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Killexams : HP Supporting learner - BingNews Search results Killexams : HP Supporting learner - BingNews Killexams : Overwatch 2: Tips & Tricks For Playing Orisa No result found, try new keyword!Orisa is amazing at protecting her team while being an up-close threat. Here are some tips and tricks to be effective with this Overwatch 2 Hero. Sun, 16 Oct 2022 09:00:00 -0500 Killexams : Best HP Laptops for 2022

HP laptops offer something for you, whether you're a creative looking to edit photos, a gamer in search of a powerful laptop or a student in need of a small, lightweight laptop.

Many of the best HP laptops have features designed for remote or hybrid work such as improved webcams and microphones, better audio quality, longer battery life, faster charging and the fastest Wi-Fi 6 wireless.

Like other PC makers such as Dell, Lenovo, Acer and Asus, HP is in the midst of updating the processors in its laptops and two-in-ones. That means Intel-based models are moving from 11th-gen to 12th-gen CPUs, while AMD Ryzen systems are switching from 5000-series chips to 6000-series. It also means it's generally a good time to look for deals on older models of the best HP laptops. However, we've also seen big performance improvements with the new processors. An updated model might cost a little more but will add to the overall longevity. 


Spectre is HP's top consumer laptop line so you're getting the best of the best with this 16-inch two-in-one. 

  • Beautiful design
  • Lots of features for home and office work
  • Great webcam
  • Active pen and laptop sleeve included

Of course, a premium two-in-one like the Spectre x360 comes at a relatively high price; it starts at around $1,200. The top-end configuration we reviewed was good but not great considering its $2,030 price. This is definitely one we recommend getting with the 12th-gen Intel processors and Intel Arc graphics if you're going to go all-in. Read our HP Spectre x360 16 review.

James Martin/CNET

HP's Victus 16 is a surprisingly robust and powerful gaming laptop that keeps up with the latest games at a more affordable price. Compared to HP's high-end Omen gaming laptop line, the Victus is more of an all-purpose laptop but still configured for gaming with a price starting at less than $1,000. HP offers several configurations with graphics chip options ranging from Nvidia's entry-level GeForce GTX 1650 up to a midrange RTX 3060 or AMD Radeon RX 6500M. We like almost everything about it except for its flimsy display hinge and underwhelming speakers. Read our HP Victus 16 review.

Josh Goldman/CNET

There are plenty of convertible Chromebooks, where the screen flips around to the back of the keyboard so you can use it as a tablet. But Chrome tablets with removable keyboards like the HP Chromebook x2 11 are still a rarity. It offers long battery life and performance that rises (slightly) above the competition. The main downside is that it's expensive; the model we reviewed is $599. However, that price did include both the keyboard cover and USI pen and it's regularly on sale for $200. If you're interested make sure to wait for one of those deals. Read our HP Chromebook x2 11 review.

Josh Goldman/CNET

If you're making a laptop aimed at creatives, it's not enough to just put discrete graphics and a strong processor in a slim body. The extra performance really should be paired with a good screen, and that's what you get with the HP Envy 14. The laptop's 16:10 14-inch 1,920x1,200-pixel display not only gives you more vertical room to work, but is color-calibrated at the factory and covers 100% of the sRGB color gamut. The result: a well-rounded option for creatives looking for on-the-go performance at a reasonable price. This model is due for a refresh, though, so keep an eye out for updated models. Read our HP Envy 14 review.

Fri, 24 Jun 2022 23:01:00 -0500 See full bio en text/html
Killexams : The Fascinating ESG Difference Between Michael Dell and Elon Musk

Elon Musk has gone on record saying that environmental, social, and governance (ESG) efforts are “a scam” that has “been weaponized by phony social justice warriors.”

Were we back in the early 2000s, he’d have been right. Back then, Dell’s ESG plan of record was to plant a tree for every complying sale. The entities doing ecology-based social justice programs were infamous for supporting those that paid them and punishing those that didn’t, with little impact on true sustainability.

But that was then, and now companies like Dell, HP, and Lenovo report billions of dollars in additional sales due to genuine ESG efforts. These efforts are having a significant impact on the amount of waste put back into the environment.

What I find ironic is that of the two CEOs, Musk, whose Tesla and Hyperloop efforts benefit from the world’s focus on sustainability, appears to be anti-sustainability, while Michael Dell, where ESG isn’t a natural sales driver for his company, is all in on preserving the planet.

