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HD0-100 Help Desk Analyst (HDA)

Service and support center analysts provide frontline support and act as the primary point of contact for customers. It is important that these service and support professionals provide the highest quality customer care with every interaction. HDI Support Center Analyst (HDISCA) training focuses on support center strategies for effective customer service, emphasizing problem-solving and trouble-shooting skills, contact handling procedures, incident management, communication skills, and an introduction to service management process.

- The process of incident management, from detection and recording to closure.
- Critical thinking skills to resolve incidents quickly and consistently.
- The value of service management processes and the role they play in providing quality support.
- An awareness of the core help desk processes and best practices.
- Valuable active listening skills and effective communication strategies.
- Proven techniques for improving customer interactions.
- Effective support center strategies for managing difficult customers.

Unit 1: Role of the Support Center Analyst
Support Industry Evolution
The Role of the Analyst
The Value of the Analyst
The Future of Service and Support
Unit 2: Structural Framework of Service and Support
Understanding the Business
Structural Components Overview
Service Level Management
Standard Operating Procedures
Business Alignment
Unit 3: Service Management Processes
Best Practices for Service and Support
Incident Management
Request Fulfillment
Access Management
Security Management
Knowledge Management
Unit 4: Tools, Technology, and Service Delivery
Systems Thinking Approach
ITIL Support Tools and Technology
Support Delivery Methods
Social Media
Unit 5: Understanding Metrics
Systems Thinking - Applied to Metrics
Quality Assurance
Unit 6: Communication Essentials
Communication Essentials
Active Listening
Voice Components
Effective Word Choices
Written Communication
Effective Cross-Cultural Communication
Unit 7: Troubleshooting & Incident Management
Troubleshooting and Problem-Solving
The Incident Management Process
Unit 8: Customer Management Skills
Challenging Customer Behaviors
Emotional Intelligence
Expressing Empathy
Managing Customer Behaviors
Unit 9: Personal & Professional Development
SWOT Assessment
Personal Development Skills Overview
Time Management
Stress Management
Managing Your Career

Help Desk Analyst (HDA)
HDI Analyst candidate
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The anecdote I am about to relate occurred sometime in 2007. My daily routine started with being at the gymnasium (gym) by 6am, work out for an hour and a half and head out to my office to be at my desk by 8am. This routine helped me achieve a few things on week days. It ensured that I maintained the discipline of working out at least five times a week. Those who know better about the subject of healthy living advise that we need to work out three to four times a week, particularly when age begins to knock on our door.

Beyond this, it also helped me avoid the very crazy Lagos traffic as there were hardly cars on the road by 5.45am when I used to leave my house. The commute from the gym to my office was also smooth as the gym was close to my office. More importantly, it helped me sustain a culture of being at my desk promptly by 8am. I recall that I used to achieve a whole lot between 8am and 9am before the pressure built up from different quarters when the rest of the staff resumed. This culture has remained with me even when there is no need to resume that early. Finally, the gym sometimes has become a rendezvous of some sort, where people go to chat, network and catch up with friends. Anyone, who showed up at the gym that early, must be serious at working out. Of course there were exceptions to that routine. There were days I may be otherwise busy till midnight or early hours of the morning and may not be able to hit the gym that early.

On this fateful day, as I was coming into the gym by about 5.50am, I noticed this plump (a euphemism for fat) lady, climb the scale and come down. I watched her with curiosity, even though she was so consumed in what she was doing that she failed to notice me. She repeated the climbing and alighting exercise for upwards of four times. It occurred to me that this lady was struggling with something. She had engaged the scale in a mental argument. She did not want to believe the result coming out of the scale. She was hoping that as she climbed the scale, it would produce a lower figure than her real weight. I therefore decided to offer her some help that may deliver her a little comfort, even if momentarily. I then told her not to mind the scale as it was faulty. She screamed in excitement; “I thought as much! Oh thank you very much”. I immediately added, “The scale adds 5kg to everyone’s weight!” It was then that she realised that I was teasing her. She didn’t find this funny as she thoroughly abused me for making a joke out of an otherwise, very serious situation.

