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IBM Cognos BI Professional
Cognos Professional questions
Killexams : Cognos Professional questions - BingNews Search results Killexams : Cognos Professional questions - BingNews Killexams : Cognos Reporting Tool Training

Users consuming data from enterprise resources use Cognos as their main reporting tool for operational data.  Courses listed below are based on user roles and licensing.  Please review roles needed for your position with your supervisor.

Introductory course for all Cognos users.  Course covers basic navigation, report usage features, folder and report properties, and report output options.

Cognos Analytics Navigation Training Manual

Completion of COG 101 is required.  Create scheduled report output within the Cognos portal for email distribution or viewing within Cognos Analytics. User best practices and scheduler properties and options are also covered. 

Cognos Analytics Scheduler Manual

Completion of COG 101 or HR/FI Data Training is required. Cognos Analytics Authoring is currently a self-paced video course offering report authoring capabilities including advanced formatting and filtering, prompt generation, and paging controls. The Authoring tool allows for a robust experience in data handling and report construction. Videos to be watched will be provided prior to the training session date and a Question and Answer via Teams will be scheduled on the training session date to cover any questions resulting from the video content. Run time of videos is just under two hours.  To register for the course, select the "COG 401 - Cognos Analytics Authoring" link above. 

Alternatively, if you would like to watch the videos outside of a scheduled training, you can access them via the Cognos Videos page.  They are located in the "Cognos Analytics Authoring" section. 

In addition to the videos, below are two authoring resources:

IBM - Getting started in Cognos - Reporting Webpage

IBM Cognos Analytics - Reporting Version 11.1 User Guide 

Creating a Cognos Schedule

Demo of creating a schedule, including creating a report view and setting prompt selections.

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Killexams : Cognos Usage Information

Cognos Usage is captured by an audit database within the Cognos environment.  The BICC has provided reports and dashboards with information including report usage and adoption, user trends with reporting and data, and usage dates and times. 

Accessing Standard Cognos Usage Reports and Dashboards

How do I get access to standard Cognos Usage Reports in Cognos and Tableau Dashboards?

  • If you have not already done so, first talk to your supervisor and discuss your need to access the Cognos Usage Data and how you will be using it for your department.
  • Follow the process outlined in the Boiler Insight Users Manual for your supervisor to request access to the data.  Usage data security roles require:
    • The BI Data IT Level 1
    • Cognos tool license

Cognos Usage Standard Reports

  • Standard Cognos reports and Tableau dashboards have been created for user consumption. The reports and dashboards have the proper filters and groupings for ease of use and knowledge of the data. If users prefer to author their own reports, please study the Cognos Usage Data Users Guide BEFORE attempting to use the data. The guide covers the package data, required and suggested filters, grouping codes, and descriptions of the data included in the packages for both Cognos and Tableau reporting.

Cognos Usage Data Cognos Report

Cognos Usage Data Tableau Dashboard

Please contact with any questions regarding Cognos Usage data.

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Killexams : Agency Funds and Projects


By definition, agency funds account for resources held by the University as custodian or fiscal agent for faculty, staff members, and academic organizations. Examples of what agency funds are used for include:

  • Faculty professional organizations - for professors with official positions within a professional organization (e.g. editor of a journal).
  • Fraternities & Sororities - NU purchases goods and services for fraternities & sororities and then invoices them for reimbursement.
  • Other Affiliated Institutions - for independent organizations, usually on campus, that are closely connected to the University such as alumnae, credit union, and student publishing.
  • Fund 710 No overdrafts allowed
  • Fund 720 Fraternities and Sororities
  • Fund 731 Student Organization Finance Office (SOFO) &Fund 732 Chicago Organizations Finance Office (COFO)
  • Fund 740 Agency Invested (Centrally Managed)

Types of Agency Funds

In NUFinancials, there are 4 basic types of agency funds:

The typical Fund used is 710, where resources are provided upfront. Individual financial transactions for a specific agency activity are captured with a unique agency Project ChartField.

For more information on these types of funds and the Chart of Accounts, visit the Chart of Accounts Quick Reference.

How to Request a New Agency Project

A ChartField Request Form, available on the NUPortal Finance & Accounting tab, must be completed and sent to Accounting Services for review. This form must indicate the purpose of the project to be established, the expected expense activity, and a responsible manager. The activity must meet agency fund criteria for approval and set up as an agency project. For more information on requesting a new ChartField, visit the ChartField Maintenance section on the Accounting Services website.

Criteria for Approval of Agency Projects

  • Consistent with agency funds definition
  • Annual expense transaction activity of $25,000 or more
  • Summary of Agency Project Cash Balances (GL018)
  • Agency Project Detail (GL061)

If proposed agency activity meets the agency definition but has less than $25,000 of transactional activity, Accounting Services will establish designated projects to be managed by the sponsoring unit/department. Multiple programmatic agency activities with individual expense activity less than $25,000, such as work study employer accounts, are allowable if the sponsoring unit/department provides centralized administration and support for account management.

Agency Project Management

Accounting reviews agency projects on a quarterly basis for credit cash balances (these represent overdrafts of available cash). Managers of projects in an overdraft position will be contacted by Accounting. If Accounting is not notified within thirty days by managers of plans to correct the deficit balance, an interest charge may be assessed on the deficit amount at the NU working capital rate (per Treasury Office).

Agency projects' income and expense activity are removed from the University financial records at year end to exclude non-University transactions for financial reporting purposes (debit to balance sheet 26080 and credit to balance sheet 37000). The agency project's surplus, or positive cash position, is carried as a liability on the NU books, that is, as monies that are due to another entity. The prior year activity will be reflected in the beginning available balance the following year. Historical activity can be retrieved using agency reports.

Agency Project Reporting

Reports are available to the account managers for their review and reconciliation of activity through the Cognos tool on the NUPortal. Managers should report discrepancies to Accounting for research and resolution. There are two reports available for Agency Projects:

This report is based on row level security. It returns cash available for all agency projects under your management.

This report details the project balances for each agency project. A project is a self-balancing set of accounts in which transactions are recorded. The report shows beginning cash balance, current activity, and ending available cash balance for the accounting period. It includes all revenue and expense activity.


