laser printer.

Why we picked the Brother HL-L3270CDW:

If you want a laser printer for your home or office, the Brother HL-L3270CDW is a safe bet, a compact device that you can get at an affordable price. This printer can blaze through jobs at a rate of 25 pages per minute, and it holds 250 sheets of paper. Both of these factors make it a good choice for offices, where people may need to print out a lot of documents without waiting for someone else’s job to finish.

The printer isn’t just fast; it also supports duplex printing for double-sided pages.

Setting up the Brother HL-L3270CDW is a cinch, and in addition to its Ethernet and USB connections, it also supports wireless printing; you can connect with Android and Apple devices, among others.

Brother HL-L3270CDW

Fast duplexing wireless color laser printer

Epson EcoTank ET-3760

Best way to save on ink costs


  • Cost-effective ink refills
  • Inkjet quality and reliability
  • No cartridge waste


  • Have to buy ink in bulk
  • Small ADF tray

Why should you buy this? You have moderate printing needs and don't want to spend a fortune on ink.

Who is the Epson EcoTank ET-3760 for? Small office users with limited ink budgets.

Why we picked the Epson EcoTank ET-3760:

The EcoTank offers an alternative printer model that could be exactly what you're looking for: Instead of replacing ink cartridges, this printer uses compartments that you fill up with ink using the included bottles. It's less expensive than using ink cartridges and an ideal solution if you don't print color often but never want to run out of a cartridge at an inopportune time. The included bottles alone will keep a printer going for two years even with regular work.

The all-in-one printer isn't just about savings, though: It also offers a 15 ppm speed for black-and-white prints and an 8 ppm speed for color. There's a 250-sheet storage tray, plus a 30-page auto document feeder for scanning and similar tasks. Automatic two-sided printing is supported as well. It even works with Alexa, so you can deliver it voice commands to help prepare for a printing job.

The combination of features on the Epson EcoTank ET-3760 makes it ideal for a small business or home that may only have intermittent but important printing projects and wants to avoid the cycle of endlessly buying ink cartridges even when they aren't technically needed.

Epson EcoTank ET-3760

Best way to save on ink costs

Brother MFC-L2750DW

Compact office printer


  • Small footprint
  • Loaded on features
  • Physical buttons for easy control

Why should you buy this? It has all the features of an office printer with a home printer footprint.

Who is the Brother MFCL2750DW for? Office users who need a fast printer.

Why we picked the Brother MFCL2750DW:

Brother's latest update to this solid printer helped maximize speeds, making it an ideal option for a busy home or office where you want printing jobs done fast. It can reach 36 ppm for black-and-white printing and is also speedy at copying and faxing for maximum productivity.

It also features single-pass two-sided printing for even more efficiency, and the automatic document feeder holds 50 sheets, making it one of the best options on our list for larger scanning projects and similar tasks. All the wireless connectivity you could want is included here, including NFC touch-to-connect for fast printing, support for printing from cloud services like Dropbox, OneNote, and Google Drive, and the ability to easily connect to your desktop, laptop, and other devices.

Unless you do larger printing projects from home, the Brother MFC-L2750DW may be a little too much of a workhouse printer for your needs. It's a perfect fit for a lobby or front office where speedy printing can be a big advantage but a full laser printer isn't really needed.

Brother MFC-L2750DW

Compact office printer

hp deskjet 3755 review

HP DeskJet 3755

Affordable and stylish inkjet for dorms and homes


  • Compact design
  • Affordable
  • Attractive, colorful look

Why should you buy this? It's tiny, understated, and still produces great-quality prints.

Who is the HP DeskJet 3755? Students and home users who want a printer but don't want a boxy design

Why we picked the HP DeskJet 3755:

HP's DeskJet 3755 replaces the company's Tango X printer on our list as a stylish and affordable printer that's suited for those who may not have frequent printing needs. The unique design of this printer makes it a stylish option for dorm rooms, as it sheds the black box design of its contemporaries in favor of a slim profile with a little pop of color. This makes the DeskJet 3755 one of the smallest printers on the market today with solid print quality.

But don't let its diminutive footprint fool you — this small-in-one printer can still pump out up to 19 pages per minute in monochrome or a more modest 15 pages per minute with color jobs, and it's also able to wirelessly print, scan, and copy for multifunction documentation needs. HP also offers its subscription Instant Ink service to help you manage your ink cartridges, ensuring you're always ready for your next print job.

