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DEE-1421 Expert - Isilon Solutions

Exam Title : Dell EMC Certified Expert - Isilon Solutions
Exam ID : DEE-1421
Exam Duration : 120 mins
Questions in exam : 60
Passing Score : 60%
Official Training : Isilon Advanced Administration (MR-1CN-ISIAA3D), Isilon Advanced Disaster Recovery (MR-1CN-ISIDR)
Exam Center : Pearson VUE
Real Questions : Dell EMC Isilon Solutions Expert Real Questions
VCE practice exam : Dell EMC DEE-1421 Certification VCE Practice Test

- Define network routing (for example, source-based and static), Groupnets, IP subnets, and pools
- Design connectivity and assess the topology (for example, NANON)
- Design and configure advanced networking: LACP, VLAN, MTU, vPC, Trunk and Access, and MLAG
- Assess common network services (for example, DNS, NTP, and remote support) 16%
Tenancy, Access Management, Protocols, and Security
- Design and define multi-tenancy solutions including implementing groupnets, Access zones, networks, DNS, authenticators, and applying namespace design
- Assess and design access management including AIMA (authentication and identity management and authorization), variants of Kerberos (such as AD RFC 2307, NIS, User and ID mapping, and LDAP plus share and directory), and RBAC
- Identify and design protocol configurations including NFSv3, NFSv4, SMB 1.0, SMB 2.1, SMB 3.0, ACL and POSIX, advanced protocol settings, and protocol security
- Assess and implement security requirements including system hardening policies, security persistence, and compliance 20%
Storage Management, Compliance, and Data Migrations
- Analyze and evaluate storage management requirements including onpremise and off-premise (for example, CouldPools, ECS, Azure, Amazon) and data life cycle management
- Plan, assess, implement data migrations including migration methodologies (for example, DobiMigrate, technology refresh) and permissions 15%
Performance Management
- Analyze workflow impact to define and implement data access acceleration (non sequential data flow, streaming media, file system protection settings, and configuration design)
- Assess network performance including client protocol configurations and optimization
- Analyze the root cause of performance issues and evaluate cluster performance metrics 14%
Data Protection and Recovery
- Design data replication solutions including SyncIQ and Deep Copy, Snapshots, failover and failback, and third-party applications (for example, Superna)
- Identify WORM variants including Compliance mode, Enterprise mode, and SmartLock
- Implement NDMP 14%
System Management
- Assess and recommend data protection level, L3 Cache, SSD, and file pool policies
- Apply system management troubleshooting tools, methodologies and design systems monitoring including alerts, events, notifications, syslog, CEE and isi commands 11%
Systems Integration
- Gather and analyze data to determine the various system(s) requirements 10%

Expert - Isilon Solutions
DELL Solutions Practice Test
Killexams : DELL Solutions practice exam - BingNews https://killexams.com/pass4sure/exam-detail/DEE-1421 Search results Killexams : DELL Solutions practice exam - BingNews https://killexams.com/pass4sure/exam-detail/DEE-1421 https://killexams.com/exam_list/DELL Killexams : Drive business transformation with Dell’s smart and sustainable solutions As the digital economy is growing, data centres have amplified in size, and complexity, and consumes extensive amounts of energy to process the data.

Data is growing faster than ever before from all parts of the world. Organisations want to uncover insights locked in this data to develop their innovations. To capture these insights, businesses are designing systems with powerful processors and accelerators to support dense computation. These servers create tremendous amounts of heat, which needs to be dissipated to run at peak performance. The recently held Dell Technologies Forum 2022 explored solutions to keep server racks and data centers cool, to help Excellerate sustainability.

Dell stops at nothing to help its customers design their breakthroughs for the edge. The Dell Forum highlighted their Smart cooling solutions that address innovation by integrating hardware and software together. We support a broad ecosystem of partners to bring industry-specific solutions to meet customer requirements. Solutions to modernize all the possible use cases, Dell’s Edge solutions address diverse applications.

The edge where data is acted on near its point of creation to generate immediate, essential value. Dell PowerEdge servers with global scale and unmatched expertise from Dell Technologies Services. From configuration to recycling, and everything in between, our experts provide our customers with the assurance that servers will run securely and optimally.

Edge can be categorized into three environments: Industrial and Harsh environments; commercial and office environments; and IT environments.

End-to-end customer transformation journey. We help our customers right from strategizing, implementing, and executing. We conduct a massive study around the business pain point and then design end to end roadmap. PowerEdge servers are designed to use the least possible energy and offer high rack density. It also optimizes to suit your specific operating environments. It automates the process, with 22TB of telemetry data daily and up to 80% less IT admin time on server issue resolution. It unlocks the customer’s full potential to deliver business outcomes.

