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Exam Code: DEA-64T1 Practice exam 2022 by team
DEA-64T1 Associate Converged Systems and Hybrid Cloud Exam

Exam Title : Dell EMC Certified Associate - Converged Systems and Hybrid Cloud
Exam ID : DEA-64T1
Exam Duration : 90 mins
Questions in exam : 60
Passing Score : 60%
Official Training : Introduction to Dell EMC Converged Systems and Hybrid Cloud Platforms for Digital and IT Transformation (MR-1WP-CIHCPXFORM)
Exam Center : Pearson VUE
Real Questions : Dell EMC Converged Systems and Hybrid Cloud Associate Real Questions
VCE practice questions : Dell EMC DEA-64T1 Certification VCE Practice Test

Digital Transformation
- Describe Digital Transformation and why a business should embrace it
- Describe Workforce Transformation and how it is related to a Digital Transformation
- Describe Security Transformation and how it is related to a Digital Transformation
- Describe IT Transformation and how it is related to a Digital Transformation 17%
Converged Infrastructure
- Describe and diagram Converged Infrastructure solutions
- Describe the Dell EMC VxBlock solution and it components
- Identify use cases for adopting Dell EMC CI solutions to support IT Transformation 17%
Hyper-converged Infrastructure
- Describe and diagram Hyper-converged Infrastructure solutions
- Describe the Dell EMC VxRail solution and it components
- Describe the Dell EMC VxRack SDDC solution and it components
- Describe the Dell EMC VxRack FLEX solution and it components
- Describe the Dell EMC XC Series solution and it components
- Identify use cases for adopting Dell EMC HCI solutions to support IT Transformation 35%
Cloud Computing
- Describe the concept of Cloud Computing and related terms
- Describe and diagram Hybrid Cloud solutions
- Describe the Dell EMC VxRack AS (Azure Stack) solution and it components
- Identify use cases for adopting Hybrid Cloud solutions to support an IT Transformation 18%
Cloud Native Application Development
- Describe Cloud Native Application Development and its benefits
- Describe the purpose and components of the Pivotal Ready Reference Architecture solution
- Identify the use cases for adopting cloud native application development for IT Transformation 13%

Associate Converged Systems and Hybrid Cloud Exam
DELL Associate study
Killexams : DELL Associate study - BingNews Search results Killexams : DELL Associate study - BingNews Killexams : 10 Weird Ways the Sun Affects Your Body (Besides Sunburn) No result found, try new keyword!A better night’s sleep? Happier mood? A strange rash? Spending time in the sun has upsides and downsides you’ve never heard of. The post 10 Weird Ways the Sun Affects Your Body (Besides Sunburn) ... Mon, 08 Aug 2022 23:31:21 -0500 en-us text/html Killexams : Going the Distance No result found, try new keyword!an associate professor of politics and economics at New York University. For the mita study, Dell taught herself how to use geographic information systems (GIS) mapping software to precisely locate ... Thu, 02 Jun 2022 04:34:00 -0500 text/html Killexams : Criminal Justice Associate Degree Online

It depends on how you define “worth it.” If you’re looking to advance your career, an associate degree in criminal justice can definitely help you get there. Some students who’ve been passed up for promotions find the academic credential not only looks good on their resumes but opens more doors. Generally speaking, associate degree holders earn 20.1% more than those with only a high school degree.1

If you haven’t yet entered the field, you can expect job opportunities to remain steady. The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics projects 3% job growth and more than 95,000 new jobs in protective service occupations through 2029, with a 2020 median annual wage of $43,710. Police officers and detectives occupy the high end of the salary range, with 2020 median annual incomes of $67,290.1

Dr Jeff Czarnec in a suit with text 'Dr. Jeff Czarnec'“More places have a requirement of college degrees,” said Dr. Jeff Czarnec, associate dean of Southern New Hampshire University's criminal justice program. Czarnec points out that in the past, “going into criminal justice was genetic or a family thing. Now you have highly educated people dominating the field. They want more out of life. They want more out of the field.”

If you’re one of those people, you have many career paths to consider as a criminal justice major, including law enforcement, corrections, forensics, homeland security, private security and legal services such as victim's advocacy. And keep in mind the higher purpose of a criminal justice degree: It can help you make a bigger impact in your community.