Contact Information

Questions about agency project reports? Contact Accounting Services at 847-491-5337 or

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Killexams : Meet the Library Team

Jonathan Zittrain, George Bemis Professor of International Law and Vice Dean, Library And Information Resources, Harvard Law School; Faculty Director, Berkman Klein Center For Internet And Society; Professor of Computer Science, Harvard School of Engineering and Applied Sciences; Professor, Harvard John F. Kennedy School of Government
Jocelyn Kennedy, Executive Director
Lesliediana Jones, Associate Director for Public Services
Leah Prescott, Associate Director of Collection
Teresa Mosley, Financial Assistant
Gail Fagerstrom Harris, Projects Manager
Theresa Knapp, Executive Assistant & Event Coordinator
Jess Rios, Assistant Director, Digital Content & UX

Brian Sutton, Access Services Manager
Melanie Evans, Access Services Coordinator
Ella Galinovsky, Collection Management Specialist
Michael Mellor. Access Services Coordinator
Ryan Miniot, Access Services Coordinator
Nilesh Rana, Collection Management Specialist
Jayvanti Rana, Binding, End Processing, And HD Processing Coordinator

Rachel Gordon, Case Writer and Research Associate

Stephen Wiles, Collection Development Librarian for Foreign, Comparative & International Law
Caroline Walters, Collection Development Librarian for U.S. & the Materials Budget
Gayle Fischer, Librarian for Islamic Law
Mariko Honshuku, Librarian for Japanese Law
Eve Lauria, Islamic Law Library Assistant
Lori Schulsinger, Collection Development Coordinator
QingRong Wei, Library Assistant
Nongji Zhang, Bibliographer for East Asian Law

Elke Piontek, Manager, Continuing Resources And Acquisitions
Erin Britt, Library Assistant
Jennifer Burton, Library Assistant
Todd Moody, Library Assistant
Lori Ellen Rocha, Library Assistant
Patty Sutton, Library Assistant
Maria Woods, Library Assistant

Jessica Chapel, Librarian/Archivist for Digital Projects
Paul Deschner, Applications Developer
Chris Spraker, Archivist for Special Projects

Laura Morrison-Westphal, Electronic Resources Coordinator

Arevik Avedian, Director of Empirical Research Services

KB Beck, Manager, Historical & Special Collections & Rare Books Curator
Edwin Moloy, Curator of Modern Manuscripts
Mary Person, Rare Books Cataloger / Reference Librarian
Lesley Schoenfeld, Public Services & Visual Collections Administrator
Sarah Wharton, Access Services Coordinator & Curatorial Associate

Jack Cushman, Director
Catherine Brobston, Outreach and Support
Matteo Cargnelutti, Senior Developer
Rebecca Cremona, Web Developer
Liza Daly, Technologist in Residence
Harmony Eidolon, LIL Program Coordinator
Sabelo Mhlambi, Technologist in Residence
Clare Stanton, Communications and Outreach for
Ben Steinberg, DevOps Engineer

Thomas Ma, Cataloging Manager
Dan Belich, Library Assistant
Sean Bustard, Technical Services Library Assistant
Noah Cohen, Library Assistant
John Hostage, Senior Continuing Resources Cataloger
Olga Strakhov, Library Assistant

Terri Messina, Conservation Technician

Faculty Research & Scholarly Support Services

Deborah Ginsberg, Manager, Faculty Research and Scholarly Support Services
Deanna Barmakian, Faculty Research Librarian
Maya Bergamasco, Faculty Research & Scholarly Support Librarian
Alethea Jones, Faculty Research and Information Delivery Assistant
Rachel Parker, Faculty Research and Information Delivery Assistant
Lisa Lilliott Rydin, Faculty Research Librarian

Student & Instructional Services

Mindy Kent, Manager, Reference & Student & Instructional Research Services
Jennifer Allison, Librarian for Foreign, Comparative, & International Law & Instructional Designer
Catherine Biondo, Research Librarian
AJ Blechner, Research Librarian & Instructional Designer
Juan Andres Fuentes, Librarian for Foreign, Comparative, & International Law
Anna Martin, Research Services Assistant
Michelle Pearse, Senior Research & Data Librarian

Library Administration

Photo of Jonathan ZittrainJonathan Zittrain

Vice Dean, Library And Information Resources, Faculty Co-Director, Berkman Center For Internet And Society, Professor Of Computer Science, SEAS
617-496-2108 (Griswold) 617-496-5243 (Langdell)
View faculty profile

Photo of Jocelyn KennedyJocelyn Kennedy

Executive Director

Jocelyn Kennedy is the Executive Director of the Harvard Law School Library, where she oversees the day to day operations and provides strategic leadership for the Library. The HLS Library combines tradition with innovation and is renowned for its unique and exceptional print and electronic collections, its deep historical and archival collections and its expert research and reference staff. In addition, the Library has built programs to assist with curricular support (the Case Studies program), tech development to solve complex information access issues (; H20; Caselaw Access Project), and in-house, large-scale digitization.

Jocelyn is an expert in legal research, management, and working in complex organizations.  She presents on Topics related to management, mindfulness, and communication. Jocelyn is a member of the Law Librarians of New England; the American Association of Law Libraries, where she serves as the Chair of the Standing Committee on the Economic Status of Librarians and is a member of the Academic Law Libraries Special Interest Section newsletter committee; and is a member of the American Association of Law Schools (AALS). Jocelyn is also a member of the New Hampshire Bar Association.

Prior to joining the Library in 2016, Jocelyn served in leadership positions at UCONN Law and Michigan Law. She is a former clerk for the New Hampshire Trial Court, and worked for a US Congressman prior to attending law school. Jocelyn holds a B.A. from the University of New Hampshire, a J.D. from the University of New Hampshire-Franklin Pierce Law Center, and an M.L.I.S. from the University of Washington.

Lesliediana smiling at the beachLesliediana Jones

Associate Director for Public Services

Teresa Mosley

Financial Assistant

Photo of Gail Fagerstrom HarrisGail Fagerstrom Harris

Projects Manager

Gail Fagerstrom Harris is our Project Manager overseeing a variety of projects including the Library’s Professional Development Program that ensures our staff keep their skills and knowledge current. She also doubles as an event planner, organizing behind the scenes to make our events run smoothly.

Gail found a love of the law while working for a legal services nonprofit in Gainesville, FL. She holds an A.A. in Psychology, and is a Certified Professional in Training Management (CPTM). She loves to craft, garden, cook, and sing to her dog, Miles. She and her dog-trainer partner rescue dogs in their spare time.