Let’s contrast these two CEOs’ focus on sustainability this week, and we’ll close with my new favorite part of Office 365, Microsoft Designer, the DALL-E 2-focused, AI-driven solution that is my product of the week.

The Lack of Irony in Tech’s ESG Focus

Last week, Dell held its post-Dell Technologies World event to address any lingering questions from the press and analyst communities.

Dell was recently ranked most loved workspace, not Apple, not Amazon, not Facebook — all of which didn’t even make the ranking, and one of which is facing a massive increase in union activity. Amazon and Facebook are newer than Dell, and Apple is more popular with users, and yet those three are anything but employee-friendly, particularly post-pandemic.

It is also fascinating that not one of Elon Musk’s various companies made that list either, but then Musk has a reputation for treating employees poorly. During the pandemic, he resisted safety directives from California and has since moved his headquarters to Texas, which tends to fall below California in employee care and sustainability efforts. Musk clearly has his priorities, and he tends to place employee care and sustainability below where most large tech companies do.

Now, this isn’t ironic because tech companies tend to be all about metrics, and they measure almost everything. Dell has been particularly aggressive in implementing metrics over the years and showcased that by understanding what was important to stakeholders (employees, customers, partners, investors) and driving policies that would benefit them.

Why Musk’s Lack of ESG Focus Is Ironic

Hyperloop and especially Tesla have a close relationship with sustainability because governments’ focus on eliminating fossil fuel use and improving sustainability have created enormous opportunities for electric car sales and the justification for large-scale people movers like Hyperloop.

Traditional wisdom would suggest that, even if it weren’t real, Musk would be a huge supporter of ESG efforts because they support the approval of Hyperloop-like projects and the sales of electric cars. Further, particularly with those interested in electric cars, buyers tend to be big believers in the “S” of sustainability and tend to have a high probability of investing in solar energy, like with Tesla’s Solar City subsidiary.

In 2024 when the first truly next-generation electric cars come to market, Tesla will face unprecedented competition. Buyers will not only have a far broader choice of electric vehicles but will also be choosing the companies they support. Given their interest in sustainability, they are more likely to choose a greener company.

Starting with BMW, a firm that has popped up as the most technology-forward in the car industry, several companies already are greener than Tesla. To be clear, Tesla should lead on ESG, and instead, it lags badly in this practice, suggesting Tesla buyers that care about sustainability should choose a greener brand.

This year, Musk’s Twitter move has hurt Tesla stock, and Musk’s methods for dealing with employees who view his antics as negative don’t exactly set the bar for employee care and feeding, not to mention good governance.

In contrast, companies like Dell not only promote negative feedback but also aggregate it and use it to make better future decisions. Firing people who point out your mistakes usually ends badly because it destroys employee trust and support, even if the criticism is wrong, which wasn’t in the SpaceX case.

Wrapping Up

What I find amazing is that both Michael Dell and Elon Musk are on record for believing climate change is real and one of, if not the most important, things to fight to protect the human race. It is just that Dell has stepped up aggressively to address the challenge by reducing consumption, assuring green energy sources, and creating intensive sustainability projects like Concept Luna.

In contrast, Musk seems to think this shouldn’t be a priority for companies even though he would benefit more than Dell because of related subsidies and incentives tied to his firms and his products.

I think this comes down to how both men approach their jobs. Michael Dell takes his position seriously, is very focused, and makes decisions on the data surrounding everything Dell Technologies does. Musk, in contrast, seems to make decisions based on the moment and his gut, which hasn’t been working out that well for him or his companies of late and, as I see it, forms the basis of his position on ESG.

Nothing Dell Technologies makes competes with Musk’s companies, and either could be the customer of the other. But as a provider, Tesla couldn’t comply with Dell’s ESG-focused supply network, while Dell’s ability to massively cut operational costs should continue to appear to Musk’s companies.

In short, Dell’s focus on and support of ESG are making the company more successful, while Musk’s contrasting position only reinforces the idea that he has become a liability to his firms. If you are watching “House of the Dragon,” you are seeing the death of a dynasty due to a lie that no one believes. Tesla has the same problem with sustainability. Once true competition emerges, I doubt it will end any better for that firm than it will for the young princess with the wandering eye in “House of the Dragon.”

Tech Product of the Week

Microsoft Designer With DALL-E 2

One of the biggest problems for many of us who write is finding the appropriate open-source picture or figuring out how to pay for an image that isn’t in the public domain.