Cody VoyeThis degree also speaks well to military members looking to advance their career in their line of work, or enter a new career, like law enforcement, post-service.

Students and active-duty military members like Cody Voye '21 are attracted to the program because of the ability to study online while deployed, and the military-friendly atmosphere.

"I would definitely recommend this program to others because SNHU is a reputable institute of higher learning," said Voye. "It will provide you the knowledge that you will need not just in criminal justice, but in life as well."

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Killexams : Associate Degree in Liberal Arts Online

Register By: August 27 Classes Start: August 29

Associate in Liberal Arts Degree Online Program Overview

Strengthen your communication and critical-thinking skills by earning an Associate of Arts (AA) in Liberal Arts from Southern New Hampshire University. If you need general education to seek entry-level employment in business, social services, administration or management, earning your liberal arts degree could help put you in a position to excel and move up in your career. It can also be a meaningful milestone on your journey toward a bachelor's degree or a springboard into the working world.

The AA in Liberal Arts curriculum and experienced faculty will inspire you to explore a range of subject areas as you broaden your understanding of the world. During this process, you'll learn to analyze issues, formulate reasoned conclusions and effectively communicate your analysis – valued skills in the classroom and at work.

Have you earned a significant number of college credits already? This associate degree is primarily made up of general education and elective courses. This makes it a great program for maximizing your transfer credits and getting your degree faster.

Learn how to:

  • Interpret humanity and the world through multiple disciplines
  • Communicate effectively to a variety of audiences
  • Research using both quantitative and qualitative reasoning
  • Collaborate effectively with individuals of diverse backgrounds
  • Engage civically by examining relevant issues and hearing a variety of perspectives
  • Apply problem-solving techniques to academic and professional challenges

Career Outlook

Whether you need a degree to go further at a job you love or you really aren't sure what your calling is yet, this online liberal arts degree is a great next step in your education. Earning an associate degree can make an impact on your career and finances by opening doors to new opportunities.

Priscilla Hobbs with the text Priscilla Hobbs"More and more employers require a degree for eligibility for career advancement opportunities," said Priscilla Hobbs, SNHU’s associate dean of general education and interdisciplinary studies. "Having an associate degree helps you start in your career."

In fact, data from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics shows associate degree holders were less likely to face unemployment than those with just a high school education.1 And in 2020, the BLS reported that people with high school diplomas made median weekly earnings of $781 while those with associate degrees made $938. For those who continued on to earn their bachelor's degrees, that number jumped to $1,305.1

The online liberal arts degree provides a broad, flexible foundation, preparing you for entry-level positions in a variety of roles and industries.

Autumn Jones-Cox with the text Autumn Jones-Cox"I already have a job offer for a legal assistant position that will be great in using my problem solving and research skills that I acquired from my liberal arts degree program," said Autumn Jones-Cox '21.

Some other jobs you could consider pursuing include:

  • Administrative assistant. Keep business operations organized by assisting with paperwork, scheduling meetings and being the office's first point of contact.
  • Customer service representative. Help customers virtually, over the phone or in person by answering questions and responding to complaints.
  • Food service manager. Manage the daily operations of a bar, restaurant, hotel or cafeteria. This is a great option if you've worked in the service industry.
  • Information clerk. Perform clerical tasks such as preparing routine reports, bills, claims, payments or orders. You'll be the go-to when someone needs to know where to find information.

For student Avalon Oneita Juliana, an associate degree is just the first step.

"One day, I would like to be a medical doctor," she said. "I chose to start with an associate of liberal arts as it covered the basics and would lead me to any bachelor’s program I’d like to join."

Earning your associate degree is also the first step toward completing a bachelor's degree and pursuing more management-level positions. At SNHU, we have 100+ on campus and online bachelor's degree programs to choose from.

Courses & Curriculum

Pursuing an associate degree in liberal arts launches a lifetime of learning. General education courses provide the writing, computational and technical skills that will serve a student in any field. The core courses also include a serious introduction into the arts and culture that helps you begin to understand your place in the world.

"What initially attracted me to this program was the ability to explore different subjects with different perspectives," said Autumn Jones-Cox '21.

