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Exam Code: EX0-007 Practice exam 2022 by team
EX0-007 Portfolio Programme and Project offices Foundation

The purpose of the Foundation certification is to confirm that you have sufficient knowledge and understanding of the P3O guidance to interact effectively with, or act as an informed member of, an office within a P3O model. The Foundation certification is a pre-requisite for the Practitioner certification.

Multiple choice examination questions
50 questions per paper with one mark available per question
40 minutes duration
30 marks required to pass (out of 50 available) – 60%
Closed book.

The Portfolio, Programme and Project Offices (P3O®) guidance provides advice, supported by discussion and examples, on how to develop a governance structure that helps optimize an organizations investment in change alongside its Business as Usual work.
P3O qualifications are currently offered are two levels: Foundation and Practitioner.
The primary purpose of the syllabus is to provide a basis for accreditation of people involved with P3O. It documents the learning outcomes related to the use of P3O and describes the requirements a candidate is expected to fulfil in order to demonstrate that these learning outcomes have been achieved at each qualification level.
The target audience for this document is:
 exam Board
 exam Panel
 APMG Assessment Team
 Accredited Training Organizations
This syllabus informs the design of the exams and provides accredited training organizations with a breakdown of what the exams will assess. Details on the exam structure and content are documented in the P3O Foundation and Practitioner Designs.

P3O Learning Outcomes Assessment Model 1.Knowledge 2. Comprehension 3. Application 4. Analysis Know facts, including terms, concepts, principles, model types and components, tools, techniques, roles and responsibilities from the guidance.
Understand the key concepts, principles, processes, themes, organizational factors and roles and explain their application.
Be able to:
(i) Justify a case to develop a P3O model (ii) Use appropriate information and techniques to identify and implement the correct P30 model for an organization (iii) Use tools and techniques appropriately (iv) Identify the functions and services to be provided by a P30 model and the correct roles to implement them for a given scenario. Be able to, analyse and distinguish between appropriate and inappropriate use of the guidance through appraisal of the justification, planning, design, implementation and running of a P3O model for a given scenario.

Syllabus Area Code OV Syllabus Area: Overview Foundation Practitioner P3O Guide Reference Know facts, terms and concepts relating to the Introduction, the principles of a P3O model and its elements. Specifically to recall:
Level Topic 01 01 Key PPM definitions: 1. PPM 2. Portfolio, programme and project 3. Portfolio, programme and project management 4. Business as Usual What a P3O is:
1. Definition of P3O
2. The potential elements of a P3O model and their definitions
 1.4, Table 1.2
Understand key concepts relating to the Overview, Principles of a P3O model and its elements including the Introduction to P3O.
Specifically to identify:
Level Topic Key concepts of a P3O:
1. The objectives of and differences between portfolios, programmes and projects 2. The objectives of and differences between portfolio, programme and project management and how they help to deliver change
Glossary The organizational context of P3O:
1. The relationship between Business as Usual, change and PPM
2. How the elements of a P3O model align to portfolio, programme and project lifecycles How a P3O provides a decision-enabling/deliverysupport model and how each P3O model element helps to deliver change
What a P3O is:
1. The relationships between the elements in a P3O model and the organization
2. The objectives and key functions of each P3O model element
Syllabus Area Code BC Syllabus Area:
Why Have a P3O? Foundation Practitioner P3O Guide Reference Know facts, terms and concepts relating to the business justification for implementing a P3O. Specifically to recall:
Level Topic The ways that a P3O can help an organization deliver its strategy: 1. The elements of Business change governance support and enablement 2. The terms 'doing the right programmes and projects' and 'doing programmes and projects right'
Understand key concepts relating to the justification for implementing a P3O.
Specifically to identify: Level Topic How a P3O can help an organization deliver its strategy and add value, including its role in supporting and enabling business change governance
The Best Management Practice principles for extracting value from programme and project management and how a P3O model can help deliver them How to recognize stakeholders and the typical requirements of different stakeholders  The P3O Value Matrix and how it can be used to identify stakeholder needs  How to recognize the problem to be solved by establishing the P3Oand the analysis of recent issues and reviews The use of P3M3 assessments to identify key P3O functions  02 07 The role of the outline Vision Statement and initial Blueprint in defining how the P3O will add value  2.4.3, Fig 2.4 The purpose, typical contents and approach to developing the P3O Business Case

Portfolio Programme and Project offices Foundation
Exin Foundation helper
Killexams : Exin Foundation helper - BingNews Search results Killexams : Exin Foundation helper - BingNews Killexams : WHO seeks flexible funds from business via foundation

The World Health Organization is sourcing rapid response financing directly from companies to help tackle international crises, through the foundation it set up to bridge the shortfall from member states.

