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Filemaker Essentials syllabus
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Killexams : QuickBooks Essentials vs Plus (2023 Comparison)

Other than the addition of inventory management and project profitability add-ons in QuickBooks Plus, one of the main differences from QuickBooks Essentials is the number of reports you can run for your business. Essentials gives you 85, while Plus gives you 124.

Most of the additional reporting is for inventory and sales reports, which you can organize by class, location or product. However, there are a few useful reports only Plus has that you might expect to find in Essentials, such as uninvoiced time, 1099 transactions and budget overviews. It’s worth taking a closer look at the included reports list to see if there’s anything you’d be missing out on if you chose Essentials over Plus.

Bottom Line

Both Essentials and Plus offer powerful features that can keep your small business on top of its accounting game. However, we’d definitely recommend QuickBooks Essentials for service-based businesses that don’t have products or inventory to track on a regular basis. It’ll help you manage all of your clients, suppliers and employees without hassle.

But if your business sells goods or uses a lot of supplies, QuickBooks Plus will be much more useful for keeping track of purchase orders and vendors. It’s also a better pick if you have numerous big projects in the works that you want to assess for profitability.

Thu, 09 Feb 2023 23:18:00 -0600 Kristy Snyder en-US text/html Killexams : Purdue Syllabus Guidelines

Constructing a syllabus is an important component of the course design process. The following materials reflect a research-supported framework to help create a pathway to success in your course. Each semester, Innovative Learning reviews the syllabus framework, identifying needed updates and resources.

The Word files linked below outline Required and Recommended components for your syllabus. Many of these components are already in your Brightspace shell. They just need updates specific to your course. The files below include language that comes directly from University policies or is suggested by the University Senate or specific units. Other trial language reflects an autonomy-supportive classroom that can influence student perception and performance (Young-Jones, Levesque, Fursa & McCain 2019). Italicized text indicates notes to instructors. Plain text provides examples of language.

Tips for creating your syllabus:

  • Don’t revise what you don’t have to. The University Policies and Statements and Student Services widget in the Brightspace shell are updated each semester and automatically populated. You may add additional resources that might help your students to your syllabus.

Once your syllabus is complete, please also upload it to Purdue’s Course Insights syllabus archiving system. For questions related to the syllabus framework, email

Note: The Purdue syllabus guidelines are influenced by Instruction Matters: Purdue Academic Course Transformation (IMPACT) and the resources available through Purdue’s Brightspace learning management system (LMS). It also addresses criteria of the valid and reliable syllabus rubric published by the University of Virginia Center for Teaching Excellence (Palmer, Bach & Streifer 2017). Components fall under five categories: 1) Essential course information, instructor contact information, and course description, 2) Specific, student-centered learning outcomes and objectives that are clear, articulated and measurable (Bristol et al 2019), 3) Assessment strategies for all graded assignments that make explicit connections between learning outcomes, activities, and content, 4) Pedagogical approaches and activities that help students achieve the course outcomes and objectives, and 5) Policies and approaches that foster engaging, student-centered learning environments.


Adena Young-Jones, Chantal Levesque, Sophie Fursa & Jason McCain (2019): Autonomy-supportive language in the syllabus: supporting students from the first day. Teaching in Higher Education. DOI: 10.1080/13562517.2019.1661375.

Levesque-Bristol, C., Flierl, M., Zywicki, C., Parker, L.C., Connor, C., Guberman, D., Nelson, D., Maybee, C., Bonem, E., FitzSimmons, J., & Lott, E. (2019). Creating Student-Centered Learning Environments and Changing Teaching Culture: Purdue University’s IMPACT Program. National Institute for Learning Outcomes Assessment (NILOA).

Palmer, M. S., Bach, D. J., & Streifer, A. C. (2014). Measuring the promise: A learning‐focused syllabus rubric. To Improve the Academy: A Journal of Educational Development, 33 (1), 14-36.

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Killexams : Syllabus Development

The Syllabus area of the myCourses course template is organized into the following sections:

  1. Course Information and Expectations
  2. Instructor Contact Information
  3. Course Requirements and Resources
  4. Activities and Assignments
  5. Assessment and Grading
  6. Course Policies
  7. Course Schedule

Much of the information needed for the Course Information and Expectations section—particularly the all-important learning outcomes and assessment methods—should be taken directly from the official Course Outline Form for your assigned course(s). Your department chair or program head can provide you with the form(s) and guidance on what is and is not modifiable in the transition to a course syllabus. If you are designing a new course, however, you will need to successfully complete the RIT course proposal process. 