The liberal arts degree was built to help you find your direction while gaining a solid educational foundation. Our program allows you to explore:

  • Humanities and history
  • Social and behavioral sciences
  • Science, technology and math

In a world where more and more jobs have become automated, the competencies developed through these foundational subjects matter more than ever. Technology and artificial intelligence have limits, meaning they can't be programmed to respond in every situation – especially ones involving emotion. In this online liberal arts program, you'll learn to hone your critical thinking and decision-making skills, making you an asset in these situations.

As a standalone degree or a starting point for more advanced study, an associate degree in liberal arts from SNHU provides a significant educational experience that enhances your knowledge, skills and insight. And with 5 elective courses built in to the curriculum, you can tailor the program to your interests along the way.

Through small classes and personal attention, this online liberal arts degree provides an individualized educational experience that stimulates personal innovation and creativity – elements that are necessary in today’s workplace.

New to online learning? Our associate program includes Success Strategies for Online Learning, a course that highlights strategies for thriving in an online learning environment. To Excellerate your academic success, you'll build skills such as critical thinking and self-advocacy, while learning about all of the support services we have to offer.

Avalon Oneita Juliana with the text Avalon Oneita Juliana"I enjoy the setup of the online schooling," said student Avalon Oneita Juliana. "SNHU made their online program very user friendly."

If you've already taken college courses elsewhere, our associate degree in liberal arts could be the fastest path to a degree credential. Upon graduating, you'll already have all of your general education requirements out of the way. This means you can continue onto a bachelor's program and jump right into the focused courses of your chosen major.

Curriculum Requirements & Resources

  • Technology resources: We provide cloud-based virtual environments in some courses to provide you access to the technology you need for your degree – and your career. Learn more about our virtual environments.
  • Save time and tuition: Depending on your scores, you could earn up to 12 math credits – the equivalent of 4 courses – toward your degree for less than $50 per assessment with our Pathways to Math Success assessments.

Tuition & Fees

As a private, nonprofit university, we’re committed to making college more accessible by making it more affordable. That’s why we offer some of the lowest online tuition rates in the nation.

We also offer financial aid packages to those who qualify, plus a 30% tuition discount for U.S. service members, both full and part time, and the spouses of those on active duty.

Online Undergraduate Programs Per Course Per Credit Hour Annual Cost for 30 credits 
Degree/Certificates $960 $320 $9,600
Degree/Certificates (U.S. service members, both full and part time, and the spouses of those on active duty)* $675 $225 $6,750

Tuition Rates are subject to change and are reviewed annually. *Note: students receiving this rate are not eligible for additional discounts.

Additional Costs No Application Fee, $150 Graduation Fee, Course Materials ($ varies by course)

Sat, 22 Jun 2013 15:17:00 -0500 en text/html
Killexams : Incarcerated people with mental illness increases in 7 months in Travis County, study shows

AUSTIN (KXAN) — Mental illness has been a growing crisis in the nation, prompting calls for care, including the recent launch of a mental health emergency hotline.

The growing crisis is being reflected in jails, including here in Travis County. Research from Dell Medical School at the University of Texas at Austin (UT) shows that in Travis County, 37% of people incarcerated in October 2021 were receiving mental health care in jail. By May 2022, the rate had increased to 42%.

A disproportionate number of people living with mental health and substance use disorders end up in jail instead of getting the mental health treatment and support they need, Dell Med said. About two million people with serious mental illness are incarcerated annually in the U.S. One in five adults will experience a mental illness within a given year.

Addressing mental health crises within jails has been a growing problem for years. In Texas, if a person is found incompetent to stand trial, the state is most often required to send them to a state hospital for treatment, called competency restoration. A person cannot proceed through the criminal justice system without being able to understand and aid in their own defense, but that often leads to individuals being added to a waitlist for a bed at a mental health treatment facility, prolonging their time held in jail.

Mental health experts at Dell Med joined with the Travis County Commissioners Court and a wide range of community partners to address this issue.

The goal of the effort, known as the Travis County Forensic Mental Health Project, is to establish solutions rooted in person-centered and evidence-based care for people stuck at or repeatedly cycling through this intersection.

“This planning effort brings innovators, experts and advocates together to understand the challenges and the opportunities and to help us achieve a coordinated system of mental health care in Travis County for people who have been stuck in or are cycling pointlessly through jail,” said County Judge Andy Brown.