PowerEdge provides seamless computing and high-performance accelerator support. The solution offers full remote management and edge hardened. Reliable supply chain and global support, we support a broad array of best practices to deliver rapidly, drive efficiencies and lower costs. We protect against any threat with a controlled and more secure supply chain from our factory to your door. We support customers around the world with technical expertise for rapid problem resolution anywhere.

Dell advocates that no electronic device should go to waste. Hence the company made ensured every part of PowerEdge servers could be repaired, replaced, or easily recycled at the end of life.

Software-driven storage innovation

Dell’s PowerStore is an intelligent and secure storage solution that adapts to any future. Powered by AI, PowerStore has self-optimizing processes that auto-tune efficiency, performance, and availability without manual intervention, even as you make rapid course corrections.

“Complex workloads? Too much data? Tough environment? We solve that.” Dell Edge solutions are architected for unique designs. They have stand-alone applications, hyper-converged and software-defined, cloud agnostic, and customized. The Dell solutions are engineered for intelligent outcomes; it accelerates technology, and provide real-time insights and cyber resiliency. Dell has designed its products for any environment; they are edge-optimized, ruggedized, and industry certified.

Thu, 13 Oct 2022 23:56:00 -0500 en text/html https://cio.economictimes.indiatimes.com/news/corporate-news/drive-business-transformation-with-dells-smart-and-sustainable-solutions/94855627
Killexams : DELL Expands Partnership With Red Hat for Container Solutions No result found, try new keyword!Dell Technologies DELL recently announced that it is expanding its partnership with Red Hat to offer new solutions that will help in deploying and managing on-premises, containerized ... Fri, 16 Sep 2022 09:58:00 -0500 text/html https://www.nasdaq.com/articles/dell-expands-partnership-with-red-hat-for-container-solutions Killexams : Dell leverages three core elements of data security as edge computing grows

As multicloud technologies become increasingly popular, IT vendors are creating simplified integration and operational solutions. But certain complexities are still restricting some organizations from fully enjoying these solutions.

Dell Technologies Inc. uses its edge solutions to help its customers combat multicloud complexities and grow in their respective markets, according to Sam Grocott, senior vice president of product marketing at Dell Technologies Inc.

“We do see that as the next frontier for our customers to really gain that competitive advantage that is created from their data and get closer to the point of creation where the data lives,” he said.

Grocott spoke with theCUBE industry analyst Dave Vellante at Dell Technologies Summit, during an exclusive broadcast on theCUBE, SiliconANGLE Media’s livestreaming studio. They discussed new projects at Dell and what the company has planned for the future. (* Disclosure below.)

The core elements of cybersecurity

There are three core elements of cybersecurity and data security that create a positive impact on a business, according to Grocott. First is setting the foundation of trust and investing in a strong supply chain and partner to meet that requirement. Next, organizations must go with technology that is trustworthy — in other words, assembling the right pieces together so they coexist seamlessly. Lastly, it’s imperative to plan for recovery when challenges arise.

As computing at the edge becomes more prevalent — 81% of the U.S. Fortune 100 companies use Dell solutions at the edge, according to Grocott — organizations must ensure data security. Dell is further addressing this issue by introducing Project Frontier. The platform enables zero-trust security across all edge platforms. To make it more intuitive for users, this integration allows companies to more securely manage and automate edge infrastructure for deployments securely, efficiently and at a global level, Grocott added.

“Project Frontier, in its most simplest form, is a software platform that’s going to help customers and organizations radically simplify their edge deployments by automating their edge operations,” he said. “[Customers] really want simple, consistent infrastructure options that are built on an open ecosystem that allows them to accomplish their goals quickly and successfully.”

Here’s the complete video interview, part of SiliconANGLE’s and theCUBE’s coverage of Dell Technologies Summit:

(* Disclosure: TheCUBE is a paid media partner for Dell Technologies Summit. Neither Dell Technologies Inc., the sponsor of theCUBE’s event coverage, nor other sponsors have editorial control over content on theCUBE or SiliconANGLE.)

Photo: SiliconANGLE

Show your support for our mission by joining our Cube Club and Cube Event Community of experts. Join the community that includes Amazon Web Services and Amazon.com CEO Andy Jassy, Dell Technologies founder and CEO Michael Dell, Intel CEO Pat Gelsinger and many more luminaries and experts.