HP DeskJet 3755

Affordable and stylish inkjet for dorms and homes

Brother HL-L2305W printer.

Brother HL-L2305W

Best monochrome laser printer for light use


  • Very low cost
  • Fast print speeds
  • Easy wireless connections
  • Compact design


  • Expensive operating cost
  • No duplex printing

Why should you buy this? It's a fast, compact laser printer that takes all of the work out of printing black and white documents and shipping labels.

Who is the Brother HL-L2305W for? Work from home offices and small businesses that don't print several documents each day.

Why we picked the Brother HL-L2305W:

The initial cost of the Brother HLL2305W is shockingly low for a laser printer. With a cost of just a little over $100, you might expect this to be an inkjet but this budget-priced printer can roll through 24 pages per minute and lasts a long time before needing new toner. It's monochrome and meant for printing documents and it handles that task beautifully.

Brother has excellent wireless compatibility and didn't skimp on its budget model. It's easy to print over your Wi-Fi network from Apple devices using AirPrint, Google, and Android via Cloud Print, Windows WSD or you can use Wi-Fi direct if a local area network isn't available.

It's not all good news and the toner is where Brother makes back some money. If you're printing several pages each day or a big batch weekly, the costs might add up too quickly and overcome the initial savings. However, for lighter use, this is a fantastic deal.

Brother HL-L2305W

Best monochrome laser printer for light use

Frequently Asked Questions

Which printer has the cheapest ink?

Affordable ink depends on several different factors: How much the cartridges cost upfront, how much ink the printer uses on average, and how long the cartridges last. Ultimately, it's best if you take a look at specific models and check how much the cartridges are and how long they appear to last (usually measured in page yield). Even within the same brand, ink costs can vary considerably based on the printing machine.

In general, you should look for printers that offer a high page yield for their cartridges and cartridges that are more affordable compared to alternatives. These two stats combined can tell you a lot. Inkjet printers with their liquid ink cartridges tend to cost more over time than laser printers with their large toner cartridges. All our top-brand picks, like Canon, HP, and Epson, tend to be quite efficient. Our HP picks, in particular, might be a good choice if you want to save money on ink (we were a little disappointed in our Canon Pixma model's ink performance, however). If you need to run larger print jobs, consider a printer with refillable ink tanks. While they may require a higher initial investment, the tank refills will lead to a cheaper per-page print cost and will be more environmentally friendly. If paper use is a concern, choose a printer that supports automatic duplex, or two-sided, printing.

What printer has the longest-lasting ink cartridges?

Laser printers with their toner cartridges have high initial costs for replacing toner, but toner lasts longer than almost any other printer ink type. However, if you want a home or small business printer, then a laser printer probably isn't on your list. In that case, we suggest you take a look at our top HP OfficeJet pick. HP offers very high-quality ink cartridges for its OfficeJet models, and they'll last longer than most alternatives. If you need to stretch your budget, seek out a printer with larger cartridges or XL cartridges if those are available from your manufacturer. These larger cartridges generally will cost more upfront but will reduce the cost per page in the long run as they will last longer.

What printer is the cheapest to operate?

Aside from the high initial costs, laser printers tend to be more affordable in the long run because they are so cheap to operate. However, let's say that you're looking only at inkjet printers: What should you look for?

Even if you are only printing office documents, you’ll want to stick with the established brands that make durable, dependable printers. We’re talking about Epson Workforce models, HP Officejet printers, and similar brand families. Multifunction printers, or MFPs, will offer more robust capabilities, including scanning, faxing, and copying.

Which printer brand is best?

Everyone’s got a favorite brand, but it’s no accident that names like Canon and HP regularly pop up. These brands produce quality machines and offer something for every printing need, which means you’ll be able to find something in your price range. Brands like Brother aren’t quite as ubiquitous, but they also manufacture high-quality printers worth considering. Epson also is making some excellent photo-quality home printers these days, a departure from the enterprise-level printers the company has previously manufactured. We highly suggested looking at our printer buying guide, too.

How many pages per minute (ppm) is good for a printer?

You shouldn’t look at printer speed as much as you should consider its output quality, but you can usually find how fast a printer works by checking out its specs. Anything above about 20 ppm for black-and-white is good for the average inkjet printer. You can usually bump this number up to about 20 ppm if you’re looking at a laser printer. Printers with 40 ppm aren’t as common, and it’s improbable that you’d need to see this kind of yield for a home printer.