Steve Strakowski, M.D., associate vice president for regional mental health and professor in the Department of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences at Dell Med, said that in order to address the complexities around the criminal, legal and mental health system intersection, experts will need to step back and work collaboratively across both systems.

“It will take a ‘people-first’ approach to find actionable solutions to this mental health crisis, with health equity as a guiding principle,” Strakowski said.

This approach is based on a proven model, Strakowski said. Since 2016, Dell Med has collaborated with the Texas Health and Human Services Commission, along with other partners, to develop an innovative model for a continuum of mental health care at the Austin State Hospital (ASH). The state-funded project includes a new 240-bed hospital facility to support a new way of treating mental health issues.

The plan comes at a much-needed time, as the Travis County Jail has been facing overcrowding and staffing shortages. A half a million-dollar grant that would have supported a counsel at first appearance pilot program in Travis County was recently pulled by Texas A&M’s Public Research Policy Institute because of staffing shortages in the jail.

The grant was awarded in December 2021 and would have allowed the county to test a program that would provide representation to people at their first appearance hearing. That’s the first time someone accused of committing a crime goes before a judge, who decides bond and possible conditions for release.

Having representation at first appearance ensures bond and conditions of release are fair and reflect the crime allegedly committed. As Judge Andy Brown pointed out, the program would have largely impacted people who don’t have the money for a lawyer.

Without the pilot program, people in Travis County’s jail be staying longer than is required by law. Which, as Travis County’s chief public defender noted, is often traumatizing time spent from family and without work.

Construction of the new ASH is expected to be completed in late 2023. 

The ASH Brain Health Redesign model’s use of a steering committee of community stakeholders from all backgrounds and expertise to support collaboration across the complex system. By using a similar model for Travis County, it engages more people than usually possible to support and provide insights into the best solutions for Travis County residents.

The steering committee includes more than 15 experts and organizations spanning academia, law enforcement, the judicial system, health care systems, advocacy groups, substance use experts and people with lived experience and their families, among others. 

“The lack of adequate behavioral health care for people experiencing mental health crises in the criminal justice system has forced jails into being among the largest mental health care providers in the state,” said Travis County Sheriff Sally Hernandez. “Jails were never designed to function in this manner. It’s a travesty that causes needless suffering and seriously depletes resources. This is a program that’s desperately needed.”

The project may result in expanding existing programs or creating new programs or services, a central building space for services, as well as other innovative and community-distributed components, said Strakowski, who leads the steering committee. The group hopes to form a scalable, replicable model of care for the nation’s mental health system.

Thu, 28 Jul 2022 15:50:00 -0500 en-US text/html
Killexams : Secret Service considers disabling iMessage over missing Jan 6. texts

AppleInsider is supported by its audience and may earn commission as an Amazon Associate and affiliate partner on qualifying purchases. These affiliate partnerships do not influence our editorial content.

The Secret Service is considering preventing employees from using iMessage on agency iPhones in the future, with claims the loss of text messages relating to the January 6 Capitol insurrection were due to the way encrypted messages are managed.

Apple's iMessage is considered to be a secure messaging service due to its use of encryption for communications. However, it seems that the secure nature of the system is being blamed for the sudden loss of potential evidence for investigations into the Capitol insurrection.

On July 13, Congress was informed by the DHS inspector general that the Secret Service had lost a number of text messages relating to the 2021 attack. In an update on July 29, the Secret Service is reportedly considering getting rid of iMessage to avoid the problem happening in the future.

"This is actually something we are looking at very closely," Secret Service spokesperson Anthony Guglielmi told Politico. "Director James Murray has ordered a benchmarking study to further examine the feasibility of disabling iMessage and whether it could have any operational impacts."

It is claimed that the Secret Service's implementation of a new mobile device management platform may have caused the problem. While the platform could be used to manage emails, images, and other data centrally, the use of encryption of iMessages meant communications were stored on devices but couldn't be backed up automatically.

Since many agents failed to manually back up data themselves before the erasure and reconfiguration of the new management platform, those device-stored iMessage communications were deleted.