Many of us build our own web pages or try to compose images to go with papers or PowerPoint presentations. Often, the result sucks. When I was working for large companies, executives with access to graphic designers often were thought to be more capable than others who did not, regardless of the quality of their work.

OpenAI’s DALL-E, now in its second generation, creates images from text that belongs to you. You describe what you want, and DALL-E creates it. At Microsoft Ignite last week, Satya Nadella announced that DALL-E 2 would be embedded in a new addition to Office 365 called Microsoft Designer.

This tool uses a combination of text-to-image AI technology and nested menus to help you quickly build the image, presentation page, or professional-looking ad in a fraction of the time it would take to spin up a graphics designer.

A solution like this has been a dream of mine since I was a child. I can imagine and describe a picture I’d like to create, but even though my mother and first stepmother were artists, I can’t draw to save my life.

Sadly, Microsoft Designer isn’t yet available though I signed up to be an early user here. I expect Designer will set the tone for AI updates on other Microsoft products.

Imagine having your PC write a paper based on your outline or Excel build a spreadsheet template or form based on your description of what you want. I expect the new “killer feature” in Office will be the ability for the platform to do most of the heavy lifting after you figure out what you want.

Granted, many folks struggle with how to communicate what they want. So, much like learning Boolean Logic for searching on the web, building your ability to create accurate descriptions of what you want will be a critical future skill for success.

In the end, Microsoft Designer with DALL-E 2 was my favorite announcement during Microsoft Ignite last week, and it is my product of the week.

The opinions expressed in this article are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the views of ECT News Network.

Sun, 16 Oct 2022 23:00:00 -0500 en-US text/html
Killexams : Sounding the Alarm on Global Learning Poverty

The MarketWatch News Department was not involved in the creation of this content.

As the executive director and co-creator of NABU, a New York-based nonprofit publisher of multilingual books on a free digital app, I am proud to be part of the global community dedicated to tackling the global literacy crisis. Now, more than ever, we must reverse the disturbing trends accelerated by the COVID-19 pandemic. The reasons are not just humanitarian; they are economic as well.

According to a June report published by the World Bank, UNESCO, UNICEF, the U.K. government's Foreign Commonwealth and Development Office (FCDO), USAID, and the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, a whopping 70 percent of 10-year-olds do not understand a simple written text. Even before the pandemic, the global learning poverty rate was 57 percent.

The economic impact is staggering, with $21 trillion lost in potential lifetime earnings by these students in present value, which is 17 percent of today's global GDP. This is up from the $17 trillion estimated in 2021.

The alarm has been sounded, loud and clear. To confront escalating global learning poverty in a meaningful way, there must be widespread commitment, from the highest levels down to ordinary members of society. Coalitions of families, educators, civil society, nonprofits and businesses are crucial, and all work must have concrete implementation plans.

International Literacy Day: Transforming literacy learning spaces

The theme of this year's UNESCO International Literacy Day (observed on Sept. 8) was "transforming literacy learning spaces," defined as "the physical environment, learning materials, and activities required to facilitate the creation of the space, while the socio-cultural environment, political environment, partnerships, and the assessment of literacy activities is crucial for the sustenance of these spaces."

Literacy learning, in other words, is not limited to classrooms and schools. Significant learning can take place in workplaces, communities, families and libraries -- and it can be digital, as the pandemic demonstrated so clearly.

UNESCO emphasizes the "imperative need for countries in conflict, host countries receiving refugees from conflict regions, for countries facing the devastating impact of climate change, for countries accelerating the post-COVID-19 recovery ... to leverage from the existing innovations among the countries, adapt to the ever-evolving learner needs of the youth and adults, and transform their literacy learning spaces."

Impact of COVID-19 on mother language education

At NABU, we are firmly committed to mother language education. We disrupt the cycle of poverty by leveraging technology to publish children's books for free on digital platforms in mother tongue languages.

Research shows mother tongue books increase a child's motivation to read, result in stronger parental engagement in children's education, and provide an essential bridge to reading in English and other national languages.

UNESCO has long advocated for education in the mother tongue, citing research that shows this is key to improving learning outcomes and academic performance. Learners are engaged and empowered to take part in society, and heritages tied to languages that could easily disappear are preserved. As part of its commitment, UNESCO sponsors International Mother Language Day each year.

