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SAP Certified Technology Associate - SAP Solution Manager (Configuration) 7
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Killexams : Most common SAP vulnerabilities attackers try to exploit

Unpatched vulnerabilities, common misconfigurations and hidden flaws in custom code continue to make enterprise SAP applications a target rich environment for attackers at a time when threats like ransomware and credential theft have emerged as major concerns for organizations.

A study that Onapsis conducted last year, in collaboration with SAP, found attackers are continuously targeting vulnerabilities in a wide range of SAP applications including ERP, supply chain management, product life cycle management and customer relationship management.  Active scanning for SAP ports has increased since 2020 among attackers looking to exploit known vulnerabilities, particularly a handful of highly critical CVEs.

The study showed that often attackers have proof-of-concept code for newly disclosed vulnerabilities in as little as 24 hours after initial disclosure. and fully working exploits for them in under three days. Onapsis observed attackers finding and attacking brand new cloud-hosted SAP systems in barely three hours.

Yet, many organizations are continuing to leave SAP applications unpatched or are failing to apply recommended updates for months—and sometimes even years—because of concerns over business disruption and application breakages. A Pathlock sponsored report earlier this year, that was based on a survey of 346 members of the SAPinsider user community, showed 47% of respondents ranking patching as their biggest challenge behind only threat detection.

"With known SAP vulnerabilities totaling 1,143, organizations continue to struggle with prioritizing which of these presents the greatest risk to their specific environment," says Piyush Pandey, CEO of Pathlock. "There must be a shift in mindset to factor in risk levels that allow for immediate mitigations of the most pressing threats," he says.

The security of custom code ranked as the next biggest concern after patching, with 40% identifying it as an issue. The Pathlock survey found many organizations have dozens or even hundreds of SAP systems in place making patching difficult and time consuming, especially because they are trying to avoid disruptions and app breakages.

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Killexams : How To Remove Tree Sap From Your Car

One of the primary rules for keeping a clean car is avoiding trees at all costs. Yes, trees are beautiful Earth sculptures that help us breathe and allow us to string up hammocks for warm days in the sun, but they’re also vessels for numerous things that could soil your vehicle. Birds poop, insects invade and shed, branches drop limbs, and certain trees ooze out a sticky substance that would be perfect for the Gorilla Glue Lady’s next YouTube video. It’s called sap, and it’s a major annoyance when it turns your car into a canvas for drip painting.

The sap we speak of is a substance that helps deliver nutrients throughout a tree. It’s primarily made of water, sugar, and minerals, with a few other substances that help a tree live and grow.

Sap cannot be easily wiped away like dirt or pollen, so it requires immediate special attention to remove it. Unfortunately, regular soap and water won’t do the job and will leave you with nothing but a sore elbow. If you’re dealing with this issue or know you’ll be forced to park under trees, it’s important to know how to remove the sap before it does too much damage.

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Why Is Tree Sap Such a Pain?

When sap is forced out of a tree, it’s typically in a slightly less viscous state. So, when it drops onto your car, there’s a good chance it will travel and create streaks or large blobs. Then when the temperature fluctuates, it hardens, then softens, then hardens again, each time cementing the trail it’s left and working its way into every nook, cranny, and crevice it encounters.

One spot might be fairly easy to take care of, but sap typically doesn’t restrict itself to one part of the tree, so it’s likely all over the car. Because it’s sticky, it grabs any and every piece of dirt and bug particles it can find. That also means you need to be careful not to rub it into the car while you clean. The longer it sits, the more damage it could do to your vehicle and the harder it will be to remove.


The risk of injury while removing tree sap is nearly non-existent, but there’s still a chance of getting some of the cleaning product in your eyes or on your skin. If you want to avoid that completely, grab some gloves and glasses.

The Tools and Products You'll Need To Remove Tree Sap

Don’t let sap ruin your day, this equipment should help make removal fairly simple.

How To Remove Tree Sap From Your Car

Because everybody has different levels of access to different products, we’ve presented two options for cleaning, one with products designed for the job, and one with alcohol, a common household product many people will already have.

1. Get out of the Sun

Park your car in the shade and let the exterior cool down.

2. Wash the Entire Car

Clean the whole exterior of the car, or at least the spots where you see sap. Don’t worry about the sap during this process. If you're unsure how to properly wash your car, our article How To Hand Wash a Car has all the details.

3. Remove Contaminants

Try to pick off or remove any large pieces of dirt, leaves, or needles that could scratch the paint.

4. Spray Your Cleaning Product or Mixture

Once it’s clean, lightly spray the area with the alcohol mixture or your bug and tar remover until it is coated.

5. Let the Cleaner Work into the Sap

If you're using an alcohol mixture, let it soak for up to a minute. If you're using bug and tar remover, let it soak for about five minutes.

6. Gently Agitate the Sap

With a clean microfiber towel, lightly brush the product-soaked sap to break it up. Don’t press too hard as any contaminants could scratch the paint.

7. Remove the Sap

Carefully wipe the residue off the car in an upward sweeping motion.

8. Repeat Cleaning as Necessary

Sap is one of the most stubborn things you will ever clean off your car. If spots, streaks, or particles of sap remain after your first attempt, tepeat steps 4-7 until the sap is gone.

9. Protect Your Paint

Reapply wax, if you choose, as the alcohol also removes any products previously applied to the paint. For more on waxing, check out our post, How a Pro Waxes a Car by Hand.

Learn More From This Helpful Video

Sometimes it's easier to see how something works rather than try to read how it works. This video from Chris Fix is about as comprehensive of a test as it gets.


Based on common queries online and personal experience, we've selected a handful of frequently asked questions and provided the answer for each to tie up any loose ends.

Q. Is tree sap bad for car paint?

A. Yes, and the longer it stays, the worse it will be. When sap is left on your car, it slowly starts to eat away at the clear coat and could leave a “stain,” even after it is cleaned up and wiped away.

Q. What if the sap is on my windows?

A. Use the same processes above to remove the sap. Some people also let the sap harden and try to break it off with a scraper, but that could just take more time and could scrape the glass.

Q. Does nail polish remover remove tree sap?

A. We do not recommend using nail polish remover on your car ever. Depending on its chemical makeup, it could damage the car’s clear coat and/or paint.

Q. Is WD-40 safe to use on car paint?

A. The WD-40 website actually offers suggestions for using WD-40 on car paint, but we’d still avoid it. There are relatively cheap products designed specifically for the job you are trying to do, and using WD-40 is just cutting corners.

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Killexams : Grounded: How to find Sap

One of the most important resources that players will need to track down during the early-game of Grounded is Sap, as it's often used in many common crafting recipes. However, unlike other basic materials like Grass, it's not immediately clear where players can actually find Sap in the vast open world of the Backyard.

If you're in need of Sap but you're not sure where to look for it, follow this guide. It has everything you need to know about finding Sap, including where it's located, what to look for, and some of the valuable items you can make with it.

Sap locations and where to find in Grounded

(Image credit: Windows Central)

In Grounded, Sap is often found on pieces of wood all over the Backyard. That means you can find it pretty much everywhere, although biomes that have plenty of wood in them will likely have more Sap than ones that don't. Overall, the best place to find Sap is in the Oak Hill area near and underneath the large oak tree in the eastern portion of the map, though you can also find plenty of Sap in the Woodpile to the far northwest and the Grasslands area in the center of the map as well.