Theresa Knapp

Executive Assistant and Event Coordinator

Leah Prescott

Associate Director of Collections

Jess Rios

Assistant Director, Digital Content & UX

Access Services

Brian Sutton

Access Services Manager

Melanie Evans

Access Services Coordinator

Ella Galinovsky

Collection Management Specialist

Michael Mellor

Access Services Coordinator

Ryan Miniot

Access Services Coordinator

Ryan Miniot, Access Services Coordinator, joined the Library in 2014. Ryan welcomes visiting library researchers who have questions about access and acquiring materials, answers queries about library access, handles Scan & Deliver services at the Library, and trains and oversees our student workers at the circulation desk. Ryan holds a B.A. in History from Trinity University (Texas), an M.A. in History, and an  M.L.S. from Simmons College. Outside of work, Ryan’s passions include basketball (Go Nets!) and punk rock music.

Nilesh Rana

Collection Management Specialist

Jayvanti Rana

Binding, End Processing, And HD Processing Coordinator

Case Studies

Rachel Gordon

Case Writer And Research Associate

Collection Development

Stephen Wiles on beach in WaikikiStephen Wiles

Collection Development Librarian For Foreign And International Law

Caroline Walters smilingCaroline Walters

Collection Development Librarian for U.S. & the Materials Budget

Caroline joined the HLS Library in 2012 as the Collection Development Librarian for U.S. Law and Materials Budget, responsible for the selection of U.S. law materials and managing the collections budget. She also leads negotiation for new electronic resources and serves as a coordinator for university-wide negotiations.
Caroline is passionate about consumer advocacy and building partnerships with vendors to create greater discovery of their materials, to ensure preservation of electronic historical legal research, to ensure digital accessibility, and to develop better business practices.
Prior to joining the HLS Library Caroline was the Acquisitions and Serials Librarian at Suffolk University Law Library for many years. Caroline holds a B.A. in English from Suffolk University and a M.S. in Library and Information Science from Simmons College
She is an active member of AALL, LLNE and NELLCO.

Gayle Fischer

Librarian for Islamic Law

Photo of Mariko Honshuku

Mariko Honshuku

Librarian for Japanese Law

Mariko Honshuku, Librarian for Japanese Law is responsible for selecting and managing HLS Library materials for Japanese law and interdisciplinary subject areas in all formats. As a liaison librarian to the East Asian Legal Studies programs at HLS, she provides special research assistance to faculty, students, and visiting scholars including reference, research consultation, bibliographic instruction, and assistance with interlibrary loan. She is also responsible for creating library collection analysis reports using the Harvard Cognos Library Reporting System. Mariko has served on several committees and working groups for the North American Coordinating Council on Japanese Library Resources (NCC) and the Council on East Asian Libraries (CEAL). She holds an M.L.S. from Simmons Graduate School of Library & Information Science and an M.M. in Organ Performance from The New England Conservatory of Music. In her spare time, Mariko enjoys learning new programing languages.

Photo of Eve Lauria

Eve Lauria

Islamic Law Library Assistant

Eve Lauria is the Islamic Acquisitions Assistant, responsible for ordering, receiving, and cataloging Middle Eastern, North African, and Islamic Law, primarily in Islamic and Persian. Eve studied Psychology, Religion, and Women’s Studies at Oberlin College and holds an M.L.I.S. from Simmons Graduate School of Library and Information Science.  She is currently serving as a Board member and long-time volunteer at Eastern Massachusetts Abortion Fund, she sings in her church choir, and spends the rest of her free time reading.

Photo of Lori SchulsingerLori Schulsinger

Collection Development Coordinator

Lori joined the HLS Library in 2006 and is our Collection Development Coordinator. In her role, Lori supports two bibliographers, monitors the library materials budget, and co-administers the HLS Library wiki page. Lori holds a B.S. in Marketing from Syracuse University and actively participates in several library teams/committees. In her spare time, Lori volunteers at Food Link, a food rescue organization, and the Road to Recovery-American Cancer Society, where she provides transportation to and from treatment for people with cancer.

QingRong Wei

Library Assistant

Photo of Nongji ZhangNongji Zhang

Bibliographer For East Asian Law

Nongji Zhang, Ph.D., Bibliographer for East Asian Law, has been with the Library since 1990, first as a library assistant before moving into her current position. Before working for HLS, Nongji was a researcher at the Institute of Science and Technology Policy and Management at the Chinese Academy of Sciences. When in China, she did research on science and technology law and provided legal services to local high tech companies.

As an area studies librarian at HLS, Nongji provides research services to faculty members and research consultations to faculty, students, and other patrons. She selects and manages Chinese and Korean law materials for the Library. A 2004 Douglas W. Bryant Fellowship recipient, Nongji has published works on Chinese law and library collection development including Resources on East Asian Law in the United States (1 J. of East Asian & Int’l L. 311). Her forthcoming book, The Pioneer Legal Schools and Their Scholarship in the People’s Republic of China, will be published by the East Asian Legal Studies Program. Nongji received a Ph.D. in Law, Policy and Society from Northeastern University, a M.L.S. from Simmons College, and an LL.M. from Peking University. In her free time, she enjoys traveling, photographing, gardening, and crafting.

Continuing Resources & Acquisitions

Elke Piontek

Manager, Continuing Resources And Acquisitions

Erin Britt

Continuing Resources & Acquisitions Library Assistant

Erin Britt joined the library in 2014. In her role as the Continuing Resources & Acquisitions Library Assistant, she is responsible for the receipt and payment of continuing resources. Prior to joining the HLS Library Erin worked as an Assistant Catalog Librarian at a rare book library and prior to that as a Technical Services Project Coordinator at a software company. Erin holds an M.L.I.S. from Simmons College and a B.A. in Journalism and Mass Communication from Saint Michael’s College. In her spare time, Erin enjoys teaching and practicing yoga.

Jennifer Burton

Library Assistant

Todd Moody

Library Assistant

Lori Ellen Rocha

Library Assistant

Patty Sutton

Acquisitions Assistant

Patty Sutton, Acquisitions Assistant, secures rush orders for our patrons, orders monograph and monograph series, communicates with vendors, and connects other departments with technical services. She holds a B.A. in French Language and Literature from the University of Washington, and an M.L.S. from Southern Connecticut State University. Patty is fluent in French, is familiar with Spanish, and can transliterate Cyrillic alphabets. Prior to her work at Harvard, Patty was a bank teller and taught French to middle school students. Patty grew up in Alaska, enjoys running marathons and rock climbing, and reads math history books in her spare time.

