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Programming with IBM Enterprise PL/I
IBM Programming test
Killexams : IBM Programming test - BingNews https://killexams.com/pass4sure/exam-detail/C9050-041 Search results Killexams : IBM Programming test - BingNews https://killexams.com/pass4sure/exam-detail/C9050-041 https://killexams.com/exam_list/IBM Killexams : Emulating The IBM PC On An ESP32

The IBM PC spawned the basic architecture that grew into the dominant Wintel platform we know today. Once heavy, cumbersome and power thirsty, it’s a machine that you can now emulate on a single board with a cheap commodity microcontroller. That’s thanks to work from [Fabrizio Di Vittorio], who has shared a how-to on Youtube. 

The full playlist is quite something to watch, showing off a huge number of old-school PC applications and games running on the platform. There’s QBASIC, FreeDOS, Windows 3.0, and yes, of course, Flight Simulator. The latter game was actually considered somewhat of a de facto standard for PC compatibility in the 1980s, so the fact that the ESP32 can run it with [Fabrizio’s] code suggests he’s done well.

It’s amazingly complete, with the ESP32 handling everything from audio and video to sound output and keyboard and mouse inputs. It’s a testament to the capability of modern microcontrollers that this is such a simple feat in 2021.

We’ve seen the ESP32 emulate 8-bit gaming systems before, too. If you remember [Fabrizio’s] name, it’s probably from his excellent FabGL library. Videos after the break.

Fri, 15 Jul 2022 12:00:00 -0500 Lewin Day en-US text/html https://hackaday.com/2021/07/28/emulating-the-ibm-pc-on-an-esp32/
Killexams : IBM, NI Plug Systems Engineering Gap

With the number of lines of code in the average car expected to skyrocket from 10 million in 2010 to 100 million in 2030, there's no getting around the fact that embedded software development and a systems engineering approach has become central not only to automotive design, but to product design in general.

Yet despite the invigorated focus on what is essentially a long-standing design process, organizations still struggle with siloed systems and engineering processes that stand in the way of true systems engineering spanning mechanical, electrical, and software functions. In an attempt to address some of those hurdles, IBM and National Instruments are partnering to break down the silos specifically as they relate to the quality management engineering system workflow, or more colloquially, the marriage between design and test.

"As customers go through iterative development cycles, whether they're building a physical product or a software subsystem, and get to some level of prototype testing, they run into a brick wall around the manual handoff between the development and test side," Mark Lefebvre, director, systems alliances and integrations, for IBM Rational, told us. "Traditionally, these siloed processes never communicate and what happens is they find errors downstream in the software development process when it is more costly to fix."

NI and IBM's answer to this gap? The pair is building a bridge -- specifically an integration between IBM Rational Quality Manager test management and quality management tool, and NI's VeriStand and TestStand real-time testing and test-automation environment. The integration, Lefebvre said, is designed to plug the gap and provide full traceability of what's defined on the test floor back to design and development, enabling more iterative testing throughout the lifecycle and uncovering errors earlier in the process, well before building costly prototypes.

The ability to break down the quality management silos and facilitate earlier collaboration can have a huge impact on cost if you look at the numbers IBM Rational is touting. According to Lefebvre, a bug that costs $1 to fix on a programmer's desktop costs $100 to fix once it makes its way into a complete program and many thousands of dollars once identified after the software has been deployed in the field.

While the integration isn't yet commercialized (Lefebvre said to expect it at the end of the third quarter), there is a proof of concept being tested with five or six big NI/IBM customers. The proof of concept is focused on the development of an embedded control unit (ECU) for a cruise control system that could operate across multiple vehicle platforms. The workflow exhibited marries the software development test processes to the hardware module test processes, from the requirements stage through quality management, so if a test fails or changes are made to the code, the results are shared throughout the development lifecycle.

Prior to such an integration, any kind of data sharing was limited to manual processes around Word documents and spreadsheets, Lefebvre said. "Typically, a software engineer would hand carry all the data in a spreadsheet and import it into the test environment. Now there's a pipe connecting the two."

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Wed, 06 Jul 2022 12:00:00 -0500 en text/html https://www.designnews.com/design-hardware-software/ibm-ni-plug-systems-engineering-gap
Killexams : Review: RHEL 9 delivers better security, management

RHEL 9.0, the latest major release of  Red Hat Enterprise Linux, delivers tighter security, as well as improved installation, distribution, and management for enterprise server and cloud environments.

The operating system, code named Plow, is a significant upgrade over RHEL 8.0 and makes it easier for application developers to test and deploy containers.

Available in server and desktop versoins, RHEL remains one of the top Linux distributions for running enterprise workloads because of its stability, dependability, and robustness. 

It is free for software-development purposes, but instances require registration with the Red Hat Subscription Management (RHSM) service. Red Hat, owned by IBM, provides 24X7 subscription-based customer support as well as professional integration services. With the money Red Hat receives from subscriptions, it supports other open source efforts, including those that provide upstream features that eventually end up in RHEL itself.

How can RHEL 9 fit into my environment?

RHEL 9 can be run on a variety of physical hardware, as a virtual machine on hypervisors, in containers, or as instances in Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) public cloud services. It supports legacy x86 hardware as well as 64-bit x86_64-v2, aarch64, and ARMv8.0-A hardware architectures. RHEL 9 supports IBM Power 9, Power 10, and Z-series (z14) hardware platforms.

RHEL also supports a variety of data-storage file systems, including the common Ext4 file system, GFS2 and XFS. Legacy support for Ext2, Ext3, and vfat (FAT32) still exists.

Copyright © 2022 IDG Communications, Inc.