Thu, 13 Oct 2022 14:37:00 -0500 en-US text/html https://siliconangle.com/2022/10/13/dell-leverages-three-core-elements-data-security-edge-computing-grows-delltechsummit/
Killexams : Dell fronts top infrastructure solutions at Gitex Global

What have Dell’s exact contributions been to Quantum Computing and metaverse and how much of this will be on show at Gitex Global?

We are witnessing the emergence of so many exciting new technologies that are changing the way businesses, industries, and even societies operate. To fulfill the demands of exact years, we have seen the development of multi-cloud, AI/ML, quantum computing, 5G, the metaverse, and edge.

As two of the biggest and most anticipated innovations for the future, uses for Quantum Computing and the rapidly expanding metaverse will be showcased at Gitex Global 2022. Dell Technologies’ end-to-end infrastructure solutions and AI/ML Ops solutions make it well-positioned to contribute to the foundational layer of and accelerate entry into the metaverse.

Various industries will be able to tap into the metaverse to create truly immersive experiences for consumers, from retail to gaming, healthcare, and other verticals.

As a global tech brand, how is Dell guiding the narrative for nascent technology with decision makers from the UAE and region and helping the technology sector to mature and grow?

Dell Technologies has always strived to engage with regional leaders, partners and customers. Dell’s infrastructure solutions are part of a strategy to provide technologies that support the growth and vision of businesses in the region. The technologies will support the UAE and wider region along their digital transformation journeys, allowing for innovation without interruption.

We believe that innovation happens at the intersection of people and technology.

- Walid Yehia, General Manager, UAE, Dell Technologies

That is why we play our part by providing organisations with the technological expertise to support their growth. We seek to become the region’s most trusted advisor within the technology industry, providing services and solutions to propel customers into the next phase of digital transformation and the next digital universe. Technology continuously plays a bigger role in our lives, and we are seeing innovation like never before. Dell Technologies provides the framework for those who wish to innovate without the boundaries previously imposed by limiting technologies.

Our commitment is to aiding new technological innovations as well as contributing to them by creating new digital spaces and technologies.

What is Dell’s Client Solutions Group offerings all about?

The shift from traditional to more flexible and technology-encompassing ways of operating has altered everything from everyday tasks to how we function in our personal lives. Technologies had to be developed to accommodate this shift in culture, to become more performance-driven, manageable, reliable and secure.

Dell Technologies’ Client Solutions Group offerings prepare workforces to maintain their competitive advantage in this new economy by allowing for newfound possibilities. It includes hardware, software, monitors and peripherals, rugged products, and more. They empower organisations to work how they feel is best.

How is Dell changing its approach to technology while being mindful of hybrid workspace requirements in a new world order post-Covid?

The world post-pandemic has entirely different needs, and workplaces are one of the many spaces where major changes can be seen. For technology to be effectively integrated into a hybrid workspace, it must address new work model needs. At Dell Technologies, our mission is to create technologies that drive human progress. But progress doesn’t just happen, people make it happen.

According to a exact Dell Technologies Breakthrough Study, 73 per cent of all employees say their business needs to provide the necessary tools and infrastructure to work in a flexible environment.

In our parts as digital advocates, we play an instrumental role in bringing our deep technological expertise to empower teams to capitalise on the opportunity in front of them.

Dell Technologies helps workforces excel in adopting a hybrid work environment by enabling them to create a successful modern workspace that works for them. Right from our products to our services, we ensure this ethos is reflected by optimising performance, security, reliability, manageability, and design.

Sun, 09 Oct 2022 14:16:00 -0500 GN Focus Report en text/html https://gulfnews.com/business/dell-fronts-top-infrastructure-solutions-at-gitex-global-1.1665213140532
Killexams : Dell Technologies Delivers Zero Trust, Cybersecurity Solutions to Protect Multicloud and Edge Environments

Zero Trust Center of Excellence, and new cybersecurity offerings and services help deliver greater resilience for modern security

ROUND ROCK, Texas, Oct. 4, 2022 /PRNewswire/ --

Dell Technologies logo (PRNewsfoto/Dell Technologies)

News summary

  • Zero Trust Center of Excellence provides a cybersecurity blueprint for customers to test their environments on a U.S. Department of Defense-approved architecture before broad deployment

  • New Dell cybersecurity services, endpoint and cyber protection solutions help customers build cyber resilience

  • Dell aims to simplify Zero Trust cybersecurity adoption by streamlining integration across IT environments

Full story
Dell Technologies (NYSE:DELL) will open a Zero Trust Center of Excellence in collaboration with CyberPoint International and the Maryland Innovation Security Institute (MISI) in Spring 2023 at DreamPort, the U.S. Cyber Command's premier cybersecurity innovation facility. Dell also unveils new cybersecurity services that allow organizations to assess their Zero Trust and cyber resilience maturity, endpoint security solutions to support hybrid work, and ransomware protection for object storage data.

