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C2090-600 IBM DB2 11.1 DBA for LUW

Exam ID : C2090-600
Exam Name : IBM DB2 11.1 DBA for LUW
Number of questions : 60
Number of questions to pass : 38
Time allowed : 90 mins
Status : Live

DB2 Server Management 15%
Configure and manage DB2 servers, instances, and databases
Create and manage database storage paths
Exploit autonomic features
Explain the functionality of WLM
Describe the capabilities of Data Server Manager

Physical Design 22%
Implement BLU Acceleration
Describe DB2 pureScale enhancements
Create, manage, and alter DB2 objects
Demonstrate the proper use of compression
Describe the SQL compatibility available
Describe the partitioning capabilities available

Business Rules Implementation 10%
Create and modify table constraints
Enforce constraint checking with the SET INTEGRITY command
Create and use triggers

Monitoring DB2 Activity 12%
Demonstrate the proper use of monitoring tools
Use the DB2 Problem Determination tool (db2pd)
Describe the capabilities of dsmtop
Capture and analyze EXPLAIN information
Utilities 13% Demonstrate the proper use of DB2's data movement utilities Demonstrate the proper use of REORG, REORGCHK, REBIND, RUNSTATS, FLUSH PACKAGE CACHE, and ADMIN_CMD Perform an INPLACE table REORG Demonstrate the proper use of db2look and db2move High Availability 13% Perform database-level and table space level backup and recovery operations Configure and manage HADR Implement a DB2 pureScale environment Security 15% Explain the use of LDAP authentication Create and use trusted contexts Restrict access to sensitive data Explain how to encrypt data in transit and data at rest Configure and use the Audit facility
IBM DB2 11.1 DBA for LUW
IBM 11.1 test
Killexams : IBM 11.1 test - BingNews Search results Killexams : IBM 11.1 test - BingNews Killexams : New study questions the effectiveness of colonoscopies

Colonoscopies are a dreaded rite of passage for many middle-age adults. The promise has been that if you endure the awkwardness and invasiveness of having a camera travel the length of your large intestine once every decade after age 45, you have the best chance of catching -- and perhaps preventing -- colorectal cancer. It's the second most common cause of cancer death in the United States. Some 15 million colonoscopies are performed in the US each year.

Now, a landmark study suggests the benefits of colonoscopies for cancer screening may be overestimated.

The study marks the first time colonoscopies have been compared head-to-head to no cancer screening in a randomized trial. The study found only meager benefits for the group of people invited to get the procedure: an 18% lower risk of getting colorectal cancer, and no significant reduction in the risk of cancer death. It was published Sunday in The New England Journal of Medicine.

Study researcher Dr. Michael Bretthauer, a gastroenterologist who leads the clinical effectiveness group at the University of Oslo in Norway, said he found the results disappointing.

But as a researcher, he has to follow the science, "so I think we have to embrace it," he said. "And we may have oversold the message for the last 10 years or so, and we have to wind it back a little."

Actors Ryan Reynolds and Rob McElhenney teamed up to raise awareness of colon cancer by filming their first colonoscopies and posting them on social media.

Other experts say that as good as this study was, it has important limitations, and these results shouldn't deter people from getting colonoscopies.

"I think it's just hard to know the value of a screening test when the majority of people in the screening didn't get it done," said Dr. William Dahut, chief scientific officer at the American Cancer Society, who was not involved in the study.

Less than half of people invited to get a colonoscopy in the study -- just 42% -- actually got one.

When the study authors restricted the results to the people who actually received colonoscopies -- about 12,000 out of the more than 28,000 who were invited to do so -- the procedure was found to be more effective. It reduced the risk of colorectal cancer by 31% and cut the risk of dying of that cancer by 50%.

Bretthauer said the true benefits of colonoscopy probably lie somewhere in the middle. He said he thinks of the results of the full study -- including people who did and didn't get colonoscopies after they were invited -- as the minimum amount of benefit colonoscopies provide to a screened population. He thinks of the results from the subset of people who actually got the test as the maximum benefit people could expect from the procedure.