Fri, 15 Jul 2022 13:08:00 -0500 en text/html https://www.networkworld.com/article/3665910/review-rhel-9-delivers-better-security-management.html
Killexams : Trickbot may be carrying water for Russia No result found, try new keyword!In a report out this morning, IBM security researchers say that Trickbot, one of the most active ransomware distributors of the past several years, has hit targets inside Ukraine in six separate ... Wed, 06 Jul 2022 23:28:37 -0500 en-us text/html https://www.msn.com/en-us/news/politics/trickbot-may-be-carrying-water-for-russia/ar-AAZjb6R Killexams : Wells Fargo prepares to take a quantum leap

Wells Fargo was introduced to quantum computing’s potential in 2019. At that time, the financial services company was exploring post-quantum cryptography and already had research relationships with academic institutions working on AI research.  When IBM started work on its quantum computing research network, Wells Fargo decided to explore the possibilities.

“As we started unpacking approaches to post-quantum cryptography and what quantum generally has to offer, it became obvious that there are potential use cases where you could apply quantum to do certain transactions in an exponentially more efficient way,” says Chintan Mehta, CIO for digital technology and innovation at Wells Fargo. The team also found problems in computer science that classical computers cannot solve in a reasonable amount of time that could potentially be solved using quantum techniques. “We saw a line of sight for solving mathematical problems which would be a big amplification of productivity,” Mehta recalls.

Today, Wells Fargo is working with the MIT–IBM research group to explore and test-drive mathematical computations using quantum. Among the experiments are new approaches to vector mathematics and generalized linear algebra. One example use case: Rapid re-calculation pricing for a large book of trades done in parallel and more efficiently using the quantum computing ecosystem.  Other use cases in the financial industry include leaning on quantum’s data modeling capabilities to handle the complex data structures on which fraud detection systems are built. Creaky fraud detection mechanisms partly contribute to weeks-long waiting periods for customers to be onboarded. Quantum is expected to shorten processing times dramatically.

Mehta emphasizes that Wells Fargo is focusing on the utilitarian aspects of quantum computing. “We are participating in quantum research to help validate use cases in the financial services industry that will benefit from quantum computing; we are not doing pure fundamental research, like how to build a physical quantum infrastructure for example,” he explains.

Quantum’s promise

Traditional computing is based on binary arithmetic, which transistors can easily handle. Conventional computers have made strides by cramming more transistors into ever-smaller integrated circuits.

Quantum computing upends the rules of the game by flexing something called a qubit (the quantum equivalent of a bit) which can adopt multiple states, not just the binary 0 or 1. The power of quantum systems grows exponentially, meaning that a theoretical 200-qubit system would be 2200 times as powerful as one with 100 qubits.

Quantum computers are thus able to take on problems that traditional computers simply don’t have the power to solve, such as those with complex multivariates based on probability and the modeling of what-if scenarios. This can help avoid problems like those created when driver-assistance apps suggest alternates to congested routes that then become the source of new traffic jams. Quantum-enabled traffic optimization avoids that problem by calculating all possibilities at once.

A large neural network, which is under the hood for many advanced computations across industries, depends on linear algebra calculations for training billions of nodes. “Quantum exponentially accelerates that,” Mehta says, “overall network build times go from days to minutes.”

Known unknowns

Despite quantum technology’s promise, one of the challenges of working with the technology is the many unknowns, Mehta says. “There’s still a huge gap between what we think quantum can do and what quantum can do today, especially when it comes to higher-order mathematical operations,” he says, “the stability of those operations, the expectation that humankind has around the repeatability of a computational construct is fundamentally missing from quantum today. You can run a computation multiple times and potentially get different answers each time.” That’s a source of some worry. “We’re in that space where the simulation has gone much further ahead than the actual physical quantum computer,” Mehta says.

The other unknown is whether the technology will pan out as predicted. Mehta contrasts quantum and artificial intelligence: “With AI we knew the technology works; the unknown was whether a user could be sure a specific model works in their enterprise landscape,” he says. “With quantum, the probability of failing is higher because you haven’t proven anything and there’s no common baseline against which to measure success.”

What would success look like for Wells Fargo? “It is going to be a case of milestones being hit as opposed to very specific outcomes,” Mehta says. “Can I do multiple simulations? Fourier transformations? Differential calculus? Milestones will measure when we move from very basic discrete math to more sophisticated [computations].”

The ultimate goal for Wells Fargo is “a strong library of mathematical capabilities that you can build a use case off of,” Mehta says.

Laying the groundwork

Because success in quantum computing is checking off a list systematically, Mehta advises companies to engage in a low-intensity but long-term program. “You cannot put all your discretionary spend on this, but do research consistently,” he advises. The payoff is huge but it could be a long time away.

451 Research analyst James Sanders also advises patience and playing the long game. Sanders, who is part of 451’s S&P Global Market Intelligence practice, says companies need to start building software now.

“Now is the time to start investigating what potential business problems your enterprise cannot solve today because of a lack of computing power,” Sanders says. “It’s time to dust those off the shelf and ask if these problems can be handled through quantum computing.”

That landscape assessment process is the first in a five-stage set of recommendations from technology consulting firm Capgemini on how organizations can prepare for the quantum advantage. “Assessment is a critical part of it; you need to engage data scientists and business experts to identify the problems in your industry and in your organization that cannot be solved with traditional computers and that have the potential of being solved with quantum computing,” says Satya Sachdeva, vice president of insights and data at Sogeti, part of Capgemini.

Among the firm’s other recommendations: build a small team of experts; translate the most potent use cases to small-scale quantum experiments; strike long-term partnerships with technology providers to overcome technical obstacles; and develop a long-term strategy to scale up the skills base.

Enterprises looking to get started have plenty of options, says Lian Jye Su, principal analyst at global technology intelligence firm ABI Research. “Public cloud players such as Alibaba, Amazon, Google, and IBM offer researchers services to remotely run quantum programs and experiments,” Su says. Developers can now build quantum applications using IBM’s Qiskit, Google’s Cirq, Amazon Braket, and others, which are “open-source libraries designed for optimization of quantum circuits for quantum-classical or quantum-only applications, including machine learning,” Su said. “All these services are available online.”

Early mover advantage

While experts expect quantum and classical computing to coexist long into the future with certain processes offloaded to quantum and then looped back into conventional processing, the time is now for enterprises to dive in, Sachdeva says. “It’ll be an early mover advantage and if you delay that advantage will be lost,” he says.