Zero Trust is a cybersecurity model that shifts how organizations approach security from relying solely on perimeter defenses to a proactive strategy that only allows known good activity across ecosystems and data pipelines. It allows organizations to better align their cybersecurity strategy across the data center, clouds and at the edge. Dell aims to serve as a catalyst for customers to achieve Zero Trust outcomes by making the design and integration of this architecture easier.

"In a multicloud world, an organization's cybersecurity strategy must transcend its infrastructure and extend to its applications and data," said John Roese, global chief technology officer, Dell Technologies. "We believe a Zero Trust strategy is the best path forward. Dell has the proven IT and security foundation, technology integration experience, and extensive global partner ecosystem to help simplify customers' cybersecurity transformations."

Center of Excellence to speed Zero Trust adoption

Together with MISI, CyberPoint International and a team of industry small, women-owned and veteran-owned businesses, Dell will power the Zero Trust Center of Excellence at DreamPort to provide organizations with a secure data center to validate Zero Trust use cases. The Center of Excellence will use the Department of Defense Zero Trust Reference Architecture as its foundation for organizations to test configurations before deployment in their own environments. By orchestrating across an extensive ecosystem, Dell will deliver a repeatable blueprint of the architecture, providing a quicker path to adoption, and easing the integration and orchestration burden for customers.

"We believe our critical collaboration with Dell Technologies at the DreamPort Center of Excellence will drive rapid innovation and integration of Zero Trust solutions to help the U.S. government and commercial enterprises defend increasingly complex and ongoing cyber threats," said Horace Jones, president, CyberPoint International.

Cybersecurity services to align with Zero Trust and reduce risk

To help organizations align to Zero Trust principles and achieve cyber resiliency, Dell Cybersecurity Advisory Services provide organizations a roadmap to Zero Trust that builds on their existing cybersecurity assets. These services find and address security gaps, determine advanced technologies customers should implement, and help them learn how to enable continuous vigilance and governance for long-term cyber resiliency. By working with Dell, organizations have the tools and actionable insights they need to better secure their data and IT environments.

To minimize attack surfaces and better protect organizations, Dell offers a new Vulnerability Management service with Dell experts who regularly scan customer environments for vulnerabilities, provide a full picture of exposures and help prioritize patching efforts.

Commercial PC cybersecurity offerings support hybrid work

With breaches happening above and below the operating system, secure devices are foundational to a Zero Trust-ready organization. Dell continues to enhance its portfolio with new offerings that help customers prevent, detect and respond to threats wherever they occur, and allow greater control of the IT environment:

  • Hardware protections for the industry's most secure commercial PCs:1 To address growing supply chain threats, customers can now opt for Dell to disable PC ports prior to shipment, which helps prevent BIOS settings tampering. Dell is also expanding availability of tamper-evident seals to Asia-Pacific, Europe, the Middle East and Africa to offer more physical security measures during shipment.

  • Firmware protections to detect growing threats: Organizations can detect potential tampering of a PC's BIOS with the new integration of telemetry between Microsoft Intune, as part of Microsoft Endpoint Manager, and Splunk consoles. Within the Microsoft Endpoint Manager admin center, IT administrators can secure, control and configure Dell PCs, including BIOS configuration and password management. These capabilities, which Dell is first to market with, will be available in a future release of Intune, helping ensure user productivity while reducing IT complexity.

  • Advanced software protections: New capabilities from Dell speed threat detection and remediation. Additionally, a new data loss prevention offering helps protect sensitive data from unauthorized downloads onto external USB storage devices, providing greater visibility and policy control on this behavior.

Enhanced cyber protection and recovery for object storage

To address the growth of object storage data, such as videos and photographs, it is critical to take advantage of the latest cyber protection solutions to isolate data, intelligently detect threats and enable fast data recovery.

The Dell ECS Enterprise Object Storage platform expands cyber protection capabilities to help secure object data to an isolated cyber vault residing locally or in a remote environment. Accessible through the AWS S3 protocol, critical applications and backup servers can continue to access the isolated copy while supporting legal compliance in the event of a cyberattack compromising the primary and secondary data copy. Together with AI-powered threat detection and immutability, the new solution provides organizations a rapid path to data recovery from ransomware and other malicious attacks.