The import of the foregoing story is that there is always a tendency for people to shift the blame when something seems to be going in a direction they don’t like. It is natural. I remember several years ago when the consulting firm KPMG used to do customer service peer review of banks. They would go from bank to bank to present and take questions on their findings. The kind of responses and questions that used to come from departments that didn’t do well were predictable. They will start by questioning the methodology used for measurement and end up disputing the conclusions. You will hear comments like, “you are comparing apples with oranges. We have 10 million customers while the bank adjudged as the best has only half a million customers. You can’t be comparing us with them”. At the end of the day, what is important is customer experience. The customer does not care about the number of customers you are serving. His experience is 100% and if your service is below par, that you had millions of others to serve is just an excuse that is relevant to you and not the customer. Unfortunately, KPMG was interested in what the customer was saying not your lame excuses. By the way, I have always held the view that there is a reason why something that should have happened did not happen, or why something that should not have happened, happened. Those reasons, however, remain in the realm of excuses. Again unfortunately, excuses, do not count, results do!

This is also true about a lot of other measures including those that we don’t come out with good ratings. Recently, the world transparency watchdog, Transparency International, came out with its current rating on the Corruption Perception Index CPI which ranked Nigeria as No. 148 out of the 180 countries ranked with a score of 28%. This is against our ranking of 136 out of 180 countries in 2016 with a score of 27%. This means that we dropped 12 places in 2017 below our ranking a year earlier. As would be expected, many Nigerians particularly the government took turns to dispute the ranking. In fact, I read one analyst who faulted the entire ranking methodology and ended up arguing that because it was about perception, there was nothing scientific about it. Someone’s perception may be different from another person’s, indicating that it should be ignored. There was even an article published on the website of the International Centre for Investigative Reporting, titled “Who influenced Nigeria’s ranking in TI Corruption Perception Index 2017? This write up concluded that “this whole episode may turn out to be just a political distraction….”

One area to which we had paid a lot of attention is the ease of doing business. In fact, the Federal Government set up a Committee headed by the Vice President to work on reforms to Strengthen our rating. Just like in CPI, Doing Business Report is a World Bank measurement of the ease with which businesses can be done in about 190 countries around the world. In its ranking for 2018, Nigeria placed 145 as against its 169th position a year earlier. We applauded and praised the report. Success, sure does have a lot of friends. I must also not fail to note that some sub-Saharan African countries did a lot better on the ranking. Mauritius placed 25th, Rwanda occupied the 41st position, Kenya, 80th, Botswana 81st and South Africa, 82nd.

On Thursday, March 12, Bill Gates delivered what some people had variously described as a bombshell or hard knock to an expanded National Economic Council in Abuja. Those who had expected Bill Gates to adhere to the tradition of ‘speak no ill of your host’ were in for a rude shock. Reports were agog with rebuttals and arguments against the position taken by Mr. Gates. Some people argued that the man didn’t know what he was saying. Others insisted that he did not have the right to get involved in the internal affairs of Nigeria. They conveniently forgot that his Foundation has invested about $1.6b in charity in the country. Thank God, I read a comment from El Rufai, denying that he attacked Bill Gates, but just made a clarification. While I agree with him that there was nothing wrong with disagreeing with Bill Gates, it has to be when he is factually wrong. In this particular instance, he was right. I say so, because there is hardly anything he said that some of us had not said in the past. The only difference is probably who said them this time around. An argument, unfortunately takes a different colouration if it is made by a man with billions of dollars to his name than those of us living slightly above the poverty line.