As for Wells Fargo, it is keeping its quantum program on a slow burn. Mehta says CIOs have to keep all advanced research projects going at the same time. “You still need to continue to Boost your other non-quantum capabilities, whether it’s cloud-based specialized infrastructure or other technologies, in parallel,” Mehta says. “At some point when quantum materializes and the [computing capabilities] converge, it’s going to be extremely disruptive in a positive way.”

Now is the time to prepare for that disruption as Wells Fargo is doing.

“We believe that quantum is at a stage where classical computing was 30 to 40 years ago,” Mehta says. “That said, it will evolve much faster than anything we have seen before. Not engaging is not an option. This will be the defining technology for the future.”

Fri, 17 Jun 2022 15:45:00 -0500 Author: Poornima Apte en-US text/html https://www.cio.com/article/400745/wells-fargo-prepares-to-take-a-quantum-leap.html
Killexams : IBM Expands Power10 Server Family to Help Clients Respond Faster to Rapidly Changing Business Demands

New Power10 scale-out and midrange models extend IBM's capabilities to deliver flexible and secured infrastructure for hybrid cloud environments

ARMONK, N.Y., July 12, 2022 /PRNewswire/ -- IBM (NYSE: IBM) today announced a significant expansion of its Power10 server line with the introduction of mid-range and scale-out systems to modernize, protect and automate business applications and IT operations. The new Power10 servers combine performance, scalability, and flexibility with new pay-as-you-go consumption offerings for clients looking to deploy new services quickly across multiple environments.

IBM Corporation logo. (PRNewsfoto/IBM)

IBM announced an expansion of its Power10 server line with mid-range and scale-out systems.

 Digital transformation is driving organizations to modernize both their applications and IT infrastructures. IBM Power systems are purpose-built for today's demanding and dynamic business environments, and these new systems are optimized to run essential workloads such as databases and core business applications, as well as maximize the efficiency of containerized applications. An ecosystem of solutions with Red Hat OpenShift also enables IBM to collaborate with clients, connecting critical workloads to new, cloud-native services designed to maximize the value of their existing infrastructure investments.

The new servers join the popular Power10 E1080 server introduced in September 2021 to deliver a secured, resilient hybrid cloud experience that can be managed with other x86 and multi-cloud management software across clients' IT infrastructure. This expansion of the IBM Power10 family with the new midrange and scale-out servers brings high-end server capabilities throughout the product line. Not only do the new systems support critical security features such as transparent memory encryption and advanced processor/system isolation, but also leverage the OpenBMC project from the Linux Foundation for high levels of security for the new scale-out servers.  

Highlights of the announcements include:

  • New systems: The expanded IBM Power10 portfolio, built around the next-generation IBM Power10 processor with 2x more cores and more than 2x memory bandwidth than previous Power generations, now includes the Power10 Midrange E1050, delivering record-setting 4-socket compute1, Java2, and ERP3 performance capabilities. New scale-out servers include the entry-level Power S1014, as well as S1022, and S1024 options, bringing enterprise capabilities to SMBs and remote-office/branch office environments, such as Capacity Upgrade on Demand (CuOD).
  • Cloud on premises with new flexible consumption choices: IBM has recently announced new flexible consumption offerings with pay-as-you-go options and by-the-minute metering for IBM Power Private Cloud, bringing more opportunities to help lower the cost of running OpenShift solutions on Power when compared against alternative platforms. These new consumption models build on options already available with IBM Power Virtual Server to enable greater flexibility in clients' hybrid journeys. Additionally, the highly anticipated IBM i subscription delivers a comprehensive platform solution with the hardware, software and support/services included in the subscription service.
  • Business transformation with SAP®: IBM continues its innovations for SAP solutions. The new midrange E1050 delivers scale (up to 16 TB) and performance for a 4-socket system for clients who run BREAKTHROUGH with IBM for RISE with SAP. In addition, an expansion of the premium provider option is now available to provide more flexibility and computing power with an additional choice to run workloads on IBM Power on Red Hat Enterprise Linux on IBM Cloud.

"Today's highly dynamic environment has created volatility, from materials to people and skills, all of which impact short-term operations and long-term sustainability of the business," said Steve Sibley, Vice President, IBM Power Product Management. "The right IT investments are critical to business and operational resilience. Our new Power10 models offer clients a variety of flexible hybrid cloud choices with the agility and automation to best fit their needs, without sacrificing performance, security or resilience."

The expansion of the IBM Power10 family has been engineered to establish one of the industry's most flexible and broadest range of servers for data-intensive workloads such as SAP S/4HANA – from on-premises workloads to hybrid cloud. IBM now offers more ways to implement dynamic capacity – with metering across all operating environments including IBM i, AIX, Linux and OpenShift supporting modern and traditional applications on the same platforms – as well as integrated infrastructure automation software for improved visibility and management.

The new systems with IBM Power Virtual Server also help clients operate a secured hybrid cloud experience that delivers high performance and architectural consistency across their IT infrastructure. The systems are uniquely designed so as to protect sensitive data from core to cloud, and enable virtual machines and containerized workloads to run simultaneously on the same systems. For critical business workloads that have traditionally needed to reside on-premises, they can now be moved into the cloud as workloads and needs demand. This flexibility can help clients mitigate risk and time associated with rewriting applications for a different platform.

"As organizations around the world continue to adapt to unpredictable changes in consumer behaviors and needs, they need a platform that can deliver their applications and insights securely where and when they need them," said Peter Rutten, IDC Worldwide Infrastructure Research Vice President. "IBM Power continues its laser focus on helping clients respond faster to dynamically changing environments and business demands, while protecting information security and distilling new insights from data, all with high reliability and availability."