Additional resources

About Dell Technologies
Dell Technologies (NYSE:DELL) helps organizations and individuals build their digital future and transform how they work, live and play. The company provides customers with the industry's broadest and most innovative technology and services portfolio for the data era.

Copyright © 2022 Dell Inc. or its subsidiaries. All Rights Reserved. Dell Technologies and Dell are trademarks of Dell Inc. or its subsidiaries. Other trademarks may be trademarks of their respective owners.

1 Based on Dell analysis, September 2022.


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SOURCE Dell Technologies

Tue, 04 Oct 2022 04:54:00 -0500 en-US text/html https://finance.yahoo.com/news/dell-technologies-delivers-zero-trust-130000301.html
Killexams : Townsville University Hospital runs Dell Technologies storage solutions

Townsville University Hospital has deployed American technology company Dell Technologies' storage solutions Dell PowerStore 5000T and Dell PowerScale to provide near real-time reporting to enable hospital staff deliver better patient outcomes and access current information.

Townsville University Hospital (TUH) is the tertiary referral hospital for Townsville Hospital and Health Service (HHS), supporting 250,000 people across northern Queensland, including isolated indigenous communities.

Previously, TUH relied on older technologies: dashboards used in the wards had low reload times and obtaining accurate medical histories was a slow process because patient records had to be found and manually updated.

The hospital then looked for vendors to revamp its system. It chose Dell Technologies’ storage solutions for its performance, redundancy, scalability, and flexibility.

Storage solutions
TUH implemented Dell PowerStore as the single storage platform for the provision of block-based storage and data lake to support the mixed workloads run in the hospital.

Leveraging the system, the hospital has seen growth in clinical media from pathology, microbiology, cardiology, and sleep studies.

Dell PowerScale provides a single repository for unstructured data leveraging a highly available and cost-effective architecture.

TUH said the Dell PowerStore and PowerScale are critical to deliver healthcare in a regional location while keeping up with the constantly changing digital environment.

Improving healthcare
Townsville HHS director of information technology services digital health Barry Koch said Dell Technologies’ solutions have been integral to the hospital’s digital transformation.

“Dell Technologies has provided a collaborative and health-centric solution in a complex environment to support our patients, clinicians and staff’s digital journey, and are integral to the hospital’s digital transformation by understanding and partnering with the health service,” Koch said.

Dell Technologies senior vice president and managing director ANZ Angela Fox said TUH’s implementation of Dell looks promising.

“What is exciting is that these olutions are scalable and the results are repeatable. TUH represents as a successful example of what’s possible for digitally transformed healthcare, and our team is proud to be an enabler for TUH’s patients with access to world-class healthcare wherever they are.”

Sun, 25 Sep 2022 22:58:00 -0500 en-gb text/html https://itwire.com/science-news/health/townsville-university-hospital-runs-dell-technology-storage-solutions.html
Killexams : The best laptop brands for 2022

If you like to write, browse, game, or work in different parts of your home or office, a good laptop in 2022 is a necessity. There are many to choose from, but you can narrow down your options by looking at laptops from the most established and respected brands first.

Here’s a list of the best laptop brands in 2022 to get you started.


Dell’s work, particularly in the ultrabook field, has yielded an incredible new crop of ultraportable laptops that are powerful and have excellent battery life. If you need a PC for work or school and want it to last for as long as possible, Dell’s machines are a great choice. And Dell has arguably one of the best business laptops in its Latitude 7430 line, which offers a solid design and multi-day battery life.

This is especially true with its XPS models, which do everything to a high standard. They have the latest high-resolution screens, connections, software, and innovative materials. The latest 2021 XPS 13 is no exception, staying on top as the compact laptop with which to compare everything else. A new XPS 13 is on the way with a complete redesign and an update to 12th-generation Intel CPUs; we’ll update this list once we’ve had a chance to review the new machine. For those who like larger screens, the 17-inch XPS 17 is one of our favorite reviewed models this year.

And Dell isn’t resting on its laurels. It’s already released new versions of the XPS 15 and XPS 17 with Intel’s 12th-gen Alder Lake CPUs, leveraging the new hybrid design for increased performance and efficiency. Existing XPS models are some of our favorite laptops ever, ticking just about every box you can think of. Additionally, Dell models like the Inspiron 14 5000 are some of the most affordable options.