During the pandemic, learning tools tended to be offered in dominant national or international languages. One notable exception is the work we did to provide children's books in Pashto and Dari for recently displaced Afghan children globally. We worked with our office in Rwanda to translate and publish on our app 40 original titles from Kinyarwanda into Pashto and Dari for these children, as well as to create print books for distribution with the mEducation Alliance and HP Inc. While immediately addressing the need for mother tongue educational materials for those refuges, the impact will scale to benefit the larger global community of 60 million people worldwide who speak these languages.

A window of opportunity

The pandemic, as earth-shattering and catastrophic as it has been, could actually provide a unique chance to invest in education to reverse the disturbing increases in education poverty. Global inequalities in childhood education have been revealed, and they are shocking.

We see this massive challenge as a tremendous opportunity and are collaborating with strategic partners to accelerate our impact. For example, NABU is partnering with HP to create and print culturally relevant books in native languages, including the titles Go Stella Go! and I Love Being Me!. Together, we've established the NABU HP Creative Labs to train hundreds of creators to write and illustrate children's books in mother-tongue languages using the latest HP computing technology. The first NABU HP Creative Lab opened in Kigali, Rwanda, in May, with two additional labs opening in the U.S. and the Philippines this year. Through partnerships like this, we've been able to grow the NABU app from 100,000 readers to 1.1 million readers in just one year, as we support HP's goal to accelerate digital equity for 150 million people by 2030.

A World Economic Forum study makes clear the huge potential economic benefits of investing in childhood education: an additional year of education results in up to 15 percent higher lifetime earnings for a person. Further, investment in critical skills such as collaborative problem-solving could bring an additional $2.54 trillion in increased productivity to the global economy.

Investing in solving the global literacy crisis is not only essential for the betterment of humanity, it also is vital to economic progress. Children who have access to these resources NABU provides are given the opportunity read and rise to their full potential.

This article series is sponsored by HP and produced by the TriplePundit editorial team.

Image courtesy of NABU

Tweet me:In 2022, @nabuorg and @HP established the NABU HP Creative Lab in Kigali to empower local writers and illustrators to create culturally relevant, native tongue children's books while learning new digital skills. Read more: via @TriplePundit

KEYWORDS: triplepundit, HP, NABU


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The MarketWatch News Department was not involved in the creation of this content.

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Killexams : HP Envy 16 Review Mon, 10 Oct 2022 02:32:00 -0500 en text/html Killexams : HP Elite Dragonfly G3 Review Wed, 21 Sep 2022 00:28:00 -0500 en text/html Killexams : All Starters In Nexomon: Extinction, Ranked © Provided by TheGamer

As with all monster taming games, the starter is a very difficult and important choice. What makes it even harder for Nexomon: Extinction, in particular, is the sheer amount of options, with nine total starters you can pick from. The game gives you an option for each of the types in the game, unlike other games of the genre such as Pokemon, so you have a wide array of options.

Related: Nexomon: Extinction – Best Nexomon

While all the starters are among the best in their respective type, it can be hard to pick one. Luckily for the indecisive, you can also catch these starters out in the wild and train them like other wild Nexomon. The move sets are the same throughout an evolutionary family, and there are no abilities, so comparing the fully evolved forms of each makes the most sense.


Element HP Attack Defense Speed Stamina
Wind 37 33 29 20 15

While we've mentioned how all the starters are among the best members of their respective typing, some leave a little more to be desired than others. Yarnesty is the final form of the small cutie Mearn. While the kitty is as adorable as they come and has a cool in-world description, it's a little on the weaker side, mostly due to its subpar typing.

Its stats do not compare well to some of the other starters, especially the most critical stats. It has decent speed, but that's hardly enough to make it strong when the attack stat is only decent. Yarnesty does have some fancy tricks, learning Corrosive Breeze, Sonic Scream, and Mystic Aroma, but that doesn't cut it.


Element HP Attack Defense Speed Stamina
Normal 40 35 30 14 15

Namansi has an incredible design. That is sort of depressing, as the design feels wasted on one of the weaker starters. Namansi is the final form of the puppy Dinja. It's a tanky Nexomon, focusing on taking a hit and dishing damage back.

Namansi even has some cool skills, so that's not it's issue. It has access to recovery in Heal & Recover, support skills in Quick Feet & Smoke Screen, and lots of great damaging skills. What keeps Namansi from greatness is its bad typing. Normal-type is not strong against anything, but it is weak against the powerful Ghost & Psychic types.