Ecosystem of ISVs and Channel Partners Enhance Capabilities for IBM Power10

Critical in the launch of the expanded Power10 family is a robust ecosystem of ISVs, Business Partners, and lifecycle services. Ecosystem partners such as SVA and Solutions II provide examples of how the IBM Ecosystem collaborates with clients to build hybrid environments, connecting essential workloads to the cloud to maximize the value of their existing infrastructure investments:

"SVA customers have appreciated the enormous flexibility of IBM Power systems through Capacity Upgrade On-Demand in the high-end systems for many years," said Udo Sachs, Head of Competence Center Power Systems at SVA. "The flexible consumption models using prepaid capacity credits have been well-received by SVA customers, and now the monthly pay-as-you-go option for the scale-out models makes the platform even more attractive. When it comes to automation, IBM helps us to roll out complex workloads such as entire SAP landscapes at the push of a button by supporting Ansible on all OS derivatives, including AIX, IBM i and Linux, as well as ready-to-use modules for deploying the complete Power infrastructure."

"Solutions II provides technology design, deployment, and managed services to hospitality organizations that leverage mission critical IT infrastructure to execute their mission, often requiring 24/7 operation," said Dan Goggiano, Director of Gaming, Solutions II. "System availability is essential to maintaining our clients' revenue streams, and in our experience, they rely on the stability and resilience of IBM Power systems to help solidify their uptime. Our clients are excited that the expansion of the Power10 family further extends these capabilities and bolsters their ability to run applications securely, rapidly, and efficiently." 

For more information on IBM Power and the new servers and consumption models announced today, visit: https://www.ibm.com/it-infrastructure/power

About IBM

IBM is a leading global hybrid cloud and AI, and business services provider, helping clients in more than 175 countries capitalize on insights from their data, streamline business processes, reduce costs and gain the competitive edge in their industries. Nearly 3,800 government and corporate entities in critical infrastructure areas such as financial services, telecommunications and healthcare rely on IBM's hybrid cloud platform and Red Hat OpenShift to affect their digital transformations quickly, efficiently, and securely. IBM's breakthrough innovations in AI, quantum computing, industry-specific cloud solutions and business services deliver open and flexible options to our clients. All of this is backed by IBM's legendary commitment to trust, transparency, responsibility, inclusivity, and service. For more information, visit www.ibm.com.

SAP and other SAP products and services mentioned herein as well as their respective logos are trademarks or registered trademarks of SAP SE in Germany and other countries. Please see https://www.sap.com/copyright for additional trademark information and notices.

1Comparison based on best performing 4-socket systems (IBM Power E1050 3.15-3.9 GHz, 96 core and Inspur NF8480M6 2.90 GHz, Intel Xeon Platinum 8380H) using published results at https://www.spec.org/cpu2017/results/rint2017.html as of 22 June 2022. For more information about SPEC CPU 2017, see https://www.spec.org/cpu2017/.

2Comparison based on best performing 4-socket systems (IBM Power E1050 3.15-3.9 GHz, 96 core; and Inspur NF8480M6 2.90 GHz, Intel Xeon Platinum 8380H) using published results at https://www.spec.org/cpu2017/results/rint2017.html as of 22 June 2022. For more information about SPEC CPU 2017, see www. http:/spec.org/cpu2017

3Comparison based on best performing 4-socket systems (1) IBM Power E1050; two-tier SAP SD standard application benchmark running SAP ERP 6.0 EHP5; Power10 2.95 GHz processor, 4,096 GB memory, 4p/96c/768t, 134,016 SD benchmark users, 736,420 SAPS, AIX 7.3, DB2 11.5,  Certification # 2022018  and (2) Dell EMC PowerEdge 840; two-tier SAP SD standard application benchmark running SAP ERP 6.0 EHP5; Intel Xeon Platinum 8280 2.7 GHz, 4p/112c/224t, 69,500 SD benchmark users (380,280 SAPS), SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 12 and SAP ASE 16, Certification # 2019045. All results can be found at sap.com/benchmark Valid as of 7 July 2022. 

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Killexams : IBM acquiring Databand. Cyolo raises $60 million in Series B funding. Oxford Quantum Circuits raises £38 million in Series A funding.


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Wiz offers CVE-like cloud vulnerability registry, but will it gain traction? (CSO Online) The cloud vulnerability database, dubbed cloudvulndb.org and based on a GitHub repository, is seen as a welcome development, but widespread industry support is needed for it to be successful, analysts say.

Atera Launches New Integration with Malwarebytes (PR Newswire) Atera, a remote-first IT management company, today announced a new integration with Malwarebytes, a provider of real-time cyber protection....

Atera integrates with Malwarebytes to protect organizations against ransomware attacks (Help Net Security) Atera announced a new integration with Malwarebytes, a provider of real-time cyber protection, to combat malware.

Splashtop partners with Acronis to Boost security for service providers (Help Net Security) Splashtop and Acronis announced a partnership that integrates solutions for secure remote access and support with Acronis Cyber Protect Cloud, an all-in-one data and cybersecurity protection platform.

Protecto and Snowflake help customers identify data protection issues (Help Net Security) Protecto brings artificial intelligence and privacy engineering to Snowflake so that joint customers can identify data protection issues.

Field Effect and RosettiStarr partner to deliver full-spectrum cyber security services to businesses and law firms worldwide (PR Newswire) Field Effect, a global cyber security company specializing in intelligence-grade protection for small and medium organizations, today announced...

Mercury’s advanced encryptor receives certification from National Security Agency (GlobeNewswire News Room) Powerful, miniature data-at-rest encryptor weighing less than a pound can be easily integrated into existing avionics systems, safeguarding sensitive data...

Purple Knight Introduces Azure AD Security Indicators | Semperis (Semperis) Purple Knight introduces Azure AD security indicators, supports MITRE D3FEND. Learn more in "Purple Knight Introduces Azure AD Security Indicators".

CISA and NPower offer free entry-level cybersecurity training (Help Net Security) NPower is looking for recruits for a free cybersecurity training program aimed at underserved populations in the US.

Talon Cyber Security Introduces First Secure Enterprise Browser for Mobile Devices to Bring Full Visibility and Security to All Endpoints Across Enterprise Environments (Talon Cyber Security) Talon Delivers Enterprise-Grade Security through Mobile Browser to Close Significant Gap in Endpoint Security Programs  Tel Aviv, Israel – July 7, 2022 – Talon Cyber Security, the leading secure enterprise browser provider, today introduced TalonWork Mobile, a version of its TalonWork browser made specifically for mobile endpoints. With TalonWork Mobile, customers can extend secure access and...