Maria Woods

Library Assistant

Digital Lab

Jessica Chapel

Librarian/Archivist for Digital Projects

Paul Deschner

Applications Developer

Chris Spraker

Archivist for Special Projects

Electronic Resources & Serials

Laura Morrison-Westphal

Electronic Resources Coordinator

Empirical Research Services

Photo of Arevik AvedianArevik Avedian

Director of Empirical Research Services

Arevik Avedian is the Director of Empirical Research Services (ERS). ERS provides empirical research support for the Harvard Law School faculty. Arevik is a Lecturer on Law at HLS, teaching quantitative methods. She holds a Ph.D. in World Politics and Methods, an M.A. in Economics from Claremont Graduate University, and a dual B.A/M.A., summa cum laude, in International Relations from David Anhaght University of Armenia. Before joining HLS, she taught courses on statistics and international relations at University of California, Riverside and California State University, Fullerton. Her research focuses on armed conflict, inequality and corporate governance. Some of her current methodological interests include geographic information systems (GIS), text mining and location analytics.

Historical & Special Collections (HSC)

KB Beck KB Beck

Manager, Historical & Special Collections & Rare Books Curator

KB Beck is the Harvard Law School Library’s Manager of Historical & Special Collections. “HSC” is dedicated to collecting, preserving, and sharing historical materials in all formats with researchers around the world. KB contributes to the HLS Library’s social media, and helps plan and participate in outreach activities to connect students, faculty, and the broader community with the library’s collections and services. She has worked in academic law libraries in many capacities, including reference and research services, instruction, and collection development. KB is an active member of Harvard’s special collections community, and is a member of the American Association of Law Libraries, Law Libraries of New England, and the Rare Books and Manuscript section of the American Library Association. She has a BA in English from Pomona College, a JD from the University of Southern California, and a Masters in Library Science from UCLA. Away from the library, Karen loves to dance, kayak, visit museums, and walk through the Public Garden.

Edwin Moloy

Curator Of Modern Manuscripts

Photo of Mary PersonMary Person

Rare Books Cataloger / Reference Librarian

Mary Person, Rare Books Cataloger and Reference Librarian, catalogs rare books and early manuscripts, making them accessible to the world. Mary also provides research support and expertise to researchers in our Historical & Special Collections (HSC). She specializes in early English legal works, execution broadsides, French customary law, and early printing and publishing in general. She is also an expert on HSC’s byzantine system of call numbers and shelving arrangements. Mary was a pastry chef for several years before she joined HLS Library in 1987. She holds a B.A. in History and Anthropology from Marlboro College, an M.L.S. from Simmons, and has also taken a number of courses at Rare Book School at Columbia and University of Virginia. Mary reads French, Spanish, and some Latin. Away from the Library, Mary is a passionate gardener and walker, and loves being outdoors.

Lesley Schoenfeld

Public Services & Visual Collections Administrator

Sarah Wharton

Access Services Coordinator & Curatorial Associate

Library Innovation Lab

Jack Cushman


Catherine Brobston

Outreach and Support

Matteo Cargnelutti

Senior Developer

Rebecca Cremona

Web Developer

Liza Daly

Technologist in Residence

Harmony Eidolon posing with hand under chinHarmony Eidolon

LIL Program Coordinator
phone number coming soon

Sabelo Mhlambi

Technologist in Residence

Clare StantonClare Stanton

Communications and Outreach for

Clare joined the Library Innovation Lab (LIL) in 2018. She leads the way in exploring and expanding the user group of, a service that creates indelible links for web citation. Prior to joining LIL, Clare worked at The Forum for Growth and Innovation, a research community lead by Professor Clay Christensen at Harvard Business School. Clare holds a B.A. in Art History from Wake Forest University and is an M.S. student at Simmons School of Library and Information Science.

Photo of Ben Steinberg

Ben Steinberg

DevOps Engineer

Ben Steinberg, DevOps Engineer, joined our Library Innovation Lab (LIL) in 2016. Ben holds a B.A. in English from Amherst College and an M.S. from Simmons College. Prior to HLS, Ben worked at the Brookline Public Library and Harvard’s Office for Scholarly Communication.

Metadata Creation for Professional Schools

Thomas Ma

Cataloging Manager

Tom Ma, Cataloging Manager, holds an M.A. and an M.L.I.S. Tom first worked for Harvard libraries in 1999.

Dan Belich

Library Assistant

Sean Bustard

Technical Services Library Assistant

Noah Cohen

Library Assistant VI

Noah Cohen, Library Assistant VI, is responsible for cataloging and monograph receipts. Noah holds a B.A. in Classical Languages from the University of California at Berkeley, and an M.A. in Classical Philology from Harvard University, and knows ancient and modern Greek, Latin, and German.

Photo of John HostageJohn Hostage

Senior Continuing Resources Cataloger

John Hostage, Senior Continuing Resources Cataloger, joined the Library in 1982 and is responsible for cataloging serials, loose-leaf publications, various electronic resources, training catalogers in the creation of authority records and reviewing their work, as well as solving cataloging problems.

In addition to his work at the library, John is actively involved with the American Library Association (ALA), the American Association of Law Libraries (AALL), is a former chair of AALL Cataloging and Classification Committee, formerly served on the International Federation of Library Archives (IFLA) Cataloging Section, and IFLA Classification and Indexing Section.

John holds a B.A. from Columbia University, and M.A.s in German and Library Science from the University of Wisconsin–Madison. He received the Renee D. Chapman award from AALL in 2014. John speaks German fluently, as well as French, Spanish, Swedish, Norwegian.

Olga Strakhov

Library Assistant

Preservation, Conservation, & Digital Imaging

Terri Messina

Library Assistant

Reference & Research Services

Faculty Research & Scholarly Support Services

Photo of Debbie GinsbergDeborah Ginsberg

Manager, Faculty Research & Scholarly Support Services
LinkedIn |Twitter

Debbie Ginsberg, Faculty Services Manager, oversees faculty research and support for the Library.  She supervises FRIDA and three research librarians.  She came to Harvard in 2021.  She likes questions about legal technology and blockchain.  Debbie holds a B.A. from Brown University, a B.F.A. from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago, a J.D. from the University of Illinois (Champaign-Urbana), and an M.L.S. from Dominican University (River Forest).  She is an inactive member of the Illinois Bar.  Debbie has studied Russian, French, Japanese, German, and Latin but has pretty much forgotten them.  Debbie has served as chair of CS-SIS (now LIT-SIS) and was actively involved in CALL. She currently is technology co-chair for LLNE.  She previously was Educational Technology Librarian at Chicago-Kent, where she worked since 2002.  She also was the AIDS advocacy attorney for the (now defunct) Cook County Legal Assistance Foundation and clerked for Justice Warren Wolfson of the Illinois Appellate Court.  Debbie has two teens who at this point probably know more about tech than she does, two photogenic cats, and way too much yarn.  Debbie likes drawing on her iPad while listening to as many free audiobooks as she can obtain from the public library.

