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Cognos Warehouse exam Questions
Killexams : Cognos Warehouse exam Questions - BingNews Search results Killexams : Cognos Warehouse exam Questions - BingNews Killexams : demo CRCM exam Questions

The following questions are representative of the types of questions you will find on the CRCM (Certified Regulatory Compliance Manager) exam.

1.   A borrower has a right to rescind a loan agreement in all of the following situations except:

a. A line of credit used for the borrower's business, secured by the borrower's primary  dwelling
b. A revolving line of credit secured by the borrower's primary dwelling used to Boost the borrower's home
c. An increase of a line of credit from $5,000 to $10,000 secured by the borrower's primary dwelling
d. A loan to pay off a contract for a deed secured by the borrower's primary dwelling

2.  Compliance monitoring has revealed customers who are consistently writing more than six checks per month on their money market deposit account. To comply with Regulation D, which of the following actions should you advise the business take?

a. Advise customers to open a second money market account so they can write six  checks per month on each account.
b. Implement a service charge to penalize customers for each withdrawal that exceeds the maximum of three per month.
c. Notify the customers that writing more than six checks per month may result in account closure or conversion to a non-interest-bearing account.
d. Allow customers to continue writing more than three checks per month, but prohibit pre-authorized transfers.

3.   The primary responsibility for managing a bank’s inherent compliance risk should lie with which of the following?

a. Internal audit
b. Consumers
c. The business
d. Compliance officer

4.   A branch manager finds an unexplained $7,000 cash shortage in Teller #1's cash drawer. Which of the following actions must the bank take?

a. File a Currency Transaction Report (CTR) with the IRS
b. Discharge Teller #1 immediately
c. Send a notice of adverse action to the bank's federal regulator
d. File a Suspicious Activity Report (SAR)

5.  Which of the following bases is the most acceptable method of delineating a bank's CRA assessment area(s)?

a. Existing boundaries such as MSAs or counties in which the bank's office(s) is(are) located
b. The bank's effective lending territory (i.e., where it makes a substantial portion of its loans)
c. The zip codes that are included within a radius of the bank's office(s)
d. The area(s) assigned by the bank's primary regulator

Answer Key

1. a
2. c
3. c
4. d
5. b

Looking to prepare for the exam? ABA offers CRCM exam Online Prep.

View Course
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Killexams : demo exam questions - cell biology

Multiple choice questions are perhaps the easiest to complete - you simply put a cross in a box - however, the questions often have two answers that could, at first glance, be correct. Don't make the mistake of practicing the first answer and thinking this is correct without checking all the others.

If it says 'Tick one box', you must tick one box. If you leave it blank or tick two or more boxes you will get zero marks. These multiple choice questions will not start with command words like 'Describe...' or 'Explain...'. They will be written in the form of a question like 'What...?' or 'Why...?'.

There will be more multiple choice questions on the Foundation paper.

These questions have been written by Bitesize consultants as suggestions to the types of questions that may appear in an exam paper.

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Killexams : demo exam questions - key concepts in chemistry

Understanding how to approach exam questions helps to boost exam performance. Question types will include multiple choice, structured, mathematical and practical questions. Arrangements for exam/non-exam assessments for students taking qualifications during the pandemic may be subject to change. Please check with your teacher.

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Killexams : Churchill: The question that cannot be heard

ALBANY — There's a famous Monty Python bit about the funniest joke in the world, a joke so hilarious that it's immediately deadly to all who hear it.

Allied soldiers are taught to tell the joke in German, a language they don't understand, resulting in devastating casualties for the Nazis. Of course, we never hear the joke. We're left to forever wonder about it.

I mention that old skit because of THE QUESTION, the one we mortals aren't allowed to hear or read.

The question in question was supposed to be asked on last June's Regents exam in U.S. history and government. But the state Department of Education decided to scrap the entire test because THE QUESTION might cause trauma for New York's high school students after the mass shooting in Buffalo.

Keep in mind that the test was canceled nine full days before it was set to be administered. And yet it was still deemed too harrowing for students across New York, members of a generation sadly inured to mass shootings, students who had prepared for the test for three years. 

Wow. That must be some question.

We're left to assume that THE QUESTION is a query of immense power, so incisively written that it would cut through teenage indifference and cause New York's students to run from their exam rooms in overwhelming grief. The author, sadly anonymous, probably deserves a Pulitzer or maybe even a Nobel Peace Prize. 

All of which raises the obvious question that you may at this moment be asking: What is THE QUESTION?

That's a good question!