Is it okay to leave a printer on all the time?

If you are using your printer every day or several times a day, it's probably better to leave it on. Turning printers on and off all the time can lead to wear and tear, and may dry out ink faster. Many printers have sleep modes that make it easy to keep them on.

How long do printers last?

Traditionally, around three to five years. This is still often true, although you may find your home printer lasts longer these days as printing just isn't as common as it was, so there's less wear on the hardware. New printers have a variety of functions, from improved wireless access to voice assistant control, which can make them great upgrades if you have a printer that's several years old or more.

What about third-party ink cartridges and toners?

Every printer manufacturer recommends using their own brand of ink cartridges, refills, and toners. However, there are often third-party inks and toners that claim compatibility while cutting the cost dramatically. The savings can be tempting but there is a risk of clogging the printer, inconsistent color, less than ideal print quality, and other problems.

There are times when third-party ink and toner might be the only solution available. For example, a manufacturer might discontinue cartridges and toner for older models.

The bottom line is that third-party ink cartridges, refills, and toner are an option for times that the manufacturer brand isn't available or too expensive. Just keep in mind that the performance isn't guaranteed and it can clog inkjet nozzles.

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Killexams : HP Board 12th Supplementary Result 2022 declared, Check details here Himachal Pradesh Board of School Education (HPBOSE) Plus Two Supplementary test link has been activated on the official website. Students can view by logging on to the portal. Read below to know more about the result.
Himachal Board has declared 12th Supplementary test Result. Himachal Pradesh Board of School Education (HPBOSE) has released the results of class 12th supplementary examination. HPBOSE has activated the result link of the test on the official website hpbose.org. Now in such a situation, all the candidates who appeared for the EP test can visit the portal to check the results. Students have to enter their roll number to check the result. Only then they will be able to see their result.
How to check Himachal Board 12th supplementary result ?
Here's the steps given below for candidates reference to check the HP board supplementary result. Candidates can go through these step-by-step procedure provided below to check their result. To check the Himachal Board 12th Result,
  • Candidates first have to visit the official website - hbpbose.org
  • Next, click on the Result tab on the appeared homepage
  • Now after this, click on “12th (Compartment/Improvement/additional/Diploma Holder(Re-Appear)) Examination Result, August-2022
  • Next, enter your roll number and click on the search button HP Board 12th Supplementary Result 2022 will appear on the screen
  • Download it and take a print out of the same for future reference.

As per the official reports, a total of 3,344 students appeared in the HP Board 12th Supplementary test out of which 1,490 candidates have cleared the exam. Around 1,628 students got compartment and 1 candidate failed to pass the exam. HPBOSE has recorded a pass percentage of 45.18 percent. It is to be noted that this test was conducted for those students who either could not appear for the HP Board Class 12 regular examination or did not qualify. Such students got a chance to appear in the examination. And now their results have been declared.
Mon, 10 Oct 2022 01:05:00 -0500 en text/html https://timesofindia.indiatimes.com/education/results/board-exam-results/hp-board-12th-supplementary-result-2022-declared-check-details-here/articleshow/94756568.cms
Killexams : HP's Latest Enterprise VR Workstation Is a Backpack

As VR (virtual reality) looks to transform itself into an increasingly more mobile (aka convenient) experience HP has debuted a novel solution to the wires and tethers associated with VR today – a backpack.

At SIGGRAPH 2017, HP announced the HP Z VR Backpack, a 10-lb, wearable PC with enough horsepower for both experiencing and creating VR content. While it is easy to imagine the entertainment potential of the Z VR, HP has made it clear that it wants its new wearable PC to be catalyst for bringing more robust VR experiences to business and enterprise first and foremost. Safer simulation and training, virtual walkthroughs for architectural design, and better collaboration in virtual environments for product designers, are just a few of the use cases cited by HP.

At its core the Z VR Backpack is a Windows 10 PC with an Intel Core i7 processor, 32 GB of SDRAM, a Nvidia Quadro P5200 GPU, and up to 1 TB of internal storage. It measures in at 13.11 x 9.29 x 2.39 inches and weighs 10.25 lbs according to specs released by HP. The backpack is powered by a 55Whr lithium-ion battery and features two, external portable 74 Whr hot-swappable batteries. The Z VR can also be docked and serve as a desktop PC.