Red Canary and Palo Alto Networks expand collaboration to provide detection and response across security landscape (PR Newswire) Red Canary, the Managed Detection and Response (MDR) trailblazer, has expanded its collaboration with industry leader Palo Alto Networks to...

What is ZuoRAT? | Allot's Network Security & IoT Blog for CSPs & Enterprises (ALLOT) Meet ZuoRAT, a remote access trojan that attacks via SOHO routers. Find out how it works, and what service providers and businesses can protect themselves.

Cato Networks launches cloud API to automate and monitor SASE deployments (FierceTelecom) Cato Networks is now offering its enterprise customers a cloud API to provision and manage their Cato SASE deployments from third-party platforms. The Cato Cloud AP automatically provisions new sites and policies while also monitoring Cato's network analytics and security events from security information and event managements (SIEMs) software and third-party applications.

Travelex reveals new pairing with ThetaRay FXCompared.com (FXcompared) Travelex, a major name in the tech and security field, has confirmed that it will work with a cross-border payments and foreign exchange provider. Read more about the international payments market with our money transfers news.

Cowbell Doubles Underwriting Capacity in a Multi-Year Program Agreement with Palomar (PR Newswire) Cowbell Cyber, the leading provider of cyber insurance for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), today announced an agreement with Palomar...

SecurityScorecard and Conference of State Bank Supervisors Partner to Enhance State Financial Regulators’ Cybersecurity Oversight (Business Wire) SecurityScorecard and Conference of State Bank Supervisors Partner to Enhance State Financial Regulators’ Cybersecurity Oversight

Project slashes cost of OT cybersecurity for UK SMEs (Drives and Controls Magazine) A Welsh cybersecurity software developer has joined forces with Siemens to offer a low-cost OT (operational technology) security system for manufacturing...

Bitdefender Innovates Managed Detection and Response (MDR) with New Service Optimized for Organizations with Limited Resources (Bitdefender) MDR Foundations Delivers Prevention, Detection and Response, 24x7 Monitoring and Proactive Expert Threat Hunting

Dell’Oro Group Research Recognizes Aryaka as Delivering SASE with Unified Security and Network Connectivity (Business Wire) Aryaka®, the leader in fully managed SD-WAN and SASE solutions, today announced the company has been recognized by Dell’Oro Research Group as the newe

NeoSystems and Deltek Join Forces to Deliver Services in the Cloud (PR Newswire) NeoSystems, a full-service strategic outsourcer, IT systems integrator and managed services provider to the government contracting market, is...

FINOM Selects Resistant AI's Transaction Forensics to Strengthen its Money Laundering Defences (Resistant.AI) The Pan-European B2B Fintech Platform Can Now Prioritise In-house Alerts More Effectively While Adding Advanced Anomaly Detection

Keyfactor Launches EJBCA SaaS on Microsoft Azure (Keyfactor) The availability of EJBCA on Azure Marketplace allows customers to accelerate cloud migration.

Palo Alto Networks and HCL Technologies Announce Expanded Relationship to Secure Digital and Cloud Transformation for Global Customers (Palo Alto Networks) Offering next-generation cybersecurity solutions that bring Zero Trust to enterprise customers SANTA CLARA, Calif., July 12, 2022 /PRNewswire/ -- Palo Alto Networks (NASDAQ: PANW), the global...

Salt Security Joins AWS ISV Accelerate Program (PR Newswire) Salt Security, the leading API security company, today announced that it has been accepted as part of the Amazon Web Services (AWS) Independent...

GroupSense Announces New Managed Service Provider Partnership with Provelocity (PR Newswire) GroupSense, a digital risk protection company, today announced a new Managed Service Provider (MSP) partnership with Provelocity. The...

AvePoint Strengthens Security and Streamlines IT Operations for the Modern Workplace (GlobeNewswire News Room) Company’s latest cloud platform release addresses growing demand for multi-SaaS solutions helping make businesses more productive, compliant and secure...

Verint Launches Innovative Next-Generation Partner Program (Business Wire) Verint Launches Innovative Next-Generation Partner Program

Concentric launches new data privacy and cybersecurity solution Eclipse (CSO) Private risk consultancy firm says its new solution is designed to protect individuals, families, and teams from digital risks as cybercrime continues to plague organizations across the globe.

NETSCOUT Announces Omnis AIF for Smarter Automated DDoS Attack Blocking (Business Wire) NETSCOUT launches AI solution that blocks 90% of DDoS attack traffic

Deloitte Launches Zero Trust Access, a New Managed Security Service (Dark Reading) To help organizations adopt zero trust more quickly and efficiently, Deloitte is launching a new managed service – Zero Trust Access— that offers a cloud-native approach to securing communications between users, on any device, and enterprise applications, wherever they may reside

SecurityBridge’s SAP Platform Helps Schneider Electric Secure Their Cr (PRWeb) SAP security provider SecurityBridge—now operating in the U.S.—today announced Schneider Electric has selected the company’s SAP Security platform.

Cyber risk management platform Outpost24 joins forces with international investment firm Vitruvian Partners for further global expansion (Outpost 24) Outpost24, a leading innovator in identifying and managing cybersecurity threats and vulnerabilities, today announced it has partnered with Vitruvian Partners to power the Company’s next phase of growth.

DoControl Launches Open Authorization (OAuth) Applications Governance and Remediation Capabilities (PR Newswire) DoControl, the automated Software as a Service (SaaS) security company, today announced the launch of its OAuth governance and remediation...

NINJIO Partner Program Enables Solution Providers to Deliver Cybersecurity Behavior Change (NINJIO) High-growth security awareness training and behavior modification company offers channel partners the best opportunities to keep their clients safe from cyberattacks.


LogRhythm Announces Strategic Expansion of Executive Leadership Team (LogRhythm) LogRhythm, the company helping busy and lean security operation teams defend against cyberthreats, has appointed three new members to the executive leadership team. LogRhythm welcomes David Rizzo as the chief technology officer and David Kluzak as chief revenue officer, and promoted Andrew Hollister to chief information security officer.