Dell’s laptops look great, offer decent internal hardware, and have heaps of style (and they have some of the best ruggedized options on the market). They’re made with premium materials, sport a solid battery life, and are light and portable. Some of Dell’s budget or business-oriented laptops can be a little lackluster, but in the XPS line, it’s hit after hit. And Dell’s getting experimental as well — the XPS 13 Plus adds some innovative features to the line such as a row of touch function keys and a haptic touchpad.


The MacBook Pro with the default wallpaper, which hides the notch.

If there’s one thing that nearly everyone agrees on, it’s that Apple laptops are reliable and predictably high-quality, and they last a long time with updates that support older laptops long past when other brands have bit the dust. When you buy a MacBook, you know what to expect. You’ll get a fantastic screen, solid battery life, and a beautiful chassis with thin bezels. They do tend to be more expensive than their Windows counterparts, but when it comes to style, ease of use, and reliability, Apple laptops are top-notch.

Apple previously updated the MacBook line with its own faster CPUs and added connectivity while removing the controversial Touch Bar — all without raising prices. From fixing long-acknowledged problems with its keyboard design to shifting its laptops over to its own internal ARM M1 chip for the MacBook Air and the incredibly fast M1 Pro and M1 Max variants in the MacBook 14 and 16, it’s a great time to be an Apple fan. The Apple M2 is the latest chip, showing up in the MacBook Pro 13 M2 and the MacBook Air M2.


HP may not have always had the best laptop reputation, but the latest laptops from HP have taken some design cues from its contemporaries and have really raised the bar. Its current notebooks are fast, powerful, and easier for consumers to adopt for their personal projects. They’re also quite lovely, with a toned-down, gem-cut design adorning the Spectre line and a sleek, modern look to the latest Envy 15. Through it all, HP has earned a reputation for reliable laptops with very competent customer service.

Today, HP is a contender against some of the best laptop manufacturers in the world. Its Spectre x360 stole the show against the Surface Laptop in our head-to-head and continues to impress with HP’s consistent model upgrade philosophy. The OLED version of the Spectre x360 16 and Spectre x360 13.5 provide incredibly bright and vibrant displays that will please creative types and Netflix binge-watchers alike. If you need a thin laptop, be sure to check out the company’s latest Elite Dragonfly line.

Customer support options place HP in the top five of all manufacturers. With options for up to three years of a comprehensive warranty, you can net yourself some serious protection for your new laptop, too.

HP’s laptops may not always steal the show, but its lineup of hardware is stronger today than it’s ever been and well worth considering if you want an alternative to some of the above offerings.


The display of the Surface Pro 8.

A decade ago, no one would have thought that Microsoft would be one of the best laptop brands in the world, but today, it has a well-earned spot on this list. After a few iterations of Surface tablets with some reliability issues, Microsoft claimed a 99.999% reliability in 2017 on its new Surface devices and offers hardware that is often class-leading in its own way.

The Surface Book 3 has excellent battery life like its predecessor and adds even more power, and Microsoft’s Surface Pro 8 is one of our favorite 2-in-1s right now. Microsoft also updated its hardware lineup ahead of the launch of Windows 11. New to the list is the Surface Laptop Studio, which replaces the Surface Book for creative professionals, while the Surface Pro 8 mentioned above is a significant upgrade that adds refinement and polish at a cost.

Even more midrange devices like the Surface Laptop 4 (with both 13- and 15-inch versions) and a budget tablet like the Surface Go 3 help bolster Microsoft as one of the best laptop brands today.

The company also offers a standard one-year warranty for Surface products should new owners run into trouble, with 90 days of free technical support. If you are more interested in a tablet-like 2-in-1 for professional purposes, Microsoft has also updated the Surface Pro X (2020), which is an alternative to the iPad Pro with more connection options and Windows 10 on an ARM chip.

Not all Surface devices are fantastic, and their prices tend to escalate very fast as you choose higher specs, but they’re still some of the best task-oriented laptops on the market.


A Asus Zenbook Pro 16X sitting on a desk.
Mark Coppock/Digital Trends

Asus laptops might not often take the top spot in our best-of lists, but they usually warrant a medal placing due to their fantastic all-around capabilities. The current crop of its laptops includes thin and light Zenbooks, affordable Chromebooks, and powerful gaming machines like the incredible 2020 ROG Zephyrus G14. And as much as anyone, Asus is leading the movement to tiny bezels that pack as much laptop as possible into the smallest chassis.