Based on his results, then, he expects that screening colonoscopy probably reduces a person's chances of colorectal cancer by 18% to 31%, and their risk of death from 0% to as much as 50%.

But, he said, even 50% is "on the low end what what I think everybody thought it would be."

Other studies have estimated larger benefits for colonoscopies, reporting that these procedures could reduce the risk of dying of colorectal cancer by as much as 68%.

The first randomized trial of colonoscopy

The NordICC study, which stands for Northern-European Initiative on Colon Cancer, included more 84,000 men and women ages 55 to 64 from Poland, Norway and Sweden. None had gotten a colonoscopy before. The participants were randomly invited to have a screening colonoscopy between June 2009 and June 2014, or they were followed for the study without getting screened.

In the 10 years after enrollment, the group invited to get colonoscopies had an 18% lower risk of colorectal cancers than the group that wasn't screened. Overall, the group invited to screening also had a small reduction in their risk of death from colorectal cancer, but that difference was not statistically significant -- meaning it could simply be due to chance.

Before the NordiCC trial, the benefits of colonoscopies had been measured by observational studies that looked back in time to compare how often colorectal cancer is diagnosed in people who received colonoscopies versus those who did not.

These studies can be subject to bias, however, so scientists look to randomized trials that blindly sort people into two groups: those who are assigned to get an intervention, and those who are not. These studies then follow both groups forward in time to see if there are differences. Those studies have been difficult to do for colon cancer, which can be slow growing and may take years to be diagnosed.

The researchers say they're going to continue to follow participants for another five years. It could be that because colon cancers can be slow-growing, more time will help refine their results and may show bigger benefits for colonoscopy screening.

Results need careful interpretation

Normally, those kinds of disappointing results from such a large, strong study would be considered definitive enough to change medical practice.

But this study has some limitations that experts say need to be sorted out before doctors and patients deliver up on colonoscopies for cancer screening.

"I don't think anyone should be canceling their colonoscopy," said Dr. Jason Dominitz is the national director of gastroenterology for the Veterans Health Administration.

"We know that colon cancer screening works," he said in an interview with CNN. Dominitiz co-authored an editorial which ran alongside the study.

There are several options for colorectal cancer screening. Those include stool tests which check for the presence of blood or cancer cells, and a test called sigmoidoscopy, which looks only at the lower part of the colon. Both have been shown to reduce both cancer incidence and colorectal cancer deaths.

"Those other tests work through colonoscopy," Dominitz said. "They identify people at high risk who would benefit from colonoscopy, then the colonoscopy is done and removes polyps, for example, that prevents the individual from getting colon cancer in the first place, or it identifies colon cancer at a treatable stage."

Polyps are benign growths that can turn into cancers. They are typically removed when identified during a screening colonoscopy, which can lower a person's risk of colorectal cancer in the future.

Studies are underway in Spain and the US testing colonoscopy head-to-head against stool tests to see which is most effective.

The best way to screen for colorectal cancer

Dominitz said this randomized controlled trial was a test of advice as much as it was a test of the value of colonoscopy.

"If you ask the population to do something, how much of an impact will it have?" he said.

Overall, the study found that just inviting people to get a colonoscopy didn't have a large beneficial impact across these countries, partly because so many people didn't do it.

Dominitz thinks the low participation can be partly explained by the study's setting. Colonoscopies are not as common in the countries involved in the study as they are in the United States. In Norway, he said, official colorectal cancer screening recommendations didn't come until this past year.

"They don't see the public service announcements. They don't hear Katie Couric talking about getting screened for colon cancer. They don't see the billboards in the airport and whatnot," he said. "So an invitation to be screened in Europe is, I think, likely to be somewhat different than an invitation to be screened in the US."

In the US, according to data from the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, about 1 in 5 adults between the ages of 50 and 75 have never been screened for colorectal cancer.