Iron Bow Technologies Appoints Dan Muse as Chief Financial Officer (Business Wire) Iron Bow Technologies, the leading technology solutions provider to government, commercial, and healthcare markets, today announced the appointment of

CyCognito hires Anne Marie Zettlemoyer as CSO (Help Net Security) CyCognito announced the appointment of security veteran Anne Marie Zettlemoyer as Chief Security Officer (CSO).

Netskope focuses on network transformation with ‘elite’ advisory group (ComputerWeekly.com) Network technologies provider announces formation of Network Visionaries group featuring former AWS, Crowdstrike execs to offer cloud, hyperscale, security and networking expertise.

[redacted] Appoints Jim Hansen as CEO to Drive Next Phase of Company Growth (BusinessWire) Mandiant co-founder Jim Hansen joins [redacted], Inc. as CEO. Former CEO Max Kelly elevated to executive chairman to advance company's mission.

Mastermind behind Broadcom’s VMware buy exits company (Register) Chip giant takes an add Hock approach

Industry veteran takes regional leadership role at Palo Alto Networks (Back End News) Cybersecurity solutions firm Palo Alto Networks has picked Steven Scheurmann to oversee its business in the Asean region assuming the role of regional vice president. Scheurmann is tasked to develo…

Incode Makes Strategic Hire to Further Accelerate Growth and Global Adoption (Business Wire) Incode, the next-generation identity verification and authentication platform for global enterprises, today announced that Dean Hickman-Smith has join

Secureworks Appoints Michael Aiello As Chief Technology Officer (Secureworks) Former Product Lead for Google Cloud Security Will Accelerate Growth as Business Transformation Continues

Pindrop Welcomes Talkdesk’s Kieran King as Chief Customer Officer (Business Wire) Pindrop, a global leader in voice technology, today announced the appointment of Kieran King to the role of Chief Customer Officer. King’s 25-plus yea

CentralSquare Names Steve Cover Chief Technology Officer (Business Wire) CentralSquare Technologies, an industry leader in public sector technology, announced the appointment of Steve Cover as Chief Technology Officer. Cove

Space cybersecurity firm SpiderOak adds retired general Pawlikowski to its advisory board (SpaceNews) Space cybersecurity firm SpiderOak on July 12 announced the appointment of former DoD and military officials to its advisory board.

Contrast Security Expands Executive Team with Senior Vice President of Corporate Development and Strategic Alliances (Yahoo Finance) Contrast Security (Contrast), the leader in code security that empowers developers to secure-as-they code, today announced the appointment of Ben Goodman, who will serve as the company's Senior Vice President of Corporate Development and Strategic Alliances.

Wed, 06 Jul 2022 08:44:00 -0500 text/html https://thecyberwire.com/newsletters/business-briefing/4/27
Killexams : IBM Aims to Capture Growing Market Opportunity for Data Observability with Databand.ai Acquisition

Acquisition helps enterprises catch "bad data" at the source

Extends IBM's leadership in observability to the full stack of capabilities for IT -- across infrastructure, applications, data and machine learning

ARMONK, N.Y., July 6, 2022 /PRNewswire/ -- IBM (NYSE: IBM) today announced  it has acquired Databand.ai, a leading provider of data observability software that helps organizations fix issues with their data, including errors, pipeline failures and poor quality — before it impacts their bottom-line. Today's news further strengthens IBM's software portfolio across data, AI and automation to address the full spectrum of observability and helps businesses ensure that trustworthy data is being put into the right hands of the right users at the right time.

Databand.ai is IBM's fifth acquisition in 2022 as the company continues to bolster its hybrid cloud and AI skills and capabilities. IBM has acquired more than 25 companies since Arvind Krishna became CEO in April 2020.

As the volume of data continues to grow at an unprecedented pace, organizations are struggling to manage the health and quality of their data sets, which is necessary to make better business decisions and gain a competitive advantage. A rapidly growing market opportunity, data observability  is quickly emerging as a key solution for helping data teams and engineers better understand the health of data in their system and automatically identify, troubleshoot and resolve issues, like anomalies, breaking data changes or pipeline failures, in near real-time. According to Gartner, every year poor data quality costs organizations an average $12.9 million. To help mitigate this challenge, the data observability market is poised for strong growth.1

Data observability takes traditional data operations to the next level by using historical trends to compute statistics about data workloads and data pipelines directly at the source, determining if they are working, and pinpointing where any problems may exist. When combined with a full stack observability strategy, it can help IT teams quickly surface and resolve issues from infrastructure and applications to data and machine learning systems.

Databand.ai's open and extendable approach allows data engineering teams to easily integrate and gain observability into their data infrastructure. This acquisition will unlock more resources for Databand.ai to expand its observability capabilities for broader integrations across more of the open source and commercial solutions that power the modern data stack. Enterprises will also have full flexibility in how to run Databand.ai, whether as-a-Service (SaaS) or a self-hosted software subscription.

The acquisition of Databand.ai builds on IBM's research and development investments as well as strategic acquisitions in AI and automation. By using Databand.ai with IBM Observability by Instana APM and IBM Watson Studio, IBM is well-positioned to address the full spectrum of observability across IT operations.

For example, Databand.ai capabilities can alert data teams and engineers when the data they are using to fuel an analytics system is incomplete or missing. In common cases where data originates from an enterprise application, Instana can then help users quickly explain exactly where the missing data originated from and why an application service is failing. Together, Databand.ai and IBM Instana provide a more complete and explainable view of the entire application infrastructure and data platform system, which can help organizations prevent lost revenue and reputation.

"Our clients are data-driven enterprises who rely on high-quality, trustworthy data to power their mission-critical processes. When they don't have access to the data they need in any given moment, their business can grind to a halt," said Daniel Hernandez, General Manager for Data and AI, IBM. "With the addition of Databand.ai, IBM offers the most comprehensive set of observability capabilities for IT across applications, data and machine learning, and is continuing to provide our clients and partners with the technology they need to deliver trustworthy data and AI at scale."