Photo of Deanna BarmakianDeanna Barmakian

Faculty Research Librarian
Make an appointment

Deanna Barmakian, Faculty Research Librarian, provides research and reference support to our faculty, students, and staff. Deanna holds a B.A. in International Relations from Brown University, a J.D. from Boston University and an M.L.I.S. from Simmons. Deanna first joined the Library in 1997, left in 2006, and happily returned in 2017. She gets a charge out of helping researchers find sources they might not have found otherwise. She has learned (and mostly forgotten) French, Italian, and Spanish and is currently trying her hand at Korean. She has participated in law librarian professional organizations at the local and national level, chairing and serving on many committees. Outside of work, she’s hanging out with her retired HLS librarian husband and her two over-scheduled sons.

Maya Bergamasco smilingMaya Bergamasco

Faculty Research & Scholarly Support Librarian

Maya Bergamasco, Faculty Research & Scholarly Support Librarian, provides reference and research support to the Harvard Law School community. She is the Association of College & Research Libraries (ACRL) Diversity Resident Librarian for 2019-2021. Maya holds a B.A. in English literature with a concentration in creative writing. She received her M.L.I.S. with a concentration in user instruction from Simmons University, where she was an American Library Association (ALA) Spectrum Scholar. Maya’s research interests include critical data studies, digital scholarship, and community outreach and engagement. She has intermediate proficiency in Spanish, and has studied Russian and Korean. In her free time, she works as a community organizer, plays ultimate Frisbee, and visits local bookstores.

Alethea Jones

Faculty Research & Information Delivery Assistant

Rachel Parker

Faculty Research & Information Delivery Assistant

Rachel Parker supports the Faculty Research and Information Delivery Assistance (FRIDA) service, providing research support to Faculty and SJD students. She also supports the Faculty Bibliography Project and helps coordinate Faculty Book Talk events. She holds a B.A. in English Literature from Mount Holyoke College and an M.L.I.S. from Simmons School of Library and Information Science. Prior to her work as FRIDA Assistant Rachel worked at Houghton Library and the Harvard Botany Libraries.

Lisa Lilliott RydinLisa Lilliott Rydin

Faculty Research Librarian

Lisa Lilliott Rydin, Faculty Research Librarian, provides research support to library patrons, teaches research skills and strategy to students, and serves as Library Liaison to designated faculty members, clinics, and journals. She specializes in business, corporate, and tax-related research.  Lisa holds a B.A. in Economics and Government from Colby College, a J.D. from Harvard Law School, and an M.L.I.S. from Simmons Graduate School of Library and Information Science. Lisa joined the Reference & Research Services team full-time after three years serving in a variety of roles at Harvard including Reference, Faculty Services, and Scholarly Communications, while completing her M.L.I.S. Before librarianship, Lisa had a career as an ERISA/Employee Benefits attorney. She began her career at Goodwin & Procter (now Goodwin Procter) and Hale & Dorr (now WilmerHale) and then moved in-house, spending the majority of her career in the financial services industry focusing on qualified and non-qualified retirement plans. Lisa is a member of the Massachusetts Bar, the American Association of Law Libraries, the Law Librarians of New England, and the Special Libraries Association. Lisa likes to unwind with a good mystery book and currently recommends Louise Penny and Tana French as her authors of choice.

Student & Instructional Services

Photo of Mindy KentMindy Kent

Manager, Reference & Student & Instructional Research Services
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Mindy Kent, Manager, Research Services, manages our team of research librarians and enjoys helping faculty and students with research questions herself. She particularly likes questions about legal history. Mindy holds a B.A. in History from Yale College, a J.D. from Boston College Law School, an M.L.I.S. from Simmons Graduate School of Library and Information Science, and she is a member of the Massachusetts Bar. She has some reading knowledge of French and has done coursework in Russian, Latin, Attic Greek, and Old English. Mindy is involved with the American Association of Law Libraries and the Law Librarians of New England, of which she is a past president. Prior to joining the HLS Library in 1998, Mindy practiced corporate law in Boston. Her second, concurrent career is Chief of Staff for an extremely busy terrier. Her hobbies include genealogy, hiking, knitting, sewing, and restoring vintage toy sailboats. Mindy’s super power is walking and reading (usually murder mysteries) at the same time.

Jennifer Allison smilingJennifer Allison

Librarian for Foreign, Comparative, & International Law & Instructional Designer
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Jennifer Allison has served as a Librarian for Foreign, Comparative, and International Law at the Harvard Law Library since 2012. She specializes in German-language jurisdictions, and has responsibilities for both research and collection development. She earned her J.D. from Pepperdine Law School in Malibu, California in 2007 and is admitted to the California bar (inactive status). She also holds a Master’s in Library and Information Science (San Jose State University, 2010), and an LL.M. from the University of Würzburg in Germany (2018). The course of her LL.M. thesis was the protection of fundamental rights in cases of privatization of public functions and services under the German Basic Law. She returns to Würzburg regularly as a visiting lecturer to teach substantive courses in U.S. law, including criminal procedure, administrative law, remedies, and alternative dispute resolution. Her scholarly interests include social justice, correctional law, critical legal studies, the intersection of law and language, and the navigation of the acculturation process by foreign students. In her spare time, she likes to watch and play ice hockey.

Catherine Biondo

Student Services Research Librarian
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Catherine Biondo, Research Librarian, provides research and reference support to Harvard’s students, faculty and staff, with a concentration on student services.  She also teaches legal research as part of the first year LRW program.  Prior to becoming a librarian, Catherine practiced law in New York and was a research law clerk for the Connecticut Superior Court. Catherine holds an A.B. in Government from Cornell University, a J.D. from St. John’s University School of Law, and an M.S. in Library Science from Simmons College. She is a past president of the Law Librarians of New England, and is currently co-chair of the organization’s Government Relations Committee.  She is also actively involved with the American Association of Law Libraries, and is a member of its Government Relations Committee.  She is admitted to the New York and Connecticut bars.