Most of his argument revolved around the Human Development Index (HDI). HDI measures health, education, income, livelihood and security in a country relative to others. It is contained in a UNDP report published annally. In its most recent report released last year, Nigeria ranked 152 out of 188 countries. This was a drop from its 120th position the previous year.
Gates went further to speak about an all-inclusive growth. In his own words, Nigeria will only thrive when every Nigerian is able to thrive. “If you do not invest in their health, education and opportunities-“the human capital”…then it is very important to recognise that there will be a sharp limit on how much the country can grow”

He politely told us that in spite of the data that we are parading as the largest economy in Africa, we are still a poor country. Yours truly had made this argument several times in calling our attention to the fragility of the economy and also insisting that what is important is not absolute numbers but per capita numbers. In breaking it down, I had said that the number of tubers of yam harvested is not as important as the number of mouths that will eat out of the yam. Hear him, “in upper middle income countries, the average life expectancy is 75 years. In lower middle income countries, it is 68. In low income countries, it is 62. In Nigeria, it is lower still; just 53years”. However, if one relied on GDP numbers, we could be mistaken for a lower middle income country. In addition, he told his listeners that over 30% of our children are hungry while Nigeria is one of the most dangerous places in the world to deliver birth, with the fourth worst maternal mortality rate in the world, ahead of only Sierra Leone, Central African Republic, and Chad.

He made one important point which may not have been apparent in his speech and that is the need for accurate and reliable data. He congratulated us for revising our hitherto inflated immunisation coverage numbers to more realistic, but lower ones. The truth is that even though we end up working with available numbers, discerning people know that a lot of the numbers from official sources are not reliable. For instance, given the level of unemployment in this country today, the unemployment data of 15%, recently reviewed to 18.8% can only be misleading. Looking around us and making an intelligent guess about the number of unemployed people, it would be reasonable to conclude that it is more of three times those numbers we are bandying about. Our population figures are still estimates as we have not been able to conduct a reliable and acceptable census.

Our Economic and Growth Plan was not left out of the bashing. His worry was that even though it identified “investing in our people” as one of the key strategic objectives, “the execution priorities don’t fully reflect people’s needs, prioritising physical capital over human capital”. He advised that investments in infrastructure and competitiveness should not take precedence over investment in people. He demonstrates this by saying “People without roads, ports and factories can’t flourish. And roads, ports, and factories without skilled workers to build and manage them can’t sustain an economy”. It is interesting that these arguments are being made by one of the wealthiest men in the world. I had in the past made arguments along these lines. Some commentators who claim to be market economy theorists have literally called for my head. Their grouse is that it sounds welfarist to call for an increased spend on healthcare delivery and education as they are sometimes seen as social spending. I hope these ultra-right wing argumentators, will learn one lesson or two from one of the most successful capitalists in the world.

Still on creating opportunities for human development, Bill Gates encourages government to drive opportunities for employment in agriculture and small and medium scale enterprises. Agriculture which contributes over 40% to GDP unfortunately is denied access to finance as only 4% of Nigerian farmers have access to loans to expand their business. Interestingly, this figure of 4% was achieved under the Soludo/Sanusi era. Before then, it was below 2%. The case is not different with over 35million micro enterprises that operate in the country. He lamented the collapse of the health care delivery system particularly the primary system in the country.

To fund all the recommendations, he advocated for better tax collection system. He insists that our tax to GDP ratio of 6% is the lowest in the world. Bangladesh according to him, collects 10%, making it the second worst in the world. We could increase our collection by $18b, if we just match Bangladesh. The same arguments I had made in my two part column on taxation over a year ago were corroborated by Bill Gates. Government must do all to raise revenue from taxes to deliver on Human Development indices.

My take is that Bill Gates had not told us anything new about our economy. The only thing is that someone new who has a deep pocket is saying them. As usual, some people have taken to the traditional and social media to vilify him. That is expected in a democratic setting. It, however, belongs in the mould of living in denial. We can delude ourselves the much we want. At the end of the day, if we do not address the issues raised, we will turn out with worse numbers as the comparison and rankings will not stop. No one will also stop and wait for us to catch up.

Fri, 15 Jul 2022 12:00:00 -0500 en-US text/html https://www.thisdaylive.com/index.php/2018/04/09/i-am-not-overweight-the-scale-is-faulty/
Killexams : Senior Campaign Analyst

Job Title: Senior Campaign Analyst (2 open roles)

Reports to: Victoria Chu, Co-founder and Partner

Location: Remote

Salary: $90,000 - $110,000


Heavy industry is the foundation of modern society -- literally. From steel and cement to paper, glass and more, these globally traded goods are essential to modern life. Unlike fossil fuels, we don’t want to stop using steel and cement; we need these materials more than ever. But we need them to be cleaner to ensure community health and safety and to get industrial emissions on a 1.5 C-aligned trajectory.