"We want to make sure whatever policy action we take does not adversely impact our protective or investigative missions," said Guglielmi, and that the agency is "looking at other technological solutions."

While iMessage may be receiving scrutiny due to being too secure, other elements of Apple's ecosystem has been more assistive in tracking down and prosecuting participants in the insurrection. In May, one participant pleaded guilty due to evidence surfacing in his iCloud account, after he threw his iPhone into an ocean.

Sat, 30 Jul 2022 03:24:00 -0500 en text/html
Killexams : Summer memorizing for Tech Leaders

We asked readers of CIO Journal’s Morning get newsletter to share some of their favorite summer books.

Their recommendations, which range from best practices on managing people to tales of grifters and rogues, don’t exactly qualify as typical beach reads. But for the discriminating information-technology expert, whose professional value rests on the ability to ingest and distill information from a range of sources, these books deserve space alongside the lounge chair and laptop. Contributions have been edited for clarity.

Elaine Montilla, assistant vice president and CIO, the Graduate Center, City University of New York

“Inclusion Revolution: The Essential Guide to Dismantling Racial Inequity in the Workplace” by Daisy Auger-Domínguez

As a CIO, I see the enormous need for leaders to pay more attention to our teams and the people working with us. To that point, diversity, equity and inclusion are crucial for any leader who wants to retain talent in the coming years. Racial inequity in the workplace is a problem we can all solve, and the tools are all included in this gem for us to follow.

Susan Lilly Gerock, senior vice president of IT and CIO, Washington Real Estate Investment Trust

“From Impressed to Obsessed: 12 Principles for Turning Customers and Employees Into Lifelong Fans” by Jon Picoult

It should be required memorizing for anyone wanting to marry people, process and technology into positive memorable experiences. The real-life stories from familiar (and some less familiar) companies will change the way you approach design.

Corrado Azzarita, global CIO, Kraft Heinz Co.

“Getting Things Done: The Art of Stress-Free Productivity” by David Allen

I recommend this book to everyone. Strategy is only as good as its execution and great execution starts with pristine personal productivity.

Arthur Hu, SVP and CIO, Lenovo Group Ltd. and chief technology officer of the company’s solutions and services unit

“The Secret Life of Groceries: The Dark Miracle of the American Supermarket” by Benjamin Lorr

A fascinating look at something most of us take for granted—how the food that we consume got to us in the first place. It’s an amazing tour that takes the reader from grocery shelves to the rules behind who gets to stock the shelves, to how the food gets there. At each step of the way, it is a reminder of the surprising complexity and integration involved in this seemingly quotidian activity and demonstrates the limits of visibility and even knowability for business operations at the edges of far-flung supply webs.

Bob Ferry, associate vice president, information technology, Securities Investor Protection Corp.

“Life Is Simple: How Occam’s Razor Set Science Free and Shapes the Universe” by Johnjoe McFadden

Part history book, part science lesson, part theological discussion, this book is both a great narrative covering some of the greatest discoveries in the history of the world, but also a study of how one man, William of Occam, and his “razor” upended the thinking of his day and was in large part responsible for laying a framework for how scientific research has been conducted since. Highly recommended for the beach.

Aaron Levie, chief executive, Box Inc.

“Play Nice But Win: A CEO’s Journey From Founder to Leader” by Michael Dell

It’s pretty hard to make tech infrastructure stories exciting, but Michael Dell does an amazing job of it in his memoir—highlighting the many different chapters and changes of the Dell story.

Jeremy King, SVP and head of engineering, Pinterest Inc.

“Termination Shock: A Novel” by Neal Stephenson

What technologist doesn’t love a little Neal Stephenson? This book has it all: environmental do-gooders, global climate change, geopolitical consequences, a bit of human connection and a few technology-related twists.

Photo: W. W. Norton and Company

Christian Heller, AI success director, DataRobot Inc.

“Pacific Crucible: War at Sea in the Pacific, 1941-1942” by Ian W. Toll

No other military history book I’ve read so seamlessly attracts both hard-core history nerds and casual readers. The real beauty of the book is how it lays out how innovation happens in a military during war. Toll shows throughout the book how technology changes (e.g., new types of torpedoes, radar), policy changes (submarine engagements and campaign movements), advanced manufacturing (mass growth in new types of aircraft from American builders), and human ingenuity (submarine captains figuring out new tactics by trial and error) led to widespread defense innovation that helped the U.S. win the war in the Pacific. It’s a must-read for national security professionals, especially those working with digital transformations and new technologies today, and shows how all these moving pieces need to come together for success in war.