Alas, the big question about THE QUESTION is a question that bureaucrats won't answer. Kathleen Moore, who covers education for the Times Union, even filed a Freedom of Information Law request asking questions about THE QUESTION, but the Education Department refused to hand it over.

Well, that makes sense. A question with that much power is like a nuclear weapon, carrying an impact so potentially immense that it must not fall into the wrong hands. Only a select few should have access to it. 

If I were to hear THE QUESTION, I wouldn't be able to finish this column, so overcome would I be. And if I did somehow manage to type it out, despite my anguished wailing, waves of grief would no doubt roll over all who read it.

Such a question could hurt the economy. As it spread around the country, it could throw us into a depression. It could ruin the world.

No, a question like that is best locked away, never to be seen. It's too dangerous. We can't risk it.

Right? Actually, no.

The Education Department says it won't release THE QUESTION only because it is likely to show up on a future Regents exam. It wouldn't want to give students who read the news an unfair advantage, you see.

Wait, THE QUESTION was so "not appropriate" that it forced the state to entirely cancel last year's exam, and yet administrators are just going to throw the same question out to students in future years? It will be, as the department put it, "returned to the dumps collection to be considered for future exams"?

Yes, that's right, which leads a person to suspect that THE QUESTION isn't quite so powerful a question after all.

One possibility is that state education officials believe that New York's tender students are as fragile as blown bubbles, sure to pop at the slightest aggression, and fear that the state's hardened adults, upon hearing THE QUESTION, will mock the decision to cancel the test. (We probably would, actually.)

Another possibility is that the state sought to cancel the test for some other reason and decided to use THE QUESTION as a handy excuse. Students were allowed to graduate without it.

Whatever the reason, this much is obvious: If THE QUESTION is just another question, lacking any special emotional power, there's obviously no reason the state can't tell us what it is. If it's just another question, it can be easily replaced with yet another question on future exams. Questions, after all, are not hard to come by.

Don't you agree? (See what I did there?)

But as they continue to stonewall, the state's education officials look like a bunch of supercilious buffoons who don't care about accountability to taxpayers or the teachers, parents and students impacted by the sudden cancellation. How in the world are these people in charge of education?

Maybe that's THE QUESTION. ■ 518-454-5442 ■ @chris_churchill

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Killexams : REET 2022 exam Analysis (Paper-1&2 23rd & 24th July): Minimum Qualifying/Cutoff Marks, Question Paper Difficulty Level & Good Attempts

REET 2022 exam Analysis (Paper-1&2 23rd & 24th July): Find the subject-wise exam analysis of the REET 2022 exam held on 23rd July 2022 including Paper-1 & Paper-2. So, let’s look at the Minimum Qualifying/ Cut-off Marks, Question Paper Difficulty Level & Good Attempts.

REET 2022 exam Analysis (Paper-1&2 23rd & 24th July)

REET 2022 exam Analysis (Paper-1&2 23rd & 24th July): Rajasthan Board of Secondary Education held the REET 2022 exam on 23rd & 24th July 2022.  Rajasthan Eligibility exam for Teachers (REET) is a Teacher Eligibility Test held by the Board of Secondary Education of Rajasthan (BSER) for assessing the Eligibility of the candidates for Primary and Upper-Primary level Teachers in the state schools.  After qualifying REET Exam, the candidates have to appear in a separate examination for which a new scheme has been released by the board.

REET 2022 exam Shift Timings

REET 2022 exam will be held in two shifts for two levels - Shift-1 for Level-1 and Shift-2 for Level-2:


Shift 1 (Level-1)

Shift 2 (Level-2)

23rd July 2022

10:00 AM till 12:30 PM

03:00 PM till 05:30 PM

24th July 2022

10:00 AM till 12:30 PM

03:00 PM till 05:30 PM

As per the announcement made by Rajasthan Chief Minister Ashok Gehlot approx. 46500 vacancies to be filled through the REET 2022 Exam. Among these 46500 vacancies, 30000 vacancies are fresh for the Level-1 and Level-2 REET 2022. While the remaining 16500 vacancies belong to the REET 2021 Level-2 which got canceled due to a paper leak.

In this article, we are going to share the detailed exam Analysis of the REET 2022 exam (Paper-1 & Paper-2) held on 23rd & 24th July 2022. Let’s first look at the exam Pattern of the REET 2022 Exam.