In the U.S., the climate advocacy community has yet to invest significant time, resources or attention to the industrial sector. Most U.S. funders and climate advocates are focused on the critical work of decarbonizing power, transportation and buildings. Many of us have assumed heavy industry is “hard to abate.” We can no longer afford this assumption, and this is where we step in.

Who We Are:

Climate Strategies Lab (placeholder name while “CSL” works through a branding process) aims to decarbonize heavy industry around the globe by 2045. Three seasoned Sierra Club Beyond Coal campaigners – Victoria Chu, Evan Gillespie and Nachy Kanfer – have joined forces to build an organization focused on cleaning up heavy industry and remaking the sector to be a better partner to communities, workers and the environment. 

CSL provides open-source advocacy-focused data, communications, campaign strategy and execution while building a global network of strategists, advocates, community leaders and funders to drive campaigns necessary to influence national and international policies that shape corporate and public procurement, redirect financial markets and drive investments in zero-emission industrial production. Our comprehensive services are designed to build a coordinated field of advocates, workers and industry partners that are co-creating and executing efforts to transform the aluminum, steel, solid waste and other sub-sectors into models for zero-emission industrial activity. In doing so, this field will restore union jobs and leverage U.S. progress to clean up heavy industry around the world. 

CSL is a new, financially strong organization rooted in and being built through our shared values, namely:

  • Determination –  Big change is possible. When others say “that’s too hard,” we dig deeper. We pay attention to the details because accuracy matters in our work. We set high standards for ourselves and are committed to meeting them, even when it takes a few tries.
  • Creativity –  We’re seeking out and developing new approaches to the climate crisis. We aren’t afraid of asking questions, and we’re not stuck in analysis paralysis; we keep moving toward results. We look for a way to make an idea work, rather than assuming it won’t. 
  • Justice –  We hold industry accountable for its impact on climate. But our institutions – including industrial producers and governments that regulate them – are built on systemic injustices. Industrial policy connects to that history and thus our solutions must actively work against it. We are committed to ensuring that communities most impacted by climate change have resources, access and decision-making power.
  • Collaboration – We build inclusive spaces. As new staff join the team, they are enhancing our organizational culture. We rarely – if ever – work alone; we invite divergent perspectives and dismantle barriers to participation in order to collectively leverage our shared learning to meet the challenges and opportunities of our work. We do the work we say we will do, so partners know they can rely on us. We don’t hoard resources.
  • Healthy Humans – We practice self care and healthy lifestyles. We’re balancing the urgency of the work with the ability to prioritize the other parts of our lives with flexible and accommodating schedules. Our compensation package provides staff with financial security through a living wage and health insurance. We take time to unplug and recharge. We hold honest conversations with each other, with kindness and compassion. 
  • Growth & Learning – We take risks and are open to change. We are prepared and curious, keeping up with innovations in science and campaigning and learning as we do the work. We support each other’s growth through dedicated professional development opportunities. We do work that challenges and motivates us, while holding each other accountable through constructive praise. Our team shares feedback in many directions, geared toward individual and collective improvement. We trust each other to hold difficult conversations. We celebrate wins and work done well together. We believe in each other and our team, and we show it.

Position Scope:

CSL seeks two Senior Campaign Analysts to join our rapidly growing team. Both are responsible for designing and leading research, data and analytic work in support of projects across sectors and priorities. The Senior Campaign Analysts will present analysis in memos, reports, charts and slides; analyze, build and interpret climate and energy models; and lead on data hunting, transformation, visualization and management. Because CSL works on projects that are unusual, innovative and specialized, the Senior Campaign Analysts will often need to create new research methodologies or extrapolate and infer insights from limited or seemingly inapplicable data sets. 