Data observability solutions are also a key part of an organization's broader data strategy and architecture. The acquisition of Databand.ai further extends IBM's existing data fabric solution  by helping ensure that the most accurate and trustworthy data is being put into the right hands at the right time – no matter where it resides.

"You can't protect what you can't see, and when the data platform is ineffective, everyone is impacted –including customers," said Josh Benamram, Co-Founder and CEO, Databand.ai. "That's why global brands such as FanDuel, Agoda and Trax Retail already rely on Databand.ai to remove bad data surprises by detecting and resolving them before they create costly business impacts. Joining IBM will help us scale our software and significantly accelerate our ability to meet the evolving needs of enterprise clients."

Headquartered in Tel Aviv, Israel, Databand.ai employees will join IBM Data and AI, further building on  IBM's growing portfolio of Data and AI products, including its IBM Watson capabilities and IBM Cloud Pak for Data. Financial details of the deal were not disclosed. The acquisition closed on June 27, 2022.

To learn more about Databand.ai and how this acquisition enhances IBM's data fabric solution and builds on its full stack of observability software, you can read our blog  about the news or visit here:  https://www.ibm.com/analytics/data-fabric.

About Databand.ai

Databand.ai is a product-driven technology company that provides a proactive data observability platform, which empowers data engineering teams to deliver reliable and trustworthy data. Databand.ai removes bad data surprises such as data incompleteness, anomalies, and breaking data changes by detecting and resolving issues before they create costly business impacts.  Databand.ai's proactive approach ties into all stages of your data pipelines, beginning with your source data, through ingestion, transformation, and data access. Databand.ai serves organizations throughout the globe, including some of the world's largest companies in entertainment, technology, and communications. Our focus is on enabling customers to extract the maximum value from their strategic data investments. Databand.ai is backed by leading VCs Accel, Blumberg Capital, Lerer Hippeau, Differential Ventures, Ubiquity Ventures, Bessemer Venture Partners, Hyperwise, and F2.  To learn more, visit www.databand.ai.

About IBM

IBM is a leading global hybrid cloud and AI, and business services provider, helping clients in more than 175 countries capitalize on insights from their data, streamline business processes, reduce costs and gain the competitive edge in their industries.  Nearly 3,800 government and corporate entities in critical infrastructure areas such as financial services, telecommunications and healthcare rely on IBM's hybrid cloud platform and Red Hat OpenShift to affect their digital transformations quickly, efficiently, and securely.  IBM's breakthrough innovations in AI, quantum computing, industry-specific cloud solutions and business services deliver open and flexible options to our clients.  All of this is backed by IBM's legendary commitment to trust, transparency, responsibility, inclusivity, and service. For more information, visit  www.ibm.com.

Media Contact:
Sarah Murphy
IBM Communications

1  [1]  Source: Smarter with Gartner, "How to Boost Your Data Quality," Manasi Sakpal, [July 14, 2021]

GARTNER is a registered trademark and service mark of Gartner, Inc. and/or its affiliates in the U.S. and internationally and is used herein with permission. All rights reserved.

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Killexams : SpaceX test flight inspires Norwalk P-TECH grad’s dream to build spacecraft for human travel

NORWALK — Shoot for the stars isn’t just an expression for Harrison Perone. He actually wants to design spacecraft that will allow humans to visit space regularly.

“I’m incredibly excited by the new era of human spaceflight in which we transition from short visits and robotic probes to permanent human outposts,” said Perone, 17, who was the P-TECH Norwalk distinguished student speaker during the school’s joint graduation ceremony with Norwalk High last month.

Perone plans to attend the University of Connecticut in the fall to pursue a degree in mechanical engineering with a concentration in aerospace. He already earned an associate’s degree in software engineering from Norwalk Community College through the P-TECH program and will intern with IBM for a second time this summer.

Not only does Perone have big plans for his future, but he also has high expectations for his generation.

Q: What do you do to de-stress?

A: When I’m stressed about something, I always like to start by making a plan. Things get much less scary when you know exactly how and when you will get something done. Of course, this method isn’t perfect. Sometimes the task is so complicated that even the plan seems daunting. In those cases, I like to go for a walk in my local park and forget about whatever was stressing me. This helps because focusing on a problem for too long can often make it seem much more intimidating than it really is. Also, coming back to a problem after clearing your head allows you to take a fresh look from all angles, not just the ones you had been so fixated on before.

Q: What excites you about your future?

A: I’m most excited about being able to design spacecraft for a living one day. I’ve always been fascinated by space, and I’ve always enjoyed solving difficult problems, so I can’t think of a better career path … To the best of our knowledge, nothing else living or dead in this universe has even attempted the journey we are about to embark on. That’s why it would be the ultimate honor for me to be the one designing the systems that make this dream a reality.

Q: What scares you about your future?

A: I don’t think there is any one thing that scares me most about my future. But, in general, I would say that making so many important decisions about my future in such a short space of time is a scary process because I’m not going to know if I made the right choices for a long time.

Q: What is your message to your fellow graduates?

A: They should find something they like to do and start doing it. Although it may seem obvious, many people still struggle to do this for a variety of reasons. One of the most common reasons is that getting better at anything requires learning and that people (especially high schoolers) aren’t used to learning when it's not required of them. This leads people to believe that they aren’t good at learning and that they don’t have what it takes.

However, we all have the ability to become better learners because we all have the ability to learn. All the knowledge in the world is so interconnected that anyone’s ability to learn can increase over time. So, if you want to get better at something, all you need to do is get started. You are capable of doing everything that comes after if you love what you’re doing and are willing to learn.

Q: What expectations do you have for your generation?

A: I expect my generation to have more of an influence on the human race than any other generation before it. I know that’s a bold claim, but there will be several fundamental changes to our world and our societies over the coming decades and just one of them has the power to completely upend what has been the norm since our first use of primitive tools over three million years ago.