REET 2022 Paper-1 exam Analysis (Primary Level for Classes 1st to 5th)

The Primary Level Teachers exam will comprise 150 questions of 1 mark each. There will be no negative marking for the wrong answers. Below is the brief table showing the changed and latest exam pattern of the REET 2022 Exam:

REET Level-1 - Primary Level (Classes I-V)

Duration: 2 hours 30 minutes


Total marks

Good Attempts

Difficulty Level

Child Development & Pedagogy




Language I (English)




Language II (Hindi)



Easy to moderate




Easy to moderate

Environmental Studies (EVS)



Easy to moderate




Easy to moderate

Child Development & Pedagogy (30 Marks)


Number of Questions Asked

Vygotsky (Scaffolding)


Piaget (Stages)






Disability (Dyspraxia) (Match the Following)


Growth and Development


New Education Policy 2020 (Objective)


NCF 2005


Inclusive Education


English [Language 1] - 30 Marks

Reading Comprehension

Passage 1:

(Part of Speech, Figure of speech, synonym, antonym)

Passage 2: (Adjective, Grammar-based, Figure of Speech)


Poem (Poetic devices, Hyperbola)


English Pedagogy (Chomsky)


Hindi  [Language 2] - 30 Marks

Reading Comprehension (उप्सर्ग, प्रत्यय, विलोम, विभक्ति, वचन, क्रिया, संज्ञा, सर्वनाम, मुहावरे, विशेषण)

Passage: संकल्प (समास, पर्यायवाची, संधि विच्छेद, प्रत्यय, मुहावरे, विलोम)


Poem (निराशा और आशा)


Pedagogy (Multilingualism, सम्प्रेषण, भाषा अधिगम)


Mathematics (30 Marks)

Shapes (square, triangle, rectangle, parallelogram)






How many angle are there in between 9 am and 12 in a clock?


What to subtract from 90090+90990+90099 to get  250000?


Closure Property


Number Series (2,1,1/2, 14?_?)


Volume of Cube


Properties of Equilateral triangle


Money Concept


Polygon & symmetry


Mensuration 2d


Time of Train (Train departs at 13:10 on 30 October and arrives at  3:20 on 1 Nov. Find Hour?)




Van Hiele




Mensuration (Conversion of Measurement Units)




Environmental Studies (EVS) - 30 Marks



Honey Bee


Which one is not a sub theme of EVS? (Plant)


Why is EVS taught in school?




Speed of Train


Which food should be consumed for Pain in Teeth and Bones?(Milk)


Where is Mount Everest?


Neighboring states of Assam


Manali (Shelter)


NCF 2005


In which state lottery is drawn to cultivate the mountain?


Banyan Tree


Pedagogy (Assessment)


REET 2022 Paper-2 exam Analysis (Upper Primary Level for Classes 6th to 8th)

REET Level-2 - Elementary Level (Class VI to VIII)

Duration: 2 hours 30 minutes


No. of questions/ Marks

Good Attempts

Difficulty Level

Child Development and Pedagogy



Easy to Moderate

Language I (Hindi/English/Sanskrit/Urdu/Punjabi/Sindhi/Gujrati)



Easy to Moderate

Language II (Hindi/English/Sanskrit/Urdu/Punjabi/Sindhi/Gujrati)




Mathematics & Science (OR)

Social Studies/Social Science (OR)

Any Other Subject






90 to 100

Easy to Moderate

REET Cut Off 2022 - Minimum Qualifying Marks

The REET cutoff marks will be released by the Elementary Educational Board of Rajasthan Govt. The minimum qualifying marks category-wise is:


REET Qualifying marks for TSP (%)

REET Qualifying marks for Non-TSP (%)










Ex-Servicemen & Widow






Sahariya Jan-Jati



REET 2022 exam Highlights

  • The REET exam consists of Paper 1 and Paper 2. The candidates can appear for any one of them (as per the class they wish to teach) or even both of them.
  • Paper-I gets conducted for Teachers of Class I to V whereas Paper-II gets conducted for Teachers of Class VI to VIII.
  • Candidates have to attempt the paper in the language chosen by them while filling out their application form. Other Languages will not be considered valid.
  • Candidates are advised to reach 2 hours before the exam. Gates will be closed 30 minutes before the exam shift timings.
  • Carry your call letter along with a photograph and ID Proof.

REET is an eligibility test only. Qualifying in the REET would not confer a right on any person for Recruitment/ Employment as it is only one of the eligibility criteria for appointment. After qualifying REET Exam, the candidates have to appear in a separate examination for which a new scheme has been released by the board.


Q1. What is the Difficulty Level of the REET 2022 Exam?

Paper-1 & 2: Easy to Moderate

Q2. What are the Good Attempts for the REET 2022 Exam?

Paper-1: Above 100 Questions are good attempts; Paper-2: Above 90 Questions are good attempts

Q3. Will there be any negative marking in the REET 2022 Exam?