The WHO Foundation—set up in May 2020 as the UN health agency scrambled for resources to fight the COVID-19 pandemic—was created to marshal new resources from business and philanthropists.

The foundation, which went live in January 2021, aims to "mobilise more support for the WHO, from the public, from businesses, from philanthropists," its chief executive Anil Soni told AFP.

"No organisation, no sector can solve the challenges that the world is facing alone," the 46-year-old American said.

The WHO has a two-year budget of $5.8 billion but its financial independence has steadily declined.

Its 194 member states provide barely 16 percent of the organisation's financing through membership fees.

The rest comes from voluntary contributions, of which 88 percent are "specified", meaning the money goes to projects earmarked by the donors.

And with national budgets tightening around the world, governments "are having to make tough decisions about where they deliver their money", said Soni.

"That's why we should do more with the ."


The foundation says it exists because the WHO lacks sufficient resources to fulfil its mandate.

The list of health crises currently being combated by the WHO includes COVID-19, the in Haiti, the war in Ukraine, the in Pakistan, monkeypox and attempts to get aid into Ethiopia's besieged Tigray region.

The foundation has raised $30 million since the start of 2021—money which has mainly been focused on supporting the WHO's emergency response to COVID-19 and the war in Ukraine.

"Part of our job is to be a matchmaker, is to make sure that we can facilitate dialogue and share information," said Soni.

"So the WHO sees the benefit of working with the private sector, and the private sector sees the power of the WHO."

The foundation has around 40 staff compared to more than 8,600 for the WHO, which is also based in Geneva.

Innovation investments

Soni admits that some—including within the WHO—fear the risk of private companies holding too much sway over the organisation, which makes decisions on the usage and approval of drugs, vaccines and treatments.

He insisted mechanisms were in place to prevent any company from influencing such decisions.

"But to close the door to all of the private sector—that doesn't work," he said.

On September 19, the WHO Foundation announced that it had partnered with venture capital firm OurCrowd to launch a $200 million investment fund focused on breakthrough health technologies.

OurCrowd will raise the money and a share of the profits will go to the WHO.

In addition, the companies in which the fund has invested will have to commit to ensuring fair access to their new technologies—one of the WHO's chief gripes during the pandemic response, as poorer nations went to the back of the queue for COVID vaccines and treatments.

Flexible friends

On September 22, the foundation announced the launch of the Health Emergencies Alliance partnership—a vehicle for companies and philanthropists who want to support the WHO in tackling health emergencies on a regular basis.

The partnership, which is in its infancy, hopes to get financing to the front line swiftly and effectively.

"What we wanted to do was engage companies and deliver them an ability to more quickly respond to emergencies and also raise more flexible funding for the WHO," said Soni.

The French laboratory pharmaceutical giant Sanofi was the first to sign up, he said, with discussions ongoing with other companies.

Those who join the programme will pay a set amount to the foundation each year, without the donation being earmarked for a particular situation.

And when a health emergency suddenly springs up, these companies will, within 24 hours, have the possibility of raising additional resources for the response, from their clients, employees and the company itself, capitalising while the emotion on breaking disasters is still strong.

© 2022 AFP

Citation: WHO seeks flexible funds from business via foundation (2022, October 17) retrieved 17 October 2022 from

This document is subject to copyright. Apart from any fair dealing for the purpose of private study or research, no part may be reproduced without the written permission. The content is provided for information purposes only.

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Killexams : Do you want to deliver away your money? Become a philanthropist with the Erie Community Foundation

How It Works is a recurring feature from the Erie Times-News that explains how government, organizations, processes, ordinances and more work. Email your questions to

Whether you have $25 or $25,000 or $250,000 or $2 million, The Erie Community Foundation can help you share your money with hungry children, women at risk of complications during pregnancy, the homeless, people with Alzheimer's disease, dancers and more.

"Anyone can be a philanthropist with a gift of $25 or more," said Erin Fessler, Erie Community Foundation's vice president of marketing and community/government relations.

Erin Fessler, Erie Community Foundation vice President of marketing and community/government relations, records the latest number, at around 10 a.m., during Erie Gives on Aug. 9, 2022. More than 400 nonprofit organizations benefit during the one-day fundraising blitz.