For the savvy consumer who favors attractive and distinct-looking tech, look no further than the Asus Zenbook S 13 OLED. This laptop features a beautiful OLED screen and an AMD Ryzen 7 6800U CPU for astounding performance in such a tiny laptop. There are other stellar choices in the Asus family, including the ZenBook Pro 16X which provides an innovative keyboard design and outstanding performance, and ZenBook Pro 14 Duo OLED which features not just one, but two, outstanding displays. Both of those laptops feature slim bezels, powerful performance, and well-built chassis.

Asus has also been bold with experimenting with new designs, and it’s one of the earlier companies to supply its own take and spin on laptops with two screens, but in a more traditional form factor that we know today.

Asus strongly resembles David in the story of David and Goliath. The lesser-known company continues to stack up against giants like Dell, HP, and Apple. It makes reliable laptops at genuinely affordable prices — and the company takes it a step further by adding a year of accident- and spill-protection warranties for free.


Razer is well-known for its flashy gaming accessories, but the brand also offers a powerful line of gaming laptops designed to take even demanding games on the go or support a more versatile VR experience that doesn’t chain you to a desktop space. Razer laptops are built well and they last forever — at least until they’re no longer able to run the latest title at acceptable frame rates.

Just how good are we talking? The 2020 Razer Blade 15 introduced an incredible 300Hz refresh rate display, and the Blade line regularly makes our lists for the best gaming computers, offering the power, RAM, display, and cooling capacity that gamers need for the best results. And with the release of our pick for the best gaming laptop, the Razer Blade 14 with AMD Ryzen 6000 chips, the future looks very bright.

However, Razer doesn’t only impress with gaming laptops. The Razer Book 13, essentially a powerhouse stripped of gaming flair, impressed us so much we wondered if it was “nearly the perfect laptop.”


Opened Lenovo ThinkPad X1 Extreme Gen 4 sitting on the ground.
Mark Coppock/Digital Trends

Lenovo is a brand that we have long associated with reliability, as its long-lived line of workhorse ThinkPad/IdeaPad computers have shown up in offices and classrooms year after year. They may not always look like much, but they’re durable and more than ready to get the job done. It’s something that the brand has become increasingly skilled at.

In exact years, Lenovo has made a push for extra-portable laptops and 2-in-1s without compromising on specs, and the results have been particularly impressive. The ThinkPad X1 Carbon line continues to be one of the best business laptops available, and the 10th-generation’s updates have been very welcome.

The Slim 9i emerged as one of the best 14-inch laptops in 2022, while the latest ThinkPad X1 Nano is one of the best choices for an ultra-portable laptop under 2 pounds. Meanwhile, the ThinkPad X12 with its detachable screen is a worthy alternative to Surface Pro and Surface Book computers. Lenovo announced a brand new line, the ThinkPad Z, at CES 2022, and it promises to be a formidable addition.


Mark Coppock/Digital Trends

You’ll find that Acer laptops and accessories frequently show up on our recommendations for affordable or budget computing. And while the brand does have a respectable reputation for producing competent budget models like the Acer Aspire 5, Acer also has other specializations that help it stand out in the right situations.

Take the Acer Swift 5 2020, which we found to be one of the best showcases of Intel’s 11th-gen Tiger Lake processors outside of Dell’s models; an ideal choice for a slim laptop that still packs a punch. Or the Acer Swift 3 OLED that comes with an amazing display for the price.

Then there are more ambitious laptops that manage to be the perfect solution for specific needs, like the Acer ConceptD 7 Ezel with a unique design (allowing six different positions) meant specifically for creative professionals and performance that wowed us. There’s a reason the ConceptD 7 Ezel won our Editor’s Choice Award upon review, and every artist should supply Acer a look when upgrading to a new laptop.


Start looking for gaming laptops, and it won’t be too long before you’re looking at some of MSI’s creations. MSI has a reputation for producing extra-solid gaming machines without the flair and RGB add-ons. They’re no-nonsense laptops that get you playing fast and can put in a solid day’s work when needed.

Recent years have also seen a more streamlined focus from MSI that has produced good results and improved the brand’s products. The MSI Prestige 14 Evo, for example, is a strong choice if you are looking for a more affordable 14-inch laptop that can still handle gaming, while the MSI GE76 Raider is a reasonable option if Razer’s Blade laptops are looking a little too pricey for you. We also found the 2021 version of the GS66 Stealth is one of the best options for 1440p resolution gaming at 240Hz. That’s certainly an achievement for a 15-inch laptop!

Laptop buying guide and FAQs

When should I buy or upgrade to a new laptop?