If you feel squeamish about getting a colonoscopy, the US Preventive Services Task Force says a variety of methods and regimens work to detect colorectal cancer. It recommends screening with tests that check for blood and/or cancer cells in stool every one to three years, a CT scan of the colon every five years, a flexible sigmoidoscopy every five years, a flexible sigmoidoscopy every 10 years paired with stool tests to check for blood annually, or a colonoscopy every 10 years.

In 2021, the task force lowered the recommended age to start routine screening for colorectal cancer from 50 to 45 because the cancer is becoming more common in younger adults.

When it comes to colorectal cancer, he said, tests can only be effective if people are willing to do them.

As proof, he points to early results from a large randomized trial from Sweden that's testing colonoscopy, FIT testing and no screening at all.

Results collected from more than 278,000 people enrolled between March 2014 and the end of 2020 found that 35% of the group assigned to get a colonoscopy actually got one, compared with 55% who were assigned to the stool test group.

To date, slightly more cancers have been detected in the group assigned to stool testing than in the group assigned to get a colonoscopy -- "so participation with screening really is key!" Dominitz said.

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Killexams : Volleyball: ‘Cats start season with program-best 11-1 record Desiree Becker attacks for a kill against the Blue Demons. © Photo courtesy of @NUVball on Twitter. Desiree Becker attacks for a kill against the Blue Demons.

Northwestern volleyball has played in 12 games so far this season, losing only one against Washington by a score of 3-1. Its 11-1 start is the best in program history. The Wildcats were able to win six games with just three sets each.

Last weekend Northwestern played in the Chicago Cup at University of Illinois Chicago, where it won its first game against DePaul 3-1 on Friday. In their double header on Saturday, the ‘Cats won 3-0 against UIC and 3-2 against Loyola.

In its game against the Blue Demons, Northwestern lost the first set 25-23 after a six-point DePaul lead and multiple tied scores. It came back in the remaining sets, with a 25-23 win with 16 kills to tie the match in the second set and a 25-21 win in the third set with another 16 kills. The ‘Cats finished out the game in the fourth quarter, crushing the Blue Demons 25-16, with a 11-point lead for a portion of the set. Junior Alexa Rousseau set a career-high 11 kills and season-high 44 assists, and senior Temi Thomas-Ailara had 19 kills. Defensively, Northwestern set a season best 68 digs, 19 from fifth-year Megan Miller.

The second game at the Chicago Cup was against UIC. After gaining a 4-3 lead in the first set, Northwestern went on to win the set and the following two to clinch the game victory. UIC put up a fight, especially in the third and last set where there were two lead changes and 10 ties throughout. Thomas-Ailara led the team in kills and assists, with 14 and 31 respectively.

In its first five set win of the season, Northwestern won the first, third and fifth set. The ‘Cats started out with a win with a 25-15 score but lost the second to the Ramblers at 25-23. In the third set, they played a strong offense to win 25-12 and have a .407 attack percentage. While they lost the fourth set 25-16, the Wildcats were able to win the match with an 18-16 fifth set.

Rousseau was awarded Big Ten Setter of the Week after racking up 1.5 kills per set and 10.33 assists per set. Thomas-Ailara was also named the conference’s Player of the Week with 4.75 kills per set and a .311 hitting percentage. In two of the non-conference tournaments, Thomas-Ailara received all-tournament honors, with Rousseau, Desiree Becker, Ellee Stinson and Megan Miller being named to the all-tournament team once each in the invitationals. Previously in the season, Hanna Lesiak received player of the week after the Golden Eagle Invitational, where she also was on the all-tournament team.

The ‘Cats will start their conference play by heading to Madison on Friday to play against #6 Wisconsin at 7 p.m. on B1G+. Northwestern will travel to UIUC on Saturday and Minnesota next Wednesday before returning to Welsh-Ryan on Oct. 1 for a game against Michigan at 7 p.m.