The incoming Senior Campaign Analysts are internal leaders and externally-facing representatives of CSL, engaging regularly with coalition and funding partners to increase data literacy throughout the organization and industrial decarbonization field. As such, the Senior Campaign Analysts will need to possess exceptional relationship-building skills and the ability to communicate and train diverse stakeholders in the use of data and analysis to formulate strategic plans and advocacy campaigns. 

As early members of this growing start-up, the Senior Campaign Analysts also play an essential role in the evolution of Climate Strategies Lab, from its start-up phase to a more mature organization. Core responsibilities include:

  • Measure, track and report the impact of CSL’s initiatives toward the overall goal of global decarbonization of heavy industry by 2045.
  • Become an in-house subject matter expert on decarbonization pathways within heavy industry.
  • Lead in the design, build and implementation of analytical and quantitative tools in partnership with campaign leads for the development of robust, data-driven campaigns.
  • Conduct analyses and foster equitable data approaches to deliver greater benefits to historically marginalized and frontline communities in order to support efforts to reduce exposure to negative health and environmental impacts from heavy industry.
  • Build and maintain relationships with advocates, community leaders, environmental and energy justice organizations and industry experts to exchange information, advance shared objectives and engage in collaborative projects.
  • Communicate analysis to internal stakeholders, funders and coalition partners in the form of webinars, trainings, articles or reports to accelerate progress and learnings in needed areas.
  • Play a key role in CSL fundraising efforts by contributing to proposals, meetings with and reports to funding partners.
  • Support the partners around internal business intelligence needs such as strategy evaluation and learning and financial analysis.

Who You Are:

The Senior Campaign Analysts are driven by their belief in and commitment to Climate Strategies Lab’s vision and mission. Through their track record and expertise, the successful candidates will help drive CSL’s vision by providing the data and analysis that supports our campaigns and the development of a powerful network of advocates, organizations and industry partners focused on industrial decarbonization.

The Senior Campaign Analysts bring an energy systems background and analysis to the team in order to identify and support strategic climate opportunities, including research and analysis of energy, climate, industry and electoral/socio-political trends. The Senior Campaign Analysts can interpret financial statements and disclosures to inform corporate campaigning and have a clear understanding of – and a deep commitment to – people and communities that are most impacted by climate change and industrial pollution. The Senior Campaign Analysts approach this work with an equity and justice orientation.

The Senior Campaign Analysts join a deeply committed team that brings a track record of success in campaign strategy, data analysis and communications, with a particular focus on climate and clean energy. The successful candidates are entrepreneurial, excited about the prospect of building something new in the climate movement from the ground up. They have the experience of setting vision, establishing and growing/scaling successful programs with an ethos of creativity, humility and an expectation of continual learning.

These roles require a deep commitment to the principles of environmental and climate justice, proven collaboration skills and the ability to design and execute analyses that will generate change in a deeply entrenched and seemingly intractable aspect of the climate movement. The Senior Campaign Analysts demonstrate initiative by diving in to take a concept from idea to implementation, navigating through internal and external barriers as they arise without getting stuck and finding and deploying resources creatively to solve problems. The successful candidates have worked in an advocacy environment and understand the movement context, possessing a strong grasp of the economic, social and political forces that shape industrial production, consumption and broader policy in the U.S.

Despite enormous obstacles involved in cleaning up heavy industry, the Climate Strategies Lab team operates with a spirit of possibilities and seeks Senior Campaign Analysts who share the belief that we can all do things we’ve never done before and can stretch ourselves to achieve incredible results. The Senior Campaign Analysts maintain a resilient outlook and look for ways to make ideas work before assuming they won’t. The selected candidates will also possess most of the following Core and Preferred qualifications:


  • Strong commitment to the mission and goals of Climate Strategies Lab and a strong passion for solving the climate crisis.
  • Outstanding data literacy and analytical skills with professional and/or educational experience that demonstrates exceptional qualitative and quantitative analytical skills, modeling and using data and analysis to achieve specific goals in a fast-paced campaign environment. Specifically:
  • Advanced skills excel and/or other modeling and systems analysis tools.
  • Demonstrated experience in data reporting and visualization, turning complex data into clear, actionable insights and recommendations.
  • Strong computational and analytical skills and the ability to apply these for advocacy and campaign purposes.
  • Working knowledge of statistics, economics or finance.
  • Mastery of relationship-building skills with a wide range of diverse external constituencies with the diplomatic abilities and authentic leadership skills that build the trust-based relationships necessary for stakeholders to buy in and share accountability for our collective work.
  • Outstanding project management abilities to ensure strong collaboration of campaigns and projects that advance on time and on budget.
  • Exceptional oral and written communications skills with the ability to break down a complex issue into manageable and clear decision points that drive the desired campaign outcomes.
  • Demonstrated ability to prioritize and be flexible in a fast-paced, constantly evolving and collaborative environment, where leading a team, working on a team and working individually are all required.
  • Commitment to continuous learning, hunger for knowledge and willingness to ask questions and self-correct.
  • An approach that is curious, self-directed and entrepreneurial.


  • Proficiency in Stata, R, or other statistical computing programs.
  • Experience with GIS, Tableau or other Business Intelligence and visualization software.
  • Familiarity with Python, SQL and management of large data sets.
  • Experience and knowledge in energy, fossil fuel, finance, transportation, heavy industry or environmental policy, along with exposure to energy industry specific datasets (i.e., EPA and EIA) and GHG reduction technology. 
  • Experience using data and analysis in a campaign or advocacy context.

Salary and Benefits:

The salary range for these positions is $90,000 - $110,000, based on experience and qualifications as outlined above. Climate Strategies Lab offers a competitive set of benefits, including 100% of comprehensive health care coverage for employees (medical, dental and vision), work from home stipend, up to 5% employer match to 401k and 11 paid holidays plus unlimited vacation, starting with a minimum of 15 business days.

Our Commitment to Racial Equity, Diversity, Inclusion & Climate Justice:

We believe that diversity in our team isn’t just a value but brings different lived experience and perspective that is essential to solving the climate crisis. If you’ve read this job description and are excited by it, if you can see yourself happily filling this role and making a difference on climate change, we really hope you apply. Climate Strategies Lab is an equal opportunity employer and is committed to transparent and equitable recruitment, hiring and promotion processes that foster inclusion and belonging. If you need a reasonable accommodation during the application or interview process, please email Cathy Schreiber at cathy@climatestrategieslab.com.

Application Procedure:

To apply or nominate a candidate, please send to search consultantCathy Schreiber at cathy@climatestrategieslab.com with “Senior Campaign Analyst” in the subject line a resume and cover email or letter answering the following:

  1. Why are you passionate about climate change?
  2. When was the last time you had to learn a new issue and become an expert in something? How did you do it? Please be specific about the data sources you found, how you processed and analyzed the data (what programs did you use?) and how you presented your findings and analysis to stakeholders?

Submission in a combined PDF or Microsoft Word file is preferred. This position is open until filled. Candidate review and phone screens begin immediately and will be conducted throughout the search period. Thank you in advance for your patience.

Job Title: Senior Campaign Analyst (2 open roles)

Reports to: Victoria Chu, Co-founder and Partner

Location: Remote

Salary: $90,000 - $110,000


Heavy industry is the foundation of modern society -- literally. From steel and cement to paper, glass…

Thu, 04 Aug 2022 03:26:00 -0500 es text/html https://www.idealist.org/es/empresa-empleo/0094293f7c3240d1875244da31c458f7-senior-campaign-analyst-climate-strategies-lab-cincinnati
Killexams : Moneycontrol News


Philippines man dies after being forced to do 300 squats for breaching COVID-19 norms

Darren Manaog Peñaredondo is not the first to encounter such a brutal approach. Rights groups have previously raised concerns about excessive punishments for people caught breaching COVID-19 restrictions.


In Charts | What do the RBI surveys tell us on consumer confidence and household inflation expectations?

Consumer confidence has dipped while households’ inflation expectation has increased, the central bank's latest survey shows. The higher expectation of increase in general prices and inflation was led by the food and services groups.


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Here are the best-selling sedans for March 2021


Kerala Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan tests positive for COVID-19

The Kerala CM is reportedly not showing any major symptoms and his condition is stable; he will soon be shifted to the Kozhikode Medical College.