The Erie Community Foundation is a collection of about 850 charitable endowments valued at approximately $312 million, Fessler said. Donors contribute money, which the foundation helps to grow through investments before it goes back into the community to serve various charitable needs.

From February:Erie Community Foundation new CEO Karen Bilowith says, 'This is the best job'

Someone might donate money for a named fund, which Fessler said usually starts with $10,000.

"We invest it for you," she said.

Then, each year, the foundation works with donors to decide which charities receive some of the money.

"Our job is to invest the (named) fund and grow it so every year you can deliver away 4%," Fessler said. "Every year we hope you deliver away 4% but our goal is to grow your fund 8 to 12%."

How It Works:What to do if you believe your recyclables are ending up in the trash

She used Bill Schuster as an example. The founder of Warren Radio died in 1998 and left $1.2 million, which the foundation invested. Every year, it still gives money to Schuster's favorite nonprofits. In 2019, a dozen nonprofits received a total of $48,004 from the Schuster endowment, according to the foundation's website.

Fessler said a benefit of doing philanthropic giving through the foundation is it administers tax filings and auditing. She said there is a fee of less than 1% on endowments to cover foundation operating expenses. It has 16 employees.

The foundation also can help people set up a scholarship, starting with $25,000, Fessler said.

Additionally, the foundation has unrestricted funds and gives money quarterly to address community issues such as homelessness, she said.

How It Works:Adding new titles and 'weeding' out the old at Erie County Public Library

Anyone can donate to a named fund, a scholarship or one of the foundation's funds. They include the Erie Women's Fund, which gives grants to projects that address community gaps affecting women and children, and The LGBT Funds, which provide financial support to nonprofits that address challenges faced by the LGBTQ+ community.

On Erie Gives Day, an annual event run by the foundation, people can make a minimum $25 donation during a 12-hour period. The foundation and its sponsors enhance donors' gifts by providing a prorated match to each Erie Gives Day donation to a nonprofit.

Another record year:Million raised for community nonprofits on Erie Gives Day 2022

During the 2022 Erie Gives, 11,234 donors contributed $8,178,207, according to the foundation's website.

Dana Massing can be reached at Follow her on Twitter @ETNmassing.

How It Works:Erie Events manages your favorite Warner Theatre, Arena, UPMC Park and Bayfront Convention Center events

This article originally appeared on Erie Times-News: Erie Community Foundation helps people become philanthropists

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Killexams : How lifestyle changes can help reduce pain in rheumatoid arthritis patients

An estimated 1.5 million Americans have a rheumatoid arthritis diagnosis, according to the Arthritis Foundation. Many patients with the autoimmune illness experience flare-ups and chronic pain. But speaking up at the doctor's office and making lifestyle adjustments can help alleviate some of the pain and discomfort, says Nick Turkas, senior director for patient education at the Arthritis Foundation.

"I think it's very common for people with arthritis to not complain," said Turkas. He emphasizes the importance of discussing it with your doctor.

"If you're not talking to your doctor about your knee pain or you're not talking about your hip pain or your finger pain or whatever it is, you are missing an opportunity to Excellerate your health. And we know that people wait, and they wait too long."

Turkas stressed that untreated rheumatoid arthritis joint pain can contribute to a sedentary lifestyle, which can lead to the development of diabetes, heart disease and obesity. Left untreated or under-treated, RA can require surgery. 

Physical therapy and movement programs can contribute to improvement in pain levels. The Arthritis Foundation offers its "Vim" app to help users Excellerate from the ability to stand for 10 minutes to being able to stand for an hour or longer. Starting small can have big results.

"If you want to exercise, start in a chair. There are things that you can do that way. You can start with, you know, gentle yoga or gentle tai chi or things that you can do that are modified that make it accessible in the beginning, and, as you progress, then you can open yourself to a lot more opportunities," said Turkas.

Chronic pain can also be the first domino in the cycle of stress and depression, according to Turkas.

Arthritis Foundation data from a latest patient-reported survey noted that people with someone to connect with or talk to regularly were twice as likely to physically function at a higher level than those who said they felt isolated.

Online groups can help rheumatoid arthritis patients connect with one another, especially in groups for particular subsets, such as groups for young adults with RA or recently diagnosed patients, as well as groups for Black or Asian patients.

Turkas says no matter where an RA patient starts with lifestyle pain management, it's important not to go too fast or start beyond one's ability level. 