If you've had a chance to try VR for product design you know that the cords and wires can make for a very cumbersome (and potentially unsafe) work experience, particularly with multiple users operating in the same physical space. Without some sort of handy rig overhead to manage the wires and someone to spot you and hold the cords connecting your headset and controllers to the workstation, it only takes a few turns before you end up wrapped in cable clutter.

Placing VR into a backpack form factor goes a long way in addressing the cable clutter issues, but in hands-on demonstrations at SIGGRAPH it feels like comfort is still a big issue. At 10 lbs the backpack itself is not terribly heavy, but it is just heavy enough to be noticeable and one wonders how it will play out with extended use – particularly if adapted to more physically demanding tasks like entertainment (live-action shooting games) or design sessions that require prolonged standing.

The other issue, which to be fair is completely outside of HP's control, is the weight of the headset. The latest version of the HTC Vive weighs in at just over a pound. That may not sound significant but it becomes very noticeable when it's attached to your moving head (also consider a pair of practicing glasses only weighs about 30-40 grams). Anyone that has ever worked out will tell you that adding a total of about 11 lbs to your bodyweight can have a significant impact.

But headsets are only promising to get lighter. Kopin, a manufacturer of lightweight displays, recently unveiled a reference design, codenamed Elf VR, that will used patented microdisplay panels to create a VR headset the company estimates will be about 50% lighter than headsets currently available.

The move to untethered VR with internal tracking must also be considered. Oculus and HTC have promised the next generation of their headsets will be wireless and companies including Microsoft and Qualcomm are working with partners to deliver untethered headsets as well. A lightweight, wireless headset that delivers the same fidelity as a tethered headset could make the placement of a workstation entirely irrelevant.

Depending on how long it takes for wireless VR products to roll out wide, HP's backpack could catch on with customers too impatient for untethered solutions. We'll have to wait and see whether the backpack PC becomes a standard or a footnote, but for now it may offer a good intermediary step toward fully free VR.

What do you think of HP's VR Backpack solution? Let us know in the comments.

Chris Wiltz is the Managing Editor of Design News.  

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Killexams : HP arm Aruba aims to bolster its network-as-a-service offering

By Surender Negi

Hewlett Packard arm Aruba aims to strengthen its headstart in network-as-a-service (NaaS) offering amid a rising presence of as-a-service solutions. NaaS provides delivery of network services, inclusive of hardware and software, either on the premises or cloud.

Aruba started offering NaaS about two years ago and already has ONGC and Lupin as its clients in India, Aruba’s India director Prakash Krishnamoorthy said on the sidelines of the Atmosphere’22 SEATH & India event in Bangkok during September 20-21.

“We are continuing to see growing interest in NaaS. Initially, large corporates wanted to look at it more from a financial model. But nowadays, we are getting enquiries from customers who are coming from an operational standpoint. We already have ONGC and Lupin on board and now lot of tier-2 companies are showing interest. Manufacturing, especially, will see a lot of interest in the future,” Krishnamoorthy said on Tuesday.

The event was attended by top Aruba executives, including company’s chief product and technology officer David Hughes; Justin Chiah, senior director, SEATH (Southeast Asia, Taiwan & Hong Kong/Macau); Steve Wood, vice president, APJ (Asia Pacific & Japan) and Krishnamoorthy.

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As enterprises embark on digital transformation initiatives and adapt to hybrid work environments, modern network architecture is need of the hour, which could create a seamless and secure connection for companies of all sizes to facilitate their core business functions from anywhere.

“With the new normal being defined by hybrid cloud strategies, emerging IoT environments and remote work, achieving connectivity is key in today’s disconnected world,” said Wood.

“We know that making connections anywhere, anytime has become imperative now more than ever, and with a focus on network modernisation – enterprises that prioritise digital transformation and acceleration will be able to address the tough challenges that come with network orchestration, management and security to eventually drive business growth.”

The APJ region has been a big contributor to Aruba’s business and India will likely be the fastest growing country within the region going ahead, according to top company executives.

“We had great results in Q3, particularly here in the APJ region. With the huge population of APJ, the need to be more connected has driven our business over 30% year over year. So, we are now the fastest-growing region in Aruba worldwide, right here in the APJ region,” Wood said.