Photo of AJ BlechnerAJ Blechner

Student Services Research Librarian & Instructional Designer
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AJ Blechner is the Library’s Research Librarian and Instructional Designer. They coordinate and participate in teaching legal research, lead the design and development of instructional materials and assess our teaching and educational needs and offerings. AJ’s research specialties include Disability Law, Gender and Sexual Minorities Law, Cyberlaw, Intellectual Property, Health Law, Administrative Law, Political Communication, and Instructional Design.

AJ holds a B.A., cum laude, from Emerson College, a J.D. from Villanova University School of Law, and an M.L.I.S. with a Special Certificate in Law Librarianship from the University of Washington. They also received a certificate in Learning Design and Technology from the Harvard Extension School. AJ is an active member of the American Association of Law Libraries, chairing the SR-SIS Standing Committee on Disability Issues and serving on the Government Relations Committee. AJ publishes and presents on library instruction, sexuality and gender, and disability and inclusion. In their spare time, AJ participates in volunteer work and community activism. They hike, ski, and camp in the New England woods, and are an avid board gamer and Marvel movie enthusiast.

Juan Andres Fuentes

Photo of Juan Fuentes Librarian for Foreign, Comparative & International Law

Juan Andres Fuentes serves as a Librarian for Foreign, Comparative & International Law.  He earned a Bachelor of Law from the Pontifical Catholic University of Peru, a Master of Law from the University of the Pacific McGeorge School of Law and a M.S. in Library Science from the University of North Texas. He is a member of the Lima Bar and practiced international law prior to becoming a librarian. While in practice, he received the National Order of Merit of the Peruvian Diplomatic Service “Jose Paz Soldan” in the Degree of Commander.  He is the 2021 AALL George A. Strait Scholarship & Fellowship Award Recipient and serves as chair of the AALL Latin American Law Interest Group.  Juan Andres is fluent in English, French & Spanish, and he has a strong interest in Consumer Law and Public International Law.

Anna Martin

Research Services Assistant

Michelle Pearse

Senior Research & Data Librarian
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Michelle Pearse, Senior Research and Data Librarian, focuses on research assistance generally and data-related research. She has a wide range of library experience across subject areas and functions (often including emerging areas of library activities), and has growing expertise on finding and working with data.  Throughout her career, Michelle has been active in professional organizations. She is currently co-chair of the Communications and Technology Committee and a member of the Government Relations Committee in Law Librarians of New England. She has chaired American Association of Law Libraries (AALL) committees, including the Indexing and Placements and Grants Committees. She served on the Local Arrangements Committees the last two times that the AALL annual meeting has taken place in Boston. In addition, she co-chaired an AALL Academic Law Libraries Special Interest Section task force that write a report on scholarly communication issues in libraries. Michelle is also involved in government relations including advocacy and education around the Uniform Electronic Legal Materials Act (UELMA).

In addition, Michelle serves on university committees and task forces, most recently those related to data acquisitions, accessibility of web archives, and e-resources selection. She co-founded the Data Discussion group at Harvard Library.  Michelle has published in the Michigan Law Review and Law Library Journal. In addition to her own presentations on Topics related to collection development, open access, and data, she has helped organize programs such as Implementing the Durham Statement: Best Practices for Open Access Law Journals and  Michelle joined the Library in 2003. Her previous positions at HLS include Research Librarian for Open Access & Scholarly Communication, Bibliographer for Anglo-American Law, and a stint in our collection services department in the late 1990s. She has worked for the Boston Public Library, Emmanuel College Library, Northeastern University School of Law Library and the University of Connecticut School of Law Library.

Michelle holds an M.L.S. and J.D., and is admitted to practice law in Massachusetts. She has a dual B.A. in English and Political Science, and studied abroad at Oxford University during her undergraduate years. She has reading knowledge of French. Follow her on Twitter at @aabibliographer.

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Killexams : Financial Close Software Market Manufacturers, Suppliers, Vendors Sales, Revenue, Market Share 2022 to 2028

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Jul 27, 2022 (Reportmines via Comtex) -- Pre and Post Covid is covered and Report Customization is available.

The “Financial Close Software Market research Report” presents a market overview, key facts, major products and services, and SWOT analysis, in short, it provides a 360�? view of the company for the period 2022 - 2028.

The global Financial Close Software market size is projected to reach multi million by 2028, in comparision to 2021, at unexpected CAGR during 2022-2028 (Ask for trial Report).

The Financial Close Software Market Analysis report provides you with an in-depth strategic SWOT analysis and gives an unbiased view of the Financial Close Software company’s strengths, weaknesses, and potential opportunities and threats.

Get trial PDF of Financial Close Software Market Analysis

The top competitors in the Financial Close Software Market, as highlighted in the report, are:

  • BlackLine
  • IBM Cognos Controller
  • FloQast
  • Prophix
  • Tagetik
  • Vena
  • Oracle
  • Host Analytics
  • Kaufman
  • Equity Edge
  • Longview
  • Trintech
  • ReconArt
  • OneStream

Purchase this report (Price 3500 USD for a Single-User License)

Market Segmentation

The worldwide Financial Close Software Market is categorized on Component, Deployment, Application, and Region.

The Financial Close Software Market Analysis by types is segmented into:

The Financial Close Software Market Industry Research by Application is segmented into:

In terms of Region, the Financial Close Software Market Players available by Region are:

  • North America:
  • Europe:
    • Germany
    • France
    • U.K.
    • Italy
    • Russia
  • Asia-Pacific:
    • China
    • Japan
    • South Korea
    • India
    • Australia
    • China Taiwan
    • Indonesia
    • Thailand
    • Malaysia
  • Latin America:
    • Mexico
    • Brazil
    • Argentina Korea
    • Colombia
  • Middle East & Africa:
    • Turkey
    • Saudi
    • Arabia
    • UAE
    • Korea

Inquire or Share Your Questions If Any Before the Purchasing This Report

Key Benefits for Industry Participants & Stakeholders

The Financial Close Software Market Research report provides insights into opportunities, projections, sales, and marketing strategies. The report includes a list of key market competitors BlackLine,IBM Cognos Controller,FloQast,Prophix,Tagetik,Vena,Oracle,Host Analytics,Kaufman,Equity Edge,Longview,Trintech,ReconArt,OneStream. This report on Financial Close Software market is of 100 pages.