Ram Venkatesh, CTO, Cloudera Inc.

“Invisible Women: Data Bias in a World Designed for Men” by Caroline Criado Perez

As someone who has worked in the data space for many years, it was really sobering for me to read how systematic the gender data gap is and how widespread the consequences are reflected in the world we live in today. At the same time, the tremendous amount of research and detail Caroline Criado Perez shared helped me feel informed and hopeful that I can be more mindful of the need to address this gap proactively.

Tom Murphy, SVP and university CIO, University of Pennsylvania

“Rogues: True Stories of Grifters, Killers, Rebels and Crooks” by Patrick Radden Keefe

For enterprise CIOs and technologists, this is a handbook for dealing with the politics and dangers of C-level life with colleagues and unscrupulous vendors.

Bryan Schulte, chief data janitor, Leaf Logistics Inc.

“Where Is My Flying Car?” by J. Storrs Hall

In the bibliography, on the FAA’s regulation of airspace: “They make a desert, and they call it peace.” I won’t read any book just because it quotes Tacitus…but I’ll read this one.

Rajin Chauhan, senior customer value architect, Celonis Inc.

Amp It Up: Leading for Hypergrowth by Raising Expectations, Increasing Urgency, and Elevating Intensity” by Frank Slootman [CEO of Snowflake Inc. ]

You get to understand how he enabled wild growth and successful IPOs at ServiceNow and Snowflake; the journeys the companies took; Slootman’s leadership tactics and values; the fundamentals of the cloud business.

Amit Prakash, co-founder and CTO, ThoughtSpot Inc.

“Alchemy: The Dark Art and Curious Science of Creating Magic in Brands, Business, and Life” by Rory Sutherland

As an engineer, I am really good at taking real-world problems, abstracting it and then using a bag of techniques collected over the years to solve it. Naturally that’s the bag of tools I often reach for. It was quite educational and fun to see a diametrically opposite point of view that is also quite complementary. Rory Sutherland makes a very convincing case in this book that this kind of reductive thinking, while effective, often leaves out the possibility for a bit of magic. Instead of taking a problem and reducing it to something tractable, a little bit of lateral thinking and application of human psychology can result in magical solutions that are often inexpensive, delightful and very effective.

Tom Bianculli, CTO, Zebra Technologies Corp.

“Digital Business Transformation: How Established Companies Sustain Competitive Advantage From Now to Next” by Nigel Vaz

This book is a great read for those who are on the journey to digitally transform their business. It tackles how companies can drive change at the pace of business, enhance decision-making and create the culture necessary to deliver on ever-increasing customer expectations.

Krishna Subramanian, president and chief operating officer, Komprise Inc.

“Shoe Dog: A Memoir by the Creator of Nike ” by Phil Knight

It’s a fascinating story of entrepreneurship told by a founder. The details are vivid and feel very authentic, and there are valuable lessons to be learned, only they don’t come across in a dry or pedantic way.

Write to Thomas Loftus at

Copyright ©2022 Dow Jones & Company, Inc. All Rights Reserved. 87990cbe856818d5eddac44c7b1cdeb8

Thu, 21 Jul 2022 07:30:00 -0500 en-US text/html
Killexams : How To Create More Tech Careers For Autistic Individuals

For more than 20 years, the University of Cambridge's Autism Research Centre has proclaimed that autism is often associated with "minds wired for science" However, it's important to note that 'autistic' doesn't automatically equal talent for technology. Just like those who are neurotypical, everyone has different skillsets and interests.

Still, there is truth to the general association that autistic individuals are well suited to work with computers and computer technology.

"I've noticed many people with autism who work in IT, including myself, like to work in the industry because it doesn't involve customer service, interaction, and multi-tasking," said Asha Sreedhar, autism advocate and quality associate at SAP Labs India. "However, there are many fields that individuals with autism are also drawn to, like finance, education, engineering, music, art, etc."