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Killexams : 2022 MLB odds, picks, bets for Tuesday, Oct. 4 from proven model: This four-way parlay pays more than 11-1

The Atlanta Braves can clinch the National League East when they take on the Miami Marlins on Tuesday at loanDepot park. The Braves (100-60) lead the New York Mets (98-61) by 1.5 games and need either a win over the Marlins or a Mets loss to the Nationals to clinch the division. Atlanta is a -165 favorite in the latest Braves vs. Marlins odds from Caesars Sportsbook, while Miami is a +140 underdog. The over/under for runs scored is 7.5.

First pitch is set for 6:40 p.m. ET from Miami. The game is one of 18 on the MLB schedule for Tuesday. Elsewhere in the majors, the Mets and Nationals play a doubleheader in Queens, N.Y., and Yankees slugger Aaron Judge gets two games against the Rangers to break the American League single-season home run record. Before making any MLB picks or parlays, be sure to see the predictions and betting advice from SportsLine's proven computer model.

The SportsLine Projection Model simulates every MLB game 10,000 times, and it enters the penultimate week of the regular season on a 14-3 run on top-rated money-line picks, returning almost $900 for $100 players. This is the same model that pegged the 2021 Atlanta Braves at 10-1 as one of three best bets to win it all last season. Anybody who has followed it has seen huge returns.

Now, the model has locked in four confident MLB best bets for Tuesday. They all involve games at 6:35 p.m. ET or later, so there's still time to get these MLB picks in. If you successfully parlay the picks, you'd be looking at a payout of more than 11-1. You can only see the model's MLB picks at SportsLine

Top MLB picks today

The model, which ran 10,000 simulations on each of Tuesday's games, likes Milwaukee (+100) to knock off Arizona. The Brewers (85-75) have the sixth best home record (45-34) in the NL, while the Diamondbacks (73-87) have the fifth worst road record (33-46) in the league. Milwaukee won the first game of the three-game series on Monday, 6-5 in 10 innings.

Hunter Renfroe is swinging a hot bat for the Brewers. Over his last three games the 30-year-old outfielder is 6-for-13 (.462 batting average) at the plate with a 1.231 OPS, a homer and two RBI. In Monday's win over Arizona, he homered in a three-run ninth and then singled in the game-winning run in the 10th. See who else to back right here.

Featured Game | Milwaukee Brewers vs. Arizona Diamondbacks

How to make MLB picks and parlays for Tuesday

The model also locked in three other best bets for Tuesday, including a play on an AL underdog. You can see the model's MLB Tuesday best bets and parlay only at SportsLine.

What MLB picks should you target for a payout of more than 11-1? And what AL underdog does the model like on Tuesday? Visit SportsLine now to see the MLB best bets from an advanced model that is on a 14-3 run on top-rated money-line picks.

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Killexams : Mt. Zion manhandles Charleston 11-1

Charleston got no credit and no consideration from Mt. Zion, which slammed the door 11-1 during this Illinois boys high school soccer game.

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Killexams : Mt. Zion takes down Charleston 11-1

Mt. Zion's offense erupted in a dazzling display to dominate Charleston 11-1 in an Illinois boys soccer matchup.

You're memorizing a news brief powered by ScoreStream, a world leader in fan-driven sports results and conversation. Help us collect and deliver more game results from your favorite teams and players by downloading the ScoreStream app. Nearly a million users nationwide share team scores and player performance stats with this convenient free app.

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Killexams : CBOT corn may rise into $7.06-1/4 to $7.11-1/4 range

SINGAPORE: CBOT corn may rise into a range of $7.06-1/4 to $7.11-1/4 per bushel, as suggested by a rising channel and a projection analysis.

The uptrend remains firm within the channel, which indicates a target of $7.19-1/2.

A realistic target could be either $7.06-1/4 or $7.11-1/4.

A wave 5 could be driving the trend. It is the final wave of a small five-wave cycle from the Sept. 28 low of $6.61-1/2.

This wave count indicates a very limited upside.

Support is at $6.92-3/4, a break below which could open the way towards $6.84-3/4 to $6.88-3/4 range.