Element HP Attack Defense Speed Stamina
Plant 37 31 30 21 14

Raksuma is the final form of the Plant-type starter. It is a faster Nexomon with a glass cannon-like design. Unfortunately, its stats are a little underwhelming. It's fast, but is not great at taking any hits or dealing much damage. In Nexomon, where one-hit knock-outs are not common, bulkier monsters are generally better.

Luckily, Raksuma has some great utility skills. Including Infected Seed, Natural Heal, Absolute Barrier & Poison Cloud. Thanks to a decent speed, Raksuma manages to spread these moves before getting hit, but at the end of the day, it does get hit pretty hard.


Element HP Attack Defense Speed Stamina
Water 38 32 27 22 14

Hainok is the final evolution of the heroic little bird Noki. It's the Water-type starter and arguably has one of the better designs. It's a fast, support Nexomon at its core, sharing the lowest defense stat among the starters with Reptomotor.

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Water is not a bad type, to be honest, being strong against three types including Ghost-type, and only having two vulnerabilities. Hainok's notable moves are Ice Flakes, Power Up and Recover. Hainok is just kept back by its stat distribution and low defense.


Element HP Attack Defense Speed Stamina
Mineral 40 33 34 12 17

Tresaur is like the counterpart to Raksuma. It has decent bulk and great HP, but little utility and speed. Tresaur is actually a viable wall, with defensive skills like Rock Wall, and Healing Stone. Despite its subpar typing of mineral, with two strengths and three weaknesses, Tresaur has an uphill battle to be great.

What makes Tresaur so good is its movepool, and ability to take many hits. It has access to the almost broken sleep status with its move Sleep Song. Add to that several strong offensive moves and the occasional buffing option, and Tresaur becomes a very solid option.


Element HP Attack Defense Speed Stamina
Fire 40 34 31 14 16

Fire-type in Nexomon: Extinction is one of the better ones defensively. It resists four types out of the nine and is only vulnerable to two. Thus, Lumerei having the stats of a tank with high HP and Defense, makes it a great option for the backbone of any team.

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Lumerei also has several useful Skills, including Disintegrate, Fire Cage, Siphon, Power Up, and Screech. Lumerei exemplifies what a tanky damage sponge in Nexomon: Extinction should be perfectly.


Element HP Attack Defense Speed Stamina
Electric 34 35 27 23 14

Reptomotor is the wacky looking Electric-type starter. The evolved form of Gekoko, it's the fastest of all the starters. With such high speed and weak defenses, it seems a little risky to use at first glance.

Luckily, Reptomotor has some tools in his arsenal to make use of its breakneck speed. The skills Absolute Barrier, Blue Charge, Drain, Blitz Barrier, and Battle Roar, Reptomotor is always going to slow down the opponent before they even get to move. A sizable attack stat sitting at 35 also helps the chances of Reptomotor prevailing.


Element HP Attack Defense Speed Stamina
Ghost 35 37 30 17 15

Noocidal is a creepy little dude, evolving from the equally creepy but also cute Behilda. Noocidal immediately jumps up the power ranking due to its great Ghost-type. Ghost and Psychic are two of the strongest types in Nexomon, each with more strengths and fewer weaknesses compared to other types.

Noocidal is more of a tank than a speedy sweeper, which we've already stated is the better alternative. It's got amazing skills such as Glare, Haunting, Dark Mist, Creep, and Screech. This spooky ghost can become a menace really quick if your opponent is not ready for it.


Element HP Attack Defense Speed Stamina
Psychic 37 36 28 18 14

The best starter Nexomon trophy goes to Feliblanqo. It arguably has the best typing in the game, being Psychic. Its stats are great, with a nice distribution between the most important ones. While slightly on the frail side defensively, its great typing and HP makes up for that.

Feliblanqo edges out its peers thanks to its available skills. To begin with, Feliblanqo gets the absolute disruption skill Pendulum at the early level of 32. Other notable skills in Feliblanqo's moveset are Spiritual Boost, Absolute Barrier, Renovate, and Kinetic Mirror. You can't go wrong with this masked cat.

Next: Biggest Differences Between Pokemon And Nexomon

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Killexams : HP targets construction sites with autonomous floorplan-printing robots

HP has put forward a small robot it says can dramatically speed up construction work, by autonomously printing guidelines straight from the blueprints onto the floor. Rugged, roadworthy and extremely accurate, Siteprint is a super-quick layout tool.