If you’re in the Windows camp, now is an excellent time to start shopping for a new laptop. Microsoft launched its new Windows 11 operating system, so we’ll start seeing plenty of devices that are refreshed or upgraded to ship with the new OS. If you already have a fairly exact model running Windows 10, it will likely be upgradeable to Windows 11, and you won’t need to buy a new laptop. However, if you want the best performance for gaming, creative work, or general productivity tasks, you’ll want to consider Intel’s 12th-gen Alder Lake chips and AMD’s Ryzen 6000 series. For Apple fans, MacOS Monterey has been released, and the Mac-maker has recently launched updates to its MacBook Pro range with its own even more powerful silicon.

Do I need a laptop with a dedicated graphics card?

Thanks to the power of integrated graphics, only gamers or those doing 3D design work need a dedicated graphics card. If you find yourself playing high-end games or working in Adobe’s software suite frequently, you’ll likely want to choose a notebook with discrete graphics. AMD’s latest Radeon RX 6000 series and Nvidia’s GeForce RTX 3000 series are excellent options. There are tradeoffs to having a discrete GPU on a notebook — these laptops are generally thicker, heavier, and more expensive than models that lack it. If you’re a casual gamer, opting for a model with integrated Intel Xe or integrated Radeon graphics will be sufficient.

How much memory and storage should I get?

This all depends on what you intend to do with your laptop. Most users will be fine with 16GB of RAM and 256GB of storage, but if you’re doing video editing or need to store a lot of large files, you may want to go even higher. Upgrading the storage and memory will quickly drive up the cost of your laptop, so you’ll have to balance your needs with your budget. And with cloud-based PC solutions such as Microsoft’s Windows 365 Cloud PC subscription, you may not need to max out on your physical hardware, as your laptop will serve as the thin client to stream a desktop that’s hosted in the cloud. Be sure to check out our laptop buying guide to get an idea of what to look for and what to expect in 2022.

Can I use a gaming laptop to perform general office tasks?

Absolutely! Gaming laptops and PCs are among the most powerful consumer systems on the market today, and you don’t need a dedicated system for play and one for work. Instead, get the most powerful system that your wallet can afford, and you can use it for a variety of tasks, including gaming, cloud and web applications, programming, creative edits, and general office tasks. Some systems, like Razer’s laptops, are generally well-built with subtle enough designs that won’t look garish or out of place if you take them with you into the boardroom. Many laptops that are specifically designed for gaming will come with more aggressive styling that may not look too professional for use at work, but they’ll still pack plenty of power to edit videos, apply creative touches to photos, and work in spreadsheets and Word documents.

I need a laptop for travel — what should I look for?

There are many factors that go into making a laptop great. If you’re looking for a mobile solution, find something with a screen size ranging from 12 to 14 inches. This will supply you a compact enough system with a large enough display to multitask and stay productive. If you care about the screen, choosing one with an OLED display will supply you better contrast and colors, but they tend to be more expensive. Another factor to test on a laptop is the keyboard — most of your interactions will be through the keyboard and trackpad, so you’ll want to choose a model with deep key travel and a comfortable, ergonomic typing experience. A keyboard with shallow keys means that the keys will bottom out more quickly, leading to finger fatigue.

How often should I upgrade my laptop?

That will generally vary from person to person. If you’re not pushing your laptop with performance tasks, it should last you for years as long as you take care of it. Many PC models allow you to upgrade either the storage, memory, or both, allowing the system to grow with you as your needs change.

Editors' Recommendations

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Killexams : The best Dell monitor prices and deals for October 2022

So you're looking for a monitor, huh? Well, you can't go wrong with Dell. The key to Dell is in the variety. Whether you're a businessman looking for something for work or you want something pretty to binge your favorite media on or you're a gamer looking for the best refresh rate for your money, Dell has a screen that should work for you. You'll find everything from USB hubs to 4K resolutions to Nvidia G-Sync technology in Dell's monitors, and in some cases you might find it all at once. That'll cost you a pretty penny though, and we're here to save you money with the best monitor prices from Dell not the opposite. Decide what features you need the most and what features you can do without because that will help you decide what monitor deal to invest in.

Did you know Dell makes multiple series of monitors based on the features they have? Look for the letter at the beginning of the model name, and that should supply you some idea of what you're buying. Some of the screens are more likely to be covered by Dell's Premium Panel guarantee, too, which is a great policy for replacing monitors that have bad pixels. The certain covers all U (UltraSharp) and P (Professional) monitors and even some from the S and C categories on a case-by-case basis. So at least you know when you buy from Dell you're covered.