No Negative Marking For Wrong Answers

Jagran Play

रोमांचक गेम्स खेलें और जीतें एक लाख रुपए तक कैश

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Killexams : In May, the Regents exam question was possibly traumatic. Next year? It could be on the test

The U.S. History Regents exam question that led to the test's cancellation in May out of concern that it could “compound student trauma” after the mass shooting in Buffalo could show up on a future exam, state officials said.

The question has been placed in the “question bank” from which questions are chosen for future U.S. History and Government exams.

The Times Union filed a Freedom of Information request asking for the question. That request was denied because exam questions can be withheld until they are administered. The Times Union appealed, on the grounds that this question was not ever going to be administered on a test. In response, state officials said the question is available for use.

The issue wasn’t really the question itself, Department of Education officials explained.

“In this instance, it was not appropriate to administer the exam with a question that could compound the grief and hardship faced by our school communities,” they said. “The unforeseen context created by the timing of the shooting in Buffalo was the reason for the cancellation of the Regents Examination in United States History and Government, not the question itself, which is why it has been returned to the dumps collection to be considered for future exams.”

The exam for the redesigned U.S. History course would have been given for the first time, so there were not enough questions in the dumps collection to simply replace it, officials said. The exam was canceled nine days before it was scheduled to be administered and students were allowed to graduate without it.

In responding to the appeal, Education Commissioner Betty Rosa asked the Office of State Assessment to verify whether the question could be used someday.

The office said using the question was an “intended possibility.”

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Killexams : What the GRE Test Is and How to Prepare No result found, try new keyword!Biology. It focuses on three aspects of biology, each of which provides the basis for roughly a third of the questions on the exam: cellular and molecular biology; evolution and ecology ... Sat, 30 Jul 2022 01:42:00 -0500 text/html Killexams : Police arrest students, staff of Bolgatanga Technical Institute over leaked exams questions

There was chaos at the Bolgatanga Technical Institute after police arrested a number of staff and students over the alleged leaked examination questions.

According to reports, on Monday, officers from the National Investigations Bureau who were monitoring ongoing exams at the school arrested two students for possessing mobile phones.

The NIB officials after going through the devices found some questions believed to be the exam paper they were writing.

Police arrest students, staff of Bolgatanga Technical Institute over leaked exams questions

During interrogation, it was alleged that a staff of the school created a WhatsApp group where leaked examination questions were sent.

Earlier in the evening, the arrested students were bailed by the school’s Management.

The officials on Tuesday took the students together with some accused staff back to their office to continue with their investigations.

Police arrest students, staff of Bolgatanga Technical Institute over leaked exams questions

However, students of the Bolgatanga Technical Institute started agitating and demanded to see their colleagues.

The students vandalised school property, including the cars of some Management members.

Police reinforcement was brought into the school to control the students.

They reportedly fired warning shots and tear gas. Calm has since returned to the school amid heavy security presence.

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Killexams : AFCAT 2022 exam GK Quiz on Geography: get General Awareness Questions & Answers PDF

AFCAT 2022 exam GK Quiz on Geography (PDF Download): Practice Important General Awareness (GA) & General Knowledge (GK) Questions with answers based on Indian and World Geography.

AFCAT 2022 exam GK Quiz on Geography (PDF Download): AFCAT (2) 2022 exam will be held in online mode on 26th, 27th & 28th August 2022 for the recruitment of 283 vacancies under Group-A Gazetted Officers in Flying and Ground Duty (Technical and Non-Technical) branches. The exam will be held for both Men & Women for the courses commencing in July 2023 for grant of Short Service Commission (SSC) in Flying Branch; Permanent Commission (PC) & Short Service Commission (SSC) in Ground Duty (Technical and Non-Technical) Branches; and PC/SSC for NCC Special Entry Scheme (For Flying Branch).

The AFCAT Online exam and Engineering Knowledge Test (EKT) will be held in the online mode consisting of objective-type questions. AFCAT Online exam will be conducted for Non-Technical Candidates. For Technical Candidates, both AFCAT Online exam and EKT exam will be conducted by the Air Force.



No. of Questions/ Marks



(For both Non-Technical & Technical Candidates)

General Awareness, Verbal Ability in English, Numerical Ability and Reasoning and Military Aptitude Test


2 Hours

Engineering Knowledge Test (EKT-For Technical Candidates)

Mechanical, Computer Science and Electrical & Electronics


45 Minutes

So on the basis of the latest exam pattern & syllabus of the AFCAT (2) 2022 Exam, we have created and compiled General Awareness (GA) & General Knowledge (GK) Quiz for Non-Technical Candidates.

1. Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam Missile Complex is located in:

  1. Telangana
  2. Hyderabad
  3. Tamil Nadu
  4. Karnataka

Answer: b) Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam Missile Complex is a military missile research center in Hyderabad, India.

2. World’s only floating Wildlife Sanctuary is located in which State?

  1. Nagaland
  2. Mizoram
  3. Manipur
  4. Sikkim

Answer: c) The Keibul Lamjao National Park is a national park in the Bishnupur district of the state of Manipur in India. It is 40 km2 (15.4 sq mi) in area, the only floating park in the world, located in North East India, and an integral part of Loktak Lake.

3. Which country is called the Land of Morning Calm?

  1. South Korea
  2. North Korea
  3. China
  4. Japan

Answer: a) South Korea is called the “Land of the Morning Calm”.

4. Which is the largest river island in India?

  1. Srirangam
  2. Nongkhnum
  3. Majuli
  4. Parumala 

Answer: c) With a total area of 352 square kilometers (136 square miles), “Majuli” is the world's largest river island and it attracts tourists from all over the world. It is an island in the Brahmaputra River, Assam and in 2016 it became the first island to be made a district in India.

5. Kalahari Desert is located in which continent?

  1. Asia
  2. Africa
  3. North America
  4. South America

Answer: b) Kalahari Desert, a large basin-like plain of the interior plateau of Southern Africa. It occupies almost all of Botswana, the eastern third of Namibia, and the northernmost part of Northern Cape province in South Africa.

6. Capital of Kazakhstan:

  1. Tashkent
  2. Kabul
  3. Nur-Sultan
  4. Baku

Answer: c) Nur-Sultan, originally known as Akmolinsk, Tselinograd, and most recently Astana is the capital city of Kazakhstan.

7. Siam was the old name of which country?

  1. Thailand
  2. China
  3. Japan
  4. Vietnam

Answer: a) Thailand - After the short-lived kingdom of Sukhothai was founded in 1238, a unified Thai kingdom (Ayutthaya) was established in the mid-14th century; it was known as Siam until 1939.

8. Which river originates from Gangotri Glacier?

  1. Yamuna
  2. Ganga
  3. Sutlej
  4. Brahmaputra

Answer: b) The river is called Bhagirathi at the source and acquires the name Ganga (the Ganges) from Devprayag onwards where it meets the Alaknanda.

9. Greenland is in which ocean?

  1. North Atlantic Ocean
  2. South Atlantic Ocean
  3. North Pacific Ocean
  4. South Pacific Ocean

Answer: a) Located in the North Atlantic Ocean off the northeastern coast of Canada, Greenland is the world's largest island.

10. United Nations Headquarters is located in:

  1. California
  2. Texas
  3. New York
  4. Chicago

Answer: c) UN Secretariat is located in New York City, USA

Practicing Mock Tests, Previous year Papers, and Solved Practice Paper can help you in many ways in your AFCAT exam preparation. So, start practicing these questions to ace AFCAT (2) 2022 Exam.

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Killexams : Indore: In OMR sheet based exam, 10 questions seek answer as True or False

Indore (Madhya Pradesh)

In a major blunder, Devi Ahilya Vishwavidyalaya (DAVV) on Thursday conducted exam of a foundation paper carrying 10 questions with True or False options even though the exam was held on OMR sheet which provides four bubbles with one being for right answer and the remaining three for wrong answers.

Taken aback by the choices given in the exam, even students who knew the answer got confused over which bubble to fill and which not to.

They informed the examiners about the goof-up who immediately convened the information to DAVV. The DAVV swung into action and issued a notice to the centres stating that the bubble A is for True and bubble B for False answer. DAVV notice further read that bubble C and D should be left empty.

Under the National Education Policy (2020), for the first time in the annual examination, the papers of Hindi and English subjects were kept on Thursday. The questions asked in these papers of two hours duration were to be answered out of four options.

The mistake took place in English paper.

In question numbers 11 to 20 in English subject students were asked to give answer in True or False instead of four options like in the first 10 questions.

Exam deferred as counting of votes on July 20 in Khargone

The decision to extend the date of counting of votes of urban body elections in Khargone from July 17 to July 20 has affected nearly 80,000 students of undergraduate courses taking ongoing exams. DAVV had to extend exam of vocational courses schedule on July 20 because of counting of votes in Khargone on that day.

Examination controller Prof AsheshTiwari said Khargone's college principals had written a letter to DAVV for changing the date of examination as it was clashing with counting of votes in the district. “We have postponed the exam in all districts under DAVV. The exam scheduled on July 20 will now be held on August 8,” he added.

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