Before completing the Course Policies section, we encourage you to first consult our companion webpage, RIT Policies for Your Syllabus. The External Resources section (below) provides helpful information, advice, and examples for developing the remaining sections of your syllabus.

Regardless of where you are in the syllabus-design process, you can always request one-on-one consultations with an Instructional Design Researcher and Consultant.

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Killexams : How to Edit a Filemaker Invoice

Bennett Gavrish is an I.T. professional who has been writing about computers, electronics and the Web since 2004. His work has appeared in the "Nashua Telegraph" and the "Daily Free Press" and on numerous websites. Gavrish received a bachelor's degree in journalism from Boston University.

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Killexams : 14 last-minute winter essentials to buy before it's too late—clothes, tools and more cannot provide a good user experience to your browser. To use this site and continue to benefit from our journalism and site features, please upgrade to the latest version of Chrome, Edge, Firefox or Safari.

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Killexams : ISC Syllabus for Class 12 2023: obtain Revised & Reduced Syllabus PDF

ISC Class 12 Syllabus 2023: The Council For The Indian School Certificate Examinations (CISCE) board has released the revised and reduced syllabus for the ISC Class 12th students for the 2022-2023 academic year. The ISC Class 12 board exams commenced from 12 February, and the time couldn’t be more appropriate to take one last look at the ISC Class 12 Syllabus.

ISC Syllabus 2023 for Class 12th Board Exam

ISC Class 12 Syllabus: A new year has begun, and with it, the examination season. The Council For The Indian School Certificate Examinations (CISCE) board has released the latest and revised syllabus for the ISC Class 12th exams 2023. The ISC syllabus class 12 pdf can be downloaded from the official website of the CISCE school board. We have also covered the syllabus here in this article, where you can view and obtain the pdf of all ISC Class 12th subjects.

Related: ICSE Class 10 Syllabus 2023

ISC Syllabus Class 12 Highlights

There aren’t many changes in the ISC Class 12 Syllabus 2023, but students should still take a look at the official syllabus. Sometimes, memorizing the syllabus after a while highlights the subjects that students often miss the first time. Senior secondary is an important stage of life in every student’s life and plays a critical role in deciding their future and preparing them for it. And the ISC Class 12 isn’t to be taken lightly. The ISC Class 12 syllabus is one of the most difficult syllabuses in India. Students often get lost and demotivated, just going through the extensive syllabus. But nonetheless, it’s essential to know the correct ISC syllabus for class 12 students, especially if you want to ace the final exams.

Download ISC Syllabus for Class 12 in PDF

The ISC Board syllabus is one of the most challenging and extensive in the country. But here you can obtain the syllabus of all the subjects at the same place and that too in pdf format.

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Key Benefits of ISC Class 12th Syllabus

The ISC Class 12th Syllabus offers several benefits to the students. It doesn’t just list the subjects and leave the readers hanging. The entire course curriculum, marking scheme, course wise marks distribution, and evaluation standards are comprehensively covered in the ISC syllabus for class 12. Both the theory and practical syllabuses are covered in depth. The ISC class 12 syllabus also includes the important test details like duration and section-wise weightage. All this information will be eternally beneficial to the ISC class 12 students.

How Does the ISC 12th Syllabus Help Students in Their Board test Preparation?

The ISC 12th Syllabus is a crucial part of all students’ test preparation. There is no point studying without knowing the correct syllabus. Doing so is a surefire way to confuse yourself and perform poorly in exams. The ISC Class 12th syllabus gives students an idea of the vastness of the course, the test weightage and the importance of subjects and evaluation standards for both theory and practical exams.

Also Check: ISC Class 12th Datesheet 2023: Check the full date sheet with the guidelines here


What is the syllabus of ISC Class 12?

The syllabus of ISC Class 12 is the list of subjects that all students have to study in a given academic year. The ISC Class 12 syllabus of all subject in detail and in pdf format is provided on the Jagran Josh website. You can also obtain it on the official website of the CISCE board.

Can I score good marks using the ISC Class 12th Syllabus of 2022-2023?

Yes, you can score good marks in the ISC board exams 2023 using the official reduced and revised syllabus for class 12. Knowing the correct syllabus is essential to prepare well for the exams. Otherwise, students end up missing subjects and perform poorly in the exams.