"Individuals with autism have incredible attention to detail and discipline. They have shown to excel at working with technologies, like AI and automation, that depend on large volumes of data and repetitive tasks to streamline processes," shared Margareta Mucibabici, Public Affairs & Social Impact Director at UiPath. "Inevitably, process exceptions must be handled manually, and autistic people can use their unique attributes to learn processes and address any exceptions."

Autistic People and Technology Jobs

"Some research has been linked to enhanced productivity for humans working with robots versus those that do not," Mucibabici said. "Other studies show that neurodiverse people can be upwards of 30% more productive in software-related roles. These findings combined suggest that equipping autistic people with technologies/software reliant on rule-based and process-based systems would allow these individuals to excel even further in the workplace through better efficiency and improved outputs."

Furthermore, according to the study Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) Participation Among College Students with an Autism Spectrum Disorder, there is evidence to support that individuals with autism are an untapped source of STEM talent. It states, "young adults with an ASD had a higher proportion of majoring in STEM-related fields (34.31%) than any other disability groups." However, the research argues that more action and coordinated support are needed to help students with autism enroll in STEM studies and complete such degrees.

Encouraging Tech Companies To Hire Autistic People

There has been a greater effort to hire more diverse employees in recent years. These initiatives should include neurodivergent and autistic individuals. Not just because hiring those on the spectrum demonstrates your genuine commitment to diversity, but it can be beneficial to your company on the whole.

“Individuals with autism tend to have strong attention-to-detail skills and can be quick learners, which would benefit a wide array of companies and industries,” said Sreedhar. “As for the technology or IT industries, there are many jobs in these industries which would suit them because of their repetitive or detail-oriented nature.”

"The benefits and unique attributes that neurodiverse people bring to the workforce prove no different," adds Mucibabici. "Therefore, companies that strive to foster an inclusive workplace should consider the opportunity to create new employment opportunities for autistic individuals and help reduce the employment gap (currently estimated at over 80%). By identifying roles that require significant visual focus and execution of routine tasks – skills at which autistic people naturally excel and enjoy – companies can increase their talent pool in addition to seeing enhancements in productivity, service quality, innovative capabilities, and employee engagement.”

It’s also worth noting that several studies show that autistic consultants find, on average, 10% more bugs than their non-autistic colleagues when checking software code for errors. In addition, a study done by Accenture, AAPD, and Disability  found that the companies they researched that hired those on the spectrum achieved, on average, 28% higher revenue, twice the net income, and 30% higher economic profit margins compared with other companies in the same sample.

Ms. Mucibabici also points out that according to a WEF report, Upskilling for Shared Prosperity, upskilling could lead to the net creation of 5.3 million new jobs by 2030. This would be a huge benefit to the 80% of neurodiverse people who are currently unemployed. In addition, partnerships between organizations and technology providers will greatly contribute to closing the skills gap. They increase access to resources and help identify new opportunities to tackle the digital divide, promote inclusion, and reduce inequality.

Advice For Neurodiverse Individuals Looking To Work In Tech

The advice that I have for neurodiverse individuals who would like to pursue a career in this field would be first to start taking software testing courses either at a college or institute, as they're less challenging than programming courses, and see how it goes based on interest and ability to learn,” recommends Sreedhar. “Then, after completing the software testing courses, I'd encourage you to try to find a role at a small company or organization (one that is open and supports autistic individuals) to gain experience and learn new skills. After that, you can feel more comfortable applying to bigger companies where you can continue refining and building your skill set.”

Ms. Mucibabici suggests looking for a company that recognizes the unique value that neurodiversity brings as well. “These opportunities will not only allow neurodiverse people to receive training on in-demand skillsets but will also be pivotal for career development as the world continues to evolve technologically,” she said.

Overall, many technology companies like Dell, for example, have developed job interview programs that cater to autism, as companies know they benefit from workers' productivity and logical thinking. As a result, good-paying jobs and companies continually adapt their environments for autism–technology jobs are an excellent match for the right people.

Sun, 17 Jul 2022 11:59:00 -0500 Jennifer "Jay" Palumbo en text/html
Killexams : Heather Leidy

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Killexams : Before succumbing to cancer, Battle Creek native created an art therapy foundation

This undated photo shows Battle Creek native Kimberly Hammonds with her brother, Jeff Daniels. Hammonds, who died of cancer on June 28, 2022, held senior positions at Ford, Boeing and Deutsche Bank and created an art therapy nonprofit, The Zoe Foundation.