All human history up to now has been designing tools for our minds to affect our environments in ways that we see fit. Our tools for manipulating the world around us have become so good that most of the value humans add to the economy is no longer our muscle but rather our decision-making abilities.

A farmer in Kansas and a businessman in New York City fundamentally contribute the same things. They decide what tools to use and in what ways to maximize the value of their product. But the fact that our entire economy is based around the human mind and its ability to make decisions poses a problem when our tools become so sophisticated that they themselves can make decisions.

Q: What advice do you have for underclassmen?

A: Is there an activity or club at your school that you always wanted to do, but never got the chance to try? If that’s the case, provide it a try as soon as you can. Worst case scenario is you meet some new people and learn a little more about the activity. The best-case scenario is you find something new that you really enjoy doing. Years from now, you are going to remember all things you really enjoyed doing, not all the times you got bored trying something you didn’t like.

Similarly, if you’ve been doing an activity for a while and you realize you aren’t getting anything out of it anymore, don’t be afraid not to do it again next year. I was so preoccupied with what I thought college would think looked good that I was too afraid to stop doing anything. What I didn’t realize was that colleges care much more that you are passionate about the things you do rather than the simple fact that you do them.

Q: What was a defining moment in your life?

A: Watching (SpaceX’s) Starship SN15 land for the first time. On May 5, 2021, I patiently watched the live stream of the rocket most of the day, wanting not to miss the launch and landing attempt. That afternoon, the rocket leaped off the pad and quickly ascended to 10 kilometers. It then cut the engines and oriented itself horizontally for its “belly-flop” maneuver. Finally, it used its engines to flip itself vertical again shortly before landing perfectly upright back on the pad.

If it didn’t happen in front of my eyes, it would have been hard to believe. A 100-ton rocket launched, belly-flopped, and then landed right back where it started. But the technical achievement wasn’t the only reason I was excited. This is the vehicle designed to send hundreds of people to Mars over the coming decades. I was always excited by this idea but seeing SN15 launch and land, it really made this goal feel like something that I was going to see in my lifetime. It made me feel like I needed to be a part of this in some way. That’s when I really knew I wanted to be an aerospace engineer.


Sat, 02 Jul 2022 04:17:00 -0500 en-US text/html https://www.stamfordadvocate.com/news/article/SpaceX-test-flight-inspires-Norwalk-P-TECH-17280994.php
Killexams : API Testing Market 2022 Business Scenario | Key players – Astegic, Axway, Bleum, CA Technologies, Cigniti Technologies, Cygnet Infotech, IBM

New product launches for improved performance of testing and growth in adoption of agile and devOps are also expected to enhance the opportunities for the API testing market. Factors, such as growing adoption of agile and devOps practices for software development and open API strategies, increase in adoption of modern techniques of application software, and growth in complexities in the IT sector, drive the growth of the market. In addition, rise in awareness about numerous benefits, such as easy access to application without user interference, protection from malicious code & breakage, reduced testing cost, increase in need for testing the performance of software’s further, fuel the API testing market growth. 

Major industry players – Astegic, Axway, Bleum, CA Technologies, Cigniti Technologies, Cygnet Infotech, IBM, Inflectra Corporation, Infosys, Load Impact, LogiGear Corporation

API test automation requires less code than GUI automated tests, thus providing faster test results and test coverage. The end-result of faster testing is a reduction in overall testing costs. It also provides an early evaluation of its overall build strength before running GUI test. Early detection of errors reduces the manual testing code while API test automation increases the depth and scope of the tests. 

Desktop, web apps along with APIs make up the current majority of applications tested. In the next few years, developers and testers across the globe expect mobile web and mobile native apps to overtake desktop apps and drive more consumers with web applications; hence, API is expected to continue to grow along with hybrid and package apps. In addition, due to the immense growth of API testing, multiple companies are launching their own services. Recently, Twitter introduced a new program, Twitter Developer Labs, which is a larger effort to build and validate potential new API products and to reconnect with developers. These product launches are expected to provide lucrative opportunities for the API testing market in the upcoming years.

Download demo Report: https://www.alliedmarketresearch.com/request-sample/10295

Regions covered in this report such as North America (the U.S. and Canada), Europe (Germany, the UK, France, and rest of Europe), Asia-Pacific (China, Japan, India, and rest of Asia-Pacific), Latin America (Latin America, Middle East, and Africa)

Segmental analysis of the market is provided in both qualitative and quantitative aspects. This aids the clients in identifying the most lucrative segment to go on with investments, on the basis of a complete backend analysis concerning the segmental presentation, coupled with brief salutation of the operating organizations and their important developmental activities.

COVID-19 scenario analysis:

  • The emergence of COVID-19 pandemic has severely affected almost all the industries across the world. Further, lockdown enforcements and restrictions on movements of non-essential goods and resources in various countries have disrupted the supply chain of electronic components & networking equipment. This led to the delay in supply of electronic components in the manufacture of network equipment. 
  • It is expected that the U.S. and global tech market growth to slow down to nearly 2% in 2020 due to which ICT spending in major economies, such as the U.S., declined in the first half of 2020 but managed to recover in the second half. As the U.S. is a large market for the ICT industry, decline in its spending capacity is expected to impact negatively on the API testing market growth in the upcoming years. 

If you have any special requirements, please let us know at:


About Us:

Allied Market Research (AMR) is a full-service market research and business-consulting wing of Allied Analytics LLP, based in Portland, Oregon. AMR provides global enterprises as well as medium and small businesses with unmatched quality of “Market Research Reports” and “Business Intelligence Solutions.” AMR has a targeted view to provide business insights and consulting to assist its clients to make strategic business decisions and achieve sustainable growth in their respective market domain.

AMR launched its user-based online library of reports and company profiles, Avenue. An e-access library is accessible from any device, anywhere, and at any time for entrepreneurs, stakeholders, and researchers and students at universities. With reports on more than 60,000 niche markets with data comprising of 600,000 pages along with company profiles on more than 12,000 firms, Avenue offers access to the entire repository of information through subscriptions. A hassle-free solution to clients’ requirements is complemented with analyst support and customization requests.

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