"Goals have to be attainable. If the goal seems like it's too 'pie in the sky' or too difficult, that's the worst thing that can happen to someone with chronic disease," Turkas said. "They feel like, well, I can't do anything. I'm a failure. Take [small] steps to better manage your health."

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Killexams : Kellogg revolutionized breakfast, now his foundation may help change children's lives cannot provide a good user experience to your browser. To use this site and continue to benefit from our journalism and site features, please upgrade to the latest version of Chrome, Edge, Firefox or Safari.

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Killexams : Helper 'parks' wheelchair-bound elderly at roadside to buy lottery

Helper 'parks' wheelchair-bound elderly at roadside to buy lottery

A helper apparently 'parked' a wheelchair-bound woman in between two stationary cars by the roadside in Serangoon Gardens and then went to buy lottery.

Stomp contributor J was concerned to see this on Wednesday (Oct 12), at around 5.05pm.

Photos show the elderly woman left in between two parked cars while the helper was in the queue at a Gerk Chwee Trading (an authorised retailer of Singapore Pools) outlet.


J told Stomp: "Helper parked granny on the road between two cars and went to buy her $4.5 million TOTO."

J acknowledged that the helper might have been buying lottery on behalf of the elderly woman, but felt that what she did was unsafe regardless.

The Stomp contributor added: "I should have just told the helper off and reminded her that it was extremely dangerous to leave granny on the road alone."

In a separate incident just a day later (Oct 13), another Stomp contributor shared how she spotted a domestic helper behaving intimately with a man at Waterway Point while looking after her young charges.

This article was first published in Stomp. Permission required for reproduction.

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Killexams : Foundation grants help nonprofit groups

Sep. 19—The Community Foundation of Otsego County on Monday, Sept. 19, announced grants to three area nonprofit organizations, totaling nearly $20,000.

Otsego Rural Housing Assistance Inc. will receive $7,400 to replace a 20-year-old telephone system, according to a media release from the foundation.

"Our work is focused on the most basic human need — housing," Executive Director Tim Peters said. "Our interactions with state and local agencies require us to communicate with them on their level, with the technical tools they use and expect us to employ.

"The ORHA Board and I thank the Foundation for their support and for understanding the crucial role that technology plays in helping organizations like ours sustain and strengthen our portion of the social safety net in Otsego County," Peters said.

Glimmerglass Film Days, an Otsego 2000 event, received $5,000 for laptop computers used for storing and projecting films. Otsego 2000 Executive Director Ellen Pope said, "We are deeply grateful for CFOC's rapid response to our request. CFOC's vital support will allow Glimmerglass Film Days to take a big step forward in improving the filmgoers' viewing experience this fall."

The Oneonta YMCA was awarded $7,500 for computer software to replace obsolete programs that the organization found not to be customer-friendly.

"We heard the frustration of our members," Executive Director Frank Russo said. "People couldn't find where a class is or how to reserve a swim lane. and we understand that quality customer service is key to member retention and growth."

With the grant, the YMCA was able to buy membership software known as Reclique Core. Sourced from the national YMCA organization, it provides "vastly improved customer service," the release said. Russo said, "The Oneonta Family YMCA is grateful to the Community Foundation of Otsego County for generous and continuing support. They help us better serve our members and the community."

For more information on CFOC, email or call Harry Levine, board president, at 607-306-1124. Or contact Jeff Katz, executive director, at 607-286-3750 or

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Killexams : Foundation organizes motorcycle rally to help injured first responders through recovery

Hundreds of motorcyclists gathered outside Columbine High School in support of the MC-1 Foundation on Sunday morning.

The organization was started as a way to honor fallen Sgt. Dave Baldwin, with the Jefferson County Sheriff's Office and now helps to support injured law enforcement officers and other first responders. 

For Allan Fischer, the sight nearly brought him to tears.

"This is amazing," he said.

Hundreds of motorcyclists gather in support of the MC-1 Foundation. CBS

Fischer, a Wheat Ridge Police officer is one of three first responders injured in the line of duty, who will receive much needed assistance from the MC-1 Foundation. 

Fischer was stabbed 12 times in the neck after responding to a suspicious vehicle call in April. 

"Our backup arrived and they immediately grabbed me and started bandaging me up. Officer Shaw with Wheat Ridge Police saved my life that night," he said. 

His daughter, who is also an officer with the Wheat Ridge Police Department, was on duty that same night.

"I get choked up over it, you know, just imagining what she must have thought," Fischer said. 