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Killexams : 19 stunning winter wedding essentials for the perfect themed wedding cannot provide a good user experience to your browser. To use this site and continue to benefit from our journalism and site features, please upgrade to the latest version of Chrome, Edge, Firefox or Safari.

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Killexams : The essentials list: Alan Cumming’s travel must-haves for a weekend away

On a holiday weekend in January, NBCUniversal’s streaming service, Peacock, rather quietly dropped a 10-episode reality competition murder mystery show called “The Traitors.” Hosted by Alan Cumming and featuring 20 contestants — 10 of whom have previously appeared on reality programs like “Survivor,” “Below Deck,” “Big Brother” and “The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills” — competing for $250,000, the show quickly generated an excited buzz among viewers and critics alike.

Writing for NPR, Linda Holmes praised Cumming’s outsized performance. “Parading around in a series of plaids, capes, hats, bright colors and whatever else is festive, he is invested. Like, invested. You could feed a lion a gazelle, a large pepperoni pizza, and an ice-cream sandwich, and you would not see that lion make a meal out of it the way Alan Cumming makes a meal out of hosting this show.”

Planning and packing for “The Traitors” was, Cumming says, loads of fun, “What was hilarious was that I was sort of playing a character in a competition reality show, which is kind of unusual. So the clothes were very important and the guy who styled me, Sam Spector, took a lot of my clothes from my closet upstairs but then, you know, added sashes and berries and pins and all these things to make them much more theatrical.”

We asked Cumming about packing for “The Traitors,” what he can’t live without while he’s away from home and what essentials he brings along to help him survive what he calls “the indignity of travel.”

When asked, "What is something you always travel with that other people might find odd?" Cumming replies without hesitation, "A little hard ball. One of those little hard, sort of, little balls that you roll on your back."

In addition to his massage ball, Cumming tells Underscored, "I always have a facial mist. I love facial mist. I steal them all from airplanes and things, so I have a whole range, but I don't have special brands. There's a Kiehl's toner that I like, and then La Mer does one. Obviously it costs $75,000 and I made it last for years." 

Of his mists and toners, Cumming says, "I keep them in the fridge and then bring them out in the evening, but I always carry one when I travel." 

Cumming says he never leaves for a trip without packing swim trunks, goggles and flip flops, "Because," he admonishes, "ye always want flip flops."

Cumming is also a devotee of wooly socks, which he finds essential for travel. "I always use them as slippers. I just love putting wooly socks on when I get to a hotel room." 

"I have a pair of black silk pajamas that I can wear to dinner — I don't use them as pajamas. They're easy to roll up, don't take up much space and they look like a stylish choice for dinner or parties, but actually they're pajamas," he says.

When it comes to luggage, Cumming has a relatable problem. "I've actually just been talking to my husband about how we've got to rationalize our luggage because it's just insane how many different kinds we've got. And then we put, you know, the wheelie bag inside the large wheelie bag, and it's just, like, killing me." One piece he won't part with, when the luggage purge commences, is his scooter suitcase. "My favorite one I've got is a little trolly bag — it's a scooter, it folds down into a scooter and it's just the best thing ever."

Another airplane essential that Cumming doesn't leave home without is his Beats headphones. "Over-the-ear headphones that cut out the noise, and also just not listen to all the announcements. Seems to me there's more announcements now in planes than there ever was before."

Of course, no trip would be complete without a good book to take along. Cumming, who says he's "been doing loads of reading," shared some of his current favorites, including Peter McGough's memoir about his life with the artist David McDermott.

When asked about the best book he's recently read on an airplane, Cumming says, "I read 'Young Mungo' by Douglas Stuart, who won the Booker Prize a few years ago. It's about this rough working class area in Glasgow and all these sort of young boys and fights and everything going on, and yet this tender love story at the center of it. I remember I read this really disturbing violent bit, and then the guy said, 'Oh, we're landing.' And I was landing in Glasgow. It was really the worst thing to read just as you set foot onto Glasgow soil."

Cumming admits he overpacked for "The Traitors" — "I was like a donkey going to Scotland" — a problem that was compounded by the largesse of the show's wardrobers. "They gave me a few things that weren't mine. The capes! I've got two capes now. I never thought I would own a cape. Layering is one of my biggest things, and a cape is the sort of epitome of layering." 

The wardrobe team's largesse didn't end with the capes; Cumming also returned home with "slippers and all these weird things" given to him by his costumers. Among the slippers were a pair with a suitably "Traitors"-like message, "One says THE and one says END." 

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Killexams : CBS Essentials: Deals

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