“We have a very strong outlook going ahead and India will most likely be one of the fastest-growing countries for Aruba in the region,” added Krishnamoorthy.

(The trip for the event was sponsored by Aruba)

Mon, 19 Sep 2022 12:00:00 -0500 en text/html https://www.financialexpress.com/industry/hp-arm-aruba-aims-to-bolster-its-network-as-a-service-offering/2686900/
Killexams : Test Preparation Market Size 2022 in Globe [120 Pages]- Growth rate of CAGR of almost 14%, and Forecasts (2022 - 2025) | latest 120 Pages Report

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Sep 28, 2022 (The Expresswire) -- [New 120 Pages Report] “Test Preparation Market 2022 report is created to grant the market landscape and important principle about current market share, modern growth, using factors, size, trends, and dominant gamers of the Test Preparation market. The record serves usual data on the Test Preparation Industry to highpoint manufacturers, distributors, traders, dealers. It will assist them to catch the product scope, opportunities, industry overview, and market using force, risk, technological advancement, and lookup findings.

The Worldwide Test Preparation market is expected to increase at a significant rate during the estimate time frame, where in the forecast of 2022 and 2028. Test Preparation industry is emerging at a growth rate and with the increasing reception of strategies by Top key organizations, the market is supposed to rise over the estimated horizon.

The Test Preparation market size is forecast to reach USD 7.22 billion by 2025, growing at a compound annual growth rate CAGR of almost 14% during the forecast period from 2022 to 2025. [Newest 120 Pages Report]

COVID-19 / Great lockdown has compressed the global economy and with it the manufacturing sector, production, disruption, financial.

To Know How Covid-19 Pandemic and Russia Ukraine War Will Impact This Market

According to the 360 Market Updates report, the Test Preparation Market Markets that offer multiple services have become increasingly. The report provides details on the size of the investment. Test Preparation Market report gives facility provided by the companies use to their critical applications and data.

The research covers the current Test Preparation market size of the industry and its growth rates based on 6-year records with Top company outline of Key players/manufacturers:

● Aakash Educational Services Ltd.
● Bansal Classes Kota
● CL Educate Ltd.
● Kaplan Inc.
● Pearson Plc
● Testbook Edu Solutions Pvt Ltd
● Think and Learn Pvt. Ltd.
● Toppr Technologies Pvt. Ltd.
● Triumphant Institute Of Management Education Pvt. Ltd.

Get a Special demo PDF of report @ https://www.360marketupdates.com/enquiry/request-sample/18336756

Global Test Preparation Market: Segment Analysis

Test Preparation market segments are classified based on type and application. These segments are thoroughly investigated, with market estimates and forecasts provided at the regional and country levels. The data is presented in a variety of charts and info graphics, including estimated sales and revenue statistics, gross margin, and other information.

By Product

● University exams ● Certification exams ● High school exams ● Elementary exams ● Other exams ● By End-user ● Post secondary ● K 12

Report Scope:

test preparation market in India and it is poised to grow by USD 7.22 billion during 2021-2025, progressing at a CAGR of almost 14% during the forecast period. Our report on the test preparation market in India provides a holistic analysis, market size and forecast, trends, growth drivers, and challenges, as well as vendor analysis covering around 25 vendors.

Global Test Preparation Market: Drivers and Restrains

Test Preparation Market Researcher presents a detailed picture of the market by the way of study, synthesis, and summation of data from multiple sources by an analysis of key parameters such as profit, pricing, competition, and promotions. It presents various market facets by identifying the key industry influencers. The data presented is comprehensive, reliable, and a result of extensive research - both primary and secondary. Researcher's market research reports provide a complete competitive landscape and an in-depth vendor selection methodology and analysis using qualitative and quantitative research to forecast an accurate Test Preparation market growth.

Inquire more and share questions if any before the purchase on this report at https://www.360marketupdates.com/enquiry/pre-order-enquiry/18336756

A thorough evaluation of the restrains included in the Test Preparation Industry report portrays the contrast to drivers and gives room for strategic planning. Factors that overshadow the market growth are pivotal as they can be understood to devise different bends for getting hold of the lucrative opportunities that are present in the ever-growing Test Preparation market. Additionally, insights into market expertâs opinions have been taken to understand the market better.