"You hear about it. You never think it's going to happen.. and then sure enough it happens, but to my father. It was really hard at the time," his daughter said. 

Just a few months into his recovery, Fischer and his family have found the support from his department simply can't cover every need, which is where MC-1 is stepping in.

"I felt like it was something that we as a community hadn't done a good job of helping out our survivors," Mark Miller said.

Miller, a Jefferson County sheriff's deputy, founded the organization in honor of Baldwin, his sergeant. 

Baldwin was killed when his motorcycle was struck head on by another driver. His call sign was MC-1.

"He's not able to be here today, but we are lucky to have Allan still here," Miller said. 

While the MC-1 Run recognizes survivors, the latest loss of Arvada Officer Dillon Vakhoff and Weld County Deputy Alexis Hein-Nutz were not forgotten. 

A reminder to everyone that sometimes the best support comes just by showing up.

"People talk about law enforcement being a brotherhood, when somebody's in crisis it really can come together," Fischer said 

If you missed the MC-1 run this year there are several ways you can support their mission visit their site at

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Killexams : NBA Foundation: Students have the help they need with iMentor

The NBA Foundation chose iMentor as one of its grant recipients.

The journey from high school to college to the work force is full of unexpected twists and turns. With the help of iMentor, students and young adults no longer have to navigate those tricky roads alone.

iMentor is a national non-profit organization that connects and empowers young people through mentors. iMentor matches every student in a partnered school with a mentor. The program starts when the student is in 11th grade and continues for two years after high school graduation.

The NBA Foundation, the league’s first-ever charitable foundation dedicated to driving economic opportunity for Black youth, chose iMentor as one of its grant recipients.

“Our goal is to build mentoring relationships that empowers first generational college students to pursue the college of their dreams,” said iMentor chief external officer Celine Patel. “We actually have a program manager who is an iMentor staff member working in the school who teaches about careers, financial literacy, resume building, everything we know that a student needs to pursue a meaningful career which is our end goal. What’s powerful about that is they are learning in the classroom and they are really learning in action with their mentor.”

Students and their mentors in the iMentor program — one of the NBA Foundation’s grant recipients — attend a Chicago Bulls game.

The students meet with their mentors every week online and once a month in person. The student and mentor can continue their relationship if they want through college graduation.

“We know mentors can open doors for young people with their expertise, knowledge and guidance,” said Katie Longofono, the associate director, national development for iMentor. “Mentors are the cheerleader and there to champion for the students.”

iMentor, which first opened its doors in 1999, has matched over 38,000 students around the country with Mentors. iMentor serves students in Baltimore, the Bay Area, Chicago and New York.

Thanks to the partnership with the NBA Foundation, iMentor has been able to launch numerous new initiatives.

“It has been such an awesome partnership with the NBA Foundation,” Longofono said. “We built our partnership with the NBA at a time we were thinking carefully about how to help students think more about their careers. We have been realizing over the past couple of years that you have to twin college and career. You can help a person get to college but then they may not know what they want to do. Or, they might not know what a meaningful career looks like and how their education can connect directly to their career. The NBA is supporting a lot of our workshops on doing an interview, writing a resume, updating your LinkedIn, building your personal brand and applying for jobs.”

High school, college and picking a career are all huge milestones and transition points in a student’s life. iMentor is there to make a difference.

“We are proud to support iMentor’s work in building powerful mentorship relationships for Black youth across the country,” said NBA Foundation Executive Director Greg Taylor. “The effectiveness of iMentor’s model of giving young people the tools to enroll and succeed in college is inspiring and we look forward to the expansion of their work.”

Click here to learn more about iMentor and volunteer.

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Killexams : Inevitable Foundation Launches Elevate Collective Awards to Help Disabled Screenwriters

Inevitable Foundation, a non-profit aimed at helping dsiabled screenwriters, has launched the Elevate Collective Awards to help mid and upper-level disabled writers.

The awards, part of the Elevate Collective within the Inevitable Foundation, include $5,000 professional development grants aimed at helping disabled writers, allowing them to invest in things like career coaching, professional development, script consultation, work-from-home setups and intellectual property acquisition, per a release. The Foundation plans to award grants on a quarterly basis.

The Elevate Collective will also provide an opportunity for community building, networking opportunities for members, and receive ongoing support from the Inevitable Foundation team. Applications are open at this link.  