The Financial Close Software market research report contains the following TOC:

  • Report Overview
  • Global Growth Trends
  • Competition Landscape by Key Players
  • Data by Type
  • Data by Application
  • North America Market Analysis
  • Europe Market Analysis
  • Asia-Pacific Market Analysis
  • Latin America Market Analysis
  • Middle East & Africa Market Analysis
  • Key Players Profiles Market Analysis
  • Analysts Viewpoints/Conclusions
  • Appendix

Get a trial of TOC

Highlights of The Financial Close Software Market Report

Some of the key aspects of the report include:

  • It provides a comprehensive insight into the Financial Close Software market’s history, corporate strategy, business structure, and operations.
  • Reports will provide important information that can be helpful to transform Financial Close Software market operations profitably.
  • These reports help to track competitors and discover new prospects
  • This Financial Close Software market analysis report brings a clear and unbiased view of the company’s strengths and weaknesses and the opportunities and threats.

Purchase this report (Price 3500 USD for a Single-User License)

COVID 19 Impact Analysis:

The Financial Close Software Market Research Reports have been impacted by the COVID-19 crisis, with varying degrees of severity.

Get Covid-19 Impact Analysis for Financial Close Software Market research report

Financial Close Software Market Size and Industry Challenges

The Financial Close Software Market Research highlights technological threats to the company. Reports are prepared in such a way that they can be helpful to businesses to spread awareness and knowledge of competitors in the market.

The Report covers regions across the globe-spanning across North America: United States, Canada, Europe: GermanyFrance, U.K., Italy, Russia,Asia-Pacific: China, Japan, South, India, Australia, China, Indonesia, Thailand, Malaysia, Latin America:Mexico, Brazil, Argentina, Colombia, Middle East & Africa:Turkey, Saudi, Arabia, UAE, Korea. We have also bifurcated the reports on the industry types as Cloud Based,Web Based this classification provides the user the freedom to segment the report based on the industry application as Large Enterprises,SMEs.

Get trial PDF of Financial Close Software Market Analysis

Reasons to Purchase the Financial Close Software Market Report

  • This report provides information about the company’s strategy, emphasis, and new developments.
  • Our Industry research report will provide recent developments in the company
  • This report provides information on the impact of the Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic on Financial Close Software.

Purchase this report (Price 3500 USD for a Single-User License)

Contact Us:

Name: Aniket Tiwari


Phone: USA:+1 917 267 7384 / IN:+91 777 709 3097


Report Published by: ReportMines

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Source: HNYR

Press Release Distributed by Lemon PR Wire

To view the original version on Lemon PR Wire visit Financial Close Software Market Manufacturers, Suppliers, Vendors Sales, Revenue, Market Share 2022 to 2028


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Killexams : Training Grants

Training grants, as opposed to research grants, are a federal mechanism for sponsoring student training in certain fields. There are fewer training grants than research grants at Northwestern, but they can be large awards and their administration can be complicated. The following are available resources to assist with training grant management:

  • eRA Commons Training VideosNIH has provided a series of YouTube training videos to explain the feature and functions of eRA Commons, including how Principal Investigators (PI) invite trainees to eRA Commons.
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Killexams : See Harry Potter and The Order of Phoenix at Grand Megaplex, Ibn Battuta Mall for a chance to visit The Hogwarts Set!

Enter the world of magical imagination at Ibn Battuta Mall. This DSS (Dubai Summer Suprises), Ibn Battuta Mall is hosting the Dubai Premiere of the highly anticipated fifth film in Warner Bros. Pictures’ film series based on beloved novels by J.K. Rowling, Harry Potter and the Order of Phoenix.
It’s time to put on a wizard hat and grab a wand, because the magical world is opening its doors for lucky winners to enter and experience first-hand how the magic of Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry is brought to life.
Visitors who purchase movie tickets to see the upcoming fantasy adventure at Grand Megaplex, Ibn Battuta Mall from 19 July 2007 can enter a prize draw to win a trip for two to the Hogwarts set at Leavesden Studios near London, where the Harry Potter films are made! There is simply not a better prize for Harry Potter fans the world over.
 “We are delighted to host the Dubai Premiere of the movie Harry Potter and the Order of Phoenix at Ibn Battuta Mall this DSS. With our valued partners Shooting Stars and Warner Bros. Pictures we are able to offer grand prizes for our customers for the first time in Dubai.”

“Hosting this movie premiere at Ibn Battuta Mall compliments our DSS programme which is centered around family entertainment and quality prizes giveaways,” said Sandy Mercer, Marketing Manager, Ibn Battuta Mall.

The prize visit to the Hogwarts set will include a special lesson, where the winner can learn how special magical effects featured in the movie come to life. Along the way, the lucky winner will also meet some of the celebrity animals that make Hogwarts so special. And if that’s not enough, the winner will even encounter some of the magical creatures that inhabit the school.
This grand prize offered by Warner Bros. Pictures and Ibn Battuta Mall as part of their DSS 2007 programme includes a trip for two to London with bed and breakfast, all transfers and a day on set at Hogwarts.
Children can also win one of forty Imax Premiere tickets to be the first in Dubai to see Harry Potter and the Order of Phoenix by dressing up as their favourite character from the film series and gather in Ibn Battuta Mall’s China Court on Thursday 12 July 2007 from 4pm -7pm and join in magical and fun activities!
Moviegoers who see the film after its release on 19 July 2007 at Grand Megaplex at Ibn Battuta can enter the raffle by dropping their cinema ticket stub into the raffle boxes located at the customer service desk of each entrance to the mall to win the amazing prize to the Hogwarts set.
Warner Bros. Pictures presents a Heyday Films production, Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix.  The film stars Daniel Radcliffe, Rupert Grint, Emma Watson, Helena Bonham Carter, Robbie Coltrane, Warwick Davis, Ralph Fiennes, Michael Gambon, Brendan Gleeson, Richard Griffiths, Jason Isaacs, Gary Oldman, Alan Rickman, Fiona Shaw, Maggie Smith, Imelda Staunton, David Thewlis, Emma Thompson, and Julie Walters. The film is directed by David Yates from a screenplay by Michael Goldenberg, based on the novel by J.K. Rowling.  David Heyman and David Barron serve as producers, with Lionel Wigram executive producing. The film is released worldwide by Warner Bros. Pictures.