Global Test Preparation Market Trends:

The Global Test Preparation Market study delves deeply into current and emerging Global Test Preparation Market trends and dynamics. Estimates for key market categories in the Global Test Preparation Market provide an in-depth overview of the market. Within the market framework, extensive market research is conducted by tracking key product positioning and monitoring top competitors. The study also includes a comprehensive Global Test Preparation Market opportunity analysis for each country.

Influencing Factors

The global Test Preparation market is forecast to witness a rapid growth, owing to increasing demand for technological advancements from end-users. Moreover, increasing investments in research and development activities, launches, partnerships, and other strategic initiatives will benefit the Test Preparation market. Furthermore, the growing focus of authorities towards increasing urbanization and industrialization is forecast to drive the market growth.

What is the goal of the report?

● The market report presents the estimated size of the Test Preparation market at the end of the forecast period. The report also examines historical and current market sizes. ● During the forecast period, the report analyses the growth rate, market size, and market valuation. ● The report presents current trends in the industry and the future potential of the North America, Asia Pacific, Europe, Latin America, and the Middle East and Africa markets. ● The report offers a comprehensive view of the Test Preparation market based on geographic scope, market segmentation, and key player financial performance.

Get a demo Copy of the Test Preparation Solution Market Report 2022

Some Special Points from Table of Contents:

• Executive Summary

o Market overview

• Market Landscape

o Market ecosystem

o Value chain analysis

• Market Sizing

o Market definition

o Market segment analysis

o Market size 2020

o Market outlook: Forecast for 2020 - 2025

• Five Forces Analysis

o Five forces summary

o Bargaining power of buyers

o Bargaining power of suppliers

o Threat of new entrants

o Threat of substitutes

o Threat of rivalry

o Market condition

• Market Segmentation by Product

o Market segments

o Comparison by Product

o University exams - Market size and forecast 2020-2025

o Certification exams - Market size and forecast 2020-2025

o High school exams - Market size and forecast 2020-2025

o Elementary exams - Market size and forecast 2020-2025

o Other exams - Market size and forecast 2020-2025

o Market opportunity by Product

• Market Segmentation by End-user

o Market segments

o Comparison by End user

o Post-secondary - Market size and forecast 2020-2025

o K 12 - Market size and forecast 2020-2025

o Market opportunity by End user

• Market Segmentation by Learning Method

o Market segments

o Comparison by Learning method

o Offline learning - Market size and forecast 2020-2025

o Online learning - Market size and forecast 2020-2025

o Market opportunity by Learning Method

• Customer Landscape

o Market drivers

o Market challenges

o Market trends

• Vendor Landscape

o Vendor landscape

o Landscape disruption

• Vendor Analysis

o Vendors covered

o Market positioning of vendors

o Aakash Educational Services Ltd.

o Bansal Classes Kota

o CL Educate Ltd.


o Kaplan Inc.

o Pearson Plc

o Testbook Edu Solutions Pvt Ltd

o Think and Learn Pvt. Ltd.

o Toppr Technologies Pvt. Ltd.

o Triumphant Institute Of Management Education Pvt. Ltd.

• Appendix

o Scope of the report

o Currency conversion rates for US$

o Research methodology

o List of abbreviations


•1: Key Finding 1

•2: Key Finding 2

•3: Key Finding 5

•4: Key Finding 6

•5: Key Finding 7

•6: Key Finding 8

•7: Parent market

•8: Market characteristics

•9: Offerings of vendors included in the market definition

•10: Market segments

•11: Global - Market size and forecast 2020 - 2025 ($ million)

•12: Global market: Year-over-year growth 2020 - 2025 (%)

•13: Five forces analysis 2020 and 2025

•14: Bargaining power of buyers

•15: Bargaining power of suppliers

•16: Threat of new entrants

•17: Threat of substitutes

•18: Threat of rivalry

•19: Market condition - Five forces 2020

•20: Product - Market share 2020-2025 (%)

•21: Comparison by Product

•22: University exams - Market size and forecast 2020-2025 ($ million)

•23: University exams - Year-over-year growth 2020-2025 (%)

•24: Certification exams - Market size and forecast 2020-2025 ($ million)

•25: Certification exams - Year-over-year growth 2020-2025 (%)

•26: High school exams - Market size and forecast 2020-2025 ($ million)

•27: High school exams - Year-over-year growth 2020-2025 (%)

•28: Elementary exams - Market size and forecast 2020-2025 ($ million)

•29: Elementary exams - Year-over-year growth 2020-2025 (%)