The robot replaces the time-consuming manual process of site layout, using a variety of different inks to place precise lines, exact curves and faithful reproductions of complex shapes on all kinds of floors, from porous surfaces like concrete and plywood to terrazzo, vinyl or epoxy.

It doesn't require a perfectly smooth or clean floor – indeed, it can handle a certain degree of surface irregularity and obstacles up to 2 cm (0.8 in) high. It runs built-in obstacle and cliff drop sensors for fully autonomous operation, and will work around barriers even if they're not in the plans.

As well as layout lines, it's capable of printing more or less whatever else you need on the floor too, including text notes. Operators set it up using cloud-based tools for job preparation, fleet management and tracking, and can run it on site with a touch-screen tablet and a tripod-mounted "totalstation."

HP claims the SitePrint robot replicated seven hours of manual layout work in 45 minutes in testing, with extreme accuracy


“The existing manual layout process can be slow and labor intensive,” said Albert Zulps, Director of Emerging Technology at Skanska - a global construction and development company currently using the SitePrint system for two of its US projects. "Despite being done by specialists, there is always the risk of human error, which can result in costly reworks. Layout experts are a scarce resource who add a lot of value in terms of planning and strategy, but often end up dedicating most of their time to manual execution. HP SitePrint lets us do more with less, helping reduce schedules thanks to a much faster layout process, and allowing senior operators to focus on other critical activities like quality control.”

While HP hasn't announced pricing, we assume the printer robot itself will be surprisingly cheap, but the ink's gonna be a killer. Yuk yuk.

Check out Siteprint in the video below.

HP SitePrint Skanska testimonial | HP

Source: HP

Thu, 15 Sep 2022 12:00:00 -0500 en-US text/html
Killexams : Deal Alert: The HP Reverb G2 Is Now Less Expensive Than the Oculus (Meta) Quest 2 No result found, try new keyword!There are several reasons why the HP Reverb G2 normally costs more than a Quest 2, but the display is probably the biggest. The G2 has two separate LCD panels, one for each eye, with a resolution of ... Mon, 10 Oct 2022 07:45:00 -0500 Killexams : Astutis Celebrates the enrolment of its 50,000th Digital Online Learner

SHP 50k-online-learners_BEES(2)Astutis, the leading Health & Safety, Environmental training provider, are excited to have hit an important milestone as it enrolled its 50,000th online learner.

The 50,000 learners who have chosen Astutis as their learning partner have opted for an interactive, digital approach to studying.

Online learners have access to an award-winning Learning Management System (LMS) with courses designed by learning experts that help challenge thinking, build confidence, and allow learning using real-world scenarios.

To mark the occasion, Astutis is supporting the conservation of habit of 50,000 Bees through donations to various global charities and trusts, including the Bumblebee Conservation Trust.

Astutis Managing Director Steve Terry said:

Reaching over 50,000 online learners is a momentous moment in our history. Over the last few years, Astutis, as an organisation, has grown its online course portfolio, both in the UK and internationally. This is thanks, in part, to us partnering with several accreditation bodies, NEBOSH, IOSH, and IEMA – all fantastic organisations we are proud to be working alongside to shape the future of the HSE industry.”

Over the last year, Astutis have experienced an increase in the demand from its corporate customer base for digital online training. As a result, the business has expanded its online course offering to include 21 new or enhanced online training courses in its Astutis Learning Campus.

The Astutis Learning Campus

The award-winning learning campus hosts 21 online Health and Safety and Environmental training courses for immediate enrolment. Alongside its open courses, the campus also hosts over 100 customised courses explicitly designed for corporate customers, such as cyber security, stress and wellbeing, enhanced fire safety and induction-specific courses, to name a few.

Over the last three months, Astutis have added additional three NEBOSH courses to the campus, the NEBOSH HSE Award in Managing Risks and Risk Assessment at work, the NEBOSH Health and Safety at Work Award, and the latest course, the NEBOSH Introduction to Incident Investigation online learning format of the course, launched on 26 September 2022.

Incident and accident investigation training is vital in helping any business deal with unexpected events to reduce consequences. The NEBOSH HSE Introduction to Incident Investigation course has been developed jointly between NEBOSH and the HSE. The course teaches learners the techniques of how non-complex incidents may be investigated effectively and provides good incident investigation techniques.

Steve Terry added:

Today’s workforce is moving online, and it is clear that learning online helps professionals for this shift toward online work.

To explore the entire catalogue of online courses as well as the Virtual Classroom, On-site classroom and blended learning training courses, visit

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