Intel launches 3rd Gen Xeon-based data centre platform in India

Intel's new data centre platform has built-in AI acceleration and advanced security capabilities.


Abducted CRPF jawan Rakeshwar Singh Manhas released by Naxals

Manas was taken as hostage by the insurgents following the gunfight in Bijapur area of Bastar on April 3.


Miss Papua New Guinea stripped of her crown for posting dance video on TikTok

Miss Papua New Guinea Lucy Maino’s now-deleted video was downloaded from her private TikTok account and shared across social media platforms and even on YouTube. It drew the attention of critics who held that such a dance video did not befit a “role model”.


New cricket app, meet and greet stars -- Jio offers special plans to raise IPL heat

Jio is the only entity which is one of the sponsors of all eight franchises in this year's edition of Indian Premiere League (IPL).


IPL 2021: MX TakaTak is official short-form video partner of seven teams, to offer off-the-pitch content

MX TakaTak will offer its users off-the- field content which includes net practice, locker room discussions, and behind-the-scene moments.


Royal Enfield Meteor 350 to be sold in US markets from May

The Meteor 350 is one of Royal Enfield’s biggest upgrades in a while and the new bike sports a lot of changes bringing into the new generation.


RBI announces Rs 25,000 crore open market purchase on April 15 under G-sec Acquisition Programme

As part of the plan, the RBI will conduct open market purchase of Rs one lakh crore under the G-sec Acquisition Programme in Q1 2021-22 to enable a stable and orderly evolution of the yield curve.


Wockhardt Hospitals low on COVID-19 vaccines, cannot vaccinate people from April 9

Wockhardt is among the nine private vaccination centres that were added by the Mira Bhayandar Municipal Corporation to intensify the inoculation drive in the twin city.


Supreme Court dismisses Maharashtra govt, Anil Deshmukh's plea against Bombay HC order on CBI probe

The top court observed that the nature of the allegations and the persons involved merit an independent probe by the central agency.


Microsoft accidentally puts up support pages for Surface Laptop 4

The support pages were placeholder for an Intel variant and an AMD variant.


Dehradun’s Doon School declared restricted zone after 12 test COVID-19 positive

Apart from the Doon School, four more areas in Uttarakhand have also been declared restricted zones.


COVID-19 Vaccines | Centre discriminating against Maharashtra by allotting fewer doses: Rajesh Tope

In response, Union Health Minister Harsh Vardhan lashed out at Maharashtra and some other states, accusing them of trying to cover their "failures" by making "irresponsible" statements and spreading panic among people.


Pakistan PM Imran Khan slammed for linking rape with how women dress

"This entire concept of purdah (covering up or segregating) is to avoid temptation, not everyone has the willpower to avoid it," Imran Khan said.


Occupiers adopt cautious approach; Net absorption in office market slower in Q1 2021: JLL

Bengaluru, Hyderabad, and Delhi NCR accounted for nearly 80% of net absorption; Maximum pre-commitment levels were observed in Bengaluru and Hyderabad


COVID-19 Restrictions: Night curfew in Noida from 10 pm to 5 am till April 17

Government and private educational institutes including coaching centres will not be allowed to conduct physical classes till April 17, 2021, with the exception of medical, para medical, and nursing courses.


Tamil Nadu govt tightens curbs amid COVID-19 surge: What's allowed, what's not

The restrictions come amidst a gradual rise in the state's COVID-19 count. The number of active infections, at 27,743, has nearly doubled since March 28.


No deportation of Rohingyas till norms followed: Supreme Court

The deportation can only take place if the proper procedure is followed, the bench headed by Chief Justice of India said.


Home sales increase 12% in Jan-March quarter on stamp duty, loan rate cuts: PropTiger

Hyderabad witnessed a growth of 39% on a YoY basis, followed by Chennai and Kolkata at 23% each. Delhi NCR reported a growth of 14% on a YoY basis, the report said.