“We are thrilled to launch Elevate Collective and provide mid- and upper-level disabled screenwriters targeted support, education, connections and financial resources to level-up their careers,” Inevitable Foundation co-founders Richie Siegel and Marisa Torelli-Pedevska in a joint statement. “We built Elevate Collective based on a year and a half of learnings from running our Fellowship program. Elevate Collective is the latest addition to the ecosystem we are building to empower disabled writers, which also includes our Concierge service for creative executives and showrunners, the Disability is Diversity campaign, and our Screenwriting Fellowship.”

Additionally on Wednesday, the Foundation announced Elevate Collective Awards in partnership with Caring Across Generations and Humanitas. 

The Inevitable Foundation x Caring Across Generations Care Award will offer a $5,000 professional development grant with the recipient being given access to ongoing script and development consulting services with the Caring Across Generations team.

“Care is a crucial part of all of our lives, and it’s time to normalize that idea onscreen,” Lydia Storie, associate director of culture change at Caring Across Generations, said in a statement. “We are connecting disabled people and others with lived care experiences to Hollywood in order to change the stories we tell about aging, illness and disability. Partnering with the Inevitable Foundation on this Elevate Award is the perfect alignment of our respective missions.”

Also announced was the Inevitable Foundation x Humanitas Alumni Award which is also a $5,000 grant. The recipient of that award will gain access to virtual and in-person Humanitas events and workshops, as well as tickets to the 2023 Humanitas Prizes.

“Humanitas champions projects that explore the human condition in a nuanced and meaningful way, which can only be done effectively when programming slates are diverse in terms of subject matter and inclusivity behind and in-front of the camera. We believe deeply in the Inevitable Foundation’s message that ‘there is no diversity, equity, and inclusion without disability’ and are honored to partner with them on an Elevate Collective Award benefitting an alum of our New Voices Fellowship and College Screenwriting Awards programs,” Michelle Franke, executive director of Humanitas, said in a statement.

The Inevitable Foundation aims to break down barriers keeping mid-career disabled screenwriters from reaching their full creative potential. According to a release, disabled persons make up less than 1% of writers behind the screen.

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Killexams : Launching today - Astride, the secure, easy-to-use, digital skills gap-assessment tool created by EXIN

Astride Insights Reports helps organizations identify digital skills gaps, maximize return on learning, and boost overall performance

UTRECHT, Netherlands, Oct. 4, 2022 /PRNewswire/ -- EXIN, a leading independent examination institute is embarking on a new chapter. Astride revolutionizes how individuals can learn how they benchmark in their current job role. They will gain free insights to better equip them so they can prepare for what's next in their career. This tool is a great asset for organizations, as they will gain knowledge about team skills and competencies and learn what certifications can help bridge skills gaps.

EXIN showcases Astride to the Stichting Competens, whose investment has been a great support to get Astride to where it is today. Both firms are excited to see how Astride can benefit professionals in their digital skills journey.

For more information, visit

How does it work?

  • First, Astride asks a series of questions in key areas based on the recognized European Competency Framework (e-CF).
  • The proprietary software gathers the information and processes it.
  • Then, a custom-tailored Astride Insights Report is produced.

The tool evaluates competencies and compares them with equivalent job roles. By focusing on 42 primary competencies, and 30 job roles, the tool is a tremendous asset for companies to identify organization-wide skills performance.

Michiel Buysing Damsté, CEO at EXIN, is excited to unveil Astride, commenting:

"Technological disruption comes fast! Companies struggle to find professionals with the right, relevant skills in a competitive labor market. To maximize Return on Learning (RoL) we need to make sure that we invest our time on what matters most for professionals' current roles and future career development. Astride by EXIN, boosts digital skill development journeys by identifying skills gaps on an individual and organizational level. Astride provides guidance for next steps relevant for CxOs, L&D leaders and professionals."

Petra Hendrikson, Chair of the Board of Directors at Stichting Competens, IT Skillsfund adds:

"The Stichting Competens invested in Astride, and we look back on a great collaboration with EXIN. We strongly believe that Astride will make a big impact for people who seek relevant feedback on their skill levels and growth potential."

Visit to get started.

About EXIN
We are EXIN, an independent examination institute focusing on competencies required in the digital world. We offer an end-to-end solution for certifying professionals. In 2022, we now engage in the skills-gap assessment space with our latest tool, Astride by EXIN. We are proud to be part of the Software Improvement Group (SIG). SIG focuses on assessing and certifying IT Processes and Technology, we have our focus on People. EXIN - certified for what's next.

We look forward to helping you in your global certification and accreditation efforts.

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