Kim Hammonds, family members say, had a remarkable life; from blue-collar beginnings in Battle Creek to senior posts at Ford, Dell, Boeing and Deutsche Bank.

Hammonds died of metastatic breast cancer on June 28 at her home in Florida.

She left her mark on the business world and created a legacy through the nonprofit Zoe Foundation, helping others fighting cancer through art therapy.

The Zoe Foundation, launched in 2003, is named after Hammonds' daughter and has raised millions for art programs at various cancer centers and children's hospitals across the country, including eight locations in Michigan.

"My goal is to replicate the gift of art that I received during my own cancer treatment," Hammonds wrote at

This undated photo shows Battle Creek native Kimberly Hammonds (right) with her daughter, Zoe Hammonds. Kimberly, who died of cancer on June 28, 2022, held senior positions at Ford, Boeing and Deutsche Bank and created an art therapy nonprofit, The Zoe Foundation.

Hammonds founded the charity after being diagnosed with stage 2 breast cancer at age 35. She ran the nonprofit for 20 years until her death.

Though she dabbled in the arts as a young violinist, it wasn't until her cancer diagnosis that she embraced the healing power art could provide.

Hammonds was undergoing chemotherapy at the University of Michigan Cancer Center in Ann Arbor when a volunteer art student named Diane Marx wheeled in art supplies to provide a distraction and something to look forward to during future treatments.

It turned out to be a gift Hammonds was intent on sharing.

"Kim had this life-changing event to suddenly feel threatened at the age of 35. It's horrifying," said Rod Hammonds, her husband. "You tend to be very purposeful in how you live your life thereafter, and she was."

After being diagnosed with metastatic breast cancer in 2019, Hammonds continued leading the foundation, raising about $1.8 million to support art programs at cancer centers and children's hospitals. She helped raise millions for the American Cancer Society, and was recognized with the "Raising Hope" award during the 2019 American Cancer Society Discovery Gala in San Francisco.

Hard work was ingrained in Hammonds at a young age, and she never missed a day of school until a bout with chickenpox while attending Harper Creek High School. Her brother, Jeff Daniels, said she was "your typical honor roll student," particularly excelling in math and science.

"We grew up, typical middle class, but hardworking family," Daniels said. "Our father was a truck driver for many years. Summers would include — my parents had a huge garden — we'd have to weed the garden, pick the vegetables. We were very scheduled. Our childhood was hard work, don't complain and don't make excuses."

Upon graduating from Harper Creek, Hammonds attended Kellogg Community College. She and her mother earned their associate degrees from the school at the same time. She then transferred to the University of Michigan, where she studied mechanical engineering and became the first in her extended family to earn a bachelor's degree when she graduated in 1990.

Hammonds worked at Ford Motor Company for the next 16 years, earning an MBA along the way from Western Michigan University. After a brief stint at Dell, she spent five years as a vice president at Boeing.

Hammonds was recruited to Deutsche Bank in London in 2013 to modernize its technology infrastructure. She was promoted to chief operating officer for the German lender in 2016 before mutually agreeing to depart from the bank in 2018 following leadership changes.

In a statement, Deutsche Bank said Hammonds had made a "lasting contribution — with her fresh perspective and courage to make profound changes."

Following her time in the automotive, computer hardware, aerospace and financial service industries, Hammonds spent recent years serving on the board of directors for Zoom Video Communications Inc., Box Inc., Cloudera Inc. and Red Hat Inc.

A virtual celebration of Hammonds' life is planned for Sunday, with an estimated 500 guests planning to attend, spanning three continents.

"She just kind of always took things to the next level," Daniels said of his late sister. "She thought, 'This (art therapy) means a lot to me, how can I share this with hundreds of people? Most people would say, art therapy was great and move on. She would take it to the next level and say, 'This impacted me, I want to impact others.'"

Contact reporter Nick Buckley at or 269-966-0652. Follow him on Twitter:@NickJBuckley

This article originally appeared on Battle Creek Enquirer: Battle Creek native helped others battle cancer through art therapy

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