Barbeque Nation Hospitality locked in 20% upper circuit for second day

Barbeque Nation, one of India's leading casual dining restaurant chains, raised Rs 453 crore through its IPO.


Over 16 people arrested after alleged attack on Dilip Ghosh, EC seeks report within 24 hours

Cooch Behar district will go to polls in the fourth phase of assembly elections on April 10.

Sun, 17 Jul 2022 18:54:00 -0500 en text/html https://www.moneycontrol.com/author/karishma-bhavsar-7285/page-1226/
Killexams : Short Interest in BetterLife Pharma Inc. (OTCMKTS:BETRF) Drops By 20.5%

BetterLife Pharma Inc. (OTCMKTS:BETRFGet Rating) was the target of a large decrease in short interest in July. As of July 15th, there was short interest totalling 57,100 shares, a decrease of 20.5% from the June 30th total of 71,800 shares. Based on an average daily volume of 47,100 shares, the short-interest ratio is presently 1.2 days.

BetterLife Pharma Price Performance

OTCMKTS:BETRF opened at $0.11 on Thursday. The company has a 50 day moving average price of $0.09 and a 200-day moving average price of $0.11. BetterLife Pharma has a 1-year low of $0.05 and a 1-year high of $0.30. The firm has a market cap of $5.52 million, a price-to-earnings ratio of -0.89 and a beta of 2.90.

BetterLife Pharma (OTCMKTS:BETRFGet Rating) last released its quarterly earnings results on Tuesday, June 28th. The company reported ($0.03) EPS for the quarter.

About BetterLife Pharma

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BetterLife Pharma Inc, a biotechnology company, engages in the development and commercialization of compounds for the treatment of neurological disorders in Canada and internationally. It is involved in refining and developing drug candidates from a set of complementary interferon-based technologies that have the potential to engage the immune system to fight virus infections.

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Wed, 03 Aug 2022 20:09:00 -0500 MarketBeat News en text/html https://www.etfdailynews.com/2022/08/04/short-interest-in-betterlife-pharma-inc-otcmktsbetrf-drops-by-20-5/ Killexams : Two Top 50 Law Firms Set Up Captive Insurers

Fieldfisher and HFW have set up captive insurance subsidiaries in the latest example of large law firms seeking out cost-effective forms of professional indemnity cover.

Fieldfisher has set up a Guernsey-based captive insurer to cover its relatively low-cost claims, according to one person with knowledge of the situation. For larger claims it continues to use external providers, listing HDI Global Speciality SE-UK, Starr Insurance (Europe) Limited and Axis Speciality Europe SE on its website. The firm declined to comment.

HFW has also opted to self-insure through a captive, in relation to its excess only, under its professional indemnity policy, according to someone with knowledge of the situation. The firm declined to provide further information.

Captive insurance vehicles are a form of self-insurance in which the firm establishes a completely self-owned subsidiary to provide coverage solely to its parent law firm.

Firms are then able to set aside an appropriate amount of revenue based on its previous claims experiences, to cover the costs of any future payouts.

It comes as Fieldfisher and Mishcon de Reya recently had insurance cover ended by insurance company QBE after the firms tried to build group claims litigating against the insurance industry in 2020.

It also has cost saving benefits. In October 2020 Linklaters opted to self-insure as professional indemnity insurance costs soared and firms struggled to get appropriate levels of cover at affordable prices as costs rose around 30%. Linklaters’ captive insurance vehicle is also based in Guernsey.

Such methods of self-insurance generally cover smaller-scale claims where firms can appropriately set the money aside without a significant business impact.

One London partner at a large firm said that the ability for firms to cover claims themselves is greater than anticipated. They said: “For a reasonably sized firm with £500 million revenue, that’s £500 million cash coming into the business every year. Yes you’ve got lots of costs, but if your margin is 40% for example, you’ve still got a chunk of hundreds of millions of pounds to use on possible claims made against you. It would hit partner profits, but it’s doable.”

Mon, 25 Jul 2022 04:32:00 -0500 en-gb text/html https://www.law.com/international-edition/2022/07/25/two-top-50-law-firms-set-up-captive-insurers/?slreturn=20220709025327
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