CBOT corn may retest support of $6.88-3/4

On the daily chart, the contract broke a resistance at $6.88 and completed a pullback towards this level. The next resistance will be at $7.17-3/4.

A close below $6.84 on Friday will be a bearish sign that corn may fall towards $6.64 thereafter.

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Killexams : Prep Softball: Russellville 11, Lafayette County 1

MOKANE -- Trinity Riggs scored four runs and hit a game-ending home run Wednesday, leading the Russellville Lady Indians to an 11-1 victory against the Lafayette County Lady Huskers in the first round of the Class 2 District 3 Tournament.

Riggs hit a two-run home run to left field with no outs in the bottom of the sixth inning, as the Lady Indians won their postseason opener by run-rule. The homer was Riggs’ second of the season.

Audra Whittle drew a bases-loaded walk in the bottom of the second inning to start the scoring for Russellville. Two more runs scored in the third, another run scored on an error in the fourth and Cali Coombs had an RBI groundout, extending the lead to 5-0.

Karleigh Grayson had an RBI single, Whittle had an RBI double and Josie Stewart hit a two-run single in the fifth for Russellville to make it a nine-run game.

Madison Wallace hit a leadoff home run in the top of the sixth for seventh-seeded Lafayette County at Higginsville, which ended its season with a 4-16 record.

Riggs had two of Russellville’s six hits, adding a double for her other hit. Cambell Backues had a single for the remaining hit, while Whittle and Stewart joined Riggs with two RBI each.

Backues was the winning pitcher for the Lady Indians. In six innings, she allowed one run on four hits with five strikeouts and three walks.

Russellville (20-7), the No. 2 seed in the district, will play third-seeded New Bloomfield in today’s semifinals at 6 p.m. New Bloomfield (18-9) won 8-1 against sixth-seeded Harrisburg in its first-round game Wednesday.

Russellville won both matchups this season against New Bloomfield by scores of 9-6 and 3-2.

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Killexams : Prep Softball: Russellville 11, Leeton 1

RUSSELLVILLE -- The Russellville Lady Indians scored 10 runs in three innings to build an 11-1 run-rule win Thursday against the Leeton Lady Bulldogs.

K’Lea Basnett led the Lady Indians from the circle with a one-hit complete game, allowing one earned run and striking out four.

Basnett added four hits and four RBI with a home run to power the Lady Indian offense, while Audra Whittle had three hits, including a double, and three runs scored. Cali Coombs had three hits, four RBI and four runs with a double and a triple.

Ella Stanley added a hit and two RBI.

Russellville (8-4) plays Saturday in the Owensville Tournament against Owensville, Vienna and Pacific.

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Killexams : Never a doubt: Mt. Zion breezes past Charleston 11-1

Mt. Zion gathered points in bunches fueling an onslaught that downed Charleston 11-1 in Illinois boys soccer action on October 11.

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Killexams : CBOT soybeans may extend gains into $14.02-1/2 to $14.11-1/4 range

SINGAPORE: The CBOT soybean November contract may extend its gains into a range of $14.02-1/2 to $14.11-1/4 per bushel, as it has broken a resistance at $13.88-1/4.

The strong rise triggered by the support at $13.50-3/4 suggests a completion of the wave 3 from $14.88-3/4.

The contract is presumed to be riding on a wave 4, which has travelled above a resistance at $13.88-1/4.

The next resistance is at $14.02-1/2, a break above which could lead to a gain to $14.11-1/4 to $14.25-3/4 range.

Support is at $13.76-3/4, a break below which may indicate the completion of the wave 4.

CBOT soybeans may fall towards $13.27-3/4

A bearish target zone of $13.50-3/4 to $13.65 will be established accordingly.

On the daily chart, there was a false break below $13.60-3/4.

The contract is testing a resistance at $13.95-3/4, a break above which may open the way towards $14.38-3/4.

A failure may be followed by a continuation of the downtrend towards $13.25-3/4.

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