Attached are images of children dressed as their favourite Harry Potter characters.
About Ibn Battuta Mall
Ibn Battuta Mall is located adjacent to Sheikh Zayed Road between Interchanges 5 and 6. The Mall combines retail, entertainment, restaurant and family activities all within a uniquely themed environment. The inspiration for the theme of Ibn Battuta Mall is the travels of the legendary Arab explorer Ibn Battuta. The unique design of the shopping mall and separately themed courts are based on his travels through Asia and the Middle East. Each of the six courts is themed on a country and a shopping zone to reflect Ibn Battuta's travels through Andalusia, Tunisia, Egypt, Persia, India and China. The spacious Mall, covering an area of 1.2 million square feet, offers a charming mix of shopping outlets, specialty shops, restaurants, a hypermarket and a cinema Megaplex featuring the UAE's first IMAX theatre. Parking space has been allocated for more than 5,000 cars, taking the total site space up to 5.4 million square feet.

Appfluent and Cognos Join Forces to Strengthen Business Intelligence Applications
Appfluent provides software for data usage and query workload analytics on the Cognos 8 BI Platform
Dubai, United Arab Emirates
Appfluent Technology, Inc., the pioneer and leader in workload and usage-analytics, and Cognos (Nasdaq: COGN; TSX: CSN), the world leader in business intelligence and performance management solutions, today announced an extension of their strategic partnership agreement.
Under the agreement, Cognos will utilize Appfluent software to help its enterprise customers deploy, manage and scale Business Intelligence (BI) and Data Warehouse applications. Additionally, Cognos will include Appfluent’s award-winning Product Suite as part of Cognos’ Guardian Services.
Appfluent’s software leverages the Cognos 8 BI platform to empower enterprise IT organizations with actionable insights to optimize query performance, rationalize database and storage infrastructure and mitigate unauthorized data access. This optimization helps customers speed database response times by providing a better understanding of how users are accessing data and pinpointing which data is the most relevant across the database.
“As a long time customer of both Appfluent and Cognos, we are excited to see the expanded partnership between the two companies. We are eager to realize the benefits of continued product integration and joint solutions that this strategic partnership will certainly deliver. Today, we manage more than 3,000 Cognos users, and utilize the Appfluent Product suite as an operational standard and best practice. With Appfluent we have realized an estimated annual savings of more than $400,000, and an Appfluent ROI of just five months,” said Steve Ring, Senior BI/ Data Warehouse Manager, HR Information Delivery Services, Pfizer, Inc.
Appfluent delivers usage and workload analytics via the Cognos 8 BI platform to support a variety of critical BI and data warehousing initiatives, including enterprise BI standardizations and migrations, query performance optimization, data consolidation and migration, and continuous non-disruptive management of the environment.
“This announcement is an important milestone in our partnership with Cognos. Cognos customers will now be able to access Appfluent software directly from Cognos as a part of Cognos Guardian Services. As a result, Cognos customers will now have more insight and guidance to Strengthen their application and database performance, efficiently manage their resources, and effectively scale their environment, ” said Frank Gelbart, President and CEO, Appfluent Technology.
“We are pleased to be partnering with Appfluent to deliver analytical applications for enterprise IT via the Cognos 8 BI platform. The workload and usage-analysis delivered by Appfluent and Cognos 8 BI provides unprecedented insight for large organizations to more efficiently manage BI and data warehousing applications and infrastructure,” said Derek Morrison, Regional Manager Cognos.
Cognos 8 Business Intelligence (BI) delivers easy-to-use BI with the right context, through familiar interfaces, at the right time. For further information see:

About Appfluent Technology, Inc.
Appfluent Technology is the leading provider of enterprise business intelligence (BI) and data warehouse management software. Appfluent's software non-disruptively captures and correlates user activity, application data, and database information for detailed usage and workload analysis.
BI and data warehousing professionals rely on Appfluent's award-winning product suite to help resolve critical query performance issues, guide data consolidation and migrations projects, and mitigate regulatory risk. With these solutions, BI and data warehousing teams and the IT support staff rely on the Appfluent Product Suite to provide daily improvements in systems performance, quarterly savings from data consolidation and migration projects, and a 24/7/365 oversight for regulatory risks. For more information about Appfluent Technology, please visit the company’s web site at
About Cognos:
Cognos, the world leader in business intelligence and performance management solutions, provides world-class enterprise planning and BI software and services to help companies plan, understand and manage financial and operational performance. Cognos brings together technology, analytical applications, best practices, and a broad network of partners to give customers a complete performance system. The Cognos performance system is an open and adaptive solution that leverages an organization’s ERP, packaged applications, and database investments. It gives customers the ability to answer the questions -- How are we doing? Why are we on or off track? What should we do about it? – and enables them to understand and monitor current performance while planning future business strategies. Cognos serves more than 23,000 customers in more than 135 countries, and its top 100 enterprise customers consistently outperform market indexes. Cognos performance management solutions and services are also available from more than 3,000 worldwide partners and resellers. For more information, visit the Cognos Web site at
Cognos and the Cognos logo are trademarks or registered trademarks of Cognos Incorporated in the United States and/or other countries. All other names are trademarks or registered trademarks of their respective companies.


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Killexams : New tests may speed diagnoses of muscular disorder in infants, UTIs in kids No result found, try new keyword!New tests could speed the diagnosis of spinal muscular atrophy, a rare but deadly progressive muscle-wasting disorder in infants, and urinary tract infections in children. Tue, 26 Jul 2022 03:06:00 -0500 en-US text/html Killexams : Siri Technologies

Siri Technologies


Siri Technologies Software training Institute in Hyderabad was formed in the view of the ever growing demands of the software market, for the skilled manpower in high end technology courses like Software Testing to name a few. Check out our full list of software courses and please contact us if you have any questions. In a short span of time we have achieved tremendous success in the motive of leveraging successful careers by bridging the gap between Academics to Industry. We also provide special training and project guidance on software courses for Open University students and Engineering BTech students.

Right from its inception Siri Technologies Software training division has been involved in providing quality software training to students in India and abroad. Software Courses are provided, based on the industry demands - Students, fresh graduates, employees, professionals sponsored by various corporate Companies, get trained at Siri Technologies. The focus is on providing quality IT education in Hyderabad (INDIA), comparable to standards set by educational institutions anywhere in the world. Siri technologies training staff strive to be globally recognized as a provider of a trusted, reliable resource to quality software courses and we have a most comprehensive list of software courses offered by our industry experts.

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COG-180 exam dump and training guide direct download
Training Exams List