•30: Other exams - Market size and forecast 2020-2025 ($ million)

•31: Other exams - Year-over-year growth 2020-2025 (%)

•32: Market opportunity by Product

•33: End user - Market share 2020-2025 (%)

•34: Comparison by End user

•35: Post secondary - Market size and forecast 2020-2025 ($ million)

•36: Post secondary - Year-over-year growth 2020-2025 (%)

•37: K 12 - Market size and forecast 2020-2025 ($ million)

•38: K 12 - Year-over-year growth 2020-2025 (%)

•39: Market opportunity by End user

•40: Other1 - Market share 2020-2025 (%)

•41: Comparison by Other1

•42: Offline learning - Market size and forecast 2020-2025 ($ million)

•43: Offline learning - Year-over-year growth 2020-2025 (%)

•44: Online learning - Market size and forecast 2020-2025 ($ million)

•45: Online learning - Year-over-year growth 2020-2025 (%)

•46: Market opportunity by Other1

•47: Customer landscape

•48: Impact of drivers and challenges

•49: Vendor landscape

•50: Landscape disruption

•51: Industry risks

•52: Vendors covered

•53: Market positioning of vendors

•54: Aakash Educational Services Ltd. - Overview

•55: Aakash Educational Services Ltd. - Product and service

•56: Aakash Educational Services Ltd. - Key offerings

•57: Aakash Educational Services Ltd. - Key customers

•58: Aakash Educational Services Ltd. - Segment focus

•59: Bansal Classes Kota - Overview

•60: Bansal Classes Kota - Product and service

•61: Bansal Classes Kota - Key offerings

•62: Bansal Classes Kota - Key customers

•63: Bansal Classes Kota - Segment focus

•64: CL Educate Ltd. - Overview

•65: CL Educate Ltd. - Business segments

•66: CL Educate Ltd. - Key offerings

•67: CL Educate Ltd. - Key customers

•68: CL Educate Ltd. - Segment focus

•69: FIITJEE Ltd. - Overview

•70: FIITJEE Ltd. - Product and service

•71: FIITJEE Ltd. - Key offerings

•72: FIITJEE Ltd. - Key customers

•73: FIITJEE Ltd. - Segment focus

•74: Kaplan Inc. - Overview

•75: Kaplan Inc. - Product and service

•76: Kaplan Inc. - Key offerings

•77: Kaplan Inc. - Key customers

•78: Kaplan Inc. - Segment focus

•79: Pearson Plc - Overview

•80: Pearson Plc - Business segments

•81: Pearson Plc - Key offerings

•82: Pearson Plc - Key customers

•83: Pearson Plc - Segment focus

•84: Testbook Edu Solutions Pvt Ltd - Overview

•85: Testbook Edu Solutions Pvt Ltd - Product and service

•86: Testbook Edu Solutions Pvt Ltd - Key offerings

•87: Testbook Edu Solutions Pvt Ltd - Key customers

•88: Testbook Edu Solutions Pvt Ltd - Segment focus

•89: Think and Learn Pvt. Ltd. - Overview

•90: Think and Learn Pvt. Ltd. - Business segments

•91: Think and Learn Pvt. Ltd. - Key offerings

•92: Think and Learn Pvt. Ltd. - Key customers

•93: Think and Learn Pvt. Ltd. - Segment focus

•94: Toppr Technologies Pvt. Ltd. - Overview

•95: Toppr Technologies Pvt. Ltd. - Product and service

•96: Toppr Technologies Pvt. Ltd. - Key offerings

•97: Toppr Technologies Pvt. Ltd. - Key customers

•98: Toppr Technologies Pvt. Ltd. - Segment focus

•99: Triumphant Institute Of Management Education Pvt. Ltd. - Overview

•100: Triumphant Institute Of Management Education Pvt. Ltd. - Product and service

•101: Triumphant Institute Of Management Education Pvt. Ltd. - Key offerings

•102: Triumphant Institute Of Management Education Pvt. Ltd. - Key customers

•103: Triumphant Institute Of Management Education Pvt. Ltd. - Segment focus

•104: Currency conversion rates for US$

•105: Research Methodology

•106: Validation techniques employed for market sizing

•107: Information sources

•108: List of abbreviations

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Organization: 360 Market Updates

Phone: +14242530807 / + 44 20 3239 8187

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